Newspaper of Evening Star, October 29, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 29, 1860 Page 1
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# ' (ffibtmug $kx. V2il- XV1 WASHINGTON, P. C.. MONDAY. OCTOBER 29. 1860. N?. 2.402. 1THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED BVBRT APTRRNOOIT, t&TNDA YS EXCEPTED,) AT THI STAR BUUJMJieS, Corner /PtMrflwmttMmmtnue mnd 1UA St., >T W. D. WALLACH. PifM ???d ia riitirn b? tiirUn ll Ml I . or it Mats per month. To im>1 sat?eritoee? th* prioe rt fSJ? a t?r, m mJramc*; $2 for W raUt, $1 for three mouth*; and for iase than tnr?e months at therat* of 18 Mats a **t Single eoptoe, tlicuti >n wrapper*! two cut*. (17 A DCHTkniiHTi (rtoald be sent to the ofice befcwa 12 o'oicok ra ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. TRINITY CHCBCH AND "II. E H." The New York 6atnrdsj PreM g?U off the following bitter !Htir? upon the famous doings at Trinity Church, on the occasion of the receat Tirit of the Prince of Wales : K.U.* Ul? mm A PICTt'KX. (A fur Wait Whitman ) k i * 4re*\rv and desolate day' low-hanging sky, leaden-colored and lnI gubrlous, drip* constantly 1U chilling | Wet deserted streets, vistas of oulet gloom, | dolefnl persona with umbrellas llltting ' away here and there. A cold, disconsolate wind, sighing loosely about. ? Mournful morning of Tenth Month, the Lord's I day, the nineteenth 9?nd*y after Trfnlty. I A solemn olce of bells. It istims. 4. 44 The Lord la In Hie Holy Temple: let ail the earth keep aileiice before Him." ft. A chariot with boraea?other- vehicles glVe place?the progress of a Royal Person, the attendants mosdy flunkies. Rapid the trot to the sanctuary, duly muster the spectators, the maasive portals are opened. Ho entera.the flunkies following? It ia arcorapliabed?la there anything more? Patience. Let ua see. 19 This is the House of God?thoae having tickets may eater, may approach the throne of grace, may beho oe Royal Person. Tbe place la full. > earts of contrition. Thoughts of humility. Ticket-Bearers la flne raiment! It is a sweet spectacle. Drswntgh! Merge with tbe crowd! Let the heart ever flow with devotion ! Bow down the heed in reverence! Beware of pickpockets! Torty policemen and \ superintendent! All is well 4. To think of the sanctities of the Holy Diy! Have you pleasure in seeing them well pre(served ? Have you joy In brazen buttons ? Have you comfort in prayer ? Repose trustingly. Lo, an Executive, singleeyed, a Cycfope, a many-banded Briareus' . . . Worship peacefully in the Holy Temple' 5 l)o mn minv n.m ?n.. u>-< billltcs that may be lacerated ' . . . Look? they bear out a fainting woman?a man also?limp, livid, lifeless creatures, ghastly amid tb? multitude' Pious ardor' holy religious enthusiasm ? bow tbe vast crowd thrTUa with devotion ' . . FTf comes . . . C Are yon a j"?dge of pretty things, a delicate, epicurean connoisseur? . . . \\ bat circulates there among the people, passing from band to band ? what murmurs of delight are those? Look! it is also for your pleaaure and for miM; press on, therefore, and bazz with tbe rest. / To think whit joy we shall have of it 7 The Book of Common Prayer: atimuvuh bAC^uiuc, I;iu?s 1/1 MUD) ICU BpftTKIf of morocco, glint of gold, the clasp curiously fashioned, the coat two hundred aud fifty dollars. Ichdien! Dollars! What words are tbeae, .bearing tbc soul heavenwird! What ecboea. softly floating in the dim arcbcs overhead' . . . "Tbe Lord la in His Holy Temple: let all the earth keep silence before Him!" a } A moment?a sudden flash?the strong deareadiog shock of a vital Inspiration. . . j He cornea. . . . I 9. What is this spectacle, splendid, significant, j stupendous' i'agenat of the Church, reverend quartette of biahope, soldier* of the Crow, followers of the I.arnb. Surpllced servants of the living God, thirty, ait In number,?answer and say what U this' 10 He comes. . . . Now Indeed there la Silence Before Him. 11. Bow down, white figures In yonder <*baneel! Bow down, bisbopa! Reverend clergymen, bow down before Him Advance bearer of maces: Flaunt In your liberal state! Peal ?ut, strong, sobbing organ ! Break up, troubled and struggling sea at music : Burst forth, storm of sound! And yon. with of melody, engulf all haman hearts! . . . 1J It is finished, the words are spoken, the sound bas died awny. He Is gone. . . . Out from the dim chancel, reverend bishops , and clergymen ! Disappear white robes of priest* and of singers! Four f irth nim* i wor*hipper? from?the Home of God : i *fnto the atreeta once more?tbe rain of AuI J tumn?t&e chill, sighing wind. . . . | What tramp of ?u-^d? on tne wrt pavement! I What disappearing shape, there la the I gathering saidow . . . l Pas* on, aa!at* and sinners! You have wor^ shipped well! Rest under the peaceful % night, slow moving from tbe East! A No longer Before Him, Soldiers of the Croaa! L . ' No longer Before Him. BJ W illi am Wnm. Graxd Socth*** Cusv*stios.?A grand V Soumern Coo Tent ion will be held lo Macon, I Georgia, in December next, to continue for three I wtrti Tiia papen say that the great objects of I convention are the patronage of an enlightened I. practical agriculture?tne opening oF direct eijH>rt trade of the great staple product of the *NtU with continental Europe?tae patronage of oWtbrm manufacture*?to unite In closer bonds tbqpe great interests, and to elevate tbe standard of ancu by tbe recurrence of social, Industrial and International furs The first week of tbe fair will be devoted to tne exhibition and sale of foreign and Si??tueru Manufacture*. The Americar. ship Henry (s announce to sail with a cargo of foreign good' from Antwerp, on tbe 25tb last , for Sivan* nab direct, s-lected by the Hon. Joorpn Barbiere, Commissioner oftbeiHate ofTennenee in Delviom eMtanY. Kraiice and PwltrerWad?expressly for thonxuloiUou and southern toad?, which will bo lorflpe to planters, merchants and visitors, while too exhibition continues. Tbo second week of ifcafel* wli eraktses Iks rmdurtiui ?r ik. I tatioa firm, garden, orchard, vineyard, houseI fcoMfend dwineatie manufactures, mechanics and laTVti Agriculture will be the leading and >U!KS.W feature of the exhibition?assigning the grmfmUwie produeU of the 9ooth a prominence MMrbelore conceded by any agricultural orga1 