Newspaper of Evening Star, October 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 27, 1860 Page 1
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f 0 m ... ^ '"* <&bmn% ?ta.r. ' ?. ?-. : ... . r ; , , I M . ! - I . V^i. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 27. 1868. N5. 8.401. ^^???r?p???????_?_ J / THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, fMJNDA Y8 EXCEPTED.) AT TMI IIAI BClLOIIIfit, Cowr / Pnuuylvni* avenu* and llfA St., T W. D. WiLLiCH. t m n P?for* mtv?4 ia fMk?f? by oarrian it f( I ;w, or 9 omta pot month. To mail boortbort u* flui ia 93S) a jmr. m ft for ux iixMMtoi #l for Urn wn?Ut) ud for i?m thaa *areei*ooth??ttfc?Tateeflft?&etia week. Single opi'i, oucmt ? vra?9?HWT?*t> cixt*. . 5H7" AD?utr??**XTi ?aoni*bw*ent ?n the oMot b?toro U?'oioo*a ; kwwue they may uotlfpear until tbe nextdar. 1 i i' ' i i THE WOMA.1 WITH ONE HAND. ' THE StUGEOS'S STORT. I do not believe in ghost*. I hare no frith in any supernatural manifestations or appearances whatever. I beg any one who may peIrude this narrative to understand that I am no *uperctitiu<u creature, afraid of my own shadow. lending an attentive ear to old women's ^ ^IVIIW, niiu miu^ BvwckHiug nuiio IU cvcrj J corner where the shadows rather thickly after dusk. It is scarcely likelj that an old surgeon. who has stood beside so many dying pitlows, and watched so many spirits take flight from racked and wounded bodies, should tremble at the thought of a disembodied eoai. I know too well the release death often is to poor, pain-stricken mortals to fear their voluntary .return to the scenes of their unhappiness and suffering. Neither ami the victim of disordered serves or fevered imagination. I have performed operations in which one tremor of * ,*ihe hand would have been fatal?where, had mv hand swerved but a hair's breadth to the right or left, I would have been a murderer. ?nj, I, Dr. (lreys?uck. can do what many able, 5nergetic men Have found impossible, for I have had thuoc dearest to iny aoul beneath my band, and though each moan of anguish, each flutter of the heart went through my every nerve, the kindlr cruel knife worked on as *teidiiy u though it carved a block of aonse? less wwd I ?ras born in a quiet and retired country village. My father mingled the professions of doc ler ana apothecary, and at timw drew teeth, or net a fractured limb?an/thing for a living,poor uu, for ha had a large family, and neither property nor expectations of a legacy, liis patient* were distributed over a wide tract of country, and during an uahealtby season he was often upon horseback from morning until night, enduring the scorching snn of summer, the cold blasts of winter, or the miasmatic vapors of the marshy ground over which he waa I called to travel, upon many a rainy midnight to prescribe for some poor creature who wag 41 very low with the fever." Daring his frequeut absences I presided over the pills and * potions, mixed washes, made up prescriptions, and amused myself by the perusal of several 1 works upon anatomy, which graced the bookshelves of the room behind the shop. This science ?u my chiaf delight, and in a little while the determination to become a sursraon filled my mind. Much experience had made me doubt the power of medicine. The mysteries of the unseen machinery within us might b-itStf the most learned, but the surgeon, dealing with the outward man. could see his work, ani really benefit hi* fellow creatures. I knew the strength of my nerves and the value they would be to me in the surgical profusion, and I declared my inteotion to adopt it before I . had reached my sixteenth year. My father waa pleased and gave his consent at once; but there were some preliminaries to be arranged, and some funds to be accumulated before I could enter upon a regular course of study. Meanwhile I stayed at home, impatiently, and gathered all I could from books and from my lather a instructions. The time paaaed tediously enough, for I wad anxious to commence my careei. and start upon the high road to wealth an 1 eminence, and many were the anxious days and sleepless nighu which I spent ere the l time arrived which witnessed my departure | - for the city. At lust, however, all was ready. I bade adieu to my mother, my father, and my yourg brother, from whom I had never yet been separated for one night, and with a heart which beat with high hopes, even amid the grief of parting, took my place in the stage, ani left, for the first time, the home of my glad childhood. In a month I had become accustomed to the separation, and thought only of my profession. iiiidlinU mr? ^I ? and dissipated. I was neither. The discretion of old age seemed to have come suddenly ?pon ine I share! my comrades' studies, but rel'uied to mingle in their orgies, for I had de* taruuned to retain mj strong nerves and unshaken hand to the last. Nevertheless, I was a general favorite, and formed many friendships among the giddy band, which lasted long after they had bacumo gray-headed men. There was one among the number whose name i. was Robert RedUw?s gay, handsome boy he was. full of fun and frolic, and terribly au* tided to practical jokea; but, nevertheless, &ind-bearUd and generous to a fault; for he ' would hare given his last penny to any one who seemod iu need of it. To the living he was all tenderness; to the wounded wretch at the Sn r V^a r.i 1 Kia W? n/1 ? ?** * ? ? a*v?fiv?t aio uauu n no t*c 0UU HI Blijf VY(JLB#C 8j and I have seen his eyes fill with tears while he inflicted neccwary pain; but to the dead he .?