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Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 1, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENim? STMT TUftlUAy /l.M.IXtnakw h 1?H. " 1 - - y 1 ,- fcpirtr ?f uw PtmrwtmM fr*m. The Constxtvticn deacaoU at leajft* ?poo "The Impending Cf*1? " Tbebfihgrnrrr, In an article on the "Fealtlon of Virjtinij." areata that In the eaae of a dlMolutloft of the Ualo*. (which, by the way, It does ?* * ? irr. at Slit* of riridd ??>1 uoi pprgain. / ?? H ?- 7 ? inexhaustible reawircj*. need not neceaaarlty go with the eotton 8utn, bat could very properly set op government on its own hook. fJjT |f seems that the Hon. A H Stephens, of Ga , has not font ken Douglas, ?j stated by the St. Louis Bulletin, and quoted by us. E7" We Lave received from J. J. Ellis the "EpaJlora tf*altt,? and the "fcpsiloin Grand March," published by Beck k. Lawton. PhiladelpLla?two spirited competition* CZT* It *J? sriri that ao CnMd rlflsa are U> be brought from Kagland to Virginia, as it has been found that tbat arm ts not as efiectiv* as that now used b?C 9 troops. ID* Col Bardie, the military tactician, has been solicited to attend the cavalry encampment la Virginia, with the view of giving inatrue tioaa. and hu obtained me permission t we Secretary of War tqjtoat end. ^ jjy B B French, of this city, writing to a morning coleinporary. amon * other things, aayi. ??The fugitive slave law will be enforced by Mr't .Lincoln, if he la elected; hia friends have pledged him to that, doubtless with hia own knowledge and aaent, and that pledge will be redeemed " Personal Col Hoffknan, L\ 8. A., is at the National Hon.George W Jones, of Iowa, late of Bogota, N G , is at Browns'. It is stated by tbe Syracuse Journal, tbat Speaker Littlejohn designs bringing a suit for lib#^ against Mr. Greeley, as soon as the election ii decided --ThfmaaG Cleinson. Ksq.,Chief of tbe agricultural division of tbe Patent Office, returned yesterday morning from his official visit to Euroo? for seeds. kr. Tbe *team*r A?la, in which he came.eiperiei.ced exceedingly twsterous weather The Savannah Repnbliean learn*, through a letter from Bon Howell Cobb, that tbe President and Cabinet have Col. Rudler's rase under ad vln-ment, and that steps will aoou b? taken for his relief. Lord Lyons has returned to Washington. His lordship states that tbe Prince was highly Ceased with his trip in the United States, nothing ring occurred during his entire journey to mar for one moment its pleasures. Capt John Wilson, of the Minnie 9hiff-r. has, it is said, a claim on the Government for the "value of a vessel called the Star, and which wji unlawfully seized, condemned and sold, by the American authorities in possession of Matamoras The Marauis of Cbasdos, who, with his wife, has beei following the grand tour of the Prince, is gathering a collection of rhoice paintings of American scenery. The pictures are said to be verr well choaen W. Gilinore Slmnn. LL D , md Paul H Haya*, the pod. both of Charleston, 8 C , and Oliver B Baldwin, of Va., are among a list of lecturcra announced to app<-jr be/.re various literary societies of the Scuta during the coming winter *- * According to the At Louis papers MadMle Ella Zoyara, the great equestrienne, attached t<> Dan Rice's shovr, whose "Xtraordinary feats have excited so uiuch admiration, and whose sex has been the subject of some comment, was married on Saturday night at the Monroe House In that city, to Mr Frank Drew, the well-known comedian, who 1? now attached to Mr Rice's company. Political Iteass The Marlon (Ala ) Commonwealth contains the following letter from Mr Breckinridge, in cor U (.1 A I j.vy?vwi. va vciit.iu -hi ji ull itccqi trip In the mountain region of Kentucky: ' Lkxissto*, (Ky ) Oct 15, 1660. ?'Afv Dtmr Sir: In answer to your letter of the 9tb lnst , 1 have to say tfcst I have not been making stump ?peaches in Kentucky, and do not intend to do so My apeech at Ashlaod on the 5th September la tbe only political address I have made Misrepresentationa of me have beeu persisted in so unjustly, after corrections made, that 1 have ceaaed to notice them; but I thank you for tb? friendly Interest which prompted your letter "Youra. very truly, "Jons C Bsecki.nkidge "Geo D Johsso*. K*q , Marlon, Ala " Mbbtimo of the Sooth Cieo.ih Secession I Le?d*h ?A meeting. of the prominent chief* conucted with the accession movement in South Carolina took place at Senator Hammond's rea:denre, near Auuusta. on Thursday last AH the Congressional delegation except Mr Miles, who waa detained bv sickness wm* n?<m?i Mei)r*. Orr, ex-(?overaora Giat and Adimi. and many o<ber leading men. Tbe opinion la a?id to Lave be??n unanimous on inatant s?-cetaion, in the event of Lincoln'* election Similar meeting" of leading mm bave been Leld In Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. (|T Tbe New Vork anti rent suits have been disposed of in tbe Supreme Court of that Elate Tbe Court of Appeals, it will be remembered, affirmed the judgment of tbe Suprenif Court. wbicb wt? in favor of the landlord, and directed tbe rt-eord and proceedings to l>e committed to tLe Supreme Couit. Tbe remititur wti Hied on Tueadiy morning, whereupon Judge Hogebooin directed an order to be entered declaring that Utf judgment of the Court of Ap|<eala staads aa ine judgment of tbe Supreme Court, and tbe plaintiff* uave execution against tbe defendants for damages and coat* Under tiiia dec ill on tbe landlord can proceed at once to la tie cx-'cutions of the judgments rendi-rcd for the recovery of tbe amount claimed,and alao tbe coataof the different action* Be isb*s Srsrx.iaiox* ?Some excitement was occasion) d in this citv vesterdav h? th? ....n? , / -J ?~ sion of the banking bouse of J. sUh Lee & Co. Tbeir aff irs hive been put In tt>? band* of trustees, mad at preseut no detiulte statement of their precise rendition can be given. A great many rumors are of course in circulation, but as it would be impose ble to separate the false from the true, we give neither The house is one of the oldest financial institution in this city, though in the last few years its proprietorship nas beeu entirely changed by the withdrawal of former partners Means Appleton & Co, binkers, a recently established bouse, also suspended yesterday The greet fall In prices at the Stock Board, especially of the copper mining stocks, Is given u% the cause 4>t these suspensions ? Baltimore Amtritan. By A remarkable rase of juvenile depravity "has Hist romn tn H??h? 1 - v?