ItHN 11 Sax Fbancisco ?The following Is I fr<fe ike Alta California :?The Roman chariot raca oyer the 1'ioneer Course was a curious attrac? ti? . and drew crowds. The dri vers were M lases ilcrti nse Steveaawn and Annette Baker, who drove iBw three beats araoad the course at full gaiioa. They ^ were dressed la Essnan tonics, with not a superflulty of drapery, while the trappings of the horses (double transj were la imitation of ancient reaslla, such as la seen In the aatique paintings M TM . sst heat waa made la 2 minutes Iv secouds, m the Second In 2 minutes i5 seconds, the third tn * I al^ksMMMds-ilw two competitor* easing Iia nfy uctrijf uae Dy >iar, but Mia Sterfuou t ahifc the prize, which *11 a diamond crow from Tmmr't jewelry e The crowd cbeerod treaaaaday, bala ru high, and tLere waa aaaacltgwterail*. Tim drlviag waa remarkable far m daHug and rapidity. i Oa* r iu n Attmft or CoiiricTi to Ekui 1 ra?y^MiTUTii>T -A few days since, a gang I ofOTttoj-rite Penitentiary eoovtcta la the Prlaoa I at J allot, till ) tovk advantage of tbe paaaiag oat } W Mm ?U of aome viattocs. aetsod the guard. I kdMliiim down with a hammer, wreated tbe I maifcaifrum him. aad acamptred off Tbe guard I rrSaiD*d hia feet, overtook the coo In? in aiier a aevere aUu^gla, i?o??>d hi* lantoL. JIf tod . ait ?he?*er in hit packet, jn ?Tna ?kM, to >b?< iw?o(tb?coiiTlcU 1b the fcSifufchliag vtotoii twoottora returned irraiedt #wa acMr^ (v? Oihrra ctcipul to jftt^OrriciuLi Dtcm."?A patUmter an toflWtotttt<-4 of a ctorgeof Intemperance rrplled acknowledging tfce corn," bat lneieted to was aliv druok '* Ilia frteadn appearing to take Internet \p fciia and It belac atown ttoc hit A oftcr ?ru??i coodoct?*, tfc* Department coift rutr-d to rrtrloek LhU ftnt offtac* in tbe hop* of jm ?erm?nent aef?rSMtioa; but with ? potnte* i?UI* BklxM, however, Uul feptUNM of It mid ?dkialy CIUN Mo ramonl ? V. S. Ifatl. , 4,- ffy It U only ? few bund/od rm tioce bu? "ddttioool MM, mm the French I In addition to,) were flr?t uoed la (ireot _ Political Itfai, The Charleston MrrcQrjr n)i: "If Mr. Lincoln were to rotne out and declare that be held sacred every right of the South, with respect to African slavery, no one should believe him; and, If he was believed, bis professions should not have the least influence on the course of the South." The visitor in the town o? Columbia, tbe capital of South Carolina, says one of our contemporaries In that State, will have his attention attracted by a small blue rosette, with a Palmetto button in tbe center, upon the bat of every other man be meets. On inquiry be will be told that those wearing this badge sre Minute Men, pledged to form the nucleus of a resisting army In tbe event of Lincoln's election to the Presidency. Tbe ' Guardian" says: " The leading Idea of ths organization?Its watchword, In fact?Is the paramount duty every man own his section, himself, ana an dearest right*. This is held to Impose the primary obligation to sastain aoutbern constitutional equality in tb? Union. Should that unhappily fail to be achieved. It m the purpooe of thta society, relying npon the sympathy and rapport of their fellow-citizens of the South, to use every honorable means to establish southern independence out of the Union." The Hon Daniel S Dickinson, of New York, hu concluded to give au energetic support to the fusion electoral ticket in that State He made a speesh to this effect at Bingbampton last week, nod had previously written Tn the same strain to John A Gre^n. chairman of the Breckinridge State Committer In his letter, which is dated the ISth Inst., he says: " The national democracy now. though deprived of their chosen medium for supporting the eminent standard-bearers of their faith and hope?Breckinridge and Lane? cannot fail to aee that the election of their fhvorltes must, beyond all rational doabt, be secured by the success of the Union ticket, and, without that, must be nearly hopeless; and that no other candidates can expect to be helped by It. For this reason, no friend of Breckinridge and Lane should fail, falter, or hesitate, though he may not approve the mode, but avail himself with alacrity of the last hope and the only means left him of Insuring the election of chosen champions, and, with their election, of securing the perpetuity of the I'nlon, the recognised equality of the States, aad the suDremac.v of th? a rary organization has taken the reins on tbe electoral ticket for the campaign, and with them the responsibility; and now, tu give it full and fair pl?y, let all true democrats be faithful followers, thai all just expectations may be realised." Beau Hici***.?The Philadelphia Bulletin sjys:?Many readers of the Bulletin will remember tbe eccentric genius named above. Nearly twenty years age. when the beau was in his pflute'as a confidence man, he made frequent visits to Philadelphia, and some of his stavs here were quite protracted. Of late years ne has avoided this city tor some reason, and moat of those who knew him In by-goae days supposed that the beau had gone to settle about the only account he ever will pay, to wit: the debt of nature. But Hickman ttlll lima ? ?/! - ??? __ _ ? - - SU\? **I?U1U fx 4CW day* he turned up in New York, where be wn arrested on the charge of swindling a ladv out of a gold watch. It is doe to the reputation of the Individual to state that on being confronted with the complainant, she declared that a mistake had been m^de, and that the beau was not the mm. The latter when In Philadelphia, lived to use a phrase of his own coining, by his "shape and talest " He was a confidence man within the pale of the law, for. with the exception of unrequited board bills, ana the victimizing of an occasional credulous bootmaker or tailor, the beau returned a quid pro quo for what he obtained. The equivalent be had paid was the telling of a certain round of comical stories, which were peculiar to himself, and which were freely Interlarded with a set of quaint slang expressions, of which the beau was the Inventor. These expressions had sn odd force about them which made popular, and some of them have become national peculiarities. The telling of these stories always serured crowds of listeners, arid free liquors In abundance, for the thirsty Hickman: while the