Newspaper of Evening Star, November 7, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 7, 1860 Page 3
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1 <>PAL N K W& |f U_7"'inou?h Tmi &t?b ta printed ? tfee fcateM Mr*in prtsa In nae n.uth ?f Baltimore, Ita edlt'on la ao lnr^e u to mjn1re It to V pat to pm it mi ewrly hour; Advertiscmenta, tbereXon, aboaid *? T.t la before 12 o'clock in.; ?tterw<?e they. may not api>ear until tbf next day. j Notice.?Ditrlct of Colombia AdTrrfltrtaeati to be ! na^rtM in the Tinltuiobz iks are receive# , at and forwarded from T** VTtt CMRce.K > m Wa*bix0t< x Cut o* ihi N'eiiat rirt Ruscti?x of AiatUiM I.ucol* ?LMt bI|;M?m frrmato one in Waahlngton. Wf Hardly need aay< Lo*ig before th^re wm anr p^aalbllltj qf feturaa *e!nj{ recrlvcd from Xew Ye?k clto, apos^htrh ? p"i?t tbe leterret eeemed ? ooimtMtr. P*nn?> 1-? o?nla avenue, r*e*et?th afftet, C at. injlDidiuia n-mi u?- wrrr I'T" wire pr^pie, BC'irTTTng in DOt haate from one bold to another, and from one political club room to aaother. There *artlae a crowd at tbs telegraph ?flee, ready teaireeei eff bot foet at tbe tail of any dtepatch emerging from the MHne. go veVr* it mijrbt. Tfce bulletin twerd et tbr NatfonnF Hotel Was scenned wttttTBe closest ratinv "for anything later;" and In ITetl oT that, every one read and came back a good meav tjmti ead re-read e*-,Manual Ho?r?ri 1pm dlspnJck from \'?>w York, tbet the fuel on ticket* would leave the city 10,000 ahead, heavy vote poll! nr. .*!?Vlght,4c AT Til CLCB lOoHi. ^ The varten political headquarters were of ' ronnr densely Jammed with partisans, and those anxious to gain any possible crumbs of Information a boot the look or things. TUe Democratic Jackson Association rooms wer? larjten visited and had a pretty noisy crowd, wtiirh w is eiated and depressed by tarns, as the various dispatches came in. The dispatch ajx>ut half-past 9 o'clock, purporting to oonoe te ?ecre?? tary Cobb, and saving that nineteen wards of ^ New York city bad pone fusion fcy 4P.H00 majority, brought out just sueb a demonstration of t* ?#e It^lit ** tbv kindred "John Jiark r diipatrh" ' '"Jlfc iLe nijjhlal" the Pennsylvania State election, ke^SEd proved just about a* reliabi? a* tLat farsous ftwtfeulletin. A ban.t of music was sent for and Loused In the neighborhood. preparatory to the f'i'Ttnphal parade, out beyond a few preliminary drum-tap* and tunings ot instrument* uo music wu 0kpea*?l An hour later came the awkward dlspatcn announcing bat 2.1.(XiU fnsion majority i? New York citv, with rartous unpleasant item* of news from Virginia and oilier States, and *o the baud went bouie unemployed, the "National V olsateers" aot to care to march to their Ijrave attack upon the undefended wigwam to the rains of maMc At the Bell and Everett rooms, on Seventh street, there was a good. attendance, and white watting for retnras the crowd was kept enter J L a* ? _ ? - ? ^ ~ - tainru wj UTe.iy illfCOOUl fXWDM Irom RlcV Ball. Geary. Clayton, and others K-solutions were unanimously adopt* ' . .. Association. as citizens of Washir - * u form !l*?-lf into a body-xuard for of the Union Tfce general ? ^ P^ - * Presideut of tUe United ?h-ML'Jm'"' -* rooms, on 0 street, we found . .<? rather jubilant tn view of the were -* T0,e given In Virginia. They #moking totue Tery good cigars here, (urj? President Eonli lu the chair,) and were ?ttf?f<rtfc?raright genteel-ltoking crowd Lawyer Morris was making a spirited lutle speech, In the ceuree of which he administered a smart rasping to Henry A. Wtw, of Virginia, lot bi* diaunion rant At tfce Republican Headqnnrterr ("wigwam.'*) Indius^ ITWUf th~~m mrmm mm ?'? 1 - J mmm mm ^ ull |iallliril?C i/l UT? U, *ad the sound ?n approaching \vn* thit of br> a w*rruing. Inside, the ball like the Hreckin?'rtge roomi, fairly j.iuiA.?that'a the word?with tlie fume* of bad tobtttx o Hab ! what a fo^' T-j?j return* at the time we flr* entered the wigwam were Ml decisive, *nd everybody wr.s "just <??!Ur:g " The news from Fairfax, ^ a , that the Fail* Church precinct polled twelve votesfor Lincoln, got up ?. hurrah, but generally the ret irus in the early part of tbe evening were not sucn a* to rmke the republican* particularly sunny-fceed There were rumors afloat in tht room at this boor of a threatened attack upon tbe building by the ^NAtioniiVoliiDb^i**" Kut M?A ** ? - >'ua. > v tuu^l UC.IUCJ were sc^rc?ty credited, aa It was not deemed poaalble tbat th* Jackson Association would wish to udd to the discredit of iU late Llstory bysach a volunteer act of infamy. Lr* coom wisri to ixt. About 10 o'clock the rather writ-known "Lum Cooper" was ma kin* himself quite conapb uotis abouttte NaUonal Hoti-i, challenging betaoa tbp strength of that 49.u>?> dispatch H? tLouztt the pn*pecta very bright. bat even if ?ach a calamity should befal the country ns the election ef Abe l,t?c>ln.he bc'.leved the Almighty, who wis a '.' niocrat, weuld'nt permit him to snrvive his ' \l<-t<?v niorpthao ihre* months at the farthest. If atxty like himself could have been found In the eitv during the publication of that abolition sheet, t ie Kra, rj issue wouil have been stopped a great aeal quicker than it was. A large audience was aaseuiMt-d at the theeire last hi^btwitb U.* double purpose, it waa sjppot^ii. of witnessing the performance ar.d hearing th*-election returns. During the evenlog Generai J??ne came In. and on p?*sir.i; down the aisle to 1he orcheater seats was loudly cheered Among present in the orcbester aeta was Secretary "I*Qt fnpson and family, and aeverMsr com playing ladies and tantiemes', alt of whom seemed to take muh ir.leint tn trie election returns aa tbey wer# from time to time announced from the stage. Tn? first of thea* announcements?the partial success of the fns'on ticket In New York city?vros made by Jor Jetlerson wLSle performing the character of 5*nnon Lullaby, and waa received with lead cheers, ^uhsrqnent diapatrhes were read by Jafferaoa, Glenn or Raymond aa they arrived Breckinridge. lie 11 and New York fusion auccea*-* were received with enthusiastic appl uae, while Lincoln majorities were generally hisaed. On tbe Announcement that nineteen wards in New Yosk riw had DAflaa luim ?? ? M-? f?.?,w- iiicj ji njr iur *nr iiiiion ticket, a I >rR" portion of the audience roae to their feet, ami for a few momenta tb* whole Interior of tbe building was a scene cf wild excitement? Bien lordly hurraing and swinging their hats, and the iadiea?particularly Secretary Thompson's party? waving taeir handkerchiefs with delight. THE SCRI3S3CAGS JLZ MOWJU'. Near midnight th? crowd about the hotels bad grown not only laf^e but noisy, being made up ^tty largely of drunken yonng'men. "spiling for Miuas. ! A short, light-haired chap called out vociferously for anybody to show him a d?d black repuwican. A second Ward boy, who doea'nt train with the Wigwam folks, we believe, b I who seemed dipossd to wade in just for the fu of the thing, presented hims-if as the identl- 1 cat individual M>ught for by whitehead, and followed the word by a blow upon the nozxle of the latter The adherents of the respecti re belligerents Immediate^* rushed tn th??ni?n?ft ? tk-'- ? _ ? ? mmm ? f? ?