Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Tke Ditty ef Jadge IT IKUClof BIB JIOTm nti*. Done into rerae Lo *hj tune of Lord L?ovel. Jodre ho rtcodtf hi* mansion door, A r?*4iattfc? F><-al Ho?>tt eaae; ,? fad "trta siaut waa b-ithered mi? U?at day, or remajk%f>'y '.nng wa* his lac*?Jaae?Jaoe, ?r remarkably Ion* wm hii faoe. "Now, wt*?re are jrtm feia*i"' Joha Forney ?aid, ' ,N?w, wh*r? ace J?e ????* *?< ua ; *'1 fin (olQf tO -Al till W6tl) 0 id $S K & BSk So ha rode.anJ ka role, *aJ ha rods f >r away, Oa ateaiuboat aad railiuaJ traia. Bat altho' h? rode for nrttiy a dar, is anarch for hu inorh r was vain?vain?ram, Hia aearch fbr hi* mother wa? vain. Oh. the Judge tai stopped at ea;h a^opping place fET the people, alt eager to sea > man aba had aacriffoed - ante and fame ha President for to he? be? l>e, ha Preaidect for to be. Ha went in hot haste down to tVe Sooth In aeareh of hia mether dear: B-it be got no farther than Ka'enh town vj (tea he left wiUi a dea in linear???r?ear, \% uea be ieft w.Uj a Am in his ear. ( Dat)* Otlt*. ? .. . ?y KThe King of Naples did not forjret to pro loMelf with pocket uoirv before ne left h!s country He sent to the Treasury for 30.WJU ducats, which was furnished blra. aud he baa been shipping bullion for some time past expect ing an emergency. Hie departure la thsa de scribed by the correspondent of the London Times: "Somewhere about flnsk, Just as the short-lived twilight faded away, you could *e? the royal steamers putting out to sea. Nota flag was drofv ped; nota gun was fired; and not above fifty people, of wbom I was one, were collected 011 the quay, hard by the Palace, to aee the last The evening bad cleared up, and the sky and sea were as bine and the scene as bright as they are at this hoar at Naples, and at NnpVs only Little as 1 love the Bonrbin race, I own I should have been glsd to bear one word of sympathy utter*d foe the unhappy boy-king who was leaving the paradise where bis father had rel*ned so long. But I heard nonr; and. almost unhc^dH and unwatrheil, the easel bearing the ftujltlveSonrerrljn pass-d away Into the darkness end* the rei?;n of Francis II .and with It the tlr?t act of the Neapolitan revolution '? A Diamond ?toit ?The California correspon dent of tae Herald, sjys that a story Is current at a mlninit <*amp cilied Knight's ferry, about thirty xailes from Stockton, which partakes s mewbn't of the marvelous. Recently a party of miners were working an ordinary cli im. In that vicinity, with a sluice and hydraulic pipe About dark the plpemen nw an object which be had washed out of the bank, lis glittering In a pile of stones and dirt wblrh were to be washed through the rlulce. The gleams from' the object 'lit up all the space In the vicinity, much to the astonish ment of the workmen The pip-man picked it up and started to show It to one of nis caiandei: but aiaa' jhe stumbled and dropped the ?em into the aluica, rnd it was borne down by the torrent of water Into tbe bris, of the trail race, and lost It la represented to be larger than the ' Koh-1-noor A very jjocd story; out as dia monds don't happen to "glrsm ana flitter'' until th^y have be?n cut, perhaps this "object" wasn't diamond T?T~The event moat calculate to nctte a belief In fatality ,wbich lathe fashion iu Paris to honor as th? gowning power of ail things. Is the installa tion. at last, of Madame Montljo henentn the Im perial roof for this the g?od l"dv has sighed and pcaved for many veara, and although tl.e oc casion la moat aad. yet it la remembered that the Kmperor Lad vowd a vow before bijfh heaven that ?h? ?reni stioold ever indue* him to allow his wife's mother to inhabit ?nu <.n? ..f ii>? lm~? J ?V ... -?l ? f ' rial paU~e? He Is therefore considered to be battel), ?b4 looked upon by the Amazonian army, by wolch be baa sufleed himself to t?e enveloped, as a future prey of easiest rapture The health of the Empress gives the greatest uneasiness The loas of her sister, to whom she was most tenderly attached, seems to hsve determined the turn whlcn her <omplaint bad lone threatened to take, and both her Majesty's medical advisers object to her removal to Biarritz this year, aa Involving too much fatigue and exertion. Thk Viiiots Coal ' Kxteact* "?Coal oil Is not made from ordinary bitumiuous coal, which contains too much sulphur for the purpose It is extracted from caunel coal?a touch and more valuable variety, lmmenae reams of whlcb are to b?- found in Virginia and elsewhere Kerosene nil is not pure coal oil, but a mixture of that with lard oil. Parafllne isa mineral sulistance. extracted from cannei coal, and rese.mblia<r apermaceti in Its appearance and qualities. Reflurd coal oil is V ? ? ?*- * " ? >i |ukwpr[kua anu inu.j-runufr. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ?Don H deOarin. Hab; A W Tii'?rr paou. J H Smith, NY; XV O QUI, I S A; J U \Vhit?. NC; C E Gllinan and ly, A C? rrrton. H Calngerfleld. Vi; Jno Ravenel. A F vend, 8C: Gen Paez, 8 Cotnache, V>n; A C Hobson and ly. Miaa Hobaon. R D Poole, R Coc n?r and ly, V E Comploo, Miaa K'mp. Mra Wal Wrneser, A Waltermeyer, >1 d: J R Goodall, NV; J Conrad. H W?rlnn,?; J N Evana and ly, La; G G Hammo.i, Md; D B Savage, NY: E Ragland NV; G C Heard, A Noble. Miaa; J II Miller, Pa: H T Stuart, Va; BP Ben net and ladv, Ct; 8 G Bogert. W H l*a?t and motb, J \V Ptnchet. G Al len and ly, NY; J Stanford and ly, T Sanford.fAl; N 8 Finney and lv, Ga; A T Cushmaii and ly, N Y; J B Hayward and fam. Miaa Mr-Cay. HC; K A Smith, Md; E S Munroe. NY; L P Bnyne, Md: B 9 l.abraucb and fain. La; Paul R George and ly, NH. BROWN'S HOTEL?F Carsan. Pa: I. P J Hr.rrie, I SA; C I! Cooper. G S Stilt, H s?taafer. N Y; Ma?man. Pa; Mr Co*e, J Keifer. W K Margli. NV; \V Galn?*. Ark; Mr and Mrs Washburn, N Y; G W GoldtLiwalte and fam,N Wood fin :md ly, J I'atton M!m A Woodflu, N i'attoa. K Strange and ly. ND; T Marr. Tenn; VV Ehrenlort and ly, Aid; W Uufin. C Held, Ky; Hon J l<ane. On; Mr Su?em and fim, Kjr; M K McCoy. Md; K I* Gar Mtt, G Harder and ly. G l>onlap and ly, Va; \V Carter. La; A H Byrd, Md; J H Sherry and ly, Miia Cook. La; P L Du Boay, Pa; L Bernhelmer. Rev G Nixon. NY; P Daniel, Va; J G Cock, A Monro* and fam. La; T M Mathewaandfain, Ala; V M R Branch and ly, MraGuken and daughter. Va; J Walkel, G Cummlng and ly, Ga; I>r D P l^auiient, l"SA; B Col burn and fam, J M Rogera and ?dm. SC. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?Hon H D Foater, Pm; Gen Uonzale*. SC; Hon E B Hart. N V; J Huntly and ly, Pa; \V Hkkaoan, NT, A Harrla and fam , Ilia 1 nr..). ?w>. /??i .... .t-MiwrivuKi i/V| \j uw in i in j run, r* lj Goiiveraeur, D K For?tar, Nld. J W Taylor, T H UllHtple. V?; J I'jtrlck, 8 Collier, J Alburger, r?i J C McC?y, Tex; K Burns, Pa. OCEANS TEAMEKS' SAILING DAYS VaOH TIB UaiTBB bTATBB. _ S???mtrt. Ltart. Pot. Day*. N?w Yi>tk..? N?? York...Bremen Oct27 BoruiMa .New Y"*.NoY 1 Great RwWri .MiH'dH?Ten.New York. ...Oct 17 Kulton. ... .pouth'?t?>n...New York. ...Got 17 Htaiouoit ......S?>utb pton .New York ...Oot 1ft rhe Havana mat! ateam^rit letr? New York on the ^d. !Aii, 17th. and 27tb of eaoh month. and loailaato;. <>n the 4th and 19th. ll?e Ca.if"rm* mail leare New York oa Im Mil and JLtfe of aani inonta. Furniture Warcroonts. Vbom (Conors |f0 BOW rMAIVinf nn unn.i ?n their W?rrr "uma. oor&er of l* rn " and Ninth atreeta,(in the rear of their matma rooms.) toij Iftrje ftnd tenerftl ??eort jn-?ut<* FUKMTl'RE, CARPK TS, ??d HOL8K Kfc,fc?*lNt? GOO US *en??rft!ly. vhion they invite itie i'toiaioo of peraona fuT.iahing to exfttnift* be lore peretifteiag?ftmong which irfty be found: t'ftrlur Suit?, la Hroo&telle, Kept ami Hftir Cloth. Mfnrtiij ftnd Walnut Sffaa, Teto-ft tetee, ftcd I'ftr'.o* Eaay Chftira Mali^ny and Wftinnt Mft'blft to* fta l other Tn'Mea, id treat >armty M%?l> e-tnp Oak Minted Cnttftce Seta >V?lr.Mt fti.d Mahocnny Marble top plain ftnd other bur?au? Cftoeand Wood ??; Rooker, Dining, Office ftnd other Chftira Hftodaom* Wilt ftnd Mahogany Looking 6 aacea Mahogany ftnd Wftinnt Cottage and other lied* iMta Cfthinrta. Ktageree, What bo U ftnd Deaka Bra*ae a, 3 piy, Ingrain ftnd other CftrpeU; Oil olotha Mftrnto top. Wt'nit. Mfthogftny ftnd,other Wa<h ?ift <1? and f inka Mfttr, Shack, fti d fhuok ftnd Cotton Mftttraaaea wi'.k?? eat vftriett of other good a not here men tinned, which *ri!l be aold rer* low. WAl-l. I ? * b v a ? n N Au.tioa*?r?. *outA ii?l? of A*enae, ?< wlm ?irr?r Ha tr. and 9th itrwt ' W M< **10.?A largMt oo !?otion oftha ateat tntirwifM. JOHN K. KLl.l*. jnf' y av.. h- tw?#n ?tb and loth ata I.AKOK l.urOK Vlo. IN4, FLUTK8, AC CoM"M>>iw, Jto. jnat f.aenH at JOHN ?. ELLls'i. 3?H> ra. a??nue, b?twe?n9th ?...< ii>f?ta IMANOS f>? rant or ?*> ?h?*?#r than at any _ JOUN F._*LLI8, U?6 ra b?tw??ii <nh and 10th m. CHICKKM1N6 * M?W PlANOft, Ueoldtit far'u'i 10 th-* wotM. f iota ii-m?b*N?,and to b< 1jSu.i lJMHN i*KLLI?. 306 l'a. a*., h? t #> #?. 9*h au4 '9vU -: ?H 1 KW mer jv rtaii ohtjto^ WALT t?ia A rmne. w w Kail Mrnwla. to whichto?y invite flic ?>t*aUya f t??i' |ri<MtH? rij?t?>m*r?. Ml 30 BALTtMoRK ITTKH HOIJiJK. Dun froth *i<dawa?>t. hi G<?ah?n ptck . Atau. OhMi iiutur. %t i?*4 mmd ItK omU ' Kl.lJC<?rr * MRWS8, ?? >? '* I ? ? ? ? ?<>i# \ty r > sVj rtiv? f an.) ivr 1 S?? tf r ',?l BMsi ftr J175, Al til* "iim !Har? ?f W.O. M l,T'/.ER(>Tr, Pol* a??mI of 9t?a#ar * Sun's ud Rarer, Ba^ n 4 C*.'? f *i?oa. Mil) "MtlSCfiLLANEOTJS. pROPOftALS FOR INDIAN 600DS. DtritTxMT or mlwmiot, I Indian Affair*, Oe?.', ifcn.J RfALIO P*^*p?als, endorsed 44 Kraao'a'a for Indian Goods," [O.ass 1,2, S. or 4. as the oa** mar M.] wUl be reeatved at the Offioo of Indian Afl\ura ?|ntitIO o'oioek *. m., ri W***jm>AT, the tventf ourth da* of OoioN?r next, Tar fn'nishing the fol lowing-named article#: Clh? No. 1. Ma*lrinac Blankets, Cloths, and Dri Goods. ZJtQ0 pairs 3 point white Masking bankets, to measure by TI inohee, and weigh a pounds SJW pair* '.SJ-woint white Mackinac blankets, to m*aiar? M br 66 inohes, and weuh C ponnda l,Of? earn 3 poiat Whit- Maakinae blanket*. t ? iBMMvre U by 66 imN, aud weijh *\ ptJQ'Mil 800 paire IK point wbita Mackinaw blanketa, to raeamrc 36 or W itchee, and weifh 4?< POIMI Ann Mire 1-point whito Ktaekiaao blanket*, to mrainre St by 4U inebea, and Vtigh S}{ pou> iis? Sun naira S- point eoa'le.t Mackinac blanket!, to meatnre &< by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pound* &tiO Mire IVpo;nt poarlbt Viaciinae hlaniceU. to meaear^M bf M iftcbee, and weigh 6 peande 01 eaire S-point eearlM Maekioae b anket*, t > meat are 44 by 16 lnonte, we'th i\ poBBda 850 ruri 1-pnirt scarlet Mackinac blanksta, to measure 32 by 43 inoUoa, iml weigk 3\? pounds ICO pMm 3S point iwii Ma-kinao blaiVeta. to measured hj iM lncnes. asd weigti M pouoria AM pMn 3-poioi green Mvik'.Uj Man* eta, to ineaauiedO Lr TCinohe*. a/d pounds 50>J pairs 8.'j point erven Mankinac blankets, to meaanre 51 by Go i nobis, and weieh C pounda 2C0 pair* IV point tndigo-b!?? Macktnao h??? seta, to meaner* 66 t?y 84 iuohes. and weigh in poanda SOU pairs 3-point indigo-b'ae Maokinao blankets to raeaaure ft) by 73 inches, and weigh 8 poanda 351 pairs point indiro-blna Maokmat blan kata, to measure54 by 66 inehes, and watch ? pounds 100 pairs 3'? point reiitinella l.'as Mackinac blanket*. to moasure 64 by M inches, and weigh 10 pouiida 300 pairs 3-po,nt ge^tin^'a Mu* Maokinao blan ket*, to measure 60 by 72 irtrhes. and weigh 8 pounds 400 fairs ?S point geminella-blu? Macktnao blankets to measure 54 by 66 inches, and weigk 6 pounds 250 pairs 2 point gentinMla blua Maokinao blan kets. to measure U itj Lb mohes, and vreigb f>\i pounds 900 p?us IK poi&t g^ntine'lablne Maokinao blanket*. to m?a urs 3G by 50 inches, and weigh 4.ttf pound* 150 pairs i-pomt geutinella-blne Mackmao blan kets. to measured by 46 itches, ai.d weigh 3\ pour.da 4,CHW? yards fanoy-!ist biue a!oth SCO " '4 green cioth 3 000 ' gray-list blue cloth 4,oro " saved-list blue cloth 3.000 * " scarlet alrth 1, 00 " " green oloth I?o pounda worsted ja'n,(3f?id} I*o doxen ootton fi%g handkerohiMS l?j " tancT ootton black aii* " 8 4 cottoa ahawls ? 4 ' 4 4" 5 4 woolen " 4^0 pounda lin*n thread groia worated gartering ti,0?to ) urda calico 5> 100 100 ?0 K*> a6,<o.) 7 yw ai,K"0 loiwn V*n 5.??i 5,n)> AM 0 8.(X? I2J50H iJr" I5,0r<> l?W"?o S ?i 10 ?ro l?^m 2.000 It ?? Mernmaooalici] Turke? 