Newspaper of Evening Star, October 27, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 27, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. . WASHINGTON CITY: SATI RUA V (XUkM gT, I960. Spirit ml the MtnUlg frw?. The Cmttifticn treats apoa " Wh# Should Ret'.T9"?for tb? Hkt of Matbere uaity. Of course it kaaot " our candidate." Tb? lm$4Utg*m**T vindicates tbt slavery record of the Hob John Bell bjr Identifying it with that , ?t leading democratic southerners. . ? ? '< B7"Co? I. W. Wasbiagtoa, of Jcfferaoa County. Va , ha?-decl*r?t sjfslnat secession, and . la htot of Brtl and Kffrttt. |?7~ The New ^ ork Herald tell* about a itock panic which baa recently occnrred in Wall streets la tbat eUy. It originated from the political aspects of the times, bat only lasted for a few hours. IIT", Stigelli, and Madame Fabbrl, who have fcrmed an operatic firm in Naw York In opposition to the I'llman aod Strakosch dynasty, opened tbe season ?t the Academy of M usic oa Wednesday night, with "Robert le DIable." The house Is said to have been full, and the parformaace good. UjT a trial of speed for road horaes, best three lu five, for Mr Moonot'a prize of ?M0, taok place on Thursday on the Fashion Course, N. Y., and was a complete suTess About a thousand speciatAM war* nn th? itsnrlu.1 lxrcr#P nrnnnrtinn than common from among well-known and respectable citiiens. The first brat was won by tbe horse Tartar; the second, third and fourth by Putnam, and he whi therefore declared winner. Tbe first heat was trotted in 2 38; second in 2 33,^; third in a 33*, and fourth In 2 . [?/" A Washington correspondent of tbe New York Times tells about "a most diabolical plot" among certain high officials here for the dissolution of the Union. (?) Be says that "the plan, as stated. Is for the Government of tbe Southern States to convene their Legislatures by proclamation on tbe 8th day of November, or as soon thereafter as tbe election of Mr. Lincoln Is ascertained; that Um Legislatures will proceed to declare tke Union dissolved. and to pronounce In favor of MrBreckinridge as tbe President of the Southern Union." Uy A tournament of ten days' duration among tbe professional billiard players of the United states commenced yest-rday afternoon at two o'clock, at tbe billiard rooms of Mr. Lynch, on 1'nioa Sq-isre, New York. Kavanaugh, White, Lynch, Cleveland, Bird, Tienian, and several others, sre to play the four-ball carom game of 450 points, each contending with all tbe others in accession, and he who wins tbe most games is to regarded as the champion, and will be presented with a gold-mom. .ed cue. The winner will play game of 5U> points with Mr. Pbelan. PCTMMl Hob J. W. Stevenson, of Kentucky, is at Browns'. ? Mre. Oot. Morgan Is th? recipient of a beautiful diamond necklace, a present from the Prince of Wales. It was sent from Boetoa by express Lady Frankl'n is spending her time very unostentatlouehr at the house of Henry Grmnell, Esq , in New York, prior to her departure for California. Sbe has visited the Dr.if and Dumb Asylum, the Society Library. &c.. expressing herself much pleased with what she sees and bears of this part of the New W orld. Mr. Yancey, the Southern orator, of Alabama, is *step-son of Rev. N S. 9. Reman. D D , of Troy, NY, who, when a young man. waa teaching in that State, and married Mr. Yancey's mother, a ronng widow, with two or three small children. Dt Beman settled in Troy, bringlug Mr Yancey with him, when he was fitted to enter \V llliajnstown College. I o?1nuA.1v r?ri3 urAL HH99IU?I.?K6V, 11 ? Dr. Pi!?c*x*T will preaoh in the German Church on Four-and-a-t?ali ?t , TOMORROW (Sunday) AFTERNOON, servijes oomm-nci ig at 4 o'oloe k_. It* rTc?l O. O. F.?DEDICATION OF COVE IL9 XANT LODGE HALL.-The Olmud MemberaofCentral. Washington, East'rn, - armo ay .Columbia, Union Friendship.Covenant.Beaeon, Metropolis, bioe aiur, Mechanics. and Ori*?iita: Lodges. will meet at their respective halls on MONDAY AFTERNOON, the ?ih 1 o'clock, preparatory to joining the procession ami participating in the dedication of the new Hall of Covenant Lodge, Georgetown Bv order. It J. T. BANGS. Q 9 ry"3?I. O O. F ?CENTRAL 1..01MJK. No. 1.? I L3 The inemSers of Central Lodge will iue*t st the Pall, Seventh street, on MO>l>A V, Oetol>er 39th, at 1 o'clock p in., for the purpose of joining t?j?? froces.Mon, and as?M?inj in the dedicatory scr tic < vi >n? new nwioi uovinkot Lodge, No. 13. 1 O. O. P. By order: It F. B. LORD, Ja., B?c. 3ee. O. O. F.?EASTERN LODGE, No 7 IL Th? i?*iiil>ers of Eastern l.odce will a* e?TnoIe at th ir l.o'g* Room on MONDAY, at 1 o'clock p m . to join tii* procession aoil attend the dedi^aton of Odd Kellows' Hall in Georgetown. tmn< one, come ail ! Be purctual. Hrvrtar: P. M PEARSON. It* I fn's'. 1 Reo'-nlint: Se"r*t>*y. P^S^I O. O. F.-HARMONY LODGE, No. 9. 1J..3 Th- m'tr.hersof Ha-mony Lodge will in*et n1. Odd Fellow*' Hall, Nav* Yar l, on MONDAY, Oo'obef Sy:h, at 12S o'clock p in., for the purpose of joining the p*ocea*ion and as.'inting in the dedicator* tee vices of the uew hall of Covenant Lodge, No 13. ir FR ED PROSPER!. Rec Seo. rf-F-l. O.O. F?METROPOLIS LODGE. No IL7 16.?Theofiisers and member* of Metropolis Lodee are r?que-ted to meet at the Hall on MON DAY, the ?3tD instant, at 1 o'clock, fi r the purpose of joining in the procession to G- orretown I It WM. J BROWN. Rec Sec. (r^TKMl'KHA.Nr C M ITirK _tw - ?. - .-,u. ? ? uv uiuiiiucra 1X3 "f "> ? I'Uno 10 Kenebciai '1 otal Aliatiuence Aaao-- atinn of the L>i?t-let of Columbia are requert- | ed to meet at their ha:!, corner of Tenth and F ?ta.. on SI Ni>AV, th??;nh mat , at 2 o'cl^-ok p. m. 'I h? aaaociation wilt be formed m prooe??i<-n at halfpast y p. m.,b> the chief marshal, aud prooeed with the other aoeieties to be present at tli? laying tlie corner atone of 8". J<it*ph'? Male Orphan Aajluiu. After the exerceee of laying the corner atone is ot?t the aseo>. mtion wiU return to th'ir hall twfrienda of iho cause are roxpectfullv invite-1 to attend. Several arid'eaves are promised and one will lie delivered on that evening. Front seats reserved fer the ladies. It J. J. KANF., 8*c rr?-THK FLIGHT OF BIRDS-APK 'At. U 3 LOCOMt T ON BY Man MADE EASY. T>'. B. O DAVIDSON, (author of the "gong of the Wood Thrush,") will deliver a lecture on h^a " Sew Tneory of the Flight of Bi'?4a." emtiraeing a lap for (he practical imitation of thoaeanimalso? the wiug??o which sub ?'t he ha* devoted 21 years' oonatantattention?at tbe A??xmbi.t Room*. La. avsaae, on TUESDAY EVENING aext,?tl. Oo ul'ieot will be l'lurfated by a l*rg? di*c'*ni * -j ? 1 * - * * ?. - frrr^4M e>ix xmo tea neiore the audience. M*b of *eieuce, artut* architect*. engineer*, arti- | t&a* and inacta. ic?.