Newspaper of Evening Star, October 17, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 17, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEW** Though Th? Stab U printed ob the fastest steam pew In nse ruth of Its edition U ao larje as to require It to be pot to prai at *r ?bH y hour; Adialtwinte, therefore, should be eat la before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they uy Bet tfpnr until the neit day. Notice.?District of Columbia AdTerttMMtfs to be lumtcd in tlie Butmoki 8uh are received at and forwarded from Tn Stab Offlce. What is Do*b ia W*ll Dorra.?Weare glad to 0te tbat tbe Commissioner of the Second Ward m /CBtoved tbat decidedly original par-meat tbat had been laid in Tenth street, between B and G street". and ruInstituted something la lieu thereof dec>dedlr me re aeeoptable to the people who ride out />' afternoons. There Is no iiisnner of doubt but 0*t If tbe Commissioner wonld extend bis r?* Into some ef tbe other streets about tbe Ward, he would Ind ample to look st, tbit wotiia invrrn aim "? ? w?fm?Mon ?ucn . He would see numerou# gulllee. mud boles, fr> pond*. dilapidated pares,enls, boles. man-trn r.dgra. and otktr standard auissncrs, upon wb< cb bt* would find ample scope for tbc exercise of hit offlrial genius. Amoneit <?ther interesting n ?t tera, be would find whole ac,"ea of the faat gr ow. lag thistles. about wblrh ttu. gentlemen fa th/ , Board of Aldermen talked at"*** last M ond* r Bight, when tbev renewed the aj/Dropriatif ,n cral j**rs discontinued In the annual ?yrr,pr|. atlf>as. for removing those obnoxlotw ww A and h*-the-by. it was urged at a reason for re*? the appropriation, that the proper rOeer bs 4 gone rm and r^rformed the work of extertnfnatf on jn a certain Ward without knowing ikat 10 f rovision *J> bad been made in the annual appropeU tiona for ^the work; and tbat the appropriattoa asked for -H*u Is a manner to pay for work aire* &y done In I-that respect. If the work of extj rpatl 0g the Cor * |*?ntlon thi*lee bid b??a to we'J P ?rformed In 'he Ward alladed to. we shou' to know why so many acres of the objec' im able weed are v atill growing In tut locality- ?re ther left for esd ? CosroiATiox Oboi>ahcb.? rbe following act of the City Councils has b^ei 1 approved by the Mayor, and Is now a law of U> ? Corporation : An act making night schools r t permanent portion f the public scboc 1 nvstem f>? ft mmcud. tr , 1 hit th' i Board of Trustee* of Public Schools ore hereby authorized ud di re* ted to organize, on or ab out the fifteenth of October In each and every ? ear. in each manner and under aurh regulation aa thev mav think It t>rst to prescribe. one night itchool In each school district where the said Board may deem It ad visable: said schools to be kept four consecutive months, unleas the Boird c f Trustee* shali deem It advisable to discontinue them sooner. Sec. 2 And it enact*i, That the Board of Trustee* shall employ a competent teacher for each of said achools. at a compensation not ex ceeding the rate of flfty dollars per month; and it shall be the duty of the Hoard >?f Trustees, when they make out their annual estimate for the sop port of the public schools, to include the sche Ikereiabefore mentioned. Sec. 3 An-l '?? it enaftii. That for th of carrying into effect the provisior -* PU't1** the sum of nine hundred doll- * thereof as mar be neceasarv " -"i ' ?? ?noch hereby appropriated out *" a** *0ie 11 ?< school fund. Wi have ?r ? , tention of the ? Wqu?*ted a**i n to call the ?t deoredatior !' ?? *> the regular and systematic oDerate ' P^T thie*es and robbers who niabt *" northern portion of the city every j The ground operated on by these robbers ?tablre, yards, kitchens, etc , extends from / 'ourth street, between H and K streets, to about Ninth Street, between H and K streets; and not a tight passes that some family living In the above lieTirhbortiood does not suffer frnm th?<> __ ? ? W- > -Kv** J depredators People who have frequently differed the 1?m of stable utensils, clothes lines, washtubs, washboards, washbasins, market baskets, kitchen furniture, tbe contents of kltcben *afes. and other articles of household convenience and necessity in the affected vicinity, inform us that they have f eqnentlv called the attention of the police to the matter, but that the depredations continue, and multiply rather than abate; and that the night watch are very seldom seen by the citizens living )u the locality above pointed out. Sees a Di?plat !?Hammock's larder Is just now s sight worth seeing, indeed. Among a great variety of game, fish and oysters in tne f nest con ceivable order, he has on hand white lisk from tbe great lakes, mackerel front tbe Boston barker, and st-a bass from the shores of Long Island, for which he and bis numerous patrons are Indented to the indefatigable Harvey, the prince of Wash ington caterers where tlsh and oysters are con < >-rnrd. It striken us that Washington city fam lii. a ven to choice eatintr would f?r* *? fortly in thes- ti rrf* without Harvey's aasMtanee s? the gourmets around town not blessed with do mestic rooking arrangements without H imnnck'i iard?-r on which to draw as appetite and taste may ? <??* DccKixa.?Many of oar amateur sportsmen who can afford to spend time and money in duck hooting are Siting up their sk!if? and guns, and providing their supplies of ammunition for the s-ason. A* yet the return has been comparatively mail, though some of the old gunners anticipate rure sport. Several who have taken a aurvey of ihe sh->ces report favorably of the number of duck ?"i] of the d tTerent kinds that are in the Potomac ad its tributaries, and display aa evidence the results of their shooting. Duck shooting was a remunerative business a few year* ago, but many causes have combined to male it more a pastime than a ratiular business, though there are yet many regular d ickers upon tbe river, whosupply tne markets of the District. Revival ?Yesterday. Rev. Mason Noble, D. D , delivered a very interesting and inatrur.ttv* discourse at the Methodist ProW-staat Church, Ninth street. to the rout*relation which assembled for tbe morning wrYice. The subject was the *' Christian Armor " At ni^bt, Rn D A 8ber mrr preached upon the subject of ' Tbe Great ttalTntion;" afW which, tbe service consisted of f ihorutton, singing and prayer. At the Metho dist Chnrcb S*outh, Rev. Dabney Ball, of the Bal timore Cocference, prearbed from tbe text, "Sub mit yourselves, therefore, onto God," and th? meeting vru coatiaucd with the usual service at the altar. The Orasina of thi ??