Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1860 Page 2
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tw???? ? Msa?s mm THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY Octaber 1?. 1*?0. E7" That valuable ?nd popular tanUf Journal, the \V iixlt Stab, f?il usual of Metropolitan wi and gossip, ud abolce l!t*r?y reading, la new od our counter ready for delivery to the pub lic. Kmbreced In Ita entertaining contentsare tba following articles: The Righteous Mm of Gotham and the Prince s Ball?a porta. Excursion from Washington by Sea to New York, by a Wasblngtonlan; A Dutchman in Trouble?a rlcb sketch; Ooetbe's Love of Art and Hatred of Marriage; Horn- to E?J<JT tbe Mprlnrs and Stay at Home; An African Race free of Disease; The Loss of tbe Connsnght?full particulars, A Meetlna of Rou?hf: Hnmrwnrr) Prnur.u the Jajineae; T"be Nobility of~Enrope; No ??h tbtng m IVath?a poem: Caution Against Violent Physical Exercise; Bayard Taylor on Papal Drapotism; Dr. Car nochan's Account of his Recent Sickness; How a Lady Preserved Webster's Reply to Hayne; Irenes in Naples; Vast Destruction ?4 Cane ui.d Cotton; The Alleged Attempt on Napoleon; Letter ftotn Japanese Tommy In Africa; Movement* of the Prince of Waif*?his reception In New York?the grand ball at the Academy of Music, 4.c: The Queen and Prince; Our Baltimore and Mexico Correspondence; Operations of the Patent Office; Meeting of tbe Republican Association; The Late Wide Awake Demonstration; Dedication of tbe New York Aretiue Preabyterlan Cburch; Extraor dinary Proceedings of the Jackson Demo cratic Association; Meeting of tbe Bell and Everett Association; A Pungent Portrait; What's Ahead; "A La Lan terne"?Off with bia Head'?So inurn for Buckingham; Doing it up Brown; Baseless Rumors; Kansa*; Department Nrwi; Kditorials; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, Ac., Ac.; Late news, foreign and domestic, by mall and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to men tion This Is just the paper above all others for per sons sojourning in the National Metropolis to soiid to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or fl .25 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. ? V ittvimn^ a. i C?? The Cm tin*: ton, treating upon the ettect of the news of the late State elections upon the people of tiie South. says Mar we not trust that the people of the South, real:zing the peril of the position, will iwerp the faction* that weaken them, and with their own Lands do their own work? The Bell pretrnc? la vone The Douglaa deception ia van shed Neith-r. aa ia uow apparent, wilt be of any avail against Lincoln. All the hopea of the South In this contest are centered in the success of the Brcckinridge party, and th? tidings that come through out exchanges show that the practical bearings of the fact are being forced upon the at tention of many who have hitherto been classed among our opponents *' The lntilhgrnrer disavrt" a with th* Iti?hmniul Enquirer that Virginia mast necessarily go with the cotton states la the event of a dissolution of the Union. IH" Hon Israel Washburn, who bes been fleeted governor of Maine, has resigned his seat in Congress to take effect on the 1st of January. ID-The Druid Mill Park at Baltimore, about the purchase of which the Baltimore papers have mad* to much fjss lately, was to be Inaugu littrd to-dav. U7"Tbe governor of New Jersey joint with tiit governors of New York and New Hampshire la usuiog the C9th of November as thanksgiving ???r lETA party of forty members of the Philadel phia Board of Trade are on a visit to Cleveland to confer with the Ivard of that city. The object v. ?i-c cuaiaiuu is kit csiuuuaain^ more extensive business relations between Philadelphia and the Northwest They also go'further West. JD-ItU stated by New York papers that the Duke of Newcssile has promised that be will sort hit Influence with bis government to further the objects of Superintendent Kennedy in relation to a proposed exchange of detectives of that city wltb tLoae of London. Co*oai4?ioiiAX. Flections.?The Ohio dele gation to the next Congress stauds 13 Republicans 8 Democrats. The last Congressional representa tion of Obto was 15 Republicans end G Demo crats, showing in the late election a gain of two Democratic members. The representation from Pennsylvania in the next Congress will stand Re publicans A), Democrats 5. The represenutton from Indiana In the next Congress will stand Re publicans 7, Democrats *2, Independent l.with on* District yet to bear from. Tbe doubtful Dis trict, In 1&5?, elected a Democrat. Personal. Hon Joa Lane, of Oregon. is at Brown's. Gen. Page and 9 Camacbo, of Venezuela; Paul R George and lady, of N. H., are at tbe National. Hon Henry D. Foater, Pa; Hon E. B Hart. N. Y , (Jen. Uonzalea, 9. C . and Maj. A. Harris and family, are at Klrkwoods'. To Oliver Wandell Hoi men, and not Mr. Longfellow, belong* tbe authorship of tbe rerxes written for tbe 9cbool Children's Concert to tbe Prioce, at Boston. "Mr Van Baren," said a defeated client, ' ia tbere any client so low and mean, or any cane so natty, that you won't undertake to defend bim inn'' "1 aon t know ? sriid John, stopping to pnt iway enotLer <>yst?r, then bending down, and confidently drawing out his reply in the little man's ear? what hive you bt*n doinz Ex-Postma*te* Fowler os Hi* Way to Mex ico? Hii l>T?tDEi) Visdicatios ?We tlad the following interesting piece of information con cerning Sir Iml*'- V. Fowler in the Washington correspondence of the Philadelphia Press: ?'-Th? late Postmaster of New York, Isaac V. Fowler, whose defalcation suggested so much discission, has. as his friends inform me, determined to make every effort to redeem himself, and, if pos sible, to rt pay the losses which the government has sustained st his hauds He has teen living at Havana for several months pest, and has awak ened much Interest by his excellent habits and close stten??on to business. During the days j ma pro?penTy no man was more ready to serve < tters than poor Fowler He w-s singularly popular in New York, even when, in IslS, he joined the Van BureniUs and oppcs?