Newspaper of Evening Star, October 31, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 31, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Accid*ht at iu Pakii HiPFODftOMi ?A Pmrlf cor respondent, vrrlt'.i^v on the 4ih lnat, In apeak Shg of tb? Hlrpod*ome, aa>a: Yeaterday. when pertonnfn j wb*t to termed tbe"?rf?n trip," la which the actor* form a aert of pyramidal aacen ildn am lrmdred frrl abore the level of the tfrotind, the three performer*?a M fie Looiae and * J?. (fYpoMte ???d Frartaola?ware, by the brok ing of one of the rry^t h tilled to tbe pre lad, a ad low lay, tf te< actually drad, wltboot hope of re coven* 'Pfeey weea ?Wr?H to torn ?**r aa they exmr down. a?d fall wWk ^arf't1 h?iv)n*aa Tbe nerfbrmartwe wi? intfanlle bronpbt to a cloae Medlral aid foundt tbern^ atMl^ b-eathlnr, but ap patently ?" "''r "i fin- aq ?k?oizmii/ ihrlek broke from ttM audlenco at fh? appalling mrcldent. and many fainted The manner of the performance !a In thl* wlae: two men take their Station* on two ropea: w?Je tbna po1*e>d on the tight rope*, the Hlrl stand* above them, pertiy rea:ng on tbe boutder oftfce one wblle balanr lag ber foot on t'ue balance pole of the other hi tbta manner tbe three *arend till they reach tkaelf max tie attrtnde of one hundred feet above the ?eoo(. and it w**Jo*t there that on* of the ropcaaaapp?d and all three were violently precipitated to the |fT Saturday ?ru the second day of the billiard tournament In New York. M. Berger remarked to a French gentleman at tbe conclusion of tbe first day's tcarnament, that he bad very much underrated American billiard player* Kavanagh and Oearr were the first contestants on Saturday Tbe latter, although beaten, made some excellent plar, which, alb?it at times tt was not successful, Drought him considerable applauae. In which M Berger jolued Kavanajh'a Mghest r.ins Were as follows:?27,?, 111.31.^58,53,29, ? -total, 500 Geary made the following runs in his *211 51, tt, 13, IS. 10, 12,1*2 Tieman and White played the second game of 500 points, White only making 321 points to Tieman's 500. Tieman a largest runs were 102, 21. Itf. 34. 30. 46. 44, tl White's principal runs were 58, 33, 41, 20. On Satu day night Mona Berger gave his usu*l evening exhibi tion at PLelan's He first Dlaved a French tLree ball caroiu jjinje with one of our most ?roo:r> ptlih'd .-imnt^nra, nnd beat him (M points In the low, and discounted bis game A carom In the French gaiiie only connts on-* point. M. Berber's b?t ran was 40; his opponent's. After the game M. B?rrrr ve a fine exhibition of his fancy and Masses sco's, in which be seemed more than usually socces'fnl / mi ini-irtwrj^ ui?cu?cry iur aninjuari n> was lately mad* at Cauville. near Havre, in a rocky part of the w?, di* to the shore. It constat* of a piece of gold. m?a?uring 4 ? centimetre* or about an in h. and bearing in the txergue the following inscription' Henry. by the grace of God. King of England and France " The emission of th.s old coin, known to niim1smM:s'.j by the name of Noblea," dates bar-k to 1419. and is identified With the invasion of King Henry V, who victori ous at Agnicoart, extended hla conqu st to Paris, where he constrained Charles VI to abdicate hi* crown and give him his daughter Catherine In marriage, with France for her dowry, enthroning himself at the same time King of France, with the title of Henry V, King of Knglandand France. This rare and beaut ful piece on Its stirfacc tbe arias at France and Koglaud, aiirtuouoted by a crowned head, around which radiate faucet oi arms, whilst beneath is seen a trident, indicative of the aovereiuntv of th- seas A Novbltti*Kailhoad Traveling ?Accord ing to a correspondent which we find in a Krench provincial journal, the nllroid companies In France are about to put In operation ajiian which cannot fail of being received with lavor by the public It la proposed to run, each week, a train of cart betweea distant points, for which ticket* can be obtained in advance, ai.d to which tte com panic* will guaranty to admit only a limited number of passejj^ers, four hundred, for example. All the places tMng occupied, the engine not car rying anv dead weight, to uae a technical expre? Sion. the traveler can be transported at the pri<e of merchandise; and the companies, not onlv without any low, but even with a certain and cal culable profit, will apply to those special trains a tariff, the great cheapness of which cannot fall ol producing an immense business By this arrange ment the fare Is about one fifth the usual price. Fiass oh Till Pk*!Bii? i* Mim*ksoth ? Savi theS*t. Paul IMon?