*soh.?Header, would v*"j see the finest lot of ladiea and KTiU?nien's f'irs so fsr ever brought to the Federal Metropolis? Then hasten to Hopkins' bazaar without delay. He baa }uat raeeivea his fall supply, embracing specimens of everything that is to be 4,tha rage'" with the fashionables la New York the coming season. His uew stock of gentlemen's, ladles', misses' and youths' hats is also a show well worth t *i ?? a * .m^uuu, w?i ma qi* rr.mi.mac of new ptU b-rnsaml desigus ofgentlemen's furnishing good*. To those wholove progress tu the ine art of per sonal adornment, Lit buur is just mow a very In teresting study. Ma* Dug* ?A mad dof was killed yesterday at the residence of Profeseer Pare, la Washington <-nuaty It was a stray day of Trn?aenae size, and, running towards the house, he attempted to dssh through a wire gauze door into the kitchen, biting at everything and foaming profusely at the mouth. Happiiy, no one was bltiea at tbe time, bat the frenzied brute had btttao bis own legs severely; and people in tbe county wtll do welllo look after their dogs and stock, for Ue bore the marks of re peated paroxysms. _ Thbatbh ?Wood's Minstrels were greeted with auotUer tine house la?t night, and. as usual, the asdic nee were continually eon vujrd with Laughter They are, without doubt, tbe must mirth-provoking band thai has ever rls t'ed this city. Another line opportunity is offered ? pass awsy tn evening, with the splendid bill they gtve to-light. Thief ire too Well known to need comment from us; so all we can say hi, Go aud see tbrrn ^ Loss er Ma. Haw ?Tbe ioes ei Mr J. B. Usw by the burslag of his feam, ?n Maoday bight. Was about S3.<*U0. Of wfcloh there wu *n Inauranit- upon the bulidlng df fcl.UOO Five horse* were burnt to death, one of Wfclch be valued at $600 The ftre wu the work of an inreadiary; and It was fartonsie that hi* loss waa not south greater. u an attempt waa made at the aattie tlmo to Ire the othee bui, which luckily failed. ?i s^r* ' * Paatoai fu{B)?hijag ho usee or singla should bf all meant eoll M If rows'*. 360 Seventh r.treet, tear Northern Maaket. as be baaa vinrltrjr aod com plete /deck of parlor, chamber, and diBlej room la great variety. and la telling bout 10 pdr ceoi. lasa than any other atole. The very light. and fM then.lew <wW> k1) at wry ?afl prodta tiirt hna^?W. It Cana^i. Looaa, Ne 1,1. O O P., (mpwhalpd Wr John VV. Hodgson, and accnoipaiM "by Wither*' band.} r eater day afternoon attended the funeral of their late fellovr-member, Mr. PhUln U Vsoorsdole The Rev Mem. CarctLe t and Sander land <A/-lated at the house, aad Chaplain I W Mlddletoa at the grave luOlenWoopi Ceme terj i T ,5, CtacviT Corar ?To-day, the oo?ri la tngaetA' In hear! * ao?eal ??.* ? *? IT | Ar J . K. Slorrta, Ksq . G. H. Mcrjj?? ud N IchoUa I Veddcr. K?q? , wrd odaiitud u attorney* inA _ ^^puftftellora at Uu* court. Oft ?Dott*n by Mr jfec,1-" Lj~=L, *n. ~ r Tmb Ball i? honor ?fth? Priflc# of Wftlp* tb* f aMt bftli erer m tfce Mtjr of N?*v \ ork, ,adM io^ly UI*??trfttHi Is Harper'* IWrkly of tali wfrk. i> 'to contain* a full accomt of tta ftipaftf, "Ortift *ud dreMBft Sead to Skuljin/too'm Iftdr<>COPT b?f?* HtlUou it ?u old ly - y Wiin!i?TOi GiUUM Uell? ?a WjtLin* l? tM correspondent taya Ui?t tb? proprietor* of iue MP, prlKipal gambling belli In Wafthtngtoft M?y ?rr> DMkiag e? tonal** preparation* for tbft bt|*!ft?? of IcMBtaf wlatrr Bask Ball-.Potomac (2d msi) r?. Pttbiam. , Rnwm (imwv The return game of the botnt I himi ?MiU.liimu th~ second nine of the 1 Potomac ard the first sine of tbe Pythian Club cane off t? rterday afternoon la the t rounda <tf the Utter, In Urn Monument grudnda. Qu>u*?wwd of spe?t?tor? witnessed the playing. wfcloh wan characterised by a number of good points made ' on boO, sides, and resulted In tbe defeat of the Potom aca by 13 runs During Ue ^me two of the players, Messrs. Clayton sadFjrsvth. wewso dlaaV.ed, the former by a sprain and the miter by sn Injury to his hand whfle st nla poet ss catcher, as- to compel them to reitn-jnlsh their posts to o lhars Below we glra the soeee: rjfi*ia*. PattsMOt. On IB Rant Williams, p. ..3 0 F?*her.c 'J 7 Pvpe, 1 b 3 6 fMfter.s* 5 a ,3b 3 3 Outa. luM. Colt, lb ..4 I C A.Foraytb,c 3 * B Lov^joy.c f 5 1 Botch, p 9 1 uvui ii Newton, 1.f. ..5 Woodier,?.. ..5 3 'R l.ovejoy.T.f ? 4 fiinea, I f 0 S 1 Clayton,8 4 A Hoffsr.c.f J 3 Faberty, ? .9 4 James, r.f I ? F.Wiee<.9b..>.? 3 41 | *t Rom In each Innings. 1. J. 3. 47 5. T. 7, 8. P. ~PytMan....e 04? 3 11 0 7 Potomac... .'i 3 4 5 14513 gcorara?For the Potomac. Richard B. Irwin; for the PjrthUn. Morgan L. Ogden. jr. Umpire?Prank Wright, of the National. B*ok*!? Pin*mTi?The Commissioners of Improvements either have not the power or the casn?possibly neither?at the present time to re pair the broken aidewalka of aome of our moat important street*. Bat some of them are In a vefy dangerous condition, and we have witneaaed aev. eral narrow eaeap<a from aerious injury, and have heard of many otter*. In thoae streets where tha lamps are not yet introduced, old pcraooa are lla* bie to serious injury by falling In the bolea and trenchea made by the removal of the bricks from ' the pavements. It la no excuse to say that the pavementa were taken up to introduce water and g?s Into dwellings; for toe plumber* and gas-lt ters, at most of the points referred to, flnished their work month* ago, and aufllclent time haa elapeed to place the pavements in as good con dition as they ware before. A very alight expense would prevent many painful accidents. , C.""AL Casw ?Uoyd Cole, (col ,) throwing stone*: lit* and costs, *1 94 j .hnniH^T; i?f ?vk *** ?