Newspaper of Evening Star, November 5, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 5, 1860 Page 1
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ir % w / ? hi ? i mm ii mm P T-tw, an>.,? "? * - * t?1*^ ^ 0 " v S25S5JS!iS5255BS5CiS55CSfifiSfi^^^fi^^^2^2!22^9fi5*HSBSS55SS!H^S525SKjE55S555S52!fil2B55S2!555i525!2SS55S5SjKS25J22S!252!^ IWii pit! t Vgfe. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. NOVEMBER 5. I860. N9. 2.408. j THE EVENING STAR w u J PUBLISHED EVBRY APTE&NOON, J (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) I AT THE STAB Bl'lL&IMS, I Corntr 0/Pennsylvania ?venu4 and lltA M., I *T I W. D. WALL4CH. | P&pera wrTMd in pftekftcM by nftrriora >1 < > I yesr, or 37 Mate par month. To mmil aaboonbora I pnoo i? #V*> ? f?ftr, m ft for ?* I ?oGtha; ft for Uroo moctko; ft?4 for iooa Una I throo raoniha ftt ika r?te of 18 ooaU ft wook. Bufio I tofiH, on c?*T; ui wr?ppara, two cnrrt. (IT A5rnT?iiii<iTi aMild bi mt to tlw oflo* botor* IS o'otook m; othanriao Uay ray not ftppaftr B a nti! the o+rt day. THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHE*. I BY HA5S CHRISTIAN ANDERSE5 Many years ago there lived an Emperor who ctrcd so very much about baring new clothes M tb?t he spent all bis money merely for the sake X of being very (partly dressed. Ha did not j care much a boat his troops; he did not care I either about going to the plar or driring oat, 1 unless it were that he might show his new o^L, Hoities. He bad a new suit for every boar in 'J the day; and as one usually says of a King or jM K'-iip^ror. he had a privy council, so of him it wP was said his Majehsat in coanoil with his | tailors. In the large town where he raided people led a merry life. Day after day fresh visitors trnved at court; one day, too. a couple of swindlers, who called themselves first-rate WWTters. made their appearance. They pretended that they were able to weave the richest as^fc. in not only tbo colors and pattern# were extremely beautiful, bat that the ldU? made of ?uch stuff-, possessed the wotderfal property of rem lining invisible to kim win was ondi for the ctfioe he held, or who was extremely silly. Wh?t enpluU clothes they must bo!" thon^h the Emperor. " If I had but such a suit i could direcllyflftd out what people in my empire were not equal to their office; and, besides, I should be able to distinguish the clever Ja from the stupid. By J?re, I must hare some et" this stuff made direotly for me!" Audsohe v or rod large sums of money to be given to the two swindlers that they might set to work immediately. I The men erected two looms, and did u if ( they worked Tery diligently; but in reality ( they had got nothing ou the loom. They boldlj demanded the fluent ailk and gold thread, put it all in their own pockets, and worked away at the empty loom till quite late at night. A "I should like to know how the two weavers are getting on with my stuff," said the Empe| ror one day to himself; but was rather embar^ ra**ed when be remembered that asLUy fellow, T or one unfitted for his office, would not be able to see the stuff. 'Tis true, he thought, as far as regard*! himielf. there was no ri.?k whatever; bui jet be preferred (tending some one else to bring bim intelligence of tbe two weaver*, and boar they were gutting on, before he went hima<flf. Everybody in the whole town htd heard of the wonderful proDerty that thij stuff was .?*id to ptx??uM. >nd all were curious to know bow clever or foolish their neighbors might be found to be. " I will send my wor by old minister," said * the Emperor at last, after mu?h consideration; ' "ha will bo able to say bow the sfeff look* better than anybody ; for he is a inaii of understanding, and no one can be fonnd more fitted . A for this than he." * * So the worthy old minister went to the room where the two swindlers were working away with all their might and main. "Lord help ma !" thought the eld man, opening his eye* us wide as possible; "why I can't see the least thiug whatever on the loom!" But he took car* u'Ji iu i uiuo w uia iuuu^ ju. Tbe swindler* begged him most politeljr to bare tbe goodness to approach nearer to the looms ; and then, pointing to theempty frame, asked him if the colors vere not of great beauty. And tha poor old minister looked and ^ A looked, and could see nothing whatever; for, * indeed, there was nothing at all there. "Bless J& me'" thought he to himself, -'am I, then, really a simpleton ? Well, I never thongbt so and nobody dare know it. I, not fi: for my ofe-e! Mo, nothing on earth shall make me ay that I have not seen the stuff!" * Well, sir," said one of the swindlers, still L wuiking busily, ''you don't say if the stuff Dieai>ea vou or not." beautiful, beautifulthe work is admirable'/' s*id the old minister, looking at ( the through bis spectacle? ''This pattrrn aud these colors!?well, well; I shall not fail to tell the Emperor that both are moet beautifal." Well, we shall be delighted if joa do so," said the swindlers; and named the different colors and patterns which were in the silk. The old minister listened attentively to what they said, in orier that he might be able to repeat all to the Emperor. The swindlers then asked for more money, and silk and gold thread, which they said they wanted to finish the piece they had begun l)ai they put, as before, all that was given to tLeui into 'heir own pocket, aud still continued to work with apparent diligence at the empty loom. c ?: ?r??. -?ai uuic auci iud ouipcwr acui Auuiuer cfiL-er to see how the work wiis getting on, ami if thn pi<*? of brocade woald *x?n be finished. But he fared like the other : he stored at the loom from every side; bat as there tu noth" ing there, of course he could only see the empty frame. | Lmoj the stuff not please joa as much as it J did the minister V* asked the men. making & the stme gestures as before, and talking of splendid colors and of pattern* which did not exist ' Stupid I certainly am not," thought the new commissioner; "tnen it must be that I am , , not fitted for my lucrative office?that were a g;>oJ j->ke ! however, no one dare even (aspect Isuch a thing." And so he began praising the stud ihat Le could nut see, and told the swiaki^tf nlp.imH he was to k?hnlit mi<*h hum. ^ tit'ii color* and such