^r and Democrat:?"Nightly the horixon In different directions is aglow wltb the light of burning prairies Sum* of these tire* are close by us, others at a great distance away. We hear that much damage has been done m Some portions of the Slate, hav. %rnttm iUrki fence*, and even barm and dwelling houses b&v< been destroyed* C7~ The naturalixatlon office* tn New York were cloeed at five o'clock, ou Friday evening. A* near a* can be ascertained, the wnoie liumljri of persons to wbom certificates of citizenship were granfd, within the mouth previous. waa 8 5?.ti nearly two tL'rds ..f wbom, it i* said, are pledged to vote toe republican ticket. Ta* CBA*rio>*H!F or thi Ditch?A digging match cau<e cfl'at Columbus, Ctu , ou the 2-lth Bep'.euiber. Irtwren an Irishman named Koiey and a Du'i brnaii, name unknown After work ing three hours tbr Dutchman waa declared th< winner t>y a? vrn fret The bet waa $*<} aside J77" Some of the barber* In Bangor, Me . still continue to abare people on Sunday, and th? antl-Smdav aharing oarbera still continue tc proa-cute tJ.e-n Tbe court impoaea a floe of d and coa:*, and tbe defeudanta appeal. [ZT~Tbe Murfreeaboro (N.C.) Citixena nyi "Tbe teaaoa for fox hunting is now commencing and our ar>orttnen are acouring tbe Wood*, witl doga in ful! cry, a, moat nightly." IfT A litise Kirl awallowed the compoaitioi from aoute frictiou matches on Sunday night. a Tauaton. Maaa , and died In great agony in a feu hour* ARRIVAL AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS IIUTKI P K Rw?r Vi? a.-. felt; Alt; U Carr. l"SA, Hon M R H Harnett, lift W Rlch*rdao.i, 0 W Randolph. Va; Capt E IW Jett^raon Ala; C Shoemaker. NM; L Francis and ly, Vt, s> O uog^in and ly, Va; A H Partridg* and alater, NY; A Cooper. K Tomlinasn, NJ; Vv Abooy and iy, Va: \V Wllaon and aon. Pa; J A Caklay and'l?, NY; G Crook. I*9A; W J i rook Md Rer K Klnaey and ly, Mlaa Jubnaton, Md; L A Klnaey, Hon A R Bottler, Va; C t Flaber and daughter. NC; S King, Ga; J Bl'aa and ly, Ala W Porter ly, NY; Eliza Barclay, Eng, El.u P Gumey, NJ; l>r T Barclay and ly, J hi tall Pa; E Martin and fam, Ga; Miaa Cbapmau, NY. NATIONAL HOTEL?J W Ware. Miaae Va; Dr ftlaaon. t8N; \V M Higgkary, \V John aon. Pa; W W Carroll. NJ; Dr J R Traley, NC juun ii rcraninn, U; J O Bishop. Ct; Tborntoi Hunt, Mtu Hunt. E ig; B 6 Dill, DC; NN Ran iois, 111; J H Wilcox. Mu?; Dri C Dubois, ? W Henn. N V; J 8 Wither, d, Cal: W U Clary Ic on, Fa; Min War*. Mlaa Gray, Va; D Nleb'U Alex Sellmaii, Md; A 8 BUIadell, F H Biatsd-I) Va. J H Tr.crr> and lidy. N Y, Joan O Keilly a:i< lady, Miaa VI E Green, Ala; L freak and lidy, H Pom be, A Holcoobbe, N V; J F Marquez, N'G; W Hunter, V?. KIRKWOOD HOl'SK ?J Killer, Md: A Hal lowell, J E Meail, Pa; E Rreack, Belgium; VS Brent. Va; Capt W F Reynolds, USA; C Kln^a Im. USE. ftc FA MftVP A MDnoi o J?r ?? - ? O^W^ilYU" JJAIC f bom tbi UbITBB Statbs. S'tnmttt. Ltaw. For. Dav* 1l rabia Boston -. Liverpool, Oot 31 l'.rap?ia New York .?outh*mptou.No? 1 hinoie ...Mew York...Havre Now J f*i& New York... Liverpool ...Norl n'.vv New York.. ..Havre Nov J uropa.--_~.._B<>?u>n.~..?Liverpool... Nov 1? At.aatio N?w York. Ha*.e Nov ?1 From Kurop* F*:u,?u ... Houiti'pton...New York....Oot 11 Han.?oaut. Southpton ...New York....Oo: II fioheBiian Liverpool... Qu-t>eo .(Jet II Euro?*..... Liverpool....tfoeton - .Oot 2> Ad' i* i : 3vulh'pl'>B. Now York...Oct 2< Anj.o sax > ?... Liverpool... .Portland Oot 29 Liverpool >iaw York..'Oct S No th An;?rtoan.Liverpool ....H >rtland Nov 1 Jonn Bell..... . New York ..Nov J Vaiulerut.i .Soaih'pton. .New Von .. Nov 1 The Havana ,-ntjl ctnamere leave New York oi th4 .M, '.r.n, ink. ar.<l J7-.U of eaoh month, and Cufi??ton oa tr.o tt:i and Utn, rfc* Ca if<.rma rr.aiJ ?*?*re leave New York oi h? stn and Mk of mnt ua^th. rr_? MOHF. NEW GOOD*. * HE < nJ?rai*??d hare jual completed then took of OooJ? |or the Fa.I and Winter.'iiinj eeleetod nmtitifnt of CLOTH? CAb?lMEKE??na VE?TINGs?, with the iateet rtyiea ef Material for Uu?uiea? finite, together witl rV? FURNISHING pOOMnfthe be?t, to which they reaped Why 'otu* theattenfioa <,{ their t/ienda and cue t .UifllM w# till" r^DTlir t. owkn t Son MuU irv \av*l '??J Ouicau' sitrekmm Tmuort. 4-f olm NojnaPa a" W O O |> !! ^ KINDLING WOOM tte Iowm T. J. A W. M. GALT P* ? ..???f weoa Utli and latn h! TO MUSIC TEaCHKKS-A !*rre lot of new Mono, imp .ftrU trjm tur.<p?; ale >, eel#ot.o. a mads person fion theg'eat pabiab ax h?ua> fc r??w i.iri, i j Uu>rM] [or ?to!i?, fti.J dtiU, k .. Jto. AI?o. i)u?u ll. Ki!rin?nU uow .pan (or inspection. JOHN F. Kl.LI?'?' Punn 8iori .*? 20 r?08 <*?. ?v . h I <Kk and HHh If VuL Wish TO <jfc I' GOO!> CLOTHING At Low Tiuu, Wiiii at g-UirH'S. No 4R0 8?v*Btk ?U, oc U> lm fr ? ,? F ?u. f,ioc>i> uckrr CUKAP LI3W T!^ ha wt i.ioti r' PARAFIH K C"'! i.. f'-tnx Co?l K1NU * Bl'RCHE'' L, It 8 At -uU tor ii| MU?i a I urnnn a Vrrv nrv * r tt vfkjmj All u VUA1J. jMPOHTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS: THE PIONEER SAW BILL AID FIECVOOB f ACTOEY, (Sum o# tub Bmi Fjla? StjurvJ ?MU < the CkMl, mu TU MfHt Brid??, Will farniak, at th? abort** lotiM, F1RBW OOD, , THE BEST QUALITY.