*nd the citi?en*,icenera!ly .who mtf be preeer.t, will W??r much both now a'd highly uUrMtiii. And th? ladi-a,al*o. who mar ?raoe Ui* oMtnon with the.r preeenoe, will &su?rUin how their bUUt doux n ay be conveyed to their diatant lover* tad laved one*, over land and aea, at the ?p?d of mm* kwmdrtd miUt per Ktur! oc 27-31 nTf*I O. O. F^?FRIKNDSHIP LODGE, No IL5 19.?The Member* of Fneadahip Lodge, No. IS. wi 1 meet at the ha 1. corner of Ninor^enth treetand Pa avenue, v. n MONDAY, October J9ch, at I o'clock p. m . for the purpoee of joiranj the prooeesion and aeaietie* ta Uae dedic?u>ry service* of r tbe new hall of Covenant l-odje, No, 13 ? ?? SAMUEL K. DOUGLA?tt,8ao. rrw YOUNG CATHOLICS FRIIND t?OCI 'Jj ETY ?'The merab?r* of the Jkxnetr are reaaeetrd to moet at Bt Patrick'* ? i??rch on 8UNLaY AFTERNOON aext,Octobers,at2o'cl'k, lor the purpose of joiniac in aroceeaion with ? th*r aoeicfiee t-> be preeent attbe latiuc of tha cornerIaL.Ii?. M.I-n-v- - " m v/ipnui AMllllli, WtllOil takaa plaea at 3 o'ciock praoiaaly, Ou I ?tr??t, \f?w*?o ut ud N rth CM'toi ata., n?*r St. Aloynua CuurcU. By order. hyOH B SWEENEY. Praa. P J. McHrw?i. Sao. oo?r-2t_ (nrtO. O. F-GRAND ENCAMPMENT"iJi tba oScera and mambari of 'l?: R. W. r??d Encampment of tha Diatriet of ('olciubta. *? Co!ambian, Macanana, Ridjaly, and Mount Nabo E?wunpmanta. ara horaby reapoc'fu 1* rrVStfoAY k%VHA9* reapacuVe hall.on . , um on mai&nt, M 1 o'clock p m., I.?r tha purp<>?e of joining in th? dedication emoaifa at Covamai '<**? HalJ. Georgetown. - ^ - JNOf'J?4ykKNEE.b.l^6?-??i _K- S. Bown,0. Scriha. oo a St nTS?^^?55S!t'15r; fSSti**! in Thora a Bardinc, n?*t ao*U of Odd hmiim !s"F?rsr5' svTsSffarij 'tTii Feati v-al U Md in mid of tha improvam*at? now in iruirMi. aarticaiafly U?? froaooiag and ra fu n aluog tf a?4Cinirab. Oj?Ura ftud other ntwiMMU will be Mtvad ap ?t iMwuiilajut-*a. , , IJa*(?l and Fancy Articlea for a?l?. Good annate is aiteadarca. . , Open from 9 to 19o clock each (mini. Tha pul, lie ?re cordially laTlted. oetiU UN KiM oo.v. - " -*? " ~ ;i 3 h 1 * * MftRn.TIU *111 M <*?**h * f!^1' C?ionChaj?l, Drre "i7 * i 1 Ward, to eomawiMM at 4 o'ciuok a-dto eonun?baton* hoar, oc t??m &lN to ' *8v K^ff ?? ? &W - jSS Pa-*'- ."" * W MBm 5 t J ? DEPARTMENT NEWt. ? Gbadcatixo Class or Naval CadSt# of 1890. Tbe followi la a list of tbe candidstra wbo have been admitted In tbe Naval Academy Id lf60: Horatio G. McClintce, Wm Karle Yancey,ThoaG Garrett, Ala ; Wm Carroll, Ark ; C. A Branting ham, Coon.; Raphael J. Maw, Le Roy H. Wsablngton, Thoa. M. ffagb Legs re Hill, Barron Carter, Ga ; Ana g. Kellogg, Lucler Morris, Cbas McGregor, Joseph B. Gagblin. Henry Glaaa, 111.; Jamea A. Dick, Ind ; Pred'k McCormick. Yates Sterling. Rlcbard P. Leary, Md ; Geo. Wm Ccffln, Frank Wlldea, BenJ. Heath. jr , Cbas. Greea Busb, Francis A Cook, G*o T X>avis. Mass : Thos WHllams. Cbas. V. Grldley, John A. Hopkins. Mlcb.; John 8. I,lvIneaton, Wm L. Amri, jr., Minn; James G. Baldwin, Casalus Meyer, Ate: Thos R Brooks, Mo; Geo. H Wadleigh, N. H ; Gustavus English, ft; J : Ohm. J. Bfetayrfcowta E. Fa^aa, Alfred Scull Newltn. John M Reber, James B. Bl^tark, J. MCallff, Roland C Irvln, W.C. Ost*rl"b, Win L.TIndler, Penn ; GeoD.fttyMt, 3. C ; Charles F.Sevier, Joorph B. Peyton, Tenn ; Wm H Webb. Cnnrtland C Clement*. Williamson Dusa, Ind ; Eseulaplua Buck master, K T; John Pegrani. C. II. Pendleton, Wm. O Boyle, Dennis W. Mnllen, Wm. C. Wlss, Jefferson Phelps, Ky ; Jamea .\I Morgan. Henry L.Vaughn, G. W. t*parks. La; Cbarlrs II. Craven, H. I). Fuller, Cieo. G D Gtldden, Mr ; Marston Niles, N. J ; Charles F. Schultz, Wm. W. Maclay, Wm. Alexander Duer, Iri Harris, jr., Francis Morris. Robert E. CarmoJy, Phll p H.Cooper, Isaac T. Morris. David J Clark, John D Clark, A d Prnurni n<raKI?ld A lion Tfc U?/\? XI V *? MtlVII */ I'lUfTII, . I Henry S. H. William*, N. C ; Henry Wright. Edward V. Guthrie, H. Clay Taylor, J. C. Mcllvaine, W. W. Hendrtekaon, Douglaa C. Cassele, Ohio: Jamea M. Pearson, Wm. R Hunter, James A. Prtrn. Tenn.; Jamea R S Ragsdale, Texaa; Robley D Kvana, U. T.: Charlea Kdgar Clark, Orrla A. Browne, Wyndbatq R. Mayo, Peterson Goodwyn. Va.; Wm. H Whiting, George I Jtu^htim, Ernst J. Dichman, Wis ; Augustus O Wright, Ala : Albert Henarie Lenox (D), N J. ^ Alleged Barbarity ik ths Makimi Cobps.? The Secretary of tbe Navy haa directed th? Commandant of the Navy-Yard at Penatcola to Investigate the charge recently made through the newapnpera against Lieut Stark, of tbe Marine Corps, of punishing men by " erne fix Ion " If foand to be true, the officer will be court-martialed. Appotktmsht of Postmastkbs ?t th* Pri?iDB5T.?Wm P. Meilen at Natchez, Miaa, vice Kichard El ward removed. Alva H Leslie at Newcastle. Pa , vice Alexander Newell resigned. Richard McAllister at Keokuk, Iowa, vice Wm. Pattersou removed. Go*g to Flokida.?We understand that Capt. Mely* has left this city for Fort JeflVrson, Florida, to euter upon tbe duties assigned him by the War Department at that point ? . ? Rrrranan?Hon. Howell Cobb, Secretary of the Treasury, has returned after a brief absence In New York, and resumed the duties of his offeclal position. A i-poin rmkit in thk Marink CotPi ?(ieorire s Houatou ba.< i?- u appointed a wcond lieutenant In the Marine Corp*. Th* Wiatiii -The follow)** report of the weather for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smltba>nlan Institution. The time of obeerTatlon la about 7 o'clockOctobss 17,1900. New York, N Y * clear, pleamnt. Baltimore. Md clear, pleaaant. Waaaingion, D. C clear. Richmond, Va. cloudy, eool. Petersburg, Va. cloudy, pleasant. Norfolk, va clear, fHlJ. Raleigh, N. C clear, M?. Wilmington, N. C clear, pleaaant. unarienon, p. c clear. 01 Augusta. ea. cloudy, damp. Sarennan, Ga dear. 66?, wind NW Macon. Ga cloudy. Columbus, Ga...... clear Montgomery, Ala cloudy. Jackaon. Ala clear. Mobile, Ala cloudy, 60?. New Orleans, La clear, pie?nt. noa thi wist. Cleveland, O overcaat, wind S Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) 30,2*21; at noon, 3d.*41 Thermometer at 7 a m., 4?"; at noon, 58?. Maximum during SI hours, ending t a. m. today, 7?X ; minimum 01 #*. A Sad Arraia at Norfolk?A Father Accidentally Shoot* Hi* Daughter Dead ?A meat heart-rendinp accident occurred at Norfolk, Va., on Wednesday ermine, affording another awful warning to those handling firearms. It appears that Mr. Jetae T. Newell, a worthy citizen and indulgent parent, went botue from business about suri?"t find finding till litle son playing in the bouse and yard with a pistol not supposed to be load?d. took It from bim and while examining It, It was accidentally discharged. The Day Book thus tella tbe reat of tbe truly aad story: Laura, f.Mr. Newell'* daughter) a beautiful ana interesting little girl of nine summers, waa seated oa tbe steps gettfnii her lesson when the pistol went off, and lustintTy jumping up she exclaimed. "OA." j'?. you have, kiilrd >/i?As sbe said this, tbe blood burst from ber nose and mouth Sbe f-11 forward and instantly expired Tb? pistol bad been charged-with two large barkshot, both of which had entered her right breast and D<*rforat?