Newspaper of Evening Star, October 26, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 26, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON 01TT: FRIDAY Octeber 86^166?. CET One of the be?t and cbeapeat ftmlly new?p?p*ri in the country, to wit, Hie \\ eekly Star, fall u usual of Metropolitan newa and goaalp, general Intelligence, and cboicellterary reading, la new on our counter readjr for dalWary te the public. Embraced in Ita entertaining contenUare the fallowing artlciM: The Cburek? poem; Faahiona for October, from Le Follet, 8tr*a*e Adventure with Burglar*; The Pre-idential R?ce?a very amnalng dream n 111 - ... n k H.innl In Pnlnu W..1, ington; A Printing Office; Afraid of dnakes; TbePrince's Visit la an English Point of View? a tirade against American institutions; How Smith's Bull wo.i the Premium?a laugh-provoking skeVb; Mr Gough's Eloquence: A FLarp Creditor, TUe Goapel aa Expounded by Brtgkam Yoone; An Inconceivable Donkey; Autumn?po?tic; V alue of a Constitution: A Diamond Storv; A Model California Senator; Tbe Battle of ViJturno; Tbe New York Fuaion Demonstration, Tbe New York Poet Office Defalcation; Horrible Murder of a Lady and two Children; Adah Immj Menken Heenan in more Tidbit; Making Bread: Th- Last of tbe Prince of Walts in America?the grand ball in ms honor at Boston?his reception at Portland?the departure for Europe; Tbe Royal Squadron at Portland; Queen Victoria Abroad?a narrow escape of the roval party from a terrible railroad disaster; A Former Royal Vl.:s av?. >_i* _ M ti.i C/lwat/i Ia In ? > tuc timi\ ui rrinvc t?*w?iu ?v ?v-w.? ? 17W; Another Myaterr In New York??u*piclo* of the murder of "Fanny White''?her body disinterred tor chemical anal?z*tlon?an anonymous letter?the matter Hf?; Election of Lord Mayor of London; A Bewildered Mother; A Noele Record; E* Poi:mut?r Fowler on his way to Melico; Operation* of the Patent Office; The Republican Meeting la*t Week? apeech of the Hen Mr. Kilg?re or Ind ; Kaltiiuore (U. S. Preebrterian) S\ nod at Georgetown; Proceeding* of the Clrc?tt Court; St Paul's Methodist Cburch South,Sudden ftll of a Gravel-wall Building; The Dem Jack An Meeting on Monday night; Meeting* of the Ml and Everett and Douglas Club*. Lecture on the Proptoecie*?the mlllenlum to commence in !-* ?: The Horae Railroad Through Pennsylvania Avenue; Dreadful Accident to a Lady; The Preabyterlan Svnod at Alexandria: The South; The Latent Development; The Oregon Senators; The Effect of it; How It vai Done; The Republicans Stating their own Position; The Democratic Jackson Association Again; Department News; Editorials; Washington News and Goealp; Local intelligence, 4c., Ac.; Late nev. s foreign and domestic, by mall and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items: And a groat variety of choice literary article*, ouia prose ana poeuy, too nacrous 10 meatloa. This Is Just tbe paper above all others for persona sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to tbelr frieuds at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or Si ?3 per annum, postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. *ptnt of Ike Hernias Proa*. Tho offers a few -'Considerations for Honest Voters'* at tbe coming Presidential election, and in another article treata upon the 111 ?# i i ??i vuuaritaHiui ui ii' uttiu . TLf Jitttiliftmrtr 1* drv,;U-d to new* and iriilceliany. ' }[7~ From Taylor & Maury wf have some inv'.t.u^ reading, viz: the November number cf Harper's Magazine and the October do ,of Blackwood. Thev ere both capital numbers Indeed. Henry A .Montgomery, the Superintendent cf tiie Central Pacific Telegraph Company, haa successfully laid a mite of cable In the Miasialppi river f?7"The Haylitha Government has awarded a crnUact to a L'c?ton establishment for a splendid iron fountain, with capital and statne and several thonsand feet cf pipe, inteaded for supplying one of the poblie squares of Portau Prince with watar. CT The Watrous land case was again up at Ch*>ubera of the Supremt Court at New York, on the on an application for a commissi an to Mexico to take testimony. The motion was grantm) ft I"kdA A at*f a# rv<w aatll nrra allAtifswl "? ! 1 Am* ., ? ?? ? ? j ?a fa wv?vw<b?ww uuiit tUS HIM of February next C7" A letter from Col Preston, U. S. Minister to ^paln, gives an account of the narrow escape of himself and family from drowning in the veeae1 on wblcb they bad embarked at Marseille* en route to Madrid Col Preaton was saved by the desperate wrtjons of the Maltese and C a tall an boatmen Ferseaal Senatnf Douglas arrived at Memphis on Tuesday, tin! made a speech there next day Ex-President Walker opeaed bis course of lectures on tbe "Philosophy of Religion," at the Lowell Institute, on Tuesday evening. - - Heenan and J ones, with a large corps of fa'lii ? mmm mt I? Em ?< a? ? * I* n^aiu ?|iai(ia^ J ii IUC CUUU* to jr. Hon Thomas F. Marshall Is lecturing at I'oupkkerpsts <>n the History of Christianity. from the Advent of the Saviour tu t*e Protestant Ksformatloa. Rlstorl Is the daughter of poor traveling Italia* artistes, and It Is siid that, when an inAllit tKs? lav haKiiwI tl>? ?kM J 'UC WVU?? ill ? VMACk WUilO her mother wit playh.jr The late Eliza Angell, of Providence, left charitable bequeath to tbe amount of ?150,000, in?Kit.ojj Dra Wav laud. Caswell, and tirager with the trusteeship of tbe fund. Judge Red field, after hiring been on the Supreme beoih of Vermont just a quarter of a e^ntury for the last ten years its Chief Justice, has declined a reelection. Panl M orphy passed through Cincinnati on Monday, on his way to New Orleans. The Chess Club scat a committee to request him to tarry and play, bit* be derl:ued, promising to remain several dd>s on his next visit A Wholx Rkoimsit or Zocavis ?The Chieago Journal sa)stbat the famous Zouave Cadets of that City have resolved to form a whole regiment of their style of military, to consist of eight companies, Col. Ellsworth to be the chief slew The old company will be Company A. and the rest B, C. Ac., In the order of their organization. We learn that tbe work of or'aniline the new companies is progressing steadily, ana In a few months, the regiment, which la to be known u the "Independent Regiment of Illinois Light Inf mtrywill be fall. r^TheNew Vork Poet Bays that the following note is u d u> h*ve been picked op on the City Mali stent In that city: f# tkt Hon Fernando Wood, Mayor of Atw York: H.f la axiwer to vour kiud inquiry If the IMnce enjoyed his visit to yoar city, I bare the Csasure to inform von (tat his Royal Highness re it exceedingly well I have the honor to be, Ac., Ac., Newcastle. . CI7"It is said Governor Banks was much sli^LtM in the Boston reception of tbe Prince. And Governor Merrill, of Maine, waa not introduced to him, or taken any notice vfatall, though he went to Portlaud to ps/ticipate tn tbe ceremonies. W'Mk a crowd wa? waltiagat Ponghkeepaie. N Y , to waicb Vat p?