Newspaper of Evening Star, October 24, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 24, 1860 Page 2
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't'HK EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEO^KSUAV OcUber 24, I960. Spirit ( the n?r?l?| Preaa. The rimstitMtion deacanta at leugth upon the sectional laaue which It the Republicana ti>T( Iliads in the current Presidential contest. The IittelUgtMctr tells hovr that the Democrats frequently criticise tbennelre* in r.flttciliiig their Bell akd Kvtrett opponents. A Utearrival brings newt of a terrible gale having ?crurred at liueno* Ayres on the VWth and "Vth Angiwt. by which the shipping In port, and i ther property was considerably damaged, and MTntl ilvt were lost. The gas work* of the city were di*troyed. and the place left In dark ness until they can be r-built. Otftctal Vati or Ohio?The aggregate vote of Ohio la very heavy, amounting to 412,701, and exceeding that of laat jtm (355,706) by 58.936 -votes?a remarkable increase. The aggregate vote on Supreme Judge is heavier by 7,UUO than that on any other office, clearly showing where Ibe intensity of the strnggle lay. BrlnkerhoflPs majority is 13,004. Murray's plurality Is 23,279; his absolute majority over the Democratic and I alon vote! combined. 16,ft3c>. Sargent's plu ullty lstM.M); his clear majority over all oppo sitluu. IS,M. TL* average Republican plurality l?a*J74; average majority over combined oppo sition. 15,-UU. Per**ral Isiac V. Fowler baa bad tbe yellow fever In Cuba. Rev I?an1d Worth, of North Carolina, baa forfeited bis bail. Hi* surety was bia son-in-law Paulsen, tbeeh^ss player, Paul Morpby's treajfesi adversary, sails for Europe In a few days L?dy franklin, attended by Cyrus VV. Field, Esq!, attended service on Sunday morning in New \ ork, et tbe cbureb of Rev. Dr. Adams Madame I.? Grange, the celebrated opera si?Mf?*f, arri v?>d at Sontt^aaiptoit, England, em ruttie for P ris from Rio de Janeiro, on the 2d instant. Mr. Yancey spoke at Pike'* Opera House, CluciHb&ti, ?u Saturday night, to a crowded au dience. . The Princess Alice, second daughter of CfuSea Victoria, will he betrothed next month to P*rnre I-n jis of H> sse Darmstadt, one of the prln t; p^ii of tl?e petty duchies of Germany. Mr. Rarey. the famous horse tamer, is eoui'ng ho-o.v fie brings with kim the moat u? nu .a^etible nf bis transatlantic quadruped pupils, the : try steed. Cruiser Krmk Leslie ?nd h's quondam friend and rlglit-band man, l'r Augustus Rawitngs, have h d a filllnz out, originating, It seems, ftooi their Jbusintws relations Mr and Mrs Botirelcault receive for their luint t-rvlces at the new Adelnhi* Th?at?r In "Loudou SlOO per w??rk. Joh? Brougham for bta ?ui^aM?(ueuta at the Harmarket Theater, London, ^cu t&i per uUUt, witu & clear ball benefit Dr J W. Paimer. welt itnown asa literary man In this eitr. has bacame attach* d to the Phil adelphia Inquirer, iu the stall' <t which he U to occupy a pro.iiJn-iit position. lie can*ot fail to prove a valuable acquisition to tuat old and able Journal. From t alifsrmu, Oregon, ke. The Punv Kxpreas brings advices from San Franctatu to the lutb instant. The campaign in California wupro^rmiu; vigorously; the canvass showing a vt>ry close contest brtwewn Douglas and Hreekhirid^e ' Bettin? men continued to make cvea Nrta on these candidates, without hesitation. TUe fact that ti.> of Hreckmridge would secant the r<vf-le?-Uoa of ?Mr. Gwin, operates a^'imat tba^ ticket s '! he Hr?<-klurid/# Oewwrrats ire endeavoring to diaiai:" tf.e Don^iasltes, by that there Is a between them and the Republicans tt.rougto'itth? Pacific ^t&tn. and lhatother parties will unite r.rxt winter to elect a fusion Senator tnia California ??n th? 61b t'l?yraphte communication between l.oe Arttreles and r*?n Francisco was inaugurated, ai.d Wis Ihe occasion of a central jollification at f.cs Angeles 'I be line is to be continued fatUj?r iva; on the i>utteitleid r?ute as fir as the company are able. The PUcervtlic *nd Salt Lake line Is also pro greasing Mticard i'rtiti Carson Valley, another stretch of thirty mtlei t>eyond Miller's station be ing a1*"'- ready for n*e Both lines anticipate c^uaect'.on with the great Continental lines re cently authorized bv Coueress The Italians of Sau F rancisco held a grand cel ebration on the y;h, In honor of Garibaldi's en trance into Naples T?l. tl.MlusUkt.ilI1 ? * ? * m ??? kji vun i' ? w :iijfccr a ionjj C3nirn M) prove it a forgery, La* byen Anally admitted to probate Oekgos. Ob the rth new* reei iied San Francisco, by Ul'-jrapb, thut the Oregon Henatorial, fleet inn tr>. fc p'a^est ?; ltin on theOd, In d;ie legal form J ^fisuii'h, Douglas democrat, w? elected f< r the Wn^ term, and L D. Baker, republican, ft r tbe ?U>tt trrin?five year*. Mr. Baker ia a uon iuterventioa republican, with views similar to these cf Lii Thayer. The news bus electrified the California repnblJcnns. imny of whom think tbe State may go for Lincoln, if Mr. Baker can be In diced to take tbe stump there. The d'sfwtck fro? S?leni ?aya: 41 Messrs Baker a til iVrsoiitb were elected to tb? U. S Senate to day. Tbert- was a coa.plete fusion of the Donglas deiuo nig ai:d tije repablicans. Tbe following wss "he vot? Baker V>, Nesm!tb*?7. The greatest anxiety prevailed daring the several balloting*, because on ? vernl previous ballots Baker and N? smith cTOf witbin onf vote ol an election " 1 ates from Vancouver, on the Columbia river, to (> tober J. briDg us news of a horrible massacre try tbe Indian*. Mr. Scbeiber who bad just arrived at that pl?ce state* that tbe Snake Indiana atutefcr-d an entire ?migrant tr*in, consisting of lorty-S'i persons, nineteen of wfcotn were men the balance women and children The party were first attacked about fifty miles on the west side jot Salmon F-.]? t>n Ui* 'Jth of September. This at tack b??- d iho?t on?- hour. The ladiars then w.uultew, di.d flowed the train to proceed live ? j . tt? ? tUCUl 1 UC flihr letted two daysand ouenight. On tbeafter- ! noon of the !.>:u. tue Indians had p .'* aalon of the v.-tielr Ifii i wrtn tb<.- exception of six men, who. tieing nr>?>?iatfd,t*r>?p*d. Aftfr traveling thron/b tte wv ili uisi days, th se six were "train attar k td, 4u?i hve cf the purty killed J-'cbeiber alone >td b. hiding In the buscus After traveling a* veil da s without ford, be waa found in an ex La-irtrd 'inditton by *noae persons who took htm to tt?" ?