charming pattern* "Indeed. your Majeety," aaid be to the Emperor i on hi* return, "the stuff which the weavers are making is extraordinary fine.'' The inagaificent brocade the Emperor wa* having made at hi* own expense waa the talk of the whole town. The Emperor wished to see the costly stuff while it was on the lo<>m; so. Accompanied by a chosen train of courtiers?among whom were the two trusty men who had so admired the work?off he went to the two cunning cheau. A* soon a* they heard of the Emperor'* approach, they begen working with all diligence, although as yet there was not ft single thread on the loom. Is it not magnificent?" Mid the two officers vf the crown Will rour maiestT onlr l#w>k t What a charming pattern' wb*t beautiful color?" s iid they, pointing to the amply furnace; for thev thought the other* r?aily could see the stuff. gr. 4 " What's the meaning of this' " aaid the Em& peror to himself, " I see nothing! This i* a ^ terrible mattei! Amis simpleton; or am I not fit to be Eaperor? Why, that were the / worst that could hannen to me ' "Oh. charm. ir.g; the stuff is really chinning," said ha. f then; "I approve it highly'" And he siniltd 1 graciously. and examined the empty looms minutely; for ha wonld not fur all in (ha world fay th?t ha e^uld not im what hit two officers h;?i fo much praised The whole anile strained their ayes to iiaeover something on the I xtms, but they could *ee as little m the other*. At tit i same time, in order to please their master, the Emperor, ther all cried. "Oh, how beautiful' ' and eouaseled his Majesty to have new robe.* made oat of this magnificent stuff for the grjud pr icesrion which was about to take pl4c4. "Bxeclleot! charming?" was echoed from mouth to month, and all were eitrtmely pleased The Empvror was as satisfied as his courtierf. and eonterred on each of the cheats an Order, which they were to wear in their 1 * - L>l . 1 ? ? tL ?? - t - ? a ?? - uauuu uvi*. iuu j?i? ioib ine mi* ol h DigOtl of tbe Mo't Hoi.oreUe Order of the Loom. The night preceding the dey on which tbe priic^Mton iu to take piece, the tiro men aUved up ell ni^ht. an 1 bed sixteen candle* burning; r . thel ererytwdy might m how they worked to get tbe Ktnpvror ? new dree* reedy in time. Tbty pretended to unroll tbe stuff from tbe iloom in the air with their aciaeora, ari l ?'w?>d with ikWm that had do thread" X .w, iUa," Mid they, "the Emperor'* new air i* r-ndy at lae?." Toe Cuperor then Bide bit appearance in L V *h f his two kflMltl of the Mi at Kt >rak>le Order *4 the Loom, eccompanied Tf ?Ja^pti-> ':baa?berlaina of the hifheat rank: and W" t* > held np their anna aa though I . the/ Jul *>ateihin| in their band*, asd said, " Hers are your Majesty's knee-breeches, here is the coat, and here the mantle. The whole suit is as light as a cobweb; and when one is dressed one would almost fanej one had nothing oa; bat that is just the beauty of this staff" "Of eoarse !*' said all thecoartiart, although not a single one of them eonld see anything of the clothes. " Will your Imperial Majesty most graciously be pleased to unless? we will then try on ?v: .1... 99 iuo u?n vu111^~ uoiurv tuc The Emperor allowed himself to be andreMed, end then the two cheats did exaotly a if each one helped him on with an article of dresa, while hie Majoaty ttried hiaself roand on ell sides before the mirror. " How well the drero becomes your Majesty! and how all fits! What a pattern! What colors' This indeed a dreaa worthy a king ' " The eanopy which is to be borne abore your Mitjeaty in the proceesion is in readiness without," announced the chief master of the ceremonies. ' I am quite ready," replied the Emperor. " Do my new things sit well ?" asked he, turning round once more before the looking-glass, in order that it might appear that he examined the dress very minutely. " The pages who were to carry the Emperor's train telt about on the ground as if to lift up the end of the mantle, and did exactly as if they were carrying something, for thej did not wish to betray simplicity or unfitness fur their poet. And *o the Emperor walked en. under the high canopy, through tbe streets of the metropolis, and all the people ia the streets and at the windows cried out. "Oh. how beautiful the Emperor's new dre^s ia! what a splendid train ! and the mantle, bow well It sita!" " In short, there was nobody but wished to cheat himself into the belief that he saw the highly valued clothea, for otherwise he would have had to acknowledge himself either a simpleton or an awkward fellow. As yet none of tbe Emperor's new dresses had met with such approval as tbe suit made by tbe two weaver*. 11 }>ut the Emneror hu rtothin? on "" ?aid little child. "A&, hear the voiceof innocence !" i said the father, and one pereon whimpered to the other what the child had said. , "But he really nothing oa!" exclaimed at last all the people. This vexed the Emperor, for he felt that thej were right, but be thwight ?" However, I mnst bear the thing to the end !" And the pagls placed themselves further from him, u if thej were carrjing a train which did not even exist. Respect for Rotalty?A Practical Joke. In a ccruin citj of Canada Went resides a colored man bj name "Frank," a functionary who indulges in hair dreading, saloon keeping, and the mysteries of cooking and general waiting. This colored individual ia a man of rare wit, unbounded humor, quick at repartee, and Pond of a practical joke. He baa, moreover, a certain pinguitude of system. so that when be indulged in a laugh, external, or shrouded beneath the black veil of his shining outside, he may be said to shake like a jelly, after the fashion of Santa Claus, in the 44 Night before Christmas." No* it happened, as the story go?a, when the Prince of Wales visitad the city where "Frank" residas, that a ball was given in his honor, and that "Frank" was an essential accessory thereto. Without "Frank," the ball was no ball. During the evening, after supper, and while "Frank" ?u among tbe dishes in tbe eulinary room, kia privacy was intruded upon by certain young women, who addressed him insinuatingly, about as follows: "Oh! Frank, have you the glass out of which his Royal Highness drank?" To this Frank blandly responded "Yes." "Will you let us drink out of it?" "Certainly." "Now. Frank, which side of the glass did his Royal Highness's lips touch?" " Frank'' indicated the identical spot. Then the young women, each and all reverently and jubilantly touched their lips to the glass. They then said, " are you sure, Frank, that we touched the place touched by bis Royal Highness's lips?" To which Frank answered, "certainly, for I wanted to drink after the Prince, and I had my lips on the very spot touched by his. just before you came in. I know it is the place. ' Fancy the result. Young ladies discm??m) ' Rnil tka fm/?i.