* IHCi ^ I 41" el pals. and for a few minute* tLere was % general t.iaacl and n_?M. amid wbtch we eo>ild only d stingulsh the raiiylrg criea of 4iJump In, Second Ward!" " Hit Iifm, Gal Deal" "Sock htm. Baker!" "Go It, tow-head*" Jfce , Ac. The Second Ward boya are considered "some on a ptu? m.M "and f bey were very aoou in possesion I 'hj a*.d, and tbe last we saw of tbe lighthaired young man be was being supported to t^e rear of tbe ball, wt-arnu a bloody Ji?v- and a luottied face Meantime tbe symptom* of a frtsh acnmmagt* be^an U> oianifeat thetuselvri, (tbe mciubcra of tue police force present looking on with tbe suit test Impartiality, we mint do tbem 1Le justice to say,) but tbls waa averted by tbe timely intervention of Alderman Ward, who Managed to make himaelf beard s1?ore tk?- dl n, and stated that tbe eateemed DroDrietor of lh? bouse ( MarthaI Brown) was lying ill above, and atked ihe crowd to withdraw. Mr. Ward's request was acceded to. and the belligerent partes <ttrided into squads aud started vinous direct.oas ' 1 , THE ATTACK cfoh THE Wli??m When the crowd left Browns' Hotel at the soi;jrestton of Mr. Ward,a portion of It raised vociferous cries of "Let's adjourn to the wigwam," which were reoponded to by numerous others of ' All riftbt; come jo, let's route 'em down there.1 The major portion of this crowd then proceeded In the direction of the telegraph office opposite the Breckinridge club rooms, where the Initiatory sVps were Uken to collect a party to repair lather under the rallying cry of the ' National Volunteers " We aollced two or tkree police officers Lfrvnt dnrlrnr IkMr BrncxJi.iiO '?" 1 ' r - ? ?- ? ?B y? WJ^ illAVUk of the Intention* of th?- crowd, but who made no attempt to dissuade them from their purpone. which It wu apparent, if carried oat, must load to a disturbance, if not to aariaua ilotliig and b'K>d*hed. About naif-past 1*4 o'clock, a large body of men were formed fa line on Pennsylvania avenue. n?tr the Br?eklnr1dge headquarters, assuntng the uanif and claiming to be u>embersof tho National Volunteer A worlatTon They marc lied bv way of Kmir-aud a-half and Sixth streets to the Repuoii can Wljjwato. corner of Indiana avenue and Second street, on retching which they wers drawn up Inline on Second street, 1 mined lately facing toe building, when throo loud cheer* wers given for the Volunteers fortunately for all parties, %%e republicans. having received suftcient Inlcllljreoce to satisfy them as to the general rtaultof the W. J # ? (.nvvwi, uuu tew luinuirt previous. adjournea U>? m*et.i.c. tad all left tLe building With tbe exception ef the proprietor of tbe establishment and fl?c or tlx otbr-r*. who wrfe In the upjx* story ,jiwUy engaged la conversation relative h> ttie rekult of tbc election. At tbe approach of the crowd tbe door* Wfrt se> urely fasvied. and ibe l>i;bU extinguished Tb<- oraer bivinjr hfm to ?t*ack tbe balld'n*, a rithwu made to ihe main d> r, breaking Tbe same open, fetnultaiteoualy vrttb which. and a general ruah up the ate pa, pwtola were tlrrd and atouea tbrowa, instantly demolishing all the windows on tbe east aide, aad many otUers oti tbe a->rth and aoutb. Those gentiewen who had remained In the building in He * upper story were compelled, aa their only hope of m aalrtf, to ukt to the rati The rlotora lar-etl tUte way late MB* whm ?Mka. Wfcl?s, ^ , ' .. ! 3^4 i!n " f bannert. transpsreoees, engravings. and picture* the property of private IndlvlAnala were eitbei demolished or taaen away. ?At tbi* point Lieut McHenry, of tbe potior bavin* received Information of thia oatr&geoui and unwarranted attack, arrived with twe 01 three policemen, when Be ordered bis men ti immediately doae tbe doora. They did so, aftd the party 1baide began to make every effort ta rape Many of the rioters escaped by jotnpina from tbe windows. One man who waa accoctec by tbe officers on tbe ftairs, In order to recap arreat threw himself over tha balusters aad dows twe flights of atrpe aad got off. Tbe follow I ni; named persons were arrested?OeoryeClar*. John Alcorn. James K. Johnson, Rtrherd Hampton, iviuyoia w. Browning. William Ogden, E.L. tturl?y, Sitae Daley, awl John Well*. The rioter*, after the attack upon the build'Ipg were called together and briefly addfewed by their leader, who claimed that It waa a disgrace to thocity to have aueh a* organisation to theettyof Washington, and it oiuht k> be t*?>?a op. After various threats to fireihe building, i?4 farther acta of violence, the cruwd waa agnln ranged In line. Cheera were then given for the "National Veivnteera" Md Brer klnridge and l<anewhen the order te natch waa given. They proceeded up Indiana avenoe to the City Half, tbence to Sixth at., and down Sixth to Pa avenue^ where they Anally dtaperaed, ahoutang luttlly Tor Uie "National Volunteers." We nnderfttud that . - - - * warrants were xo nsve oern issued this morning for the arrest of certain parties, well known in this community, alleged to have Men active participants in these riotous proceedings After two oYlock this morning the (blends of those arrested went to the house or Justice Donn and woke him, and asked him to go to the guardhouse to try the cases Justice Donn went down, and. a*rertainlng that the witnesaes for the prosecution were not there, positively refused to go into an exr.mluationfnlly The Justice suspected that the witnesses for the Government were afraid to go to the guard-house at that time; and in order to give them opportunity to appear, he held the prisoners to ball for a further hearing at his otflre at 4 o'clock p. in , to-morrow. The statement of Lieut. McHenry was substantially that hs heard of the rfot while on Pennsylvania avenue. Got one or two men snd started for the Wigwam. Arrived there; found a party Inside and some ontside. Shut the doors, and arrested eight iwts^ns I ? n - una r?. jounson, when arrested resisted the officer Many eftcap*>tl by jumping from the windows, there not betng enough of the police present to secure them. Xotc.?George Clare, who \rs* arrested among others, for participation in this 'nameful outrage, aays he had notblugwbateve; to do with the rowdy ! political club that thus. .