Newspaper of Evening Star, October 20, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 20, 1860 Page 2
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ME EVENING STAK. rr 'WASHINGTON OLTYr " ( ocw, >?.*??i Kfilit ?t I tic Fr?M. The C**'tifulh* Bays: "Put your house i? order" for Ute revolution to take place In cm of Lincoln'j t lection. The httlligmttr la devoted to new* and mU cellany. . UjTA law auit baa sprung up amoagtthe pro prietor* of the New York (old) Sptrlt of the Time*, and the paper ha* been ordered to bo sold and the proceed* put Into the hand* of a receiver for proper dlapeeitioe. [?7* Subscript ions to the amount of S3,306 have - ateaady bees rated la New York fee a '-rtlm Alal to Capt Wilaon and crew of the brig Minnie 9chlffer. for their noble conduct on the occasion of the late dtruter to tbe steamer Connanght. C7" ShilllnglM, Odeoo Building, favor* a* with aa early copy of the November number of Harper'* Magazine. Ita contenta are lntereetlng aa anal, but eopeclally rich I* "Porte Crayon'*" Illustrated chapter of experience* " way down Eeet." Tbe "Ladies' Washington Monument Aaaociatlon" is spreading rapidly, aad promises to be as rapid a sucecss aa the Mount Vernon Association was At Point Pleasant, Mason county, Va , the branch association gave a fair last week, by which S230 wss realized. |E7"Tb? Charleston Courier rays it has received reports, without details or particulars, that the two parsons chiefly engaged In the Marlborough agency for the racefAion and depoatt of arms, In contemplation of an unlawful and seditious de alga. have been tried end convicted at Bennetta vlUe, and sentenced for execution st sn early day. Venezuela advices of the 41st ult., by the Star of the West from Havana, state that, In con sequence of the Spanish minister having de manded passport* and left the country, all Spsn lah citizens wera leaving. The difficulty relsted to the refusal to punish the murderers of certain Spanish citizens and make Indemnity therefor. The question wss referred to Madrid for adjust ment Ths Bra*** Boaan Bill Cass in NiwYou. We have already stated that the landlord of the "West Chester Ho el, In New York, haa cued John C. Heensn for boarding tbe lady calling herself Ada Isaacs Mencken Heenan. In aa argumenta tion ia court, yesterday moraine, an a motion by Heenan'a attorney to postpone the case, (on ac eoaat of the abaence of a material witaeea.) this attorney *atd tbat ha would prove by plaintiff1* admlaalona that thla fair frail woman waa not hia wife, but bad had her name recorded with tbe defendants on the booka of the hotel aa '-John Doe aad lady." He would prove the character of thla fair frail woman; he would prove that ahe had aatered the same house with other men who bad money enough to spare fur that particular evening. He would prove that the plaintiff ex pected to get pay for this board from Neil Bryant. New Beaks. Throurh Meaars. Taylor & Maury, we have a parcel of valuable booka, freah from the buay praa of Harper k Bros, New York. Viz: Captain Burton's ' Lake Regions of Central Africa." raraaays "roreeaoi Matter."' Butwer'a " Mr Novel." Cap* Mayne Reld* "Odd People." " WLe?t and Tare#,'' anonymous. Capt. Burton tell* hla story of travels In lively and at the same time Imparts a deal of in formation about this country. (Central Africa,) ao latereatlng and ao little known. The book Is not the lean readable for lta strong smack of peraon. nitty, letting us iuto all the ha pa and misbapa of the writer, and hia aquabblea with the Govern ment. A? a mere narrative of daring personal adventure and hair-breadth 'seapea, It haa extra ordinary Interest Doubtleaa the book la deatlned to aomethlng anch a run aa had Livingston'a kin dred book of travela. Faraday'a Lectnraa on the Foreea of Matter are WMsderfuily fascinating considering the unprom ising nature of bla anbjeet, and the render la be (n#A * -* * ?H>v o *wt aujuuni ox "UBfliil knowledge" quite unawsres. W't can realize from reading these lecture* bow It Is that Href Faraday's spoken lectures excite aucb Interest among people of all classes as delivered in Lon don. Bnlwer's so popular " My Novel,*' Is presented la a handsome dress by the Harper's, and will be gladly welcomed by the public In Its attractive galea Capt. Mayne Reld, who has come to be recog nized In both hemispheres as one of the most graphic writers of narrative and personal adven ture of the day, here presents us with a book calculated to gladden the very hearts of all the little folks, and we dare say the older folks will And "Odd People" very good reading. Among the queer people described are the Bushmen; the Pstagonisn Giants; tbe Centaurs; the Man Haters; the Dirt Eaters; the Mud Bedaubtrg; the Root IMffgers; 4c . 4c. "Wheat snd Tares'* la a pleasant collection of well-told stories. Three books aie Issued in the best style of the Harper'*, and with their clear type and thick white paper are a delight to the eye. Peraeaal. Hon Rover A. Pryor, of Virginia, la at the National Mr and Vra. Browning, with their son, have been spending the summer months at Si enaa. l^ettera from laat point report thsn In ex oeUent health Dlekt-ns offers Tavistock Home, his town residence, for sale, and will go down into the eeontry to line. His charming place, Gad's Hill, la Kent, attracts him from Lonaou Charlrs F trade is writing a new romance, to appear In the Atlantic Mocthly. It ts said Mr. Xsaos is one of the most painstaking authors auye. ana ittsx tie dikii rewrites Ms beat pa^es twenty times over. Miss Anes BalUie. sister of the lata Joanna BalUle, recently gave a party on the completion of her one hundredth yesr. She has resided near London for msny years, and enjoys excellent health and spirits. Her faculties are anlte vig orous. and she still pursues her literary gleanings. .... Tennyson has lately returned to Lis home la iLe lsl? or Wight. The rumor In the London papers of bis Intention to come to A tr erica Is without bis sanction, no dasign of snch s trip be ing meditated by him. A correspondent who saw him a few weeks sins* describes bim as looking otst his gsrden gate well browsed by tbe autumn VivotniA Lisuunr* Elections.?Elections were held In Virginia on Wednesdsy U> fill va. eanrits la tbe State Senate Dickinson, Breckin ridge, In Pryor's district, is elected. Tbe twen tieth district is not heard