\no ?? 1 * ?a?. o ? .w.-y-iug IUIU one of his most violent eacchinationa, and jellifying fur a fall half boor. Gcspowder.?Our improved gunpowder tries guns. A shot fired with John Chinaman's powder, Gen. Anstruther said in discussion. was eent three? baud red yards, ami a like ahot, impelled with John Cull's powder, went twelve hundred jards. "It is said." observes Mr. Longridge, "that no sixty-ei^ht pounder in the service can now be fired with safety, with a full charge of powder. Our powder in old days was slower of combustion than it now is We must not aaaribe, therefore. to there being more dishonest traders now than of yore, the more frequent bursting ?# ...... ?? j? ? o * vs guno III IHO picscui. u?v. oeveni oett l authorities add to the fact?if it be one, for several a* good authorities deny it?tbat a cannon juat made ia mora likely to burst than a cannon that haa been sat aside unused for a few years after its manufacture. In the United States, guns of the sama description, tried thirty days after easting, burst after about eighty rounds; one kept six years, endured eight hundred discharges before it burst; another, fired two thousand five hundred and eighty-two times, had not burst at all. Again, in old days past, their charge of powder was blown out of the guns anoonsumed; now, thanks to the tightly-fitting shot, every par ucie expioaei oeiore trie shot hu left the ehue.?All the Year Round. A Political Joei ?A countryman waa lazily aiuutering alon-' aoine of the principal at recta of Atlanta, when nta attention waa attracted by a placard on one of the buaineaa houa*a which appeared to aatoniah him not a little Presently be waa ht-ard to exclaim,14 The devil he la. Who then will run ou the American ticket now'*' ' Bella hung !" waa the inscription on the card.? M*nntta Adacati. 10~TV? undert ker of Roibury, hut week, exhomed the remains of the father and grad mother of the Revolutionary patriot, Geo Juaeph Warren They were taken from the old bnrial ground AH k!iMtia atm-t U- ???* * k ... Mvv . itnu ! C K? OC CflTira TO r OTtll Hill Cemetery, far re-Interment. The thigb-bone and one of the teeth of the father of General Warren were the only portion of the remains preserved entire. {Tf A young beauty beheld one evening on a bill two horses running off a', locomoti ve speed with a light wagon. As they approached, she was bonified at reeotfalztng In the occupants of t*ie v-hicle two gentlemen of her acqualotahce. Boys" sbe screamed In terror,''jumpout?quick ?especially George!" It is uevdless to say that her as to George were from that time forth no secret l?7* The Government surrey of the northwestere hikes baa dosed for th?* season Headquarters for tta winter are eswbiitfe-d at Detroit. Tbe Held notes show thfct a very Isr^e amount of work ha* been ac< ompilshed, tbe entirere^tou of Grand Traverse Bay, including tbe Manitoa sad Fox Islands, bavin.; breu surveyed, and tbe topogripby and hydrography obtained with extreme accuracy. rrr A insn named Pastor Riemus, confidential clerk of Carbaioee, Ybarzabal 4 Co , merchant* at Havana, Cuba, having robbed tb?t Arm oi f-JU.UUb, and fted to this country In the steamship Bienville, which arrived en tbe 2*1, has already k een arrested at New York, by meaoa of Information sent to Key West, and thence by telegraph m" I n nxlae to IBM the ehtUm? a? ?K? ??K baTrT, a lady In Broeklya ** engaged ta reading to then from the Bible the atory of David ?id Qui lab, and coming to that punge la whlcb <i?11 ah m boastfully and deflautly dared the young tripimr, a little cbap, almost In blafirat trowaeri, aald: "3ist*r,aklpthat-aklptbat, ha'aoaly blow. ln^# I want I* know who licked ?" UT-Abd-et-Kadev baa written a latter to the Areiiiiiabop of Parla, who la bla peraoael friend, ,rxpf ?![?)( bis oblWailona to the Emperor for the cvafldenue repoaed la Ulo. ' From Ckht*al asd South Amirica ? By the Northern Light we have later news from Central and South America The Panama 8tar and Herald uyt an official quentlon hat arisen between the United State* and British naval force* In that bay, of considerabt? magnitude, occasioned by an order given t-> the guards from her Britannic Majesty's sblpClio, stationed at the British and French Consulates since the late riot, to hail all persons passing those houses Several foreigners bsve been stopped by the ?entry, and on Saturday an American officer and subsequently an American citizen have been arr-sted for refusing to respond The matter was brought before Flag-officer Montgomery, now commander of tbe American force*, who'at once addressed a not* to Captain Miller, of tbe Clio; bu> tbe malt had not been known when the steanerleft Tbe Nicaragua correspondent of tbe Panama Star writes aa follows, under dat? of litb ultimo: Mora's death waa received with signal satisfaction bv the Mraragunns, because it was supposed that ir he had succedt-d. Barrios and himself intended to attack Nicaragua, and, had they done so, no one doubted tbeir escape. President Martinet isairainat the Le^d nf affair*. Mr Dimitry Is still pressing the Nicarajjuan Government for a convention to settle the clalins' of American cltizeni^bnt es yet with no success. Tb? President has consented to call Congress together on the 15 h of December, Instead of the 1st of January; so that the rat flratlons of xhe LamarZeieJon treaty mav taW place before the six months (which expire on the 27th of December) are over A terrible calamity happened at San l.ozerno on zue nwn on. w mie tbe Pe'uvian frigate Caliao v?? sfolni; on the dry dock for repslra. with a large numb* r of peraons on board, tlx- dock gave way uudff the enoimoua weight, causing the v?aael to pitch over on her s'arboird beam, when the tuaaia snapped, ar.d the porta being opened t^e filled rapidly with water. Of the crowda he low few could d i aui(bt but acream. It la aup|x*ed that 150 llv<-a have been I oat. beaidta a large number who have been wounded. The Callan wsi a 44-gnn frigate, and la aald to be a total loaa. The occurrence may have an Important i olltical effect, aa General Caatilla was auapeeted of deaignlng to wage war agaiuat Ecuador. Th* ?to?t or a F?