Newspaper of Evening Star, October 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 25, 1860 Page 2
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THKKVENHW STAR. W/?HtfcGTOK 01TT: THirsUAY OcfWf *S, 19*0. spirit ( m? nuxiai ttm The MafifwiM trrats open wbit it consider! the Republican proclivities of Judge Douglss. The InttUigtnter, speaking of the conservatism inanifrttrd by Hon.Wnn. L ^ ancev when called, during hi* tour to th* North, to answer certain interrogator its touching the codk^uidcm of Mr. Llnooln's * lection?should that event take placesays : ? We deein It ealy juat to state that thla moderatio* Laa not been affected by the distinguished apeak-f, bat repreoeota the deliberate convictions of hi- better judgment. More than two years ago, aa a member of the Southern Convention which assembled at Montgomery, Ala . in the month of May, he distinctly committed himself against tha policv of staking the stability of the Union on the loss of a Presidential election, than which be anequivocally said ' no more Inferior Issue could be presented fMfce South.' " ~ ' UZT J sines S. Wadaworth, of Geneaee, has bet no.Ultvlth Dean Richmond that New York will five majority for Lincoln in November. irT Mr. Greeley, of the New York Tribune, publiatMS a card, calling on Mr. Seward to de. clare whether be Is candidate for reelection to the Senate. He alleges that some of last winter's corrupt! on lata In tbe Legislature are geuing redacted on the pretense that Mr. Seward want* them back to help him. C7~ Garibaldi baa bad all the old police agenta of tbe King of Naples aent to the talanda of Tremitl He cannot >et them at liberty, nor do tb?y ena wish to be set at liberty, for tbe prople would at once tear them In pieces. By a special decree be haa suppressed all tbe convents of the Jesuits, and has confiscated their property to tbe use of the State. |p* By way of California a few rumors have been received from China. Unreliable rumors were curent in Hong Kong that the allies Lad jnet with reverses on tbe Peibo. Tbe first of nonit t'i* i)? Him) far IU? altark nnon the Taku forts There wag considerable jenlousy between the French and English troops, and a general feeling pervaded English society in Chin* that tbe alliuce was Incongruous and embarrassing At a meeting In New York of the subscriber* to tbe Cap! W llson (of tbe steamer Connaught) fund a motion was made and Carried that, of tbe amount subscribed, tbe sum of t200 be paid to the first mate, 9100 to tbe second mate, and imi to ?Mh of tbe crew; tho remainder to be gtven to Ctpt Wilson, afler the purchase of a testimonial for tbe Captain, not exceeding tbsmni of S380. The subscriptions have reached a sunt amouatiag t* about 95.100, and the list still re ?! ? >[?! Pamaal Msjors Mordeeai and Symington. U S A., art at Kirkwoods'. .... fh? rumor of Mr Macready's return to the stage la renew-d It la alao stated by the En^llih journals that Macready's young wife Is about to tread the boards Thsf^n Francisco Herald of the 2?th ult contains an interesting nketch of a lecture on Mex lco, delivered by Gen. Shields In San Francisco the evening previous. A report has been extensively circulated throughout Carlow (Ireland) and adjoining counties that Garabaldi is no other than joha badleir, of Tippwary Bank notoriety. Hon Kriward D Baker, republican, just el**'tad U. S Senator from Oregon, was formerly < n.?nihM of the House of Rt-oresentatives from Illinois. He Ilia a vacancy In the Senate, and will serve for Ave years from the beginning of the etisnlng B?s<ion Geo. W. Nesmith hia colleague, succeed* Gen Lane, snd will serve for alz yeara from the 4tfc of March next. The New York Express learna that Colonel Mav, of the army, baa ootatued twelve montha' leave of abe?-n^e. and that dnring that time he will tab* charts of the Eighth Avenue Railroad. New York cttv, aa superintendent, in place of Oliver Charliek. who baa diipoaed of hia interest In the road and retired from ita management Colonel May Is the eon-'n-law of George Law, Esq., wbo owns most of the stock. - It Is positively asserted In the Courier des Etats Lais, la an article on the ball to the Prince of Wait*, Uutl of that famous festival " the pantaloons of the venerable Heter Cooper were the most curious ornament Th-s?* ambitious pantaloons,"' adds the earefnl chronicler, " came up on the breast to the neighborhood of the cravat, and at eaca bow made by the obaequtoni millionaire the top button blouaird out in the opening of the vest, L L* A eWi?,l aova ~ isrii!* In AMIAS IWA I iiftr iHim cjr "ptuiu ?*t?v m wi??i ?w wvwa to admire lit* Highness" Thi Niw Yoii Po?t Orr-c* Dwalcattow, It will be remem^^r^d a commissioner was appointed to proceed to Havana for the purpose of obtaining the i -<lliiionv of Mr I V Fowler, late Poatiansw of N'w York, in the ca?? now pending between tL~ 1'niu-d states and his sureties or bondsmen That commissioner, as we Lave already stated. has returned with tb? answers to the Interrogatories The sDi stance of tbIs statement is tL*t Mr Fowler was f rst appointed of Nrsr York by Prmtdent Plerco in 1*63. He was a^si/i appointed i'uetinaster iu He forward^ U> the Department, in PeKtemier of that year, a bond in U*e sum of t75,o<J0, b Messrs Law and Conover In requesting Mr Coaover to become bis surety, Le mentioned the name* of u I ..J /-I I l?Lr - |? in CWI s i < w auu i>>ru ill I VS 11^ ?uc name of Mr Law he mentioned those of Mmn CharllksrdCor.av.-r. Owing U> the absence of Mr. C bar lick from tbe city, bis siVnatur* was not affiled when tbe others signed, and the bond was forwarded to Washington with only the name* of Fowler. Law, and Con over attached, opposite three seals leaving a blank space opposite the fourth seal. This premature delivery was entirely unauthorized by Messrs Law and C'onover, and it would appear that these gentlemen were kept in Ignorance of tbe Incompleteness of tbs bond until the fact was disclosed to them after the defalcation. Mr PowUr seems to hare considered the bond a mere matter of form, for he n: "I did not think my sureties would ever be called upon, as I considered I bad property and interests more than enough to nav inv nbltaatinna and knowing that the bond compiled with thie re? qulremenu of the law, I sect it forward." Mr Fowler Is a lawyer, and yet be distinctly asserts that this bond compiled wltb the requirement! of the law H la mrrUa seea.ed to consider tbe matter in a different light; for, being called upon to nay tbe penalty, they refuse, bee .-.use, aa they k\'. lege^ there waa fraud in the execution of the fry In tbe evidence given before the Comm!| loiter who ! now trying the captain and crew ?..f the alarer Erie, In New York, the mate (Warren) tet*d aome facto not without interest, and among th<*> aaid the negroes were brought ou bo*rd In What ir?celled launchee, some of which would bold perhaps two hundred. Tbe launchee that brought the negi pes on board were commanded by Africans The were not manacled when oruugbi do Utura momt ui iuciu uau uu * nnui ?>lece of tlota about tbelr lotus. Some were si ngag lid talking; tnev mad* no r*?Utaoce; tome of tbem were yoaog r hiidren, about ane-thl rd were young wuiufd \\'a bad the American flag, and a flag beiougtag U> tbe vessel; never mv a rltisb flag on board; vrhm we were overhauled by the British veaaeta i believe the American flag was isolated Votes Li*c?l* Cah Arroaoro Los a ? Mr L'.