<aa^e of the Prtnca of >Va r* a maa ou board a river boat deliberately flrya gun into the crowd, wounding two or tbrec pmoaa rr"5=?I O. o. F.?FRIES'DSHIP LODilK, No. Ikj W.-lfco nwuubera of Fri#n)a*>iy Lolge, >?. 1J, wi 1 meet t?t tha fca'f, coraer of Nin?t?entn itrert ?r.d P? a MO.NDAV.UotoMrJWIi, a? t o oltrk p n . (or th? puip *? of Joifiint th* proeettios khituo.tiimiu tna deJioalorr service* uf tha o?w Ua!! of Covenant Lodje, No, 13 oc *> y. * vM r KL K. lX>bt?t.ABS. Sac. PROF. HKtfRY Wli.L RESUME IHS "L_< *our??? of Xoient l,*oture? t??f<>r? the Tafcohe'k* Aa^W'tiox on TO MOKROW fSatar <laj ' Mt>?i MN(?, at lo onion* The l?ct?r?? tM k in baa app*.?* j? r??o?w ftw taithi i'%(| iiutitiu n a J litoiMnwiitueMM at mk At t^Aoit-ra Oi?it4i ?i( ?.n?Mton ?ra* rftpect_ fee Ca% rv-^-YOrNQ CATHOLIC# MUENDSOCII =? K I'V ?9*the ar? r?? ?>?t .1 tnni^llt M r? t ' tiurcu on ^l)N te^S! 35S5 )S?84*aa Chaxcs. Bl 0PieHi:<iH 0 9WEENiiY. Ppjr M F J. MtHx>n L_i ?? III Thora'* t'Bunirtf ;i?xt aouth uf 0<UI F-;k.tor?'li*I!.!?erenth <bMt,vu vyjiilNKIAAY, TillK^lMi ?ai i-Kli)AY *r?a|iMi m UMfra*?q u |r a | H4- t-?'iv?J u h#U 10 m.1 of t?? improvement? no* Dr.*r???, pp.'tienlaily th?fr??oocjn4 ud refur- Mug of MtJ CUtk'eikOr ters end ? *? * r?rr**bii>*Bta wiU b? served ? t i. I pr e?-?. I 4w njt f?oev ifiiclM for mU. G??l miM? m UUwlksc*. op n from 3 U> .10 o'clock eaeh emu if. The|?b-I lio *n oordieily invited. o? JJ-St* ,U .-v ** //; a . | OEPA&TiUtN X KIWI. - ? I Florida Railkoads?The Hon. Joseph 9. W U?on. Commissioner of the General hand Office, certified and submitted to the Secretary of the Interior yesterday an additional list of landa enuring to the State of Florida under the congressional grant of May 17, 185?. Said list embraces an aggregate area of five hundred Mid sixty-five thousand six hundred and elzbty-thrae acres, lying principally in Western Florida, and being applicable to the construction of the rand froa St John's river, at Jacksonville, to Pensacoln, traversing the entire extent of the State^from the waters of the Atlantic ocean to those of Escambia bay, on the Gulf of Mexico. Tvi Wkathsk.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amerlsaa Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith srntan Institution. The time of o beer rati on Is about 7 o'clock. Octobi* 36. 1840. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear. Richmond, vs. clear, 55?. Petersburg, V? clear,??0. Norfolk, Va clear, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C clear, 5fP. Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. Colombia, a C clear, mild. Charleston, 8. C.... dear, pleasant. Augusta. Ga. clear, pleasant. Snrannah, Ga. clear, to'. Macon. Ga. claar, pleaaant. Columbus, Ga ...clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, pleasant. Jarkson. Ala. clear. Mobile, Ala.. .clear, (B*. New Orleans, La clear. (HP. rxox tub vut. uj -1 * I \ u<. I <UI4? V ir?l | W I lU . Hageratowa. Md clear, warm Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Va clear, 42?, calm. Parkersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Cleveland, O overcast, 17?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) 29.900; at noon, 29,971 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 50"; at noon, A3-'. YW PROGRAMME tL? OF THE CEREMONIES OF LAYING I THE CORNfcR S roN K OK ST. JOSEPH'S I MALE ORPnAN A&YLL'M, on SU.NilAY. the 2S:h in?t , at So'elnck p. m. At tli>> hour appointed, >i?e Hob. James G. Bbkk*k. Mayor of the oity, assisted t>y the Reverend Clergy present, and the Trustees of the Asylum, will proceed to ptaie th? stone in position. The s> cieties and sssooiation* that wilt attend are requested to ooinply sri'h the fallowing order : All thofe went of Fifth s'. veit wil assemt le on F sU, opposite St. Pat lok's Church, under the direction of Marshals C. S Jones and J F. Ellio, fc>qn Those eai-t of Fifth st. will meet at St. Aloy?ius Church, and. under the direction of their Maranal, Capt E B Boutw-11, U. S. Navy, march w me corner on and Futh street*, where they will be joined by the hnt rtnision On the junction of the two divuions lit the corner of H and Fifth at* , the whole wilt prooe*d to the s.te of the bui ding in the fallowing order: First Division. Muaio. Rrverend Clergy and tha Mayor. Trustees of St. Joseph's Aaylum. Orphans of St. Joseph'*. Trustee* of rtt. Vincent'* A??luin. Orphan* of >t Vincent's Asylum. St Vino??nt'B Female Schooie. St Ma:their * School*. St Dorainiok's School*. St. Doini nick's Society and Sohools. Such oth?r ?choo!s as may report.Youn^ Catholic"* Friei d Society. c*. v incut up ram soeieiv. Catholic ' rano* andbenefieial Soaiety. Stcond Mnsio. Revorsnd Cle'iiy. St. Aloysius Institute. Sc. Aloysius :>uiiday Schools. St Aluytius Apprent.ces' .-ohool. M J<>*oph'a (Jaihol c Beneficial Society. Ci'iaenii. After this portion of the ce-?monie?, which trill b" brief, the entire bod? will move around the square to st. Aloyeiu* Church,where an appropriate riiKoouree will b? delivered by the Rev. bather Maliciti. ar.d a collection taken in aid of the orphan*. !-sjin? choice picees of musso will b? perform d by the choir and the whole terminate wi.h the Bene diction of the Bles>e<i Sacrament. JXO. E. FITZrATRICK, .MarshU ta Chief. (Sates.Con % In1: It.) Y*?l. O. O. F.-GRAND ENCAMPMENTkit the oflcera arid members of the R. W. Grand Encampment of the District of rnlumbia, ami of Columbian, Maseuenn. Ridcelr. and Mount :>i?ho K icdmpmfnU, ar? hereby "re?pentfu 1* re<inrt">4 to u>?rob>? at their r??pactivs hftlU on MONDAY NIC XT. the 29th ioatant, at 1 o'olock p in., f >r the purpose of joining >n the dadioatiun oeremooiei at Covenant Lod/e Hall, lieoritet'iwn. JNCLF. HAVEXNKR,U. Kat.iarch II 8 Bowiii, Q. Scribe. oo 26 3t nrs*'UNION PRAVtR MF.KTINO vill N? V j hiiltlan ererj dar thivweek in ITmon Chapel, ooiKh ?t, Firnt Ward, to oomuieno* at 4 o'clock p raoiiely. and to oonti no * but one hon r. ?