Newspaper of Evening Star, October 29, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 29, 1860 Page 3
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II "fcOOA L ftgWST"] ITT Thoogfa Thk Siaj. la printed on the Mrit j preaa in nae ?otb ef Baltimore Hi ^ltl<M1 4 la ao Urge aa to require It to be put to pr?ea M eorty bear; Adwtiaeoiento, tbatK^ ekwM be In before I'J 'clock an; oth^erwlae thry ?"j not appear nnttl the next d^j. to be ianerted fa fly. ?a^^OM *9* are wfelva* at and forwydejLt,, 9tak pgfc., - Mai* OotiK A**iB*-"-Car?*?o_ fbr?er-Sr?M ^l?rnhin . it* ct?net>atowe of ? Joeeph'a Male OtPz* ?e?l??n W*I lirt yeUerday afternoon, with _ r*reicoa!ea. In the prfence af ?n Iifcttmltitcde of p^opl? Ai tbebwir led!c?led in Uw> trnitfem >? .*!? '-A4 - i i , wmmxi ??1IUU? aOCiniCI met at their mf?ctl?? knd^RirtMi, with kinnfti ?nd decorations, and p??ceded by bands of music, marched to tbr wrtie of the Ctrcwohial, *b?rc they were for rued in lino under CUM Marshal I r V Titipstrtr*. and nucM roard the sqnsr# through 1 kUret to First street, dirwa Firaf ttrert Xo H itfeet, along H st.eet t? S orth Capitol street, and thence to &t Aloys*>js Cborch Something near three thousand persons, metrbers of the soctettes of the various Catholic Churches, were In the procession, and probably three tbumand spectators w?re pr?>eat besides As the line , marched through I street past the site of the new Asylum. the corr^r-atone was laid bv tb? Msyor, I In the p^*',e? of the assembled clefjry 1,11(1 * large conc jUrls of people, who had gathered around t^e tpox, The spacious church 9t St.. Aluyslwas crowded to excess by the thousands who gad assembled tn H? ** '^- -----1? ? HV(|V( (V tuc UI1 t other tbnimndi. unable to psin tw?N, were r <>mp?lled to remain outs de while the aervlcea wnt taking place White the avdlence were entering the church, the organist (Prof. F. N I CaultMd) performs a grand volnr.iary, in flni?L?-de*vte, at the cloee of wtrtcb the choir, ua^-r tfie 'eader hip of Mr George French, sang Ap beautiful c horua. -'Glory be te God on high,;' ?flLMoz<vt. -with fine effect Rev Father Ma< SqTre, dreMtd In the ceremonial robes mt bia aagred office, tbea entered the pvlptt, and proMan red r.n eloquent oration in behalf of the 9mm of the little orphan* of 9t. Joseph's Asy^Tne words (elected by the preacher as his text m this occaaloa were "Our Fattier who art In raven Theae ward* aignlfied that thev were all memIrrs of the same farr.ilv. and that CSnA ??i ik. nmmon Fatb<-r of them all. In coaaequencc of ?iiH fsct. be appealed to thoae present to assist these poor orphans and the destitute Although thera oe Inequality in the condition* of mankind, wHicb wu uecessary in every aoeietr. He was ?t H the Fatter of nil He bad created them all for b: isarif: aad bad abed bis own precious blood u|on the cross In the redemption of all, without exception To those who mi?ht he prompted to inquire why this Inequality, he would any It was because "God was Uie common Father of them all" He left the poor orphan children In their poverty, tb?t those who were rich might have the means'of gaining tfce Killed' m vf Heaven by feeding tbeir brothers aad ? F^an, who belonged to the very wine family w ,ib themselves The human Nwly was not bead If to. what a i monster they would lad ?ed have; bnt tbere must be feet, there must be v jembers. and consequently, in th* world at larve ? - * - -b tunc luuit uc a variety ui coridUlons ' Tbiii wm the ec jaotay ot God, and or?MrTfor the BUateMitc'. gf .eclety If all were rich, wbertfMn ,-#a *<rt you* aervante? If all were poor, baw w tCey if all were matters, w&ere we ^ be tbe a<r*anta' Juataa prepoatrrou?. In t jg society in which they lired. aa that ail n'rn ' . old be bead, sad tbere fcliouid be no feet, or ot jet iiirait?jrs of the body. A* God bad collt*r' ?d th? witt-fi into one vaat ocean, that he ^.i^bt distribute it aflarwarda according to the iteqeaaitlea of the world, eo wltb regard to wealth, He distributed it according to bMiweet Providence, having Car aa tad the rrand obiwt Cnr which He made this world?the roanifntition of kis own glory, aud the salvation of immortal onto rht* wai too ofVn forgotten in the malerial in which they lived Men, in looking ipon the various conditions of the human family, repined st the Providence of Ood, and say, Why Jnis Ood come, then, to treat his children so unjustly* He did ooi treat them unjustly. He gave ihem more than they had any right to expect. Ood was just in all his ways They might not see it sen; hut they would know It in eternity They wrra pilgrims here hut for a day; their troe destiny was efern'.ty. Ood, therefore, regulated all the utTairs of this world in reference to that grand object?the salvation of the immortal soul. The man who repined and denied the Providence of God, Wi.? > tunc was may oerniiy in wnicn ice rick iphu wsi to scconat for tbe abuse of ncbes, and in wblcb these poor children were to become tbe jodget of tbe rich. To explain tbla more fully, be read various passage* in Ecclesiastics ?nd Deuteronomy. In which this doctrine of the Almighty wn explicitly s?t forth came down especially for the poor, and bad for hit mission tbe elevation of this very class. Paganism looked opon poverty as a sin. The Pagans regarded the poor as tbe outcasts of tbe Almighty, and they enacted lawa In UfK-ce and KuUif, declaring that the children of ati those who were unable to provide for themselves ihould l>e murdered as soon a* they came Irom their mother's womb; because it was alleged tbey would be oaeieee members of society. ' Tlirs? were th? principles of Paganism. Cbrl?t aume down and reformed the world, hence to tae Vst seraium he preached upon the Mount lie com nir .ooi vnifl tneae blrsertl word*: "JJleaaed lit poor In aptrlt, for tUcln u Ibe Kingdom oC H*vrrn " HU wholSf mtaaton to reform wri Id relieve the iierlet of men, to el<w?te tLe condition of the p?or, and to prove to tbem by bit ei&aipletbe important lemon that be gave tbem iu ttxi ward* ?f the prayer which be bad J nit raelted, thai tbrfT wera ail children < f the aamc ft atf>er, aod eonarquratly tbey wereboond In doty ta not one auotoer Tbli wu not only s duty of charity to tUe poor, but the iuiporiant advantage* tbat-Mcvoed ta tbem from the exerciae of Chla vtruir, recontuteaded it at once to their immediate practice. It waa a ?Acrrd duty ioipoeed upon all. It waa a rrand and glorlou* tight wbtcli they {_ h-id j iat ^ ttritaaed. To bebold aurb a lar^e gatii* ttni nf th*? Vuunf: to IM the C?lhulir??? tliU * tty'croilnj; forth in auch crowda?not for the | rpwt o( paving tribute to any potenute of this k "earth; sot from idle curiosity; but coining forth X in the charity of a Catbol'c b'-art to pay tribute to the poor orphan; to manifest their deaertlog J interest in hi cauae Ilwii the Catholic heart * moving in ttaia grrnd work of charity sod fee waa r'/iirwl toaeii. ltapvha wail for UiaCatholica? for the piety of Waabi 11,4 too? to aee that the wbole i. jtmu af the nation waa natahaarbrtfta pHltfar, but that there waa aomethln^ hlgutf. grander, %bi t ceuld th<ich the Catholic bt-att an# draw forth tha ?aanA who came from the temple of tied, and caufc la lay the h:a? aioue for u of^han asylum? iww \ ;la? waa to teat, ha triuted to tha vary end mt time The moaey that yon will to-day eoatr bate towa/da the erectioa of thia aaylaa would draw UMiata apoa yoa when yonder moan I of our country* grntno' should have aiMildmd In tbe dii?? After eipUlnlug the Abject of this Institution, 1w exhorted tboae present, in an earnest manner, to oe liberal <n the;r contributions, and to remember Uat be t! at la ateteifiti to tbe pour ie ninth to . tU Lord, and l?od a ball trUr? it a h andred fotrf * t H?e close of tbe oration, the chcrt* sang tUe ncr|:?at cborua, "Tbe benvena are telling," by Havdft. Tbe beoedlcttoa of tbe Sacraaimt folduring which tbe beauUfal "O Saluum, ' by Curtchmsnn, (trie,) aod tbe "TantuA Krga,n (chorus) by Koaai, were sang; and tb? aerrliea eloaed with tbe "l.audate osaaee geatra,'? cbeuntrd by Umt fnllcbblt. Dkatu ?> Brnu or Juu Mo***.? After lt*kertog In a mmmImcondition foe flr% week*. 4i.r.?g a portion of wbteb time he aaflved niton ly, James Mo ran expired earlr on ?atu*da* Big U Tbe cauae of deaib baa beea MWe la tue Star. and is familiar to our cltizeu g?n?raMf It ? only aeeeeeenr here toeey that a dilfti rulty occaut-4 Mar the bate) of Capt. J K. Blrcb, L la tt? Ward, and a fight ensued, lu I which Morau was (truck on the head with a I (tone with Mich force aa to fracture tbe ahull. Ablr nr^MM were called to the case, but all their shiM could i*olong bis life but a few weeks, r Yesterday be wti burled in Mt. Otmt Cetne' tarv The Frauklia Kire Couipanv, of Which ha wu a oieii.t^av, turned oat in citife-n's dress, haviai with Ueia Pi?peril hud, aad the aa. H?a*l flag draped ia mourning L>eiegatioa* of the I'atou aad Ferae veraace Fire Companies were ataa lu the procession. Deceased leave* two or thue VfctscrstinK child res to the care of aver? wftiy graoduiutbex. L We rtnittloinii tbat aa th? Pire Company wa returning from the cemetery, a party Well katan ai the "Kama. ' tried to pro*?*e a ight hy aaaaaltlug peraoaa la lit* iUie The liftmen had raprct rr.oujh tut tLr*ufelvea t? endure the laaoita, aad paaa along without breaking up thai; Mae. -iwi IlVD to Gar >?m ?The Wizard Belmont MMM determined not enly to make hi tsar if kftoWn aa a Vgiclas. bnt aa a manager, aa we undentsnd he tea engaged arracal arttata. both vofalftnd inferaMt>>'< y^feainent-ameegat wMeh Sznr^? the xstt :P"wrer i3ias?fi sk lerAa ?< ?ha meat fx.pttUr. ThU, IqmUMIImi w*th minv ntK#rt im IKa ? t% ? wy import*^^rtj?^wklek la tbe reduction o/ lt*^5blaund u> l?? all rlftt aaTtlgfci Th- ?wi " I 2g?ME2m i^'JShJS^TitiaUKtfc:"' V fek V ' \*** *" - (i . . ^ d .< 1 * 1 * i n K - "i ,. i. % t * luumim ii * f f _ .1 ^TMOSRwsf?Tbe ehttrtheaof fee city wm well ttpnied veaterday. '/ (Li v concerning the Pbartaea ud the pabllcan who Went op to the Temple t? bray Tbrr? here been varloee defl&ttlooa of tba Word Pbwiaee, but the M|M of anthtflttr wa? belieWd to be ie favor of that which deflTeu tt froth th* Hebte* Word tigdfVlng "to wpmtt." The rbartaaea Wefe ieppratltta la tb% rallafct M? at tlto Ward, aeperated tint only trvH the GeMtle world but from tbe J e with Church In a great measure- Tbey were lepirated from the eotnnaon world by their apKrel. by their maanert ted cttttomft. add by ?lr withdrawal from ordinary buaineaa afffclra. Thay Wet* dlattnrtriabMd by their dread of pollute. fb?r l^d them?elvea more holjr, mote i rlghtowj* uu all th? w?.id wa. ' "Proceeding to give u tiptantlion ooorerning the aeven dlatinct aecta of tbe Pharlaeea, the preacher vent on te conalder the caae of the particular Pbariaee under notice In what did the ain of hla prayer con>i*t ? It waa tbe ain we are all gutlty of everyday. main to be abunned aa the polaon of theaep? the barah, ralh judging of othera; a ain Which extlngulahea more holluru of character than any other. The example of beatben Featna, ?n, ahould ahame aa for barah and unfriendly ging of thoSe not pteaent. " it la not tbemanof tbe Roman# to delhrfcr any man to die hei that he which U aocuaed hare the aecuaera {tee to face," 4a. in Mt Cortntblana. lath and 3th efcaptat* we aae the estimate art by the Ipoatle upon Chrlatian charity?brotherly love. There Waa bat one thing aupertor to It, and that tbe love of God Oi) tbeae two bang all the law and tbe propheta The Sabbath acheol exarclaea at tbla (Grace) church were meet attractive yeetetday. Tbe scnooi ) large and lortshlng (tome 104 pupils nd teachersoetng present yesterday) aad the manner of conducting tbs exercises are such that the adult spectator is +etb interested and instructed Wesley Chaprt.-E.ev Mr. McCaaley, pester, conducted the service of the day. His return to the pulpit after a long and dangerous illness was treeled with much satisfaction by his numerous lends and the large congregation worshipping at Wesley Chapel. His discourse was from the text of lsaiab, 33 10, in ths morning, and at night from 3d Peter, I S. Waugk Ckapel.?Ktr. J. ft. Effinger preached lit the morning from 2d Peter. 1.10. At night from Jeremiah, 8 *). The revival meeting which has been in progress at this church for the last Ive weeks has been discontinued, to afford the pastor and people a season of r?at. During the meeting shout forty persoas professed conversion. St. Aloystut ?At high Mass, Father Msgulre preached from the gospel of the day (si7th Sunday after the pentlcosf being the feast of tbe holy A postles, slmon and Jude) upon the subject of christian charity. The choir, under Mr. French. condnctor, wng with effect the 2d Grand Masa by Haydn. Prof. T. A. Caulfleld prealded at tha organ. At ik* V. S. Penitentiary, Sybil Jonev the Q uakereaa, a? well known aa an exhorter and lecturer, waa preaent, In company with Mlaa Saliie Janny, of the Society of Frienda of Baltimore, and Mr Dennla,of thlaclty,aoddellrered an affecting appeal to the prlaonera, many of vrhrtm were moved to teara. Hfikedist Protestant Church, Ninth Street ? Th? rx/ Ik* Am- I.?a I I " .... .?> ...? umuKira ujr tnc Rr, ft?T. P. Light Wilton, who discoursed In lornlng from fbelext of Hebrew*, \22&\ and at ntfbt frool Lake, 10.16. II. E. L'kmrrh .S??