lunrh tables In the bar rooms he frequented, afforded him sufficient food to live upon when boarding house keepers were not tractable. Our American Swlveller subsequently took up bis abode In Washington city, where there wermjood pickings UMM{ the hangers-on of government We saw the beau in Baltimore at the time the democratic convention was in session there last summer. With the exception of some rather heavy lines around tbe mouth, and the crow's feet about tbe eyes, Hickman looked scarcely a day older than when we had last seen him in Philadelphia, nearly twenty years ago He was clad in a genteel suit of black, and he bad evident. If found credit with nome dealer in capillary tlutds. for his hair and urat mouittclie were dyed a jet black. The beat] had his ancient (wagger, and his quaint remarks concerning the trouble* la the democratic ranks were up to the old standard of tilckmanlsms. Abut Ixtkluormce?Col. Fauntleroy had bardlv garrisoned the new military station named after himaelX In New Mexico, when it became hi* duty to report a moat interesting Indian light On the UUtb S^jjU-rabef, while quietiy attending totbe orders of tneir posts, a sentinel guard of thirty United States troops were notified by one of their number of the proximity of a band of marauding Indians. A. herd of mules and oxen were grazing between the soldier's guard point and the camp The Ked-aklns plunged vigorously Into the fray, and made extraordlaary efforts to capture the herd, wfatehfailed, sevenjnounjfd men having gaiianuy r?pui?ra mem Tbey tried again, however. and succeeded In seizing the pr-jr, which was toon recovered by the soldiers. Tbree times io succession did the determined marauders obtain tbeir coveted booty and lose it. They were Anally routed, bat, owing to the supposed fact that they were fast rued to their saddles, do dead bodies remained oa the grouad. Five of the seven brave troops were wounded. A gallant kergeent, who ought to get a commission, commanded the United states forces. Dipthb*ia?This disease la prevailing very fatally in Cherokee county, N. C The Hendersonvtlle Presage says: "Poor died In one femtly, and others of the same faiuily were vary low at the last accounts. Two corpses were in tne house at the same time. One little girl was playing about the house as usual, (although she had had a sore throat for several days,) she lav down on the bed, and In a few mounts fell off of the bed a rorpae Another of the same family, a little boy, died quite suddenly, while lying on a little bed on the floor. Other deaths have occurred, and several others arc very low. I FT" The Catholic ladles of Beirut have organized a society for the relief of the widows and . orphans, and meet throe or four times a week, and peud half the day in making apgarments for the ne-dy These ladies (says a correspondent of the uv?*a irmnicn ntvf mwr an appeal IC (HP ladies of France for help la the clothing line. TMs appeal baa been taken up la Eogland| and sent to all tbe British ladles of wealth and distinction The American aad English ladles bare been wnrkMg for several weeks as a^ auxiliary society to the Aoglo-Amertcan Committee. ITT- TKJI I Miaa I. ' -? f -v mvmwvu pciiuwiuanv aiiu VCVftlf andinunthly, are swallowing up all literary talent of England. Tennyson writes for then, ao do Thackeray, Dickens. Trollop?, tfavage, Landor, Ruakln, tbe Brownings, I.ord John Kaseell, Lord Joha Manner*. and many others Books seem to be at a discount, but all the world finds time to r?*d the magazines and newspapers. Consequently the novelists, the poets, the art critics, tbe *cletktific men. the philosopher* submit to the law they caws* ispwl '1 Th* Patuioii o? St Pirn ?Of the province* which remain to the Pape, Rome and Ca fcarea have XM.504 inhabitant*; Civita Vecchia, A,701; Velletria. 62,013, and Frosiaaoe, KW.66M; a total of 560.9*7 inhabitants The PiedmonteM have deprived blm of the March**, fimbria and the province of Viler bo Tk? 41? t ? ?^ w *4 v11 \j ellC Marches is 824,055, of Umbria 47-J.639, and of VIterbo 1*29,373 Inhabitant* Thus 1,286,019 lnhabitanta have been withdrawn from the temporal away of the Pope. ET The San Franciaco (Cal ) A1U, of the Mth September, baaseen a speclinen of copper ore, containing fO per cent of pure copper, from a mine in Klmanth county about 40 rnliea inland from Crescent City There Is n boulder of equal richness at tbe aaioe, and tbe vein extendi to an unknown depth. The Alta believes It to be the ric bent copper mine la the world. IET A prize ef ?90 for the best May on the effort* of Sunday cab driving fens been won by Johrt Cockrann, a Leadoa cab driver. At tbe meeting at wnlch the prise wan awarded, Cocfcraun told bi? audience that the esse* consisted of 19,000 I worda, aad waa all written la the open air, on the topethlaoeb. , rtlT ? Cincinnati is hereafter to ha V? ** * * to dawn, moon or no Sr- The art of advertising is the glory of Yanom. For example, an ingenious'piece of mechanism haa lately been adopted at a tallor'a atore on Broadway, New York, exhibiting all the operations of tb? sartorial profession Three fig' urea capitally Imitate sewing?one employs the goooe?there la a dandy giving precise directions as to the cut of hia clothes, and an aaaistant quizzically measnres a large fcit man around the waist. IE7~ It la now proposed In Boston to lay out oul one large, long street, that shall be to Boston what Broadway is to New York. This street should be oae hundred feet hroad, and it la proposed to commence It at Washington street, near Essex street, and run it towards tbe Back-Bay lands through Bolyston market, and ilnallv parallel to the MlTidam. It is propWd that it should reach Brookline and Newton. <rr- The Israelitish journal, tbe Aurora, announces that a claaa In the Jewish religion has been found- d at tbe Gymnasium of Simphcropol, through the efforts of Mr Smolensk!, Direc'or of the schools la the government of tbe Tanrlda,and with the concurrence of Mr Frenitein, member of the Jewish Commission of the schools at Simpherppol. |H* Bishop Potter, of Pennsylvania, has declined a re-election to the Presidency of the Pennsylvania Colonization Society, and Mr. John P. Crczier has been chosen to till the vacant cbair In bis letter of declination, liisbop Potter