Newspaper of Evening Star, November 5, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 5, 1860 Page 4
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W rr TI1E EVENING STAR. niiiowekarmom Ltsch law ?a worth 1m tcibk negro named John Par?w*r. ?t \\*>?'ro! rater Md , narrowlr lynch law ( 1m( week It Appear* from tbe Sentinel that a daughter of the Rrv. T GaKaudet. one of the moat fx:funit and amiable jronnj; ladiea in the country, took a atroll alone t."? Sunaet Hill, where he wu ak-tchinir a me viewa of tb? ptrturraque ai-enerv around it. when she waa suddenly approaeb'd by Paraway. Alone and unprotected, be auddrnlv boame alm?at frantic with fear, when ahe roUvt'eJ him to leave bet. to which tt.c vounir vagabond threatened to knock her bead off if ahe attempted to ew-ape or acream She had no money, nut gave him fine rlii*, when jnat at that opportune moment Charltt >tull?*r. WHO ?'M* ii'Ji'MlUK, UU*P in fM, when th? reprobate l<*ft her and went to Stuller wi'b the utmost com posuresnd?xhib! ted tie ring which he siid. tLe young lady gave him Hastily returning home, Miss G. d!s'over?d to the fam lv what baa occurred; the neighbors toon got wind of I , formed an impromptu committee of vigilance. arretted the young scoundrel, and would have lynched him on s:*Lt had not wiser counsels prevailed. He was finally committed for trial. Kii.lsd a Kosbeh ? A widow, named Hatfleld, residing in a lonely house a few miles from Bloomllrld, Indiana, was awaked a few weeks ago by persons Irving to open ber doors and raise ber windows, and plainly beard then, converting with one another Selling a gun. she fired from the window. a<)d thtre wai :n inataut scamperiod , and at! wan still. Tbe next morning the body of a deaf and dumb man. naiderit near by, was found a abort distance from the houa*. with a bullet lodged fn bia body. (j y* TbeMlaawrl and \Veat? rn Mejzraph line la completed to Fort Krarnev, which ia now in direct rotnmuni atiao with 91. Lnaia. DUpalchea ran he forwarded to and from California In i onnection with th' Kiprwas. which delivers them at tbe eastern Urniltitia ?>f the PL cen t lie I telegraph line wtat-ncw tliey i-sn be telegriplif-d to *ny j-art of Ciltfcrn ? Th? tarifl from St l.n.iU to anv Dart of California is K4II far th* first ten word*, and *23 cents for *ar h additional word. Fat*l Affair?On Monday las;* y one man named McClaaahan w..? faUHy wound*d in tLe tbigh with a knife in the bands of a youth of ab?> it I" \esrs. a son cf Mr inman II riuJdith.a r<sd lit of Warrrntaa, Va McClanahm died tn fo-ty n.iuatn after receiving the wound. ?-tdditb who apparently acted on the defensive, has been held in 91,5011 bail. The edit >r of the Clarke l Va ) Joornal savs that ihe United St-.t*? l);sirit Attorn* * for tli AVesWn D'str ct of Virginia coucjrs with Li n i?> the opinion tbat the ccasus Isw is unconM!tutl<>r-al ?and ?< >io-s t?i? United S*t^t?s Marshal of ILe di?trlct Jiid/? iitock'-nbrough if t?? give his opinion <m tue rase m;'de, t > t? ?t the liw at the n?xt t-r.n ?r me i uit?^i >iat?-s u; strict Uourt JCT"Spurious bills on the Boon* County Rank, of Indiana, bnw nude their ap[?-?*rano? *t Indianapolis The plate U eenuine, but the signature* are rad imitations The counterfeit, appearing Simultnceoualv ultb the genuine, has ra?t a snv l>1ci >n upon those in th? U*uk a* partita to tie fraud. J^^7"Three ru.axonirie* ?>f the American Roard, Mtwn >iathan Ward. J. C. Smith, and James II *vs. with the r \viT>s and a eHld of Mr "*uii?t#, and others of the>d ?t Missionary Society, emba'k-d at Hovton October K?. In expectation of ip?wdi?!? tueir life in Hindostan. Crtiosiun Worth Sbeisg ? Among the curiosities to b? seen at the M?cL'?H!ri' i-air in Richmond, Va., is a doll which has l*fn played with by Ave fenerations; a diimond ring 3110 years old; n book sR4 year* o<d; aoo last, hut not Vast, the r rad^e in wnirb Heurv Ohy was rocked ' |jy Tbe Minnesota Southern Railroad wnssold on iu? mi uuy ndiaipy, on xne pari or Slate, for SI.Tbe only opposition bid was five cento ICT* Two hundred thousand of the three hundred thousand copies of the Agricultural part of the Patent Office Report, ordered by the House of Representatives, hare been printed. JZJ~ The Cleveland, Ohio, gas company has uced the price of gas to 82 50 per IU0 feet. Pretty well for a small city. |?7" A census is shortly to be taken of th? Inhabitants of Cuba, by order of the CJuc-n of Spain The last census was taken In 1%36 117 Two thoumwd bead of Bttlo na? A ant it* Central Railroad last week. ~ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. N ATIONAL HOTEL ?E E Piatt and ly, Pa: K P Goode, G Burns, DC; J B Sbavr. Tex; G W Cram. Md T M Trabeer, Vaj G W Anderson and lv. .Mui Lamar. Miss Gordon, E Anderson, Ga; F Howltt Kv, R Wallace. Va; J Brlgham. Mas; . nseph Jefferson, N V; J H Wojlford. Md; MrsS Put um. D F Putnain, Miss Putnam, .Mass; E G l.lnd. Md; A Hugh*s. C S Brent. Va; W Bruce, Md; J J Young. N.C; W R Goodwin, Va; M J Green, J Talcott, J f.mmocds, E Browei and If, \V D'irjea. S AUamora. J Courier and ly, Miss Currier, V; Hon C Vail indi^h-im, O; J Bowling. Md; W^ield. R I; Mis Geo Nlcbol, Ga; H M-aager, Va; BROWN'# HOTEL.?J H Hicktuan, Va; W FK.rei.ce, A>a; La; E Piatt and ly, Pa; Mr Payne, Va; F Jou'don, La; J W Bean and ly, Fla; J B B >'A"s Md; Hon R A Prvor, Va; J Kngland, N Y; H Trumbull and ly, N J; 3 Gray bill, Pa; J P Oarr. SC; W F Rose, Va; E L Hodson, Ala; Mrs .Toombs and fam, Ga; K A Blankets, Tex; lion J Lane, On; C P Stuart. Md; A B Jones. NV. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?D Wllliamaon, Md; A H Cltne, Ark; T Caverly, Mass; VV aulbour, Pa; B Kn-.^p, T VV Cheater, Va; J L Puttignat, J Duff, W Wilson, L Godchaux, A Bor.dln. Tex; J Davis, 111. OCEAN STEAMERS1 SAILING DATS run* tbi Uhitb? Statss. Sl'\rr\*rj Leave. Pvt. Days. A?ii Naw York_. Liverpool. ...Nov 7 t-nttof... .New York Havre .Not 8 Euro pa . B<>iton ? Liverpool... Nov 10 Atlantic ? New York.. .Havre Nov ?7 fsov kubops Anglo ?txut Liverpool Portland Oct 25 Persia .Liverpool York.. Oot 2 awtiii nmoi Ic?n , i < rcrpoui .... HIOY 1 John Beli -...Glasgow New York^.NovS Vai.derbiit .South'p ton.. .New York...Not 7 The Havana mail steamers leave New York on tLe *ii, i.u, m?. and ZJtii of aioh month, and Charieeton on the *tn and 1-Hh. Tl.e California mai J st**n??ni leave New Yorkoo t.<? Mil ar?i ?>th of e**r month. EAULF IRON WORKS, C'lii\K* OHIO Av. *.IB TmiTiHTH ST. ERICSSON' S CALORIC ENGINES. T .e >in<:e-?ua <J havo been appoint**) sole agents in t iMcit* f irthe rnanufa tare ami naleoftiieaoove Kngl es, and ar- prepare*! to suppl? all orders with ?