*?l Gen lass, becaus* at all times, he stood r>>remoat in gener ous actions It la creditable that many whom be aided wtill? prosperous himself have done, and re deng. their r tin est to put hiiu on his feet *ga'n I cm told that be started a few days ago U> Mexico. and that be will there be a partner Tn a forge and flourishing enterprise, with every grosf ert of speedy success Onr Consul at Ha "ana. Mr Reims, now in this city, speaks of Fowler very warmly, and has no donbt that if be <* reasonably indulged be will make every effort 10 vindicate bis good name, and to prove that, alttaueb unfortunate, bis dispos.lion is to make g<*cd all deficiencies " ti7 n orTO?iyn correspondent of th? New Y?rk P it wyi l br particular! of the disaster <>u Lake Michigan, whwbv so many lives were left by the fluking of the Lady Klgin.srs so frrsb mi IL?- mit:ds of your readers, that 1 -tin induced to k^ieak of a U-rd cose in connection with it You remember that a your.]; man nsuitd Campion, one of yotii employers, who bad Urn on a visit to his ftrtcada, was lost on tbtt occasion, and that his bed* waa recovered, on wh'ch was found a watch and ring. His litter lelt this city to look after his rriralrs. when, to recover those srtlcles from ths binds of the authorities, the bad to pay Ti for the rlnjf, and for the watch, beatdes f5 on the finding of the bedy; the former sum was coroner's fees and the M was a j*w<Ilcr'? charge, the watch being Lauded over U? Lim to regulate 1 should to know wbeie ?as tue sympathy shown in this cas? to a p? < r teirl on snrk a melancholy mis iim; where *?? iiw ' _ -.. ui citizen* mj look t?> the IiiUt- ? of a frmale and a atranuer * J*urelv, from all w rrad In the Ob:- igo and MllwaukW papers, more geucroua, not tu uv honest, conduct v?a> rxi<?rtcdlwb?;rc?ucb professions were sounded forth/ t'iTt DtsranH Po?t? A?u ihx 1*sitei> States I f. ?r Orr-? ?In Pfcilsdtlpbia. oo Tuesday, the ais. uniml on tfce irot'cn for an IMnnctlon'to re ftr? 11 ?f , li?r?prr,;rr4. C? .projf leU'iaol' Blo< d a rW-strfc " flow carrvicg lettersttioiub tb? city, ^aaotKludod yf**rda> H M Phillips Kaq for U?- respondents. coatended tbat tb* ordtr of the Pra'makWr General did not cooler *jcL a moiKitoly aa wu contended foTittd tbat Coogma lrfd r.o authoHtv tn * bin. At the rooclnslon of-the ?rgun*Dt Jud*e brli-r aid that "be vrwukt think ovrf tbe sdtoject, bat tits truprrtttior.s at the prrt^at time were a*tlitt the tatted Itatea Jvdf* CudwtUder Hid "b1? opinion coincided wilb Judge G?ler?, bet that thr y would coaault together. sad give a formal opinion mice other day " (D*Tb* Odd Pritewr Hsllat WjImh. N C v . ? d'tuoyrd by Bre <>u thr litb laaUut iMm %10.U4>. t Yf v ' - - . \ WASHINGTON NEWS AND OOSS1P. The Socth ?The developments of the strength of the parties now contesting In the South hare at length b*en such as to enable the calm and we^ informed observer to draw aometlilng like del* nlte conclusions as to what to to be :?SuU 4a tint section of the Confederacy, of the approaching Presidential election. NM long slice we be? lieved It probable that Dell might carry two or thrae slaveholding States; but that prospert baa entirely faded away, it sums to us Thank* to an efficient pollceflsrce,Tiddly abetalnlpg from partisan Interference In politics, the absolute free dom of the citizens of Bsltlroore to vote as they please, without let or hindrance, which they en joyed in tbelr repeat municipal election, has demonstrated the fact that the city, initend of embracing a majority of six thousand for the American party, really contain* a majority of eight thousand against li; making a difference tbere, alone, of fourteen thousand votes, from the calculation upoo faith in which the State haa been set down as likely to vote for Bell snd 'fr lies iwrhane ?* M ... *! |'V i Ma M tUVUNIIU U( mu ui the anti>Anierican party vote In that election will be cast for the Douglas electors; but that deduc tion front the strength of Breckinridge will be more than compensated by the vote which the Lincoln ticket will abstract from Bell. Through out the rural districts of Marylaud the strength of the Breckinridge cause has been daily Increasing since the opening of the canvass. Thus it has achieved a very heavy accession of strength from the planting interest in the Ameilcan party; un til. on the whole, we anticipate Breckinridge's triumph in Maryl&nd by at least ten thousand Ia Lonisiana Douglasism Las no ?ubit; existence out of New Orleans, where it may pos sibly poll 2 000 votes; though we do not anticipate that on election day it will be able to command more than half that number there. The causes that have operated to strengthen the Breckinridge cause In the rural districts of Maryland, have operated In the same way throughout Louisiana, (and elsewhere tthroughout the South,) out of New Orleans, to an extent that will insure for the Brecklaridge electoral ticket a gain from the reg ular opposition ranks as large as its loss can pos sibly be from the abstraction of the Douglas vote. So we anticipate that Breckinridge will carry Louisiana by as large a majority as though there note uv% ??