*- - * ~ .? i vi*. in too acicctlon of two girls, each eleven years of age. and of respectable parentage, in the crime of shopliftingThey live la Brooklyn, and for two months past nave been In the habit of coming over to New York sad robbing various retail dry-goods ?nd fancy stores of articles to the value of nearly one thousand dollars, which they disposed of at different pawnbroker establishments On searching a. their homes several hundred dollars' worth of other goods were found secreted. The parents appear to have been ignorant of the crimes of the children, yet they should certainly have kept a better oversight of their offspring PaoM New Mbxico?The New Mexican mall, with dates to the 13th ultimo, has arrived at Independence Mr Auberg has recovered 63 of his mules that were stoien by the Indians?In all probability all be will ever get back. Hostile Indians are all around Santa Fe, and the eltlsens dare not venture any distance, for fear of Tbere it no rn-wi from tbe army In the mountain*, sent In pursuit of the Navajo Indiana No boatil? Indiana w. re ?een on the plains, and tbe uvra from there ia of no importance. ID- In Rosion, on Tuesday afternoon, J G. Her- I nandrz.a Spantsu peddler effanry goods, fir* d two platol ahota at Miss Kanny May, who had been employed aa h'a bookkeeper, ana wben arrested, ha fired a (hot luto bis own body. Misa May wt-* light v wounded, Hernandez, H la supposed ^mortally He \ aa a wife and children Theaun. iwarv came ci tbe trajj'dy Is unrequited and jealous attachment toward Miss May, who 1* a THpfcUbl* and kaiidaome young woman. ILTTLe N \ Courier is verv indignant that any one should have < IrculaWd the rumor that tbe Prince sent Mrs Gov Morgan a diamond neckJsee. and ?ajr?: He was Incapable of any snrh Inipropriety; and most assuredly bad be sent one It would have been promptly returned. Wten tbe Prince accepted of the hospitality of Governor Mo jpc , be reco^ nixed their social eqnallty as a grnnra.aii, and, tf course, could not have been guilty of any such impropriety as has been charged t nTsr* NOTJCE.?A re*nlar roeetioK of tv e RepnbII * lica" A?>ocia>ion will b held at tbe Wig wa.ii Tu-MUHT. H?m K. Wiiiih- Kii-. of VirKisia. ?il a dre?? the Association. Tea pub1 c are j?\?ted ?? atisnit. 1 -* fr-a-^NATlO ' AL VOWJ sTEKKS. ATTKNIL5 TlON ?1 here will b a rn-eunz of the National VoI >ixt*?rs THI-< ? niif?iay; tVk \ iS'G. Nov lit at 7 o'clock, at tits hall of the Jacksoi *?? dsn . k?- J ? Vtety** to feoooM mmmbiZ, to I* V,^r;^"rs^^ ,,,^o? J. 11 0-..NTT,Soor.t2VEARV'PrCiUd,\. i .:, /x- < ? "* *** 0 ~ wiiamim mil 1ot mow. mi. Caxuo* or Likcolk's Cab.sit, if F.lectkd?A Harrisburg correspondent of the T<ew York Tribun? nya that It is the opinion of Senator Simon Cameron that Mr. Seward will be offered the post of Secretary of SJate by Lincoln, if elected This is in direct co^racLMtoa of Mr Corwin writes in the letter top?. Hodgo. of^ this city, which will doubtless b? publish** Ui the Washington Imttlligme't; but not until the j morning of tk? *Uct\on day. In that Mtof Mr. 1 Corwin not only says tua^Hr I.tucoln UUs him, 1 as we stated a day or two nnce, that, if elerltd, it is his purpose to execute the Fugitive Slave law at all hazards everywhere throughout tbe North, until a better one to accomplish Its purpose shall be enacted; but also that he will maintain therfcht of any future State to be admitted into the Urflon with slavory in its Constitution, if its people to nn rnrvifncr tn that initpnm*nt' and too that be will oppoae all effbrta to ibolltfa a!a- 1 vary la the District of Columbia against the consent of ita legal voters and without full coinpensitlon to the ownera of slaves In the District. Ha further states In the ume letter that 1-lucoIn avowa his determination to offer the post of Secretary of State to the Hon. Wm C. Rives, of Va., atd to call Into hla cabinet Mr. Feaaenden,of Me., aftd Mr. Ewing or Mr. Vinton, of Ohio. There can be no doubt whatever that Lincoln does not healtate to avow to hla confidential friend a that thmp u'hn rrftart Kim tn li/i is th? nf the Government by eaeaying to Incorporate the principle of "irrepreaaible conflicttam" In hi* administration. rest under a profound mistake. ? DoroLA? i* thkSooth?Douglaa ia again using the telegraphing agent* of the Aaaoclated Prcaa, evidently, to give publicity to bogus account* of bla reception throughout the South. Thoae la Alabama, Tennessee and Miaaouri have thus been stuffing the Star, among otber journals, with atorlea about hla current triumphal progreaa through thoae Statea, on a par with their roorbacks concerning the popular reception accorded to him on the occaalon of hia hunt after hla blasted mother throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio. Indiana and the Middle and Kaatern Statea. It la well known that bit tour In Virginia and North Carolina stripped him of more than half the follower! be bad there, while the reenlt of tbe fall elections North. Kast and West prove inountestibiy that if he was followed there by tbe srowdi alleged to have ree?iv?d bim wherever be journeyed, they w>>re attracted I n tbe same way that crowdi gather around Dan Kice'a show wherever bis big tent may be pife-bed for tbe nonce. Hli attempt to generate the idea that he ha! a substantial party in Alabama, by rising the power of the telegraphing agents to " stuif" distant newspapers to that eud, is simply a forcible Illustration of the fact that be Is as mendacious as ever before, under defeats that would deter any living man but himself from persevering in a game of false pretenses such as bis. l)ii;PAHTMKNT KIWI. PlOMOTIOXS AS D A PPOIHTMXNTS ?S<in'l King has been promoted to a second-clars clerkship in tbe Poet Office Department, vlc? T. Rhodes Duval, resigned. Robert Griffin has been appointed to a flmt-rlass clerkship, in place of 3aniuel King, promoted; and JoscDh T Johnson has brm annnlntM) to a temporary clrrktbip In place of Mr. 6rlliin. T*? Wutiu ?The following report of the weather for the morning U made from the Amer leas Consolidated Telegraph Line to the rfmlth* on tan Institution. The dim of observation la *tout 7 o'clock Notxmbs* 1, 1840 New York, N. Y warm, wind K Philadelphia, Pa. warm, wind 9E Baltimore. Md raining. Wilmington. D. C ,.cloudy, wind 8E Richmond, Va. cloudy, rainy. Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 71?. Norfolk, va clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. Charleston. 8. C clesr, pleasant. Augusta. Ga cloudy, damp Savannah, Ga cloudy, ?U?. wind E *_? ?. r! _ - .Tiatuii, do. .ciouay. Coiumbua, Ga raining. MonUfoinery, Ala cloudy. Jackson. Ala stormy Mobile, Ala cloudy, 5<P rtoM tub win Cleveland, O clear, pleasant. Pittsburg, Pa clear, 54?, wind 3E barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. iu . , cotfeezed for temperature,) 30 153; at noon, 30,133 T hermometer at 7 a a? . 