*fn. ( one th?t 1 ?*? L. * w# understand, I In the market space. k w>Cw o?1 recently ladies passing on ifon? thrn^ ^ 7 clous Injnry bv in?n In ih pigeons by stont colored auentlv <P?ce Ihiflg* of boys art fte Dl croons ID BP?rt lowing at th* thf Or.j't -? great danger of persons passing on j-riv ^ Ellen SmlthTbeinr drunk, wm disor tn ? ^ 'or ^la violation of law the waa made m ' ./a flue of JO.15. Three lodgers were accanv .jd&ted for the night. Malicious?On Sunday night, a small frame tenement on Fifth, between N and O streets, be longing to A K L. Keeee, from which n tenant had moved the Wednesday previous, was aet on Are and destroyed. (The loss was but small com paratively, but taken In connection with the fact that the same night a very valuable cassimere goat belonging to Mr Keese was poisoned, It ex hibits a very malicious disposition on the part of some secret enemy of Mr Keese The lww hy the fir* was not over $.250, as the house was partially insured; but the loss of the goat under the cir cumstances was the most aggravating of the two. Thk Balttmosk Road ?Mr Editor: 1 feel too grateful for the unspeakable conveniences con ferred by the Baltimore Railroad on the commu nity to And any fault, especially where there is no hall. K..t I wl.t. ?. ? -1.1 ?- ' ??iau viu|gnH,aruini):a ifc imy ?fcm unreasonable to do so. that It would V>e a great favor to the two cities If there could be added on Sunday one morning train from Washington and on* evening train from Baltimore. Pko Bo*o Publico. Aiaivsn, at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteenth and-a-half ?t.. schooners Sarah Fisher, Edwards, from Philadelphia, with 155 tons of coal for Mr. Henderson Fowler; Henry O. Ely, McDonald, from the same port,with tons of coal for Mr.G. Waters, and M tons forMr.Wm. 11. H. Barclay S?? savciso A.CVIRTISKMI5T of Prof. Marlnl, in another column, all those who have any r otlon of becoming accomplished In the terpaichorean art. Ladixs and gentlemen, the only aewlng ma chine worth buying la Grover & Baiter's It has been thoroughly tested for years; and found want ing In n i particular Examine it carefully before making a purchase. We explain with pleasure the great advantages and simplicity of the rna chine at Stevens', 336, between Ninth and Tenth streets. _____ LaDim, tbe extensive improvements in my store being now complete In every department, I shall use every effort to keep my stock well assorted with tbe most choice goods of the season, and otl'cr the same at the very lowest cash prices, and one price only. Call at once and judge for your aeives. <t Foa your bonnet*, hate, tlats, ribbons, French flowers. feathers, dress t. iimrilngs, embroideries and real lace* go to Stevens' fancy a tore, 33G, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets. 7t Stitiji, sole agent in thla city for the (Celebra ted Urover it Buet aewlng machines, 3W, be tween Ninth and Tenth rtreets. Prices from ?60 to $150. ' " 74 Stivins" dreaa h*ta forladieaare exquialte Go at ooee to aee them,330, between Ninth and Tenth streets. 7t Wistae's 04.LSAM or Wild Chirrt. T!?e following letter frotu Bov. Hbnut Woob.oI Con< ord. N. H., Editor of the Congregational Jour nai, "peak* volumes in favor of WWar* Btisam;? Cokcord, N. H., March i. Mbshrs. Sith W. Fowls 4. Co.-twldmn: Two years rvgo, a au iden and violent attack upon my Lungs oon&ned ni? to raj bed fur aeveral weeks, and when I recovered, I wan ao much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that 1 waa often ucable to sleep or reat upon a bod Iy night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from tse inoffioacy of the remedies used. I supposed the dieeaae incurable. Ueing peraua-Jed to try abottieof Wutar'i Bfltam of Wild Cherry without coi fideno* in ita eiScaoy. I found the difficulty almost entirely r."moved pe lore on* oouie wu used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induce* m# to roalte this publio statement, *n<l recommend the article to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly. Henrt Woop, Nono genuine unless signed 1. Butt* on the wrapper. Preparedby g. W. Fowle It Co., Boston, and for sal* by Z.D. Guinan.S. C. Ford, jr., J*. B. Wait*, 0. Stott. John Suhwarso, Nairn & Palmar, Wa*h ington; and by doalera everywhere. oe 17-lw,r Hollowat's Pills. and Languor ?To remove the cau*4 and prevent the effect* is the true theory on which the treatment pursued by t eso medicine* it found d. Languor ari*** from debility and dobility ir>rn the unpuve uhmeni of the blood or derangemont of the digestive orfan* If from the lattrr.the Puis a e the best tome medicine* in use, and for th*ir puri fjiiK and sana'ive properties they *taad unequal*). For *ick headaohe. nervou* disorder*, enervation, Indigestion. and rtepres?ion of spirits, they are tha only remedy. Sold by all Druggist* at SSo , 62o. and 41 per box- oe 12-1 w RiADxa, have yoa seen Prof. Wood'* adv^rtise meiit in oar paper. Eead it; it will iaterest you. au 4>-evly ; _ HoyiorATHic Rsxktiis AM ie<. uio in own. containing 3D _ each. with book of faii direction*. For aale by Z. D. Gilrnan. 330 Pa. avenne, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitzgerald, 343 north F ?itreali alao by F. B. Winter, corner of Mauaohutetla ave nue and Sixth *treet. Alan, Pond's Extract nf Wtttk Haxtl, far internal and external inflammation! of aJlkiada. Sold a. above. *a?-ly ???????? *. To tks AtrncTir !"B? eure to read the fcdver tiaemept of M<;Le*n'a Strew theuiug Cordial and Blood Puriner. in another oomma. tf l* ?ure to rag a late tin notUri, it Will give rent faitd iealth toyour infant*. ?aa MverUeemant in o? jj-Jr pOa tt>e Wh^BeaU'e Retreat/' Prtnea 53wT* by H*v LET, of Washington ij, jn? , iibs resiounc* 01 tttjl Driue v D Ball. KlCHARlJ B. Wli. ahincton, to Miw VIRGINIA T. Op the Ittfc iu'tnt, by Eer. Fmthw Mr. I, ail of WMhinKtoa city. O d^gooi^-drygoodsi W? >k?vjn (lor* *??nr l&rrj afcl w?l! M l J GfXHta. Of ITNl ki?<1 ?n<i un?i fim. lu??rj ?rtW? wUi b? w*. V'SIi r "T r mikl?g **' '"Ml ILEY k BHO ^EOdtOM^' O.OCEtin; W'MfeaK *>& ?