Newspaper of Evening Star, November 8, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 8, 1860 Page 1
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4 41 _ r * C^/ J (fktimjj ?>ta r. v?=-. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C . THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 8. 1860. Ne. 2.411. . t ??????????? i THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERY APTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THK STAR. BCILOIMS, Corntr of Pennsylvania ?MMM and 11U St., BT W. D. WALLK H. r*p*r? served in r^ckMM by oarrters aft #4 j-*r, or 37 oeuu p?i month. To mail aabeorlban the pno? ia $XS0 a year, in mdv*met; 92 for six month*; 01 for three moot ha; and for ieaa than three mouths at the rat* ifMwati a vm, sm(.? copiea. on scaur; in vr?^?n, two cuts. Il_r ADi'itTNimsTi anould be sent to the offioe bet<re 12 w'otock m.; otherwise they may not appear tnbl t>e next day. Increase ef the Natkallil Ckirrk. The la.?i number of the Methodist Quarterly Review has an interesting article on Early Methodism, from which we copy the following p usage concerning the increase of the denomination in the Usited States : Contempt has given place to respect, prejudice to candor, neglect to deeply interested attention. So complete has been the revolution thai a Methodist preacher of respectable talents and attainments would now find cor dial welcome and a comfortable support in almost any neighborhood within the geographical area comprehended by the history before os. The actual increase in the number of ministerial laborer? is wonderful. Some idea may be formed of the rapid extension of the work when it is stated that what Dr. Peck denominates 'The Old Genesee Conference,' comprehended the whole of the two Canada*, and the territory now included in the Black Hirer, the OMfri*. the Wyoming, the East Geuesee and thW Genesee Conferences, together with considerable fractions of the present Erie, Baltimore. Philadelphia and New York Conferences. Where lera than fifty ministers were employed half a century since, there are now from nine hundred to one thousand; and yet the actual demand ? far from being supplied N?r is this increase in the number of laborers wholly attributable, by any means, to the increase of population,^reat as thU unquestionably is; but quite as much, perhaps even more, to the change in public sentiment touching Methodism and its authorized teachers. The latter are no longer regarded as a set of ignorant and fanatical propagandists, but hs men capable of instmcting and blessing the public. They hare been found not only honest and pious, but competent and eminently effective. * * To aver that all the moral teaching and moral influence which may be regarded as the basis of thU extraordinary prosperity, as well material as intellectual. -hould bo credited to Methodistic agencies, wonld be the sheerest bigotry. Others have toiled noblr, and are-entitled to a large share of honor. &ut that the itinerancy of the Methodist Episcopal Church has opened the waj, and laid the foundation for those other workmen, will probably be questioned by few who know anything about the fact.* in the ca^e. Settled pastor* could do nothing till the country was somewhat opened and populated, and the moans of supporting them had been accumulated. Methodism was under no necessity of waiting for either. Her economy enabled her to occupy the very outposts. Ere the cabin was completed or the first acre enclosed, the itinerant was on hand, lie coald lodge in the loft, aud subsist upon the cheapest tare. In quest of souls, he thought little of anything else. 2?o matter what were his privations or caterings so long as his chief objects were being accomplished. Living among the people, a very small salary would suffice for him. A single man thought himself amply supported if be obtained his disciplinary allowance? from eighty to a hundred dollars per annum? a thing that rarely occurred. More frequently he had to lira on a moiety of that ium Nor did the man of family get mach more. The people gave what they could, and upon that the preacher had to subsist, whether married or otherwise. But they were glorious men, and their memorial shall not perish." The Black-Eyed Lady la the ft all read Car Literature that will sell during the bight of political excitement must have Jm-miIaiJ at. traction* for the people. The publisher* tell us that the first edition of copies of Moxis Addums New Letters, was dispensed of in a few days, and a new edition called for Orders are coining in from all parts of the country, even from as far South a? New Orleans. We do not wonder at this. The^e letters are brimful of fun We give below a specimen, which bears one its face the marks of an actual occurrence. M >zi* must have been an eye-witnes? of this strange scene; he could not hare invented It. lie has just taken his seat in tbe train from Baltimore to Washington: ' Not long arfter I took my seet in the car, in cum two y ung ladis. ruthar tall, with bewtifule Aggers, dre.-u in gray travlinge dreseia, faltered by their farther I jedged he wus taar lartber ; r?e<*aws be pad* too littil att*nehua to am to bo eanything* els* ; giving bis hole mine to his nuespaper, an?l havings that mind look on bia fais that a man wars when ho node he's dan a good thing, and thinks no mo ought to be requide uv him. And I agreed with him, for them dorters wua the beet things I had seaa f?r a long tiem. Both had exquisitiv foms, but on* wus much prittier than the other The pritty one had the most wonderful* eye I uwer bebel. It wis blac as nite, and when it lookt full at you (wunst only it dun so at me) you felt lik* you was goinge off in a spell per* _? * 1 * - - uucea 07 opejum. 