< ? an<! dispa'on. Tnenn engines have >e?n naUniactorii? in train cod, and are now practical employed lu uak<-ries; by bookbinders; for box wood cutting; Ij> eabiu^t makers; for drawing fti blowers to ventilate bondings; lor pumping; for dom^tic purposes; elevating grain; glass cutting; ginning eotU> ; grinding quartz; grinding pamts; grinding -sugar ca> e on plantation* in Put.*. hoiitittc: f ?r knittinr mtcki?**; ht innnufact irers p ft'Wl war*; of printera material. cf silver ware. a-:.ica;Uirai uupieiu.'iila; of matches; of hoop^u ??iris; for pumpm?ai railroad -tat cusand <n boar.) bhtpa: for sewiag .wwiiiiabs; for joa printing and pnniinr daily newspapers: for various plantation aim; tm mwii)( and plamn* iaiaber; for picki g hair: for poliahin^couio*; for shoemakers' ua^a; for aand iltin<; turninc; U>b%oco outtinc and pulverising; in tanneries attd w r# making establishments; f??i *o.ta vrattr matiufaolurt); for liuae crushing; it.a t n^ahtn(, towiag; grinding outiery, 4c Tlio> are in' iplotivo; econoni.oal; eauiy managed; they le^nire no engineers; um k> vatrr; and consume ver? lm> fuel. Any son J?sir-..u* of ut'ing tlirae Ki giaes.cvi by application to t e undersigned l?e nowii a lar<? niiuit*1r of testimonials fron. person* wiiO have th?fu in daily Die, expressing their entire lAfUtAetinn >n thoir ik?*rann? - f'nc?? o[tiid tngium aa eetabiiahed by the Patentee 13 in. eyl'r $350 , li inchea cy Under, 555ft D.:hte5M " 1,4 0,-U ' " 1.360 ? 56 * 24""? " M 240 " 40 " 4,500 48 " " S>W ' m 6^uo;ei) 44 5,000 flu " 9,500124 M " 7jO We are ari; v*o prepared t? furniah, at ahort no . Architectural iv.-'m :., Un any deeigna that 11.* kp furniaiied. as che.ip a* can b? obtained ela?w r- A. M^ai.i Engines. portab.e an.I atation ? . 1 ^ of pressure, ?a?r an.! griat mil1*; hydr - :rf, ..r ot er p ee?e? ; boilera ler hearing 1 I*., wrought ruD water tank*;ahaftia<.gear 1 .. :i.ij .1.^ of uth.?r inula, and forging <>l al! kmdf. 1 i j*w WM M KL'.IS *. !IRO. V UL7ABHIN9TON SEW1N6 RUOJAt, * tiH nk ?i? 1 w; ioort Worth 4J /a, A*,, Mow 14 tha tin.e to get SPRING aca SUMMM H'K fS miule i? c*rUer, The an beer iter is are ...>i aamfj "? - - Km*?i!*?22JiVLLAKiS> ***** Nmoo CM A'H APPLfcHC^b*KM6*W? I t??5 attoBtion oF?h? pvbiu to oyr l?r? aVid wi?r2? i*ct*d stock ol C-Laoipacufl and Crab A ? ?/<*,iw wt.ict W5 IWMNI. b* ,arajuim.^S'VIft ? C?i <jj rrwua*t>i? (anna in order to mafce VJU* oar lyriiif atoek. Gi v? u? a oail at th? ...."jiagfesaau It (f, ?. t. k. lort. 1.1, 4if|. J AX At MOT**AUTRY, _ AT-rua^Mia-AT-2.AW Bjiit SrtuM, ?IH., "W1L r eqlice m t"i<? rtitn Court ol trrorj inJ AsK? .st Js^ksoo, tb? FoJer&i Court at foototco, fftJjCw-^rts of lis Scrsntii Ju4u>iai District of M> ?u! attend to titaueu&iticn af tiais* SSm^m.i >. *r?-?k tfUWMI a?1t-K 4~uj*7U U6BT! f* CHKAP LIGHT? SAFE LIGHT! FAKAFF1N E^w CoaJ. KING * BURCHELL. 49 1* A sent* for its saJ*. VfAL'ijUuUk 1> BL'TTKR HOUSE. Daily rreelnr^ fr.>s i aiul ?w?ct, in Gu#hM saokIf tHi.c.aa*?i'Iao*. BaiUiuwro, ^?? WOOD AND GOAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKKKPBKS! THE PIONEER 8AW BILL AID FIKKWOOS FACTOEY, iSi? ow tb* Blob Fl*? stat*,) Intk ml the Caul, aear 7th itrrrt Bridget Will furnish, at the ahortMt aotioe, FIREWOOD. THE BEST QUALITY. Of An Etna, Out mmd Split to aay Ammimm. CHEAPER THAU THE CHEAP EST! With foil meaearefnent guarantied, ICr Remembar, Th* Bldi Fla? Staff, v?t Rid* of seventh et-eet,?nuth of the Canal, and oapdaite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Afeit K- HICKORY ANlToAK PLANK or TIM[M<Vpil?or ijj?i?an(Mn) ajwgp, POSTS or juibtk nirreu,or lwjbsawkb, it tM WrtMt boom _ _ VJ- tMnaJl job. of BLACK?M(THlNO prompt lr wo?t?d.M>bov ? fit q q q q q UNION FIRE-WOOD MILL, (kracr ! &*reatli it ?b4 CmaaJ. W O O D of all kind, ir.annfaotured to *rder, any length or ise, ready for ut. COAL?CO A L, We have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both Rett ami White A?h, different viae JO-Weare now, and will bo reoeiving Coal for the next ten days, whioli we eeil. delivered trow the venue!,at a reduction of 25 oeuta par ton. Send )our orders early. MoKNKW A. MARLOW, Proprietor!, ?e 27-tf Corner Seventh it. and Cana1. WOOD * n n mm m ? m* Q O A L Delivered to ail parte of the eity, at tho IovmI possible rates. T J. * W. M. GALT, Office Pa. av., between 11th and 12th sts , ma 17-tf north side. DENTISTRY. 1YI THE I H. i"i. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ?>ith? \iinkkal plat? the re. m _ m~ , - ,rl 4, ! v a t Kim s* m in ?Ki J ?it. fc fc I ? r? ?; ? ?? v??wt < ?uj mi V V f Many psrioan can wwa: taeae fcwtb whu^u-LL-L> cannot wear others, anU no person can w?>ar other a I who cannot wear these. Persona oatii. g it mi oSoe can be aaoouinioci&taU { with an? st)ieaud pries of leotti th*y mny d^air*: j but to those who are particular and with the purest, clearest, strongest, and tn<jst perfect dm.tare ttiat art oat. oroduae, th* M1N trtAl. rL.Al'4-. will m inorefa-ijr warranted. Room* la this oil*?No. .135 Fa. aveuua,jbetweaa 9th aud 10th ata. Also, WU7 Arch straat, PhJadel phi*; oc 15 tf DIIKNTIHTAY. K. HILLS, after a iruhu: teat of twa jaara feala that ta can witb oonidauoe rMoru ^aa. uand tha Cuaopiaatia Prooass far iaa*rtiuiMHnJ %'v.fici*. toath It baa tha ad-r&ataif aa or *" ilrangtb, beauty,oiaan.ineaa, ani nho?pnaaa. Fal upper aeta icaorted for IU. Partial la aroaortioa. Ulo? 106PviT?m " lit I FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OK WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777"... *00,000. Ofict rwm*r r strut and I.ou\siana mr., om*r Rink of Washington INSURE HOUSE* AN MOTHER PROPERTY AGAINSi- l.OSS BY FIRE. Diaacroa* Geo Shoemaker, Samuel R?<t<fe-n, Samuel Cropley, Wiiham Wi n, Richard Jones, John D Barclay. Jao->b Gideon, Andrew Hothwefl, Ttioa. Parker, Kuhard Barry, R. R Prmuih No charge for Polioie* JAHK3 ADAMS, President. ' Abel 0. lJAvu,Sec.-<!tA^y. oo 10-eo6in r riafr N O T_T C K ' ? Of 1 ?*' ce^nen ^V s . ijSB to brar m mioVthat the plan which I ^AjfS^^^adopted, six ro\rn ago, of selling ^^SFHA I'8 and BOOTS at grvatly ra dnced prtoes for oash is in snooessfal operation. J u*t reoeived a full supply ot the latest New York atyles ofDKKSS HA IS Tha very finest Hat ?350; a fir?t rata ^ at A3: and very gnod.fashio able Hat ?2fio All of the latent sty lea of ??fi HATf*and OA PS, at the very lowest prioei. I am constant;j supplied with a vary large stock of thofte ine DR ESS BOOTS at 93.?>-which 1 have be*n selling for many y?*ar??as well as the v#rr best qua! t> ol Pat- nt l.eithr GAITERS at 93SO. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from 92 to 92 5<>. Terms cash ; no extra charge in order to olTset bad debts aVI'Ho > V, Agent for the >Ianu(koturers. Seventh stroet, second hat store from tha corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 940. >e i*-3m Look to your interest, purchas. ER8 OF CABlNkT FUKNIiURE. Wa have now in store and daily reIoeiving the larjest, handsomest, and the cheapest lot or Cabinet Furmtare ever H off r<?l to the oitizens of Waahingtun.^^aH^ Georgetown and Alexandria. whink oordial y Invite ail who daeire famisHi n< t^call *rd i?minef'<r themselves. Our (took emb mm every oonoeivable artiole neoes??rj to furnish a par jo r, ha i, dining room, chamber, and kitoken. Our ex tenaiv* stock is too numerous to partionitnife We only ut<n? a few of the leading artuWee, euah Uosew'ood, Walnnt and Mahogany Parlor Suite, upholstered in a superior manner in BrooatsUe Sl'k rlash, Lasting and Hair Cloth, Gi'.t Irame Mat tel, Pier and other Hkassas, 6lit Base Tablea, Gilt bracket* and Marble Slab#, Quthio and other handsome Reoeption Chairs, in Brooateil?>, Plush. Ku?h and Cane Seats, Etegeres, with Marble-tope and Mirror Backs, Ik>. Parlor De?ks and Whatnots, Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany Bureaus. Waahstands, B?d?tMuls ana Wardroaea, very hsr.<lBomo and olieae, Co't&gj Chamber Furniture, in Oak, Imltatl'-n Oak. .Maple and Faiuted, with or without Mar 1U? t op*. _ M*rb s top H^trtoki, in Otk and Walaot, Iron Hatraoks, Hall Stands, S'oretaries, B<>ukoaa?s, Shaving Stanis. Marble top Center Tables, Hair and *hnot Mattresse?, Kea:!i*r Bolsters and Pillows, B ankoti. Comfort*, Quills, Towels, 4 s. Inadditiou to our ?took of Furniture eur Srat floor eo>tains a large and well s?leoi#d it->ek of Chint, G.ass and Crr>okery, plated Gnods, Japanese Ware, 'fable Cutleiy, Britannia Ware, B'ocktm Goods, Bastou, Wra?hes, &o., altogether forminr a complete van^'y of every thing necessary to furnish a house in ?l iu apartments C W. BrtTELER * BO**8, Iron Hall, No. *1S Peuu. avenue, e* 17-M tThtf between 9th and tOth sts. CEM K I**' H Y NOTICE. H K * uhaeribor offers tor sale bis stock of \i A RBi.fc MOM'MKATS. TOMBS. QR?iVK ST'?N u S and M AKBI.k MANTKLHat reduced prices for oaah or ap?r?ved notes. A ? early call is ioiKii?d. wm. ruTheapokd. Marble Works, 354 E ?t nor.V t*(> 17 "-a t?wtw??n lMh and 13tb. pilOPI'RTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Yoar al'ention na-1 examination u respeotfnllr s iuiia<i to aar.iue U.u celebrated New York OI TTA I'F.RCUA RO WING and theftUTTA t't.RCHA P^INT lor painting tin roof*. This liutta t'nroi:? Rooftng and Paint is acknowledged h? a;; tiie be?t architaofs in New York eity to be ths oest and ori^sp^st Koofii g a/id pair.t iu exist m ! u- II MB I' iMIt U H. vv. HAMILTON'S Pa:nt Sti)r?, i id a?veat'j (treat. CANKIEl.D k H TON ar? the wlsacenta for Washington, ?ip >r*?t ivn, Ale.iE.udna and the South. For fur thar inforniajoa odd.esa as aSove^ o l> tf T 1!')VAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1 UK N?it t)r?wiu| of '.ua Kojal Havana L<?turr, oc.dact M by the ^aacieb Uovorrmuat, u n d?. r i:.c .sipamaios of the Captain Senaia; oi Cuba, ?r.:l u?? p kos at Uavana oa WEDNESDAY, Novkhmb 7. USO. iOKTSO iVl7MXKO MS UB.DINAH10 CAPITAL i'KIZK 9100,000. 1 p/:se of ...tioo.noo Oprtxasof fl.ot* 1 do totf* W do Ut 1 do o laa do ?uo I do soayyrox. U? I do 10,000 JH ALL *81 PRIZES. Whole Tiok?w, J|y0?He-Tea, 10?<JLaartarm, If. iii am oudw ?< at? p?r o?at aisoounc Mills on all solvent Hanks taken at par. A dravine will km forwarded aa aoon u the recall be ion** Known. \:1 orders for sehetntti or lioketa to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ. op /2-tr Car* of City Post. Charleston. 8. C. OH LD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BUKNSIDE'S MONONOABELA RYE WHISKEY, Ccnsji?*ntionsly distiiitd by Mr. Jamea Marnside, of Allegany, Fauna., la the old-fashioned hinnu way, fro j. Ui<> choicest and mott carefully a*ieoted Rye, and in no case aver offered lor sale until adaptrd to wholesome aae by age It ia at once the nx>?t palatable, aa it ie emphatically one of the paieat beverages in the reaoh of the pnhho. To the invalid, aa well aa to thoae in commecda ltaelf for ita unrivalled *uahtiee aa a ati mutant of the aafeat. surest, and most bmeftoact Ceaertption. and many of the most distiagaishOT Bsicianaare sung it in their praouoo with th? pieat reaalU. __ CLERY * STOCK DALE, Proprietors, Agent for the Prosrietor*, wis p* * oppWU WifardY ftoull' I WOOD! W O O D U STOVE and KINDLING WoSb.Stt&iovM poMibls yrio?. MISCELLANEOUS. ' ' ' ' 1 t ' P" I No. ??rj EOCJ^#5t?i?^iVj?^?SI,aillSi,T For 5i/? of Valuable Lands in the late New Tori Indian Reserve, Kaiuae. In pur?uanoa of Itt, 1, Umu Bvchaha.ii, f*ra?identoftha t nitai Stataa or Amenoa do hw by oe olaraand take known that public sale* will b* bald at th* undermentioned ^and Office, in tb? T?r_T .1 * ?i.A u- #w__ j v? * riiHI VI timuwmm, m? wo |nnuiu> wmatiwr GN1| utM, to wit: At the i and OfKo* at Post ?cott, ooameaeia* on Monday, ?He sd day of u?t?mb?r uzt, for uie dupotft! ofatukor the enWto land* tot oorered by iajiridual Indian looationa aa ar? situated within the following township* and part* of Wwnahipi in the !aU raetvi abort mentioned tor the New York-Indiana, vis: S?*tk of tk* bas* limt mmd Mlf tif tkt tirtk printipal wt^Uian, and in t\t tnw*skips nndpnrti *f twvm tkipi/aliing witJkm mid rettrv*. The traeUor pareela in the parUof townahiea 99 M. ifi. tad X. of rknt* V> Yhe traota or paro'la in part of township 2). ia townships M and 25, and in th? part of w, of tracts or p*re?lt in the part of township 23 i in townships 94 and 25, and in the part of 2b, if ranee 23. The traot* or paroel* in the part of townrhip 23 in townships 21 and 25, and in the pait oi 26, of range 22. Tn? traota or pareela in th? part of towaahip 28 in tewnshite 24 and 35. and in tha ?m.rt < f as ..f range 21. ... . 1 he traot* or paroela in the part of township 25, in townahipa 24 and V, and ia the part cf 36, of r?n??*> The traetior paroela in the part of towrahip 2i in towahipe 24 and 26, and in the pa t of 26, of ranee 19. , 1 he tract* or paroela in the part of town a tup 21, In towr.ahipa 24 and 25, and in the part of 20, of ranee 18. The t<acta or parcels in the part of townaliip 2J, in townahipa 24 am! 86, aod in the part of 26, of range 17. ' \t Uie i and Offioe at Fo*t Scott, oommenoiu on Mon-tav, the 17th ?lay of Deoemb^r n-xt, for the disposal of auch of ihe public laada not oovered by individual Indian lcoalior.e a* are situated within the fol.o wing townahipa and parte of towna* ipa in the iate re?erve above-mentioned for New York i i; ?: ? muiftm, vis: So*i* of -Kt bast lint and tail 4f tkt sixth principal meridian, and in tkr townships anJpjrts of townskips.falling rritkin said rtst*vt. The t acta or piroola in th < part of townahip 23 m townaupa 24 anl 35, and in the part of 2b, of raoH? 16 Tne traota or pare?!e in the part of townab p 23. la townaliipa 24 arid 25, and 111 th? pa t of of IAI1(? IS rue tracts or pa-oola in the part of township 23. in towranipa ;4 and 25, an4 in the p?rt of 2b, uf ra- c? 14 The traot* ur pa cals <n the part of townahip <3, ID towi.sii.P8 24 and 25. and in the ?a.rt 1>> of rame 1.1. T!'T> traot* or ?