-d her rli?ht li?nc? Th. i bock, together with the internal hemorrhage, produced almost Instant death Dr*. Gait and Bright were almost instantly called, and reached the scene of casualty in a very short time, but too late; the little girl had breathrd her last, and a worthy family were overwhelmed witli grief. The unhappy father, almost bereft of reason by thedistr^-sjing and heart-rending accident,sought, in his frenty, to take bis own life. He seized a knife and made a desperate effort to rut his throat, but was prevented from steeping his family In stlU deeper grief by some of his friends, who happened to rush up in time Soothing draughts were given him. and he finally became quieted, and retired with au almost broken heart. The unhappy mother of the little ore was heard through the live long night sobbing and mourning tbe untimely death of ber child, while the agonising wail that occasionally rose upon the night, told how deep was the distress of the stricken parents. ATTENTION WIDE AWAKES.?You I 9 are r*a>-est?<] to nfotftt tno Wigwam o? MONDAY EVENING, Oct tor ;9th. at 7!, o'ol'k,' for the purpose ot considering the eornmu icstion of tha Wilmington Wide Awake*. The atieudai.ce of every Wide Awake is desired. It* 6. A. H ALL, *e*_ ,Y"S~ WESTERN PRESBYTERIAN !IJF CHURCH. H STREET. NEAR NINETEENTH. KIR9T WARD.-The Rev. J. D. Mitchell of l.ynohtarc, Va , will prraon m thin Church TO-MOKROW iJ*abbath) MORNING, at U o'clock, and the Rev. Or Haibd of Saw Yoi k, m tit# evening at 7K o'clock. All person* are cor diilly invited It* nf"** ATTENTION.?'The members of Company Jj 13 of the National Guard a-? requested to iM?t at Columbian Armory on MONDAY EVE. N^NG next, th* ?th. at 7S o'clock. Aa basineas ? iuimowss win oe brought beloro them, it is exp-oted that every member wi 1 be present. By order of Capt. P- H. KING. If M. FITZGERALD, Soe. rrS* PROGRAMME IL5 OF THE CEKKMOME8 OF LAYING THE CORN LR STONE OF ST. JOSEPH'S MALE OKP.1A m A&YLl'M, on Sl'.xDAY, the 23th inat, at 3 <> cine* p. m. At the hour appointed, be Hon. Jamxs G. BikEKX. Mayor of the city, aasiated ?y the Reverend Clergy present, and the Truateee of the Aaylaai, vili proceed to ^ls:e the atone in position. The s cietie* and assoc iation? that will attend are requested to coinsly vhIi the following order : All thoae veat of Fifth at. west wi I assent le on F st., opposite St. Pat iok's Church, nuder the direction of Marshals C. S Jones and J F. Ellis, E*<i<s Those east of Fifth st. will meet at St. Aloysius Church, and. under the direction of their Marshal, Capt E U Boulw-ll, U. 8. Navy, march to the corner of I and Fnth streets, whera they will be joined hy the firat tli isioa On ihe junction of the two divisions at the corner of H and Fifth als .the whole will prooerd to the Bite of the but.ding in the fallowing order: First bullies. Musio. Rarerend Clergv anil lha Mayor. Truateea of St. Joaeph'a Aajluin. J>rph\n? of St. Joaeph'a. Truiteea of St. Vincent'* Aaylum. ) ph?n*of.?t Vincent'a Aa/luoi. Vincnt'a Fein*i>> School*. St Matthew * Schoola. St Dominick'a Schools. St pominick'a Society aad Schools. Such other ichool* a* may report. V<>?m Catholic* Pna. d Society. St. Vincent d? Paul Society. Catholic Temperance and beneficial Soeiety. Strom1 /hrti.M, Muaie. Rererend Clerr*. m St. Aloyaiua laatitnte. St. Aloyaiua Sunrtay School*. St Aloyiiua Appreut.oea' !*ehfol. St Joaeph's Cathol ? Beneieiai Society. Ciliseoa. After thi* portion of the ceremonies, which will be brief, the entire body will nova around tha aqua.'* to at. Aloy aiua Church, where aa appropriate riiaeonrae will be delifered by tha Rev. Father a collection taken in aid of tha orphans. Soma choice pi roe a of ma a o will be perform d by tha choir and the whole terminate wi h the Bene diction of the ble*?e.i Sacrament J NO. K. FITZPATRICK, Mm ill 1 in Chirf. oct ?-3r (SaW.Confciat It.) It ARE m A \ii1 c mo finnDfaiiL u ?P? I W......VK rw? * V" 'r I\ ?%(? a tho oiisti hra? a d well br?l?A, J SKT fF.R 1K?G, a *ood rftn?W, U qliro at Itv T?'d urid coal jafd PI.M,*""1 U(S,g?.-m T DEUBT. The COPAR^NtB^uTp^rrtfltor# lilitui batweeu the undersigned, a derthe name of Otborn Jt Co> *u ihi? da; diaenlved t\y mutual constat. JiMKS OSIIORN, SAjftjfcL.'N. GARWOOD. Oatobar ad,i?p. o?rr I Later (ria Etrlp*. Thestesmshlp Canadian, from Liverpool, passed Farther Point on Friday morning. Her advices are one day later. . The English news it wholly unimportant The Parte correspondent of the Times savs:? " Probable trustworthy accounts from the Ialsnd of fardini* speak of the commencement of maneuvers by secret sgencv (here in favor of SUCBtioa to Franc* la th? same manner luid by Ae sime means as wen employed by French toil Maries In Savayaad Nice.'* From Naples no new movement is reported. Gen Ctaldinl had received orders to etees the Neapolitan frontier, antf deci?l ve events van* expected to occur at any moment. "V D..1 W. 1 Jl ' 4 a. %_ . .? .S u*nuaiui ww \o convoie mf colleges of the Two SItflies to vote by ulliiMl suffrage. The Piedmontese corps d'armtt In Naplea will 11 '-"'y Affatn In the Papal Statea are unchanged. U *?, reported that Lamorlclere bad triegraphed to \taraeilM to *f*ir? pasaage ia tht steamer for Civita Veccbia for himself and three 1 ofllrera The Sardinian Chambers were debating the law of annexation, and a vote was expected to b? taken on the 11th. It waa reported that Rnaala was about to recall her Ambassador from Turin. Advices from Rome confirm the statement that the French would occupy V iter bo The Pontificlal gend'armes precede the French by twelve haurs. The Inhabits ta prepared to repulae them, but to yield to the 1 rench. Marquis Deppoll had proceed d to V Iter bo to reassure the Inhabitants that Vict ir Kmanuel was at Marcerata. The statement la confirmed tha Spain had propoaed a Congreaa of the Catholic Powers at Gaeta. In Austria an extraordinary credit had been granted to the Naval Department for the construetinn of naval batteries to defend the entrance of the ports HIum ?