<V?Rev i? A. Proctor. rstor, preached la the morning from the text of e A<M*. WW After the aermon four persons were baptised, and six joined the church. The pastor preached at night. The A^semblf'* Churth. ? Rev. Dr. Samsoa prwhfd In the morninz from the text in Rev. 15 3,and Rev. Mr. Schuteat night?text, Eiekiel, 36 37. Tkt Vmton Prayer Me*ting (Waugk tkmvel) was well attended yesterday afternoon, and lad by Mr. Henry Beard, Treasurer 6f the Young Men's Christian Association Rev. Messrs. Efilnger, Clayton, and Sedoaa were present. One written request from a mother for the prayer* of the meeting In behalf of her two sons was presented The in (treat apparent waa fully equal to former meetings. The Aivlum? A cnmmttl???f V?u?? Christian Association visited the Asylum yesterday afternoon, and were very kindly received and conducted through tbe bnlldlng by tbe excellent lr.t-ndaot, Mr. t{ueen. Tbe committee distributed tracts to the oceopents of both departments. RsprBLicxif Meeting max 8a*dy Srxixas? PoJutcat Dumsnion between L'neol* and Bill Speak tf.?A repnbltcan meeting was held about one mile and a half from Sandy Spr 1 age. at the srhoolbouse. In the northern part of Mr. Berry's eltctioii district, en Saturday last. About 75 person were present, of whom some 30 were republicans. and tbe remainder Bell, Douglas, and Breckinridge men The meeting was not for mally organized, and Mr. Montgomery Blair, republican. introduced himself to the audience and spoke about one hour and twenty minutes. He guoted from Benton's Thirty Years and from Mr. Clay, upon the doctrine of republicanism, ana ram a lewer irom nir ytlhoun, dtM 1830, t? ?a!d be thought was addrraaed to Mr Yancey, In wtiich the writer urged that the ?Uterv question ought to be forced upon (fee people Of the North. He closed by speaking In coinpliiteutary terms, anddenouncing Mr Breckinridge m4 bi? party at dlspnionists, and invited all con*;v?tlve, Union-loving mm to coiae over to the rrpublfran ranks, as tbe only party that could hope to carry out republican principles. He was replied to by Mr. Bowie Davis, assistant Bell and K verett elector for fhe district, who stated, that ho was In favor of toleration, and that Mr Blair bod a rtybt to enttltcisto bis opinions, provided those opinions did not paitake of an incendiary character lie considered Mr. Blair's statement just previously uttered, "that he did not consider It right to interfere with slavery as established to the States," as Inconsistent with remarks a ide by htm tn a speech *t the Haiti more Republican Convention on the Mth of April loot, in which he described slavery as "a viper already fastened upon the State." Mr. D held that tbe reuurka last Quoted evinced adtsneatMnn to!nt?r. fere with the slave question in the State*. He ar j ued tbnt the Baltimore Con vest!on wu dev!s-d Hi Silver Spring la order to send Mr. Blair to the Chicago Convention u a prominent republican ffom Maryland, aud that an insignificant few bad alUMupVea in this war to have tbe State of Maryland represented In Chicago; whereas, Mr. Blair bed gone there in fact his own representative, and not as ttie representative of any constituency. Mr. 3.,ln'hls speech just concluded, bad endeavored to pull tbrQaaker clUreus into his party. Tbe speaker dented that the Quaker* of that region were rooerrrnd in anyway with republicanism, 5id &s?erted that they would vote the Bell and veirtt ticket to a man Another means had been resorted to to bring tbe Quakera into tbe affair by ^?ci> ?UI? BicruHK w WIC pi?CC Ql Mnay Springs, (a Quaker locality,) so M to bare the prteUjceof tbe Mgh character the Quakers bave all over tbe country; bat tbe thct that this meet!ng. had to be held a mile and a half Cram Sandy Springs was sufficient to abow that tbe Quaker titers were la n? wav idretitied with tbe matter, and tbat tbey do not In any way countenance republiranieea Mr Davis spoke about twenty mlnutea,4ad concluded by ov^ntr the Inconsistency of ttoerepub1 leans, as shown in their ultra republican snoeches at Use North aad their conservative pr??feesione In tfce South; aud by InvlUag everybody to come forward and support the Union ticket. f\ Mr . Blair i^elaed, by explaining hh remarks it tbe Baltimore Republican Convention, and denying the conatri*?ion put upon Ma temaike by Mr. Davis He alleged that bis Baltimore speech, as reported, ?u Incorrect, end that be bad been informed by the editor who Dubllshvd it th** It waa written'bat from memory'by the reporter To which Mr. i>avia repUod, that Mr. Blalrhad bended bim the tpoech quoted from, uiu ipttck &t Baltimore, ?nd had made no remark about lu iBcorrartMM. He then, lit a few remarka, reiterated hit poaitlon, and closed Thr M0tln2 was characterized by general good <*d?>r with exceptional loud aroaita lor LiaooUjand hearty hurrah* for Boll and Everett, and occaaional cneert by the republican for their candidate. t Ciarrir Coc*t ?To-dav the Court took np a caae In which action waa bronrht bv th? flm of King ft Bare bell, grocers, again* Mr. Brook* Maciall, to recover payment for goods furaisbed tk? defendant'* family. The defease aet up wm tkat ttM defeadant baa advertised tkat be would not pay far any gaada furnished bit family, savs sach aa he should order over bis own signature. It was in proof, however, that the gaodsIn question were furnished prior to U? data of the advertisement. Tbe ease was pending whan oar reporter left the Mart. Asx i v id, at Carter's wharf, (foot of Thirteenthand-a-half street,) acbra. George P. Upshur, Todd, PhUadatphta, with 90 tons or eoal for Mr. Jaroaa Kramer; Gen. Eaton,Christopher, Havro-de-Grace, with cargo of coal <or Mr Gecrge Bogus, Balle Conway, Delaaej, Philadelphia, with138 tans of coaj ivr nr. m. m. rw auer, rursuii, Adams, Philadelphia, with cargo of coal for Mr. Qeo7F. KI4weil; Honesty, Ten ton, same port, with 140 tons coal, consigned to Mr. Win. /Tkfaees. s Tub Moba* Cas? ?'Tbe case against William Bayltm, who WM arrested on the 28th of Septem 3r, wns for an aasaolt and battery oa Tsmsa orsn. Siuoo lbs death of Moran Jasttce Donn s dismissed tbe aaaaalt and battery case, and a new warrant, containing the charge of kllllqv. UssbWn leaned. Baylies has been livjatl awaitiSKthe results* the wounds to have a hearing, vehtch will teke place ou Thursday, If the wftims can be found *^r> ?hid Laves of the Odd Fellows, at Firrest Halt, Georgetown, to-night, bid* fair to a magnificent affkir. and of course will be very npmrrouily alUuded by the citizens both of (te-Mgetowa and Washington. For full partlculus see advertisement In another column. * I i VihV .ste-i/n >6 ?|j ou ,*e t'\ i? ' J uslics F?gomm, ia whish i mi nIUr( himself T. J. Harm wai tried inn i ekirt? of k*rlii| obtained from the Irnof Rlancbard k Mobun. beokaellera, i dictionary rained at 96 9Q, under., clt?aiM*M?ceS of an unlawful character. , Mr. 9tantka.rd testified that few d?ys ago the Kmmrt came la to his store to bay a copv of the edition of Webster* WdNMtf. Witness had no copies of tbe book in question. and the prisoner went**?