&roe!s in th* part of tcwnnhip 23. in iownahi?a i4 anil 20, and in ttaa part of ft, ol i an co 12 The tra: ta or p&roala in the part of t^wriahia 23. in towniiupa 21 aid &r>, auJ iu the part of 4>, cf rant* 11. Taa traota or paioela in the part of townihip 23. in tnwu?hipj 'M aad 25, and in lha part uf jb, of ranee 10. Tha tract* or paro<*la id tha part of township 23, in townaiiip. M ai-J 23, and in tha part ol 36, cf rarca ?. TIi* traota or para* a in tha parta of tovnahipa 33, 24, 25, and 2d, ol ranjn 8. I .anda appropriated by lav for tha uas of aohoola, I military Indian. and etktr <n<riuiMi. will !.? oludtMl from tii<> sales, to;ethsr with the traots covered by individual li.tlian location*, deecipt" ve U?t? of which hare been furuishxl ti e ie'eal uifi 0*r>. The oilering of the alcove lands will be ootnmenoed on the Uats appointed, and will proofed in theorder in winch th"j are aovorUted. until tho whole shall have been uff rM. and the sales thus closed ; but no sale shall be keptoptm longer than two weeks, and no private ?ntr? of any of the lands will be permitl*d nntil after tne expiration of the tw.> weeks. (liven under my hand, at rhe city of Washington, this 21 st day of August, ai.uo Domini sue thousand eti, ot hundred and six'y. JAMF.S BUCHANAN. Dt the President: Jos. 8. Wilso*, Commissioner of the General Land Offl<?e. I NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every versos entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within th* townships or parts of town* hips above enumerated isrequi'ed to establish the same to tho satisfaotion of the register ar.d receiver of the Land Office, a-A/t umi* payment , then/art v toon a* practicable after .feint thiino| tie*, an ! iMsforetheday appointed for the commencement >jf the public sale of the lands embracing the traot claimed; otherwise snch olaim wilt be forfaited. JO*?. 9. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Olfioe. Not*.?Under the r?cniationa of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment can be made for advertising proclamations oxoept to suoh j publishers as are tptMllyautkorixtd to publish by I the Commissioner of the General Land Office. | mu *o- iiwuw BINo. 665.J V THE PRKSlrKNT OF THE UNITED STATES. la pursuance of Ww. 1, Jaxb* Hcchaha:*. Preallentofthe United 9 ta tee ot America, do hereby dMl?r*?nd mar* known that public ?!? will he h*ld at the nnrter-ntenti"ne<l I and Ofliora m tlie 9 ate of Iowa, at the period? hereinafter designated, to wit: At the La d Office at Fokt Doroa, oommeno'ng or. Monday, the isili <>ar of Noveii.b r n zt, or the disposal of the public tantia, heretofore uii do red, aitnitad within the following townahipa and parte of townahipa, Tiz: i North of Ik* bast line and ictst of tke fi/tk principal meridian. 9'Ctto-a 1,3.5,7.9, 11, 13i 15, 17, 19 21. a, 36, 71. I S**, 31, *3 and 35. of townehip 93; eeotions 1. 3. 5, 7. ; 9 II. 3 1^17, M. ?l. 23_i?6. 27^29, St. 34, and 35, of wn urn" i y ~VHUH* 1 )| 3. /? 3, t I i I3< 'd| I7j l'J A1? . w. 25,27, Zi, SI, 33, and 35, of t~>wnanip %; inotiom I,3,5,7,9, It, 13 15, 17. 1? 21.23 27. 29.Si, 33 and 1 35. <>t townahip 97; a.'Ctiona 1, 3. 5, 7,9, U. 13, 5, 17, 19. 2>, 23. 25, 77, w9, 31, 33, and 35, of tovuihip iS. of run i e 27. StoiWEi 1.3 5.7,9,11, 13.15. 17. 19,21,*3 25. 27 29, 31. 33. ao<i 3.S. oftownahl* 93; otiona 1,3. 5, 7, 9. II. IS. 15, 17, 19, 21, 23. 25, 27, *9. 31. 33. a< d 3i, of towntliip 94; aeotions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11,13, 15 17. I*. 2!, 23 25,27,29,31,33 and 35 of ;ownahip 95; arcti >u* I, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11,13, *6 17, 19, 21, 23. 26 V, 29. 31. 31. and S.S, of tow ,an p 96; aeo'ioua 13, 5. 7, 9 il. 13 15, >7, W, 21,23, 25,27,24, 31, 33. and 35, of townahip 77; r*otiona 1.3,5,1, 9, 11, 13. 15, 17. 19, 21 23, .-6, 27, .9,31. 33, and *6, f t-jwni' 'P SW; arct o.ia 1, 3 5 7,9, 11, 13, la, 17. 1?, 21. 23, 25,27, Z>, 31, 33, and 35. of towuah.p 99. of range 28. S clnna 1.3,5 7,9, 11.13 18,17.19,21, S3 25. S7. 2) 31 SJ, aw< 3N ?-f'ownahip 03; i?o lona 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, II, 13,17. 19, 2:, 5(3, 2* ?7 29. 31, S3, aud 35, of towaMp 94^ amotion; K 3,5,7. 9. II, 18. 15,17,19, CI, 2,1,25, a, oj, *>. ?r.n in. oi t .wii?nip 96;" necu' ns I, 3, 5, ?, 9, II, .8, 14, 17. 19,11. 23. 25, bl 3J. and 35 of t 'Wls^ip 96; S'.o' on* 1,3. *,7, 9,11, 13, 15, 17,19 21, 33. 21.17, 29, J . M Mid 3S. of mwnih' p 97; s??u -ns I,J,S,7,9, 11,131. 15,17.19,21 23 25,27 .29, 31. 33, and 45, of <owBsr,lp 96; so iojia 1.3,4, 7, 9, '1, 13. 14 17, 19, 21,2<. 26, 27 29, 31, 33, aad 35, of township 99. o! rau?29. 3, 5,7, 9,11. 13, It, 17,19 21, 23. 25,i7.? 31, 33, and 35, of towr.vhip 93: ??<uinns i,3.?,7,9, II, 13,15,17, .9, *1.23,25,/7, a. Si, 38. an J 36. of town i.i?94; ?eo ions 1,3.5 7,9,11,13, 15,17.19,21,23,25, 27. 29 31. 33. and to, of township 95; sections 3,5 7 9. II. 13. 15. .7, 19.21,21 25. 27 29 31,33. anJS5.of t~wnalnp 96; seotlfMis 1, 3, 5,7 9, 1>. 13. 15, 17.19, VI, 23. J5, *7. 49 31. 33, ami 35, off?wn?hi p 97: a?o:iOLSl, 3. 4, 7, 9, 11, 11. l.s, 17, 19,21,23 25. 27, 23 , 31,33 an1 3>. o township 9i; s'o'.lom 1. 3, 5, 7, 9. II, 13,15,17, 1 19, 21. 23h25, 27,29,31,33, and 35. oi towm lp 99: tlous 1, 3 5,7,9. 11,13 15, 17, 19.21, 23, 25. 27, 29. SI. 33, and 35. of townkiii MO. of ranee SJ 8M iou 1, 3. 5,7. 9. II, 13. IS, 17. 19, 21,23 25 27, 29,31, 33, and 3>, of township 93; S'OtiMii 1. 3. 5,7. 9, 11. 13, 15. 17. 1?, 21, 21, 25 . 27 , 29 31 33, and 35, of township !M; soorimit 1. 3. 5. 7, 9, 11, 13. 14- 17, 19. 21, 23.25, 27,29, 31. S3, and 35 of township 95; sections 1.3,5,7,9, II. 13. i5, i7. It.27.i3 tV 27.29 31.33 and 35, of township !V6; a-otso 1,3.5 7,9 11,13,15,17. 19.21 25, 27.19, SI, 33, and 3'., ol t iwoshlp 97; No turns ,, 3, *,7,9 11,13, 5, 17, li, 21. 23, 25. 27, <9,31, 33, aac* 3S, of U>wn*hiD 98: iMliuiu 1 s * ' ? n ,a l->. 17,19, 21, 23, IS, 27. ?, 3i, 33, *ml *5, of iOWiis''ip 99; taction* 1.3.5,7.9,11,15, 17,19 kl, a, 25, 37, 29, 31,3), and 35, of toarnahip 10l\ of rang* 31. ?Mt oca 1. 