Newspaper of Evening Star, November 5, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 5, 1860 Page 3
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isns>y (?7* Though Thy Sr*.a U printed on the faa>art turn pre* in u?c south ef Baltimore, Its edition 11s so Urge as to require It to be put to preM at an early boar; Advertiaementa, therefore, should be aent In before U o'clock m; otberwlae they nay not appear until tbe next day. Notic*.?District of Columbia Advertiaementa to be Inaerted In tbe BaLTmoaa Sun are received at and forwarded from Taa *raa Office. RiLiaioci ?Yesterday was one of tbe moat instant Sabbaths of tbe seasoa. aad buadreda sf uh* aged and bome-tmprisoned who for many B.ibbitba had not enjoyed tbe privileges of tbe aanrtuaij.toak advantage of the delightful weather to attend Divine worship and added to tbe congregations, wbicb were generally large. Trimttf Church ?In the morning, tbe Rev. Dr. Butler (rector) discoursed from Proverbs, 14.9? ? Fools mske a mock st sin " Observation and reason botb corroborated the declaration of tbe text It would be found to be universally tbe esse that thoee persons who seemed ta take delight in f riaieunng or treating or ain in a trivial and care" lesa manner wrrr p?aaaaad of baae and degraded naturea Tbia very (act of tbelr making a mock I of ain *r*? an open manifeatation of it. It bad Wen frequently aaaerted by pbiloaophera and T learned men tbat wit from ita verv nature diaplared an evil and debated spirit. Although not willing to admit the truth of tbia atatement aa applxf in a general aenae, yet It waa In many caaea but too correct. True, genuine wit, when propA erly directed, waa a commendable quality, but it waa a dangeroua qualification; inaamuch aa the poeeeaaion of It in the ailghUat decree waa apt to lead iU miaUken application. It waa feat becoming a fatal tendency In tbia country to estimate a young man'a merit and worth from hia ability { to Internet or amuae by the exerciae of hia wit I TW voting utan, conic Ions of tbia. In order to exI elta the laughter or win the applauaeof thoae with I wkM he might be in company, beaitated not to ? IMka llgbt of grave aubjecta, which ahould al! van boBDoken of with tue vreateat reao^ tand oftra vaoeratlon Anableanddiatlngulsbed man whom aik'd't be believed In God. "No," replied be; " I believe iu God " No doubt tbli ?Will ifii^ht Lave been regarded by the apeaker a ad Ihoae who begird It u very witty, and excited lane liter, but did tbat diatlnguiabed man reflect tbat such waa prompted by the devil himself? If be believed in God be muat neceaatrily have faltU a* regard* the enatence of the devil. Then why the anawerf It proce?drd unmistakably L fr.>ui an erll heart, prompted by the devil himaelf. Thia ia why iU poaaesalon ia ao ofteu injurioua. History and every day life abowtd clearly tbat \ tbi *e who were noted foe their love of exerciaing ^ wit over anch aubjerta were of the moat depraved andaenaeleaa natures. Surely "foola make a mock I at s n " Uric* Chartk, (Epistopal )?Rev Mr. Holmeid rrea> lud from Luke, i-th rh?nter. 1.1th and 14th ivers I. to continuation of the iubj?cl of the pbarIsee and tbe publican. The peculiar disrepute whfrh attached to tbe class of publicans mentioned tu tbe Scripture* waa dwelt upon. They were tbe underlines to whom waa sub-let the job of collecting tbe revenues of tbe Reman F.mpiie by tboae who farmed them from the Government. No class of men known to tbe world was more depraved and cruel. Tbey were extortionists.? tbe '-shavers" of tbe Jews, to use a cant pbraae of tbe day. One of theae men, despised of all, went up to tbe temple to pray Judging after tbe inanuer of men. tbe feeling of the pbarTsee towards tbe publican is not to be wondered at. Nor la It matter ?>f surprise that tbe publican atald in tbe court of tbe ?*ntll. s But, ob ' what a contrast was presented to the All-Seeing Eye In the hearts of these two men. The pharisee, clothed In impervious self-rigbWous.iess, came to praise himself rather than his God ?that be was not as all other men are, "extortioners, Ae." But that publican! I How threat the contrast! Ptandlrg absolutelycooi victed, no criminal more condemned In Lia own ? i i.i.. ,. ...I fc.- i ' I? j v?. yi djiu^ U?T , V>UU UV IUCIV1IBI w mv a inner." Goti lurant this a* a Mm pie of *11 prayer. The preacher concluded w tb an earnest exhortation uvapproach the altar of God with the brokena ness of spirit and humility of soul of the poor pub<> lican CaU Waiki?cto* Mt! ho list Protestant Church. The service was conducted by the pastor, Rev. W T Dumm, who preached in the morning from Luke, 4 IS,It) In the afteraoon the members of the church and congregation assembled toparticirpste la a love feast, peculiar t > the Methedist denomination. It was a very interesting neeting, In which a number of the converts participated At ntubt. the pastor preached from Psalms -27 8. Closing his discourse with sn earnest appeal to the unconverted to seek God's favor, the pastor, with I the members, surrounded the sltar. and a pen itent < presented herself for prayer snd instruction, snd \ ^ so hour was passed la singing and prayer. The * meetings will coatlaue during this week. Mrthoditt PrUttttant Church, Mini* Street.? The service was conducted by the pastor. Rev. P. W ilson, who preached in the morning from l?t Corinthian* 13 13; after which the ordinance ?f baptism was administered by the pastor, and the sa> rament of JLe Lord's Sapper was also administered to the congregation. Cut on Pray*' Meeting?The prayer meeting of tLe Voong M*n'sChristian Association was I,eld as usuil at Watigh Chapel. Capitol Hill, and was well attended The service was conducted by ler Mr Kfinger M E Ckmrrk Sjutk'Toe service of the day wss conducted br the pustor, Rev J. A Proctor, I who preached in the morning from Psalms, 4.6; In the evening from Colossians, 3 4. AfemMy's (Pre*bfterian) Churtk?Rer Mr Bowth occupied .he paiptt in the morning?text, First Timothy, 1, 19. Rev. Mr. McVall preached at night? text, First Corinthians, 15, *22. Thk Thutss opened for the seasan on SatnrdlV Iiitrht urltK' a fais Kai?s? * ?x ** UV1WV, vvii?>HCIiU^ IUV weather and 1he condition of the streets Tbf mala piece was Uonrcicaott's comedy of Otd Heads and Young Hearts," a play aboundlu in amart bit* and disttngulsb?