* down the strsei. The same svanlng hi came la the ato/a with a W eUt-r ? Eictloaahr oar. el hia afm, ana askea witness If he ad bought it ia bis atore. Witness replied that had not. Prisoner asld he had purchased it at Soqo6 bookstore that day, and that his wife bad alt* besa oat and pwchaaed a similar book, and he did not waat two copies He proposed to sell the bosk to art!11sea, who did not want to purchase it, but knelly rate the man ft for It. A. day or Cro afterwards he came In andaaid be wanted gets Worcester's large dictionary to take home fu( purposes of reference, er to compare something It contained with Lis Webster's copy. He said that he would bring It back in the morning, and that perhaps he would buy it. He a*k4d tnst a bill might be made out of the price of thl book, for Hint to tale alotig with i aim, and in cftse be should conclude to tske it, be would bring or send the money down In the mSrning. He gave hla addreaa somewhere la Thirteenth street, and took tb<> book aad the bill away wtth hia. Two days passed away, and he did not return the book nor any money," and witaeas Informed bit partner of the transaction, and t they concluded that something waa wrong about It. Before sending to his house. Mr. Mohun went ver to Mr. French's bookstore to make some inquiries, and ascertained that Mr. French had < also disposed of a dictionary to the same lndl* j vldual, under very similar circumstances. Wit- ] aesa then sent to the addreu given by the prisoner, and ascertained that there waa no such uiun- , ber in Thirteenth street. From what wltnea baa I nee loarned, it appears that the prtaoaar had endeavored to sell the dictionary he obtained from wltasas to Mr. Shillin^ton, [The prlaoner here lnterpoaed. aayine that he fave the right addreas to Mr. Blaocbard, Mo. 289 ifteenth street, and that there waa aomr mistake about it, aa had not designed tochaatMr. B or j any other m? ] Mr. Blanchard ? No you didn't; you gav* a l number la TblrtaeAtb street, and there is no sucb number there. William Russell (bookseller in Seventh street) sworn ?Witness don't know anything about this ( afloir with Blanchard k Mohun. Only knows i about his own transactions with the prisoner. The Magistrate ?"Go on and state all about it." 1 The Witness ?Well,sir, the prisoner caane into | aiy sior?. .>o uu s ven;x? street, a rew days ago, , and aald that a lady was going to Georgetown and ke wanted to aend a dictionary to some Institution there by ber, and that he would rome tn the store ' In the morning and pay for it. He gave bla name aa Harris, and ?ild be liv?d in F street, No. 315. ( I sold him a copy of Webster's Dictionary for i $6 So. and took bis address. A couple of days i passed and be didn't come nor send the money, 1 and 1 sent my boy to No. 315 F street, where he irned that no such party lived there or ever had lived tbare. ? Mr. Rtckstr in (of tbe firm of French h Rich- 1 stein, booksellers,) sworn, and tastiiled that a day ' r two before the 12th of October Instant, Um 1 prisoner catrie la to the store and tried to sell Lima dopy of Webiter's dictionary, statins* that hl? room-mate bad bought one. and he had also bought one, and as they did not need two he Would like to dispose of hi* copy. Witness pur- , cbns-d the dictionary for ?4. A few days afterwards he came in the store and purchased of witness a ropy of Worcester's dictionary to send to Georgetown to his sisW, as be statea. He gave hit address No. ids Thirteenth street, and his i game T. J. Harris; and promised to come In and Iiy the next dav- in a few days, he not fulfilling < la witness sent a messenger to look for 1 No. 268 Thirteenth street, and bo such figures | could be found, nor the prisoner either. Joseph Shilling!on, (bookseller,) sworn.?Testi- | Ird that one evening, a few days ago. the prisoner | Game in his store and asked to look at a copy of fVebster's Dictionary; witness showed him one, '. and be examined it, and said that was the one he wanted, and he would take it; witness wrapped U up for him, and be said he would come down ' in the morning and pay for it; witness declined ( felling in tast way. The prisoner said it was all | right. tbit he lived In Tenth st , and would drop , In, perhaps in the morning, and get it, and went off A few mornings afterwards he came into witness's store wlth'a copy of Worcester'* L>ic- , tioiwy, which he said his wife bad purchased, and that be didn't want a Worcester's, having purchased a Webater. He proposed to sell this t dictionary to witness, but witnes< declined pur- t chasing. He asked what the cost price of tbe * book was, and witnesa told him 25. He offered : bis copy for 95; wl'ness again declined to buy, and be came down to S4; witoeM refused to buy 0 tbe book ou any terms, and be left. r The magistrate here stated that since the arrest a at Harris he bad been put in pess-sslon of crrtiln 1 Acts concerning him, i;oinir to show that there is | a doubt whether be Is of s^und mind If this g Was so, It would not be proper to send biin up to a the gr^nd jury It was also claimed for blm that bis name ts not Harris, bjt that he is the brother i of a gentleman wbo holds a foreign appointment 1 from the US Government, and upon eiamiua- d tiofi of tbe book*, the name of the gentleman in > question !a there He la a const)! of the U 9. at * Belfast, Ireland [Here Several gentlemen present \ stepped forward to examine the Coogreasional j Directory, when the priaoner exclaimed "Theodore PreanU the name you are Looking for."l The I magistrate ttated further that the dictionary trans- ^ action ouuht to Be Invtstlgated, In hi* opinion, by c the grairajnry If the man was eomyos Mentis, but r a# be had beard things concerning him whfch \ It was highly proper to examine into, (not only in relation to his menUl condition, bot also as to j lis Kolng about under an assumed name,) before at ling finally upon the evldrnee which bad been f given, he should remand him to tbe jail for a day f <>r two, and in tbe meantime endeavor to satisfy t lilmself by bunting Hp further evidence in relation 1 to tbe points reserved. Whether he VM insane 1 or not, his conduct wss such as to require hi in to lie k?*pt under restraint. Tbe prlsouer was then 1 remanded to tbe jail. J We temrn that on th? <lfcy Harris was arrested 1 &r purchased a box of cigars of Mr. tVeldou (liquor dealer) for >9 per hundred in tbe tame maimer at he h>d purcb ised the dictionaries, and 1 tbe*e cigars be wu endeavoring to trade off for a cheaper kind at a grocery store down town, when " tbe cfflcer who had be?n put on hii track t>y Air. Hianchard,caught him. ' Ckstial Gvahd notrsx Cases ? Sunday?C. ] Williamson. Geo. Thompson, and Kdward Kidge- < way. disorderly conduct and breaking a store < window; the two first named fined 8- 1">; tbe last ruled for trial. Frank Adams and Geo Le*; drunk j and disorderly; flue and costs, SJ 15 Kmn>a Nelson, drunk and profanity; workhouse 9U days. John Moran, drunk and di*>rderly; do .fl 16 Siisin Anderso i and JulU Butler, iarceuy of baron; dismissed. .1 timtay ?Nick Smith, (co'.'d,) drunk and di?orderl); workhouse 9J days. Mary butler, (<ol d.) do.; do.OOdays Alfred Chur< b, Vincentliarner, and J11 lift I.omlT /fnl'd \ Hn Aha anH aas4s S3.15 each. ' ' Foa the benefit of parents, gnardlans, and \ r^ung men, and all otuera desirous uf embraeiujr tbe healthy, Innocent and agreeable amusement of . dancinif, 1 would call attention to the card of , Prof. Marlrit, who la, beyond doubt, one of the , moat accomplished and fashionable 1 nttru:to/s in bis profeaiion. It Oxk or hia Fo*m?i Patson*. 