Newspaper of Evening Star, November 8, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 8, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. ** M a WASHINGTON CITY: THriHUAV a. ?M?. - ? . ?? .11 ? 111 ' ' fifll si tbe Rlcriiai Pr?m. The Ctmtixtmlion disclaims having recommfndrd disunion Id Ita late remark! on the result of ta? election, snd denies that otbera are responsible for Its language. Ths In:*tliminetr treats at length upon the secession movement just initiated by South Carolina, giving a history rf former movements of the kind, and expressing iU belief that the present Democratic Administration will, simply by the exercise ?f its mors! strength, avert tbe evils of disunion, as farmer patriotic rdmlnistratlons have done. > i 11/" New testimony In the nurch divorce case Las been taken in St. Louis on tbe part of the defendant, Mrs. Burch. Sundry women of ill-repute are the witnesses Naw PriLictTioiii ? Weh??f from theMeears. l>t?rson, through Shillington. Odfom Building, a copy of "The Mao with Five Wlm," by Alexander Dumas, complete in on* volume. From Messre. Taylor 6 Maury we have the Westmirster Quarterly Review, (October,) a fine K'ltnber. reprinted from the English edition in the usual handsome style of Leonard Scott A Co. From tb? publishers, Luther Tucker A Son, Albany, N. Y., we have their capitil 41 Annual Ke^ liter" for 1541 P" A dispatch from Fort Kearney states that the Plke'a Peak Kxprew coach pane* there on Sunday Clark, Grnbfr St Co , banker*, estimate the gold jield of the Plke'a Peak region for the current year at ab. at f5,Wl?,000. Great numbers of miner* are leaving for the ?tate? and New Mexico to pan the winter Capt. S':lley, cf the Second Infantry, with hia command, consisting of F company, Second Infantry. 00 strong, ana 22 Second Dragoons, h id arrived The odicera attached are LieuU Bond end H-rnter. Second infantry, and Lieut. Berry, Second Dragoons When Captiiu Sulley left the Pawnee agency there Were no Indians there They had left on a hunt. The agent was dissatisfied that the troops were withdrawn, for fear of an attack from the SioiM, and it la understood that he hma tnnliMl to ashli??rton for a com puny of Infantry to protect him, and It la known here that tbe Sioux are alao cn their winter hunt, aa both trlbea are hunting on tbe Republican Fork. It la hoped they will meet there and settle their difference to tbe satisfaction cf themselves and the frontier settlements by using each other tip The people of tbia frontier are greatly dissatisfied that Government should protect tbe Pawneea agalnat tbe Sioux,when it notorloualy gives llcenae to the former to commit depredations on the latter. T** Wti with the Indians ?The New Mrilcan milia. with dateato theiid of October, Lave arrived at Independence Colonel Caaby bad an engagement with tbe Navajo* Indiana on the 2d ult Forty horses and five kondred sheep were captured, and five prisoners and aix Indians killed. The I tabs, under Capt Ptieffer, captured five thousandsbeep and a largenumher of horses, with nineteen prisoners and five scalps Captain tfuckniau'a party of volunteers took seventy horse* and one scalp. The Indians are sorely pressed on all tide*, and If they are ever to be chastised, now or never i? ?be time. The I'taha had provfd treacherous; after receiving a lirge number of burst-s they put out with tlicoj. declining to have any more to do with the campaign. By their treachery the Indiana recovered 3 0110 of the sheep that waa taken from tbr-m The command of Captain Pfl-tfer waa put 1" rwniuent danger, but altera Lard battle they aped. Business at 9anta Fe ia very dull Flour is eiltag at Slo per sack, and is very scarce. Tue weatl er on the plains is very cold. There is no news ??f Importance from the Plains A Craiocs Disclosuks?The Baltimore Sun of th a morrtng says "Theelection returns of this city exhibit in a verv striking manner the character of primary meetings, or at least whatsnch meetings niav be made by adroit and unscrtipuiona manl onlatlon Th. i?i?? - * ?* , ?? . ?v upp*. i warua l?l txif city-, constituting the fourth congresalonsl district, were represented originally tn the Charleston democrat*; convention by twoieli of debate* cne of whom were ejected by the committee on ? r>-drnt1als. nrd the other, the represen'atives of Mr DoujfUs admitted. On Tuesday the election In this (Tstetct resulted in a vote of 9,410 for the candidate who. It is reasonably to be expected, would have been sustained by the ejected delegates, while Mr. Douglas, the exclusive nominee of the admitted delegates,received only 7*20 votes; the disproportion being something over thousands to hundreds' The Passpokt Ststsx in Eckopk Biixq Abolished ?The Swedish government baa taken a step In sdvance of all continental powers. It hrs abol.iLtd the passport system. Anybody LrreafWr may enter Swedish territory, travel through or leave it without any molestation from the civil authorities or any police Interrogating m, ?? us uapcctcu lae strangers witli being a criminal. Ruwt has also modi Owl her panport i\it*m These steps show that Europe it getting tired of her absorb restrictions upon free Intercourse between tbe people of different countries Tbe interests of trade and the convenience of tbe world require that travel ah*ll be free over all tbe countriea of tbe globe. PamrcL Accidists.?Tbe Kanawha co. (Va ) Republican chronicles a number of accidents in tbe 9i;gar Mills In that vicinity. In Roane county one surgeon has amputated twelve hands and arm's crushed in these mills this season. A little boy In the upper end of Putnam county, a few days ago, bad bis right arm crushed in one of these m ils. It wis amputated at the abouider Mrs Mary Henron, wire of Jaa. C. Benson, died last w?rri. ironi uie ioas of an arm She leaves ilnht children On laatTaeaday.Capt. J Grl01 reader, of the Greenbrier co (Va.) Cavalrv, had both lioar* of bis V/ broken completely off, juit below tie knee, by a fall from a horse In Baltimore, on Tueaday night, police officer Brrj.miu Norwood wu accidentally ahot b? a revolver in 'he possession of officer Muran while they, in company with other officer*, were endeavoring to Quell a disturbance between the Minute Men ana the Breckinridge men at their headquariera, wbicU were In the same neighbor Loc-rt The patient waa considerably better yesterday evminf, and mere waa but little doubt that be would recover He was almost entirely relieved fr-m pain, and his phyalciana are of opinion that the ball did not touch anv ?k?