* eeetned heartless?a lifeless body being of no -* ' m >m value, in his eyes, than the trunk of a , j.? dead tree ' Would you value your old violin case?'' he would say, when any one remonstrated with him upon the subject. " The strings broken?nay, the instrument destroyed?of what value is that which was but formed for its protection? " For my part, when my aoal has taken flight, I care not what you d j with this compilation of fle*h and bones which now contains it." And _ upon this principle ha seemed to act involunttrily. One night?oh, how well I remember it!?a cold, black evening in midwinter?I sat alone t beside my fire, absorbed in meditation. The book I had been reading lay b??ide me, upon * * - the table, and my candte4mrut low within the tocket, for it was nearly one o'elock, although f w-j ? i o-jj ??- * avw J WW 1H1IM. ouu'ltu:; x WU HKilWCil by a loud ringing of my door bell, and a sound Vfsand thrown against my window from with... Mil, and. lighting another taper, descended c. a k <ai opened the door. There, upon the stepe, stood Robert Redlaw _?it . aad four other fellow-students, all the worse itr liquor, and all in boisterous spirits. ',Let * , in in, old fellow!" eried Robert; ,l we want to UB you of our lark. By George ! we've made m t, . Anight of it. Sueh punch ad we've been having at Tom B?'s. while yoa have been aoninf .?. a over jour musty booka. You must go with ua next time." t-o* mi* There ?u no ate of remonstrance, and, one by one, my unexpected riaitora mounted the ataira, and took their placea around my fire-lv aide. ?u "I aay. Bob frightened ua all,a while ago," began one of them, after a temporary rilenee. " How TM I aaked. 44 How?" laughed Bob; "why, with thU." And, without another word of preface he drew ' 14 *' ft folded kerchief from hia pocket, and unfolding it, exhibited a human hand. " Bob, where did thia come from V I aaked. involuntarily drawing back a atep or two. .rtoii# n ,4 jje too^ it from a grave which the rain had ??ph?d open," anawered a tall young fellow, turning away with a eh udder. "Cut it off with ? -*11 (out m coon/ as ne rat^tH a bit of wood, . Although I'll iwur * sigh or groan or acrwun, >?* all of tk?a teg?th?r, eia? from the body h? first laid his finger upon it." ___ .. ^Bah!' laughed Robert Redlaw, 'yo?rvenirflo?(uUt tricks ean never impose upotn me. I Httle hand in apit? of them, and shall Ypop it. A pretty creature it must have be? t^?'VMMd to? Look at the almond-shaped nail?, flyw itock *W#*A wamaa'i hand," I said; "aiad, oh, Bob, b wedding-ring upon the finger sotDerois " mi<1 the buy, leaning across lite table; "so there is. Strange that I did not ' * ftetiee it before. Coma gentlemen, Greyitoek IkU MrioM mood?let ua leave him " And, r* i wrapping his strange prise ooee sore in the kerchief, my wild friend and his oomrades departed I r -* the sight in reatleea dreams, in all jg% ef whieh that pale litUe hand, which had been . laid before me. played a oonspieaoua part, and JL*aro#? at daylight vnrefreshed and dispirited -dP^~-Shile 1 was patting the finishing touches to S toilet, same one rapped at my doOr, and my calling out *'eome in," opened it and jiffitSttftow doyva do, my dear felk*1#*" he said ?| hope you feel hotter than I do. For my part I never passed so restless a night. Soma oae in the boM, or next door, kept up a continual moating; and the strange part of it was that when I arose to listen, fearing some one was ill or dying, the sound ceased, until I once more placed my head upon the pillow, when they were resumed more loudly than before. At one time I thought the other fellows were trying to frighten me about the hand, but there was no chanoe of that. You remember my little pet hand, Greystook? I have it bottled in spirits in a private cupboard, where my laundress, who once fainted at the sight of a skeleton. will never be alarmed by it. He spoke merrily, but there was something about him different from his usual manner, I thought, as we went out to breakfast together. It was a foggy morning, and the streets were very dreary There were but few people abroad, but, as we turned a oorner. we eame face to face with a woman whose head was bent upon her bosom, and who was moaning bitterly. She wore no bonnet, and waa dressed in white, but the mad and rain had drenched and dabbled her until she was a pitiable object to behold. I paused and (poke to her. 'What is the matter?'^ I asked. "Can I do anything to help you?" As I spoke, the woman raised her eyes, ?Dd showed me a face the beautiful features of whieh were of an ashen pallor; then, without speaking, held both her arms towards me. I Lpon the left there was no band. In my astonishment, I stepped aside, and, as I did so, the i white-robed figure glided past me, and vanished in the fog. In Tain we looked for her. CL. ' - * ' cue wu gone oeyont oar sight or bearing. " That U strange," I said, turning to Robert. 44 How miserable the poor creature looked." And my poor friend, turning from me a cheek of ashy paleness, mattered between bis te*th?44 The laft hand, too. Good Heavens ! the left band f" We breakfasted together, but throughout the meal Robert Redlaw was utterly unlike himself. No merry jests passed his lips, no laugh rang out upon the air, and, every now and then, his eyes fixed themsel*'3s upon vacancy, as those of one whose thoughts are far away are prone to do. As for myself, I was also strangely low-spiriied and abstracted. For a weak subsequent to that day I saw nothing of my friend, Dut at the end of that time I went to oall upon him. Bob was standing by the mantel when I entered hid room, but he turned towards me, and came forward with both hands outstretched. 4'My dear Greys'ock," he said, 44I am so triad to sea von T shonld have com* after yoa to-day if yoo had oot found your way here. Do you know I have been ill since we met last?" "I am sorry to hear that," I replied. "Yes, extremely ill!" continued Robert. "I caught a cold that night in the damp grave...J L. 1 " ' t-i<?uu u?n ucon leverisn ana delirious. ,1 believe I would not paw auch another week, Greyetock. for all the diamonds of Uolconda.'