1 : ,; Pasr Tons my. Tbe star of dear Tommy U nearly eclipsed, By a prince from old Albion's shore; Theerovrd. Ilk* mad daiikeva *11 ?>haa? after ktm And think of poor Tommy no more. Not only the crowd, bat oar President, too, Misa Lane and the Cabinet ttiqur, All acted as If 'twere ait honor luprerne, That tuey, with a live .prince, could apeak. The crowd may be fickle, but I can't forget,? 80 to McLaughlin's I frequently stray, To look at the toya made by Japauwe bauds, And to muae on pvot Tom Ut away. It is sure a great Nation, whose artUan sous, Caa make work so exquisitely neat As that Cabinet?meant to hold letters and notes, Gema or jewels?and ail ao complete. Thai tht Workstand. with cnthlont far n*rd !?* and pint, I . With drawer* for scissors and thread, Ita perfect bijou, for, in pattern* ino*t rare, It, with mott>er-of-pearl, ra Inlaid. McLanghll n ' the place where the ladies ahould go ' | \V hen they with to buy something that's rare, [ Of Japanese work, and other nice things, For the best to the market Is there. 3t Dk. Sen suck will be In this city en tbe -list iasunt. 3t 7 HAARIID. 1 In Alexandria, on the J4th inatant, hr R*v. Mr. Brown, P.eeidinc fclder,Mr RUlXJLPH M'CHL?Y, or this city, to Mis* KM MA J. CORBETT, of Alexandria coanty. Va. ( /\^ ? _ r*.*_v.. OA l? I* ?? ^ n ? ' ? joWH WTHI7Y both of Waehin*ti.n * On the 2ith instant, toy R?. Dr. Finekel, Mr. VALbNTINfi HKLi-MUrH to Mis* CORN 14UlA Oi?'i KBMAYER, both of thu oity. She ia thiae, the word tl apokea ! Uaad to a*?.d. and heart to hM't; Though all other tie* be hrt?k?n, She 11 tliine, and only thine ! t ttammor* paper* copy ) . MBBt OB the?th ln*t ,GEORGE HERCL'3, ron?*est obiM of C J, and imvid mcQueeo.aced 2 yeart knd 3 mouths. The li i end of the (amily are reipeot^lh iavlicfl to attend hi a funeral to morrow, ail o'cl ok, the raetdeno* of kl? parent*, No. 8?0 Virginia avenue. * , .-jjipi/ i , tt/!i:TOil w j - > ? a j AMUVAL OF HALL'S OINE J 11 THE CHEAPEST GOODS EVE CAN NOW I I. BR ICE If ALL'S, 379 ? r t IfiTiBf TWO of the Liuiit 9to?ss on tho I tr. w? are neceatarlly compelled to keep a very la offer many ?tyli? and desckiptiox* of 0001 large iBToicee of aeaaonable good* jn?t retired MICE* : French Metinoea at 75 oeota, Valencia* A5 centa, worth M ctaU, Brat 12 cent Calicoea at lOcenta, 06 titcLiM gkavli at M 6o, Black Merino for Shawl* fl 63, B roc ha Shawl Bordering 25 c*nt*. Black Cloth for Cloak* ?l 73, Lad!***' Vent* and Hoop Skirt* at half tbeuaual price, Car?ctiDg, Raft Elegant Three-ply Carpeting 9> centi, Snf*r Ingrain Carpeting 50 cent*. Good Chamber Carpeting 90 centa, GENTLEMEN'S, BOYS' and CHILDREN'S ind price. 8 hoes, ur? v?? - #- <? ? * - ~ " c u??r m iuii ana complete iiocc lor LaAUl SERVANTS Wecet thete good* from the bki jood as any that are brought tolhla c!ty, and guar Boatou . tCT We wlab It Impreaaed ou the minda of al rER GOODS, that they will reap great advantage ,1 >i 1 1 oc27-3t (Intel.) 373 LOST AND FOUND. I 08T?On the way from National Hotel to Mr, i u M. Willian'a e*tahliai.ment, a luht-colorwl rather SATCttfcL, containing from 8W to ?*5. he finder wi 1 reoeivea liberal reward l>v leaving tat M. WILLIAN'S, 3* Market Space. <>o3? 3t | _ ^fRAYED AWAY, Mna the Mbneribar on c? Friday la*t. October28ih, aamall 8U&' cv HKL HUK?E, frith thr??e white feet, and jLijS' i small white ?iar in kit forehead. A liber- tEZa ?1 reward wi 1 be paid for hia r?tain '0 int,coraer . >: 6th and M srreet*, (lalapd) near ate?mVat' yharf. TIMOTHY McGUlRK. oca. It* C?"" RKWARD ?Strayed or etoien from the ? J oommom > ear m* f>retri?e8. in or c\ ibout theaoth of September, a email GRAY juJP H?>K8K. The eaid horee m*f belrnown If"3^ iny one haa taken him tip, hy hie b'irr hard to mount when wanted to l>e rode ? wl' tire the il>ove reward if returned to me. W. S. WRIGHT, north A, between 7th and 8th eaa?. oo T* 2t* IOST?Any reward the fieder may think aufficient will lw> paid for the return of a ?mall Watch Key aridaeinall Lo. k?t. enmneli' d in tihie. attached te a chanP'1 Kin*, supposed to have he't-, I 1 opped yesterdiy in om lihus .No. 14, or on 9evantli street, between the Avenue and the office of the National Intelligencer. PC Ti 2t* A. P. DERRICK. No. ?'<* Pa. ave. FOUND?On Thnrsdar. 55th instant, l>etwe?? WashtngHm and Baltimore. a sura of MONK Y which ihe owner can have bjrpann* for advertising, on applicatien to WM yTlOKNKV. oc 26-tf Cj^ ? RKWAR1).-Ranaway from the under'P / ?' signed, living near Port Tobacco. Mi. on the Slst in?tant, NEGRO BoYrt CHI MATTHKW'snJ WILSON. Theformena lp khout 17 year? of age, the latt*r some 15 or 16. Matthew is a Uiick set boy. wi h broad * tenures. very maoK Mas with him a Mack suit ?mong other thing* a black figured (ilk vest, ver\ rood. Wilnon I* rather delicate, r?*ry black, and las also, I think, a black ?uu No mark* or rear* nrinetnbered Both boys stammer and tutter ver% :>adly. I wi l kivo the above isward for their apprehension, or $35 for cither- Adores* o^51*^^^^B^03jPTON^OftTobaoo<v WANTS. aPERATOR ON AMBROTYI'ES-Wantad. a otnnp-ient Operator. Single man preferred. nqinre at thi* office It* IJ17ANTED?Two good HORSES, between 6 and f 7 year* old. from 16 to 17 hand*, and perfectly ipund. Apply Oox 13, Star Oflioe, with price aad rhere tliey may he seen. oo 29 3t 11TANTED? An excellent and quite experienced ?? middle aged W AITER. None but those w' o lave served in fir-t families, and are provided with he very best certificates, need apply. Corner "f F td 17th sts. . It* 117 iK'Tl'll A. .Ann. Im.n... R1UI _ _y mm v m m .? J vun^ It M?VI lunu V? M V i| IU VI II I HC ?" a chilu and do gen<?ra' housework for a family >f two. Alto, an App ?nuc) to lea'n rhedreasnaking. Aipljr at No. 394 Uth street, betwe**' K ,ad Mass. av. It* CJOOMS WANTED, in or near Seveilth street. LV. northerly, and not very f*r from the Patent< fice ; two adjoining unfurniaheM r?n.m>. in a house upplied with wator. Address H. \V , Siar Orfi e. ocT) It* D|7ANTED TO REV r-A SMALL KaKM.* v Tto subscriber wishes to rent o bur a imall lac?the amal er the better?from I to6 miles from Vashington. Sin of house rot important. He rant* it for garden r dairy purposes. References rill be given or rent pa d in advance, if desired. Uldreaa, 'tilting rent, location, distance, 4c., *c., j. Y. 8 , Georgetown. D. C. oo VS-3t* N AV *L AND MERCHANT SERVICE.