-d by an inanity of perplexing situations, in which cruel paiieuU," perverse children, and coquettish lovers are involved throughout the piece, to end, of course, In the usual ''There take her and be happy"' tort of w?y. It la a g"od specimen of llourcicAuit'a style.'and was, bating a little dragging in tM start, very capitally performed The I company will, we think, prove very acceptable k ta?re.containing several old favorites and some a W easionsof sterling merit. | Tc-uignt the public will welcome that "ge?UeJ man and scholar'' Joe Jefferson, whose comic Zm fa-e always inclines bis audience to the risible mood ere be has u Ue red a word, and whose act| lag. while earrW to the utmost verge of laugbi creating grotesque humor never descends to buf j loouery. tie la aiwayi welcome U> w astiingtou, I and now returns to us fresh from Lis ureat popu| lar triumphs in New York city, where be Las > Wen staii' pod by the highest authorItiea as the I grutrtt comic actor of the country or th? age The public will bear in mind that the Theatre will be the place to bear tte election returns on to-morrow and each succeeding night, as fast as they arrive over the wires. Au arrangement, as Mr* have before stated, has been made with the J telegraph companies to this epd. Viftwmia CoaniBxci M F.. Ckcich South The Virginia Conference of the Methodist Epis copal Church South sssembles in this city on the Slat instant, at the Methodist Episcopal Chu'ch IBuum. on wublnettn street This Conference ruroprses tome two hundred minirtrrs of tbe Uusp*l, ud 1U sessions will also be attended by a large number of lay members of tbe church. The whole will present an array of ability, erudition. and piety such as has seldom gathered la any city t-f Virginia. The seaions of the Conference will occupy a considerable period, and will be of much interest, especially to tbe members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Al'iamdrux Gaxtll$. Aii'.vid at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteenand-a-Lalf streets.- schooners Salsbury, Ruark, t Baltimore, with 75,UU) feet of lumber for Mr 8 1 Koratent; Kmma Virginia, Cos way, Phlladalptia. with 97 tons of coal for Mr R A. Hyd?; i Km>>ark, t>ouob?ie, Philadelphia, with M tons of m coal for Mr H Ricbal; Lapwing, Coaklin, Baltlmora, with tiu.UAJ feat of luuibsr for Samuel 1 Norment, Ksq. 3 Tuw itbvv s a# Prlma?> Wa t C-v??4V V m mm mm w w ? mmmm wt ? J w. V?< L>'.?tr1i t, have to-day aeot in their monumental I coi.txihntlooe. anion n ting to ft 80. for the moo tin , oi *?ptembtr and October Tula acbool baa not f-iilrd to contribute aixtjr centa a mouth aiuce I Hay. 1*44. _______ CimtL GciiD-ioctf Caaia ?Tbea. Tobiar, dlaotdTi y: Hue and coata, K 15 Jamea T l.ucaa, JL. ei?Uwd da ; ? 15. John Milan, do; let go Jabm Sha*ban da - iln l^wfi Bi<IUr lirnnk And dMavrdrrly; flap and costs, 93 15 fl?? lodger* were accommodated. P4K&LTZBD ?Last night, niter the congregation wm dismissed at the colored church botow Capital Hill, an old woman walking with bar friend* wji ?.idd?-u!y st/icksu down With paralysis, and ht-r companions. iiasbio k> obtain a vehicle, wm obligtd to carry her a considerable dliUoe* la their UM. M*e waa entirely helpless ,N avi-Y*?d Bt*ibibts will tnd much to later * a I.- t \ A A U.ll a * - mem " vn?? nau, IMftBIU RfWI, IO> Might M*ojr of the voyagers of Dr. Kaue t last speditloa are familiar to them. Siagaa (mm (m door ilVf Hbtbitira Dkatu or as Old CiTizm ?Mr. StanlaUoa Murray, *? and rrvpertod citizen of Waahlagtoa. died at bl< real drnce^jo. Fifth atreetweat, aterday vHuad?>) aiorulafTTn tbe ttSth faar of * ?? A Looirxa ro* I.ual Vottas?Yesterdsy pollr (tlui w?r? tn tb?? city lookiog up voters for tbe X I Wf* parties, to he uaed to-inorraw in the L M%ML?oriuK Stake ^ T Patfri R criaw ?This morning tbe police as*/ SLihn I at tb? City Hall for thr asusi inspection I Mayor Tn Piunt -The he?w rains of tk( last week produced quite a freabet In the river yeeterdjjr It waa estimated that the water raae at least three feet above ordinary water mark, and an me apprehensions were felt at Georgetown r.d along the wharves in Waahington that da mace would be done In tbe wharf property, hat, so far aa we can learn, no one waa a loaer by It. At the Loag Bridge tbe aehooner Time, from Vienna, Eaateiu Shore, which bad disc turned lumber at the Seventeenth street wharf, attempted to got under weigh, bat found the current too atrong, tad waa competed to drop anchor jnst above the Waahington draw. Last night, about 7 o'clock, abe dragged her anchor, and waa forced dovra agaluat tbe bridge, amongst the diift wood, where abe now lays. She sustained bo damage; but a portiol) ftf tha niHlln ?*# Ik* KaiiloA taihlikK <> ? t ? contact with tbe wbooner's stern was broken. Acre* of drift wood have collected against the went aide of the bridge, and tbe people living ! tbe vicinity are busily engaged in the dangerous occupation of getting oat a supply of winter's fire wooa from It. About t> o'clock thia morning a boy about la years of age, wbo was running about on tbe aurface of tbe accumulated trash, missed bis footing, fell into the water, and narrowly escaped drowning. A boy standing near tbe spot ran to his assistance and succeeded In dragging him out from his perilous position The current this morning is running about sli miles an hour. The water threatened damage to tbe Stores near tbe canal last night, and some of the proprietors with their clerks'and employees were kept on the lookout until a very late hour Fortunately, the necessity for a general removal of goods from the <1 swvl AW IH>k?n K?."? ? * ? *- * * WiHil? UIU uv? r WHVU ?nc HUC tV Ull.W From (ieor^etown we bear that tome of the lumber dealer* on the waterside were making preparation* fU? morning to keep their lumber tojftber, in case the waUr ihould rlae auttclentljr to tlaat It A blithe' tide was anticipated We alto learn that tbe tack water of the rotomac has overflowed tbe eigbt-mlle level of the canal. 1xpiovkxxxt? 15 Wa*kji?oto!I.?The New York World baa tbe following During the paat eaaon no leaf than Ivacbarcbea have been re Duui in Washington 1'hey have been enlarged and redecorated, and will compare favorably with those of anv other rity of the Unlon. Among the numerous improvements now going on In,Washington is the erection of the art building, at the corner of Seventeenth street and Pennsylvania avenue?nearly opposite the Executive Mansion It will be completely finished in the course of a few months, and will surpats the Bcston Atbeneum in size and architectural display, and fully equal the magnificent art gallery now In course or erection in Broadway, although this one la much larger It Is being built with handaome sandstone cornices and window and door caps, with a great variety of ornamental carving, and prwnn an imposing appearance. which strikingly compare* with the white wall* of the President's home and other adjacent buildings. This building i> being erected by the Washington millionaire, W VV. Corcoran, Esq , and will reflect lasting credit on his generosity and love of art, to any nothing of the great attraction it will prove to the Federal city. As the Washington Art Union will occupy it, It will have a fine gnllery of paintings and a choice library. There will be lecture rooms, reading rooms, and others devoted to the requirements and objects of such an Institution. A DKMKSTKB SOLDIFE JUMPS OFF THE CAKS.? On Saturday last, as a detachment of IT s wiHim who had been drafted from KortreM Monroe to tbe Washington barracks, were en ronu to this city f.