Newspaper of Evening Star, 26 Ekim 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 26 Ekim 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. U3T" ,'Con*tantlna,"lath?9*n Francl?co Golden Era, bee Ike beet Imitation* *f tb* antique wblcb we bare lately fallen upon, in rbkffi ef Men A young muH ?a%* to ye r#'?** ahftdde, Douane bj i? hnbtiiyng* brooke. And nmaydet fare??b? *ette tneym * Hobbynge ye Una* and hook*; And ?? yoag* inannt in py aubyra hair* Didde eette bimrne douane and look*. Soon* toe and froe ye sUnddowe* gee, Overr* birr* froJiiokeomine l.ayre, Te waterr* ulWea ooulde notte mow* A fayoe thatt? vat ha t* aa fay re. Sedde thaite yo ire mans'-Lette ye flour'a 'b'ow,' They cut wjim nirre conipiyra." O Lot* dr rinse. ?oche far# b* thTnn*. Soe grwu, efteoont la tl<y myibte, Tint it poo re yonw mkno* he tumbled in T"?el? a. wo.f.Pl pW*bt! ,,, A no t# toy re with hnokje and hone, Bj't Lady km totte a by tt? ! i A Gaelic Sbttlixeit is Nobth Caboltwa? Tbe InwtMi ((Scotland) Courier publishes a letter from North Carolina. In wbleh It Is stated that tbe deaoeodaats of Scottish Highlanders, who emigrated to iHortu Carolina daring Its early settlement, ire numerous la several covnttn of thst State. The principal settlement was nude by Nlel Macniel. of Argyllshire, who landed in W ilmington in 1749. with tats family and sbout 3C0 emigrants, rsome siy ?no,) from the district of Kintyre, Argyllshire 80 large an emigration of kilted and urtaned Highlanders is said to have frightened the Wllmlnjitonians, who endeavored to exa?1 from their enterprising leader a bond for their peaceful behavior, bnt the sbrevrd Scotchir an manaiMrt a K?^J1 aa*<BU av w?v *uv ?I1U a? C1IUVU Cape Fear river with the band of hl? countrymen. From thlt period the emlrratlnn ws? yearly on the Increase Mr. Macdonald, Kingsourg.andhls lady, the celebrated Flora Mardnnald, fatnom for ber adherence to the unfortunate Pfetender, Prince Charles, In bis forlorn condition after hla defeat at Culloden, emigrated, with a number of others, from the lale of Syke, to that every year added to the number of the Scotch Highland emigrants; until they soon formed the majorite of th* j?n|?n latlon and controlled the ehrtl and ecclesiastical Interests of no leas than seven counties, vis: Cumberland, Bladen, Rubtnaon, Richmond, Montgomery. Moore and Harnet. The Gaelic language in atill spoken in its purity by many In theserountin and t> marrim nlirpi th?v km < > tUs language ?wr? Sabbath. iETTbe Paris Moniteor communicates several letter* from the corrrspondenc? of Napoleon the FlMt. which the present Emperor baa collected and will have published The let'ers from this collection now printed bv the Monlteur are froni the year 1TH8 They refer tothe Egyptian expedition. and meant to prove that General Bonaparte undertook the expedition not in sense of a conquest only, bat that be looked at it. or at least wished others to look at It, la the light of an act civilization. Dnraiiri ArriAT i* Tmsisiii.-Od the ! 15th Instant an aB'rav occurred at Murfreesboro, Tend., which resulted la the death of M. C. Henl? ___ o tt ? * - - w?ir/r, * wu ui me - it i nennfrion, HI IDf hand* of two men named Ward and Parmrr Henderson 11 red a pIsM at tbe latter, but the ball unfortunately took t-ffnct in the shoulder of a man named Ellis, causiag a serious wound. Josrpb Harrison, who came to the aid cf Henderaon, was also badly beaten and stabbed. Ward and Farmer have since been arrested ????? ?? Fioa Glows ih Ma*tla??d?We were n??t aware that fl^s were grown in Krrdertek countv until we saw and tasted tbeiu at tbe agricultural exhibition in this city last week,and learned upon inquiry thai between four and live bushels are raised each year at Mt 8t .Mary's College, in tbis county. Those we saw were the second crop, In t ie about as large as a hen's egg. The tlrat crop, we learned, are about twice tbe size of tbe serosa crop.? Frederick Union. ?\ - ? - *f?uirkeottpi bt m8irsi5g.-un the of August Last, a Itub of lljthtaiog struck a windmill at LappIon, in France, in which there was a female, who was killed by the electric fluid, and on whole body there waa left the picture of a neighboring tree, with all ita branches and lea res complete. This singular tatooing by lightning was seen and attested by medical examiners acd the municipal authorities of the place. t?_/ vi itiejssner, neiaeioerg, writes, exposing a system of obtaining (let; rc^t from "the University of Gleas. n'' on the payment of jEJO. The University consists of a bsrn, and a number of clerks are employed Chiefly In writing out diplomas for Enzllshmea The University was fonnded fn 1007 ana cqnltMd great celebrity for Ita schools of orgaftte chemistry under Bar on Lieblg. H^A akonk crawled Into th* drain to the cellar of the Baptist meeting house in Ellsworth, Me., and setued, without thought aa to salary and without consulting the committee He took good care to let those atsrmbling there on Sunday, know that be waa located; but his ministration not being acceptable, he waa summarily dismissed. U37" Passengers who have arrived by the overland mail at St I .on is repeat the reports In relation to the flight of the Texas inceodlaries. The road north of Ked River la said to be lined with wagons. The excitement in northern Texaa contin uaa ooabaU^. All suspected persona are warned awav 1-1 ?- ?