* lie paused a moment, and then, drawing closer to me, placed hU hand upon my shoulder, ' Don't mention it to the other fellows," he said; "but I absolutely imagined that I saw a face looking at me from the window yonder, and that a tall woman's figure dressed in white, and having only one hand?the left one was gona?stood upon the parapet of the next roof, and waved her arms towards me. Such a mad idea, you know, for there is scarcely a foothold upon it for a monkey, let alone a woman " "But these fancies have left yoa now," J said. "Yes, I hope they have," replied Robert; "I have suffered from no optical delusion for two dajs. but I do wish that that terrible groaning could be put a stop to. I hear U every night, and I cannot mnhuI* m???" s? t< ?u f ? . ?J HVU ?UU V IV lO llUU work of ray imagination, yet no one in the house ia ill, and my landlady will not confess that she has ever heard the alighest noise. Grey slock, it must bo a terrible thing to be insane." "Put such fancies out of your mind, Robert," I said. "The truth is you bar* been feverith, and the remembrance of your silly piece of work with that hand has acted upon your mind and caused these apparitions. Take my advice. my dear fellow, and aba'ain # 4L a a imm me puncn dowi and wine cap; they will lead any one into committing foolish, if not criminal actions. Come, let us go into the open air, to-daj; I will devote myself to yon, and we will see what a country walk will do towards the exercising of these fancies. . Robert assented to my proposition, and wc set off together. At first, ne wu more serious thnn usual, but as the day passed on, I saw with delight that his spirits were once more resuming their wonted tone. The rich color came back to his dark cheek, his eyes beamed with their wonted brightness. The pallid ghost-seer was gone, and the oarelesa boy stood once more beside me. I rejoiced in tho happy _* * " ODBcge, as a mothsr might in the returning smiles of her ailing infant, and at dusk we returned to the city, as happy a pair as you would wish to meet. " Now. Bob," I aaid, when we had dined, "we will finish this evening at the theatre, and banish those gloomy fancies even more effectually amid the light* and music." "Gloomy thoughts'." laughed my friend, "I am in high spirits to-night, and feel utterly ashamed of my ghostly stories. Come, if you are ready, I am. We weut out into the hall, as he spoke, and my hand was upon the loek of the door, when Robert suddenly exclaimed : "I had nearly forgotten my gloves and handkerchief, Dinah," and he beckoned to the little black waitress. "Dinah, run up and w.;.. ?v? * " ? iuoui iv mo. Biy gioves are upon the table, and you will find a handkerchief in one of the bureau drawers, which is unlocked." The little darkey started with alacrity; but, while we waited for her return, a terrible scream sounded through the house, and she ciine ranning down again, without the articles for w^ieh she had been dispatched. "Oh de ghost! de ghost!" she screamed, " Dar's a ghost in Redlan's room!" " What do you mean?" ejaculated Robert; and "What do you mean ?" was reiterated by the landlady and her boarders, as they flocked to the soene of actien "I went after der han'kercher to Messa Redlan's room," gasped Dinah, "and I tell yer de bressea truff, der was a woman all in de middle of the room, holding up a jar, and in dat jar der was a hand, and ae woman she hadn't only one herseff, tor I seen her jest as plain as daylight. True as I'm alive it was a ghost." 1 snatched the candlestick from Dinah's trembling fingers and rashed up stairs. The 1 apartment was emntv. and the ?in<ln? n~>? the roof closed. I opened the cupboard door and looked in. There flood the glass jar in which the hand waa preserved, on a remote corner of the shelf. Nothing had been disturbed that I could ataoover, and, perplexed and diaturbed, I eleeed the door. As I did so, a low wailfng moan, distinct, despairing, apd horrible, broke upon my ear; and. witn :h% blood running cold within my reins, I descended to the nail once mere. Robert sat upon a ebair, his pale faoe hidden in both arms I touched him upon the shoulder, and fo?nd that he waa senseless. At first I thought that he waa deed. t For four weeks Robert Rod law trembled on the margin of the grave, and we, his comrades, watebed over him with sad foreboding* far the excitement which he had undergone had developed a heart disease, which might, at any moment, prove fatal. At last, however, the danger seemed to grow leaa imminent, and although yet weak, ha seemed to be upon the high road to reeovery. AH that time I had narar left him, day or night. Study had been thrown aaide, basineas abandoned?all earthly interest seemed centered in the dying friend, beside whose pillow I watched so anxiously. When the nappy hoar of oonralesoence came, I could hare wept for joy. iar, I had been sitting beside Robert. reading from an old book to which he loved to liften, until the twilight fall, and the room frew to dark that I could not see the words. Then my friend said to me, "Lay down beeii* me, Greystoek, and rest a little while; you mast be weary, and I need no watching now. It will do me good to see yon quietly asleep." I was rcry weary, and in my happy confidence of his safety, I obeyed, and bad scarcely flung myself upon the pillow ere slumber overtook me. How long I slept I know not, but I was awakened by a low moan, and lifting DT head saw Robert sitting upright,gasing through the window "Bob. dear Bob!" I ejaculated, "what is the matter?" "I committed