declares Lis abiding faith in the enterprise with which he has been for so many years identified. i?7" A military company in Richmond. Va , consists of 55 members, composed of 2 ministers, 2 deacons, 3 class leaders, 2 lawyers, 1 doctor, 1 judged clerks of courts, 2 deputy clerks, 40 professors of religion, 15 religiously Inclined nonprofessors, 7 who pray In public, 26 Sons of Temperance, and 31) temperance men. |p" Dr. Joseph S Stone, who was shot by L. VTBliss, Secretary of State, under the provisional ?government of tbe Pike's Peak region, in a duel ast March, died from the effects of his wound on tbe 11th instant, after having suffered Intensely lor seven months. ~ I jp" The body of the Marquis de Pimodan waa sent to bis widow at Rome, t>y General Claldlnl, with this verse of Dante inscribed oq the cotlla: "Le ire non vanno &i di la del rogo." (Anger goes not beyond the funeral pyre.) IH7"The census of Vermont, It is stated, will show a decrease since 1850 of about four or Ave thousand This Is, we believe, the first Instance in the history of the country where the population of a State has receded In the course of ten years JUT"Col. Oden Bowie, the president of the Baltimore and Potomac railroad, publishes a flattering account of the prospects of the road, and appeals for the subscription of the amount yet wanted before commencing operations. H~7" On the first of November the railroad between Charleston and Savannah will be formally opened The Charleston papers are delighted at the prospect of a speedy communication by rail between the two cities. A druggist In New York, having a prescription for quinine, put up morphine in mistake, and killed a child in consequence. He has been held to bail in <1,000 to answer a charge of manslaughter. Lu7" The oldest Postmaster In the United States, who has never been out of office since the date of bla appointment, is John Rilling!), M Trenton, Oneida county, (N. V ) His appointment was made on the 19th of June, 1805. JET Thomas Hood died composing a humorous poem. He is said to have remarked that he was dying outof charity to the undertaker, who wished to urn a lively Hood. EDUCATIONAL. ! PA. 8. DcVILLIERS, ~ ROFF.S*OR Of the FRENCH and GERMAN LANGUAGES, 317 Eighth street, lietween Laud M, tin* the honor to announce to the pubiio that ha ha* returned h's lessons in the aliove language*. M.<1 has opened at Miss Wood s semtntry. 1 street, Iwtween U'tn and 13th ats , a French C.'a*s in which young ladies will he admitted. This cla^s will inret three timos a we*k at half-past 3 p. in. T*rms: #5 per quarter <f in weeks Satisfactory arranfem?nU made (or lessoas given in actiools. Mr de Viliiers offers tuo best references as to hia xea[, ability, Ac.. Ac oo24-lm T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish theirdau*hters to r?- 1 ceive a thorough and systematic education. where , their physical tiaininx wi 1 recivedaily and .special | attention, under the most approved syxtemof Caiis- 1 theme and Gymnastics, ar*i respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. aiul New York a v. , MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*, J au 30-tf ___ Principals. FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ! ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mrs. 9. J. MoCORMICK, Frihcipal. The thirteenth annual seaeion of thu Institution will commence on Tuesday, September I8lh, in the house recently occupied bySylve.ter Scott, Ksq., No. 1*0 King street. I The oonrso of study pursued will comprise all the branches reqiusito to a thorough FnglUli K'tu I cation, and Music, Fiench, Latin and Drawing, il i desired. In addition to day scholars Mrs. McCormiok in prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as hoarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will bo under her immediate oare and supervision. She will endeavor. ax iar a* possible, to sur- | round them with the comforts and kindly influences | of Home. Htfertnres.?Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. D*-. Khas Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg, William H. Fowle, | F.s^., F.dgar Snowden, fceq , Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Mariwry, E*q-, Lewis McKenz e, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, E?<i . \V. D. Wallaoh, Editor Evening Star. Keujamin Waters, Esq., J as. Enlwulo, Jr.. Ksu.,Col, John W.Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blackloca A. Marshall, Messrs. Corse | Brothers. Terms. i Beard, with Tuition in all the English B-aaches, tvwi for the annual session?payable semi-annually, in advance. 1 Muato and Languages at Profeaaora' prices. tTT* Wo extra charges. ail 28-t( GKORUoTOWN fkmalk seminary, (Fobmxkly Miss L. S. Knolish's.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institutien will be resumed on the first Monday in Peptefnber next. The course of inatruotioa embraces all that is taught, from the rudiineuts to the moat highly fiuistied education. The corps of teachers, ten in number, are eimSently qualified awl experienced in their several apartments Lectures Friday eveningson the Natural Sciences without otoarge to the pupils. Circulars bay be obtained by addressing the Principal, Misa rTTJ. HARROVhR,Georgetown, D.C. an 22 eo3m . MRS. M.K.KINGSFORD 8 SEMINARY, 4U B St.. wa.hi in? to*, D. C. The next session will commence October 1st, W60. Terms, *o. forwarded on application au 16 tf , gM| NOTICE! j I wish all gentlemen W to bear in mind that the plaa which I dueed prices for cash is in sucoesaful v...? ...j . r..11 i_ _ *.1 . ufoi avivu* #u*v iruri vcu a IUU RUppiJ UK Iflfl iAlfll New York styles of DKESS HaIS The very finest Hat 93 9); a first rate hat ?3: and very geod.faahionable Hat ?2 50. Allofthe iateatatylea of ion HATS and CAPS, at the very loweat pricea. I ain constantly supplied with a very large stock of those fiae DKF.SS BOOTS at #3.75?which 1 have been selling for inanr y<"ara?as veil as the very beat qua! ty of Patent Leather G A I T F.RS at 9350. Finn French Calfskin Gaiters from 92 to 92 5*). Terina cash; no extra charge in order to offset had debts ANTHOftY, Agent for the Manufoctarers, Seventh stroet, second hat store from the ooruer. opposite Avenue Houae, No. 640. ee!4-?m IAMBS', M1SSKS. ? AND CHILDREN'S HATS. The siaa ?mA opened to dajr. fater eat to ralil ud examine Lg^ T ?tnok^M I anall profiti. "^TT ... HOPKINS, <X315-2tr ooraar of Sixth ?t. and Pa. av. B. HALL Good jMijar 7 oenta per pound. Ca'l at No 434 7th rtratt, M??h D w4 UaiutM ?t, oei-it PANDING 8U8PKNDKRS. Theae articloa ?