- " ~ - - * UJ m iic muiuiuua 01 nns are to be cratified wtttt another magnificent promenade Th? Emperor ba* given order* for the construction of a road aronnd Pari*, within the fortifications. It will be twentv mile* long, and one hundred and twenty feet wide. The footpaths will b? bordered with tree*. lO* A journeyman printer In an Ohio printing office put on a "sub," last week, went to Meaavllleoll district, bought an oil cLtim on time, truck oil. aud has been offered fVO.OUU for bis chaice. The lucky printer's name Is Geo Simonton, who worked In the office of the Cleveland flaiadealer. IE?" The MeUiodisleof St Louis have resolved. In annual couftrence, that Friday. Nov *2, ahali be set ipart as a day of solemn fasting and prayer for the preservation of the Union. Cbrts'ian peo pie in every part of the nation are Invited to observe the day in like manner. |JT It la said that Mr. T. Billow Lawrence sent In a bill ef Stun for the use of his horse by the Friuce of Wales at the review of the Boston military. * A movsmest Is on foot la Charleston (S C ) to erect a monument to W C. Preston, at a cost of ?l ,uoo. This amount to be raised principally by the Alumni of the South Carolina College \*en Schmidt,the so-called hero of Parugla, haa o^ei' mobbed in Geneva. much in the same way u liaynau was in London. C7"Hrnrv A. Montgomery, superintendent of the Central Pacific Telegraph Company, has successfully laid a mile of tn? cable at Memphis ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?W H Trego, Md; 8 Fhalcrosa, C U Beach, Mr Liaceld. H Lylbura. Ps; H <j Knovrland and ljr, M L Callender, NY; H M Vlnaldt, \V F BowliHgtoB. Md. J W Heioher, Mils Wood, Mass, H J ^edvewick, N V, r A Jones, Va; W tian.iU . ii <*. u - .... miuwiff, Md, J T Ditd andly, 9A; L>r Youn ' *nd fam, J W Stoke, fa; K Gtilt aod It, ftl'.n P E McHehee, ?, S Carry, J MaUley, A Ilujthea, M B Bayley, Va; 8 M Cochrane and ly, C C Magruder, Md; T Pride. * 0ilia, J QUla. JG William* and It, ? D Pitkin, J N Tuwoaend and It, E Deualii?,N Y, O k Clurch. Ct, J U Middieton, Md; M D Townaend, Cal; 1* Curren, Pa; II llarrl??n, Md: J CUariton. Va; H Bishop, H SLuat-r, NJ; Dr \V Harper and ly, Miaa BROWN'S HOTEL ?J L? Sur, R Baruea, J H Boyle. Md; U Wni, DO; Dr R F Mason. U9N: Mr and Mrm Ray, O; W Seymour and ly, N Y; J K Cooke. Va: CJ Pm - * .qa. a ausiiq ana ly, -Mi?r M J Kvmi, U Meyer*, Pa: R Laacastor and ly, G Gary aod ly. Va; L W O'Bannofl, US N; L O Vycrm, Ala; Dr K Divine, J H Coll. A B Be- annou, Mlaa, H K Haf and ly, I'SN; 8 Child, Aid B Lowe and ly. U B Grave*, NY; J rUoane, R Ktoarnev and ly, Oa; J Bowes, Md, R Dunlop a ad ly, NY; J McRatry and ly. MIm; T Robertson and fair, Mr Kiaaley, U Marcus, NY. KIHKWOU0 HOU*E ?K Bowen, Md; B F Scatte-ruood, A I*; R Brown, H W Thomaa, Md; E T <"re?ien. P?; G Prazw, Ky; Col Rawman, 1) Kiafcw, L B PeWiksa. M Morr.aon, W SHerenao i, T Crettora, Pa, J Henry, <fe; U Myen, L'SN; W Edwaxda. CS. Ot EANIsTEAMERS' SAILING DA TS From th Uutu Statm. tMM At. Day i N?w Y?nk N?w York... OMinan A/>hu> *> ? !ion tiv?r?ooL.;?Gotsi JSP-F saJca^fb?, fwcr::;-^- .:1?? Fro* kdkopb ES5T "-r:lJ?r?.:r.?8S S^SSl a4:i*ju s^uiu f-. N?nr VarSr.-.tlcts* Ant'- ? ?u... Uv rp >?l P?fVM4 .0?i 25 * ? ?>? - Liverimwh a American. i,Sv#rpoof r?r Hand.... .N l J->i?n Be?i ....(*[ ??* ' New York...No* a V?,.<wl>nt. .Soutu'ptou...N?w lori ? .N#t1 -i? mm *'w yi ww? UA I C i'ftr>?t"0 t>n th? tUa %nd ISth. 11* 4?.ft..n?ia mMi?if?j?4rilMTC N?v Y?rk?a w. Ut >.wi .'-to of ? *? month. r VwU ""'"u^moTBiN. _ , . AT UW P>UU, < ?ii at *Ml lit 9, >?. 460 g?v*nth f- ' ?? Mt ?-.? h p Jla. ^ wKaacasr WOOD AND GOAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS: THE PIONEER SAW BILL AID FIREWOOD FACTORY, <8io? or mi Bica Flaq Stavv.) nth ! the Ctui, uemt 7th street BrM|t, Wiil ftarniafc. At tb? ihortMt aotio*. . FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, Or Ant Kind, Cut *nd Split f my Dtmtmtimu. _ ( .?r?n iij?n las ^mmraar: With foil mtwirMMOt(urutitd. Pr Remember, T?i Blob Flas Statf, *?t of Seventh street, south of the Caual, and opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. irr" HICKORY ANDOAK PI'ANK or TIM BERfojanv ?? or dinennoae) 9 A WED, POSTS or JOUJTITrIPPBD, or LOGSSAWEfc, at the shorteetnot^ BLACKSMITHING prompt* ly eieofled, as above se>7 t B Q Q B B V If V VI U UHIOH FIRE-WOOD MILL, Cuur mt Sereath it. uU Canal. W OO D of all kind, manufactured to order, any longth or dm, ready for dm. COAL?COAL. We have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both Red and White A*h, different site (fT We are now, and will be reoeivinx Coal for the next ten da?*, whieh we aeil, delivf red from the vee*el,at a reduotion of 25 oents per ton. Send your order* early. McKNEW * MARLOW, Proprietor*, ?e 27-tf Corner Seventh *t. and Canal. Wv u IJ AND 5 0 A L the city, At the loweat ?OMible raiee. T. J. It W. M. GALT, Office 998 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th eta , ma 17-tf north wi<le. POAL! COAL !J ty WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily receiving large anpplea ofCOAL from the very beet Pennsylvania mines, which I will aril at reaaonabie pricea Al?o, the beat quality of Oak, Pine and Hiokory WOOD, cut an<i ?piit,al) lengtlia. OaJl and leave your onlera. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, ee 17 (Statea) Cor. C and 14th at*., near Canal. MISCELLANEOUS. THE INSURANCE COMPANY or TH* STATE OF VIRGINIA. or mnnuniun ?avM tuvt^ A/* Capital - ~ $300,000. Diretiors. Wm H. MaeFarland, Prea't Farmer* Bank A- Warwick, firm of Warwiok A Barkadale Wna. 0r.renahaw, firm ofCrennhaw * Co Wellington Uoddin, firm <4 Goddin ft Apperaon T. W. Modano*. firm of Duclop l*.onourc< ft. Co O. A. Barkadale, firm of Warwick A Barkadale Jam's H. Grant, Tobaooo Manufacturer L. D. Cr*nahaw. firm of Haxall, Crenaliaw A Co John L. Bacon, firm of Bv>on A Baxkrrvill K. B. Haxtll, firm of Haiall, Crenahaw A Co John Curri', Jr , Ship Owner Wm. 8 Warwiok. firm Warwiok A Barkadale Jaa A'fred Jonw, Attorney at Law C. C. Ell'tt, Builder F. 0 Ruffin, A cnculturiat and Manufaotu'er R. W. MoGruder, firm of 8. MoGruder A Bona W. W. Crump, Attorney at Law Jaa. Dnnloa, firm of Danlup, Moncnre A Co. BULLING W. HAXALL, Prea'L 0. F. BRESF.K.i-eo'y. HEATH * KNOWLKS. Aaenta, Ottoe?over Bank Waahington, Room 16. oc 15 ly.r OLD RICH, MKLLUW AND PURE BITRNdIDE'8 M0N0NGAI1ELA RYE WHISKEY, Conaoientiooaly diatilird by Mr Jamea Burnaide, of Allecany County, Penoa., in the old-faahioned honeet way. fmni the choineat and moat carefully aaieoiM Rye, aod in no oaae ever offered lor aaie until adapt?<l to wholeaoine uaa hy a<e It ia at once the m?it pala'alile.aa it ia emphatically one of tne par?