1 100*1 tbese gearla to be ^uthunerx, by thar fire figgers, but not Virginyuns. fer thar hands, though well-shaped and white, wua too large fer pure-bluddid took. The blac-ejed one cummenit by takinge off her bonnet and hinginge it upp. Then she let down her bar?soot broun har, rery long? opened a liUil letter bagge, took out two coainbs, a fine one and a coee one, and a bre*>h. oombd and bresht her hed niselj, she querld up her bac har, fasend it with bl*<- I kewerB. learinge ber aide bar doun. She then pulled out a Tile or greese fram her bagjr. pode a 1 it til in the pan uv her bun, ruod her tiro haus together, greeied ber side bar. and skewed that up. Xeckat she exsttctid a clone bottil, pode sain on her hankchar, wubt ber fais and wiped it. Finely she got oat a small sack ur flour, and floured her countnunce. And then she terned a littil ia ber seet and giv that look at ine which wiu wo'chin ur her over the topp uv inj neuapapor, like a highener Rexsoiringe her preervus per*i.*nun, fne atm notist me ubzervinge ur ber admiriaij, fer the oggina uv viaahun in * woman ere like unto them uv a hoes, inabliuc am to w eieen roun the back ov tbar bed The ether sister oalj eombd and breeht ber bar. tuckt it ap, and let down her Tale. The prittjr one diaent let down hem. Now this is a sireumstanshul fact, like everj tbinge else 1 shall tell hereafter, and altogether one uv the coolist and most agreebul speckticles I uvver seen in a oar or elsewhar. I nuvvur fonn out who theaa* gearls wua. Thej mast bafrum Muaiasippj, whar plenty nvmunny to travil on i.? maat, out woar t&e puQcokshun av Virginyur manners is sot yet attained A Dctchma* o.i Hifh Falcti* Music.?Mr. Beck, in hia Amitiu'i (iaide, haa the annexed "homely criticism ' by a Pennsylvaniafarmer "Some years ago, returning homeward from a grand performance of Haydn's matehleaa Creation. in the interior of the Stat*, we encountered an boneat old German farmer, ploddi t g along by the roadside towards hia domaiaa. Upon entering into a conversation with him, he mentioned, in a sober way, that one of his town frieada had induoed him to attend the oaeert: and whea called apon for his opinion by the writer, replied in the patois spoken by um unsophisticated farmers of that latitude? "M*nch mol ben aieg'spielt all wen die mice yousht ao rumspringe (here he gesticulated Ut? are of a circle slowly with hia right arm. and well o<gh eloeed hia eye*;) 'and don hen a tie widder amole ger awig ge-bnll-dozt' (iui* with a load voice and much animation.) Tranc-, latum; -Sometimes they plftyed jnat aa when t%e mier run ahtnU. and then again they hullUogned most eternally.'* ' This. than, comprised the illitarata farmer's crude idea of light and shade?at ? and fortissimo. We respectfully sabmit to our fair readers whether, after all, this corrupt jargon of the 8aion vernacular contained oot taoro of trmihful criticism than the aerial ftighta of Cognaaco. the groat oily critic, who 'ptw off* *>inewbat after tk^ following fashion \Mad i ieiioiiai'a portamtnto is not equal to the ninnin ntio, so*trn*t? powers of (iauaniga, nor Aim her tonrs d? f?m M sxpreosJL/ain like. Indeed, we fail to diaeoror in her \hoM bird-like, date-like, dreamy tones trhrtfc INW (owing away far \mU) ?iur? ether, and which distinguish to po remarkable a degTce the goddess of our Academy.' "(lire ns the blunt dietion of the unsophisticated clodhopper, in preferenee to the nauseous twaddle of which the above may be regarded a type. A OhMt la aa laaaraace Office? Siagalar Story. The St. Louis Republican of Oct. 30 says: "A singular occurrence took place a few nighU ago in one of our insurance offices A young man, whose name we choose to withhold, employed n? a clerk in the offioe?which is located in the tKir<l B^nrv t\f tha Knil/4in<* ?aa *UM v? *?v> J va wuiiuuig " ?*D tug I^CU IU writing at his desk, between 9 and It) o'clock at night. No one else was present, or in the immediate vicinity?all the adjoining offioes having been closed at nightfall. While thus engaged in writing, he was suddenly inter, ropted by a man whom he had not notioed, who inquired if Mr. McCullock was in. The clerk replied that he was not. and that be knew of no man of that name employed anywhere about the premises. Having made this reply, he commenced writing again. A few minutes later he discovered that his strange intruder had not moved from the position which he first assumed, and the ioouirv and itlaiulint nimnmittnitu <!> < struck him m being somewhat singular. He immediately turned from the desk at which he was seated, and scanned the strange gentleman's appearance, inquiring at the same time whether tie had any further busineas. The appaarance of the stronger was rather prepossessing. He was tall, dark featured, and well dressed. lie made no response to the clerk's first interrogatory, however, but coolly gated at him with an air of indifference. This procedure aroused the suspicion of the elerk, as well as his anger, and he repeated his first inquiry rather more distinctly, and at the same time emphatically informed the strange f entleman that unless he eould give a satisactory acceunt of himself he should be under the necessity of hustling him out of the office. Tbe stranger thereupon placed his hands behind him and leisurely replied as follows:? "I've been sent here, and shall stay here." Without stopping to parley farther the clerk opened a safe near at nand, took out a revolver and leTeled it at once at his visitor, at the same time informing him that he would give him two minutes to leavo the office. The stranger did not move, and did not offer any remark in return; but gazed steadily, with his hands behind him, at the clerk The two minutes passed, and there stood the stranger, in statu yuo. The alerk then took deliberate aim at him and fired, lie stood within ton feet of the stranger. lie is known to be a good shot, and his bravery is unquestionable, and were we at liberty to publun his name, his numerous acquaintances would not doubt our assertions But notwithstanding these facts, the stranger, after the discharge of the pistol, remained as immovable as ever. He exhibited no garprise whatever, and offered no remarks. The clerk was of course much astonished, and not a little startled, and was at a loss what next to do, as he had discharged the only barrel of his pistol, which was loaded. After the lapse of about a minute after the disoharge of the pistol?during whieh time no wcrd was uttered?tbestrarger shook his coat skirts, rave a slight shrug and walked leisurely out of the room and down stairs. The whole affair was so stranre, unusual and unacoountable, that the elerk was completely nonplussed, and remained stationary for a few momenta after the departure of his visitor. Suddenly rousing himself, however, he rushed down stairs into the street, but the stranger had vanished The clerk has heard nothinr from him liniu The affair, every one must acknowledge was very singular, but the circumstance occurred precisely as we have related them. Steamboat Dialocub.?Hoosior, (stepping up to a Down Easter.)