< . Of the nineteen main in the party, atx were dis bargrd soldiera f.oon Tort Hall Mr S?h?lbfr is the cnly one who escaped He aays ti. *ix men who left on horseback did not leave untU *he Indiana hod complete poMeaal*n of the train, and from the screams of the women and cLMdren b- wti led to believe tbat the whole j-trty were inV-bered. A L" J*. t>mxu BaocoHT to bt a Ppasjsh *.'4>cr War ?a Key \V est correspondent of tbe .y York Journal cf Cotnmerce says: 4*A little eptsrde orebirred tfce other day to the Crusader. v. birh Lda i-t V#*I1 ri^> tn nr? 4? tI na, and wnu b umv vet Drove aji Entering wed^e to impfMAUle" ditBr.ulitfl*. A PpanUh man of wai itr^nn r tbrfw a shot aero** tbe Cruudtr't vilien Cattata replied by flrtng ditto. bo sbpg bi* and kteainiog down, with tats mca at quarters, dfuiaodir.K \? Uat be meant? It waft oat': te The Crusader looked comewtiat ItfcetfceCity cf Norfolk, and hence the mtnp> j.iehrj ? ou. Tr'fllng aa tbia would actui to be, Kb l?? ken?d among tbe Hida'.got 2nd S*nori uaiair?M.M f*rliug of wwuoded pride I vary s!a?-eri lv Einj* It wnnl complicate our diB t ultu? :n xht -evrr faithful ial? .?? fh" > ? York Tinea tats I tab advice* to tli?. ' h*5 ly appointed Federal Judge. Cftsby, bad arrived In tUe Terri tory and, at *u latarview b!a Aatoclat* J-idRf. H*-nmker, tbe andtimi a for holding ti?r ci nrti had b*.tu arranged. Tbe >ecoud and ]a*t bnd-cart train of tbe aeaaon bad arrived at J*alt Lake CiM! A nnbtr of tbe Mormon lradara bad rt '?atly been av an excuralon to tbe coal uiju?>n idc t trrltorv, an nomination ef whirb nintghu tLeui that tbey could be v rirk. d with -dy-diits^f j si measures were lintae riiaUiy t-.ken U> r.p?n & rjwd to the locality. 9b? \ryo -tieotml Ki^mtAujrh was agiUtiu^ in tbe NJce\T?,?j*.-? Lbe *ubject<n iurmlldlty of tba Mormon surveys ia tae various cities ar.d eti:?n*titr f !?/" Tbe New Mexico mall, with advices to th<- mil it,si , .a.i?ed at I?dr?>?ndenee. '1 Ut ?f I'nited 3UU-a troops sent r^btnst the S*va>*s, b?v? b?~u trone from Santa KrLbeut twe we*k?. 1* their absence a band of India s raur wltAtn etgfct miles of Santa Fe and rrm Hf V9? m?|es Witv were recovered, bat the ba'an??- vr: entitely lu*t. I I t i> dUt-* U;d succeeded in running (Hf frotn thr 'gutniirr rul'?rt at Albgquerque oi?e hundred Urn d of W?< fxttl* TJyy were follow*d, but tuev k led all the t attle and eft*ped The t>.>v?rn<* of Nev* Meiieo and Col. Fauat )t r^r were at twrfrfiaii t* reg*f< lo the tear ing down rtnft old build! i*f{. to? |?af?" While be/tviUr i'rlace onlrrrd a p*ir? f alligator U?u from 7 M Rice, School *'r?*' V*f wrrm fan.iah?d In forty-eight hour* tlWfct r**W rtrfived The frluce wjara lumber acv?:uj .. tcr rw MMBien. H?8i?ir1tU and ft* Km Cm City, arrived at >?w York froan Havana on " tfa? V* ben the Kmp re City kit Haeaaa a fcnrrtrao# ?? expected, and the admiral had la aued orders to tie Sj>*fllsb to be ready to wart it. . j \ ! t" " -? a ( _ WABMUflTftB IIWI AMP 60M1T. Hew it wm Dohb.?We were by no mnni unprepared for the new* that cime per telegraph yesterday, from Oregon. Previous to the meeting of the Charleston Convention General Lane had written to hi* frlenda there, directing the with drawal of hla name from the canvaas fat hi* present teat in the Senate; aad, In aeeeriUoce with that request, he waa not regarded aa a candi date for reelection. The fact prow* to hare be?n most unfortunate for the Democratic-party cause: aa no coalition of the oDDoaltlon could have de- I feated him. There are tat 50 ntnbtri ia all la both branch?* of the Oregon Legislature. Of these the Republican* have twelve only, and the Douglasitrs thirteen; leaving the Democrat* the balance?twenty-five. The union between the two wlnga of the opposition of the body we knew to be complete, and are not surprised that they have b??a able to buy up or In some other way to seduce from hta allegiance to hla political principle*, a single other member. Baker (Re publican) was elected by bat one majority; arery PouKlasiU) and aome on* nominal Democratic party member voting for him. For two years past we have contended that Douglaaism is practically but a phase of Republican party<sm. How cor. .... V. ... t_ .^11 i. a ?_ _ icct w? uo?c vcxu iu turn uc^iaiauuu} n ociUg forcibly illustrated, indeed. The Democracy were recently Inglorionsly de feated in Pennsylvania through the galna made by the Republicans in conntiea only where Doug laslsm baa control of the Democratic party1! organization. That ia to aay, the Republican gains in Pennsylvania (In the late election) were cantned almost entirely to thoae countiea wherein Dongl.isism is the ruling element In the Demo cratic party. In Oregon, in the still more recent Senatorial election. Douglasism thus went over to the Re publicans in a solid body; not a single Dougiaaite member of the Legislature withheld his votafrom the nominee of the Republican party for United states Senator! N evert beless, we regard Oregon aa being certain to give her vote next month for Breckinridge and Lane. In ber lata Congres sional eloction, with but t'.vo aspirants?the Breck inridge and Lincoln nominees?running, the former was triumphantly elected, because a por tion of the Douglas rank and file refused point blank to be transferred to the Republican party, though that was well known to be the programme f >r them laid down by Mr. DougUs himself It is absolutely certain, unless the people of Oregon are mads of materials different from those of which their fellow-cltlzena east of the Rocky mountains are maae, tnat disgust at tbe stauieiesa mendacity of the coalition by which Baker and Neamith have b#en elected to misrepresent tbe sentiments cf the people of Oregon In the U P. Senate, will react incst tC'cctlvely against the prrspect of the Lincoln electoral ticket In the national election there, on tbe 6th proximo. Thi Rspislica*# Statiro thei* Owj Posi tion.?In view of the probability that tbe Repub licans will soon be in power, their future position with reference to slavery under the government is. perhaps, the moat Interesting problem of the day We are among those who conceive that, with administrative responsibilities devolved on them, that position will be -very different from what might be Inferred from tbeir electioneering newspaper articles and stump speeches Tbe New York Herald of Saturday last contained a letter from Springfield, 111., detailing the particu* lars of an Interview with Lincoln, wbereln the writer alms to convince the world that I<., If elected, will prove a staunch defender of the rights of the Southern States, within their owa jurisdiction. We doubt not