'ed cvtoo blue drilling osnaburga brown drilling* Georgia at'ipea biu? d mitna oottoaadc hed ticking Kaotboky jfana natu etta p;%i?1 iinaetfi [ ieaehed ahirti.ig domestic ?ti.rt -n*. unbleached *" allotting. " bleach d " brovn ootton duck check*. at'ipea and plaida flauneia asort'd 1 (xx> pounds o tton tnread !,! *? " Drowu gilling tvin?, No. 91 *00 " cotton man re 1400 flannel thru 2,m*ioa 100 shirts 5>*) dozen hio?ory shirts loo Madras handkerchiefs. Class No.2. Rta>ty-ma>l' Clot hint. 200 frook coats, indigo-blas broadc'oth . 8w p*uta!?ons, " " M 11 difu-b.ue Ma ki&ao blanket oapotos i 0 blue utiMt ocats SW 44 pantaloons cadet mixed fc&tiuett ooats ino * psutaloooa 3 0 gray satinet coats, (aaok > yn " pantaloons 3? " vests. Class No 3. Htrtfirnre, Agricultural Implements, fc. o,-w poumifc i>ra*? K??ti;ea .'(fitiD ketties,(5 sizoa) 1*> ne*t? Japanaa' (8 in ft neat) 3*' camp kettlM, (3s:z -?.l 2?i<ln*?n > quart tut rv.a 175 - S <u* t "A " l-^aftrt * 4*i M tin oupa ir?> " tutoher kcivM " toaipinc kinvc* 70,.**i (no fliita KM groaa tuu worms LVi ?<juaw??l? V) * tialihoofca 2?? dr.sen fish huea 1 ti*i grnsa i:?*nilra, &a?ort6>l 2?"i d >K?a coirMf om couiba ]iw fi:ie-U<*tb oooniiM Si " luiaaora 2i*i " ihtara JS " crurtbinc Ituea y> " weeding hoea 170 ilr*wiii< kiuvaa, 10 inolidn > hand mwa 15) doxen laaJ ?aw filoa, 4>? iuou 5 ahovela .*? " ?tpv1*? l,?*n t liort-1 a-Ula fry pan* xiuoznn ia?tins spoon* 9?i * iron table spoons jc\ axes, to weign 4H to 5H pounds 125 " .iaif axe?. to weigh 3 pounds, (with handles) 150 " zino mirrurs inn " fi-e steels 2 0 pounUt. bra s wire ?*i " be%t Chinese ver uuliou. Class >'u 4. Xortktotst (JuHf. \f*u northwest suns, flint look I'M * " pe.-cussiou lock 1* dozen powder horns Piop?ea!s will be received for the dolivsry of said articles at Bo?t<?n, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Louis, j?emphia, or Cincinnati; r>ut the c utof the transportation of the same to th-ir planes of d-stination wili be oon si'Urcd in teeiding upon the proposals ia om*s where the am* *ruole? siail be proposed to be de ivere-1 at different plants. Goods of American ma"nfacture of th? required sty es and iiuahtv tin he preferred; bat as the ?ampl*? of blankol* and cloth* are foreign fabrics, it will be ri?ce>sa.-y, in proposing a domestic arti ci? of eimer of thote k;nd?, that a (ample thereof bail aeo^mpaoy the biJ. Himpla f uua and powder home ir.usta'ao bo furmahed, from which the De partment will make a aeiectioo; and, in oasa of iu?re than oce aample b*io* furnished V '''? tame rudder, thep'ioefor each inuat ba distinctly inoi cated in the bid. The (:? ma.?aaion'r raservea the ri;lit to dao.ine taking any suds and powder horns, or n oie or less than are advertised f >r. as ha may deem propar. The artiolea to ite turn shed must in a!) respects conform to and be equal with the Government samples, which may t>e seen at this Ofine. Tliey wil he rigidly inspected anu oomparcd with those atinpiea uj an ageut or agents appointed for t at purpose. uoh ? may be nnequal?d thereto in any will be rejected; n wnicii c*?f the ooati actor v>ll be hound to furnish others of tli? r- qmr* d kind or qua ity withia Inree da?s: or, if that be not done, tiier will he purchased at his ex DDMMt. Bi'l " r . . M.iw km tutj puoiji re oetred or invoioea thereof, oertifaed by the agent or a<enta app ir.ted t-> in?peot ti em. It u to l>? underatood that the right rll bi re served to require % greater or lese quantity of any of ifa? artio ? named tnan that ?p*o fied in tb? above schedule; and all bids for furnishing Mid a-tio-es inay ber?iected at the option of the l? artmont; and that none from persona who have fiailei tocosnpy with tb? requirement a oi a pre Tioua oontract with the United .state*. or who arc not manufvjturera or wh >lea*le de.\iera in tha re quired art.olea, will h? oon?idered; and the fact that biddera am auch manufacturers or dealers mutt b? evidenced by the certificate of the Collec tor of the fo. t ? here they reaide, or where it ia proposed to deliver the artiolee. Theprotota a muat embraoe the artie>?, wifi the quantities thereof, aa the* ?j-? ????..? * - eohednle. with the prioea annexed to each in dol lar* and o?nta at whioh thry are to be luroiahed, and the amounta muit be earned outard footed up for Mob data s*aid prioee and ?mo?tU mint be eo giver, without any modification or propoeet modification. or variation whatever. They thou d b* nhmitted with the following heading: " 1 [or we] hereby eropoae to luruiah for tip Mr vioeofthe inJiao Department, and aeeordinc to the term* of it* advertisement th'refore, dated Ootobor following article* at the prioea thereto affiled, [here insert the liat aooordu.g ?o Uteoiaaa or olaa?*a propi???d for,| deliverable in the city nf [ Uoaton, N?w York, Phi ade'phia, Bal timore, New Orleana, St. Lonia, Memphia, or Cin otnoati. aa the c.\*e may te] by the firatdayof April next. or at auoh time or umea during the rear I 1361 aa may be ordered by the Cotamiaaioner orlu dian Adaira; and (I or wej will also the a-vnie prioea. ?uch additional quaatitiea oi the aama I kind* and qualitiea oi gooda aa may b? required for the a*rvise of toe Indian Department durtnc the year 1M1, deliverable aa above atatod; and.irtma proposal be aooe*t?rf, I here ineort the worda.'in whole or in pari/ if more than one elaaa be pro p>aed for,] I (or we] will, witain twenty day a thereafter, exuoute a ooutract accordingly, and jive aacuMty, aatiafaetory to the Commiaaiouer ?f ,aU,.yaiNii,iur ui# BUIBIU1 ftrlormu* j of tilt Kuk proposal m*tt fce aoaonuaaiod. with a lurutM ii tM following lorm, |o bo aicnod br two or uiore re?ponrfble par?on?. whoie uffiemwy m??tb? oemfied to by a United StatM judf* or tiiriet attoraor: ZSgM^xflB^asK'.tta 5.1.... o<ntmily porfbv manoo thareof, u pre*cribod in the*dr#rtl?o S Br* ?0 to do, W bMotty MrM and Uod rarwlvM( oar koira *xMotors, iM Mtfai. to forfeit and i^^Sft&J^vaRU*s 'BooaVUItWMlMt la Uo mnmoMmbid for tht foithful Mrformuw of the control, with two ormora r*tw?, who** aifioienor muet t? oerti&ed ty % United SutM judge or cuitnotftt t?'N^?rop"Wi wW be rMeirtd th?t doea ?*t ?triot ?r onfocm, in ftll pArtio?t*f?, to the tense ?nd ireotiona of Una adTertieernenL CHARLK5 K MIX, r? 2 li.wtftflt2l DROtOSALt) POK rymiXlSHIN? TUB PA 1 PEK FOE THE PUHL.IC PRlNTTNO. Orncj Sopiimwimnt ?i Public Piirtui?