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Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 7, 1860 Page 1
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* ? to 4 <f frenitifi M&x. J%r * . ? ^ ^ 1 >____ : 1 ? ?.- M : V I ? ' t '. - - ' ' - ! * . , i . , , . .... vsfc.xvi. Washington. D. c.. wednesoay. november 7. i860. m fctft -i* % -* . ' THE EVENING STAR 5 PUBLISHED EVERT APTBRNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT TUK STAR BUELDIJIQS, Corner ?f Pennsylvania mwn*i4 anMWtk St., . T W. D. WALLACH. i ^ i aerTWi in p*oka(M by oarrl?r? at ?4 ft car, or 97 cmU p?r month. To Mil bMrtb?ra th# prioa u $3Jn ? year, in mdvtmct; $2 ftr ail ucnU*; 91 for three nosths; sad for 1?M than *Hi ^ uiuuviis vuc wu? v w0ia?.o, mi cm; in wrappers, two cxxtb. HjT A?vwr??ix*WTn sooulrt be aeat to tlM ottoe **4ora 12 o'c.ook nu otharwiw they may not appear antil the next day. , Kxbcvyio* or a M\T*ictB? Etri Brainerd was bung at Three Rivers. C, \V.,on the 2.1th ult . for having murdered his mother lonx1 month# wince. Since his conviction strong efforts have Wen made to have him pardoned on the rroti nd of Insanity, and the wratchtd dogerel which he has had published In a paper at Three Rivera would seem to Indicate tbat ha was hr from being In his right mind A correspondent of the .Montreal ijaxeUe sketches the closing scene of b!s life. He write*Shortly before 11 o'clock a door leadJag to the convict's cell was closed. and tbe hangman proceeded to pinion his victim In thedlmiylighted dungeon, screened by tbe closed door from the looks of tbe people In the jail hall. The constables who accompanied him state tlml while n rm ?( ><??..! 1> I J .M ? few..: - J ^ vin^ y\un-'iru praiurru mjurivru r^uwiu I'j^afQ to convey bl> body after execution to Melbourne, ^ In the Township*, for burial. and that the twenty TV dollar* In gold among hi* effect* he appropriated for the purpose The Sheriff promised to comply <tl*? with hit request. He also said to the hangman, i H"\"on are pinching n?e; you are beginning to " ^imnrder me too soon.'' The convict pinioned, a rope was placed round hi* waist, and the party, led bv the Sheriff, proceeded up the two flight* of stair* to the room leading to the drop, Brainerd walked up the ?t?p* coolly and more unconcernedly than any of the spectator*, in the room the executioner took hi* hand off Bralnerd'* neck aud drew back the boll* of the door, outside which was the drop As be did so the crowd, which now amounted to 2.GUU, and in which many women were to be seen, simultaneously exclaim<?d, ' L* raila. I* *o?Ja," and swayed to and fro for a few moment*, eagerly looking up at Bralnerd, who stood calmly gazing out into the rain. The hangman stepped oat on the drop and palled down the noose Rer. Mr. Carron said, " Bralnerd, humble fyourself, repent; in ten minute*.you trill Ka (IA mnr* ?r*A fi/?lC** it ? - - - w M.VIV, ?MW jutii virawr. Words to tbla effect be repeated twice, but still Br&inerd made no sign. and looked down at tbe crowd Precisely at 11, tbe preparations completed. Brainerd wns led out on the drop, and the eaecntloner placed tbe noose around hi* neck, having p'evlously partly drawn the b^ick cap down over hia face and removed hla cat, Brainerd saying that the wind would bio,w it off. He stood facing east, and exclaimed, m low tones, to the people outside. " Strangers, they are going to commit murder. I am inno^nt " He was deaf to all the eritrMtlr, of hig ,piritusl advisers, and refuaed to, ^ baptised before stepping upon the sr.? ffol ^ When the drop Ml he appeared to suffer florrlbly; owing to the rain the rope had stitt'-n an^ when cot did not close upon the victim's neck The fall, though sii feet, did appear to dislocate his neck. Whirling rap'^jiy around with the rope, his body was Vi*'. h' j u|LiImI h? hlarnnvnlalvai efTArta tn Innaon k * Danda. everv nervei^mfd to writhe in agony end after a abort struggle. a horrid choked sound issued between his clenched teeth. Gradually It ceased, and with it tbe upbeavings of the chest, ?nd the agitation of thelimbs A few gasps. and In a few momenli Ezra Brainerd had expiated his crime. The Paris correspondent of the New Orlfa as Picayune furnishes the following item :? 'There has been a sawdust row in Paris, to which the principal parties were the manager of the circus of the Champ Elysees and a gymnast l>y the name of Leotard, whose performances for several months past have drawn great crowds to tbe equestrian place of amusement. Leotard is the man who performs the trapezas which I mentioned some time ago in a letter to the Delta His success has been so great that, as usual with "artists," tbe fellow's head bai been completely turned, and he considers himself on* of the wonders of tbe world The quarrel with tbe manager originated In a clause of Leotard's engage meni requiring Dim lo wear the unirorm or the circus company when not going through bla own performance* Leotard felt bla "artistic"' dignltr comnrom:?ed bv appearing in a tort of livery ana landing In a tile of bla comrades, in the ring, to lend '-solemnity" to the entry of the rider about to astonish the natives, so he refused compliance. The manager brought an action, which L?otard lost To crown the absurd pretensions which bad already made htm the subject of ridicule among the satirical papers of Paris, the self-important gymnast published a 'card' pompously commencing as follows:?-For the last few dats, the only talk Is of a new engagement which I am reported to have contracted,' Ac. Hereupon the satirist falls upon th- sawdust -star' with remoree|e? -verity, and such has been the deluge of sarcasm hrnped upon him that the trapeze king Las paid aa Indemnity to hia manager and incontinently left Paris The first artists of the world, In the highest walks of music and the drama, are net permitted here to give tbemaelvea unbecoming aln> lk?* ..?? ? - ? * w - #-*- - * - - - av iuai f uu maj tallty IUC WVC Ul i\ CirCUB performer who forjfU bit poeitlou and the re?pect ie owe* to the public." Thk Emperor Xapolkos at?d thk Americas Mixiitkr ?The Paris correspondent of the New York Time* writes that the American Minister to Paris f Mr. Faulkner) waa recently summoned to the palace of St Cloud to deliver into the hands t>f his Majesty the letu-r of recall of Count de 9artigea as Minister at Washington. This ceremony, where minister* only are concerned, la usually performed with the Minister of Foreign Aff tirs; out the Emperor desired, no doubt, to show especial attention on this occasion to the agent of the United States In this interview Mr Faulkner was retained a long time in friendly conversion with his Majesty, in which the Utter displayed that wonderful general knowledge of affairs all over the world for which lw is remarkable, and recalled in all its details,with roanv exDTMilnni nt H?ltr?Kt Ki? ?! >* ? - _ . . ..... >* >. * ??? ?uv win ?cu . 