-ora Baltimore, one of their number, named Nichols* Meyer, arose from his seat In tbe ear, walkttl out on the platform, and with great deliberation dropped himself under the car wheels. This occurredT just as ths train was about increasing its speed, so that no effort of tbe engineer or br?knmen could prevent several of tbe wheels from parsing over blm.' The boars of his left ancle were badly crushed, and tbe flesh torn to shreds. The accident occurred shortly after tbe train left Baltimore Meyer waa taken back on h. >? ?? ?? - ?1 vr i mmu maiii, biiii Mira vo (DC Lombard ttmt Infirmary for treatment. The unfortunate man exhibited symptoms of Insanity on board tb? tnmrr Louisiana on the way up to Baltimore from Norfolk* but bis conversation was rational and connected, and surh as to excite no apprehensions on tbe part of the olficer in charge of the detachment. Tbe Injured limb was promptly amputated by the resident physician at the Infirmary. Govsrsur Letchls's Visit to AlsxAXDBiA ? Tbe Gazette of this morning says:? 'The prompt notice taken by Got. Lctrber of a note addressed to him from Cincinnati?said to be from the same person who Informed Secretary Kloyd of tbe John iirown raid, some time before it occurred?Is mentioned in ano: her part of today's Gazette Gov Letcher visited this city In connection witu this Information, t-.nd It was by hts advice that the military of this citv, last week resumed their nightly drill, to be In readiness for efficient service whenever called upon. It Is needUss to say that no apprehension whatever Is entertained of any feovrment calling for military Interference?ana that the advice of the Goveroor was only to make 'assurance doubly sure '" AmmK'T on Smricion.?This morning A R. Allen, detective officer, arrested a German woman who had in her posstMion several packages of very flue and valuable dry goods, which she was trvini/ to diinnlii of at * nvlOO nvaitln , -- 1 ? ? - f ft" ' 7 ?<?? ?uan their valne She waa taken to the office of J ustire Donn, when abe nave an account of herself, and bovr the obtained poweaaion of the good*, that led t?> a suspicion that ab/ might have been led tato thia disagreeable poailion bv a >me uiore harper person She aavs she la a married woman, and Uvea near the Park. Officers Allen and B'laber are now engaged in trying to diacover who tbe parties are who abc vaya imposed upon ber. SBiiLinaTOli'i Almanacs ran 1*61, publlahed annually:?Tbe Houae-keeper'a Almanac, containing vduable receipts on cooking and cakebakluy and varloua other bouae-keeping inattera; Tbe Faimer'a Almanac, containing a history of tbe Juatin Morgan borae and a variety of other luterrsting articles; Fruit Grower's Almanac; <-oiuic Almanac; I'licle Sam's Almanac; also, German Almanacs Hhilllnirtnn'a l? tH? rhi? and t*-?t Almanacs in market. The prlt?Tto retailers is only 30 cents per dozen. Circcit Court.?Tbls morning the petit jurors of the term were discharged from further service, the court Laving got through with all the jury trlala. The court then took up the law docket, and were proceeding with the call of the case* when our report cio?ed. Thbr 2 ia to be a Bell and Everett meeting, and alao a DongUs and John&on meeting and proreaalon in Alexandria this evening We understand that the Hon. John 8. Pendleton will speak at the former. Thome 0\?tkms at Slmpaou's cannot be beat? they are the liuest we ever saw at this seaaou I Drop lit and trv them, at SlfTipsou House, Tenth trett and Pa avenne. It The noBOEoc* ?p kctacm of the Midnight Sun and Aurora Borealls visible at Odd Fellows' | Hall, to-night. | ________ X Ob Thursday, the lit inatait, at Trinity Church, ! bjr Rer Dr M>it!?r, F. K O'KaKKKI.I,. of Ciucinuatu, to L17.ZI K B1GG8, of /*. ahlanJ, Kr * On the 4ih instant, at St. Feter'i Church Cajitjl I I Hill Ity tue Hev Fatnrr Kr>i?ht. Mr. J ACOB l)V 1 SKK former j of Balum ?ie, Mil .to Mins M \KY I VI KG I \1A. neeonil dauicliter ol John K bee. Km < ?f thi? eity. " DlkO, In Georgetown, on Saturday evening, the 3d in?r., a^ter a painful illness of eleven weeks' duration, %rh'ch she bore with saint y re si gnation. C. A. LA VINI A, wile of William Collins,ande dest daughter of John Cleatrats On the oceasion of tSe annual distribution of premiu.ns at trie Academy of the Vieititiou, la Geo'g?10 ?n. ?n tb?? year 1891. five of the amiable a d aocon.p.ish <d voting ladies who obtained the highest Loo rnl the institution wre bound together by , the strongest ties of friendship Of the fi .e but one no? survives The first one stricsen by the de- I stroyer, d ath, was an interesting daughtrr of Capt Oahl*>eerf; the u?xt was R >s% the a n'able daughter ofiteorge Sat age, K q.; the ttiird the ao j ompliined Miss Cora Palmer, of Maryland; and now the snbi->et of ihe above notice, who, in eleven years school life, won the ttteem f all witli wh^in she came in o_it >ct by her ehi.diike simp eity a:?l ota?r estimable qualities As a Christian ctau* utsr'. vim end mother ali? acted h r part nobly, tad ha? |oa? to her rtward. With the reaifr.atioa ol a a?i t. and the fo'titode of a.martyr, ahj bo.eth* PI kinfiil iila?a? of rl-vn v*?ka' duration vhioh niiiaauMl her bri f but f.orioua career, ller vsking fcoure ?hi a'l apent in p ayer, and h<?r la t vorda to husband, pareuta, brothers and aiatera? to wack sep* at*-ly?arrro. "uo d bye! I am (oi g to k av<n, vhere I ahall pray for you Fol ov ray l'ouUtepe. and ?o live ?a to m*?t me whota there ie no i?ore partite." Tkia brief notiee may be nwit appro*> lately o.oaed vith the boautiful lines of Mra Hemana i '* tH> let ua valk, tk* aiciit mast ?oat? To a* that c >in?a to a.l. We through the datk'.psa m6?t go home. H'aini the t- a in pet'a ca'l.*' W. The f lenda of the fanily a.e rcapeetfu'ly invit ?d to atu>?d the fiibera', fr?ra her lata reaideaoe, No. <9 frot^Nt tt 3 o'clock thia < Monday) afUrnoon. 188 INTERIOR ADORNMENT. juig *7va d it j Homnc _j arruniv ? -? r*raAiiaiwj nwu -u.i/<n bujlumb. Iftv Fall atoafc of PiMrhtaciifi f?i? tha HA tad oni*ta to tha moat ohwUi Ml singja pattarua, ,GaH Hand Window tM??daa. Immu on UoM jM corn IB" 11 Bhad-s, Bnf. Ura?n %id Biaa Kp\ Und? Pietura Cord ted Tsaaaia. Crimaou Scarlet Sir ^swssirwi'&v.'su 3 oW iOSF, 5KSW,5J^* .gs& snaSsK?.^' ?ir~No. IN tovtaUjV tdoor^SKi. o i-oolm* ON PaHowa* Hit. 1*af CHE4PKBT PLACt to b?r Ctotjmw. ^IpmrcJKAisgjd ' ?' V ?