?How are ve, stranger ' Bound to Noo 'Leans, 'spect ? tf'hat moot be yer busi tiers7 Want to buy some com or oats? Yankee?Tolerable, thank ys; how b? ysarself7 Bound to no place in particular. In for any kind of trade. Ilooaier? What kind of trade hev ye? Yankee?Wall, it's a patent right. Hoo?er?Patent right for what ? Yankee?Patent right for a machine for making all kinds <>f sec<l out of wood, from shellbark down to grass feed. Have also a patent right for the mirage life-preserver. Hoo*ier?Meerage?what's meerage ? Yankee?It's a machine to be fixed on the front of a locomotive or steamboat, with refleoUrs of great power, to show the image of anything ahead, no matter how far it be off? anything under a hundred miles. lloosier?Don't Bay ! And are jer the in* rentor ? Yankee?I be. Hooaier?You're a horse What moat yoar name be ' Yankee?Coffin. lloosier?lleerd tell of yer family. You are a relation of the man that invented wooden hams and plaster-pans shoe nails. Had a brother once, hadn't you, that got accidentally choked with a rope round his neckYankee?Knew the man?wasn't a brother ?only a second cousin to my wife'a sister's aunt's brother's cousin. But what might your name be. lloosier?It might be Smith, but it taint. Calculate it'a Caster. Yankee?K no wed yer family well from ver great grandfather down. You air one of {wo twin*. One was a handsome, cute, bright-eyed little chap, and the other a tarnation ugly born foul; and I haerd that the oute chap died. Hers the dinner-bell rang. ????????_____^ Ax Al lima Political Ankcdotb.?Tbe Mobile Tribune relates the following "good an:" >*?me years ago, at a time where there was a triangular eentsst In progress between the whlgs, old line democrats, and "Ore-eaters," It was Anoun-ed that the late John Morrlsett, of Moaroe. would address the people of that county to behalf of the wbtgs. Chancellor Lessesoe wss sent up from Mobile to meet him, ss representative of the Southern rights party. The Chancellor wore traps to his paataloona, (then net a prevalent (aabion la Monroe.) and having a habit of petting his handa h??hln<i him ? ...? J - ?VM ^VMSS|) MU liniO| I the skirts of his coat, he displayed a large, new bran buckle, that fastened his waistbaad. Mr. Morrtaett replying, remarked, an his own Eculiarand inimitable Tela, that the people of oaroe did not ''need to receive political instruction from Mobile?least of all from a gentleman who wore fUiwwi under his boots and a krtmitfim an the seat of his breeches." Ciothino Mainrr&ctraixs Txadi ?According to the New York Herald, there is a large numb?r of extensive Arms in that city engaged ia the wholesale manufacturing clothing trade for the D<rau, whom capital invested rangN from one hundred thousand dollars to half a million, and in some few cases reaches nearly one million of dellus. These houses give employment to from twenty thousand to thirty thousand operatives, incluaiug malesand females, and comprlstng poor Americans, Irish, and (iernuu families. During the height of the clothing business, many of the manufacturers pay in wages one thousand dollars n day. An EimwimiM Dome?A New York paper mentions that tome of the sharp politicians there have invented n new dudge in the *ay of betting. On* a4 theiu, lor insteace, meets n man of the oppeslUon perty, and savs, "Who do yon vote for this time*" The reply is, "For , of eoamr" "I'll bet yen twenty you don't," is the >>tw>r "win'll ?? ' *-- * " ? >f i ? ? ;?? "imu urivre UfCUM day." The *ager la uaauspectlnglv accepted, when tbe betting politician goes io purault or another victim. On election da* ba will challenge ever y green born wltb whom ne has made a bet, and each one will, aa a matter of course, not aaly loee hia vote' hut hla money a too. 117" Her# u a paragraph from the St Loul Bulletin, doubla-tomled. aad aU full of meaning aa double shotted caanafi : "\V? hereby take oecaalon to aay that, should tha Republican again Utah It prapar to Impute the lis ta tbla journal, we Shall regard tha esotrowrw aa rwam* toyoad the sphert Of newspaper dlapaaalon." ^ A SKELETON NOVEL Blighted Htpei ul Rrtkri II ear U, ud H r?torat on of Beth BT THE "MILITARY EDITOR" OP TBI SASH VILLI PATRIOT. Long story, bat must make it short. No room for lore when politics rule. Got the particuI lars from individual who had it all by heart. Young man of the name of William. Young lady of the name ef Belinda. Lived in same neighborhood, near neighboring towrf. Young man good looking, but not rich?plenty of poor kin, but no money. Young lady a beauty not likely to be the death of her; bat grandma went under rear ago and left her pile of ten-eent Siecea large as a pound of wool. Young lady esperately in lore with young man,and young man desperately in lore with young lady. Young man wouldn't let ooncealmont feed on his cheek; told his 1ot? " emejitly." Young lady acknowledged the corn?' thine,, forever thine, dearest William," and wilted into young man's arms sweet as you please. Such is life and love. Young lady told young man to intonogate old folks. Young man did. Old folks said " not if they could b*lp it.'" Young lady broken-hearted?quit oombingher hair?took off hoops?wore shoes slip shod, and wanted to " find relief in the silent tomb." V mi nor man mof vnnnrr loJwk* ? ? pj mwv j uuup iuu^ uj aiuuuii|u(i BIUUO) wanted yvung lady to throw bundle of clothes oat back window, climb down rope-ladder " into these arms,'* and fly to the squire and happiness. 