*w uviiiiiiai 1/CIUUV.Iauu HCftCiS III IUC Held there A* for Georgia and North Carolina all pretense of a serious contest Is over In these States; Douglas being found to have no strength sufficient to endanger the triumph of their Breck inridge tickets over Bell. We may siy as much also of the state of attilr* in Tennessee, where, out of the Memphis district, there literally eaisis no Douglas party whatever. We question whether the Douglas vote out of that district can possibly average more than fifty, per county, (n a square contest between the Democratic and American parties in Tennessee, at this time, the former would carry the State by nine or ten thousand maloritv: anJ It It nttorlv imivvalKL >?.? Doug la* defection can lessen that majority more than five thousand, if as n.uch. The managing men of the Democratic party in Kentucky, upon whose representations we know confidence may be placed, writ* with perfect cer tainty concerning the prospect in their State. They explain the recent triumph of Leslie Coombs there upon grounds having no connection what ever with the triumph of Breckinridge In Ken tucky, neit month. They are sanguine that he will receive the vote of Kentucky by a handsome majority; and we are very sure that no others are more competent to judge in the premise* than those gentlemen. In Virginia, the Douglas faction is more active and better organized than In any other slnvehold ing State. In a single district only, however, does it make pretensions to respectable strength; and in but one county?Rockingham?is it pos sible that It can fiirly divide the Democratic vote with Breckinridge. Our own belief is, that by the first Monday of next month, the Douglas vote in that county will not t>e more than a tblrd of Breckinridge's vote there; and that his vote in the whole district will not reach S.OUO. His ticket must poll vot-s out of that dUtrict to JM - *U _ ? - *> * * ruuaugci mr iuum ui itf orrcKiiiriuge cause In Virginia It la utterly amposaible that he can poll the required 7.5'*) vote* elaewLere?utterly lmj>?a slble. In bait the counties he will not receive an average twenty votea, and In none out of the Rockingham district will he receive mere than 10U votea, even including the neighboring county of Alexandria, where he yet haa tome strength among the foreign-born votera. Wise carried the State by some ten thousand majority, with nine, tenths of the natives of the State who now support Douglas, voting against him; for Douglas's Ameri can-born Virginia friends were, almost to a man, members of Know-Nothing lodges until Wise's election taught them that they must try some other dodge to get on the winning aide. In every county of Eastern Virginia Breckinridge will poll a con siderable number of Old-line Whig votes that were caat against Buchanan?an accesalou of atrength resulting from the fact that hia cause is regarded as the Southern.rtaht* ?> ? i? ?n way Lia cause will be strengthened to the extent of perhapa live hundred vot^s? making a differ ence of at least a thousand against the prospects of Bell In Virginia. Under these circumstances, we cannot at present perceive that Bell has the least chance of carrying Virginia. In Delaware, Lincoln will certainly abstract aa many votea from Bell as Douglas will abstract front Breckinridge; thu* assuring the State's vote to the latter, beyond peradventure. On the whole, therefore, we now believe that every slaveholding State electoral vote will be cast next month for Breckinridge and Lane. DEPART VIE TIT NEWS. Akmy I.xtkllioKme ?Lieut. Col. Charles S Mercbaut. third artillery, has b*ru aaaigned to duty with the rerruita to embark from New York on the 11th of November next for the department of California. Assistant burgeon David Rnneeeur haa been as. signed for duty with theroeruita to mil from New York, for Tesaa, on the 31st lnat int. He will af terwarda report for duty to the commanding of ficer of the Department of Texne Flist Lieut. Robert O. Taylor, third artillery, haa been author! zed to delay jolnlog his company until the lat of March, 1361. Tbi Wkathik?The following report ( the weather for th? morning Is made from the Amer !-an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of oheervatton le 0 w v iW* October 19, I860. Burlington, Vt calm, 3#', wind N New * or*, N. Y cloudv, cool. Baltimore. Md cloudy, cool. Washington. D. C cloudy, wind NK Petersburg, V* raining, wind W Columbia, 8. C cloudy, cool. raox mi wiit Frederick, Md cloudy, pleaaant. Cumberland, Md cloudy, foggy, cool. Grafton, Va cloudy cool. Wheeling, Va 44", wind N W Parkeraburg, Va cloudy, pleasant. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (cor rected for temperature,) 30,115, at noon, 3U.U03. Thermometer at 7 a. m., 49'; at noon. 54?. Maximum during 21 boura ending t a.m. to My* o? , Ull ill Bill in in-. (Y"5j^BA8K BALL.?The concluding fame of the Jsjf Home and Hon e Match, between tue Polo mac and National Club*, will be p ayed on the grounda of the latter, hetwa*"* 6th and 7th ata. e?at, n*>ar May I and avenue, on MON DAY, the 23d mat., at 12 o'clock. oc 19 2t* MEDICAL DKPARTMENT OF 1TC _ IT"GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, Coa.xaH or P Aim Twelfth Mi* ?The Annual Couraa of Lec tures in this inititution will commenoe on MON DA Y. the 23d mat. The introductory to the eourae will be delivered b* Profeaaor N. Yovsa, M. D , at 7>, o'clock p. ra Tne profeaaion and publie are re apeetfully invited to attend. JOHNSON ELIOT. M D oc Deaa of Faculty. _ Y^"DEMP?EY k O'TOOLE. 13 WKDDINQ A*D rrpT'M Imaortara of Cm wtfntilvn ?? ?* 396 Pa. Ath bt'.vMD 9iii tad loth ata , mm 77-6 m W aiiii not on. f l*?w Buckwheat, until Enf 8?:7?*.rfjes^p'u ir job w Davis, cor. <ui ml e ?u. 1 ' '???I I I \ Qriax VicroaiA ABmoAB?iVarroic Sfcap* ? The Quean bu extended her visit to the German Htates. and at the time of the last advices waa at Cohare. Ttaa#ttentions which the citizens of our repnbnfc afT paving to her son are far surpassed by the iVmona*.ratluu of the people of the section through which ahe travels 1 he extra train be tween Cologne and Coblentz, on whisk to* Quae a wai traveling, came near having a coll'slaa witfc the regniar train. It appears that at a abort cur v? near Brohl, the watchman auddsnly aaw the extra train mahing In one direction, the regular one in the sppoilte, directly against each other. HI* red flag of dagger wsi seen by bath engineers, .waving the extra train to atop, the other to return to the atatloa. The extra train was moving at lightning apeed, and could notat oaca fea brought to. the engineer of the other undertook to reverse his rnglne, and the machinery refused to work! "We must jump far our lives," he aaid to his companion, not before doing ?n, he determined to try once more. Fortunately thia time with suc cess, aad when the extra train came thundering n p. the other bad >*gan together way, and the | crasn was tust barely escaped. A few seconds more, and taw accident would have had a pHce In history through all time; for, upon th;' eJktra train, were not on If the CJu?en of Kngland, hut her husband, Prince Albert; her daughter, Alice; l.ord John Kusael, and the entire royal purt> uow visiting Germany. J*KSATOR S&WA1C kSit Till PfcTSCfcOV WALK* The New York Post says :?"Among the guests assembled to meet Baron Renfrew and hit suite at the reftidtnee of Governor Morgan, on Tuesday evening last, was Senntor Seward This was the first occasion of their meeting on this side of the Atlantic. It 1s not generally known that to the Senator from New York more than to any ons else, probably, does Lord Renfrew owe whatever pleasure he has received from this visit, for It was mainly at his suireestion and nnd?