^der cover of midnight, sought to destroy P' .vate property to gratify the rate of insaultv of tbetr disappointment at the result of the ^ctton He, yonng Clare, alleges that hap'_1jDg ^ passing the building at the rfirtihearTng a tumult In It, and aeelng fur01 ,#r?belU2 thrown ffomiUwin. ,?h....nn??H ft on 0re. "Rushing tn, to the end of siding to put tbe Are out, be discovered what was going on tn there, and Instantly ttfned to leave the premises, and that at the door Be was arrested by tbe police under the mistaken Idea that he was a participant in the a Hair. TH K iPPIttlKCI or THK WIGWAM THIS XOBNirtO. Tbe \N igwaio presented this morning a aorry appearance to the crowd of persons wbo visited It tor tbe purpose of ascertaining tbe extent of the damage. The lower story windows weie pro* tected with a strong wire-net work on tbe outside, notwithstanding which the? were riddled with it on ps, pistol balls. etc. The wire net-work wai forced and broken In, and the giaaa and s*sh completely demolished on the Second street front of the building, and marks of pistol ballets m ere numerous on the brick walls and window framea. The attacking party, after perpetrating what damage they cbov on the outside, burst open the ball door and rushed up stairs into the large room wuere the meetings of ths association are beld Here they effected more serioua mischief by demolishing and pitching through the windows benches, chairs, etc , upsetting and rending In pieces the tabiea, desks, staging, etr ; demolishing Lincoln and Hamlin transparencies and banners, breaking wide-awake lanterns and statuettes of the republican candidates, throwing large stones through the wiudows from the outaide, and other acta which uaually characterize the onslaughts of a lawless mob. The I president's table were forced open and rilled rf | their content*, amongst which were tbe books of the a?aoc iation. On tbe ball floor lay large stones which bad been thrown in through tbe windows, I aud in tbe opposite walls were tbe marks of pistol I balls, which having spent their force against it now lay scattered upon tbe floor The uniforms snd other paraphernalia of tbe Wide-A wake Club had been removed from the hall to another part of the building, which the mob did not penetrate, m that they were not destroyed. When our reporter visited the place this morning. he found a number of proaiincnt republicans in tbe ball, surveying its dismantled condition with curiously twisted faces, indicative of dls^uit at tbe cowardice ei a crowd that was contemptible enough to attack an unprotected buildI inif in si.? J- ? -* ?K. ...? ..ju^iuxuu 11 me damage aune 10 ice La.I, witli a mixture of elation at the thought of the success of their paity throughout tlie country yesterday. Some of the more enthusiastic of the crowd went to work to restore the hall to something like order, and In a few minutes a number ' of carlcaturts indicative of the republican success I and the fusion and opposition defeat were fa?| tened to the wills. the contemplation of wh!< h had ti?e effect of restoring the good humor of the crowd. There seemed to be no disposition on tbe part of the republicans to b^ revenged on wi?:i r --cowaruiy opponents, ' as tnev were termed; the unanimous sentiment being that It was best to let pubH<^ opinion pass a verdict opon the conduct of th?" .National Volunteer*'' and the parties wbo bad incited them on to tlie peroration of these disgraceful deeds. A HIFTTBLICAN THROWS DOW* STAT** On Monday nijjbt an elderly man, belonging to tbe Republican Associationrial ted the Democratic Jack*>n Association Rooms, by Invitation of a party ttiere, to arrange the terms of a bet On etifc-rinn the hall, and being recojtnlied a* one of the wigwam folks, he wa* assailed and imrti-d towards tbe door, and was th?-a pitched and kicktd down tbe stair-ease On reaching tbe landing he was again maltreated by chairs being thrown upon him, and he got away very seriously (nin UJ Ul vu T?vstw*< or thk Public Schools ?Tbe Board of Trustees of tbe Public Schools licld thfir regular moat lily mention iu tbe Aldermen'a Chamber, Cltv Hall, yeaterday afternoon, at clo-k. Preaent?Mews M H Miller, A W Miller, Ironside, Holmead. For*, Wbjrte, Willett, McKnew, Abert, Walab, Arret. Mr. Walsh, of tbe Third District, called the meeting to order After tbe transaction of some preliminary buaineaa? Mr Wlllett stated that the n!"ht arhoola In the Pourib District were not openea on last Thursday night on accour.t of tber* bring no one to take charge. Mr. Thompson having declined the tcaeherahlp of the nme, be hoped It would be in order to make another nomination. TU tk.i u U ? . ?~ vu.ii < ?? nim it wvuiu uf id orarT to make another nomination. Mr. W'lllett then nominated Mr. VV.R. Stratton for teacher uf the night school in the Fourth District. The nomination wu unanimously confirmed Applications for teachers' places were received from C C. Wede and Theresa N. Glvens. They were referred to the committee on examinations Mr. M. U. Miller, from a special committee appointed at the last meeting for the purpose, rtC'ted a set of rules for the government of the i hers of vocal music In the public schools; which were received and adopted Mr. >liller then moved that the special committee be discharged from further service. Mr. Wbyte thought that it was necessary to have standing committee on music, and moved that the chair appoint such a committee, and hoped Mr. Miller would be chairman of It Mr. Miller made miiii remark* aa to the propriety of having such a committee, and concurred In the idea; bat expreared a desire not to be made lta chairman. After aome dlacuaalon the committee waa ordered, and the chair appointed the following gentlemen upon It: Meaars Ironside, M H Miller. Whyte and A \V Miller. Mr. Ironside moved that a committee be appointed (one from each district) to prepare a set of rules of order for the government of the board. I xft**r a f#?w r?innrlr? ""k - * ? -- . ....... .. r.%,. - </?., ?u\,u a luiiimlttee was ordered, and the chair appointed upon it Mt-aara Ironside, Fort A.W. Miller and Whyte On motion, adjjnraed. As KiaTHyCAit* IK this Citv.?The afSrers at ths Smithsonian institution report as follows "It appears tbat the eastern portlou of this ^ootinnot la at present in rather *n unstable condition. Besides the earthquake noticed In the newspaper* as having been ao extensively felt in Caoada and New Kngtand on the morning oi the 17th of October, a alight shock was alao perceived by a number of persona is thia city on th? evening of the 19th. We learn also by letter that one was observed hi Monroe county. New York, about 7 p ai. on fb* 'J'itL. aud tbe paper* mention the nine as luving bttn noticed in Canada, and a (jentlpioaii iutwrma ua tuit Ue f?l( wbal be sudto be a rilgbt earthquake motion In this ritv between i?t aud six o'etock on Sunday afternoon." | 1 ui CasaArsAX? aid Ohio Cam at.?'The Collector of the Chesapeake-and Ohio Canal Co . in Georgetown bas reeeteed # letter from tbe Superintendent of Hancock's division, dated; on Hatorrl,? ntl itdlnir th*t ? ?"' 