> ? of my ?took or Gro?itri?fc.' to Baf^MSTiflWBtta Ki'S-sys . ?nj', ii?glnmr Mn??C <> ? ! tor eas* *dr. Myttock i*Urr, * ok mot *o It torn Ml with to Mr in yo#r viator U"*"'~ll"r?A'iSTRVC pi'i DY, oc H 2w Mi. P* II BALLS, PAKTIE& | OOK Ot'T foil THB <X the a'Graal sr ~ tor. A 9ilr?r Cop will lie p-??ent?d to thtj Cl?b ha?i?t th- lanre<? nnmlier ?.f tn a future adrtTt4*cin*nt? COftLlON PAIlfv' of th? Grsal & ?:the AR?EMHI,Y ROOMS tjreen ud Ith *t? . MONDAY KVK NINU> Otftoto* til. The Cominitt?? pledge A mU<* that neither pain* no''xpenre w.J '? ?par*d t<? make it ik* Party of the mwod i Mr. V on?t, 'he proprietor of the r om?. hat refitted the Borne in the most modern ntjrle, whioh will con iSntii lu?l> m >W. r?' :* j ~ rmiriusi OI US T(D1II|< Uaixt ha* been en??f ?d. Pifty C*nt?, admitting ?"gentleman and _ _ CimmiU" of Arrangements. T Ri'lf. J. Flenmiintr, F 9 McNarbaey. Wm JFl<?mnuoj,\V. H Bright, T. R Bi?h<-p, C?S.Dr;?j*r, <*. Donohoe, J. Raioey, J. A. Crook. N. B Pontirelj, no hat* or cap* allowed to be worn in th? room,'. go U>-<t* GMRST GRAND COTH-LON PARTY of the T ISLAND FRIENDSHIP ASSOCl* ~ TION will takeplace at Thoe.Vs hUll. 7tl tre^t. Mwmh D and E. October 18th, 189U. Tiekett 50 cent?, adm tunc a gentleman am ladies. By order of the Committee. oo 11 A l-?t* AMUSEMENTS. ^ASHINOT ON THEATER. Ft>* a Limited Ncmbxk or Niohh, Commencing MONDAY 3VXNIXG, Oct.lM. By demreof inumMr Of influential oitiBOM of Washington the Prineee of the Profession, BUD WORTH'S Late and only Original WOOD* MINSTREL?, W ill give a limited nomber of their ETHIOPIAN rtOIMKKS. With the whole utrenrth of their Compauy. IT^ iiMrtidii Extraordinary _/H NEW BaI/LAD*. NEW MUSIC. NEW S<*NGS, NEW FARCES, NEW JOKES. . Witliaq entire change everv mcht. Arimirafnn, to oeuU; orobeeter entire, AO cent*; private boxei fS tkJor? open at 7 o'clock, commencing at . oc 16 2t WASHINGTON THEATER. Bote Lmiii and Manager. 8. W. Glium. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op*n for the regular Fall and Winter Seaton on tb? night of THURSDAY, Novmu lax. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Age, will oommenoe an en gagement of Two ro Night* on MON DAY, November 5th, and will be follow -d brthe most BR I L LI \ NT STARS In the Theatrical Firmament. 117" Communicationa if addressed to S. W. Glks:?. "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. au lt-tf LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Saturday la?t, between 4J? and Gth a , on Fa avenue, a plain gold MR ACELET, with the name "Linda" encraved on the top. The finder will be auitaklr rewarded br returning it to the owner or leaving it at the St*r Offic. QcrMt* Mr? LINDA STUART. I" OST?(In tliP ftiVarnnnn nf Tna?J*? *Ka ICfk ? v.. ..." ?? m , ?uv ?"HI| Li between the corner* of 6th And K us. ami 7tW at. and Ph ar-rtne, a ladies' small GOi.D fffkt WA-TC H, attached to a black xuard. Also.AfcQ a flhaif,to which the key wiu attached The finder ?ill h? liberally rewarded by leaving the same at No. 457 E slioet, near 6th.' oc 17-2t* f 08T?On *ep?ewl>er 1st, a DUE HILL to the I_i amount of $1.'U8, (payahfe in clothing.) drawn by M. Oppenheiimr in favor of Joseph Nard'n It is of no use to any one hut the owaer, a? pavmei t hes t'e-'n Ntoppwd. The findnr will lie liberally re warded by leaving it with JOS. N ARDEN, at ti.e Center Marfcpt. It* DOO LOST.??5 REWARD.?Lost, ten days ago. a Pointer Pup, six months with yellow ears; body mostly white^~A^??J[ with small yellow specks. Had on a col? r " lar with owner's name. The above reward Will be paid on his being returned to the owner. Apply at this office. oc l?-3t* ?lupHtfd to com? forward, prove ownership, pny charges, and take himawar, r>ma pui*1*!'! ? oo 15 3t No. 142 High St., Genr?et > w'n. PERSONAL. IN OTICR. HKREBY Warn th? public atmnst harl>ortn< or employ in* a colored hoy Mrnwl Thomas Hind, as he ts an indentured apprentice to the underlined; and any person bo doiutf will be liable to ctvtl pros ecution oo 15-St* ALFRED IJ3E ADA ME FELIX, Fortune Teller from Paris, hecs leave to inform her former friends, and the public nenerallj. that eho ha* removed to 2&0 Ninth street, northeast corner of N, where ?he will he happy to nee all who may desire to hare the past, present and fntore satisfactorily explained. oo II Ira* QQ? BALTIMORE Q?f! OOD CONFECTION KRY. ?3oD ICE CREAM and WATER ICKS (first qua:i tj si cents per quart, at JOS. SCHA* FIELD'S Confectionery, Sixth street, between G and H sts rarti-s, weddings, eio, supplied with OAKE8, ELLIE9, OR N A MENTS'lCE CREAMS*, eto., on the most reasonable terms. oclS-lw AT KST INVENTION! LAUD. WEBSTER * CO'I Tlght-StltcYi Sewing Machines At JANNKY'S BOOT AND SHOE BTORE, 1 349 Pa. Avxku*. They are the mo t suuc'e. They are the strongest They am the surest in their operation. They use a straight needle. (Curveu ones are of no account.} They have a fee I wh-eJ They aro capable of doing anr kind of work known?they make the Mais riffle without any at achm nta. Call and examine? At JANNF.Y'S, oc 15 Itw 34S Pennsylvania at**nu< The insurance company O* 1H* STATE OF VIRGINIA, or RICHMOND Capital - $300,000. Lirutari. Wm H. MaoFarland, Pree't Farmers Bank A. Warwick, firm uf Warwick A Harksda e Wm.G t.'renahaw, firm of Crenehaw * Co Wellington tioduin, firm of 6oddiu & Apperson T. W. Mo*'ai)0 >. firm of Dnrlop, Moneure A Co G. A. Barkcdaie,firm of Warwick A Barktdale Jera-'B M.tirant, Tob&eoo Manufacturer L. U. Crenshaw, firm "f Haxaii, Crenshaw X Co Johi L. Hhob. n-iB of Bmo? A Ha?ker*ill l>. B. (lax til. firm of Haiail, Crenshaw 4 Co John Cartir, Jr , Ship Owner ? Wm U Warwick, firm Warwick k. Baikadale Jaa Alfred Attorney at Law <2- C. Ell'tt, Builder P. A RafRu, Acnoaltnriat and Maaafiotu'er H. W. MoUrn<W, firm of 8. McOrudar & Bofea W. W. CruiuB, Attori ej at Law Jaa. Danlga, firm of l)an|o?. Moncnre A Co. BULLING W. HAXALL, Pre?'t. O. P. BREHF.K.fec'r. HEATH ft KNOW LBS. A rent*, Offioa?over BaLk Waaiungton, Room 16. oe li U?r uknnkk AND T K A r* BETS. Plain WhiU Gold Ba il!, ?uid ti ihlv dec orated; VASE8, CUPS a-d SALCERS, PKR PUlUt BOr iLKS, TOll.jRT SKTEVIi'. a ?en f.r?, J??rUnent, WHITE IRON ? tlTO.VK CHINA. For sale a( redaced prica. C. W. HoTELER * SON?, o? 15-aoSt Iron Hall. S? "f??tc TT MloJSl pSwiNTKTP FURNITURE, fbrmisf the moat ex tMjitv* collection of Hou??fu/ni?hm? Ox>o?t? to b? 