( Washington, October 2JIW?. \ la pirtnacM ot the pr<>vi.-ion? of tae "aot to pro ride for executing the publio pristine," Ao? ap rroved Amort S6,1US3, aed of the 10th aeotioN of he aot entitled "An act making appropriations fur the legislative. executive,and judicial expeaaeeof Government for the rear ending Jiln* 3^,>SHP." Ap proved March S. 1&5S, sealed ?ropoea*s wrl N? re oeivelatthis the Capi?n', until tJie first Monday (3d da*) of Deoembar next, alii o'oUxIt, for furnishing the paper that may t>e required for the publio printing tor the year ending oa the let day of I)??oeiaber, f?i. The subjoined IteC epeoiftee. aa nearly aa e?a be aeeertaiaed, thenaaattty q??lity. and deeoriptlon of eaoh kind of paper Uiat will be requited: r Ctu*?l. lf,M? reams fine printing paper, u-ea'+ndered, to nwtnanre 24 by 91 lnobea. at 0 to weigh forty-five pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Cuss L fc<*?> reama line printing paper, calendered, to meatare 2t by 9R inches, and to weigh fifty a?x pounds to the ream of 4M sheets. Class 3 900 ream* *uperfin? printinc paper, hard sited and super oa'eudered, to measured by 32 icehes, and t>> wcnh lortr-eirht oounds to tha r?a.r& nttsm ifcMUL 2 cuo reams ?up?itina printing paper, ?ut><l mi'I super-'aWudered, to mauureM by it inohrs.and to weigh tity pounds to tba ream of wc sheets. Cum 4 I im reams superfine map taper, aisteri aodoal ecdered. of sueh sties as ma; M required, oorres ponding in weight with pap-*r measuring 19 by 34 inohes, and weighing twenty pounds par ream of +?? sheets. Clam 5. 2X) reams superfine plate paper, (calendered or ui.ea!enderod. aa may be required.) 19 by 91 inahas, and of auoh weight per ream aa may be roqureJ. The fibre ot the paper of each of the above alasa* a to be of linen and cotton, free from all adnlterat'oc with mineral and other aatwt&noea, ar.d o! a fair whiteaess. a d put up io quires of twenty four sneets each, and in bundles of two rearr.a eaoo; ea; h ream to contain 480 perfrot h?*et?. U inform) ty in ooh>r, thioknesa.and weight will be required; and no bundle (exclusive of wrappers) vary iar over oi nnder iive pjr oer.t. frrrn tne standard weirht win (>e reoeiveo, and theweight will in all o\?ee he required. Mixing of various t icknere* in the amne bundle to mag* up t e wright will te considered a violation of the oontrsot. CLAtl 6. I 1JM ream* >jn-irtopA?t writing paper, 10 by K i..che?. S do ?p da 13 bj t( 1-] da 3. 100 do demy do 16 by W M do 4. I,W*? da fotio-poat da 17 b;!l da 5. 100 da medium do 18 by 23 de f. 50 da roy*l d> 19 by 24 do 7. 50 do itiper-royal do 20 by S8 do 9. SO do imperial do 221-2by34 do 9. 100 do dauhle-c?p do T* fcy2* do 10. 100 do colored medium, (jMorted color*.) CLUI 7 1. 6,000 rmmi writing paper, 16 by ?6 inches, to weigh tw?n?y-three pounds p'r reim 2. lPVfl reams writing paper, 19 by 26 inch?*, to weigh twenty eight pounds rer ream 3 3,100 reams writing paper, !8 by 25 inches, to weigh twentr- ma pounds 4 10ft ream* writing paper, Id by 22 inches, to wtMgh twenty-four pounds p r ream *. 340 reams wrltiag paper, 18 ky 's inches, to weigh twenty-two pound* per ream 6. 410 reams writing paper, 12 by It luohen, to weigh twelve pounds per rf am. All the papers designated in classes 6 ami 7 mnrt contain 43? perfect sheets to the ream, and no "out side" quires. rh?y are ti he made of the best ma i terials. free from adulteration, finis! ed in theb**t I manner, cat to a true edg?. laid Hit. an t securely and substantially en ve oped. Th? papers in c'asc 6 *r J to l>e white or bine, au<l of such weights an may be required by this office. Those in olass 7 are to be white, and of the sizes and weights specified in th" schedule The right is reserved of ordering a greater or lees quantity of each and every kind contracted for iu i mo cimin, 10 De tarnish d at snoh time* ai:d in sob Quantities m the poblto service mar roq ni'o. Each oiaas wilt be considered separately, and be sahject to a separate oontraot; bat bidder* may offer for one or more of the olaaaes in tha same proposal. N<> propoaala will be considered nnless aco mspa ried by tue guarantee that the bidder or bidders, if hia or their proposal shall be acoept.e.1. will enter into an oblifauon, with good and ?ulfio'ent sure ties, to fnrnish the artiolea proposed H ank forma for propoaala wiil he fnrm?hM at this olfios, and none will he taken into consideration unloss sub stantially aereeitc therewith. All the ?ap?r id the several olaaaes must be de livered at auoh place or piaoes as mat be designated in Washington city, in ?ooU order, free of ail and every extra charge or expense, ana subject to the ir.?pe<:t>on, count, weight, and m?a*nrrm5r.t of the Superintendent, and be in all reapects satisfac tory. hair ales of all the paper tr^uired may he teen at this cfliw, hut bidders are required to furniali, with thf?ir proposals, samples of not :e?s than one quire of each of tho kinds bid for,and upon which their nrosot&ii miLT tm Ka *. I Tl.. ?AJ wilf be required rigidly to oonform to their aam p;? a. Proposala will be addressed to "John Bkart, Superintendentof the Publio Printing, Waaliing ton," and eudoraed "Prop^saia for Supplying Pa f.n b?2-a%wtd pROPOSAl.S FOR RATIONS FOR 1961. QVAKTlKMAVTKR'a Offick, U. 9. M.Co*p?,( Waihibotox, 24th Sept., l?8u. S Bumd Proposal* will be roc?i?e.l at this oflioe until the Utfa dajr ot November next, &t 3 o'e ock a m., for furniahinc Rations to the United Statea Marines, at the following stations, during the year labl, vis: narlestown, Massachusetts. Portsmouth. New Hampshire. Brooklyn, liOiic island, Niw York. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Oosport, near Norfolk, Virginia. Wa lirgUn, Florida; and Washington, DUlriot of CulumUa. Kao:> ration to oonsiat of one pound au a quar tercf'reeh Beef,or th'ee qulrUr* of a pound of mess Pork; oigliteen ooimeaoi Bread made of extra -iipot fun Hour, or extra superfine flour at the op tloa of the Government; aud at lite ratj of ten eoonde of good Coffee, fifte:n pounds of best New Orleans !