1? ?- ? ? W3 ? ? *? wr iuicr? rupt'd for a week to clean oat the aand-bars He inak*e no mention of acy cUmaf J to tbe Canal on hia divlaion. - ? Geo Borrow* raaideata fhould to)brace tbia opportunity to witoeaa tbe cheat* and elegant work of art now on exhibition at Odd Feilowa' Hall for a few evening* longer. "Cawwot as Bkat"?Tboae prime bay oysters at ^laapaoa'a. Go trv tbeoa. at the Simpson Uone, Tenth etrertand Pennsylvania avenue. In PuroKAVA of tb? Arctic legions, II sbenl4 be borne tn aalnd, will be on exhibition at Odd FeUemr** Hall, thi# afternoon tad evening, * *.?u r \h -*?. bmmb??????? , i ExaXisatiow or WoLros* Stosi's Ci? r Last nigbt Mmn WoUor4 8l?ne and Tbomaa Lewi* were wmM and takrn to the guardhouse , by lb? pellee, on a charge of disorderly condort i and fighting at the telegraph office. Aa exiirinar tton wee bad by Justice Doun, which resulted in ? the immediate disnaiseal of .Xr. Lewie, and the i retaining of Mr. Stoae for further bearing The ? evidence wae substantially as follow*: | O W MVr*, swor i.?was stmdlng at the tele1 craph office; Mone rushed out to fight Mr Hope; i Hope raised bis stick and struck at him The i sttair aroee from Hope saying Stone was ooBrerned in inc underground railroad i Gfig* Dona '</< , sworn ? Said lie arr?st<*d Stone when be was making his way out into the street to fight Bom, about some words that had | passed between them. Stone dropped a pistol, ' which was picked op [ For carrying tbe weapon Mr Stone was fined fao and costs, under the Corporation law. 1 CKat firiinun, sworn.?Was at the telegraph oAce and heard some words passed betweea itone and Hope. Saw Stone go towards tbe Man, (Hope.) | Heard a lick with a stick, but did not see who l rtrnckZtisl^iijMjIwotn.?Heard Heoerhaeee 4tone I With being * Uiief, In Mealing negroes. Words iimw?. Stone stepped out, and wu rtrock by Hope with* stick. Hope abused Stone *ery much before be went ont. Did not see Stohe pi* bis band in his pocket. Hope was so fir from Stone that be strncx him with only the end of tbe Mick. Lttcit Parkrr, sworn?Corroborated Wilson's statement Did net see Stone make towards Hope. Heard Stone ask Hope Into tbe street to settle tbe matter. Jno Cramp.vy, sworn ?Was steading In the telegraph ofice door. Heard Stone call for some person who wanted to bet HUOU. Hope said he bad better keep bta mom*, as be got It by runnlne off negroes. Stone saia, "You can't take anything oat of this!" meaning himself. Heard um? ?n? My. "Come out in "the street!" Stone started towarda tbe crowd, and was struck by Hope. Think Stone said he would settle the matter la tbe street. Hope said "Come onand struck him WitbftltiCK. . .. - - ExPLAitAtrox.?In our lssaeof tbe Utb Instant, appeals a report of certain testimony taken In a naae before Justice Donn, against Dr. Dally and Mr. Close, which, considered aside from the report of the following evening, is calculated to convey an Impression unfavorable to tbe gentlemen in question, and place them In a false pesttlon before the public. We deem It d*e them, and cheerfully ?ate, that the charge against them was not sustained, as will appear by our report of tbe following evening: and that they were promptly and honorably discharged by tbe Jns? nee; ana we append Hereto, with pleasure, a statement from the Justice himself, which we trust will be satisfactory, and remove all erroneous inferences and conclusions against them : >fr. Editor : By requnt I would state that the testimony taken W me in the rase of the United States agt Dr. Dally and Mr Close, while It entirely exonerated ana acquitted Dr. Daily front all i participation In the matter, clearly established, in my judgment, the entire absence of any intention on the part of Mr. Close to Injure or defraud the prosecuting witness The testimony also establishes the fart that tome ten or twelve days after the assignment of the prosecuting witness's interest io the patent right in question t > Mr. Close, be expressed himsolf satitjirii with the nuHciiuu, ana lauKauenuy wu engaged by I Mr C. to do some painting In Alexandria, which be did do The testimony alto satisfied me that tbe "patent right'' was of verv little value Noth> ing appearing to connect I)r Daily with the transaction. 1 promptly dietuisaed him and examined blm as a witness And in view of the whole evl? deuce adduced. ( was perfectly satisfied, and am now. that Mr. Close acted from the bestof motives and in good faith with the prosecuting witness, and tLat the charge of drugging or swindling was without any four.dntion whatever. He was honorably discharged And I further now believe that the whole matter of the arrest caused by the prfstfutlng witness was a conspiracy to extort money from Mr Close. Tho? c. Doss, J P. 1 p*id particular attention to tbe above case, and I cheerfully concur In tbe foregoing statement of Justice Donn. i. H Jornioh, J. P. i rimy concur with Justice l>oua in tbe statement rendered above. A. I.lotd. I believe that there was not the shadow of cause of a charge against Mr. Clo?e and Mr. Dally. f. j Mcrpht, J. P. Cestrat. Gc*rd-Hor?k Cass* ?S Monckton, vagrant; workhouse fll) days. D. B Gladden, flghtine: discharged. Boston Jones. Geo Jackson, colored, fighting; ?2 15 each. Isabella Penny, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 da^s. Wolford glone, carrying weapons; S21 15 Tb?s I.f\i i* rl im.rdi r!v . 1!mr\i ?<! R v W.. .H and disorderly; 92 >5. J) Bigl*y, fighting, security for hearing 1). Olover, carrying weapons; dismissed Margaret Humphries, Margaret Bailey, John 5avoy. Jas S??morf, Bernard Writ, Sain'l Johnaon, all colored, cat after hour*; 92 15 each. Tiie Tjikatrr ?The performance at the Theatre last night passed off with the usual trial of the Jt-fferaonlau regime, besides being interestingly Interspersed with the announcement of the flection rcturna aa they transpired The audience waa large and fashionable,embracing auch celebrities aa Gen. l.ane, and (Secretary Thompson and family. Toe bill for to-night consists of "The Kirala" and ' The Lady of the I.iona," Mr. Jefferson aa Bob Acres and Clod Meddienot. The election returne will again be read from the stage to-night, aa they transpire. Attacked bt RoWdh? -Last nlglit when -the crowd* were at the various rendezvous awaiting the election return*, a voting mnn l?