&t cln, If La obuius all tbe free States,wi 11 have juat HXi electoral votei, while (tbe whole number being 3<J9) 128 wcaid be a majority of tbe whole. Then it appear* be eooid only spare 31, aod should be bom New Yevk (M vote*) uiuat ba defeated, even with California a ad Oregon on bla iMe. Ltmiig those two State* (baring seven votes; be Co a Id wot it*e r?cusylvania (J? votes), aa be would th?-n have but Utf, or three less than a snsJor.tyof tbtf college; but carrying tUhrr California or Oregon,witi. nil the other free States, be would Lave a majority without Pennsylvania; or b? | miiai iomt ouiu, uuiiMaiaaBa uregoa <ui;, ana till be aafe. New v or* la the ooly atn?le State could d?feu biro ? PutsHng DirpmteA (JTTU Prince of Walrt hftd a brt** interview vuu MIM HoBWf, the aculptor. at tU* ball in Jioaton. As ?be adraacad with Mr. fcverett for i.reari tatlon, the Prince turning in that dlrecUoc injnwJia'elf in cjtnitfd bcr, a?d anticipated yur 4iatin|(tt?htd orator by Krweling Mlw Hoamer with lirtat cordiality, ezprraatugpir.aureatavain uxrtla< Ivr. He aa;d that ilttlr Puck'^ordered ?,* ?o,r- uiL.e aince) w-w adorntd hie ruu?a at ?Jaford and ?t?tl called forth the admiration of all wW viewtd It- After a pieaaant chat Miaa IKac.if t f.rcu:> W?1 with Lord Lyoa*. A Pao***< era CWWf ?! J1"' baftfr^v' by IMMMM fMKaio Aacoeb, Jiw t* W cuuuiv. V*., iMt ijjnd?r Tte ronyregat.i.u i.uu o?r< ov<v JuJUU, Mm lb* present oe< v?< coamuufiicuiu i*t axounj {fci cjuijuuolou table [^y Ov.-r Lav* l*-ea collected in DeLroU for l*? of iLc wuiow of Captain Jack WUsmi. wfco ? ?.iTmiii?<*r4 lb* La<ly l>4fia. The cliizentof Olit^ajro i???e contributed jlMAJto the fund, B'.d ttusr of Hi ffjio uvtr |TW C7-A CatLoiic U? Driea, prayer la tbe VefplADt Harm 9t Krprrfc-rtafrr* on Ttmraday la* TL!? to the flr?i :'ac J at a KuU i+L f ?;t*t Laa ofiicifted W CU> Lr WtU-aut Jr^iawlh/e. ? ? *'' ? irt . " O 'f M(0* T** Dmociatic J ac ki ok A?#oci atiox Asaix. The \Tublngton Coitiiifiiiifi hsving this morning leaned it* columna to further the aplte of the Democratic Jackaon Afsociation against the Star, tt per ha pa behooves na to call public attention to the fcct that ita pretended report the proceeding of that club on the night of the 17th lnitant, la neither more nor less than an effort t? eouceal from the knowledge of the public what waft really aald and done, and who were the chief actors on that occaaion, reported r?rb?tam and publiahed literally in the Star oi the {Mlowiag day. We do not believe that there la a man in thia community who doubts for an instant that the S:ar'f report in question was true to the verv letter ; and being true, its effect in exposing to the knowledge of the public precisely who the managing spirits at the Democratic Jackson Association really ere, and bow and to wbat ends tbelr proceedings are directed, of course made tbe publication of some sucb pretended report as appeared this morning in tbe Cemstitution, absolutely necessary, if they wonld relieve tbemselvts from tbe consequences of their folly and mendacity, as tbus exemplified. Tbe only all** gation In the ComstitMtiom's report that requires any specisl notice at our hands, Is that tbe Stmr't reporter dispatched to obtain an account of their proceedings, violated a promise to aid in concealing them from tbe knowledge of the public. So,we accordingly print the following note from the reporter: Sta& Orrica. Oct 24. lsfln Editor of tht Star :?Haviug noticed In a morning coteuiporary the publication of a aeries of revolutions pasted at a late meeting of tbe Jackson Democratic Association, reflecting upon myself for having reported and publlsheda report of the proceedings of a portion of a meeting of tbat association, held a week or two since, I desm It necessary to address a few liues to you in explauation. It Is therein stated that your Reporter published "an untruthful and garbled1' statement of the proceediugs of a private business meeting of that association after having admitted the Impropriety of giving publicity to anythieg that bad been said or done, pledging himself not to do so. Your Reporter begs leave to present the followins statement in refutation of the charge therein m ide, vii: The meeting bad been engaged for some time in an endeavor to devise some means by which tbe debt t>f the Association luioht lw linnid iUfl During lU^to proceedings your lleporter bad beeu Liking full notes, as ia bis custom A proposition h-iviug Dually beeu accepted, Mr Hop*- aroee and Inquired of the Chair if there was any further boiinesa before the meeting? The Chair aald there was nothing pending, that he knew of. Mr. Hop* then said: "Mr President, as there ia no business before the meeting, 1 wish to make a suggestion. 1 see the Reporter of the Star present, taking notes. 1 have already stated that this is a business meeting, and oue to which the public has not l>eeo Invited?one which has been called solely for tbe purpose of making some arrangement fur paying Ui<? indebtedness of tbe Association. I do net think it right to publish nil the llttie business matters that might be transacted hero, and would therefore move that the Reporter be requested not to publish what has transpired " Your Reporter remarked to the presiding officer, privately, tuat sucb a motion was nut necessary, it wai nut his intention to publish anything th?t h d fivj far transpired; as those proceedings v. era an irtly i f a private uature and of no interest Kin lever to the public. The Chair suggested to the Association that there was no neceaaity for the adoption uf any such motion, as be did not suppose the Reporter designed publishing what luid traua^ired lie remarked, further, ttiat if the Association so desired be would inquire of ti*e Reporter if such was bis Intention. I he Association teeming desirous to hear the Reporter, the Chair requested him to make a statement to tka Association. The Reporter then repeated what be had said to the President, adding tluit hi* only oi))ect in attending the meeting was to note sucb points as were of pullu interest, and as nothing had yet trauapired tbat he regarded as such, be did Dot purpose making use of the notes he had taken. This s-emed satisfactory to thoae present, and the motion was withdrawn. Aiier me vuHcuon 01 other Dutineat, of no public Interest, tbe proceeding! relative to the election of honorary members took placo, which v. ere duly reported and published in the Himr of the letb mat These proceedings being entirely of a d tterent character from those that had previously transpired, and in the opinion of your Reporter of considerable interest to the public, iiiaainucb tbev embraced reflections on the politleal character of many of our must prominent citizens. he had no hesitation in publishing them. As to the report's not being accurate in all particulars, your Reporter has only to refer to tuose prt?eut, who will not, he presumes, attempt to deny their completeness and correctness. As to tbe course of tbe Reporter In publishing these proceedings being a breach of faith, be does not so regard It; inasmuch as he published notbiug tua>t ue bad promised to wltnhold, or that he con sidered as being at all of a private nature. He regrets a* mucu aa others can. that the proceeding! of tbia meeting were ?o "improper, indecent, and unworthy' aa, by their publication, to ret.dcr the association disreputable in the opinion of ail respectable persona. You* Riportkb. In these Uinta the conductors of Independent presses everywhere are liable to be assailed with gross personalities, such as the Constitution