-r >.i? n? to its'general method of prosecution, that the IJtieen's gove-nmeut was Induced t.? make the experiment, which has proved ?o gratifying to both nations, and which promises such important results No doubt the meeting at Governor Mor gan's table was a source of Incrr-ased pleasure to Lord Renfrew, from the circumstance to which we have alluded The result has fully vindi cated Senator Seward's sagacity in p-oposing the expedition to the 1'rince's friends, aid his judg* inent as to the proper mode of prosecuting It In the United States. Indeed, It miy be doubted whether this last may not in the end prove one of the most substantial public services that the Sen ator has ever rendered to hi? country." Q^AA REWARD.?I will live the al>ove re tfl) 4UU ward for the a r*?t anil c inviatio i ?>f tho part* or partioa implicated in the burning of my stable on the night of tne 13th inst. oo 19 31* J. B. haw. Buckwheat flour.-iojw barrels new, fresh it'ooiid BUCKWHKAT K^UtR just re OKiveil and for sale in lota to suit by D. L MOKRISON A. CO , ocl9 Corner rf Twelfth a <1 Bj't*^ F YOU wish to get good clothing At Low Thicks* Call at SMITH'S. No 160 Seventh ?t.. oc 19 In betwpe F. and K tv Linen SHIRT fronts. 100 dozen Linen Shirt Front* just reoeivei, of assorted styles and qualities, of my own importa tion. wan anted all pure h' env I HF.NRY EGAN, oo 19 6". 3il Pa_av., ?r.dj52^ SeventU^t. For ovfcRcoAi'?, PA NTS, VESTS, HATS AND CAPS, Go to SMITH'8, No. 460 Seventh *t? oo li lm Opposite Poat Offio ? J NOTICE. OSEPH REPETI Informs the puMio that ho haa reopenad on I a'reet. between 7th *Hd 8th *ta. FANCv and MI I. LIN KRY and DRY GOODS old cheaper than any oth?r store in Waalnngtou o??y. 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A KTCHISON A CO . in removi"y from the foutk to No. 30, north aide of Pennsylvania avenue, have not b*en induced to do so by tho result of the reoent elections, bet in nrd*r to open a larger and better a*leeted stock ofPar or and StaoiM OR v wnerexnc Iriernla of Abraham. Stephen, and the two JohM can all be accommodated with cheap Gooda. oc H 3.* GREATEST INDlJCEMETSiN U HATS and CAPS Evn Offkrkd to th* Public ! All the late?t and moat faahiocabie tylea of HATH and CAPS and Mmet' JOCKEY HATS.nuw road; at GLADMON'S New Store, 886 Pa. av , near oorner Uth at, ?o18-3t Oppoaite 8>ar Office. pROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Your attention and examination U respectful'/ olicitAd to examine the oeiebrated New York GUTTA PERCH A ROoFING and theGUTTA PKRCHA FAINT for painting tin roofa. Thia Gotta Peroha Roofin* ana Paint ia acknowledged b? all the beat arohiteoU in New York cit* t/? k? me DMitna on?apeei Hoofing and Paint in' **i*t M0?. It oan Mimh at II. W. HAMILTON'S hut Store. 218 SevenU rtr??L CAN PI ELD k. HAMILTON are the ?ole aaente for Waehington, Georgrtowa, Alexandria and the So nth. For fur ther information addiaaa aa above. oe It tf inn BALES COTTON LAPS, Ivy n-r_, Fmr SpUutFotlary ?rins 50 pair tne BfJ Bianketa, all ?ii?a, Suopair M ue. Brown, Grejr and White BlaokaU for e?rvaata. SO pi?ceaS-t Foiled Cloths of tho bostkind, 90 do Plaid Lioeey, all width*, 100 do Blue and Orange Osnabnrge, Calic*. With many other d?sirahle gooda.ail of whiok will be sold at tin very loweat prie<? Wa aolioit a call from all p?raona to want orDr? Good*. WM. R. HII.EV-* BOTHER, No. j|A Cabtrai Store*. Between Tth and ?t* atrMt*. o? 18-luc Opposite Center Ma.(k< ket. -J? 9 I AMtkrr Mritfry ia !l?w T*rk. SctPicioH or THiMcBDimor "Fakht Whitb"? Hub Bom Dim.itbbbbd to bb Cbemcallt AsALTzrtt? As Asostmocs Lettib, Ac. *? -. The New York Pi*t of Thuradayevening ?*J?i The body of Mra Jane AoguiU Blankman, for-1 merjj kuown u Fanny Wjue, was this making diafttVtr d at 0 rem wood Cemetery, and v. d to the dead-hcuae at Rettovue Hoapf ai, Vfeera. under the dlirctlon of Coroner Srhlrnier. pbyrt class are e?faged la making a pit+norttm ex amination, preliminary to an InqMBt aa to tha cause of ber death. Wo have hsretofor* as> nOMced the fact of the auddm 4s?xh of Mra. Blankmin, which occurred at her fe*1dence, Wo 49 VVwt Thirty-fourth street, on Friday morning iaat, aa w?a supposed from apoplexy. The ante cedents of the woman are too well anown in thia city to reouire recapitulation. ?he bad led a very fast life for some yosra. and had amassed a considerable fortune in the buainen of keeping house* of nriwtUiiiiiii ?ti?i ..? J m T ?,? UrlSitJ > If" ,to pcurw a areit de-.l of political Influence, through h?r acquaintance with public tnra SU pent ?nml years in Enrope nt mistrr?s. and once during her residence In London U aaid to have obtained Introduction into the best circlet of English society Sine* her return from Europe he baa lirrd more tn retirement, and is reported to hare married about two year* siore Mr. Kd mou Blank man, a yonng lawyer of thii city, who became somewhat famous by hi* connection with the defence of the Cancetnl tnorder case. Since then her life has been Irreproachable. She is reported to haye become a church member, and to have delighted inde?dsof unostentatious be nevolence. Mr. il J Blankinan. the brother-in-law of the deceased, has made to our reporter a statement of the circumstances of her death, to the fallowing effect:?On Friday morning she to.