64'; at noon, 73 Maximum during 91 hours, ending 9 a. m. toia^ 7ii ; mlntmnm 63 . Amount of rain last night, sevcn-hundredths of an Inch. Y-y=? CENTRAL BELL AND EVERETT I_? CI.UB.?The ui&r weekly msetinr ol ths BeT and Everett Club will b? heltl at Thorr's 11% I Th ISi f hu-sday) EVENING, at hair past 7? cl'k. Members are requested to be punctual in their at tenriaaoe. j(? rH?M I pivpiui n u? vmiii iaui/| 0?C, V" NIGHT SCHOOLS " V Notice i* he-eby given by the Board of Truateea of Public Svho.h tiwit Night 'chooi., fot.,,? benefit of apprentice* and other*. will b?op n-d lu thi aevra. acho.l diat i?ti of the oity 011 ;he rveuin? of November let, 1883, at tbe following ltMl: Firat achool district, in the public school house corner of Fourteecth ad G ata. 8. cond a boo! di strict, lu the Berr*t public sohool l?r use, corner of Sixth street and New York av. Third sohor.l dikt ici, publiu aohool house Eat., near Sixth at east. App'icat ona t radrris?ion may ba made to the Tmaiees in tbe several outrieta. By oraer of the Board. no 1 St ROBERT RICKKTTS Sec f-jr?NIGiT SCHOOLS FOR THE BENE i W lit of young nien aud youths wiil t,? opened TlIL'RSwAV EVENING. Nov?ml?er let.anJcontinued four moutha, in the four Hi^trict School Hixtsea of the rehp-ctive districts of the oity. These schools will 1>? under the instruction of the principals of the respoctiv.? district aohoola, and in >hein will be taught ill branches ueoea#ary or useful fur \ojn< buaiuf-aa men. Trust ea wilt be in attendance to iaaue tickets of I IVUIIIIWOlVIl! Co-ne, young men, now la jrour time for improvement (ocdl-3t) THE TRUSTEES Y"y?l'NIOX PRAYER MEETING will be l_5 h Iden every day this week in Rev. Dr. Fint lei Churox, (German Lutheran) oorner E and auth ata , First Ward, to eominenoe at 4 o'clock precisely, arid to becontinue oue hour. oo29 Y^"DEMP8EY A O'TOOLE. _L3 WEDDING AND VISITING CAHD ENGRAVERS. Importer* of fine WEDDING bTATlONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES. the moat beautiful sty lea. 396 Pa. At., between 9tii and 10th aU , auZ7-6m Washing ton. mm, ri.lK ASH COAL. v* E Are daily expecting two cargoes of this very superior Coal?one egg and the other stove size? which wa will deliver from the veesnl at a reduced price. SHERIFF k. DAWSON, south side Pa. av., bet. 3d a?d 4)6 sts.; nol St wharf aud mill waat side 4H ?t. and Canal. NOTICE. i LL Persons indebted tj the estate or my late husband, A. H. Young,are earnestly requested to. settle their accounts as soon aa possible either with Mr W. ? lixxkr (who is authorised to make the collectioos; or myself. M. A. YOUNG, Admlcietratrix. do 1 St 1 St., between 9th aad loth sts. OYSTERS?OYSTERS!?I am now opening very tiae FRESH OYSTERS.^ which will be sent free of oharge to any/_ J part of the city, ahuoWed or in the^SA^Mr shell. SAMUEL T. DRURY, Grocer, nol St Corner Pa av.and Fourteenth st K~~ 1NDLING AND STOVE WOOD Manufactured any length, and delivered to any p*rtof the oity at ihe snorteit notice, and at the lowest possible rates, by HHii'iiirir i. H, (irorv.. . i a. i/n n aun, 17" Office couth aide Pa. avenue, between 3d tul 4)% ?ta.; wharf and mill vest aid* 4>? street and canal. no l-lm JHE N E VV K 8TABLISHMKNT! HATS AND nv caps. C9B GL4DMON has just received an iuim n*e sto< k of H aTS ai.d CAPS.^^H^^^^ which he will a?ll aa low as an* house in ti.e I nited Mates. Don't roij??t the place. M O. til. A DM ON. Hatter, 896 Pa av., n?ar corner llth at., no 1-1 w Qppiiait* Star Offioe. WASHINGTON SAVINGS BANK, 3113* Nlrth St , mil Pa. Avmidi. PROFITS TO THE DEPOSITORS. Open to i?Miv? deposits from U to 1 o'clock. ^ IVsMMI Jacob Giilron, Keo. C.Ames, JtnMi H. Csiitsii, Joha H. Ptrain, K-tward Hall, Aug. E. Per /. Ororgo Burns. Wn. 0. D?l!?. T. J. Magrudsr . - ? JACOB GIDEON, President. Jo?S D. Btiiow.Tr(UUi?r. TLi? inititutioQ will pay to the dsposi'ors at the I? #?nt * *' ?"n"? ? .?( th? probt. of bosine s, a.?l in thrsj pears the tutplnp.-ofira among such - L HUH M nUVN viMiof '? ntlM. Th<* Tra-U?? c^rfid*?tlf claim th? hearty oo oi arma tud tatro a e ot all vk? f< *11 h? ne?d of a >.-.! ! ;0*itOI) lu l|l?rlrl.linni?| aTlDfl of toll U :.)i J aoo-oiay. (State Coo.) nol-lw +. i?W We learn from tbe Greenville (3. C.) Patriot ! that ex-Speaker Orr and Hon. Mr Ashmore, tbe ; prevent Representative In Congress from the fifth I alctdct. rec**tlv adtfaesaed the D*onI# >i that | placi Mr ?? hope of the defeat of LiMata, but w?ld ccu?el no bitty action on theflitt of tbo^Jtate. South Carolina ahould aot withdraw alone^. ike differed from other* la the opli#M) that tkt fcfglftlature ahould call flftr a ConlMi'ioa of tfc?people aa aoon aa it wai ?wrUlnfr that LlaMTVU elected He thought it kwou||be wiaer MR more prudent that Cofitiliiion?4 should be appointed to consult with the f ther ?<>utDcra 8t?tw and ascertain the eckrit they mtanded t? pursue un^r the c 1 re ti matin coo, i to tfcat there mlgnt V a concert of actio*. Mr. I Asbmore alao thought Uutmn would be elected, and counselled that the State ahould put heNelr into a position of resistance. Mr. Crittenden, bolag on a visit to f?t Lowis. on Monday night addressed a large number of cltlzena of tl?at plac? <? the political topic* of the day. He eulogijeid Mr. Douglas aa a nationl man. a statesman, and for his course in opposition to Leoompton; bat trgod the Union men of all parties to vote for Mr. Bell aa the nnlv Mnifi.l.u whose luccess would rive pete* to t?ie country. If, however, the republican party should elect their President, be roa'd see no remedy whatever in diasolving tue Union or by seceding from it. They rould be out-voted in Congres* and orevented from doing barm. The South can find constitutional safety In the Union, and preserve that greatest of blessings for this country. His prayer was that this Union may last beyond auy calculation. A correspondent of the Charleston Mercury, whose views are endorsed by the editor of tbat journal a* " algnl'cant" of public sentiment in sk>uth Carolina, argues as follows: " The election of Breckinridge may serve to protract for a few years a feverish and therefore dangerous existence. The election of Lincoln, on the<.