*t heveragea in the rraoh of th? public. To the invalid.aa veil aa to thoae in oommevda itaelf for ita unrivaiied qualities aa a atimulant of the aafe?t. anreat. and moat beaeficeLt aeacription. aod mam of the moat diatinmiak?ii ph??ioian? are aiinj it in their praolioe with the "'"StraVt. TOOKDALK, Propri?tor?. 389 Wai'.Ht ?trrt5?t. Philadelphia. WM. O. CONOVKK, Agent for the Pron'ietnre. 22.1 Pa. av., >e 84-Om opposite Willardu' Hotel. ^ O \V R K A D Y ! x'OTn STINRM KT/'S, ^TjlTirr 236 Pa. avcaue, ' i 11?? p? 9 Near oorner Thirteenth ?t. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, onfadorted by the Spanish Sovernmeat, under toe acperTicion of the Capt&in General of Cnba, will ta?e plaoe at Havana on WEDNESDAY, Novimbk* 7. 1M0. SO&TEO tiUMEHO 6iS ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE *100,000. t p.- j? o: to prises oL thorn) t <;-? tejm en do ??? 0* t do ?. jn.orv) La do ?? t do a\?? aoapprox. jnt I do w,noo IN ALL H9? PRIZES. Whole Tickets, ?3G-He.vee, ?10?Quarters, ? 9. Prise* cached at aig:it at S per oenL diaoouaL Hula on all eolvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded aa aoon aa tfce reeait baeomea known. Ail orders for echemea or tickets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ. oo ig-tr Pare of City Poet. Charleston. S. C. Renfrew hats. IN NEW COLORS, m Jvti Opened, riox N. Yoke. II/" Onr asaortment of HATH and p?0(j| ''An, for (feat*, Youuc Men, aB You'Jib, Uora, Mi*??<,and < Miitrer., lQ flhk uerer waa ?o varied a* at present. wyvOfl A n early call ii aolioited. No trouble to ahow good a. b H. 8tinemetz, oo 13 236 Pa. av.. near ooraer 13th at. AGLE IRON WORKS] Cot.sik Ohio Ay. akd Thutiimtb St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The undersigned have bp*it appointed sole ateots id thisoity for the manufacture and sale of the above Kn< and are prepared to supply all order* with protnp'n>?* and dispa'ch. Tnese engines hare be*n satisfactorily introduced, aud are now practically oinploted in bakeries; t>* bookbinders; for boxwood out ting; by oabinet makers; for drawing f*B blowers to ventilate building*; tor pumping; for domestic pur poena; elevating grain; class cutting; (inning ootto i; grinding quart^; grinding paint*; grinding nucar cane on plantations in Cuba; for hoisting; for knitting machine*; br manufacturers of pla Ml ware; of printers material, of eilver ware, of agricultural implements; of matches; of hooped skirts; tor pumping at railroad - tat un? and "n board ship ; for sewing inaehiues: for job printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation use*; fir rawing ai.d planing lumber; for picki g hair; for polishing oouiVs; for shoemakers' uses; for ?anrt sifting; turning; tohiaoo outting and pulverizing; in tannerios and w re making establishments; for soda water man'ifac'tire; for boo* crushing; ina t mashing; towing; grinding cutlery, itc They are inexplosive; economical; easily managed; they require no engineers; use 110 water; ami consume very little fuel. Any pe^eondnsirous of using these Knginus, oan by application to t*e undersigned be shown a large numiwr of testimonials front persons who have thmn in daily use, expressing their entire satisfaction ia their operation and use Pnoee of the Engines as established by the Patentee: ..i', sun .10 ! 1 1: . ? ? ... i I in IIVIHa OTHUCier, BW Double24 " l,4rt> St * " 1,3#) " aa 2^noU? rt " 2A'0 " 40 " 4>nl4? * SiO 41 ? ?>*?I60 ? " 5,nno " 60 * l?^OiT|24 ** " 740 We ere are alio prepared to furnish, at short notice, Architectural Catting*, f on any il*?icn? that may be furnished, a* ciieap at oan !?e obtained el**wnere. AWo, Kteain iLneinex, portable and station ? ?: hi?h or low pressure; saw ami grist mills; hydrostatic, or other presses ; boilers for'heating buildings, wrought iron water tanks; shaltinc.gearing, to., fur flouring or other mills, aitd forging of ail kinds. se 13 2aw3in WM M EM.I8 A BRO. F LO U* ?A^SfU1 ?rH3sCOMMISSION MERCHANTS, Aim! wholesale dealers in ? MILL FF.KD, CORN MEAL. fc.. 4*., Corner of UU Md V streets, Washin?too eity. IC^ Cult paid tor all kinds of Oraia. M % I? 1 FARRA1>AY*8 l?pOTt'*K8 ??N THE VArious Forces of Mrtt?r and tfcelr relation to saoh othar, edited bj \VOiU? Cttmks. F. C 8., wi|h numerous liiutretiuas ; 1 r*itjme ; prioe 5o oviU. The l,ake Region of Central Africa, a Piotora of Fxtianatiooa, by Richard F. meniou, Captain H. M. l. Annj; I v,? uuin wnh illustration*; price 93. W (.cat and Ta-ee; prie*7S o*ate. Odd People, twin* a aoyular description of sinraro*n? "V Maine Keid, author of Desert Hum* \ ~ T-?w "SMWflXIll 4t MOHUN, IXJf ooryr^U^giLlSlf I KVHRVloDVi INTEREST. zSSf, rcr'irw.v ftiSSfi A^.?Wr8 5 ' zwr* n^tt-Avaaai.?. tio|iuol> | MISCELLANEOUS. p'ptsvoi Ornci 8cpmh*i?hdm5t o? Ptblic Pkin tiro i WtaJuuctoo, Ootobor lJbMO. S In parMAce* ol th? provisions of tM **?et to ?ra di&fiStot 8s Effi BSfcrSt* r ?? - ? ? r* aiwuva in the Mt entitled "A n aot making ftppropnaliona for the lagulative. executive, and ju<ltoial ?xp*naee of Government for the year ending Jane an, two," approved Mar oh S, 185B, aealed prnpoeaia will be reoaiveiatthia offise,in the Capito1, until the first Monday (3d day)of Deoember next, at 12 o'elaek, for furnishing the paper that mar be required for th? publio printing (or the year ending on the lit day of Deoember, 186;. The subjoined list apeoiftea, aa nearly aa can be aaoertainad. the quantity. quality. and deeonption of eaoh kind of paper that will be required: Clasi 1* 1","00 reams fine printieg paper, u" measure 24 by 38 tco"ea, ai<d to weigh forty-five pounds to theieam of 480 aheeta. Cuia 2. 6 non rrama fine printing paper, oalendered, to measure 34 by 38 inohea, and to weigh fifty six poutida to the ream of 480 aheeta. Class S 900 reama auperfine printing paper, hard-aiied and super oalendered. to sneaaura 34 by 32 inohea. and to weigh forty-eight pounda to the ream of 480 afcMta. 