that he ia doing bis best to satisfy all southern men who approach bira of that fact; for in all his speeches of his Senato rial campaign, vre will do him the justice to say, he emphatically disclaimed any purpoaeof trench, lag upon the rights of the South in any Southern State, or of favoring tie abnegation of the fugitive alave law, however staunchly he may have sus tained the policy of denying them their Consti tutional rlghta in U. S Territories. Below we print a letter from the pen of Mr Dcfrees, their party leader in Indiana, who, it will oe rememoerea, wm a aereatrn canal a ate of the Republicans for Printer to the present U.S House of Representatives. It Is of Interest, as showing that tbe Republican party of the northwest are prepared to sustain Lincoln's views of his duty, if elected, aa announced by ths HnnlV* corres pondent. which are so different from those pat forth from day to day by the eastern newspaper* and orators of the party. The writer of this letttr is really an authority in tbe R epubllcan ranks, as for twenty-live years Le has been at the head of the antl-Democratic party organization In Indiana, aa tbe conductor of its organ during Its wearing of all the differing garbs of Whig, American party, and Republican party. Its necessities In that time have induced It to don : republicanism asd the Union. A Letter to J. L , Esq., Xaskvillt, Ttnn. Dear rtirA few days ago I received your letter of tbe 1(ith In reply to mine of tbe 3d Inst. In your letter i And the following remarkable para graph : " To day we had a dispatch from Louisville which indicates that your prediction in regard to tbe Indiana election wm correct. You ia*iy he correct, toe, wben you sav ' tbe election of Lin coln la a fixed fact;' and, If It la. you may regard the immediate dissolution of the Union as a fact equally fixed. A general gloom is thrown over our whole community. Men graap each other's band* and a*k with a moat painful expression of aaxiety, ' W hat do you think of tbe news T \V hat la vour real estate worth to-day?' " That tbe election of a President la accordsn ce with the Uooatitution and the laws of tbe United States should so affect the public mind In any por tion of the Union aeetna strange to me. There Is only oue way to account for It The measures of flabile policy had in view by Mr. Lincoln and hose who Intend electing him are most grossly misunderstood by your people They have been taught to believe that the republicans are In favor of reaiatlng the provisloa of the Constitution in relation to fugitives from labor; that they desire to abolish the slave trade between the States, and (by some unexplained prooeas) to abollah slavery In those Stat** This is not true. No such Inten tion or desire exists. Instead of g! vine heed to the excited harrangues of offlceaeekers at the hustings, wonld It not bettor comport with true statesmanship to look at the proposed measures of the republican party as an nounced lu their " conftulons of faith !" Do that, and It will be fouud that thay simply, as announced at Chicago, aa follows: 1. Non-Interference wih slavery In the slave Stites; hut opposition to its extension into Terri tories now fret;. 2. To procure a more eficlent law for the sup pesalon of the slave trade. 3 The adiulaslon of Kansas under her present Constitution 4. A revenue law, discriminating In fsvor at home Industry, for the support of the Government. 5 A reform In the abuse* and a reduction in th* expenditure* of the General Government. A liberal hoaiest^ad law for actualsoUiers on the public land*. 7. The Improvement of riven and harbor* of alioual interest. b The speedy construction, by aid of the Gen eral Government, of a railroad to the Pacific Would tbe establishment of such measure* be good cause It t the dissolution of the Union* It aewns to me that t?o man lu Teau*asee can answer Id the at&rniktive{ aud yet, that is <*U the republi can* purpose doing! Only one ef tuesa can at all he objectionable to you, and that ought not to be. The exclusion of slavery from the Tertlterlee, during territorial existence, by aei of Congress, is oppfied by some of the people of the slave States, because, they say, such exclusion create* an inequality of States, and la, therefore, unjust This argument Is imindad upon tbe sseumption that property in staves Is of the same character as In any other kind of property. Thi* the repubil ans regard as a fallacy, and the cause of mnch of our present troubles. We bold tbct property la slave labor hi of a peculiar character, and la not, therefore, property vrltbia the acknowledged meaning of t&4 Word as recognised by tbe civilised world. It t* ooly property by reason of tbe local law or regulation of the States wbere It exists, and outside of tbe jurlsdieilon of those State* It is not property Had it been otherwise, wby tbe necessity of that pro vision In tbe Federal Constitution la regard to 'ugitlve* from labor * Why doea not the Consti tution contain a provision for tbe rendition of bor ?' or cattle escaping from one 8t*te into another? For tbe reason that they arc property everywhere lii Chrlsteadoin, governed by the laws of property, universally recognised. If horse* or cattb' go Into Canada tuay are reclaimed wlthaot dnHculty. v\hy is It that you eannat reclaim Cr slave* wben tk*y escape Into Canada f It U a use tbey are not recognised as property by the common law, the usage* and customs widen relate to property in It* universal, acknowledged W* say that tbe Territories are the common property of all the people, to be rovtrn?d. whiia Territories, by the Uw-oMking power of t*? wuola people, wM?h la in Congreee VVi believe tt to bo beet for fee whole peopie out eUwv be excluded by oct of Congreee, jf B ' 4 ? * A ! \'VmY In O J wklis tbey romaia is a territorial exiateu^e. , When, bowerer. Territory form a Stete r<**- j ernment, if the people thereof determine to have slavery and say so In their Constitution, Its ad mission will not be oppoaed for that reason, al though we may leR'M the determination. Emigrants from all sectipns to our Territories nowgo there as equals?each taking with him jast such ait!rIrs as are rq(fard?d as property in everv State In the Union. Were the citizens of a slave State permitted to take their slaves with tbam. It would be an unjust discrimination in favor of the citizens of tfcet section of the Union, to tbe Injury of the citizens of the non-slaveliolding Stales II would be in violation of the equality of States which now exist. To tbat we are