* Of A jit Kino. cwt $0 qui dimmtimu cheaper THAN THE cheapest! With fall imnrMint |Wt?^L ? poaita tha C*nt?r MarkM^ ' ' GEORGE PAGB, AfCit of BLACK9M1THING prompt lm?c|Ud,MltoTI . Mlf-f B B B B B V V V 11 1 tHflOlV FIRE-WOOD HILL, Cwati ( Seveatk it ?ai Cmi. WOOD of Mil kind, H.annfuoturod to ord*r, any length or use, ready for nae. Wi hare now on harnY* UjAutiful lot of COAL, both Red aad Wlute Ash, different ma |?^"VV?ara now, and will be reviving Coal for the next ten dare, whieh we eel), delivered from the vi ?? !, at a reduction of 35 aenu par ton. Semi yoar order# early. MoKNEW A MARl.pW, Proprietors, 4 77-tf Corner Soventh kl and Canal* WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the ioursat possible rates. _ T. J. A W. M. GALT, Office ae?a Pa. av., bdtvaon 11th and 13ti> at* , ma 17-tf north axle. fOAL! COAL!! . C- WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily reoeivm* large auppl ?a ofCOAjj from tha very beat Pennsylvania minus, wuioh ( will 11 at reasonafo a pice) Also, the boxt quality of Oak, Wood and Coal ?>?*a??r. Pine and iliokorv WOOD, outand ?p|ir., aJU^ntu.s. Call and leave your order*. R. W. HA Wood and Coal ae 17 (States) Cor. C and 14th ats., near Canal. NOTICE! I wish all gentlemen to btar in mind that the plan which I ,a<toptod, six yetrs aro, of oHiiuir 'HATH and BOOTS at greatly re d'.iced prions for onh is in snooecsfal Deration. Just received a full cuppiy of the latest 1 ew York styles ofDKKSd 11a 18 The very . f _ & A r~- r A . f a A. a _ nn<H riM ? nrtii r?i? ?'at .73: and very > goo.1,fa?h'.o aMo Hat-f25n. All ol'th* l&t 'ntut) |os of hoh HATS anil i'AI' the very lowest prraen. r I am constantly hupp ted with a very large stock of those fine DRhSS BOOTS at ^3 75?which t have ' he?-n selling for many year*?ai ^ ell ait the v#-y best qua! tv of Pat?nt Leather (jAITKRS at 93 5A. Fine French Calf-kin Gaiters from $2 to $25*. Terms cash; no extra charge in order to offset (taddtbta ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufac turer*, Seventh stroet, second hat storo from the ooruer, opposite Avenue Hoase, No. ?40. se 14 3m f ADIES', MISSES, 1 ' AND CHILDREN'S HATS. The most el eeant and lar goat ktook ever (fared, all n?? anil in?t opened to day. Parents ?ili fiad it to their inte-est to ra.l and examine my rtock.aj I hall e*}l at mall profits. oo 15 2w HOPKINS, corner of Sixth tt. and Pa. ?v. Pr IOPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Yonr attention and examination la respeotfollr o loited to examine the oeJ?bratM New York GUTTA PERCHA ROoFING and the GUTTA PERCH A Pi* INT for painting tin roof*. Thia Gutta Percha Roofing and Paint i? acknowledged b? all the boat arohiteoU in New York oity to be the beat and oheapeut Roofir c and Paint in exist atoe It oan be seen at H. W. HAMILTON'S Paint Store. 312 Seventh street. CANF1ELD* H AMIi.TON are the sole acents for Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria and the South. For fur ther inform*? on ad'<tes? m a>>ove. no lt-tf EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. 3|g I have the largest end handeomest aaaortment of Ci.'O'KING a :td HEATING STOVKS < new pat t-rn?) that has ever be*n seen in this market, 1'or Wood or Cut'.. The assortment being t o la-ge to enumerate I resvect'u ly invite all thosein vtatnf tin best Stoves to call an J exa r-iie m? assortment. C. WOODW a KII, 31 * Pa avenue, oo 16-eo6t between '.Uth ar' 11th st?. DM RY~GOODS-DRY GOODS! DRV GOODS-DRY GOODS! We have now in store a \rry large and well as - sorted ?took of Dry Goods, of every kind and qual ity W? cordikili h.otU ?ll ? ... ara wti )T?I ?V U IU W Oil V UJ I/TJ Qood* to call and ecamin* our atook before making t .eir puroha??a elsewhere. kverjr article will be old St the lowest mark*: prim. WM. R. RILEY k. BRO., No. 3ft Central stores, Between ?th and 8th atreetg, oe 3-eo!m Opposite center Market. CLOSING OU"jE " LARGE AN1) SPLENDID STOCK OF DRY GOODS, WITHOUT BKOAKD TO COeT. The death of Mr. Dsnuh Clagett makes it neoea aary for ua to vind up our buainesa a* apeedtly an possible. We therefore acaoiy.ce our intention positively to oloae out the whole of our Jarre atook ol L)R Y GOODS by the 1st January uoxt, for o-kek, without regard to ooat. 1'he atook einhr^>?? -??-???* ? {.v.ivi m anvivmsui Ol FOREIGN and DOMESTIC GOODS. 