*nrn Gi?l?The New York correspondent oftbe Bo?toi Traveller writes: "A short time since one of tbe agents that are abroad selecting musical talent for America, sent on to the care of Adams A Co's Kxpresa. a Fre??cb girl, who was engaged to teach for onr year lii a southern institution on a salary of per \tar On her way to New Yoik iWnw a German merchant of this city, who was smitten with her, for ?he was a young lady of d^zzli"? beauty. He followed her to New York, and niadu a formal proposal for her Land. The gentleman was well known totbe head of tbe house of Adams A Co. as a gentleman of wealth and stauding. But the young teacher declined the proposal, at leant tfit her cont act for teaching should expire, and the conaent of her parents obtained But tbe gentleman was not to be put off The lady had great confidence in the integrity of the company, uid rflion ?uh*t th?? Kaoh* a A ? - ?1 -1 - vw .. HW> ?wv UUUVC VI iiuilll* u V/O. frt 111 of the honor and petition of the supplicant She relented and yielded, and cards are now nnt for the wedding at one of our fajhlonatile hotels, a;id this youn? adventurer, with nothing but her talents and beauty, will soon be at the head of an establishment, with a husbind worth 93U0,0U0. Rlopimbst or a School Girl?An elopement took place in Covington, Ga , on Monday night of last week, between Mim Jennie Strickland, a stndent of the Southern Methodist Female Colltge, and a Mr Hill Both parties are re?ldeuts of Grantyille In Georgia The Georgia Timet nyt: "There was no knowledge on the part of the Faculty of any lntirajcyor attachment existing between the parties, and as the young man was a stranger In our community, his presence of course, excited no suspicion in the mind of anybody They procured a private conveyance toConyers, where they took tfee train for Atlanta, end were married at the Waahington Hall immediately after their arrival, and ppgceeded ou the same traia to West Point." |p* Fred Douglass, the black man. a few days ago received a letter from an individual calling himself Charles Hepp, a'<d describing himself at a wb'ght man," who offered to ri.arry Douglass1 daughter and cherish hef through life, provided Douglass would "come down" tLS (JUh ur S-JJi ismi Douglas*, however, dwellned the honor, replying to b's 4'wh'gtat" correspondent: "Vou evidently think your white skin of great value. I don't dispute It; It la probably the beat thing about you. Yet not even that valuable quality can commend you autflrlently to induce even so black a uegro aa myself to accept vou as a son-in-law." Mr. Happ la probably a Republican of the "practical" aort The Adams Expbb%s Robbebt?It will be rerollectrd that on the nijiht of the I6tb of April last, the saf- of the Adami Express Company, on the NVw York ai.d New H iven Railroad, was thrown from Its place In tbe ba^gaire taf mit of the daor, near \\ estport, Conn , while the train was in foil motion Tber- were in the safe hcimv and drafts to the amount of 116 000. Since then the officers in charge of the matter have b?en wu king far its elucidation The baggage-master of the train was subsequently arreted, and It is now staUd has confess* d his guilt, having been found with on* of the 951)0 bills stolen from the safe In bis possession Two men, alsolmpi 1 rated la the robbery, have been arrested in New York. Alzxamdbia amd Ltxcbxuxo Rajlboad ?The Lynchburg Virginian says: "The finish) ag touches are now being given to tbia road The track Is all laid, and the cars will ran over in a day or two A connection will be formed with the Tennessee Road just above the pr. sent bridge over Blackwater, where i>ataeng< rs and baggage vrill change cars. lianas are now busily employed constructing a platform, turn table and bridge for that purpose.'' Thi Scoab Trade or Bostojt?Boston, Mass., is claimed to be one of th?* greatest and most important sugar markets In the world The receipts of sn^ar for the first nine months of this year were 36.992 hogsheads, 31.965 barrels. 157,M63 bags, principally from India. 75,150 boxrs About 200 carerofl or (K (MM) hm/thMfii af mala.ios ?? anuually landed at that port, and vast quantities of both lunar and molasses are sent from there to all parts of the world. Blub Cockade - is Vibginia?At the request of several gentleman In this city, a blue cockade similar to such as are used by the Minute Men 'of South Carolina, has been prepared by a clothing house In this city, and many an ardent Are eater looks upon it with anything but repugnant feelings. They seem to think mat the day Is f *st appraucMng when it must he worn.? Richm<Md Cor. of PtUrsburg Erprtss, Oct. 31. IE7* From lack of facilities for transmitting ne* s, full election returns from Arkansas have not heretofore been received until several weeks after the electloas took plaoe. The Helena (Ark.) aki.u r?-4 ?(. ? 11 ?bi * ? * * ruieiu ui \/c?. 9u wuj? : ?*" rapieirgropn poiet srf nower??ted through froir. Memphis to Helena, in this State. The wiring it to be completed and iu working order in time to transmit tbe returns of the vote* of tbe next Presidential election." U7*Tbe Tburtaay (*>9tb) of November, will be tbe common Thanksgiving OaytLU year. It has already be?n officially named in New \ork, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New 'Hampshire, Michigan, Ohio. Indiana and Iowa. l?7~ In tbe ci?e of Wm. Byerlv, convicted of tbe election fraud in Pbllanelpnia, the court refused ball, and be waa committed to await sentence. Tbe punishment affixed by law Is an Imprisonment not to exceed three years, a fine not to exceed SI.000, and deprived of citizenship. ID-In France, the announcement of the apsmomIOM U.I ???? uiuai uiu^ iu?iiia(c u| iuc I iiI1U6SI AUCf Willi the Prince Loula of Hesse Darmatadt ta looked upon with lome regret, owing to the well-known antagonism to French prineipUa evinced by the reigning Duke, hta uncle. l?7* At the last meeting of the "Boaton Society for Medical Improvement," Dr. Jackaon said the practice of opium eating wsa exceedingly common In oar country towna, and thia opinion waa confirmed by other physicians present. |FT Fifty-live young ladies took the white Tell on the 1st ult , at the Convent of the Sisters of i Nortre Dame, Milwankle, Wis , and eighteenth* black veil on the 6th in the same eatablubment. Q7"Two of the crew of ship trading la 8a anah have been convicted of endeavoring to entice away slaves, aod sentenced to receive three tiroes thirty-nine lasbea tCpThe coat of the Prtnee'a reception In Al* b*ny was oalv S313 Of this snm, CI00 went to I lb- special police and $100 to the owners of th? llUie steamer chartered by the Common Couneil 1 Uy An expedition has (rone In search of Vegel, the t)e?it al African travelled, of whom nothing has ?