from. For Houm Dele gates Crump I selected over Campbell from Amelia and Notaway, a Bell and Everett gain Inadis l/lot which gave Mr. Buchanan 1S3 majority. In toe eizfiiu a .air in Mr. >uti, Breckinridge la elecUd bT * ?na!l majority. Tb* diatrlct gar* Mr. Buchanan 137 majority. la Patrick aad Tin Vana coonile* the Breckinridge delegate* are CT Franklin Building, lee atortea high, in the rear of Franklin Hall, on Blxtb atreet, Philadel phia, wu destroyed by fire on Friday morning. It wu occupied br Duncan Wblte, bookbinder, who** !? ? liNJUt; Wu 8. Young, Job printer, among whoae stock the forma of aeveral weekly and monthly paper* were deetroyed, including the Prtabyierlaa Quarterly Review and Cbriatlan I act/ur tor. loea u aeati mated ; Smith k Peters, stereotype printer*, loa* of The balldlng w?a owned by Hulinga Cowperthwalte. Total Im of 5 0U), covered by iaaurance. The Are wm tbe result of accident. fCTYeaterday l?th) ?as the anniversary of the battle of York town, an anniversary of greet ??. novation in Virginia and Maryland The new Baltimore Park waa dedicated on that day, the Young Guard of Richmond aaaistlng. ITT The Prinze at Walea baa preaented to oue ofVa Cincinnati partner*, Mia* Mnttl Taylor, of Mewport, Ky , a magnldcent diamond brooch, numountod by his crest. IDT A man in Mercer county, Ohio, vbo pot ntryrhnine in Lie waUriiielnna, and tbua killed five persona who were depredating on bia vines, baa been indicted for tnauslaagbter. fjy Thr Oenica Boy w*a fined S300 at Bnflhlo for his participation tu the prize light there aome time ago ICT Three Cnbao fsmll rt are said te own one alxteenth of the entire real and personal property it lie Uaiid, and iwrnty-flve tbouaayd DEFARTfZfVT IVKWt. Poitxastim Remotes ? James Clendenln, portal** ter at Carlisle Springs, Pa., has been re moved and the office (which la necessary only during the watering season) discontinued, be cause he divided his commissions with a firm la New York ou a quantity of private c;r -uiars ?*at there by a firm to be mailed The sanoa course has been pursued wttk refer ence to the postmaater, George White, lad tbe oft. e at Weetmnrelind Depot, New Hampshire, for engaging In the "Gift Enterprise' bualaesi. Extension or the D^iiwiitRiiEivt ?The Commissioner of the General Land Office (Jos S. Wilson) has instructed the Surveyor General of Kansas to so enlarge the present Delaware Reserve as to allow an alletment of foar and a half town ships to each Indies of that tribe, as was the Intention of tbe Government in subjecting the original reserve to a limitation It is to be ex tended in the direction of Strange river. to AlVT flrrrrtt ??n* ??i Rmt.ra Lieut. John Dryada> having repeatedly drawn hi* pay twice for tbe same months, and having failed to appear before a court martial, the Presi dent has directed his name to be dropped from the rolls of the Army. Affoiktxist ?'T. (> Hancock, of North Caro lina, for some time past a temporary clerk in the General Land Office, has received an appointment in the Cenens Bureau. Th* Wmritk ? The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation is about ? o:elock Octoekh 20.1M0. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind NK Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 85] Wilmington, N. C clondy, wet. Angusta. (**. ...cloudy, cool. 9avannan, Ga. cloudy, 61?. Macon. Ga. cloudy. Columbus, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy, damp. Jackson, Ala clear, cool. rnox TBI wmt. Cleveland, O raining. ruiauurg, ri appearance 01 rain. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. ni , <c?i rerted for temperature,) W H47; at noon, 29,994 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 5W; at noon, 51J. Maximum daring 21 hours ending 9 a m to day. 55'; minimum 49*. Amount of rain last night, one inch and slxty tt veil-hundred ths Political Iteai. It la stated that the Hon Emerson Ktherldge, of T?*nn , has emphatically denied that in his sp**ech la Indiana he advised his political friends to vote for Lincoln, In order to defeat the democrats. The Martinsbure Republican learns that a Lin coln pole has been erected in Berkely county. Va , and that It i* guarded, and tbat any attempt to cut It down wtil be resisted by force. Virginia m Asm*.?It appear* that Virginia has finally made up her mind to defend herself in the approaching crisis of our national affairs with northern arms The Adjutant-General of that chlvalric'State is now In New York city, charged - - ? a l. _ Jia .# V..1# _ ? i ni ? j ?t * a ... who a crran 01 aan a million GOlI&rs, in(l W1TD order* to purchase a complete armament for the Old Dominion. What the motives are which have Impelled so calm and conservative a man as Gov. Letcher to this extraordinary demonstration does not yet sppear It is, however, rumored that the Kxecotlve of Virginia has resolved to call a meeting of southern Governors at Richmond, very shortly, for the purpose of concerting measures, defensive and offensive, to be taken in the now iin mlneat event of Mr. Lincoln's election. 1ET The Wasblngt on Star elves a graphic ac countof the proceedings of a late meeting of the Jackson Democratic Association in Washington, in which oonorarv members were nominated for the ?k- of procuring from them contributions for K:y purposes. The Association has lately at pted to censure the Star, but has "taken nothing by its motion."?Al-rindna Gazette.. * l?7~ The decrease of the import of coffee Into Ntw Orleans, this year, up to the 13th icstant, is 14.325 bags, and of the stock, 12,111. rr*?KV. WM, H. FOOT. D D.of the Bal inore Synod, will preach at Wesley Chapel TO-MORROW, at 11 o clocs a. in ; and Rev. J. A. McCaclet, the pa~tor. at 7!? p m. It* jy y-uiBi.fc btU'litB, by K*v Dr. ' Ht the Roonii of the Youae M?*n'n Christ an A?? ciation. ever/ SATURDAY KVKNlMi at 7H o'clock. The public, ladien included, are c?r dially invited t? attend. It ,y-yTEMPEI?ANCE MEETING-The re?u .L^ lar monthly meeting of the Cstholii: oiaf Total Abstinence Association of the District of Columbia will be held TO MORROW (Sunday) EVENING, after Vespers. Every membrr of the Asio .itUon is requeued to attend It J J KANE. Sen. of t.