-ft Thorn'* building, the Bell and Everelt room*, to go to *ee a friend on Sixth street. A* he wa* passing along F street a gang of rowdies attacked him, knocked him down, and beat him very badly. He wa* 10 bml*'d and cut that hi* friend* did not recofcnize him, until he mad" bimielf known. He belongs to Georgetown, and was ?ent directly hoine to l>e properly attended to. Tub Protmtaxt Orphan Asylum. It wlQ be een by an advertisement In another column, It to be benefitted bv a couple of exhibition* of the Panorama of the Artie Keglous. now at Odd pellows' Hall. These special exhibitions are to come off on next Friday afternoon and evening, and considering their object will of course be liberally patronized by our citizens. Firs tit.?About half part nine o'clock last night a free fight occurred between several young gentlemen near 13th atreet, where the workmen are busily engaged In laying a sewer. Intbescrlmmage they all fell Into the aewer together, when, considering the muddy condition oftheirclotbes. they concluded to ahake hands and be frlenda. Attention, all lovers of the i'nion?ladies especially?tint winter opening of the latest styles bonnets, hats, and flats, on Saturday, November 10. at Stevens' fancy store. 33? Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. 3t EriiTHDT should attend Odd Fellows' Hall to-nigbt,to witness the most sublime and enchanting work of art ever placed before the Washington public. Prof. Mabini opens his dancing academy at Franklin Hall, corner of Ninth and D streets, this evening. See bis advertisement in another column. TWHY IS IT.' HAT 8T1NEMET'/, THE HATTER, 18 always busy and nut heard o.oakwi* ganjb about dull tim's? Bmun he aeile the beat artioles M at the lowest oash prioes. Egi 9E4 HT J ust osened? LS-^RI New styles Gent* DRESS HATS, - |H Si ^ do Sort HATSand CAPS, Miesee* JOCKEY HATS, Trimmed and Untrimncd. PURS! F U R 81! For ladiae and children, mr aesortn.ant is bow larger than ever. FUR TRIMMINGS 25 to35oenfs eer yard B. H. HTlNKMKTZ. 236 Pe_ av.. bo 2 r.*ar ooraer Thirteenth B'reot. /JREAT BARGAINS IN PIANOB^On* very VI nioeaeven-ociaveCarvrd Piano Forte,_]?. having been in aee a abort time only. thegMHM owaer leaving the city, Tor aale for fm'Hi'i One very ni- Roeewood Chiokerir.r Piano for 9135 at the M aeio Store of \V. O. M KTZEROTT, xole Agenoy of Sttinway tc Sona' Overatrang Piano* no 2 Heath a knowles, life, firk a marine INSURANCE AGENTS. Office? Room 16. over Bank of W&ahmgtou, oo29tr Waahingtoa, D. O ?v MERCHANT TAILOHING. " E Invite our ouatoroera.and oiUzeua c?ner*llr. to an inipM'ion of our present new, at _ ? tractive, and elegant asar>rt>n nt CLOTHS. CASSlMEWES, DOESKINS, WK VfcSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS, AO. \nf_ which we will make to order in auperior-- " ttfte at very low prioea. WALL, STEPHENS A COoc 25-tf Stli! Fa. a v., betw. 9th and 10th at*. Wi traveling trunks. E Have just received the largeat a?ortirtnt and now offer the moat extensive varletweEtRXO VAIIHES CARPET RA(i*_ S*Ti:UKI.?.*A. in thia otty, whioh we ar? aell>n? at rrrf low prioea. WALL, STKPHKN8 A CO , | oo 25_tf Pa. (trepne. A SUPERB PIANO. ?NTIRKLy NhW,QF . heaatitul ton* mi! fitilth, iron frain?. And w*r- ; TAi.ted and ft narAnUed for 6 jiara, the great* t b?r d*m ever offered, will be aold for oaiii. 32**. by . ea ^application. J OHM K. Ki.tiS, j ao & 306 Pa. av.. bet. 9th and lOthTta. QOODHITR PIRK^NSUIJ^CE COMPANY Ca?h Capital? 300,000. T?.e Insured earlieipate in the profits without ib<??rnn? Any liability whatever. _ ? HKATU A KNOW LBS. Agents, ?e * tr CMioe. over BaoIc ofWA?hiagton. i aAy.. . MISS LANPHIER, ' IMKnaving renamed hatinoM. dm openeammm WINTER* ^L'U^KEY. -?r ^WMKSWS?W 1 IS .4 j* >1 90 ? ' GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTs Pot itiir Citrirrtnni aSU .. WINTER .Mlf.LINl RY. , U&fii Mn K f Mr IN >NAI D 1 r* (fit ^LUS% pectf"l j inform her cti""ta?ri that will r pen \V I N T K R Ml' l.liVKK Y on rhu'ftday, Nov?rab?: 8th, at 7 1 Bridge itroet. no fi-s? ? 1 ftnn FOTATOK?. POTATOES. , l.UUU BUSHELS Ol'pft**lMw3?rtivPMMli w^owrf, iD*t arrived per lohninff Allr^d But in, and for cale from veaael in lot* to mit ruroh vers, ; by PETKK BKKKV. no 5 eotf t*5 Water fieotceto^n. 11 ?(WM>, ihfl'kB L^TWjf'liiaW r-? I schooner J. A N Baker, which Will be ?oid oa *oriuninoiiatinK term*, from wharf or atore, by . J O. WATERS. no l-3w* 109 Water it . Georcetowa. > LXMMCSW ?CUtlf ?T^ie paeVft achoon r Ytorkl town, t'aptain Woglnm, will eoiriruenoe aXv Kf nSjaswwMf 2j "?t dm MoCOBB k DODGEL nol 6.1 Water nt, Georgetown. m CLOAKS! CLOAKS!! Hf J?M>A*S"L,- - H# wi?n c>n lor 9B, worm 98. RtrffS, worth #m, for $K>. worth .*12. Linen Handkerchief* at 12>?, worth 25 Cambric and Swm Sets at 9I.5J and 91 75. worthdoubts Maltese Co.lars and Seta at very low prices. Courtoia?era celebrated Kid, Gloveaat75 oents per par, worth $1 Ve'vetand bonnet Ribbon* in ihi(T variety. Cleft* of all kinai for Matties Shirt Bosun* at 12H and 18^ oenta, worth double. Belta and Belt Ribbons of alt kind*. Ri?h Stella Shawla, wi'h Brochet Borders, at #8, worth doable. Hoop Skirts e'l sites 3tiflacine Mechanical Corset*. all sues, sold for l 125?, Cassimera. Oaaemet*, Fall Cloths. Linseve. Blanket*, and all kihda of Servants' Wear old veri low, and a treat many other articles too numerous to mention. All the above goods are bought from the trustee of a b^ckrupt merchant, and will be sold at an immense aaoufic*. Come all and sscare your bare ains,and d-e't foe*?tthe plaoe. Great inuDOemects offered to wholesale buyers. E GUTMAN, a ? mr *l- * J- ** ? - g tif souia nan nrmg* street. nol-lw Georgetown. D. C. NEW {STORE! NEW GOODS! MRS: !K. 3IMSON Informs her numerous friends and the public generally that the is now established at her New^[k Storo, No. Ill Bridge etreet. Georgetown. two doors alKtve the old stand, where put found a* u*ua', a large as?ortin*nt of MM.I.INERY DRY GOdDH. HOSIERY, and KM BROIDERIES, at the very lowest market prices. oo 12-1 m , WANTS. A SITUATION W ANTED, by a respectal.le young girl; a? chambermaid, or to do plain sew ing,or nurse. Apply at No. 4*?3, corner 13th an* D its. ? no7 St*_ WANTED?Djr a respectable airl, a SITUA TION an se*m?trw? or ehaninermaid. Pl?ase call at No 240 Bridge street, Georgetown. R?m DIOIH;I U iCTiuirru. H" WANTED?A yotros WOMAN, to sew and take charuo of a child six year? old. One speaking Frenoh oi.ljr preferred. No on-apply unless a component seamstress! or without food recommendations. Apply at Q9-J H street. between I7ih and mtfc. It* WANTF.P?Kvorjljody to know that PAGE'S Confectionery, No. 436 Seventh atr?*t,alwvfl G, is the plac? to *et frenh Cakes and other C?-i feet an* at prices to suit the time*. Balls and pa*lion furnished with Ioa Cream and other Refto-lime nts. oo^-aw* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY-From *6 to 10,000 worth of SECOND-HAND FURNl . TITR R of all kmds, for which 1 will cuaractr to par t??e highest prices, and, as o?nal. at thn shortest notioe. " R. Bl)CHLY. rv t r? ? - Lft i'-r in r urniinre, r^tove*. ?c , _oc 9 40s* 7th *t., I'?