441 may die?I know I shall die, William?but never, never will I wed thee, dearest one, without consent of ma and pa." Young man pleads like angels, trumpettongucd. Young lady stubborn and dutiful. Young man tries the iadignant?upbraids young lady?swears: ? He did not think to And so cold A heart he deemed so true: A heart like Ki> would yield her all, If love like his would woo;? and talks of pistols and prussio aoid. Young ladr (iimnlrM in f?ar* ' OH1 William I?? ^ - , ,. VM ?? niiuiuj ioa ? c me?quit my sight forever?bat take me along with tou." Young man happy m nigger at corn-shucking, and don't be scared if she sees ladder poked in back window?"your W illiam will be at t'other end!' Young lady thinks she's gone too far, and snyg better wait till she's her own 'mislreM.'?only fivo years. Young man says 'five years bederned.' Wis coming Saturday night with ladder?if his heart's idol would fly from parental tyranny and be happy with him and let him be happy with her, well aud good, if not, disappointment shouldn't fec<l on hid vitals long?a pistol would fix things quick enough. Young lady all tears again. 'Cruel, cruel man?carry me to the end of the earth; I don't care where, just so you carry me.' Saturday night young lady shut up 'savageroua' dog in smoke-house, and goes up stairs. ivii .g uiau vainee wuaer iwo mnes; pats Udder up to window and whispers 'Belindy " very load. Belindy doesn't hear; bat dog does, and cats ap among the meat barrel* terribly. Old lady wakes up Tells old man 'somebody's trying to break in.' Old man gets up, takes down double-barrel gun, opens door easy, dlips around smoke house, and lets dog out. Dog pitches around and trees young man aud lady up ladder. Old man smells large rat trap fall of mice, dodges behind tree. Young people reach the ground ; young lady having drove the dog off. 'Oh ! William, I am airaui.' 'Arraid dearest! and or what7 la not thiae own William here to protect ?' Old maaleta off on*barrel of bia gun ; _v<wing man disappear,* orer fence, leaving coat tail in possession of dog; 'and young lady soreanu ana faints in old man's arms. Young ladj s?nt off next day to Kentacky and young man soon starts to Tezaa?in a horn. Young lady been two weeks at small town in Kentucky?telegraphic dispatch one night ?Pa quite sick, see if company can bo had at hotel, and come home at onoe. Young lady sends to hotel to know if anybody going to , in Yes gonteel young man going atraight to that very ptaoe. Early next morning stage takes up young lady and goes round to hotel for young man. Young man gets in. 'William ' lielindy ! hush, don't say a word ' 'How is Pa !' 'In first-rate health. 'That dispatch?' 'Had it sent myself.' 'Wretch where are toii ?oin?r to >' if" 'u parsons.' Happy couple at hotel here last week. Telegraphed old man about it. Old man comes down next day with nil the necessary feelings and arrangement! to take young lady home a prematura widow. But doesn't do it. Young sonin-law gentlemanly and polite?loved daughter so well couldn t help it. Young lady all tears again, with equal proportions of soba. ' Kill me if you will, my father, but rpare William." Old man-. * ' ? ? ? ? or avwiauj^u ^'J UVnU DQ f Dl 11 pegs; thiuki it's no uh to cut up over spilt uiitk?"(Jet your hats and bonnets, and tot us go home." Young couple happy as infants with fingers stuck full of molasses and feathers, fly round after^baggage; old man pays hotel bill, and all leave town together. '* Didst thou but know the Inly touch of love, Thou wouldst a* noon go kindle fire with snow, As aeek to quench the tire of love with words." Thk Pkoqkzss or Watii Gas ? Jets of flame forming the letters "water gas" now burn night, lyover the principal entrance to the Glrard House. This establishment Is now lighted from one end to the other by water gas made on the premises. The company are now treating with the proprietors of the Continental to Introduce tb? same Improvement. The first objectloa was the lack ivi.cawi jr mum tur a large mcifr. Dill (Dftt difficulty has been overcome The savin? effected by the use of water gas la said to be folly fifty per cent.?Phila. Xortk American CO" A man of a singular character died In New Orleans on Monday last. He was seventy-two years of age, and of late years bad for his only companions, a number of dogs. The Pleaynne says that on the discovery of bla d?ath by the neighbors, a number entered his dwelling, and found the body "surrounded by a score and a half of grown op dogs and puppies, some licking nffinrtlftnaUlu Kla 41 j m*w uiiu uailUB, anu 5UHIC OtQCTI howling mournfully. Two of tbe puppies were found dead near hia body, perhaps out of iympithy, for their poor good old master." Pcftz Ai*.?It la now universally admitted that fresh air playa a more Important part In sustaining life than formerly auppoaed. The neceaaity or akillful ventilation, therefore; of living aa niucb aa possible out of doors; of preserving tbe air of cities pure by drainage and aanliary provisions, by avoiding miaamatlc exbalationa, and generally of aecaring a constant supply of fresh air, are con win pvinia. a meaicai writer recently affirmed that no diaeaae can be thoroughly cured where there ia * want of Yentilation. Not Will lnrormid.?A well-meaning and quite opulent correspondent aenda ua an article warning young men againat being tempted Into speculationa, and recommending them to commence laying up one thouaand dollars annually, ao that they may secure a aupport in their old age. Our eateemed friend Beta the young men too high?there are thousand* of thi* clutln Boston who would be glad of a yearly Income of the sum named.?Bos ton Transcript. Natal ?The United States corvettee Vandalta 1* now almost ready to leave Brooklyn for the Chinese sea*. She la taking In tores and provisions, and will be put is commission about the 10th instant. The following officer* have reported for her up this: Commander J. P. Lee;> rAllln. W.HH Wll?- ? " ' ?'