01 the vt-ry U?st qualities,(it it well kuown in thu oommnnity that we have n?ver kept any thing else than ft at class articles,) and we will warrant all goods to prove ai represent d. I FT The lowest cash price will be marked on every article m the stock, wbioh will be much below its real value. All package* will be delivered promptly, on the day or sale, to any part of the city, tree of charga. CLAGETT ft. MAY, No. 324 Pennsylvania avenue, oo I7-I0t between 9th and 10th sU. INSTRUCTION IN MUSIC. A. F. LITTLE, PROCESSOR OF MUSIC, ha< returned to the city and resumed the du- IMa fies of bis profession Prof LITTLE, hav UNM ing oharge of Musical Department at Alnwuk^t^ and Pleasant View Seminaries, and beim; engaged ? four da> s in each week at these Institutions, han , consequently but two days in each we<^k t devote I to p' ivate ir struction of pupils, or to a timilaren l gagemi>nt lu another institution. These clearing r his professional servioas will please make applica tion at Dr. Hunt's. 310 Pa. avanua. oe 4 lineo* T ROYAL. HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Nut Urawing of the Royal Havana Lot tat j, ooudaoted by the Spanish Government, UD'isi the supervision of the Captain Genera* of Cuba, will lu? plaoe at Havana on WEDNESDAY. Normu 7, 1MD. SOXTEO NUMSKO 645 ORVINAUIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. prise of ? 100/WO 'o tofim O >0,000 IO *>,000 1?,M9 S'rr US do auftfproz. IN ALL HtM) PRIZES. Whoie Tickets. Halves, f 10? Quarters, $3. Pnxee oMhed at sic lit at? par oent. (fieooui*. Bills on all solvMif Banks taken at par. A draw mi wul he forwarded aa aooa as t&a unit bMOmw known. All orders for schemes or tioketa to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, oe it-tr flsiesf Cltr Post. Charleston. 8. C. QLDRICH.M^LOW^ND^URE M0N0NGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Consoieatioaaly diaulitd by Mr. Jaaaes Barntids Con?oit?nuou?iT aistiusa oj Mr. James Hern side, of Allecaay County, Fenna., la the old-fashioned hoaest way. from the choicest and moat oarsftflly seieoted Rye, and in no oase ev?r offered lor sale until adapted to wholesome use by ain It u at onoethe raoat palatable, as it i? appbatioally on# of the pa rest beveracee in the reaon of the puMio. To the invalid, aa well as to those in health, U oommflnds itself for its unrivalled toalities as a stimulant of the safest, surest, and most benefieort deeonptioa, and many of the most distinguished physioians are using it in their praotioe with the happiest results CL.RRY * HTOCKDAt P i 39% Wv r ut street. Philadelphia, > WM. C. CONOVEK, Agent for Ihe Prop lotora. J'it Pa. av.. ? 24-6*1 opyoaito Wlllarda' Hotel. N O T I c k: n otickh iSSK Mrs. HELLERTavitM th? ladies o(9? WuninftuB and neimtr to her Urand (J^oiu uf Fashionable FALL aad WINTER BUNNhTS, on Friday and Saturday,5th and 6th instant, wb?ta a be wi'l be happy to have ladiaa oome and examine her 'took of Gooda, as aiie haa a very h&ndaorae stock of FEATHERS, FLOWERS, DRK-8 TRIMMINGS. HKAl? DRESSKS, CLOAKS, SHAWL*. EXTENSION SKIRTS, CORBhTS of all aisea awl pneea, and a rery largo atook of EMBROIDERIES, ?o.*o. oo4 No. ?4 Market Spaoe, hot. 7th and ?th ata. mwmmmwmmmh M MDIOItf B8. ? J~?, JNPHOTINB; O*. * *4 v. *1 !r (1 O '? H O Ul '* it. ? /: ,r> i . <r> JVFVX 4IW ifVV XXTBRMTffATKD. i -f"l -? .J V ' . " r MA.'J -Mi THE HUMAN CONSTITUTION IATBD FROM W1 . \! . J. ,, .3 ?iq i -e < . in?-i;1 t TK* PRSTMFTTTM AND MBMWDY INTERMITTENT AMD BILIOUS FBTgBB. ? r IN A DAY. .i NATUItB'3 GRAND RESTORATIVE. - # / , S , ; IHPBCTINB, 1NPBCT1NB. INPBCTIHE, INPBCTINJS 1NPBCTINE, INPECTINB Th* tirnbli malady known M tha FKVER AND auuk dmannum hundreds of thoaaaodaof p?r aoaa throaghout tha world ?wjr year, and has never till uow bean m?t by aaeoeaafal madtoa treatment that kaa not prodnoad aevere MEDICINAL DI8BASE8, arhlnh afTuit tha l?? ?!>< li ? hea't, or other part* of the haiun or* amam. The IN PEC TINE ia the nateral antagoniet of all fe vera. and when it oomea in eoataot with the akin, u abaorbed by tha interior organa. whioh retiat fMilj miaama and all teadenoice towarda those maladiee wtuoh proatrate tha mind and body with fever. Kever and Ague reault from numeroue causes. No p'.aoe ia exempt from the oaneea whioh promote the existence of the diaeaee. That beiag onee aeat ed in the avatera, indiioea depression of apirita, lae aitude, languor, pains, ehilla. fever, and a long train of disagreeable aenaationa, depriving the pa tient of all energy, and reducing him or her to a condition of CXTRBME HELPLESSNESS. Why will any one eafer the horrnra of a debil ttAtim IntlfiitUnt IPavar wkan K? iKa mm nf tka INVALUABLE INPK0T1NE, Oft PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the maiacnt madieftl tad urinal ?aalitiM of vkioh iri iiutaatly tbaorbad, ALL TRACKS OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNI HILATES IN A FEW HOURS. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IB WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THK WISE APPLY WHILH THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN BTRIVH TO CUAB. DELAYS ARE DANOBKOIT8. THE INFECTIVE, PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hu our*d thoiiudi of botk mxn of the mud drwdfel Favara. Raa.d tad raflaot. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lamaal Bob tail, of Pittabvrg, f or two yatra m?* | 1mm to himMif and aooiaty?* majtyr to CfeUla and r???r?gurw IB IMS UM IVN VNU, IM Lm prorsd la sight hoiri. Mary K. Balk nap, Basdasfcy, Ohio, aftar alssost losing h?r rsasoa U wall m strsngtk by Inter mittent Psvsr, with ChiHs, rsstorsd to ksaltli n Wrsnty hoars. J. R. Til ton, of Balgrads, MaIm, broagWt from death's door, karing suffsrsd for foar ysars, mad* wall ia Its vttki, and improrad ui two hoar* Adolpks MooHro of Praooa, rolisvsd ta oas hoar, vhils travailing ia ths oars of tha Part Wayns aad Chioago Railroad. Ha tu appareat ly dying with Chills. Ellsa R. Bsasoa, of Look port, New York, Thoaaurf of othor hum frtmtod ftad ?*r?d evorr Month, ud sot ft aiafl* tOBfUial orf tha offloUnoy of U( INPKCTIHBf OE PK18IAN |f 1V1K OH A KM. TRY IT, PXOTM IT, KNOW IT. | And nak* known its voa^trfil jow#r? ud vit i Mm, that thoM who offer, or wko ar? tkr?ataaad I with ufcrinc. may ba lad to im a aimfto, ia i aozicaa preparation, lamthad bf Ua ftald of Natarafbr MAN'S BLESSING! INPHOTIN S3 18 SOLD BY ALL DBUGGI8T8 AND MBD1 ClNfi DKAL8R8 IN AM URIC A. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, 8ont by nil to Ml fftrt of tk* Uuitod SutM. REMEMBER, It to not Mm iawdly, hat U mM aatwdlfi orlf to tin?, -iritihfcai?f? mak MANUFACTURED BY JOHN WILCOX * CO., 1M MAIN STREET, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. BUNCH 9FF1CM, No. 9* BANK OF COMMERCE BUILDING* ' i 1 NEW YORR CITY, TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. ?* fiua tit; for"maoh inferior P<w?bi la ta**tor? and at I a?? ?rtp? 6it? a a %_oaI %lfiPFlN * 314 Pmnl TRUNKS ITIVE HUNDRED TRAVEL1W T1 17 arrived tlua da*, embracing all *oah Uea and aues of Sole Leather, Ladies', Draaa an anes or So.v uwu?i. lj d Packing Tranka. Oar ttfciaamathai WALL, BTKPHEXS Ifc CO^ saapL tmtti gOOTMSRN^TRUNJ MANUFACTORY, (frfsiu Odd D. Traveiara wtll atudy their ictereata try exr~~~ my TRUNKS, VALICES 4a ,before pur ohartng elaewere Aa I nee none hot the beat material the market afford* and employ the beat workmen, I oaa confidently recommend my wore to be anpenor in Strength and Durability to Trnnka that are made in other oitiea and aold her*. I keep oonataatly on hand, and make to notice) every deecrietien IKOyjRAME french DRESS mv (in. n < T\t?r ? r* ? ? ? - ? ' lea: j>?aai ? JiJff t C(^ Ct. Trunks, Jto., Repaired tuid Covered, ill a vork anuke manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in an? part of tfee oity, S?oa* TRAVKUlttS' DULKOTOBT. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Juo,13th. I960, trams wiil mn asfollowa; Leave Wawbinftnr. at 6 SO and 7.4A a. m. Leave Washington at JJO aad 5JO p. m. On Snndar at 3 ? p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4JS and 1.40 a m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. in. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. Paasencerft for tke East will take trains at fcju and M* a. m and 3 ? p m. owe'a oelabrated FAMILY JAMES 8. TOPHAM. DALTIMOKK AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. Cban?b op Hours. h or U( Weit at 7.40 a. m. and &90 p. a. For A nn&poli# at 7.40 a ra- and X3D p. a. Por Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the 3.20 p. m. train com to Philadelphia only. * 13-<l T H. PARSONS. At wit. NEW ORLEANS IN THRHH DAT0 WITH Tii a CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Chang$ and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR0: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPhTs~BOUTE: Memphis by Rail, thenoe br Pirat olaee Paok^ta to New Orleana. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery bj Rail.tbenoe to Mobile br Firat oJaea Paokou. Mobile to New OrlNUii by Lake Steamer* TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svitdat* IlfCLVBSO, Leavt Washington at 6 a. at. and 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh etreet at 6M a m. and 6jtf p. m. and onnecta at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex andria Train* for tho So nth we ?t Ofttoe? Pennsylvania avenue, ooraer of Sixth bL UHAU OUCUl TQ&OUOH TO WW 0ZUAX1. -#T? _16Wi -WOi Memphis Atlanta Lroohburg. Hnitoi Rnoxnlle Chattanooga- U 00 iSlton 24 no B un tsville ? .27 00 Grand Junotion ?.? 