*t. G and II. wit mue. WANTKD-AH kinds of 8KCOND-H AND PUR NITURE.for which I t-iII pay the ca?h, at 3<9 Saveuth stredt, l>etw^n I And k. oo6-tf BOXTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST A^D~F0UND. LOST?On Sunday, between ]Hh ?treet and St. .Matthew's CMiroh, a lady'* gold UK ACELF.T. The fir.di-r will reo?Mve a lit>erai reward bv leaving the same at KING A BURCHEI-L'S Grocery, corner 15th street and Vermont avenue. no5-3t WASHINGTON COUNTY. ' * . Di*TRICT or C"LCMBTA, Nov 2, 1W, Itroufcbt before me. the subscriber. & Justice of the peaoe n and for the county of W ashing-*^ t?n, I). C , as an estray, a small gray jL?T^ HOR9K. about 1/. hands high, and appar-^^ZA. ently about 15 rears old, found trespassing on the premises of A. C. P. Shoemaker. a?out the 1st of October, on the Seventh Strert Plank Road, about 5 iniles from Washington city. 'I he owner can ooiiia forward, prove property, ray charges, and take Mmawar, no5 St* ALFRED RAY. J. P. PERSONAL^ AT A MEETING OF THE FRANKLIN FIRE Company Monday ereniog, .November ctii.the following resolutions were unanimously adopted : R-r>lrtd, That this Company, while submitting with reverence to the rianree of an all wise Omnipotence, who in hi* infinite wisdom has seen fit to take f oui our midst oar fellow member, J as. R. MoKAf, cannot refrain from lamenting tha unfortunate occurrence which caused h:s dea h. Rrsplrid- T'ba? in hisdeaththis company has lost a vniuru meiuoer ? u n po'a and Tncienl urf man. R"oli'fd. That our thanks arc due. and are hereby t?n lered, the difforei t fr? companies who unit-d with us in pr.jinj the last sad tribute of re?p?ct to our departed mmar. Hesolrtd, That this company i* gratefully indebted to thoafl p who expressed no mush sympMhj for t?io dpoe&aed during his illness, and who is maBv oharitiea and kindnesses upir his family. _ v Resolved. That the hiehest pr?isa is due the und??rtnker. Mr. Anthony Huohly. for the entirely satisfactory manrer in which he discharged his important pa t of the fu\e-al du'ies R_ K hOTI.P Pr?. G R. CROSSFIELD, Sec. It 6| I A REWARD VViM be paid for information v I" that wiil lead to the c nviotion of the person who fhot a li ack and tan terrier dog at Kaloiama, last Thursday. App'y on the premises. no S , \f ADAM K AJ(IRRICK,?h* Grkat Astxoloi"l oist *??!> DocniKss./rofn Evrove.?Tfu* hi<hly an I mt-tiiigent ladv-| can lie conmi te?f on the Past* Present and Future Kvo: t*. Ca'l at No. 405 Eiehth st., between G and H, Washington. no 2-1 m* (MADAME FEMX, Fortune Teller froin Paris ! ! beis leave to inform her former friends, and the put'lio generally, that she has removed to 2A0 ainth street, northeast corner of N, where she will i happy to soe all who ?wvy desire to have the pact, preaent and future satisfactorily explained. ocM-lm* x? Kindling and stove wood Manufactured ary length, and d Iivered to an> #*rtof the oity at the shortest notice, and at the lowest poa?ihle rates, by SHERIFF * DAWSON. IT^^a ?~\ lh MA A ft l fr t U A Ka # WW A A n O.I A L / vmuuo " u m Blun i a. o vviiun, irmocu Oil ?uu 4* it*.; wharf and mill west aide street and Canal. no llm QHEAPEST STORE! 8AVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORE. 358 SEVENTH STREET, (East Side.) * between I and K. N B ?^ very large assortment of new CLOAKS (latest et?l???) just reoeived. oc 12 1m MATTHEWS k. GORE. TO THE ClTlZHPtS t>P WASHINGTON.-! have ju?t received a-d will commence unloadin? to-morrow a cargo oj'the very best Red Ash COAI, (egg and stove sizes) ever brought to this market, which I ca>i send direct from the vessel if jour orders are ieit i aimed ?' !>. iT to. BATES. Wood and Cual Dealer, oc 31 Corim C and 14th its . u*ar Cai.a!. A CARD?Having been informed by severa re pe?tabie ctiaens that o<st?r haw /?s kers. selling from buckets on theMHX streets, liave represented themselves as VuAaf selling (br me, and that rot a few persons have in this way had imposed upon uietn impure oygier*. ami cwripi?ii;t i?vini wa in in e tq me to tti? fffect, I have to ??y that I hare no hawk era seMing rer me from bucket* and do not allow the huainoaa to be carri?<l on fwnn my enablement as I do not dral in oyrtera ofthatcl%??. Neither bare I any hranrh <>f iny %atabliahmei.t ia any part of the city. No oyatera are ?ent by me to fainiliei except on order* received at my only Depot, No. C rtreet, lietween 10th an-1 11 h. oc ffl lia T. M. HARVEY. r j^RlAiMlNOS, BUTTON$r*A >W5Le! The beat a?fortmeiit~o7 TRIMMINGS, BUTTONS. TASSELS, ko. Atv>, YAKN. Zephyr and t*hetl4nd WOOL, are kopt in Washington, XT .. a A ta I *. a _*. . ? ?, a V- . L ,,i). .iu .nwiei "p?oe, near ?m ?i.i ?* n?w iuik and Baltimore prioea. oc?iw? . f. MUULINSHAUS. WNKVV CLOAKS. M IK Have thi? day recti, veu fr?fi Nw A.01* * beautiful M?oitin?nt ofeew rtyle F&'! and \\ nter CLOaKS. eu'li as the Arab. Zouave ar.d other ?tjr e?. iu Hia^k and 'rerch Clotus. Also. Plain aud Striped Cloths .all oi which oc is Baylor * Hutchison. C*MBRQIDERY STAMPING, on all kind* of IV material, done m the Wo*t raaaoer. at C. Fv SCHMIDT'^ Toy aal Fanoy Store. So. ?0 Pa. abetween iln?W fM eta . where ra?i he found a ^r-at variety of beautiful PaMaraa for i vim unu ?*iecv(*s, uouart tnu uuas, riirvi, r?ntalet?, U?nd?, blinpart, CJoak?, etc. Flwme me a call and narhina. oo 33 lm* FAN C V 9 I L. KS! ?? PANCY SILKS!! Selling off, at grtatfy reduced erieee, a large lot of l)r*m Silhe from *eetJOB. which we hi e marked down at great bargain*, to which we innte the ladie* and pnrokaatri geqeiallr to examine bef<*e making tnefr aeieetione elsewhere. J.W. COLLEY * CO , oo 31 (it M3 Swath et., abort) Pa. a v. F0fftv"c%jft9,VE?,ANDc. Mr>? ' '?Hrril-s. ' THE LATEST NEW? i tklkorafhic. TBS ricsmtuill IlKTIH. ^ ( F*om The Stajl Extaa. or 9 4. m. to-daT ) MASSACHUSETTS fin* ? * ? . ? ? * * ?. Muuuiiu #uu iiidp Miwm, noi lociQ4I|f Boston, give Mneoln S> 299, Douglas 15,7-M. J.157. Lincoln's majority 1* pfrobttty t*Our j, r^pnhl'.rniM bsve eleeled tb*ir rsndldfctse for coiiltf m Jn every district Tbe member* elected are Thomas d F.Uot, J muss Bufflnton. Chas F Adams, Alex H. R)ce. Wn Applcton. John B Alley, Dsnl'l W Oof k, y*m. K. Train, OoMsnifh F. Bslley. Cbas Delano. and Hfnn- L. Dawes Mr Appietoi Is from tbe fifth district, composed mainly of tbs elty ?f Boston, sod ?n supported tbe nil*Lincoln men of all parti**. Tbe district is now represented by tbe Han. Anson Bnrllngwne A private dispatch received at a lets hour last night claims bis re-election by * majority -?.A republican Governor and Auditor areof roarer elected, and tbe Legislature lslsrzelr republican VERMONT. Vermont baa gone tot .Lincoln by *25,000 or SM0? majority RHODE IBtAMD. Complete return* from ail the State, except two < town*, give Lincoln li,07*, Douglaa 7,675. CONN BCTJCt'T* In alx town*. Including tbe city of Hartford, tbe republican jnlu over the vote of laat spring U 1,016. Llncola'a majority > the city la <76 Hie majority In tfce Slate will be aereral tbouaanda new York The following la tbe rote la the different warda of tbe city of New York : Warda. Fualon. Rep Warda Fitaion Rep 1 ? ? 