<k breakfast with her husband and niece, and one or two o;ner?. ana part?a m>m her husband at the street door between fight and nine o'clock In the morn ing, bcinw then apparently In her uiual good health, {"lie then, it is supposed, went lmm? diately up stairs to her room, and proceeded ac cording to her uaual habit to make her bed and tidy the room The bed was found to be made, but the bolitera and pillows bad not been placed open it. About II o'clock one of theservant girls went up to the room and found her kneeling by the aide of the bed, a handkerchief in .her band, her face and neck badly dlacolored, and appa rently dead A messenger was sent to Mr. Blank man's office, No 7 Beekman street. Mr. Blank man's brother seut In various directions after him, and he whs at last found attending to bis duties In one of the courts. He appeared to be terribly shocked when the news of bis wife's death was communicated to him. The next morning, at the request of Mr. Blank man and his brother, an examination of the body was made. The propriety of sending for a cor oner was suggested by Mr. Blankman; but It was objected to by some of the relatives, who desired to avoid publicity on account of the aatecedenta of the deceased; aud the physicians, after the ex amination, decided that it was unnecessary. The PJUA ?r\rvo??? A ? K* 1 * v. u ?v wc uiic vi ' AIK1 UT. Sands nave bta certificate accordingly. The woman waa burled at Greenwood cemetery, and it waa supposed the would be sulltred to rest in peace. On Saturday, however, tbe matter waa brought to tbe attention of Dr. Schlrmer by tueaua of an anonymous letter which waa thrust under tbe aill of the door of bii residence. The letter contained a notice of tbe death, cut from a morn ing paper, and underneath it, written in a busi ness band, tbese words: 44 Found dead in ber room?shoul* be investi gated?bouse Tbirty-fonrtb at. west, next door to tbe Tabernacle Church." Some otber matters were also commnntcated to the Coroner from other sources. Among other things it waa intimated that the deceased bad made ber will, leaving all ber property to Mr. Blankman After consultation with tbe District Attorney it was resolved to have tbe body ex humed for examination, which was accordingly done, as above stated. Just RECEIVED. AT SMITH'S A lot of gents'S UNDERSHIRTS and ditawkrs, from auction, which he will Mil very low. o? 10 in G'ents' shirts, r coblaks, ties. stpokb, handkerchiefs. And al! kinHa of gknts' burnishing good^, at 35 per oenl lsa^ than any wtner atore iu the city. At oc 10 1 in smith'S. seventh at. '!? wedding INVITATIONS, a ASTEFL'lia arranted ar.d En travel hjr dempsey a O'TuOI.E. oc 17-eo2t xm Pa. avenue. Wtrm under garments. (>ur asaortment of Wool. Silk. Merino, a-ul Cot ton u.xdershirts and drawers i? now complete, fcotli at wholeaaie and retail, at STEVENS'S oc 17-^t salesroom, Browu'a Hotel. Tcemethbv notice. he snfo?criher otferafor aale hiantr.ok of MAR bi.E monumkmv, tombs. GRAVE stonksand MARBLE MANTELS at reduced oricaa for amk r?r ttne..?tA.l * ? **_l" " " ? . ?. ? vi off >'? cm i;u?OB H ?l I5J4TI T OA1 i li Solicited. WM. RU i HKRFOKD, Marble Work#, 352 K at n->nh. oo 17 3m between 12th and 13th. A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR BARGAINS! IN ALL BIJID* OV DRESS GOODS! From the Finest Art ill ft Juwn to t he Lotrnt Prired Hood*. CLAGETT A MAY'S Ian<eand tplendid rtock of DRV GOODS iiittkt l>e olo**d out before the lat January next. Tboi* who with barc*i?a should oome early and brinpr all th?C??n they can spare The stock will positively be so.d without regard to oost. Foe R*HT.?The fine and rery commodious STORf- ROOMS weooccupy will b? for rent, and Eossesmon Kiven oil the 1st January n?*xt For ?rm- apply to Cf.AOETT A MAY, oo 17 bt 324 Pa. av.. betw. 9th and loth sts. itrons, 'A I Lam RPROF. MAKINI KSPECTFUL.LY Informs in* former patron*, and the citizens of WaahmK'on generally, thaf he wrll again resume tin DANCING Cl.ASSKt* at the frliowinf Academies: j Union Acvi'mj, oorner of Fourteenth street! an>l New York avenue, and at Stott's Hall.eomtr of Fa.averue and Twenti'th street. For partiou lars in regard to terms aud day* of tuition please see future *1 virtmenieut. oe 17-ftt* I- G. M AR1NI. OYSTERS! OYSTERS!! OYSTERS!!! I wouM resp'otfully inform my customers of Last year, and the puMic, that I hare reooni-^^. ineneed the opening of OYSTERS a'flj^tt / _ j my old stand, corner Penn. avenue a- d^ 1 LHmr Fourteenth street, and will be plt-ased Waw Id mnnlv ihftm Shu Aed or in the Shrll Aa I buy the be?t Oyster a and a*ll t<? private families alone. with ca lint out tli? larRft for cooking and the box. I ?*n supply-a better article than may be f.urd elaewhere. SAMUEL T. DRURY, oc 17 Grocer. A CLOSING OUT. LARGE AND SPLENDID STOCK OF DRY GOOD!*, WITIIOtT AIOAXD TO COST. The death of Mr. Banue Clapett makea it necoa lAry for ua to wind up our bmsineaa aa apeedi!* aa poaaibie. We therefore announce our intention poaiti vejv to dose out the whole of our tare* atook of DRY GOODS by the lat January uext, for caah, without regard to coat. The atock embrace* a cenerai assortment of FOREIGN an.l DOMESTIC GOODS, of the vpry >>e?t qualifies. < it is well kr.own in thii eoiumnnity that w> have never kept any tbio? clan than fi ?t class articlea,) and we will warrant all >.t_ . - Jin/MB |?' pri/TC 119 rcprcsoni try The lowMt cash price will be marked on every article m the stock, which will be much below it* r<>?l value. All packages will ke delivered promptly, on th? day of sale, to ant part of the city, free of charge. CLAGKTT * MAY. No. 324 Pennsylvania avenue, oc IT?lot between 9th and lOtk its. Dissolution OFCOPARTNER?HIP^-Th? copartnership existing between the subscribers under th* name and firm of N. G. CoBKiNe 4 bow. U this day dissolved by mutual consent, A. W. Corninp having sold and disposed of all his interest in the said