'vairi. Tie spoke of bis astonishment at the wonderful activity of New York after arriving from sluggish Europe He referred at length to the war fears of England, and denounced those fears aa the great?t absurdity He had not now and never had a thought of provoking a war with England Hli Sr de and ambition was to elevate France to a igb position of commercial and agricultural prosperity; and be could best accomplish tbis by remaining the friend and ally of Kngltnd To suppose tnat be would go to war with Kngland for revenge waa a small compliment to bis ftatesroanshlp The Emperor was warm in bla ex prrsaions of friendship to the people of the Unit d States, and promised bis good will in tbe conclusion cf a new commercial treaty. Hobb<. ihi Locksmith. Retuixisc ?In liSI, during tbe Exhibition of ludostry of all Nations at London, our countryman, Hobtis, astonished the Cockney* bv picking Brnmah's and all the moat famous English locks which had been represented as burglar proof; while at the aams time not one of their locksmiths could pick NewalL's American lock. These Incidents wee the means of making Mr Hobbsand the locksk> to London quite popular, to that a very promising Arid was presented for their manufacture In England, and he. In company with an English cap. talist, entered upon Its occupancy. A large factory was soon erected In the vicinity of London, and Mr llobbs had several ingenious machines constructed to fabricate several parts of the locks which had previously been eiecuted solely by htnd labor in England. His lock factory bt-canie the first in that country; hs beat all opponents, and sjccess attended his efforts. After a residence of nine years In England, we learn from the Eon don M? Panics' Magazine, that he has retired from business, snd is about to return permanently to America with his family. During bis residence In London he has won respect, and his work people seem to have been greatly attacbvd to him. They have presented him with a baadtoroe parting testimonial, and an address couched In vary affectionate language?Boston Transcript. .> Tbkascis ?There is a legend that / Gibbs, the pirate, buried certain treasure Is the immediate vicinity of Newport, R. I., and the I point on tt<r west shore of Coddiugton'sCove was the spct usually selected as the locality of tfaia concealed *tore of wraith Search bu frequently Wtn ruade near the chore for some evidence of Its locality. and a couple of gentlemen discovered an inscription upon a stone Bear the Cove, which was soapposed to aflbrd a key to the secret. The stone twarfng the inscription Is a large one. weighing main tons, and the letters are partially obliterated by Cote, bat yet quite distinct. Any one may see them on the extreme rock of tke point. The Newport .News says that a party of Georgian heart** of this remarkable discovery, and tbe leg* nd of which it it the supposed key, souiht col the spot, and a gentit man or the party pried up a heavy detached piece of tbe same rock which sppesred loose, whea a lady of the party discovered imbedded ia the mud which forms its oru ? piece en ^oia? coin or the nine perhaps of 10. the date of which she has not yet born hble to aa> ertain with certainty A further search revested nothUii< more Query?Was the coin a portion of the famous tiibbs treasure, and if so, where Is the rest ? lET* Totttr, the Richmond (Va ) murderer, wto ,C wfs to be banged oa Saturday, the 3d instant, for I the murder of his slster-lo-lsw. tua been respited * until the 9th lust. 4 CTThew are 381 gas companies ia the Coiled States, in Groat Britain there arc 1100. m Ma. Pa?ki?h and hi Sbckbt F***ch Gold Mirks in Africa?The Parte corrvepoadant of the Boston Post, commenting on Mr. Robert parish's claim on the French government for ??WU^UO for discovering certain gold inlaea, ?ay?: That the gold niinea do exiat, and that the Americans have evidently bad knowledge of (hem for sometime, thore can be no doubt either, nor that Mr Fould la accustomed to do business in the way mentioned la Mr Parrish's memorial; bat great doubt does exist that all this baa really happened The mine la that of Barabouk: situated on the Faleme. which empties itself iuto the Senegal river. Thl? latter river la preserved by treaty entirely under the control of the French arma. and no ships of any other nation are allowed to enter the harbor of St. L?ouls, Uat tbslr crews should penetrate Into the Interior. Th* fahllInns uraaltk D-?.V.?.U ?? ? ? ? ? vi ?ucw umuwvu* uiiiic* hat been U>n){ known, u no fewer than f?nr sovereigns of France have been on the point of fitting out expeditions to visit them. A traveler who returned thence tu 1856, said he met there two Ruaalan geologists who had been dispatched by the Kmpero: of Ruula, ostensibly to compere the quality of the gold with that of the mtnea of Siberia, but in reality to make a treaty with the King. He declared that the wealth of the country wna bevond description, Inhabited by Moors ofindnstrioua hablta. and well inclined to civilisation. In I85*J thert waa a great talk among the Kngliah here ef an expedition to be fitted out by Mastermau for a viait to the mtnea. The plan of the exact spot la which they are situated, and the route by which they are to be gained without raising suspicion in the French authorities. were submitted to a company of French engineers; sud the arrangementa agreed upon when the death of the principal agent in the affair put an end to the speculation There is still something to be done oy English enterprise The seeret of the manner or approach has been well preserved, anH r.i variw\l ?!!! ????-- *?*? ? ?