>o a~3tn y-5=?DEMPSEY-% O'TOOLE, LkJ WED VIM AXD VISIT I SO CARD K/tokATERS. Imfortere of fin* WEDDING bTATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, tho mo?t beautiful atyles. 396 Pa. At., I>?tween 9tii and loth eU , au27-bm wafthiiwto*. APAPERIIANGINGS. CHOICE S*>laoti?>n GOLD. LOW-PRICED SATIN, and BLANK PAPKR*. At J. M^RKRITER'S, No. 4*6 ?*??enth tr?et, oo26-lw* 8 rioorw abov Odd Fallow*' Hall. Window shades, WARRANTED GOLD BAND. BilT, 6r*?ii,uil Hi-je H?'LLAND SHADES. At JOHN MiRKRITKR'S, No. 4??6 !*ev?nth ?tre?t. oc I6-lw* 8 door? ahorH Odd Fa loin' Hall. P1CTI RE CORD AND TASSELS. A variety of color*, from photograph to portrait aum. At John Si a rkriter's No. 406 i**venth utrret, oo28 1w* > doom ?tiov? Feliowg'Hall. Merino ^ . SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. ni; |H in>w wmpfiP, oumpilinK A iarf? M s'jrtin-r.t of Gents' aid Bura' Merino and Lanibewoo Shirla>nti Drawers?At low prices. HENRY EG AN. _oo 26 6t 321 Pa. ?r. mil 5a 1 Seventh at. BED BLANKET^ AND COMFORTS. I have row on hand a larf* and fin* assortment of Bid Blankets, B >4 Comforts, Crib Blankets, Wliite M?"?ci)l?* Qui:t?. AI<o, ar<e assortment Servants' Blanket*. HENRY KG4N, 331 Fenna. avenue, and oo X X 591 SeTentftjt., near Ajvenue House. |\IEV AND SPLENDID STOCK OP ft 1CH IN DRESS GoODS. Whioh we in rite our friend* and pnrohaaera to eali and examine before making their selection* elsewhere, as we have ma-jr choice ?<jles. J. XV. COLLEY & CO , * t, xr>t U .1 -I ** w *v v?r ?/* > oorrutn Hb., BUOVI flfc. ftV. JUST RECEIVED TO DAY TWO MORE NEW BOOK?, AT FRENCH k RICHSTKIN'S, No 3T9Pa.av. Wit He Pi <1 Hm, oy Winter Somarton; lJmo., oloth; pri^e #1 ? by mail. Methoditfu rtuo'- d?ful and Cmm of iU ; by R?t. B. k. Trffl, D. u.,LL. D.; 12mo., oloth ; pri ?> > 1? by mai . oo36 (\!EW AND STYLISH CLOAKS. Opened to-day. a larjre and bfautifal aeeortment, made rxpreealy to onr ordera, and at muoh 1 mb than f?' *i?r pricea, to which ^e a?k the attention of the ladita before making tbeir purehaae*. J. W. COLLEY A CO.. 03 a^at i'i-i yevemh at.. above Pa. ar. yy HAT THE LADIES WANT TO KNOW. Where they oan buy Jouvin'e b*et Kid Gl?vee at 75 oent*. ft* aria Loaii*, new make, at oent?. (ood Kid Gloria at 37}* cents, beat aualitj Kid Oaar.betU at #1.125?, lar*e M?ortmi>nt of Ladle*' and Mi*a?a' F:e*cy-iin#d silk and Thread Gaunt let'a at low pricea Beat French CoraeU at 9125; Hoop Skirta at h*lf prior; Ladies' and lfiaa?r Horiery ; Metino Vm>>; Linen, Cambric and Eml>'Otdar?d Handkerchiefs at low pncas; 8ilk Kobec and Hysdere 8nk?, a liule out of st?l-, at lialf pne?: F"0 ? ?t and Fancy L>ra*a Mike; Black Hilke and Drfe* (joods of all kind* at unusually low prices. A Uo.large and handsome assortment 01 Cloaka and SLawia. Call early and jet firat choice. HENRY KGAN, 321 Penn. av., and ftil Seventh ?t., oa 36-31 near Avenue House. * jpuii & SIMPS0H| Tka mhovm PVKK WHJftKY, Corrn Dimun ,1?< ^ ALTBfrgm^iB, b?iDf mpanor mmd BQiform in ?H?*litr, Mri ill|?lr lfipro vjK) b? H*> #a #r?Kpr?d " o m?um?f toft lot'ier WttukiM, 1M Mrtioutarr rteornaivdtd bj tk? bast ?hjtti|?a ?kd kkemuUMiKiNOHiof >11 tHo rMBlrw?B>? of ? IS? ~?*'e f*v**OTat?rand Remedial Agent. .uT^s?.1",|k,u W*u?r H FfciJ*i?ijhU u??d in ?' 1 V,on 2r t*1" Whwkr, ? VroyildVy una'y jf*{*^* th* aft??t and pnroat water IiUmUaitod 10 ,h? ?**.)? ?r??t de?r??, b? at' d the xoaiteoce ?>f tiita Whiakr. r wt u ? by Pft &J? ?A.N * fiMVSON. ,, fhontx DisUllwy. On th* Schojikili ii*?r, Phi duffel* O16o?*?9ft Wall .tr*wt,N?v Ywk i 100 Front P'litdtuUt >tul 050 b? had ia Wfcabtocton of Simnl B?o? A Co , Jl? P% W.;JL 1. Rroa, W??t ?;h ft.voora?r D; P]M?, ??? W??t 7th ?t; M?fiftr * tiaaaMft. 407 PL h.;J. H WilmJ'il f*.?r ; Bjfboir * Ammmm, ? I,*, ftT ; H. C. I Cirdy,4*? Wn.Brru. it Mtrkit ?*; tx>f Ci??h h Co , SST Wwt 7th at; 0 P. G? h?k. 3J? N i. ? .9?d4is J f * Co.. M, oori?rkut llUli Mvyi Halt. 40 Market #pM? ; K. K WkiU* 6o.ML?.?T.5ich* tf. SramH 4 Co , ?? WMt Ninth It oflM im WPKOVUU>M STORK. M. LINK INS Ma? nvrnrvi a ??trtre for fnrn'ahini aueh as mar favor him w th their panu n ,? with a ?uppl> of FRESH PROVISION'S daily at their or-lar*. It ia knjated on I street north, l> tworn 15th and 16th at* ,aod will l>? op not! dai y till *unR9t, and Saturday eight till 9 o'olook. oc '5 1* W TRAVELING TRUNKS. F. Hare ju?t reoeirad the largeit a?e<>rtraent ?a?V"bmS? rkgy'LAWeV iS'i'ilWBM VA' ISRS, CARPKT BAGS, SATcHKL.9, Ao? in this Oity, which we am sell-nr at rery low piio??. . WALL, STEPHENS & CO , oa25 *f 33'i P*. avenwa. merchant tailoring. E Invite oar ouetomer*. and oitisen* genera! ly, to an luspec i?n or our present new, at tractive, and elecaot assortm-nt <f*<H CLOTHS CAMIMfcKKS, DOESKINS, WK V1STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ao w# which we will make to order in saperior" ?ttle at very low prices. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO.. oo iS-tf Pa. av . ^etw. Mb ?art loth >t?. r-m HATS, m^ Li CAPS. 3? ^ AND FUR S.* SKYMOL'R. in Georgetown, aam unoea to the ci izens of the District that he has now read? for sale an extensive assortment of Mole ^in Ha s, for <ents,ofth? varioussh?pes; Soft Hatband Caps ot ever/ stile for men and boys; Ladies' Furs, Misses' ana Children's Jockey Fiats; Umbrellas and Walking Canes, at prioes low enoueh to please all. W. F. SEYMOUR, oc25-2w __ 132 Bridge street. jjOW HAVE THE LADIES VOTE?? Klias Howe, J* . of Boston, who is the inventor of the "lock-stitch" used by the principal t.ew in< machines, requires sworn returns to f>? made to him of the number ?old by each company, and obliges them to pay him alicense.for every machine old. The following statement is copiwf from Mr. Howe's published report* for 1MB an<I 1859. It will be seen that WHEELER 4 WILSON'S SKWINO MaCHINK is preferred by an immense majoutT of the ladies, in ?p.te of the efforts of inter esteu parties to injure it* sale. 1*5*. 1?59. Wheeler ft Wilson 7Jft* >1.3m? Grover ft Baker. 5,i7i? 1. M. linger 4 Co 3,504 lo.<?3 Ladd ft Webster?. 490 1, 88 A.B.Howe 17# 921 Bvholf 203 747 I-?i?viU ft Co 75 213 Finkleft Lyon??. 530 Alloth-rs MB Th? Wheeler ft Wilson Agenoy is at No 340 Pennsylvania avenue. Prions range fr?in . jS'J to S Full instructions given to purchasers, at Anui?<. 