sacrilege," moaned my friend, ''and this is my punishment. Robert, she has been here again. Put your arm about me, and let me die upon your shoulder." *? ? ? - - norror-stricKen, l supported him upon my breast, called to Qod for aid, and prayed for one smile, for one more word from those pale lips, but all in vain. The voice was hushed forever; the eyes grew glassy, the eold haDd stiffened in my own, and the white moonlight fell upon a dead man's face, as I pressed my last kiss upon his lips. Have you ever watched beside the dead, dear reader ? Do you know what it is to see a form which once was full of life and mirth lay like a marble block before you? All sweet emotions froten within iu sunken eyes, and those _ L. *? _ * J ?.11 1 * * * cuaugemi sou wen-iovea expressions wmcb charmed you so in life settling into that fixed and rigid smile which even in ita beauty, seems to forbid your gaze, and tell you that your past, in what lies there, is blotted out forever. Oh ! if you know the grief of such a scene. I need not tell you what I felt as the hours of the next sad night wore on towards the morning. His watch lay on the mantelpiece, ticking as busily ss ever. Oh ! how strange it seemed, to thipk its master's hand would never rest upon I f mnro ' T IaaIt a/1 nrwn *> Ub?? ? ? ?? pointing to tho hoar of three?the night was over, and the miserable day was close at hand. I turned away and walked toward the window. I was alone, for I would not permit another to sharo that vigil, and the tears trickled slowly down ray checks as I paced the floor. Just then, I heard once more that low melancholy moan, apparently just without the casement, and starting back, held my breath to listen. By the faint light of a shaded taper upon the table I saw the window open. It was a French window, and turned nmin it* hinvM like a door, and. as it unfolded, a figure crossed the sill and stepped softly in. It was that of a woman, dressed in white garments, and I saw, as she crept stealthily towards me, tha*. one hand was 'gone. This was no fancy; if spirits ever came to mortal man one stood before me now. The apparition advanced, and so did I. Horror gave me courage, and I grappled with it. I held it in a firm, unshrinking grasp, and found that it was solid as a thing of flesh and blood, and that it moaned and trembled as in terror. Should I call for aid ? This thing, living or dead, had killed my poor young friend. No fevered imagination conjured up the form and face, which he believed was of the other world. Here it was. powerless in my hands, and I would exorcise it or die. While 1 stood irresolute, the light of a taper gleamed from oat the darkness, and I saw a man standing by the open sasb. He looked upon the bed, and the still thing beneath its snowy covering, upon me and the being I grappled with, and then whispered: " For God's sake, don't hart her, sir ! She does not know what she is doing?the has lost her senses!" " Who and what is this being?" I asked; ''and why does she come to the chamber of -:i ?. 1 ? uoai.ii at iiiia oiicui uuui : mo mun icu me, for she is already a murderess." " She is my wife," said the man; "we hare lived in the next house fur ten years, and all that time she has been mad. She has not had her senses since her onlj child was burned to death in tho same fire in which she lost her hand. She was always fond of peeping through this window, and I had not the heart to hinder her. But one night she saw the doctor, poor fellow, doing something with a hand, which. I suppose, he had brought from the dissecting room, and has been wild ever since. I have not been able to keep her from the window, or even from this room ; for, you see, she thought the band wan her own, and wanted it back. Three times I've followed her and brought her back?once when she had the jar in her arms and wax bringing it away. (rod help ker ! she would not harm any one ; give her to mo, and let mo take her away." I let the wretched creature go, and he took her about the waist very tenderly. " Do you know what she has done ?" I asked. II No," replied the man. 44 To my knowledge she has done nothing." "Nothing! Is that nothing?" I asked, pointing to the white couch. " That is her handiwork. She killed him. Her presence frightened him to death." " I hope not, air," said the man. " I speak the truth," I muttered, bitterly. " Take her from my sight. Oh? why did I not learn this in time?" " Why did I tarry on the roadside while my dwelling was in flames, and my wife and child enveloped in their midst? Why is this woman, _ A j j a ?*? ? ? unue no gooa sua Dettuiuui, a senseless mtni?o?" said the strange man, sadly. "It was God's will, sir. and we cannot alter it. Good night. May He comfort yon." And thus spenking. he led the wrotched woman through the window, and away over the sloping roof, with the soft, caressing kindness of a lover; while I, sinking upon the floor, gave way to a wild and bitter hurst of grief Enough! iny tale is done. In a lonely grave yard, far from the city's bustle, a white stoco marks the grave of Robert Redlaw, the viotim of one of the strangest coincidences which ever yet has been recorded upon the book of fat*. EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent- who wish their daughters to re??>ve a thorough and aystematio education, where pmau*. n?inine wi i receive amiy and special attention, under the most approved system of Calisthenio* ami Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth it. and New York av. MR. * MRS. Z. RLCHARDS, an ?