- j A tut AiTomnora stock OF ? * Fall Mid W later AT BURDETTE'S. Harinj defenr d my purch&aei until f ocntly. I mi now prepared to offer to By frieada ui the public generally one of the larfeet and finaet stocks of DRY GOO D 8! to be found anywhere ia this oity, and at least ten per cent, oheaper than thoee who bought in tft* early part of thia season. M? B'oekeanbrno'aeret < thine in the way of DRY GOODS and CARPETING.nt: Fine Silk Robea,7 and 9 flounces, Moire AntiqueVilka, nil oolora, Chintz Fi*??red Siltra. _ Plain and "trtped Silk. A larve and auae ior atook of BLACK 8II.K8, eome na low as 6 K eenta per yard A faw pi.oee, very fine and heavy, at 91. SILK AND WORSTED GOODS. I her to call the special attention of the Ladiea to thia department: Fieured French Merino*. Do. do. Mou aeline Delainoa, Plain do Merinoa, all oolora. Plaid do. do do. Kn?li?h Pop ina.all oolora, Plaid Valencia*, Kn?li?h Merinoa, all oolora, S? pieeea of gray Poplina, and other taxtnrM of GoJSffc Traveling Dreaaea, tome rery good at 12oenta per yard. black GOODS. I constantly keep on hand all the bMt makea of bombazines, MERINOS, . ALPACAS, TAMI3E CLOTHS. MOUS3ELINE DELAINES,ko. WHITE GOOD?. Table Lineni at 37, sn 6\7\ 91 ani #1.*, Shirtin* rto. at 2i, 87,50,62.75 and SI, Li< en Lavn, Cambric. Napkjns, ?<?iu|a uu nanuneromeia, very ohNp. FLANNELS. ant pioct>? or All Wool and Domet Flannela, 2 <>* ?* of heavy Can*on Flannel, at 10 eenta, l(k) neat Figured Calico, will be ?oM at to cunts, inoh aa art generally retailed at U^tet*. CLOAKS AND SBAWL8. I have all th? ntw atylei of Cloaka of the aeaaon. A great vaiiety of Shawla-SO Malta Shawla, only #3. MEN AND BOYS' WEAR. lno piacea of heaw F.nrlnh r.&?im*r*i r?io?K? Sat net* and TwMtii, *lf oolort. m ? ON THE SECOND FLOOR OF MY STORE will b* found a very deniable stock of CARPBTIN? DRUGSET*. Rbos, OILCLOTHS, to. Mr *1 <*?t adrantage is in contiolmf a largo bnaineia with am.-ili ex^onae. TERMS CASH?Out Prickas hiai a* Pmihix W. W. BI RDETTE, If*. 331 Srvrnth Street, oo 31-5t Bitwim I anp K. TWHY 18 IT? HAT 8T1NEMETZ. THE HATTER, 18 always bu?y and not heard oroaking about dull times ? K MK Bectuso he Mils th# beat article* M sK at the lowest oash pnoes. D H untosened? New style* Oeuts DRF.84 HATS, _ . do So.t HaTS and CAPS, %0^E0 Misses' JOCKEY HA18, Trimmed . and Untnmm d. FURS! F U R fe!! Fnr laHias nH aKiM?a? ? ?* ? ? ~ I . .W-.VW -?v> WUIIUIVUf IK J MBUlllflCia IB UU W l?rg?r than ever. FUR TKIMMING8 25 to TS per yard. B. H. sTINKMKTZ. 436 Pa. av , no 2 ue*r oorner 'I hirteenth a'reet. C*OR BOSTON'.?The regular packet btig Anr dov r has ri^ived and la now di;char<in; her freignt For rr*i<h' or pu'?|? apply to H AR rLKV A BRO., noS-3t 99 and 101 Water at, Georgetown. f^RKAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.-One very VI nice HflVMn-oo a e Carv< d Piano Forte, haviug .been in uee a*tot time only. thoflMBH oveer leaving the city, for sale for '"1" One very ru e Rosewood Chtokeriug Piano for 9136 at the Maeio 8t? eof W.G. METZEROTT, Hole Agenoy of Sbtnway A Sana' Overstrung Piano*. ro 2 j-JOW HAVE THE LADIES VOTEDt Elia* Howe, Jr., of B?*ton, who is the inventor of the ''i<MSk-atll<vh" uuul H? tha i>rili?ia*l >* ">' _ ? ? ?? ?/ - f "v,r"*' ?ww iu^ machines, requires ivorn returns to be made to | him of the number sold by each company, and o'j!ig>?* them to rfty him a lio^nso for t-very machine old Toe following statement is copi>*?f from Mr. Howe's.published report* for 135S and 1859. It will be seen toat * HKELKIt k WILSON'S SEWIN f? M *CH1NK l? pr. ferred by an immonM nitjo*itr of the ladies, in ?p te of tlie efforts of inter ested parties to injure lis sale. 19.19. 1959. Wheeler & Wilson ? .7,'T7a ;13*< OroverA Maker 103" 1. M. Singer fcCo..~. 3.5S4 lo.HStJ I.add & Webrter^. 49" 1, Ks A.H.Howe 179 921 Bar-holf _. as 747 l.eavitt fc Co.... . ..? ... 7a 21.1 Kinlc I" ft Lyon 530 Alloth rs . t*W The Wheeler 4 Wil?oa Agency is at No .HO Pennsylvania avenue. Fric-s range fr.m $5o to ftl 5 Pall instructions oven to ourahaaers. at Ikrxr koustf. Silk, Cotton, Need lei, Ao,. [or aalft. F. J. STEKR. A coat. 34*? K?<cu*y>v?ni\ avetiti* N. 3.?Sonri for a Circular. o? g>3wif HkATli * KNOWLi;*, LIFE. FIKK A MARINK INSCRANOitAGKNTsj. Offito-Houm 16 over Bank or Waakin(t->n, oo 89 tr Washington, D. WHlKRCIlANT TAILOHING. F< Invu? our cuatomera, and eitizena r?nerally. to au luapeo ton of our pre??i.t d-w, at _ tiaciiTO. auti fletaut aaarrtin nt of^BB CLOTHS CASSIMhNKS, DOKSKINS, 1* VeSTlNUS, OVKRCOATINet?v Ac. W whioh we will make to ordar in apanor"-mm ?tjle at vary low pno?a. WALL. 8TEPHKNS * f!n.. oa 25 tf *22 Pa. IV., h?tv. 8th ud 10th nil. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Have ju*t rcoeived th- latest assortment and n?w itfer th? incut extensive varif oi 8 ' e i.ea i hk4. lai'iks' dr ess&twft a ud pack! no TRU^K>, HaT box1 s,^?? va is*bs, cakpkt bags, oatchri.8, *o., in thi? oity, which we ar* selliix at v?rj low r.i<Ma. WALL, STEPHEW8 a co , oo2fttf 322 Pa. avenue. 17 VERY BODY dlwmldooine to the PEOPLE'S Ci Cl.oTUING STuKK, No. 460 Seventh street,to bay Clothing, Furnishing Good*, HaU and Ci??. oc ?-lm n U A T 8, UL CAPS. U ^ A N D V V R 8.^ SEYMOUR, in Georgetown, announces to th? ci'izens of the Diatnot that he haa now read; lor aale an extenaive assortment of Mole t?kin Hats, for geita, of the various shipes; Soft Hats and Caps oi every style for men and boys: Ladies' Fors, rkiur.^'. 1 t"!-.-. 1 t_1 tl-_ and Walking Canes, at pnMiTovtrou^hto please 00 26-2 w 138 Bridge street. PATENT ARTICLES FOR THE DE8*.Clark'e Chen.ioai loir Eiaser, for oountiac house aad artists'use. This is a very simple ana ftToctiv* article tor rsmoviae the ink from paper, ut up 1c buiM, and sold for 25 Mats; by mail for 9> ecnts The Patent Roller Blotter; a sew and convenient article P? ti'o'io Slates, two and three leaves, suitable fur desks and meatorandum accounts, varioas sixes and stjrloe. BLANCHAR1> A MOttuN, no 2 Corner Pa. a*, and Eleventh st, IIOTHE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON.-I , have ja t received a-d Till commence unloading to-morrow a cargo of the very best Red Ash COAL tegg and stove sixesi ever brought to this 1 market. whioh I can send direot from the vessel if your orders are left i in mediately. R. W. BATES, v. Wood and Coal De?ler, M 31 Corner C and 14th >ts . near Cat.?l. l^lRF.i P1RE!! FlREf! r f 100 REWARD. 1 will give the above reward for the arrest and ?onviotion of the person or pesons -who fired the O'rsester's shop of Beers A Brother oa the night of tne Uih instant. Their all was destroyed. The generous and sympathising public will be called on a email amrtunl Ia AiiAma ikam ?> foraMr baainaaa. _ o?ia ISAAC BEERS. I VO MUSIC TE ACHERS-A laria lot of MV 1- Maaia, imported (rum Earope; alto, aal-etioi a m*d? in paraoa from all tha graat publishing boaara In Boatcn and N*w York, ataeially aasorfc-d for piano, violin, and (lata, k."., 4a. Also, Duata for all inatraaMnU oow ojanfor '"WcUon. # Okiekanac a' PUooStora. oo? IOC Pa. av- bat HU and 10th ata. HJOODHUK FI*gl^U*ANCE COMPANY fA.c?? Oimu.... >. f900,000. T..a Inaarad participate IB tha proita vithoat iaoarring aay liability wbatavar. HEATH * KNOWliFS, Acaata, octt? Oika, owr Bank of Waahiagloa. 