*ngar, eight qoarta ol best White Beam, e ja'ta of Vinegar. two quarts of Salt, four pounds of K'?d hard Brown Soap, a*_d one and a h*U pounds ot good hard dipped Tallow Candles to one huudred rations. The Beef req aired shtli be delivered on the order of the oon.miM.du.g offioer of each Kta'ion, either in bulk or by the single ration: and shall ejnist rf the best aud moat ohoioe pieoee of the mrcaaa; tk.e Da.L a? V-. _ ? ? - * ... ? .Mt iu im mi. i prims mets porn; anil tiieti/ to he of the beat quality of kind* named. All s*l<jeot to inspection All bias mutt l>? acoompamed by wis following guarantee. Form <\f iiunreiuttt. The undersigned , of in th? State of ,aud ,of , in the State < f , horeby guaranty that in oase the foircoing bid of for Kationt, as above desorlbed. be *0 oepted, he or they will, within ten day* aftT the receipt of the contract at the Post Ofliae n\med. execute the oontr?ot for the tame, with good and nffici-nt sureties; and in oase the aaid hall f*il to enter into contrset a* aforesaid, we guaranty to make good the djffrrero * between the offer of the aaid and that which may be acoepted. A B, Una antor. Witness: C D. Guarantor. E P 1360 I hereby certify that the above named are kaown to me as men of property, and able to make good their guarantee. 0 H. (To be signed by the United States District Judge. Unitrd States District Attorney, or Coileotor > No proposal will be considered unless aosompa nied by the above guaiantee. (Newspapers authorized to publish the above will send the paper oontaimng the first iasertion to this olliae for l Proposal* to 1* endorsed "Proposals for Rations for 'Ml(' and addiessed to the ii . iderauaed. se28-law4w Ma'orand Quartermaster. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN 8TONE WOMK8. The subeoriber begs leave to inform the ojtiseee of Washington, Georgetown Mid Alexandria that i he has add?d to hie lone eetahlished business the auxiliary of eteam power for sawiug and manufac turing Marble and Brown 8 tone Work in liieir va rious t>rMiohes, Marble Mantels, TaMft and Waih tand Toes. Tile. MonaenenU, Tomb and Head 1 Btones, Sia^s, Window Lintels, Steps and Platforms. Having pu-chasedalargestook of Italian Marble in blook^rom hrst ike lowest rates, he feels oonndent of being able to ftirnish Marb<e Work as low as it can be purchased in New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marble In hl???v ?\? -,?k. - ..out nk 1110 Bruno rate m furniahed in New Vork, and on accommo dating terms. Aleo, on hand, a large aupply ol Foinioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hoce and Pollahing utty at New York prioea. Kuooarage the enter rise; it will be an aoaalaitioo to the oity. ' ALKX KUTHKRPORD. Pinur Steam MarlU and Brovn Sttu Work*, 1 Pa. av., oor. Tiiixt> enlh at. aatt-am waebin?toa, 1). C. TU UN.O^WTAfOA?p MATTER Consequently I eliall remain in Washiagton and iac li all ita hranobee. Old Glazing promptly at tended to. Painticc and Ornamenting Cottage Fargitureia the beat atyle 1 ala?, o%l> attention to th? Painting of Ro?fa and Hriok Walla. Ail of the abore I will do aa cheap aa the oheap eet. I therefore eolioit the patronage vf my frwn<la and fellow oitisena of the Oiatriot. Punctuality atnotly obeerred, and vork doae in the beat man ntr* V oil will ml mm mm ? * ........ jyjur top* ana ?top at M. I PA Eft l?R'i* Painting Kslftbliahment, No. S3' 3 '.! S3!!! Louisiana ar., north aidn, between 6th u>4 lib iU. f. 8 t!i|M pnt ap free ef ohtrge, as usual, an ? Sm POR STAMPING PACKET OP PAPER, i 1 AND ENVELOPES TO MATCR, at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PBILP A SOLOMONS, A"m" t^a?i LTn r""1' Mklf 55f K. sr., brt. m IHk iU. TKUN KB, BOOTS AMD SHOES. UOolW juNU ?) SUIT MB W? ?r* now twuiufcctvrfax All kind a of BOOTS rod SHOKS. ul ooratuidv " mpp r ot tutMi and* v*rk? Enptior, mad? ni^wlj to or . i aold ft muoh !o*?r prioe th&a hu I retofor? ck&ri?d in ttu? oity far krtia'M. Paraooa in vul of Buota mid Sboaa of a*aU?ra of 01 ty mad* work. vtU aiwaya finJ a tond mor'JiM laatoraaad at lb* leweat prioaa. eiveoaaoaii. ORlKPiM * BRO., api-r 314 P?ci.tHuBia GMVK HUNDRED TKAV&UN9 TRtNRB ale* room exhibit* at Una time the greatast rar iety of travahag reaaiaitaa. at nvxierate pncoa. to bo found thta Ada of Naw VoHt. AJao, awy damna tion of LADIES' HAT BOX KB, V ALICES, CAKi'ti BAttS, SATCHELS. Ao. ICrOW Tru&ki repaired or taken majohaaf for naw odm. _ WALL, STEPHENS A CO. Trunk ttalaa Rooi mar SI -tf . Still Pa. an UIW ?'a* _ w ? ?a ?oi?w> j?OUTHERNjt*ITNK MANUFACTORY, Ow?M Odd Miami' Hmu, Watkingttm, D. R TravMara will atvd their intoroata tn examinia mj TRUNKS, VALiCES Ao , bafbra pur oEanag aiaowara- Aa I u?e none bat th< beat nii^riR.1 th? mitrlrAf mtPn*Am 1 the b*at Workman, 1 oan oonfidentfj recommend tnj vork to ba superior in Siringik and Lhtrability to Trunk* that are made in other oitiea and sold here, i keep ooaatantlf on hand, and make to order (on one weok'a nouoe) every deeenptien of SOLE Trunki, 4.O., Repaired and Covered, la a work manlike manner, at short notioe Trunk* delivered in any part of tha oity, Georga town, or Altiudria s?w,NVakS'^s:'' de 15-1* J A JAMKi* 8. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS1 DIRECTORY. I \AILY LINK OF NEW FOUR-HORSE 1/ COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carry*** >A? U. S. Mail. Th? undersign-d are now running Daily, (exoept Sunday.) Four home Coaches be-. tw??en Washington and Upper Marl boro*, as follow* : tw heave the Steamboat Hotel, corner of Seventh street aad l*a. at7 o'clock a. m. Returning leave Upper Marllxro' at 11 o'olook a. m., and arrive in Washington at 3o'clock, in tune to connect with Uie&2ftp. m. t aio for Baltimore. The Coaches are new and commodious, the teams first-elans in the hands of careful and accommodat ing drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro 5ft cents. To I,ong Old Fields. ...... 25 " To Centerviile... 38 ** Freight and packages in proportion. an 15 tf _OSBORN AJX).. Proprietor!, WALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. 13 WASHINGTON BRANCH. iiM?a? Ohamok or Hon*. ON AND AFTER WEDNk.HDAV, Jane 13th, 186ft, trams will ran ae follows: Iivavy ?i>D dim f.v> m? .