***- ? ? ? ? m-M ? v? yrwi 1U * ? I A UIB IUC J" 1 AO ** HU ? little exertion. The paper* relating to the government are easy of access at the library of tne Marine, and there exist two persons In Parla who have beheld with their own eyea the wondera therein mentioned. ID- A Western magazine, In discussing Rufiia Choate'a eloquence, opium-eating, and the?logy. aaya: "When he chose to display hta knowledge of the post it was if one stood at the Gates of Time, and taw the Ages move In grand and solemn procession. or beard the voice of hlatory swell In sublime oratorios. At his breath the notes of Memnon again woke the echoes of the mornl ng, and at his ioucd tne beautiful, dead heart of Greece thrilled and became Instinct with life His pathosattlmes was like the cry of orphans, or dirge* which the IVnatel might have sung over home* made desolate; but on the wb"le his style was as unnatu'al and vicious as It was Inimitable Few men have taken so many liberties with English speech. He spoke a new and strange tongue?a Babylonish dialect -of patched and pieballed language* ' In length and Intricacy.some of his period* have not their equals 1n the language Disenthralled of reason, lie entered the wildest labvrfntha nf m?t? phor.and roamed there inextricable, llluminatng his apinxine wandering* with < Kxplosi ve rorruacations Of heterogeneous thoughts at random caught, And scattered like a afaower of (hooting stars That ends In darkness " His tendency to exaggeration and love of display led hlin to magnify unlmporUnt thing* and blinded his sense of propriety; he sacrificed everything for effect; his speeches sometimes remind one of the poor foolish daw clad In peacock feathers # ? ? He would be as pathetic as the grand lamentations of Sampson Agonistes. on the Obstruction of Fisheries, and woo Id rise Into the cathedralic music of the oni Ttnc over xoe ngni to manufacture India Rubber Suspenders. Hot Spkisos 15 Arkaxsas ?4 correspondent of th?? Charleston <9. C.) Mercury tbus describes the Hot Spring* of Arkansas: The Springs kresituated In a narrow valley, about tbre* mile* In length, winding among the bills, and running N. N E. and 8 I* \V There are two Tory pleasant hotels,with numerous cottages on each side of the valley. The springs are immediately opposite the Rector House, on the eastern slope of the hills, at the foot of which runs a small stream or rocky branch There are over adoxen streams of dlflVrent degree's of heat; the two largest are hot enough to boil eggs or scald a hog The rhsrar. ter of the roc k* on the side of the mountain! are evidently volcanic, and large broken mane* have every appearance of lava. ] think th?* most reasonable tbaory to account for the bent of the water la that the spring! run through and ovar large beds of rock* which are heated by a slumbering volcano. The water ts conductedfrom the spring* fo reservoir* on the tops of the bath-Louses, so arranged that you may have the douse, shower, plunge or vapor bath, just as you please. The water Is quite soft, and as clear and transparent as crystal. When von first bathe In It, It kcioi impossible to bear the heat, but you gradually get act ustomed to It, and find it very delightful It is remarkably pleasant to drink, and when taken bot is equal to the best Chou-chong What is ImrtiU* ? ?V- ? a J 14 ' . cicii ? uni vpiu 11 a a* no naus??ting effort. With a little tall and pepper it make* a very good consum', or the chicken broth. Mikot'? I.edge Ltght-Hocsz ?The Interior of this structure Is being rapidly complrtM. The workmen labor on it night and day. The woodwork of the house, we believe, Is entirely of oak, and will be when finished. as solid and enduring as It can be m&de Workmen at work in tbe night report that during tbe severest storms thus far only a slight trembling Is felt. Capt Alexander, who superintended tbe construction of the light house, dined within Its granite wails, one day last week, with bis entire family Report says that one man who recently spent a nlgbt in the buildinv could not be ln<tnr*t ?" ?? ? ? M t ?ug C*" perimcnt again. Airy phantoms disturbed bla quirt?visions, apparitions, fantastic shapesflitted around him, ana among the rest, the veritable g boats of the two brave but unfortunate men who perished when the iron light bouse yielded to the stormy waves Now, those men, it la true, went down alive into the remorsless deep, with none to tell the dismal story of their end) but as for their ghosts coining back and haunting the new structure to terrify and torment their successors, we don't believe one. single word of It. It ia a libel on the dead. The symptblzlng ghoata of tho?e men, full of pity and compassion for tbalr successors, would be the very last gboats in the univerae to haunt the brave men who should fearlessly step into their shoes?Hingkam Journal. m~ a luaicroua anecdote 1* told of Hertz, the pianist, when in California He had announced a concert in one of the new cities in the "diggtns," and Mflt on to San Francisco for his piano, but, to his great dismay, it did not come. The audience had assembled, and the unlucky musician expected nothing else than to be bowie-kntfed by the outraged miners. Observing his terror, they askvd him what was the matter, whereupon be confessed all. "O, never mind the pi-anner," said two of them, encouragingly, "we don't car* for it. We came to see yow; make us a speech." Hertz did his best, and they hsd all nearly forgotten the piano, when its arrival was announced A company of stout men carried it Into the hall and plaoed It on the platform It was a three vururr?u, or --grand" piano, and Hertz promised himself to sstonish the natives. He seated himself oo an empty whisk and truck tbe I keys Blum' blum! splash! ?pla?h! Not a sound did the piano give, save that of the keys striking in water The Californians who bad brought tbe "box" from 9u Francisco finding it heavy, bad Jloattd it to town, and, on dragging it out upon tbe levse, ueglected to poor the water front the inside. Xn~ The London Times discusses, in an elaborate article, the question, who ceuld fill Lord Derby's place in case of that statesman's death. As Lord Derby is advancing in years, and has recently bad an attack of tbe gout, the Times thinks the question quite pertinent. It may be, Indeed, one of importance to England, but we should imagine tbe individual whom It most concerns, would feel anything but gratified at this public contemplation of bis own decease Because be Is tolerably old, because he has a twinge of the gout, he probably Is all tbe more sensitive about such matters: and most men, however tbey pretend to consider their own health In a philosophical light, don't particularly like to have other people equally philosophical in regard to It. This, however, is one of tbe penalties paid for prominence It is something tn h? ?rl ?ulllelent importance for the journal* to conalder before haad who shall be n>?r successor; but one would prefer the consideration of the question should not be unnoeeomrlly premature. It h>oki as If the decision would aot be longer in coming thaa the presentation of the queettoo. LIT The population of CaUforala, it ia estimated, will not exroed 400,000, while It mar materially fall abort of that igvra. Tbe population of &n Pranrtaco, It 1< assumed, will be somowhat lew than 00,040. ILr The Fremont vote ia Philadelphia city in 1M0 waa 6,966 The Fillmore vote wa?J4,8W. Tko Buchanan rote JB,107. i D7" A Beirut correspondent of Ike Boston Post furnishes the following in regard to Abiued Pasha, late Governor General of Dainsscus, who wm fi?cuted by Fuad Paaha for ceapUcity in the massacre of Christiana; "The fine reception given bv Abmed Pasha to the A over ion a Minister Resident and our Gonsul at Beirut, on the occasion of their official visit to Damascus last November, and the courteous attention paid by him and bis staff to our diplomatic representative*, elevated hire greatly in the estimation of Americans in the East. The reception was truly magnificent, and the President of the United states expressed his high appreciation of it in a letter which the Minister Resident was requested to send him. On that I occasion he impressed Mr. Williams as belag a highly educated and accomplished gentlemsn familiar with all the amenities and courtesies of civilized life, and ahewed much cultivation. In his official interview he wore a uniform coat, the breasts and back of which were literally covered with gold leavta and vines and trees beautifully Interwoven and arranged, and upon his breast hung numerous decorations from the 9ultau and European monarch?. rnn?ni<?uAn? ????? was an Immense Ivory cross, set in brilliant diamonds, all evidences of his military prowtasln tattle and service* rendered the State. But now It may be said of bim, 'there was a Pasha, Ahmed of Damascas.' the flrtt Turkish Governor General ?ver executed by order of his government, for aiding and abetting in the death of Christians " HffNB FoA TH* NlXITCTSTH TlMK ? A W?tern Missouri contemporary tells the following: ' On Tuesday last, news came to this city that a man was seen banging between Tndependenccand Maxwell's Landing The Coroner was promptly notified of the fact, and he, in the discharge of his duty, as promptly repaired to the scene; but to his surprise found the msn aliveklckingandwalking about as other men do, with no rope around his neck?where the rope ought to be. He the (Coroner) made some Inquiries about the victim, and the old woman?that is, Mrs Elllcott. the wife of the hung man?replied that he was cut down, but not dead; and further remarked, that it was about the lyth time be had attempted to hang himself and hadn't yet succeeded, but she'd betetotally j....?a i* i 1 - -? - - ? - uoxucu ii ue aiigon i Ding ioe next lime until be rtled; that ahe would never cut the cord again to let him breath eaav We understand that Kllicott la In the habit of Banging himaelf every time be has a family jar, and although be baa made ao many attempta has never yet got without aigbt of the bouae, where bia wife would never fall to cut him down before bia wind abortened. l!?TiraEsTi?io and Ccaioca.?In the month of November, of last year, Mr Henry S*artaln of thia city, wrote on the back of his card, bearing his address In Philadelphia, and placed it in a bottl? which, having necurely corked, he threw into the sea in latitndr 51 deg "20 mln., longitude W9 deg 3*2 mln.?that i*. about 1500 milea northweat from th#? rnstt nf !???*>? ?-?*k - ? - ?.? > uu^c. j uni C1C*CU lUVIUWB from that period he waited on Mayor Henry, In an?wer to a note frem that gentleman, and. to his astonishment. b?held the Identical card and writing which he had cast on the waste of waters in the middle of the broad Atlantic. The bottle had been picked tip on the French coast, at Tarnos, In the maritime quarter of Bayonne, and Its contents sent to the Minister of Marine, at Paris. He transmitted It to the United States Department of State, at Washington, whence it was forwarded to the Mayor of Philadelphia, who bandedltback to its author a day or two ago ?PKila. Press, Nov. 3. Watkr in London?fn a careful and elaborate report of the New Hiver Water Company. ProfeMor Spencer. Id speaking of the corroefon of Iron inalna and the effertaofgaa leakage, *t&te that It la computed that there are 4,000 mile* of vaa mtlna laid under the roadwaya of London, from which Oon.(kj0,U00 feet of gaa are annually abaorl>ed Into tbe earth, the far larger proportion of which could be tared by improved conduits Aa a matter of economy, lta results would pay a dividend of live per cent, on the grosa capital of the London companies It ia a question for photographera how far the extraordinary exceaa of carbureted hydrogen, with lta other impurities, contaminating tbeir waters at tlmea. may account for exceptional and unexplainabie phenomena. Jnm<>8 Hum. a Pruaalan chemist, has been in Detroit, lately, trying to make diamonds out of cornelians and abates. He was n aingular cuatornor, had no communicationa with any one, and only divulged bia mysterious business when he waa threatened with arreat as a counterfeiter. Aa oon ?* puonc attention was called to lilt operation* be disappeared. He had half a bushel or inore of disintegrated agate*, tome of which wee burned, and others showed the action of acids which seemed to have eaten out tXe impurltes an<Mt ft the flint as clear and transparent us crystal, wbich wus. donbtle**, the nwrest he had come to the perfection of th? sparkling diamond. Divorce Law or California ?In a recent case the Supreme Court of California have decided that there is no authority'in the Court to impute any restraint upon a second marriage where a dissolution from the bonds of matrimony la adjudged. With the dlseoluton the obligation* arising from the marriage are completely discharged, and the parties stand in the same position a* though such marriage had never been contracted. The case* where restraint upon a second marriage is permitted, have arisen upon express statutes authorizing its imposition upon the guilty party. P~T* Tbe Portland (Me.) Advertiser tells th* tory of one of tbe tailor* of tbe British squadron whodeaerted from his vessel. It seems that twelve years a/o be left bis home In Maine, and while In England he got drunk and wni "preest-d"' on board of a John null frigate Hit plea that he wis an American only caused a closer watch over htm; and for twelve years be has been an Knglish man-of-war's man. Happening to recognize a townsman who was visiting the squadron, he revealed himself, through his aid procured a disguise, and safely d-serted by passing from the ship as on* of the visitors. JET The London Mechanics' Magazine state* ?K*t * (! ?