>r?n heard since June, 1650. Von Henglln U ?l U?C Ue*4 v( it. 4 f EDUCATIONAL. A. 8. DbVILLIERS, ROFE3*OR Of the FRENCH and GERMAN kANGUAGEr*. SIT Kiehth tr-ef, between L and , r.a? the honor to announo" to the puhlia that he ha* resumed h letiom in the above Unruacev and hae opened at Mi*a Wood wminarv. ,94X I str??t, between 13th and 13th ?t? , a Krenoli C.a>? in which yoong laJ es will be admitted- This ela?? will meet three time* a vut ?' Torm*: ?5 per quart-r of 10 week* Satisf otory arran*pm n?* made lor teuton* giv>n in school*. Mr dt? Vil.iera offer* tne best reference* a* to hi* leal, ability, ft c , ftp oc 24 1m rfi FEMALE EDUCATION. I HOSE Parent- who wish their daughter* to receive a thorough an-1 *y*t?inatio education, where their ph?s<ca; t an;in< wi 1 reooivedaily and special attention, under the most approved *y stem of Calisthenio* and GynutasUoa, are respectfully invited to visit tlio Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av MR. ft. MRS. Z. RICHARD#, an SO tf Principals. FKMAI.E BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL AuFXAS'ORU. VA. Mrs. S. J. MeCORMICK, Pk'jcctpal. Th? thirteenth amiii&l ??<ci?n r?f fKie Inolihitina _ - ? .? ?? >? ina?l?u< IVU will oonnuence on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house rsc-utly occupied by Sylve.ter Scott, Esq, No 1*0 King street. Th? course of study pursned will comprreall th-i bra'die* requisite to a thorough English Edu cation, ar.d M umo, F.ench, and thawing, tl dtiirad in addition to d&y scholars Mrs. MeCormick is prepared t.-receive a limited number of pupil* as hoarders, who. <-onstitutinic a part of her own faini'y, will he u?der her immediate care and aupwrvision. She will endeavor, as lar an p?>s?ibie,to surround them with the oornforts aud kindly influences of Homo. Kn/ff-sfJi.-Rer. fJ??o H. Norton, Rev. D-. Elias Harrison, Rev. I> F. Spri**, William H Fowle, Esq., Ed<ar Snowden, fcsq , Edmund F Witraer, Esq., Henry Marbury, fc*q , l^wis MoK?ii:?, Esq . Robert H. H'luton, Efq . W D VVallacfc, Editor Kret.inf Star, B.njamin Wnt<ns, Esq. ,Jas. ? ;-I- i - r-?.,.i i_u_ i?r -? < ?< at., , yvi! * "lili IT , iU lliur, LiUU?I''ii n , Mi???rs. Blacklock A Marshall, Mocsrs Corse Brother*. Tmcs. Boan', with Tuition iu all th? Enghsl' B anches, lor the annual session?payable semiannually, IB an VMM. ' Mu?io and Languages at Professors' prices. \JZT" ext-a bh*r<fs. mi 28?tf GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, <Fob!Hkri.t Miss L. 8. F.stJLisH'e.) A BOARDING ASD DAY SCHOOL. The d'itie? <fthis Institution will be resumed on th" firt-t Monday in !*eptflinbt?r next. The course ol" instruction embraces all that is tauuht. from the rudiments ta the most highly finis1. ed education. The corps of teachers, t?n in nu:nber,are ennii'Mit! r qualified a..d experieucxl in their seveial departments Lecture* Fndav evernn^?o!> the Natirra! Sciences without oharice to the cupils. Circulars juav t>eobtain?>d by addressing the Principal. Mi?n m7J 1IAKROVLR,Georgetown, D C. flu 22 oo3i/i CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, U Strut, tit!unen slA nut 1014 Strttlf. VV? Vave iu*t finished a ounitwr ol firat oiaaa OARRlA(i>.9, suuh M Litkt f Wagons, Park Pkcatom. Pntntlv C-er-fcgOgSi rintl Bxtines, whioh we will aell atUr " ?? a ver> small probt. boinc pract cal mMhuioa in different branches of the buaineea, wa flitter ourselves that we know the aud quautj of work that will give tain taol.on, combining lightness, comfort urn darabin ty* Rsfairlnf promptly and earefuhy attended to Uia shortest nc tioe and most reasonable char res. WALTER, KARMANN * BOFP, Coaohnaakers, coaceeeora to VV*. T. Hook. y. T CARRIAGES. > DE SaMonbar having made addition to hi {aatorr^makins it now ore the la? inue Diatnoi, Wi.sre tilt ln-ilttiaa lorfl^DHE tnanntaatarmeCARRIA&E <t ?V AG'?N8 of all kiL.iacai.aot i>e anrpasaeil, ai.4 .Von hi a ionj exjeTKsino in :U? t>*aiL??. he uopm o fin f?a?r?i aatitfootio:;. AU ki??a of Ovm?cM ?^4 Uikt Wipai kept ci mod. Ail r.E"XlRilu*Li aebe.aadaliartars atempi r auesasC to. See*iU-kaM Carrtxt" l*keatn exoham*?or*r* IN. ANDREW I. JOYCK, "-M ?? ?? ? lltt aw) K (tj JU8T RECEIVED, AT ?MITH'S, A lot of GENTS'S UNDERSHIRTS AND DKAWER9, from auotion, which he wilt eell very low. oc 10 lm PIANOS. pTaNOS?The largest acortment of Pi&Doe, Metodeona, Guitars, Iina. Hungo a Beat Italian Strinca Ao RW71 cordeona. Flutinaa, Coneertmaa.V ut^a,' fa' Fifee, ! -. tta. Ola ionetta, Hiaaaliiatrnmonta, Dm 1.a a-'d ererr variety of raualo&l ware. aiao i!i i'n?n?.ri?e atook of Sheet Mu u, Mu-io Kook? si.d Ops &t, for "very iaitrumaat at th* Mutic !*t >re of W. ?. ME rZKROTT. corner of Pa.av. and lltn ?tr*?t 5*ol? AjMit of St<"inway & Son'a B? -<.n IUvwi ft Co 'a and Knab? k Co.'a Pianos. (>o 22 if S T O V E 8! STOVES!! STOVES!!! I have on hand a ar* e aiaortment of Cocking atid other' tovr-e, which I wiil ??11 cheaper than any other houac in the District, &a it ia m? t.'iSB int ntion t < clone them rut. Call and kM,a|l and thou jud?* tot yours*, vot. C. SNYDER, 00 9 Next door to t'?e Star Office. ^ A T 1; S T INVENTION! LADI). WEBTrFR it CO ?? Tigtat-Stitcta Sewing machines AT JANNRY'J* BOOT AND SHOE STOHS. 