oppoaed. W? fere foMhe real equality of Uie states Those Wb? j i ?u ? ? ... a i* ? l. ? ? at -B uiun wiiu um arc: vpjnwru iu IUCO fHjnJlinyj SOO vet we do not threaten i? dl-?olvtr the In ion un lrn our views are carried out, and why Kbould you do it when you fail in establishing your pe culiar opinions? Whv do you not look at this question as It really exists ? Mr. Yancey declared, in a speech in 1858, st Montgomery, Alabama,that "You cannot place your linger upon that Territory out of wUicn we have the prospect of carving Mother alive SUU." Why? Because all our Territories are untuited to slave labor! If this be true, (and who doubts it,) why is It that you threaten tA dissolve the Union unless you are permitted to do that which you do not want to do? is not this the very cl. max of absurdity? Islhis the extent of yoar love for the Uuloa ? Is this vour natrlnti?m * If It be supposed that tbe republicans are to be driven from tbelr purpose* by threat* that Mr. Lincoln thall not be inaugurated, if elected, per mit me to rvmlnd you that the rnr e wUenca tbay sprung must not be forgotten ! They do not come of cowards, to fawn and crourh at the feet of any power on eartfc! Tbev are freemen "and know their rights, and knowing,dare maintain them !" This Is not aald In a spirit of bravado Far from it; but It Is an announcement of a tact which ougfct to be known, If H is not. If, bow?ver, tbe republican* believed tbat Mr Lincoln would use tbe high position to which be is to be elevated, for the purpose of warring upon i the constitutional rights of the South, he would I a v_ _ - * ? * ? - -- - nut ur eiecwrn. it is because they know him to be a man of enlarged, national ana statesmanlike view*, cap.ble of grasping with all the great auettions before the country, and co directing them aa to do even and exact justice to nil lec tions of the Union that they confide in him We know that when Mr. Lincoln swears ' to support the Constitution and the laws," that the oath will not be violated. Among tbe*e laws are the fugitive slave law, the law against the slave trade, and the la 10 enacted to enable Gen. Jackson to put dorm nullification mien the traitors of South Carolina threatened to resist th? revenue lavs ' All laws will 1>? enforced' What more do you want? What else ought to be reauired ' Tlie man who set fire to the Temple of Rphrsns sought an immortality of infamy; and It would not be strange that, even at this day, some abased wretch, desiring the same fate, may attempt the dMtrilPtion of th<? I'nUn Anp Torr, r?l?, 1 ?. w. .MV vhivii^ will a nilUi i-Ji *-rr I *> y erected by Ibe toil and the blood of our fathers He will not, however, be found among tbe hosta > of Republicans, whose every aapiration Is for the preservation of that Temple, nud whoae blood, if n^essary,wiil be poured out that It may stand for ever! Yours.&e., Jons D. Dkfexes. Indianapolis, Oct. 30, 1800 ArpoiSTiD ?'Thomas Q. Leckron, Ksq , baa been appointed Paymaster's clerk for the U 9. aloop-of-xar Vandalla, bound to the Eaat Indlea. Mr. L. acrved In the aame seaa lately in the Min nesota, when abe waa in the diplomatic-Win. B. Reed-Chlua-treaty-crulae. Operatic Cosckrt ?Our citizens will be glad to leara that Madame Colaon, Brlgnoll (tbe great tenor,) Ferrl, and Suainl propose to give a grand operatic concert in this city on Wednesday ere ntng next, probably at Willarda' Hall. y^Ssm REPUBLICANS, WIDE AWAKES. L? and all othera living in the Seventh Ward favorab e to the election or Lincoln and Hamlin, are invited to m?et at l*lan<1 llil THIS (Weduta dajr I EVENING, 24th inst.,at7>? o'clock, to organ ize a Republican Association. B? order. if COMMITTEE. rv"==?THE AWFUL NATIONAL CALAMI Lk_3 tins propheaied to he impending. and the coming of Chrint to Judgment about lwi4 '68, ac cording to eminent English writers?Dr. Cummin*. Reva. tiickersteth, Elliott, Crobjr. Cooper, Ac.,? with a fiance at the political dftktiny of America, England and France, ia the subject of a free Lec ture, the aeoond of a aert*a, at the Room* of the N ou g -Hen's Ohriatvan A??oc ation. Pa. av. cDom. lie Brown Hotel. TO- NIGHT, at 7X o'clock'.'by Mr. Baxtk?. from Kmlwl. it* DOUGLAS AND JOHNSON ASSOCIA tl <* TION.?A special meeting will be held ?>n WEDNESDAY rNfGHT at 7H o olook, at their rooms, in theKimmel Hous?,C street, between4\ and 6th street* The meeting will ha addressed by the gallant Major Tuchman, Democratic roun*y elector for Alexandria, Va ( tar Gorman friends are earnestly requested to attend. _ oo 2i_ UN ION PR A VER M KF.TING will lie Jo? Jt'ildeneverv day thisweek in Union Chtpel, onfcith *t, First Ward, to cominei ce at 4 o'clock precisely. a>id to continue but one honr. oc nrg^THEI.ADIKSOFTHF. FOURTH FRK9 IJi" BYTBRIAN CHURCH propose t > have a Festival in Thorn's bin Id in*, next nout'11 of OiUl Fallows' Hall, Seventh street, on W KDN fcSDAY, THUKSn* V I'BlhiV r .1. - , na fit i uioniii^s ui iiiu |ii >; - ent week. This Festival is li<>ld in aid of the improvement* now in j>ronress, particnlarly the frescoeing and i? furxlshing of nairl Church. Oysters and otlier refreshments will be nerved i?j> at reasonable pr.oes. I'seftil and fancy articles for sale. Good music in attendance. Open from 3 to lon'olock each evening. Thepob lio are cordially invited. on a-jt* THE 9QUARF WEDDING CAED, Tho latest and most fashiorable. See it at DKMPSEY & O'TOOl-E'S, oc 21 2tee Wedding Card Knf ravers. Ta cakd. HE Attention of tie publio is respoctfuHy invi ted to the extensive sale of excellent n?sw Furniture whioh will take place on THL'RSDA Y, the 2s4!i instant, at 10 o'o'ocjk a. m.,at the wareroom. Np. 39? n >rth D, between 6th and 7:h streets. Tie Fnrnrure is of an excellent ana'itr. and comorixea a large and general aaaortmerit. am! as the auftrcri l?er is compel.od to Rive up the room on or belore the firat of next month, great bargains mar be ?x pected. lit) A. (iKEEN. PA. S. DbV1i,L1ER3, ROPKSSOR Of the FRENCH and GERMAN LANGUAGES, 317 Eighth atreet, between l.nod M . ai the honor to annoano* to the publin that he haa reaumed h a leasona in the alxr. e lanniaiM, and liaa open**! at Miaa Wood a seminary. 5?94 % T atreet. between 12th and ISth ata , a French Cia??in which young lad'ea will b<? admitted Thid clats will incut three timea a week at liaif-paat 3 pm. Terms: 95 per quarter of 1<> months Satisfactory arranrem-nta made for leaaona giv*n in schools. Mr de ViUiera offer* tiie best referencea a* to his ?eal. ability, ftc.. &o oo 24 lm pOR KEY WEST AND HAVANA THE STEAMSHIP ISABEL. William Roll is a, Commander, Will leave CHA RLE*TON on the lat of Novem ber with mai a and pauongera for Key West and Havana. The 1?asel ia rated A 1 by the undor writera of both Fun-pe and America, and, from re oently introduced improvement*, ib bj fa- the safest anjl^mo'-t aere able conv?v?.nr? tn th? ti,nv* [TT For ?ppif to T. BA RNA R I), fco. 1 ToJTI'* Bnildin*. Wa?hinet?