* ?r?et Mrnaa* to th? body without discomfort, and. to ladiM and genta are invalnable, both as to aaalth aod personal appearance. Calf and examine, MOORfc'tf Waat End ihug Store. oo? Iw 118 Pa. avenae. SSSS-u ??. ITIBH, Mir Utk at. 00 3 Sn , 1 rr??? CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIASK FACTORY. U Strtet, Between ?tk amd t?lA Strut*. We have inst finished a number of firet oiaas CARRIAGES, swoh u Ltfkt fun Wagtmj, Park Pkiatoni, Family BTTn nates, and Bmintt, which we will aell at M. " *a *er? small profit. /Seine practical mechanics in different branches the buaineaa, we flatter ourselves that we kno? the styles and q nasty of wvrk that will it ire satis faction, combining lightness, comfort and dnrabui tj. Repairing promptly and oarefuHy attended to the anorteat nctioeand most reasonable charges. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, CoaokraaJtera, suoceaaora to Wm. T. Hook. M t7-dly THB Sibswlbw\i5nt additions to hi factory, making it now one oftke itrnm.nwaa tn the District, where his facilities fbrUKgnK nunalacturMU CARRIAGE A LltiUT*S?e WAGONS or all kinds cannot be aarpasaed, and from his long experience in the bisineea, he hope* to give gsneral satisfaction. AH kinds of Oarnaaea and u*ht ? k?TWl " ~ " "" " All REPAlR8n?*tly4MM,ai4all*r4?rapr?apt tj tttuuM to. BM?i4Uai CarrlaiM talen inexshanic for m?? ? ?. _ ANDRKW >. JOYCE, * 1*-tf ?r?T *f 1<tk u< K ItL dentistry; Mv teeth. LOOM IS*, M. D., the inventor and patentee <>ftli? MINERAL PLATE TEETH, tends pergonn ly at hi* oAoe in this oit?^?fc3? Many persons can wear these teeth whox*J-LUJ cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my oftoeoan be aocotnmodated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; bat to those who are particular and wish the pumt, cleanest, strongest, aud most perfect denture that art oan produoo. the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 333 Pa avenue,h*tween Bth and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel phia. oo 15 tl D DENTAL CARD. 1. MUNSON Has returned and returned his profession. Offioe and house at 463 E sk.^C) third door east of Sixth. In addition t. V* ^3 every other approved style, Dr. M. ha* aet^^ teeth on vulcanite Base for the laat three yeara and, from exoenenoe, knowa it exoe.a all others, and is one-thtrd ieaa iu prioe than joW. Ilia old patrons of Waahington, Alexandria, and fieorsetown are respectfully solicited to call, aa 25-eoly D DENTISTRY. R. BILLS, after apraetica: test of two year* feels that he oan with confidence recom meed tho Cbeoplaetio Process forincertincH|flMp artificial teeth It has the advantages or?*** atrength. beauty, clean.mess, and cheapness. Fsl upper sets inserted for tii. l'artia! in proportion. Offloe 300 Pa. avenne. ae 7 JIST RECEIVED, AT SMITH'S, A lot of GENTS'S UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS, from auction, which he will sell very low. oo II lm PIANOS. PIANOS?The largest assortment of Pianos, M*k>deona, Guitars, Vio-^^gbQ lina. Ban^ora. Beat Italian Otrinca, Ae PJnpipW cordeona, Flutinaa, Concertinas.Flnt?s,? ? Flies, Flageo'?tta, Ola'ionett", Braaa Instraments, Dm us, and every variety or musioal ware, also A.n immfnifl *tr?nr of rthnat M---- "?1? vt w*.wv? niM?iU| mu"10 0UVK1 and Operas, for "very instrument at tbe Music Store of W. G. MK TZEROTT, corner of Pa.av. and 11th street. Sole Agent of Steinway k, Son's Baton Kaven tt Co ' and Knabe A Co.'a Pianos. oc '22 tf ST O V K 8! STOVES!! S T O V B 8 !!! I have on hand a large assortment of Cooking and other ?*tov??s, which I will ?elI cheaper than gj!^ any other house in the District, as it is my intention to close them out. Call and iM,An and then judge for jrourseives. TSc C. SNYDF.R. oc 9 Next di>or to the Star Office. H MUSICAL NOTICE. AVING Been indticeH to accept the position of organist at St. Aluysius Church in this city, Jgfj I have determined to remain uuring the ensu-41IH ing winter, and shall be happy to render my^tr* professional serricee to those who may require them. T. N. CAULFIELD, Professor of the Organ, Piano Forte, and Singing. For particulars as to terms, An , inquire at the Music Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS, Pennsylvania s venue. oc 3-1 in* n(JlT NOTICE! NOTICE!! -aSIa Mrs. HELl^ERTnvites the ladies of^f Wa?iiinkt<>n and vicinitf to her Grand Opening of Fashionabe FALL and WINTER BONNETS, on Friday and Saturday. 5th and 6th instant, when she wi'l he happy to have ladies come and examine her *tock of Goods, as she ha* a very handsome "took of FEATHERS. FLOWERS, L)RESS TRIMMlNtfS. HEAD DRESSES, CLOAKS, rha\vl4. extension skirts, corsets r?f all siaw* and prices, and a very large stock of L'M DDAIIM'biro a- t - IN ALL 'i*9 PRIZES. Whole Tickets, 9 JO?Ha. ves, 910?Quarters, J3. Prison cashed at sight at fc per cent. msoount. Bills on *11 solvent Hanks t&seu at par. A drawing will be forwarded as soon as the resail baoomes known. Ail orders for sohomes or tickets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, nc '2-tr Oaf* of City Pnst. Charlerft/w.. 8.0. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE 0 URNSIDE'8 M0N0NGAI1ELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilUd l>j Mr James Burnsidc. of Allegany County, Penua., in the oid-ftahionod honest Wav, fro^i the choicest and most carefully i*leoted Rye,and in no o&se ever oflsred lor sale until adapted to whql**omo use bj ace It u at DDoethe mo?t palatable, as it i* emphatically one of the purest beverages in the reach of the puMic. To the well as to those in health, it Dommoeds itself for its unrivalled qua'itie* as a stimulant of the safest, surest, and most beiefccett description, and many of the most distinguished physicians are using it m their practice with the happiest results. _ CLERY ? STOCKDALE, Proprietors, 329 Walnut street. Philadelphia, WM. C. CONOVKR, Agent for the Prop istors, 2'JS Pa. av., >e opposite Willards' Hotel. inA BALES COTTON LAPS, lUv For S-Ue a: Factory Prictt. ? pair fine Ded Blankets, all *iz?s, 2uo pair H.uo. Browu, Grey and White Blankets for servants. pieces 6-4 Fulled Clotus or the best kind, 50 do Ptaid Linsoy.ail wHth?, 1*1) do Blue and Orange Osnaburgs, Calico. With mmjr other desirable goods, ail of which will t>e sold at th? very lowest pnc?s We solicit a call from all persona in want or Dry Goods. WM. R. K1I.E Y k. BOTHER, No. 36 Central Stores, * Between 7th and 8th streets, oo 18-lOt Opposite Center Market. IV O W READY! CHILDREN'S FANCY FURS, In a:l their varieties, BlinEMI'.T//Bl "230 Fa. avonue, ^g>aiQi? oo 9 Near oorner Thirteenth st. Notice. removal. 