12 2,ose 9?2 2 1,440 504 13 2.39* 1.342 3 571 285 14 '....2.884 745 4 1.M33 528 15 2.522 1,745 3. 2.151 1.133,16 3,422 *520 6 2 ?I7 396 17 (4 dia)..4.468 2,1W 7 3.383 1,436 18 3,KJ1 1.758 | a 3 124 1.644 IB 1 Max 1171 3.944 2,98- 20 4 322 2.728 1 0 5.193 3.?J 2 2H 1 1 4.2U5 1,?? {**.... 2.780 1944 The total footing of tbe rote tn tbe city of New York, with six precincts to hear from. *1** tbe Union ticket 60,078 and tbe republican 31.TM; majority **,194. Klkjht wards In Brooklyn?Lincoln 8,011,Union 9,406 New Utrecht?Lincoln 137, Union <37. The Union majority In the city of Brooklyn is i stated in a private dispatch at 4,5S9. In Steuben county there are heavy republican gains. In tbe town of Ithaca?republican 879, Union 862?a small Union loss Broome county?1.0f*< republican majority Steuben county?3,000 r?pnblicnn majority Richmond county?796 Union majority King's county, nearly complete - 3 869 Union majority. Six democrat*, or Union m^n, are elected to Congress from tbe city of New York, vix : Benj Wool, J E Krrrlgan. N.Taylor, John Cochrane, CHt-aV, nr.^ t r> iv-i??-?- - u?>j*u i* ? v/. i/Ciapi?IUC' | K. R Van Valkenburg. rep . la elected to Congreaa from the Jteth district by 4 5 0 majority. In place of Irvine, rep. Tbe dispatches from different parts of the State report lanre republican gains, indicating LlnI coin'a election by a large majority. NEW JERSEY. A private dispatch state* that Mr Speaker Pennington is re-elected from tbe Newark district Salem county is conceded to Lincoln by the democrats PENNSYLVANIA. The republican majority in Philadelphia ever the Reading ticket is 17,5^4; over both Douglas and Reading, 7,7?1; over ail, 9*3. Scatieriu# returns from the Interior show Urge repnbilean ^elne Lancaster cooatr glveag.lKK), Huntingdon 1.500, and Alleghany lo,000, ail republican majorities. DELAWARE. Wilmington has given Lincoln ?00 majority. Tbe State has gone for Breckinridge by 1,500 majority. MAR VI.A Mfk Baltimore city?Breckinridge 14.850,Bell U'.<I19, Douglas 1.5>n. Lincoln 1,088. The returns from Alleghany county Indicate HO? for Bell over Breckinridge, a gain of newly 1,100. The Union men claim the State by net leaa than 2 UUO. VIRGINIA. Alexandria city?Bell 91*-, Breckinridge SIT, Douglas 130. Lincoln 2. Alexandria, town and county?Bell l,U0b, Breckinridge .">C3, Douglas 139. Lc'.idonn county?Bell 2,031, Breckinridge 775, Douglas 125 Fredericksburg?Bell 353, Breckinridge 232, Douglas 179. Har^r'a Ferry?Bell 475, Douglas 274, Brer kin nuKe //. J' tlcrioa county?Bell baa about 450 over Breckinridge Petersburg?Bell*CO, Dougla*613, Brack'.nridge 923 Norfolk?Bell fH? Breckinridge 438. Dojglaa 2W. Portsmouth?Bell 676, Breckinridge 558, l)onzlaa -.MO, Lincoln 4. Nantemond county?Suffolk give* Bell najor ty. Richmond city?Bell 2,359, Breckinridge 1,170, Dorglas 753 H.Triton county glvrt Breckinridge a majority of i?<JU; Hitrhie give* him 3U0 ; and Doddridge "J# Spottav!vama Court-bou*e?Bell l?*i, Doug la* 42. Breckinridge 36. The return* coatinue favorable t < Bell. Dougla* make* heavy Inroad* la the Tenth Lesion, beating Bell and Breckinridge la Rockingham. Virginia baidoubtlcs* given Bell a lirge plurality. NORTH CAROLINA Wilmington give* Breckinridge 593, Bell 5fi0. Seven county preeinct* chow uniform Breckin?< /)? /.-.In. In U .l.i .t. 11-11 e/ki 1? a_x X - - | i iuj^C jjaim tii nairi^u DCii Drrrnnnn^c 1.10, Don v las 114. Duplin county gives Breckinridge gains. In ifirn precincts cf New Hanover county Breckinridge gains 79 Wake county, partial return*. B?U #42. Brarkiaridge 214. Douglas 127. The same precincts gave Pool 492 majority. The State baa in all probability gone for Breckinridge. KENTUCKY. Tbe Bell and Dongl&s men give Kentucky to Bell from 10,000 to 13,000 majority. Th^ returns are too limited to 'arm any reliable raUBiat* Louisville gives Beit 3 321, Douglas 2.633, Brec kinridge 859; Liacola about 100. Returna from southern points below TennrttM bow the Douglas vote is quite feeble. Tbc State south of the Tennessee have all probaHf gone for Breckinridge. OHIO. We learn from Cleveland that partial returns from about a dozen counties show large Republican gains, amounting to 200 or 30U per eouaty. Lincoln vrlll probably have 30,000 majority in the Wate. LOUISIANA. The pariah of New Orleans gives Bell 5,330, Douglas Breckinridge 2,?W5. MISSOURI. St Louis gives Lincoln 8,982, Douglas 8,177, Bell 4,11*2. Scattering returns from tue Interior indicate that Douglas has carried tbe State. MICHIGAN. ? A a _ ai _? 4L. . n a - ? very county m mc iowrr pin m me rcuiuauit is believed to have given republican majorities The four republican candidates for Congreat are, without doubt, elected The State Is claimed for th? sepuhiicana by 26,000. ALABAMA The city and county of Mobile give* Douglas a n?sjeri(y of ?19 over Bell, and 3M over Breckinridge. POUTH CAROLINA. Columbia, 8. C., Nov 6 ?The Legieiatare of South CarollM assembled to-day and cast the electoral vote of the State for John C. Breckln ridge for President and Joeeph Lane for Vice President of the United States. LATER DISPATCHES. [Fftoft Thk St am Extxa or Ut m] NEW YORK Onondaga county -Lincoln 4 too majority Seduwidt, trp la elected to Con?rees by 4,000 Ren Mel ear county?Lincoln small majority. Olin, rep , ie elected to Congreaa. Oneida county?Lin oln 3.500 majority. Chenango county?Ten towns, Lincoln em 1,000 majority. Washington county?Six towna, Lincoln 1,340 majority. Chemung count*?Lincoln 900 majority. Dltoo. rep., la elected to Congreas In the U-th district Chataagae eeuntv?Lincoln 6.000 majority. Broome county?Lincoln 1,67a majority. Herkimer and Pultou counties?Give republican majorities aa fhr aa beard fr^tn. Jefferson county?Lincoln 3.3a> majority. Genesee county?Lincoln 1.W6 majority. (iaviwi oouatv?Llnooln 4.UM tnuarltv m? woy, tip., for Coagrea*, to elected 6y ?,goo amSt. Lawrence county?Line>la 7.0U0 majority. Tb# city of Albany glvea 1,548 Onto* majority, and Emma Coming, dena., la elected to Cokgrroa. Ttao ctty of Seheoectodr gives 90 anion majority, and VILbwd, democrat, (gain J la elected to Coa (Mi by 457 majority. Tbe veto la New York ctty for Keller (d*to*jSsStasortrgifti ** w -t it. . .. 4 * / ' la ?b* o(Wr dwtrKU t?, |iMi r?tle C?igrnnca ww (IkM br larga m?t?rni?? No 4i?uM but tbU Llac?U baa oarrlM ttir Mat* bv 50 000 MICHIGAN. Tbla State hu (rone rapubUoaa bf *M. and tbe npubUMM h*?* r In tad tbc foot Cmrw MAINE Tbe i*ton* from tbta Wa?a ? Ml **rw fall. crwlnr to aa Intefruirtlaa fftbfwImiMttf K*r gor. la 53 town Lwcrta* aaaJorKj la 6M. ?4 It ] tbon.'ht hit majorNr la tba will t* boot 75 WH NEW JERSEY. Mercer count? 