34** Pa Avinvb. TJjey are the mo?t simple. TTiey are the strongest They are the surest in their operation. They tue a straight needle, (Curved one# aro of no aooo.nt.) They have a fee'i w!i<w>l They are capable of doinjf an* kind of work known-they make the magto ruffle without any at aohin nta. (;al. ami examine? At JANNEY'S, oo 15 lm 349 Pennsylvaniaav?-uue. NOT1CE! NOTICE'! ^"T-f Mrs. HELLER In ites th* ladies of^mc Waaianrton and vicinity to hor Grand Opening of Fashionable FALL and WINTER BOVNTts, on Friday ami Saturday. 5th and tith instant, whun he vi'l he happy t > ha.e ladies come and ciarmne her itock of Goods, as ?h* ha? a v?ry handsome took of FEATHEK4, FLOWERS, l?RF.<8 trimmimcs hkaii l)r kssks ri.riaifd SHAWL!*; EtfTLNSiON "SKIRTS,' CoTtShTS* of all kizi-s and priori, And* vary largo stock ol EMBROIDERIES, *o , Ac. oo ? No >4 Market Spao-% bet. 7th and 8th ata. JNSTRUCTION ^ A. F. LITTLE, PROPBSSOR OF MUSIC, ha? returned to the city and reaumed the dutiM of his profession Prof LITTLE, hav 1MJ ini charge of Musical Department at Alnwnk^f* and Hka?aut View Seminaries, and h?ing engaged four days in eaoh wtck at these Institutions, has o <nst qu-M'tly but two days in each we*k t > devote to pi ivate i struction of pupila, or to a ?imiKr encagemcnt to another institution. '1 hoae de? ring bit profoastonal aorvioes will pleat* inakd appiica tion at Dr. Hont'a.SlU Pa. annul, oo 4 lmeo* MORE NEW GOODS. HE Underaigned have just oompleted th?ir stock of Goods for the Fall and Winter o in pi ing atuIlt'Ml well selected assortment of CLOTHS, CASS1MEKES and VE9TINGS, with the latest styles of Material for Business suits, tocrthtr with a va iety ot OENTLKMf.N'S Ft RNlsHING GOODS of ttas best quality, to which th?*y respeotfully invite th?*attmlion of their fiends and oust intra and the p jltlio senerally. e. o\vVn * Aon. Military Naval and Citizens' Merchant Tail or t, oc No. 'Jia Fa av. Notice to journeymen tailors, AT HOME AND ABROAD. The following is a correct lint of the employers who pay the bill prioes oi. and at* re?o?iiiXt>d by, the Society, to wit: \V. H. Stanford, Matlock & Griffith, i uvali 4 Bro., Matlock A Herbert, Wm. Tu*ker, James I aokoy, G W. Ilinton & Co., J. T. Mcintosh, London A Co., Thos. K. Gray, E. M. Drew Vaidoran. se77e.3ni H KOLB'B * LUNG^W'v^nORATOR. _ Por the car? of Oovaaa, Colm, ArvBcrioiu or m Tuotr awd t,piw. oc l? tw* HRA1D AND CURL MANUV! P&CTOR Y, 343 Heon. areaaa, uaartheoor aar of Thirteenth atreet.?A vary oomplata aaaortm'Bt of B raj da, Carla, Friaette*, Bsudeaaa, Ac.. on band; alao, made to order at tka ahortaat owtioa^Hair Work rayairad or takaa la exobaoga. TP~YOU WANT to gatgood Clolkinc. I- araiah* Hata and C*?a. at low pnoaa.ooisa to HMITH'8 Ni. Attn a? .Irut JV#r R KCKIVKU at MMirH'9. h Etrm.t. ? very lime lot of FALL and WiMTKR I C <> rai.NG U&t wi.l t? to d at Mtonuhin iow fmw, GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS OQ l.AKGE STOCK! Ow ifO BEST U O n D S!! "O LOWEST PRICKS!?! ? PI I.MAN 4 HI" N' T, #? Bridge street, IwtTMn W??hnuton a-nd Ci-nxre?a, *r<? now >r?M'?i to chow th<?ir well a*;?et?d stock of DK F.^SGOOU^, DOMK8 TICS, 4 o Their store t the old stnnd o| II. E. Berry) havinr he?n remod?liod and fitted up in tk? IBAat tk<ve/\M>W e ^ - '--.I. ?m ?? ? -w-? \/wkii iiwiuvi i hi~j ir\ i!* iwuitiea ucrquate.i ic the District tor tb? p otictU n of tcrnirt: Or* 0cmttia Uu?irie??. They r??p*etful.jr invito a oali (ruin the oitisena ol George ewe an vioiaitT. oc 6-'m JU*T KEOEIVKD10 hbd?. prune Porto Rico SUGARS, ISA Rje WHI-KY, 2S0 KRKING and ALEWTVES. bn bb C 'rutbed and Rcfin d UG AKs, * I>a<8 R(o and Java COFFEE, lit hhd#.< li w arieed I MOL\*:*ES. Forialebr JQftN J BOO UK. ? 1? i 'KANDhLL, OPTICIAN, Ks He. 1j?s P*idf? ?t.,&*crt*t0*r%. Has oot htaatir on band a large aeeortmeLt ol Frecch N??*r aight^d. Ferieoofic. Col ere.i,andaL i theT 8FF.?'TA?*Lt>?, lb* beat qua .if, in (old. a.lrcr. atee:, au?i 'le ia;. eilv*?r frar. '*. N. B. Old FraioM Reyt . h] and pew ?.*?*?a get in them to order. m IJb \IA&*KY, OOU.i:?8 A. CO.'!* PfllLADKLIT1 PHI A ltRAHiHT ALK.-W-arPContrantly r??ivln< fireth supplies ofttica^xjvideliihtiu, t>everaif, and invite a'u p?r?oc? wtio wart a per* aaadtiliarated Ale. to riv* it a trial. ARNV A 9HIXN. Ajorrti, fet 5 7 ?t.. #<v>rt^ Dr. J. H McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL amd ULifOD pininacK THE GREATEST REMEDY in the WORLD, ?aud the most DsLiciors AMU DLLIUHTFUL .* Ms! of ?>ch iti Before taking. dulilhn?, prodncnf ? itiieiwi,?xhilaraling ipirh, ?a4 U>1 bit inf.lliblt rui.i ly for reuoT'uuf th? ?*iiciii t ajuin, and rmcnrjr U>? lisk, laftruf, uid 4abiiwaia<l uiril:! l? ft 111 til and lUinfthMrLEAJV'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will fiiefti&l!v cnr? Livtr Comr?I*iii?- n??n?nai. inn dica,Chronic or N?r? )ti Debility, Ihnutt outfit Kidoeyt, and ?!i d>ae>??? anaiiir from * disordered Lieer or Stomach, Dyapepaia, Heartburn, Inward F.1m, A *idu* or Siekt.M? of th* P-omach, Failueet of MouJ to tbe He.C, Dall Pun or Swiii.u.iiig io the Head, Pilpmi: a cf the Hear;, PillctH or Weirbt in the Stoicach. 8-mr Eroctetiona, Choktar or Baffocaunff Ptilisf wh?o lae'nr down, l>ryneee or YelloWnlM of the 8km and I;ti, NijtK8?r?u, Inward Fitik, Pais 10 U>? Small of tba Back, Ufceet, M Snie, 8odden Fineries of Heat, Depree?iou of Spirit*, Frifhtfal Uraux, Lupor, Deepoudeucy or aay nervosa diatui, Boree or Blotchee on tit* Skin, and P??er and Afca (or Chiile and OVKK A MILLION BOTTLES hart bean aold during the laet en mouihe, and in n? taaunci kaa u failed in (i*u>( tntira aauafacuou. W ho, thea, will iafir from Weaki.eee or Debility whan McLEaND STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will car* jam 1 No langaag eaa coc?ey aa adeqwatt idta of the lrrmedlata and aim oat mracaioaa change produced by lakiaf thia Cordial in the diaiotd, debilitated, aad Mattered aertoae eyeieoi, whether broken down by eaceae, waak by uatare. or impaired by eiekneaa, the relaxed aud Boetmnf arfaiiitatioa I* reetored to lie prletioe health and vifar MARRIED PERSONS or oihere, eoaeeioaa of unbility frrmi vliiiitir ctut, will 8nd McLEANH STKCNUTHEN1NU CORDIAL a tbaroofh regenerator of the eyeteia; and ell wbo n<ar bar* in |?red iben.eeleea by improper indoljei.cee will tkd la thia Cardial a ciruia ?cd epeedy rnn?dj. TO THE LADIES. MtLEAN'S eTRENUTHRMNG CORDIAL le a iriir eicn and ?pee ly cure for Incipieat C?:.aucip:ioo, Wfcuee, O&etrocted or DiSti'l Menetrretion, Incontinence of IJriui or Inrolma'Ary Pier-arft thereof, Falling of tbe Womb, Utddineea, Fainting, ana ait dueeeee incident lo Kimlia THERE IS KO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Suffer no laager. Take H according to diractmua. It will eliiculatt, eirtuglheo, and icngorata ;? and caaaa t'.e bloom of health lu mount your cheek a|ui. Every bottle U vtnuiid to fift aatiaf .etioo. FOR CHILDREN If Tour cLiidrec art elckly, por? or aflheted, Mi LEAN'S CORDIaL will make than baalthy, fat, and robnau Delay not a moR.eot; trj it, a>d yo? will b? conduced. It la < liciou to take. VAVTIUlf, Elvira of draffiata or dealera who may try to palm opon you aonie liuer or earasparilU trial), which ihty caa buy cheap, b* atyitif it la ]aat aa rood Avoid eorh n Aet for McLV.AN'S HTKENGTHENINO CORDIAL, ?.?.