1NVITATION.-I hereby notify my customers and the pablio in general that 1 have removed to No 349 Seventh otreet. (three doors fr->iu Ma?. avenue.) where 1 (hall keep constantly on hand a Isjte Munrtimnt of FOREIGN and DOMESTIC <>RY GOODS.HOSIERY, IFANCY ARTICLES, MILLINERY, *o. New 0<Kni? received weekly, which will be told at astonishing lowpn?fs . ne g-lm* S. FISH MAN. N MERCHANT TAILORING. E\V FALL STYLES er CLOTHS, CASSI MSIUL**P VESTINGS._ vYAbb. sitrHMB it uu.i an renniyivania Avenue, have just received a large variety of new Fall Goods, to which they invite the attention of thir friend* and ouitiimti. an 80-tf C2IBB5!WIO, BRAID AND CURL MANUf FACTOR Y, 34S Peon, avenue, near the oor Her of Thirteenth street?A very ooovylete ateorta' nt of Braid*. Curia, Frisettea. Randeaas, Ao.. now on hand; also. made to order at the shortest notice Hair Work repaired or taken iaaxohaiif e. oe3 Sw DALTlMORK D BUTTER HOUSE. . Daily receiving freeh and sweet, m Goahen paok? *'" ^ "KSWB* wP5. IvKt ? Rvwhante PIxw*. Balm?tre nooo U8HT! CHEAP LIO gj^p|E , . I?*taklfrmomuu > m 33 Agent* for it* Mi*. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Arab mantlfs! ARAB MANTLES! DIRECT FROM AUCTION, Prick 6 and *9 Dollars, Being I.eaa Than Coat ol MtUrntl. Alto, several lota uf REAL. tilMPLRE COLLARS. at 31.5n, kl, 76 and 97 oerta, worth doabfe. Court<'iner'a celebrated K id 6 lo vas, at 73 otiU pair. A very cheap lot of Embroidered Trimmmsa, auoh aa Cambric Hand*. Dimity Bands. Cambric Edgings and inierttaga, IN KAiDLESS VARIETY- _ Torathsr with a good assortmant of S*hirt Fronts at li-X oeets, which is Ibe greatest bargain avar offered. A in, a i'mi stock of Ladies' Dreei Goods, bwi "?o? !?<>?* wwr, AM ft great rmriptr of other good* equa l? U saeM, Call at the right plaee?No. 117 (soath tide) Bridge utioet. Georgetown, D. C. oofo-2w _ K. GUTICAN. 98 b WfW8S 98 LOW K S T PRICES!!! PPiLMAN k. HI'NT, 9S Budge street. between Wsfchington and Congress, are now prepared to bow their well (elected stock of DRESS GOOD?. DOMESTICS, *o. Their store (the old ?t?nd of H. K? Berry) having been remodelled and fiUed.sp in the most thoroocn manner, they poiMM facili ties unequaled in the District lor the proeecsu-v of a general D17 Goods Business. They respectfully invite a call from the citi*en? of Georgetown an<1 vicinity. oc6-im JUST RECEIVED- 1 10 hbd?. prime Porto Rieo SUGARS, j 150 tihls. i?id Rye WHlfKY, 2S?> hhls. BERR1NG and Al-EWTYES. M t>b.s. < runhed and Refined aUGARs, aittagnKio and Java COFFEE, , 10 hhds.dow priced* MOLASSES. For wale hv JOHN J. BOIil'K. le M? /^RANDKLL, OPTICIAN, v> ,v?.u? .i Hu oomt&ntlT on hand a large assortment of French Near-mgated, Penecoeio, r- r-k r~ ? ored, and aL -other 8PKCTAf;LE8, the beat ?ua.itr, in fold. Stiver, steel, and German ilrtrr fr&m??. N B. Old Frames Rer&ired and pew t,u?w at in them lo order. no ll-b MAWKY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly receiving freah acppnea of the above delirhtfal beverage, and invite aM peraoca who want a Mr* *badulterated Ala, to give it a trial. ARNY k 8HINN, Agents, fe I IT Oreen at.. Georgetown. Dr J. II MoLEAN S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A!ID BLOOD PURIFtKK. THE GKBATEST REMEDY is tkt WORLD, and the most hu Dkliciods and In DELIGHTFUL j, WA JK j iokdial C mmm* ?Sksi /JfEVER TAKEX^kMljfJL njpj \ jj ll it (trietlr KiWakl yr tntile and v?g#t*KcU bl? CoiupoMd, pro um l) A \ /I UI-J [\ I RJO| CLO ? ClUt oc 4 No ' 'I MurltPt j*pnc<?, hot.7th an<1 8th ?U. TKOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE N*xt Drawing of tne Royai Havana Lottery, NMMM l>y the Soannh G'>TWnnjent, under mr BUfcifiRiua <ji in? V/Rpuiiu tfonefU Ol UQDftf rill tat* place at Havana no WEDNESDAY, Novkmb** 7, 1*". SOKTKO NUMEUO 645 ORDlNAtUO. CAPITAL 1'KiZK #100,000. I prise of 100,000 fOynsMof? #!,00r 1 do lo^no 60 do ? tot I do r,ooo i? do <oc 1o *i,nno JO appro*. 8,** 0 10,000 U&I carta cj tut aietilia- Brs tfm of MOM, herba, and barka. Yallow 9 Dock, Blood Rm(, SK , Black Root, SareapaIWBl rilla, Wild CKfrrf AWW Birk.nd DiiIiHm <91 Jf antera into 1U coa&. w^\m poatUao. 2%9_ 19 The inure active / yjP?*9 JK r? medial principle of each ingredient ia Btfore Sflfc^rSi,' ZX?jift? tek/ig. dietilling, producing i deuciooa, exhilarating apirit, and ike moat infallible remaly for renovating the diaeaaad a jet em, j and r catering the alii, eaferiag, and debilitated taaalid ta health and etxength. McLEAbTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will ifectull; care Liver Complaint, Dyepepaia, Jamdice, Chronic or St rvooi Debility, Dieeaaee of the Kidceye, and all diacaaea arieuig from a diaoidared Liver or Stomach, Dyepepaia, Haartbarn, Inward Pilta, Acidity or Sickneee of the Stomach, Fallneee of Blood to the Head. Doll Pain or Swimming in the Head, Palpitattrn of the Heart, Pallneae 1 or Weight in the Stomach, Soar JCrvctauona, Cbsktag or Sadocatinr Feeling when layn.g down, Drynaea or TalloW- < neaa of the 8km and Eyee, Night Swcau, Inward Fevera, 1 Paiu iu the Small of the Back, Cheat, or Bide, Sadden 1 Fluahee of Heat', Depreeaion of Spirita, Frightful Dreama, ] Langnor, Deepondeucy or aay ner'oea diaeaee. Snree or ! Bloirhea on the Skin, and Fever aad Agae (or Chille and PlTW.