firm to N O. Corning, who is author ised to settle up the business of said firm, and who will continue tne Sash, Door and Blind Business at the old stand. No S62 Seventh street, opposite the Center Market, where he solicits the continuance of past favors. N. G. CORNING, A. W. CORNING. Washington. October 15th, I860. N. B.?I take this opportunity of informing ray f lends nnd customers generally that I have entered the employment of N. G. Corning ae salesman, and ahail be hapey to see them at hie place of business, where I shall be in constant atteiuim.nn* m them M heretofore oolS A. W. corning. CLOAKS?CLOAKS! SHAWLS-SHAWLS! A la'f" lot opened this day in our Cloak and Sh&?l Department, oomprisinf tke n??Mt novel tins, and at less than usual prieee. We invite the speeial attention o! the Laities J. W. OOLLEY * co., oolfiSt 323 S*>r?ntk sU. above Pa. mv. Mrs. j. higbie, ARTIST IN HAIR JEWELRY. Sueh as Bracelets, Ear-rings. Fob Chain a. Pin rwr-nnja, Necklaces, Breastpins. Guard Chains, Hearts, Crosses, Ac., made t> order, at No. 3ii4 Pa. Avbkvr, bitw. 9th a*d 10t* Sts., (Over C!a*ett h M*t's Store,) oo 16 SK* Wmtkimgion, D. C French chin\ dinner and tea BETS. Plain* finW " orated: VA*ES, HUP* ?r<rsA m^vs-E CHINA. F.-?j?.yrh^n?t. oc l?-eo8t Iron BalL Sl.V^-R?,lwAAT^,6i,8^c"4.!^oS5Sa BRONZED IRON GOOD?, BASKET# and BRl'^HB"*. to etlrer wit* a r*neral assortwnt o| CABINKT FURNITURE, fomung the mo?t ex twisivo oollectioa of Housefurnumne Goode to t* found n any oao establishment ta thoUnited S ate*, al. of whieh will b? told at reaao. able rates and ar BOTELf.? k oc IS eoSc Iron MaJL AMUSEMENTS. * t . CkDD FELLO?VS' HA LI.! W a- ODD FELLOWS' HJlLL TtLRKE SIGHTS' FOR THRKK STOUTS! THURSDAY, tRIDAY, and KATUBDaY ' THL'KSOAY. FKIDAY. and 8ATLBUAT ! October .tth, 19th and aoth UDWOBTH'B Lat* and onJy Origin*' WOOD* M1N8TBII.P, \ L'nder the ?pe?ial aiipftnuteDdMU)* of ? J. H. Bl'DWOBTB. 8PLKNDID BILL SPLENDID BILL TO NIOBT. TO NIOBT. f Adjiimioh 9ACk2it* Chu.dbbh 14 Cbkvc. Door* open at 7 o'clock, caaun*noe at t. toll ft yy ABHIMBTONjriMATBB. ' * S?t? Lwn Wd Mu?ff?r B. w. Olmi. I 1113 MI AUU^HMh.i r Will op?n for rerslsr PaUl Mid Winter flmoi on tbe Mf kt of THURSDAY, Norixau Ul. _ ^ joseph J EPPERSON. Tat CoiMdiM ?f the Age, will oumiMno* ( Cfmentof Tw? re \i*ht? on 1 I)A Y. NovemUv 5th, mi. J will followed bTthe moit B?1LI,I\ST STABS lu th? Theatnaai Kir*MnerL ID* ComiosnicaUons if add resped to 5* W. Gi.k.iN, "Ola Bowery Theater," New ^ ork, will meet with prompt attention. nu ll-tf ?A BILLS, PARTIES, kc Third grand cotii.' on party of the ISHNPSOC1AI.CLI H will take place " attne AS*KMttl.Y ROOMS. I,os. *r . be tween 4k and 6tn ?t? , MONDAY Kvt NINtf. October 53.1. Tlie Committee pledge, themeelves that neither pains nor expense wi pared to make it <A? Party of the teuton Mr. \ nunc, he proprietor of the r otn?, Uas refttted the rooms in the roost modern at)!*, whioh will ooa tri^ste largely to the festivities of the erasta*. Eaputa'* Band ha? been encaged. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman an>l ladies. Committee of irrnsiimrad. T. ReMr, J. Flemming. F S McNerhany. Wm Fleminirg.W. H Bright, T. R Bishop, C.S. Draper. G. Donohtie, J. Rsiaey, J.A.Crook. N. B Positively, no hat* or oaps allowed to be w >rn in tlw room. ?c l? 6t* OOR OUT FOR THE lar. A Silver Cup will he p-e?ent?d te Club haviac the largest aumlitr of insmbersM present. Particulars in a (utur? advertuement. oo 17e?K* ? $t,mn. with the nam?? of Btrmincham and Jam#* Mebannah on it Th? owner may hav? 'he sain* by provinr property an?l say I fo tiii**drer tisem?nt. Apply to Mr?. H\Gfc.RT*, N?* Vo k ar., between 12 n and 13th st?. It* SCAPED FROM THE UNDER?IGNED,on Fj Saturday. the ISth inst., a bs* MARK.gv with saddle and bridle; two white hia i jLa^i feet, and blind ?a one eye; no other niicki rec liectod #5 will be eiven for her return to R. B.OWENS, MassaohusetU ?v., between ?th arid 5Ui sts. went. oe i?-3t* COST? On the loth instant, a red horned COW .? with a pie<v cut from one 'ar and a in the other. She had a strap aronnd hermi^ reck at the time ih? loft. 93 reward wiHAj|i b? (tiven to ?he finder t?y returning the iam^ to C. OFKNKTEIN. No. 3TJ Maryland aTe , l-e'ween W and 3a sts. oo >8-** IV^TRICT OF COLUMBIA. CorMTT ow %J \Va?his<7To*. To ?/*?? I he*eby certi- gy fy that Richard Butt, of Waahington ooun- H t?. District Columbia. I.routlit before the o'wwsnher. one of the Justice* of the Peace in and for said county, tin* 16th 'lay of Oo ober, in the rear of our Lord i81n, a* uMt, tr>-?paa*in( upon nm inclosor??. a chestnut sorrelHORSK. about 9 tear* old. 15 hand* high, biased forehrad. left bind root whit , callad by the ooil&r. ?bod all round, witch tail, trota aod canters well, and kaa baen u?ed in geara Given under my haM thia ldth day of October. 1800. J. W. BARNACLO, J. P. THE OWNER OF THE ABOVE PRQP&R ty it requented to come forward, prove property, pay charge*, and take him ????. RICHARD BUTT, oe 17-3t* Semnd Toll-gate, Tth et. f OST?On Saturday la?t, between *S? and 6th Lj s'a , on Pa avenue, a plain (told BRACELET, with the name "Linda" engraved on the top. The finder will be stiitaHv rewarded by returning it to the owner or leaving it at the SUr Ofiioe. oc 17-3t* Mr* LINDA iTUART. PERSONAL 11 .iu- .n t rr,Li.\. roriun* i ener irom ran*, i* 1 l>e*s leave to inform her farmer friends, ami the public cenemlly.that she ha* removed to 260 Ninth street, northeast corner of N, where she will he happy to sea ail who mar desire to have the part, present and Tatars satisfactorily explained. or M-lm* ctftnllf A knt, at PDANCI^O ACAD^MV. ROF. R. J. POWKi I. Would respectfrllf announc * to the citizens of Washington that he will open a DaNCING CLASS in Frank lin Ha'l on Saturday alerno >n next, the amfai ins'ant, at3V. o'clock, for I,a<1ie?. Misses and| Masters, and on Monday night. the J.