1 So to SMITH'S, No. 4?0 Saraatk at,, <m 19-1? Opfoaita r?ft Vmm. ft w WANTS, ? WANTKD-Ponr good ?riOFMAKER8 to " work on m?n'? m mwm. Apply to DANIKL GKNAU.No. ioi {., oypotiU Wt Pcllow' Ba.1. f no 6 a*| W ANTED-A ?ro?j, net ly FL'RNImIeD HOU8K. Trrnu murt t* explicit mkI luoftlitr lira to eorar* imrtr Addreaa Box 691 ? ity poiuibm ll/ANTF.D-Bj a rMMetablo tniddl*-a?*d wom\a,? SITUATION at child'* nurte. Sh? i< of t?riii? fnll * * 1 , ? iun vi au iniui on ia. Addrcs- Box 10, at thin offioe. It* WANTED?By a respee'able youug vui?ao, wli<i? understands dressmaking, * 91TUAT ON a* aeamstreas, or to travel as nnrse. Can cut and It dre?a?a. Good references given. Addrees Box 9, Star Office, or apply at 443 Tenth at., between G and II. It* 1*7ANTED? With Board, for a email family, a v auit of veil furnished ROOM!*, on second floor, and where there are no other l*>%rd -ra Beat of referencea given. Genteel private iainilies bavin* more room than they require might find it to thair advantage to aidraaa, through City Poet Office. ? K. B. oe 31 lw* WANTED?Everybody to know that PAGE'S Confectionery, No. 436 *evonth street, above 8, ia the plaoe to g?t Ireeh Cakes and otker Con ?t one at prieea to suit the tunes. Balls and partie* famished with Ice Cream and other Refreshments. o?*-tw* NAVAL AND MERCHANT SERVICE.-Tha nndnrsignea bookkeeper, des res a Situation as Captain's or Purser's Clerk on a naval or merchant vessel Foreign service preferred. Best of reference given to employers and others Address W. K M.. No. fl05 ?t it. IHmApa oc 26-5tfQ* """ * ' WANTED IMMKDIATKLY?From ?5 to $M,o<w worth of SKCOND-HAND F1IRN1 Tl'RK of ail kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to par the highest prioes, and. aa u?ual, at the shortest notice. ^ , R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture. Stove*, Ac , oc 9 409 7th ?t., bet. G uml H. east side. \JLTANTED?All kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE,fur which I will paythecash, at 3*9 Seventh street, between I and K. oc6-tf BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Friday eveninc, a MEMORANDUM BOOK containing crds. Ac The finder will be rewarded by leaving itat No 4ST E ?t? near 41. If D. G M. LOST?On Sunday, between 11th ttrcet and St. Matthew's Churoh. a lady's gold BK ACE LET. " he finder will reo?iv? a libera reward by eavi< g the same at KING A BURCHEl.l.'S Grocery, oorner 15th street and Vermont avenue, no 5 St _ Washington county. ? Hutrict Colombia, Nov J. i860. Brought before me, the subscriber. a Justice of the peaoo n and for the county of Washing- r\ ton, D. C , as an eitfay, a small gray *TL?55k HORSE, alout 15 hands ?mh. and appar-*v^> entlr al*>ut 15 years old, fou?*d tre?Das*ior r.n the premises of A. C P. Shoemaker, a'out the 1st of OcU>b?r. on the -"eventh Street I'lai.k Bosil ?.( ont I 5 mile* fr m Wa*hi>igton city. 'I he owner can " me forward, prote property, pay cha goa, and take him away. no 5 3t* ALFRED RAY. J P ?C REWARD.?Lost, yesterday evening, on l'a. avnue, a very s?nall brass KEY The finder will confer a great obligation and eoeive the above reward by leavinir itat f OKD 8 Drug Store,corner Pa. avenue and llth at. no 3-2t* I OST?Yesterday afWuOon, between 5th ?tr*rt i j and th" Capitol, by the wav of Ma??a hn?etts and N-w J^rS'y av?nue?, a PORTEMONNAIE oontaininc a mim of money (about 99*) The finder will be lib?ra! y reward** by It aving it at the Dru; Store of V- HARliAUGII, Seventh and G sta. no 2->t ?CM RWA RD.?StrayH away from the nubscritJJ)?J ber, on Friday l?st. October2b,a sinal! rv sorrel HORSK, with *hree whit- feet, a mail white star in lua foreheail, an<1 a aore^^-2-^ l>aci. The rcwar will be uaid for Ira > etu-n to inn, corner of 6th and M afreets, laland, tear steamboat wharf. i.o 2 3f TIMOTHY McGUIRE CAME TO THE SL"B.SCRIBER.o:i November Ut. TWO COWS, supposed to he^^n|a drivenfroin Prince'Jewae's county, Ore is a white speckled cow, with cruni JLobSm p'ed horna ; the orher a red, h- rned co?, with a white stripe down her lack. The owner aan ge? them by coming forward, provine prope-Ty. and pa)irg charges. Inquire of Mr JOHN N. GATf-S, n Eleven'li street east, near the Eastern Kranch Bridge. no 2 3t* FOH~SALJE AND KENT. ~j_ FOR RKNT-Two DWELLING-HOUSESone ou Tenth street between 1, and M sts . and tt.e other on L street, botweeo tot? and loth. I'obso<si n ijiven'mm>'di\'ely. Inq. ire of tho subscriber, at hi* residence, on L street, l>?tween 9th aui loth r*ets. iiQ 5 3t 7. jones'. A PLEASANT SUIT OK FURNISHED ROOrtSto rent at No. 493 Twelfth street, between il atr?**t and New Vork avenue oonaiating of pa-lor, chamber, dining rooin and paMry, with the privilege of kitchen and eel ar, suited to sojourners in W aahingtou in the winter. Also ore large Room in the aecotd story ai.d three Cti'.mhera in the third story. no 5 3t* FH)R RKNT-A first-class house for rentNo. 309 F st. To a punctual tenant the rent will be low Apply to J. T. WALKER, at Lumber Vard oomer l'Un st. and Canal. no 2-3t ?T<0 SINGLE GENTLEMEN.?A Met*pi,gI room n? a p'ivate family, where there are no others than the family of the house, and no children. Inquire 434 Sixth *treet, between F and <i. Partial B>*rd, if required. no it-3t Furnished houses for rent.?the subscriber-oficr for rent tne Furnahed House recently occupied by Lt. J C.Ives, corner of Eighteenth and I sts Also, a desirab'e Furnishel Houston New Vork avenue, between 9th and loth sta. Apply to JAS C. MoGUIRE Sl CO., AucUoueerB auj Connni??ion Merchants. no 2 6t FOK RENT?A d-sirab'e and well located 6rstc'ass K Kfl DKNCE, No. 4l>!( on Sixth i-tr-et, bf tsreen D and E sts. The huu-e is fu'n>slied with &li tlie modern improvements. Apply to THOMAS PARKhR. no2 to3w* POR RK NT?The lour-et&ry BRICK HOU8K on Third street, between 11 and K street*,* No 3SI) adjoining the resilience of \V A Maury fcieq. Possesion civen immediately. Alito, th* thinl at >iy of the D own Mone Huildioc No. 403 on Pa. avonue,i aouth ?ul-? l.etweeiM', n il 6th >* For term ;,4o .apply to WILLIAM H. PHI 1,11', AttorneT-at, ^o. < 0 La. avenue. no i-*otf FM>R SALK-A i ew two atorjr brick HOUSE on F.nirth atreet, Itelow New Vo, k avenue. The house is 30 fwt front and 4i feet d<-?p ; hat 5 foot pa??a*e, parlor, d r.ii.|j-roo:r, kiiehon, and four chamltera. with atairwava in pasaige and kite leu with tood c l!ar nnder tn* whoje hou?e F?> U?nii8 inquir* at 499 Seventii street, opposite ,4Jdd Fellows' Hall. no i-tf JAS S. TOPBAM. FOR KKNT-A firat-claas RKSIDF.N'CK (ftirniahed.lon Pa. svenue, near 2A1 street worn, No. >1. Inquire on the premises. ocSVfit* R KMT ? A tkraa_*tAr? ?/! * ?: ? T ?