>-* # * ? - 1 J ~ ..... ?, *< ten iu iriigiu oua ti pounai to the yard, are being made at the Darlington Iron Works, and are ibc largest which have yet been rolled. Railroad companies discover ihat, by having strong rails and heavier engines, large trainsareworked with less labor, greater dispatch and at a smaller cost than when lighter stock Is used?one tra'n doing the amount of carriage work that three usually perform. ID" The first man who discovered gold In California?It now turns out In consequence of Investigations by the Sau Francisco Society of Pioneers?was'Cant. Jedediah 8 Smith, a chief trader In the employ of the American Fur Company, who found gold in the valley of the Sacramento as long as 1825 On a second expedl tivu w iuc ko'Q netaa, lue loiiowing year, the enterprising Pioneer wit killed by the Indians. |T7"The repairs on the Virginia nnd Tennessee Railroad are progressing as rapidly as possible. Three hundred hands are employed; and It Is supposed that the cars will be able to pass over the road the last of this week, unless further Injuries were sustained by the sever* rain of Friday night. President Owen and Superintendent Gill are personally directing the repairs. American Steamships in French Waters.? When the Adriatic entered the port of Havre, on her last trip out, she meet the Fulton just leaving. The two steamers on passing saluted each other with flags and guns. The Incident created quite a sensation along the wharves of Havre, as It was the fir at tim* * * ?? >?v autu uirve Americtn steamers were Men together before tbe city. tfT Cornellnt McKay, son of Donald McKay, K*q , the famous Boston ship-builder, has been arrested and held to bail in ?5,000, on a charge of committing a highway robbery, upon Mr. Oliver H. Downing, In Chelsea. It is alleged, that in company with several accomplices, ne fobbed Mr. Downing of 9*2,500. Thirty Thousasd Apples or a Sixolb Teek. Wm ft. May, of Pomfret, Conn . picked 40 bushels of apples from one tree. He had the curiosity to count tbe number of apples in one peck, and found .190, making 760 in one bushel, and 30,400 apples grew upon the tree ?JV. Y. Erpress They must have been mighty small apples, irr" A gray-beaded aaa, fifty years of age, named tJeawell, was arrested at Line Creek, near Montgomery, Ala., and convicted of tampering with negroes bv telllni? them that th?i? ?n be free after the' election of Lincoln, and waa aeverely whipped and ordered off. U7 A large, If not tbe largest, publishing bouse In England baa paid a merited compliment to two of tbe New York reporter* wbo accompanied the Prlnee on bis American travel*, by re?guesting him to prepare a of the entire trip or publication prlorta tbe Christmas holidays Tbe Rockiagbarn (Va.) Register, speaking for the democracy of tbe ?? Tenth Legion/' Intimates thai ax-Governor Wiae is likely to lad but few recruits for bio "Minute Mea" organization tn that portion of tbe Old Dominion. IET Dr. Lewis Linton raised this year at bis place, Sheridan Point, on the Potomac river, la Fairfax county. Va., 1,060 bushels of sweet and 400 buahels at Irish potatoes. EDUCATIONAL. ' I PROFKS*OK Of t^*Tfe&0H8iod GERMAN LANGUAGES, SIT Eighui street, between L and M, ku the honor to annonnoe to the ptibh<? that ha hu resumed h>s lessons in th<> aboVe ItninM**. and hu OMted at Miss Wood s aeminw. I street, UIvno 12th aad lath sis , a French Class is whioh young ladies will bo admitted. This class will meat three times a week at half-past 3 p. m. Ttrms: $5 per quarter of 10 weeks Satisfactory arrangements mads for lesson* given in schools. Mr. de Villiers offers tbe best references as to his seal, ability, Ac..Ae. oo 24-1 in FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parentt who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systsmatio education, where their phyetoal training wid receive daily and special attention, nnder the most approved system of Calisthenics and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*. _aa SB-tr Principals. FIWJMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institation will oammence on Tuesday, September filth, in the house recently occupied by S)lve?ter Soott, Esq.. iiu. ic?w iving street. The course of study pursued will oorgpriseall the branohes requisite to a thorough English Eda cation, tad Musio, Fiench, Latin tod Urawiag, ii desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormiok is prepared to receive a limited nnmber of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under Iter immediate oar* and supervision. She will endeavor, as Jar aa possible, to surround them with the oomforts and kindly influences of Horn*. Ktfrrmtn.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D% E'las Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprig*, William H. Fowle, Esq., Kdgar Snowden, Esq.. Edmund F \\7 itmer, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McKeiilie. Esq., Robert H. Ilunton, Es^ . W. O. Walfaoh, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Knq..JaM^l Entwisle, Jr., Ess.,C?l. John \V. Minor, Luu<1<*b7 Messrs. Blacklock & Marshall, Messrs. CiM Brothers. J ft Board, with Tuition in all the English BrattfUf 9300 for the annual session?payable semi anflV, in advance., w _ U ' in nnio ana uangnages ai rroie?sor?' pnoMA No extra charcee. a^^tt PEORGaTOWN FEMALE SEMINAJv. \JT (Fokmkklt Miss L. 8. Esfin't.) A boarding and day sr ho A The duties of this Institutien will be redBed on the first Monday in September next. The course of instruction embraces aaJThat is taught, from the rudimeoU to the motfTHpiljr finished education. . The corps of teacher*. f?n :n nuM)N4re ?>niinently qualified and experienced laMqpv several departments. Lectures Fndaj evening* on the Seienoea Without oharge to the pupils. Circulars nay be obtained by addtM^B the Principal. Miss .ITJ- HARROVKR.QaS^Rwn, D. C. aua-eoam - CARRIAGE FACT^jtlES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE HBTORY. * " D Strut, Bttt?