-tber baud, will be followed by a dissolution (then or tuvtr) of the Union, and at all events we will know the piace we hold " . . . "We regard the election cf Lincoln as the best thii)i> that can happen to the Southern States. It is idle to waste m re words about a Constitutional Union; Its days have been n limbered." Mr Senator Iverson, of Ga , In denying that he I " had proposed and uiged that all persons (In the South) who shall accept offices under Lincoln, if elected Pr?s(dent should be outlawed and killed," offers the following explanation of his real position on the subject:?'' The policy has been suggested by others, and I have occasionally. In private con- i versa tiou. spoken of It as one of the plans of resistance to the rule of si renubllft ,n Pr??IM?nf hut I h:ive generally disapproved It, u many pertoni in Columbus will douotlesa btar me with eta; ?t)U I do not bealtate to ?ay tliat. In mv opinion, any southern man who would accept odlr.e from a republican President, elected upon the platform of tbe republican party of avowed hostility to touthern alavery. would be no better than a republican, and ouyht to be condemned and ostracised by universal | ubllc sentiment; and, whilst I hold a seat In the Senate of tbe United States, I will vote ftgatnsi the conflrmatiou of every southern man who will be rotten enough and haw enough to accept office from Lincoln If this declaration will aid the cause of Douglas or Bell, here or elsewhere, thHr friends are welcome to make the betof It." The Kentucky ftitesman, published at Lexintf ton, the h'ine of Mr. Breckinridge, says:?"We do not justify secession upon Mr. Lincoln's elec. tlon, but It is idle to talk of a Union of force. Mr. Yancev at Lexington did n..t ask Kentucky to cast her lot with Alabama He counselled no course In the event of Lincoln's election; but Kentucky must stand by her principles If she would be Instrumental In preventing the States south of her from revolution." Vice President Breckltrldge authorizes the an nouueement that a letter published over his^sijr. diiiurr, purporun^ io oc aaaf^Mf(l JO l)r. J. T. P Cohoon. Elizabeth city, N. C . under date of tbe S:b October. la a forgery He haa written no auch letter. The forged letter made Mr Breckinridge iy that h?* waa f.?r the South In preference to tbe Union, but if be waa elected the Union ahould not be diaaevered during hla administration, leaving the Inference tint if he waa not elected be waa in favor of a diaaolutlon. The laat Chattanooga Gazette contain*, aayi the Southern Watchman, a moat remarkable document?being extracts from a pamphlet now In cl*cutation among the "KG C a large and powerful secret, oath-bound, mllltarv organization mtt thrAiiahnnf IK? ? A ?w WWU.HOU W'lOVC!., IUC W tensible object of which was the subjugation of Mexico Our readers no duubt have beard of them; and for aught we know some of them may belong to the organization Some of their m!sS'onariea?indeea. th?* head m?n In tbe concern, we believe?visited Atlanta and other points in this Ptat? last spring. According to their own showing, it appears they have changed their original plan. They new jay th'y ,{may find tktir M'X<toin District of Columbiaand that "Southern Governors may need their aid tn less than rrx months.'" 15 Did ant?The negro Wlde-Awakes of Boaton having been assigned a position in tbe rear of the black republican protsslon In that city on Monday evening last, refused to march unless placed in the post of honor. Tbe white skinned ' blacks" refused to grant this modest demand. and thereupon the negroes withdrew TheCouler * tys :?" The stately air with which their leader, ? portly negro, gathered his cloak about him and waved his baton as be shouted " Forward dar!"' and led the way down Green street, while their white brethren pursued their route down Cambridge street, was truly sublime. The crowd were Intensely delighted at the darkles1 pluck, and cheered them on luatily." What M* 8t*phi!?s Says.?Hon. Alexander H Stephens writes : "Present appearances, bow evrr. win noi cause me 10 relax In the least mv rndeavors to arrest the evils if possible. Should Mr Breckinridge get the entire South, and Mr. Lincoln the entire North, I fear that no earthly power can prevent civil war. Still, if tbosewhose lolly or wickedness brought it about should not be sustained at the South by public sentiment in favor of their secession movements, they may Cause before pushing prelects to extremes. My ealth has greatly improved. Douglas is to be in Georgia on the i?#th Inst We will keep the ling afloat, even though he dw not get a single electoral vote Should the Government survive, the principles will live." What Dhuhiok has doxi *o? South Cakoti?iA?The.New Orleans Bee thus alludes to the disunion sentiments which have prevailed In South Carolina:?"In that State the spirit of dls union mi aiwaya been meat Tbence baa emanated tLe outcry against tbe North now ao commonly er hot d throughout the extreme South. The people of South Carolina have been persistently engaged In anathematlxing Northern aggreaslon, and In preaching tbe n*ceaalty of d If solution Juat in tbe aame proportion baa her commerce declined and her agricultural wealth dimlnlabed. Inatead of seeking prosperity by imitating the enterprise and public spirit or her neighbors, the Palmetto State has gradually sunk into an impoverlabtd condition, while inveighing against tbe North for evils which are mostly tbe result of her own neglect and improvidence.'' Thi Dm o? CoNSBftVATisx ?Tbe New Orleans Creacent aava ?W? w>.nM h? unnn >? S - - ? ?""*6 la?t to purchase peace at the price of honor But the Integrity of the South may, we think, (till be preserved within the Union Can we not fight. If necessary, for our righta in the Unian as well as out of tt. Arothxk "Mask's Nkst."?The hanging ol Hitchinga and his son, at Bennettsville. 8 C , turns out to be a hoax, and the startling story about boxes of revolvers and pike* a humbug of the first water. Hitchings was examined and dischargtd. How sill" we are making ourselves in the eyes of all sensible people.?Savannah ReI publican. rrs n i hi i/oii or disunion.?Tbe MempLli Enqul rer (Bell) enters into a cool calculation of tbe coat of disunion. It uyi: " But let ua suppoae Mississippi out of the Union. She must have a government?she must have her Congreea. (who would call It a Legislature?) and ahemust have Ministers and Ambassadors Sbe must have an Army and Navy, and a Poat Office Department. She must have Secretaries of State,War, Navy, Interior, and Postmaster General There would be a glorious contest for all these offices, and such a canvass would be entered upon as was never seen ou this continent before ' All this would cost moni y; and somebody must be taxtd It would not do for Mississippi to issue her ' Treasury Notes,' for she owes five millions on that score now, and she could get no credit until