>ii, or to MORDKCAI & CO ,110 r.&it Bay, CI ?*Io?ton. oc 24 ,*?27 lu r. mi5CH. wm. r. rickstsin. HEW FIRM. FREVCH k. RICH9TEIN, (Stnut sort to IFm. F. Bayly,) Whoesaln and Retail Dealers ia BOOKS, STATIONERY, jad PERIODlOJlLS, No. 3T9 Pl.NSSTLVAJlU. Avxsvu. Wadding and Viiiuni Cards neatly engraved priot<vl. Paper and' Envelopes stamped with Initial with o??*atra charge. . ? Subscriptions reo?iT*d for all the Weekly Papers aad MaKKzinee; also. New York Herald, TimN, and Tribuue. Ca'l and examine on* etnok. All bouod Books sold from 10 to 50 per eent. !e?s than the Pub'ishar's pnoes. _ ITT* Any Hooks not on hand ordered, with dla patSh from London, Paris. New York, ttostdn, aad Philadelphia. *" J FRENCH JtJllCHSTElN, F No. 878 Pa. A?p?r*, BMvmo Uth aa* 12th street*, BULLETIN OP NEW BOOKS, Aa.. 4a. New and intereetinj work- just received: %m JO \,OUI Umu' The Aetre?? m High I.ile ; lJmo ; oloth. r-noc M .23, b? uiau. _ Miu Gilbert'? Career; an Amerioaa atofj; 12i*o; o otlw Prtoe #1.* i ho BoaxeUold of Bow vena; by a Southern lad;; ?y?i|.; Uno; o oth. Price 32, by mail. The l-oet ftuater; by Q. T. Adams; UnMi cloth. ^Trav?V?Vrul*VjMere by Alfred B. Street; Onjo ; olotk. Pf loo $ 135. bf mail r Mar caret Moaoref*, or the Fir?t Love of Ann Burr; a romance o! the B^vplutiun ; by Cba !? Burdeit; 12rno: oloth fl^S, by mail- . Jack Hop?ton ? Adveat^ree^or the Ad ventures . uov.i|.-i i -? ,? ?? w. i urner; lSno; ?loth. Pri?r" ?'b*u a; ISido; eloth. Prie* ? Thli Women is White: by Wilkie Collins. Cloth I *k of "AdMB Bad* PTi -V&MM 'JS* W'?o*hj 22h** f:t; ^d&a&srSm .xim ??.. b<?|htuour t iodstBIN, ,? oSJi.VS.7ir*" WSB*%?? si ;* lf;f U 4H hO 1* .'5 w J I * W?9* '.* W? rf?K tniCs* DSPAMWniMWI. ?L- ^ Srmvirs ix CAXiroasu?The CommlMlonn of the General Land Office (Joseph 9. Wiiaon, E*q .) U In rereipt by the lain matU from Cali fornia of the annual report from the Surveyor General of that .Jtate, showing the progress of surveying service during the last fiscal rear, con sisting of the survey of confirmed private land claim un?r treaty of OvAdaleape-Httalgo In ISISwith M<*xtro, and pabrn lands The pr?v grreeof the survey* has been eo-ext?uiv? with Uieeppropriation made by Congress for that pur. posi. Among other information which the re nort affords is the followiirr ?hi. .u location* ur sought for by tb<> grape-grower, tb? heap-raiser, and the Lumberman, hitherto denned worthless. but now found to be most valuable; tbe agriculturist plows not only tbe valleys, but to tbe very mountain tops, obtaining a fine yield of cereals, sufficient not only to supply the State of California, but furnishing a large surplus for exportation. A l*tge quantity of wool is annual* ly shipped from this State, and the wine business bids fair to cq;?ul, If not rival any country ol the globs." ' NavAi ITTW-Lioawc* ?The Lancaster, flag ship of the Pacific squadron, was at Callao, Sept. js, and also the steamers Narragansett and Wyo ming. The Narragansett expected to sail in tbs course of a week for Panama, and it was the Intention oi iae uag-auip 10 soon ioiiow Her, touching on tbe way at Guayaquil Flaz OH&crr Montgomery wu waiting the re sult of Mr. Clay'* demands in reference to tbe claim* at ttaia Government against that of ftra, which, it was thought, would be very aooa ar rived at T?e U 8 aloop Cyane le expected at Panama from the Gnlf of Goaytnaa early In November; and the Levant, from tbe Sandwich ltUnda, baa probablv reached Panama before this. Second Aaalatant Engineer Thomas Cronin, of the Wyoming. baa been condemned by medical aurvey. and will be sent to tbe L'aited States. Oirr**At. Land OrrirK _K proclamation haa been iasur d by the Pre*1d?nt for the Bale, in June next, of about three and three quarter milliona of arrea of public lands in the Stat- of California. Thla proclamation embracea some of the best agri cultural lands in the State, in the valley* of the San Joaquin and Sacramento rlvm and tb?ir tributaries, with an ample supply of water and timber; soil of the beat quality and capable of producing almost every variety of crop Tobacco, maize, rice, 4c , florish in the lateral valleys, while in the main valley the cereals produce moat extraordinary cropa. The grasses are luzurloua and nutritious, and all, or nearly all, of the frulta and vegetable of tha temperate rone thrive ad mirably. Tbk Wbathm.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer Jaan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. October SI, 18?0. Burlington, Vt cloudy, mild. New Y ork, N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia. Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. WMUingU>n. D. C clear, wind NW Richmond. Va... clear. 58?. PvtoMtourg, Va....... clear, eg3, wind W Rnlctzh, N. C dear, 56"'. Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. Charleston, 8. C.... clear, 6U?. Augusta. Ga. clear, pleasant. Savannan, Ga. clear, ftj*. Macon. Ga. clear, pleasant. Columous, Ga ...clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, pleasant. Jackson, Ala clear Mobile, Ala cloudy, SO-. New Orleans, La fo^gy, 9U?. FROM TBI WEST Frederick, Md clear, pleasant. Hagerstown. Mil clear, pleasant. Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Grafton, Va ....clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Va cloudy, XV Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. M?rnmMi>r at * K<? HmitksAnfan ?? * ~ x-?^? ? * ?mv w>u* *mwiiiou at 0 a> III | |i/UI* rected for trrcpCTature,) 29.911); at noon, '29.915. Thermometer at 7 a. m., St'; at noon, <kp. Maximum during 24 bout*, ending 9 a. a. to day, 65"; minimum 51*. New buckwheat, NEW buckwheat. lovering'S SYEUP ju?t recatvad. oo KIN'. a blrchkll. VISTING CARD PRINTING Neat y executed hjr demp9ey a o'ToOMv. Card engrave' i, 32fi l'a avenue, oo 34 2tf o between 9th and if>th sta. 'he bk8t PIANOS are chickekin0 4 sons'. who have received fort* ?ol?l?mb and "Tver meda.a. highe?t premiums nverJMKS sli others Thin house ?