adnata lu its columns this morning, aa a part of the proceed logs of the meeting iu question; for,wherever there are 44 blow llies" political and otherwiae, however disgusting the task may be, it is the duly of the preas to keep the public informed concern mg meir actions, wuttun t&e latter may possibly affect lUe public weal. We cannot Indulge those of the Federal Metropolis to the extent of entering Into a personal controversy with them; u the game la not worth the candle. They are equally licensed to villify gentlemen, as to assume to sit upon their political soundness, or to expel them from their Association, aven though, as in the cas? of tha Editor of the Star, they are not member* of It; their license growing, of course, out of the fact that to treat them as being worthy of notice,would be sinking one's self to their level. DEPARTMENT NEWS. ,\>my Ixtillioinck ?Second Lieut. Chas. G. Sawtelje, sixth infantry, has been directed to report immediately, In person, at Fort Columbus, for duty with the recruits uuder orders for the department of California* to embark at this point on the 11th of November next Hsving reported at New York headquarters, Second Lieut Elias B. Car ling. third artillery, will proceed to join company F, third artillery, at Fort Monroe. Va Second Lieut. Edward R. Hopkins has been rlitn rasrvort In rama** I ~ ?? Kt? , w liUUUl UCMjr, II Newport Barracks; ana Brevet Second Lieut. G. 8 Hollletc-r, lint iafaatry . at Fort Columbus. rr5?THE TWFUL NATIONAL CALAMIJof ties prophesied to be impending. and the cominj cf Christ to Judgment about 1164 '99. aooordi^K to eminent Ku*lish writer*? Dr. Cumramg, Kern, tiiokersteth. Elliott, Croby. Cooptr, to.,?> with a giaucs at the politioai d<*stiny of Amenoa, Knglandand the aubjeot of a free Leotura. trie third of a aoriea, at the Washington 3 evwnth-at. P esbyte ian Church, (Island.) bet Dand K at* ,TO-NIGHT,at 7>4 o'clock, by Mr. Bizrii, from_Lng!and. it* O. O. P.-GRAND LODGE-The OflT II t cprs and Mernberaof the R. W. Grand Lode* of the District of Colombia are hereby reqeested to a-a inWeai Odd Feiiowe' Hall, Seventh street, on MONDAY, the jpth instant, at 1 o'clock p. m . for the purpose of funning a Proceasioa, to prwoaed tfcooue 10 jiaorgttowa, WMr# ihe hall recently reft: d by Coveoaot i<odg?. No. 13.1. O. O. P., will bo dedicated \?ith tho usual 0 ere monies of the Order. 'I'he Grand and Subordu???o Kneampintots and the Officers and Members of the Huhordinato Lodges ar? nereby ea'dially invited to participate in Ui? ceremonies 01 me ucouiun. uy order ot the (Jraurf Mulir. oc 25-2: J. T. BANGS. Grand Sao. tlr~j- O. O. F-GRAND encAMPMKNTJhs offoers ?>4 member* of tht R. W. Grand Eobainjjment of the District of tfelnmbia, and of Columbian, JJajrei.eru, Rid/eiy, and Mount Neho E' canipmmts, jjre Ijrreby r*?peo?fu It r?? uuaa'M to asaerabie at H.eir r-?;*otive hall* on monday next, th??th m.tarft,?t j o'clock p f >r tlio purpose of joinia* to the dedication ceren.ouies at Coven%n> Lodce Halt, Georgetown. J NO. F. WAVENNKR, ti. fatiiaren II S Bowes, U. Scribe. oo 25 3t rrS^THE 1 ADIESOFTHF. FOURTH PRE8j 3 KVTKKIAN CHURCH propose tj have a Festival tu 1 ix/ro't building, next eouth of Odd Fellow*' Hall. hevenilj street, on WJCDNESDA y, THURSDAY aud FRIDAY fyeuing a of the presrtiis Feeliva! is held in aid of the irap/oirements now li.pritfrva, particularly the freacoejug aud relarcistijiif of said Church. Oy tars %od other refreshment* will be served up at reaeonaM* pr.oe*. I'sefnl and tancf articles for taia. Ou<m1 muaio i# attendant*. Opt-n trom 3 to IOo'oIock eaohavBUin# The pubkeare cordially iavitwj. oo W ot* !rtf-t'NjON PRAYKR MKF.T1NG Will be c,h*!b ? r? ? * siu, %v uomiiioiio? m\ t ? U|W? pr<*cii*t> . Hud to em.tin j* but on# hoar. oc ZZSin w? v{ ?i<jj /jffii ,y tne?r or!?i?- " ' ' ?> I atr?#t BOrTfe. h dte i.5 ftwrival ti ar *' pf 9 lw . . .* re * 'Ov< iUi. t < M ^ *f' ' ^ ' ' The demonstration of the friends of tbe Fail on Electoral Ticket, uniting all the opponents of republicanism in New York city, took place on Tuesday night, and (Admitted, even by the Lincoln organs, to ha*e beat ft-grand and effective demonstration Tb#Times say*: The Partem demonstration In this cltv last eveuinjj w?* undoubtedly a inncess. In regard to lh<> extent of th* DiortHion ?h. r,-r,?.,i Ai. play tbr<mghout the almost Interminable lin?" la Tact it waa *11 that those who rreat d it bad Coousrd, In point of numbers and variety of emlllstmeats At an earlv hour In the evening the varluiM Douglas. Breckinridge. and B?*ll and Everett dalscations from lf1n*a county, Queen* cwinty.tpfl Richmond county; from Jeraey city, Hobo ken. Patterson. New Brunswick. Perth Ar?boy. Newark. Philadelphia, and elaewhere. bejran to pour Into the city, and make tbelr way to their several rendezvous, and soon afterward the Ward Associations of the city were under way. carrying banners with Strange device*, and moat of them preceded by at least a fife and drum. At 9 o'clock the city waa a blaze with horning torches, and tbe air was burdened with rocketa, ft?asn candle*. lamfMinoka, and "I wish I waa In Dixv " There were In tbe several divisions at this time, probablv, about 25,000 persons?soma arrayed in red shirts, some in white, some In uniform coats, many in their every-day apparel, and all, together with their banners, transparencies. temple* of Liberty, boats on wheels and torcne* in band, forming an exciting spectacle. The procesaion, however, though Immense and Imposing, showed none of the marka of discipline. such as regularity of step and line, which marked the parnde of their better drilled D^ipvnriiia, toe ? me-Awatfi, on the occasion of , their recent evening display. The gathering of the people upon the sidewalks, and at the door* and window*, along the line of the procession, waa very great?it could not well have been greater?and the enthuaiaam with which the cornpan tea were received, as they nassed a loll k, waa all that could have been dtairea. There waa one I peculiarity about it, however, which waa occasioned by the peculiar character of the pr?c?s?lon. At some points several companies would pass without any decidedly favorable recognition, while the next would be cheered vociferously, the applause depending upon which of the three distinct parties that m<de up the procession happened to have the largest unmber of friends At any given point of view This, however, did not mar the generally favorable reception which the representatives of the thrM parties received from the great mass of the spectators. The banners?many of them?were well executed. and the boats and some of the decorated. L s - * J *? * ~ " vsiiicm una me transparencies Mad toeen prepared at considerable expense, and added greatly to tbe general effect of tbe demonstration For a more minute description of each and all of them, the curloua reader ia referred to what follow*. Thk P*or**sio:f. The moon was as bright, tbe itara as numerous, and the sky as cloudless last night aa on ths occasion of tbe great Wide-A wake p?rade The clerk of the weather, assuredly, Is no partisan. The monster procession of the combined Douglas, Breckinridge, and Bell-Everett forces which marched through our streets last night, had no need of torches, calcium lights, and variegated pyrotechnics Yet they were displayed in profusion. The pageant was gotten up regardless of eipense, ana was a decided success The thoroughfares through which It paased were again rivers of flame rolling between black h?nV? nf packed humanity The women that were In the tr?