9tlk, Cotton, Needle*, & o.. for *ale. P. J. STEER, Agent, S46 Penn?ylvani* *venu? N. B ? Send for a Ci'onlar. oc 25-3 ? if VISTING CARD PRINTING N^at j executed by DEMP3EY A. <)'T.jO'.R. Card Engrave i>.3UH I'a avenue, oe 24 *t*o between 9th aud .Oth atx. OFFICE LIGHT HOU^E BOARD, TkkasCRT UKTA R1 M* NT, Waskintiim, t) C., JJttobtr ti, \W. I'ropohai.s will b ror.eiv^tl at thu nntd 2 o'clock in, Monday, December 3d. I86?. for one IRON LIGHT HOCsE FOR CAPE CAN AVERAL. FLA. Drawi>)?? and ?j>eeifieations may be obtained at tl'is office or at tne foilnwin.: nMii?*d placet: New York City, 43 C^dar street. tf Vv ? ? " - ? *> - " ovsiuii. iuass., iiu, a i/vmmerciai w nnri* Philad -Iphia. Girard an^ Twelfth stre-ts. By order of the Light Hou*? Board. Captain WM. F. SMITH, oc 23 2?w3t Engine r Secretary PURE COUNTRY MILK. Families can he supplied with pure Milk on rood? ate terms by leaving their address at Box No. '.10, Star Office oc 2-2* ?lin* THE SQL"ARK WEDDING CARDT The latest and most fashionable. See it at DEMPSEY ft O'TOOLE'S, oo2l 2teo Wedding Card Engravers. RE ALT ENGLISH AND" BIGEI OW JJRUSSELS CAKPKTINGS AT PRLM E COST.? The entire stcck tu trade of Ve vet, Brussels, Tape?t-y. and orh?r Carpctinc* with Kiigs and Door Mats to match. ar<? now selling out at cost, for the o??b, at the old sloro of i A nCTT M- nnnonv vuxiu r. i A ? 9 oe a gtwo No. 4 Market Sp?"? CI'RTAIN MATERIALS AT CO^T.-The entire s'ock. comprising the mmt complete varieties of materials for Curtains adapted to drawing rooms, parlors, dining rooms, chambers, office, Ac., ever offered for ?ale in this city, are now selling out at prime cost for the oaxh at rhe old and estah i-hed -toreof CLAGETT* DOUJ*ON, no 22-e<?t No. 4 Market Spao*. pOR KEY WK9T AND HAVANA THE STEAilSHIP ISABEL. William Rollin*. Ooinwander, Will Imvc r H * B l .fc*T?iM ?l.~ 1 nr K! ?? ber vith maia and paaaengeia for Key ffar Wmt and Havana. <*T The Imkil ia rated A 1 by the a?d?r^^^ writer* of hoth Knr-'pe and America. and, from recently introduced improvements, ia l?y la* the kafeat and mo?t Agreeable conveyance to the above aorta. Sj" For passage apply to t. BaRXARD.No. 1 d'a Building, Washington, or t-j MOROKCM fc CO i 1 tO Kaat Bay, Charlcaton. oc 21.264 27 Z Tl R If l THEE! (a Furniture! yk The o'd eatabliahed Houaefur- * a ? Dialling Warerooirta of MrGRIGOR A CO. are now well filled with their Fall supply of FUR NITL'RF. and HOUSKKF.KPINO GOODS in every variety. whim we ofl>r at redoeed prices. Our PARLOR PURN1TUKK. DINING ROOM and CHAMBKK FURNITURE RrA AIM/>'?IU wnrtli "r ? ? . r<rV ?./ * ?? linrunvn ?i purrnMPrg, aathe ityle* arc much improved, and finish ?uj>en >r to anv we have had We have * fin? a??ortment of? Gilt frame Pier and Mantel 01a??e?,* and Writine Detk?, Hall Furniture, French China and English G ram to Ware, Glut Ware, Fine Kngliah and American Cutlery and Hardware, Fine Plated Ware, Alno.Tuhi. Bucket*. Brooma. Brmh?i. M?.?? Uairand Shuck Feather IW?, Rianketa, Comf trts. Ac. Please live ua a call, and we wi!> aell you bargaina. McOREGOR At CO.. oo 22-Steo A30 Seventh < t roe?. INTERIOR ADORNMENT. 4g0 PAPERHAXGINGS d WIS DOW SHADES. New Fall atock of PaperhanginK* from the rich and ornate to the moai onast? an-1 eiucle patterua, appropriate for parlors. hails. dining room*, ohamlusrs and nhrariea Also, a choice stock warranted Gold Band Window Shades. J mi's ton OoM and common Shades, Butf, Green and Blue Sha le Hoi land*. Picture Cord and Tatseis, Crimson. Scarlet, Blue and Green aolors, from photograph to portiait size Just received at No 496 Seventh st. Orders for Pap?rhangiogs or Window Shades faithful'j executed in city or country. Satisfaction guarantied or no pay required. Plea** give me a call. Don't forget the number. J. MARKRITER. No. 406 Seventh st. 8d^orsahive o? >-eolm* _ Odd Fellows'Hall. JUST RECEIVED AT SMITH'S. S?ven'h stre?t.? very lares lot of FALL and WINTER C'.OTHINO thftt vi 1 be to d at astonishing low pnoe?. oo 19 lm PIANOS. MELOOKON8, VIOLINS, Guilftrs. Aocordeons, Tambonnei'. fto., *o. JOHN F ELI.IS, o* 30* Pa. ft v.. bet. ?th and lOt.'i ?U DK O L B'S BALSAMIC LUNG IN VIGORATOR, For the euro of Couoss, Colds, At?xctio.xi or mi Thuoat awp Lcsos. - oo H tw' f AD'ES'CHEST-EXPANDING SKIRT SUSLi KENDEKS: ft'?o, OkNW CHKST EXPANDING SUSPENDERS. These articles sive an erect earriat* to the body without discomfort, and. to ladies and cents are invaluable, both a* to tieftlth and personal Call and examine, at MOORE's West End Oruc Store, oo 20 tw 113 Pa. avenue. *SOFT HATS AND CAPS! W? never Lave had eo large a variety of GEN TS and YOUTHSTSOPT HATS aixl CAPS, and of style* so new and varied. Oar long experience in buaiAM*. and baying exclusively fur oaah, enable aa to eell at the^lowest^jrioee.^^^ oc an 6t Saleroom. Brown'i Hotel. J^AROEST SHOKrHT^RE ON SEVENTH The lareeat. cheapest, and West aborted stock of b00T3 AND SHOES ajb, on Seventh street ia at CUMMINS k ^O'SliHI Now Store, one door sonth of Northerns ll Market. " P^? Por?r>n? dweiring to bay good a* well aa cheap Shoe* trill tind, at the above Store, Boou it d hoe* that emnot fail to salt in prioe and qusMr. Alto, HATS and CAPS of the latest sty laa. With a large aasortm*nt of UMBRELLAS Remember the large Blue J*irn. C. F. CUMMIN* Je CO., 347 S?renth st, ,00a door below ocJOlW Northern Marker T cemetery noticb. - J ~ HE 9nbeeriher offers for aale his rtigt ATM A Rff.k MONUMENTS, tdils" URave ftonhttaod MARBLt mantel** tits. or * Marbla Worta, 8?i kIt north. _oo 17 tm , Dtlwtw mh *nd 13th. ITIR^! TIKKI! FUtEH ' TT7 r fioo REWARD I will mv? the above reward for the arrest ud eon viotioaof the pereon or pe<?<?ne who firad the o<rpeater'? ?hop of B?ers A Brother an the nuht of the 12th instant. Their all wu destroyed The ne'oua and aympaUusini publia will be called on Iter a email amount to enable them to rasaae their former bueineae. ISAAC BEBRg. WASHINGTON GAS LT?iflT COMPANY ?*? "'- -"'J&r.'Mffil.RK * M . cx?19 6t Acct. >n<V V ommmioi Merofc&n:t. T"J?.Qy? WP.i*.". _.T?? ? ? I AHUSBMKNT3. yyASHINQTON THEATER. Sola L??*m and Manner S. W. Gl?hk. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will poaitively o??n for the regaiar Fall and >V int*r !V*aiM>B on the night of SATURDAY, N^mw ad, l?). JOSEPH JEFFERSON, TlM Comedian of the Age, will oominMoe u ??jagemfntof Twe.w NijhU on MOjT I DAY, Jiovemher 5th, and will be followed br the moat B f I Lji I A N T STARS I r?tfce Theatrical Firaam?t. ' oall Q D D FELLO W_S' HALL. F<>* a L lJtiTiD Numbkk or Nights. PROF. BKLnOXT, The Champion Wizard, Wi 1 firf. ku Soiree* Magique Extraordinary, On TUESDAY NIQHT, October ssrf. Admin-ion .. 