*? ? ? " "* ' "v* / * MM " TH "in FRAME HOUSE. u*ar I'*, ?v , on loth. b<tw?en ti ami H st?., No 413. Inquire atSI t< LEY & GUV'S Hi^dware Sto e, Pa. av oc 30-tf 170R RENT?A fi at olaa Furnuhed RESI r DENCE, on I ?treet north. between-I3th a d 14th ?t?. weit, opposite Frank'la Square. Inquire 01 thu premUea from 2 to 5 p m , No. 3 "Frai.klin Plane." oc SO 6t* FOR RENT.?Two of those fonr new BRICK HOUSES latelf ?r?rctfid on P . av. between 24th and 25'h ?t?., in th^ Fir?t Ward, contain ing 8 room* raoti. and anpplied with gaa, Potomac water and other conveniences. App'y to L. F. CI.ARK, No 24S Pa. av , bet. 12th aulJSth sta oc3H>t* ft/OR RENT-One new HR1CK HOUSE, with, r back building and cellar, having 8 room*, w th gas. and aide alter, aitua'ed on I. street, n ar Thirteenth. Rent moderate to a good t inant. In quire of M. GREEN, Grocr, corner of Thirteenth and L ata. Thia property u near Franklin ROW. On 1 * A f?w mmntlli' w*llr frnm tha Tr??... rj Buildiriga, and one of the healthiest location?in Washington ooXI >W FOR RENT?A four-atory brown front DWF.L LIN<>. situate on Thirteenth it., i.etw*e? L and Ma<aaohu*etta av., on?of the moat demrable locations in the oil*. Th? houae la furnished with mart-la mantle* ; alao. ga? and water fixturea, with b%th-room Inquire at WM. P. SHEDD'S Fancy Store, No SQtf llth at oo ?713t* FOR RENT?During the aeaaion of Congreaa?a firat-clans three-atury PRICK HOUSE, with Fn niahed Roonia. aituated in one of the inoat deairablf and healthy locations in the city For ttrrai, to , apply at 3T3 Seventh at. oo 27-lZt COR RENT?The new bnok DWELLINGr HOUSE No. 30 Prospect atreet, George own The houae ia two atoriea and Itasemeat above ground ; S rooms, including kitocen aad servants' room : gaa and water in tho premises Hint reasonable to a ptrnianmt tenant. Apply to D. ENGLISH. 138 Bridge street, Georgetown. oo <6 2w FOR RENT?Poa?eaeion on the let of October The DWELLING HOUSE No. 438 D atreet, at present oooupied by the Rev. Dr. Butler, and next door to the reaidenoe of the advertise r. J. M CARLISLE* N. B.?It Will QOt be let for a hoArriinr houaa. ?f 13-if " " ^ THREE HUNDRED AND FIFlKEN ACKK8 in Kairfax count*, V?., is i-xoellent order; w II timbered; good buildicgs; a brown stone quarry. A railroad oar shop and water station roust be erected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi 1 in Loudoun o?unty. A purchaser can c?t a bargain of O. W. RRAY, Ageut, 516 Seventh st.. Washington, D. C. - oei8 Itn* FHOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West st., Georgetown, at present oocn pied by the subscriber. It has IS ro >ms, with gss CRUDKK- t?r?tr containing 8 room*, witn ru, ptMunilr aitu?t?d on 8th street north, betwMu Mind N streets; rent AppU to K. LAZKNBY. opposite, or FVKtbimffs&sxa^ tfcnd. Ill, pwalifcrl* m 'taNMnr*rM> GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Fm a?4ar Giorgtimm ?<tirtnwmn >m jlrit y?fi rr-^ GEORGETOWN TAXE&?Notioa 7a 1L ? herebygivan th it, after Monday, SCfj of Noraaiber, the Collector la reanired to adrortiae or diatram prap-rty ujoa which tb? tui^l tu is an Mid and alao f >r tavaa than doe. for imp reran at if aira*ta at Jar the lava of thia Corporation. P? ^' "gar^ WELCH. C.V Ii ii ii i r u i a i ur?^j ru 1A1UM. ,UUU BU-MKLS of prine New J*rt<,iP?Mk bitvi, Jost krr TCd t*r chooB?r Allrod Ban'ia. and for wale frt'in v*M*i in lota to rait farena-ar*, by PETEK UbMRV, bo & aotf *5 Wnter ?tr??t, Georgetowp. 1.000 BBrS PA^KLF>,P now landing from iehoon*r J.ft N Bak<*r, w b cb will b? sold on accommodating terms, from whiyfor no I >w* lft9 Water >t , Georgetown. F" OR NEW YORK?Th?packetMhoon r Yorktown, <"apbun Woglom, will oommenoe lotding aa above on PHI 1>A\ Mit,Uiut^Q| Pot fright apply to MeCOBB k DODGE, no 1 6* Water ?t. Geortftown, m CLOAKS! CLOAKS!! II* CLOAKS!!! 11/ Cloth Cloaks *old for fC. worth <. for #8. worth #10, for #10. worth 313. Linen Handkerchief* at UK. worth 2S r?mti? ?~A a?,.. -? __ ... -? . -_ ..- m f i a1 anil #175. worth doub<e .Maltena ?'<>.Ur?and r<?t? at ver* low pricea. CourU>t?*?ra ca et-raied Kid Gloved at 75 eetiU par pai , worth fl V?i?liajl Bonnet Ribbnaa tn g'aat rariaty. Clatha of all kind* for Mantlea Shirt Boa ma at ItS and lfl( oenta, w?rth d mUo. Haiti and Molt Riob >na of all k nda. Ri"h Stall* Sh*wh. wi'h Br> chat Bordara, at #8, worth d ul>la. H' Op J*kirt? a 1 a.iae tfalflacin< Maolianioal Ooraeta. all ?i?m, aold for i 12S. Caaaiinara. Ct-aintta, Full Clotha. Linaeya, Blanket*, and all kinda ol SanracU' \V ear aold ?iri low, and a great many other articlea loo numerous to mention. All ike above good* are bought from the trnata* of a bankrupt merchant. on win oe ?o,o ?i id unman** mo- 16c*. Com* all and seoore your bar?an s.and d n't forcet th? plao?. Great inducements offered to w>-ol- sale bu?er?. E GUTMAN, I1T south side Bridge street. no l-'w Georgetown. 1). C. A SWINE. LI* Persons are informed that it ia cn'awful for Ho|i to goat large witnm the Corp<>< limit* of Una town from the first day 01 November to the first day of April. All such animala that aie found at large nft.*r the first da* of Noy-vrber next will L* caught and earned to the Mm? House. THE POLICE, Georgetown. D. C oo ff) IW October 29th. 1860. MEW STORK! WBUfflonna. 17 , : MRS. M. SIMSON ? * Inform* her numerous frie ,d? and the public generally th*t ?he i* now established at her .Nev^\ No. Ill Bridge street. Georgetown,^K& wo door* above the old *tand, wh<re miy be3^ *? *? S?P?\? large a??ortm?nt of MII.I.IVR. KY UK Y GOOD*, HOSIERY, and KM BROIDERIES, at the very lowest market price*. ,oc 12-1 in t^OR RENT?In Georgetown, two brst-clau a HOl'SKS, ?itu?t?<l on West ?tr et, one con tainiot 16 room*,and the other 9. with ru ami bathroom* complete App> to U. Lm OtFL'TT, No 49 Huh at., Georteto?n. of Vim personal] \IADAMK MORR1CE, thk Grbat AsteoLO l"l Ci * r amd Doctre**. from Eurtntt.?Thi?ki*hlw Silted aid int?ligeat iidyf can be eon*u ted oo le Past. Preaert rihI Futur* t ve t?. Ca:l at No, 40.) Kikhth at., between <? and H, Washington. no2-lm* VIADAMK FELIX, F-rtua*Teller from Tan. 1~I he*? leave t.? inform Ii<t former frienda, and the public generally. tl>at the has removed *p 'J4?> Nlt'th s<r et, northeast co, ner of N, where rhe will be happy to s?e all who fay desire to have the pact, present and fj'.ure bati?factor!Iy explained, oo 11-lni* Kindling and stove wood Manufactured a> y length, and d livered to ar.y p?rt of the city at (he shortest notioe, and at the lowest possible rates, by 8HKR1FFA DAWftON. Office south side I'a. avenue, between 3d and JIZ ? 1 - " * " 1 ??., wnau miu itii i WCBk blUO 47% (DO Canal. no i li>> Ipil-TY NEW AND STYLISH 1 CLOAKS. Opened t >-day. and at mnoh leaa than formrr rinoee L.\diea w 1> plr&ip oali and stake th*r eeeoliuua at cDoe, li they want the be I at)l*n J. \V. COLLKY a <"0 , 00 3 -5t 223 Sever-th at., above Fa av. ANC1NG ACADfc.MY, dm Fkakklik HAM. Prof L. G. MAR'NI ha??ie ho- "r t-> inform his friende and the pablic in general that he ?% wit1 open a Dancing Acml.hit at Franklin JS Hall oorncr ol D ana &ih ate , tor the tieueti of thcae who wiah to porf ot tbe.