*U?and tnelr name wai many myriads?received a sparking from the hundred of Roman candle* that was much more ardent than agreeable. The whole town termed on Are for fusion, j ist as one night. a few weeks ago, It seemed redolent of republican rosin. At soon as the day grew dusky, the glimmer of the gathering torches was visible, and men in red shirts, men In blue shirts, and, so far as outward seeming went, men with no shirts at all; men in caps and capes of enamelled cloth of varied colors and fashion; men well dressed, and men ill-dressed. sll earning torches or lanterns, began to perambulate the streets in squads proceeding to the places of rendezvous Time passed, and the lower part of the city became alive with them. Broadway, In the vicinity of the Park, where the right of the line rested, was ablaze, and Canal street and all the streets below it, which run from east to west, were filled with the form? n.r A I II ? - " ' u. * taiviia i? wo? iimnjr nine d'CIOCK Dfiore everything wm ready. and tbe "Empire pocketpiece," In charge of Capt Stephen Wilson, gave the signsl for the starting. Slowly the bead of tbe column advanced through the crowded thoroughfares. The procession wai led by a Grand-street omnibus, from the top of wblcti two Calcium lights, irlaaclng backward and forward, abone brightly Then followed the grand marshal (Captain Isaiah Ryaders) and his staff, all mounted, each dreaaed in citizen's clothes, with a scarf across the right ahonlder. The eenersl committees of Tammany Hall, Mozart Hall, Breckinridge and Lane, and Bell and Everett, in carriages, came next, and the -Igbt divisiona followed in their order. At the head of each rode the several division marshals snd their aids The Empire Club,which had the right of tbe first divlson. made a very imposing display; st its bead, the observed of all observers, mart Led tbe redoubtable John C. Heenan, captain of the banner guard of the Club. Tbe Herald estimates the procession seven miles long, and counts 37.(WO men in line; the Times ad in its 25, OOUj while the Tribune is unable to go above 15,UUU. WTKAVKLING TRUNKS. K Have juat recei?-?*U tin li'ii'tt aaaortmeut and u->w offer thu moat extenaive variety aw t i0 ol S ? K l,KA I'HKM, LADIKS' DRKSSRtitt and PACKING TRUNKS, HVr BOX VA i ISKS, CAKPKT BAGS, SATOHK US, Ao., in thi-4 oity, which we ar? selluia at very low p io<?, WALL, STEPHENS A CO , oo 25 ?f 3'2'i Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. K Invite our cuatomera, and oitisen* g??nera!1 r to an luapec ion of our preaei.t new, at , a* taotive, and clexant aaaortmmt CLOTHS. CASS1 MhR K8, DOESKINS, WK V f.STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ao. wtf w-.ich we will make to order in anpenor^ it ) at very low ario?a. WALL, 8TEPHKNS A CO.. oouq tf -Via Pa. av . betw. 9tb and ltnhata. cm ? A T S, ^ JL CATS. flt ^ AND Fl'R 8.^ SEYMOUR, in Gsorcrtowu. announce* to th? ei-i?ena of the District that he haa now -^adv for ale an extenaive aaaortment of Mole Skin (lata. I lor genu, ol (tie various shapes; Soft Hats and Caps ol everr style for mon and hoys: Ladies' Furs, Misse>f and Children's Jockt-.y Flats; Umbrellas and Walking Canes, at prions low enough to please all. W. F. SEYMOUR, oG 25-2w 13U Bridge street JJOW HAVE THE LADIES VOTED.' Km as Ho we, J a, of Boston, who js the inventor of the "lock-sutch" used by the prtnoiftal sewing machines, requires sworn returns to be made to him of the number sold by each eompany, and 01 Jigeg them to pa> him a license for ever/ inacliine sold. The following statement is copied from Mr. Howe's published reports for 18S8 and 1850. It will be seen that wHEELER A WILSOVS SEWI NO MACHINE is preferred by an immense majority of the ladies, in spite of the efforts of inter estsa parties to injnre its sale. 1S.VS. 1*59. Wheeler A Wilson *.7,978 il,3U6 Orover A Baker...,..... 5,070 10.280 1. If- linger A Co 3,504 10,963 Ladd A Webster 4?? 1,788 A. B. Howe..., . 179 921 H?pthnlf *W1 -J" Ill - T ~ * *' l*f l^viU4 Ca 75 21S Finkle & Lyon ? 630 Ailoth*rs 869 The W heeler*. Wil?ou Agenoy is it No 346 Pennsylvania avenue. Priors range from f? to |tl>5. Fail instructions given to puroliaaera, at Lketr houits. _ Silk, Cotton, Noadies, Ao., for sale. P. J. STEER, Ageat, 346 Pennsylvania avenue. N. B.?Send f.jr ft Ciroular. oc 25Sw r|?KEASLRY DEPARTMENT, ? * 1 Owcx Light-Housx Board, Washington D. C? 0<t. 20, 1800. SiaLXD Pxofosals vill be reoeived at thie Oboe until the JQth day of November next, for (applying the Light house Establishment with five thousand gallon* of the best quality pure Rape-seed CHI, to i be delivered on the 1st day of May next at such plaee in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as may be designated by the Inspecting Officer, in strong, tigkt, well mvie oaskssuitable for shipping, in good order, and of a capacitf each ranging from thirty to kixfv gallons. No part of the Oil proposed for and to be embraced in the oontraet under this advertu?u?nt will b* acoepted, received, or paid for. nUlit shall hfcvel^sn proved to the MUisfaction of tneoAoer jhargrd with its examination, test, and inspection, to be of U?ebe?t eunhu, free from m?#ture with other or inferior oils The easks must be gauged under the direction tad personal supervision of tue Inspecting Officer, by a custom house nr Athar t-.ri ...... ~ ?ju .worn {kilter, according to the United States standard. The Liglit-house Board, under the authority of he D# part meat, reserve* the right to r^act any id, although n may be the lowest. No b;d will baaon?idered for any other kind or de*criptioo offlii than that apooihuaily called fur in A la^wtb aecurjty to Uta aatisiaotiou of this Office, iu * penalty?<iu?l t?o?e-firth of the amount of tti<? contract made under tbaea proposals, w*U !>e r. quired or the oony^outr, conditioned for the Autkful performance ?f the 001.tract, to tie executed wi bin ton day * after the acceptance of tho bid. Every off'*/ muit Le acoumpamed by a written jaaraniee. *wued b* onaor more reepoatib ? purtou*. audknowatothieOfioe an snoli.or ctr'ihml by a I'nited State* District Judge, Attorney, XVavy K , tnt, or Cattectox of ouatoms. to the effeat that, it he T*W t>e ocepted, the bjod. r or bidder*wlTf du.y execute a cont act is good faitU. autorilinc to Uie icrmi of this advertiaemeat, witiua tan day* after acctptAj.ce ; and teat la ?aae the paity offering shall fail toentcr into the ooutraot afor. taid. he or they jua auty to male.? good the difference betwaea tli* offer of the eaid party and the next lo ? ifcrni^wiilbjmadafcr tho o4r within tlii t? darn a/tar It thai! bar* ba?n r?oei v^d bjr tha United Mr vrdar vf tha Light htfen* l*o*rd : " ^ SKMM^g. faaratw. D*?.iS?5ffia ^ WMESUV. \P ' ?< ij,'U J'i ',***' ' jb '*i L I ^ 'A M ' J J M.J . I* - "t i, , . it * I ? J t *? .U ..... .. .? 4 lNo. 67 a.] BY THE fRESlDKNT OF TH? UNITED aTATKS In pursuanoe of law, I.Jtxu Been?? ?>. President of the United State* of America. do hereby dee are ami make known that pub ic sales will be h 'ld at the ndermentiomm f.?nd <?fto >K in the State or CALiroK!<ii at the periods hereinafter tiesienated, to wit: At the LMrt CSoe at M a&isvills. comnenoiai or. Monday, th? M da? of J?ne next, for the diffusa of tie p?blio)a?d? Heretofore n-joffnreJ. sitnaied ih UM louowing townships and parts of township*! vt*? Sortk of tktb*-*t I me nni M.