90 Naaimlle ? ?o THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL 800 MILES SHORTEK^and 34 HOURS LES8 IN TIME than any other f.iiie? the Lrnchbsrc Extension being nov oomylot*!, u also the Mississippi Centra), niakir.r it the Maoor, Oolsmbus Moat* oroerj SM J naMempiiuMS 50 N.O.S viaG. JnDC .ii SO S Tia Mobile. _?6 uO QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It la provided with Firat olaaa Sleeping Car* * {To Nrr Qri??w 79 Honra ?S: Naahrille 46 do. OT'The U.S. MAIL Md ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken orer thu New Lin*. Ticket! ean He obtained at the Sooth Western OffloM, ooraer of Sixth street ana 1'enneylTania ar ea ae, to the following point*: Lynobbnrg, Oriital, KnoxT!l>, Atlanta, Chattanooza. HubUnlle. Grind Junotion, Maoon, Naahville, Dal u>u. Colnmbna, Montgomery, Mobile, Meraphi*, and NEW ORLEANS. inr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VA RIOUS TIRO INI A SPRINGS. (n^Omnibnsea and Baggage Wagons leave the o&oe at tf a. m. and S p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma B-tr Corner Sixth ft. and Pa. % . t'nci oiciAmriA Jar. au i w iu rvnire cm trips on TUESDAY, XIit of Bar? ^ter^MriCt FRIDAY, at 8 o'olooka. iu.,and ALEXANDRIA ft htJf-pMte o'clock, for CURRIOMAN acd the inUrmediata Lan.iin*|. On her return trip*, she win Iwye CykRlSWAN every WEI>N ?Sl)A Y and SATURDAY,at 6 o'clock a. m. i.tin A M H PiCf NATB'L BOlfeir Ai'ti Ai'.^^'^'TeW o KFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OK GAS METERS, Wabhihoton, July 13, lMO. NOTICE IS HEREBY QITEN, TB?t,acr<* abl y to the pruvi?ton? of the oidinanoe of the Cor poration approval Mat >2.19?0. the nnderaignad ia bow pr?paro<2, "whenever reantr&l in wriuuf. and on pra payment of the fee of fifty oer.ta, to lrapeot. examine, teat, prove, and aaoertain th$ aoonraoy of regiatration or any (U meter in uae in tbia oity." Every meter, if found iiioorreet, will be condemned, and another, aealrd and marked &a true, wiiT ba aat m i?? piaoe. If proved to be aoourato In ita m?Mir< ment qf caa, it w*i be aaalad aooordinfly, and Main pat m poaftioa for naa. Offioe No. 610 Seventh atreet, (near Odd Pal Iowa' Ball > Open from 8 a. mv to 5 a. m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, If lt-tl Inapaotor and Sealer of tfaa MaUra. C|7A8R1N8TON SE WING ROOMb. TT mm 9tk st? Mae doors Jvarffc of Pm. in It to o*l) and examine our atook of Oaa anj Water Pixturee, feelinf confident that we have the baat aelect<xl atook in Washington. All Work in the above Tin* lntmated to oar oare will be promptly attended to. ' MYERS * MoGHAN. maf 5-tf 37* D atreei. Francis harper, B4TIN? oriiriD A. FAMILY GROCERY AND PEED STORE, Crntr of ytw York at>4nut at%d Tenth strtet. Reapect/ully aolioita the patronage of th? _ mar be in want of any article in the anove line. Hia endeavora shall be to pleaae. and by a at not atten to|he wantaof thepablio, he bo pee to merit a or their patronaga. took oonaiata of every, artiole aaaail^ to be la a iwt-ollii Family Grooery and Feed ma17-tf lO AAA GALLONS CHAMPAGNE AND vita f?> No. ?. m. ?m. v. k tmt. I AMAA. MOTV ft AUTRY, k . M?r.4gteza-**"' .?? V| Jtif | uf CltUM wW-K ADVICE :e^o,F ,D TO THE [o 4(0 8?ventb at., I shing goods Mlim * LOCK lOiriTU, 0M Di* 0?rU fU ?Nt CW(?M, SMtff, ?4 R$wudf to lit ITarS, FO* ALL OISKA&KS OF IMPEUDKNOK. LET NV FALSE DELTCACT FMETEWT. APTLY IMMEDATKLY. A eWEE WARRANTED. OE NO eh A EM E UM< IUHU SM OUMklHtmH.VM BlMt Kllt*M t>t , MtniiU lutiDiafl*u(>i ttkntaaAn W iImmm a vUli aaattay tfct llVllf (>?, m; Mil *Ht fall aa?f yfuf Mill IBP rUIOM, w t?n| Mm lu?, t?ir? af vnkiA, Hfuk IiMMi, *? , iNiMv eitd. la fk pklil hlwnlf?in tM HNtf D*. j. M| NM Mri; (wM? la hta ta*w u a f huibu ul inMml) Mi i kM ??i m pkpalala*. ujrricic n*. t surra ra?p??ic?i lafl Mad aid<if?i| fna BaUiaara utu, ? h* 4mm tea* ika aatjar.^raU m u itaaiTt IQBWtJi, Hiakan afUa ftayaj C?Uap flaittau, fculat. riilM (rata aaa af *a aaat aakw CaitafM to ita fckal Maaaa, uiua fnuii fan af vkaai lift lu< baaa ay mi mi tka piula iTLmIm, Pina, FbUidalMia ud iIuiMm, kM af I k*m* mt (h> AMI aia?iAlf? ?* " ?h* * ? ? knawa; au; miM<4 vtlk lta|ta( to Ui b ?<! (bieuliiK pm mhwmi. ktUr ui eaada, luthlatu ?ub freoaeai blaaaiaf |M vtu <UUf?MI >>in'id, wwi Tilt ranciut voncx. I*NV| Tn3( M?< ud * - ir* vbe ti?i ir.Jmred Utw artaiii praeuee laddfed la ?k?t ilwi t babtt IvMdkln ni^bUy hk ffMHikw ruiin Bumfi ead Mt, iImiJ4 ?>ply laMAMB. I fUi ui * af ibe Hd ul mluiM; e>ee>k Iwlklll kj early bebita rfiwik fill WukiM iftlM laik ud kata, nwi la Ik* Mead, Dianeee af lifM, Laa* a Nvir, Pilpuauao af ibe Mimh ty.DerufeaiealelUeDifeeUTeraacltaaa, ~ Ticpceme of Caneamptier, kc MkNTA LLT.-Tm hirM iftiu ai tki be dreaded?LaaeafMeaarT, Ceafoetaa efi af ptrita, K?il Fereadtaae, kveraat edkani?, I* hate if lalUkte, TUaidMy, eve., art eaaiil Ike daaad. ItlTOVI DEBIUTT ?Tbai la tbe HM af tbeir dektafaf beaUb, lawaf tirni t liaiif weak, fata, aerni aad taiekM4,W<Mf i ebaat ibe ayee, caafb it ij iipnai if iai DUtAUl Ot IMF&tDftMCB. Wken Ike miafaided ead itapredent velar? af pieaaMk lak be bee tnMbed the eeede af tbie peinfU dteeue, it tea eflei happen* ibat aa illatmeJ emu rfebaae er dreed ef dl*c*ren iaure bin fraa appirtaf la tbaee wbe, frwa adscauaa ead reepecubUitp, baa abac befnead Lib. Be hike late ibi baude af igiierant ead deeifaibf pretendere, vbe, Incapable I earing, u;n i> paeainry uMuu.hip M* iriiirg asih alter raanth, ar aa lwif aa tbt ataallan ft# lu Vt at tain* d, and to daapair iMtt kin vtlb mm4 haaltb u uri *?r kit (allinf diaappatsimaol; ar ky tka aaa W tkai daMkV (*un, Mitcir;. haiian lha aaoatuauaaal ayajmn W Um tarnbla diaaaaa, ?acb aa Afacuanio' rii? llaart. Tkraai, Urn. #ktn.