3,5, 7, V, 11, 13, 15. 17, I9. .1, 23.S5.27, 2*, 31,33, ami 35. of towuahip 93; aaotio i? 1, 3, 5,7. 9.11,13, 15.17. 19. 21, Si, 25, 27, i9, 3', 33, aud 25, of Utwnahip 94; ?aotion? 1,3, 5,7, 9,11 13, 15,17, 19,21, 23, 25, ?7, 29, 31,3), a d 35, of t wua np 95; a?oUoia 1,1,5,7,9,1.. 13, li, 17, ?,*1.23 25,27,29.31.33, and K5, i f lownahip So; aecti na 1.3, 6,7,9, 11,13, 15, 17. 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 'A, 31, 3*, a 0 35. or lownahip 97; a.vstio.ia i, 3, 5.7, 9,11,13,19, 17,19,31, 23,26, 27, 29. SI,33, and 36, oftw. i.altip 9H; a -otiona 1, 3,6, 7,9, 11, IS, 15, 7 19. 21,2V 25, 27,29, 31, S?, ai d *5. of VJ+n B*iP W; a?oUwnal.S,*,7,9, ll. 13, 15,17, 19,21, 23, 25.27, *9, SI, 35, and 36 of lownain* IIV, of rvce3/, Seotiona 1.3,5,7,9, 11,13 15. 17, 19.21,23 . 25, 27, 29, 31.33, and S5. "f ..wnahip 94- township 95; a*0| tiona 1, 3,5j, 7, 9.1.1 21, ts, 2i. 2T, Z*, SI,S3. ?nd 35. of iuwu>?<r e cu mi 1,3, 7,9,11. lj, 15,17,19 21, 23,25, 27,29, 31,3 , ?ad 35. oi towmhipiT. acouons |; 3.5,7, 9,11, 13, IV 17,19, 21 S3, 25, *7. 21, 31.* 33, a d 35, of.own?hip98 aeotious 1, 3 5.7,9.11 13, !5. 17, 10.2I.W 25,*7,fc?.31. S3, and 35. i f township 1W; o! on', 9. 11, 13, 15,17,, 2i,i7,?J, SI, 33, and 3>. of loviuliif iou, of range 31. I At the Land OHiooat Sioux Citt, oommetioing ! on Mom2a?, the *Hh day of November next, for the disposal of the puhlio lands, heretofore unoff-rcd, eitnated witdin the following townahipa aud parts of townahipa, vis : North of tk4 last lime and m*t of iht Afik principal meridian. Sections 1.3 5,7,9,11, M, 15,17, 19,21,23, 25. 27, *9,31.?, and 3S, of townelnp 95. sec ion? 1,3. \7,J?. 11, 13, 15. 17, 19. 21, 23, 25, 27,2>, 31. 3:1, a> il Si, of to WuS' ID 96: irc wis 1,3, 5,7,9, 11. 13,1*, 17, H,21, 23, 25,77,29, 31,33, ar.d 3\ ? f towu.fcln ?7; towns, ip 9S. sMitonal. 3,5.7,9, 11,13, 15 17,19,21,23.25 2f, 29. 31. 33. and ftv n# ln*??"i? ou-?? - - - - .. r -w, ??vnui'? X, J, 7, V, n, 13, li. 17. ls>, 21, 5U, 25, 27, ?, SI, 53. and $S of townahtp 1U0. o. ra^gejU. Tovnahipa 9H. 90. and 10". of range Si. ' 'ovnahip of ranee 26 _ ' 'ovnrhipa?? *>, at<i 10ft, of range 97. ' 'owuahipe W. <*>, and l'?, of ran^e JkJ. ' oenahlpeW,H8. ar.d 100, of range ?. ' 'ownehips W, #?,ud 1M?, of range 4P. 4 'ownahipa ? ?nd 100, of rang* 41. ' 'ownahipa ? and loo, of rang* 42. ' 'ownahipa 98 and 100, of range 4.1. ' 'ownahipa 98 aod l?0, of raugo 44. ' 'o wnatn p? 98 and 1?0, of range 45. J \>wn?hipa 99 and 100, of range*. ' 'ownahipa 98 an-i 100, of range 47. ' 'ownahipa W and ion of range 48. ' 'ownahipa 98 and 100, o. range 48 uanu appropriated by law tor the use of euhoola, on the days appointed, tad "Will propped id the order in which ther are advertised, until the whole shall have been offered nod the aal?e thus closed; hut no eale shall be kept men Imc; tka* t-Po wttMt, and bo private entry nranv or the lands will bo admitted nntil alter . he e* ft ration of thi two weak*. Gives under my hand, at the oitj of Washington, I this fonrtaenth day of 4 bid it, A sou Domini um } uiiaaand eight hundred ted MXtj. _ JAMES BUCHANAN. Br the Pf?w<?11 ; ? Joe. a. Wilsoh, Co?mm?g of the General Land Offiie. NOTI^fe TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Krerr eereon entitled to the right o? pre-emption to any of tee lands within the townships and parte of township* above mentioned, is required to establish the Mine to the satisfaction <?{ the register aid reoeirer of the proper land offio?.and make pay Seat therefor ae soon as practicable after eeeiac is notioe, and before the day appointed for tha oommenoemect of tha Mblio mJu ?r ik? i>n?. ? bracing to* traot oiaiWted ; otfc*rwi*e~eaeh .<ateia will bo forfeited. JOS 8. WILSOK, CommiafcioMr of the General Uaad Ofto*. Norm ?Under th? refutations of the department, aa heretofore and now exiatinc, do payment ou >? made for advertiamc proclamation* exoept to each publisher* at arc spac ?aiiy mutAtrixul to aabliah toy the Commiaaioner of the General Land OBoe. au ?0-M.wltw TRUNKS, BOOTS AMD SHOES. BOOTS AMD SHOL'S TO SB1T TBK T i M bSi We arc now man n foot urine a.l kinds of BOOTS *cd SHOK8, and ooratantTr reoeivinc ?PP!I ?l MMtern made work o' evert de-VMB senptlo", made expreaaly to or.ter. and willw be told at a rauoh lower srioe than'has been* ML heretofore charged in this city for maeh inferior "persons in vast of iioota and Shoes of eastern or tty made work, vill always find s good assortmen in store and at the lowest prices t?ive us & call. GRIFFIN A BRO., af ?-r SI 4 Pennsylvania a*enne? _ 1^1 VK tUNDRKl> TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived this day, em bracing all q uali-wwjM ties and sixes of Sole Leather, Ladtee'HfffM Dress atid Paoking Trunk*. Our trunk^"1?** sales room exhibit* at this time the cr*atost variety of traveling requisites at moderate prices, to be frond tlus side of New York. Also. ev?Vy deeorip Hai Af I A 111 vaf U AT O/iV t-*b ir * s . -r MVU VI UC UA A WV/ A OJ Y AlilV/Cl9| CARPKT 5A0i*, 8ATCHBL8, Ae. liyO.J Truuks repaired or taken in exohanfe for new onee. WALL, 8TBPKNS A CO? Trunk Hales Room, marM-tf sag Pa. avnu*. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, O 499 TTH Stiut. Vpposit* Odd Ftilows' HaU, Washington, D. C. Travelers will btuay their interest* D examima my TRUNKS, VALlCliS Ao .before pur MQrnc oh&rtng elscwere As I use none but th?S8)Qfl* beat material tlie market affords aud employ^" ' the b?st workmen, 1 oan coufidentiy rocomsnfad my work to be superior in Strength aud Durability to Trunks that aie inade in other 01 ties and sold here. scop uinitwilkj VII IUM1U, >UU IDS KO U? UNtr ( OD on? work's notioel every dflscnptien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS *nd WOOD BOX TRUfTgS; ASHLAND and VALICES; TRAVELING HWS; HAR NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, ft., te. Trnuka, &a? Repaired and Coverod, in a workman!ike mannwr, at short r-otioe Trank a duiivered m aay part of the oUy, GAurg*town, or Alexandria. Aln.'v?Agent fur Howe'a oelebrated FAMILY 8F.W INtf MACHINK3. daU-l* JAMES rt. TOPHAM. ~TttAV KJiER^' 1HRKCTOKY. 1JALT1MOKK AND OBlO RAILROAD. * l> WASHINGTON BRANCH. &1HMH Chansk or Hovbs. ON AND AFTER WEDNfcSDAY, June 13th, MHO, train* via run a* follow*: Lmth Waahincton at 6 20 and 7 in a. m. Ltav.? Waabins'on it 3.