-tf _ Principals. I Female boarding and day school, 1 ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrs. B. J. MeCORMICK, Pkinctfal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commenoe on Tuesday. September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylvester Soott, Esq., No. ISO King street. The court* of study pursued wi!l ?ompri?e all the branehes requisite to a thorough English Edu option, and Music, French, Latin and Drawing, il aesirea. In addition to day scholars, Mrs. McCormiok is propareu 10 receive a limited number of pupils a* hoarder*, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under l?er immediate oare and Huparvision. She will iMNror, a* lar a* possible. to surround them with the comfort*and kindly innuaaoes of Bene. Hejertntt*.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D*. Klias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H Fowl*, Ksq., Edgar Snowden, Esq.. Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Hrniry Marbury, E*q., Lewis McKenS'e, Esq .Robert H.Haatnn, Em. W. D Wallaoh, Kitor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Etq-.Jas. twisle, Jr., Kee.,4Jol. John W.Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blacfcloek k Marshall, Messrs Corse Brother*. _ ^ Tnu. ^ Board, with Tuition in all the Rngtish B anches, #?> for the ananal *e**ion?payable semi annually, in advance Kusic and Language* at Profeseor*' price*. ^ IHo extra charge*. an 2B-M CCHOOL FOB SMALL BOYS, O No.'i7T 1 Bt?MT,Fi??t WiiD. Mi** AN NIK ?. PKCK, Teacher. NnnKa* ? ^ 1?* ? *? - ** . w? iihikw w ivonty. oo iti 902m mm. m. isTkingsfoedsskminary, * *. . 4lt?8r. WiiiiMTosIl). C. ThaMxt Mnoawill (omiMDciOctober lit I860, Twm. to., fbnrartUd on application. au l? tf b hall 1 utk , , iskaeiTdkming, Good Sugar 7 wnti mt pound. Ca'lat No. 134 7th trwt, b?tw??a P aad Louuiana ar. 00 8 tf CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, '' D Strt't, Bttuttn *tk mmd 10U Strtttt. W? have juat fcniahed a r.uml>er of fiiat claea CARRIAGES, auch M Light taaeyfjmBmM, Wagons, Park Pheatons. Family Car vSQVK riages, and BwceiKt, which we will eell if 1 a ver* email profit. i>einc practical mechanic* in diffwwmt bra no bee I of the baaineea, we flatter ourselvee that we knoW So etylea and ?uanty of work that will five eabf ntion, oombimng lightneaa, conuort a&d durauui l ^ * Repairing promptly and oarefnHy attended to 1 the ahorteu m tice and moat reaeonable charree. WALTER. KARMANN * BOHP, Coaohmakers, auoceaaora to Wm. T. Hook. ! at n -<11 y T CARRIAGE!?. HE SabooriLer having made additiona to hi factory, making it aow one of the 'arie*t/SM|?r in the Diatnct, where hia facilities avtaulactdrine CARRIAGE i LI6UT1KB? WAGONS of all kinJi cADLot be anrpaased,a&4 from tua Ions experience in the baamoaa, be hope* to cive genera s&tiafaotion. All kisda of uarnacoa ud Ll(kt Wmm kept itci Ail REPAIKSBMtlrdM?,uU?U?r4?ra preapi v? attended to. tWead-hud OftrrUcM taken; a exahuc* tor M? sea. ANDREW jTTOYCE, ? l?-tf Mr?*r *f IMk u4 K lk DENTISTRY. MTEET H. LOOM IS. M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH, tty^^ ten'ta persona ly at hia offios mthuoitj Jif>. v? Man* nprkfini n&n w?*r thma k I I I T * cannot wear othd}*, and do person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons oalliug at my oflioecan be accommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth th?y may d?sire; but to those who are particular and wish the puwst, clearest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can prod use, the MINER AL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 339 Pa. avenue.between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel plna. oc 16 tf D DENTISTRY. R Hil l * 1 mi rJi is jri nuuuo: K7VI VI ?WW jMin feels that he can with confidence recom-^p^ mend the CheopiasUc Process (or msertu (RMnBV artificial teeth. It has the advantages uT"*"-"-" itrenfth, beauty,cie?n.inees,and cheapness. Fa! upper efts inserted for IX. Partial in proportion, rjfioe 300 Pa. avenue. ui JUST RECEIVED, AT SMITH'S, A lot of GKNTS'S UNDKRSH1RT9 AND DR AWERs, from anotion, which he will sell very low. oo 19 lm PIANOS. PIANOS?T^e lar*eat as?ortment of Pianos, Mekxieons, Guitars, Vio-^wbg litis. l<an(E?>i8. B?st Italian Strings Ao f t w oordeons, Flutinas, Cnnoertinas, Klntrs,' ' ? ?' Fwes, Flaifeot'tts, Claionett*, B a*s instrument*, Dram, and ever* va'iety of musical ware, also an immense stocr of Sheet Music, Mu*io Books and Ope'as, for every instrument at the Music Store of W. G. METZEROTT, corner of Pa.av. I and 11th street. Sole Ag'nt of Steinway A Son's Bacon Kaven A Co's and Knabe A Co.'s Pianos, oo 22 tf T () V K S 1 a t r* v t* au ? " STOVE S!!! I have on hand a tarje assortment of Cooking and other j-toves, which 1 will ?e!l cheaper than -*? mt other house in the District, a# it is my ?*% int-nti?n to close them out. Call and imJmI and then judgft for yourselves. C. SNYDP R. oe 9 Next door to tie ?t%r Ofroe. H MUSICAL NOTlCK. 4 VI\C Run i aA ?l._ t . ?.w ?r. . aV\A |?fc |TX ?B I ? 1*?II *#I organist *t St. Aloysius Church in thiaoity, I have determined to remain during the ensu-ulB in(t winter, and Khali he happy to render Brotational services to those who may require lem. T. N. CAULFIE'LD, Professor of tlie Organ, Piano Forte, and Singing. For particulars as to terms, to , inquire at the Music Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS, Pennsylvania avenue. oc3-lm? nO N O T 1 C K! N OTICt!! Mr*. HELLEiTTnvites th* ladies of^f Washington and vioinitr to her Grand Opening of Fashionable F\LL and WINTER BONNkTS, on Friday and Saturday, 5th and 6th instant, when she wi'l be happy to have ladies oome and examine her ?tock of 0ood?, as she ha? a very handsome stock of FEATHEKS, FLOWERS, DR fi-S TRIMMIN'iS. H E\u DRESSES, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS, CORSETS of all sizes and prices, and a very large stock of EMBROIDERIES. &c , Ac. oc * No *4 Market Space, bet. 7th and 3th sts. nuiAb nAVAnA LUriKKY, Jl HE Next Drawing "f the Koya! Havana Lot* tw?, oonduoted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain Geaeral of Cuba, vil) take place at Havana on WEDNESDAY, Novimbkr 7. 