26 cent*. Children accompanied liy pa *nta 10 *" Door* open at 7, commence at 8. oo SO BALLS, PARTIES, kc. ? OOK OUT Lj FOR THE ?II.VER CUP! Them?mh?r?of the Ol'R CLUB give a Grand BALL at Fobrs?t H all. Georgetown, D.C., on TUESDAY. November 6. Ticket* 9'. A 9S ilver cup will b* pr*gent?d to the club hav-^^B inn the largest number of member* pre??nt.(tfHk Partieu'ft r? in a future Ml v. rti&emant. oo 24 eo3t* WANTS. WANTEP-A TENANT for a oottaje. containing 7 room* and pas-ace Al?o, four room*, with or without bo*r<i, furmvhed or enfarnuhed. Aonlv 59A M itrAAt. h. tw??n ftfh TtK " wo" ?6-at* NAVAL AND MERCHANT SERVICE.?The undorujuo , a bookkeeper, dearee a Situation as Cap'ain's or Purser's Clerk ua a naval or merchant vessel Foreign service preferred. Beet of reference given to employers ar.d others Add reaa W. K. M., No. 203 Sarat ga st., Baltimore, Sid. oc S6-&tco? WANTED-A first-rate ?A8 FITTER. Steaiy riven Apply to C. W.CUNNINGHaJO A BRO.. a 10 Seventh ?t. * o) it VlfANTED? A white WOMAN, cook, wash, " ?nd iron for a small family. Apply at No 303 G at. _ _ oc 24 ?t WANTED? Bt a temperate, obliging young Irishman, 30 yeara old, who ia used to dri<ing and is not alia d to work at anythinr, a SITUATION on a far??. Adfea* JAMES IILANCHFlEt.D. Box 7, Star Office oo ^5-at* WANTED.?I wish to einplov, in in* hardware a?id stove stor-, a g?x)d BOOKKEEPER. and SALESMAN,quick at figures, anil can coino well recommendcd, and well known in theci'y. C. WOODWARD, oo 25 3t No. 3 IS Pa. av , bet. 10th aid llth s?a. V1TANTKD?A WOMAN<whit? or ooior?d> to c?ok and w%*h for ;? ?m*ll family. Inquire at ANTHONY'S Store, 340 7.h at GikmI wa^nnwill he mm. <>c H 3t* WANTEP?Everybody to know that PAGK'S Confectionary, No. 436 r*?venth itr^et, above rt_ 1 t h A nlftiiA frrt ar C.t f rd * K Palr*? **?! a?K?? C nr* v f mm ? ' f???v/ - K' ? "Oil V"?nvO BUU V?II I V/"U feet nni at prices to milt the times B%!ls ar.d parties furnished loe Croam and other Refre?hinents oc2*-lw*_ WANTED?Two good JOURNEYMEN BAR BERS. Good wat"s and constant employ ment Apply to M. E. ALLlOT.Vnder Willar?ls' Hotel. oc23-eo3t* Wanted immediately?From ?5 to $1<WK? worth of seqond-hand furni ti'rk of all kind*, for which I will guaranty to pat tie highest prices, and, as u?u*l,at the shortest notice. r. bOchly, Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, 4e oo 9 4 QW 7th rt., bet. G and 1!. east sid?. WANTED-All kinds of SECOND HAND FURNITURE.for which I will pajr the cash, at 3*9 Seventh street, h^twe^n I anil K. oc fi-tf BOXTZ A GRIFFITH. WANTED?To haveorerybody know that they oan find a fine afed well *el*ct*d stock of FALL and a INTER CLOTHING. FURNISH. ING GOODS, HATS and CAPS at the Peopi-s' Clothing Store, No, 400 Seventh St., opposite Post Offioe. -28 lm LOST AND FOUND. FOHND?On Thursdar. S5th mutant. between Wanhinicton and Baltimore. a ?nm of MON KY which the owner can nave by pavmr for advertising, on application to WM stICKNEY. oo2S-tf CJTRAYKD OR fifoLEN-Sinall BUFFALO n COW, four or fire years old; ted white, or piod. Any information left withSur^ the Mihicriber m that I get her will beJbahi auitably rewarded. R T. OETTINOS. Coach Maker, It* near the Northern LiMrty Markft._ RAYED1)R^TO|7KN FROM THE 8LB?criber, residing at No. 175, south *idef^F?ift rtf Pa At'AmiA or?on HtK A 10?i. or the 2*1 instant, a de?p red COW. rot sKmitm old. white !iae and belly, and vide horus. r? semblmr a steer. A suitable reward will l>e paid upon her r-turn to mv re* denee. oq2fr-lw? ft JOHNSON, First Ward. &OA REWARD- Stolen from the stable of the %?* "" subscriber. at C?l>in John Hridge./rv Washington Aqueduct. on the of jL? the 231 instant, a small C?nartian MARK,5 y ars old, < (T hind foot white, small star in the fo'rhead, about 13 hand* high, with heavy mane a"d tail: a little lame in the lefi stifle. Any person returning 'aid mare will rsccivn the above reward. toc253t,' R 1H KKT Mr I NT! W K RKWARn.-Rarnwy from the urder'J I * ?irned, livins n?"ar Port Tobacco, Md . on the 21 at irWant. NKGKO BoY-S MATTHEW a?.d WII.SON. The former i? alvmt 17 y?ar? of a^e.the laft?r some 15 or 16. Matthew m a thick ?et boy. wi h b'oad ne^vy ?* feature*, verr hiack Ha* wilh him a Mack ?uit among other things a h!ack fitured silk ve?t, verv flood. WiUon i? rather delicate, very black, and ia* al*n, | thii.k, a black ?u!t No in?rki or ?rar? remembered Hoth bovn utammer and tutter very badiy. I wi I Rive the above reward for their >ppeheniion, or <J35 for ri'her Ad ('e?i oc S& iw It. OO.MPTON. Port Tobacco I Oi*T?On t*unday. Oo'ober 2itt, on II street, 1 A h(>t v?>rii Ififh at a nH " * ?rt \T*xr? montav , b-tween II and M stc., or near ?he residence of Charles Hill, K?q., a plain gold BR ACfcLKT. The fialer will rec-vve * suitable reward by lenvinK it at the office of RIGGS A. CO. oe 84 3;* OTHAY COWS?Taken up. on the R4 October, LJ 1W0 one horned Cow ; red and white marks ; on" ear sp'it: the ether cut on t">e Jpair* "uil. Another Co#,a red and white b<i{T<i-AoJLa lo and r.o mark- The owner (or owner*) of the above property is requested to coine forward, prove property, pay charges, and ta*e t>??in away. LOUIS L BRUNKrT.7th at, oe34-St* Near:the Second Toll gata. EMBROIDERY STAMPING, on all kinda of Pj material,done in the best manner, at C. P. SCHMIDT'S Toy an! Psnojr Store, No. 60 Pa. avenue, Detween 21st and 22d sts , where can be f 'ord a cr*at variety ol beautiful Pa'terus for Yokes and Sleeves, Collars and Cuffs, Skirts, Pantalets, Band", Slippers, Cloaks, etc. Pleasa siva me a rail and ex\mine. i>o ?3 1 m * AIKW STYLES" CASSLMERES, VESTING?, 4e. Jnat received by V. VAN DORAN, MERCHAST TAILOR, (Founerlj Cutt'r for Hinton k feel, Pa. av.,) NO. 446 StVKNTH St., Bktw. E F, op 13 lw* Oppo. PatwntOlBo*A CLOSING OUT. LARGE AND SPLE * DID STOCK OF DRY GOOD", without kboakd to cost. The d?ath of Mr. Dariua Clafett makea it nooeaaary for ae to wind up our buaineaa ta apeedily aa poasible. We therefore announce our intention positively to oloae out the whole of our large atook of DRY GOODS by the lat January nut, for oaah, without regard to coat. The atook etnbrao*e a general aaaortmeat oi FOREIGN and DOMESTIC GOODS, 01 the very best qualities,<it la vail known in thii community that we have never kept any thing elae than b at claaa artiolea,) and we will warrant all goa?ia to prove as reproaent- d. The loweat oash pnoe will be marked oa every artie!e in the atook, wUioh will be muoh bolow ita real value. ah -- .u. _;ii v. J.i: 1 4i_ - ? mi p?c ?