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES bav? been eold daring the laat ait month a, and ia no iaeiance hae it failed in giving entire actiafaction. Who, then, wili ealTer from Weakneea or Debility when McLKAN*8 STRENUTHENINU CORDIAL will care yoa ) No language cau convey an adeqnata idea of the imiiicdiate and almoat miracalou change prodcced by taking thia Cordial ia the dieraeed, debilitated, aad ahattered nervoaa I lyetem, whether broken down by exctaa, weak by aatwre, or uapairad by etckneea, the relaxed and anauang orgaiu- J tatiou I* riiund 10 iu priatine health and rigor. MARRIED PERSONS r. othrre, conecioce of inability froaa whatever UUI, wili find MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a Ihoroagfa rcgtneruor of tlit eyatem; and *11 who mar baea io tura<1 thenieelree by improper indalgeucee will tad la llu Cordial a eenaia and epee Jy remedy. TCJ THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL m a eoraraifn and apeetly car* for Incipient Coneomptioai, Wbitae, Obairaeted or Difficult Mena'raatioo. Incontinence of I'ruia or lnrolnntary Diecbarge thareof, Falling of the Womb, Giddinraa, Painting, and all dmeaaae incident to Femalei. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Suffer no langer. Tiki It according to diracticna. It will turnout*, atrangthea, and Inriforitt yaa aad caaae tha bloom of haalth to meant tout (beak agaja. Every bouie U warranted to gl* a eaiiefacuon. FOR CHILDREN Ifjrnar children are aickly, paaa or alicted, MCLEAN'S CORDIaL will make them bealtnji fat, and robnet. Delay not a moment; irr it, and yon win ba convinced. It ia daliciona to take. CA UTION. Beware of drog'iate or dealera who may try to pain apon yoa avme bluer A aaraaparilla traab, which they can bay Cheap, la taat aa good. Arotd each aea. Aak for -MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and take nothing elee. It ie tha only remrdy that will p*rify the Blood thoroaghl1 and at ih? Mm* lira* *trenfrthen th? ayater* ( Om teaapoonrel taVen erery intoning falling a certain prtTtntirt for Ckolert, ('killi ud Ki??r, Yellow fmr, or { in* pr**ai*nt *ia*a?* lluputp ia lug* bottl**. fnc? J only ?1 p*f boul*. or 6 tattle* for $& J. H McLEAN, : Sole proprietor nf ibii Cordial; alao, McLean** Volcanic Oil " LiniiMal Principal Depot ?u U<* cora*r of Third and ' Pine *tr**U> Si. Loeia, Mo. 1 McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, ] (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD!) Th* only of* and certain car* tor Cancer*, Pit**, Ta- ' mora, 8**Hinp and Broncbile or Coitr*, Paralvate, N*aralgia, Weakneaa M tb* Mnaclet, Chronic or iittMuur; Rbeuciauain, Suffnooa of lb* Joint*, Contracted Maocl** at Ligament*. Earache or Toothache, Broiaea, Sprain*, Praab I C?t?, Wnnud*. Clcerr, Pe*?r Snre*, Caked Breaat, Sow 1 Nipple a, Barn*, Scald*, Sor* Throat, or any inflammation or bain, no difference hew *e*er* or loiig tb* diaea** km* I bare iiiiUd, HI-LEAN'S CKLEBKATE1I LIMMbM M | a eeruin remedy. Thousands of human bliiifl ha?e been eared s life of dis crepnade sod misery by tfct as* of this inraloahle remedy. . McLeans volcanic oil liniment Will rail*** pain si moot taecaaunsoaely, and it will elaaa, panfjr and heal the foaleet eorea In aa incredible abort UM FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. i McLEANY CELEBRATED LIN1MKNT is tbe only eafe | and reliable remedy for the ears of ?paria, K ufrbone, ' Windgalle, Sp'ints. Unnatural Lumps, Nudes or Hvslltrra. i It DOir failed to cars Big llsad, Pollenl, Fietula, Old ( Ranrtng Bom, or Sweeny, tf properly srplied For Bpraios, Bruises,Scratches, Cracked Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls, Cots, Bores, er Wounds, it is an infallible remedy. Afpij it aa directed and a care is certain in s?sry instance ' Then In Be no learer with tba many worthless Liniments offered to you. Obuin a ?nraly of Dl. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT. It win cars TOO J H. McLEAN, Sole Proprietor, ] Corner Third and Pine sis., St. Levis, Ma. CHARLES STOTT, *7S Pa. a?., eole ejrent in Wnksu | ton; R, 8. T. CHISEL, Georgetown. aaM-DAWly SCHOOL AND COL LEG K OUTFITS. Months' and Boy*' Clothing for 8ehool and ' Vress Wear. j Parent* and rnivrdians viahmg to farnitta their ekiMraaand vanla witii Pc-. and C? i*ga (>?t4U for tiM coining a*i?on, ara invited to exam in* oar - * -? a. !?? a. a fl/-\vrul p rtHlll larre Mia exirnnvo nn I o CL< )THIN?i, wliore tbej mo fit out their children of atletaw i na few mommU with ?vti deeonption of Readj - in vie (jar merits, of substantial and c0. an an-tf 3<g Penn. avenue. JJOB?EKES?ING ANDRVANTS, GOO[)8 We have now on hand a vail selected ?tock of he above cotft*, ?uco as bheetince, Table Linett, napkins, roweiuu". Lanaoya, rail ^loma, er?n kata?from common to rerr tuMhubirii, B'?e Domeatica, Gin*ham?, Pillow C*w Cottona and Lanena, Dunbar k. Diofcinaotfe, Berk lie*. Charley k. Co .and Riohardaon'a Inah Llnena in all *uahttM. all of which we will diapoae of on the beat TAYLOR ft HUTCHISON. H. W- HAMILTON ^ aad DEALER IN PAINTS, No. *?ll 7th Stuh, mw Odd JUImM* HmtL m I* PUTTY 18 DOWN. P^'^.^^^C.NDLE,: A baauU/ul article, aauai in aapaaraaoa to patent ape ra, < being cUar aadpo nhedj and at maehleaa <wt KINO A BURCHELL oc 10 Corner V anno at ay. aadl5t* ata. WOOD A?n^Jb* coal . OPTIC K, #?? Pa. Av., Bjrw. Uth ajb> ltr* ?** THE WEEKLY STAR Tlw umUhI Fmmiij ?iw^ iw Uki^u kllfcwi ix hi ybhaini oa H^nUy menunf. Tnat-Oui. w*i?* *> ** ' ?<nc>? ooff, f*t fccou* ' * ???? j? w?d?^^ur5srirr^tk^ r'to*T(*l ? c^Dt of TKt Wfklt 8**r Wil. t* sS- ii*s^as M (?D?raijy tkroachovt Um oo*mtii. IC^8?n*t? oopiM <ia wrs^ersi mm h* pitumrM ZX.TX&mSmM "" , |D"Po?tmu!?r? vtio *ct m MNta will to fti ! lowed a eomrui?4ion of Sn omU. FOE SALE AND RENT. TOR RKNT.-Tw* *? terT BRICK r HOUSES vtU took bwiliiMi. ?Mk ko??? eortniwnt S rovraa. vitB cM.rHwnM t tui*H va ?b ati-Mt.BOrtk, ?*?