'VfJ ?} ?stabkshni*t?tiri theUnited States, *iii li soW at rsMoaable lates and ac ooteaMMtatmi terms. H ^ C. W. BOTELKR # SONS, OC 1^1 Iron Hail* GU.VES. Wo have i??t received our Fall Importation Of KID OLOVES, for ladiM and tehtieiufn, in whiW, black, a.nil all the devtrab'e aiitwlea in colon ThirGlov? we have fold for aev-ral RCMon?.a-d cao Mfety reoomiaend Charato our iri*-d? and the pnblie ( ?? rally M the r%ry best article of Glovea ever sold ia this market Plaaaa oa 1 and ex*mii.? them. J. W. COLL.EY A CO., M 1HM No. IB) MtmU at., ahore Pa. ?T._' *, carts treisa i* dto aoco m mod at* I JgWAB-j m?41 ia tmrtois jrJnanjrcity m.t Ihe fa nest iieh retui?no?? w* yetftW ?njr ?? > * . fa JCsViJii Rucm* din* Sww? until rwtlWMe t? hi* trfett 'rj, 5?ji in prima 01 .1 5 m e.. Family*) * Wnm e>01<IJ%w ^*? * . r,ziT^-"r*u ?JI fH A d9, : k?wV Jt lUU - WAA'TS WANTKD-A &F.BVANT. to to a ?hort di* I t?nc? m Mm emittrr? "an I Ml can cook. w??h Mr?,G(iUCl.\ s>. 32S Fourth treat, b*t wenQanrt H ?tn Vt?_ A J ?UNO M aN, iov nfnplr.\^d ma Naw Tork i J?.?'i .Ln tor 4*>M? t lii>kk?rp?r fi.'l? [' *ould like to obtain a ?nnilar tit ja ?i ia- ^s'^p*. C%n funa?h the \^%i r^com m(>r?,R?ion? from hi* '^I?!>?nt cmplo??r?. P* %? af'IrpsR W. A S\f I fW nftA ?r. .* v?? - Me ?< SHilUK H'H .'r? York __ ocl7-3t_ WAN/ED-TWQ 8HOKHAKU19. on m^n's I ??nk Appl* at No. K2? ?t. between L ?t. ami Virginia av , N?~ y Yard. oc 16 *t* WA NTKD?By arenpectab'e woiT;an. a SITl'A .TinN &? *?t nur??. Apply at No 404 4th trnir ?, between G and H, from * till 4 o'olook. _uok>-2t* * . : WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From $S to worth ufSBCOND-HANl) Ft K NI TURF, of all kind*, for which 1 will ^uarentr to pat the hifhest pricca, and, as u ual, af toe shorteat n<> <**> < i r * R. *0c?LY. . Dealer in Furniture. ?fove?, to . oo 3 4 0* 7th - t.. h?t. G and H. ea?t gid". WANTEW-AU VirMfa Hf SECOND HAND " FURN ITl'R E, for which I will pay the casS, at 3B9 Seventh ?treet, betw**n I and K oc 6-tf BONTZ 4 GRIFFITH. thtr Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh at, opposite Post Offioe. negftlm VVANTED?A.CLEKK. who n *cquituiW witt ~~ the eity tra>w. for a JMr?lry Store Beat o( references required. Addrea* T. H., No. 3, Office. ae 14 FOB SALE AND RENT. [Far otktr "For Salt and Ktnt" *4e*rt\sem*ntl, ft* first j>agt ] U'URNITURE AT PRIVATE SALE AXD P HOUSE FOK REN r.?The Fijrtmure in bouse HI 0 street, between 19th and /> h streets, First Ward, is for sale at a pries considerably be low cash value; thfmgti the larger po'tion is rot oiled or worn in the 1 ast A c>?d Piarouin eluded. The hou e is a desirable three-storr HRICK, with b&ttk building*, and vim built only two years ago. octi*-** FOR RENT?Th-ee HBICK HOUSF8 of the handsome Row on Ninth, between M and N streets, with gas complete. Rent 915 per month considered the ch apelt houses in Washington* AppKto PRANK HF.RBc.R f . No 407 Twelfth s?re?>t, between I and K ; or to Mr. Wf.LLS' Sl?o? Store, < pposite the betldings; or to the undersigned, No. 3 S3 Pa avenue, bstween ?*, anr) fith sts oo !5-eo2w \VM. II. CAM PKF.I.I.. f^OR RENT?The HALL of the Franklin En gine Company will be rented for concert*. co tillon Mrtis*. lecture*, Ac. For particular* inquire of W. H. FANNING. oc 15 e..2w 170* RENT?A larre an* dewmbla DWELL I ING-HOU4E. No 444 Twlfth street, tietween G and H *ta , oontaminR IS room*, with all th* mod ern improvement* Possession iciven Nnvoirlur l, 186>. For terms apply to JNO. ALEXANl)f"R, No 240 Pa avenn*. co 15 e< 3w FOR REN r-A fine4-?tory DWELLING, op E troet between 5th and 6:h fts.. near Judiciary Square. Th?> house is new, in excellent wnditi'-n, and, to a *ood tan*nt. term* made easy. Alto for nle,? Hoomob C vtraet, between Utb and 12th U. If immedia'e application be made, it will be sold on accommodating terms. Apply to P. W. BROWN! NG. oc lVeotNovl I70R. RKNT-A new and deairable BRICK r J) WELLING HOUSE io a p'?a?ant locality. No. L street, near Fourteenth. Inquire #f C. CAMMACK, 'il'i F *t. on 10 FWrENT-iu feFirst AVar<La OWELLlNG and F< RNlSHtfT) APARTMENT.*, that desrrsb'e two *to-y Bri*k Dwlin*. No. 26S, on H. hetwean )R h and L9h street?, co: tainm< seven rooms and kitohen. Also, for *?/it. Xurnished or unfurnish?>d, a part or the wholt of trie Dw 111n? No 110,o.>rae? of Pa avenue ^nd 2i?th st, dortn a'de. Apply at No. 110, corner Pa avenue ai.d yth a'reet oc 9-?o6t* . ,. DAVIJ) H1Nf,? I7?OR_B ENT-FnjTiisUed-amomfortable BRICK * u? r.Mii.^u hm >r,,oi in-mum sue, in a Slaasant smt Imiithy li?-r*i?ty. within co.ivntneut utauceof the Public Office* and I'^nn. Avmws Rent moderate Apply to J. B. MUNRO.RIO I'a avenue, between 9?n and liith Ma. oc Ift-eotf FOK RKNT-A BRICK ?TABLK on Twenty first street, near F, with room enough (or six horaea ami two carriage*; would ?uit a hackman. Inquire of W. H. 0OU0AL, Georftetowa, D. C. 00 S-eo6t* ' fpOR RENT?i'oiieMiqn on the 1st of October 1 Tb? DWftil.ING #W>fT?H No. 43-? 1> #reet. at present occupied by the Rev. Dr. Hutlea, and urzt doer to the residence of the artrertia-r. J. AT CAKl.lttLK. N. B.?It will not be let for a Imarding house. *e 18-tf BOARDING. ROOMS AND BOARD.?Board, with a fine Front Room, or other Room*, majr be kad at X! .v A T f. k. k?? ? /' 1 '* - . wu a wDiuu bw., i'cuccu u aim ii?a rnosi a? irableloca ity. oc If-It* JMR'BAT RKDL'CTION IN PRICES VI of Carpeting. OH tloth, fnrtaln TIaterial AM) ALL OTHER KINDS or FURNITUR E VR Y GOODS. la view of t>i? late event which dissolved Ae lat? firm of ClagettA. Dodeon, the husir.ens cfT-vrhich now devolve# oa th?'urvivjut; nirtner, it hi twen determined to rmi Cilie eiUir*?to?k of the ? in at cost for the o&sh. Havtnr just rep enished the stock with 4 la-*e and fresh supply on the most favo asle term* pnssi hie, it in confident!