these are paid up. Indeed, standing alone, Holland might send over here and bombard some seaport (Mississippi city, for instsuce), and compel tbe payment of tnoae old Union-Bank bonds to Hope fc Co., of Amsterdam "Taxation, then, would be the only remedy; and that would be pretty high. Our government now cosis one nuna-ea millions In its administration; we have, MV, thirty-three million* of people; this Is three million* of dollar* to ole million of peorile. a* it now stands t* the Union When out of t, tbe amount required would b* treble that sum; and let It b? remembered that in tbi* estimate there i* no account taken of foreign taxes, Ac. It i* only for general purposes as a nation "Suppose, however, It all does not exceed tbe sum of x million annually; what 1* the per cen?'e of taxation T Let u* see Tbe taxable wealth the State la about ?4M)U,(K<0,OU>; if the ha* to raise six million on that, it is just ons per cent , or tl on ?very floo wo th of property! The present tax la one fourth of that. "Do our readers balleve tbe good people of Mississippi are going into this absurd disunion movement, only to j??|r more Unit Will any oiaer vooa come out or it. even If thot be regarded atone? It ta Idle to think of it The masse* have too much to stake, and too much intelligence to rtak such consequences Tae Union it ia/i The Freder1ckaborg(Va.) Heraldsays: "YesterCol. Henry T Garnett, of Westmoreland, openly proclaimed here that he waa for Immediate dtaaelutiou In the event of Lincoln's tlecttoa" k '.v i ' t ,? -i'l (f ????mmmmmmmm | AMUBMKNTB. jy|U9IC, MIRTH AND MELODY. LEHNE"9~HOUSE, Firm it l* Sttubm Hn?, Pm. ??., b?t. U and 3d sts. The itimih*' of the above named House takes this opportunity of infetmitu h* frieads. awl public wk? J^od MONDAY, Now*ber 1st. 41 udS h, l^.JF'rf,Wf#rrwl* mTcJa*olj !t,P?iKL. whT 1 *4 amr*J irow Kurnpejrill fay?r th* aadience with some of his eboi a a<M?<**?ns mm erlebrated oMrss.ftc., Hp Taera will bsnoMini eparad to ?aak? this one ofjkamott plemn* an*fhtera?tUtf flaw* oratiiu?enla?t ever in Washington. The price or admission bas be?*n fixed at <0 certs. The admission is tin?ll and the B'Tiorinanoa is lenuine, thereio-e, come ona?con e all. mo 1st-) H. LKHXE Proprietor. ODD FELLOWS' HALL! ON FRIDAY EVENING, NovwibcrM. Wotfttenberger'a Mirror ARCTIC REGIONS! A ??w Patntirg, by fir*i-c:ass English irtliti, illustrating the Kxp!or?tion> f Sir John Kraikhn, l)r Kane, and Captain MoClintock. As exhiuted at rovftu* Hal , Losdo*. forSno cons* mtiva nights, to mora than ha f a million t f p opla, and a* exhibited b-fi>re her NTaie.-t* Qrstx VicTomia,and th* Kirrrts Covkt at Bookiaghaiiii Pa let. 1 ht>M? Paintings bar* l>e*n pronounced,by ?ru>P?AN AM) A.M hKJCAN QoNNOlftSICas, to bft IM IllObt enchanting productions of artistio genius in the wo ld, and ar? q trite ualike any ?imi ar&ttempti of pa maniio art. Produeed from original sketches, with every attrition to accuraoj of detail, these Paintings may b<? confidently relied on ; while th* subject itself is *p'*to wi?h ?cientific gems, and offera a rare and intellectual entortainmeut. The a'traction ol tbe Aretmautyeet?the wenderfu ft'tistio merit of the paintings? the felicity ol illnatrat on?the e'egance of distiou and aloqu Jica of t ojght conveyed by the lactate? rarely fails to enchain ev>r? oultivated 1 t-llect. The thrilling ?e*ue? ofthoee daring navlgaton of th i Arotic Zona are portrayed with a vividne so ata tine that th- audi ?nc* ar<> led to haliave thernaelv*s actually amid th* Hoenes represented Kachscenei?adorned in fres.o with authentic portraits by Winterhalter, ot tha prinoipal Arctic celebrities. Lecture by Ai.T*kd Smith, E?<|., of I ondon. Admission J5o*nts; ohiluren I# cents. iberal arranlaments made with school* to exhibition on Saturday afternoon, November 3d. Doors open at 7 o'clock; Entart&ininant commences at hat f pa 17. He * descriptive bills. nol-St* yy A SHI NO TON THEATER. !,?* ** Mr. 8 VV. GI.KICK. 8l?;e Mana?*r. Mr. Hvmphkit Bland. Ltaior ofOrchetter.......Mr. Wm. Withkks. The above K*taWiihm?rit will Open for the 80won SATURDAY. Novkmbb* 3d, 186.1, Wi'h the following Company of Fi*?t class Artist ks : Mr. [j. P. Rot*, Mr. P. C. Raxgs, Mr John'I'. Raymond, Mr ??. R. Collin, Mr, H Bartholomew Mr. D R>an, Mr. T Brtuzham Baker, Mr. ti A. B>>*d, %i r. D VV WaJrnn w r*--?^i . - - ? --I J'* I villi ?* . V?IIUl( Mr. John T. Mathsw, Mr. Joa. L, Gallagher, Mr Humphrey Ulanti, Mr. S. W. Glenn. M i*B Alio* Placid# Ma:,a, Mua Mary Shaw, Mm l.ucy A. Cntlrr, Mra Ft xa Mann. Mra. Humphrey Biaud, Mra. D. R>an. and Miaa Sallie Gordon, Miaa Ellen Elmcre. SATURDAYTNovemher 3d. The cn'er ftinm^ntwill commence with the brilliant <'omedy, in 5 acta, denominated OLD HEADS AND YOUNG HEARTS! With an Excellent Caat of Charaotere ; Aiad will conclude with the mnaioal Burleaque called JENN * LIND! In wh ch Miia Mary i?liaw Wilt aoDMr. infrrwlii?in? Son<? and Oaucea. Mr. J. T. Kay mond, the favorite Comedian, will alto appear mtheaam* piece. [T7~ Rox iheet open on Friday from 9 a. n?. to 4 p. m., when neat* may In iPoun-d for Saturday, or any evening of Mr. JkffkR'oV* Enraaement, which will commeuce Moudav, Novemlier 3. Doora opea ai 7 ; curtain riaen at 8 precisely. Rates or Admusion. Parqu't and l>>ea? Circle 50 certa O chaster Chaira__ f 1 Private Boxea 95 >0 extra charge for r*?erved aeata. Rot < )rfi-e open all day. Ticketa lor aale at tha principal Hotel*. no 1-st ballsTfIrties, &c THE MEMBERS OF THE FRANKLIN ACTIVE ASSOCIATION have the & v*!?o turd _ r -1 - J - p.vwnu t - Dlill>-u HOC |U IIICII I ( ft VIM I !S ft' U mo XK pub 10 that their first OuTILLON PARTYIm will Uike p aoe on THl.'RSD *^", Noveu:!>or^J? 1st, at the Hall of the Franklin Engine House. D ?t. near 12th. Ticket* 50 cent*, adini tine a gentleman and ladies Best cotillon music engaged. By orJer Com of Arqpgementa. oo31-2t* IOOK OUT ~ a F'?R THE SILVER CUP! The members of the OUR OLUB g've a Grand BALL at Forrest H all. Ge< r^etown, on % TUK8DAY EVENING, Nov 6 A Silver jW Cop wili hs presented to the Club having the JIB largest iiumwr of member* present. Isn 1 lck ts O.e Dollar. oo 31 St* OOK OUT FOR THE i HIAWATHA BALL! The mem'>ers of the HIAWATHA CLUB respeotfullv announce to their friends that their FOURTH ANNUAL BALL wil takep ace H atSTOTl'S IIAI L. corner of 20ih st. a d ffm Fa. avenus, oi THURSDAY. November lit.