* will render fclm disabled. How Mr Liucol:* Voted.? dtspatekfrom t^pruigflrld. Ill , ?peaking of Mr Lincoln'* visit *> ttj* poll* to rote on Taeaday, sayi: "Mr. Lintel i advanced as rapidly a* possible to tbe voting t;>)<'- 'i d banded In b:s ticket, upon wblch it I* >' 'dly uec?Muy to *ar, all the name* were repubj lean*. Tie only alteration be made was the t ai.. .g off of hi* own name at the top. where it b?d been printed A.I he emerged, after voting, fr<>m tbe temporary enclosure, the maulfcst^t;ojis of entbudnam were freauent, and .Mr. Lincoln, removing bia hjt, bowed to acknowledgment. Tki N kg bo Act ?In all tbe counties In Maryland. from which we have received returns, in which tbe net for tbe enslavement of free negroes w-.i submitted to tbe people, tbe voters have emphatically and signally denounced that unjuatand unchristian law. Tbe question has been met and drr.dr-d wtthoct say rcfrrrK* to party politics, and the law U defeated by major: tit* amounting alm<?' to unanimity. The result it greatly creditable to the counties Id which the vote wu taken, and houorable to th? State at largt.? Balt. Amen .. 2 ' Cnaci or JHufwasora.?The following lathe vanning up of the marshal of the rrnias of Min>??wU .?Total population, 178 635; number of farms, ll> u*&, number afnanufacturingtstabllshmen*. 3?3, number of deetba. 1.2L5 The total res of Minnesota la estimated j.t M ,259 ttjuare irites. so that the popuUtion of Min&es?/ta ou the 1st of J une, IMO, wu a little over two persons to the square mile ILf The trial in the myaterlous murder of a wtaUthv old lady at Stepney, London, resulted In the conviction af MulUns. the man who came forward as an Informer. and charged an inaoceot tan with the commission of the deed. Sentence ef death has been passed nan Mnin?> J?7- Twenty-are ahlpa three bark*, two Wigs, two acboenera, *? tow-boata, and eleven other Itnmcn, arrived at New OrUana on ?auday, Oet?b?r 28, and the*e ware aloe a hi pa, one brli and aaeakavaer below cooiian up. "frr A von a* ladj named Barwea, Uvta* ta C'ailoway eooatjr, Mfaeourl, wm eroelly murdered by a feoia:* alave, laat weak The murder waa ror.t and the people lack the Murderer frooa tt? bai.da ot U?e ofleafl, mU bung ber irjr Fifty mecbaalca wbo joined la tbe recant atrl ke ?t Newtoa L ppet Faiia, H*m , ba?e left that in?er for New v'ork aad tfca?*ih. fblliaf U eome to as nadetataadla^ with their tarmet enialatan. trf iu I.owell, Mm . there are Iftr-two mill* -?r1tb total capital itork of ?l.),4??,000, MU1 namfjM of M.390 apladles; of loom* M.I39, of totnifc? employed o,77l, of male* employed 4JU0 C7~ The Awtli Plata Gazette aaya that there lu>a not Uta a Dou^iai meeting held ta Texa* d iruig the caavaaa. |?7"Grrea eora, b*?aa, radiate* aad the general raa of early vegetable*, are la the market again Xrom the tec one crop, at Brownavllie, Texaa WASHINGTON NKWI AVID GOMIF. Discsio*?The public will doubtless be gratified at perceiving that the Constitution this rooming takes occasion emphatically to dlscoamcct the President from any and all responsibility f r Its brief article of the day before, that was very generally construed to mean an earnest justification of the propriety of the secession of the South because of the succers of Lincoln In the recent election. Those who knew the President's views were well aware that he entertained no such sentiment. But his many personal enemies here and elsewhere instantly seized upon tbe Constitution's m vMel a ?nm * Ki m In i iu iiijuic u i iii tu vitu ^ iiuiaiivii| vr uivu It would have done, doubtless, but for that journal's so prompt disclaimer We regret more than we can express that it entertains such views of tbe propriety of secession on tbe part of the South on account of the election of Lincoln. They are exceedingly obnoxious to the democracy of this section of country, as well ss to all others who have aught to lose by revolution; as the t onttitutton cannot fail to comprehend, when Its excitement growing out of the recent defeat of the party so cools oil' as that it may take common sense views of tbo sxlgencies of the times. Under the circumstances of its late defeat before tbe people, the Democratic party will cease to exist > vuinuiauu pnriy m iairiyaayi.ii essaying to stand upon the doctrines thus enunciated by the Constitution. Throughout the South the conteat is to be, clearly, between revolution and antirevolution; and In Virginia, Maryland. Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky, if not Louisiana also, the revolutionists will not number one in live, even though It b? attempted to aid their cause with the prestige of the democratic psrty's name In those States. North of Mason's and Dixon's line there can be no such contest In the cotton States, the success of the revolutionists is not Impossibly but their success ln.them will, necessarily, number the Democratic party everywhere else, among things only to be remembered, if Its name becomes Identified seriously with the scheme of revolution now sought to be carried out. Democrat Co*grr?s!o*al Gains?The Democrats have elected nine member* of Congress from N?w York, and not seven a* the Haiti more Sun of thla morning suppose* probable?viz : K H Smith, (vice Carter?gain.) Odell, (vice Humphrle*?gain,) Wood, Kerrigan, Ward, (vice Briggs-gain,) Delaplaine, (vice Horace P. Clarke?gain.) Haight, (vice Haskins?gain.) St John, (vice Van Wvke?gain.) Corning, (vice Reynold*?gain ) To offset these seven gains, they have lost the districts now represented by Messrs. Msclay ami John Cochrane, both largely Democratic, by running two candidates. The defeat of Mr. John Cochrane Is a great loss to the public service. Mr. Maclay was not a candidate for re-tlection. Tbey (the Democrats) have gained three members in New Jt-rsey :? Perry, vice Pennington, (Rep ,) and Messrs Steele and Cobb, vice Messrs Adraiu (Rep.) and lliggs (Douglasite ) We have seen nothing so far to induce a doubt that Mr. Appieton 1* elected over Mr. Bitrlingame in M&asachusetU. Thus, in these three States, the aggregate Democratic gain for Congress is eight members?equivalent to a change of sixteen votes; or quite sufficient, with the Democratic gains previously made in Pennsylvania and Ohio, to secure the opposition to the Incoming administration a working majority of the lower House of I Congress DEPARTMENT NEWS. ? Naval Ijitellioesc* ?The Board of Naval Engineers, which convened in Philadelphia