-cood Samaritan- L? 8ION, No. 6, Sona of Temperance, will hold a public meelirji at Temperance Hal'. E utreet, on TUESDAY EVKNING, October 38d, ?t o'c 'k The public are moit resoeotfully iuviteU to attend. Per order of the W. P ocy-a? M. H CAMPBK'.T.R S. Y"g~DOLGLA8 ANPiOimuil AMOCIA I. ? TiON.?Tta?re will be a regular imtetinj cf the Do>i(:aa and Johnson AsMociation c.t tl.t (vim mel Hiute C ?tr*et. on MONDAY EVK.MNG neit, at So'clock. Several distinguished Democrats are expected to add;e?* th* meeting JOHN r. ENNIS, Pres. SAMUEL T PRUR Y, S?-o. It* O. O. F.-GRAND ENCAMP M KMT ? 113 A ine-ting of the ft. W. Qr&ju) Kncanipiiioiit oftM District of Columbia will lied at Onq P?'lo??' Hall on MONDAY KVENING, the ?( instant, at 7K o'clock. Punctual attendance of its u.embers is requested. By order or the M. W. Orand Patriarch. _ooiOJrt H. S. HOW EN, G. tocribe. nTy*IMPORTANT NOTICB-.AU eitigons of .kjf the District in lavur of a horse railroad fom the Navy Yard to Georgetown, with lateral branch es through the principal streets, and who are alto in favor of giving every citizen of the District an opportunity to take stock in such an enterprise, to a limited amount, are requf?-t<*d to m?et at Tern peranoe Hall. F. street, on TUESDAY EVENING next, October 23d, at 7 o olock, to form article of ass. ciation and to pr?psro a memorial and tiill for the Qfinsid?ration ol Congress oc 20-3t T r?BA8K BALL.?The concluding gam*' of the I L jf Home and Hon e Mates, tmiween tiie Poto mac and National Clubs, will be payed on the groun ls of the latter, b^twe?. 6th and 7th sts. e*st, near Maryland avenue,on HON DAY, the met., at 12 o'clock. ool^ *t* MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OP iOI.LKC" GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, Cok^kk or and Twelfth tins ?1Th* Annual Course ?f \*S~ iur**w in hub insiuuiioa win commence on A1UN** DAY the 22d iust The introductory to the cnurM will b?> delivered by Profeseor N. Yovwo, M. D , at ?S o'clock p. m The p-ofession and pablio are re peetfuilr invited to att?cid. JOHNbON ELIOT. M D. oc 19-3*2 Dean of Faculty. y^DEMPSEY * OTOOLE. J.3 WEDDING AND VISITING CARD ENURAVKHX. froportere of fit# WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the (goat beautiful styles. 346 Pa. At., be'.ween 9iii and l?h ?u , au 27-tm Waihuiotp*. LAD?EjVCHF.ST-EXPAN DI^G SKIRT SL'B PENDE?i; a ro, CMKhT EX PANDING SUSPENDER*. These articles Rive an erect carriaf- to the body without discomort, anJ. to ladies and gents are invaluable, both as to tiMitb aud personal appearanoe. Call and examine, at MOORE'tt West End i?riu Store, oc 2" iw 113 Pa. avenue. M SOFT HATS AND CAPS! ^ W'm never have ha<l to Urge a variety^ ^of GENTS and YOUTHS' SOFT HATS and CAPS and of styles so new and varied. Our long experience in business, and boy in i exclusively for ot*k, enable u? to Mil at the lowest price* At STEVENS'S oo 80 6t Salesroom, Brown's Hotel. TO MUSIC TEACHERS ?A larie lot of new Mono, imported Irom Kurope; alio, eel otiot.a made in peraon from all the grate publishing houata .tt Boston and New Vark, asecia'ly assort-d or piano, violin, and nut*. A*., Ac. Also, Daeta lor all instruments now open for inspection. 30HN P. Kl.LIS'S Chiokermgs' Piano Store, cc y 306 Pa. ay., bet 8th and loth sta. \fADAM? BOIVIN'8 FEMALE ALTERA 1*1 TIVE PlLl>9tA>r the exclusive use offcma es laboring under aay of the flowing complaints: Obstructions, Supp>essions,OraenSicknosst Head ache. Pa n in the Side, Palpitation, l.o?tlnng of rood, Disturbed Heep, acd all Interruptions and j I rregularities of th * Pills should i ed Heep, acd all Interruptiona and of the Menstrual Pe ittjs. N. B.? onld never be taken by (enisles dur ing pregnane y, as they ara sure to oauae aiiscar riage. Prepared for Mjd&me Boivin. at IS Rue 8 vaiica ?ra, M t'arif, Kranoa. For tala at 179 "uth B at., oppo?ito Stinthaouiar.-the only Aiant m Waahingtou. oo 80-3t* ARAB CI.OAKS?ARAB CLOAKS! PKUAL OPENING DAY OP ARAB CLOAKS! MONDAY, OcflurWd. Sol fori do Fancy Striped ARAB CLOAKS, Gray aad Brown Strip**! ARAB CLOAKS, Blank ?'loth ARAB CLOAKS, Plain Orn ARAB CLOAKS. Alan. Blank Baavar Cloth SLEEVE CLOAKS. BEDOUINS, AI-B AN AS, t? , trimmad with Cro chet Bertha* and Croohet Friiiaaa, at MAXWtLVS, 00 30-wwSt 3'38 l>?nn?>lvania ar?nue I ARUCSr SIIOK_STORE ON SEVENTH amer/i. rted stock of fl la ebe?p Tit* largmt, ohea *e?t, ?nd Mat uu ? a _ BOOTS AND 8HOK8 Pn Savanth iaituUMMINH ft CO'S VV"*. ^ i OB# door omh of Northaro Market. _ S(9 ' F ?ood *a wall aa cheap ttnd. M aboTH 8to,a, Boot. a*5 .... Th? Prftac* of WtlN la Thi Mvsicax. Festival?T*? GkaRD Ball on oat Night, Ac. Mlfter thewhich it described aa -one oPlbHargest hnd grandest military dis plays wblcBhas evrrJaken place in the rtty since 1b| dtyi the ?ritiafc-?ffiy bivouackfd thM, at Ute fr.n.VorOqaes*, L* and the royal ph^WW pot in doM carvle'^w and driven hastlfr to tkf hotel, where tb* WBTtrd their military dreMi a ad re opined tUT balf-paat ftre, when tk* wofa escorted bjr the Boston Cadeta to the hall whtri the musical festival wma held. The ball ?ii doc ors?<-d with toga, Prtnca of Wales' plumes, and dnperies bun* around tba balconies, which were fi l.-d with ladies A largte platform was erected, upon which sat the Trine* and invited geesta, comprising the Chief Justice, the Governor, Mr. Ktncrson, Senator Sumner, Prof. Agaaalx, Prof. Holmes, aad other notables, sitting directly la the rear of the Prince Twelve hundred acnool children were arranged upon seats *1 oping from the floor to the colling, and from the platform one could aee two la r^e ^triangles of girls, while between them was an orchestra of sixty performers, lad by Carl Serraha. As tfaa prince entered toe whole company rose, and the masses of childrea waved handkerchief* and clapped hands, producing a Ana effect. The beautiful ode by Dr. Holmes, which we have , already published, was sung with ftae effect, tbe Prince and entire audience rising and standing The entertainment lasted just one boar, end was very enjoyable. The Prince and party joined heartily in the applauee and In singing Old Hun dred. Thev were then eecorted back to the hotel, where they dined as usual at 7 o'clock. During the day tbe public schools were cloeed; also the Insurance offices, the banks, the Uoaton Corn Exchange, and many of the stores. The wholesale millinery goods stores, tbe wholesale drug and paint dealers, snd the wholesale dealers In woollen goods closed at 12 m. It was a perfect gala day to the Bostonlans and their country co jnins, and will long be remembered by them with