*d instant, 6 o'clock, for Ger.t etnen, in which ail U>? ltlfit and most fashionable dances will be taujrht. Reg ular hours of tuition will b?: for ladies, misses, and matters on Saturday and Wednesday at S\ p. in.; and for gentlemen on Monday and Friday nirjhts,at8 o'clock Prof. POwELL. can batouM at Franklin Ha'i at a-?y time from 11 to IS o'e!o?k a.m.. or at No 443 Ninth st. oo 16 M* P U R 8 f FCR8: FURS!!! i wish to call the attention of my cuitoaara and the public in gen eral to the fact in?< i n*ve urieu up, in the rear of in) store, a regu !ar FUR ROOM having tel^eted the Skma and a 1 of my Furs ma te to orde*, nf t)ie and inest fashionable atvle All of in* stoek is entirely new, and hough* at the lowott cash price. ] can offer my friend* and eus tonrna ouo of tbe largest and bent seleotad ttorki in thxt line ev?r offered in Washington. A call is alt I ask. HOPKINS. Sign of the Whit* Bear, oc T7-ao2w Corner of Sixth tU and Pa. ar. (VIOTICK OF COPARTNERSHIP.?We, the 1^ undersigned, have this da* entered mto eopart nerrhip to transact the ?eneral A action, Commii sion and Furniture Business, under the iiaaie and ktyleofBoNiz * OairriTR. BONTZ & GRIFFITH won'd r??M?;tfu11r i? fnr their friends Hiid the pit iene of Washington >L.t si J " him mcT i avo openeo a penrral Anction. Commis sion MM Furniture Store, No. Sev nth street, tor ween I and K at* The) will p&r strict atten tion to all hu men eutru ted to their oare. Far ticnlar attention (.aid to all sale* of t-nrniture and Krai Estate, both at pnlilic and private Ml*. A nare of tba public patron*ae is earneetlr solicited. bONTZ * tiRIFF1TH. ! Auction and Cn-nuuaeion MereltaaU, oc 15-eoSt No. 369 7th at. hat. I and K. F IREMEVS INSURANCE COMPANY of WASHINGTON AND OEORGETOWN. Capital S300.000. Qfice cmmtr C strut mmA Lwumm ar. ever Bmmk Watkinglon. INSURE HOUSBS ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Diaacrom* Gao. Shoemaker, tSamnel Redfe a, Samuel Croplej, William Wi son, Richard Jones, John D Bardav. JUdb Uideoo, Andrew Roth well, Tboe. Parker, _ Ruhard Barry, B. 8. Freach. No charge for Poiieies JAMES ADAMS, President. AulQ. Diru,B(critor;. ? INTERIOR ADORNMENT. PAPMRHANOINOS mmd WINDOW SHADES. New Fall stock of Paperhaagings from tfeeheh ud ornate to the most chaste and single patterns, appropriate for parlors, hall*, d.niug roouu. chain bers and libraries. Also, a choice stock warranted Gold Band Window Shades. Imitat on GoH and coinm >n Shades, Bsf. Green and Bloe Hha w Hoi IumIi. Fiotnre Cord aad Tassels, Crimeon. Scarlet, Blue and Groeaeoiore,/roai photograph to port, ait size Just reoeiTad at No 4S? Seventh st Orders for Papsrhaagings or Window faithful't executed in city or coantrv. Sati guarantied or bo pay repaired. Pleategivei call. Don't lorget the nnmber. ? J. MARKRITKR. No. 486 Seventh st. door* oeS-eela* Odd Fellows'Hall. xfivel loa n*Y GOODS-DRY GOODS' tfw t DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! Wdbtw new in atora a varr larra mm well aa aortad ?toak "t Dry Good#, M mrj kind and aaal ?tT \V? oordiaUf ut vita all p#raon? U waat of Dry bhSSkkSt3 WM. R. RU BY * BRO., No. X* I'oatral ftara*, Batwaea uh and ttk at. eaia, oc t-aolm Q?poa?ta Ofitof Market. Now reoaiving from tk* iarga aaatiaa aalaa la N??w Yoik rauoti Ua tugmai aad nmt rarfd a?d aliliah aaaortroaet tUat wa tofa ? farad c> our fnaada and pnrchaaare $aapally, to which aa ia =?? ^Sssmr AUCTION SALSS. Br J. C. Mc'il IRK ft CO.. AiMiomti AOQODTILBURV ATAUCTION.-OdPAT UJLOaY 10'f. .t to? o'c o?k, lafroatof the Aucbm Kooim, ve tha t <li ft c*<4 k?oic h?.r,d f li mry. It J. C Me'tl'lF K * CO.. By J C. MeGl'tRK A CO.. Amttoot** . BK^t'TirULPTL'FFF.O BIRI** AT IU*C. T?y -V SATUBD4Y MVftMNG.lHtrtm ?tk. r rrtnoreirj at !0o* Ifflt, shall m>! . ml t*? Ai'Moi Hon?. MMH n* *ul?4 fc?rd#,pr?UycUi.?> *4 A- fcalbrau*. T?*id*< mist. id ?ollretioL. ???ih mUr* a*d fttfkim Mirc?, *r a |?4 ?>n itifl* t? r ?t r?. fcM aodftr ftaaa thai?, t?pr***atitic HTiaf uiii*. i. C. MoOllRfc A CO . Aa?ta THIS AFTERNOON & TO-MOKKOW Br J. C. MefiitiRK A CO . AnOMWri VAN DBR PROOT* A QKNl'INR I k V % fH I v 4 >??f * l??r? iv *wrw X ( >a _ _ imk. wmmtm. 1 .4' at i?k au?.?. r,-^. Ivn(UN nn nNritr DfM Bn !? n? R?* u n?t rnitw4, ft'4 in lit o'drr, frM tJ?* tftrbnum ?ar*ary of tm iVr *n<x>U * Aon?. HnUand c?? niisi of ?AkoiMM<ortaHitrf !> ?* a d 8i? Ja Hraeivk*. Kiirt, Numnii. l-.a, Cata'ogaM st eala Ten** ? * > Miid J f!- " II** * co Bt WAI.Ij * bernard Ao?'i?**?>f?, XYSTER'S *alk or ALUABt E BMl.D 1 im Lor on A ?timt. Foriii Riir or rn B'irtH., *t Arrriun-'m )-K1ua\ AKfl h >O.V Jfilh instant. at <S n c ork, Wj virtue ?.f * id oftrast d*t?<1 ItlJi OcWww, 1W snd t?:j rr SO'*S< in Utwr J. A. * . No. 1?S. f !??? #> 4 c , <aa nftlxteNl r**Ord? ?M WMIilMtnl It. I 1 will ?! m front of th# im aaai i *.f?if Lot 24. HUVt 72?. froi.BoK 1 !? ? HU on A rinfiM baek 127 f?-t?H wH h>t*iM oik Capitol ?wl A. ?o a ikirto4Mlt .fr. f?mi: On*-Uiif<1 owiivM hai<f-?d m-?1 Wkf do'lsr* of hich H.O"t MiJ OB ti.?|TO??d aoritatsiy afW th* ?* r: hafUiyr in ?. it. M. * mi M moots*. r>?fcrii j i(t*n?l.MM socarsd fcr i< U""V?D\VA?r RI *?GTOt, Trn.tfM. oo IT WALL a warn'Wn AW"*?. By WALL ft BARNARD. Aastionesr. C:rnrr Stmth ft. mntf tenth Mdf Pa sr Dutch plover RQon ji!?t r? csivnrmoM H am sia. Holland, akd Fo* Aim ?? Vr? . t *<* /1.. ____ .m?.v ?uu rnuiAi r\ * TfeKNOON, iktb iMt., at 4 o'elrak, wiil r? I by catalogue, a good aaaorUn?nt of Dutch Kln?w Rovta, fro* the o?let rutfl nun* y of A nt. R?H.??r. Floriaf. Haa- -m, in every Turt-ty of t? an<j Hiaale Hyaoiata*. DotiMe and ??e?le Tu im Mar niNi*, lh?. Doable and ?iafle Aa:m?-cier?. Ran oteolra, Croeaa. Aoowdroae, Ae , ke.. Ae. TMm Rooti are fry fta? aa>< hare Jaat krrt taadad from itnnw and will ha eo>d for aa?h. oc ii wail a barnarp. *?<*?. By A. ?iRKKN. AaeUoaaer. Household and kitchen pi rni tc*i. ibisa,Glas> asi> CaocKaat WiH at ACCTtoa?On SATURDAY. Uk J?tk iaptaut, 1 aha 1 sail, ia front of my eto??. No. 42 J fcerenU treat, at 10 o'otoak a. m.. a iarg# and exaaileut aa aortnantof floaeebold Fa?ntar*. vis: Mahotaay and Walnnt Sofka, Chair* and Rocker*. Do Dreeetai and otltar Hiriaoi. IH) Mar hie top C eater ana otaar Table*. Do Janny Liu), Cottage au?t otiur BM tteada. Piatlwt Hade, Mattreeeae, Beddini. Comfurta, ..a ?? -? - mmm nvuu nMVMltltM *> I rflrOUTI. ?torea of ovary deaoi iptioi, ^it*i a larta tod (OD?ri! Moortmoat of Kjiefcoa Ro??i*itoa. Tim<?wk. oc 18 d (Con > A. GREEN, Aa<rt. By A. OKEKN, AvM'OtMr. CAf-E OK A FINE CHFPNUT WnirL 9 Mill at ArcTi??