-I he onderaigne s a bookkeeper, das res a Situation .s Cap'am'aor Purser's Clerk on a naval <>r mer kaui vessel Foreign service preferred. Best of ferenoe #i?on to employers and others Address V- K. M.. No. 203 siarat ga at., Baltimore, Md. vo ||ZANTED? Evertliody to know that PAGE'S " Confentionery, No. 436 Seventh street, above i. is the rdace to art fresh C!<ilfe? and o?h?r Pnn ct nni at prices To *uit the time*. Ua!tannd paie? faraiahed with Ice Cream and other Refrevhrrenta. oc?4-1w* (X7AKTKD IMMKDIATKLY?From "(Ts to ? worth of SECOND-HAND FI RM rURb of all kind*, for which 1 will guaranty to par be nighevl prtoea, and, at u?nnl, at the ?hirt?Ft noice. R. HtJCHLY, Dealer in Fornitnro, Su>vt??, Ac , H 9 40?? 7th ft., het. aril II, east nine. IVANTKO?AU kiurta BhCONl) HAND w FURNITURE.lbr winch I will pay the cash, it 3*9 Seventh atreat, between I and Koc 6-tf HONTZ & <?RIFFITH. . K|7ANTRl>?To have everjbodr know that the* " can find a fine and wall ?el?otfd ?toe It of 'ALl. and <? INTER CLOTHING, FURNISH. NG GOODS, HATS and CArS at thePoopiea" plott ing Store, No. 460 Seventh st-toapo'ita Post Jifioe. ae 28-lm QHEAPEST STORE! SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORK, 359 SEVENTH STREET, (tut between I and K. <>c 12-1 in MATTHEWS Sc. GORE. ALL KlNIXi OK FAMILY FURNITURE A. LINEN AND COTTON GOODS, AT COST! A full assortment of t>eavy I in*n Sheetinfs, in 0-4, ll-4,and 12 4 widths, nt 85, 7n, and rs cent", forth #??, % 112)t and 8t.?j in the rvjular retail Pt low and Bol?t?r l.ii ??ns at prime ?out. * legant R?al Freeet* Curtain Chint*-# at oc*t: ;*|ey were bought at low fujres, aud win f>e#ie#?d >?i at the same ; tUe> are rich in the extrein* and J-iefant^reneh Piano Cover*, some ernbroidew#? ithers in imitation of lunia or Cashmere 10 ^e! and elejtant. at cost uric?*. New sMI? of Covert, for dinner, eiroular and jenton'aMes and oo?t prices. Itinnor iinH UrMkfhtft TrKIa 1 Iftmfl >ik a c i, m A in WIIU Ml VVPIWOII AM " v A/Wliinnnn, "VIIIV :he celebrated and scar .e Belgian makes, in all size*, with Napkins and Ovorlays to match, at coat prioes All ai??a and qu&Iitiea Red Spread*, in Mar<ei les, Turin?h. Dremlen, ani other inakoa, la srhite, pink and blur*, at aost pnoe* llutfekeeoera and tbtrna rtonnnencinx housckecpng will doubtless never ha\*f such aaothef oppurtumty of supplying themselvM with oomfortaMe ind nec-s-ar) a ticles at such unprecodentedly low urines as the present opportunity afford*. These goo.j? were a I bought uu the very best arms, and they are now sell nc off at the saute; no njore will be asked, no more taken, at the old stand >r CLAU K IT 4. DODSON. oo 22-e<?t No. 4 Market Space. ACI.081\Q0UT. LARGE ANDSPL.EXD1DBTOCK OF DRY GOOD?, WITHOUT KIGSKD TO COST. The death of Mr. Darina Clagett makes it naeoeiary for as to wind np our business as spee<li!y as possible. We therefore announce our intention poxiUreW to cloee out t*? whole of our larre stock af DRY GOODS by the 1st January next, tor cask, without regard to oost The atock embraces a general assortment ol FOREIGN and DOMESTIC GOODS. 01 the very best qualitiea,(it ts w?U known in thu sommunity that wn have n^ver kept any thing elae than fi st class articles,) and we will wairaut all sq^'s In prova as repre?en?- <f. 117* The lowest cash price will be marked on Very article m the stock, whioh mil be much below ita real value. All packages will W delivered promptly oath* day of sale, U any part of the oitr, f'** ?? charge, CLAGET+ * MAY. No. 384 PdnnaylvaMa avenue, oo 17-10t between 9th and luui ?ta W i fllflh a tysss *"at?? 1IVA YV ? ?? rnuiins. I K IIiT*)?it r?ocir?d th' t&rgMt ??iortm?Dt' *P!i a'!*LVV,h* laoat?Xv?rifti?|rw i ' E .KUHKM, I, APjK8' 1 Mj? PACKING TK U .VKSS, H \T BO X f8,?*" yjAJ -Ufef, CAkpKT BAGS, SATl^HKl8, *c? is this ejty, winch <t? ?r? ?:\ nt ? totj low Hi. W*L1"8TI"'"" PUM? Milk on rtiM feWr ' * CHEAP 009D8, PRICE STORES. R OFFERED IN WASHINGTON IE KOUND AT (and 875 Seventh Street. street, and roca u rwMMBwr mtabtiimi* U art rge st ?ck, and our laiieon aaeartaeoet enables ns >? jiot ro ee roe*D m omm er???e. Several 1, which we ere offering at the following tmvrcrv Ladies' Beet Kid Gloves 57 rente. 12 o*iit Canton Klannete it 10 cents. It eent Riear-hed Cretorts et 10 cents, i C'sssinets at 37 cents, worth 50 cents, ?> cent Kentucky Jeans at M cents, able L'.nen at 25 centa, worth 50 cents, M.\ Rlanlrmt. < mm -c Gentietnen'a a-.d Roys' TTnderahlrts aud Drawer* very cheap. I) and Oilcloths. | Stair Carpeting 12 cents. Elegant Floor Oilcloths 3? cet to, Hep Oilcloths 13 cents. * SOFT HATS' and CAPS In every variety of style and Rubbers. ES, GENTLEMEN, BOYS, CHILDREN, and it M&NvrACTcaaas, and wtutn tbrnn to be aa anty to sell them as cheap aa aay bouse Bouth of 1 who have not purchaaed their FALL and WIN* ? by calling at R. BRICE HALL'S, I and 3TS SETBNTH BTRRET, sktvt I. I awnnniTTnww A nuuDTruiv I v* v/ u\ii Ai JL V/ If 11 X3L1/ V Hilli X iTl X O IW ?(t?r Grorgetovn arirertifmtnt* tti Juu f*4> SINKING ~SCHOOL C<?NCKRT AT FOR RfcWT HALI,. DROKUKTOWN, tRIDAY NIirtiT. In corirquenc* of a prior > i:meiucnt of the hall, the Coneerr i* po??pon- d from We<Jnw1?y t.? FR1 DaY PIIOHT Tickets rooJ for Frid*y night. oc 27-ti MftW /^ITIZKNS OF WA^HINOTON AND v/ Georgetown wtlT j>!ea*e notice the fut that CRANDKLli. of Haunt St., op?ns on Wednesday next * rp'endtd Block of New and Rare FANCY GOODS, not to he excelled at any *?t%b iahmeat in th* Di?- i oc >7 3t trict. 1 1 r^/i h at r? ?t f ? P *_> r- >? i wntv.? rtin packet xeh'r ^urpn*#, Captain E Cas*. has arrived, ard will onmniaccu -oa^ine for the *ix>v>> port on^ Satudaj, the *7th intt. For freight apply tn?* MoCOBB & DODOR, oe 26 S3 Water >tr?ft. Bonnet ribbons. VELVET RIBBONS. bonnet materials, FRENCH FLOWERS and BKJDAL URKATH?, FKATHER9. STRAW BONNETS, BEAVEH and FKI.T HATS. F\TTF.RN BONNET?, FRAMES and RUCHES. BONNET VELVETS, SILKS and BLONDE LACKS. *mhracin* ewy thin* r;oli a&d new in ta? Miilir.rry Lm?, at low prioea. K. fft'TMAN, No. 117 south aide Bridge ttre*t, oc lfi 3w (ia?rc*town. D. C. (VIEW STORE! NEW GOODS! 11 MBS. M musnv Informs lier nuiuerou* fried* aud tt?? pul lio cecorally that ibe ia now established at her New _i<T> Stof, No. Ill Urultro street. (Teorftown.QfcA two floor# above the old stand, wlit r# imy b found a? usua , a laritr avortm?nt o( MI1.I.1NF.KV DKYGOODS. HOSIERY,Ml E.MHROlD! ERIK!*, at the very lowest market price*. oc U-lw FOR RENT?In Georgetown, two fi rat-clan 1 HOUSES, situated on West street, one con taininic 16 rooms, and the other 9. with ran and bathroom* complete. Apply to H. L. OFFUTT. No 1 49 Huh st., Georgetown. oc5-lm BOARDING. PERSONS CAN HE ACCOMMODATED with pletoant Rooms and Rotrd t?y app!*in* at 1*9E street, between 3d and uk eta. oc 2? 