(m The Committee pledge ttiemselv*? that no pains or expense will be soared to make this ltm.11 Invshu t > all who may patroniz* them. Etputa'a hand ha* l*<-n anftffced for tne occaaion. Refreshments will be nerved in Schaflield'a best ity'e Ticketa Ona Dollar, admitting a geutleman and la(Lea. Committee. Dan'l Perkins, H. Barron, W. W Sinclair, W. Moore. W. Goldaborough, oo t5^>teo* Another like saved bv schenck'b PULMONIC SYRUP. Thia iato oertifr that I have been gomr in a de elinrt for more than two yeara. I?ai firat taken with a dull d kin in mv nr hi ndii anil n? m? n,y ahouider blad*; my Bowels got custiv#. and I would set siok h?ati aches; then have to take ><>methi'gto work it off. a d would feel better for* short time w h^n^ver 1 would take a oo!d I would g?t hoarse, ar.d it would take a long while to set over it. Last Fail. I cot the Dy?pepMa, with it lotitiut appetite; nothing would ??ay on mi sto maoh. and I got so weak thatloouid scarcely get ab >ut. Some days I would fuel middling wall and ottier days would have to lie in b?d ha-foTthe time. Last Fall J tiok another o > d whioh settM on mr lungs. 1 ooughfd day and night and all thf time takinc mediome, but nothing would <!<> an y good. I f*H away to nothing but skin and bone I had pain in m ri(h' b east. p*in unler my shoulder blade, my stomsoh would gei full of wii,d aid swell. my appetite was all gone, and 1 oould think of nothing that I o uld eat. t would have to lie on one side all night, or would c ugh myselfto dea h. Some dara 1 wou d f*el dull, drowsy, low sainted and aoaroe energy enough to get off* my enair. I had orveping ouius, niKtii sweai?, ana. in I^ot, everybody that knew ni? thought I *m far gone in Con nniption. Hcarint so much of Dr. Schenck.I thought the next Thursday. Leing in Baltimore, I w< uld go down and s?e him, and have mjfcell examined with hie Respirometor; eo, in February last, I oa led qp him.and wae examined. He saidmy liver wai in In awful condition, and that my right 'ung wae affected all the war down, or the tubes of the lucga. 1 could not fairly understand what he Bailed it. At all events, h? gave ma to understand that I had the Consumption, and said he did not know whether I oould be eared or not. I eommene d ' taking all three of his mediemee?the Pmmomo Syrup, the Seaweed Tonio and the Mandrake Pills. The Hills ard Tonio took right hold of mv liver and stomach, bnt my oough did not stop as 1 ex mo ted it would, i would go up to see him every week or j i iu r~is _? * t ? ? ? iwu. bbh no wuuiu in; mo 1 w?i neuer, Alia 1 kd6w I VII all but the o<>ugb. Mr appetite wu better: my bowel* got regular; I got stronger, and for the fart two mouths my oougn nas left me, and I en?oy good health, exoept once in awhlie 1 get a littie billions, hut I can generally remove it wtth a dose or Mandrake Fill*. 1 oalled oa Dr. fchenck to day ?Oot 25 I860?and care him thu itatement I lire at Kikridce'a Landing, on the ?oad to Washington oity. nine miles from Baltimore, where every person there knows me. Elizabsth Ball. DR. SCHENCKwill be in Washington uiid on Wedneaday. Not. 7th Hi* agenoy i? at S B. Waita'a Prut Store, corner La. ay. and 7th afreet nr. 8. la alto at the Dm* Store of H. 8. Hanoe, No 8 Baltimore st.f Baltimore, on Thuraday of each week. ooSiat 1FTY NEW AND STYLISH CLOAKS. Opened to-day, and at muoh leaa than former erioea. Ladies w II eleare oall and make their aeleotiona at onoe, if they want the be?t aty lea J. W. COLLBY * CO., oa S1^5t ft33 Sever,th at, above Pa. ar. OTHE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.-l hare ja?t received a-d will commence onloadStir tA.mnrrnv&A&rvn fif war* D A -U "~o *w. ? w vw. m ~ ? *w?; . a?u COAL (egg and stove sum) ever brought to this market, which I can send direot from the vessel if jour orders are leit immediately. _ H. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, oo 31 Corner C and 14th sts . near Canal. Fancy silks: .pancy silks:! Se'ling off. at greatly reduced prioes, a large lot of Dre?s Silts from motion, which we ha'enarked down at great bargains, to whioh we invite the ladies and purchasers generally to eiselM before making their selections elsewhere. J. W. COLLKY 4k CO, oo Sl-?t 523 Seventh st., above Pa. ar. rf YOU WANT to get good Clothing, Furnish ing Goods, Hats and Caps, at low prioes. gome to SMITH'S. No. 46Q Seventh ?treet. oo 30 lw THE CHEAPEST PLACE to,bay Clothing. Furnishing Goods, Hats and Caps, is at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Post whws&i *?wsr street, to bay Clothing, Fnnuskinf Hoods, Hats and Caps. oe ?Mm L-OE SALE-The STORE. STOCK, and FIXF TURESat the eornar of Ninth and M streets north. Any person wishing to purcha-e will call an J see for themselves, as tne oocupant intends to (0 in another basins**. -* -" > . . ' an I oanriM nu amount SI *1J trtdlt ? tht WU and ta tkt Mini mmd brmnclus, lg rttumt rtrtvd < drafts kmrt btnt imutd, knt ?*f? I*? ?npat4, mnd tkt If, t lu mttmt tffmturt tranifm to and from dt*i, ?? r < > plaoa. I, vf> Tr>?Mr; of th4 Unitol Mn. Wwkiniton, D. C Asatatfrnt Treasurer, Bogrn. Maa*achu??tta AMUtMt Tfeaaurer. NayYork^New ^ ork AM|IUm Treasurer, Phfadelphia, PennajWania...., Aniatant Tr.HMTi CHar>atnn, South Caroiiaa Aa?iatant Treaaurer. New Orleana, I<oui>iaoa Aaaiatant Treaaur??r, St. Iahiis. Miaaoun 8 Aa*iatant Trpa?ur<?r, San Franciaoo, California. Depositary at Buffalo, N>w York at Maryland. Depositary at Richmond, Virginia i/rposiiary at Aorlnlk, Virginia ,. , >epoait*rY at Wilmington, N?|h Carolina...... depositary fit Savannah. Giorgfc. ........ . depositary at Mobil*. Al?_['ama ? tAi y at Naskvti Vhhhms ... .. - ...... depositary ** Cincinnati,1Ohio )apostfary at P?tt*burf. Pennsylvania ? I depositary at Louisville, Kentucky ? jop^sitary at nalveston, Texas .... .... )epositary at Norfolk iSawtw)... - )epo?ot*r> at Cincinnati t MeL?*n ? ?..... depositary at Little Koek, Arkansas depositary at Chicago, Illinois ..... )epo?it*ry at Detroit, Mttkifaa... ....... >epositary at Omaha City, Nebra?ka. | IW?n.t?itnrv k ?IU ,.f^? """ 1,1 J-- r : ?. ; -i. ? VI IVI*, ?? 1ICUQUQ Depositary at Oiympia City. Washington Territory . Peeositary at I a labaM?e, F!"l lda Depositary at Omaha City, (Qilinora). Aaaay ofee of the United States. New York Mint of the I nited State*. Philadelphia. Pa.. Branch nun! of the Uaitofl State#, Charlotte, N. C ... Branch mint of the united States, pahlooefa, Ga ... Branch mint of the United States, New Orleans, La .. Branch mint of the I nit<?d States, San Franoieoo.CaJ . #1 Deduct overdrafts , Add difference in transfers Nat amount subject to draft... .? ... Transfers ordered to Treasury of the United State* Transfers ordered to Aseutant Treasurer. St. 1/>| Transfers ordered to Asaistaut Trea*arer, SaPra Transfers ordered from Assistant TrtuiMr. Tr&oitera ordered from Mint of th? Umtad &&*? ,. Wot Mt Auction sales. , 1 tWFor other Auction Sa/?i, m* Jkrtt f*g*. i < By A GREEN, Auotiooacr. i T P /\P DA#\?ro *' ? * ? %?ur. wr i> \j kj i o A.1U AT AUGS Tios.