* M ?n? N atr?eta : r.?? Ami* to K. LA7.IKBY. i't I" JOU> T. UNMAN, outv mw, lith ?w<t ttrft*. o? ?f FOR fctttfT-A DWELLING, oa K street. tx>twM? 9th tod titn ata.. Mr J udiotary p^ua.e. i no house is ti?v. La a* pikmi um, Ud, to a food lauacl, terms made ?a??. A lao, for Wc,?Huiinm C atraat, batvaan llUl aad Uth sta. If immad.a'e app ication be mad*, it vill l? a<Jd on aooomnxHiatitu terma. Appl* to V. W. BjQWNlXG. oc 1A MtWtrl LV)K K K.NT?KarmaHed?a aom/ort*t>le BRICK r DWELLING HOLBK.of n^om ataa. ta a ::ea?ant and healthy local it), within ooaveaiant isUtucaof the PaWie OSoaa and Pmo avenaa Kaut moderate. Appl) to J. B. MUNRO.MO Pa aeenn*. between ?h and loth ata. ee lft-eotf I^OR RKNT-A hand soma, irat elaaa RKftl r tiKNCK. No 44'J E mLrtmt ok --- 7th atreete?one ofUMmit eiigil>le locations of thi? out. fl.e Iiuuh i. funu.hed with ail motlera improvements, such *? l*th room, hot end oofd tMk on each floor, r? hret and second floor# hwa'ed from 4#. ApdIj n?xt door, to Dr. J As*, j. WAKING, No. 444 fc street laKween tih ami 7th. oc > eotf |?OH RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the buM1 in* imnjediate.y <>pp..?ite the weet timuI the Citr Hal., rfoently oocupied by Cha*. S. wa^.aoh M an oftoe. A eo the front rooa ia the eaoond ?tor? and the third floor of the aaiae baildiac. Per terra* apply to RICHARD WilXACljbe. fl Lomaiaoa a venae. iautf AVER'S AGUE CDKI, F?r Ik* Sptedf Cwrt tf la ermittent Frrer, or Fever ai d Affae, Realtteet f ever, Dair.b Ague, Periodnai Heaoaohe, or Hilioaa Headache, and Bilu aa Fevers. iarte*d for the whole Clan of Dicer eee Originating ia wiiiary Derangement, Caaeed hy the Malaria of Miaainatio Countriea. No one remedy la loader called for by the Mm itiee of the Ameneaa people the a a eare and aaie care for F*ver and Acue. Suoh we are now enabled to oa t, wiui a p.?riect o?rtainty ' nat It will eradicate tie dupwi-, And with MiuriMi, foaaded oa proof. ?Hat no ktrm otn iiim froai iu im ui ut a m.ntlty . Tw ?hioh protect* from or p>trnU this disorder must t<e of iwmon eernoe in the oommaaities where it prevfeila. Prermtiam better Uu care, for the patient escapee the risk whieh he must ran in viuivet attacks of tJua baiafal lisiaa per. Ttii* "Cras" expeis the mtasmic poisoa of Fu n *Sf Ann from the system,and frtmu the development of disease, it taken on tke A rat approach ot its premonitory aymstoaaa It la not only the best remedy ever yet diaoorered for tkis cIms of complaint*, bat also the cheapest. Tbe large quantity we as spiv for a dollar brings it with lathe reach of e?erybody; and la bi ioaa districts, where Fbtkk aitr Ac,re preraus, everybody should have it and use it freeiy both for oar* and prevea tion A great superiority of thia remedy over any other ever discovered for the speedy and certain care of Intermittent* is. that it oontaia* aoQsimae or mioerfe, oonae^uentiy it pruduoea do tmaieai or other mjnrioaa effect" whatever upon the omstitatioa. Those oared by it are left a* healthy m if thoy had ne\er had the oimM. Fever and Anne u not alone the oobmiibm ?n the miaamatm p?ia'>a. A treat variety of dieo'dera arif* from lti irritation, amou which are Naaral?ia. Rheumaticm. Goat. Headache, tfliadeew, W-hashe, Ka'aehe, Catarrh. AatMaa. Palpitat on, Pamiul a (notion ot the Hpleaa, Hjraterioa. Paiu tn the Bowola, Colic, Paralyaie, and Derange mentofthe Stomach, all of which, when or if lna tins io t?ia ca?a<, pal on the intermittent type, or become periodica . Tim ' Ccat" expela the foimom from the Hood, and ooaeeqaently caree theai all alike. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER A CO., Lowell, aad ?jld by all DrniucieU, everywhere, oe )4 eol Helm hold's Genuine Preparation. ' HIGFILY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND Ff.UlD EXTRACT BUCHV A Positive and Specific Remedy For lluru*1! o( tha UlAUUER. Kl DNF.VH. tiR .\VEIan?l DROPSlCA L SWfcLLJ Nfi S?~ ' This MMiem* inorwiM thepowvrnf D.|Mtion. ud exc;t?? the ABmihkk>t> into health? which the WATERY OR CALCEROlB u* and all 1' N'NA f I'R AI ENLARGE MENTS are reduced, aa well %? TAIN ura INFLAMM*TinN.a?4,<?roorf for MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT iriiinc from Kiomw, HtiiiU ol ihw^iboa Early Ind lecretion or Abase. Attended with tk* followtmt Sywylwu ndiapoution to Exartooa, Lom of Ponr< soaanf Memory, D:fto?lty of V oak Nerrea, Traanblug* Horror of DiseaM, Watft nwi, )imr.?n of Vision. Pain m the Bach. 1 iititiiltff tto Maamiar lot Hatxia. FlH^ui of the Body* Theee symptoms, If allowed to go on, vkiok tkia iwlioine invariably remoree, soon follows IMPOTFSCY, FATUITY, RP1LEPTJC FIT*, In Om or W mrH tri Patibrt hat Exnu. Who car. *>f thatthejare not fr?? lpi.i j fo; ont fy those "DIREFUL DISEASES" INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION., flany are *ware of the onune ol their evfferinf BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. rH K R KCORDfOK Til K ] fcWA.N fc ASYLUMS _ And tk* MrlnnrKoit IHatks I t Cmmiwmriitn Unr amp * u> mf> irtui 01 inr mipji ql ["HE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTKD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS lectures the aid of medioiae to atrenctMn Anil I r. via orate t?e **yeto?, Wkick Hxlmbold'* F * TR ACT DUCHL 4 TIUL WILL COMTMICB TAB MOfT ItKPTlCiL FEMALF.3?FE1LAL.E8?FEMALES, ")LD OK YOUfiiU. bJhtiLS. MAHAIAD. ON CONTEMPLATiyV MAR KIAOS. IN MA.NV AFFECTIONS PECt'UAR TO FEMALES,the extract Buohu la an<*u?lUd by lqj other remedy, as in Chloroaia or Retention rretaiajitj, Painrnlneaa, or Sappremon of Cmomary Eracaationa, Ulcerated vi KirrkoM state >ftbe Uterua, l,e*oorrhrra or W i.itea Stanllity, kod for ak.1 coinp.ainia inoide> t to Umi'i fkMte from Indiscretion, ilaUU of DiaaiyntioB. }TlUDBCLINE OR CHAH9K OF Lin. gi.ujm?pnro! r AMILV FHHULi) Kb WJIBUUT IT IU(*< mort Mfrcmry, m mwJimM 8BC* E?ttiKABK8_ Ml their &*f. _ XTItttU MM?. eori>oehan?eln Diet; Wo taooHTanl?aw Jklhi AC It ypoiMr< [t KMm a fr??nent rteaire and civm itmfU to Urinate, thifMy Rerooving ObalraouoM. Pr?rMtii)(UM caring tkrietnraa of UwUratkm. Allaying Pain and Inflammation, ?o ia ;ha claaa of diaaeaaa. and expanse all fouomoms lAtea.'rd, and worm out Matitt. THOUSANDS VPOlf THOUSANDS WHO HAT* BIT* TH? TICTlMi Of OCACK*. Led who bar* paid ? *? ?/?? to b? eared in a ahort um?. have found they ware deaeirad. aad that the POISON" haa, hr tha aae a["Nwom u nuMiRTs" been 4 W ??ia the ayatam, to toaak ?at in an aggravated form, and FE&HAFS AJTEK MiRBlABM. fie Hb.mwlb'i BtTKACT Bvcmv for a. affhaQona and aieeaaea of tha _ , I RINAEY ORGANS. n?And ia oartain to have the dnsired effort in all jbteeaaea FOR WHICH IT 18 RKCOMMKXDED; Kndtnct of tk* me ft roliabU amd rttpomaAU ng <? Will VDMirivAir<p vr vv A?*o. rrtm s usn hcti mmAm* """"iSfEKgTMfc PAKE. Price S 1.00 per tout*, mt tlx far |i.N. MiTKrodto My Addr?M, MMly |? S'l9sOT ^?3r?!r:? duly doth *?. In w^tou M S7wvi it am PHtfKUVW [IfU'rV RMt, U11R 0U Wf ?? Novtnbw. UN, ^rra^incuM ojT^Ti umtiMi intnn ? l??rm nKr?a. cT?S ".* ?SE23r&?lS nfotffifinM mmmik. iSi; r^^rrrtiSmSw?

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