- 1 ?. vww, ?? ???vii ?uu r icuiiou IOC Vandalia takes out a tetter bag for the East India Squadron, and person* having friends attached to it may send out letters, paper* and parcels free of charge. A This* Compbllid to DisooioB?A physician in Cincinnati, Ohio, had,for sometime past, been much snnoyod by some depredator, who dsnnk ?p tho milk left on hit doorstep at an ewlv hour. One day last week ko left an emetic in tfae pitch*, and aoon after the milkman bad passed, the doctor found a policeman inn neighboring alloy "mnklBg kls returns " ILfThe Texas papers states that a gen'l ?rasn who two years ago purchased a flock of sheep for SOU) and took them to that State, has aiaco than sold S600 worth of wool from them, and now hts flock la worth 93,000. making profit of fi,600: oo kit Invertroont U virt years. . 3? \*J 'I | EDUCATIONAL. PROFES?OR Of th? FIIE VCH^and GERMAN L\,NGL'AGK^, 317 Eighth etrea', between I. and Mi dm the honor to annoqno* to the pnblio that he haiirwnmwl h i leaaona in the above lancuatea, M?d haa oaeaed at Mian Wood aeminarv. I treat, between "t2th and 13th at* , a French Cl?>a in whioh young liwles will b* admitted. This ola?? will meet three timet a week at half-paat 3 p. m. Term*: 85 p?r quarter of !? weeka S?ti*f otory arran*emjni? made lor leaaon* tiven in aolmola. Mr de Villiers offer* the heat referenoea aa to hie ?mI ahilltv * A ? avtai % J y ?4 Ui? %JL O OG 24- 1 til T female education. HOSE Parent" who wiih their daughters to receive a thorough and synUmatlc education, where their phyweal training wi.l receive dailv and specif attention, under the moat Approved *y*temof Ctiutheme* and Gymnaotioa, ar<t reepeotfuily invited to Tint the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth it. and New York av MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au sn-tf Principal*._ Female boarding and day school ALEXAXDRIA. VA. Mr?. S. J. MoCORMICK, PrikcipaX. The thirteenth anuual ?e?gjon of thii Institution will commpnee on Tuesday, September Wth, in the bonne r#c*ntly ooenpied by Sylveiter Soott, Es^-, No. 1M King street. The oourao of study pursued will oompnte all thrt branched requisite to a thorough Eiulixh Etlu cation, and Music, Fiench, Latin aiul Diawiag, d .*?: ?- -* uvsueu. In addition to day sehoKrs Mrs. McCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pnpiU a* hoa*ders. who. constituting a part of her own family, will b? under her immediate oare and supervision. She will <nd?avor.aslar a* possible, to surround them with the ooin/orta and kindly influences of Home. k'/erene?s.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D*. Klilts Harrison, Rev. D P. Spring. William H Fowle, !:sq., F.duar 8nowden, bs9 . Edmund F Witm?r, ;??l? Henry Marbury, Esq., l^wii MeK*ni ?, isq., R<?l?*rt H. Hunton, Esq. W D VVallach, Alitor Evemni Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq..Jan. Eotwisle, Jr., Esq.,Col. John W.Minor. Loudoun, Me?*rs. Bi&oklock Marshall, Messrs Coise Brother*. A MM MB. Board, with Tuition in all the Eogliah Branchee, for ihe annual aeaaion?payable semi-annually, in advance. Mumo and Langnagea at Profeaaora' prieea. p7* No extra ch?r<ea. an 2? t( SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, No. 377 I Stskit, First Wud. Wise ANNIE K. PEC*. Teacher. Ntimber of pupils limited to twenty, oc 16 eo?m CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. li Strirt, 9tk and 1WA Strut!, We have inat finished a uuruber ot first olaaa CARRIAGES, suoh aa Ltikt fatvy.Mmml?. Wat on i. Park Pktatom. Family CaT-vSfcX9i T\a*?s, and BugKf-t, which we wiil sell at I* " *? a *er? small profit. Being practical meohanioa in different branches of the Dislneaa, we flatter onraelvee that we knn? til A aivlflMi * rwi m Ha wrb ?;-ti ? ? ? _. _ T?^ ^ U0I a v< WV1B IIUH> ?m IIVO faction, oombiunc hgktneaa, comfort and dambin Repairing promptly and oarefnlly attended to "? CH0 W Coaohmakara, encooaaora to Wat. T. Book. H TCARRIA9KS. UK Btbaoriber ha viae made atlJiUona to ki factory .making it now oh of tho larfoat^^KML tntka Diatriat, wboro Ui faoiatiaa ior)|KH|S manalaotunnaCARRI^GK A LI6HT-^^S^K WAGONS or ali kinds cannot bo eurpaaeeU,and from bia lone axponsnoe in It a baamexa, he bop? to eiTfi MQAI^I iQl kind* ot OtrrucN u< Lijht Wacona kepi n kaud. All RKPAIKfinMtlr <?M,u4*U*rd9rB preaft if fttiendad to. ..r"" ""mvmir * ta-tf wrur *f IMk a?4 K ah. Goodhue fire insurance company OF NEW YORK. Ct?H Capital ? ?. #100,000. T?? Inaar?<J participate m the profits without tnOBrrinn any liability whatever. IFKATH * KNOWLPS. Aaenta, oc 23 ?.r Offloe, over Hank of Wa?kin?ton. JUST RECEIVED, AT SMITH'S. . A lot of GKNTS'S UNDKRSHIRT8 AND DRAWERS, from auotion, which he will Mil very low. oo 18 1 m PIANOS. PIANOS?The larreet assortment of Piano?, Meiodeona, Guitara, Vio-jC^jn lint. Baajorn. Beat Italian String* Ao oordeona, Flatinas,Concertina*.Flutea,* 1 ? ?' Filea, FlajeoVtta. Gla-ionetta, IJ-a*' Inatromenta, Drama, and every variety of miiaHal ware, a!ao an immense etook of Sheet Mutic, Maaic Hooka aud Operas, for every instrument "t the Maaic ?tnr?f'rve f* M B r*7 K i\ TT ? ~r A _ _ . _ _ ? ww m m it* 4 m. m ? * vr am* ui ? II**I * ?4 X t%. Zk V And Ittti ?treet. bole A teat of Steiuw&jr & Soc'i Bftum K \v*a 4k C?.'? and Knabo & Co.'i Pi*Do?. oo a tf The attention of the citizens of the Dutrict and arrouodin; <*ountrj i? rc pectfii It solinted to fin examination of oar ??3ond Fill Supply of th? following G'?od? PARbUKi DININtf-KOOII, CHAMRER.mnd tASSAGK p\pehs. borders, dkcokaiONSand CEII.1NG PAPER5,embracing?-v?ry oooooivaHe ileiign, arid ranging in prtoea Irom 10 AABt* ?/? *C Meal ai7<Tl nutation Gold Bard and Painted WINDOW SHfcDtH and SHADE HOLLANDS of all width* and colors. WILT CORNICE, CURTAIN BANDS, and PINS in rreat variety. PICTURE and SHADE CORDS in a'l colort, together with an immense it'.ek of Pioturo and Shad* TASSELS, LOOPS,fte .to matoh. Tlieie *< <k1? have been carefully ?eleot*d from the larteit tna-iu factor! n in the o^nntry, a?-d we feel confident that an examination of our atork will oonvince any <>ne of tho advantage we offjr in pricet. quality, and vrtetu of the stock. PAPKR-HANGINOand other work in our line ei'outf d promptly by competent and ro table woik* m.-o, under the immediate auperviaion of on j of the firm,and in all ca*ea warranted equal to any done in the country. To tho?e who are a)>out refitting we would auk an in*section of our ?tock. FRANKLIN it ROTHROCK, oe 30-eoJw Corner of Ninth and I) atw. PURE OLD RYE WHISKY FOR MEDICINAL USE. *9 -? ??