< t? a ? *??? u^poi ?uic u? r iiau ruuu irotn ?jrrii) the Mussulmen bad recommenced their massacres ?nd killed twenty Christian* The remaining Christians were emigrating to Latakla. The Musselraen were furious against the Christians, and had threatened the life of tbeRussian Consul. Londonderry, 12th.?It was reported that the French army at Rome was to be Increased to (10.000 men, and the garrison of Lyons was to be put on a complete war footing. The new Pro-Dictator of Naples, as soon aa be was appointed, addressed a letter to Mazitnl, complimenting him on his patriotism, but asking him to give a proof of it bv leaving the country; tell? ing him that even without intending It, be caused disunion; that many used his name with the paricldal intention of hoisting another banner In Italy. There Is a probability of a Congress on tkft affairs of Italy. The Paris correspondent of the Times remarks that a movement of the Austrlans need not <ake persons by surprise Austria considers herself released from all obligations contracted vyith the French Emperor, snd has good reason to know that ttait government, bent oa exterminating her, have prepared and probably matured their plans for an insurrectionary movement in her provinces. a private ie?ier irom Turin ?nnmini,?? that a large amount baa been ordered by the Piedmonteae Government, and the day before the Sardinian Minister! departure from Faria a supply of 50.000 muaketa and 11,000.000 percussion eapa was granted by the French Government to its Ally. It is reported that the French army at Koine is to be iocreaaed to 60 0i>0 men. and the garrison at Lyons put on a complete war footing. The Patrie says that Gara aldi has thanked the seamen of the English ship Renown who served the Garibaldian guns on the 1st. The men were that day on leave of absence. The Fiedinonteae troops were expected atOpua on the 15th Irtst It was anticipated that the Neapolitans would evacuata the place before their arrival and retire to Gaeta PROF. L. G. MARINI has the honor of inf >rmmic his former patrons and the public gnu crally that hi* Dancing Aca lemy in nowopm jn for the reception of pupils, and that hn commence hi* first quart ron THL'KSDAY.UQM NovemM* 1st, at 3 o clonk, at Union Acvi*mjr, corner of Fourteenth ftreetand New York avenue: Jl.nrl +-t <a KTa.11 r\F ??* .?.V t. ?V?? aa?Ml) wvl UVi * ! W nnnrill HOT! 1IIU Pennsylvania aye-ne, on F RID \ Y, at 3 o'olock. \[J~ For particulars see Circulars. oc ?7-6t* 1 Intel.] TA WARMNli. RE falling leaves reminds us the Summer is vast, a ad the Winter is drawing near, and that it is high time for all those who are still wearing Straw Hats to 1*? 'hem aside and make tkeir w%r to 8 I IN K M K NTZ "f* HAT STORK. 236 P.-n-v Avenue. n< ar corner 13th street, as it ia now a we 1 understood faot. that hi* stock is so larce ard varied a-* to suit all who may favor him with a oal. in price and^ualitr without looking further. oo 21 tf Flour, buckwheat, BUTTER, kc. ft*) bbls. Familv and Kxtra F LOUR, S^O^IIx New BITCKWHKAT. anbWs Prime Roll HI TTER, 6 " eg?su io<> - ArriiC.!*. large no 2 mackerel. For m> by J. r. bar r A CO , oc 71 3t^ Ninth *>., rear D. Pure old ryk whisky for medic'nal usk. Price %2 per gallon or 50 ants prr bottle. The va*t home and foreitn demand we have for thia article snffioiently attests ita pnr'ty and exoellenoe Moreover it may In mentioned in rhi* connexion that many inva'ida of delicate organisation, unable to nae whi?*y of other brands, have found the above moat effuacioua arxl happy in i?a ?fl>et* A liberal discount on the above p'icea mvle to the trade. KDWaRD HALL. Dealer in fine Winee and Lienors, Family Groseries. *o ,op?. Center Markrt, ooTT-eoyt between 7th and 8th atreeta. e. K. O'brien. JROCERIE-* ANI) VARIETIES! South wcrt oorner of L and Ninth at*. Avery superior article o" old MOUNTAIN DEW RYE WHISK V.for medicinal i-iueo?es. Just received and for ?ale by E. E. O'BRIEN. Southwestcornor of L and Ninth sta. A SUPERIOR LOT OF BRANDY,at *1 per botil*,and O' D RVK WHISKY,a? 30cent* per buttle. Ju?t receivod and for sal? by E E. O'BRIEN, | Southwest co-ner of L and Ninth sta. VARIETIES, VAR1ET1ES?Jo?t received atd forsaieby E. E. O'BRIEN, Southwest corner of L and Ninth sts. {RANGES, T EM ON 8 and MAPLE SUGAR. "" ?W",TV1* *uu ,or "'V7K. O'BRIEN, Southwest corner of L and Ninth sts. 1 AAft roCOANUT?*. ALMOND". l.UUU F1LHKRT'4, PF.rAN N'l'TS. CREAM NUTS, and ENGLISH WALNUT* Ju-t r? oetved and for sals by E. E. O'BRIEN, oetl-tt Southwest norner of ? and Ninth ?*?. APAPERHAMilNG#. CHOICE SelfHJtion GOLD, LOW-PRICED SATIN,and BLANK PAPKRS. At J. M*RKRITER'S, No. 4?*6 Seventh ?tr**t, oo86-lw* t Hoorw alw>ve Od<1 Fellows' Hall. WINDOW SHADES, WARRANTED GOLD B*ND. Buff, Green.and Rlue II?-LLAND SHADES. At JOHN M^JIKRITER'S, i*o. ?e>o ^evemn atreet. oc 7ft-lw* 8 door* above Odd Fa low' Hall. PICTURE CORD _ AND TAS8ELS. A variety of color*. Irom photograph to portrait ixea. At J6HN M *RKRlTER'4t No. 486 Seventh atreet. oc M lw* 8 doora above Odd Fellow' Hall. MEKIN?SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. My atook i* now compete, cornp iamg a la?n? aa aortm ?i;t of Genta' and Boy?' Merino and Lanibawool Shiria and Drawn?at low erirea. HENRY EGAN, oo 36 6t 391 Pa. ar. and 331 Seventh at. BED BLANKETS AND COMFORTS. /have now ou hand a large and fin* aaeortmont Bed Blanket*, B d Comlorta, Crih Blanket*, White Ma'?eille? Qui.ta AUo, arxe aaaortiaent Servant*' Blank eta. HENRY EGaN, 331 Fenna. avenue,and oe ? < 331 Seventh at., near Avenue Home. (\JE\V AND SPLENDID STOCK-OP a - DRESS (Ji'ODS, Whioh wa invite our friends and parohaaera to call and examir;* before making their aeleotion* elsewhere, aa wa have ma jr ehoioe a ilea. J \v; COi.LKV A CO , oo Sfi t>t i'23 Seventh at. abo?e Pa. av. J~U8T RECEIVED TO DAY TWO MOKE NEW BOOK*. AT FRENCH k RICHSTEIN'S, No 2T8 Pa. av. Wi I Ha Fi d Her, ny Winter Somertoa; Itao., ototb; pri?a 91? by mail. Methodiam Puo-esaful and Cause of ita Suo-.ess ; by Rev. H. r. T'ffl, D. U., LI.. D.; 12mo.t oleth; prt >1 *Sbr mai'. oc 36 yyMIAT THE LADIE^WANTTO KNOW. Where they can buy Jouvin'a U?st Kid Olovee at 75 oenta. Maris Louiia, new make, at &K oent?, aood Kid Olovea at 31}, oenta, beat quality Kid Oauntielts at #1.12)*, lar?e assortment of 1-adies* and Miaaee' Fleeey-linedSilk and Thread Gaunt letta at low prioea. Best French Coraet* at # I JS; Hoop Skirta at half price; I?adif>a' awl Mioses' Hoaieri: Merino Yea-a: l.inen. - ?1 c Iwoidered Handkerchief. at low jrim Mlkftotaaa and Hyadore gilka, a little out of ?u^at hal/ano? Poula d and Faoor Uhm* Silks: filaok HilkT and l)r*u Qoodi of all kinda at unusually low 4>0^ 331 P?"<>o k-?t near Avenue Houm. 1 Wm r i*iJ7L?Vii?ION 8TOEKM. LINKINS Hai oaened a Store for furni thine euoh aa roar favor hm*ii. ?u... with ? ?upplj of FRkSH PltOVl8ION#^Uily ftt their ordaia. It u 1 oca tod on | utreat nortb. b t*Mk 16th ft'd Itth *U , and viU ha op atd dfti j Ull lunMt, and SftturJftf attht till 9 o'clock. oo .i lw T CKMETKEY NOTJCK. bVSe JRVfe and MARBLK MANTELMtt reduo*d friaoa for ouh or Mro?