*en 9Ik Struts, We have just finished a numtJErOf first o ms CARRIAGES, such as Litkt JKkk? J>mg. Wan on s, Park Pkeatotu. Family ww-gHgR rtatti, and Butt/tut, whioh wo wm ! at? ~ ?' a ver* small profit. Being practical m*cbanies in diflVrent branches of the busicees, we flatter ourselves that we know UIC KiyirB uu qu&my oi WorK Wat Will KIT* witup faction, combining Lightness, oomfort and dnrahin Repairing prnmptl? and carefully attended to the shortest nc tioe and moat reasonable charges, WALTER, KARMANN 4 BOPP. Coaohmaksrs, enooeesors to Wm. T. Hook. apTT-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Sabeoriber naring made additions to ki factory, making it now ope of the iarg??t In the District, where his faot.ities (orHDW raanolaotnrtnr CARRIAGE & WAUONH or all kinds oannot be surpamd,ao4 fraim Kia Uii*a?a?u?aAiii ? VH* ?" iwmj ??fvi rvitvw I U >U* UMUIU?|| B9 OVffl to civ* g?d?rm' All kinds o t Carnages as>4 Licit Wit on* keyt M Ail REPAIRS M*tlr4*???MUill?rt?n prcmpt # attencod to. SMia4-ku< CurrtM*?f^km;a ?ehut9l?r m ANDRli W J* JOYCE. 4 tft-tf Mrt*r mf Wtb til) K sta. JUST RECEIVED, AT ?MITH'3, A lot of GENTS'S UNDKRSHIRTS ANDi DR \WERS, from auction, which he will ell very low. oe 19 ltn PIANOS. PtANOS?Tha lWROttassortment of Pianos, Meiodeons, Guitars, Vio-ww-|M lins. B&ngors. Best Italian Strings Ao h r ? n cord eons, Flntinas, Concertinas,Fluids,* * f Biles, Flageo!?tts, Ciarionetts, B-ass Instruments, rums, and every variety of musloal ware, also an immense stocfc of Sheet Music, Mu?io Hooks and Operas, for every instrument at the Musio Store of W. 0. ME rZEROTT. oorner of Pa. av. and llth street- Sole Agent of Steiuway A Son's Baoon Raven & Co.'s and Knabe A Co.'s Pianos, no 22 tr FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 8200,000. Qfit corner C street and Louuianm an., over Bank of Washington. INSURE HOUSES AND~OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DiixcroB* Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel R?<Jfern, Samuel Cropley, Wuiiam Wi eon, Richard Jonea, John I). Harolay. JaoobOmeon, Andrew H<>thwell. 1 no*, carver, Kieliard Uarrj , B.B.French. No charge for Policies JAMES ADAM?, Prennlent. Abel G. Davis, Secretary. oc U>-e?6m Notice to journeymen tailors, AT HOME AND ABROAD. The following la a correot list of the employers who pay thebilTprioas ol. and are reoogniaod by, the Society, to wit; \V. H. Stanford, Matlock A Griffith, I'uvali A Bro., Matlook A Herbert, Win. Tuoker, James Lackey. G VV. Hint^n A Co., J. T. Mcintosh, Loudon A Co., Thoa. K. Gray, E. M. Orew Vandoran. se27 ?< 9m Dry goods-dry goods: DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! We have now in atoro a very large and well a? sorted otook of Dry Goods. of every kind and quality We oordially invite all persons in want of Dry Goods to call and examine our atook before making their purohasta elsewhere. Every artiole will be old at the lowest market price. WM. R. RILEY A BRO., Mo. 3ft ^Antral StitrM Between 7th and 8th streets, _ooS-eolin Opposite Center Market. Qnn iTbS. WOOLEN YARN in Blue, Grey iaUVI B ack, White and 'ir.ilomoo ??. Woolen and Cotton Hoaiery and Glove*. Gentlemen'* Ribbed Wool Shirts and Drawers. There goods are extra quaJttjr. Silk gnirts and Drawer*. Merino Shirts and Drawers of all grades We would oall particular attention to our well aaaorted (took of al kind of Dry Good*, suitable for all c asses of persons, all of whi h will be sold at the lowest market prioea. WM. R RILEY & BRO.. No. 36 Central Stores, bet 7th and 8th ats., oo gV-3tawlm opposite Centra Market d H A T 8, ^ ll caps, ? ^ AND FUR 8.*^ SEYMOUR, in Georgetown, announce* to ths oi'imeaa of the Diatriot that he haa now read* for *ale an extenaive aaaortment of Mole t*kin Ha'*, for genta, of the various shapea; Soft Hataand Cap* oi evert stile for man and loya: Ladies' Fura, Miaae*' apd Children'* Jockey Plata; L'mbrellaa *nd Walking Canea, at pnoea low >iouch to pleaae *11. _ W. F. SEYMOUR, oo 25-2w IXa Bridge street PATENT ARTICLES FOR THE DESK.? Clark'e Chemical Ink Eraser, for oonntinr houae aid artiata' uae. Thia ta a very aunpleana atf?otiv? artiole for removing the ink from paper. Put up ia boxes, and sold for M oenta; by mail for 91 cants The Patent Roller Blotter; a new and convenient article Po tfolio (Slates, two and three leavea, suitable f >r deaks and memorandumaooounta, vanoua sizes and styles. BLANCHARD A MOHtN, no 2 Corner Pa. av. and Eleventh at. /1IBB8' Win. uiiin a v r> rr bi uimit. VI FACTORY , 243 Pena. avenue, Bear the oorner ?'f Thirteenth street.?A very complete assortin' at of Braids, Carls. Fruettes, Bandeaas, Ae.. now on hand; also, made to order at the shortast notice Hair Work repaired or taken in exahanje. oo 3 ton i> ALTiMORE 15 BUTTER HOUSE. Daily reoei vinf fresh aad sweet, in Gqakan pack*? *'" 0h"' BvtLo?ra aw?#. trk 14 KiitlMMr* PI***. R\l?imoi?, fUBr RECEIVED AT SMITH'S. Seventh pciaaa. ?*a l?1m "PIANOS. MELODEO,N8, VIOLINS, Gaitara. X Aooordeons, Taaboriaas. Ao., Ae. oau 3OSPa.?T.,tttH&?^10iii?ta. M I I GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS 98 98 LOWBST P K I C K Or! CPlLMAN A HI NT. 98 BrMgeat/Mt, Mv*M Waibincton and Con*reaa, ar? now arenans! to how fh?ir wall aaleet^d atock of DK ?l>0 DS. DOM KSTI? 8, Ae. Tkair atora ( Dm oM a*a?M of H. K. fWrjr) havint ramodallad tad fitted ay m th? moil thorootn masn?r, th*y poraeaa ffcoilitiea anequala* to tfca Diatriot tor tha proaeoaU'B of a general Drt fiooda Uutineaa. Tha? reaaactfnlly invita a oal! from the oituana of Georf?*?wa an* vicinity. ncHa JUST RECEIVKD10 hhda. nrime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 1?? bbla. tiirf Rya WHISKY, 850 libla. HHRRlNG and ALKWIVE8, 40 bb.a. '>u?h(*i and Refin-^J SUGARS, * baa* Rio and Jara COFFEE, mkiui. .u_ ?.?i. "' > ? t"? ? m * iw w y\ iupu f For ?a> br john J. BOgT'E. ee K> / 'RANJbLL, OPTICIAN, V/ Sc. 1)19 Bruit* St., Swrntww, Hm oonatantlr on har?<J a large assortment of French Near-eigiited, Peueeoeic, f*-nlored, \ndaJ. o ' r SPECTACLES, the beet auvitT. in fold. silver. n?el,u4 German silver frames. N. 8. Old Frun*i Repaired and aew i Mm Kit in them to order. bo l*-b MAS8EY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are ooMtaSZTy reeeivmc fr*?h supsiiee of the above delightful beverage, at*J invite*,: Mipai who want a para anadclteratod Ale, to civ# it a trial. IrNY * 8H1NN. Arenta, fat aT Qtmb st.. Georgetown, D?. J. H MeLEANV** 8TEE?0TH13rap_ CORDIAL anu obVUU rvmriEB. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tk* WORLD, t?nf1 th? most d*Liciors a>*t> DELIGHTFUL j? fc EVER TAKEN.QMfUE^ stile and V?|r*ta- I M* Conipomod, pro- VH^nr tioa of rtoli, herb*, hR' 91 tod bark*. Ytllo* ? Blaek R<x*. Itrupt' NnHH B"rk, aod Daudtlioo nitr* into it* com- ^Kl pot K Kin rtntdial prwcipl* of *ach 10fr*d!*j>l I* tKnrMirhl? ?nr?"~ 1 AMmug 1UH11J5. diauUinr, prodociug a daucuiua, axbllarauaf pirn, u4 tha moat infallihl* rtmady for rtnonm g tha diaaaaaa ayatam, and raatonor tha aick, aafarug, and dtMlitaiad invalid la haallh aod air an fill. McLEAirS STRENGTHESINO CORDIAL Will afaetatlly car* Li?ar Complaint, Djirapaia, Jaandica, Chronic or Narvoaa Utb.Utj, Diaaxaaa of tha Eiteaja, and all diiaaaa* ariam j from a diaordcrad Lirar or Stooaeh, Djapapaia, Raarttmrn, h??rd Pilaa, Aridity or Rieknaaa of ka Stomach, Falloaaa of Blood to tha Hand, Dati Paid or Swimming la ihi Head, Paipiuuoo of tha Haari, FilUlaa or Wcirfat to tha Stomach, Bomr Eraetntiona, Choking or 8?ffocaung Faalmg whao layiaf down.Drjnaaa or TalfoW taa of the Skin and Eyaa, Night Swtata. Inward Fcara, Pain in tba Small of tha Back, Chaal, or Sidr. Bellao Pluahta of Haat, Dapraaaioo of Spirits, Frightful Oraaaaa, Langocr, Pcapoudaccy or any narvoaa diaaaaa, Soraa or Blotekaa oa tb? Bkia.'and Fa?ar and Agna (or Chill* and OVER A MILLION BOTTLES ha ? b?m told dinot tht Ittt tit moctht, tod ta bp toMutt hat it failad la firtnf tout* Htithcuta. Who, ?>. a, will talfar from Wmknttt or Dtbiiity whtn MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cart yoa 1 No Ungoagt cm 6oa?ey to adaqotit idtt at tht irataaditit tnd almott miracoloat thanft produced by takiag thia Cordial la tht dittattd, dtbilitattd, and thatttrtd ncr*ou* lyattm, whtthtr broktn down by tictat, watk by nature, or imj tirtd by wekntaa, tht ralaiad aad anauuaf otfax. Itauoti U raatored to to prituat health and ?.for MARRIED PERSONS or othart, contcioaa of inability from whatever caaat, will ad MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thorosgb rtgtceratnr of tbt tyrttm; and all who may ba*? la )nrtd thtnitalrtt by fo-prortr iadalftectt will lad la thit Cardial a ctrtam and tpttny remade. TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ?a a ae??r11cd and tpttdy cart for Incipient Cautaatpuaa, Whiwt, Obttractcd or DiBcalt MaottrnatioaJIncontinence of Crint or Involuntary Diecharge thereof, Falling of tba Womb, Giddinttt, Painting, and all diatat** ineidtot ta Panalca. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Safftr no longtr. Takt It according to diretuane It wiU tumalati, ttreagtbtn, aad Invigerat* yaa and caaat t><? bloom of haaltb to moant yoor chatk again. Eetry bault it warranud to gitt tauafaatioa. FOR CHILDREN If yoor children art aiekly, pan/ ?t aSietad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will mtkt tbtm healthy,fat, aad rofeaal Deity not a raentoti W it, and 70m will ba convinced. It k liliciooe to t'-ke. CA VTION. Beware of draf rHu or daalrn who may try to pain apoo y a too* bmer or earaapartlla traah, which they can bu? che?p, hy eayinr it letaat aa good. Avoid each mea Aik for MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, aad take notbiar ait* It it the only rtrardy that will PBrify tba Blood thoroafhl* and at tha earna time etrenjrtten tie eyateni. Una .eaepooofal taken tvary morning faaunr M a ciraln preventive for CUolcra, Chilli and Paver, YeliaW 1't'ii, or mi prevalent diee.aee. It la pat ap lu Urge bnulee. Krlca ?"'T ' ptr boult, or C houlae for $5 S H Mi LEAN, Bole proprietor of thia Cordial; alao. McLaaa'a Volcanic Oil Uauaent Principal Drpot 00 lie coruer of Third and Hat aueete, 8t Louu, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tha only I?[? and certain car# for Caacara, Pllaa, Ta mora, Swelling and Broochtle or Coitra, Parajtaia, Ntaralfia, Weakueeaof the Mtuclee, Chronic or li d .nun -orv Rhttiaiatiaia, Buffnaaa of tha JnuU, Contracted Maaclea or I.ifiicfLU, T?r?cht orToothtchl, Braitrt, Bpniaa, Frtth Cata, WtnniU, Cletrt, Ft?ar Borta, Caktd Brtut. bora Nipplct, Barn*. Sctidt. Sort Throat, or u; inhwiuw o* pain, no dilTtrtnct how iftn or louf ih? ditaatt m- y h*T. tinted, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT it a certain reir.tdy. Ttionaanda of hmian baiapa ht*e beta aavrd a Iff* of dia erapttada aad niat* by the H> of tbta iavalaabla raaiody. MrLEAN S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliava pain almoat icKinluaoial;, and u anil cltaa, parifv aad baai ifea fooled aorta in aa iccradit'la abort tiait. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN*8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT it tha only aafa and rtliablt renttdy for tht cart of Bpava, R nfVoct, Windftllt, SpHnia, Unnatartl Lcnpt, Nodtt m Swtiiinrt It navtr failtd to cart Big Head, Pollttil, rittsla, (Jld Banning Bortt, or Swteny, if property applied. Far Ipnita, Braittt, Scrafbaa, Craaktd Httit, Caaftt. Stddl* or Collar Oalla, Cata, Boree, or Woandt, it la an infallible remedy. Apply it aa directed aad a cara u ctrt&in 1a e?ary Th*n trill* no longer vith lh* many wnrtbl*** Lintrnaaia offtrtd to you. Obtain a nrplr of Da. MCLEAN'S CLLEBRATED LINIMENT. It will can ?ml i. H. McLEAN, Sol* Propria to*. Corner Third and Pin* ? , Bt U?i. M*. CHARLES 8TTOTT, 375 Pa. ar? aoU *r*M ?r W toe; R, 8. T. C1S8EL, (icorgitown. uM DtWlf iim r. wm. r. bichstki*. NEW FIRM FRENCB A KiCHSTEIN, i Svtcetsors to Wm. F. Rayly ) Who.ea&K ud Ketai. Detitri in BOOKS, STATIONERY, AKD PERIODICALS, No. UTS Pi.wstlvania Avtsr*. Wedding, And Visiting Cards neatly engraved and printed. Paper and Envelopes Stamped with Initial with ont *xtra charge. Subscriptions received for all the Weekly Papers and Magazines; also. New York Herald, Times, and Tribune. Ca'l and examine oor stock. All bound B<*oks told from 10 to 90 per oent. lees than the Huhtiahaur'a arinaa lL/~Any Booka not on band ordered with dlapatch from London, Paria. New York, Boatoo, Md Philadelphia. ?x? ** tm ^CHOOL AND COLLEOK OUTFITS. Youth*' and Boy*'' Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parenta and guardian* wiahinj to farciah their children and warda with !