<t of tiu M?u?t Duibl meridian. Townships sand 9; the NWj(of section 2; the N H acd the iw Jtf of seotion 3; moIioui 4, 5 m4 6. ui township 3": tne 9 of seet^": the 8K *-? of Motion 13: the 9W of section 17; iecuoa< la tu 36, inclusive of town'hip 31, of ranee 1. Townships 9.10, and 16, of range 2 The N H of the NE*,the SK of NEM, the i N K M 01 ihe 8K If, and th? W K ?f section ?: -?I tious5.6 7. and 8; the J*E V of the NE the 8E V and WKof s*ction 9; the W H of the N W U. the W V of g W *. ani the SE * of the 8W J* oEm t;oul6: mt ons <7 to 21 iceiusive; the N W V toe N K ot the 8W J?, and the SW M of WW seet OU 22; the W H oftho N W * and SVV ut mNos i .7; neotio is 28 to 3? 1 nolusi v?; the SW V of ?he Nfc V. the iN W Jtf. and the 8 K of acip 9 of ian?* 3. 9?oti iui 1 to 1* moloair*, oftovnahip 10, of ranf & Xor k of tkt bas? li*e and tpest of tkt Mount Diablo mtrirtMM, T< wnahipa 8, t and 24; tr u\V of eMtion 6; the W X of Motion 7; < he SK Af at aeoiion IS; ih* ?<W >4 oi aectlun 18: th* ? H of amotion 19; th* S > of action 20; the S X of at ction 21; ihe a H ui aaoiion 22; th* NK of tn* 8 X of aeotion 23; a?otiuna 91 to 35, luolnmvu. oftownahtp tl;aootional to SOinelua??e; the N W of aeoiion 31; th* N K % ?.fa?otion S3; a*ctioua 34 ??id 35. of towcahip 32. ol i an** I. if o'lona 1,2,3, and 4; th* N K of amotion 9; a so tioua in to 15. incluuve; the NE l4 <>fa*etion22;**otiona 23 to 2b. inoiuaive; E H of .eution 35 ot townahip 8; teoticn* I 'o 4 moluaive; th* NfcVo! aeotion 6; the 8E '? of amotion 8; aeotiona 9 to &, ino u rive; tKe E K oi aection 17; the E H of arotion *?: actions 21 to 88, lucluuve: the NV <.f section 23; sections 33,34. and 35, or township 9; sections 1 to 6. inclusive; Uie N ^ V of section 7; ttia K S' of coiitia 9, stotions I", 11. ?aJ 12; ths N K '4 ol secHon 13; the N W of section 14; tue N H oi s-otioa 15 the S >4 of section 29; the SK l? of section 26; the K X of section 34; section 35, of towosh'.p 31; the SK U oi ? tion 9; tti? E K and the S W of section 10; tue J*K *4 oi section i2; the K % fcnd SW i? see- ! lion 13: me 8 S of section 14; s ction 15; the $>K of section 17; imSW '4 of section 'S; sections 19 to 3i, Ina usive, ol township 32, of ar tfe 2. Towimliipa *4 nud 32; sections *5 to 35, lLc'usivs; of to unship 31, of rang" 3 The 8W \ of seouoo 7; sections 14 to X5, inolu sive, of township SM; tections 1 to 5, ire uiive; sectious 8 to 15 inclusive; tions 17 and kl' to 29, inclusive: sccio s 32 to 35, inclusive, of towusHp 32; motions 2?, 2>>, 27,34, aud 3>, molnsi ve, of township 33,of ran<f> 4 Towuship 29, of ranc*5 t the I .and (>ih je at Hi mboldt. coinmeLom* on Monday, the iku day of J uu< next, for the ditpoia! of the public landa heretofore ont>tf r?], alt u&ted in th>? fo.lowiUK townahipa ami part* of towaaliipa, vis: North of ike base Hn? nni! of Iki Mount Diablo meridian. The W % of aeotion 7: the S* S of lection IS; the W H of Bastion IB; the N H of ae tion 19; the N an l the 8 >4 of section *?; the 8 K of aecuoti SI; the 8 H of aecuon <2; the M^of amotion SS; seotiona 24 to a. ino'umre; the K H of aeotion 24; the K Hi of a*?Uou 33; --action* 34 and 39, of tovrnship ?, of ranee 3. _ The SW ,V of auction I; the SK \ and the W X of eotion *; tue K bi of eection 3: arotion* 9, 10, 11, A.ti'1 19; tht* M ^ r?f aantiin I.1* M ** ~ .. , B v. ?MV i? VI CVilUU l*| the N K, and the W ..ftheSh of lection IS; the N fc. of section 21; the N W and the \V K of the Nk H of sectiou *2, of towuahip 10, of ra:ue4. fc-ction? 1,2,3 , and 5: the NE'*of leotioa 6; the SK of seciion 7; section* 8 aim S: th* N W \ of section IP; aection 17; the NF, ^ of *ee ion 18, of townnliip 16; thesJW of auction 5 tne ? J* of section 6; *eotion*7, 8, 9, ac>1 Id; the SW \ of section 14; aeotions 15 and 17 to 35, inclusive, ol townahip 17, ol ranice II. 1 he SK },' of eection 1; eectiona 11,12. IS, aed 14; the N K V ol section 71; Motion 24; the N E X of aeotion 25 <>f township 17; auctions 3 to 10, inoluaiv; 'he H\V of auotioa 14; aeotl Mia 15 and 17; the [M E i>f ?eo;ion 18; seotiuns 2-', 21, 22, and 23; aeotiona 2H to 2S, inclusive; sections 32 3-*, and 34: the N\V ol aeotion 33, of township 20; tli? N W Jg of see ti >n 3; seoMon- 4 to 9, inclusive; aeotiona i7 to 21, inu'a live; section* 28 U) SS, inclusive; th? SW 5$ of scctimi 31, of township 2i; the N W J*' of section 1; aco'ioua 2 and ll;theNW \ ??f aect ou 14; sections TT, 21, 31, SJ. 33, and 34, of townanip i.2; rectioas 1 to 18, inoluaive; sections 2) to 27, inoiusive; aeotion S*, of townahip 23, of ranee 12. Sections 3 and 4; the NE X of aection ?; section 9; the NW)( ofsecuon 10; section iS; ihe Bit Atf of aeotion 14; me 8W of section 15; eectiona 2. to 99_ innlnai va> aarttiun. *LA ?nrt ?*- -L ? _ . .. .. . .uv ....... . j , . r BliH \J ' HI ?U W O O n il I / | the \V S of aection 5; section* 6, 7.1. 9,17,18, 1!? 2n, ar.d 21; theSW \ of section ?3; section* Si to St, luo'asive, of township 18; seotions 3 10,15,23, 23, 25 27. 34, and 35, of townships*; the SE % of too'ion 12; sections 13 s nd 14; the SK Jtf of seouon 22; seo tion* 23. 27, am) 34, of tows?hip A, of r?n(? 13. SeoUons 1 and 2. tne SB M of section 3; t e N X of section 10; section* II, 12,13,14, 23. 24. 2), a: d 2S; the ME "h o! scction 34; section 35, of township 18; the NWjj section 3; section* 4. 5 and 6; the NE V o| station 7; notions 8 and 9; the 8 vV % of seclinti 10. the W H of section 15; the E % of section 17: the NE K of seotion 20; section* 21 and 22; the 8W '? of section 2b; the \V > of seotion 2b; sections 27, 2s, 33. 34. and .15. of township 19; the 8W V of aec lion 7; the ? VV X of section 17: sections 18 to 35, inoldsive, of township 21. of ranr* 14. Sections I to 5. inolu?ivo; the NK >?' of section 6; sections 8 to 15 inclusive; the NE J? i.f seotion 17, sections 21 to 27, luciusiv?; the N E Ag of seotion 28; the M of soctionSt; section 35, of township 2i<; --.i ?,> i !.. vp.. - WMVUM I t, iuuihvivo, VHO > r. OK ICOUUD b'. \ ??? K it of section 9; rollout lu to 15. inc usivs; sections 2" to 2?, iuo!a*ive; the \ or Motion SI; section* 82 to 35, inclusive, of townsritp 21: section 3; th* K X of seotioo 4; sections 8, 9, and 10; ttie 5>\V of section It; sections 14,15, and 17; th? NK Ki of section 2?; sections 2i, 22, arid 21; th- SW '4 of section 24; sections 25. 26,27, and 28; the 8K \ of section 3/; sections S3,34, and 35, of township 22, of range 15. North, oj the base line and east of the Humboldt meridian. The W K of section S; seotions 4,5,6,7, 8, % 10. 15,17,18, 1m, sk 21 and iU; t ie N H of section 27: sections 21 to 33. tnn'usive; the B )? of section 34, of township 4, ot range 2. North of the base . ine and west of tkt Humboldt mt- | rid tan. The SW X of seotion 7; the 8W X of section 17; section 18; me R Ji of section I.h; sections*!, 21, 22. and 23; the W )6 of seotion 24; the W X "f section 25; sections 26 and 27, the ft K X of sect.ou 28; tne ft K X of section Si; section 3*, ot township I, of range 1. . ?... factions 1 to 23, inclusive; the N S of section 34; the B X of section 25; * cations 26, 27, 2b, and 29; tlie NKois* 'lion 3U, f township I; sections 1.3, and 8; the ft W w of toe NW u, the B K of the IN VV fc, and the of section?, the Nfc H of tn? N ? the B K o It tie N k. >?, the BE Si of tne N W % aud the 8 * ofseotion 5; (he 8K ot trie St', % of c?cUon 6; the As- the 8 K of the N VV 34. aua the a % of .4. o a t<i ?J ii. w i/ * VOVUUU 11 ?COHV/U? 0| JLU. BUU II, liiV ^ OI tiou 12; tue N W M of hcction 17; eaetim IS; tha N H atid the SK X ol lectin 1119; the 8W of aeotion 2J. the K X of stfotioaSD; aeououa3l,3^, and J3; tha 8 w }\ ol aection W, ?