*d <* ?. A? Mru 0%ll la m 4 ReMAIMiH^S^PJ*^ WukliftH Oity, D. C., Ootober 17, 1MB. [Ordered to be inserted u the Evsxik* St a.*, it baiag the levifftptt hsnng the largest oircuatios of My d*lly paper published id Washington.] UjT All person* applying for letter* in the follow lag list, wiil please ear they are asraaTuaa. LADIES' US*. Aa4??s9n, Mr? Oragtu.MinBrtdfatlfifhl, J?n* I|W<' ? Ortin.Mr* KIStr. Mi*e Lim'S Mart Bill. M... |?a t O'Br.oo, Mr* M.ry Iftut, Mr* Marl* Hn?i, H -bai> 0*ii?, BlisM?rj S T S**.rd, \aait W fattil. Ma C?tta'e B*tj?s*,Mf#B*rah J Sasmnp, Mn L P.yat, Mr*i.ih?? S SaA&.?* SX'dR.% KsaSraA BatUr, Miu Flor'a Hirrii, P.nt* Ruti. Rn thn Bucmao, Sarah E H<iluf, Mti^lir; Rai*?lt, Mri Miry Bail>7, M <tJ Abb Kiat, Mih SjiiIi Rich, Mr* La??a Cfitr, Mra Jaa* C Krm tll, Mri M A Rudtll, Mn Hu^ Ofiri?uan,Mr?Ani'i* toimarti, Mih C Kioipuo, Harri'l Wlir, M?C Urk,M iHM tank, MmD E XoiiTt LarSffl. MiaaSit rDtawi, Mm Ba Donovan, Citb'i Mind, Suaau 8u'ili?r.a, Mm Ouboita, MrtL M<llor Mjm Ami . . M?r. tKir, *ar3a. ?ttr#J Alic* M jhia, Mn Mar/ Turwiil, Mrn m EkUa. Mn CHI MsOuudrMu* IF Fahoy Ewinona.MiaaAan* McPlirrtaa, MiM Ton>?r,Mi?? Luciti ? Eikin*. Mim M'y E Rtbccc* Turmr, Mm >M*y 9 da, Mary McCUtr .MreRac'l W alah, .Mua last i Foik, Mra H*rritt McCaadluh, Mui W elah, Mi* Fairbaaka.Mr* MR 8u? W?lch, MiM Julia Ointhtr, Mn Lot it Mfftiillm, Mia* Wtbh, D*l?? A Or*T*on, Mr*Sarah Raa* Whit lock, Mra N*na GENTLEMEN'S LIST. AJdiaoo, Walur D Fo*i*r, Capt Jaa?4 Maih?w?ACh*?tr* Audita*, Va Li Frremia.J Mair, Aiooio A Ab?rcrombi?, R Feil, John E Mitdd, A J Adolph, T H Flood, J.* F?1 M.r*a.U, Alias C Adam*, Ju L Forney, Or Jaeab I Mtrcon'tr, A P Aleiaod'r, Prof 0 Finch, D McCaan, Ed*r*r4 Adam*, Ed?4 Forguaon, Andr?w McDfitt, J?a Andtraon, Judp? A Farquaar, A McCiuity, Juo A Ailil, A 8 flrindejf, Win McLuacy, Tho* Bird, W liihnor*, Win Ntalumr.S H lalihaVi Wm Goodri?n,W W Northrop, N Brown, l>r W m?3 Oilk?r*oa, Tho* E1 Niaoo, Jaao Baldwin, Wm 1 (ilitn, S W NichoU, J W Bornn, Wm tioodchilr, Richd Nnui, R** li?o B?ll,Tho*H lirifrtha, jno W NichoU, (iro M levao*, T " i?a, Jno A Nillty, Cha* F Bihltr, R Oirdai*?, Jno W Owing*, J C Bfrgunn, P Giuiug*r, John O'Nril, Jamr* Belt, Mania Uaiuvajr, H Oaborn, Juo H Buiii, Ju N lirar, Henry W O'Kviu, Floreoc* Brown, J ltreen,(ieo W Pindell, IV V N Brown, J C UriM, Pred Fortti, lidui; I Browne, J T Garrieon, D W Pdiur, R T BiHtt. )u? Goddird.A A Pirn. L B Buclt, I fl Nill.WmH Phi.lipa. E P Ben, Col J O HtudrrMn, Wm?3 Polk, C W Baker, Capt J?4 Htjmiu, Sin! H Price, C M Bryan, Jit* T Hooker, Root Rnuer, Phillip It Beiley.J Hocaudt * Smoot Ritier, Phil H Brown, Re< H H Herleiy, Patrick Kii,*?ctAC? Blunt, H Hamilton, Ptter Ree l.Ji. >K Burt, H H twkina, Jnhu H Rule;, Jowpb * Bajley, Horace Horrifan, John Rigliior, H C Barry, OR Hemuf *, J we H Kirentl. E P Booth, (JO Harbin, Jai Reynold., Lt C A Boyle, Edwd R?5 Heiater, J C Rody, I hailea Baum, David Heury, Ja? W Runaey.Col A C?8 Bookea, D A Hawker, Jae Roder, Adolph Brown, Beriah Hall, Chas W Sullivan, WHO Bean, Beiinun P Hard.n, A J Smr.h, Wiu P Brown, A H Haden, Mr Scull, Weil#; R Berry, A C Johnson, Willian Hhelly, Willi,ui C Buwnui, Alex?% Johnaon, Win Hothorou, Wui Baker, A J Jouea, l)r Willie Steieus, Win Bradley. Allen Jumau, Capt M Binclear, Wm Beck, Andrew Johnaon, John ttnitli t Sou, Writ Caeidy,)r, W H Johnaon, Henry Bage, U O Chamber., LtW P Jooea, tilt B Mcoimea, M Cogawell. W W J e Hereon, Capt E M Smith, U l>oroeliou*. 3 Kmr, a.dwara t ntatiues, J Cuihnun, R 4 * P Kiliejr, W W J Caumrhain, Pal'k King, W B Smith, Juo 0 Coloinb, Loiia Kehty, Jamee 8>undla, J cob A Cl.ihdfi, J 8 KuMtn.m. Juo B Ktiuecbcomb, J H Conor, Juo T Kendall, Amiiu L Spence, J K Cullry, Jamee Lo>t(roi t, W R Ktmley, Jamea Colcle ner, Jo* Lcvii, Win Milteri, H CjuImiou; J W Lync'i, Jinut Bcmi, H I) Campbell, Juo Ljrinan, J.>?rph 8<ew.<rt, H L Croebie, H R Lii, Juo P Stock, F Connor, Edward Line, Mr Scbaabtl. Ellis B?2 Clark, fcdw-rd Lub;, Joaepb Tocktr, Jouitlua CaruLill, Danl Lam, J'inti Taylor, Joerph Carrie. DT Lenuon.F H Thompcon.J China, B R La* e?, Edward H Tentplciou, C Christy, Andrew Labayne, Cbaa Travere, Da*id Cook, A Law, C A W Tronadale, C W Doriiop, Robt I,evert, H B Teulejr,Cb Deechatnp. Mr Mulim, William Tatlo*Dodp, Lt W C Mjrcr, Wn G Topping, 8 H Dickson, John Mitchell, Walter Tucker, J Dowde, Joseph Moeller, W F T*ta,J Dvtu, Frmk Mumy, W W L*pton,Ch?? Del tut, Capt E Marshall, Thoe Veuable.Rott Downmr, C N Mertire.T P Valkmdtghamt 8 Durrai.a.CC Mi4\rj,8imuH Van Bureu, Henry Dvaou. Abraliani Moloney, Robt B WiUi-trr.a, W 0 Elli??n, Wra M*her, Phillip Windua, W P fclcone,Jno Martin, L Wood, W W ICnfltili, Jno D-2 Mittchcxer, JnoM Webster, 1 hoe A R Easton, J noes Meany,John Wheeler, Thua G Rvani, K Mason. Javnea Wlnunf, O R Ellia, Albert?% Mnthewa, Jolta Webster, Nathats K'lelin, l)r Alfred Miller, 1 K Walker, L E well, Albert M llvir, Henrr?4 Ward. L P F'?rhcah, E B?3 Middletori.HenryM Ward, J?mea Fischer, W Marah*ll,C?lHum'y Walker. John G Fill, V* niter If Munro, Geo J Wateraton, Ch^? Furman, Ret 8*ml Moore, Corn E W Webster, C R Flydenburjjrn, R 8 Morehead, E T Wi!inens, C D Fish, I) Muuroe, Edruond S WilUrd, A A Francis, Rev Lewie ManVm, I) D Waleott.A W Fifteen Id, J MaeAlister, Cbae Walton, Amos Faiiheuburjr. Jae F IE7*L.BTTBBS M1TIT IN ALL CASKS BB PaZPAID. WM. WWW. P. M. New and stylish CLOAKS. ( knonfl'l <-? Am r m !awj?a?<I k?? - ? * ?a ?.uv< - < / , ? ir?i no nuu i> 'i?uiiiui ft#B(?nrnrni| made expressly to our orders, and at munh Ian than fu- iner prices, to which wf a?k the attention of the ladies before mating their purchases. J. w: COLL.KV A CO . oo 26-M 3g:< **evemh st.. above Pa. av. aH ATS, CAPS, W AND FUR 9" SEYMOUR. in Georgetowu. announce* to the crixons of the District tuat he haa now read? lor tale an extensive assortment of Mole Pkin Ha n, for gents, of the various nh*pos: ?oft Hat< and Caps or every ?tjl?> for men and hoys: Ladies' Furs, Mm?e?' ami Children's Jockey Flats; Umhrellaa and WalkiiiK Canes, at pri?,<?< low#' ouch to please all W. F. SFYMOITk. o?2V2w 132 Bridge street JJOW HAVE THE LADIES VOTED? Kli*? Hows, J a. of Boston, who is the inventor of the "luck-suich" used by tin principal sewing inv hires, requires sworn returns t-i f?e made to him of tfie number sold hy each company, and obliges thrm tt? ray hini a lio-nse fur every machine sold Tne following statement it copi-?t from Mr. Howe's published rt*port? f >r 1R56 and 185B. It will he soon that A HEELER ft WILSON'S SKWI NIt M M'HINE is pr- ferred hy an immense majo<ity of the ladies, in rp te ol the efforts of inter etted parties t. injuro iia tale. 1*A?. 1S?. Whwler* Wilnon 7^78 i1.306 GroverA Maker.... 5J70 loan I. M Singer * Co 3.SH 10,953 I.ald A Wcbhter 4?*? 