on the l^th of September, for the examination of Assistant Engineers for promotion. and candl date* for admisMon to the Engineer Corps of the Navy, have concluded their labora, and the following promotious and admissions have been recommended: Firat Asalatant F.nglneer T Alpbonae Jackson, to be a Chief Engineer. Second Aaaiatant Engineer* Geo. W City, R M. Bartleman, and Wm H. Hunt, to be First Aaaiatant Engineers Third Assistant Engineer W W. be a First Asaistant Engineer. Third Asaistant Engineers George 9. Bright, Morgan H. English, William H King. Joseph ' H Bailey, JoLn Johnson, and 9. L I'. Ayers, to be Second Assistant Engineers. Warrants have I been Issued from the Department to the aboveI named officers agreeable to ti>e recommendation | of the Examining Board; also to Newton Champion, Frank H Fletcher, George W. Pensnor, of Washington. D C ; Roberts Talbot, of Mass ; and Joseph Walters, of N. J , as Third Assistant Engineers. The following named candidates pissed a successful examination as Third Assistant Engineers. Albert Aston. Mlddletown, Ct ; F. G M Kean and John Wilson. Baltimore, Md ; P. Voorbets, Annapolis. Md ; II. H. Molony, Richmond. Pa ; J 9 Tncker, Norfolk, Va ; E J. Whittaker, North Adams, Mass ; W. C. Williamson, Philadelphia; 9. R Brooks, 9t I.oais; Jas. J Noble, D.1*l ? ? " . % ? ? ' D<uiiiuorr; a n Aoie ana J. a Toombs, Philadelphia; H Misstner. Port Richmond, Pa ; A. Murray and VV S. Smith. Baltimore; [. L. Olm1 stead. N J.; G. W. M^eee and C. E. Luce, N Y.: C. W . Jordan. Norfolk; G J Burnap. N. Y ; W.H. West. Philadelphia; Albert Jackson, N. Y ; W. H Jnckson, Baltimore; W. B Fairman, Philadelphia. Chief Kugineer Elbrldjre Lnwton, b?w been ordered tf? the Warrington (Fla ) Navy Yard; Third Assistant Kn<;ineer John 15 Carpenter, t-i steamer Mystic; Third Assistant G?o W. Sensnor, to the Anacostia; ai.d TLird Assistant Wm C Selden, to the Water Witch. Third Assistant 1 - v- T D--1 " " " I uiiKintxi i icuciii:* ii. Dinow. a<ts oe^n actached from the Anacostla and ordered to the Sumpter. Second Assistant Engineer Joseph H. Bailey, haa been ordered to tb??"steam aloop Wyoming, in place of Second Assistant Tboa. Cronln, condemned by medical survry. The resignation of Third Aaaiatant Engineer E R Archer, haa been acccpted by the Department. The list previously published in other papers waa incorrect. Thi Contkacts foe Naval Scpi-li**.?Navy Vard supplier for tbe year, commencing Dec 1, for tbe Washington, Ocsport, Chirit-stown, Klttery, Brooklyn, and Pentacola station*, has been awarded to H.N Gibbert, of New York, who baa given tbe naceasarv bond'i. Th?se supplies consist principally of lumber, copper, nalla, and oils, to aa estimated amount of upwards of ?100,(XO. _ Appointments?We understand that the following appointments have been made by the President.?Theodore U Wheaton, United States Attorney for the Territory of New Meilro: J Hosford Smith, of N.w York. Consul General at Constantinople; Daniel A Robinson, of Michigan, Consul at Aspinwall. Tm WiiTBii ?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock Novxmbi* 9. 18M. Burlington, Vt cloudy. New *ork, N. Y clear, wind NW Philadelphia, Pa. clear, wind NW Baltimore. Aid cloudy, pleasant. Washington, D C clear Petersburg, va. clear, 80?. Norfolk, Ya clear, 00V Wilmington, N.C clear, cool. Augusta. Ua. clear, cool. Savannah, Ga clear. Macon, ua. cloudy. Colombo*, Ua rlondy. Montgomery, Ala.. cloudy,cold. Jfcckaon, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala cloudy. New Orleans, La cloudy. VMM TDS Wilt. Cleveland, O cloudy. BmwmIw at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected far temperature.) 30 .*46; at noon, 311.187. Thermometer at 7 a m., 36*; at noon, 48? Maximum during 21 houra, ending a. m. to4*y?50*'i minimum 31 \ *. Opkiative* on a s*tbi?i ?The ^operatives la tbe Newton I'pper Fall* cotton factory (Mass.) are on a "strike - for a redaction of the hour* of labor from eleven to ten hours per day. Tbe operative* met Mine time since and drew up a petition to tbc company, asking for the reduction. Tbe request not being acceded to by tbe company, tbe greater pert of tbe bands left. HIT" The freshets produced by the .late rain* have been quite destructive, especially oa the banks of tbe rivers flowing Into Chesapeake bay; ai fcidoo from i flood of the Lehigh; on the ihorrt of the Schuylkill, and on all the streams that flow frofla the Alleghany mountains. Several lives bars been lost and barges wrecked. Bi?nor op PiTTfioaa ?The Hlgbt Rev Michael UomiuK has be-n appointed/by the Pope, i Bishop of Plttahurg, In place of Right Rev. Bishop OOonnsr, who lately resigned. Bishop Domeoos has been for a uumber of years pastor of the I church of St Vincent de Paul at Germanlown, | Pennsylvania 1T7" The Chicago (IU ) Tribune says that a railroad official has recently Wft that city In haste, and that an elimination of his ac*>uftta with the company exhibits drflcit of from *17.00) to *?),tw. Be w*s Whit is called a "fast** young man. lp-The taxable vmM of MMmImI far the year MM will imontft?the sum of HkKMA^w The Slgas of the Times. How tbi Elsctio* of Lincoln is Taken. The aid Norfolk (Vs.) Herald Is actively contending against toe ultra!?U and their extreme measures, proposed in that aection of the State It meet* them at every turn, and denounces their efforts to overturn the Government, or resort, at this time, to revolutionary proceedings. Gov. Letcher havtng refused to arm the Light Dragoon* of Petersburg, Va., wl th Colt s revolvers, as was anticipated, they have determined to arm themselves with carbine* on yesterday, four of the officers of tbecompenv waited upon the citizen* to aid th?m in the purchase, ana in less than two hour? secured the sum of #1,450. The purchas? will reqnire wine *1600. The Alexandria Gazette of this morning aaya: "The election of Lincoln, as next President, lias, at least, not taken the country by surprise The result was expected aa well as dreaded It haa long been seen that the organization of bta friends In all the Northern and Northwestern States wis ao thorough at to give him the majority not only over any other party, but over all other parties combined * * * The erteia la upon ua. and we must rontimue to do our duty to onr country ! Kaahneaa, recklessness and wlldnesa are not now to be thought of, or countenanced. Wisdom, moderation and patriotism must now prevail, or the direst consequence* may follow. Brawling demagogties must not be suffered