*e., prorraaair.j arith frifhtfal rapidity, till daatk fatit aartad t* hti drtaOfal nfirun kf aaaduif btaa la tkal ? itin-trH cawu; fraai wbaaaWm aairavaiar whim, vl iuunumuiiiu'T rua oaijamc WUHM AMD 1MP0T1CJICT. v tkU mat tad inpanaoi ra ready viiktwtfUt wni) ui apaadtlj carta and (all ?i{a? rwtMil. TbauuUt afUt mi giiTMi and daktlitalad, *k? had laat all btft, ki*l Hti immadiataly raltavaA. All uaptdiBitoU la MarrUfa. Pkftlat] M Maata MaaaatV latuatit, Uaat af Praaraaii't Pawtt, Marvaa* intuWUf Tramcin.f Wtakotaaat Kikaaatlaa aftfct aaaifiwM kind ipaaadiij caitd. IRDOUJCMSVTOf TBS PtlM. TIB MANY THOCIIANua aarad atlkia laatlfUaa vHAte Ik a laat aataataao Ta*rm. aud ika anartu laipariaat Bwgi M-l aparauacit ptrfarraad k? Dr. Jakaaaa, witnaaaad ky tkt ravarxtrt af Ut fafin and a.tay atktr Hruu, aadtaa at vkrck kata intand again a?d agalt kafera U? f*kli?, ka aUtt kitMtMatf aa a f aauamaa af akataau* ui nwMl lUrty, ta a aaBalaat f aamatta la tta aJhtu4~ )aa S-iy mj imperial wine bitters, Art KT being ttaod froin Me: na to tha Great tell L*ko, ah 1 the uair^rui ?orOict of All who am them either A* a wudieitu or ae A to*?rq/?, u tAAl * J. BOVEE DOD'S Aumm, nwri-M uiweuei, rosvele Can y.a.:nt?, and All mm recetmu a tonic, tley are be yond <1. nbt most invaluable remedy. A?id# from their nu?d? mmum they ftr? ft r*rc, wbole KOiiie and deiifurai redaoinc aU tke tat ?xi.ilerafani *>i?*U of Brauuj or Wise with which the ooucfry la food?4, acd thereby ef factuaJy aid in l-ac.thtuf liiMftee and DrulMMM uthejftuiL CHARLES WIDDIFJELD It CO., W'.c-v , - n Ti ^ IT awHiUftM/H, u* V< DR. J. COVKK DQP6' IMPERIAL QIN BITTERS. Rsr Diieaces of tha Kidne??,B ladder and Unaarj rgfcci, and Koi&l'r lor renal* ObitmotioM, nev?r Aul U our*, a&d are wra&ted to giv* ?tu ^harleb WIDDIFIELD * CO.. Proprietors, 78 William it, New York, J. SCHWARfeK, je7-ly,r Areni. Waebinfton. D. C. joYmi&?tiSffiSifnim APPLY rlfrlpREMBDY REJOICE Yx HEALTH, Friend, do you uffVr? Are yon the victim of aay of those nuu.aroua ajiinecU which triM Iron Im pu'Uy oftlic L'.ix'd.' \\ hat are ?her, do yon &*kf Rather ask, what are they not? The blood la the onroe of tile and health, add it la the first e.ement or oar being to teepond to any oanae which ?#eeta tfl" ay stein, aa the pule* tufaJliUy atteata The ev? prevailing Neuralgia, the Irritabug KryapoLas,Una aabtle Soroiuia, the a*oniaing Kfeeuiaatiaio, Nor voaa Debility. Dyspeptic, Liver Complaint withits torpor and dejeotioii, and the numberlees ilia thai fleen ia hair to, derive 'hair hidacua origin from the blood. Deal kindly thea and gently with the blood Ua* the vitalising rea< uroes of naMre for ita aid. aud auffar ua to ooinmena ta y??r eoafidenoe ana uae that traly vaiaable medioaiuent known aa MRS. M. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE ItECOCTION. With recard to thi* m-..? ? _ w v>?m ' * iwaiiiiMO fc prCl UC popular aontiment ha? rp?kon in decided tsrma, and lite idt&ftM of Una fr?sat eSiaac* are ?ue tain'd bjr ouaatut avowal* of ?u rati re #1ku and th" happi?at reaalta from iu u?e are af'-er a.' other remediea and the l*eat mwinai akill have fared. Let u? MT.ia couoiuaiou, th?t o^ri:lioatej enrea are Dot acL?ht firom th* illiterate aud stf>?r fioial, but they are volunteered from the m at r* epectable aooreea and ja*tify the hi (heat terms is which it ia possible to eonm>??d ao valaafcie a eaeoilo to pnb io approval. We luf y add also that the curative properties of thsmed moe are equalled only by ita restorative rff?ou. (tie ayatru reocver ins froindiaeaae with tonewen onnatJtBt'oaal *\tor. For sal* by all reapeetabla Drucrista is this ?*? "?! ?x ~A - wtj.nm V7 nio rrurr>"U,ri HUH. M COX. Nom tenmne nntnaa her emeu biovu on the bott* md hor eae.1 on the eork rrr Ptim At per bottle, six boltlM for 95. wtolenU Agent. R. ??. T. CISJfcL. Drcj*lrt. 6?nrceU>?7i? D CH wholoaile Agent for th? Di? trior, and will supply the trade at my pnooc. an l?-tr POE STAMPING P4pitpt ^*? t V/ f AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, tUa METROPOLITAN BOOK8TORE, PH1LP * SALOMONS, d IM ft., h. NO IfJARGEJ PH1L1 ilMUl /or Lmtmu'i itltbrarid L\**U PojMfl, -MttrgpolUcM MiUt," ' ' KM 17 332 f?. IT., ??t. 9U> Ud lntk iU. 279 ' 206 em >iS#AR.vi9' Imh to ?