///>? ~r VI * . r?> v?fV< w? wv tV?HO /?C f VtfifMi The T&*t home and foreign demand we hare for this article sufficiently att?ata iu purity and exeeieno*. Moreover <t may be mentioned inthisooiinexion that many invv'ids of delicate orcanixation. una We to uu whisky of other brands, have round the fchore most efficacious and happy in its ?fleet*. A liberal discount on the above prices ma?la to the trade. KDWARD HALL. Deal er in fine Wines and Llauori, j Family Groceries. to-,?>p?. Center Market, oa 17-?o9nt between 7th and 8th street*. rfUATS, UL CAPS, IB ^ AND FUR 8F.YMOUR. ill GoOrcetDVQ. innniinoM tn tk* I citizens oft fan Distriot that he ba? now toady lor sale an extensive assortment of Mole t*kin Hats, for gents, of the various shapes; Soft and Caps 01 ?<very (trie for men and bora; Ladies' Furs, Missis' apd Children's Jockey Flats; Umbrellas and Walking Canes, at prions lov enough to please alla W? F. SEYMOUR, _oeJ6-2w 133 Bridge street pLOUR, BUCK WHEAT? POTATOES, AP 161 bb'.s. new Richmond Fatal If and Extra Flour, 5 '<0 lbs. Fresh Uiound Bu * wheat Meai, CO bushels WhiU Mercer Potatoes, *> do. Blue do. do. 5 do. Chratnnts Reomvsd to-day and for sal* low in lots to Nit by D. L. MORRISON * CO.. no 5 Comer of Twelfth and B sts. VALUABLE SERVANT MAN FOR SALE. t With a view of obtaining a good ma tor tno owner would offer great inducements to any dnsi> in* to Diirrhaa* far hia own km H? accustomed t* the maok|rmMt of horse* and other ooonpations, and ? about thirty five year* cf age. Reference will he given to his former employer* an to honesty and fidelity Inquire at the Insurance Office of T. M. H ANHON, No. 520 Seventh street, oppo?ite the Intelligencer oflioe. no ?-eo3t Patent articles for the uesk.Clark a Chemical Ink Eraser, for oountinc hnnMioil ?rtnti'<i.u Tk.. i. . ...? 1 3 ? ???. AHIBI* m twi J ?"U effective artiole for removing the ink from paper. Pot op in boxes, and sold for 25 oenta; by mail for 90 oenta The Patent Roller Blotter, anew and oonve merit article Portfolio S'.atea, two and three leave*, raitable for deaka and memorandum aoooaaU. varioaa aizea and at,lea. BLANCHARD 4 MOHt'N, no 3 Corner Pa. av. and Ki?venth at. Tm O MUSIC TEACHKRS ?a !a-ge lot of new Mhho, imported from Kvrope; olao, aelrctiora made in perftoS from all the great publiahina bonaea in Boaloa and N?w York, aaaeiaUi aaaort^d (or piano, violin, and flut*, k.-., Ac. Also, Duets (brail instruments now open for inspection. IfoHN FjCLLlB'S _ iBiokM-iugt' riaa* oc > S06 P*. air. h*t. !Hh and IOth iU. Baltimore " BUTTER HOU8K. Daily lyortytag (roth udivMt, in Qnphmn pwki f L GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS QU LAKUK STOCR! QQ I/O BEST OOOD9!! ?"o LOWEST PRICE?!!! PPI I.MAN & Ht'NT, 9* Bridge itrMt, between Washington and C> nr???, ar? now ?re?a*??d to how th?ir veil seiacted itook u(DH E?i*GlH>n*. DOMESTIi'S, *o. Their store < the oM ?t\nd nf U. E. Hcrrj) hannc he n remodelled and fitted up n th > moit tn.irouch mar ner, tb-y mmm fko .t ties unequa<cd in the District lor the p oseonti n of a reneral Dr* (Jooos Businee*. They respectfully tnvite a call from the eitiieaa of U?or?e'?va an^viciulty. oeC-im JU<T KbCRlV>'D? 10 bhda. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, 15n hbla. t nd RyeWHl.-KY, 25<)bhla HKRftlNU Md AI.EWIVEft, bb.a. <-ru?hed ar><i Re&ufd ?L CARs, SO ba?8 Rio and Java COFFEE, 10hhda.(low priced?MOLA*5E8. For aale HtJuH.N J BO<?f E. ->10 / 'RAMJliLL,. OPTICIAN, V/ iVe,18?* Pndt$ ft., e?orr?i?wa, Haa oon?tant!r on hand a large assortment of Frenoh Naar-auhted. Pariacopic, Co<- fWW^I ored, and a'., other 8PECTA,7LbS, w? tbe eenna.ity. in rold. ?41ver. ?teel,aT?d German tilrar frame*. N. 8. Old Frame* Repaired and netr t Maes aet in them to ord?r. ?n ta.i? \*A!?EY, COLLINS * CO 'S I'HILADEL1*1 PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.-We are ?on?tant!y r?oe:Tir.* r-r?*h irapplie* oftheahore<Mi|tht?tal h?erai*, and invito all persona who vaat a pare aaadalteratod Ale, to five it a trial. ARNY * 9H1NN, Agecta, fa* IT Om*n it.. RonrfMovg. dr. j. h melean's STRKNGTHEKIira CORDIAL AMU BLOOD ri'RIPIKR. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tlu WORLD, ami the most w-y Dki.iciocs *yt> Tip DELIGHTFUL j? ItA jm * CORDIAL cgn* ?|?y? /JETER TAKEy.j^gjcff^ S#f| >? trictlr a aciTf JuM \fr mite and vipu M.? bit Canipoaod, proPSlJ cared by tha dieuila- Ba^BI *JL ucn of mote, karba, vfinpi^ and barka. Yellow |K >JH ^88% Dnek, Blood Root, wfljf. BUck Bo*. SaraapapUn rtlla, Wild Oerry jBVV B?rk. and Dandelion HP / fl p antara lato IU eoa- H| [ The entire acti?e <?r Z ^ jPc~*tJL ~ J? rrnadul prmciplt S ofaack ingredient Before taJdngi^^SSaVf^ tflk,D?diaullinr, prodaeing * dencioee, eihilarating epirn, and tha moat irfalltMa remedy for renovating ika dieeieed eyetam, and realariBg the aick, entering, and debilitated invalid l* health and etrength. McLEAN' S STR EHG THE SI NO CORDIAL Will effectually CBra Li*er Complaint, Djimpda, Jeandice, Chronic or Ner*n?e Debility,Dieeaeee of tba Rjdueye, and all diaaaaaa analog from a dieardered u>ir or Stomach, Dyepepeta. Heartburn, Inward Pilaa, Aridity or Sieknaaa of the Btinatb, Fahaaaa of Blood to Ike Heed, Dnli Pain ar Swimming In tba Haad, Palpuatioo of tha Haari, Palloaaa or Weight in tha Btomach, Siar Kracutiona, Choking ar affocaung Feeling when l?Tt?r down, Dryneea or Yellow, aaaa of the Skin and Eyea, NigM Sweata, Inward Paaara, Pain in tha Smai! of tha Back, Cheat, or Side, Sadden Ploahee of Beet, Depreeaioo of Spinte, Prtghtfnl Dreama, uanpirr, u*?j-onaai.ey nr aay ntrvoaa dtaaaat. Soraa or Blctr.hea cm to* Skin, and Ftvit aad Agmi (or Cbiila and flTII.) OVER A M1LLI0X BOTTLES ha?a baaa told daring tha last six antlu, u4 in ae laatanca baa u failarf to (ivief ntirt antiafactina. Who, J-?n, will tnffar from Wrtknaaa or DtMlity when McLKAIfB TRENOTHKNIMO CORDIAL will car* yoa 1 Ma lang-aaga can corray an adaqnata idea of tba laaaadtau and aim oat miracalOBa change produced by ukiajr U.u Cordial io the dieeaaed, debtliiaiad, aad aiiauered Mxvoiia ayaiam, whether broken down by exceee, weak by aatare, r impaired by aackneea, the relaxed and atietrmf arfaai alios U reetored to iu priattoe haaltb and vifor MARRIED PERSONS or ethera, emiecioae of tnaKilry fr-ro whatever canae, will End McLlAN'8 STKENOT'lKNlNG CORDIAL . ? ,?. rough ragauarator of tha ayatam; and all who ia?r k?