1 mo. SORTED NUMERO 645 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 8100,000. I priM of _..?10n,P00 5" prizes of #l,orr l do 60/10*! eo do em i do jo,;joo ra Jo l do Su appro*. 8jr* t do Y>JKD IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tlobots. 8~0? Ka.ves, 31??Cuartera, 95. Priiea cashed At eight at < per cent. <iisooui.t. Bills on all ?o!v?nt Br.nks taken at car. A driving will he forvuaod aa aooa aa Use recujl beoon oo known. All orders for achemea or tiokcta to be adrtraaaec to DON HDImitR OO'2-tr <"?%r?nf C.ti Poet. Q!iari??inn. ?. C. < /\LD ttlCH, MKLLOW ANI> PUKE ! U BU KNSIDK'8 MONONOAHELA RYE WHISKEY, CoQBOi?ntiou*il diafby Mr James Hurff?ide, of Allegany County, Penoa., in the old-fashioned honest way. Iron the choicest and mo?t carefnllj ? *.acted Rye, and in no ca?e ev?r oiler ed lor waie until adapted to wholesome use by age It is at onoethe mo?t p*la'able,a? it i* eropi.atioaly one , of the purest beverage* ia the reach of th* puMio. To the invalid, a* well as to thoM in , command* iteoif for it# uuritailed quaitre* a* a i timulant of the safest. torest, and most b*n*fioett dasoriptian, and many of the most distinguish** physicians are asiug it in their practice with the happieit results. _ _ CL.EKY * STOCKDALR, Proprietor*. 329 Wa'nut street. Philadelphia, WM. O. CONoyiOK. Agent lor tne rmp-ierors. Wii ra. av., se 24-6*n opposite Willardg' Hotel. inn bales cotton laps, 1" "U For Sale at Factory Prices 5" pair fine Bed Blanket*, all kiz?s, 2uopair B.ue. Brown, Grey and White Blankets Tor servants. Sn pi?ces 6-i Failed Cloth* of the best kind, 50 do Plaid (.inter,all wiitli*, 100 do Blue and Orange OKnahurgs, Calieo. Withmtny other desiraoie Koods.all of whioh will be sold at th* very lowest prices We solicit a call from all persons in want or Dry Good* WM. R. RILEY & BOTHER, No. 3* Central Stores, Between 7th and 8tn streets, oo 18-lot Oppo?iU Center Market. JVOW READY! Lisr In a'l their varieties, fiTi\iruL"F'y<a M A lil XJj'I li * /i C, 236 Pa. avenue, n>*?5^Srw. o< 9 Near oornar Thirteenth it. Notice. REMOVAL. INVITATION.?I hereby not iff my customers and the publia in general that I hare removed to No 349 5eveoth ?treet, (thre? doors from Mm. avenue.) wliere I ihall ke<?p constant]* on hand a tarif? ?*s<>r'm*nl of FOREIGN and DOMKSTIC I'RYQOODil.HOSIERY. FANCY ARTICLES, Ml LLINI'.R Y, *c New Goods received weekly, which will t>e sold at astonirhing lowj iwi .. se ZMm* 8. FI8IIMAN. RENFREW HATS. IV IN NEWCOLORS, Jdst Opk.nbd, rsox N. York. wk wB fET* Onr assortment of H ATM and 3 U CKv$, for Gent*, Younjc Men, BM Youth*. Boys, Misses, and Children,^ fg BW ^ never wm bo varied a* at present. MragrfV . An early call i? solicited. Notroubleto abow good..^ oo 18 <36 Pa. * .. wiar corner 13th MOTICE TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS, 1^1 A m li /\aa -? ? ?? * ? ?" " 4 ' ?i numa Anu adhuiu. The following is a correct Jist of lbs employers .who pay the bin pnoes oi. and are reoo.nizej by, theS cietT, to wit; W H. Stanford, Matlock & Griffith. n?al' A Bro., Matlock k. Herbert, Wm. Tucker, James Lackey, G \V. Uint?n & Co., J. T. Mclnt?sh, London & Co., Tbos. K. Gray, L. M. l>rey Vadoran. sen fSwi N?,? MERCHANT TAH OHIN&. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSiMKES.aNU VISSTING8. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., S*# PennsyIrani* Avenue, have just received a larre varietr of ?;* Fail Goods, to rhioh they invite tue attention of th?r friend ? and oiistotwrs. mi 1-tf WIG, BRAID AND CURL MAM'\I F\OTORV, 24'J rean. av< nu*. t ear theoor Mr of Th ctaortk street.?A v*'y oonvlete a -sortm nt of Braids. Outto, Fnzstte*. Diudeaus. *0.. ??* onfeaMiftlso, made to order at lh?s!i<rte*t notieo Hair Work repaired or taken jo exchange, oca 3u) ^ , ?????????i i GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS Arab mantlrs: i*AB MANTLES! DIRECT FROM AUCTION, , pk1ck t> AKD !> dollae*. < Being lew tb?n ' ?'?tof Main 1*4. i Alio, w>cr*l lo'.of RFAI. (JIMPURK COL- I LARr*, at 3 ,sh, W,IS and W1 cm t?. worth doable Couiluieier'a oelebrated Kid b.otm, at is oaaU a pair. A very cheap lot of Embroider**] Trim mint*, enoh ae Cam h no Bandi, Diau'y Band*. Cambric Edging* *ud in??rtiag?, _ < . IN ENDLE8S VARIETY- I' Tocether with a good a**orfnt of Shirt Fronts | 1 at 1?H oenta, which u U* grcauet bargain ever | Ai?o, a ?"od took of Ladi**' Drasi Good*. Mtn'c aid Boys' Weir, and a (real van?tjr of j other goods eauallv as or e&>. . , Call at the rijrht p]*ce? No. UT (south side) ! " C K Gl'TMAN. J 98 u fcWVm!? 98 j LOWEST PRICK sr: , tPH MAN * HI NT, 9* B iMf* strMt, b*tw.?c ' Washington and Coneress. ?r? now prfK'^f" . how th-ir well select, d stock of DRfc.*S* OOOHh. J DOMH 9TI ;8, *0. Their store i the old ?t*ud ol H. K. B?-rry lhaviae be^a remo.1?i ed and fitted sp \ m the most thorough manner, th*y roesess fao-lities uneqfaaled in the District lor tnt> p osecuti n of a general Dry Goods Bu?inee?. They res?*ot- j fully invita a call from the eitixen* of George*?wn J an1 vipiniti. tmm 4 JU?T RECK IV KD? " 10 hh4?. prime Porto Rico SUGAR?, . 150 t)hls. i .id R?c WHISKY, ' 2Snhbls HKRftlNb and AI-KWIVK9. if bli a. Crnched and Refcn-d ~LGAR?, I 3" !*<? Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.(|(jw priced t MOLA^ES. For wale h* JOfm J BmU'E. * 1? /^RANDfiLL, OPTICIAN, 1 v N?. 1 as? Bridt, St., Khtiimm, j Haj oon?ta.ct.T on band a large assortment of l^enohNear-sictited, Penscopie. Col-f^^^X. t ored, and a!, other SPECTACLES, of the best toa.ity, in cold, silver, steel, and German , N. B. Old F-aroes Repaired and ?ew c \ases set in them to ordw. no IHt MASSEY, COLLINS ft. CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly receiving r<e?h suoplies ofthea!