<tablishcd in"? ? ?" " the year >819 and has made and tent out over ts.orti Piano*. If you want a reliable Piano call and look at these. JOHN F. KLM8, oo 24 306 Pa ar., bet. 9lh and 10th sta. t\K J.H.8CHP.NCK. THE LO.XG DOCTOR, Lr of Philadelphia, will be in Washington. at tnn Orug fctore of H B. Wait*, oorner uf Sdvetith street and Louisiana avenue, un ir. Inis-iny. Oeto ber 24tk. professionally. tie la tne proprietor of Pchiuci's Pclmonic Svacr*. the inventor of Mcmwck's K Ki>riKoxETf k, the only 1n?t'unrent th&to&>j. to a certainty, detect the slightest miir mur of tn* rigpiratory or?ans. This is of gieit im portance to the consumptive. Many eminent fhysioians make great n.intakes in examining auss. Itrr<juires constant and long praotiea Co be-omft familiar wita every sound or rattin g of a <tirf??ed Uronchi&l Tuo?. Patiei.ts come to Or Sohenuk to get eximiuet ihxt tia.e oweu axainiu^d by their (aim1), whoto'd tUrni that one lung was almost gou? wlien.b) a ciose examination with the Kespirometer. it is often found that it is au * fraction of the brocohiil tn'^eaanJ by getting a KaaU K? ai'liin /\f t lio liujr ?.<! <>"? UVWKM ? ?*v?iVU Wl ?U" .??? I l?u? IWMV l?? HiO ObMUllMHt the vfferer i* noon restored to health. Sometimes in*cioiae that will rtop a cough is certain death to the patient; it iook* up the liver, stop* the circula tion of the blood, haeinorrage follow*, and in iaot. topping the action of the vary organs that cauaed the onuch. Liver Complaint and Dvspepsia are thecauae of two third* of the ea?es of Coaju aptlon. Parson* ariatthia time onmp'.ainiig with dull pan in tae tide, boweia aonftiinei c >?ti ve and sometimes too 'o > >, tongue coated, paid in the ahoulder blade, feeling sometimes vrrj restle** and at other timea drowsy; everything la eaten lie* heavy on the a om*o >, a iu'itr. tietchinc up wind. Hundrodaare Oompiainine at this time in this way. l^et them take a h*avy oold and before thoy set rid of it, than another, th?n ia the time to know what to do; ine.i i* tne time to go t > Dr. Schenek and gut your lung* examined: then ia the tine to Know what congh medici?e to take. Stop that vouch sudden and then the lunis, liver and aton<aoh are all put into an m a vive staie, aud be/ore the pfttif lit is aware of hi* situation the lung* are a nassof aurea and dtatti 11 u&t aoon follow. Anhftnn kt'a Utilm n+, 1* <1? rw n Sa Ki ? it doe? nut contain any opium <>r \n\ thine t? chec a couicti mJtlenly, but if aided villi ttie S<**Md Tcnio and *l*n<lrnke Pills i? cure to puri^r and oi'ry < ff all diaoastd matter from the ay?tom. Dr H. ha? a number of persona, in this city, that can be rrterred to, ti>at nave i>?er. iq the ait iuui? of C?n?umotion,and eortd by hia mediojnea He doe* n t wit.n io l? understood that when mnfi are ?<>n? that h? oan make new on<a. bat when one is Bound and the other may have qnitea oantj in it it oan by r&retn. treatment be ripened, and diseased wa'ter carried off. a>.d the patient get wed For a tnorou* h rxami p.a'lon with hia R eepirnme ter he enarpea S3, but it otow appena Ha patients do not require an axaminatton with th? Reipi ome ter, as h*naa had such a arfe experience he can defect at a ?lar oe wne her moh an examination ta ncoota&ry. All profemio^aladrioe ORATia Peraoa* deitroua ofc?m*ui inc Dr. F had better ivii: th?m?ei voi of this opportunity aa hi? calla ipawhere are bo>ui t^*t it la rnjx-wibn for him to Tiait Washington everj week uktit irat contemplated. 8aM. H. wAirK, At? t for Washington citr. Prioe of th* Pulmonic Hrrup, fl per foottie, or kS per half doaen; S?veed Tonic. 91 par bottle,or $5 par kail drgsn; Maniirak?# Pii:a,26caata par box, oc 22 1 w a 1 PlANOH. PIANOS?Tha JargaatV"otUae*t[ofr* Pianos, Ma'odeons, GuTtara, V10 lin?. i^aiifoia. B??t Ita.ian tftnaca Acl ffe ffl oordeona, piatina*, Conowtinaa, Kiutra,' If* Plica, FlacdOi'Ua, otauonetm, B< ass Instruments, D'u.j-b. a"d every variety of muaioal vara, alao an iminenaa aioo* of SJjoet Muwo, Mu*i? Hooka ar^i ope .v> matruwent *t tha Muaio StMaaFW. g7 MKIZKUOTT. corner of Pa.av. and IIU atreet- Bole A**nt of Steiawajr k. Son'a Baton Raven A Co 'a and Kaaba k. Co.'a Pianoa. oo 22 tf . JUST RECEIVE!*,^ .| mt k ftm n* J raiMAHCiMTniA, dress caps, MOURNING CAPS, BREAKFAST CAPS. ? ?t>" 4 TN?ANfdAPS. From S7K md upward*. ZEPHYR \V ORS rED.Sfloeqtawor who', Hieli colored extra KNTtTINO TARNS, WINTER HuSIERY, a'l kiuds, GAUNTLETSaal (SLOVEN S IRAN BONNETS,RIBANDS Mid FLOWERS, NUBIA*, MARIPOSAS, Ae ?rOm tl\i ud upvftrui. Wtfassm ,RI BANDS an. PHHPMNV9&9, ?e oc 22 3t lint ) EHBPD'S.KfrTWtfr*. Ii MPORTED SCOTCH PONY FOR SA^B. Hc i* only 11 hand* nigh, end of the mmt ev perfect shape; it nonnd and kind, and work* .A well either in harnena or nnder the taddla.^^^ * He will tre *o!d cheap, and nuitMiNA to he ap preciated. Inquire of JaME1* W. PUMPHR K Y, Liver; Stable, on C street, Iwtween iX and 6th ?U , where the poojr can Up ?ae n. oc 23 $t pMHROlDERY STAMPING, on all kind* of Fj material,done in the Lost-manner, at C. F. SCHMIDT'S Toy ana Fancy Store. Xo7?0 Pa. avenue, between tt*t and 22d ?U, where cai be f iund a cri at varieti uI l>eautifal Vvt*ia? for Yokes and Meeraa, Collar* ami Cuf*, Skirta, Pan m? and 9?wiin? lni* NBW ^(SaWIMEEES, VB9TIN09.4&. J u?t rMmvcrt hr .fAStf-""*' Jvl Br At fliAi 4 ' L*\J fij (FojmerlT Cutt-r for mnton 4 rMi.Pa. *v.j jjroT44* ??.. B|IW. E AM) F, ooglw* Uppo. P*ttnlCtiU?. IHuNIIY.ti.OmU HAVE J oft rwivsd wy A41 ???>* Lad***. OmIi'i aq<J Mimm' H?mm? ?nd Dkjr??. of all qaalitiei. of Kntftah *ntl Vnnmn ntMf tailing *4 tt?? lovwt pm??, *t v bel?n!e M MlStt aMtwiwUitiHv at kSooO I'iM is btvi?o*i l?oi ,t ?vA J 1 AUCTION SALES. T AUCTION ?A Far* rCol*aviila. MoaUomarT ooaatr. adjoining the pro part* <4 Dr. Dav?l ?M Farm for sal?\ * _ of 75 aorea ol 'and, near < Mr. John v al<rer. i he Farm ia wall watered ard >ved by ?oonk(<>iiah:e Ova line Lou?e. f*ri a, ?*-?ai*l wiu t)? ?o d wiUJ.^ot > lsD\ >, ?HMob?r 25, at It o'olock. f>retb?r le Mo?k, IVarona and Farming Implement* !Td,TLn'mrt9WctkmTn*u* <*>? kid tne tatter prwa unfavorable on the al>?T* date, tile aala will lake plao* the 6 ret fair day. For furth*r lafrrioatiou inquire oa U>e place. it* John wti.yfin. Br BUNT/ A tiftlFFlT*. Aacuoaa ra LA? K?AI.K OFCROCKF.RY a*e ULA*s W in, Yaiu Ksivia, Ucuiu. Ac?Oa, MONDAY MUKNINu, October 2th. at Afco'a a. in font < f the A notion Mounts, 369 Seventh street, between 1 an : K sU., w* will Mil a larje assort mentofCr oktr* ami Glass Ware. beinf th# bal ance of e>ook <4 a lent.eman dtaiinm busu o nsiftinr of? Frenoh China Vanes. !)