2 Ooo reams ?u per fine printing paper, aized and auper-'alendered. to measure24 by 98 inohea,and to weigh fifty pounda to the ream of 430 aheeta. run 4 I 0 * reama auperfine map paper, aized and oalendered, of auoh sixes aa maybe required, on responding in weight with papar measuring 18 by 24 lnoh*a, and weithing twenty pounda eer ream of 430 aheeta. CLAPS 5. 2Y) rmmi anporfine plate pap*r, (calendered or nnca'endered. m may be required.) 19 by 94 inohea, and of auoh weight per /?am aa may be repaired. 'I he hhr? ol the paper of each of the abov? ola>iwa to be oi linep and cotton, free from all a<lalteration with mineral and other auhatanoea, and ? ! a fair whiTen^a*. a d put up in tuirea of tweuty-four aheeta each. and in hundlea of two reami eacu; each ream to contain 4W perfect aheeta*' Uniformity in color, thiokneaa. and weight will be required; and no bundle (exc'uaive of wrapper*) varyinenver oi under five p:-r oent from the standard weight will be received, and the'froaa weight will in all oaaea be require, Mixirr of various t; ickne-faa in the aame bundle to make up t e weight will Ue considered a violation of the oontract. Cum 6. I. I.MO reams qvarto-poat writmr papsr, 10 by 16 inehss. L 2,1)00 do cop da 13 by 161-2 da S. 100 da dsmy da 16 by20 1-? do 4 1,000 do folio-poftt do 17 by 22 do S. 100 da medium do IS by 23 do C. 50 do royal d> 19 by 24 do 7. GO do super-royal do 20 by 28 do a SO do imperial do 221-2hj3l do 9. 100 do double-cap do 18 by 26 do 10. 100 do colored medium, (aatorted colon.) Class 7. 1. 6,non ream* writing paper, 16 by ?6 inches, to weigh twen;y-thr<?e pounds p?r re\m 2. 1/00 reams writing p*per, 19 by 26 inches, to weigh twertr eight pounns per ream 3 3,100 reams writing paper, IS by S6 inoner, to Wfjgh twenty six pourds 4. 100 reams writing T?*per, !R by 22 inohes, to weigh twenty-four pounds p r ream 5. 3)0 reams writing paper, 18 by ir.ehes, to weich twenty I wo pound* per ream 8 4>0 reams writing paper, 12 by 18 inches, to weigh twelve pounds per r( am. All the p\per* designated in e'&sses 6 and 7 mart contain 4W perfeot sheets to the ream, and no "?Wsidt'' quires. Th^y ar? t ? he made of the boat ma tei I'-ls. fre? from adulteration, finis!ed in the b*st manner, out to a true e<lg-. laid flit, and seonrel* and substantially enve oped. The papers in oi&ss 6 are to be white or bine, and of snch weights as may be required by this office. Those in o!a?s 7 are to be wh'te, and of the sixes and weights specified in the schedule The ri*ht is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of eaoh and every kind contiaoted for in a 1 the classes, to be furnish-d at such times ar.d in sunh Quantities m the public service may require. Kach class wiilbe oonsidered separately, and be subject to a separate ointraot; but bidders may I -/ >- - -i- - vuv.1 ??fi wuowi UI'MO VI WUO UiMBOl in U10 I&IQ6 proposal. No proposals will be oonsidere<1 unless aeoompapied by tue f u*rant?e that the bidder or bidders, if his or their proposal shall be aooepted. will enter into an obligation, with good and sufficient soretie*. to furnnh the Articles proposed Blank forms for proposal* will be fnrni'hed at this office, and none will he taken into consideration unlets substantially arroeing therewith. All the paper m the several olasses mast be delivered at such piaoeor places as mar be desirnatad lu W asking ton city, is good order, free of all and every extra ohargeor expense, and subject to the inspection, eount. weight, and raea*uremer.t?f the Superintendent, and be in all respects satisfactory. Hair oles of all the paper required may be seen at this of&3?, but bidders are resuired to furnish, with their proposr.Ss, samples of not >ess than on* qoire of each of the kinds bid for .and upon which their proposals may be based. The snoctssful bidders will be required rigidly to oonform to their samples. Proposals will be addressed to "John Heart, Superintendent of the Public Pnntir. tori," arid endorsed "Proposal* for Supplying Paper " oo 2 2awtd |VROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1S61. Qcartkrmastxr's Orricr, U. 8. M. Coirs,( Washington, 2rtth Sept., 1?60. S Skalkd Proposals will be reosi*ed at this office unuithe 14th aay of November next, at 3 o'oiock m., for furnishing Rations to the United States Marines, at the tallowing stations, during the year Idol, vie: liarlestown, Massachusetts. Portsmouth. New Hampshire. Brooklyn. Long Island, Now York. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gosport, near Norfolk, Virginia. Warrington, Florida; and Washington, District of Columbia. Kaoh ration to eonsist of one pound and a quarter ofresli Beef, or three quarters of a pound of mess Pork; eighteen ouuoes ot Bread made of extra mperfine flonr. or extra superfine flour at the op tion of the Government; and at the rate of ten pounds of good Coffee, fifteen pounds of best New Orleans >ugar. eight quarts oi best White Beans, fonr Quarts of Vir.erar, two eaarts of Salt, four r?ounus of gord hard Brown sv>ap, and one ard a tiilf pounds of good hard dippeJ Tallow Caudles to one hundred rations. The Beaf required shall br delivered on ths order of the commanding office? of each station, either in bnlk or by the single ration; and shall oon'ist if the best ana most ohoioe pieoes of the oarcass; tHe . Pork to be No. 1 prime ine*s pork; and theGrooenes to be of the best quality of kinds named. All subject to inspection All bids must be aoo"tnpanted by the following guarantee. Form Qf Guarantu. The undersigned , of , in the State of ,and ,of , in theStateof . hereby guaranty that in case the foregoing bW of for Rations, as a^ove described, bs accepted, ho or they will, within ten davs afW the icu<iiim>i lucoiinirooi ti me t'oct UBo? named, execute the oontr'ot for the name. With good ait*l auflioi?nt Kure?.ic?; and m ca?* the said ?hwl fail to fitter into contract at aforesaid, we goaiantf to make good ?he difference l>etwe*n the off. r of the said and that which may be aooepted. A H, Guarantor. Wlinens: C 1). Guarantor. KF m I hereby certify that the aJ?o?e named - are known to me M mfn of property, and *ble to make good their guarantee. 