pride. Tbe party are aald to have liked their quarters very much, saying tbey were so ki.mal'b' # el * HviiiniAc. a uc vivic iur tut? p#riy wu very imnG* somely spread with a gold service, but only even or eight dishes were provided, tbe party preferring the simplest and moat substantial eatable*. Fruit waa provided at everv meal, and a number of fit* pears were i>re*<-rved to be taken borne to Oueen Victoria Tbe party were much interested and excited at tbe news of tbe accident which hap pened to Prince Albert, published In the Boston journals Tbe Boston Post, speaking of the ball, says:? At 10.30 tbe Prince entered the building, accom panied bv Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, Lord Lyons and tbe Duke of Newcastle, and proceeded at <>?ceto his dressing-room upou the second corridor floor. There was no crowd about tbe door, on tbe inside, upon Lis arrival, and, so coldly fashion able was tbe whole affair, there prevailed no ex citement whatever about the place After fifteen minutes had elapsed, His Roysl Highness, at tended by Mayor Lincoln. Hon. Edwd Kverett, lion. Mr. Winthrop, and bis suite, entered the temporary private box constructed far bis use at the centre of the first circle, and gazing forth up the parterre of natural beauty bevond him. was welcomed by the assemblage with one of those silent yet be?rtv manifestations of public aoplause for which select gatherings of such a character are alone notolous An interesting conversation relative to the fine display presented appeared to be In progress, while the crowd eagerly an(j unr? letitluifly gazed upon the royal boi, and a misstep of which His Koyal Highness was guilty, and which placed one portion of his graceful little figure In odd and homely relation to others, fur nished delectable food for a little private mirth, in which the people below would have gladly joined if tbey had only known what all the trouble was about. The Prince stood the heavy shots from the dazzling ocular batteries with brroic firmness, and, considering the experience which the past three months have compelled him to ob tain, it is lint strange that he should be something of an adept at such a defense. At twenty-five minutes before eleven o'clock, Albert Edward came upon the floor, and, after walking the en tire length of the hall and retornlng, held himself in readiness fur the dancing, which immediately commenced. The scene now presented was one odd enough for a Boston ball room, but not all a novelty In Prince of Wales balls. A small space was cleared for the opening nnadrille, and alx>ut It assembled in great crowds toe fashionables who desired to as certain the naine of the fortunate lady wh >m the Prince wss opening the ball with There was no effort at dancing beyond the forrmtiou of two nets, and 'here was in fact no interest for anything beyond the movements of the prince. Toe first i4inr* uran -U.l at? " ' * ... ... uucij vu??? uiu iuc tecona, mini, fourth and alt aucoeaaori The lady opening the ball with the Prince waa Mra Mayor Lincoln, and the parties acting a* via-a-vta were Mra E- Chickerlng and Mnjor Te&adal^. The other dmcera In the royal aet were Mias Fay and Francla Braggiottl, Mies Auatln and Mr Dwlght. lu the aecond dance the Prince held the hand of Mr* Governor H&nka The flrat to waltz with royalty on thia occasion waa Mra. Lieut. Wiee, daughter of Edward Everett. t 12 o'clock, eupper waa aervad in magnificent atyle. The dancing was then resumed and kept up with unflagging energy and anlrit until paat four, the Prince joining in neirly ? very dance Among the gueala present who received marked attention waa Lady Franklin. There were 1,100 double ticketa and 5*A5 single ticket* aold, the r- e!;>ts deposited amounting to about S&J UK). Tuf number of invited i/ue*ts present made up the whole Dumber, 3,000 From the hour which hi* Highness left bis hotel, in the morning, until be returned, the peo pie were in one uproar of excitement So this evening, almost before the street lamps were lighted, Washington street was lined, from Court street to the Boston Theater, with one mass of ex cited people. The cars were not running?the omnibuses could not make their trips?while the employees of different stores, workshops, and hotels thronged in one solid phalanx toward* the scene of beauty and fashion. By 9 o'clock, no " pssser-by" could depend making his way up Washington street. There was a fine of carriages from School street to the Theater, while a rope was stretched each side of the street to prevent the crowd from perfectly blockading this thoroughfare The Prince has remarked several times that he waa highly pleased with the cordial reception which he received on.Wednesday aftpmoou. The reception was so much more quiet than those with wuiuu on uaa oeta met eJaewh?-re, although it the nm? time quite at enthusiastic a* anywhere, that it impressed him very favorably Bostoq seemed much like home to h'tr,, and. by its crooked streets, reminded Mm of London, and was the mo|t English-looking city be bad seen la this country. We can say, of our own knowledge, that there Is more enthusiasm In this city than was exbtbiUd In any of the snuall places In the British provinces which be first visited, and quite as much as was shown in Montreal. When the Prince landed at St John's and was taken through the streets of that city, there wus not a cheer or a about, and in some other places there appeared to be no more enthusiasm. TUS PHIXCK AMD G0VKK30R BANKS. On Thursday morning tbe Prince itnd suite, accompanivd by Colonel Reed, visited tbe State House in Boston. In tbe Council Chamber tbe ?