>1 townar.ip 2. of rante 2. The SK K ofaeotiou 1; Motion* lu, 11, and 12; th* N X of aeoiiou 13, ixcuom 14; 15, 22, and 2S; the ? H of **?ti n 24; tha N X of aeotion 26; aeotion* 26. 27, S. and 34. the N W m of faction 3ft, of townahip 1; actional townahip 2, of ran(? 3. At tha Laud Offioe at 8toc?tom, oommenomr on Monday, tha8d day ol June next, for the diapoaal of thapnbiio lauda, hemtefore unoffand, aituatad in the follow lug townahipa and paru of tavnafcipa, viz : North of the last lint and east of tht Mount Dxablo meridian. 8action* 4,5, 6,7,8,9.17, IS, and 19: th? N H of the tlie M H of the NW M, and theSW j* of tha SW M ofat ction ?i; aeotion except tha &E fc of thoStSlf, oft-?wn?hip6 of range 3. Township* 4,5, and 7, of range 7. North of the base lint and west of the Mount Diablo meridian Townahipafi and 7, of rante 1. Section 2; the N E M of aection 3; the W X of mo Hon 5; aeotion 6; aeouon 7, exospt tha S X of tfca S W W; the N W and the 3 ** of aeotion S; the 8 X of t-ection 9; the 8 X of aeouon 10; aeotion 11; tha W H ol auction 13: aeotiou* 14 ana 13; aeotion 17, axo*?t th? 8 K ol the 8tV fc; the E W of the i*W X, th'e ih?8W and the E X of Motion 21: aect c in 22 and ?1, the W )* of Motion 24; the W K of aeotiou 2 ; aaotiona 26 and 27; lit* N K M, th?Ji X of the N VV A?. the BE Jtf of the NW )}, the N )? of Ue BE X. the BE ii of the BE M ot etot ob 2); the E -S ot tne N E M, ted the E s of the BE X of aeetioi' 33; aeottooaTM a d 35, of unrnahip 6; aeottoua 1 and 2; thi N E 3a of aeot.on 3; the BE k of Moiioii 10; aeotioQB II, to 15, iiia<aaivej the N ,t of the N E X of aeotiou ?1; the iX )'% of the N W X. and the E 3a of aeotioo 22; aeetioua 3? 94 2i and 2; the K X of the 8W \ aud the R X of eeotion Si; the W X -f aeotion 35; of townahip 7, of range 2. S-utk of the base lint and east of tht Mount Dimblo meridian. Beotional to 71, inoiu?ive; the N X. the N X of the hWi and N X "f the BE X of aeotion ?: the N X.thart X of tfce SW ?, ami the N X ot the BE k of eeeuon 2*; the N A X ??d the N X or the BE >? of aeotiou 30; the NE X of aaotion 34; the N <Ji Motion 35 of toamahia 3, of range 6. Sectioned, tf,7,8,and 17to21, in luaive; heNW X and the 9 X of auction 27; aeutiona 2* to 34. inoiu, *. . . * t 11/ ! # ?? - * * " - IVf) tuo H 7| ui MWUUO JJ| UI lUWOIAlf 3, OI liofftl fractional a??tiona 1 and J, aeotiona 9.4. ft. and < the NE i? ol amotion 7; aeetioail,9, M.aod 11: fr?ot oaal imqDm 12; i?oUunt IS, 14 a id 16; the ft E Jf of atotion 17; tba of aection 21; lectivui 22 to 27. inofuaira; the NE fe ?f ?ooiioi> 34; aeotioa 55, of township 5; seotiona 1,S, 11,12.13,14,23, 21, 2), 28. and 35, of towuahip 6; isotion 1; the NE ol ??c- j Uoa 2; aoouona 12,13,24, and 25, of townahip 7, of rank* 7. The siW !% and the W X of the SK \ of aaotion 1J; aeotion ii?i the W ?? ol aeotioa 29; naotiona 81, Sit aud 32; thaSWJ^ ol aeoUonS), of tow&ahip &; towimtiipa 6 and 7, *eotioua 1 to 5. inoluaive, Ut? :X ? W of aectt jn 6; taction* I to 15, lbolueive; the NE J? of aection 11; the inE V' ot aaotion 21; *ao tioaa 22 to 27, inolaiiv*; the :*h J^of section 33; a?o tioaa 34and35, ol townatyp9, ui :angel. Towiump* 7, 8, and 9. or ruga 9. To?r?ahip? 6 aiul I uf range 10 Ti'WD?h:p? 6,7, and 8, or range 11. Towu*ni?? 6 and 7; to wnehip 8, exoept eeoLoua 31 apd J2. or range IS Townenip* 6,7, ud I, of ranee IS. At the Land Oflee at Stockto*. oommanoing on Mondar. the 17th day of Jane next, f-r the di?poaal of tas publio >aade heretuiore anoffered. situated io the folio wing towaahipe and parte of toviuhipi, ?iit 80*t\ of tAt ban Inu andttai oj tkt Mount DiaiU IWnibtf ? 8.1,7.8, 8. aofiUi, of ruti 14. gaqftione I to lo, inolaatvai koUob 15 and 17 to S3, inoitxfve; ?>ction? tt to 54, lueluaive, of towaship Te wnabiM 8, t. M, 1L and 12. of range 17. T#waa?i>M, io and 11; eeettoaelto?,taelaeiTa, I of tewaahlp tt, of range it. TheSW X of section 19; theBW i? of reetion SB: - OOOM * W * w S of MOttOBM, i * * * ^ ?- 4ft 4 )<?.?. .1 ?;><$ ua (I t Motions 7 tad is tu4k u.o'mi v?, of tovtahip 1?; aaotiona 1 to It, iooianva; aaotiona IS ud 17 to tl. moluai ve; aactinna i7 to 54, iao>uaira. o| tow ' ip II; aeotiona 5.8. 7,12 13, 14. ?, a d ?. ?? 71, i >aa at ve; aootiona 33, M. aud 3s, of townahip <2. ?1 nnc?3n. At tha Land Oftca at Vi-all*. f">tn<as"?irg o.t Moudaj. Ikt loth rift, of ianrfu.*t, f .r th dlap aa of W.yulla au Ja horwtofora offar -i. ntua el '?waahip? and pari a of townah pa. South af tk* tan /mm amd ,ait qf tkt Mr**! Duklt MMjia Station" J and.2; tija . R \ of aao i >n 3 aaotiona 11.11. and Ik tn* N K \ of aaalton 14; aaotiona M ami 2#, i.ftavmtiii IT; aactiaaa i to 5 ire uuv?; tha N % of aactiOn 6: acOU>aat to 15, inoiaaiva, tha X of aection 17. tna rTF, \ of aaation Jt; a*o tioca 23 34 Kid 2 ; tha N ti H of a<^t:on? rf :ownalnp IS; taotiona 1 to 6, mo miva; tha N fc \ o' amotion 7; aaotiona to IX mo;naiYa; Ua oi? 3* of Motion 14; tha N K X of aaotiou 84, of towaahi, 21, of'aicalft Townahtp* 17, lt.&ni 19; aaotiona I to 27, inelaaiv<: tha N4? V of .action 21; tha bE H acotioa 83; aaotiona* ?nd ?. of townakip 21; aaati?M I aa4 7; tha NK V of amotion 3; aaotiona M. ?f. rS, an<l 14. tka MP 1/ -,f aaiiiiAn 99* aialiAa 14* tha %i a." L.' a# Ml* A VM ?wv ?WM 1| Mi* l?M ^ V? ifetfotiTS, fiTtowTatlilpa, of'lurll Seotiona 1 to 27, itic.utivf; the NK\ of aeotion 2S; Motion* 94 a?d 35. of towmkip SVt 7. ana 8, tb?9W M ft **o:io|i #; tfce IM y f? otios 15; anotieca.17 to 22 luo'uairo; <y 8W \ nf eotion 23; arotiufi*25tn 35, 100*0*1*0, of to*n? t? 22;a??cti...- a 1.3. a?d 3; the NE tit Motion 4; the XK Vofaectioti Hi; Mournta 11, It. IS, Mid 14: id* NE V Olaection 23; Motions 24 aud 15, if SE \ oI eeotiva 32. aeotion* 31. M. and 35, o( townahi* A Motion* I to 5 inolnaivo; tne Nh frMU>'n*l % of Motion ; the NK % of Motion 8. aeotiona ? to li, inolaai'e; the N K '? of auction 22, aeotion-23, >4,25, 26. and 3S, cftownenip 24; amotions >, 2, ana 3; the N E V of Motion 4; th? NE^ of ?Mtioa 10; eMtiono 11,12, and 13; the N K V of mwUou 14; aeottou M, of tovnthip as, of range 17. rownihip 21; aeotioaa l.X, 3, and 4:th? \ot notion 5; tN K f of aeotion 9; aeotioaa lo to U, inclusive; the N K i of itcUon 15 Um .N fc Af ?>l action 21; the sW j* of Motion Si; aeouoa 51, the PW hi of aeotion 32, of townihip 22: i<rt;??t 1 and 4 to ?. ms'ii'iff; aaotmna it, IS, and \i *? si, trt'ta**; the SW jtf oi aeotion 22; ihef?ls, M of aeoti*a2i; ?*tiooi 24, to 35, inolttiivd. ( towushipSi; lowaah'p 2*; ifotion* 1 to 15 inclusive; ?motion 17, th? Nt % of ?oction 18; the NE Ji of aeotion 22; eta t->na 23, 24, and 2S; the N K K of reotion k. oi inwrahia 2% section i;tiiaSK f section 2; the SW of Met < a 3; aeotiona 4 to 18, tooluaira; the N\V \ of aeotion 19; the N K K of amotion 3l>; aec tout 21 10 96 inola flw; the Nli % of aeotion 27. ?f tovnatup 2b, of range 18. fractional townabiaa21, 22. and 23. townahipa 24, 25, and 26; aeotiona 1 to S. mainaive; aeotiona 8 to 17, inclusive; aeotiona 21 to molnsira; aootouaM and 35, of tovnahia 27; aootiuua 1,2, and IX, of township 23, of ranee 19. I< raoiionai townships 23 and 24: towcahtas 25.96, and 27; a ction* t to 2* inoluaiTe, the NK If ?f amotion 9); tb? N hi J* of aeotioa 34; aeotion 35, of towaahip 28, of rao<e 20. M the I.audOfioeat V'i>alia, oommenoinf oa Monday, ?hj 24th da* of June n?xt, for th* disposal of th* public lands. heretofore o nolle red. (Ill at?d in the following townahipe and parts of towa hip*, via: South of tht bntt line and fast of tk* Mount Dtahlo meridian. Townships 27 and 2A; sections I to 6, inclusive; the N E K of section 7; aeotioaa a to 17, laalaaiva; the P * of section IS; aaetiona IV to X, laalaatva; tha NK\ of aaotion 29; the NE If of section 33, aeotion 3?; tha NWX of section 35, oftownafcip 8, afru(*tl. T>wn?hips 21 and 22; fractional towaahips 83 aa4 24; townahipa 25,96, and 27. of rang* 94. Townnhip* 21,22,23, 24, 29. 