2t* BOARDER;* CAN BE ACCOMMODATED wi h good Board and pleasant Rooms at 37* I L ,.k>k - ? ?? ? 1 ? .. i mi -i , inwr u iiu1u Itillll t ?*aSOI, % P18 KTWl by Mrs. H1LLEARY. oeS ? forsaleaniT hknt. ; [For olktr "For Salt and Kttu'' adttrttumtntt, * ttt (ir.?r pagt ] LvTr RKNT-A desirable. hca! h? H ESI- ' r Dl?.N'CE-a three-'tory Itnck H<?u*e??(nl tinichei! ?n modern style. Um 9 iuomi. ?as a d < unrer. a large >a-d, *tabUojr, Ac. lot punctual I t rant the'eat a il! be moderate-9388 per year) 1 nqiitre neat door, at 464 noith M street. n??' I2:h treet oo 29 4t* FfOR KENT-The largw brick DWE UNG t containing t?~n or tw??l\-e roome, at tbe corB?r of Twelfth *tre?-t and Maryland a**>re<\ lVa?d. It . m now in pefeci repair, and will be nwttj iow ' Appl> to TV. J. E MORGAN, next door. 1 <vi ?0 f ? > CUM C J?OK R ENT?Duriiij the x?s?ioa of Concres*?a ) firat-cla^s three-story BKIOK HOUSE Villi 1 Fa nuhAl Room?, sitnat-M in one of ?b? nat sX desirable and heOthjr locations in tiio cit* For eini, >o . apply a> 3T3 Sere nth ?<. oo 27 1ft 170R HKNT-A thre^-story HRICK H?M *K, I Na. 596 N ttre?t r.orth, Mh an4 7th t street* w at, tonu ninj > ronm? ? mod ct: iar i F? r t?rn>s ?tc . apply to at No. 390 or 59s N "tv, r Tiet wc-ii 6th a no T'h etrwets oq 37 St* IT'OR R ENT?A four-itor* b-own-frrnt D\V Kl?- i r I ING, ntuati & Ttiincecth st. b tma L and Maaracliukctu av., one of the most de irai>le locations in the citv. i h*1 house is fu-mshed with marbi- mantles ; also, fas auil * at r fix'lire*, with bith loom Inquire at WM. P. SHEiiJL) S Fancy t Store, No. 502 lltli st. oo27-3t* I LvTu R ENT-Twoj ew BRICK Il?-USES, with ' ^a k bufldtnes a-id cellars- each having rooinv w th tea?, aiiJ side alleys, lutua cd on I. street n ar Rent %25t* a I ear. Inquire -?f M, GilEKN. Gr>?c ?r, corner of Thirteentu ani L. ?ts. I This propel* is n*-ar Fiauklin Kur, only a >w * m:fHiie*' walk fioni the i reasur* Building*. aud i one of tlie healthiest location* in Washington. oc 27-i w* | I^ORRKNT?A brick <1*el rgHOFSF. oi6th ft a we??, between M and N a a. BOrta. No. 230. c<>n;aiRir>K g room* and a kuchon. Terms operate Apply nejtt dior no th oc^6 1 w* f I^OR RENT-* three-?tor? b iclt OWE LING 1 I HOUSK, xo. p ?tre?-t. next door to ro'-pr i of F aad IKIi *t? Juquire ol Dr. It. 1'. Ht> W ARD, co.ner lt'th aod F ?t?. re?4 ?<Jt* Hi ANDSOMF.LV FI IIMKHMI ROOM**, in J cladiof patio- and < inmhoti for re t at 139 Pv avonut. neiwrtu 17th aad 10th ?t?., e<n"erji?nt 4 to Qm Depart inenta etc r c 24-Steo* J FirOR.*RF.\T?Th o* SRICK HOUSF0 rf the hnad?om? Row on Nintn. hetwe?n M and >' ' treeti, with Kfts e?>rnplete. Kent ?15 per month? countered the eh-ape?t h<>uaoa in waehinfton. 1 Appl* to PRANK HKRBi- R r, %o 40T Twelfth | treat, between 1 a?4 K : nrV?Mr,Wf f.LS' *ho? Rtof?, <j?r?o?ite the bnitdiiicN or to the nmierpigred, o.:i?3 W avenue, h?twe??? and ?th ?t*. nais-noiim VVU U ,'?Uu??i I, < ? ? ? - - ?? a a V ik r?i i ?? A IJ lit i i .i ... I FOR KF.NT?Toe M\M,of tri? rrankho Kn- 1 glti? Oomp-vay will l>? rented fir rnno?rli, < ? till^n uartiet, |rctura?, &?. For particular* icqnirf > of VV. S. KAiNNINO. ?o l**o?w I" i^OR~RENT-A iart* and UWKIJ.No 444 Twelfth *treet. '*tw<?r G ft ml H *ti , oonta*uinn li room*, with all U* Modern improvements Po*a?s?wn riv?u Nrt??f*fo*r 1, lflfrV Kor term* apply to JNO. ALKX AN l)^R. No 240 Pa. av<M)a*. oo li enSw F~OR RENT?Th* nww brick 1>WkLL|NObOl/SK No. AO i'ro#p ot air.x*t. tioorcw own Th? liouh# is two tloriM and l*?cinoiit aoove rround ; 8 rooms. inoiutliiif kitoaen ami ?? rmt<<' room . and watrr in (tie pre" isei Kti.' ona)>I?t<> a p*rumirnt tenant Applv to 1>. ENlil.lSH . 13f% rfriilfe ttrnaL t'O 46 2w a ?pOR IE\r-Tb? fiif BRICK lfOV~SB~Vo 1 100 Wnt St., Georgetown. *1 pr&ft-nt omu J pied by th? nut^cribac. It fcaa >2 to -in*, with gaa aa<l vflter throuelion', a fin* va'd, ?tab!* Ac . and ? u in stood neigiilcrhoOd. Apply to JAS. A.Ma- t (iRt'lfKK. cc2> tf 1 FOR RK\T~l>y Part of th* Hoaa? on Eighth J a'reet ttetw^a th# Av#?m? and P at. A'a". J ] Kmtl. Wiusks. on Tv?<iti#tii ?ire*t, betw*<*i M and N ; or for ?a!e. Apply JOHNSON & fcl'TTON. oca tf j FOR RKNT?A-neatly fVirnuh-d HO' StSiatta ( First Ward, on H, W*tw*??n 17th and1*tn utreets. No. U^?,ogQUauio/| adouWa parf*?r. 6 or t> chant l>f?rfc (fining ntnifl Kltp.htui Rnn iinfrv i>?? cold or hot water, l<ath room. Arc . Ao. Appl> to L, I* I.OVINO, Fourth Auditor's O?io?. 1 0? -lti . rpHREK HUNDRED AN D FIF IEEN ACK EH t iu Fairfhx count*. V*., in txoallent order; w 11 timbered; (Oud building, ft orown atone i^ua-rj. A railroad oar chop ftnd w?:er station m-usi i>a erected on the Jartn. Ah?, ? new t*learn Mi 1 in ] Loudoun county. A purchaser c*n ft ft t>ftrcftift j of G W. BRAY, Aj?nt, 516 devanfh at.. U'ftah- j infton, D. C. oc 18 1m* FOR RENT~P?aamon on tKa lit or October The l)WEl.UNtt HOl'SK No. 43* D .traftt, ftt present oocupi^ lw the Rev. l>f. Butler, ftnd next door to the resUWMft of the adrertii r. ? A*4 n. n.?11 wiii not ov twt wi utwaiaf noiw. _?elS-tf ; t ; **/ merchant tailobisb. < *Y K IariM oar eWoraers, and citizaai tMiartU ! ly, to an inapec ion of onrpro?ett new, tf ia tracuve and decant aaa?rtm-nt :j w(:bch w* wiU make to o*4?r in aapatiof*"^" > ?tf teat very low prioea. 1 hLs-tf nm*S.^gggBtf^fa> ; I lUSif RECEIVED AT WMITH*S, 1 i J ?tre?t. a vary large lot of FALL aadtolNTpR I Ci yTHiNO that Wi 1 be aoUi at MtonUi^t^w n || THE LATEST NEWS r TEL EQEAPH1C. Ipwcfe ?l Hrrtrkcl T JikiMML Ficbmoks, v? .Octn -HmcW V Jntam poke tere to-ul^bt Be ?Ut*d that thoo* ?bo ought to oppose DonslM were the dlsuatoate ; that the irtc Mtioaal JanwfKT were those vht ofnlaatrd booflaa; that the aeedla* d?U?n*?B were excluded frwa tb* OmtnlMi They wee* at en * mlerrahie technicality re^ardlew of prte* ?<pU Tb* Virginia delation eoted ftfl? aeren time# for Hunter. and tbev therabr atgnliad tM( arauleaeence la the Douglaa plat/orm, and it wan bad fhttb on their port to torn round and adopt Brecklnrtdjpe as their nominee He rare hl?tr>ry f tbe Clavton romproatlae as cootludod be J CCalboun and Mr ct?T%>n. to which Mr Mum N-far r Mi l? bi. ? - - - -r-- u ne Mil IMI AUtMM, tt hjC. la lit National Caurenttoa.drroaadad aaainlt-rventlou as a imw qua ?e? ot kft auppcrt of while Vlr^luia, In tb?asm*Cw?(?tlN, tti*ou|(b Mr Ruts?l, one of ber de-lt-galta, Irat darn and e<i and then waived tbla principle HrquoU-4 tLe opinion of Mr Hunter In the fen^te Id favor of the power of territorial leplal .torea t" regulate dwrv In Uielr own war. He maintained U.a? it ?uwlh acquieaoad la the Badger pro*ion, aa well Mr. Buchanan; and Mr Krachlnrtdgr** *?