*' and 6.:X p. m. On Sunday at 3 an p. m. Leave Ualtimore at 4J2A and 8.40 a. m. I Leave Ualtimo*? at S.15 and 4J0 p. m. : On bur.dar at 4 25 a. in. Paicongera for the Fa?t will take train* at *J0 I ard 7.4i' a. in and SW p. tn. For tho West at 7.4-> a. m. and iin p. m. For Ai.uapolia at 7.40 a m- and S-20 a. m. Fur Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evemnx tiieSJO p. m. train goea to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS.Acent. NEW ORLEANS IN TBRIIB DiSL-rS WITH tU CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. AL.1, KAIL. KOUTK, VIA Orxnge and Alt xandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virgin** and Tramsses. Bast Tennessee ana Virginia, Bast Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanoega, Memphis and Charleston, 9 Mississippi Central, New Orleans and JaeJLson, to new orleans! memphTs~route: Memphia by R?:l,tnonoe by Fir it olua Picket* to New Orleeti. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Moetcoaiery by Ru!. th?noe to Mohiia by Firat olaaa P&oketa. Mobile to New Oriaana by W V ^ TOiUVi O TWO DAILY TRAINS?suwdats Inclodkd, Leave WukiHUa at 6 a. u. and 6p. a The Steamer 6K0RGE PAGE leave* berwfcarl foot of Seventh etreet at 6V a. m. and 6J< p. m. aH connects at Alexandria witfa the Orange and Alexandria Tr&ma for tUe Sonthveit. Offioe?Pea&sylvania avocue, corner of Sixth at. EA??Aaa CUOUD THROUGH TO raw OtUill. Lynchburg #7 X Momyhia f ?' 00 Bnatoi . __.16C?i Atlanta Jt 00 Knoxvillo ... ?_-20 0C Macon .? Ou I Chattanooga.. MOO Oolombua . .. ?-*.1 SO 0*1 ton 24 00 Mont* omerv .S3 no Haciteville.. T7 00 J via Memphia.42 60 Srand JunoUou ft) o N.O.J via tt. Jnno..42 40 aehville Kfvl S via Mobile... 46 oo mit fo i? />**?**> ? ???* "? " * " tmo 13 t.1IIHfcLt Ut HAIL and ia iOO MILES BUOR^KR^and i4 HOURS LESS than any other l.iae?tLe l^jnchhurt Ex tana ion balaf now completed, aa au<' the Miaaiaaippi Central. ciakitc it the quickest axd isOSTpleasant route for southern travelers! It U provided vitli Firet-olaaa Bloepin* Cara! {To SwO[it*si ? T9 Hon re. Momp4i?..... ?.....#4 do. llaSfcnrr? it & CC7"Tha U.S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPAEbS aratakea over ttia Nov Line. Tioketa oan m obtained at tha Honth Wwtsrn OlEoe, corner of Bi jth street and Paxinaylva&ia avtane, to the following poicia: >rnchhurc> Dr-ntol, EuoxviL'e, Atlanta, Chafcaucofa. HnctaviLn. Grand Jauotion, Maotio, Naah%ille, Dalton, Uolnmbua, M?>ut*on??rjj^Mamphia, aud try through tIckets to rws ta. RlO US VIRGINIA SPRINGS. JT7"<>mtlbiie<*? and Uicctc* Waiona iaava tin offioe at 6 a. in. and p. m. J AWLS A. EVAN 8, Ticket Agent, mta tr Corner Pixth ?t. and Pa. ay. ' 'UK STEAMER J AS. ?UV Will ramune bar I trip* on TUESDAY, Vat of JP*k P'jbrur.rj,USO. W ip leave WASH IWfON T?ry TUESDAY PR IDAY, att o*oloofc a. in.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-paste o'clock, for CURKIOMAN and tn? intermediate Landinra. On hor return tripa-ahe will le?T? CURKIOMAN awy WEDNEBbAY and SATURDAY, at 6 o'oloch a. kl Lt'ClAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUBH. At't. Alexandria. % ao ftFFiCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U orfitRMRTeim Wash 1X6ton* JnW 18,1M0. NOTICE IS ffEREQY GIVES, That.Mreeablf to the provisions of the oidmance of the Corporation approved Mai 12,18fc?,the undersigned is ouw prepared, "whenever reeulred in writing, and on pre payment of the foe of fifty oenta, to inpect. examine, test, prove, and ascertain the aocuracy of registration ofany ?as meter in nse in ttiie esfy." Ever* meter, if found incorrect, will be oondemncd, and another, sealed and marked as true, will be aetini?? place. If proved to be accurate in ita cnaasun ment of cm. it wil be sealed aooordingly, and a<ain put in position for use. Office No fit) Seventh street,(near Odd Pal .0*1' Hali > Open from#a. m., to 5 a.m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, if 13 tf inspector and Sealer of Has Meters. O W E'S I MP ROV EDW EIGHINO SCALES Thase Scales we offured to (he pnblio aa tka most sitnpla.durabie, an<! reliable soaleeever ent id lie. Kir?to'.M? premiums have been awarded tfcea by the United Stelae Fair and Virginia Ag'ionltnral Society; Virginia StateAgneultura1 Fair; Frankim inetitnte Fur, Pennaylvania; New York State Fur; Vermont State Fair, ?e., Jto. In every cue where exhibited they oave raoeived firat olaee premie me For ea e at 09 Lonieiaaa ft Tonne, Depot of SiUer'f Chil ed Iron Sue*. dill-U K'O PATTI8QN. A goat. WQAS FIXTURES. E Have in (tore, and are dai.y receiving, GAS PIITCTi fJS of entirely New Pattern* and Deeirna and Fiuiih, superior in ?ty!e to anything hereto/ore ottered 111 thla market. We invite cititene general ly to call and examine oar etook of Gae ana Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we hare the boot wwsre rasitsa-r.-t ^baw. L P K A N C I 8 HAIFK1, FAMILY ORO^ERV OTMKKD81 Ol*. Cnwr ?/ Am* VVi ??mhm m4 r*?U ilrui, Respectfully solicits the ??Uous*e of thoMv mar be in vaat of My article in the above line. His endeavors stall be to iitM* tad bjr a strict attention to the wants of the public, ae aofee to Merita I"UU W.^X^g^oTH.NO "" AT LOW PIICK, 14 SMITH'S. No. 4#0 Seventh st.. 0919 In Mrwt ? and F ?U, MISCELLANEOUS. piOlfKeR 8TKAM M AKBLKA1ID MOWN The rabecriber h*o inn to lnforra tkt o>M?? of WaeMnjtoa. Georgetown uc AJaxaadro ft** he ha* add?d to his loni ostADliehed bueiaoei the auxiliary ofeteani (over foravioi And ajaiittfao turini Marhle and Brown Stone Work in ?b?r rarwtibriinoliee, Marble Mantele. Table and Waabetand Tof. Tile. MoneYnenia. Tomb and Hand S*toree, Ma ?. W<sncw Uole.e, M a. ttiere and it of!la' aa . - ? ? ?ion 10 veil IIM, he feel* confident of being able to tarnish Marb Work M low aa it o*b be purohnn?d ic New ^ wrk. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade aapphed with Italian Marble in hloek or a aba m the mum rate aa furm?hed in New York, and on iowiuwdating Wine. Alto, on hud, t l?r|t u?li ai Ru mice Stone, Water of Ayr Hoc* ud Poliekiag utty at New York prioea. Encoerage the mm inn; it will be an aoaeiaitirfa to the eity. r AL*vX7?UTHKRKOED. Fiotutr St?am Mmrklt mmd B'vwn Statu Wprh$, Pft. av., cor. Thirteenth it, M 21 3n> Wuhiifloi, D. C. Til UK UNION WIL?, STAJNP. NO MATTER WHO'S pkESlDENT! Conaeqaently 1 ahaii remain in Waahington and oontinae to nm? mj oorupati n of Rui'SK, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL, PAINTING. QiUin( in all ita hranehee. Old G'aaing promptly attended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Farniture in the beet atile I also, oal attention to the Painting of Roafa and Briek Walla All of the above I will do aa aheap aa the cheapest I therefore aolieit the patronage of mj in awl a and fellow oitisene of the IMetriot. Paaeta*lity atnotly obeerved, and work done in the beet Banner. S oa will pleaee mind your atoea and atop at M. T PARRKR'S Painting Eaubliahmeat, No. fS' 93 !! 43 "! Loniaiana a* , north aide, between tth and 7th ste. P. S. Higna pat up free ef oharre. ?