26,27, tt, 29. and *. of ranee is. 1 Townahipa 22, 23, 24, 2S, 26, 27, S, 29. aad 9, of range 26. Townships 22,23 . 24,25,26,27, and 28. of rang* 27 At the Land Olfioe at 8a> F*ai?ci?co, commencing on Mondar, tha 10th day of Jane n*xt, for the iisposai of the lands, heretofore anolfered, situated within tha folluwiu* townmps and parta o1 townships, vis: North of tk< base line and west of th' Mount Diablo Township 6; aeotiona 1,3, ud 9; the NE K of ?eotiou 4. the W S of section 6; Mtiuu T; lii 8W % of section*; tne SE J* of aeotion 9; sections 10 to 35, ino o?ive; the E H, ths NA V and the K X of the S\V *4 of aeoti Jn 36; sections 3t ,30, 31,and S3. Ol townMiip 7. of ranee J. South of ikt base Iim and tait if tk* Mount Diablo auritfisa. Townabip 2.1 of ranee 9. Townanip 21; seotions 1, 3 and 3; the E K of amotion 4; tne fc X of aoou'iu 10; socii ias 11 U ?i>d l*i tne E !? of a -ction 14; section 24; lbs E 3% of aeotmn 2J; section 25; the 3E 3tf ol section 2j, tie sE X of section 34; aection35. oi township 24; tb^ 8W >? of teoli'in 14; amotions 15. 2j 2' an? it; tne W X aud the HE 3t? of section 23; the S S ol aec un 24; a?ciiona 25, 6, 27 and 2"; theNE V of aeotion 2*; the N N l? of aection 34; aectiou 3>, of townahip 25, of range 10. Townahip 24; amotions 1 to It, lnolative; th< N tt of aeotion 1 ; aeotiona 2J to 2d, inclusive; the N E 3% ?>f section 39; the tffc \ of section ?; sections st, 34 and&5 uf townahip IS; townahip 3ft. of range II. wTowaahip 27; fraolional a.ouona 2 and 3. auctions 4 to lu, iLCiuaivr; lractiona sections 11 13acdl4, acotioua'5 17 and 18; the N* \? of aeetioa ; tut NE >4 < f aeotion 22 aeotion 23; fractional eaenons 24 a iu 25; the NE 3% of aeotion 3?, of towuakip a, of range :a Towuahipa 25.26 and 27; aeotiona? and 3; frao tiona sections 3, 4, 9 and 10; sections 11 to 15, melaeive; fractional a ctiona 17,19 and 3U; section- 31 to 24. ino usire. ths N E 3% vf aectiou 37; the NW^uf aeotion 3><, of townahip 2*. of range 14 The N W \ ?f section 3. aeotiona 4 to9, inelaaive; the SW X or aeotion 10; aeotiona 15 and 17 to 33. la olnaive; soctiooa27 to 34, inolaaive; the SW 4 of aeotion 35. of townahip 29; townshipa 30an<l 3!; ?ec tlon* 1 to 12, inclusive; the NE V of aeotion 13, of townsh p 32. of range 19 TheSW X of aeotion 27; the SE \ and the W X. oi seouon it; wcuom i?, 19 ana ? ; tne HVV '? of auction 21; tn*SW>?nf section Ti; Motions 2? to 34. inomsivs; the S w l? of aeot on S,of towaahip 9<; to wiuiup 31; aeotious 1 to 18, aficiu.i vo; tne .N W K of aectioj 19; the NR '? of secuon 21; ?e;tion* S3, 23. 24 and 23; the N H cl ction 26; the N E >4 of aiouon 27. of township 32, of range So The SK V of a?cti<>n 17; the off '? of aefction II: eotiona 1* and 2i'; the W % of arouon 21; the SW V of section i7; k ctiona 28 t ; 34. icolraive; the 8 S of aection 35, of to wnahip 31; townahip S, of range 21* Nortk of tkt batt lint and vest nf tkt San Bernardino nit-uiian Soctiona 3 and 4; the N t >? of section ft; the N K Kol aeotioo 9; aection in, of township 8; the N W V of aaotiou 5; seotione 8.7, IR. and 14; the it W W or aecjoniflt; aeotiona 29, an, 31, aud 32; ine SW foi Motion Si, oi t'vnaliif 9; auction 1; tin sj >6 cf ere tion 2; the S l, of section 3; the SK if of auction ?; B'cti'ju 10 to inclusive, of towaahip 14, of range 24 Section* 1 t < 13, utaiaaive, of townahip 9; theSW \ f section 7, aeotiona 13 to 36, inolasira, of (ova air p M, of r*rge fS. 'I he ?K *4 and tne W K of aaot'on 4; sectioua ft to )l,inolu>iv?; fceation 12, vxoept the N >4 of th* N K *. aeotiona 13 to 35, inc'.uai?e, of towaship 10. of ranfe 2b sections 1 to24, inotuaiv*. the NK S,' of amotion 25 oi t>.'Woaaip l<t, of rang* 21. Sections I t>> 18 inclusive, 01 towu-h.p T; the S\V 14 <>f section 19; the S X of section 35; tne Sfc Sf of section 26; sections 29 tj 35. luc naive, of townaaip ?, of rang* ?>. Township 11, of rat** 31. Sections 1 to 27. mo usiva; the N K K of mUsi 28. Die > W li of seatioc SO: tSa V. SZ nf section 3i, oi township 1"; township * 1 "of range is! I .and* appropriated by lav for the nee of ee boots military and other pnrposee, or thoe* eoveroc bj oonfiitned private Land o iiim. togethsr wit* the swamp or overflowed lands, will be axoluded fro? th? tales. No " mxturcU latuit "or tracu oontaiatng mm oral deposits, are t > t>? offered at the pablie tales, such mit e allauJe being he oby txsreeely excepted and exeindrd from sate or other disposal, pursoant t9 the requirements of the aot of Cokgree?appro*<d March 1853, entitled '* An aot to provide for the parve* oi the put> 10 lands in California, the giant log of pre emption rights therein, ana for ot^er pu poses " The tifering of the above lands will be commenced on thedaja appointed, and wilt proceed in th? order in which they are advertised until the whole shall have been offered, and the salee thns elosed; but uo sale shall be kept onea longer than tw? weeks, and no private entry oianv of the lands will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. (iives ander ear the City of Washington tliis 'wenty second day of Ootober, anno Domuu one thousand eieht hui.dr*H &rw< ?iwt? "" " "JAM fc.S~ BUCHANAN. By the Pre?ident: Jos. S. Wilson. CumniiMiosH of tfee General Laod Olot. j NOTICE TU P?E-EM?TION CLAIMANTS. I Kvery person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any or the land* within the towashi|M aad farts Of t h. bove fcum? ate:, is required to establish the same the satis feet ion or the register and receiver of the proper land offio<\ and mmk* payment therefor as too* as rriuitcabU afltr serimt tkt t not tee, and befere the day appointed for the cousmenr-nnent of the pobtie sale or the lands embracing the tract claused: otherviM ?uoh claim will l>e forfwlM? Commissioner U&hXilPSSio*. U ndsr the reg ulatioas of the Depart**t, aa heretofore ana aow axi?Ung. no par mast eaa be made for advertising procsmat out except to such publishers aa arc jwpaJhrMitmie< te ?? btish tar tie Commissioner of the Bmal Luoi (mm. oafruwHy.T PlOFES'OR' Of Lh?VrKNCH9and GERMAN LANGUAGES, *17 Eighth streat, between L and M, baa the hoaor to annoanoe to the public that ha has resumed h;s lessons ui tha above laaftNMf. and has opened at Alias W ood s aemiaary. *94% T street, between 12th and 19th sts , a French Class in which young )a4tes will be admitted. This oiass will meet throe tunes a weak at fcaif-paat* p. m. Turin.' .1.-' v- r- ? ?r l *? " w??i' '? o?i;?i?oM>ry arr*ngi'm?n*? made lor leasona uvea in achoola. Mr de Vihiera offer* the beet references aa to his gwe.1. ability, *e-, *e oalt-lm New buckwheat. NKW BUCKWHEAT. X)VE?1NG-. ?V?^n i.r m r. rincK. vm. r. ucMtnik NEW FIRM. FRENCH ft R4CHSTEIN, ' * < Skettntri to Win. P. Baylf,) Who Male and Retail Dealers la BOOKS, sTATiommr, aw> pzfcioMona, No. 978 Puxiuviiiu Avansa. Weddinic and Viaid^"Carda neatlr emjrared ^l'aiM "and* Kn?lopea MmH *** Wtial vtth -.Ujho***6 ***' ?i ? AUCTLOk *AU?i> . j larv-w ^ j ?. CLVARY ft UKRKM A'-eCi.>i.??r*. 1 A DR ? UoOtM AND H"?IKKt.? OVP?, f Hi. ?**<!