*a in )ar?d tl*< 11.t j imprcpar indol?tDC?? will (ad |> ihia Cardial a cartaio and ap?aaj ramady. TO THE LADIES. McLKANI STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ia a ac?arairn und MjtNNfet lnetpiant Couauipooa, Wbttoa, OhatrvctaU or Diffcalt Manotraatioa, Incoaunaoca of L'rint or InTolantary Diachargo tharaof, Falling of tha Womb, OlildiMM, Pamtisf, and all dtaaaaaa iocidrat to PinalM. THERE IS ffO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Saffar do longar. Taka It according to diractiooa. It will auntalata, trenglutn, ar.d urigorata roa and caaaf tka bloom of haaltk to mosnt jo?r ckaak again. Crarj botlia ia warranted to gi?a aatiafactioa. FOR CHILDREN lfyovr children art nekly, pranf or aflietod, McLBANt CURDIaL will naka tbam baalthr, fat, and robmaL Daiay not a oionir.^ ui it, and jam arm ba aoa*Ui??4. 1. la 4obcioaa touka. ca rrrrnw Brarare nf dray ~ina or dealers vk? m? y try to palm spot yoa ?<nn* Utttr or aaraaparill* traah, tnay can bay chop, bi niinrlt > Jox aa reo<1 A?nd each ate. Aak for McLfcAN S 8TRENuTHLN1N(. COKOUL, u.d uke nothisr elee. It la the ouly ranedy that ?ill panfy tha Biood thoroughly snd *t tha eame una (irenftliea the system. One teaspoor.fol taken e*ery morning faatinf la a certain prerenti** for Ohclera, Chill* and Tavcr, Ycltoar Fi>ir, or in* preaalent'lies*se It la pat op id tar|r* Wniloa. fric* oil!j 81 per bottle, or C bottiaa for ftS jTH Mt LEAN, Sole proprietor of thia Cordial; also, Jl'Ltii/s Vnlcaaic Oil Lwimant Pi.oc.pal Depot on the cornrr of Third and Pisa atrtau, St. Loan, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tha only aaft and certain care fcr Cancers, Plica, T?rocra, Swelling! and Brocichila or Court, P\ral?sia, N?a ml|f-.a, Weakness of tha Muaclet, Chraaic ?r Inl) mnutory RheomaUaai, 8'iffoess of the JninU, Contracted Muaclea or nil | amiaviiC vi i wvu?(,ut, oronri, ?J'I m? , r r??B Cdu, Woauda, Ulcere, Fe?ei 8<res, Caked Brtm, fin Nipples, Burnt, Scaldt, Sort Throat, or any int* malton or P'-in, ao difference bov ?e?rre or lour ft"* di?r*ee m?? ha.. ?iiate4. McLEAN-8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT m * rnulD remedy. Thousand! of human beinrs hs*e been sa?ed a lifa of die cripimda ?od mi?ei y by lha aaa of tk,ie invaluable remedy. Mr LE AX'S VOLCAXIC OIL LIXIMEXT Will ralitt* pain almost iustaouneously, and it win elaan, parity aod heal tb? foulest aorta iu au incredible short um. FOR HORSES AXD OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT la the o<.!? s.fe and rai.iHe remedy for tha care of Spaeia, R nrVi, Windfal's, Splints, Unn??nral Lamps. Nodes ?r Bwellinre It oarer (ailed to care Bif Head, Palle?U, Pis'.ala, Old Dinnin m ftaru. ?? if a??l.?^ I'm - ii ? - ?-??/? * wjr?r(" w prams. Bruua,Scnirliu, Cr-cked Reel*, Chafce, S*d.i;? r Collar Gtlb, Cctt, Soret, or Woaodt, it U an infallible remedy. Apply it M directed ted a tare it etrtata in e?ery fcaataaca. Thtn trilt no lonftr with the many wonhlttt Lioimtau efftrad ? yol. Obtain t tapply of DR. McLiAfi S tillERATK.D LINIMENT. k w.fl care too. J. H. McLEAN, Sole Proprietay, Comtr Third tod Pine tU., St Louie. Me. CHARLES 8TOTT, 375 Pt. it , toie are*'. i? W ton; R, 8. T. CI88EL, Ueorfttovu ttM-DAWly ?FS r. FKK>CH. W*. T. KICHSIB19. NEW FIRM FRENCH A RiCMSTKIN. (Sutressors to Wm. F. Baylf I Who M&is fciirf R?t?il D<"*iar? in BOOKS STATIONERY, AHD PERIODICALS, No. ST6 Pknti?tlta.ria Avian. Weddinc and Viutinc Card* neatly engraved and printed. Paper and Envelope* Stamped with Initial without ?>xtra charge. Subscription* received for all the Weekly Paper* ac t Mftoztne*; also. New ?ork tiera.d, Tine*, aud Tribune. f *?'! trH avamina Anv b^/vmkr ? V i UUM ? ? 'IV VM< viuvai Ail bound Rook* told from 10 to 9) per oent. 1cm than the Puh'isber's price*. (ET A dt Book* not on hand ordered with dispatch from London, Pari*. New York, Boetnn, and Philadelphia. o* X iin ?<CHOOL AND COLLE6K OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for Bckool and Dress Wear. Parent* and guardians wishing to f*nu*a their children and ward* with School a^d Cotlrge Outfits for the oormng *ea*on, are innted to examine oar present large and extensive aeeorUnet,* BoV*' Cl#<?THINVi, where they oan fit out their ehiidret of all sice* in a few moments with erer* description of Ready made Garments, of cubaUutUal a?d durable * uahty. at very moderate* WALbi STEPHENS A COauSO-tf 3'iit Peon, arwna HOUSbKBfiPING AND kiLDVAfUTa* r.nnnti ' ai p uv/v/vo) We hav? now on hand a wall selected stock nf he above rood*, snob u t*heet!n??, T?h o Linen*, Napkina, Toweiin?a. Lin?e?a, Fall Clothe, Dian ket*? from onmmon to rery fir.e?Oar?bur*?, B e Domeatica. Girrhanx, Piliow Ca*e t otu na and LiLcna, Dnnbar & Diokiuaon't. Kariliaa. Ctiari*i & Co ,?d<1 Rto^ikrdfua'a Inah Li anna in all aualltiaa, all of viuoh we wul diapoae of on the b?at alt WAV* /kll mif<nnvLi.kai in] 1V i n i<irn nu n?n in' "1. H. W" aiM1LT?N PA1NTKK, and DEALER IN PAINT?, No. #?2 TtH ??r Odd Pkttvwr H*1L aiil-tf * PUTTY It* DOWN. p*HFFIKBC V&SSW ANDLE!*! A beaatifW artiol*, in aap-anutee to >?* * perm.v t?iaf atea* aad po and *t hm* Im oo.t- KING * HURCUKUL.' oc 10 Corar V ariaopt nr. ami 6th ?UW ? ? B VA,0 0 881 Pa. ^rrw.1178 at m* Sffc. r Wh^f fco^8?ryV^> >ny^1r... t THE WEEKLY STAB All Fuuij ut Ntwi Jwml ? a *an*tr of i?Kr?ti?? rs^U* Am oh b? fomad > my ?Ut m pvmtahai mm 'sttantey meruit*. Titm-Owi. * ? ?!?,fc Binei* eofy, w?r ? Ir^r^rr?== ,:s 3y ?u*?criSin* t* slab* raiaad mk>k witi-.nt tha iBtorvaartna of a wmI *11 ba peroai vpo ?i par MtL af Th? faaU* ?iar willba st?- iur?*t~z mZ-jszzz o t ?rally Uroiikoit lha ouaclry. sssrtr utayqg k syr^E paper Pnae-Tlf*?E CfcNT* . 117* PoitmMWri who Mt aa l(Mli WlU ba hi lowed * ocmmimnn of ? oaala. ?? MISCELLANEOUS. THE OSLT PREP AJLATIOW WOITIT or UNI VERBAL CON FIDENCE 4 PATHOS AOB *r>n srjrffsMVfr, jvdqks, CLERGY MEM. LADIES, mmd trESTLKMtX n a I ?