-* msl. Ml V 8m ~ |.MI?ORTANT TO HOUSE*EKPERR E. R. DURKEE k. CO/8 Gnaranteed nut only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but kround from freah Spicwa, mInM and cleaned br ua expraealy for the purs, a* Without raferano* t<> ooat. They are beautifWiy paoked la t.afou, { ined wall paper,) to preveut injury by keaping. and are Ml weight, while the ordinary ground Spioea are almutit lr.vartaMy short. We varrac* them, in point of atrenjith and riohnoaa of flavor, BEYOND ACL COfr* fAKItMJN, aa a ainci* trial will abundantly prove. Maiiunotared only by 1R7ATCHRBPA1RINOANUSiI.VM wave ? MANUFACTORY. " I have one of the beat ertabliatwrtenta. and furmahed with a complete aet of loola for repair jKk in< ovary d<;*c> iption of line \Vatchea, and Aj particular atteutiou ?ive to the aanie, b) t oroucli competent work man jirjd a. work guarantied Al o, every dr.acrip ion of a'andard SILVER WaRE. p a>nandornami>ttal, man u fort u e-1 uml*r my own anperviaion. which niv enrt' mara will fend far anporior in quality and fini?h t?? northern ware old by dealura iu geueral ami r?H-r-aei.te.; aa their own manufacture. H. O HOOD, m6 33* Pa. avenue, uaar Kb at. GENTS'SHIRTS, COLLARS, T1F.S. STOCKS, HANDKERCHIEF*. And all kin^a of GENTS' Kl RNiSRING GOOD**, at 25 per cent, eaa than any vther etore in the city. -it oc 19-lm SMITH'S Seventh at. mmu. V tfiiMnu'o | jjiihinxnii Vj ViKil Uyf|^ The above PUB 11 W ?1SK Y, Coppkk Distillkd noM M ALTKD Gr?is, b?int uoariof at,d uniform , in quality, and highly improved by ace, it preferred b? o?n?umer? to a'l other Whiakiaa. and particulars recommended by the beet phytic ana and onemiate mt jtoaaeteing aM the reauir*ixtanti of ft True Tonic Jneitoritor and R> medial A *?1. The8chu?lkil! Water ?! Philadelphia, uaed in the dia illation of thie Whiaky, la p'oved by aoa'y tia to be the rofte*t and pareat water iu the United s*tatea ; and to tint may. in a great derrre, be attributed the exoei'enoe of thia W hiek*. For Mils by F&KKXaN a * M 'SO N . Phenix DiatiUery, On the Sohaylkili river, Pbi adelphia Oficer?96 Wali etreef, New York ; IN Sjuth Front a!re?t, Philadelphia And can l.e had in Wa?biirt?n of gamual Bunn A Co , 319 Pa av ; R.J. Rvon, W?( Wh at., oorn*r D; Kacnedy A Path, Weet 7th at; M u'rar A 8emme?, 407 Pa av.;J. H Wilson, 327 Pa.av; HarN>ur ft 65 T.a. av ; H. C. Purdy, 403 Pa. *v.; VVm Bryan, 44 Market Pp.; Moore Oi??ell A Co , 337 W e?t 7th at; G F. Gu lick. 556 N J. av ; A. Gaddia. Jr . A Co.. M, oorner K.*?t 11th ; Edward Hall, 40 Market Space ; K. K. W*ite A Co ,63 I a. av.; John H. Semmet 4 Co . 52:t West Ninth ?t. ooX In (-?} ? OUCATCH! \ ^ ^ SiTe the^Piitti! A* metidiUt will k*rrm, ?m im ?*?U-rsn?Utrt f*mili*i, it U vary damrabls to btn iom* ottwi and convenient way for rapairlnc Kcrnitnre, Torn. Oroafcery, *?. SPALDING'S FREPARBO 6LCI OMti nil snoh emerf enote*. tr.d no household one afford to be without it. It it always reedy and ay to tke stiokiDK point. There it do longer n neeeeaity for limping ohnirs, tpuutered "ttwri, headleaa dolla, nod broken craclea. It is Juct tUe nrflcle for onne, shell, and other ornamfctei work, so poyuI?.r with ladi*a of refinement r.od taste. This namirnbie prepnralion la need otld, heint ohrncicullj held in solution, nnu pocseMiag nil tit* Tiubie aunhtiea of ihe beat eats makers' clue. It may tie u*?d in the p:?oe of culinary mueiTace, being vastly more adhasiva. " OSIPVL IK EVERY HOUSE.' Prir4, U op nte. ki rs a 9% ? - ? - i*. a.?a Dram MtomruUH NAh sotae W-uuaU D*fH, No. 48 Cedar itrMt, New V#rt A.ddr?u HENRY cTsPALIMNB * C'K Box No. S.oOO, New York. Tut uf f.?r Ddx ft in Ca?? obtaining Fo?r, Cirht, arrl Twolva \j< sc?n-s ueautifni Lithograph (o Show Card aocowjaaiing eacii package. Irr 4 tingle boule of SPALDINU'S PRE PAH ED OLVE will ?avo W?l tiinee 1U ooet an naaliy to every hoaseholu.^r~i{ 8o!J by ail eroiLinent Sta*:.'tor^ DraftieU, Hardware and Furniture Df-alere. Hrooere, w Fancy Store*. Country mercii%r U ahontd m/Ue t- note of SPAL DINu'S PREPAZEE GLUE. wfctn making u? Uietr list. It will &tauTaiur c .t>,v> fe K-lr i lP '1 rfl < ^ Ufc 714 U iaatrt >< ? < ??'?rtt<^ ? ? V ??" 410 Vl af"**,t/'r luklili .'.'?* /???."'?? '*\|t t?'4* ri.'i*>r /?!/ Sf Jjr/jo' jV*?/??<*?' **? %?. ff"*4 *r J r'ferfiiT ?il M a?M fl? 5lll/? m/|i. It is r? ' ? ?ijg 1 wi? J if U* |f<l /jfWfU*! ul ' ^2l*n! ^ ** r*** <* * *<lwi } ; w*f ^s& i' C5^ J; goiaR-Vpr^tor.^ , H yii' " "' y<m>s > CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS *we&E I AN MITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WMSKE* , WM.HJ1ALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 Sffll VIlliAM S! NEW YORSL 90R SALE IN WASHiWiTO V i> v y Y-ly |iU0VE4 FflHl" MKDIOINIC*. l' lUfiMUlC LUtk BOKTITAL, AH Jtww?w< A< iwit fVn*. 9MUf ?.f J(fMM< R*m*49 to lit W?rS4, POR A LI DI9KA9K8 OF IMPR^DKJH'C. LET NO FALSE ItELICACY tUBfkNT. APPLY IMMED ATfcLY. 4 C9MK WAK.KAHTkU.Oa. NO CHASOM. , IN MOM ONK fb TWO OATS taM *r'u*??, Mf.i'iw Dw?w rf kfki w Witwwi. Owi?M^?ia? MM T>m?li UlnrUn mm f fr?? ilMry I'M* TmU?Ikw l)iw<ftl u.4 niWM4lt< Fn*MM VkMt Nf 4m iunfi winuMi, Inu?) k*u * < MM rowM vto kin t*cw? ik* cuw ( Minn *H?, tt>i trnml u< iNUMti'i fc*b*t ?MI * ?>!* i?m|m * u mmtly |n>i iknm*4? ?r Tm< | Mm wim mm **UW u4 knUui MtMlaw. *' aySi W*?l ?I fc??* miuih UMiiu imm vnk iti iMtlin w ijkium *?t*d m iimi; ?k* u?taf it**, m; Mil thi fau ?! iUlill lU/t, Vh?( >mii( itraiul t'tlahi, MraiUM, *? . (? ?); tmi ? wM ihwi kwMlf m4h ik? M>* *r Ot. I. **y r*UftM*ly M*U* M* kMM u * |Mb**Mi u4 MUnllf **Vy f** hi* afciU M * pkpMM. urrtcE M*. t wm rasp BatcBmsK*, l*A kul arf* f*m (MO lU.kMBM* M*?t, * ht CM<| |M k* Mnn^tw Mt u ?*MP*< mm* 1*4 ?* >?! i imiw ML JOBMTOB, ?? ??? k?a N) ?f Ul MM ? ! ? ? UiU|M la !> t r.n U* |tl (IMUI pit af wha** lift lu Mt> *f ?kt M IM M? mUW L? *?. Fan*. P>U*4a:?hia ul i Hitm, MM ntu4 MM* *f tM MMt lllfc.ukl'.| IIIH lk*l ??r* ** tomi ???r tx?W?< via rtefwf Ml m* ?* ? >< mm ?t*a aaiaat; fml aWi*a4 u ?4<m iwih, btaktabaM vtlk fraea*at klMkM(, >Uh<M mm* j?*r taM *?t 4utr (WMI abl, *111 tn?4 iMtHtwIl. , *1 T1U PAKTICVULE HOTICS. m 4w T?(| Mil u< >Ulr< ?k? till N|Md .a* ? !?* k) * , (Ukta fftiuc* la ?' ?.#?a liini fcajMalM.^ latiH( !? a * ii iMfatMM, m ai aaLaa . tk? affaata 9 Uttua aiffcUy f*h *?*a *.k?a aaiaaf, ??J if ni larH. raa4ara lurnifa ! ??**.fc.*, <NU?;i featk au*4 u4 ?r* Mj. !**.< apply laaiMali.i. Ami ira Mai alUa m4 and MUlW; affatu ?* ?*< t* k; a art* kaMCa af ?aarfc <tat Waaki.ata a; (La tatk ?*4 kjMfca, rata* la Ua M*a4, Din <im af I jil.UaMa( MmiikI Pavar, PtlflUIMi. af I** n,^ ap*p*r. M*r***< l?rit?*' k(f,D*nt|i* isla/jf* Ui|Mt.?? r?