to parvert the public judgment, or lead the people to their own destruction." What Protection Shall wx Have??It la conceded that Lincoln is elected. It is a question of Importance now,??What haa the South for protection?" Let us see. I. The Supreme Court of the United 2. We should (till have the United States Senate; and 3. We ahall have the United States Houae of Representatives. No bill could come before the Executive for hla signature that had not received the amotion of both houaea ol Congress. No appointment could be made by him without the sanction of the United States Senate. But let ua suppose that he attempts to do unlawful things, tliat he attempts to violate the rights of a portion of the people or State* of the Union, or to transceud In any respect the authority vested In him by the Constitution and laws. What Is the remedy? Impeachment by the House, and trial and punishment by the Senate If found guilty. Having both branches of Congress on the side of the South and the Constitution, can any man doubt that they would perform their duty? W? should thus nave three distinct ramSarta against aggression between us and the Prasient Such a course would be at once dignified, constitutional, safe, and would raise us up hosts of friends everywhere The sympathies of all conservative men of all classes would be on our aide, and with such a basis of moral and political power, and a cordial union North and Soath, against sectionalism, can anv reasonable man doubt that at the next election the republican sectionalisms would be routed, horae. loot and dragoons??Bnltimott American. The Baltimore Exchange, a Breckinridge paper, speaking of the result of the election In the city of Baltimore, says : "The South may real asaured that Baltimore will unite with her la all lawful effort* to check any further agitation of th? slavery queation, and to compel the Republican party to respect the Constitutional guarantee* which protect the institutions of the slave States. We say that Baltimore will unite in all lawful efforta to secure tht?se ends, and it Is but frank to say that in our judgment she will only be the ally of the South *u Umn as the Utter seeks to right herself through ttit law* and under the Constitution. Though we in common with the South have just reason to feel aggrieved at the treatment we have received from tti? North, we do unhesitatingly assert that we have not yet been driven to the point at which revolution alone can remedy the wrongs of a people. We do aver, therefore, that Baltimore has not by her vote of yesterday sanctioned any disunion scheme or sentiment whatsoever. and it la our earnest hope that she may never feel herself impelled to seek for justice through agression We still trust that Mr. Lincoin. if tie Is, as we presume he 1s, elected, will hearken to the conservative counsels of the better men of his party, and that the patriotic deal re to leave the Republic stronger ana more prosperous than he found It, will lead him to abandon the narrow views and tortuous policy toward which we fear he too naturally Inclines, and to enter upon a wider and better path. lyyTHKRE WILL UK A MISSIONARY ineetint at tue Church ol the Epiphany, on G stroet, on FRIDAY KVE.NL"?G. at hall past 7 o'clock. Hiahop Talb ?t, of Nebraska Ten it. ry, in expected to tie present no 8-2t nrg?l'NION PRAYER MEETING will be i> 3 ht-kleu every day this week in the New Yoik aver,dm Church, (Rev. Dr. Hurley's) to eomrpeRoe at a quarter past 4 o'clock, to l>e continued one hour. no 6 ry^=?lJlSMP9EY A O'TOOLE. JsJ* WElfDINO AND flSITtSO Importer* of fin* WEDDING ft'AwVlolsdlR^, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful styles. 896 Pa. At., between 9th ami loth sts., au 27-?in Warhinotok. AGOODPKrONO HAND PIANO FOR #y>. Alio, one for 475; one for 46i); one ior $125, on monthly payment*, or heavy di?o<unta for o*?h. JOHN F. ELLIS, no 8 306 Pa. av? bet. 9th and 10 h sts. AT MOORt'8 WEST END DRUG ST^RE, 113 Pa avenue, south side, tha public oan^^ always be supplied with fresh Medicines. Fancr and Toilet Articles, fine and cheap Soaps. Paints. Oils and Window Glass, Kerosene and Fthereal Oil and Lamps for sane. ID-Particular attention paid to dispensing of phyirians' prescriptions. no 8 2w T* ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing ? f the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Caolain General of Cnh*. will take place at Havana on TUESDAY. 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THE MOftAi, HISTORY OK WOMEN, from t*e French of Ernest Ligoare. translated by J. W. Palmer, M P. One vol... uuiform with " t.'Amour;', price #1. BLANCHaRD* MOH1JN, co 1 Pa. av. and Eleventh st. P NEEDING DRY GOODS. ERPONH la modnmte circumstances needing any kind of DRV"GOCDS, CARPETS. CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, Ac., am solicited to p?ci our TUI MOCK, which wm a?-tect d and the pnaaearranged wnthM^yeoialhri_rwail t?. Penu. avenue and Ninth street, .. ... - '"Perry Bui dun," The entire Uuildinj, five ftoora and the vaalta.devoted to Dry ??ood.t in all depatmenta. on 7 .it M TO THE LAdTEBT ~ R8. t\ A. LE1BIN IVould reapectfully into m her former patrons, and the ladies general.! that ehe hae removed to Wo. 3*4 H ?tr" t. Utwien 131 h and 14th ate., where %ao haaeniarced litoiiitiea (or ra'ryinc on feahinnahle DKKSPMAKIN'G la all ita hiaushes. The iateet faahioM reeeivad u oon a? pnblmnod. N- B-Sevaral fine Rooms to let, furaiahed or unfurmahed. Apply aa above. no 7 2w gPAwi^jg^ywHH.<&* Tiri JSSSS^1S?i3?iSl&'m**mAha via of the abjve kind* make a rich, warm witter wrarpinf, new go nut of (aahion, and are durable and stylish for taara. We ft mo Mine lar*e lota of other new etyle TcJiOIRS, MANTLES, ARABS, ZOt' AVSS, 40 , we c-ffir not on?, the Ur*eet and mr?et etylieh *seortment in tin* market, but TMtljr hir'tiiit ii SILKS Aid other fine, * ?bo 7 M ^ Buildiif." e f ??III I I I ? AMUSEMENTS. ASMIWaTON THEATKJ.. , * ? Mr. ?. W. ULSKR. Who will af?tarV>-night in the ir*?t9k?r?oUr?of "Bob Aorte" Md-Cod MeddUaot." THIS EVENING. Will ha performed tne aterhof Comedy oallad THE IIVAl.8. Bob A area . Mr. Joe. JeJeraon To oonolude with the musical hur'e?que of the LADY OF THE LIONS. Clod Meddlenot Mr. Jot. J<ffer?on ODD FELLOWS' HALL TO-NIGHT! WoIfttcnberg?r's Mirror or ARCTIC REGIONS! A new Paintinr, l>> fir?t-cl??? Envlmh Arti?t*, illustrating the Exploration* of Sir Joha Franklin, Dr. Kitne. and r.?nt?.in MaC!nitiw>v A* exhibited atV.ijrftias Hal , Losdo*. forSnn coiiseautive nights. to more than hair a million i f people, and as exhibited before her Maiettr Qrxm Victoria, and the Ektixs Cocxt at Buckingham Pa'aoe. Theae Painting* hare been pronounced, by EcaoriA.i A5P A*itaiCAf* Conwhsskvrs, to be the most enchanting productions of artistic geniui in the world, and are quite anlike any similar attempts of pa' oramic art. Produoed from original "ketches, with every attention to aoe&raoy of detail, these Paintings may be confidently reJied on ; while th? subject itself is repute with scientific gems, aad offers a rare and intellectual entertainment. The attraction of the Arctic snbjeet?the wonderful artistic merit of the paintings?the felicity oi ilia .