0 H. (To be signed by the United States Hi strict J udg e. United States JJistrict Attorney, or Oo leotor < Mo proposal wui be oonsidereu unless aooomra n<cd by tue above goa anteo (Newspapers authorized to publish the above will send the paper ooutauuug the br?t insertion to thi*office for examination.) 1'ropapala to be endorsed ''Proposals for Rationa for S6i, and addtessed to the undersigned W B. SLACK, se28-law4w Ma!or and Quartermaster. Look to your interest, purohas ERS OF CABINET FUnNliURE. We have now ia store and daily reoeiving the largest, handsomest, and the? cneapeat lot of Cabinet Furniture ever g ofT?r??d to the citixma of Washington, t??orfetown and Alexandria, which cordial y invite all who desire furnishing to ealj atd examine for themselves. Our a too* emb aoea every ooaoeivable article neoeaearj to farnieh a par air. hvivdimag room, chamber, and kitohen. Our ex ten?ive stook la too numerous to partiou aria a We pniy name a few of the leading articles, suaJj as, via: Rosswood, Walnut and Mahogany Parlor HuiV, ualiolatered in a superior mannar in Broealelle hPu i'luah, Lwing and Hair Cloth, Silt trams Mattel, Pier and other ?ijaaa?s, lit Base Tah'.ee, Gilt Brackets and Marble Slabf, otliio and other handsome Reoeption Chairs, in Brooatelle. Plash. Rush aad Cane Seats, Bteceres, with Marble-topa and Mirmr Daoka, Do. Parlor Desk a and Whatuota, Rosewood, Walnut and Muhoran* Bureaus. Washatands, Bedsteads and Wardrokea, vary handaoms and oheap. Cottage CliAruber Furniture, in Oak, Imitation Oak, Mapls and Painted, with or without Mar ble Tops. Marb e top Halraoki, in Oik and Walaut Iron Hatraokrf, Hall Standi, f> cretariei, Bi?okoa?t?, Shavinr Standi. Mamie tup Center Tablei, Uair and xhoot Mattreeie*, Feather Bolsters aud Plllowi. B anket*. Coinforu, Quilts, Towels, Ao. in addition to oar >took of Furniture oar tint floor contains a larje and well seleoied stock of China, Clays and Crockery Plated Goods, Japanese Ware, Table Cfitleiy, Britannia War?, Bookttn Good*, Baskets, Brushes, tea., altogether Tormin< a complete variety of everything dmnutt to toW?roa?>^.ga?ri?nu Iron Hall, No. *lt^Fena. avenue. ? 17-MAThu between 9th aad loth sla. J^OWE'S 0*1 FN J AL BALSAM, BALUNES^ A^D'HFADACME, This new disoovery hae produced astonishing re .n ?? t n?? hair from fallitc off It r?inevM d&ndrutf atd nil ?ra*U?oa ofthaakia; toerttin cuia for *?adach?,and ad*- ' lif ktfui w\?h and perfuina. Pnoe &? oaota. For?a#| by MeMr?TNain> A Palmar, Cbaa. StotL jL M. Snrith, J ftchwarxe and Kid veil k Lu ranoa. aa tlaolm* To MyStC TEACHERS-A laria lot of mt Muho, imported from Kuropa; alao, aalcotiona mud* in p*raon from all the freat publiahin* houaea in Boatvn and N'* York, aaooially aaaortfd lor piano, violin, and tiuta, k?., Ao. Alan, DuaU for Ml laatruineuta now ?p?nJor imhoUul, Cfciokarings' Piano Store, 306 Pa. ar.. ht 9t\ and lftth ata. For overcoats. . PANTS. VE8T?, . HATS AND CAPS, SMITH'S, No. 460 BaranU 1 o? 19-la Oppomt* Poat Oflo*. m TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. noon AND eHQES TO SUIT IU w?|rt ?o? BMifkotnnax all kind* of BOOTS end SHOKS, and ooostanuV reowTiu npyij of Mdtrn made work of Bonptio". made exproealy to oidor. aod will J Ml b? eo*4 at a muoh lower pnoe than Jim boe? heretofore oharged la Qua city for staafi inferior irhslta Persona in waat of Boota and Shoes of eastern or cut mmv wen, win unii ft n 1 ft Mod M?or men ib (toreftod at to* loveat pnoea Git* * ft oftlL etlPFIN * HRO.i ftp t-r 314 PftaniylTftatft >wa??. ||WVE HUNDRED TRAVLLIN8 TRUNKS f ftrriTftd thi* dftT. emhrftoinc ftll UN ftftd USN of Sole Lftftthftf, Lftdie* liffi Drew ftsd Pitckinc Trunk*. Out trank^"""* sftle* room exhibit* ftt thia time ti?? t r*ftteet variety of traveling re^umte* ftt moderftt* prioM. to t* fciund this "id* of N?w York. AUo, tnwrj dewiftioQ of LADIES* HAT ROXI&, VALICK8, CARPET BAGS. SATCHELS. Ao. ErOld Trunk* rfftirai or tftfcfta ia Kik>n? for uev odm. WALL, STEPHENS k CO? Trunk SftlM Room, ux n-tf *i9 pi. avaaaa. SoutherNTSUN??A??Wcto*Y. Oppotif Odd FUlrrws' Hall. wisAintttm. D. C. market afford. 2nd the b?it TorkaM, I ou oonfideuL j rMomaiBd at work to t? perior in Strength and Dwrabiluilo Trunk 11 h At ftrs mud ft in ntK*r niti^a ZTu v.... _ v_ ? T? 111 JP*9 "!>? iwa 1 keep oonatantly on hand, and make to order (on one week'* notiqel every <Jeeeri?tien of SOLS isfwavstmuffoanls Trijnka, &o., Repaired and Covered, ia a vtrkm%n.;ke manner, at abort nntioe. Trunk* deiivered ia aay part of tne oity, 9?<?|? town, or Alexandria. Also?Aient for Hovt'i oeietiraUd FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de IS-1t JAMBS S. TOPHAM. T&AVJSLKKH' lUttKCTORY. I \AILY LINE OF NKW FOUR-HORSE U COACHEti TO UPPER MARLBORO'. Carrying tAm U. 5. Mail. ^ The under tun* 4 Arm uow running Daily, (exoept ouiimii ./ rvui itudc ijWCnPl PC* ^ tw^n Wanhiuffton and Cpp*r Marl born', an follows: W Ir*** l.eavo the Steamboat Hotel, oorner of Seventh atrvet and Pa. at7 o'clock a. m. Returning leave Uppfr Marlbor?' at II o'clock a m., ud arrive in Yvai<hin<ton at So'clock, in time to conneot with the 3.2s) p. in. t ain for Baltimore. The Coaohe* art) now and ootumodioui, the team* first c!*** in the handa of careful and acoommod&l* ing drirers. Fare to Upper Marlboro Jfi oent?. To Ix>ng Old Field*..... ? 3S *' ToCeuWviHe........ _ .38 " Freight and paokaees in proportion. a.n 1*.tf rxlllMBV L l"/i ? 1.? w? ?w ?i uuuvit u. \j i ivprievurit OALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BHAXCH. SBHBH9 Cham<ji or Hours. ON AND AFTKR WEDNESDAY, Juno 13th, 1*30, tmin> will run a* follows: Leave Was tun ton at 6 2o and 7.4" a. m. i.eave Washington at 3Jn and 6.30 p. at. On Sunday at 3 30 p. in. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and R 40 a. m. L?ave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. m. On Mund&y at 4 25 a. in. Passengers for the Fa*t will take trains at 6jr> ard 7.4" a. m and 3 2D p. a. For the West at 7 4" a. m. and 3.20 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m and ijo p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. Op Saturday evening the X2* p. ai. train goes to Philadelphia only. je l.Vrt T H. PARSONS, Agent, NEW ORLEANS * """ "wrr"TM CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Ormngt and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR8: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, E*tt Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Mom phi* and Charleston, Mistissiyyi Cmtral, Net* Orleans and Jackson^ TO NEW ORLEANS! MnMPHls~ROUTE: Memphu by Ral.theooe by First olasa Packet* to Now Orie&ru*. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery t.y R&il.theooe tn Mobiie by FintoiAM Packeta. Mobile tn New Orleus by lAko Ste&mer* l^wn n a f i v ?pd .mo a * ?? v? ms cm i ta I 1 I\AiilCJ~*OVRD4TS I IfCLUDXDi Leave WiahiB|Ui at 6 a in and 6 p. a. The Steamer GKOR6K PAGE leave" her wharf foot of Seventh atreet at 6Jtf a. ra. and p m. ana oonneota at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Train* ior the Sunthweat. Offioe? Pennay lvania avenue, ooroer of Sixth at. BAM AH CS1CUO TSKOUSK TO KHW 01UAII. Lynchbarg .... ?..#750 Memahii ?..?81 oo Hriatnl l5<*n Atlanta * no KnoxriHe sooo Maoon .38 00 Cliattaiiooia 3*(tt Ooium'mi ...SI 50 Daiton^ 34 00 Montgomery 33 00 Huutavillo,37 U0 ) via Memjliia.4i 50 Brand Junotiou JO on N.O.J naG. Juno..42 M Naehviiie 26 10 \ mMobile...46 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY HY RAIL and ia 900 MILES SHORTER, and *4 HOURS LE8S IN TIME than Any other l.iae? the Lynehbnrc Extent ion being now completed, aa also the Mieaiasippi Central, ir.akiai it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE rn n C n rr<pur D %r mo a rrrt t tsn*? uuvinfnii x Di-Ji no : It U provided vitfa Firvt claaa Sleeping Car?! !To Now Orleana 73 Hoara. Meiifrphii do* Montgomery 43 do. N Mb r:lls 46 do. fE^The U.S. AJLand ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over Una New Line. Tioketa oau ba obtained at the Aonth Western Offlne, otrner of Sixth atreet and Pennsylvania av mie, to tha lollowinr pointsLinokiburic, Bristol, KnoxnUe, Atlanta, ChaKaoooxa. H^aU villa. Grand Junouon, Maonn, Naahvilie, Daiton, Golonibua, Al<mt*omerj^ Mn^Ue, i>Jerophi?, and irr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. (CT'OmmbfluM &nd Bacraga Wifonj lea va the office at 6 a. m. aad p. m. JAME8 . EVANS, Ticket Arent, mag-tr Corner Sutli it. and Pa,, my. THE STEAMER JAS. 8UY Will reaurne hat I trip* on TUESDAY, Slat of ^ February. l?n. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and^"?^^? FRIDAY, at o'clock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA athalf paate o'clock, for CURRlOMAN and the intermediate Landinc a. Oa bar return tripe, aha will leave CI RRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY arid SATURDAY, at 6 o'clock a. m. NATH'L OOPBHI Ai\^<?i^ria!.r0>ri^i>> QFFICE O GA^MKTKR8N? SEALEE Washington'. July 18,1880. NOTICE IS flERERY GIVEN, TSat.a*ratably to the pmviaiona of the "idtnano* of the Corporation approved May It. IW>. the und?raifn*d bow prepared,"whenever required in writing, and on pre payment of the fen of ulty oenta, to Inapeot. examine, te?t, prove, and ascertain the aoonraoy of registration of any {u racier in use in thia oity." Ever; meter, iffound inoorrect, will be oondemned, and another, sealed and marked as tras, will be aetini'? plaoe. If proved to be aoonrato in its me?Mirt.rnent of (as, it will be sealed aooordingly, and Main put in poauios (or uao. OIBoe No. A10 Seventh street,(nsar Odd FalJy ll-tf Inspector and Sealer of &aa Meter*. W| O A 8 F I X TU R E 8 . E Have in store, and are dai? recaivme, OAS FIX TURJiS of entirely Mew Pattern* and Deaicna and Finish, superior in aUle to snythinc lieretoror* offered in thia market. We invite oitisena ceneral It to oall and examine our atnclr uf <;*? "Jf Fixture*, feeling confidant that ve htv? the bMt selected stock 10 Waahinrton. All Work in the above line intrusted to oar oar* will be promptly attended to, MYERS * McGHAN. mar 5-tf 3 ? Dsfcragt FR A NC1S HARPER, RAITIMormDA _ FAMILY OROCEkY AND FEKD8TOKB, Corner of Nfir York nrnttc emd Tmtk tWorn, RespeotfcUy wWieits Um palroaa?e of tho?tw mav b? in want of anp article in tkea??w> iin?. His en-leavon shall be to pleaset and by a striot attention to the irants of the pubijo. be hopes to merit* share of thrir patronage. His tookootuisU at ^vwryartWe n a tally t?be found in a first-class Family Grooery and Feed Store. 12,000 c0^l?l^L?."C1??4S!V\4S? , i - f ?k.i.~ - ?1 Ti ? m.- ak?vi<MWH *?! MVf nmiv WVUJMUMBlW Vt' lactftd ?tooJi oi Oiuunpwj* aod Crab Anil CuW, whiofc ? r>uut?i to C? ion juice, Hi vulb* old mi TMWoaabla Urma In order to make room for otr ByriFK Btook. ^S4Sl?5L. fc ' tin. M ftnwt ZrJKSwtvia. I.?.?. LAXXK. HVTT. tLOni* ,5/ ' MAONOU* HAMS! u2Le assrwrss fiij'sssj'i'is mpionri l^'?SSBU.. Mca iiinii *" "" ? "*?? " Tgg.'*** * FOR ALL DISEASED OF IMPftUDBNCE. LET NO FAL8M DELJCACT TRETENT. APPLY 1MMBD AT ELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAR9M, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAY*. VHbnaiftkt ItU, Iviiihh ftfllfliar iflfci I^m ?< Mitiitr, ! ? ,*?< 17 Di?ckwfM, hMMf. * ***! ^'2-.::rs,r^cii^!E?2s?j: OuaotM at fcfki ? iwUitm, D??m? *1 Utlwl. n?n RMI W Uio, Af*.u?M?f th* LM. ?! !> ? luili Um T?mkh Oiitttwi tnataf frmm Wku; ItMu 0 T??th?ikm Dr**tff*l ?4 Pi?nnw PlMMy fcpwMte ?W tar* >il??? Ik*. nMtaa W Mhuy TIm, lkc.t dr?? if* *iid d*iir?cu*i t*?j *tiu imhUv i*Mfi M u andmaly rmi t>mi*fc fTMni Km *(cm mm thai mImu ui tkMllvM, ?* Btfkl kk*? MtiMMd luttMfhMM vMk Ua ikia/in tfMWMi M ??k*4 m imu?j ik? Unaf^i* Mf mM VMk Ml ? * iMIli "'M'f MAUUV Plow,ItTw?|Mwii*<wyli?i|Mm riifi.Wui *vtr**f M^Htl wihlM, npill MMlUl, 4?f*r?au**. 4*.. 4Ur *mi ft* wka tUcM lk* mm W KI. mkj frtft mrif mUi la kit h?*w u * |?uUmi u< imMmiIj r*tj pM kn *kiU a* a p ' .aa urnc* H*. j aovra ruoniciimif, l*ft ku< [m fcl?MM Mmt, a f?? tun tea* lk? unit, rill mi ttitmm mm ?4 mMm. Uuh> 1M k* ptld u4 Maim irnai ML JOBJMVOB, Htakui ml U? E*y?i C*U*f* *fSuf?