^ei ana, Maaara. Uatot.if, H^MTilXT -Tci hirtil ifiiuu U? ?? M kl 4iiiIi4-Lmi Mimt;,(teuaa ' Mm, I'tprmm af Spirit*. ?" farMi' f* tMOM i?:?. U<? *f MMi.llarffiy, ?., u, mb? M iM ??u? 4iti4. RUTOfl DU1LITT Mm Mfjiifi vfctl li Ui <f Uiit dacuaMf fctaltk. iMirr tfekir ?.j?, It?if WWk, P?U. and lut itM V<it| L input tyyiuuii iUr.tki i;M,tMft wiypwMW im?i > UiSk-AKJCM OF iMPMl'Uii B VkN U? >Bd icprmdkut >?urj W kM kiluut)iM U>? ? ?!> W ihM |-*ibX?I <whm, iiw iAm Ityfwi ltd u Ul-it?.?d khi at iWni tt <t?4 ! iiuri lia fra* tffitn(UtkM tw, fr?m ilMtua Ml F?f CfkUivy, M( *f??? Ma. M< htM lew A* k?nd? / >u4 ^rtttadan, ?k?, t<?c&p*k ?.?, mrmm mxm |nb?bwrj ?MIU6?. I * . UkKU.| bmU ?nar Mntli.tru lutruiii loiliut Tm ?a * ui M <Mfair Imm lla wttk rauil k??.lik u >i|t ??r Wm ar by tk* *M tt tkM < ?<: > pim?, tout U? CMUHWII i;aMwiiltU MRibll I>nim,ikIu Afieutaio'll'l H?*n Tfcrt?l, Ha**, Bkia .Ac.. piMiimc| witk fafbttal raf:<1tj, uU 4?ilk jmu t mm4 W bta iNtm ulinp W j ndi ( klu I* Ml ? iHw'tnd Udtri frwi >!? bum M innMl WCM iliouionuiitur rokomincvKAUM AMU IMTCTKHCT. Bf Uli (>wl ui Ibmcuu r?M4; af Ui ?i(?m an *p??4ily ?pr*4 ui fmll vifu rwiwU TltHuii ' tk* MM iVMa *nd dtkilitau*, wk? ki< Um til b*p*. ka** b*M lan*4t*Ul7 t*ii***4. til iiifiiiUM i? Wiwttfl. I*ky*l>i! >r Mim utrni. Um *f P??ma?i P*w?>, Ruun 'inaMlu fNBMiif u4 VhIu?h Eik?aaU*? t' lk< Mt litiflU IM lUMlf t UH< KNPOMEKurr or r?? recta. Til HAHY nontdoi(tnl attfcw martscaa ??ili Hi laat HtHUn mn ud ibi lUittw U-fMuai ut ptrMaW kt Dr. hhm. *.hhhJ ay ua iimiUh af Let pa part u< bu; mil Hrmi, t.auaaa mt ?iitk kin iwmiiI ifate u4 ipiU Water* iki Mkilt, kaiWn kiMiuiliij at i fHtliau ?f ikaiuui ui rHMti^ *Uky. >a i wiiliii pawma la tki ?>!???. R. J. BOVEfc 1H>DU IMPLHUL WINK BITTKR9, Ara row twin* cm4 fro? Main* to tfea ttraat 8a. t Lake, anl tfco auraraal ??rdiot of ail who dm them ?itkrr M a mfiiiii or a* a t*r*iaa?. <a that thay ara in tLa wor.u IKxii lk4 tiiam acouaaaffcUr la his pracUi-r for apaara befora we yarohaaan of hi a tfca ac-ia r ?ht to mauniactvra aad yryaaut tfcam for aala to tVi rnb!:a. For rao aara of laaiyMflt Con?*nrtou, Indira* tic a, D*rmm PliM. N<w*ca? biMUM, Kexala Coat plaicu. aad all caaai raaamn a toLio, tha; are uarood toict a moat liftliuila iaa.J> a *? ttetr aadiainal aroaart'ee tbey arc a pur*, wholesome tai daltf ?tnu Bfr?n<?, frotfonet a!' tus alaaaart axkilemcuc ffacti of Hrnn<lt c W il? witboBt toair uJuatraa raaalto. ail frianda of humanity and all adrooatea of temparanoa %aa lat a la aabatitn.rc tFaaa ralaakla VafoteMa Hitlers for the ?hmraJ pMfou ar-1 a4Wisrai?4 With which the r onut<y la floodaa, and tharwfey ? u4 in baa.ahini Duma and Draakacoaa (tob theJrH CHARLES WIDDIFIELD 4 CO., Fro?rietora, IB William treat, Naw York. J. SCHWARZE. AMI, WaafcinftoB, D. C. PR. J. BOVEE DODB' IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS, For fhaaaiaa of the Kidu?*a. B'addar ana Urinary Org&i t. and especially for Faina!" ObaUcctiona, carer fail to oare. and art warranted to glva aaba"CHARLES WI DPI HELD * CO, Proprietors, T? W5li? * jaT-ly jr Atent. Waahirgtnn. P7c. |OY FOR THE81CK AND MJF FKii iai? * LET ALL AFFLICTED" APPL Y TH E ^ EM ED 7 REJOICE Vs HEALTH. Friend, do yo? anffer? Are yoa the victim of any of theee numerooe ailmetta which arise Iron ibaarity of the t.ood/ What are "bay, do you ut t Rather a?k, what are ?hey Dot? The b.ixxl it the so a roe of tile and health, aari it ia the first eiement of oar being to respond to any oaaee which ffeeta th? aya^em, aa the palse infallibly atteeta Tlieevar travailing Nenralgi*. lis* irri:ati!.g Eryi pt a^tke nbtle Sorofcia, tht agonising ItheainaUsin, Nervoua Debility. Oripefiu. Liver Ooa plaint with ita graor and dejection. am* the notr.berleaa ilia that Mh la heir to, d?r:rs *l.eir htdeoaa ortjir fr.-m the w>d, l>eal Int diy the* add gently wit* the l*oo?'. a* the vitalising raa wnm of cat?r? tor ita aid. and tuifcr ta to ooiniucoc to y>4? vocfcdebce and aae that truly valuable Ri?-beaj?eaft known aa INDIA H T^a^TAB L ^LKfOCTION. WiUi regard tn thia almost infallible ap'otfio f 'pilar eeutim*?it has sp> ken in d cided urnn, a aud th<- evidenaea < f thia gre&t effcs^y are saa- ? J taiced by oonataat avowalt uf ctra"?e ^mu a ad tli" happiest results from .la uae a. - at'*f a!! ithec , remedies and :hd t-eat wr-dioal akil. ha?? fai'ed. Lm aa cay, hi <w>nelasi?n. l]??t <??Tttfi<?at*s eurae are ik* ? or :it from the tlHtrrate ai d an perfieial, oat they are volunteered f ? ?? the m ??t r?. tbM?Llh:t ai.PMAa .? < U-.i J. eW^ W.-i " _w? ? - .?? < !??h<7 nn> niKBVm WTT11 IB vb:oh it > ?t-?siWe t?> oi>oi>r.*cd ? > vVj*h,<- m ?? oifar U> pTIo 1o ?fpr-'V?l \\> n.?; atfj nUo tii&t the cur?( T? p.-i>p?rt:?r cfth:? irfldiciu* otlj l; iu rMt.)r?'m 'froU. th? r*onwlor fiotadi???k?witb rtMwd> ? r*: ntor. For ?! bt fell rMr?cUI'ir UncKU in ti.U oilj , Hill by Ui? pr.,pr.?t r, VlKf> W COX. fhooi ronuinr m. ?** her imuh*is b.uvu on U? bott> aruJ her sa&1 on tM> c< rk frym "n** Si par U?tt>, nx f<>T *5. Wioirj?I? 4Pm(. R k. T. OI8#i;L, itnidit, Gc-jKotn.^ Wat ot for the Dia trio*, ?od ill ?u?p!t th? ?r*4* ?t my prjo#*. uUtf , KUU 6TAMPIKW A PACKET OF PAPER, ^ AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH. Lmj m Q am tli# CHAKbt METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PU1LP A SOLOMONS, At '*ts f*t ttUKm'*4 Ltmm Pjjht*, ? 84 lr t" *'* IKfctti. _ *79 *-IS!SS? -2*Ki n* ?ub*io g*n*r&?!y to k:? N?vr ju.i*, nnJ*r >Vfl*r<T? H?Ui, jtiat opoooC, a oci.o?ci*>n vilh km old M?KbliMia.j>:t watro U wu be kfcpf? to r9~ oiv# Hjt ort)*r? uu aip?r: jr Oc ; vlio: ?f hu e a lE?OrtAUOQ. A>ao, til or-Jar* for DiKL<*ra, ftvpprrm, BH.a, H>4 fnr*t* ftrtiM, wluct. wtJl iifii kii i?inutabi* Btstf, with th* M-ft? t v>myUiMB ud dioMfft* ?ll'W M llM fcl .-kMftn IMVU. <m AWM. X- DOVK A CO. ~7" > ME Now r?W'to4#T wtlk . rUJWilKi. CA!?7)^T>;AM FITT1N? cT store Ml ?tre*tVa few 4?or? north rf Pk ni'HK OLD KVR WMlsHIY.?<> kM4 i?r? ?hs*%te JSi ^A&ECTS: Croti It Km, UA fTiw* o. evrrt ?fi?t| a , ! HaT>-i -'** A ?*ho oe !? * < j ?'if?.r? fc:.J ??* 5So YOUNG k KKP* HT. ?,* *+, II It-It ?M ?- >-*? *I *J h"k rkUPONT** GL'NPUWDKt, U . Jrjf ?? It m?uu wm ?r? pnc**, t>? J OHM J. RlMiUK *toBOKTt>?r?, U. <V SWt imri fm Ikm Lh*tw?ri tf 1 ??* ?> *. A IviiiVM.mli'M x ?v?ry v*ri-l*,?VM? H| ItUu. *M <-rrJ ?r.? tu K. M * D'? I k. (Irt'trt cw i!n Sr loft *t tt-# i f r<U*a?* U?W? firxrnt. tfntwMt m n *' ?? 275 "k" 275 mi J A C E ? O N . mm ? PLASTKRMUM, /9 Perm*. AVKM?. 41 Hifn m I**?iin. > ' u,i ^ Ba n krn * k w i * ??nr?n?>^ ? "Mtlful Bmjoa; purrs tr.? *2 JOHN F. H.T.J!*, ?*? wrw?s t?i iuwwk? i ^

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