(?v6 W&shtncton at 3ui> and 5J0 p. n. On Sondajr at 3 30 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and #.4" a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J" p. m. On teun<lay at 4 25 a. ra. Paasenrera for the Fa*t Will take traim at 6Jf> and 7.40 a. m and 3 an p m. For the Weet at 7.4fl a. m. and 3J? p. m. F"r Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and &2Q p. m. For Norh>lk at 7 40 a. m. On S&turdaj evening theSJO p. m. train com to Philadelphia only. ie 13 <1 T H. PARSON?, Atect. NEW ORLEANS I3NT THRE2 DAY? WITH TBS CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orar.?t and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR?: Virginia and TemuuiM, I?..* ffl ' *? dim* j ennesso* ana Virginia, East T*nnessre and Georgia, NaihwlU and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, I\lew Orleans and Jarison, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: "^''.theuco fcf Firs* ?'? Ne* Orleans. Memphis by Rau, thrnce tr First class Paokets to Ori? MONTGOMERY AND MO BILK ROUTE: lUomory by R?ui. Uience to Mobile ?>t First oi&ss Packets. Mobile to N?v Orleans trj Lake Steamers Munt^c TWO DAILY TRAINS?Scs days IncCTJOKO, Leave WaihmfUD at 6 a. ns aad 0 p. . The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* h?*r smart foot of 8?ven?h street at 6K a. in. and fiX p. ra. and oonneots at A.exaDctna with tue Orauee and Alex andria Tnwns fur the Sonthwest. Offloe?Peufiaflvaiu* avenue, ooru r of Sixth at. BAfiOAOI CUCUO TUROran TO IMT OBLIAXfl. Lynobbare .?_ Bristol -, - T - #7 SB 13 On K noxville ?'.*) <tiatl*DOU(a... 34 V" )alton__? U t* luntsviilo .27 U? Grand J u notion *J oft Nashville **>l .Memphis f** 00 Atlanta M oo iMaoon ... . .ffl no Columbus ..... ....SI 50 Montgomery 33 0" ) via Maui#uis.42 AO N.O.J viaG. June S via Mobiie. U 60 .45 uu THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 900 MILES SHORTKK,?i:d 24 HOURS LESS any other Liae?Uio Lynrhburi Extenaiou beinc now completed, u aleo the Miuiaaippi Central, rr.akinr it the QUICKEST AND hioST PLEASANT ROUTE Ff>R SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It ia provided with Firet olaea Sleeping Cara! {To New Orleaca, T9 Heart. Merophia ?4 do. MoatcomarT ? ll do. KuhTiile .11 do. C7"TLo U.S. MAJl/and ADAMS' KXPKKHS are taken orerthia New Lis*. Xieketa hi be obtained at the South We*4em oe, corner of Sixth at! ait aod PmnaylvBHia it tcua, to the folio win pouiU: rinobbnrt, DriatuT, KaoxnUe, Atlanta, rhaOUuioora, Hnntaville, Grand Jnnoion, Macon, Naahnhe, Dal ton. Colnmkaa, Montjomerj^ Mobile, j^emphia, aod ID" THROUGH TICKETS TO THS VA RIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fl^Omnibuses and Big face Wagons 1?m the offioo at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAME8 A. KVAN8, Ticket Arent, ma g-tT Corner Sixth st.aad Pa. ?v. T'UK STEAMER J A 8. 8UY Will rwtw her ft trips on WnflDAY, ?ft of _JT? ^ pebmarr, 1880. Will Imvo WAt*H I?4nK^ IN8T0N mn TUESDAY FRIDAY, atS o'olock a. m..and Af.KX ANDRIA at heft-past ft o'olook, for Ct'RRIOMAN and the intermedial* Land mis. On her return trips, the ill leave CURRiOMAN every WEDNE8t>AY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. iu. LlJCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOU8H. Ag't Alexandria. fr 30 OFFICE OP INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF 6A? METERS. W AaumaToa. July U, 180n. NOTICE IS flEREBY GIVEN, Tkat, agree ably to the provisions of the oidinanoe of the Cor poration approved Mar >2. W, the underaigned iy now prepared, "whenever required in writing.and on pre payment of the fee of fifty eenta, to lnapeet. *xaaiin?, teat, prove, and ascertain the aoenracy of registration of any gas meter in use in this city." Every meter, if found luoorreot, will beoondemaed, and another, sealed and marked as true, will he set in i'? measur plaoe. If proved to be accurate in its .Hi^.ur. mentoffM, it will be sealed aooordingly, and Msm put in posiuos for use. OlN No fll BevenUi street, (near Odd Fel lows' liali ) Open from a. m., to 6 P. m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf inspector and Healer of tfas Maters. yy OAS FIXTURES. ?7, offeri U to Fixt__ . ? ieleoted stock in WMljincton. All Work in the al>ove line intrusted to oar oar* K Have in iur?. and aro dai.y reoeinac, OAS * ST ' Deen >r*to( genci j| i*ture"?rfeelin* oonfidaat that ve~fcave the boat Mine PIXTURBSo f entirely New Patterns and Designs an<1 Piniah, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market We invite oitiaeBicantral l^r to call and exainMe oar (took of 6ae and Water will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MoBHAN. mar 5-tf ST* D itnat pRANCIS H A R PER, FAMIt.Y GROCERVa^V^^ED STORK. Corner of .Vfir York artn%t* and Tentk strut. Respectfully solicits the patronage of those w mar be in want of any article iu the above line. Hit endeavor* shall be to pease, and by a strict atten tion to the wants of the public, he hopes to merit a hire o! their patronage. " r* Hi* took oonsiats of every artiole utuallr to bf jbaad ia a irat-olaea Family Grocery aa<i PaM 8tor?. * im 17-tf KKDIGIKBB. ? > A. (HMtW. i" BA1VIMOM LOCK RMPITiL, Hmi DUmmtW iu awt Ctrfm, *< TfKtu+l Mmmdjr ? World, FOK ALL DISEASES Or IXTRUDKNCE. o L*r W EiLS* DELTCACr PRKTMNT. APPLY 1MMHD ATKLY. A CUKE WARRANTER. Oft NO CHARGE, * UI *KOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. TukiiM WU? liU, hMivti 't ifci if |>I >Hif> * * >* ??; uutuifM, iMnmt, H<fnauin, Drm|HT,ki(Mr.bra IBM W ldM*. fHit>iw?a?> ?f Ufca ?a?rv,T,n.. 1ity. Tr ftiMMi ?f fUN ? JwMumw. I>teMM ?fU? 4, ThrMV Nmim atu.iliMMitliki UankwiilM laval*? LhMa TtmbU Tka*fd*n inaisf fr*a latitat} ?Wtt? # Ditilfil u4 Onirt('j*? Pncueia ttitk r*? (w Muni(i layanN?, urf twiffr k*u Miat TO IKS MB1I li|linH? vktkwi MmmiM nMMrf MHu; VIm* tkti dsaaa/*i ltd dHUMMI ttku ?tM laaMkt iwtapa M n. auWrotly fta't C>a?Mali af Vaar| Man aAU:* n,a<i at tad lt!mn ?c J trRlaot imaltaiL vha rr .rt-i atkiiTM W<| t'JUMd l:aianui| lattiaa vHk atttnian >r a aoaataa a* auiuf \i < HrUf tyr*. may mil ?M ItU?mS Uua, luuna rBUOIM at t*U-(Ma> ?*?ia?jUU*| kt! rtara, ka.rj ???M?f VaikMal, iffuU tftkiUty lahftMW,*!