<> Dinner and TiiWim. Granite Dinner, l>e?ert and Tea t*tatee, D T*a and Coffee Cups and nauoara, Da V??il?liii Dtshee, Kmibs aad f Nappis, Meat Dishes,Granite Bowie, Cream Pi ushers, Granite Water Pitohera. Toilet Set*, Do Ps|?r and Tea Pots. French China boa# and Bnieh Tray** Do Matoh B>?zee. Do Motto Mngs, A c , *o loo sets of Knives and Porte of 44Cer?at fciade. Together wtU^a geixra aeeortmeat ef Croekery TcMftt OMb. PttlM (XpU BQOTTZ k GRIFFITH, AacU. Bt J. C. MoGUfKK * CO., A otioMsrs. ELEGAXT A.NTfQUK CAR Vf D PAR IB M\l)? CaBIHET FiBSTTCEB, IPLVftfitC Gilt A*D KlURZI ItNTIl. ULOCI.UmiU.lUtl AWH Cmllhticii tu *?t< u. k cu (ruia *?? u<i.d iiKtSKKT ^KEVICE, ilt>? AMI ? Jl ULA?t Wa?I, Fiixch Crixa Uianu ask Coffee Waie. Gab ? HAlSEUUI. Mibkobb. Caepets, Bec^jb, Ac. On THURSDAY MOR.NIfSO, NoTfiatxr lai, at Iftt'oiock, in tiie *p%eiuu? ?*>?room of O. Wood war''a bui d n(A. tbrMooora w.?Bt of thaaaetion ruomi, (w tiere the articioa hare baen t nui?l for onvAnienoo ol aa.?.) v* ?i?ali a?11 the * ?rnnur? a: d tj3?cia ol >1ra. Toeodvua Strotiw, wh:ch tu all puiohatAd in f ana, comprui. ?? f nit of solid Oaa Anti?u? Carved Library Fnrni t#r?, tuniietini or bafa,, two Aria and toar Mda Chairs, two Itookcaaa*, Writing and Con* aula rauiee, ail axea.aitoiy o?rv*d, and ooet Sat.a Damask Covered Euj aad Fancy Chairs, Walnut Morocco Covered I'iniog C hair*. Oak Can? p?at IMn n* aud F osh seat Chair*, Ruvwood an?i %V\lni:t Mi'b *-to? fab'es, Poar alrgajit Oiit Frame Maatei Mirrora, One very .ar(( 1'ier biaae, Paintings and Kuejanugs, il&u iaouie Rosewood and Waluut Secretary and Writing Deak*. VV. ataota. Mirrora, Fron' Wardrobe, Dresiin* Table, *aiordid Bi t 6u Cbande'iers and Fixture*, walnut Elizabethan and Jenay i ind bedsteads, Handnon* Fail alab Dresung Bureaus, wwk stands aad Commodes, Feather Beds, hair Maitreiaea, Bo latere and Pil Iowa, Blankets, Cheating, Toilet Seta. Benutifal Dan ask,Chintz ao4 i ao?C?rta?ns,Cor nice, Shades and Fixture*. Solid Oak b x tens too Dining Table*. Marble-top Oak Mdehoard, ?tagere, Superb Orosii ami Uoid Bohemian 61a*s Peasert OCD.VC, oval ?9Wi Handsomely Decorated French China Dinner Dm eit ?nd Ooff** Servine, Rich Crvatal out Glaaa War*. Silver p:at*<J Cm tort, W altera, Caefora, Cake Baikftta, Tea tfeU, spoon* and t orka, Elegant Bronai Howl, Cand eeuoka, Can* Beat Chairs, LoaDgea, Velvet, Brua?e's ?nd TUree plr Carpeta, Together with a general assortment of Household Ra^vidtM. TeriLs: Ana under oa?h; om that avm a credit oj *< an J 9 da> a lor talitiaclorily eu4orae4 notes bearing interest. 1'. Caialu* ues will be issued a few days be/or* sale. oc24-d J. C. MoQUIRR k CO.. Anota. Bt J. C. MeGUIRE A. CO.. Ano'io eera. EX TEN9IVK SALE OF FURNITURE AND htPKCTn or CtiNiu'i Hotel ? On MON DAY' MUHNlNfl. NorMBhar Uii. -? 10 o'clock and o< l.tinumg uiitil the whole ia^ia coied of. va ahajl aell the entire FurmUne aai EffVcta o* "Caipnna'i Hoi*:,' on south atr?et, opposite the Capitol Park, comprising tbe Furniture, ha , of fort* roomi, tii : Mahocany fe&'.r apnng Beat Sofa*. Rookera, Am Chair* and Parior Cfeaira, Ma'lii# top Centra, Aoiiud sJide Tables, Mahogany Card, Breakfaat, and Writing Tah.ei, Gilt-frame Mantel and Pier Giaaaaa, Usmwk and Chint* Cnrtama, Lace Cartaina aa* Cornice, Cane-aeat Chairs, [<oaac*a. Eur Chairs, R u?a-?rftt Chairs Fanci Tab.ea, VVacut, Mahogany, and aoiid Cberry Frsnoh B*d afeaua, of Bracir'a make. Walnut and Mahotany MarUa-top Dressing Bl rraus. Mahogany and Painted Wardrobea, Waahatanda. Superior Feather H da. Hair and Huak Mattresies, Boist-rs ai<d Pillowa, RiaallfUit Olft.! kAtl iVimfnrta LArjcfl quantiti of greeting, "fable ^loUts and Tnw^ii. BrutaMa, Three ply, and Ingrain CvMti, Oilcloth. Matt-n*. Oraah. 4te , China. tilaea, and Crookerr- Wars, Table Cutlery. Black-Un Ware, Caetora, Walters. Knfnrerator. Sfvee of various kinds. Alio, one rerj unperior Biiiiatd Table, Bar-room Fixture* o /tr.oleie, Together with* 'arjrrs a-.a rlmort of Household F.ffeota not nee?a?ary to camera*4, P S. Tne Hou?*. which la one of ibe iroet eom plrte for ita an.- i? the citf. ia tor rait iaqaire on the premiaea or of the Auo'iucerra. oc ?t d J. C. Mc!it/iKK & CO, Ano i y D D FELLOWS* HALL. Fo* a LmiTiD Ncxbk* o* Nightb. PROP. BPLHOST, The Champion Wizard, Wi 1 gi?re his Soirees Magique Extraordinary, On TUESDAY NIGHT, Otttbtr 39d. AHmii'inn oa ?? Children iccomptniM by pa enta 10 l)oor? open at 7, commence at 8. oe 10 ASHING TON_T HEATER. Sole Lm?m and Manager 8. W. Gun. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op*n For the rerular Fall and Winter Soaaei i the night of THl'RSDAY, Novrasn to>. on i JOSEPH JEFFERSON, Tka Comedian of the Ago. wilt eoaaaow an M gatemvntof Twe ve N'ifht* on MON DAY, November 5th, a-.d will be folloiT'd btthe Bj?>?t BRII, 1,1 * NT ST A 118 11. the Tneatrioal Kirmaniwt. IC7" Comma B2?*aon? if aridreeeed to 8. W. GLtx*. "Old Howery Theater," Nev Yerk.will meet witti prompt attention. aa li-tf BALLS, PASTIES. ke. IOOKt>rT 4 FOR THEJMT.VER CUl?! Them^mbereof the OUR GtXJB gire <rr?ad BALL a* Fobbb?t H*ll Oetruton, O.C? M on Tt'KSDAV . November*. Tioketa #>. A 99 silt or cup will be prM?nt?d to the ciub liar-JHR in* the latest umnber of members praaaat.lflMfc TBrticn'* a in a future adv rtiaernent. oe 34 eoSt* NOTICE.?By of ?ir ltd; fnmli, the Fourth fir*ni C' tilion of tiie FN IEND- M FH'P CLUU will take piac?M Format Hall, M G??n|ot(.fn.ou WKDNEaDAY EVEN G Oct ;4. ii atfal of S'.otr* Hall, as tdT'r WP tied * Tickets 30 cents, ad mi ting a *ent>man and lar tea. Tl?? party will nw>n with a grand proroonvie by a brae* hand. Harea* brau ft- <? atrial band bar been enlaced. By order of Committee. oa M St' PERSONAL. Iur .> NOTICE. HEREBY 6ire notiee tint 1 will fir m **ta oantrMted on Mr account by aay aereoa 9fear thaa myaelf, and hereby fore vara all paraaaa not to ??? 'kiat JJIWJOLUTION P4UTPJEBBHIP. Tiki notion - that thm B&rtnRPihim kAPttftATAM Mting b*t?Mn W* C.fc*oc?* and CiaLU N. Ruolkb. un<?er the n?m? of Crocker 4 Kufier, t? thie day diaeolved by aiatv&l eonaeat: U4 the MlMr?l Water hue mum hereafter be earned on by tli* ?a#1 Wm, C. Crocker, whe vtil settle all buejaew pertaijui g | Cinth street, >hayrr *> present aad ful oc il-l** I U lm IUST RECBIVBO AT J etreet, a very lance let of PALL CLOTHING that vt i be mo.4 at < wsefc fXANOe. MBLODEON8, VIOLINS, X Aooordroas, Taraberinee. Ao., *e. -1? 3M Pa-a^fcetftth^of i'<iu rta n KOLB'f* LFe BALSA Miff LUNG INVIGORA' ? _ For the <ut<? of Coubh*, C oum, ArrtcT Airp Lc TO*. 04M?0? TIDHIWl THE UH08. MM. ir^ ~ SOFT.OATS AND WMl ntffr| || * * **.? 1 ^?TT'"tb >o ?*. ip wr ii? ! nolKu -- JUJCTIU&SALES. ^ TUia ATThKNOODi b To-MOKKU*. By Al SRKEN AaotioiMvr. 