1, H A.H.Howe.. 179 981 Bar holf 2H8 747 l,?avittACo 75 211 Fir.kle A Lyon^^. SK) Alloth-ra " 869 The Wheeler A Wilson Agenoy ia at No 346 P^nnarlvania avenue. Pric range from to f l'5 Fn'l instruction* given to purchasera, at th'*r houst*. t*iln, Cotton, Needles, 4c.. for aale. P. J. STEER, Agent, 346 Pennaylv&nitavenue N. Fl ?Hend for a Circular. oc 25 Jwif ^j*OR KEY WEST AND HAVANA THE STEAyiSHIP ISABEL, William Kouisi, Commander. Will leave CHaR LE^TON on the latofNovemb*r with '"ai a and passengers for Key p r*a Weat and Havana. The Isabel ia rated A 1 bjr the under^* ^* writera of l>oth Kur- pe and America, and, from recently introduced improvement*, ia by fa the Mifeat and mo?t at re able conveyance to the a><ove porta. ?r For paas&ge apply to T. BARNARD. No. 1 d'a Building, Washington, or to MORDECAI A CO ,110 Fast B*y, Charleston. oc 24U6A27 fKISSOLUTlON OF COPARTNERSHIP.?The 1/ copartnership existing betw-eQ the subeeiibcra under tti < name and ffrm of N. G. C'oemn , A to>, ia this day dissolved by mutual consent, a. W. Corning hav ng aold and disposed of all his iat-re?t in the ?ai<t firm to N U. Corning, wli ? ia authorised to arttle up the Irtiain-aa of >aiu firm, and who will oontinue the Sash. Door and Hlind Business at the old ataud, No 362 Seventh street, opposite the Center Ma'ket, where ha aolicita the ooutiauano* of put favors. N. G. CORNINW, ~ . Aj^T. CORNING. Washington. October 15th, 19&Z N. R.?I lak* thin nnnortunitv nf Ijlim I ? T ~~~ w? " */ ? ( VI Hiuift IU| f'lenda and customers generally that I have entered the employment of I*. G. Corning aa aaleaman, and hail be happy to them at his plaoe of boaineaa, where I shall be in oomtant attendanoe to Mr re them aa heretofore, oo 16 A. W. CORNING. E~ MBROIDERY STAMPING, on all kinda of material, done in the beat manner, at C. F. SCHNflDT'S Toy anl Fancy Store, No. SO Pa. avenue, between il*t and 2M ata, where can he found a grrat variety ol beautiful Patterns for Yokes and Meevea. Collars and Cuffs, Skirts. Pantalets, Hand?, flippers, Cloaks, etc. Please sive me a call and examine. oo S) lm* NEW 8TVCASiIMERE8, Juat received by V. VAN DOR AN. MERCHANT TAlLbR, (Fouuerlf Cutt-r for Hinton k. Teei, Pa.avH) No. 4?6 Seventh St., Bbtw. E add F, oaa lw* Opp". Patent Office. |^ATK8T IN V_E N T I O N! LADD WEB9TBR * CO.?? Tight-Stltcli Sewing MachtMi BOOT AXlfsHoI STORM. , 349 PA. AruCL They are the mo t sin pie. * iivj ?r? iiif They are the eureet in their operation. They um ft etrai* ht needle, (Curved ones arc of no asooaat.) They have a faad wheel. They are capable of dolnf My kind of work known?they mtki the M|i? raffle without lay at.Achmfnu. Call aad examiaa? At J AN N K VS. oc 13 Ira >4^ Pcnnayleaaia avenue. WNBW CLOAKS. B BirtUii day received from New York a beaati'al a*?o>tment of aevttyle Paliand Winter CI.Oa jis, wh aa the Arab. Zonave and other ty'M. in Blank and t rench Clothe. Meo. fUun nd Striped Ciotha. ?H?' which we off* low. ?oalS TAYLOR t HUTCHISON. COUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, ho. TYLKM'8 COMPOUND SYR UP OF O UM ARABIC 1 feu P ud pKipalar Cvugu KnJi Ui t^?Ws?bs?iBrfrasg aussb ? AUCTION SAL88. Bf J. C. MoGUIRE 4 CO.. Aietiw??rf. fiTACK9 OF CORN FOR SALE AT AUCO no*?On morfuAY AFTtRNOOV, 0?t?bnsth, M4*'c oak, on Ut? premise*. eor*?#r ?r.ttentn wmI L ?tr**U, V* ?h*.i ?!! ?boat )? ? 1, C. WeOlTlRK A CO. A??* By WALL A iamaid. AKtionwra. Co'ner of Ximtk ft. mm4 tomtk ?W? ? / Fo ao. /ItOCKRlES, LIOUOR? akd CIGARS AT Ur AiCTTO*.-On TOWDAYMURMNW, Kti'c.otl.Vi will Mil, la frost of >h* A coop \xhii. > iff* stoofc of prine Groceries, t,:q>lors. SO (MMpntl' g? Barrel* RetnrflKrd \ oliow Pacars, J*t?. Rin and B?rr{ Cil*, Chests Imperial. Young Hyoocaad B'.aok Teaa. Boxes Sperm and Aaamantlno Car.dies. Bout Caiti e UUr? aud Brown Roat, C lores, Gtnrer, anpiwi Ci?E*i?<B iW/lfjr, Bokm Stareh, 6rourd and fcxtract Lone#, Boxes and Cans of Mast&rd and gw*et Oi . Boxes I dn*>. Clothes Pins# ad ik ks, Rose* The wing Tohtceo, at-oodjureo: b'auu . RarelaHerrings. Barrels and OcUrotBrnndr and Whiskies, Basket* Champagne. Ao , Ao. . . .i,. gj imi, cm m?i mmw noil 01 w UiMdiij , foraaaroved ecdnraed Dot oo27 d wall *. barnard, a??u. WILL BK ADDKD?<>n imoiM of *k?gi it ntT k>Mfm,uiil cold at U o'clock 2 oaaea 20 M. each, Punctualdor Sejar?, 1 do 23 do l.a Norma*, 2 do )n do OMnu 2 do )A da H *<*? , 2 do 10 do rami ham. LA Iri*, 1 do an do Load re*, 25 ?un par* 9tw t Oil. 23 boxea now oropt Rataiaa. 1 he Dr-aleri v? invited to thia Mia aa it worthy their attention. oc 27 WALL A BARNARD, A?to. By A. grkkn Auotioneor. VERY KXTRNSIVK PAWN brorpr*S v 8*1.* or mitllmid ptldo**. at acctlmb. On THURSDAY, November lat, at 1? t'tJoekt. m., i ?ha.i sail at m> Auouoa Mo- ma. Seventa atreet,o?rner D a vary Im* colleeUoaoi anredeomed pled?e?. aumfiiM ia p*rt? Kxtra ft Uold and Wm Hutiai Cm#and L*ver and other W? ohea. l>o Fine Gold Neck, Fob, and Vest Cfeama, Genta* Di?iw>n<i,an-1 other HrwM Piae, Ladiea Saperior Uold Pmaaad Ear Kmga. Single or ia mi. Hf?TT Gold Seal, Plain ?r.d Fanev Finger Rmge. Together with an axteanva variety of Lartw app&. e', Pueh %> Mianrt, Cray* and other Sfeawla. ' ilk and V lvetanu ?;loth Capea.and Coat*. Silk a-.d of he- Dr*a*ea, ? ?r?. Cuff*, ft*.. Jka., Gent era'n'* w**nrg app?r*l, aaeh M Overooat', Kr?okand !> ? ?, do PanU, Veata and Fu n iihing Good in great variety, AI?o, Kevo vera, Moaical laatrainenta. Two aupcifioe KlutN And a arge variety of other anteee too awavone to enumerate in the liratta of aa advertisement. Sale f> oommenee wi?h Watch't and J?*elrv. ISAAC HKR/UKKG. Pawn B o >kf," oo V7 A GtEfc.N. Alit By A. GREEN, A notion?er. Extensive s*le of bam>m)menew krmuie AND PIAWOS AT ACCTIQH?O* ThUHSDA* the*ih mat. at in o'c oeka. ra., I a'.all at the wareroom. Na 3IHJ north D etraot, b*tva?B 6?h 4 7th nrrrti trft.n eioeltontM(o'tmtnt of New Furniture. We enumerate ia Mahogany and Walnut Parlor Peta, with Bro- I cateii* CoTrnnr, ocmprUinf ! Tata a Tatca, 2 Arm, and C Pa lor Claire, Fine Mahogaty Marble tup Dreeaing and other Bur<*aa?. Fine^Mahogany Marble top Center. Bide and Sofa Fm? Mahogany Whatnot*. Coraar Book and otfcer standi. Finn M&horftnT Hair pmthinnpH ami nn* l,ounge?. C*?tor, Arm and Roekiag Chain, Fin* Mfciiotary, 6ne Jenny Uud, Frtkekind other BtdiCtdi. Cin? fit (J (Tup, D.ubi, Reception and Chamber Ch?iri, Fin* Wfc'nut aiKl Mah^taor Wardrobe*, Bookoaae acd Secretaries, Fine MarHe-top Cottage and Hall Mi, China, tflasa and Croakerp War*, With a large rariet? ef other Far.itar* vhioh we diem uitbec i>arf to rbumerata. Also, three Seoo-.d hand Piano For*ra. one ofvhJeh it Tdry aueenor, wit^ t*tool and Cor r. Term*: Ail Kama nnder caah j war |tla oredit of 2. S and 4 mui ha, fur cote* eaUaiaitoiiir endoraed, h anng inte-eat B*inr compelled to novtoit of th* how* by tba ai ?i i^oyrinorr, Dir|ti < nay # "1 Hf IK> oo 33-d A. 6RE&N, A not ct" the above sale *i?.l be con tinoad on tuesday, the 90Ih mat, ??me boor. oo 26-d A. liRKEN. Ac?t By WALL A BARN \RD, Anct.oQMrs. C<r*rr Ninth it. mnA sntk tide Pa <r. Excellent furniture. carpets, .MiR?na% iiim and Gn<i Wars at Arc t105.?On J HCRSi)A\ JK RMNO, Noraatjer i*t, at l<> oVJ >ck. ws wi 1 sell, at tin foeMuu Roon a. the Furr.itaro and H'U?enel?1 Ff^ta of J B. Kirtlaiid, Em i e:nov?J for conv*c:eiio? of oo"'priiiin<? Tate a T?w . Lonn**, and Parlor Chair*, uphol terod in orimaon n k damtfk. R i Reoeptiitc, tacoi Larceand Sma.l Arir, Chair# and K<>ok<*r, Hlir ae&t K.a?) , Pi<l*. and Cottage Chairt, Rosewood Marbi*-top Center Tiw??. Gilt Frame Kreneti t'late Mirror. 