\rt? .?f wore* toatify U tha Mlmi of PROF O.J WOOD S HAIR RESrOHATITE. and K?Lt;em?a of t*# Pr*W arc unaoiraoui la ita araia*. A fowtoatimoii1aleoi?lT?a?beharafiTa? m* pi eaiar for a?r?,ud U wili ba impoaalbta fee 1 you to doubt. ?7 Wall Stbkst. maw Voti.D^ ? m? (rmt/*m * Soar cot* of tk? lltt taatant M ItwD rto*irad. eayinc that ??a Uad beard ttaai I had boon beeeftad ny the ueeof Wood'* Ha?r I?aturativ*. an reqaaatinc lay oartiftoate of U* (Mt if 1 had no objection to gtva il _ . I award It to y<m abaa-felly, baaaaaa I thick It da?. My ace ia About M yaara ; Ue ootor of my ha r "nbarn. and tao'ined to earl. In or aix tear* udm it began to turn (ray. and t^? on ihecown of my head to loaa ita ?ennbi tty aa4 dand-uff to form u>"n it. F.aoh of tbeee diea*rae abilities inor*aai-d with 'ime, aad a boat 4 aawntba i' oa a foarth wai ad dad t j them. by hair nw m off the top of my aaad and threat eamg ta maka ma bal:. In thia unp ' aaant predicament I wu lndsaed ? try A owl'a Hur K- ?(?>r*U*e, nar.J t? arreat tb? 'ailing "IT of mi hair, for I had eally no eueata Hontbattray hair avoid arar b? r watered to t? original eolor ?ir?pt from d?ae. I wi.totww, f' ?atiy iurpn?t d to ind, after the aae of two bo* 'ea oaiy, fiat not oaly waa ta* faiaf off trrtMM. oat the ctor vm -eatored to the (ray hair* aad enaibi'ity to the eoalf aad d and raff o?ae*d lofcr m on ray head, vaiy much to th? w%\:f P*iim "f ray w_fe. at vkoM aoheitaMon 1 *?i ladaecd to try it. For thu. amnm the irary abhgationa I nr* to bar mi, 1 atroncIf reoowraead all naahaadawha ra.ue the ac re.rati n of their wivae ta prof i Nr mtr example, and one it if crow nt ?ra? or cTUd ba 4. Very iw^rTiiSti "** A. 1 avsnsn. To Q.|. VV-sid A Co.. 444 Brca^wey N.V\ Mi famiW ar" sSte^t from the aity, aad I am no laager at No. U Carrol P aae. M**? roji. Ala.. J?l? ?, 1?*. To PtAf. O J. Woo IK Dt*r Str- Your "B?r feataratiTe" ha* done my hair ? > maah aood aiuaa ?imai?i o?l the ua- ol iv, mat I wiak to ma* a known to tha public of iU ? acta oath? hair, which are treat. A man or wo mar. ?\* be nearly defnrt-cl of hair, an* by araaort to tout * H?.ir tbe kMr will rMin nor* beaetifa tBao rrer; at Your* tm!?, WeH. Kmvr, P. S.?\ ou oan pebileb the b^ore if job ;k*. Br pabliehing id oar Hoathera papers joy will |?t m ?re petronac* "*<>eth. I eeveral of yornr certificate* ia Ur Motui? Mercery. * stngag fouatfterB ^ WOOD* HAIR RB^TOBATW?B*T" Pmot.O J. Wood: Di?r Sir bad lbs misfortnne to loee the beet portion of ay baa. fn.? the effents of the yol.ow fever, ib l*ew OrMane ta 1'il, I was inrc<?od to Mftke a trial of roar preparation and fouiid it to answer aa the rery tiling needed. My hair ib now thiek and gloeey. and aa words oan express ir.y obligatiOB* to ynm in string U> the affliotod suok a treasure Firut Joiiwei. The R eetorati ** i pu t o p io bottiee of three sipes. vis : large, medium ana sma'l; tbe email faoU ban pint, and retail* for one dollar par botti*; tbe qpedfum hoid* at leaet IP per sent. more la prnportioa tiaa the small. rrtaii* tor twa* per b Mie ; the large bo ds a inert. ?0 par tea. more in propn* tien, aad rat?i<* for S3 O. J. WOOD * CO , P-*prietore, 444 Broad way, New Y?rk, aad 114 Market street, Bt Loaw, Mo. And cold by ail good Drugglet* aad Psaey ?r.(4e Deaier*. aa r? eofs-eJw U. O. T. jOL. . HFlMEWELffl U1TYESJSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Chm/mrm, A*** Common Coughs U Actual Conrmmpftm. HUNNKWELL'8 TOIiU JJfODTHm Tkt Natural amd Sure Rsmsdj far a/U Jftt?*w Complaints, From Nttnldk throuih til mm wMn Opuua *h ever a-*ti to tlulofIWriamTrasMaa,Ud Ik wuoi chief wim or maeaM loss op plekp. TW Tr-m A nod y r><". ihoach or staining nets fartic of Ofium. produce* th? r?<nirwi*?tt of, ud ma? b? awd 10 all onw *??r?w Opiam waf aaed without pro^uoi.'ig as?thing bat Car**, aad iMt-tna ?K- a - .? ? ?.l ?w IUK wi' f WCB* iu yvutuwij umbMrmi fM Universal Cousn Rrnedy, (treed rcea *11 tie conuni'D obieotiun of '^oath Remrdiee. vfciac 5-xlucf ctim or prostration,) ira? be oonsid*re4 ? common enemy to ?Jl Throat sod Lini Conpliunts. and used wit* perfect irapcnity Askiuf al u> court irom proprietor* or frioodm the noet severe inveeUjaUoB of boU Ruaecitp, swi rsadiac of oar pamphlets to be loaod with ?Jl dealers, and ore particularly to purchase onfy of tboae who 0*0 he depended upon. we trait ia oouideaea ttea decisions of Patients and Phvstctaas. "Prtoes vithiL rctoh of ati " J. W. HrnirawaixVc^ Ccnuneroial Wt<<vrf. Hoft in, Geo. HcsirawKU,, 144 Water st. Near York. Under the special espMrvisiuo of JOHN L. HCTKNKWELUCbemiiit sod Pbsnnaeeatjst. Hoestm. Mu> , whose u(n?Mr? owvers the ov ti ofta<P (ceiisins oip.aua to whom address ait oownwtoaUoos. S?u.u (jt all respectable dealers ereijwhew. aad all the Druifists in Washington and Ge?r;?u,wa. mar >6 eo.r I' PROCLAMATION! 1 O THE w"^ara?er<,wh.^ cholera u.w ovsenterv. ^'^^^oholic. wrawu. ^ L,TT' ^ to *r*ry ^^*0. *? o?o? *-f,a jgm rdy bcfissv^o^-i?. W fllUi offer* (na MIRACULOUS PAIN E1LLEE REMEDY* oVTHE* A JoTI' C JM ?LA I NT* la order to aaUafy THK PUBLIC _ that no imposition ia iut*?<i*d in tk* aai* of tfcia THE KONEY WljLL Bl|#kEFUNDED in a'/ f<wi when the wtedimne ia>!? to fire astir* liAwn Ask. then at ut Dni tH?r? for DR. MuNTARDFf MIRACULOUS PAPf KI I.LEE, take m directed, and If nut perleotly aabaftsd Return to our A rent. D. B ?l.ARR, ESQ., 4H Straat and Pasnay i waaia Amu, who wiU refaad jomr Prioa?24 and AO Costa par Bottla. For aala at all Dmt Storaa arery whars. JAB. MaDONNELL, GmmJJiipj, jyll-aati Baltics, B. HALL Israel doming. WHaleaaleaad ReWulpeaJer* ia fine FAMILY ^Si?7!J?umH?i3^ Sft^ lCTrK FLOUR ^^M1bNON tJHf $1 Br&VL+te*. 11^ C??h *11 kiiwtai ^ Sft-4b? New ca?mWALL. rrkpHKNH * CO? ?*aiwm*' k!T*. J**! r*o*? <l a tor** nnru of jw Fall Good*, to wu.cb u*y unU & ofthwr fn?wd??nH fmrfnwwr* M > tf PANDlNu ^UarEN DKR8 ^ 4? ^>Mr?Mal<l>UAr#t*T*'c^^ ?"* *" ** ?t ^M*UC?i.lf'o*V?rt'Krid^Huf ootttw ._, ill . ^iniiuuo <vti m uaianlCNkkv i. " now oe tend; s!w. wed* *? ?J?r ? ft' ?ft rUM* Mdy^tUu Work MmM IN IM M miMSA M??. j\TKW BUCKWHEAT. i

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