&11 tii* mention of kia Manila %t\4 U? fttDiio cn.eraLiy to ma New Store, ua?r Wil l&riTa Hotel, jut opened, in oonnekion with kit old et^bhahment, trLer? he wi.! keknppj to ro Cve ut ordei a for euportor Confeotiona of kia ova port* tic W?. T. DOVE k. CO. xxRE NOW prepared to execute any orderi viU FITT1N? CT Store on tth atreet, a. lew doora north of h, PURB OLD RYK WHISKY.-On h&nd * ?? br&nd> uf Pare Old Rye Wtu. kj, Copper Die tilled, Mde by the noet relief e dietJiere iu Pm? lend ud Vlr?ini?, wmuted???. Hrendiee, Hft&neecy, Otnrd. Dapuy .. ?obio?, ice. Ateo, Petok *M Apple c J'kcr w.S'v in lee Robiqe, 4peT Aleo, Peioh %oi ^A?^? Underd braird a^A ehoioe lot r>J Cmri'wU To M 14-It rjUPON-rS GUNPOWDKR, johVJti 9*U A, A Urxe >ti| t?U Ot*S?' i Ww vFTwWr fez NPOWDKR, , 275 .4 LiE N 275 J A C I BO If i 'JL&JmLL'- 4 . BA W1^^?#*rHlNo N K W.-Now I. rtLr* 40 tMMUfui Btajoa; prior* iro u 62 o MtS ^ JO?N KLLM, Mia v. r OmWQH*) I afcart nnlt in VhIMm 1*4 ill IB kli III UW.MM. 0.4 Ot&siac ptomftit M r?d?l to. PtiiUvi M OriAin?iitin| CotUfa mittira i b 1 &? >? l tjle _ J ?&a, "tJfaaMia P?r*flOr? i? iWVat ??! !*>:, jT to tfce PftinttRf of ?*"< J.nek W?i a. AI of tb? ?*o?? I trtll 4o u ak?M u tta *k?f aal. I ttearafara aciiait UitNtrutaia u( ? frifMa tad fal.ow aiU^MU ft t*a DiaUtoC Panola* uy "ieuj w?n ?. hb wo; i mil la UM Mai uc - Vol WiniliMf nriafl roar Itnsi ud ttnf M M, ZsF ***'LwswwV'^rtl e!*?6^ ?U sei TUi lit P. H. h|U pit ip ftm *f chart*. m UMl. >> 3? ( prOlUNT TO iMj/IEkKKrua. R. WL DUUKK * CO. % 8m?m tr? almost ioYana)> j iIkH. wvB ttaau tapcirt of otf^nitk awt >-.cI>b*m of l?avjr^? fFVOND ALL COMPARISON. W ili atoaaaitllj prova. ? AIRING ANP?ILVER WARM ?>ee<wutiy rrora. ? ^ATCHRB^AI^INO A^*|LVER W I H*r? owe of th? (*?t Mtab^ihmtnU. acd fmr a??h*<l with % complete mmtmf tool* for repair img every d^eciptiou of ftu? WiUhM. *o4 /7\j particular MWdUui |iv? to the aaroe, by mMm? ti itf ouctk ooin|>?t?ot workin&njar><1 & work cuar?n bM Ai'O.avary dMonp ion of ? ai.!*r<i 5fl.VKK WARE.plar.aixiorimm*t>tal.manufactu odunder m> own aupOTvivion, which inj ? u?t r #r? vill far iup*nor u awt feuuh to n>-rtH?m w* old by daaier* in and rwrf^ute.1 ? (Mir own inanuffccture. H O HOOD, Mi U9 And til kin-'? of C NT*' HENiMIINO GOOD*, ?i 8? pn m?l *m tl.?n hj iU.t itof? lo th* eitr. At Mlft-lm SMITH'S ?t. [PUH & SiMPSOfj^ rAMIDf aYPff FAMilY m IJVffiSKF^ Th??bor?PUBE WM18KY.Com>** Di.nuis r?/tM Afl A l.Vtn fll m I m . Wai m m M la ?i?ntyriSd WfklT'MroVS^T Ma,Tj\na?rr3 bf oDiumtn to at other Wkiakiea, aid parttea - larW rNomaradM) by tha brat ptiyaieaaa aad ehamtata aa aoaaoaaing all the re?mr?wianti of a Tr** T-nie /*ri*#r??ar and krm'dxmi Jrtnt. Tha Sanailkili Wat" ? t Plume f* la- aaad in tha <Ua illation of thia Wkiak), ia arov*d bj ac?> ia to bf the rolWt a?d pareat water in'ha I aited Utatee : and to tbia n ay, in a rreet d-?r?e, bo at trlHit^a the (XMi enoe of thi* W kirky. For aale by PR ?K*aN * t?:M "SON . PWbii WfUllary^ Qathe Sebujlkili n*er. Piii a^'plua Ofioee?96 Wall ifHt, Nov York ; 109 ftcatk Front itiMt. P i And otnU bad in V^aabiocton of 3*mael Bimi k Co , 319 P? ?t; R. J. Ryon. W?*t ?k n*r D; K?. 6fd? k Pnik. 5??? W?t 7th at 7V?' r*r k rt?rnm??. 407 P* *?.; J. K Wilion, JiT Hi. ?t ; Uftrhour 4 65 1a ft* ; H. C. Purdy, 403 Pft. ?T ; Wm Bnu. 4t Mtr|?t ; Mo .nft rinaoll k Co , 387 W?tltu it ; ? F C,u lick. 336 N J.?? : A. OuMia l? , % Co.. M,?er r kftfttlllb ; Bdwftrd H?M. 40 Marfcf >? ; K. K WMttk Co.?3 L4.?t; Jilu 11. Bcdnm k Co . 393 WMt Niftik at. mXI? f!DISPATCH! ^ ^ lhe_Fictc?! At aaidmtt will k*r*Z, m? m ?mUrf*im*4 fmmitiu. It is vary uMrr%b!e to bar* worn* ok??f tad aoaTanlant w*j fcr rapatrtag Panutara, Tore* __ iriLoiNfi*! ruriRin ?ldr Mall aoii emergand lo bounMiolrf a?a to ba withoat it ?t It ?:*?? rimiy a# to til* ayckiac joint Ti.?r* i? no iu&rar a a*a*a atto lor Tiaipiac ouin, pliater*! ????ra. ii?*4.?*a doQa. am! liruk?L om^iM i? ? ??* w iuw wv* I "I t&l work. m> fO|>iiW ~ adMir&bii prt^mloc ^ ? ? *! <k?M, tpiM eti*>:aie?]i j b*!d < aolation, im +> **~amnc tli (h? tv t?.b> iuIiUm of U? bMt oaklRvt ni4.k?r?' civ*. cone, . fcni clliOr oruuitt with lnn?i of refio*nM<: uad tuu Thi? tdmir&bi* ?ro * It fD.M bo uod IB tfeo ^1BC< uf MrtilBOTf bainc tuUt nor* odboairo. " VSErVL 1H STMX T hUCSM tooonif*Lios mck bottl0. Itont, No. 4P Odir otroot, YorlU Add root hknev iTipii niNr. u iv. Bii; N.X?i',SWVo.?. M Saow-C%r<3 aoeompfciiyinr e?cL p%ok vf . rrr A ?lMle bottle of STAL22NW3 fff pTpFD GLUE wili mt* don tt? mm* ?* aa.Hr Vt> ewry hoaMkoM.^3) 0oM by all rromlnwDt Stationery, Drtffiau. raraievr* Wroo?rm, ?od IxLiix'sl AROMATIC ?1 CAUTION. J3 PUflCIASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY tO SEE THAT IT IS. idmraMO EOF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHLRS ARC AN IMtTATION AND A COUNTERFEIT ur I nt ABUVt WMI5HLY. WILHJ) ALT. # M Sam WUttM s: N?f Y6RK> ' POR BALM m WASHINGTON MY I Ml U&IOUt 4 bUlklMi

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