<**?> will kb ubii?w?u rrumpuj, glut <" '^r No. Slii l'euniylvMi* tv?nu?, oo 17-I0t . between 9th aj?d 10th ill. I^ATKBT INVENTION! LADD. WEBSTER fc CO ' Tight-Stitch SewlBf Machines ar j an ney's BOOT AND SHOE STORM, 349 pa. avhci. 5 hey are the mn~t?ttntle. her ?re the itronceet. hey ? the ntjrert in their operation". hey use a atraiiht needle, a*., . jsg. $&%!&& 'I '? " ,\ :i - A! JANltRY*S, nfc 15 lm 349 rcnr?ylx<ania avepue. W new clflaks. B Have thia day reca.ved from New Fork a beautifnl M*ortineot of trfw ctyle Fall aoa Witter UL?OAK9,e?"h M the Arab. Zouare and other ?ty<e?, in Hj*ok and ? 'reach Clutha. Alao. Plaio and Strip** Uiotfca.aii o* which w? cir?f low. UP 13 tAYXOK A BUTCH I sort. /*? A R P E T I N G 8! V/ ... CARPETINOS! i rp??iT?d, from th? northern aooti ona, a ]?rf? aad fl&ndtome aaaortment of Carpotinfa, ft1 BV?S? oe IE 6t and 3<1 7th at. naar AranaaBouan, Linen ~ SHIRT FRONTS. IOOd?sen Lin?n Skirt Front# juat raoaivnd, ?f Maorted atyloa and ??aliUM, of mj own importa Uoc, warranted ail pw li?an, M?? ... ' - ln* * ' - * ' ' ' > . t. _ AUCTION 8ALB&fzyFor other Auction Suits, iw Jkrst yif?. By J. C. Motil^K * CO., AaetioaMrs. I R D* \ IrafSi.Ml. Uotobor JTth, at 10 o'o ock. u front of tfe* Anetaon Room. v*?bal Furnjtmw tad fj okmIiom LTmU. ?>Sl 'wSVat 0iMik-MTer?4 P?r!0' hit*, eon MJ^Sahb wtsj"w ck~"MUcduHwr fpnaf mt Sofa. Do Ecc?er <u.d Parlor Cl?irt, C?M ?n4 >N odd 3?t Chair*, Lousj*, Cwf?i?, Oil -i oth. Mftttinr, B-Viteid*. Bur*<au?. W?ru*bei, WaahiUnd*, Toi?M 5eU. r.A U?.k Roister* end Pillowa, Chin*, Gl??a. and Crockery Ware, Cimkiof end other Stovee, Kitcb'u Rrquiaitee Ale??? Xd?i*n, a??nrted a'see, Tie Pane. T'rm* CUD. _ooS6-<1 J. C. MoGL'IRK ? OO , Aeete. Br WM. MARSHALL. Aaoboaear. JVe. M 7 tk ttrmt, mmdtr Odd JUW MmU. Auction on Saturday kvenino, October 37tk. latn.. et 6* o'eloek.aad mry evening after through the KaU.&ne ohorae aad aeefuli article*, vix? F:n? Guua. Hardware. Plated Ware,Jewelry. FmeGohai-d JMtver Watckea, Dry Good*. Ptr fume'y, Ac., a large a??o tmeat of rtoute aad Shoee, Clothing *o? Ivory Kniree, Kaivee aad Forke, Caetora, Clocke, Ao. Aleo, Boote aad $h>e? by tke peokage et private eaie at a greet eec-ifio*. _ _ _ - oo2b?t Unt ) WM MARSHALL, A IB*. By W.U. MARSHALL, Autioawr. Ao. yfl 7t* strut, Odd FtU*w?' Hmll. Handsome fur*i iurb.carpets, Oil Cloths, Plitid Wai, Cunt, Gl*??, t5d cmockbkt, Ac, at avc1 ion ?ob tlhftia V MORNING. October ?'U?, at I* e'oloak. 1 will aell a large and faandaome aaaortaont of tka ab^VO food/.? 3 Hin^iomt Set* of Brooato! Fnraitnre, 9ro?n ird Gold, Maroon and ?arnett. Par^*tsdGo!4. Mahogany, Walnut and Roaewood Contra Tablet. So as.Chaira, W ardr*t>ea. Wa?h?*anda, At., Can? and W? od Chai-*, Rocker*, Ac., Hruaaela, Velvet, and Ingram Carp?u. Rare, A*., Large amortin-nt t hina Giaaa, Crookerr. k"., It nnket*. Matt'#aa?a. Hair.Shock and Cotton. W ith a large aaanrtment of other Gooda. Sa e positive to oloee ^onawnment oo?y (Int.) Wm. MARSHAL!., A?L By A. GREEN, Aaotioneer. Extensive sae of hamdsomgnew ^c*5itra* akd Pi*no? at Avctjob? Ob THURSDav thci5h 1# o'eoek a. a, I nail Mil ?t the wareroom, Ne 3*6 aortb D tree*, bee ween 6th acd 7th urNtomLai eioelieBtaaro-tment of New Farnifau*. We enamenUa ia partFine Mahogany and Wainat Parlor Seta, with Brocatelie Cnvtnnf, computing 2 Tete a Tetea, 2 Arm, and 6 Pa lor Oatra, Fine Mahogany Marble top Dreaaing and other Bar<*ua, Fine Mahogany Marble top Center. Side and Sofa Tai> ea. Fine M&h tgacy Whatnot*. Corner Book and other ? tana a, Fire Mahogany Htir caahioned and Spring Soffca, l.otiugea, Caat ir, Arm and Rocking Chair*, Fin" Ma:u?*any, fine Jenny Lu.d, Frej_ohand other Bedat?ad*. Cane arat Office, D.oag, Reception and Chaaaher ChMra, Fine Walcutand Mahogany Wardrobaa, Bookoaae ai d tf?-oretanen. Fine Marble top Cottage and Hal) Seta. C.i.niv, G!a?* and Cnjokery War*, Witi a large variety of i ther Karuitara which we u yom miaro 'Bcary w niumerus. Alio, three Second ttoil Piauo ForUa, on* of wliieh is very superior, wit'i Stool and Cov r. Term*: All (Mint under #25 omIi ; over (S*> * credit of 2. 3 and 4 men h* for LOtea aatiaiaotoiiiy endorsed, b arm* iDteeat. B?in*. compelled to wov?out of th? houre by tbe lit of November, bargai > m&j be " oc 22-d A GREtN, Auot liy THE ABOVKT5AI,F. VTK.L BE CON ticuH on TUESDA Y, U?e 30;h iaat, ?ana ncur. on 26-d A. ORfe.KN.Acot. By WALLA BARN 4 R D, Anet:oneera. C'.rner A'm.'A St. axif sovtk :idr Pa a v I EXCELLENT FURNITURE. CARPET?. .J Mirkor?.< ri^\ am)Gl?u Wui at Arc Tio*.?(?n THURSDAY MuRlNINO. November ?t. at 1? o'clock. w? wi'l sell, at the ?oe*ioi Rooti*, the Furniture ar.d Hcuver.old Fff?ut? of J B. Kirtland, K?<| , removed for convrmenoe of evie, compruinn? Tete-a Tete , Lounge. and Parlor Chaira, uphol tered ic oiimaon silk damask. Ro??"wrvod Reception. Fancy Large and 9nail Arm Chair* and Rocker, Hair anat E*sy, Side, and Crtt**e Chairt, Rotevood M*.rli.e-tc>o Center r&l>i?>. Gilt Frame Frer.oU rlata Mirror, 76 by X, ud BrHkct, Velvet and Bmnels Carpets, Ruga, Paraaak Cmrtaina ami Shade*. Heavy Solid Oak Extension Ta:-1? and Diainf Chtira and Sideboard, Rocrwood Hat T in, aid Ha t O.Ulotk, Kos? wood Ltecere, S p?ys. and l.ounr*. Solid Onk and Walnut Chamber Seta, fliU Marblaslao Mure.