-at en?the elegance of diction and eloquence of t' nght conveyed by the lecture? rarely fails to enc. %in ever? cultivated itellect. The thrilling scenes of those daring navtcators of the Arotio Zone are portrayed with a vividne<s so sta t ing that the audienee are led to believe themselves actually amid the scenes represented Kaoli seen* is adorned in freaoo with authentie portraits by Winterhaiter, of the prinoipal Arctic o?lcbr!tios. Leoture by Altvid SMITH, E**., of London. Admission 9i cents; chilaren IScsnta. Liberal arrant enients made witb schools. Doors open at 7 o'olook; Entertainment commences at 8 o'clock. Se* descriptive bill*. no 5 if balls, parties, &c. HURRAH! FOR THE HIAWATHA BOYS ARE IN TUB FIELD AO MN I her intend to five their FIFTH ORAND fALL. by a request ?f their many f'lerdu, at % ho*x s Hall, on 7th at., THURSDAY, the 32d of No?pmb r. / By order of the H| noa 3t? COM MITT EFT j^O FUN WITHOUT DANCING! The SIXTH GRANDCOTILLON PARTY ofthe LAFAV ETTF. CvUB ?l will take nlvse on TUESDAY next, N??. IS af at tamta'* Hall, 7th it. between D *nd k.ll Esputa's celebrated cotillon band it encagedUUfA for th? occasion Hy order of Committee. no 7-6t* First in IFar, Pint in Prri4t,and Kr?t in the Hearts Hf kil Countrymen ! The first grand cotil? on party of the GEORGE WASHINGTON OUADRILLE ASSOCIATION will take ?ft plaoe at Thorn's Hall on munday, Nov.AA 12. Sohmeder's celebrated cotillon inasio isUStA enraged for the occasion. For further particulars s-e future advertisement By order of Committee, no 2 7t* wants. ~ I If A NT P f> A WHMiV -l.; l-: .... ? ? ?* in t vu uu pism orwtinK ~~ and wafhinu, at U99 Pa. areata, between 9th and 10th south aide. <> 8-3t* WAMTED-A good JOURNEYMAN BARBKR Good w&fpn anJ stea It employment Sven. Apply to O. B. CHRlsMOND, No. 606 arriaon at., Navy Yard. no 8 2t? WANTED?By a youn; woman,a SITUATION aa cook, washer, ana ironer in a im% 1 family. Apply at No. 23 K afreet, between 2tat and 22d it*. no a it* W7ANTED-Bt a lady, EMPLOYMENT as " operator on Wheeler 4 Wilaon'a or Groyer It Baker'a sewing machine. Can cutdroaaea or teaoh children. Inquiro at No. 349 G atreet, between 12th and 13th at*. It* WANTED-A SITUATION, by a girl, to learn dreasmakiag ? a place where ahe can receive extra attention and acquire a thorough knnw'edge of the buaineaa. Addreaa Box No. 13, Star Office. _ no 8 ?t? WANTED-A rood COOK A middle-aged fema e preferred, and must be we 1 r*o<>in mended Appl) at RODIER'S White House, cn High street, uoar the caafll, Georgetown, D. C. no 8 -St A Mtnnr.iE.anvn aMUK*> > n ? ? .?*# .#?* av nwi UW A A 01<r< IT UlflftR /*. desires a SITUATION ss housekeeper 01 to take charge of a gentlemen mess. Her (laughter withes a situation as teanistrcsi or to do housework. The best references can he given. Apply at 445 Tenth street, between F and G,er addret* Box 14, Star Office. It* ACTUATION WANTED, hy a resectable young girl; as chambermaid, or to do plain sew ing, or nurse. Apply at No. 4S3, corner 13th and D its. no7 ?t? A THOROUGH ACCOUNTANT withe* to employ his spare time in potting the books of merchants or tradeime n, hy double or siajle entry. Address S., Box 461, City Post Office. no 6 31 eo* WANTED? Everybody to know that PAGE'S Confeotionerjr, No. 436 Seventh street, alcove G. ia the place to get freah Cakes and other Con feet ons at prioes To suit the times. Balls and parti** furnished with loe Cream and other Refre.hments. oc ^4-iv* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From f}S to *10,000 worth of SECOND-HAND FIJRN1 TURK of all kiuds, for which I will guaranty to pay the highest prioes, and, as u?u*l. at the shortest aotio*. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, ke , oc 9 4 OH 7th tt.. bet. G and H. east mle. V|/ ANTED?All kinds of SKCOND-HAND w FURNITURE,for which I will pay the cash, at 3*9 Seventh street, between I and K. oc6-tf BONTZ k. GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUNDT I OST?Qm Sunday, between 11th atrret and St. Li M%tthow'a Church, a lady's told BRACELET. The fnder will ree*ive a libera' reward by ieavic> the cams at KING A Bl'RCHEl L'8 Grocery, oorner JMh street and Vormont avenue, no 5 St PERSONAL. &IO REWARD Will be paid for information tj) III that will lead to the e nviction of the peraon who shot a b ack and tan terrier dog at Kaloram?, I act Thursday. Apply on the premisea. po 6 3t* Madamk morrice.tuk gkut astkolo ist axd DocTB*m,/rt??n Euro**.?Thishighly lifted and intelligent l*dy| oan be oonsu tod on the Paat. Present and Future Evert*. Call at No. 405 Eighth at., between G and H, Washington. no 2-lm* I\f AD\ME FELIX, Fortune Teller from Pari a 1YM Kavi Iftftva tn infnrtn Kap fnrwmmm fri?nW ami the puhlio generally, that she has removed to 9AQ Ninth atreft, northeast oorner of N, where ihe will be happy to see all who may dnaire to have the paatl present and future satisfactorily explained. oo 11-lm* _ BOARDING. UOARl), with comfortable Rooms, for single 13 **ut;emi>n, at 391 I) itreet, n^ar 7th. Dtna*r at half-past 12 o'clock. no l-lw* BOARDING?8ix ?r riiht y?un< men can he accommodated with Board at 3w Fourth at, corner K, located near the Infirmary. Alao, a suit of. Rooms for rent. noC Tmi_, ELECTION BY THE PEOPLE. HE Verdict of the people is. that WOODLE\ S AUBKHTYPEt are uneqnaled by any in Wie_cit> for brilliancy of tone, elegance of finish. and lire-like appeara oe. Picture* tn neat oases for 25 cents and upwards. Particular attention paid to copying ; al?o, to miniatures for loekets, piue, and ringa, all at the ohaapeat rate*. WOtiDLEY'S GALLERY la at tha oorner of Pa. avennc and flth st. no 7.IA10* ^IDFOR THE PROTESTANT ORPHANS. The ina'anemont of Wnlfsteuberger'a Great Mirror of Arctio R< gion* now on exhibition at Odd Fellow*' Hall and late