*Ma Mm, mMM (Mta M af lk* > nbMI OIlWH > tk* Itlwl (MM, ad tl* mtiir nitifvkmt lift ku km i*mi to ill k? CU*?f Lm<?, hm, EkiiaMlMt* u< tlNTkM*, Mi 1*4 mm* W Ik* MM uihm?| MTM (Ml ?*N *'** imvd; HUf u*MU4 tut rwfH| to IM k**< u< mm vk*a ui**p; frul tirtMU***, k*itf alarm*4 at HklH NU<*, ka*hfkTn?*? ?ltk fr*<?B*al k!**Via?. >iuu>' ? iM wiih itrutWMI af mnt. *wi iMitftUlf. TUB PABTJCWWA* 1IOT1CK. Tn>( Mm i>< riirt vha ktti ajini by I Itnua ptuuu ladaif ad la ?Im alaaa a k>Mi kNMMtf laarcad fraaa i?U uufuMM. at M aahaai. lha HKM at Which ui aifhdy fall itu ahan uliif, u< J im aarad. raodara marriafa inpaaaikla, ui iiitrtft Mk iM IM hadr, ahaaid apply laaitMtli. fbtta lira Maa M lha aa4 ui MltatMf afaata ln*?ail h? aari* hahtta rf inU via t Wathaaaa aflha |aal aa4 Uaaha, raina ia tha aad, Diaaia af lifkLLaaa af Maa lata I Favar, Mpttauao af lha Rait^DiaMaT, Naraaa IrruahUt?T,Darutaamanl af Jka Dixaauva raotciana, aaatal DltUHl, of Caraamp*aa, Ae MTCWTALLYTaa faarfal affacta aa lha aialiia ?aah ia ha draadad ? Laaa of Mamar?, Caafaaaao af Maaa, Oaataaataa afKfirila, *?i! Parted uin, At araaao af fecial/, >a IT Dtairaal, La?a af Salhada, timidity, au .ua aaaa af lha a*U? paa dacad. KUTOII DUIUTT -naMuli lu iiv)Wm vhal la lha aaaaa afihair dachnlag haalth, laainr ihair *ifa?, haaaminf vaak^ala, aar?aaa aod aaaaiaud, haviar aaanaalai tppaaraaaa aaaat ui* ?:??fI ar , npiiMiafltn disease* or impecdemcb. Wk aa tba ?H(?Idad *nd irrpradait Tatar; af pliuiri II buwMtii tba aaada af this painfal tMw.tiM aIUa Upfarj tku aa iU-Umad udii af abaiaa ardraad af diaaaaarp 4?tan bin frana applying ta tbaaa wla,baa adacauan aad raapactaktlity, can alana bafnand kin. ( law tba luii af ignorant aad da air mag wamdin, vha, tacapabla af earing, ilah hia paiwiary atibataaea, kaap kn irtftttg anth afiar anib, ar ta latij ta tka anallaat faa can ka abainad, aad in daapair laara biaa with raiaad baaltktaaurk arar kitfalling diauppatnuaaiil; ar ky lb a Ma af thai daadlt patten, Marevry. baataa tha canaita-.iaoal aT*nf tamt af lUl tambla diaaaaa, aack aa Af actiana o'tfca Raart. Tbraat, laaa, kin.4c.. pragraaaicg wnk fngb ifarapidity, till daatb fag pariad ta hia drfadfal aafar.nga by aandirg bin la that w 1ltia?crad caanuj frara akatikaaiM aa iraaatar iatar?a. DL JQBMOVB eemedy pur ueqamic WliUHi and impormct. ?j lb la graai aad important raiaady waaknaaa af iba argaaa hi aptadil? tarad and Ml rigar itiur?4. Tbaaaaoda a* tba MM narraat and dakilitattd, wka bad I art aU bap a, kan kaaa imnadiatal? raltarad. All lmntdimin'i "-' ? t" " " luuwa. Um *r Ff??r??ttT# P*v?r, Ntrviet Irr'ltVlHj Turoolirf and WiikatH ?i Kikiuuaa tltki MUftiiftr kla4 iptttdilr ?ar?d. unoittMUTorTii run. TIE MAM Y THOBCAHM lind uUu inn?? *MM ill l*tt ??r>U?o ?nri, u< lb* BiniriM lapwiul IwtfMl i^iriuKi ^irnrnid ki Dr. J >>? ?. *iunn< ay M rH?n?n rf Ui ptfin ut ruay Mill mtmo*. i?i?M 4 rafch h*?? iniutl i(tn u>d i(iU kifm lb* Nllll, ke> Mil kiatundar u finUiBu ?f iktruui ui iiiliw< Oily, U i aflaftnl piiulM I* Ua itlMl Ha ?-ly R. J, BOVF.E DOP'8 IMPERIAL WINK BITTEHS, Are now beim uaed from Maine to the Croat tH!t LaVe, anl tfco nniTeraal rerdiot of ail who um them either a? a mtdictn* or a? a fc#r*r?*a, ia thai they are anaarpaaed in the world. Dr. Doda ne?d them auoceesfaliy ia hi* practice for B ye*ra before we pnrohaaed of him the ?ole right to manuihotnre and pree?nt than for eale to Ute pnblic. For the onre of Inoipient Conanmation, Indjceation. J)yapeeria, Pile*. Nerrone Diaeatee, Female Com plainta, and all oaaee re^airing a tonic, they are barred doubt a inoat invaiaable remedy, Aaide from their medioinal propertiee tl.ey are a par*, wholeaonr.e and deiightf&i Beverage, producing all the plrxwant exhilarating effoota of Brandy or Wine without their ioJniloaa reealta. f-et all frienUa of hnmanity and ali advocate* of temperanoe aarlet ua in aubatitninc theae valnafrle Vet eta We Bitter* for the ??tt*?r?7 rtuoiu and <f<*rft?rat*4 Lifmmt with whioh the country ia flooded, and thereby effcota&Jy aid in ban.atung Diaeaee and Dmnkeseaa from the land, CHARLES WIDDIFIKLD Jt COProprietor*, TS WiJIiam ati-Mt. N??viA J. BCHVVAKZE. Arent," *""" I WUkinftoB, D. C. DR. J BOVEE DOD8' IMPERIAL QIN BITTERS. For Dise&aee of the Kidney a,B ladder and Unury Organe, and ??rpecia!'y for Female, never ftiil to care, and are warranted to tire eabe ^C^HAkl.ES WIDDIFIELD k CO., Proprietor a, 18 WUliam at.,^ew^Vj>rfc. Je7 ly,r Acent. Waarunjtoc. D. C. JOV FOR THE^IfJK AND BUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARK AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDT REJOICE *iy HEALTH. Fiiecd, do yon auff?r> Are you the riotim of any of thoae nameroaa aiimerta which anae trom impurity of the blood.' W nat are they, do yoa aak t Rather aak. what are rtey not? 1 he blood ft the aoaroe of iiie and health, and it la the fcrat element of oar hem* to reapoad to My oauae which "leota th? ayatern, aa the Sanaa innCniH)* Tk* ? prevailing Neuralrm. the irritating Kryi peiaa,tha anbtle 3crofulajthe R heurnatiain, Nervous Debility, Dyapepua, Livar Complaint with its torpor and dejeotion, ana tb* numberleue ilia that fleaii ia heir to,derive their hideoue origin from tha blood, Dm! kipdly thea aud gently with tbe blood. Ua* the vitalizing reaunrow of nature for ita aid. and suffer us to onnmend to poor confidence and uaa that truly valuable mertioament knovn aa MMS. M. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia ?im< at infallible specific popular frenUmcnt haa tpoken in droided tarna, ana the evidenoee of this great effioaoy are anatamed by constant avowals of curative effeota and th* happiest resuita from ita nae are after all outer remMica and the beet meCioal akili have failed. J^et ae ear, in oowoiusion, th*t oertihcatee nures are not eougkt from the illiterate and superficial, nut they are volunteered fooi the m< at rt? rentable a'.uroea and ju?tt*y tbe highest t*rma in which it ia poaiible to oommenU ao vulqabe a apeoifco to public appr >val. We may artd a. so that the ou rativr propertiea of the medicine are e* sailed only by ita reatorativo effeota. Uie ayateiu reoovering fromdiaeauae with retewaH i ?? ./wi * 1 ftvl . For tale by *11 resectable WmccisU in this oity, and by th* proprietor, M KS. M. COX, None ?euuine ?nle?? her nameu blown on the bottle and her seal on the oork ify- Pnoe 91 per bottle, six bottle* for & W\?l?