<.! ??? luitvum ra u> nif ceuency Covet nor Banks by bi? title as the -Prince of Wales," and after taking bim by tbe bund, Gov. Banks addressed blot as follows; " It Is witb Kfeat pleasure tbat I welcome your Royal Highness to tbe commonwealth of Massa chusetts and extend to you tbe most cordial greet ings of its people. Tbey have regarded with pro found gratification your visit to tb1s continent, so auspicious in its opening, so fortunate in its pro gress, and now, I regret to say, so near its termi nation. Be assured, sir, you will bear witb you tbe united wishes of tbe people of Massachusetts for your safe return to your friends and to your country, to wbicb we are attached by so many ties of language, law and liberty. " in their name I bid you welcome. I welcome witb unfeigned pleasure tbe dl'Mnguitbfd a?d honorable gentlemen of your suite. " Permit me to present to you my associates in tbe executive department of tbe Government; Hit Honor tbe Lieutenant Governor; Gentlemen of the Executive Council; Tbe Secretary of State " Tbe Prince bowed, and after shaking hands with two of tbe Governor's aids, was taken by tbe arm by bis Excellency, and, with hit suite, WBS conducted thrnnoK *H~ D??? " ?,?r -a*" *"v *|<iwainiuTd' Mil and tbe Senate Chamber, the lad lea rlaiog Id their ?eaU to greet hint, and giving evidence of the heart!net* of their welcome. I HOSIERY. GLOVES, Ac. HAVE Ju?t reoeived mjr Pall Supp'y of Ladiei*. Genta', aJld Miaaea' Hoaiery and Glovea, of all qnalitiM, of Eng lian and German manufaotare all eellma at the low eat prioea at wholesale and retaiL. HENRY EGAN, 341 Pa. aranue. and Seventh at., oc 19 6t near the Avenue Houae. OAA coal-COAL! ilWI TONS FUHNACK. EGG, and STOVE coal, daily expected by achooner Mountain Av enue. ? a b. waller, , oo 14 St Near the Capitol Gate. A saddle and harness horse will be aold low, the owner having no far- Pt ther n?e for him. Would aaita phyaioian. Apply at No. 3*8 Fourth atreet, near G at.^Q^ >k. j.n ??v OO IB 31" EMRE! FIRE!! FIRET? JL ft|OQ REWARD I will fire tk? above r.vard for the arreit and oonviction of the fcreon or p? eon* vko fired the ?Jr.1?D,t2.r>,h?? ?f * Broth-/ o , (hit liijrht of the 13th iu?taat. Their all was destroyed. The |eaerona and aympatkain* public will be oalled on Tor a small amouut to enable them to resume their former business. I8A.AC BBERfl. Cut. ATOctober to, IN. [Ordered to bo i^rtil is the Ernuw St a*. it beiag the am^ir tiering the largest oirco elion of any daily p*p?r pabliabed in Weekiagtoa.) 'All pfratyia applying Car lettgra ta tfc* foiiow V/ fillat'CA A Ring cling, lit Ktbwm, flk'* _.*'*? (tubiutoa, Br* [A FilWra,MiwS?rrK Ja.h'a e?Mi>r. Hnnnu iM>f A Haiii, Mia* aLfiuW Hull, Mnlarik A , Jxt H<rriat KtoJirsM, Mim lauk.BllHEuiciN Btita, Mr? Boti??r Mary A Imi k, Mra iugutu rnu?U,MriR E HolaicJ.MinCliri e Btu*ou, MiaaJaliaA La w ia,M raj o*e ph > Srnuh, Mm earak A Bmo.rg.r, i?.ra mojra, Mm Klia'tfc BebmUt, Mn C F *" * ~ . JJj'fi.Mnbuli SannnaJMiaa tltcm , Miaa Bank M*rr?.M>a*M?rtiM Svmn, Mm A U Scott, Mra Ckaa L TabiiBtt, M m K T altar, Mrtlinta TluinfMk^iMiry Clarion, Mm Cora Mulliktn.Miai M C Scott, Mn Chat L Cuona.lj. Mm Ana Mtichtll. Mia J C Tatuauixo, Mm F Canmi .Mrii P Millar, lira Calk** Dart, MraCkar** A Mailer, Mm Ru D it'tU, MiaiMu; dupa D<j' i a Itf ioti , Mm Walah, Mra Jut Wkatajr, Mia Mur*t Wiiliaoa, Mia* Cacalta M?rj A Abifala Da pro, Miaa M McCJartj, Miaa D*'ia, Miaa Anna Iirak Dana, Miaa Mary L Stale, Mra Elu'ik Daatat, Mra M'y S NaiUr, Miaa Ustia Wh.Ua, Mra Daal Daolay.Mra Pratar.Mra Mar/A Wiltaaa?a,Mra Mary Franck, Mra Mary Roth, Miaa Elix*tk W fall*, Miaa Mart Raaa, Rabaeaa Waatit, Mra Jan* Firqubar, Mra M jr Roar*, MuaMaryE Waaiua, Mra K4ar4 Forraat.Miaa Faaoy R??al, Madama Woodyard, Miaa )'* t'urniij, Mra I A Flaria A ***"' GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Audrawa, OUaira Gadirajr. Nicaoiaa McPh?raoa,_M Grant, Mickicl "" (irtu, Mr UtUia, Jvlia A Ulaulwortrt, H?S Ora'alt, Emraii Arthur, Mi.too C A la a tbder, Louia Alka, i W Alaaiudar, John Atmur, Gao Alexander, G W?t Owjmi, Carry Aadcraoii, Gaa? Uiga.C A Branch, Wm Harmon, W I Baaka.Capt W I 4 Hall.WT Blaka. Wia Harkart, Wm MrIiwxld, P?t?r McCloakt*, K McThjaa, Wa Na?iu, Wm H Nacajr, Tkoa Naioi , J no W Urr, Jauwa-S O'Ncil, 8 O'Brtua, Mickaal Ptuler, Wa aj i?vw | ww i Bode, Win H Brown. T?i Butierfielrt. 8 B Baruet, Jaiuee Brooke, Robt Bailey, Rctrt W Bjrrd, Richd D Brown, Jai 8 Barre, Jee H Black *?*1, Lt J O BUck, John Browu.G H Barrwt, Geo linen, UkOW Block, F Breep, idftm Coreos. Ml m C'IuuImii, Gen T J Clark, Riehaid Cum, P C illene, Peter Col/b, X A Clark, Xoeeph Coyle, Jno Conkliu, Joeeph Carroll, Eider J >a Campbell, ino Clenieon, J C a oo? Tho? H rfiui, Mala* 1 Hall, Joo T?J HoluJa* W Hockadir, Jro M Harrin^too, P I) HaMiuf a, Juo C Hanibcrger. J icob Hamphreycill, H llopkina, Htif Ueo Henry, G T Howard, Oro S Hubbard, Ueu A Howard, P H.iune, Prune ie Horlbeck, Paul Hardin, A T?4 Humphrey e, Col A Ireiue, W Infalie, Cap! R lap#e, John Jonfe, W L Jordm, H P X Jui.keu, Dr D X Johuwo, Chae Jamieon, B A Jampaaeli, Thoe Kiur, Ti<omoeo? rncipe, u l noe Parr, Mich??l Parr*-, l.eoa Puree, Jao M Parker, JH'B ftti'fl*y. Phillip RiOdle, Wm?6 Rot iiiaoo. Trace* Rorere, Lewie C R'Th??OII, J 8 itaickt r, 1) H Reiohtidt, C Stecdiatn, William H low ere, HuJ Mmiiii, Wu Si t ley, W illiam Rhelborn, Wm Sfl.eaier, Tb*>?le Sawyer. St AM Siniih. J A 81 aney, R A Nirum, iantee W 8:iyder, John Nhehm,John (jewr, iiroeippe 8 iaile,r' Hreaiu Blair Smnb, Coaietance 8n,ith, Coantanl P 8.nuh . Dr Cbia 1< Cotton, J A Connor, Hugh Ca*h, Ueo Carter, Ueo Cottrell, E C Campbell. D B Carol, C H Cleielai.d. A A Dunagin, Tho* Delioj, Tho* B Oatii, Richmond 8 Dorat/, R H C Durall, Donoboc, J W Dillon, Jonathan I)ou{n?rt?, Jno Donallco, Ueo Doutldaon, Ueo Duly, E u Ooud, Daniel Diapont, Capt Dauielo, B O Koraey, B C Eiiaerinan, O Ur. A U Edclui, J B Ev trton, Hcurr II Pant. W B Fouie, Win A Ki-ld, Wn D Kreeman, T M Killajr, Patrick Kirkttand, Mr Heading, Jno Kuhn, I)< Key?, Col Len, Willi* Linflej, 8anl Q Leu, Saml E Ltwia, 8 O Lloyd, tiao L Laealett*, E A P Lawreuce, A H Manning. Jacob Malua, Vm M Meudti.hiU, W T Miller, Thoa A Mitchell, Tho* A Mitchell, Thoraaa Middletou, 8 E Mirriw, K M Miller, Reiin Marah, R II Maher, Phillipt Mmitrnmerj, John M yera, John, ar, Mjera ft Hon, John Marion, Joe F Mitchell. Her.rjr Morriaoii.Ile?OeoA Maplee, C Mere*, Bernard Shilling, B P Taylor, T C Tnompaoo 4 Sir uh TwmcJj, R D Turulej, Capt P T Tw.ininee, Jerre Tolna, Jaa Trahert,, A Jackson Vickara ft Co, R H Var.ecirer, John Vau Braackle, S,n.l Volk, Dr W H Ward, W Weaear, Wm V Wheeler, Tho* Q Weir, Tho* J Werinei.ew, 8 Watkia*, Nich Wren, Jaa W Ward, J 0. A Woll, Jno C Ward. JooT Wolfate iner, J^ cob Whitehead, Joint Willitmaon, J R Winneye. H W Waahn.rtou, U A Webat.r, P Waiah, E P Wi da worth, E C Willenchi.en. E MuTphy, B W Wheeler, D Ma&ee, Eugene Williae, CH McCaoti, Elwerd Wallace. Alex McCarte, Ueo Wrwit, A W McLean, Jno N Wilraol, A A M;Carty,JC Yoaur, Wiit A MtKce.Jae W?3 Young, Moera R McGmuie, Mich Youuj, J no R McLaio, Mr Young, Albert MISCELLANEOUS.?Hie Ex. Charge i'Afum foi Den mark; E. K. M K ; P. O. IT7LBTTBRS NVII III ALL CASKS BK PAIFAin. ??otjo WM. JONES. P. H. LIST RECEIVED, f AT A lot of gtnts'S L'ND.