-ins and vvash?ta .ds, i Walnut sr rt Collate Bsdsteads, washstvnds, and Toiiet Sets, Spring Curled Ha:r, Shuck, and CoMfba Mattresses. French Clrna aid Glass Wir*. Stjves aud kitchen Furniture, A#. Perms: $3uea?b; i.ver that ante ant,a cradlt of and en days, for approved envois, d t-wiea, beariuk interest, ^oy-^^^PALL^^ARVAR^^iiol^ PERSONAL. (\IAD\MK FELIX, Fortune Teller from Pari* 1"! hers leave to inform h?r former friends, and the public neneraliy, that she Km r?inov?d >o 2AO .Motli street, northeast corner of N, *h?r? she will bo happy ti i-e aii who may desire to have the pact, present and futnre satisfactorily explained, oa Il-lm* D^BK J.H.SCHKNCK, THE LOSU DOCTOR, of Philadelphia! will be in Washington, at the Draft Store of S H. Waits, co'ner of Seventh rtrpft and Loimiana avenue, on Wednesday. Or'o btr 3U(, professionally. He is the proprietor of pchkmce's Fvl*om tc Stkcp. the inventor of Schunck's KBriPiRomTiK, the only inst'nirent thM can, to a certainty, detect the (lightest raurrnur of the respiratory organs. Thie is of (roat importance to tt-e consumptive. Many eminent ?hy?ietans make great mistakes in examining tunri. It requires constant and long practioo to become familiar with every sound or rattling of a itiseased Bronchial Tabe. Patients ooroe to Dr Schenck to cet ex trained that, have boon examined r| iy ttiei - family physician, who told ttum that on* u ie was a'most gone a close examination with the Respiromtter. it ia often found that it is aa eft-action of the bronchial tube* and by getting a health* ac-ion of the liver and tone to Uie stomach, the sufferer is eoon restored to health. m*isu* t"at wnl stop aooagh is eortaindeath to iho pati'nt; it locks up the liver, stops the oiroalation of th? b 0(>J. h? norrage follows, and in tact, trtflAkn* th* AAtlAn ?K<* w?ew ? ...rr.un .Hv ?V>.VU vt tvij UI Vti?V MUVOU th-oofcb. Liver Complaint and Drapepaia aretheoaiee of t? o tturd< of tits oa>ee of Con<u aption. Herwiii areatthia time oompaiiung with dull paJn ia toe nd*, bowela ?o netuuosco.ti vo and aoineu<aea too .? atont?ie ooafsl, paio ia the e&oulder blade, fealing ioroetirres very reetleaa ard at other tuna* drowa?; everything that ia eaten lie* heavy on the a o.naoh,aridity, belctue,; up wind. Hundradeara Oompiaintnx at thu time in thi? way. L*t than take a heavy ooid and before they get rid of it, then anothtr, th*b i* the Um* to know what to du; then 11 tne time to no t j Dr. Soaecek and cat your langa examined; tht n ia the tin e to Know what oongh mediome to take. Stop that eongh anddeii and then the lunca, liver and ato^aon are all fat into an in active *tat?, and before th; patu i.t ia aware of iiia aituation the lunga are a n a?a of eeraa aad death uiuat soon follow. t_ n.-i a ? * ? * * duuruuft n r u lU'inm O) rup .8 iu C1D"ClO'Ul, DtI it does n?>t oontam any opium ?r anjtnint to oneok aoough mddeniy. hut if aided wi-h thefteaweed T<>nic and Mnntirake igrt to purify and csrrj iff *il diaeaeed matter from the ayaietn. Dr. 8. ka? a number of ptrioM, ( ttua oity, that hi bo relerred to. that have beet in the Jaet tax** of Ccn^nmjption, and cnrrd by hie medieinoe lie doei f't vnh to t/e u nderatood that when .unfa are gone that he oan make new oacs. bat vhea one ia sound and the other raaj have quite a oavit* in it it oaa by careful treatment bo ripoaed, and diaeaaoo natter carried off, aid the patient tot vail For a tnorouah examina'ion with hia Reapiromator he ohar^oa 83, bat it often fcappene "ia patiesta do not reoatro an examination with the Reeyirotneter, aa he baa had auoh a arje experience he oan detect at a glance wne.hor euoh aa oxaauaatioa ia aeoeeoarj. All profeeeioiaJ ad nee OR4T1* _ _ Peraon* deairona of consulting Dr. ft. had bettor avail themeeiveo of this opportunity, aa his oaila elae where are eo numoroua th*.t it ?o impossible AVI UIIU Ml flW? TT WiilBgMIU ?TCI J WW* M UV M nr?t o int'rnitltiid. SAM. B. WAITS, An t for Wukwton (itj. Prioe of the Pulmonio Pit up, #1 ft bottle, or #5 per half dozen; Seaweed per bottle,or ft per half doxen; Mandrake Pil e, 25 oente par box. oc a Iw PA. 8. D?VIl,LIER8. * ROFES5QR Of the FRENCH and GERMAN LANGUAGE*, *17 KUhth street, between L and M, has the honor to announoe to the publio that he has resamad h s lessons in the ab?T? (ancu&tot. and has opened at Mica W.?od namiaar?. *94H I street, between 12th and >3th ets , a Kraaeh Ciaaein which yuan* ladies will be admitted. Thu rlin will meat three times a week at half-pant 4 n. n. Tormr: $5p^r quarter rf 10 weeks SatusCsotory arranir?fn?nu made for lessons riven in schools. Jtr. de ViUiers offer* tfce beat references as to hit #eft, ability, to., Ao oe 3>-1m fjaOfUTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. -iatfilte,,sufii araaaj'ssrt'ii > br ktthf feMt ?rotitMta ia N?*r Yoff*t* t* b* I th? bMtftwl iIimi 1 StHtincMd PUji'A'i'l eK<&3JB Sjtofffi * HAMft.TO!* ar? the tola Uinta forWMkiajtoa, fi?crr?twn, Al??ridrifc?fMl th? flfevtfc. For nr liar ?nlbra?fa?n twitt >baw. ? ? ? Sueh M Brfo#l?t?, Ear-ring*, F .jrbkkss! SHwSsff *"" -No- 3*24 Pa, Artin. mw.tnAiikWniBfln (Over ClftMtt* Mh'i Star#,) oc . WoJM?<W, A C. Woe k ?L3 Fultu?<M of my Ambrotf*? tmm lOr OM6 Tt?W M > good rOOBj. W*k ?. oeljent k*Ii|ht. Ala*, a MJooilid iro?Ml?o? room, AUUTiOW *AL*K THIS ArrnKinsijti ? . By J. C. MoOl lStk * CO.. A ftoti ?? ? ?%. I^QVKRNMKN r?Al.K??F PEMl* PieF.OM o'clock, in front of Wurfm'i *Ui dim$. w >iwtll :1ft ot of Otioo r^rriUr*, ft? P??k?. f i??on Ho ?a, Chair*. CiuU^nwwd WtibuTkbiM, Wuhitti d?. Tot ot Sou, PtooU, Straw Matting. MftU, D I ? M it aJ - * Stu-~.o.-;vr*rv"r * T(r>ri euh in _ oofl d J. C MoGlTKK ft CO , Aaata. By 1. C. NtGUIKE * CO., Amnmn. CTOCK9AT AUCTION -ttm KM I OA V AFJ5 TKRNOON. Oototx>r tUk. w? bail mU. ta am* l? it? _ 2 ?> forporatioa of AUxaodrta Six par C?*. ft JB Ba.nk o' IB* Matroaoila Ptock. 2 W i -oi>orMion of aahu |ton Qaartwlf Stx ??r Cot. sou Corporation of Wukiiftoi 8*ou Aimi Ita Hf OHL MMk T?r*ioMh in p?rr??t furda 00 a-4 ITC. Ma6ClR K A CO., A?>* By WAU. ft BaSNARD. Ai?U".?r. rpRC5?TKK'?aALIi or VALUABLE BUILD 1 im Lor on A itiut.fvciii Ka*t ? r m CiPiTvij*t ACCTION ? >? I KIUA t ftPTKflLNOuN, WU> iiiUat, at ?H o'c <wk, by virtae cia 4m>4 oftruat dalau Uth October. IISB aid da'y raoordad IB L.jN?r J. A. 9.. No. IRS. f< lioa ?n. fta., oat oftha|a?d r?>*orrfao? \V?*Mac?<?ti U. O.. I will ao<l in front of tha pr?mta?a ?W cast kaif oi | m .9 ImI U W ia<iV*? ?? A I mniuuc b*?k 177 lortafc i'.ch?? BO'th Cftfltol Mil BU?rl? t" ft U.rtj-foot ft!>?, I>nn?: Oo* third owk;?M h?nd'?d fti d tfty do (Msof ?b:rh Kiurt bo p?id OB (M rro??4 im mooifttoiy after th* ? ?: toioaoo ?, >1. it, aatf M moitlu, llUrwl. U4 ??urod bj m?4 of trait ob the ir'tniiM. KUWAHD r. CA RUING TON, TrartM. ro!7 WjLL k. BAKNftED Au?U. Hr A- ?*REF.N. Aaotmnoor. npfrUSTBK'S 8AI.K iir VALIAHlK Bvik? 1 IN LOTMD THI UITUI P4ITOF til CITT at accti KMlUAV.UlOllt d?r ul October, 186-I hall *.?!!. la of th? jr?ru?e?. ml Mi/I Ation K* virhiB rtW * A *. f ??? t??ribar tx?A-11,( date the 7: h r*y of Aerit. l??, awl rreord?4 id LI her J. A. ft.. N*>. ITS. forV? til, 430 <31 and 482, on* o' the land >wo'4a nfW? abinctoa auaatj, ia the District ?f Co uniMt, U? 'i*?ia? Mentioned I?id? an?t ban c it tl *<1 of U fc*biL?toL Dittrift ajcrreaaid The Mia \*W NMiaiMlt T* tb? Irat aamed prr*?