<! lake ooihicr alaa. It ia the ocly remedy itai will purify tbe Blood thoroughly abdattha earae time atreug-tben Ui? aja'.tu Out uaapoourul taken e?ery uicnuiig faaur-f ia a certain preventive for Cholera, Cbil'.e art* Ke?er, Yellow Fever, or lay prevalent dueiee It ia pot ?p la large boHci t-rice uoly (I per bctUe, or C boulee for $&. J. II McLEaN, Sole proprietor of tbi? Cordial; alao, McLean'a Volo-mc Oil Liaiiceat fiiuipil Depot oa tbe corner of Third aiid Piua atraeta, St Loua, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LIHtMKJCT INTfTE WORLD ) Tba only eafe at,d ?ert*ii core f.-r Cancers, Pilee, to mora, Bweiliu^aaoU Broo-*t>> e or Court, Panlreia, Nt? r?lgia, Wukaeuef ita Mua-lai, Chronic or 1.3 tmir.ttory RheBinatiadi, Silfara> of tie jainta, Contracted Mjeclev ar Lif^meuu, Emcce crTjoUi<cLe, Braiaea,, Freeh Cota, Woonde, ricert, Fever S. r<?, Caieu Breoat, Bvrc Nipplea, Burna, HcaUia, Sura Throat, or any ii.flatan* uni or Cm, bo difference how aevere or lai<r <he dieeaee m-.v to aji.ted, AicLEAS'3 CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a (inula raaaedy. Tboaaaida of horn an beinge baa* been aa?e J a Ufa of die crepitode ?od mitery by the uae of tl le Invalaable remedy. McLEAWS VOLCA NIC OIL LIN1MF.XT Will^relieve pain a I moot loatunt aaaaalr, and it will r leas, FOR HOUSE* A\D OTHER*ANIMALS McLEAN'B CELEBRATED LINIMENT > the 6, \f nh an4 reliable remedy for me cart (X bpinri, R i?f houa, Wmdfal't, Sp'iute, Uuuatural Lump*, Noiiee or 8 w It o*T?r failed to ear* Bif Head, Pr! eeil, r.etsla, Old Raiii.inf lorn, or bweeujr, if tDfhei Cor Spraine, Bruieee, Scraf-hee, Cracked Heeia, Cbt.'ee, Stddlt or Collar Ualle, Gate, Beret, or.Wonude, ti it ao infallible rerr.edy. Afpiy it u directed and a care ia caruui la every imnta Thru tri* loafer with tbe auny worthleae Liii">?a'e offered to jor Obtain a ?uppl? of 1>A. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT. It will care ?oc. J H MCLEAN, Sol* Proprietor, Corner Third And Fine eta., St. Look, Ma CHARLES 8TOTT, S?5 Pi. a*., eble arent in Waehiaa; too; R. 6. T. CIHSEL, Ueorfetcwx. o?M-D*WIT BAN F. FBXSCH. WM. F. 11CHHTI1N. NEW FIRM FRENCH A K iCHsrEIN, (Smtetxsors to Wm. F. Aayiy ) \Vtio esale ami Retail liftlfri in BOOKS, STATIONERY, a*d PERIODICALS, No. i/7t* PXXXIYLVASIA AVK3rK. ^ Weddin* and Viaiting Card* neatly engraved and printed. Paper and Envelopes Mair.peU with Initial with ont ?-xtra cSarie. Suksoriptiona receive.! f r all the Weekly Papers and Macazinea; alio. New \?rk Herald, Tun**, and Tribune. Ca 1 and examine onr atock. All bound Uuoka >o.d f ore 10 to SA par arat. laaa than the Pab'iiher's nrieea. lL/~Any Book* not on hand ordered with dispatch from London, I*aria, N?w York. Boston, and Phi adelphia. noX iw ??CHOOL AND COLLE6K OUTFITS. Youth-*' and Boy*' Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parent* and gaardiaiis wishing to furnish their ehi dren and wards with S?> ool ard College Outfits for the coming season, arc invited to examine onr present >arre and extantiv* assortment BOYS* CL??THINtf, where they can ht oat their chldren of aH size* in a few mon enu with every description of U*ady~mad? Garments, of ssbstantial aad oo. an an-tf 3*3 Penn. avenue. HOUSEKBfcPING AND SERVANTS' GOODS. We have no* on hand a veil selected stook of be above foods, tuoh as Sheetings. Value Linens, Napkins, Towehofs, Liasers, Full Clotka, Rlaa keU?from common to rerr ftne-Oeit*b?rf(, B ?e Domestic*. Gingham*, Pillow Cm* Cations aad Linen*, Dunhar A Dickinson's, Uark tie*, C bar let 4 Co , aad Riohardsoa's In*k Linen* in all anilities, all of vhiok ? will dispose of 01 Ue beat "??% TiYLOR * HUTCHISON. H, W. HAMILTON pu aad DEALER IN PAINTS. No. IM Tth Btkmt. wear Odd Fkllm*' HmU. aa ?-tf PUTTY DOWN. PAtA"F",E VflMkim owf, A beautiful artiole. ? aa. in apptaraaoe to aataat otlfl Coraw VTiaoat av. ?4 Hth lit W 0 ? ? AX ?. C o ? L ^ SSflt1^^VBWKta* f ** ' ? .v *% ' ?? . "V THE WEEKLY STAR; Tku oiodiMt Family aai I?m loaraaJ-aaataiaiaf a >i?afr rarioty of tatarwuac roadlrt than oaa bo foaad ia aaj otkar?u MbUahad oa AatarCM aonuaf. TlU?- Ouk. ?af rta?f?. i% aSraas* f\nr\t> cop?. p* aaaam.?? ' * T?*! " i iiiT" ?~ jJJJ Bt ii'MnbiK ia ei?b? rauatf anoac atttkban without t/,a inluf<?tt*a ml a mm*I unLu wi.. 8? F?ro?TWl kftrMt of fit I^vod. it ibvtr.^ I OVOUMI lk? Ne?i" UUU liU BUM TV* IiwiM B**f WtoMW o ffu?r*lly throofhoat Ui? ooisiry. (IT'Puct'UMiMra who tot M tffOBli Will be ?L> lowed a oommiM.M of SB rula. medicines! "" i Y~* H I 4 ? I K ID I I, >W tkA Sm~i. rw? la trnu.iect PfWT, or *>vor ud A?ar. KMcitter.t f>r?r. U?mb Ajut, roricdic* H?*j?ou*. or Bi'mm Hniltch*! and Bi ioti F*v*ri. md? d for th? vtooi* C??? of Ihawaaa On*inotin( la ti iir; IHronj^mci t, < ftt??d fcy Uf Mia it M i&*n.*tio Coaatr^ft. No on" romod? i? 'oador om'Ud for by the um. AmnicM poi f ? U M ft Mro t?4 ioi* oar? for F.-vi-r ft'.d A|U? >uo>. o?ftr? oow u*t>i*4 to of <r. with ft p-rf*ct e*rtaiitr th*t it wi 1 rnuti 0&t?tS?i) ti l witk ftaourtno . founo'? <.u proof. that uo born: ofta ftilM irtMM iu la ft: y au&ntny i tut ?: ic.i pro'octn trow or p-rr?nta ti n di? o der uunt ?{ hhhimm **rvico in tl?? ot imnuiii tl<>? w I?r. it #r??ft:l? Pr?vtu%mt i? b*U?? llian car*. f?r ti<? pftttrtt nciM tft* rtak wbier. io mux run in vi ? t atltik* of Uuaiiot*fu. die ' ? P?r. Ta * "i cji' *?* ? tbo biiIcb r?'i? >n <>i EVMARD w?ft frwm Uo iiUu.ud the d*vi>: r < : ? ^f dia^se, il tftkaa oa th?fc?t approach o' it* ?