^KSHltfTS and D8AWKKS, from auction, whion he will k!1 retj low. oe 19 Ira $-200 REWARD.?i will five the above re -v ?ward for the a re*t ami onviction of the party or pa ties implicated in the bur mm of my stable on the night ol tue 16th mat. _oo 19 3t* J. B HAW. /CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON, COR V> p.iR^TION op ALKXANIIRIA and WASHINGTON GAS LIoHT COMPANY STOCKS f jt sale, of sums to suit JAS C. MoGLIRK & co , on 19 6t Aoct. an l ? ommmgion Merchants. Buckwheat FUour.-hvw pounds new, fresii ground BUCK WHEAT F^OU R jest re ocived and for kale in lota to salt by D. L. MORRISON A co., oo 19 Corner of Tv<?Uth a d B itr. 1r IUL WISK TU liKr GOOD CLOTIIINO At Low Pricks, CfcU at SMITH'S. No. |60 Seventh at.. <>o 19 Im btlTM' F. tn'1 F >ti. J NOTICE. OSEPH REPBTI Inform* the tnblio that h* hM reopened on I ?'re*t. b*t?Mu 7th ud 8th ate. FANCr and Ml I.LIN KRY and DRY GOODS cold cheaper than any oth?r atore in Waahiogton ci'v. No. 4Ssl Navy Yard, I a:reet, between 7th anil 8th ata. oc 19-3t? CA R P E T I N G S! CARPETINGS! i hnv4 Ju*t received, froru the northern auctiona, a large and handaome a*?ortment of Carpetinj*, at v ry lov Piiova Call aarly and get bargain*. HENRY EtfAN, No. S-il Pa. a*., no 19-6t and 3^1 7th at. near Avnue Houae. Linen SHIRT FRONT*. 100dox*n Linen Shirt Front* ju?t received, of assorted atylesand qualitie*, of my own imp .rta Uod, warranted all pure lmea. HF.VBVK.fikW oc 19 6* 321 Pa ?V., and 541 Seventh at. DOR OVERCOAi'S, r PANTS, VBST*. HATS AND CAPS, ? 10 SMITH'S, No. 460 Swath *,, oo 19 lm Opposite Pmt Olai. TGUN3?GUN**?GUNS ! HOSE Iff W?at of GUN* or PJSTOL8 are invit-d t?> call and examine our itook Th-y will b? told very low. W? hare also a good supply of Oun Furniture. Our stock of Hardware, Cutlery, Ao . is now complete. CAMPBELL. A SON. oa i? 9t 331 Pa. arecu?, ^ENTS SHIRIS^ ST^rKS, HANDKERO&IKf*. And all kinds of HKNTS' Pt'RNlfHING GOOD*, at 25 per cent, leas than any ?ther store i j the city. At 00 191m SMITH'S. Seventh at. L NOTICE. A ETCHISON A CO . in removing from the south to No. ai).northsidsof I'ennsrlvamaavenne, have not Men induoed to do so by the result of the recent elections, but in order to opens larger and bottor selected stock of Faicy and Stapl* UK V GOODS, where the friends of Abraham, Stephen, and the two Johna can all be aoooramodated with thiap Goo<ls. oo 18-3.* CGREATEST INDUCEMETS iN 1 HATS awo CAP8 Kvu OrmiD to tub Public ! All the latest and most fashionable sty lea of HATS and CAPS and Miaaes' JOCKEY ready at GLADMON'S New Store, 88# Pa. a*., near ooraar 11th at, OppoaiteStar Offioe. oo 1S~3t Mow Cirpst Room I Attractions in Carpets and Oilcloths! Drilail. >)/);?? Trtrnr #? ^anrtis lOU BHi n will he k-pt full ana attractive the whoie ee??<-n. Oar STOCK OF OILCLOTHS U the birt in the oity . and presents Maiimr style* thaa at* to be found rise where. Buyer, are requested to oa!l at onr room, before buyin*. rhe* will find oar pnoe* a? low aa any in the eity. and our stook exoelhni in rmKnau ui variety. .. L. K. FHIV fc CO., Upper Rooraa" Parry Baildmi," 0? 1M? C?n*r Pa. sr. mm Ninth i WARM UNDER GARMENTS. Oar aaeortment of Wool. Silk, Merino.aad Cot ton UNDKR9HIRTS and DRAWER^ ta now complete, both at wholeaale and retail,-at 8 TLTBNyfl oo 17-4t Baltiroom, Hrown'a Hotel. T cemetery notice. HE9nbeoriber offer* for mU? hi* ?toek of MAR Bt.E monuments. T O M II 8. grave 8T'?Ni-8aud MARBLE MANTELS at redoo?d prioea for oaah or approved note*. A" early oal. ia solicited. W M.RUlH E R for D. Marbla Worke, 35S E at. anrth. oo 17 an between ttth and 13th. CkOA?^LOA?: A large lot opened thia day ia onr Cloak an Shawl Department, oompriaiag tha aeweat novel tie*, and at leaa than uaaai prioae. We invite * apeoial attention of the Ladiee. ^ J. W. COLLEV * CO., M IS-At SM Seventh at, above Pa. a <*?>' '" ' 1 *s?v ; . > <*''4 DD FELLOW 8' HALL. k 1 i?4?kd Ncxiii or Ni??ts Wi ELVOMT, WJiard, o rnary, A Y MIGHT, Oct,6*. 2V. IS cnU. , -v- by pa ?i.U I? ** lk*r. <* " 7, coMmono* at?. oo ? yy AS HI>TOTON THE ATF. R. Sol* L*wm and S. W. Glxkn. w, on th? nijbt of TH L'rsua V. %ove*?i* 1st. _ ? JOSEPH jefprson, Tk? Conwdiftu or the Aje.vii: ooDirn*r o? aa gatementul Tver* MikU oa MO?f DAT.Nor*mber Stt^nd win M ?. - foilowrd bjrthe must B R 1 Li, I ST All lb the Theatrwal Firmament. ICT Conituumcaiioar il KWr?u?i to 8. W. GLunt "O d Bowir* Tb?*tir," N?* York, will m*<*t with prompt tttfcUon. hi U-?f ~BA.LLS, parties. *c A rill He Third grand potil' on party of tb? ULANDftOCfAl.OM'B willtakeplaee " at tM A*-?KM dl.Y K f KJ M "* l.ou. tweea <H M<1 6th ?t? , wiONDAY KVE NINtf. Oot' her 22.1. The Committee plerfre th?m?el?e? that n*ith*r>A.iK? no- xpease will he Iiwtxl to Mlc* it tJu Kurty of the m*M. Mr. ^ aaof, 'he proprietor of the r omv liu refittec th? ro"B? in the mait modern ?t>le, which will eoa tri^ete largely to the fctbritiee of the eveaiag. J*pata'a UmmI h%? beea enrac>?1 mkete Filty CenU. admitting a |?otlMU tad Comrvitt" ?f A*rmnfmtnt$. T K?'lt, J. Flemmia*, F 8 MoVerfcany. Win Flemnuaf.W. H Bright, T. ft Hiehof, c. 9. Draper, <?. Donohue, J. Raiaey, N. B Poeitirely, nokata or cape allowed to fee worn in the room. oc M-W* LOST AND FOUND. FSOAPRD FROM THR I NDER^IONF.D.< "j Saturday, the 13th iost., aki MARK,/ *1 iflf n* to C. with KkMiK and bridle; two white hln'V>V feet. find blind in one eye ; no other reeollwoted *5 will be tiven for h?r r -turn to R. B.OWKN8, MUMotmirUa tv., b?t*Ma 4th a*d .5th ?t.i. west. oo 0*T?On the ItMii instant, a red hornwd COW ' with a piece cut from one ? ar and \ .! t. in the other. 3h? h*d * ?tr?p around h?f' neck at the time ?he left. |] r?-wa d wril b < ?iv*n to 'he finder fcy returnmc the >im< ? OFTiNSTRLN. No. 373 Maryland are., ITvwa *d and 3d st?. oc 'l-jt* DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Corsrr o? \V hhhimto*. To wit .-?1 Heieby eetti-/ fjr that Richard Butt, of Wanhinfton ci-na tT. District Columbia. tiroiulit Itefore iiia.^ tlie subscriber, one of the Justice* of the Heaee l|_ and for said count*. 'his MKh day of Oo eher, in the vear of our Lori 13?>. a.i astray. tr*spa?