of Eg) ptian Hall. Loudon, anneunca two Exhibitions in aid or tha Washington city Prot?staat Orphan Asylum, confident that tha eommaaity with one aeeord will ahearfully and liberally co-operate in this oharitabie work. FRIDAY next baa l>*en appointed for tha ooaa ion. The orphans of tha asriuru will he present ia the afternoon. Tha proceed* o( aaok exhibition will be equally divided with the institution, therefore it is tarnestly hoped that tha eitisens generally, and aseeoially those favorable to the asylum, will contribute to this praiseworthy object These Psintiags have baen pronounced by European and A inaiioaa eoanoiaears to be exquisite gems of art, and endorsed as such by tha press and clergy. Afternoon Exhibition oomtnencee at half-past 2 'eloek; Evening Exhibition at t. Admiaaioa 25 cenU; ahil draa 15 oetta. ao7 QHEAPE8T 8TOREI SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND 0O AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT TBE CHEAPEST STORK, 348 SEVENTH STREET. (Jtaat Bid*,) between 1 and K. N B? A vary large aaeortment of saw CLOAKS < latest atylea) just received. oc U lra MATTHEWS k GORE. OTHE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON,-! hare in>t raMirxl ?<ul 11 ? 1 in* to-morrow * c*T ?Q orlbi' jour ortW? u+ l?ft taifcdnMly. ?,? CmurctT^rttf^c'Eia. AUCTION SALES. By WALL* BARNARD. Aiotioinn. Corner of .XiAtk st.mmd f?:k fidt f? *. |"|UTC* FLOWKR ROOT* OKCOND CON ? iwwixtj Jr*r Iinirtr r? * Haablbm tioa Koon, at 3 o ciock. w? will r#|>, b? oatsjoiof. a i^ond #OD?i|Din?Dlor Dul?ii Flow*/Roots/Vom thm ee<*br*t*J nmrsepy of Aat. Rocim, ft-lorist, HftAr #11. Aomirtiif in *??rt Mr..*. L>o??le^?id ^Icide"H jaoinia,~I><'ui>l'e'and Single Narcieeu*. Iria. TVtuble H?d Single Animoniee, Rononcu'.oi, Crocu?, Snowdrop, to. Tenna osin. bo ? It _ WALL t BARNARD. AaoU. By WALL A BARNAKD, Aootion?*r?. Morgan stallion at auction.-o? SATURDAY MORMN4, No^mbor >o,?t 11 o'ok>ok, we will ?ell,in frost of our AuoUon RoomOne Brown Stallion. 17 hinda high, fin* trotter ?rd raeker ui worka well i* &*ineea ud eight yeara old. Two Roekawaya, nearly new. Bold became the owner Ui no firtkcr mo. 1>rm? ca?h. no m d lvall a DtiMtan ? ? ? - - ? - - WK< ?? M ? 1141 ?V| n?w>. Br A. GREEN Amuobmt. E^AMILY CARRIAGE, HOUSEHOLD AND 1 Kitchmn hriMTCiit Chiba, Glass, Oaoc* nr EaBTHK* abc HllDWAlI at ACCTIO*.?OB SATURDAY, ibe Iftth instant, > shall Mil, in front or ny Auo'ion Store. at 10 o'r'oek a. at. one exorl lent two horse FaroiW Carriage and a laigeaesori Kr t ot ( urniture, vi?: ither Beds. Bedding. Bedsteads and Mattresses, Sideboards, Dressing and other Bureaus. Sofas. Lounges, Parlor aad Rocking Chairs, Six fine Cuihioneo Back and String neat Ofto* Chairs, Marble toe Center and Sice Tables, Looking Glasses, Clooks. Wood War*. China, Glass, Crockery, Earthen and Hardware, Brussels, Three ply and other Carpets, Oiloluth, D amg, Breakfast and other Tables, Wrhalarge assortment of other articles, which we deem unnecessary to s name rats. Terms oash. no8 d A. GREEN, Aaet. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For tktr Wioffniotm i^rirlumiMi ??? jlfii y?fi A*. WINTER MILLINERY. WDC Mi?? K K. MoUONALD voulJrx-(B SUJCV peotfu! ,y inform her cn?tomer? that^^ he will open WINTER M I 1.1 N E R Y on Thuradajr, November 8th, at 11 Bridge street. no 6-3t 1AAA APPLES?APPLET ! ?U\"U BBIS APPLE"*, now landing from aonooner J. * N Baker, which will be aold on accommodating Itrmi, from wharf or utore. I?y J. O. WATERS. no 1 gw* 109 Water >t .Georgetown. fM)R NEW yORK.-Th?ftoketwhooner Yorktown, Captain Woalom, will oommance >_C< loading as above on FRIDAY next,2u For freight apply to MoCOBB A POIXiE. noj B.i W it?r rt , Hwrntown. NwSKW 8TOR K! N KW GOODS ! MRS. M. 81MSON Informs her numerous friend* and the public jenerally that the is now e*tahliahed at her \?*^(| Store, No. Ill Hridce street. Georgetown,CE* two doors a^ore the oid stand, where inv b'^^T found uvam'.t laree asM>rtm"nt of MILLINEt| V DRY GOOD*. HOSIERY, and EMBROIDR1ES, at the very loweal market price*. _oc li-1 in TH HE UNDERSIGNED CARPENTER AND BUILDER offer* his eervioea to the pnltjio of Georgetown, Washington. and vicinity, and wil oontraot for or superintend the ennst'uction of pablio and private holdings. Pl*ns and speciftcations Will be furnished at short notion <>fKoe andshop on Congress at . Georgetown, lmraedisUly north of the Post Offioe. o? o -- Mtia?nm? - ? ? ?U # a'liwi nr^RT vvir%tf/\TK. FOR SALE AND RENT.' FOR RENT?A comforjtble buck HOI'SP, contaiuing fight room*, with gaa?No. H9 Twelftk ??r?t. ao ?.1"A)? F,OR RENT?A twn-?to?y brick HOV9E, on Fourteenth atraet b"tw*n R ami r?. I>rm* # vermouth. Inquire of JOS. P. SMITH, above. no 8-?t FOR RENT?Th? two-etory Frame HOUSE o? Four and-a-halfatrct, between F and G at*. Ponaeemon given immediate'*-. For term*, Jfcc., apply to J. AlGliER, Confectioner, n?a- the Star Office not ?? FOR RENT?The three atorT-an<1-b?e?m?nt brick HOUSE, cot fairing 3 rornna, at No. 3AO Eleventh atreet. between M and N eta. Rent 9215 p?r annum. Inquire next door, or of GEO. R, HAM,, Metropolitan Coach Worka. *orner of Pa, nvpnue and 13S at; or JaMES a. WILLIAMS, Agent no ?-8t* COK SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR PROPr ERTV OF LESS VALU K~Aa aJuibly ?ituatwl. well bui''i fineiv fini*ii?d two atorr-andl?asern?nt brick HOLTSh, feet Iront by 78 faet <te*?, with carriage h<>uae and at able?aituated No. 337 Wrventh at .between L and M. Appiy to J. L. JOHNSON. No. 9 4?? at. not ? EH>R RENT?8 TABLE and CARRIAGE? HOr^P-.S'intrAr.iAP.t tr% IVillRr/!*' UnlAl I? quire at thia office. no 7-81* TO RENT-TUat pleasant COTTAGE RESIDENCE, containing 7 room*, with front balcony, large y*rda in tront and rear, frontinc H at, in Printing Offioe Square, between North Capitof and Firat ?U. Rent jf2?n per annum. Addreaa, bjr letter or in peraon, WM STICKNEV. no 6 tf FOR RF.NT?The lar^e three-atory FRAME HOUSE on New York avenne, between 4th and &th atreet*. r*oently occupied by tier. Mr. Carothem. Apply tn JOHN W. MAN KINS, or to M r. BOSS. next door, where the key may l?e found. Alan, the three three-atory Hriekn at corner of Ninth and N ata., Northern Libertiea. Apply at Mr. H A'iGERTY'S atore oaansite, fo' the t*rina and the key, or to DICKSON St Kl\G'9 wood ooa! ?ard. corner of I atreetand Vermont avenue, or to the Georgetown. no6-eo2w JOHN_DICKSON._ I^UENJSHKD HOUSES FOR RENT.