-MT>Onlf rr a?rnplo<na It i? a.'t t*? MM ?? ' )rt (iaowvorod Cor th'a olan of c ?-np iuh, I ut a??> tne eke*p*?t V|| lar?- (iin.l i! w? ?.?pp > for h d> l.*r *>rtatt it wti. la the roach ? ! <? ;au t iq tillvB* (*iatticu. w.u'M Fivn ?i? ' a. ,o*er*t*>d? a).on .1 ' ave it a' >1 u ? it fr-> ? h?-ti. lor nu-? a d pre?rn t r A n.>i11? ?.l tus rrmeCj *.rer atif "th?r cvrr . .? < ?4 ' ' til* ?p ??t? Mi* eertu u our*c>f Ictsi i.iittt nti it . ihM it<K taiiraoQu iilo or n>iuera<. e?M ?nii?: t ;t prndcoe* no or cUur lsjnrni* eff-ct* upon t m ; r.?titntioa. I eo-^l hr it are left a* health? a? f they hvl n??#'! a4 the ci?e*?e. F>m ?n"l Aft- 1? rot a one the con?eq?er.eo <?l the ir?:a*Tr*'i- p i? n. A gr>at Ttriftf of di?<?il<r? ari?e fr m ii? irritation. anout which are Nenra* i a. RheutraM*m. hmt. Hfar'aofce, bl>r.?J??e??, T- o.i?a.-h.?. ? a-*eh?, Cata-rn Asthma. P? pit*ton, Panfu ^flection o| ih> * peon, tlvntonoo, Paiu in the llotre.i?,C.?'??, I antljn*. ar.d lW*rrem-ntoftho 5*ioma f\ a of which, when on?.atir* ir. thu can-, r"t on il?? iDWrwrntent ttpo. or ^?come p?ri <iioa Tiaa "<Viii" ?*pe the p^iai t> fr m the vio>>G, ar 1 oociH?rBtl| ei>roa them a I aiika. Prerawd hr I)R J. C. AVER k. CO . I/O**!!, and ?ild b? all I> urmu, e.-er? whore, oo 'ft neimDoia t ttenmne ritpai-auon. 14 HIGHLY CONCV,\T* AT 11D" COMPOUND Fl.ClD KXTRACT BUCHU A Po?i'.! ? an<1 ^p>?cific Remedy For Uih-ftiM ul Ike HuADDKR, klltNi YB, 6RAVKL,?n?l DRoJHtlt'AL !?W K! '.I NO' . Tim M?huoim th^ m*? of Dicesurn, irjd cXCit ? tTi-* AB-OH B> N I s iuK? tion-U* wiiic ' thu WATJ f?\ OR CALCt SOII d?t> -if mm, and iwl 1' \ N A ft R AI V N LA KG K MENTS *ri r?d? fJ,M w*l' %? PA1.N ?nX INFLAMVUT <?V?. r?v.^ for MEN, WOMEN. OK CHILDREN. HKLMBOLDD EXTRACT ?iTHt'. For WwkLMHi friai'iz from Kio-wm, HaUu of UiaotptLiB ?rly Ind'.?oretioi? or A: ai?. AittmUd *r?rih* foUowiws Srmj lomt r? lnd:* to Kzertion, Loan of Power* [ .... nf IVI..U. -f LI ... MVW- v? VI OIW.1 D li W?k Nervae, Tr?nipiii(, Horror of piMM*, Wmkefu n*?i, Duur.:?? of Vuion. Pain la the Baok , I'm**"*1 Laseitud#o the Mn?cu!ar Sot Hudi, Plukiai of the Bodj, ryoam of the Skin, Krcnpuou* ou Uit fim, pallid cocntenan*. Tb*ee tjrrpt;>me. if allowed U< go en. whioh this me-uoin" mrnr:*1 :* r?niov*a, wool M.oji 1MP0TESCY, rATVITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, Ii? 0*s of Wkicb tbb PiTint mat Kintt. Who oan ?m tlikt tuej we ootfr-^MBtljr fol oWSd Irr thw " D1RLFUL DISEASES " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Mas? are %w?re of the smi* tber ofTeriac, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE * ECOR I>S OP THE INSAN t ASY L L'MS And tk* Mtl*ntkeln Dtm?h? K Ctmmmpnmt Bear ?my!e wituete to the trwtfa of the unvura. m WWKZK& WHtfEfr Enniree the aid of medicine to etreacutra I Which, hxlkbold'i kvt r ac*rlluc h f'* at-frdrra A TRIAL WILL COSTHCl TBI KOCT MBFT1CAL. FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALES. olo ?* IN MANY affections kKCLMAR Tn FEM A LhH, rt* eitftot Bncha i? inMatiUd br any oiher 'eniedy, a* tn Chl?roaia or Ket*rtloi' irrefu ?fity, Ftmn;ii"U, or Bappreaaion ot Cat tomary Krug?Lnni, I o#rtU#d or tvsirrboiii atato of tn? Utwii, Let' < - htr* or Whit*, Htmiity, and for a 1 oompl&inu moKle?t to th? ax* bxtter anaiax from I ad iteration, HafciU of Diatirnbun. or in u?* DECLINE ORCMAMiE OF LIFE. rt? iTMrroMi Attorn NO FAMILY BMOful) Bh WITHOUT FT Take *a mora Mtrntry, ar ""VeY* fiRSTfe xr^riTj'?-sec* kt1>I&eases In nil their At little exawsa; <ittla or bo obnnx* la Diat; No lnuonvenlenoot Ana n* Erpotmrt. It cnnaea a fr?au<Mit daaire ar : civaa atreorth to ,'ri^nte, thereby Romcvtcc obetruotiona, PrerenUui and earing ?rri<Uvree of th<> I'rothm, Allaying Pain and Ir.flMin.,atu.t, eofraqaect in the olaa* of dieeaeea. na j Ln>g mil feu mm THOOSASDS UPO.V THOUSANDS WBO HAVK *?K?. TM VICTIM* OF OCAC??. Hid wi o h*v- r?.i to l>? eore^ ;i. *ihorl ume hj-vefoui ? y wwkIwivmI.iw. tha* u.? ' POISON"' i t i > >?? nw of'>-w?srri. ? Tii-set*".** be* Ji v. u- n tU jetem, t?> out IB acrr?v*.t>f f'-rtu.? FhKHAPS lfT?K MAUkUW*. U?? UlLKIOLS'l Kimcr Hvcnr f * fc. kfM6um organ*. W LMtftT MlktUIC^ OR FEMALK4 From ^ " Dimmoi i?rr*ii? r<*iukr?tfc*u<1 ??? r*rwrt\ ITKLM H< ?LD> KXYRACT BIV HI J i?JTHk ?CAT DII Ketic. And ia o?rt*in U< fav* tbts d?nred *iiv't ib *ii Uia?m*? FOR ^ Hicii ;t is hi.oom.mi nukd. ! gviJfWff *' ?*< Wioit rr iuklt *** ruromtibi* r4if WT vui certificate* of cur eh. >*<mw 8I?? Mrt miifn. With namw knows to science and fame. F/tee fl.OO per k?tU?,*r tlx tor MM. Delivered to u; Addr?t?, n>cur?l* packftd ,n (bdrnlioi. De?cxibk Sr*rro*? rw axx c>**rinc?tc** CVMOwrutcN: AtfiirtStfiUiM AFFIDAVIT. P*r*oi?ftJ!r Mi.r* mo. an A'd?m>v? thecity of Phi H. T Psi Mftoi iw bj 4?1y vora, dotk uir. ku prrMrthMt ?*. t*i? ix> oarcot o. no mrroarr. or n-har ii ianoua *> >.. b?t tvrr iar*l; H. T. HK.l.KiliMff if. 8?r.m urd ub?oribod before M, Uu ?*i u*| of NoTWBtMr. UM.m p H,nwv:RDj ti4mw.vtr V cth abo??" Raw, Phil*. AddrMa letter* f<" in ooiiMvnpr to H. T BKLMWOLD. CWm*, "isarc" Who ea4?vw to itupiii * o? nn own4' Ud OTHKB" UTiaM OR Til MfrtiTKJll tmim Ri.boW. rnmmfm ** **** tv-rv"t%. ? ** i?frorWlloM WmL Bold by I*. B. Wait*. MS fcer?i>u? ?trut and 3. C PoiD,Jt, #?rnti P*ul tniM lod Mir??tk 3dtf.kDOT8C?HI&{W#^ <jbi ?( (M ?da?rtia??*>?>?it and Brnd tar it AND A V05i) IMPOHITIONANUKXPOVWBK , B HA1.X IS??AKITDKM!NQ, Wh?l>?i*U(lI R" *}l i? Im FAMU.V GROCHKlKt*. TEA?, WIN US. ud ehou* LlOl'ORSof til kmda. A freaii ?wk jait o|Kn?s1. Quod 9uc*r 7 oaata poatMi. C?'l ?t No CX4?th atr?ot. batwown 1) and ??HMf FD- U*OI*|WN * CO? LOUR AS^ORNRRML COAmtwios A fid if in MILL FRXD COkN MKJM. #*.. r#m*r at tttk and B *trecti, Wtiaintut city. m CT Cuk paid far all kra4a If Wraia an *. *? New fflHWfSftWMflfc IS AniM, h?T? juat ro*irw! % tarre v?r)0?? of jw F?JI Goods, to vfctoii tKer iBvit* U?? nf th?ir fri*o4iM<1 mitinmri MP-tf LAf4ffi?2f??;ixW9!f ffilWW FADING SUki-tNBsi*. iCuWn.,,, to oroot O&rriac* to Um body will oot ? sod. to ImIim mm! cooU ?r? invnluahlo, MM m. t.. It *?d 'moor VwJ ???;** , _oo? tw 113 P?. tmit*. QOO.Mfc COL* JO.W.NUB. 4^ ~ coMjquHDa If ??nwS 1 *">' w^uy*STm''n. ?i*? 1\JKW BUCIWMKAT. r7^??-.,w?.^-.VjEW ?UCKV\MI A . 1ATUUNQYBTKDr i?.i.i* ?* ?. ? * ?uA- ? UWWU*> 0

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