* ?Ob SATURDAY, ths Vtk in?iant, it 1*S o e.< ck i. m., p ooi?eij. I thali a'lll Mil. ia Iront of my aaetiOB atorr. one Ina id - dUcr tagry Cboai.nt Kor*?i Mir*. a<>.dfur ii? fat. I. tfea utiii hi' ii| no Author fur Mr. Sh? en be ?oon it id* time b"f re the du of a*'? at Fleming Bt Foy'a iiverr ataMo, on C at/a t_ btnm i 4fc and bUi atrrota. lor ma ew. oc it d .A. OF EEX, Am*. TRU8TLKS' SAl.F.-By vsrtaeof i 4oe oo of I ih? Ciroait Co?rt for M -nUoma j ouaity.ait tiDf k i Court of Fanitv. pi**??<i iu 1 am* of John E. Thompaoi, box friot d of WiliiMi K Burfo d, etc., eonolii aict> r?. Elmbotii A. Harford. ?( /, MWHUi tbo auhaoribera. m truatooa. viii < ff-r it paMIe ail*, at tha '.it- roeidoooo of tfcii'.iam Harford. dlaaMrd. on HATUR OA Y, tM ynh of Oatofcor aast, it X o'o'ock p m.aJ'the rial ootata of vbich tb late Wilinin Bur ford diod. oeiied lod y?wad of, oonaiating of 444 M-oa of lind Tha I lad ia aitaat'd in Moatrowerr ooaaty, about 234 milee from ColooTilla; ia am or aooeaa to WMhingtoa city, D. C , bung about S Mliea from Boltavilie Dejx t. Tbe laiproTomenta oonatat of 1 dwelling bnaM, bar" and Hi Beoeo?aj-? oat h.? ? of tbs farm. with orchards i[peaoh?s and app** in fell bcarin*. This larwi is in a fair state cf ealtivatior.. feno*a IB good ordnf, and ku u iblitUM of Wood tod WM6Ta Also, the property known as Jackeoanlla. eoa Ittine of a dwelling h, hlaoksmiui a ad wheelwright shop an anothT portion of ?*ld laid. Any one wiahii.g to view the prsmiaaa before tna d*? o| sale, wi.l be shown them by ea ling on Mr. J. W Bell, wco resides th*reon The land will b? sold in one entire body, or will be dm Jed into three .ota to sail purchase s. Tkara will baa flat of aatd laad, for the inspection of tk-?ae wishing to parehase, on the day of saie. Tarma of saleOna third of the pu<chaee money to oe paid on the day of aa.'a, or the ratification thereof h* the Coart, and the rrsidae to be paid ia twof^ual annnv tnsta'm nts; the whole fia hear interest from tne dav of n'l; interest on the de ferred pay wants to be paid actual if; the deferred payments to be secured by the single bills of the tarchaaeror p*rcha*ers. With a surely or sureties > be approved by the trusters; and at or. the rati# nation of the sae, and the fayasot of the whole ?nrcha>e rnoaey, <eu-J not befjre.ltne treaties wi'l by a good and sufficient dee J, aonvey said property tree and ?>ear of a'l eiaim by or throagh any af tbs parties to Mid oaasa JOHN BlgWEI.< GKO. PETE*. \ Trmtaaa. oc 15 M,W?AF,? FUTURE DAYS. By THOS D?W LING; Georgetown. DRICK HOI'SE AND LOT. FRAME house D AKp L?T. FciMrrii, Ac.?On THURSDAY afternoon bmi, tk< mth mm. at s o'siMt. withoat reserve, in front of the preaiaea, Lot 9*. ia Keatty A Hawki a' addition to ' ""I'lssi. front; as T feet on High at., W leet oa S11U aC, as4 85 fiat on Market at, with two-atory lines Hos**. pr*vtoas to^theaais of the above I aba." a*> tks rarBitare, ?*ca. nofW< Ao., tttrtUa Staff, is?. A?., *?. Tarmf : OM'kai/svk; btlttci id ( u4 Q with lst?r*ct luwma<?l; ?A*rk,.?T*l 1 shall ?*I1 ir fro?t of tha piemiaoa. Lot No 249. froutiat en f??t ob Hith etrwt. with two story Frame Boom, oypottle tha A"!#r, t'aq Term : Ob? hk'.f oaak: halMW is *aad It month*, wiui int^rMt. oo 1? St THOfl. DOWLING. AboL :K7"THB ABOVE AREUNAV<M0 (vfr postpone till MOM DAY, U* 88d .Bat . ? * oar. oe ii-3t Uy A UKLKN, Aaoto* T,*V?TEE'8 SALE OF VALUABLE Bctlb 1 IMliOTI IK THI KACTXR5 rtlTOI tbi CTTT at Avni b.???a K?ll>AY. tba s th ??y of Gate wr.ur,l itiliMll.u tmi.f ?f turn yrMim, at Blbiio & i^lon k* A dmmA a/ aabaaribar bearing data the 7th c?j of A an!, f?B? and reoorded m Hb?r J. A. 6-. N~. 113, folio* *9. 4* tti and 4ST. oa? o the lard r*e?-da of waa|iiB? toa ooaaty, ?a tkr Diatrict f Cot-aibi*. tka foilow in mentioned b>< ae ty Inn* and bairc ia tl.a oity u'Wa?bi ft >n. HurtHot afereraidToa aala will oonut enoe at 12 o'clock m , on tka 6rat named prof ertj, via: L?U cambered a Jt?cu and cvrntMt. < 1C and IT) and * " in ^aaara number* d tea huncred and eighty aim. Lot nau<t>erad ifteen.ilft,) in Square na? kfr?-d tan kandrad and m??ty five, (!.< *.i i^da namberad twaaad f ur.<Ja a 4 ' ia Baaare nra brred ten hondrnd and ninety eaves. (1 0*7.) Lota bared ail aad eareaJCaed 7.Mn *aaare bib Nerad el an hundred and nineteen.* 1 J.I, i eon ta*a int TIXZ, >^ua:e f-tt, mora or iaaa. Term* caah. All ennvryasotEg $t tka aoat of tlw T tka taroas are m-t aeifliad with It Ira i to raaa E. C. CARKIIS^t'tI tka traatAa feaerree tka r>gat to raaaJ; tka propaitf taa traat*a reserve the r?g at at tka ruk and ezaenae of the I E. C. CARKIN _ . _ oe It d*da A. SIRtn. Aaat. 0 W M_K A D Y LADIES' r?S"c1LvDm?. la a I their varietiae, "" Manet oa9 Near ooraer Thirteenth at. F**?ARii?>fiSKW aa.*JL? *4: aaah oik**, Crwta'.'f. ftT C with Diairoti UiiibMou; 1 voiaaas ?no? m ? Tfc- Lafca Region ofCentral Afhat, ft Pwtprtrf Fxplani>t;or?. bj R lobar* P. "Wn, CaptainJL M. I. Arwtyi itttiw wiik illaatratioaa, prio* *. V? i<?at ud Tt'Mj ?n*? 78 >au. CM<1 People, bcinc a avpatftr aaeanation of etna a lirrMN.fiD*!. by < Nt,MllMd,Mtt<r f D~"VaVex;r?rst,?uN. w U aorner Klerwptb at m< Pft. arewae TOTKI! ITOVEI! STOVES!!! I tar* on hand a term ajeortawat of Co"kin( otber " S bare on hand a la _ * - torrt, wbich I will mI , aar other boeee la tba District, ae it la iatrnticn lo aloe* item oat. Call and and than jad?? for yoararvaa. O. *NY oc* Neat tfoor In tta Mm Woo. iTJ" ? PP1CK. " ' " "jsaiifci"" tan* "w Jrsr ?^<?!o^HawL HMD** INO, a?.ot ttxl width* Md ftlUru Mrtn b? rrioM. ** H hGA N*S. ? *rr nk *t m*e ?ui p*.4t I70? PALE?A <%rk bay H 1RSE ;loVUl;ll V iwii Mrt; 6 rmit < t4 t wwririti1 rv oufei.and k ad ta a.aytlaor JaaM * ?"** ^

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