*Alt Agent. r *. t. cisskl, iVrvfcirt. Georgetown, 1> C.. \\ hoieeale Agent for Um Du trier, and will supply the trade at my pnoea. au l? t r for stamping a packet OF papkr, > " a j and envblopbs I NO I TOMATCB. CHARGE) metropolitan ^BOOKSTORE, PH1LP k, SOLOMONS. Atentt /or Latttnur's ttltbrattH Ltnm Pvpm. , "Mttrgptfu** Hills," tt#c. **S ly 333 F*. nr..' jwtii eta. 279 Y. rOTKNTINI, 205 SrSasiaja vag^^rgxst ? aar order* for itnnor CoafcetooM of hi* ova ssar, jftt n I wmmom w niun im i?i ?? mw W - ## P I A WM. T. DOVE * CO. ARB Now ffwryd to ntnu ur ortei vttt WJPL1UMbi^, ?AS O* JTK*-* FITOII# 1 Brandy, pmf MlgfiMft, oik Jmmw Mdfct. SXSKiJ!*A^^7iS?2iF? buoa. ^OUNO t %f^HA]rrAsnU. M W->? ? >M wt w. lw>?0 MfWa ?? t BS^^rBasarerasar , 275 ALk*H 275 iACIION, P L AST MRS ft ft. K)t 1 -? :^3&38L I, MBCELLASB0P8. J Tkf rnb??rik? tap Ippi to iaiora> Um _ ofWMlwto*.9?wnMofi tag Aitxuxtn* ' ? ? I m? hM?d<Md to Mm Mac Mtftbbefced hwimi Um 1 ssH^aK5^5E*i.,!e!,a ! StOM*. ??* . WhMow LlBtMa, IhTi, ftMl AMI MMMilwtaprVMMtlMiiiotk oHtanMl UbHn b.ogt ^TMM krU um rum, M|Mi ?o?M?W of b#in|t tM? tn farmufc Marfet* Work Mlmml ?U b* ?Trl |?rt ID N?w Ynrk. (M*Mrana?ti?rf in ^ v f ort.ttixi OP M*MMO &lss ry W*l* JTZ """ ^ T" "mSiVkWKW?!"""" Conoo*oontly I aboil win in \y Mblutoi %md log IB nil lU brMim#?. (HI 0l*sm( pro??ti* mWoded to. PmMim ?mI OrooinoBtiOf C,<**&?? F?'?iur? ii ik* W,t ? ' I ko?. f%i to th? PoisUao ?( Roou fad Or irk \\ oi.O All of thootioro In o?u cn?M ootbo e Wr Ml I therefor# oolicit tb# potroonco of ) fne/>d? IM frtiow oititrao of tb? |>??tn<H. Poooto* it? ??riatJy okNHM, ud work ooo# ib tbo boot mo- I tess-i 1 ud 7th *U. _ J P. 8. Aifso rot m ft?? *f horre, ? mil | ?w ?' *r.i J IMM1UNT TO BOrmMHTBM 1 * * CO.t L * SNIUtMO MM ouJ J ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PUKE* bat (roand voir. frMk SpioM, MUoUd ?M ?, k ? z.t?OX j?y rf?; (Itaad Vila fM?r.> to n.Jarj h* kNftnt. ?*1 |M ar? fait wairht. whtl* Um winyr troiM Spinas art aliaoM iawiabiy afcort. Wi vwraat In ia NUtof ihttU in mknwt or ktM. " BEYOND ALL COMPARISON; ? -iiixsti-,"eT* ~WATCH,K&A.,W???^W<'rVE? WA"1 I h\v? on* of the t?e*t Mtil^ihmfnU, and for niahed with a complete ?et of t?oU for repair idk every Aeeoriphoa of lac \\ atciiet. and ?* Mrtwoliir attention fire to the Dame, by thoroac h competent workman And a work cuarae bed Al o.every deacnp ion of andard STI.VKR t WARE, plain and ornamental, manufaotu ad under my own *upern?ion, which bit eu?t. n?er? will And far rape nor in jaalitraiKl Amah to northern ware old by dealer* ta aenerai and repr aentei m taeir own manuiwUra H. O HOOD. ae? *38 Pa. avanie. aearM at. fJOWK'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALE* Ft Theee Soa ea are offered to the ?u t>.ia aa the Boat vipipie. darabla, and reliable aoa'aa ever put in in. Ftratolaa* preniuma bavebaaa awarded; by the Uaited State* Fair and Virpinia At icnlftral k Society; Virginia Htau Ac riealtaral Pair, Prank, inatitnte PaTrYrenriey i var.ia; New York state Fair. jr Vermont State Fair, Ac.. Ac. In every oaae where ft xhiMted they aare reoeired ferat oiaaa premie me , Por aa e at Aft Loaiaiaaa arena*, Depot of BUiar'a Chi I ed Iron ftaiea. I de ll-U E? C. PATTfPOM. Are?K i CTT A BIUMCTikM O ?.' fir iaJ? ai ?v?va?u mf r*'" i"^ obi in? TT n si* Mm t?o 4?or< Hmtk mf n. 4h the tune /^Vl*'^vA / ^ J? BOOIOKT! ?#\ V \ / . ^ <> A ^ \ 6*3* ? 0I,PAT0H! \, ? \. A** ! v? iii? . -A h?tt ihti i iciti; At rrMmtr wiU Upm*. ?m *m wM- r*tmtmf4 fmmii***. It La wry deeirabln to tart wi alMit ud eoBTBBimt way for repairing Firntiri, Toy?. Greefcory, *?. BPALDHfl'S PREPARED flLCE marts rJl ?noh ama-<ranoie?. and no boaaahoUl ou A fiord to bf without it. Jt it aiwnya raady kM ay 1 to til* atioklnj joint. Thara it no longer a nay? I it* for linking ebaira, ay.mterrd ?*r**ra. beadiaaa f floUs, and broken oradiea. It it inst Uia arttoia for f oo??. ahall. and other orniunantaj work, ao popela* 1 With lMi?a of refinement and taate. Tbia admiraN* preparation ia uaed oold. taping oharaioally bald in a?lutioi;, and ?<*aeaaetng a. tha Tnlnah.a qualities of the beet oatacat makara' alea. It may be used in tka ylaoe af ordinary ainoiiac*, being raaUy mora adaaaira. "jPSEPPL IV EVKHT HOUSE." 0!-A Brush aooomjauea aaok bottle Wk?lumU D*r*t, No. 49 Cedar (treat, New Tert. ddraea KKNEY c7sPALOIN? * CO, Box No. S.?0?, New York. Pat M for Dealers in Cmn ooataininc Pomr, Kicnt,and Twelve Dcaen?4beaatifal Litiiojrabble Eboar Card aooompcnyiai each paokace. Kr A Bintir bottle of SPALD1NW5 ?RBED QLVK will a?Tt t*:. Umea iu oort annually to ?wrr household.r Sold hy all arnaaraaat Mtatinnora. Dra?fi?te< Hardar^re and Furniture Deaiera, wrooers, and C"untry nierohacU Ei><?nld aiateaaoteof SPAL*-* DIX&S FRET ARE 9 OL UT?. arfcaa n%kla? a#. I tMirliat. It wiV. etauti ai jvoTittate fe 1 X fi|r2KA?rsJ^ EJ I, yjfPI?. 1 41 ll II? u A?J ? " ^ ^ !tm ?nt,(it? ildi* > <! ? t %j K'4' * ," ? wii. f-m Ji J '*?00 - *'* /?? < rid ?r JP > >W. tymMwItb-wOlk, p$S> "* r2*'<2 ?10 -fa Tw? <* PU, ~9mmt Ml A' I ) >. > _' rjfj \J, UuCmemmit ii$ Mmd^trnrni J| # fM'" I yDy - | ? ? ?5* i Bolrf^SFJeloi-.i ' 1 ? f*S /;: t |P ll - ?> CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOUU) BE CAREFUL ? > i IN PURCHASING THE VAUET *JL'; i J WHISKEY TO SEE THAT fT IS^T.r . IMMetwhotr> ... ? t I WIIH IMt SlUWAIUHt l? I ON THE LABEL AU. OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AJfO A COUNTERFEIT V OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. I WKLHJJALY, ?? I sole: proprietor -i -? 19 S09TH WILLIAM S! NEW TORL ' I tOR SALM IN WA&HiNUTON BY J 11 IT *A*?QV* * f ? FRFFMIN iV SIMPUlM^ 1 = i old rtunr kjf wmiitr. M

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