-Oa 9ATURDA V, the 3d instant. fdbiii ^ cell at 10 o cloak, a. m ,at my Aue'ios fetor*, a canera aaoortm^nt of Boot* and ShoM. vis : 1 4 pair# I adiM'Pox and Tip ?a ter?, 38 Ho P ain do 1 16 do Colored do SS do Back do 1 4i do Per do I ? paira Men's Kip Boot*, ISO do Children'* Shoe*, 1 3> do Yoatji'i Brotr. Sa e positive. Teriua oaah. ill' ? l'u as ukff, a opt. i ' Br WALL A UARiNARDi Aaetioneers. Comer of Kimik tl. mud soutA ttdi nf Pa.. *>. . CHOE?, HOSIERY mo FANCY Day Ooom o at Aucrioi ?On SATURDAY MORMNtt, 3) Hat. at loo'oiook, we will ssll, iivfout of tke ] Auction Rooms a ??neral a??ortm*?F?f? Men'*, Wora?n'i and Bora' Shoes, Gaitjrs and ] Shp??m and Rubbers, 1 Men's. *ohm'? and Boyi' Cotton and WmIn < Hoe* and Half How, j Undershirts, Drawers. Ribbons, Fanoy Dry Good a, ] Combs, Brushes, Trimmiiigs, Ac., Ao. Terrrs cash. | cold WALL * BARNARD, Amots. | i ______ ^ J^EGRO FOR SALE ? By *irtoe of anortrrf j inn urpnan*' court of rrinee U>?or?#'?co?nt?. *4 , ??v* SBbMribM will Ofler f.?r ?]* rnt tko oomt I housadtH/r Iwr Marlboro , on Tl'tSilAV, >W i 13tb in?t? at 3 o . look p. m., a valcabi# yvang No* i gro Mar. . ' Terra* of sale oaah, or an aooefted draft \V. M. TUKL. Adimrtatrator of Aon J. Hiilaary. no l-itawtd 1 Marlboro' ?opy> ' WANTS. I A WOMAN WANTED, to do ?uMnr and 1 cooking for a mmUI fi.njily. Apply at 0 atrMt, ] one door from t9th. oc 31-St* AN TED-A FURNISHED ROOM m a pri 1 vata family. for a ?inrl? gentleman, on C it. , north or 4>* ?t. Be t of refrenoe* given. Add~eta Box @19 City Pott Offiot. oc 31-St* WANTED?Wi'h Board, for* imall family, B \ SUit of WaII fumi?K?/l U flAUll 4 ' ? ? - - w?a? MI?UV? ?? VII BCU ' UU floor, and viicru there are no other board-ra K?at of reference* riven Gen'eel private familiea har- * inc more room than they require mifht find it to * their advantage to addreaa, through City Poat Office. S K. n. " A LADY GOING TO CALIFORNIA Doairaa I to find a respectable and competent Woman to take care of tiro children on the voya?e. To ancfc a person (arid one who ileairea t.> ?o i a tood opportunity is offered. Aa a compensation she will piy . half their <xpen?e Addreaa imtnediate'y.witb plaie of residence and references. "California." ity , Foat Office, Washing >n City. ocSl-Jt* J ^ ANTFD-B^a jounj jirl^a SI I I ATION aa \ inminnr 1110.1u suu nui?o. ricu?M<]rM> hi>x j 11, Star Office. Oo 81-3t ' ANTt'D TO EXCHANGE-A good Pi%?o i (or a Horse and <..?.rr.age or Buggy, se,.a'?te t c together. Address A. B.. through the Post Office. oc 81 3t* \17ANTKD-Bf a reipeoUMe man, 18IIUA"" TlON a? porter in a store or hotel. Ca? produce exoe lent testimonials from forwar employers. Addres* Box 10. Star ' 'ffioe i.e 31 X' WANTEi>?An A men an or Frenoh GIRL. 1 from 16 to A) years old, to nnrse and eew. in a \ fami'y waere she will be wall troated Answer in i writing to G . Star office. oe SI 3t_ \ VI/ANTED-Twentr or thirty COWS TO WIV- . T* I'KR. Prie? ft) S??er mouth Apply toGKO. W. W. H. H Barclay's Wo d ai?d . Coal U>D?t. N.>. 4*3 Ninth ?t r or In thm ber.nMr B adentburg. oc 9t 3too* T. J. B * RCI.AY. WAN TKD-A irtt wl, rur?uUhl*, toil jj enB?<t \VOMAN',un?ru-oii?Tixiii h?fcl- ] thy and captb't of taking entir* eharre of an infmt. 1 Nona n?rd apply without unexceptionable refer < enoen, at the north weet ooraer of F and 19th iti. > AM %l 4?t w wrv* i N" AVAL AND MERCHANT SER VICE.-The | up?l?rgi ?ne . a bookk eeper, d?? res a Situation aa Csp'r in'aor Puraer'a Clerk on a 11 aval or mar- ] ohaot veaael Foreim aervioa preferred. Beat of reference given U> "mplojrera and othera Address l \V. K. M., No. 306 Sarst ga ?t., Baltimore, Md. j oo 26 5t ?o* i WANTED?Ever j bod* to know that PAGE'S Confectionery, No. 436 J?e*enth atreet,above Si. it the plsc* to k< t freah Cskea and other Coa ect oiia st prioea to suit ths times. Balis and par- ; tiea furoiahed with Ies Cream and other Refreshment! oeM-tw* (i;t\TKn iMMcniaTiri \'_b? ? YT "510: no* vorth of 3?Q6n D- HA! ^DFlTllNr I TURK of all kind*, for vhiob I will cuaranty to pay the highest prioet, and, 11 u?ual. at the shortest no- . tioe. R. BIjCHLY, Dealer in F uri.iture, Stoves. te . 00 9 408 7th St., bet. O and H. ea?t aide. < IiriNTRn All k.?4. ~f oonnwn ni?m < FTR N IT LRE, fo rwh1 oh St 3?? Seventh atreet, h-twe#n I and fc. ?o?-tf BONTZ fc GRIFFITH. | BOARDING. j i Boarders can be accommodvted < with good Board and ajeaaant Room* at >18 1 Eighth at .between I ud K, on mio cable terou, < by Mr*. HILLEARY. oo?-*f , j I TAKB NOTICE. !! xaLL Parxona indebted to the late firm of CI.AG- i ETT fc 0ODSON arc requettad to a^di^H; i < the aame, nnd all having e aims a<aiaat the firm , < will t'eaae a* soon aa poaaible hand than in for | pavm< n*. Mr. J. R. Carpkhtkx haa b?en emplovedaa ool- i , lector of debta dua. Thoaa who do n< t call at tfce . .. u?? < a .. a ^;nti ' vorv vi uic t?%e anu \ i^w. ? / win o? i called on ky Mr. Carpant<r, who u authorised to , settle and receipt the acoounta. ! , WILLIAM H. CL4OETT, oc SO-e^y Aamiaietratof. j ( Dancing academy, _ ? j At Pumlik Hill. Prof l. G. MAR'NI ku the ho ior to inform hie frienda and the pubiic in general that he j% win open a Danoinr Ac*d?rnj at Franklin JH Hall, oorner of D and 9th at* , for the banefi 1 of thoee who wiah to f*rf ct themael vee mUB . thia ( aoe!ulaocompliahm?nt,on Wedaaeday No omt>er7. Dsyt of > uition, Monday a, W fcineedaya and Fridaya.roin3to5o*clock p m for ladiee aid ehildren. and from to 10 for K?ntlem?n. Kor partkulara. app y at the Academy from ? to 10a m. ooSl f j NEW YORK DA&Y HERALD, en? J. wi na e?o ? I Ki uu. i im DO. ? do. TKlBUNK. , Co to FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'A. 1 oo ?-4t 8T6 Pa. a* . bet. 1'th and iHk 1 j ALEXANDRE'S AND COURVOIWBRt , A ' iebratad KID GLOVES, for , ?infle and double teamed, in all oolors, at ^ j Gentlemen's Fnraiaking Mor*, oott-St ?iiPa. aveaae. near <S ? _ ,? Stock oo replete in every department. Call ? '<* *- amine, rnoea moderate, at LANE'S ( Genu' Fnrniskinc and Hat Store, oe ?-? 484 Fa. nr.. inn 4fi 1 ??S2'" fu*ImJf&rfil-JL. [ I AmiTa*t JVMmiri ?< dt\rnau4 thp*?i ?r.Wa TjUBg MMnu, ti WBW? fry U< SacrvMry *' w rrwwr j i' |?giyteE.i I**?#!?*" st-.'awMswair I ? ? * | ^< &4'5sf ?S5S !:::::: "s-S5. ?ZS! -JS8 ?3S'? -??{ igg ?. JM W 1 .?* ? h M * ** ...w.. Si\m* ?Bti Mitt,} - .J 2 ?? 9* ?B?. U 1*4 939 46 I9,V73 C (4 m j| ) 3 75 W8 J7 3] h - ! ipo SJJCi $ # tt Itjii is > .- 2MM JX* W l? 7i ?*? s?N ?.73?* 3t?SM If - -? . ?>?