-The I anlMK>riher? offer for rent ti?e Furniahed Hoaee recently occupied by Lt. J C. Irea, corner of Eighteenth and ! ate Alao, a deairalile Famished Fiona* on New York avenue between 9th and 10th *te. A pp. y to JAS C. Mdil'IKK <t CO., Auctioneer* aod Cominivinn Marohant*. no 2 St FBBOR SALE?A new two-ator* brick HOUSE on F<?urth *treer, bel^w New Vo k avenue. The house i* 20 feet front and 41 feet deep ; has ft- foot paatage, parlor, dming-room, kitchen, and four eliamt>ers, with atairwaya it paw%ri> and kitcten, with *ood cllar under the whole hon?e For term* inquire at 499 Seventh street, oppoaite Odd Fellow*' Hall. no 1-tf JAS g. TOPHAM. FOR RKNT. ? A three-atory and ha"*m"?nt FRAME HOUSE, near Pa.av , on 10th. between (J an.l H at*.. No. 413. InquireatSImLEY k GUV'S Hardware Sto a, Pa. ay or aft-tf I/'OR^RENT?One new BRICK HOUSE, with P ha?k buiHir* and cellar, having 8 room*, wth *aa. and aide alley, aitaa'ed on I. street, near Thirteenth. Rent moderate to a gi>od tenant. In quire of M GREKN, Groo*r, corner oi Thirteenth an4 Lata. Thia proix?rfy n near Franklin Row, only a few minnte*' walk from the T'?*mirv Building*, and one of the haalthiaet looatmn? in Wacbingtoj. oo27 tw" FOR RENT?A four-?tory brown-front DWfiL LING, aituate on Thirteeiitn at., between L and Va*aachus??tt8 av., on? of the moat rieairable location* in the oity. Th? houae la furnished with ma'Me maotlea ; also, (t> and water fixtures. with bath-room Inquire at WM. P. SHLDD'8 fancy Store. No SO?llth at oc Tt I3t? FOR RENT?Dunne the aeaaion of Congreas?a lirst-ola*s three-atory BRICK HOUSE, with Fa niahed Kooma. situated in oae of tin moat <* airable ami health* locationa in the city- For terms, tc., apply at 373 Seventh at. oe TT121 C1OR RENT?Th" new briek BWELLINGr HOUSE No. 60 Prospect atreet, George own The kouae ia two atoriee and haeeiaeut above (round ; ? rooms, inoluUma kitoaaa and aervanta' romxn; iaaaad water ia the are^taee. Rent reasonable to a permanent tenant. Apply to J). ENGLISH. 138 ibridit? atreet, OeorROtowm. oo a> aw I/OR RENT-A large ut deaimble DWELLr INQ-H<?U3E, No. 444 Twelfth street, between G and H eta , containing It rooms. with all the modern improriwiU Possession gtreii No*Mjherl, 1MB. rvr term* apply to JNO. ALEXANDER, No <40 Pa. area?. oel* eo?w FOR RENT?Possession on the lat of October The DWELLING HOUSENo. 4|? D etreet, I at preaent occupied by the Rer. Dr. Bauer, and -m~ "1 "t tfta0aa?lb. n. B.?It will not he let for a boarding houae. selt-tf Three hundred andpiptsen acre* in Fairfax oonntf. Va.. in excellent order; well timbered; good beildicg?;a brown atone quarry. A railro&d oar shop and water station eiit be erected on thf farm. Also, a new Staun Mill in Loudoun eonnty. A purchaser can get a bargain of G. W. BRAY, Agent, Alt Seventh si. Waebingtoe, D- C. eeit FOR RENT-The toe BRICK ROUSE No. 1M Weetst.. Georgetown, at preeent eocn pied by the snbeeriber. It haa It room*, with gaa and water throughout, gfae yard, stable Aa, ud 8RurfKR.""tU""0,L ? JA*Wh&' FTTo^t;r2tirt?k5^btis5 oonUining g room*, with gaa, pleasantly siteated OB 8th itrMt norfK %m --j ^ ? *-i vv." ?vii iujfcuu vrcrui; rvm Ctsasyssis g^|g^w-Tu5^ SKSSfiRCTI He?ru, CroiM^fce.l made t. outer. M No. 3v4 p?, AfHVi, i?tw.?t? *h? U>tm 8t*., o*Kbii* fcteittwiiAfl No TICK ~T)M^a?>r?inM4 m yfpiifd ?o m?k? ( oa4.rAMATCL.LK TAKL.W of kit iBOtaod dMIlMiMAtMMMkilfrMM now '^.4?i?lh.t,b?tt^rriSfk. AOOTIOM 8ALB8. FVTUKB DAYS Ht A. OH KEN. A?ctit>B?*r VAf.l AHl.K RIILDINO I.OT* l!?M)OiRK * No. ??<?, trn 111 l?ui?, AT ACTIOS.?4?r FRIDAY, November ?,h, | ?h?i. mm. ta fr?>n? ..f ike pr ?? ?? . ?t 4 o'ohmI p. m.. tM foU*vin? itaiaed ti?n4inm?SaiMii| lou.tni jkta vna v? 7 1? ?i ?j .>4 ? ?_ ?'?- " vw- ?i | fi ? ? skw i?i M?I r u 4M. oont*iniufla a) b*tv?*n ? and r tho?aand MVt I#et of ?r"ani1 Tkli ?r* ?*<fy rronu <? >u|h M m<1 1 atnou h*tva*a Kmh Mi S***rtH atrwia vat. Mi wtf h* *?id la total* wit *?r oh Mars, from KUi? loot front*. lami: Uo? (U'tM ?Mh holano* ia?.!t.if,and 24 month*, th* |?urchM?r to fir* aotaa fnr 4*1 >?im*nU, kwrid IMr**t Iron da? W Ml*. A. d<*4 ?ir*n and tdeod of tr?*t ukea. no 3 4t A OH EEN. A wrt. By A. OR K.K.N. Auottonrer. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FIRM ix trm* ?t acctio!*.?or. fr1 f>a l. thomk m a'.Ml, 1 roan a?ll, at I ' o'clock a. m , *? tk* r**< dri*? of* f%Tlt?T l? **?*??io?, PU. **** P*nnirrtii.i avr nuf, Jx?tw?*n 1st aim! ?d etrrot*. W*tt. (<>od Maori want of Kwnitaro, r??? Mafcocu.; Safv Cuit'r. Rookin, railor Do Marhl# t*f, Oaotr*, kittoiui Dlnmr and other Painted Wardrota. \Vuhitu<la. m4 TmW tote. Cm* rat Chair*, t fin* CottM* iln"*" * *. Pe<th*r H*da. H^ddinc, Matt'-ar*?. Md R*6a***4a, China, lilaa*. and l rock'rj \T?r?, I'Mion Md Km v?>? ind Forks, Thr??-p)i ano other Caraeta. a large lot of Oiie ?tk. Window ?had*a. L"ii(?. <'?* kmc Mid other ktoiM, K'trhrn Ke?aiait?*. Ao. Terms at sale. no6 d A. 8KEKN. Awt Ht MARSHALL A PA?K, AMkMM ,V? SM 7tk rtrret, wmdrr Odd Ml owl' Mali. HaNDOOMB FURNITURr. CARFKT*. r?'?cm?T. a>b Woo PBS OnHATtftDAY MOKNINO. Ne?e?nbeirlO.atl? o'alook, ? vi 1 m!I a large aeeortmeat of Nev and 5*?ond ha?d Kar? iter*? m (**> rard* or< a?ret. y> pane Blanketa. *4 ?Hara?<lHhU''k MiUrwit*. i<? mia of Ito-j Knives, P at-<1 Fork? and Spoon*. Oe'ora Ac . Tab*, and Pai", Ac *??'? Tema: 9a and nnder oaak; arm that 1, 3 and 9*4* wntha _ ? tm* no7* (Int.) MARSHA' L A TAGS.Aaato Uy MARSHALL A I'AGt, AmUomti. AV 7(4 wmdtr Odd FtiUwt' Mali. SHAWL*. CLOAK*. DBESeeOODft. ULAN KKTa. Ac..Ac .AT AtCTIOJI ?OnBATC KDAY. Novfmher lOtb, at 10 o'oloea. at our Here, w* aball ell a T*r* elr*ant aaaortmmit ?1? Ladie*' Cloaka. Lubi Frcehe, Cbeailie and Stall* Sfh*w,? m too yarda of Ve'ret. Br?a?e1a And Ingrain Car peta. The abore are from oa? of the beat atoraa it thta itT. and wi.l coiiti??ij b? aold. ao7 St (Int) M * R^IIaLI. A PAGE, itato. Bt A. GRltEN. Auctioneer. TRI'STF.K'!* ?ALK or V AI.I'ABL.K BU1LOixg Lot* on Tisth amir vMt.ipiwm Pasd F. ?tkkkt* nobth. at Acciioh.?Oaf>A i K DAY, Novem'T J?Hh. ! ?, I all ?*T?a of th? ?r- mir?* at 4 o*cW.?? f m , by viriaecfa d?r<1 oftr> at to tha anheenber, bcarnir rfaf'tb* 3d dn of A? u. ISM. and r~>?rdad in Liber J. A,* . No. 19/,T<Tioa S77 Act, on?ofthe Mod reoor#e tar W*?hin?lon o arty, ifl lb* Diatnet ?f To oaiMa. the fi>:tn<ni:? <ieeoril>4d propf'tj, I yma and b?Mv in the out <>f Wa*biuatun, l)iatri0t au>rr><aid. vi? Al> thatplfceor parcl of/round kncvi ar.d ' xf dnwr '? th? p a' of raid any aa ?be north half ?f Lot nnin'<6t( I ?.b^aoath Ua f nnwii^re* thirteen, i '5-' in aeuare ninbnMl ih'ee ha ad red. Md acven'j ?