-neelvee iqVWB thia g aceiulaocoraphkhmerit,on Wedncadav No v*rnber7. Day? of uition. Mondaya, ** Mtneedaya and Fridaya, fuin 3 to 5o'oloek p m for ladiee and children, and from R to IV for gentlemen. For particulars. app'> at the Academv from in to Ija in. rwSl fit' ^HKAPEST STOKE! SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOl)K DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STOKE, 34* SEVENTH MTREET, <bwt Side,) between I and K. oc 12-1 m MATTHEWS * GORK. A CARD? iiavine h?en inform*! hy a?verV re pcetable Otti?en? that o ?ter haw A"\ kers, neiiiof Irom buckets on ( mm strrets. have repre??*ut?*d thctn*elV3* ell.D{ for me,and that riot a few perhuiis have in thia way had imposed upon li.ein uupare oysters, and . omplaint havine l.e?n ma le to me to this effect. I l.avr to ?a> 1 I.are to hawker- se'Unx for in* lrom tmckt* ami do no allow the ItiixipfKH to rari i -il o > f.out in> estat. list.ment ok I do not d-a! in o>tt'rs cf cJtm Neither have I any I ranch of establishment in tuy part of the city. No njitcri tre uut b> in* tfatnjies except i>n orders reeeiv d at my only Depot, No. list C street, between loth Mil II It. oo *i lin T M. HARVKY. All kindh oh family furniture . I.iNKN AND COTTON GOODS, AT COST' A fill! a**iirttn*nt? f > ? *% ? insr. Stieetirm, m 10-4,11-4. an. I IV 4 width*, nt <K, 7^, and 75 cent*, worth 9?, J1 li'., and fri-ia in the regular reail ttl*T Hi low trd B<>Ut-r I<ir?n? at prime cost. t Rtal Fiei.cli Curtaiu Chintz * at cost: t'ie> were bought at low fig'irc*, and will b? elo e;i ouiat the game ; they ar-i rion ia tbc extreme and erj oh-apA _ tie* ant I r?ncT PianoCovert, *o.r.e embroider^, otliert in imitation of India or Ca liti.e u designs, no- el ami eleetr.t, at oo*tjmc?s. New s'*l? of Covers, for d un'r, circular and oe?it- rttal Ion and worksiandx. at co?t p i -ea. i>inn?r and Hrei>fast Table Oamaiko. kom? it the celebrated aid scar e UeUian m*k?4. in all aiies, with Napkins and Ove.Uy* to match, at cost prices A1 sii^s and qualities Bx! ?prea<ls, in Marsri los, T irki h. Dresden, and other ruakas, in white, pink and blue, at eost prices Il^u ekcoers and those commencing housekeeping will doul>tl*s* ueve- have such akOthrT opportU'ltjr of suppl)i:ic themselves with oomfortable and nec a arjr a tides at such unproeedmtedljr low priocs a* the p>e?ent opportunity affords. Those good* were a 1 bought on the very best terms, *n<t they are now sell nc ff at th<* same . no more will be a*ked, no ur.ore taten. at the old rtaud of CLAGEfTJt 1X>D80N, oc22-e..6t No. 4 Market Space. RS. J HIGMIE, ARTIST IN HAIR JEWF4.RY, Such at ilracelets, BlMUn. Fob Chains. Pin. fer-ringi. Necklacoe, B eaatpins,Guard Chame, tearu, >o??e?,Jtc , made t order, at No. 3'J4 Pa. Atimti, bktw. 9th * *d 10th Stb., (Over Cla*ott A May'i Store,) oo 16 ltn* Washington, D. C. THE -CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF HARTFORD. Accumulation |3 500,000, Preeente lnduoemeoti to all cia??>-? equal to any oompariT, and far tup rior to moat. Dividend! made and paid annua l*. HKATU t KNOWLF,', A|?dU, oo 29-tr Oftoe, over Bank of Washington. rpRIMMIXGd, BUTTONS, TASSELS! The be.t ae?ortmeBt~of TRIMMINGS, BUTTONS, TASSELS, Ac. Ale YAKN, Zeph.r and Shetland WOOL, are kept in \Va*hii>jct?n. No. 30 Market Spaoe, near tth et., at New York and Haiti more prioea. <tp 99 c UI'OI ivr n 1 t o - ,, ? ? iUWUUl^UUALt?. DH RY GOODS?DRY GOODS! J DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! We have now in store a ?er y large and veil m sorted ?tock of Dry Go<x1?. of evei j kind and quality We cordially invite all persor.s >u want of Drjr Goods to call and examine ou' stoox before uaki f treir purchases elsewhere. kvery aitiole will be old at the lowed mark*' prioe. \VM. R. RH EY4 BRO., No. S6 ('antral .-tores. Between ith and ttb streets, oc 3-eolm Opposite Center Market. W^rn new cloaks. R Have thia day reoe.vea from New Vork a bnub.u! aa?crtmeut of mw *tyle Kali ud Wirier CLOaKS, au-h a* the Arab Zonave and other aty e*, in Black and reooh Clotha. Aleo. Finn aud Strieed Cloth*, all o? whioh w? rfelow. oc 15 YAYLOR k. HUTCHISON. Embroidery stamping, on ail k?rd? or Hi material,dona ia the beat manner, at C. F. SCHMIDT'S Toy an j Fancy Store, No. 60 F*. avenue, between 7l*t and 2M eta . where can be found a <rrat variety ot beautiful Pa'terna for Yokes and Sleeves, Collar* and Cuffa, Skirta, PfataUt?, Band*, Wipfert, Cloak*, etc. Pleaae *Tve me a call and eywnnte. oe a lm*_ FH A N C Y SILKS! 1 FANCY BILKS!! Se'lini off, at flatly reduced pnoe?, a large lot of Dret* Silk from auot oa, whioh we aa marked down at great bargain*, to which we invite the iadie* aad aarofcaeer* (eoera.i> to exawlaa before making their eeieetlou* elsewhere I W rni t BV a. n/\ ? - - ? vvruUK* I \A# % OC 31-6t m fcmtli It, >bow Pfc. m. IwMH Tt*tk Strut. J. a M QUIRK. ?, D, tUfttON. % VMU 1 THE LATEST NEWS TEIKQHAPHIO, Dm Day Ul*r from Ivtp* ~ from Hin* rta Southampton oa Um fttth alt*, fniii Sandr Hook tfeto morning Tte mm u not lmporv.'-i! Ten Brocrklhont Uapira bmt Tom BcwIIb* *? ? - - 4 aorerelf na _ The racMtfrnoi of Ruaata )?? popiuafoc Of T9 .(Hilt 080 It * Nfnrt^ that the nnnelo of Madrid ted, within a few d?\-a, r?rnttW, W.OM real* to tW Pope. miaed by tbr btabopa l?en I^morirlprr will return to Fm?e* The onltatm?nta for tUe Papal army bU canned It ? ??ld that the ainbaaaadors of Pruaila. tenia, and Portugal ww preparing to quit Turin. Tb? Tote of Welly waa alrooot uualuoaalf la favor of annoiation Victor Kmanoel waa to be In N a plea on tbo *"th. and a proclamation or the voi- on annotation waa to oe made on the following day The Papal Nnwin bad left Parte in rr???r,n?" - ? oraera rroai Horn* The Government of Aoatria ku toad* mf liberal conreaatoaa to Hungary and Trana> .vanta 1 be vote on aa?**-UW>ti at Ai < oaa waa la take aUm tln th# ith and 5th The Kugilab aquadron bad left 9>-r(a for tba Adriatic Agitation prevailed at Damaacua. la cooaequence of tbreata tnf-de ajjalnat the Cbr'.a tiaaa, aad Fuad Paaha bad returned tLliber Cwmeui. LivneooL, Wedueaday.?cotton waa qalrt, I with average aalea Flour and wheat flrn<. but ateadf. Corn bad aa advancing tea dear jr. ProI vlaiona doll, but allgbtly higher. Cooaols 93. Political Mr?ua| la Vtrglala PomraMorTH, Va , Nov 4 ?Last night Oifotd Hail waa crowded to Ita utmoat capacity to liaWu to Gov WIk. Hla appearance w?? irrv^vd wltk tbo wildcatrbeera and blaapeecb waa pronouiead by all proaent to be the greataat effort of bla ilia, laating over four boura He MMMMMi U 1,1 w-' n winf WOf* lB>n S?W ard, and swore that be would never acq u lew e in the election of Lincoln He concluded amid loud and uprorious cfaeera When the question was pot whether f> e Prlni ess Anne reaoiutlona snould be adopted, aome onfuaton enaued. aome man wlsblug to ipnk In opposition to th**m He denominated Wise'a tpeech a* a political harange; whereupon Wtao came forward and drnl?