*iaK upon his inclosur**. a chestnut sorrel HoRSR, about t ear* old, 15 hands high. biased I ireli'ud. left hind foot whit . railed by the oollar. shod all rouaa, switch tail, troU aad caaters well, and haa been used in ceara Given under my hand this 16th'ay of Ootohar, 1WV. J. W. BARNACl/O. J. P. THE OVVNKI OF THE above PROPER ty ii requested to com* forward, prove property, pay charcea, and take him awav. RICHARD BUTT. oo 17-St* fce->??nd Toll-r?t". 7th at. PERSONAL. Ran away from samlel w?.*k, on t air eel, belwfteu Bill and 7th, 'a*t Timre- JB day evenini.a U<ht NEtiRO OIR>ut four feet iiz inches hirh. Sm i>? tn? nume of Mae. ami had no ah<>ea or bonnet on at the time aheleft. A euitatil* rrward ?il*Ti be given to ant peraon I avinz irforme'i<n at<out her at t*4|uire Dunn's Ollioe, on L"iii?i m* av. octf^t* NATHAN VAhTERg. MAD\ME FELIX. Fortun* Teller from Pane be?e leave to inform her firmer frienda, and the puf'lio generally, that ah? ha* iamoved to Ninth a'rt-et, northeant co. ner of N, where ah* will ! be happy to wee all who rray .Jeatre to have the put, reeent and future aaxiafacu nly explained, oo 111m* JUST RECEIVED AT BMITB'S, Heven'h tre?t. a very la-re lot of FALL and WINTER C OTH1NG that wi 1 b? fo'd at astuniahteg loi price*. oo 1< lm PI AN Oh. MELODEON8. VIOLINS, Guitar a. Aocordeona, Tamborinea. ftn.,*c. O" It JOH* F ELI.IS, 30ft Pa ??., bPt. <Hh and lOtb aU BlikA REWARD.?The above reward will be y 1IAJ paid by the aubacribera for any in'.oriaa tion that will lead tothearreatoftheaoouDorelwho fired our etabie tliia morninc MORGAN * RHINEHART. oo 13-St WeiUrii Wkftrvit, BALSAMIC DJL O L B' S BA LUNG IN VIGOR ATOR. For the cur* of Coraif*. Coli>?, affections or thb Tbkoat aud Lcsos. oc l? Mr* WF WANT OUR OUR CUSTOMERS and friend* to know tliftt our auortnierit ol GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS u? now 0'iinp ete in ever; <lspa-tmcn?, embraiing every aructe, and in great variety, anally kapt in a well organized GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE. Oooupyint for the past twenty y? rtore, au-l buying all o?r goods exclusively for "ca?h," wa are satiated that we can sell a be war and BETTER STYLE OF GOODS at l.?wer prioes than thoae who bu* oa "credit." We wiah. however, to maintain a reputation for the sale of FIRST QUALITY GOODS, and thoie at the loweat and uniform prions. At STEVENS'S oc lMt?o S-aleiroom, Browa'a Hotel. pROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. i Your attention and examination is ratpoat'allv ! solicited to examine tha o*l?brate1 New York ttUTTA PERCH A RO KING auJ thaGUTTA SKRCHA P.* INT ior paining tin roofs. Tiie ntta Peioha RooSnt and Pan t is ackaowledged I bjr all the beet architects in New York oity to Im tha Mat and oh*ap*at Roofctg and Paint a "sift auoa. It oau b* seen at B. W. HAMILTON'S Saint Store. 512 Seventh street. CA?FIELD * A HILTON are the sole arenta for Waskagtos, Georgetown, Alexandria aad the Honth. For far tk?T mformat on * a? ihtm. <x 1? tf 1 nn bales cotton laps, IU" For Salt at Fat:try Pricti 41 pair fino Bed Blankets, *11 sn??, 2<iopn.r Blue. Brown, Grey tod White Blanket* fur aervaota. 50 pi?oe? 6-4 Fulled Clothe of the he?t kind, SO do Plaid Lineey, all vidth*, 100 do Blue and Orange Oenahnrg?, Calico. With many other n-?ira'>l? goods,all of which wiil be sold it th* ve*y loweet prtc-e Weaoiioita call from all pereone in want or Drj G?v>H? \\ M. R. riley * BOTH ER, No. SH Central 8torea Bet* e*n7th and Sth street*. oo 18-lot Opposite Center Market. A splendid CHANCE for BARGAINS! IK ALL K1IIM OF dress GOODS! Fr ywi the Finest Articl'* dowm le tkt Lowest Priead Good*. CLAGKTT k may'S Urgean.l .pleodid ?toek of DRY GOODS must he olosed out before the let January next. ThAU wKn viak !? - ? -1? -?1 - ??n >? ? ? < Biiuuiu comv o?iij snu hrirm all ths Ca?h they oan spare The stock will positively Mwd without retard to cost. Fob R**t.?The fine and very oommodmna STORE ROOMS weoooeupy will l>e for rent, and Cmaetsiou siven on the ut January next For rm? apply to Cl.AGETT k MAY. oo 17 St S94 Pa av., betw. 9th and loth at*. EAGLE STOVE HOl'SE. 3|g I have the 'ariMt and haodenmeat assort *i t of COOKING anil HEATING STOVKa inaw pat terns) that haa ever been seen in this market, for Wood or Coal. The assortment bein* t o large to enumerate I resarot'u ly invite ail tboeein want of ths be?t Stoves to call and exa-? me mi assortment C. WOODWARD. 3!* Pa avenue, oo H-ao6t between )0th an* llth ate c. a rowm. ..john f vtn. xvH lnninoi, CHARLES S. FOWLER * CO IMPORTERS, Wholesale and Retail Dealers is CHINA. GLA68, AND EARTHEN WARE, Fine Cutlery, Plated Wars, Roll Matal Goods, Block Tib Goods Tin Chamber Sots. J tnsiwii W Altera, tther?al and Solar Lampa, oil oil Lm^.LuUtm. ke 4o. 504 (Odd Fsixova' Hall) xEVKNTH ST., Q U o6w Washington City. RPROF. VARINI ESPECTFUL.LY Informa hia former patrona, ud the citizena or Waahiafon renerallT, ? that he triil a?aio rtaumi hia DANCING fit 81.ASSES at the fol,owing Aoaderaiea (.ion A cad mi y, oorner of Fourta>-iith atr**tUJfe tod New York avenne.and at Stntt'a Hall, ootaar of Pa. avenue aad Twentieth atreat. For lani ia regard to Urnta and day a of tuition future adrertiaainaut. 00 17-?? L. O. MAR1M. INSTRUCTION 1 IN MUSIC. A. F. LITTLE, PkOFMsaOR OF MVSIC, in* f~har*e of ManoaJ Department at A lnwickl^F and Pleaaant View Seimnariee, and beta* engaged fourdaja in ttoh *Mkit thee* Institution*. MM o jiih^wi tlj Lut two day a in Mek week t > dewte to p irate intruction of pnpila. or to ft tinilv en gagement in another iattitutioa. Thoea dee* ring ni? profeaaional aerviee* will pleae? luak* applieft tion at Qt. H uat'a. 3 10 Pa. avenue oc 4 lmao* QREAT BARGAINS ORES? GOODS ! Now receiving f'?ra the large auction oalee ta New York inuoh ike 'ftrgei * tylisk ufortnNt tnat we frieadaaad purghaasra geae vue their >peotal ftttaimo^ b whick we AtTCTmx^rLfci ilATd^Ut^co.:- ' 1 mIHPHP ??KMNU,OiM(r DE?UTIFUU :*TCet* ? hIR.-t* AT *10. 