^ ayaadfla cwal Ma ?ka alUM fcmaatf ?Ih Ma mm af D>. j. My Nd|) Ml7 Milia ua U u a |tuUui m4 imMmiI; ialj fan hi* tkili *j a phjiiaia*. orncs m*. t a own ra.iouic?ru>r, lafl WjH n<an?| fram ItldMti tirtai. a la* law* fn? Ik* roar rilt bm la abaana uai a>4 aniat. Iium> ml lOIMTOI, HaBlanafiM bf?i Ulltp al*upa*a,kwlaa. rrilaaH flttlS MA ftf * is A. B-k.1 and tba fraaiar par; af itMl Uf? hu ha >pwiin taa ?aa af UndM, P\ria, Ffcltidalchia aad tlaawbara, haa af facud aana af ika aaaat aataniakinf aaraa that vara aia feoava; many wiUid witk riiif*. ( la Ua kaad and aaM Wkaaaaiaaae graal naraaaaraaa, kaiaf alarmad at taddil aaaada, bbthralbtaa with fraaaaat kiaahiaf, auaadad aaaa Halt TtU <iruft?nt af mind, vara aarad iaaadkHlf. TAU r AftTICf UAl ROTICK. T?*iJ Man sod attara wha kaaa retmraa iltamaalaaa kp a MiUio paactiaa iadalyad la wkan alana?a kakrt fraqaaatty laarnad frara aril earapaaiaua, ar at aakaaU ?ka afacu at which art nifbiiy fait a?aa wkan talaap, *d If aat catat. raodafa marrugi irapaaaikla, aad d aat ray a fcaik r?.-4 aad kadr, ahaaii apply Imaadtatala. Tsaaa ara aama af tba a?d and malaaekaly afa<u pradaaad k; aarlr baMu af rsata *i? i Waaknaaa aftka Saak aad liaka. Hum id u?a Haad, Dimoaai af Bi(au Laaa af Maacalat | Pawar, PalptUUaii af tha Kaari, D vapapar* Nar?aaa Irrttakl 1 I tp.Oarangaaiantafika Difaatia?raoeuacatSaaa(?l Daktlhp, ayraprama of Canaanpuan, Ac. MENTALLY.?Tba faarfal afaauaa tka ala4 ara raaak W ka draadad?Laaa ef Ma nary, Caafaaa* af Idaaa, Darraaataa I af Ifinu, Kail Farkadiof a, ArarataoafSaciair, alfOmraat U???f, Timidity, au., ara aaaa af tka arila pra dacad. mULTOM DEHLrTT -TWaaaaJ. taa aavledfa wkai la in* eaaaa aflftatt datltuinf kaakk, Mar ?kal? Tifaa, k* Ml?i?f (Mk, pala. xrfMt and aaatiaial, Hfia( aMbfilil ifptuuaa alau u>a ayaa, caafh mypumafnawmyflw D1RKASCR Or 1MFRUDKMC*. Whan iht raiafvidad and in>pni4ai.t ?att?y af piauna ka baa lanbiktd tha aiada af thia painffcl dtaaiaa, H taa aftaa kappana Uial an til-limad aaoaa af ah area ar draad af diaaaaarj dtiara turn frara applticf to ibaaa wka, tr?m adacnuac aj>4 raapaeiabilitj. can alaoa kafriaod kin. Ha (alia tela Ua kar.da af ifr.arant ari daaifaiof praiandara, aba. locapakla f eannf, lleh Sia paeaeiarp aabatanea. kaap him anting aaaailk ?<iar Month, or a a laof aaiha anallaat faa can ka ak laicad, ?ud i? laapair laa?? kioa with ram ad haalU u ai/rk a?a? hia jailing dtaappaiauaaal; ar b? ika aaa afchad daidl) Saao, Marcarp, baaiao it a cauau:auaaal a.Tirj'.anaa af thb nMa d'.aaaaa, aach aa A faciiar a ?>'i.Jia Haaf.. Thraa:, ?aaa, kin.Ac., pfoyraaainf art W(*'fal raj*4Hp,Utl datvk palaa pan ad ta hia draadfa'. aafanaga hp aandirg in* la that diacarara d caaclr; fraan ataaiMM aa tra?alai launa. DR. JOUHOIltKMEDT TOR ORORK1C VliUU By tkia mil u( inptniu ran ad ? viikiw rf itt irran in apatdily tnni tea fall rig? rintnd. T>w?i<i rfiti mi nirvMU u4 dakiltuiad, vk? kt4 iaat ?D k*pa, ka*a Mm iamadiaialy r?U?T*4. All mfiiiauu t? Mun>|i. fkftlMj n MnkI DUimD Uni ?f Prtwitu'i P#w?r, MarvJaa UmaMiin TnaUmfud WkUhi h SiIuuum WUa mm huM Mad j cirtd ENnoUKMERT Or TBE PUSH. THE MANY TNUVIAlflM earad attkia u ika i?M ikidUii jtui, cod the iii irfarn-ad nd' nuj Mkii mimi, .la Lad kafata tka p ailUj, i? a NfiliM pi'mm M Ua aBieied (*a llV _ tpintiwi p?rfarir?d k? Dr. JvkoMB, THMW< ky _ riftnin af tb? ptpirt mod ou; atkar mimi, MdMi tl vfeNk ha*a appairad ifili aad again kafat a tka iiMu, * aid?i bit luiiaj u a fradiau *f lUrutii aa ? fllM D J. BOVEB liOD'd IMPERIAL WINE BITTERB, Are now being wed from Maise to the iraat Salt Lake, Ml the anivereal verdiot of *11 who nee them either m a audtcuM or a? a i>rr?r?/a. ta that they M-eniniryMed in the world. Dr. Doda a aad them acjcja'a.jy in hu ?raot:ce for tS years before we pnrchuon of htm the vole right to manc/aoture and preeent tt>?m for eale to t&e pvbiio. For the cure of Inciyi*nt Consumption, lidige?lion,^>y? t - 1 . 1 <?M */? >WO?l I OUIWI" plaint*, and all oaeea rsauinnj atonic, tc?y ?re be yond doubt a most inrx:uav'1e remedy. Aa:de frcir. tbeir melioirrj aro?erti*? they are a para, wbola and delijhtfci B'T9r*re, prodaeinc a.i trie pleasant exhilarating etecU of Drandy or Win* vrtnout their lnjuMoaa results. I-et ali frianda of humanity and all advocate* of ten peranoe aactat na ip tuhatitui.:* these valuable Vegetable Bitten for the mi-%rral rei.'on* ar.d *d*lt*r+t*d with whioii tii? country Le flooded, and thereby ef ^tea-ly aid iu ban.ahirc Diaaaae and Drankeueas di t?e <auJ. CHARLES WIDDIFIKLD k CO., Proprietor*. 19 William itreot, flew \ or*. J. BGHW ARZE. Axcnt, waahingtoc, DTc. DR. J- BOVKE PODS' IMPERIAL U IN LITTERS. For DiMaeea of the Kidney ?,B adder ac<? Urinary Orgact, and especially for Female Obatruotiona, never fail to cure, ar.<i are war rat ted to jhra a&tia feftion, CHaKLKS WinniKJFLD * CO.. fropristora, 7S William at., New Vork. J> 6CH'* ArZE| Je7 ly.r A>ect. D. C. JOY FOR THE SICK AND O FFERING. LET ALL WHO Akli AFFLICTED AtPLY fjff REMEDY AMD RKjnrcn f.v Hn/m Fnand, do yon ?ulfer.' Are yo? the viotun of any or t hose unmerons ailments whioli a-iee :rpm (m aartty of the blood? What are fher, do jot aat? Hither a*lc, *D&t are Hi?y cot.' The blond te the 3nroao{ me and health, and it ? the ferat a.anient oar beuif to raepond to any cause wiuoh ?fffoU th? avatem, a* the puiaa inlainhlr atleata Th? ever prevailing Neur&lfia. the IrritaLaf F.ryalpelas, the aubtie !*orofuia. the agonizing Rheun-atism, Ner rogi Debility. Dyspepsia. Livar (Complaint with ita torpor and dejnotioa. andtha namborlaaa iJiatiat flesh ia hair U>, derive heir hideous origin fr?*HUie blood. Deal kindly then and centiy wit* the b.ood. Va* the vit&iiaine raawurooa of oatnre lor ita aid. and unffer us to oouunecd to yoar oafideaoe and use that traly ra'aaMe medicament known as INDIAN Y&ETaBLK^SCOCTION. With retard to thia almost inf-.. iLue apeoiba popular sentiment uas spoken in droidad tar ma, and the evidenoea of thia creat eftoaov are ana tamed by conat&nt avowals of eurative tffMta and th- happieat reunite from ita nae are af*?r all other remedies and tha best tnedtoal akill hare failed. L<et us ear, in eoiinlnaion. th*t oertiioatee cure* are not Bought frr in the illiterate and *ceer fotal, hut they are volnntoored from the m< at re spectabla sou roes and justify the h cheat trms in which it is possible to commend so value Ke a pacific to pun io approval. We may artd aiao that the eurative properties of the medicine are equalled only by ita reatoratir* effwti, y?e areUm recover id* iromdUeue wiu? ecauitat'oatl viaor. Fur ?