>ijht (STfc.i ar.d cunyitad in Ox fol? lnviBf mat** and hoonda, t.. aril: Commeaetaf fo? the aaid half kit numbered t valve at the aorttval'. f i _? ? - * - - * r>i >na ai, Mia ranking D"nee aoul* VItk th?1ine ofTentii ?t eet wNt fir* Awe ?t and a h?H irwhea, (25 feet f* inohci;) tltmM (Ml oa?bandr?d and aevan M t?o meiifi nnhca) Co the rear ofNid lot, iheuc oortk tvnti6ve f-^t six and a *aif irch?a ,*5 f??t f>H tnefceeflo tna point of<?m?ion hrtaewi fa d lota twn** aad th.rtfoa; and th*co* weet with raid airiima lia? on* hiKir<?l uhI Ufa feet tvo iocIm* i 101 fwl! icehet) to Truth at?**t weat ar.d plao* of b'^iamc; anr banning for t*e raid part of I ot 13 atth* m>?UW<*atooraer of eaid lot, ng Tenth ewewt Wat, ? 4 riuisi tliNO* nortn with it* lire oil u atrr*t weat twenU firs feet, (2> /eet,) th*noe eaat oae hundred and aerer. feet twvlnchaai irTfrett inettaai ta the rear of ?.id lot; theaoe aoath twenty |v? (M faet i to the aoiot of dlTieton, between aaid I'll U and I Si and thence weat witt aaid dinaioa lloa on* hundred and ae*an feet two inches < HT fcetS f Una? M Tenth atreet wear ?tid place ->f t?e? .omt. wit? the lniarovcmeuia. which are a brick dwa.liathoaaa, he. Term* of sale : },'.W caafc: th# remainder la aim. twelve.and eighteen aaomha; tha parchaaec to itww not?a fur th* deferred pAriaeota. bearinc integral fr?m day of aa'e. A OMNi <.?en and a deed of traat taken. All oonrejancln* at Tfce coat of the pur ohaaer. tfhonM the terma not M^wxiylMd with aveoay* tn? r uiux> in* u> reae.l the property at tho risk arid roct ot th>- ??**>^a?#r. E. C. CARRl.NOr.ON.T ooT dftd* A. 6RltBW. A?C Br CLEAR V A GRKK.N, Auctioneer*. 40ft ,Vin:k streft. TRUSTEE** 8AI.K OF RO(JKRnOLD ANI> Ri-rrac* Fr?iirr?i, Bar Room Piimia ans I.i^dom* at Arcno* ? By virtu* of a deed nf trait from Jacob WchT-dt to the underpinned aa trustee. 1 shall pmoeed t? sell, on MON Da n , the mh day of November, at 10 o'?l?eli a m? ail tM? Houeckold and Kitchen t urr.iture. Li^aorr, Bar Room Fixture*. &c.. beinc in 'he bonne on !?isth a'-reet. between 1,-minana avetue and O street in the c ty ol Wa?hu?tton. lately oocapied by Jaooh Schmidt a< a Restaurant, suoL aa? K?ather Ktdsand Mattr.*??s. B*d?tea's, Bedriinc aid Pilloim, Wardrobe*, Mirrrora, Tab et, Chairs, Picture*, Kureat)*, C-crpet*. All the Liquor* and liar Room Fixtarei, Store*, and inary other amo:es too nnmeroa* to mea.ion. Tar r?id a A r.>r all M ^ Aari . over that turn a orwlit of 3>r. d6< dk)i, T?ir lultt mtflfacluri!< ? :?!'>'ifd, b t'lM irCeraft Thomas w berk v. TnuiM. C.fcAKY ft ORtKM, Aiuto. 0?3!-Nov?5.M lfftda Br BARNARD ft BL'CKEY. AaetioMera. 0. or f town. D. C. f?>EL18TEK's> t*Al.K.-Bj virtaa of a d-ad ft tiutt, riu T rt-oopled in Lit-?r J. ?,!? , 1TJ. at iu 1B3, fto.. of th? Itnd ? of* if th? Mrtnct of C la b ?. 1 ahail ?',at puhli>hdiiod, oa WKL N Not. M h, 4 o'clock p m , a H'l of Lot ITS, m a?xS Hftwkin?'? sedition to G 'o-fe own.lofinn:' (f for th# mn?it the aouth*a?t o rn?r??t M?rket*?d t-onrtftao. and rvntiif n'h With Maria: at. SS l?at 6 n?hN. more or l*aa, lo fl. TruaiWa i?>t; w:tn h a tot nutvard ? 7? wot. ni-'f or lata ; th'-coe norihwarr"* S f*et K moWra o Fourth atrrot; aud thruw weatvardir TO ( ? to "ha tK(inmac. Tmn.a: O ?hiru oaah; r*mait>4ar la aot?a at 1.12 and 1* moatba, ?( cured bp a daad cf trait on th* p??mia?* If ih? t ?rira of n%1* b? not roaip liad with ta Cvo dan ro? tunanfaal?. pr pait? will baraaold at tfca r a* oi drf*a tint pn ohaarr. All oonT*?aaaiaf at oat cfparcha**-. IHARIK3 *. M ATTHKWW, Tniataa. B A I: N A K 1) ft M'CKEY, AicU. po6T.Th.BTM ATM X1 KGRO FOR fALK, -By virtMof aa ordar of the Orphan*' Court of Vrmoe Geor *e'. ?ountr. Md,tk'? m'ue'iUr wnli.J.v f>r r\]? si the aooit b"iia<> dour I >;?? Marlboro', on Tt'V SUA V, ivh in*t., at so' look p. n , a valcabia jounc Na|ro Mm. Taroxa of aale caah, or aa aooepted draft W. H TUBL. Adamiatrator of Abb J. Hi.iaary. bo 1 : taartd ( Marl'toro' p*p*r? copy.> D* CLEARV A GRKEN. Auottoaaara. 406 iVwtA ttrttt. "C^XTRNSIVE PALE 0? 8TOCR. GRAIN, Li VbgBTABTS*, FaBMINC I Hr I.BM XTa, Oil aiasa, Wawobh, HocsenoLD rrvarrvKi, k.c., t r: mint t? "'at" or ib? lat? l*ar<aa Ctagatt. dw?w(?J, at i'ablio A action ? Oa FRIDAY aaia SAT I'Kll* Y, tb? ie*h aod mb ofNo?r?h#r Bait, ^a r ha!! eel!, at the faim?cd re?ld*Lce of tbe lata Parina Cla?tt, dw-M-i at 11 o'e'ook a m.. om tha breath aU-xK turnpike, (tne flat oa the road will daMgtat* Uia f l*a*.i a^out 6 mila* from tba eitj, all of the Pf-m al Kffot* N*lon*ing to tba said deceeacd. m ?art of? 5 fta* f-vrn work and aarriaae Hcrara, aexorhact Mileh Cove, 1 Hetfor, 58 Hofa.1 Mttle. 4 Market W u ine. for ona or two boraaa, 1 tne FXn.i'T Carriage, Haraaaa Bad Cavar, 1 do. Small do. do. do. 4 Carta, v tha la-ie lot of Harneaa, 5*> seta of complete Har?e*a, Mowiat Machine Hare* Rake*. Rotlera, P>ow? i.f rvrj dcacrtpu >?a? d make Cutting tx>jat, Cora and Cob Craabara, Harrow*. Ca'tivat>fa, Waaat P'i! a, Rak*?, Hoea, sbowa'a, Brad#* Po>ka, &e., r< tato logger, V acta tiow Baraaaa, "mon Moai-i. Men,bktn, Wh?t-fkn?, Wxt* Ibf.nowa 9<rtU????, CradlM, Th^hinc WmMni. Ml p*rfr?t oMl#~. With ft liri* lot ( oth+t !! ?>? ?U, In m meroas to ra ~nU"a. *0 tor?i of iruriw Wboot. bow is iu or4*t, W ton* of ?t im? TmatM mrd Ciorar IHftf. M? huahela of ?K??llMt Potalow, 124 h?r *la c>f Cur*. t^v ? of fie* C? 1 ry,{<*lot of itt? Cabti**#. L*rc# lot ?( Utrftw ud La?c F*M?r, Mtntira CtitiMMtt bftft.t 1ft t* lot of hoi L?l ^tth. Tk* HOUSEHOLD ^KFPBCTB, mmiU^ ? port of? Piftno. Stool, ftnd Cov?r. Mfthocftny dofft, Mfthofftcj Pftr'or ChAira. Rocker, *c , KBfdrlnd. Wftrdrok*. ftiwl HirMi, Mftrhl*-tnp, C?Btr?. tad etWr Tttlw, Larr* <ot prim* G??a? BMi, Bolatara. and Pilk>w, Exaaiiaat wdiu eariad Hur Mattraaa*a. Do niflor, Oka ; Mr. Hi 1 Cvpdh TolJet 9eta. Mfrrora. Phaek and Cotton Matti?*>**? Litre* tot or Baddinc, eoa?iatiaf of keeetiti B!anfc?ta, CoiolrrU. Qu u, Uats SImUim c Bodrvada, Waakataada. Rinh*, Okair*, Coit of. Radiator, Hal!. u4 Olmbw H??m. Aadiraaa. SIwhI u4 Tunc*. Faadara, aad Fuat?o*:d?. Diuiac, Ha l, and C harbor Table*, HaodMMM pfatad Taa Bat and Otiuirt, hlvfr Bfooaa, L?dl?>a. anu Forka, its? Taaafkar with a 'arga aad axa&iiaat tMrtant W Kitokaa, PaoUj.aad Dairy Ware* Terma'iaaU: .* ] cra< aadar ftSB naah; arar $T, a araait of 1,4. aad t m >nth? artn p*? p?h. y ail oaaoa RotM niit ke ittalaiton^j eadaaaad, Hartaf tataraat, ar.iL ai*4a tayafcU at aoa* baa* WtkiienrMN ra^?gg????&,9 _ 3

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