1^XTEN?IVK 8AI.F OF HANDS. ME NEW "ii1!1 TL11 **D Pu*oi at A?crio??Oa 1 HOliIl*>. UltMiuM.i <*- Mi* M Ua m?. inw No. 59? aor'.k I) iuni, b??Ni Mi a'd Tvk ta fMt.unwl>Ni MkortwMit of Mv Karai tcr*. We?eBWr?teiB e?fS? Fine Mah">f?ny aod Par W K?u. wttfc Mr* aK?l>*?)v?riM,?OMi.Mi( I Trto ft TMm, I Arm and 6 Parlor Chair*. Fib* Mahoguiy Marh p top Dr earing ft?d other Fn? Mahojacy Mftrt>!e-U>j Center, Pide tt.d ??fa Table*, Fm* Matat>f*c.j W UUcli, Corner, Book ud otAer Fl*a Nahoiasr Hair ettkiriel and 9pna? Mkt, uxitN, ur?r, Arm mm hmcmc uutri, Fim Maho?acy. iot J May Vi?4, Freee* sei etiwr C?a* iNtOftw, Diiiif. RMtytini ill Chamber riw. Fib* VS i i utacd Mahogany WvdrtbM, ard Socratarica, Fin" Marbl* top Cottar* and Htl' Ch c%, blui and Crock?r? War*. MilUt lu|? twiMj m Mtw firaitart, vluak w dram MpWIMln to nnnM*. Alt? ikrt*ft>oa? hand Pi?n<i f. rtM.OMufvhkk U v?ry nor, vith SM<m> and Cow, T?f?ti: AH (? Botfvr mm; n*r |S r?llt ! t} ?' d ? inotUt, fw auu? iititliMixiif Mdoraod, baann; i !.U"Mt 8- n? to m.>v?onl *rtk* hoaw fc? Um 1st of Noiramtar, Uffk ni u?*? ba y p-atfd m8 4 A tiCK>N7Aiiet_ Br THO? DO WLIK6 ; tt?rnlo*?. FURNITUfK. ?<>?*. CHIUKMI. rt<?KH. Ac-Ob THURSDAY MORNING, tt. 2 th lort , at 9 o'olnci. in iicntof tk?aae'i<i? r??-ni?. i*? ffwUoi a family tMrlnc U.wb, oontiaUnc nf V'umr , ? im, our m, Fewhtr B?0?. W<<i?U-*4c, Crockery and G ?? TVfcre, Looking G % ??, ??.. to. Alao. thm fii" Hogs. Lot oiCkiskMi, l>uck?, Ac , At. Tfrmi o*sh JR ' THQ8. DOWLING, A??L FUTURK DAYS Hy A. <?kKK,\, AMtMbtar. VALl'A KLE Bl'IL>l>l ?0 LOT UN NORTH OStiiit, Cap.tol Hill, at ArcT.of.-tra THHR3UA* , the iSth ir*ra"?, I eh*" awl, in f ort of the f te?ri???, at 4 o'oluok t m .? hMiuti UliHiai Lot, f oolmc i n n >rth C ?tr*?t. nrit t? the oorner of De %v*re it boing p* t <f original Lot No.3. in J*qiar? No CM, and cob'aik IBC 2,874 nutn i?et of cioatid. The above 4eac ib?l is a rerj k??4tMiii 1 nl4ia< ot. with a austi frukt a?s) a beautila! io?*tit>a. Term*: One third eaai; the bafa??*? fi mm4 IS nnattia, the par?*<M?rto tiveaotea for th* oeferrad paymenta. baarin* from 4my of eala. A dead (tren and a deed . f iru?t taken. Title India putab:*. All ooneeyaaco at the CK>et of the pir naor. oea< A. ftREF.M. A?1 IT J. C. NeGl'IRK * CO., AurtiooMr*. nnvKiNMKNriiAi.K of nwnpiciin* Vi,t' : ? '; ? ''> ff'Ci te? CJUPRRIOK BOL'SFHOl.D AND I1TC1KN C5 PrimtrtikT P??lic Arena*.?Ob ?-RIUAY MOH>in% M o'ol<?k,we viU_fe:I. at ttiv r*?idaceeof J. A Ma*ra<ia , En .lOOWMt afreet, Georgetown, li. C , A.i kit Houaehotd Far ntare, Ac, eoaiyrnin*? Mahogany Uu itW Sofa, Arm Chair* aad Rook M Mahogair* P ack Mat Ckaira ax Mirro*. Do Marble-t->y Center 'J a >*eaa Tea Po??. Goth.c C Lair a. Eta*?r?> aod Ma.osa.ty side Ta bu a. Candelabra*. ChaadHifti at<l Cabiaet Va?? Velvet, Braaaela. Ingrain Carp*1-. Mofa and Mat tun. Curtate*. *t?? Carpet and Ball Oiioloth. Fine China Dinner, Tea aa i Coffee Beta and Plated VV'&ro MabotaaV Pimec Table aod Ckaira, Do SideiKA'd aod trlaea Ware, Hat Raefc, Roaewood and Mahogany Marble-toy Oreaatac Mahogany aad Walaat B'datwJa, Do do Wardrobes aad Bair chair*. Roaeirwod aad Mahogany Marble-toy W ^J| f OllM ExoeHent Car led hair Mattrraaea, Fralher Beli an* Plllewa, Bkaek aad Cottm aad Shiek Mattreaaea aad Toilet ^i?ww mum miriuTi, Chamber Ctrfili.Cui *eat abd Wood-Mat Ckaira and Roekers, 9toTD(Mi4 RufrifWttar, WtUu UMliMt UKrtiaMttf Kitokaa Pirei tar*, T?rm? : $26 ca?h: or?r that amoant a eradit of M and ? daya, for approved endor?*d Lotoa, tenif 'ta'i BARNARD it BL'CKBY. Aaoti. By i. C. McOLlKK * CO., AotbusMri! CTOCK8 AT AUCTION-On FMI|?AY AF 9 TERNOON. Ootobor 28U. wt aall. in ?nm? t" ?ait? ft.soi Co>p?ratioi of Alexandria ftx p*r Ctct. tl -52"> Bank o' tn? M?tropoti? Stook. 2 8)6 corporation of W a*hu jtoa Quarterly 8t* per Obi. 8t?>ek, S0uCo*pofa?ion?f Washington Sotai Aaaaaifn r CmiI. Mtiiflk Term caaifia ca'rmt fund* oo 23-d J. C. MrfiriRE & CO.. A By J. C. McGUIRK ft COn Aiouonwri SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD SEVEN-OCTAVE ?3 KlASO FftkTB, lUHvlI FORITril ASK Hnr??HoLD Krrn? at Public Abctio*?<> MoAiDA V Mom N1N tt, oaluter i9U, at 10 o o 'k, at tbe renidei oe if it. J. 4 a-kej. Em < No 1*1 ti atreet. hetwr~n )?'h Mid SPth ata . wm sha'l tl hia KurDitjr* tad Houm-Imm >- ff c?a. comprint)*? Birtrtor Rkmwooi Km-utiftn Piano t utt? by Ketofc nbacajfc Son. El-cant aaitof Warat rarJnr Fnrtuare. fniahed in (ll|*tnd Sold rtroo t?l!e. and of S rofa?,? iaraa Arm and ? Parlor Ohaira. foaawood and Wa>But Yla-b.e toe Taoiee. wo ?et? Damaftkanrt Uc' Cartaina. Carnaf. Hi l Mant*l Cloefc. Chita V???i u4 Oti GMCkud*li?r. Wei net Whatnot, G.It Frame Mirrors, Mabncar.' Ho ko*w, Mahojanj Beoretarx, Corner B >orstaa4. Do Hair a?al and Rn*n mt Chaira, Velvet, MedaUioaaai Carpets, K1 HuTrw, limnk Coatee. )!i>iioc wd Fm; Cb*ir?, Mair Ca'^ets. Mabaaam Sideboard. F.atwoeio'i Dmiaf TtWl, Oak Wimmt h Dmim and Am tkurt, Fr?cch China Pinner and 1>a SM?rrio?, Table Catiarf, Waiters. Cantor, ho. Wainet Jeoar Lima HwtaM. Marble to# DrMMii Marsaeaaed Waahstaads. walnut Wad ohO roaBed?tee4. Eaaaetkd Cottaca Bet.Mtadea and Carta)?., air aod Haafc Nattr'MM, Bolsters and PU1*V% Kefn(?<eto , Go^ ai Move aad Fiatarea, Ops* 'irate ar.d Air ii?ht Stove*. lorytW with the anal aeeorta>ent of Regain' ?. Teriua; 990 aad under oa?h; over that ua| eredu of to ?.a i W day*, for aati faotonlr endoreat do aii beaming imawt, .?The Boaae la for reat. In^ntrs of ths Aaa P. ' po ard y n. MawU'lE * ro.. A.?t^ po&ftft&t snt&it'&irtioK*. a. STOil rUTfg'1, ?Ci AT A?CT1B* -U1 THURSDAY MORN IMj. Normter i't, we tialTaati. M i? o'c < ? . at atore No. 999 m of P*tm area a. kotows 4* WnU, oi rtnq. m ?u?vw ?? d?atei* und. r the B' rckioridg* A* mc^tint K^maa, a It ir* and fiae aaeortaeat of Boots, Shoot, A** oou*:*Ung of? Mm tod Im Ca'faad Patent LaatlMr Do h?avy Hoot* and Shoos, Yoeth*' ?* Boot* and gnoea. I adir?' 6altera. Boots, Bhoee and Bhf?w*. Mum' do tv Jo CfcjUiiont do eo do Together with a f eeeraJ aaeortteret of fta* M Boot aad BAoo 4 Cki Altera, doebt* burner*, o?le1?tn, e?foor. and i i.ot of?i*?* poor aud v*aifa : 64nv'so ?&%gjv^asff>&: 9 faaa. trotia\t>a*?ei <H and ( h ate j&s^zs^'jsksaf'ssa b'?jK,lBt0r#<t ft 4m4, AM, Sww^'^EWPs deed of treatdated l*h Offfc pt a (hikei*. p*r?tkii,s sack or yaluatue 1 um Lot* m thi uorni fast o* ti at avcti l.-4'lmllua)[.um?umr c b*", 1 fc*h mlt.wwftat of til* pr*n ^ blma^euou, by virtaeof imw tran *30 a\ mm ?fi, omJ* to* immmw of t* ton bounty, ia th? d.atrtof oftmi^ap. Um

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