*' i,m < tt dm UW 34 4KS l3TT ! - " ? ' P N y 11 jj J"S5?i Hi* ?2 t.'ntt u ? *. 16 63? S3 f SjHg 15 ? '' TO* - - I KM ittM ujn * i ?.?. * M awe! i?ia?S!* ?. ukwm ujrfc rt is >--1 ZJ>(< ? I ? S IM ti ? 51?T? 5W7t 7* (* ft* *7 1] IM o 4.'? tt jrta 4a^u? mMs*o ?tt,|S4 1?S 4-A.144 M ?.10M? ?? ?r.?rrs ??.*7 ?6 ?*T ?t ?? UtW ? t... S?.M? M K4N*i #5.317,00 M ! 1* I IUMW *T urjMM ? ?... W>.U<) ? ? ?. WMkingto*. D. 0 .... "vM?. y^. . WWB fk&S^fZ::::.;jn^: ."::: ?gS ?M.OM W 1 AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTER A OOAi TO-MUKKOW By 1. C. MeGLIRR * CO. Awhmm. IT KEY H1NDDOMK AMD Hl'MtHO* ~ moimiuld Fpcritvii iri F?r*rra at Pciuc ArcnoK.? ob FKIPaY MoftMN*. NoT?mU*r ad. at <e o'o'oek. at the rMidMe* of the Hon Gregory Yale, i.f ( a! forma, o;. U etreet i o-th. >etween (ith and 15th etreeta we tha i eell ail the Feoitore gad F.tTeeta eompriainr? iiftrior Koaowood Vutduir Fiaaoforta, hy Gi'bort. Roatoa, 9nit? of?l?c?nt loirvo'^l Ft .or Forn.'ura, tela bod in Maroon P.nth c impri?ii.< two toto-atoto&ofa*, two Arm and ?ix Par'o- ? hara, Itslto of ooltd Wal?ot Parlor Fn'ittur#. flntahod II 9f**g ud On d Kro*at?li?, (omf'tnii; 1*0 i fo&t, two Arm aid aix Parlor Chain. Juito oi aolid Mthncaay Parlor Futaitura, aoafrlatnc two ttofio, two Arm Chaira, a ad ?x aide tfnaira. firiabtd in fai.e j wor>tod oorora, Elo*a-1 Roitrwooi Marblo-top Contra .sofc and Haadaoma Walnat Whatnou and Etororaa, Pr nok P at# Gilt franta Oval Masto. Mirrora, Chanda ia-a. Gaa BraokHa, Ac , Kina Gi't Window Htaad?a udCo'UM, Exoolleiit Branetaand Imam Car?ou thrr>u*h..Bt ? houee. tens*> ^ flatn^fiaE^sariGu. Frenoh Cklaa Dinner. Deeert, and Tn TTirt, 9i??n?r Table Cattery, Waiter. Mlvtr ?kta? CwMt. Cake aai Fmit Baeketa, 8?ooa?, Forks,Cnt-claea Daeaatara. Tair.b era, ni. *lAo,u' J* 7 *-? * Praaak Walnut and Utahorany Marblatop Dretain* Barrwt tad Waahatamd*, Rotnrood, Wainat. and Mahotany Wardrot>ae, H*nd?ome French Chic* Va*?i acd MauUl OruitiAiia. Superior afrinc aaat Lovacaa, Chamfer Chair*. bxoatlMt Our ed Hair ao<l Sarin* Mattraaaae, Fine Feather Boiatara a:.d Pi. owa, Blanket*, Cosfort* Linen. Ac , Fina Ofio* U*ek. W ritint Tatlaa, Rerolnnc and other Oftoe Chair*. Tof eth*r with airatrtl aaaortaaant of Hoaaahold and Kitchen Fu'mturr. P. P. The above Farmtara u all of eap?r>or inality and la in* order, baring only b**a aaad our month a Terra*: f90 aad nnder eaak; crer that aara a redit of aixty and ninety daye. for aatiafaotoriiy lodoraad uotea, beannc internet. ocU-d J. C. MetiUlKE A- CO.. A act*. FUTURE DAYS , Br BARNARD * BUCKEY. AaeUoaaara, OtriiiMn, D. C. L7ALUABLE Bl'lLDI\0 LOTS M GFORGEf TOWS, 1). C . AT I*C1L1C A CCTtOH.?<") ? RlDAY AFTERNOON,* Novwblxr, tt btY^ut I o'oiook, we wili Mil, on the I'miiM, cut* M u4 A. of Bolnifl*4's Ad J. lion to Gao'iatuvr,, front) g ??on I6f**t?n Noitii itiMt, and running baak ? et to an a l?f. T.-rtn? : Dta-third oa?h; balance in C, 12. and It aontba. with interact, aro?r?4 bj 4a?d ut iriit wi lh? ?f>mnn. oc? BARNARD A BUCEEV, AaoU. ?J CLfilKV Ml OR KEN, AueUoBMrt. 606 JVtti/A iiml. Horse, buguy and h?rnk*s at auctio* ?Ob SATURDAY MORMNG.tbaSd Norf-iuber. v? (hall ? I in front of oar A notion doom. 306 Ninth atroot. at 1* o'e i?ek. a rood rork and riding UarM, parfoetlr genti*. will w ?rk r-ti lu ?iti(ic or donblx karnoaa, aoM fur no taalt fhfrUrtr. A!ao, a good a*o?ad hood Baggvingood ordar, ind mad* by Hook of tin city oa *' ClRaKV A 'iKKKV Aaot*. By A. GREKM, Auot (Mr. ADMINISTRATOR'S HALE. iiY ORDER or tvi KkriASi' CoriT.or Hoirn.Cov, Pbbii WiMN, liroot, Ki <m>M buu rot IV ifiAB. P?*n A V 1. - ??nw M -- - - Bncntai** akd * rrmtei, k.c .4c , at acctior, a SaTL'R UAY, ImM ua? <>< Novo bor, 1 ahall i?l, h* order of the <? phaoe' Con' . m 'ro t of mi A notion Ift r?,M lOo'eioek a th? p??mu?i ?f : hju of Pfeil!i? It. Vaaar?da!o. d fiwul, vis: t Hwim, I Cow,! mv Food Wti'jii, 1 htitij, l (tannine Gear. Patl >rm cooioa, S Soda FoantaJna ud Apporatoe, L lot of bltH Window 9wk. let of old Laator, LiOt Joiata, t fttovea. lot Tin Can*. Aa 4o. llao tho nooae, and a Food Btana ia Con tor Ma'kot. fronting ua Seventh atreet, whiok viU bo ill praeiaeij at 11 o'oiook a m Temia: All anna ander ?23 oa?h; over |S a >r*dtt of CO and *? "a?a. for aotia aet"rily erdoraed isMTBAKt, Ad?Jaiatr%tor. oc ?i-J* A- UK r.e.1, tm Br A. GREEN. AMOOBMT. TRUSTEE'S BALEo?VALUABLE BUILD1 Lot* OR tkhth tkkct Wilt, 1itvisi D ill Ritiuti ioit*. at Atrcrio*.?Qa *Ai IJltDAY, NovaaMtr K* . lata, I akali aari ,b froat pxfsSfC b.v,s: K of April. lasn, U4 raoordad in Llbar J. A. 9, . 1??, W??t?TT. to. on* of th? Ik J riwrto for KklAfton aoarity, i> tk* Dutrxt ??f Co hi*. All that ?i*oa or a*ro? 1 ?f groaod kauvt a ad I<m4 (ova ob tfca ?l*t of Mid oil j aa ika mfrtk Wlf of Lot wukbaradtwal*a,<l*,> kooutk ha7aaiabarad lkirtMK.CS.) la ?*Mr? ua*b?r*d ifcraa kottd'ad Hid aevaatT ai?ht. (SJ?,> uJ aomyiaad la tka fo???k matr- and boinda, to tf: ?;??na?aati?f for tfca aitd k*lf lot aaaafcaraj tvdri at tka doi tk v-at loroar otmtm >ct. and ranumc tkanaa aoatA aritk tka Una ofTaatk *t ?at va?? twant? fira faat an krd a kali inakaa. (? fart fcW luehaa: i tkanoa aaat t>n? faundr> d aoH *??t f*#t tvo ineii*a (l<T inch-#) to tb? rr+r oftud !.-t; tk?M* nortil lOOOtl!? tft MX MO f inch -? ,tS (-** ?>H l:oh*o?U> lit f jIii of cm aei brt*Mn t?<4 lotaivw*?kk tkuuM; tod Ui-l.* tiit Hta ivt?ioa Iim bu? featured atid ??r>n f?*t two inciiM (10T f*et 2 i! ci>??ttoT*r>tu tt Nt wwt ud p m> of b?fi?iac; tM bofiniof for t*? mj4 oft VNtoorMT of ?*idi<Hloa Tenth airaoi wH, Mi rinaiii tiienc* uo'th with tta tiaootl u Croat W IW?U?? U ? IOTI, ( ) nr-i,/ vu-I v? w> vmm kuadrtd aud nv? f?xt taru l&ch?4 M(rM1 laakaa) to tha mr of a*id lot; tba.-ca aontb twaaty in (U fact} to tha aoiot ofdiviaiou. UIvmb Mid l"ti It lad 13," tad t&auaa *h( w?rh Mid d> vittoa llna om kuadrad and aavan faat two mehaa (XT fan t laakaat toT?atk atraat vaat aud ylt?aof tiMiiaf, *iU tha imirvraaaata, vktek ara a brick dv?iiia(lioni# 11. Tar mi of aala x 94,000 oul; tha raataiadar 1a aix. twal v*. and * if hla?o moaika; tha aa'ohaaar to |lra tivia. for tha aaforrt-d Mrmit*. baa o* tataraat froia day of aan. A da?d firaa and adaad oft mat tak.*a. All eoararaaeint at Um aoat ar tha par Mkaaar. Skoal* tka taraw aot ka ooaiaiiad wm* ia ivadara tka Truataa r?aarvaa tka <i(kt to raaafi "rr**s isuhffcffig TBJL"ais%Asnsr & u!2?- s?k??r,. w_ ^cSaS^SSto^Jistiit wiwll rttiifi nk*t*ik?ri for *11 Mm iktM. tad i?? ohm. m tk>; %x4M htnliM, ?4 <f s Ww*. ? ?? Mfh. ?t . fct I1U ???. gOODHUK FI?K INJJI RANCE COMPANY ~rt" * ??if oiM, ??r i>?> ?t RUrlw?iiT rLOltr-.v? R*8_KS? ' ? *? fll immc " '

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