* tielicvcd tJiat hoiist-keepkrs and othorn* wa?t ui*Ii their vafri.ties, fr?m tW1owe?t>rfn*d\p to tii* finest for karors and drawin* rooms can he supplied. CURTAIN MATKKIAI.S in spleodid variety and of distinguished ttjles and qualities, ith a!i rlieir lie'nuKines, Ol LCLOTJIS, UK UG KTivin borders and without, li it.s u > 'f<? ii iTTimi J -w> ? i) i - -i **.*->?k-'? i??rt ?o? I'm t iiitn?, umii(i a> u TOILET GOODS. In a word.all uch DRY GOODS at. a^e r for the comfort am rfj* of h'>u*' kf?fT?rg aa>i will now t* ?o:d *t tfce wi.oi?*?i? puoeii.r tl But one price will bo a?k ?!; no more and Person* wantirrr Carpeting or Oilo.oth* wil provide themselves with th*ir ineasiir ?. ei diagram* or othpxjrise, which will aavo mu and trenhfe. i There mar he found in the *tock? Eleiaut Veivet Ca petmgit at $1 5?. worth #2, Do do Vlo atSlttt do #175. Do Tapaatrjr jE 'fli*h) ?t 9>) c??.. worth $1 25. Three plj aij>> ami 95 ots., worth and % 1 25, Ing r*in at 75 c?nts, wonh *5 eentj, 4)0 at hi) do do 9T do |)o at 51, all wool, w.irtti 75 cents. J. II. DODSOX, Survivine Pa'tn?rjof the hf.6 farm of Citjfett k. i) ><kon, 00 ?-eo6t . No. 4 Maiket f paee. NOTICE TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS, AT HOME AND ABROAD. The following i? a correct list of (he employers who pay the lull prices vl. and are recognized by. the Society, to wit: . * VV H. M*n!ord. Mailituk Jc. (Jriffitli. 'quired " deer c e oa?h. to ifwa. plea e ther in ait time i uv?l< & Bro?, Malloc? Jc Herborf, Wm. Tu?kor, .faiflet I ackpfr, G VV. Hintnn A. Co., J. T. Mclnt'>?h, Loudon A. Co., 'J'iios. K. Gray, K. M. Drew Va'iloran. ae27 ?x~3m HtRMA? "'if b\f, S T E R E R, iN'o 864 G street, awrr Trea-m* Department, in gratefully ackn<>wl?(l(inx the liberal patioua#* wlueh has heretofore boec t?sa'ow?Hl uDonhu^ffo U to pleaan hit patron*, best l?v? f? inTo^m t:e ori mfina'ot WaaViniten M<d fieorgeV vu tiiat h* u now prepare to ??* ooute with neainea? and f ii|?tch a I ortl"?i? in hi* Ilue "f busin?a?: auoh a* th* Sow ing, Flttfnp an<1 t.antra Dovn of new Carf?t?, and the ? ayi?* Isown of old c arpiu ; tite Bah(iiis of Cnrtama; th? Corerinic rf Loune** tk>?aa, ifco ; Manufacture or Renovation of Mattre*aea, l'iilow?, Cnahion% Ac. ii?a raw^KU vni fc* uu wviflnr, wjii'm numiQi BIIU to pot dove (Vps.i with unprecedented nmo jth nets a'id rapidity. se29j*olm* IIIOI pipe f*Ol H MUSICAL NOTICE. AVIN^-fWwi ladnecd to twniUh* pqaiion of organist at St. Aloywir* Church ni 'this ? organist *r St. Aloymr* Church fn this cit>, I have determined to remain during the er.fu-j tog win'er, ami shall be happy to render my r professional service* to those who ma*1 require them. T. N. CAULF1ELD, Pirfeesor ?tfh^)ryaO| Piano Hnft)a, . and Singrnr. t?l -ff^gr.AS; 'tXXS&l nvenue. ' <4 3-lm* . CLOTHING, to whioh yoar attention ia I am confident that 1 caneell ?ood CLOVHlNw PUg,W1?*lK?J ti^WVykATS a-Hi (JAM at lover fcfioes tun aiiT orliff n^use in the oitp, ee 21-lm SMITH. No. 460 Ser?nU> et. EVV TK1MMIXGS-NEW TRIMMINGS! TVEW 1 ^anr* new aiyje rariaUimp* and Buitona, pi&in and gUt lulled ; Black ?nd f> ,ey Colored velret But fcaa amf*elff44Kit>bo?4 Mai rta*<PF4afcjf Colored Graduating Bottom, somettunn u?w for Udtfm' WUUM?uH? ;4?rt&Haa?t Twae.a.Sifc Cord*, T{u?eli aa<l Button* : Zouav* cloak TaaaaU, ia r1 r*rv rn ?*$ KtSk loKv k, oc 11-lw 807 Pa. avenue. aotyh aiaa 1B& 'KO'TWfBt *rO?>? MrkHfil.LER [nvitai th? Mk --? *ton and vioinitr to her Grand Fashionah.0 F\LL and WINTER 1 r &MXBRk*x&&sz? _ her atock of Good*, aa ah? haa a v?ry Muidaonicl ^iVwJSMJSTKb of HI *IS?* Mid ?noe?, acd & v*ry IMga ttock o EMBROIDER IE*. fco , Ac. oe4 N*.A?Mw4?t ?IW. b?t. 7th sod Bttl ?ti. Th% at No. 2$9K Pa avenue, has been removed to-^v. srS Agent for T?ler oa 15-** bet office YTI? XJIOY MdK u?llwtk.Aa> li GEORGETOWN ADV ERT'MTS Tttwwiid ?iiiiiwhi ODD FE1. O"0DD F^^VKSii_. liflTv-fn Mnvn? . VI.IM* F A *"? * 4*1 "il ? * fT'MWr 0. OR KENT?a iiocse on Fayette street, hav in* been a the cccapauc-f of ?v. i.awr*re?? f??r km la at ?? ren y*?.r?: al?out !?> yarda from Triai'y charch and ?? f-oin the convent; ioom? and oef lar: p'ltnpofui* heel water lotle Tard, crape arvv and e<-oiee fruit tree*. Apply to T. A. nkl'man. oe 17-3t raii MANTLES! A*ab mantles: DIRECT FROM A VCTIOH, 6 AUD *-jd<<',lak?. bainc ltu Than i*uat of M*nj?tai. Alao, hiertl lot* of REAL oijiifx'ib COL LA R5. at si, 50, 82,7? and 87 oeet?. worth hnave ccartotaier'a celebrated Kid 01or?a, at 75 cent* a par. A vary oheap lot of eir.b*oid?red tnmim?i?, meh fit Cambric Bads. budc, Cambric kdmaga ami ln?ertin*?, _ _ IN ENDLESS VARIETY, ? Together with atnod a?arrtro?m of Shirt frootf. at uvoentp, which la the greatest bargain erer i-ffcred. A'.ao, a *rod atook of Ladies' Dreaa good'. Men * and Boya' Wear, and a great rautty of other gooda equally aa oeeaa. call at the right place?no. 11t <aouth aid#) Bridie atieet, Georgetown, D. C. oc 16-2w E. ol'TMAN. Bonnet ribbons. VELVRT RIBBONS. bonnet materials, french FLOWERS acd .. _ briimlttrkath* FEATHER9.9TRAW BONNETS, BEAVER and FKl.T HAT*. PATTERN HONNET9, FRAMES and RUSHES. BON NET VELVETS, SILKS and BLONDE LACES,embracing very thing r.oh acd now in the Millinery Li?e. at ow prices. E. GUTMAN, No. 117 snath aid* Bridge street, oc 16 3w )j^T|trtow?. D. C. FOR NEW YORK.?The packet sehooner Fair fax. Captain 9 Mott, will b? read* to re oeive cargo for th* above port on Mowlur ^ 15th insi. For freight apply to M?COBB * DODGE, oc 11 13 Water St.. Georgatown. M REMOVAL.. 198 CHXTON Has removed her place of business to No. 77 Bridge street, four doors eut of the Farmers and Mechanics' Hank, where she i as rectived her FAl.L PI'RCHASKS, own?utiii| of nea'lv every thing usually kept in a first c.a? TRIMMING and FANCY STORE. Shsr^uests an examination of her stock by those wi*hirg to purohise 'I'muiLing* or Fancy Goods forfa:l ani Wlnler w**r. to those who have patronised her darjrg the ptst. she solicits a con'iouanoe of the public favor in the future. oc 13 St* [VIEW STORE! NEW GOODS! MR9. M. SIMSON i Informs ber oumeroun frie< ds ana the public gen erally that she is now established at hat Stor-, No. Ill Hndce street. Georgetown,Cbp two floors above th<? old stand, where m*y found a? unna'.a tars* a*>-ortm~nt of M'f.f.lNK RV DRY GOOD", HOSIERY. and EMBROID ERIES, at tho very lowest market pric??. , oc 12-1 m li' I O a; r i s nn r F I 8 H!!! 4W barrela No.l Pickled Kastport HERRING, 200 do do Gipped Bo?tou do 231 do do Round do do l'? do St. John** ALEWIVES, SO do prima No.3 medium MACKEREL, Daily expected per ?choouer? Arn?u. J. W. lea ver, and \N m 0. t>'51 I. and for aaie ob or tofore arrival in lot* to *uit. A ?o in atore? 