*'?' mavw ut UK DDOlllMUM at CUClOUtl ?U proof'of grrtu incoMlatcncy, whleb ttr country will 4uly appreciate. Be cunelldrd with tonic otbet Uca in regard to the M t? url compromiae HKtiVKt. Oct 97 ?Tt?e1 p niiuota, ftmm Southampton beoad to Now York, baa pot tfrto Uii* port Her new* bMbm uiataiy aatlclpated npt ^ ? - ? i or uarinaid ana bad Ukra U?M)uU baM?? nt Opus TLe Royaliata were retreating towaida 0?fU Victor Emmanuel haa 1 saved ft manifesto to Southern Italv. announcing that the Sardtnlana und'r their Kfng woold enter the Neapolitan tarrttery at three potnta on the ?tb iMtut Tbe Austrian* were reinforcing their (vrlKtM alt llltatria and Walmalia Tbe programme of tba future Caacnai, pi spaaed to be held on Italian affair*, will be examined aft the Wnrsxw meeting It will then be subntttoi to rhe English and French Governments for tbetr *The Pope's official Journal baa pa hits bed m article claiming " St Prter'a pence" from all tfee ffc'.thful, but declaring that tbe Pope wiU not nccept a subsidy from wiv secular Power. The advices from China, received via Russia, state that 6.(00 of tbe Pektn militia bad been aent against tbe English, but tbe people <t Pekln ween generally fttvorable to tbe English cante The Cblneae lnaurrectton waa extending | FOl R DAYS LATfcK |KOM EUROPE. Arrival tl tbe Fatten off Cape Rare. 8t John's, Oct <9.?Tbe steamship Fulton, with European advices of the 17th, pained Lane yesterday Race Piokkks Duraics?The Neapolitan Princes h*Te ordered a renewal at the itUik upon Garibaldi'? position before Capua. It Is asserted that great < onsternstton prevails 1b the cabinet at Turin on account of the KumUb ai d Prua?isa Km hassles bavins reunited In formal protest against the Sardislaa Invasion of tba Papal Mates. Late advice* from China report that the A11 las bad attacked the Tartar Chinese Camp, and that the Chine*" fled in disorder. A grand attack m the Takn Forts was to be made on the LSth August by the allied forces. Litis root, Oct 17?The cotton market for Monday snd Tuesday closed with an upward tendency, and l-lta.? higher than oa Friday Flour drooping %%J ? *-?' ' * " .t ur?i pvouiy signer, closing with an upward tendency. Corn quid and generally uncbanged ProvUlona quiet Conaola 92 \ a92 % . Tbe c'eamrra Ttutonla, Anglo-Saxon, and Adriatic bad arrived out aafely. Race between Flnrn Temple nnd Geerge M. Palckea. Gemev4, NY., Oct. 27.?The me* between tbn celebrated beraea George M Patcben and Flora Temple, over tbe Wkite Spring Trotting Park, r Mulled aafollowa: Tbe firat beat Flora Teuiple won in 2:32, Pate hen leading to tbe tkren qnarter pole fonr 1-ngtha in advance, and throwing a abon in tbe flrat quarter; Pate ben woo tbe aecond bent in t"*; Flora tbe third bent In 2 2P; Pateben dtatanced Flora In tbe fourth bent Very heavy track The LftiifUn and It Lenta Rail ran4, St Loi ti.Oct 27.?Yeeterday the Vie* Pratdrut of Ibe Ltxington (Mo ) and St Lenta Railroad contracted with Chouteau, Harrison 6 Valla. i>f this cltv. for Iron for the entire length of tka road from Farmers City to LexiDptoa, a it? miles, wliirb iarfo be completed in twelve moatha The "i d connects at the former place with the Pacific Railroad The above contract Involves a quarter >f a million of dollars. The rallaarc to be manufactured here, of Mitaeurl Iran. The Pacific Atlantic Telegraph. Foettam,Oct. 27.?The overland mall hnara he pra'ifvinx newa of the cononletioa of the Pacific and Atlantic Tslagraph to Los Aagelee on tie ?th Init Congratulatory messages passed bewrfn the Mayor of Los Angelas and the President >t the Board of Supcrvlaors at 8aa Franeisoo. -castor Latham set the first pole eaat of Lot Aa;alos, and left for the Mia tea the same day. Hon. S*I(bm G Hitm'i PmUm. Birr*LO, NY, Oot 17.?Hob BoImbm O. raTrn Lu wi lttra a letter to tba BrecklarlAf* >utral ComHi.ttee far Brio couaty, ptedg laf hlaaolf to act with the d<-(iocncv la opposition to tho epublicajia, if ejected to Coagraaa. Wbw?up?? :?rlo? Cobb, tbc Breckinridge ioidimc for Cob;rtw. Lai declined to accept I be Mminatloa The ?lecll? la Ktw Meilc* St. Loci*. Oct 26 ?Judge Keerthiev, who la. reduced a btll at the laat muIob of the New Meicnn Legislature for tbc repeal of alavcry, baa bora e-ekcttd witcout opposition. Balttatr* Aarktu Htitmoti, Oct 2?.?Floor la Bt roat lower; toward atreet, Ohioaod Clt?MUlaft 6t> Wheat letive a:.d l?aa firm; red >1 ?>al 37. white SI 40a *** ^ ? ? w. wtrn sc wwfr; ytiiow DO'SK ; vbltt 711 1c. Trovislou* quiet and eVsdf. n?M perk H9.50. Coffee tifi. 'Vb'tkv duii at S1C21 X?W Y?r NrwYoit, Oc'ebrr 29 ?Flour firm, Stale 30 +5 33 ; Ohio *5 7Sa*5 80; Soutb?-a *6 Ttlll. rt'heit steady Corn iretdv, mixedKkMc. Pro rlsloua dull Wfciaky quiet st 24c. Dviin6 thi tmxir thai has just pMaM any, houtands of sufferer* froai dyanctor* ud diarrtMM ave Im-?b relieved by th* as <>f HoiU t>r'i Briers, i medicine which is evident!) deetined to nuunteia i j>?r?ienent place ia th* public eatimetioa Bi I u u? di*T'U<D? i? on* of thoM which baf Ira the akili ui th? p i>sician. The medtome ther idmini tor to act u?on tbe bowel* rev?r ?*mis to reach the source of iheevil The difficulty ia t > ??t k remedy will reach all the diieatire rrnni, uid mve Wiem simuuaaeoualy a rush of vigor to nd [kcmicU aa aT ?W? * t4 i > ..a ?? Tkia ? ? a v III --i ? ? v* * RTVUJVIH I " WI ? ^ t>r the Bittera, vhieh n#v#r fail to oor*ner tbe room RUibiKirn c*? a It is only fair to say that, lurinjc the HMun just oloeori. this medieiae hu tchieved more our** thae "U>?" e?er pr***nt?>d M th* public. and daring the fell, ?Imd that terrible icourge. th" Fever and Ague, is so prevalent. tbe [litt?rs will gain fresh fame. tod by druggists anu dealers jrea'raJiy everyrhere. oo 22-eoSt Hollowat's Fh'j Nerrom* DrbiUty, #?.?As a *?oaur? aw) ie vigorit ng medicine, ti.eae P lli hare i.adan art >at?aibg nooossin every part of the civutserl globe. They ire anaflVrted (>y c!;rnet*asth*ir opera' ions are the !?inr m uie H?rriu sun* or uie Arilc r*flOua. 1 Mf tiio pula* ai.d the action of th? heart, hraoo tad *tr?n*th?D tbe r?la*?*l MrvM. |K* (oh M ?ierrr to the m?r?j ijiUm, ^.u by re e? abJt*u??!* viforoai ? rfv> 1 of the vital function* extinciu?u r?e elements of melancholy, dopreeodeot mi. bioee, ?pon, k o. Sold by all Drngriita at Bo , fie. ana 11 per box. oc 1*1 v I 1 ' |JOW HAVE THE LAP!Eg VOTED' Klias Howi,Jl. of Boston. who it the investor >r the "lock-etiich u??d by the prioeiMl hwibj iiu;<inet, require* ?worn Mtora* to be mad* to run: of tbe ntmbw soid by eaoii wnftti, aad joligM them teeay him a Hoeoee for 0f*nmftolua* told. Tne following statement i* copied from Mr. szs jffvsaxm's, aD? &? ! IN0 MtCHIN'E ii rr>M >>T u iuhm Motity of the ladies, ta rpiteof Um(Iota mt KM>gt?d partie* to uyure iu alt, ^ -I. IMS. 1U?. wkwi?rtWi:iM 7jrm ujui Orover k 10JM .. jAV?-4iEr :fa '?S T^Ste'.T*'tvAc?mt to ft NoMS?? P?nn?5h?| ftvenu*. Pri?M rUf* ? *? FnjM?tf?rtu>M |im u. ^r.k?w, < Pi.k . Cotton, 1C?*41m, *?.. ^ 4K6 l*TK?IOm ADOfcNMEKT. ?4?i*jriJWOTS WINDOW SHADE*. Key Fall AoA W fifirtMijy fmt UtrM lmic?*r <k? !>*<** WMMtafl# Bp ? ?lm Odd /ZUrs' iUU.

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