>ovede,iehtfUi beverare. and invite all persons who want a pare unadulterated Ale, to rive it a trial. ARNY A SHINN. A cents, fe 4T flrwn st.. Oeortetown. Do T U U.I PJVlO vn. v. u. nv/UCtAii o STRENGTHENING CORDIAL J A*D BLOOD PURIFiKH. THE GK?Ar?Sr REMEDY tn WORLD, and the most kv) Dkliciocs a.nd i 5p DKLIUHTFL'L fcj c 4 CORDIAL ?! ?*E7ER taKEy MS :mf^ 1 It " ?~'It a ?ei- w r in X'-V | Ur tntiie and Viriubj,^ bU Compound, pro cared by iht diatiila- HfVg tioo of rout*, herb*, wHA aud barke. Yellow wB *V TllTn Dock, Blood Root, Bl^ck Ro"1,8f ruf?- TvJb ywg, nil*, W lid Oerty JEfl| B?rk, and Dandelioa /9|jRr antere into it< con- < 5u If ___ Tli* entire ten** C ^ .ijl ***remedial principle of each lOf t*dl?Et i* Before SS^jHHr taking. ? ditullirr, prodncinf * dtlicioca, dbilaratiof ?ptrit, and tilt t moat infallible remedy for renonui.f lb* tiuuK ayrtcm, | and rtatonnr tbe aick, laScriuf, and d*bih;at*d tneaiid to health and etrenfth. McLEAfTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will efftetaally ear* Li?*r Complaint, Dyeoepoia, Jarndice, CLroaic or Nereoa* Debility, Dueitee of tbe Kidney*, " rud all diaeaie* anting from a ditordered Li?er or ( ouch, \ Dy*i>ep*ia, Hortenrn, toward Pilea, Aridity or Siekasa* of lb* Stomach, Palloea* at Blood to tbe Head, Dnil Paia or Swimming in the Bead, Palpitation of tbe Heart, Falki*** or Weiyut in to* Btomach, Soar Eractationa, Choking or p 8?ff<xairif Feeling when down, Drjnoi or TtlloW. u*a* of the 8km and Eyee, Night Sweats, Inward Fevers, Pain in the stall of the Back, Chen, or Side, Sodden Flushes of Heat, Depression of Spirits, Frigh'.fnl Draams, Luigui.r, DNpoudtuc; or aay ner?oaa diseaat, Sorts or 1 Clotebe* ou the Skin, and Ferer and A rue (or Chill* aud Fever.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES tl ha?* been aold daring the Istt *ii month*, and in ae im- 1 Mane* ha* it failed in *mng enure satisfaction. W ho. th'n, P wili suffer from Vetlneu w Debility when MCLEAN'S f. 8TIUkNOTHENINti CORDIAL will cure yon ? No hugnaf e can eonvey an adeinate idea of th* immediate and almost miracaloue change produced by Ukkf this Oorttai in the diaea**d, debilitated, and shattered nervous Z eystem, whether broken down by etc***, weak by natars, I or impaired by sickness, the relaxed aud unstrung organiuU?i i* r**tor?d to tu pristine health and rigor. MARRIED PERSONS or others, eooscioc* of inability from wbateTer canst, will find MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a tho. rough regenerator of the ?yetem; and all who may base in C |ured 1*** by improper indulgence* will lud la this Cordial a certain and speedy remedy. TO THE LADIES. ^ MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ia a ao?*reirn and speeuy care for Incipient Cootatsptios, Whit**, Obstracted or Diff celt Menstruation. Incontinence of Crine r>r lnsolantary Discharge thereof, Killing of the Worab, Giddiness, Fainting, and all dieeaas* incideot to Famaie*. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Ruhr no longer Take it according to direction*. It wilt itimaUtt.^urngtben, and inTigor*ia yoa sod cans* the bloom of health to moant your cheek again. E?ery bottle ia araetuikiaH In art w m i iiitf .rtmn FOR CHILDREN Ifyoar eblldrtii are xckly, pnn? or afflicted, MCLEAN'S ? CORDIAL will make them healthy, fat, and refcwt. Delay not a moment; trj it, ajid jou will be convinced, hie deleieia to take. CA UTION. Beware of drnf?'.?ta or dealera who may uy U) pairs upon foo toine biuer or exraapanlla triah, which lhay caa buy ? cheap, by eayinr it la io?t u rood. Avoid each men. Atk V ror McLEAN* rrRENOTHRNING CORDIAL, ai.d uke not tin* flee. It it die only remedy that wul panfy ibe Blood ihuioBfhlT end at ibe aaae time ftt?uftb?u the ayatew. v One taaapooonil taken ever; uiormiif Ueuar > a certain jpte>eui'e for Cholera, Chille *nd fever. Yellow Fever, or 11 vry prevalent dieeaae. linpaivp lu larre bottlaa. hrtct t' wily 9> per bottle, or < bottlee for ?5. J. H Mi LEAN. Bole propriM.-<r of ihie Cordial; alac, McLeaa'e Volcua.c Oil Liniment Principal Depot oa lie corner of Ibird and tl Pine etfeeta, 6t. Louie, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, F (THE BE8T LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) b Tha only aaia ana eeriun enre tor o >aeer?. riiea, x?- < mora, Svelluift and Brooehi'e or Cattre, P.rfln i, Nea- e Weakueee of the Maclfi, CSrocic ar lniin.u. tor/ Rheamatinn. Suffneae of the Joiata, Contracted JMaaclee or "~ Lif amenta, Earache or Toothache, Lraiece, Ppr .uu, Tr??h ' Cnta, Wound*, Clean, Paver Soree, Caked Breuu 8-re Nipplai, Borne, S?aJda, Bora Throat, ar any uil or Cm, aa difertaee bow eevere or lonr the n<> ka dieted. MCLEANt CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia f a certain remedy. n Ttinoaa< da of human beinjpe hi?) been erred life ef die n errp"ode *ad mi?eiv by the one of thn invaluable rea>edy. y McLEAWS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pain almiet inetanujieonly, and it will eleaa, n purifj and heal the fouleet eoree in aa incredible ?hort time. >1 FOR HORSEs AND OTHER ANIMALS. * McLKANICELEBRATED LINIMENT i? the oelv eafe and reliable remedy for the core of Bp?v|a, R or* owe, ' Windfal'e, Bp'inu. Unnatural Lumpe, Nodea nr Svelliajra It aever I.Ued to care Bif Head, Polle*U, Piatala, Old Rauinior Soree, or Sweeay, if wopeHy applied. Par m?n?;? n._,.k.. i n..i. _ or Collar Galls, Cats, Sorts, or Woudi, ii U oa infallible i r?"