*e* oo. and Col I fee Oit&ti for the oomiai aaaeon, are inn ted to examine oar areaent large and extensive assortment BOYt*' CLoTHINtf, where they ean at out their ohildren ofall aisea in a few momenta with evert description of Ready-made Qarnwata, of aubetantial aad C(} aa SV-U 3a a Pen n. a venae. HOUSEKEEPING AND Xl SERVANTS' GOODS. We have now un hand a well selected atook of he above fooda, suod aa bheetinia, Table Linens, Napktna, Towelinice, Linee?a, Pall Cloth a, B:an keta?from onnmoQ to verv fine?Oaca burg ?. B we Domestics. Ginxhaw*, Pillow Caea Cottona aad Linens, Dunbar A Diekmaon'a, Barklisa. Char ? CO , ana msKMMon'i iri?? L,inen? m all ??aliHm, au of whioh v* will dispose of on U?? b?rt TAYLOR * HtTCHIfWiN. H. " HA!"LTOr< PAINTER. ud DEALER IN PAINTS, No. V9S 7th 8-ntirr, war Odd Mmk Hm.iL an >-tf PIITTvTh DOWN. P~ARAFFINE CANDLES! . PAKAFPINB CANDLES! A beautiful arUala.aaaal ui aapiaraaM to patcat urm I h?l?f -1?1 ' no 10 CorMT Varment md ifw.?-. *XK.0'Ah wi PL Av.l^Tw.^ji*Diin'n* Muj^ ww fcoTSJj THE WEEKLY STAR.' Iku ? tofeiii la My ettw?w yfcttifcwl < 8*nru&7 MoruMf '!1jm l~yfaqeig' , Jt? r^"J"lMl *V M? M UMH Will ? ' MEDICINES. AVBft'l A t E CCftB, Ar U< SpWy (ta?? ^ E'^IMMUO^OIimM' ^ U# Mo CM r*M?T n lo?4*r ??IW 'jy**L iU*i ol Oi? A?*n??o W?i? UM ? am m4 *? omr# for F?t?r tod Aiit ffuofc ??*f? sow mklW TOW. witk ? p?r{W <*rt^ty tlwttt wtUeyl. Quaked'e?wVi?dViU f?M*?d ? proof. Uwt !? kiniMlllMfrM Itt M*ia Uf '"Pf^LVi-w ? ? oedar mat b* af immaoaa mttim )0 tba oaimaai tin whin it aravatla. frwmiii M baUar Uao cur*, for tba patient ?c*m tfca risk wkiofc he wt [in ib attaaka at thia ba.e/u, Mr. Ttu* "Ctir updi tka alMBl* potaua of hruin A oca from i*a naUai.aad the davaiopmaut of diaaaaa, if takaa on tkairat ftpprnMh of ita premonitory aymploma It la aot only tlx brat raaaady ?m yat diaooaarad fw Uia aiua of ?oaijlaitita. *' ' alao the cheapest Th* larg? quantity va ??!; for a dollar brfcga it within Uh? raaoh ol averybodr; aad ia hiliona rtiatrteta, where Kavaa awd Aor a pravaiia, aver*Ixwly ahoatd have it aiid aaa it fraaty botii for oare aud graven tion A great superiority of Una ramaCy ovar any otharerer diaoova*-ad for tba apaodr aodoartain ear* of latarmittaata ia, that it ooataiaa aoQauma or minora . oonao^aantiy it prod a aaa ao qaiaiam or otaor lujarloua afleoU whatever apon tba oonatitabon. Tboaa oared by it ara left aa fceautliy aa i f th?y had never had tt>* diaaaaa fr wtw ?um np; ?v u\#i ?.un? i?r tiy 1 lfH> "I the miwmtUi p >ia m. A ffreat r?netT of dtaoHera vix from it* irritation, tnoii whisk at* Nitrti ?a. R^umvum. Goat. Hea-Jaria, B <K>thacli?, terMhr, Catarrh .A at hna. P*>iU t'on, Pamrel Afleetion of tht mp een, RiiIkim. Pain in the Bowels, Cotie, Para^ata.a::<i I>er?ii?* in ?n toft he S*t<>maoh. all of which, wk? <*uim ting in thia canar, pat on the inUrmuMnl t*pe. <t hMoiM periodiofe. Thia "Crai" exeeia the ptxeon fr<i'n the Wiood. aad oonee^uentl) ouree tbaa al. *Pr*ePare<! by DR. J. C. AYF.R * CO . Lowe,. and eold hy all Dmtciaf. ever* whey. of Wx*'m Helm hold's Genuine Preparation 44 HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND Fl.LID EXTRACT BLCWO A PotiU vf %nd Speoi&o AmmhI? SiAr^MW'1 Thia Medic n* increases the power of Dtieetioa, and ex ei tea tr.e ABKOBBKNTti into healthy a?lua.lw wkwk Dm W4TKIV firn ? A I PLBhl a MEN, WOMEN, OH CHILDREN. HKLMBOLD't* EXTRACT RlT?C. For WmUmm' Ariainc from F.xttMM, Hibiu of OiMipatarD E&rly IndiMretion or AIium. AtitndU uuk tlufolUwmt Symrtrwu lndiap<isiti<ir. to E*ertioa. _ Uti of Power, ktsiusxr' Horror of DlHM6, WafeafclMM, ofVMtoa. p*lo ii tfe? ttaok, Uuiveraa LaMitada o the Miwtu Hifm, ilo: Hand*, PlMhinc of tbr Bo?r? "l**" 'iALLte'coc^fwwjr i??? ?yrapiom?, u wiowoa u> ro rn, wnicn inia mOfllCir.e lD*?rt?hlT IWBVT*>, *OOC f?',"*? lMPOTElfCY, FlTCITY, ErlLK^TlC FTTS, lgtOm o? Wbkb Til PiTirat HAT KxriM. Who o?c a?* ttuf*tkwifi not fa. owed br Miob<? "DIR EFlL niSEASKH *^ MN?ANIT\- AS*D C5N?TMPTTON. Many we *wmrr of me oau*e ol the'r 'iifwiu. TBR R .SSfcWSI Wifg&f&LOW, AmH tkt Mrlmxk?li Dmtkt CmjmiiMm Reqnlrea the aid of aaduuna to itrxafttM Wkitk Hilxmid'i If cfc *' iTr.-vi TW/a WILL COITTKfCI TBI HOST HiniCil. FEMA LES?FEMAX.CA?FEMAI.ES, FEM&LES. tfco extract Dacha ia HMmLiiU hy By othar reiuady.aa ia Ckl >ro?ia or Kotaytioa -wtu.antj, Paiuruiaeaa, or Sarproooioa ofCaa tomvj LracaatioDa, U'oorated or Koirrkoaa auto Ol the l't*ru, LeaoorrlKBa or WhftM, 8t*ri ity, a&d for a I oompi&inta moideM to ta? ?u fMtber amine from I?B!?oretlor, Habits of D:?*trati:>u or is th* DECLINE OR CHANOl OF LIFM. NO FAMlLY*\k^ l?" B**?#ta?OCT IT Takf m? w%0rt BtUimm. Mtrewtf, or w/iwrnH ^SBSffl5?rU?kfef'Wc^= sbckeTH&BASES Ball tt?tr StagM. At .ittle umdm, ttle or ao cfcaat la Dwt; No inooavauwoe: And m Xqwmt. ttnaaaea a fr**aeot dMir* an* |tit?w ttraafU) to InuM, thoreoy Remorln* ObstmetJoM, Preventing and o?na* 8triol?re? of UMlIrKllrt. Allaying Patuaad IciflajninauoD, ?u fro*B?>at m the olast of dieeaMB. aad ?xpnting ail fiuMni lHttafid. mud irr~n orti Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who htri see* rai nmai of Mtc?, and wbo hav? pe.o k?r* ft** to be enred in a ?kort time. have f uixl the* were deoeivad, aid that n>? P01tM.?N" (1M, try tu? KM ofrowanL uinwrtM," been d-rnd up in tb? ariiem, to break out in an a# era rated form, and PEHHAPS A.FTKK MAMM1A9M. Un HiLMoit'i Rituct BvcnAir a. afee tioua and amewei oi tr DAINAXY O8.0A.Nft. Whetber ei.r'.i.i io MALE OR FEMALE. *^^Wjjf8Spr ~tu' IP THE ' K FAT bfplETip. And ! oertain tn hare toe deeired effVt in a? t>tt aaetFOR WHICH IT IS R KCOMMKNDED. ErvUnct ?f tkt wwft TMnul* mn4^rnpon**bU ckmr CERTIFICATE* OP CURES. ? >V*WI ?<??|rtmrr n?iii?. Wit* Niicp tRowi r? BCIENCR AND FAME. Price tl-00 per kottle, trilitor ||.M. Delivered to any Addrooe, eoearoly pocked fro oboervfcUou. Daecaias Bv*rroit? m ul CowmnririM? Care* Gaaraateed ! aItTm Orttta !! AFFIDAVIT. dely evorn, doth ?ay. kit preeara'inai oo?Uun mo naro<>tie, do merearr. or p her mianoee arucs, but are puroly vefetable. W. T. HK LMBOJ.D 8?om Mid eeheoribod before dm, Una ad day of November, ltM, WM P. HIBHKRJ). AtSmmmm* Addreaa Ietter t foMufar ??d ?> Who MdMTOt to dla^OM ' or tun OWl" M< "oT **" UTiOM on TBi imrtinos ittuhii Rfj^oid'. MgSSlSli ? MM, " - ImproTttf Rom W'uti. Sold by B. B. Wait*. 488 8*>with HiiiLMt 8. C Foe?, j?., ootmt Pml itmm tad ISrvmtk Sr^&vgag ftmzmtk. IfMOlT B. HALL F*Hl I9RUL UEMimU, tr?t. bxwb D and Lowi?? a*. ? Mf Flou*DA^^^I^n^A^ 88imimion c?s^ M&sk ny C?k paid frr all ? < of 8??W ?? . rtliU, o iAroo^o ? Wi Ajwbn, hftnjul ffowtwl i.lnte nneli of L^iaMafgwiyiKw PANMNO BVF^K>J>E6S. fiV? !" ? *" ' ^ 5b? Wjh m 10 ir p^5f5G^^^v^r' ^ODeM. COLD^ HOA??BNB?, U. Lw?" p22T rfrVy^iWme? joagknowLiM^uui,"^Kl'>?Mt 53Ead^^^S%!rtSa2y 1\IKW BUCKWHEAT. ' . ^

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