15) barrel* prime Pickled II KRUING, in# do No.Ui.KWIV'E8, 50 do St. John'w do SO half barrel* No.l HERRING, JS liar.eln No.S lar*e MACK KR KL. Apd a f?w e?tra Roe and Cut HERRING, in larrelR and hilf barrel*, for sale on ple?-inr tei ins. AVf 7 to HARTLEY * BROTIIKR. 09 an?l 101 Wa'er street, o? 13 )w _ Georgetown, I) O. FOR RENT?In Georgetown, two first c!a?s HOUSES, situated on >Ve?t *tr?*et, one con taininz 16 rooms,ant \he other 9. with ra* an1 bath room* complete Apply to H. L. OFFl'TT, No 49 Buh at . Georgetown. oc 5-lin ??HEAPEST STORE! SAVE YOTR TIME AND WONKV, * AND OO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOOD* AT THE CHEAPEST STOR E, 338 SEVENTH STREET. (East Side,) between I aad K. oc I2-1m MATTHEWS A GORE. LADIES', MISSES. AND CHILDREN'S IIATS. The most el e?ant aad lar (jest i.tock ever 'flared, all new and jn?t opened to ita>. Parent* will itiui if trt r Him vvr kiirn nte eRt to cal ami examinv my ?tock. ?? I hall sell at mall profit*. oc 15-2 m Renfrew hat;*, IX NEW COLORS, Jem Opened, from N. Yof k. [O" Our assortment of HATS and rAP?, 0tr Gents, Yotinr Men, Youth*. Boys. M uses.and Children. anver vas so varied as at present. An early call is solicited. No trouble to show good*. B H. 9TINEMKT7, oc 13 2.16 Pa. av.. near c?r??r lyti ?t. 486 1VTERIOIt ADORNMENT. PAPERHASOl/ras WIXDjW SHAVES. New Fall stock of Paperhaniinjcs from th? rich and ornat4 to the most chatte and single patterns, nppr prints f?>r parlors, halls, dining room*. cnam Mrs and Fibrari??s Also, a choice stock warranted Gold Band Window trades. Imi'at on Gol and comn *n Snakes, Buff, Gr*#n and Bine Sha e liol Isnds Picture Cord and Tassels, Crimson Srwlet. Blue and Green colors, f'om pHotofiayh to port.ait siZQ Just received at No 4*6 Seventh st Orders for PapThancinrs or Window Shade* faithful y execntod in city or oouut'v. Satisfaction Haaraaticd or no pay rcqui'ed. Pies: e Rive me a call. Don't lorjet the nuiwlor. J. MARKRITER. No. 4S6 Seventh st. a door* at> oc 5 eolm D4d Fellows'Hill. Pianos: pianos:: PIANOS"! I have in store aitf for ?a e a minnifioent Rose wood Hann Piano : also, sn t pruht Granl?*^^ Cottajo piar.o Both seven-octave, fullfSSBCSt irou frams, pronounce I the finest ion*rt"'??T? nOPKINS, corner of Sixth >t. and Pa. av. ri->nr?? fv?r onere<i in in'i cuy. ( warranted H?r 6ve IearO v'il. lis shipped nortli again if not ioM l.j 'rldjv. Ploaie call and examine, at No. 37 Lou isiana avenue. oc & y r, m. wight I CLOAKSCLOAKS I! IIAVE Ju?t reoetved, diraot Iron the manufao tu rer*. lar*e and ha odaoine aaaortment of Lade*' CLOTH CLOAKS of ali the new etylea. Also, htndaome aaaortment of fcUila Bo rfered and other newatyloaof SHAWLS. Call earl* a'd net the fi at choice. H. EGA>, oc 13 6t 62? 7th U. aad 621 I'a a*. N ? W READY LADIES' and CHILDREN'S fancv CURS, In a 1 their varieties, BTINEMKTX'S. 236 Fa. avenue, oc9 Near oomer Thirteenth at. S MEDICAL WORKS*. TUDENT6 trill tiud a tooj a?aorUn?nt of MKDICAL WORKS At the Veiv Lowest Piioea, at SHEPHERD'S, be 13-1 w Corner S*venth and D a la. B. HALL WITH ISRAEL DKMING, Wl.tlenaia and Retail peaier* in fine FAMILY CROCEH1KS. TEAS. WINES, a-.d cho?#e Ll Q IdRf of all kind*. A freah at?**k ju*t npeaed. Good Sugar 7 oenta par pound. Ca'l at No ?S4 T?\ street, between D and Louisiana av. oc S-tf SMBBB WIG, BRAID AND CURL MANU 'I FACTORY, 242 Hann. a venae, aaar theoor nsr of Tbirtwnth atreet.?A y*tj oomplete aaaort m?nt of (MMa, Carta, Priaettoa, Baadeaua, Ac bow ob hand- alao, maria to order at the ahortoat notice H*ir Work repaired or take* mexohanfa. oa a 9m y NOTICE! TO THE LADIES! MRS LO WH take* pleaaura la announcing to the Ladiaa that her Storm wiU b? ieepe?ed on Sat urdar, the 13th in* ant, with a newavd w?ll Ml ecud a^ortmentol LAOIKi* 1>KESS TRIMMINGS', coll Iw 89T Pa ararao,aautfrtide. A SWEDISH I.KEOHKsT SUPPLY Juat rwceiYeU. Alo> oa hand. StaT ford'a OliT* Tar and fro? and Sal pour I'owaara, Paai'a Oriental tiaki or Japaaeae Tame, Hoilo vai'i Worm CoaJeetiogn, HpaUiax** Glue, 4e.,at MUORK S W?at Ka4 bras Store, US Pa. ar. I r Order* for leeching and Catftac received acd promp*.!, Attended oe 6 tw RANCE OOl i I ?L.,l m. ?> MP ANY, _ 'J. O. M?GUIRE, 9. D. HANHOK. r- ? ^ OTIC ?. RKMWVAL. IWVftVriON.-l hrr^ r mf ou?t**??r? *ri?t Cjc pnfclio rn g?n*rftl tftst I r*vm retaoT?l to Xq *49 Sewth ItW* f>-?f fromMw. n??Boe. *)?r? 1 rWl ke'P. ?F. * Is ck womidmI *>t PoHMd DOMLSTI' *RY <H>6BS>OSlE8irVFANCY ARTlCl.KS. MIJ,L?j9?RT'. ,o. J>o?U received will, which wUl ?ol4 ?i ??tom?hinc l"* p;ij? leS-la' B. F1B1MAN. "St* inii?4c .i ,?? '' f'Ji ' a .i vm'v. * <' ! -"biJ' i l# 4* iwtJH* . * ? *V 1 THE LATEST NEWS TEL FT* ElPfllO. i ttii i M?uarai>if Mr. Vaatrf. ' AliaIT, N. Y . Oct li?Tb* ball of tb* f?r ltol WM crawoied lMt Bight to lUlrn to tb* prmt SouUirru orator, *Vn? I \ an^ey Hit ?|?rt laatM) avat l*o JwmiH. Aim wse * m""4 '** w leal and coavinrtng argutneat for the eqoaftity W the 8t?u*. the rlgbta or the t*o;ith. aad the pre* rmlioi the I nloa uxl tf>* ColiMWl"! It *u listened to with the m<?t marked atfcMiMew, ave a few interruption* and htws Mr Vaa cay tpeaki at Syraro?- to mocrow lUVrwwe to msaa convention, end Uh rirc?ed1ng amenta* at Rochester. Mew* front Raw llNtHMKi. Mo , Oct 1# ?Tba JJfw MeH caa mail, w?u? dates to the lat irataat, arrived tr ntght The campaign gair*t the \evi1ne fr di*n? b*? comm. iK?d Id rvii'it Pour hundred t'taha have been employed by Special Atfeait Ptffer, aUo ?ou Mexican aad TurUa Indiana hnae taken the a rid with the regular army It Ufbaugbt ibejr will make a clean aw?.ep. ai d whip the Tn dlaiM Into anbiuiaaioa Fire men. while hating. 