3SD rcDublleaa eateHtr ftfrat. ion. (r*p ) toe Ctrnfttm', bm ? MARYLAND _ _ fUrf^rd roimtr?Dobllodistrict giwm Bifc kin . rMk 344; B?a 3?: Ixm^im 7,LJ?coU ? H*vr? 40- (irttt?Boll 1*1, featMurldfc 7*. Donirt* ?? LUrotn 15 i Howard ro?nty?Tie Second 4t4rlcl|tm Boll 171; Brrckiaridgc 1115; Dougte* 82 C*r1lcouutv?SrvculA d)>Uict - Boll 317, k lnrd^e 178, DoiikUi 44; Lincoln 10. Ail?{M* owwIy-^tlaiMkMrdfraa Ak'r??T i county n'.rt Boll 1.400, DougUn l.awt. Brack!i? rider I,tUX LincuU 5**> Frederick county? Libtriy dlatrkl. Boil tf>\ Breckinridge 1 <4, l>out(lM 34; Lincoln *i. Woodboroutfh district?Boll 191, Bracktortdo la6, Douglas 3fc, Lincoln 5 I rhana district girtm 13 majority for Bail Boll's majority la alar districts la 547?a got a of 152. Mt Plroaaat district givaa Bell 1?, Brack is ride* 76, Douglas 4; gala "f f f?* Boll Mldleiowo k'.ni Br 11 330; Bracktnrtd?o t*? Douglaa27; Li.jcoIb 11; a dmocnttc toad? ILLINOIS Caicm, midnight? The retacnathoa fcr fcow r*fMb:lr?a galna. tber data the I .e^alatore, and t be 9 tale b* IS.WO majority Nothing ef ceua* qoence baa W?a received from " Kgrpt " *?wt (b? republieaaa elect Congreaamea la the northern dtatr.cta In Cbtc*?e. Lincoln*a oflrlal majority l?ST!? a gain of ^.000 alac* 1*3?. IOWA. There are only eight tela* rap* dofi la Iowa, and therefore the return* conic In atawly. Tbaa tar they abow couaiderabia republican (tilt, and indicate the aucccaa of that ticket. WISCONSIN. Midwachi. midnight ? Lincoln t majority In Wiaconaln will rearh 10.01 <0 to IS 000. and tfiare la ao doabt that all the republican Congreaameit are elected MINNESOTA. Fire town* In tiila State give Llaoola U9 ma lArffw J? -I IOWA. Further returM indicate republican wirm, There la a fain ia Dubuque of *0u. where Doujlaa * majority it 3d TENNESSEE Limited return* tbow galas for Bell, ertoleh m*y probably carry the State bat the remit it till doubtful THE LATEST DISPATCHES VIRGINIA We have a dtapatch aaM?Kli( that Waablagtan county ku given Biwklnridge M majority? a gain of 450 over l,*trber'? vole compared with Goggla'a. Alao. that Culpeper baa give? him 15 majority?a gain of 17 over l^etrher vote; another elating that Lincoln baa Sti vo'ea at the Occoquon prrclKt; the ?aif enU-denueratte pre. i cluci In Prtace William coenty. If an, Breckinridge will have gained from IUU to U0 on mun vow :n mace William, u kn^w be h?e ealned conaiderablr at other F. W. polling places. We have no faltb "rtjaterer In tbe pretended tiewi Truro tbe Tmth Lrjfion. and ear ttnprnaaloa la that Breckinridge hu carried tbe Mate We have aundry fragmentary additional returns from Virginia that force tfcls cand anion npoa u?, for wblcb we beer no room tfcia afternoon Fairfax county?Falla Church pra Inct, Lincoln 10. Brecktnridcn 17. Donglna 14. ? Again of 6 for Breckinridge over Ltetcbar'a t*U CUpeprr county?Full relama from lb la eaonty give Breckinridge 1 majority. Fauquier county baa gone for Brerklnrldgc NEW YORK. Tbe democrats have gained three mem bora of Congreaa In New York Tbe Breckinridge vole In New York, indicated by tbe vote for Brad* m ??i?i naa 'Noon.?As fu as b?*rd from, tbe republican majority is upward *f 3b ,(**>. NEW JERSEY I John T. Nixon ts re-elected toCoarrm Perry. Demomt, has been elected In the Coigresslonsl district now represented by Penn.agtoa. OIIIO Cleveland.Sam ?The Repub'iosn gsins sr? general all over the State. Lincoln's majority will probably exceed 30,000. CONNECTICUT. HiiTrnit. Not. 7?Connecticut gives 10,000 repuuinmu iuijwii> GKOROIA. . Only a few counties ?? been heard front, bat Breckinridge hu probably carried the State MISSOURI. Six town* report that Dauglaa lead* Bell about 401). MARYLAND. i Montgomery county? Berry district, 90 majority for Brecklnrldtre; KockvlUe 124 ditto; Cnrklln 70 majority for Bell. County very clow. i?? lapwtut 'rmma Alabama. Mokkomiit. Ala , Nor. 5 ?South Carolina baa already arraajfed to aecede if Lincoln la elected. Florida, Alabama, and Mtaalaalppi will follow. Favorable amount* to the same effect have been received from Louisiana Alabama baa forty thousand stand anna, bat frw rtnnoni. ad plenty ?f munitions. The Qusrtormsster General haa juat returned from an inspection fire ! Katlrk. Ho*to?i. Not 6 ?A ire In Natlrk, Man , thta morn; ny. destroyed the aboe firt?r1ea of S?mnel Wairott 4c Co .and Crosby k Nichols; also, the store of V% m H Wright, with most of their ro?teuts. Tbe Poit OH e w?a la one of tbs build is?B. Loss %$ mostly insured ** * J Dnircetln Fir* la Ctlnbw, CoLrxits. Ohio. No* fl?Atfcn'clnck to nigh* the Ne?l Houm look Ore. aad Mm upper itonr v> u entirely d?-?'royed The ?re preod totbenijolaiuk building, *?d the entire block to bow in flame* Gov Dennison bu totearnpbed to Cincinnati for steam tire-engine* The looa will be verjr ^reat. Balloon Aacrmioa NonroLE, Va , Not &?Prof R Well* baa jnat arrived here by the Hampton bont He aaceaded from Richmond AaturdayatS 40 p m ,and landed at Haiapto* at p. m mtklrg tbe trip of W mile* In two hour* and 13 aliita Rnnaered Loo* ol tbe C. I. Gukeet Soalaoit. Ntw Vnii Not A ?It I* rumored that the ffua boat Seminole ku been burnt off Proaacola. The U.S. District ?e?th Cartlln KM1|N Cuitmrox. Not. 7 ?TheC.f DMrletJndgt resigned hit office in open court this morning Balttmer* n?rk?u. Htirraon Not 7 - Flour steadr. Howard at. S3 56. Cltr -Mllla *5 97. Wbeat doll and bea**. red SI 23al 33; while SI 40a 1.90 Cora firm; Tellow Watec : wbtte 7?*?6e. ProrAsoM otilrt at rnter'ay'a quotation* Coffee ftrmit 14415c. Wfcukj doll at *K*. J|OW HAVE THE LADIES VOTED' tL!ii Howa. Ja , of Boston, who la the t?mt?r nf fVia **Innk tilnk" na^i k? tka ?nila ma I machine*. requifr* i*en return* tw he Mkia to him of UM tunhfr aoM Wy eeci. oamp*ay. ta4 o'.>li*ea 'hem to pajr hun a Uaacae for ear* maotune aol?T Tne fojifwinf ataiement mmhuI frva Hr. Howe'* pubhahed report* for 1MB arTIBM. It will be aeon that -vHEELtR 4 WILSON'S 4?WIN? M \CHIN K ia ^iTSfrtd bj an jawnaBaa ma joritjr of tit* ladiea, iu mp ie of the efdrte of Htaracted partiea to injure lia afee. IMS. 1W9. Wheeler 4 Wileon 7J7? nja Grorer 4 baker, J,??# NJKi I. I|.l4?rer 4 Co ?..._..-4y8N lftJM LMkl 4 WeMtar m 1, m S 5 ) ,*arlU * Co. TS fit FmkieJt Lyoo ST 411 .?m >.??Ml The WhMUft WOiN Acomt Ult No *4? P?a*?jlv*uia <>??. Prk?<*a run from *40 to 1'5 Full iartrutiiw iivm to pimlwtir mi ' Htdim, *c.. for ml*. F7j. STKKB. Ag+,1. N. I foe ? o! DbST QUALITY CAXICOKS AT ! ofeffTO, U ?om? r?ry tw<>>< iMh 1' 0*<it WAiU I oiU>n?*t ?1 0-?to. G?o4 rtb * >>M78MOMU, B?? T&M* l.iiMtt -*?'<! 57 C-oU. WhiWfck w<w>] Kg. *.as Md at mti, Rata aad Rati Pi*aa?l,* heap'' it^u . eh.*,. m ator* o(?rM at much i??? tMt lU ? omI rrwji to alow oat &?Fg! Ek \ <1

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