??4j. Af pi j it u dirsctsl ui o car* is ctrtaia ia srsry iastaaco. . Tbta trils ao locrrr vith tho many worthless Liaimoats offered to yoo. Obtain a supply of D* MCLEANW Cl.Lt- tl BRATED LINIMENT. It win care *oa. >1 J. H McLEAN, Sole Proprietor, A Corner Third aad Put at*-, St.. Uoni*, Mo. I< CHARLES STTOTT, >75, solo artat la Woking 0 ton; R.S. T. C18S EL, Georgetown. ? M-DAWly tl CJCHOOL AND COLLE?K OUTFITS. h V7 ti 1 outhm' and Bov*' Clothing for School and w.?r r\ A' ' l" ? VV ? ^ 1 Parent* aud guardians wishing to farnish their children and ward* Scvoot ard College Ouifcta . for the oominc isunn, are iuvitrd to examine oar r present large and extensive asan:tmei,t BOYS' : CL<?THlNt?, where they ?an fit ont their children J of all higee in a few momenta with every dencnp- , tioa of Rrady inivle Garments, of substantial and Y. daraUe quality, at very moderate vriee* WALL* STEPHENS A 004 * an an-tf Sil2 Penn. avenna. Housekeeping and SERVANTS' GOODS. We have now on hand a well seieoted stock of i 'he above cotx<s. snob aa ^heetinca, 'i'fvbie Linens, v Nspkina, Towelings. Linseis, Fuil CI the, U an kets?from o?m>non to very fine? Oanaburgs. B ? # Domestic*. Gingham*, Pillow Case cottons and l.inens, Dnnbar A Dioki?aon'?, Barklies. Oharl?v 1 A Co , an<i Rtc*ardaon'a Irish Linens in all quail ties, alt of which we will dispose of on Um beat terms. " T4 VI OD Jk IIt'TOQlSOy W lig IV n u" ? ? h? * w v> s? H. W" Hil,U*TON PAiNTKR, ' I and DEALER IN PAINTS, No. ?9i 7th 8t*??t, ?mt Odd FtlUmf HmU. jk? t-tf WTTTY IH DOWN. j DABAPF1NE CANDLES! i PAR APPTNB CANV>LB9! A beautiful article, e*ual in appearanoe to polMt perm, <being c* *: a:ul cu ithedj ?ik1 at much toao Wood agn|'ds' c o a i? i . <1911 PA.A*.BjtwIUTM uimi ?+* Sftt Wk4rf* WT?siw?p~ i! THE WEEKLY STAK ' r Tki? asNtnl PMUf ud N?n Iwl m Mluaf 4 rw*^ ?f utftrwhM Wi*1 nortiif* Tnvi*-Ou4( iBtflnflMm 4B Siati* ooff,jar miwi. ... ? ! . i J2 vul<JJt al" * ET*#,.T** * r#rT,t' of,jym S^jRTh^f toJ SK3- IU?Z s?*?2~ m> |MM>li> tferoifboBt lb* 0*uti7< ICT r?tmmtTi wko wt m vmil will K *1 lowed tooiMhiMoa of to canto. FOR SALE AND RENT. l7*OR RUNT.?Two mtw \br~-+?n MICK r HOI ?ES vith l+ck bundiagi, m?ii We*ooct'Liuiat ? roomi. witn ,m pl*Mei!^..te^wl to JOH.M t'LK\MANToLo |gt*? and 13th I'rwti. ? |tf FOR RKNT-Afin#>4-rt?rT DWF.LI.INQ.m K atrast,fo?rwa?e 5th and *!? ?U-. B?-%f Judieiarv >S u*r?. I k* Itoua* ia oew. la xorli?i.t oood iu< n, kn>i.toacaed taaaoi, Urma naa4a?aay. Ala*. fur >?!?,? Houieon C atrwet, b?t#*?n llth twl l?h Its. If lrr.i!H*lii'? foa mad*. It VIli t? N'ld on anoonunmlaUac una*. Apply In P. W. HljOWMNG. oc 15-aot^orl L^OR RKN'T?Furui?li?yl?aooiu/brta!>U BR|CK r DWKl.LING Hnr*V,?r.~)..m ?* .? a an? h**l'hj lor*i.ty, Vlthia M?VMiW!>t liahuioaof th? Publio UfteN tad P*bb. arrajt* Kent roodar%l*. Apply to J B MINRO. *10 Pa ^?nu?. h?ln?i ?h and 1bu ata. ? W Mf l?UR KENT-A irtt rlui KKS|. r DKNCK, No 44U t atrMt. Mww ?U and th atreeU?on* of th* ui at Wcaboaa of this ??ty. 1 he boa)* ia furatahal with all modtra itt,?rriramrrt?, auoh a.a bath ro???n. h< t ?ik* ro4vai?r >n rman floor. nrtl End moowI floor* kM'?t roia t?3?ni*Dt. Ao., *?. A??jn<-xt door, to l?r. IAJ*. J. WARING, No. 444 E Btreot ? A IB<17th. oe lE-EOjf L^OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR oi tn* hnwd r mc iihinodiEtMy oppowte tb?> west wininf tb? 2ity lift , r*o?ntly oornptoii by Ci.e* JS. nt.iui m ed office. Also th* front room in tbOMOODd itort End th? third floor ofUi? M? bwildins. For rmi Efply to RICHARD WALXACUTNo. a JoniaiEnE ETtlH. J* U Xt WOOD AND COAL. rMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER HW HILL AH* FlftKWOOP PUTtKT, (Stow or t?? Blvi Fiao Staff.) toitk of tho I'imI, mr Tib iimt Brllft. Will farimh. at the ahortoaC aottoa, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, Of Ant Kin, Cat mmd If mi Oimmiinu. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With fall measurement guarantied. ffy Real ember, Taa Bltb Flao Staff, VNt nor of feerenth street, south of tha CauaJ, aad op>otite the Cantor Market. GEORGE PAGE, lf?at K- HICKORY ANDOAK FLA VK or TIM (of au aia* or dimoaaioni i *A W EjPx PO^TS <kiu rm.T n *v 'vv*? ? ? ?? ? >r jumri nrrr.ti, or luus 9A wtu, M im fcoitMt notioe IHT job. of BLACK?M1TH1NG pr?**j gieccod. m ?boT? w8 1 q q qj q q union FIRE-WOOD MILL, Uratr mt IfTeitk it ui Ctati. - - W A A n if all kind, manufactured to order, any leogth or uac, ready for m. COAL?COAT., W# hare now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL. ?th Red and White Atta. differed aise \V? art now,and will be reoeiriac Coal for h? next ten dart, which wo sell, delivered from he tmmI , at a reduction of B e?nu per too. bend your 0",er,M<^l^EW 4 MARL,QW^ ** gr-tf Corner Seventh Laad'calel. [XT O O D ?V AND GOAL Delhrerod to all porta of the ?ty. at tbt tow?t OMible rata*. T. i. A W. M. 6ALT, CHioe 3*8 Pa. aT., between llth and l*h ate . ma n-tf north md* HOAL! COAL!! [j VFAAn? >? ? v/v?l/. ?? V??I/ .. I am daily rtctinu >arje >upp. m of COAL from he veri best Penaaylraeia mines. vntok I Wtil s?>U i reason** vic?i Also, the b*?t aaalib orOak, ineaad Hickory WOOD.eotanH leiicUs. !all ud leave your ?rdeMk^R. W. BATES. M 17 (States) Cor.C and 14th Ma.. aear Caaai. ^ I REM EN *8 IN 8U R AN C E COM PAN Y WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 1900,000. (fUt corner C strut mm4 Lmumm ., over Bank if Wmtktmgtem. XSURE HOUSES AND~OTHER PROPERTY intivar noa nv m o l ?? g?0 Shwm4k# S?c?"' MBSftffe N? charl* for p *;e%$ * 'retch *UrT**?, r^, Bfe N ? T I Wv I with all fentlemen / ^ V. Fbrar 10 m,Bd '"** k?~13S* the plan whtch 1 ill?fflS'ui'!t3fe,S'As''y mtm duceu prioes for oMk ia ia eaoeeatfal peration. J net reo'ivid a fall -upply o< tha latent >t?w York ?tylea of DKES3 HaIS The vary ne-t Hat #33<i; a ir?t rata Hat ?3, mm) vary oodjaahio- abla Hat ?2 40. 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