20 miles this ?:de of Po?t ll<iron, a frw daft ago. were attacked by Indiana, a ad two kllkdfha other three making their eac*pc. Trize Fi*ht i'? |<H?, mi I" ? plltT KBl IOOI ply* on ?*nndav, near Bull I orrv, Mwm Dunkirk and Mallerv, two N? w \ ork brulnera Thirty aeven r<und? wrrr foueht ;nU wbrn I Dunkirk striklnc n foal blow, tu ft?bt waa i* uded ia favor of Mallory, who bad boas lha moat everely puni?v nd A match ft ?I .UK) brtw?n Aaron Joom and George Clng baa l*cn arranged, to take placo In 4 montba. .Yllaooori Politico. Lorn. Oct is ??TLe Bulletin. the organ of tbe Breckinridge detnocraev, c?"lalna tbe ad drew of the Democrat!'' Central i owimiU-e. urging that the vote of the State aboold be c .at for Brockia ridge to prevent the diaaulution of tfce Union, by which Mlnouri ha? crcrrtbtng t? loae and nothing to gain. Movriarata of Irnaitr Uoailat Dxteoit. Oct 15?Senator Itaiglna arrived in this cttjr this mornlnp tod la tbe afternoon ad d'eased an Immense audience on Camjma Marti u? Hta speech wji malnlr In raplv to that of ?o* Sewerd, delivered lait w?k Tbcri la a grand torchlight proceaalon thta evening Fraa Mnita. N tw Oilbakb Oct 16 ? Adrlrf* from Mexico to the l?th state that the Juarez Oovrrnmaat baa ordered the restoration of tli- conducts reeantly aelxrd General begot lad ? has t?~-a d?f>rl red of hta command and ordered to be brought a prisoner to Vera Crux Mr. Hamlin la Bestea Bo*tox, Oct. 16.?Ilannlba! Uaml'.narrived fa toia city last algnt. lie was met at the depot by dc evatjousof wide Awakes, and ?acorted to tbelr headquarters. but dei li tied making a speech, ex cpt tw briefly thank the crowd for hit feceptioe Death ?f t atnmodsre ftklaaer Rk-Mhosd. Oct. 16 ?The reinaina of Com mo dore bkinner, wLo di?d here vcalerday, wrr* guardt-rt In the Cap* tol over night, and eacortr*! to the N? rfolk Uaia thia ojarnln^ by the Flrat Regiment. Shock of frartbqtnkr Niw Yon*. Oct. I??A alight abork of an earthquake waa feit all ow Canada l?-day, and It waa aluo oeverely felt at Sato, In York county, Maine. A loud report w*a beard, followed by a rocking of build.n^a, etc. Lytrl Law Omaha. Oct. 16.?Four men. naniea unknown, arreated for borae atealingat Council Blutft have been taken from jail, and one, named McCutre, has been found bung to a tree The fate of tb? othera la unknown Election of a U.S. Irutar. MoKTiPSLtEa, Vt . Oct 16?Hon. Jacob Col lamer, rep., waa to-day re-eler ted to tbe U.S. Sea i?y ue i,eyi?mure 01 ie:? bish ior ail year a from the 4th of March wit Tkr Ktbrukt Llnt>?a Omaha. N . T., Oct. 16?< J Aria I return* from all tbe organized and aeUJcd count ea la Nebraska Territory give Daily, republican far Congraaa, 16*2 majority Fargarft Cikctskati, Oct. 16 ?Henry Kaam, liquor mer chant la Main atreet. above Ninth, forred tbe nam? of hi* father-in-law to the amount of tA.OUn, and abaoonded yeaterd*y. Itallraad Aerhrat Cixciksati, Oct. 1C.?The engine of tb eexpreee trai'i bound eait on the Ceatral Ohio Hoad yeater day flew tbe track near Cambridge, killing Jaa. Free, engineer, and Chat. Ruak, fireman. Arrirnl fram Kar*^ X*\v Yoix.Oct. 17.?The steamship New York, from Liverpool on the 3d ins tint arrived here to day. Her advice* Lave been anticipated. T~ ' ? ? " Alexandria Market* Anxt!(Diu. Oct 17 ?Flotir?Family *7 50a ft 50: extra f6 12a6 37; auprr %& 75a3 *7 W teat ?white, fair to good. SI 4'iaSl SB; red 91.30a 81 10 Corn?white TOaTle ; yellow 71N7le; mixed WiTOc. Rye 7tla?l. OiitsJl Cora Mwl TfliWf. per bushel !*wds?1 lmottiv MiaS3 2S, Clov?<r 8.3 75aS<> 25; riixaced SI I0?at 43. Prov.slona? Butter; roll, lOalv. ; Uaron M w^ijr.; Pork f7 00a S7.50 Lard I3al4c. Wfertsky 4?aJUe. Bxltjuir* narktti. Uurwon, Oct. 17.?Flour active and elnaed Ann, Howard strent and Ohio So 75; City Mllla held at S5 &>i5 (W),. Wheat firm; r*4 SI Mai 40; white SI 45*1 65 Corn firm; yellow 70a72c Prr visUxia steady; Uacou aid** 11a meaa pork 819 *> aS19 JO; prhue Sit 75. Cofle*tuai. Wfe.skyactlva at c. , Saw Warl Market* Maw You, Oct. 16 ? Flaur wachaa^ed Wheat i? nig*?r; wnura rea 91 &w?i ?u; wmie ?i \v. Corn firm, uiu <d 71 )$c. Fork hraa, mek> ?IM 75 jftif el; prime tM >0 Lard unchanged. VV LLaky Ltlii at H^c. f|O0 K F.WARD. Fire: fire:: fire~ ft] I will |i?? the a I-ova r ward (m the a'r?"st and oouvioUo.t of Ike (>0[t?n vi p? aona who fired the carpenter's tho*-of H?*er? A Brother o 1 tk? uuht < f the 12th in la\t. Their alt wa* destroyed. Th? f' na'ous and ymnathisinK pnbJie wiil be called on for a small amount to enable th?m to reaamq their former Irisinsaa. 00 16 ISAAC BEERS. rj HATS AND CAFti I have nu? od hand a c mplct" aaaort *"w ment of *ood< m the abore line, to which I invit* the attention of my pa:roiu? and uia aibaena of tha Diatrict reneratiy Great care bat ing been tak'n in tli' aolrotioa, I can prune lit to my onatomera U?e ( reateat van -tjr to let found m the citj. The ?t< ck comprise* every atjie now in vocoe tn Xew V *rk. AUo, Mim**'Chi rirni FANCY HATS of ntiroly ntwfthfepet. ' tie.' RIDING HATK WJ dNMIflwa. LatiM' Rial NO Hi CtuHrMt'a CAP?^of? , Gentlemen's BATS and C * P*- A a 6d* u f rtment of VMBREI.LA#. WALKING CAN K?. c.. Ac. J A? Y. DAM#. Hatter, oc IV-tw tint* Con) law Tu4d A Co. jjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 717... t tt>0, ? . Qfic ttmrr C ttrt* I mu4 Lmtfimm Mu tw Be ew* INSURE HOUSES AND OTHTR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIJIE. Dut across Goo. Bhor maker, fa/uuel Samuel Ciopley, littarf Jodm, iMobStdm, Tbo*. Hukw, tiPJEgr* B. B. Fmeh. No cl ui( for policioe. ^,amm JAMES ADAM8. I N t* UETAN t TO (JOAUTUl E. R.DIISB** CO.?S __r ? "^fWrtt, wtul# tta eerfieerj rro?a llMM||1im>l; eliort. Wt nniM -1 will uuWIll iW? fcB.uM?.r g|?Hesg?f.^ THE QlEiTK8Tl??5rTBK nw?. BRIEF! ' r " Mthorof' " >fc??OJBJ" 6rr.?rrnii flu HL H-l*" eapr^ealyTor' _. .. rte nur Woiraphies it eoiUci of toarfu t( the IWfc oemnry reader it om at tbo YO ItmT rVr U??> authorof " elf r?o4o. ci zsrzi&n?"-ci,a l&'SSSV he trait* of coatu* |M Wail-lWoWn Ki teU CWan * **/ J *;" <lr - : i w * ft .n IT < > \**4# am*** *V% n

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