7o by 'A. aad Bracket, Velvet and B u?tela Ca-peta, Ruga, L~ama?k Cart?ina?nd Shan't Heavy So id Oak Extension Ta1 e and D kbi Chairaand Sideboard, Roaewocd HatT v?, at d Ra't'nth. Rawvood F.teim.fl'iftTi and l.oair-. Solid oak and Waiaat Caaaibar Seu, full Jflarbleala < iiure-iui and Waaintv dr, Walnut ard Cottage n<?d?tea it, Waahitsnda, and Toilet ^u, Sprint Cnrkd Ha.r, Shack, aad Cotton Mattreaaea. French China aa4 Glaat War*. Stov. a and kitchen I- urniture, to. Term*: 93U oatl?; over that amcunt, a credit of 31 and to day a, for approved enlor?-d i o.ea, bt-ar i ii I uiiricui, WALLA BAKNARP. Aeets PERSONAL^ MADAME FELIX, Fortune Teller from Pan* !?fs iMre to nlorin her former friend*, and the public f enerally, that ih? has removed ;o 3in Ninth str-et, northeast corner of N, where the will he happr to ??e all who Tray desire to have the past, present and future satisfactorily explained. oo I I - lm* . DR J.H.8CHKNCK. THS LOSQ DOCTOR, of Philadelphia, will be in WashiQcton, at the Drui btore of 8 II. Wiiti. corner of 8event*i street and Loui?i?na weens, un Wtdn>*day. Oct* btr 31 s(, professional 1 j. He is to* proprietor of ?ch?ick'? PtTLMonic 8Tacr. the inrtoitor of fcHksri's KzmftoMVTta, the only tnst srrect that ean. to a oertair ty, dnteet. the slic^tost mar tnur o; me r<n?ir*tory urcanft. Thia it of great importance to t^e ooruurnptiye. Mur eniMut cbyticiar.a make *reat n.nukM in exaiamicB lunga. and louf irtotio* to b?'cm? familiar vita ewrr eoand or ra&tlioa of ft bronchia) Tab*. PaUenta com# to Or geheuok to ret exvnlned th?* have Men iiMiMd by tnci family phyaioian, vboto'd them that om lunc wm aimat |?m. when,by a ouwe examination with the Krrf rom^ter. it ia often fonoi that it ia an "tf^tinn or the bronchial tube* and by setting a healthy ac ion of the liver and toaeto the atomaeh. the aaflVrer is aoon reetored to health. medioi** t' at will ttop a conch ia oertain death to ma p%t:-nt; it loo*s up the liver. itoyi the circulation of the blood hienorrago follows. and la tact, topping the acuoa of the very onaui that caused th" oou( h. Liver Complaint and D??p?peia are the ?aass of two third* of the oa?es of C?a<aaptioa. Her*on? ore at this time ornup aiaing with oail fain in tee ?id?, bowoia *o "ettmdoo'JiUve aui s? too to >a . tone le ooet?d, pain is the shoaldsr blade, fee ling aometi?r*s very restless and at other time* drowsy; everythi ng that m eaten lies heavy on the sonaion. aoidity, beiohin^ op wind. Hand reds are oomplaining at tbis time in tnia way. L?t them tafcs a heavy ?old and before they get rid of it, then innthfr than lk> ?i? ? !.? ???? . , ? - H - vu- IM" ?ovw m ii*t ?v wv? vuvh ie tne tine to go t Dr. Seheack and jet i our langa examined: th<-n is the tiuetoanow what cough m?dioine to take. Stop that eongh aadden and then the iuase. liver and eio?raah are ?ll pat into aa ia a-uve etate, and be/ore the pati* nt ia avare of his ituation the lunge are a nau of acrea and death Digit imii follow. Soheaat'a Pulmonic Syrup ia an expeotorant, hot it doee not contain aay opium ?r any thine to oheok aooaca eaddenly, bat iT a*ded with the Seaweed Tomoand Mandrake Pilla, ia tare to parir? aad carry off all diaeaeed auttler from the ayetem. Dr 8. haa a a amber of pereone, in thia eity, that ean be referred to, that have been in the laat itaifa of Contain ption, and eared by hie medio) nee He doea n< t wiah to be anderatood that whee large are cone that he can make new oaca. bat when one ia aoand and th? other may have *ait? a oavitt in it it ean by careful treatment he ripened, aad diaeaeed matter oarried off. aod the iitiwt ?? w?;i For ? Uoroaah mmiu<ioa with hia Kaapiro??Ur h? ahftrgea S3, bat It often hftppena Ha faUMU do not r^nrtftn ex%rniBfttion with tha Raapno mater, fta ha fefta fcftd aaoh ft ftrga axparienoa he oftn datoot ftt (Iftnoe waa ^ar (Hah ? axftouafttioa u neoeaaftry. *11 profaaaional adriaa mna Paraoaa daairona of oonealtaac Dr. S. hftd katUr ftTfti* thamaal vaa of thia opportuaity, fta hia ftftlla *<aa where ftre ao numerou* that it ia lmpoaaible for him t* vmt Wftahinfton a vary week fta ha ftt ft rat taainailfttM. JAM. B. WAITS. Am t for WaaJuaatan aity. no# oft ha PaimoniO>rnip, ftl per tattle, or fS par half dozen; Heaweed Tone, ft par hottle.o' #5 perfcftlfdoieo; Mssdrmka Pi] la, ? eeota par box. ? B Iw ii!i v. fidch. w?. v. aicaarxu. NMW FIRM PftBNCH * R1CH8TEIN, < Smcttunt la Wmt. F. Bm*l* I Who aaftla ftad Retail Daaiara ia BOOKS, 8TATI0NKRY, am? PERIODICALS, ? No at8 ?? ? ^Waddiru and Visiting Cards neatly ea graved Faje"and Eaveloeee stamped with Iaitial vitk 1 out ?jttia chart*. Sabeoriptione teeaived for all tke Weekly Papera and Ma^zmu; alto, Nrw Vorfe Herald, TOm, Ca'l and examine oar steak. izaxfitrf>&&rsi?t. and Phi adflpkia. oa? Ua h K () I. B ' S "OBHil-. . I c*ain.C?iH, Lttmftwwmwm Tmkoat I AuXvaM. MW tv* I .? Li-' '>1 ti) ri Tuvz^:i^^ 7 r- ?-< *.* --? A? M 4?Wm I?m lirrw, nwi *TNii| iAw tkr?i|i U? Pi Jw thwM iW ? f full ?rti?i?w, T??? riM Om Hm4w?. PlttM Wtr*J?*^rf, Vim ttoU ?n4 film WitehM, Dry Good*, P- r hM*y, Ac., a ltrt* mm t-m+vt ?f ** ?*? mmd MOM, CMiUN ? .. Ivorr Kbit**, Kutm iU Porta, Olil?r?. C .* ??, Ae. JLiao. Him>u *m Mertio*. , . _ t?IHI (U<; ^M/MAtSMALL. AM*. T T > . ^jfjrVRJS DAT*. By mown * ? V A*OE SALE Of fROCCKWT im?U^9 MUMUi'' JuiS 1 > Vt 4? cfe\'. --- " 7 Or, eke v u4 eiwt *??,. MM ol> haorv * -Haiw?bu?., fc Napju. MMtDiikM.Gruau CreaiB Pitcher*. OttlU WUN ritokere. Toilet M*. Do 8*1*' anri l'? Pota, Freaofe China S?| at d Bruaft Tray*, Do Matah R-iaa. Do Motto Mac* ft? * IM Mta of Kai*?* and Foraa of (liferent kiada. To* ether wiUrajrentra aaaortaeat of Croat err TWai oMk oo?H (Int.) BONTZftGK1FPITH. Aeeta ?f J. C. MoOUIRK ft C??.. Aaotioeeore CJUPRRIOR RO8BWOOD 8KVKK OCTftVF. o Piano Fobtb, iiitwoai Fcamrrak *ki> Hninioui Effect* at Pcblic Acctioi???n 1 MO.NDA \ MoRNlM6.0ot?.b?rX>*?,e,,k. at tli* r*?i4oeo* rf *. j. i.a*k*y. K** No 191 ? etreet. between *ttli aed >U . we ihall eetl hi* Furniture ud Houarkold t B-cta, ontnpr.einf? Sa eerier Rt.eewood e*rrn>?Otan Piaae Fort# *f Raioh a boot ft Rob, . . Kleraat aait of WaiBBt Parlor Kami tare, ftmafcad la Blu* and Gold B;o* t*ita.B?d *n?