*> L* all r**peci?Ll? DragritU in tiiia oitj, and by tfc* proprietor, MRS. M COX. Non? iwmiM doIni bw nusiU b.ovn on tk? bouja and hw maI on the oork llT Htiof tt per bottia, six hntt'ac for f & WkoUnU A$?nt. R. ??. T. CI89KL. Drigfiat, G?nri*tt>?n, U Cv W holamla Ac?ot for the bit trio*, ana wi.i ?uppiJ lae UMe It my pnoM. an W-tr 279 206 B?(?]0?T* to e\li th??tteuU*D >( Qa fri?k4?jlz4 ueanblio rraprslly to his Nev Store, inwi Vv-il ItrlPi Hntlil inm* nunwi m ?i* k.a oTd-^bT,?hm?i r? wve any c rd?r? for n?onorCoafootium of knon riauoc. la^aH ordor? for DiBMr*, SajMra, BaU*aad rate PartiM. which trill be Mnratf aa ia kia u? .t^bleatria, with the umi romytcow ana dii i wine* he hu hitherto ilion ao A WM. T. DOVK * CO. ARE Nov lo uMiit* uj ( __ whioh they maj be ferored in the PLUMBING, GAB tfR 8TKAM FITTING 117" Store on 9th aerost, a few doon north of Pa, arena*, whore *?rh? fotitd a ootnjriete jttorMu ?-'eA' ST"*!r ?)URE OLD H VK WHISKY.-Oa hand eevera 1 brand* of l?ur? Old Rye WhWIcr, Ccaper Die tilled, mt(t? by the*io?t reliable dieuilera fn Pea a* ayfraaia, M&rylaad acd Virjinia, warrutrt'pare. F R K N C H1L F.TTK R jS^?oVi? P AP P. R . Juit i?ipor?*d from Franoe a large end oouiplet* assortment of fine Letter and Nolo troia liir ceirnr?veo rtm VI l^rucoe, JOIlMrt, IJU merane, Lacrwtx ft Co. at Aar<>ul?m?. BLANCHARD ? MOWUN. m M CorMr 1 Itk rt. tad fa. %r. ALE AND XXX ALBK at Um^ASbTn?ToVbVe^ u made rrom m&it ?ad hot* <*ry 275 AtkE" 275 i i rfinm A' i loth wd ilea POWDK*. . . Jt. JOHN J. B(HiUK, f}?oe?rrowN, D. C? $*U Atmcv fm tk* Diitrt* tHmmbU. OB GOOD L.<mT(!HEjip uo ? SAF?LI0?T1 fAUPTBIS - CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CAN It I AWE rACTORY. B burnt. Amm M m*4 l*U _W| Uojum hoitW iwbM 4,1 ifM mm kSe*kF &ijz a ?jTt!yg? ft rw> tr. fit. Mm ffMt >o?i mwktriH t? br?no lin of the bi.ricoM, w totter tMl W* ku* the atriM ud *11111*7 of wvrk tiMU Hi ?ir? mu? tfcntiua, oombiniai Uf hlaeM, ooajurl mJ dartlu.i WAtoO.X&cl a.. kiadt ba wryiu^.tu jAkintewfOkrrMcwt^L^M Wiiw^in c< Vfe* DENTISTRY. M? TKKIH. LQO<!9, M D.,tb?iaT?itori(id rtUnt^ oftna MINhKAL Pl.ATK TKKTfl. at . t*nC? p?MU 1) at h.? ? (fo* m thu ?itf jl Many r^rxvi tan ???r thaaa Kwth nnnot vrir otha'a. km -> cm vi a; vtk*ii wuv cukil vaar ano, Pf r?on? oa'.ii.* at wij ..ffioc can b* aceominnriaUiA With ar? itjrl# and pnoa ofTaath th^j m?< d?arm but to?koM? wtoar? a*rtipn'a' and with the pa-*?k a.aanaat. Ktroacaat. and meat **?rr~>t dartara lto> art om tk* Ml N t. K L l*L AT F. wiliii wora fkily w?rr?r tad. iK/nta ib tiua oit??Xa. 43** Fa |v?rM.hflvaa Mi and l?nb ?ta. Alao, 907 Area auaat, Fh aAaT phta. ? IS If rk dkntai. r.Ain i/r. mvnsoin MM rctvren) fcrw) rNUMd kta f'rwf?M.<>D. < ftce H<?1 tou?e a> 463 E !_ hird door o j i*txth la addition t vory o'btr ?ffor??l tylr. l>r. M h*? U^tk or. vuia*m'p bum1 ior tlte '*?t tti-?e ?od, froa?K?*rirnM. knuwa it ?xo*l? ttj <>th*r? *otl l? oe?-'.Hird in prio* 't?u ? !? . ti is ?t Citron* >ti w'fcah PKtoo. A.*?MJur?ft, ?im) Got>rf?> wo art re- p*otfu'l? ao.ict/si t ?a)l ?? S?> o?ly Hdentihtry. k. bills, after t**r of l*? fttn that *e tU ooolj.ior.oa roooqi Bisnd l. e ct^op ?U? Prnootf (or ir?w". 1 nMHl ft-uuc.fcl tOfUX. It Ml tuo M?UtUM trwigth, t*actr,oIaanli: ru ammmm. Ka. ?rt? itwiad for ?. I'tniV is proporboa. OflMS??rt.?vmt. mi miscellaneous. HOW k' t? im r r 0 v E n w1c j 6 hi N? pc A l ? | Tboo* Soalca ar? offered to <ne vabite aa lb* o? J re?ial>le e?a eerrer cut m mta. rirelclaea promieaw havofcooa awarded tue^ bj tbe United MAM* rkr Ki d Virginia Af-leaitvraJ Society. Virginia Stalo Afnoa tura. pfcm Pr?u.;f Institute f?Tr. Pfi nnlviiit N?? \ ??rk *i?f? P?> Vanpoat Sta:* F*ir, ke., A r. in axtaibited the? a*va rwiHfn* a?aafrannB For aa a at ft* Lntltitu ftv*na?, D?foi of &:W'a Ckiiod I roc 8?Am. jill-lf K- C. PATTIBON. At?m? 117 ASttiN?TON new INS ROOMS. * ' M ttk -t? NH d*0r$ Honk qf P* in rm?* whir* rawtr. ^ Nov ia tb? rin? u> get HP*IN? and WMMl't BtilHTt* mkOc at to ordor. _The i farad to make SHI actxwlbrr > pra <$ ^ Moiorr V tepa ?tme w. OUPATCH. ^ C \-/*v8a?i tbe fieeti! At mtcidmtt wiU wn m wll /?ilm, it ta rary dcairabi* to hart mmdc Aheap AiHt ooBTenisnt w?j f<?r reninw Kiratvt. Tore, Crockery, it, SPALI>IIHJ'S PREPARED ?Ll'E iMtaall stick etaer<?H?i?e. and so hoaeahold *aa afford to be without it. It ie fewaye ready and ay 8' the fUckicf po.ct. There ia no longer a neoee t* fornrapirit cLa ra.ap inferred "?neera, headleea dotie, M)'? i?ri?fcen era/flea. It la iaat tba article far onne. ?iioi!, And oth*r "reamer, ta work, eo p>r peiar Wit* ladi?e of rctufra^l ?o<1 tut*. Ttna jMloiirf(?e preparation ta oeed onid, !?!?? ot.oniiaail j h*.?i in eolation, and poeeeeatag al. the v?Juab>?ua:i:iet of the t <*at oabinet inafcere' i!??. It mar b? uaad in the piaoe of oniiaary aaouaca, being vartly mora adhea'va. M USEPVL Ilf ETERT HOUSE." Pries. M **ct* N. ii.? Bnii aoooirpaniea aaek bottie WlulumU Dare*, No, i^Codar atreet, New Yort. Addraaa HENRY C~8PALD1N6 * CO.. Box No. },(??, New York. Pat at for Paalere ia Caeea eoctair'tg Foar, Eight, aad Twelve Doaea?a tieaaUftilLiUof rapa io ftnow Card aoooiupaar trie each pacta<*. CT A aiocie bottle of SPALB1MWS PRE PARED GLUE wil: ear? top t.aaee tu aoat aa nuallj to every houeauoid.^3 Bold by a'l proauaoot tttatioaare* Dratrieta, Rardrare and Tariutare Jjaelera, Croaera, aud Kaxr-y Stores. CO'iBtrrmerchtota ehoa'd mak**Rotecf SFAL DTt/fS PR ft PA RE It GLt'F. when makin. thee itat. It will ?t?nrt any oHmat*. 1*-1? 1IM \&? m $ m 5 p CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DAIiY'S iiMiifMmaim iintiMinl JUflMAIIIi MUiT WHISttl H WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ONTHCLABELAllQTHEftS ARC All MlTATlONftiD A COUNTERFEIT UV iHt ^OOVfc Wnl5l\LT. WM.HJDALY, 19 SOOTH t ILIUM SIKEITIfflL 9VR SALt IN WASHITtUTON BY y t-iy BARBOUE k PEMMH& fSEEMAK j SIMPSON Wl a#ar

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