-d It m forcible lanjf*A*e. The tuitrd crowd arose, and for several minutes the house shook witti repeitd cbee-a TW resolutions were adopted amid f rent excitement . The Vermes! lUlt Trensnrer Defaulter. MomrrnLiEB, Vt , Nov a ? Hon H M Bates, late r-tate Treasurer, ia ascertained to be a de> . faulter to the State to a large amount Iteitatde authority puts the amount at f om t-10 t?0 te 40.UUU. and It may exceed w?t Me.?aur?a of arcurlty were taken last night by attaching the property of hla bot.dsineii Builihstor, Vt , Not 1 ?Hon H M Bales, I the d^faultmir State Tmui-m *Lj -*-1 * NortbfMd last wight and baa probably fl?d l?Cu| a da The amount of bia defalcation. m f ar aa ascertained. la S4'2,tnu, and It la eipeeled ibat further | disclosures will Increase the amount. Falllag af tae N*ut Vcraaa Mil a. Taor. N. V , Not 3 ?About eljffct o'clock tbls morning tbe nortij?e?? portion of tb? Mount Vernon Mills, in tbe upper part i4 tta'a city, rarewiy tnd fell outward upon a building adjacent it* course of erectioi for Orr k Co , paper maker* About lOU.ttM) busbeia ?>f wb*-at w. re Stored ta tbe mill, and about half of it fell ??>??? ,k- ? woikman namrd Patrick Letdea. wu seriously but not fatally i. jurcd Mr. Courtney, contra' tor tar Orr A Co.. ws slightly hurt. Messrs Hannaman A !?ixton. owners of tbe mill, Iom about ft5,<k? Tbe building tbat fell was ere-ted lut winter, and Mr. Courtney pronounced It unsafe a month ago. Affray i> New Haves. NiwH?vm,Xo? 3 ?A aerioua affray occurred la tbls c:ty late laat night at tbe Temple Much, tn wbtch George 8. Stafford, printer, waa tabbed In tbe abdomen and la not expected to | live. The wounded man and two frfends wore la a dispute with tbree students, wboae tiam-s are Baldwin .Ueiden, and MeCulloek Beiden used the kn fe. at.d McCullork.of tbe Law Ach Nti, a ahmg-aliot, and Baldwin, a medical student. Is Mid to have been only a spec tator All throw are la jail. The affair baa produced general cacltvmeiit. " ktesiabaat K??? Niw OlliiH, Nov 4?In the eiploaUn ot the steamer Hill. oppoalbs Djton Kouge, thirtynine pera-ns were killed and fiftnen to twsAry wounded Mobile. Nov 4 ?Thetow-boat Baltir exploded v ester day, killing aeveral persona and wounding others Affairs la Kanana # Liavkswoitb, Nov. 3?Tbe Fort >?colt D? ?nocrat confirms tbe rep >rt of the burning of 71 dwellings on tbe Cherokee central lands by the Indian agent. Jo?spn.Nov 4 --Tbe li e reported r>ster day was cor fin erf to tbe block where It fsaimenced. Tbe losa is t39,000. CoroDi ?At a recent meeting In Covode's Congressional district, Pennsylvania, It bavin* been charged that be had written letters to aer?. ? * rP nomlnat'on for Congreaa. Mr Covodr ralaed bt* right band and called on bta Maker io wHneat that he bad ww aaked anf one, or given ai.y n.oney to any on**, to arcnrt bla nomination, When h? had '-o-ieloded, A. J Elliott. Cm , Sheriff of Armstrong county, rcae. declared the abatement falae. and produced a letter tent him J>y Ofodc. Baking bim to aid In ae-nrlng hta nomination. end cov?*rtig a fr?*e railroad paw to the CbU a{;o Convention. Smixsli Bottoms Boa s?o*i -Tb? sbn* and Leather Reporter isiya: "The plan of uainu ablnelea fti the boitoma of (bora f-r<<rlnated abaJt thirWn veara ago, the first lot belt* ent in New Haur.p?bire; the uae of paper and itr?w board ?> gan al>out tbefme time To j1t? ?<mr Mm of ttie extent of this branch ot the btiaibeat during the paat year, five or alz acrea of heery pine timber have been uacd for wood filling, nearly nil bv the manufacturers of Natiek, Maaa , aud Ute adjoining town*, in the soles of brogmna ITT Mr. BnlWdlrk, of S?r Orlfiu, la fn limbo for the alleged enib?tt'eiri?-nt of belonging to the German Protestant Widtwi' Atylum of thatclty. It had been donated for a phlanthropic purpose, and Uul'erdtck says it was stolen from it A suspicious circumstance in the case ia that the trustee removed tt for aafe keeping, aa be says, from tbe UaMfc of Louisiana to s place of private deposit. South Cakoluis Dklkgatiox.?The election in this State has resulted in tbe re-election of sit the old members of Congress except Keitt. whose place Is supplied by Lewla Ms yet Tbe Legtslsture is democratic. or, e? the papers denominate tt. Union, though some of its members arc blatant sbout dissolving tbe Union. Houowit'I Pilu. Prttnmcy.?During thu delicate trtoation, ladies will experi* ce gr?-fti r lief by u?in( tun miid eftthartic medicine for oor ectni thoe- iiiiiiifowtiout and ? ftueeating ?lckne?? to whtoh the? are tot^eot ft* Uiia f*lod. They tire geot e eumoloi te tbe euculati n. aod purify and ?-*??l ftl tfeoee ftemore hi n ruta e the ttomaeh fto<l bowel*. They ftre to mild that the moet delicate eoaet toioe may t?Ve then with perfoet safety. For ft?M?ti*t le nialo* at the dawii of womanhcod. or ftl ?K# tarn of life they ar equally a-apt?4. Sold by all D'ftnieto ftttSc ,6So. ftod ?1 per box. ftoTlw Kvii Tunu who ara ia the eajoyment < f perfect h fr'th fr <|D lit j htv? n ??-<i to htvt itcvurM t> lonnrti ireT'nbT*! ofdii tx. W* trta wr t?i v?!l armored blt^T th* a? ?u U < f "the ilia i> fci flesh ia ti ir to " r*ooh aa iavigorator t ?j *t*y Irl in ?'o?lHI?r'i B tt^ra?a me icina that cann ?t t>* t\k?* raj u lady without giving n ali'yamle aa t 4t> o itie *ystem. Atlhi?a a*oa p? uouia I* th* tio Jteift ia i>ot j? oof a ain t the mAia-ia, ta o Uio aeot o?a of ika e antr*. la all ea<?e of f ivor and agea. tha tiltt <ra i? inore I t**t thaa ??ijr k:nuuqt of ^amite, whi'e the mo?t da |?rou<l<4 <t> in iioui lemji'M loin wo atrial p'o??<W*?. Th->?*ho hftV? t-<*d th? iiHoii me Will u?ver ure MOth?- formy ? tki'ij tiUwhtoh tlM b??UtMr lli.leri ?'of?u?i to mMm. To ttams w*?? not mid? ?h ' o*pertn?e- t. we eor. rro<MM?~u<1 UHrl) .ppioeiian u>the Hi U?r?, wh??.fw they are ?t ick ... hy die mee< or ?be di?M iv* ?fCMe. Hold b* drugji?u mi dealer* gwwrelW ewivhtr*. ?? MM \Vi?TA*'? B*? o? WiL? Canii, Curtt Bro*ckt*l Af*tt%om**nd mil Di **? of tk* lmui. Prom tlve Boston F.veuinc Traveler, Jumtt C. "It ii perlmp? Uut % limpit Mt ofjuitio to l?* proprietors of ICitMr'i Kn'mm iff WU4 ' km*y to* US O Mf.lliM Mrrrmiil fwridiri W th? m*T T Uiisattcl' Imi im?r? im ut brorklM;. Oti* proprietors f ti>e Traveler aa e tirvlj e?r?J of* ... 1 i*??r niuoma eooti'Mi r?y fi# U?*of Ulta BllMWiAAil of our f MUHjUdm, WMMTt tr?*?d the?rticJ?,fc?r? fv>?nj |t or great aernoe in etieviag them of enrnr* ooarha ?n?i ehortaeeeof brestliieg, wil* whiefc U*j ilk' Wn hdiictrtl" None ceuMine unieea ii|m4 L bttt* w tu vr*n?r. j lagtoo; ud bjr dealere mrjwhii* aoJilw^ n r, w k,, b a rn ir RmtL'tk All Of( Pn^Humphr?^y? fcjp. ^rrwSftrjr.g^vyjT O"*^: A F,;^! iwifTtLwe *i.c byT.B. WuUw. mtmc ? MiwHmwMi m?

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