*'*a.( of ? Bona, I lar?? Arm and Pari^r Ckairt, Roeewood and ft a eit Ma-h t M Ta*x#e. Silt Muvl Clock. ckm Vhm da* Chandelier. \V?ImI WhWnot, rtilt Frame Mirror*. Naaoran* B<* h??. Mftltoiur!<?c>*Ury. Corner B?ok*taod. Do Hair *?at tad Rush Ml Cha rm, Velvet, Medallion an Br ".eel* Carpeta, Hal! Hat Tree, i ann<k 1 .o?ni?. Reoliniog and Rmj Ch*ir*. (Hair Ca Natwcaa Sideboard. Kxteuaion Doing Tabla, Oak Franch Dining and arm ? fairs, %" French China Dinner and Tea 9*<vhM, I Table Caller*. Waiter*. Ca tor. 4e I Waiaat Jenar LimI Bedstead. | Marbe-to* Dreeaiug Bureau* an* Washataad*. Walnut ward obe.lret Bedstead, I Bmailed Cott?f* ?rt Shade*and Cnmia*. and Haak Ma;ire?a?e, Bo.*i?t? and Pillow*, icerato , Cot. k ne Stove and Fixtaraa, ? i Urate and *ir tlthtStoraa. Tocathrr with lln a?aa; eerortewot of Kitthei* K.rq?iai'o?, Term*: #?> iai aad?r oa*k: or? that irnt a credit of fln as4 W mil, for aati ftotorilr oa4<>rao4 I no boa'inf inWrMt | .P.8.-Tk?Ho(M tafor raat. Uqatr*ofttiAsa L tiODMTI, 0<ad J. C- MeQUIRB A CO., Aoe?a. f By WM.'MAR8H\L:., Aaoticaaor. I lit M 7(4 itrut, 044 FrUotes' Hull Handsome firmii ke. carpet*. Oil Cloth*, Plated Wm, C?;?a, Situ, up Uociiit, Ac, at A ccno* ?on Ttkfe DAY NuKMMG. Octobrr 3 tk, at M> a'eloak I villa?ila large ud handsome MtuitMil of tfca atv>? food ? 3 Hfcwaom* Rate of Broeate Fa rait Bra. Or? ard 6oM, Maroon and Garoett. Harp.* and UokL Mahoc*ij. Walbat and Rui'tck*) Centra Table*. S*a, Ch*ir*. Wandiobea Wa>hi aada, *e? ne and W o4 Chair*, Roekrre, Ae , Broaaala, Velrai. an<t Incaia Ca.rp*ta. Rua.At., Large aaaortment China Giaee, Crooker*. A*.. H anketa. Mattreaaea. Hair.Shnak i.H l attoa W ith a larf a??<>rtment of other Goods. 8a NtltlTt to olotr rontlinarnt oe?St (li>t) Wm. MARSHA LI.. A?1 By CLEARY ft GREEN. AitUooMrt POSITIVE SALE OK BOOTS AND 8HOF.8, JL Stoke Furra-a, ftc. a* AVCTloB.?Ob THURSDAY MORNING. Norembar 1 t. w ahalTa*! If) u'olook, at ato-e No- > ' eoatti aid* of Paan arenne. hetve'B 4H and *Ut ttrWi icuraiate* BDdrrtha Brrotlimdge A-aoeiaboa Ridim, a la'je and ftn? assortment of Boots, Shoo*, ooosiaticcof? Men and Boys' In* Ca'f and Patent l.aatbac Bonti, Do heavy Hoots and fchoaa, Yootha' fin# Boots aa<1 Snoaa, ladies' Gaiters, B x>ts, fchoea and StiM?ra, MiiM* <*o do do ChiMraa'i do do d? Together with a (eaeraJ aaaortm'Bt o4 toe Faoey Show. \ M Boot and Shoe Pm w?ra, mad* ia the but A 4 ChaiieUe-a, doable hiriert, I Go yard* O.loloth, oa floor. ^ < Lot oroiua Door and I'Mfi ? Alao, two fena fh#w Wmdowa. mvwmIn It I f'uat of H. bi'M't Sko* 8tor?, on lortk uoi of I Pane. 4venu*. and 6 h I Twrtnt All amna ?nd*r $W?tih; otm (Wacradtt I "I SO and SO aaya, for aotaa aatiafaatorily Miomal I b'arinc lotareat I <*>??< CLFARV A GWBKM.AkXi 1 Br J. C. MaGUIRK A CO.. A?cti< nam PLEGANT ANTIQUE CARV' D PARIS u xtM CABIXKT Fm^irraB, PPLBNDU1 6ILT at BIOXII -AKTEL CUICI, CARDILIBB *? ari? iiAIBLLSBTlCKa To BBaTCB, b cb gbbbb am got.d )b**ebt mbvici. Bo Ulll bLAII Wtkt, Fbbmch Cni!?a 1)i***b ajid Corria wabb. (iai t'llA*t>BLIBBa. MlBIOH CaBPBT*, Ou THI'RH1>AY MOKMNb. NurMtor lai, At 10 o'elook, in U? tpAoioa< ra orooii of c. Wv*4var *b Uui d D(*. thrwa uoora w?t of U* aarU?a room*. (where ih? articla# liar a km arraaced fm oonrenienoe ot aa>.) wa abail aall tha Fuititura a d fcfocts of Mra. Th*?odo?iaStrcUar, wk?fa vaa all parchaaed ia Paria. cow ant i< t~ ?ait ofao id O&t Antiaita GarrM Library Farmi- ; tare, n >n?i, tirf of b*fa? two Ana arc tear ( fcida Chaire, two Br* kca???, Wnuiit *nd Coa- I io f Tattlaa, ail emtnaitr j oarrad, ?_d aaat I Baka'ijamaak Cownd Eaay aa<1 Fancy Capha, I W%lnBit Morocoo Covered juim Cba.r?. I Oak CAor iwl f)in at and R u?h ?f*t Chaife, f Row wood and Walnut Marb *-t?B i ahla?, Foar el'tant Gilt Frain* Mantel Mirrora. a Ob* vary tar la Piar Giaaa, I Paint.n<a and Eocraviona, ' Han<i?ome Roaawoorf and Walnut Saoratary aad Wriuef Daaka. Whatnot*. | Mirrora. Fron W ard'obo, OrMain'Tabla, I Sp ondiJ Gi<t Gac Oan"? leraand Piztaraa, 1 Waloat fc.liz\b*than ani Jeunr . tad Haitatiaia, V. Haatdaoaw ? a : alah l>raa'inc Baraaaa, VtaBk iud'JI iuu L?miO"aN, m l. Fnthrtr BeOi, Uair MmIikki, Ik.'cUrt lad N BHnke'i. Shertieir, Toii.t SeU. HwMm Mk.Ckiutta.u4 i .*ot Cartel n?r Cor_ nio?t Jk?'1< and K.xUirrt M Oak Extension biung Tahiet, I Ofck M4*ki?r4 KU|*ra, I ttaperbfiraaa nwi Hoi ttoiteniM 61m* DhmK I S*ty:o?, onat #rm, I HnoH? >;npiy Dfwortw* Prtnch China Dinner Dm - I mttni CnlTri l^rno E Rich Crystal NtGiMi A ar?, 1 biivaf af*???d Cutori, W?it*T?. CMton, Cito I Ba \?U. T<.? ????, Spooa- and h urka. I El*f ant Bro' Bowl. Cu4 eat i oka, I C?nf nut l'k*ir?, i } V#!*?'., Urn a?r ! ?<] T It roe pi? Carpata, ... ^ To;etn?r ?ith?(>Mrtl uc rtrasnt of flriMMN ] Mcq?i?:lr?. m Trrwi: ?na undaf ??-h: om tut (Wft M OreJit of uJ 9j Uaj? Jar ?&UifeolOf ilj (MtMIM 11 tea ie? ir;? inu-T.?t | |j^ 8 ?C? a!o will be ?few ri*fa mm* I ' J?U-4 J. C. MoGL'IRK k. CO^AmU. I Rf J. C. MoGI'lRE k CO.. A*e in?in. I EX TKN^IVK SAl.KOP KI'RNITUMK AMD I tirrac.a er C?irau'? H?iit -OillUN- I UA V MuK X i.NG, \ov*int?ar V . >. MUWUI * 1 16 o'elo. k and Defining ant 1 ui? wm?m1w- i hoatd of. w? cha.l a>il tke anUra ParMtora aad I E facta o" i?'? Hot*.' va awrik i I alrifflt nnanritr *- * ? finiti'*, k? , ol r rti ruom, m: I Meh<>tanv hair apring a?at tk>fa?. ftuokm. Am I ? heir* m4 PlrinftJtoiri. I Mi b!e toy Owtr*. 8 >fe ei.4 9id? TaVee. I M?hoc?ny C?r 1, ttri?ekfeet end WriUef Tfcfctai. I M end p:ar GIlMM, I iiemeek tut* Oiiiats CarUiea, l-*? CarttlM Ml Cornio*. 1 Can-aeat Chairs, LM|?i. Eut CVeir*, m RlU-Mt Okwri FlM'TtbM, Wi nut. Mtkntuf. ?m< aohd Caerry Kreaek We'eeda.o. ike .!?! mekr, . _ Wetcut auJ .Si ehany -Herb1* lop Oreaaiag P?- m Mil, . Meho?en? an'! Taint** \Vv>)"'iiN, WmmUW. 9m *nparior Cwukw B d?. Hatr tad Beak MiUrNWi mm Bo at ra eo?t Pillova, M E?<x?>lnt B enkrta. ^'iwfwta Wmtm4*. la re* tiuuibtf of Xhmum$, ftte* OiqflM ?ai Tow?:?, TbrM Ingrain C*r??ta, ft'l?loth. Matt nr. Crwk *0 , f Chic* 0>M?. Cro?k?rT War*. I T?hl? ? bU? ry, li nk -Un W???, CuUm, WalMm, 1 r?ritfrttor, r >vn of nnon ki?d% i Ala*, un Trry raporior Hil,|trd Tfcbto, * I Bar ro"m Furtare* .waloto. .jj .. Tot?<k*r vitkft Itrct ?u >rta*it ot |mhMi<T ?*e%v&s?9BJr>rxr3f >l?li fir id m> i? 11 for r?i taaak* M I i Tho?.W&Wfcreifcm r ."r vmm vi ? n?W? ft V MTV lilO A |H| W Oun Kurmtui*. . jsur *"*rtwi?a#a?A?' if It M _ >*rnm _ Such M Bracelet*. K^r-ringi, Fob (* ?, r*SacklMM, JljMt^ltie^OeeE Cfcw N-~" * oe !< Itti* firtiwifi, f?. G f xno nu*. ? ^"^fisiSE f TY c*i"' Ttfl|f vw^ * * I

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