< , *r? *T A**T>4?? ? B 'A rttl'A\ M M N ><? . tfcr 27th art.. M M> ?V- <ck. w? < kt 1 **11. if* f-ont of i' - io'i i rwhm, ntk k6 > i-'h ?i--rt. jmt a'ori> P?. ftYMBf. tiwp mi ot Drj O. o U of>?er? 4**oript ?? n*i?f (tR of tf? >loek ot ft oily eU?ai -ir>r? A i*r?? .oiof Kutf Goo is, Hrwvrr, GIotm, Blanket*. * e. T?mi oa?fc. o? ?< CLIuARV A By CLKARY k G R V EN, iMboiMtt. HOV8BVOLD FIRMTIRK. Jc.AT AVCT!?* -<m ^ATtHl I?A V M"llMW.Ik#?',k I i Mt, ? ataU Mil u frNt ( mt Amum l?w, ? No iO? ?U irvvi. in! H'??? Pa. itmm.mi* I o'slook,a. an . A good mmrtmaat of aaco?4 bad F n itara, aarh at? _ . , I M&bof*n> Shfrna. Marlfto SiMkMrf. y?ho,?of tid Wm it W MttttiM, Mils OoMao, Mi IImI Mft;tm*M. With man* oth?r britfkoid KfMti. 1.700 S*gara, IS Dos ftn* Brooai. Tama oMk oa? CLEAKY 4 GREEN. Aaato. By A GREEN, Anrtioaoar. CMN E SADDLE AND HAKNKM HORSE r i?D CiUUtl, HonUklLS ilD K.TCatH Ft iMtrat. Ar., A c , at Arcrin*.?Oa l*ATI'M DAY, tba nth inatant, at 10 o'alock a. a., a ina >tuii s?aiiion. which vurka w?ii in iaa?-aa aaA k aa axoal'aat riding horaa; ha i? I jeai* ?id. a I torn* brown or blaek.and per.rctl* fan'(a; * fall I h'? 4 Morgan bora*. a* <i nold for no fknit, the o??. r having n> f?rUw?r naa for him He ?il, I* M>id to th? higheat bidder. Also, a good Family Carriage and a largo and general aeaortro- nt of axeaUaut I HouaeKoU aad Kiiafcen Furaitnra. Terraa oaah. wo?? A CREKN, Auct. \f A K?UAL'8 8ALF. ? In TirtM of a writ mi 1*1 fia-t fac.&a nauod Iron (ha Ciark aOftoa of tha Circuit Corrt of the Dutr-.ot of Co Lnhiafor thaC?>nntyof Waahinctoa. aixt to me directed. I ?iM axp?eto pa t ic aaia. for oaah. in front of tba Market Hoaae in ( ao'cr-tow > ?-4 Diatriot ?a MONDAY, the 5th day of Novaaibar naxt. ltM, "o-taiancirr at 9 o'clock a m thafoDowmggwoda aad chattala, to wit. t Bay fi<?r*aa, I Wu?a,l 8-U of Baraeaa aad 1 Nagio Nan, Miiadaad levi< d upon aa tt?a property ot K.l?. War6eld. aad Vt.l t>? ao d to aati*fy j-idicipla No. 4. to January tarn, IKI, in fevor of Aadraw J Jotoa. I W. BFf.DF*. ' ac tV-dta U. 8. Mara ha. for Ota. of Co} | TlhlTAPTERNoori ir TuMosROW R* a niiriv a....?? VALUABLE BUILDING LOT <>N NORTH 0 Ci? TdL Hilx., at Arrr iv-yi THIJK8UAV. th* iMh tt:a<?au 1 abft.1 M |. ib f,oat 1 of ills ^rtntiiM, it * u'otock p m . a Muxiao** 1 tiUlldlilg Lot, fronting . I n-tPC ua*t to 1 the oornvr of l>*'*waro it botrg M t of I O'ifinal Nu.S m Square No titt, And Milkii I ids - ?74 l**et o'c. Ow d. I Tli* ?0ova J??e 'l>#d ia a ??f h*?<'?'<ni? I ai'diag I U>* wit* * '???-? ?- ' * lnoafioa. I Tarma: OM-tkir4 *uk; Ut btlaao* ia u4 U 1 BMDtti, tha rtritMW to KIT* MlM lor Itedofarrto paUbM. AllioiW)iMi M tha wxt of tlM par- f oc?8 d A. GREEN. Aal. Br BARNARD A BUCKEY. A?MH, fffirnf lira. D. C. A SIPKRIOR HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN 1 PrKMtr*? 4T Pcblic ArcrTOK.?Oa hRIDAN viOK.MMi ^1'.iut,?tl 'cd.wi *ili M.I, ' I lttk? r*iid??c?ofJ.A MMrv1* .Eh .IOOWm . I strMt, Georgetown. l>. C , a 1 tua Hoatefcotd Par- ' .i'ure, Ao , ounproinc? Mab< ctny IUir a<at rs>fa, Arm Chair* and Rook or*. Mahofacy P uih itil Cbairi ard Mirror. Do lfarb!a-t>p Center 'labia Ma Tea Po??, Ooth.e Chair*. Fta?ere tod Mafo?a:y ride Ta bite, ^andelatiraa, CLaudeliara and Cabinet Vuta. V?!v?t, Bru*sria. lugrain Car pat, Kuga and Mat tine. Pertaini. *t?p Carpet an* Ha.! Oiioloth, Fine China Dinner. Taa an J Coffee seta and Plated Mahoc any Dicing Tabla and Chain. Do g d*t?oard and Wara. Hat Kant. Raaewood aad Mahogany Uaiblatof Drwim BuriMi, Ma^iocaijy atd Walaut B?d?teada, Do do Wardrobee aad Hair-Mat ftoMwooSf aad Mahogany Marbie top Waakvtaad and Toilet S?ta. Exoailant Carle* hair MattreaaM, Ftatlwr Boiatera ADO PiliofPS, Bhuak aad Cotton and Shuck Mattreaaaa aad Ton at Glaaiea&nd Mirrora, CftMibar Carets,Cm* Mat fcnd Wood mt Ckalra and Koakerc, ftorw ud Refrigerator, With u exctant aaaortmant of Kitohaa Farr.; . tara, Tarwa: 936 aa*h; orir that tmont a oradit of 90 I aad tu dajt, l or approved aadwraad ioIm, b?rfef \ lat*r?at. 1 mad BARNARD ft BICKBV. Aaota A FUTURE DATS Br 1. 0. MoGUIRE * CO.. AMboM?n. pOVERNMKNT BALE OF DBM* PIOEON u HOLU, TIIL?. Biimui Cabpkt*, Ac.?Ob FRIDAY AFTERNOON, ??cU>bar thra* o'cluok.iD front of Wmtfar'a B?i ding, w* a hall M:1 a otofOftci Firaitan.fte.,aoaipiiaa|B&p^SjaSS* Waahatanda. Tol'at S<-ta. Htnoia. f*traw Mattinr. Matt, Braaaaia, lcfraia oUar Carpala, Sto?ea. Oi'oToUi, k. a. Tar ma eaah id apacia. oa? d J. C MaGUIRE A CO , Aaata By J. C. MoGL'IRE k. CO., Aietiuntara. MTirmT AT Al'tTlUN -OB FRIDAY AF? TERNOON. Ootobftr *U, w afcftli Mil, tm mmi to aait? 92JM Corporation of Alcxftftdrift Six p?r CNt t*tock, 11,325 Bank o' tb? Matropoii* 8to?k. 2 066 Corporation of WftahiLgton Qnftrtertp Six per Cent. Htock, 9*? Corporation of Wathingtoa Baai Aiml Rx KrCML?to?k . , Terms oMk in enrrent funds . o??-4 J. C. MeCt'HK k CO., Ax(t| Br BONTZ 4 GRIFFITR.AMUoMm. r ARSE SALE OF CROCKBKY udSLAM yoi^^wiffggfcaavijwf. in frost of tb? a Motion R oom, MR 8*t?wVtnR? brtwnw I Ud K Ml., W? Will Mil ft iftT|? ftMOTt- , * entcfCr. okarr ud GlftM War*. boiof tfc* baluci of (took of ft lent raaftn dniimif bonnM| c nmbDf of- -? rraaoa Ukina vim, . I l>o Dinoer and Tit Wtrw. % Graaita Mu*r, Dmwt and Tea riataa. 1 Ro T?a and CoCaa Com and Waaaata, a VagataU* Dim Mo, Baaiaa aa4 PitaAara, r ~ Nappia,Me?t Duhtw. Granite Bo via, Croam Pitchara* G'amu Watar Pitafeara, Toilat BaU, Do Vi|v and Tea Pota, { Preaok Clu^a froa* a^d Bruab Tray a, ? ? I Do Matoh B 'X^a, * J Do Motta Mi|a, A*., * *1''" f 1? aau of Knnea aod Fnria oX difierant kiada, M .all I To*eth<-r with a g*tnra a?^r;utaat of Crvctam ,tAt I and Glaaa U arr. I Trmaow* I oo >4 d (lpt) BONTM A GRIFFITH, Aaatafr-^'H?-' I S AFUI1 CI.OAK??AR AB CiX)AKb ? tm UJUi 1 PLC1AL OPENING J>AY OF AK^ , 1 MONDA Y, Ocftxr 7td. ?? " 1 , iaai I Solfsnao Fancy S?triff*I ARAB CLOAKS, .. I UrmUil Rr(?nMrni>.l Ak>Mm mirt Cloth Afc A B~"CLOAk8, ' Plato Ur?r AKAb CLOAKS. , ai^ Alan. Bf*ck B?r?r Cloth SLEEVE CLOAKflL "" BEDOUINP. AI.HaN AS, Ac .t-immed with CfC chot iiermea auJ Cioonet Kring?a, at tirv MAXWELL'S, , j o? ?P >o3t ^a*> Patiniyi vama araa g?. ^1^ EAULEbTOVfc. Hol'SE. COOKINU and UKATLVG ?T1)VK? (wrwMftl m t-roa : that ha.? ev?- b*-n a*#n in thta mfcthaU J Wood or Ci? . Th? a* <urtm?>.t beinc MutmrMi I iHvrat'u Ij taviu all tHoMia waataf .. th* M?t Storaa to o\U and ?ia ?i?# m? laaortotMt _ C WOOOWaUD, Jl* Pa araaaa. w oc l6-*o6t h?tw? iPth an? 11U rta a-'w WF WiNTOl'K OU* CUSTOMERS A!^ "* fn?*da te know tkaiovr aaaortmnt *f GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS m>x ia now oMnptoU la aitrt 4*ra-tnrat, v I 9rtr fcrucla. andiu trial v*jiat?. * *!)? kaat ia . 4 well orjmnu m! GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE. ** J Oocopyiar for th? fist twaaty year* tha aamm (tor*, art buyia? ail our rood* ?xo?aaiv?ly for "tttk," vi an ?ii?M tkM vt ?m Mil a imr *** BETTER STYLE OF GOODS 1 at lowtr pri?*t than thoaa who bar oa "er*diLn 8 Wa rriah. matotaia a raputatioi. fir W th??ai?of _ FIRST QUALITY GOODS, ^ ^ 1 ^.^fWrC 2 I oe Hlwrowa. Brown'* Batjiy'*' A c g. rowtu,..;oia r win ."n wm.?* **'. * CHARLES S. FOWLER A CO, f -mt3 * f IMPORTERS, 1 9*T | WHalaaaia mm* Retail Jtaaiara? rfla '1 I CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WAU, aa I Pirn CatUa*. Piat*d Wm. Sail M?*l . I j<?4<oh Fm-lowI"WJl?TSeV I t u i**t WMimctoa City. ^3u?f*? I rkRY ?OODft~DRY QOOD0! A, MM n ft 1/ . UKV GOODt^DRY ogo^^,- I j&* k<w* **Y ' "tort ? ??rr lftrg# I ETrL^^H^r^^aS?" I teeir yarehftwe leewk?S.WKrery ftrtielTtiPB I K?14 ftt Um iovait mftrket prio?. '' " ' t?3T?^^J W I'fci . m *

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