15 rioii ?v>? #A ri' k 1)4 V r wcitrs ? fgft tts* S*uf<4 A. *%lbrt?U> 1 uito. ^a^SajESSS'SS S3 ' i. C. MrGl'IRK A CO . A acta CT'TOR AWWK 8ALK W POfcTrONED _? toooattof im vMtkw.nbi MON Da V AF T?y jKH.. Br CLEARV Ik ORKK.N |A??t>oMm. ffOUPKBOLP FURNITl *K. I>*Y GOODS. Sfef&tf WSE: ,n JViatl NTMti IMMtv* t h? a . M M v'e^ci,aiWf* lot of F?riitir?, Dry Mscds, fc?lloj??y^ofas Sidatooa?d aad Bar BeSJwT'c^ orka. By CLEARY A GREEN, Asctic I>Q8ITIVK SALE OP BOOTS AND SBOEM. K Btoii fix mis. Ac, at Arnioa -Oi TBURBUAY MuRMNV,* tul. at Mo'?iuoi,tt*tor? No. Itl suutk aids of I'ho hotv*?a *H aod ?Ui a"s?u. iaa - aiatoty aod?r tha A'Mmboit lixu, a k*>-f e ud Im MMttMni of Boots, Sfeoas. Ac , (oaaibti of? Menaad Boys'ina CLf and Pataot L sat bar Boots, Do Boots iwTiO Yoatbs' fiaa BuoUail tMkoas, I adisa', Gat tars, Boots, l?iio?s aad Biij?ara, JlhSSm's do do do TocatHor viU a cenaraJ aaaortawat 01 Saa M Boot aad Shoe Drawers, mads ia tbs bast 4 Ckai ieliers, 4oabl* barnara. as yard* Oilsiota, oa floor. i.otafGlass l>uor snd i'&jm A ao, two fine Hhow Window*, bow ractoo la front of H. NfM't tko* tor*, m oortk aid* of Pmd. ?Tanar. Iwtawii ?S Bud SJi ata Tarma: All tame aodar o*?r; orar tSoaoradil of Si aud en a\y a, fur Bota* aaiufaotonlj audoraeJ txarinc lotaraat oa?i>-d CLKAKV ft OB KK*. Aacta. lif ARSRAL** SALK.-Ib Tirtva of wnl of ifl i#n faoiaa taanad fro* the Clark a Oftaa of Ikt CiremitCoartwf ike lnetrict of Cu iu.b.4 lur thaCoanly of Waahio|ton, and to mo directed. 1 wt*I expo** ft pabtie ava. lor oaah. in foat af the ?arka- Htaaa in tiaorgetowa. aai<i linnet a fc.DNfc.8L> A V, Uta Siaida) of Oclobar iaat . 1*", tomntnci ( at a .i'oi ? k a ib the lo.ioWtr.f (> < d *nd M'lt'ii, to Wit: I Bm H-r??a, 1 * mo?, * 8?tl*tlWB<HMMNr|ioNta aatiadBod le*v 4 y^oB u c>a kxxIi tail i k?tt a ol k U Wi 6 d. im wi I be ao'd to a?ti?fv jndie a>? No. 4. to Jbl B*ry Ul1,i> btorfUud iw J Jooe. W bKLDRN. ocM-dt* . t B MBTBfeft:. FUTURE DAYS. Br TH08 DCJWLING ; O?o<-c?to? b. u ni< a ov/i'P1 * r* l? LUI. I1 RAMI D jjnL?T #c.-0? rHURHOAY AfTKRNoON m?i. ta? U * ImL, at S Vor?, withoat raaarve, is fruit of the Lrot 2%, in Rettlr * H?vk) ?* adriii.on to < *>??*t?>wi\a froabunfNtot Hifti ??.,? '?-t ob BiiU iL,?cd f| IMtoa ?C. ?itk two-aiory Brie* hod *. r?*iow to Ue Ml* of th* above I ita. m . the urrl'ure, H*C?. Sto?ee, harden Huff Pace iB'. 4o.. * a. Term*: Om kaifoatlii haliua it 11*4 B aoithi, w\lk iatoraat lmraedia<?ly after ?knv?, f aha! I a*!l ir fret of the pratniaaa. Lot No M?. froatiac ?n {* t on Hit It treat, with two atory Kraroe Monee, opfouU tte resdenoe of M A^lar, Vi^. Tana.: One half oaah; baianoe ia and U aonth*, itb mtereat. oe M St THOC.DOWLIN6.Aaot. ITT?THEABOVK 8AIE9 AEEUNAVOIC ably poatpoaed till MONDAY, dia S*l iaet.. eane Mil-* By WALL * BARNARD. Auctioneer.. TRLtSTEE'dPALK of VALLABI.K BUILD i?o Lot on A ituit, tqr aai Eiit or thb Capitol, at Auction ?On t R10A V AFTfcK - NOON. 36th inatant. at ?H o o'ock. by nrtae or a d^ed oftrnat dated 12th Ootobor. 1UB and daly ra o?r4ad la Liber J. A. ft.. No. ICS. fulioo OP Ao., on* ofth*lard roaordent Wukmitoi aoiity.D. 1 Will aolllD front of the premieea the eaet half < f Lot 54. Huvt 72?, fror tine 3 f??et lifc inches on A (trMi,aad runnier back 127 fe-t h*? f?ii no'th Capitol aad A atroot* to a thirty-foot aJ!e?. Tfrmi: One third ouk; ou hunf-?-d and fifty 4oMar? of whioh maat bo paid on troyroaad tw madiataly after the ea e, it ?. <t. it. and *4 month*, i?am.| interact aad eeoared by caod of truat oa the wtDiut. KDWARD c. CARRINGTON. Traotoo. oo 17 WALL 4 BARNARD. Aaota. ?y A ORKFN. Aroti-neor. Timk'! BALK OP VALUABLE Bcil? 1 uw Lot* ii th? iutiiii rat or tmi citv at Acctub.?On KkIua V. tha ?u cay of Ooto bor t 1MB, I a hall eel I, In front of tha premie**. at pablio amotion. by rtrtaa of a daod of traat to the aabeonbor boanui date the 7ih ?ay of Aanl, laa. and r?oort)ed ta Liber J. A. B., N< . ITS. folio# 4?. 430 4S1 and 432, ono o: the land reco^a of Wa*l.teg toa ooun?y, in tha Diatnot of Colombia, tha follow a< mentioned property Ulna aad borne in tAe oity Waa&i. rton. ftiatriet aforeeaid The aaie will at 12 o'olock m , on the first earned prop erry, via: Lota cumbered an teen aad aavocteoa,< IC Aad 17) Bmr* mtmtiored tmi hundred aod eighty aix. ) Lot namberod fifteen, t15,) in benere nam ton hard-ed and niroty Ire, (l.o?,> i ota r a inhered two aod four, d aad 4 'in Boaaro onm Mrs* IM hundrsd and siast? mv?i, il MT ) Lots i,uiTiber?J sixaad ?* ?,(< ar.d 7.) la *?uars nsn hersdol*Tsa kundrsd and mrstesn.d.l toontaiu inc STJffi, >^iire f<??t, mor* or 1ms. Tmt auk. All ovinjuoiEc at U>? sost or tka psrohassr. If the tsnas ars not oomphsd wicW in c?j? ths trsst*s rtMTTM ths right to rmll the property at ths risk aad rxpsase of tM first psrshassr. K. C7cARR1N??T%V TrusUs. o?1S d*d? A^O*Fe^Awet. n ft. NOTIC K!_N OTICK!! Mri. HELLER ln?its? th# o(5* Washington and vioinit; to h?r G ra?d ()p?im| o{ F?ihinwh? FaLL aoo \V1.\TER HOMNnTI, on Fri lat ami Saturday, 5th and ftth isstant, whsa lie ?i'I F*- happy to ha>s lalie* sum and Tiwin hnr took ol Good*. a* ?h* hs? a v?r? handsosss stock of FEATHERS, J'LOWKRrt, DR KM TRI MM IX **. jj E A ?? DR tSHJKf. CLOAKS. 8HAWL8. EXTENSION 8RIRT8. COtKtlf of ail sim* ai,d tnoM, and a rsry lares stock sf KMBRi)lUERI??.A?,*o. , <x; 4 Ns *4 Msrkwt 8pso?, bst. 7th aod tth sta. O W READY! I LAI" KB* cwiutafTi w F U ? 1 th?K variotioa. ' btineSet^^ N?fQormT Tkirt?th <M>9 A EXES', MISSES. AND CHILDREN'S HATH TIM OMMt ! santtnd lar pit *toek *r?r ?ff*r?d, aU ev and jn?t of?ne?i to u?y. P*r?ntl will ir>d it to U??-ir lit* Mt to rft,| and examine my -Uh k . ?i | thai I a. II at I fro|?U. nurM oa 15 g?r comer of ftixth t. and Pa. w. Tmokk new good?*. he Uaderajcned have ju?t completed (Mr took of (ioodi r<>r the Kail mm Winter o Mf i'lu a fall ?xi well ealeeted Man'taneat of C CA^lMK.HI>m< VE?riNGS, with etylee of Material for Buaiiiee* Buiti, I a r% lety ??f OENTLK*l-.V?B Ft, OOOW ??ftbe beet quality, to whiah tfa fully iante the attenuon ul their t;l~ Winert and the blimey a'avaJ mmt Ci:i*mu' Mirtkmml TWiert, ot-eolu No. *19 Pa av. R OWK'8 ORIENT*!. BALSAM, A Cru ? wum RALDNLM AM) HKADACHK. bis new diwovery baa produced This new d raovery baa prodaead aetntuehiof m mvnfSSsrrA^Mar asks of .heeiTn; aeertain <*?. fof fcaadr.ob*, ?Dd air aa 11 wf>w* fUEANCE CO.-1V 1. OoRiLU&Si h?M K^TW. n TOVK8! 8 T O Y ? 9? S ITOVEiHf 1 bar* M hud a iMtttMortmntarOMkiBft1^ Umt rtoraa, wtooti I will mi! dIhut Uu u) <?Ui*r ho?M U th? Diatnot, aa it is bit intwtioitoc.ote um <>nL Call and m, ud tk?a jud** for yonrMiTM. , 1 c. S1Y M n?rt 4*or ?tt>H OftuC Gkoc?kltti.oo?, Wiikiai to <> > (tan a* to nak m to hwiiimi^ia*li M*d a* poa*ib.?.1 will oomiMSM thia * joatlar^aah wjrl_ cost tor ca? aad.aTWUu frw* aad mn Mora mm vilfe M kr it at gr>aUy ?ubnSky c. PLRirr. M U-2w Na Pi. im>fc

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