-art?, rl*: . r . Lota lumber ad rvte^u ana eevantbaa. (1< aad IT* ? in*aaara aaanbared tea ha ad red aad eighty atx? <1 Ma.) Lot aambered blWee. (rt,> in t*??ara aiab'red t*o hundred aad mi "A* fr?f. i1 o+,) Lot* i aabered two and fc>ur. d and ? .* See a'a owia bered tea handred and ninety eeven, ?? IT.) Lot* numbered aix ar.d ?evea,d ard 7.) in "ita^ata berad el?rea handed ai.J rnnataea.M.l.KiaaMMa in* 37.365, feat, mora or .aaa. TariaeaaeA. All eoBveyaootpg at the eoet of Ik* yrahaaarIf the terms are n^t eompi;ed with tn fire day* tha truat*e ra*arre? tna r ithtto reewll the property; at the n?k and < 2pane- nf uefirat pu'ehaeer. K. C. CARR1NOT N Traetaa. 00 13 d ? de A. P.RIv EN. A act. Br CLKARV ft OKEEN Auctioneer*. 1ry goods and H()?ikr>, o ovr, U Blkrk?t*, *e., at'Atct'Om ?'ni SATl'Bl?A\ ltik?|(NiM>. ifc'Tth m?t., *t 10 c.'o (^k, ?h? 1 ell. in f*o> t nf gr * iru>>n Koomi, No. MS M Hh ?tf -?t- j*?t ?' ow Pm. * * ?. ft Kr?? lot of Dry o- oil? fe?? rjr dateripuo* i>?id( ;trt of u? lotk #l??itji?l*(UUir? A|t.otofFlWf Gaojr, ll'iuor! , GIotm, BitsUU, ft e. Terms o&xh. i K d CLEARV A Q?F.F.P(,ak<i Bt CLEAR Y a G K EN. AueUosoer*. Household furnitlkk, ?c,at aucti??-Oo*A rtf. DAY MOKM.NG.tber h 1 mi,w? ah*!! sell in front of 001- Auotion >0 m, No 40? ??h ?treei. iu?? ??> ? P*. vduMtH o clock. tL.m, a good M?ortment ofNeotd-kM< F ri.itnre, reek l?M.vio??i.? HofM. M*rb top Sideboard. Mahmvcj ki d Wftlnut Biirtti. Vt Mlulkldii Bi^iUtdi.Chin, L?iD|f>, m'ei. Feather Red*. BoMer? and Pillow?, Hal'. Cottor, and Shack Ma'tr*??e?. W ah nuux other Hi u? 6? d t flVoU. AJao to ?!oa? c mur.inent? l?n B?x?i of Mat. hoc, 1 7ne S?f ara, 25 Dos fin* Bromna. Ta*ma 0*1 It oo 2S CLEART A OREKN, A?to. Bf A GREEN. Aootioaoar. EMNE SADDLE AND HARNESS HORSE r akd Cabit.aok, Hoi??hold aw? Kitcm* Eirbmttb*. Ac., Ac . at Auctioh.?Ob BA IT R A V, the mh laatant. alio o'clock B. ?-. b taa >ouni rMa.iton. wkich ?orke w*.l la ii?i-a>-aa ud *b axoel ant ndinc horae; he la I yeara oi4. b ha*d> oim brown or Derloc'.l/ Kea'M; b fall brrd Morgan horae. a>d anldfor no /Bnit, tha ?wn?r harm* n > further uae for him He wii! h? a*?ld the hie heat bidder. Alao, b food Family CawnafB and B lBrca and tenera, aaarrtmrnt of aaai>U>Bt Houaehold and Kitohta Furniture. Terma run. oc? 2t A. GREEN. Ant. FUTURE DAYS. \1 aKSHAL'S SALE.?In virt?? of b writ of "a Sen facia* laaoed from the Clark'aOAaa of the Circuit Court <?f the District of Colombia for the County o| Wiihinfton, and to me directed, 1 wi'l expose to public a?.e. for oaah. in front of UM Market Hmh in tteor?et?>w?. in ?*m1 Luminal on MONDAV. the 5th day of November next, IMi, eomnenoirit at 9 o'clock a m thefollowirjgood a and ob?tta!a, to wit: 2 Bay Horsea, 1 Wagon, 1 8 ts of Harar as and 1 Nefio Nan, aetaed and levied upon a* the pro? -rty of R. D. Waifieid.aad will be tod to aainfr jndimaia No. ?, to J as nary Ura, 1861, ib favor of Andrew J Joioe. oatt-dt? U. 8 Mawlm for DiaPof Col. By CLEAR V 4 GREEN, Aaotion?ra. POSiTIVK 9ALH OK BOOTO AND 8BOE6, 8T??a FiziOR?a, Ac. at Aacriow ?o? THURSDAY MORNING, Novewibar I t, w? ahali a el I. at lOo'olook, at store No. 39* aonth aid* of Kenn avenue, between and 6th atraate.iamadiataly and* rthe B'fokiondire Association Room, a la ge and fane aaaorUneat of Boota, fthoaa. Ac., oonaiatiDc of? Moil and Boya' fine Ca f and Patent Leather Boota, Do heavy BooU and fehoaa, V *** f ha' Ian* a n/4 ladie*' Gaiter*, Roota, Shoea and Slipper*. Mum' do ia la Children'* do do do Together with a general aaeortmeat oi in* Ftaa7 Nwm, v as Boot and Shoo Dra vara, nude in the boat aaaa4 Char inhere, doable burner*, u yard - Oilaloth, on floor, 4 ot of Gleas Door and Caaee V A* so, two fine Pbow Window*, now ereetaa In front of H. Iturai't tibo* Store, on north *14* ot Penn. ?renu?, bttw-?en 4S nod 6th *ta. Terrr* All rum under RSOcaah; over 930aaradlt ?l T and 8fl naya, for notes *atiafActorlly endonwa rarw iakmt. j oe ytrt CLKARV A GWF.KN. AnoO. 4 By BONTZ * GRIFFITH, Aaotioaaer* f A"GE 8ALE OF CROCKERY ahbGLASR u Wai, Tiiu Kmitss, Cctlut. *c?On MONDAY MOKNING, Ootobar JStii, at )? o'e a, in front of the A nation Nonni, SM Seventh (treat, between I aad K ?ta . w? will nail n large neeort Bent ci Or-'okerr end Glass W are. being the bal- 4J anoe of u'oo* of a geut.emaa daoaaiag baaineee, Kaaiettn* of? . ano.. China Vaae*. Da U c -,er and Tra Ware*. Ji Granite Dinner. De??ert and Tea r ate*. &> T-a ana Coffee Cue* and Faaoara, > Vegetable l>i*hee. Baaina and Pitobara, ?b N'.ppia. Meat i>iatm. Grauite Bowls, ?? Crevn Pitohers, V G anite Water Pitcher*. Toilet Set*, rv. 4 n # a r * r*A I aa Pufa Ff?r.oh Chin* J^ap a- d Broafi Trarr, Oo M?coh K >in. Do Motui *e I'Wa^U of Kmve? a ^ For** ofdifferent ki?4*. To? thrr iUi * (<aak. UMirin?nl of Ctoekary ud Glaaa M trr. m, Tormi owii. . Q??ld (lpt> BP*_Tg?GRIPPTTW.A.oU. ^ un r. rtuca. vi. t. eicb?ih*. NEW FIRM AFRENCH ft. R IC H8TBIN, (Suectnort to Wm. F. Bnyip ) Wjio ruin and Rvtaii Df?U?r? in BOOKS. STATIONERY, a*D PERIODICALS, > Ntt. *T8 fMXlTlTillU ArtRCI. W?4din> Mil Vlaitiu (VnI> KOtlt Mwimrm^mrnd aod ?riaUi. " ?? Papar ai?d Enralopaa htaaped vitk laittal vitk- S out *xtra ektrir. (hlMnfliMa r**f ivad f??r all the Waafcijr Ppf? * m| Muiumi , iu?o. S?w \ ork Haraid. Ti?, i?a1 tMnuniu oir t*ok. ^ Ail t> ur.d Book* ?o!d from 10 to 30 par Mat. low thanth# P?b'i?bar'? pricM. | {L^* An? Hook* not ua kAid ord?r?d witfc dtoH?k (roa Lowton. Paris. >?w York, boalaa, **>& Pfci adaiykia. o? ? li filSSOLUTlONOF COPARTNERY I P.-Tka If oo?arln?r?hij nlating b*tvf?n tha aohaarlbara under ill* ?wn?Md fcrm of N. G. Coaiua* * M), nf is tkii&r ' "' J W!"-.4 . Cornn.c har-.Bf aold and di?po??d of all hi* mt?r*at ?n in the saict firm U>X G.Corninj, *rao ia authorial to ?ttle up IWbuaJBeaa of raid f,tt. and wbo, will eontwaa tire Btffc. Door and Blind Buaiaaw rt-? the old bland. No 4M Bavaatti atraat. op pnaka ?aO '*l U>-ka> ?i, rlMMaaBMBMlM 4 i.^cowniigg Thope i$g^v*^^pisrpm JjF;1 invito tootll uui ?uiaiMMr Mm* Tk>t Ntfi ! told v*rr tow. WiteTtUM t |tti MMVCP*1* Oun Kuraiiui*. u ot \? fc/irM*? ' ?*OUGH6, COLDS- HOARSEN EM. U fS?<4 compound sfikfmo% oum , Tut pMi*at u4 ^mIv Com** Rwwy feM * bMB M tt>ng k?Q??MldMMMIr?lT oeSeew. U *b b* wfLl Uw er^ZSlinL IWWttlSMiMwitltbOW. M> ?B\|???t ^ B V'M o ?) I l/c#VV & tTjiYfi mSZiVV^nh,jj^P ?|<gVl ? JCt

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