Newspaper of Evening Star, 8 Kasım 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 8 Kasım 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR." Fatal F.xtlosiox o* a Fi-riD Lamp ?On Fr day night, about ten o'clock, there waianother fatal aocidtul from the use of burning fluid. Miss Catharine Thomas, who rfitded with ber J aunt, in Sword itrrrt, Philadelphia, wu going up stair* with a fluid lamp in ber hand, when the j lamp exploded, and in a moment her dress wm in a blitte Miss Thou,as rushed into the street and threw herself into the gutter Several persons \rent to her assistance, but the flames were not extinguished until her clothing bad been consumed. and shews* Injured ia asbecking manner . Medical aid wss at once summoned, but tbe sufferer expired the next morning at two o'clock. She was eighteen years of age It appears that one of the tube* of theUmp had no wick, and from some cause the fluid ran out through tbe aperture, caught Are, and the horrible consequence follow? i. The far famed Maelstrom Is found between two of the southern Islands of the Kofoden group; ? and from one of tbese island it Is named the '.Mosken-stream.' or. in Norwegian, the 'Mosken niruuiuiru ih rfirauv UfpCDOl OD lu direccllon and strength of tbe wind, as well as on the tides, and tbe moen'a influence thereupon. It is said to be most violent with gales of westerly winds, and on the full and change of the moon Sometimes a small boat can pass right across it without danger; at other times it would bedengnroua for even a large steamer to approach It. Not that sbe would be swallowed up and whirled down to the mermaids, but that sbe would probably be turned round. 1< se her steering, and be dashed against the surrounding rocks. A Moxstbr P?k?? ?Tbe Scientific American thus dcacribes a monster steam press, upon which Moses 9 Beach, who has just retired from the New York Sun, Is at work: ' lie is even now just completing the construction of a tnoust r steam printing press, by which the sheets are cut from rclla, dampened, printed upon both sides, at the rate of 4?M*J0 impression# an hour, folded up, counted and delivered from the machine, ready for tbe carrier and tbe tnail. This machine is as bigb as a common two-atorv country dwellbouse; and it will, when finished. If the expectation# of ita inventor are realized, constitute a moat extraordinary specimen of mechanical akt 11 and Ingenuity. IjT Mi?a Florence Nightingale, who, for several month* i ast. baa been confined to ber rooms In London, baa recovered so far xa to be able to bear tbe removal to one of tbe most healthful of the suburbs Some time may elapse before she will be able to bear tbe fatigue of a journey to her father's family seat, Lea Hurst, *a Derbyshire. % 117" Id Solon, N H , the putrid sore tbroat Is fatally prevalent, la Lewlston, Me., the typbold fever has assumed the form of an epidemic, and rages witb great fearfulness. The year 1800 will be noted for tbe severity of various diseases. HjT Judicial rrocefjlinem have been commetteed against Rodrique servls. the man wbo A.- J ek?. i \ ? 1 ? mm J * ? uiru at ioc v^uprn ui c* pa III fie QUI cnniftKQ, ?nd ays be wu employed by Hernore I'rade, a deputy of the Cortes Alii .J IfT" The Boston Journal learns that over a million of dollar* has been Invested In stocks in the .New York market within a few days, by parties in Boston, who took advantage of the panic. J as C. Brown, an estimable citizen of Taunton, died recently from the effect, as the i>hyaiclans say. of long nse of water drawn from his well through a lead pipe. C7" The Schuylkill at Philadelphia, rose rapidly on Saturday last, and considerable dan.age was done along the shores by the overflow. One-horse passenger oars have been Introduced on the street railways of Philadelphia. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?B Randall, Mass; A Le Mat, NO; W CJewett. PP; M P Morton, J \Y Volply. Ii E Mills, NY; A Gilmore, H Gregory, Pa: Miss L A Culler, N Tuckrr, Mass; H i) Mean, Md; W B Viilard, Miss Robert, Miss VIIlard. SC; \V A Collins. DC: G Melvia, Berlin; D \V Rtddell, Md; T R Fenall, NC; J Hexron. NO: A S Bowie, H P Bowie. Cal; J Coatee, Md, W B ScoU, Ala; J Chaldwick, NJ; P Hsrron, NG: J F Marlon, SC; A L Stewart, La; R \V Edrlia, Md. BROWN'S HOTEL.?9 Serrel. N Kraft. J L Butter, NY; G Chero, F T Ben*, G Enaiin, frava; D Murphy, NY; J L Stantt'ld, NC; J Gullck, Va: Lt \V M Waahlngton, USA; V Brent and ly, U \Vi lliama and ly. J Gleaner. O ilaaiphrey. NY, R G Harper. H G Clay, Pa. KIRKVYOOL* HOUSE -Mr Carr, J W Todd. S Shank, L'dA, J N Campbell, L Collinaon. DC; L Mountjoy, Kurope, N Kraft, NY; Mr Rlaack, Belgium ' OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fro* thk Uhitbb Stat**. Stm mtrg. Lsmrt. Mr. Day*. Earopa.Boston Liverpool... Nov 10 At aatae.. New York.. Havie Nov IT Feok Strops North A raenaan. Liverpool ....Portland Nov 1 John B*il -...Glaazow New York...NovS VaiuierUit.. .South'pton.. .New York...Nov7 Tl)e Havana inaii ateainera leave New York on the 2d, l&h, i7tU. aud 27th of eaoh month, and Ch.irlestou oc tueith and 19th. The CatdomiamailsiAAwrs leave New Yorkoa he Mli a?d Sutti of ?*?(' month. OOST Til VniTO IWIIIL'Buara. - ? _ w.. vr i W 1% i.l I DIl C<3 I ? r t/HAS * Li ?RS OF CABINET FUftNlTUKE. We have now in store and daily reooirini ih? largest, handsomest, and the^Jbgdr oii^ap^st iot or Cabinet Farnitsre ever ^ offered to tbe sitisens of Wash ins tor., (yMurgatuwn and Alexandria, whiofc w?f ourdiai y invito ail who Usane furiiiahi&g local. and examine for thsmaeives. Oar stock smb acaa every conceivable article necessary to fsrnisha parujr, ha i^dining room, chamber, and kitchen. Our ex tpnaive stock ia too nnmerom to particalarixfe We only name a few of the leadmc artioiea, such as, vis: Kosewood, Walnut and Mshogasy Parlor Suit*, upholatered in a auperior maimer in BrooataCe M k rluah, Lastiug and Hair Cloth, 6iit rrame Fie: anc other Glasses, Gilt Base Tab es. Gilt Braokrjta and Marble Slabs, Goth to and otber handsome Reception Chairs, in Brocatslle, Plush. Ruah and C%ne Sea-.e. Ktecerea, with Marble-to pa ud Mirror ilacka. Do. Parlor Deaka and Whatnots, Rosewood, Walnnt and Mahogany Bnreans. Washatands, Bedateads ana Wardrobes, rery handsome and oheay. Cott*<e Chamber Furniture, in Oak, Imitation Oak, Maple and Painted, with or without Mar ble Tope, Marb e-top Hatracka. in Osk and Walant, Iron Hatracks, Ha'l Stand a, Secretaries, Bookoaara, Shaving Stands, Maro.e top Center Tables, Hair and >bn?k Mattresses, Feather Roiateraaad Pillows, B anketa. .Comforts, IJuilta, Towels, 4c. | ?a a-- * m . w< unr >(ock or Furniture oar first fi'?or ooi.tain* ft large and veil selected stock of, Glass and Crockery, Plated Goods, Jnpanrm~ VVim, I ab.e Cut.ery, Britannia Ware, Bocktm Goods, Basket*. Urasues, tea., altogether formin t * co.up.?te variety of everything necessary to furnish a nonae in !' iu &svtm*ut* C. W. Bottl.KR fc SONS, Iron Hail, No. Ponn. avenue, s* 17-MAT htf h?twe?n *Hh and Wth st*. AVKH'S A r. V K CURE, For tin Speedy Curt */ InVrmittent Faver, or Fever and Ague, Remittent Kerer, ]):inb Ague, Periodical Headaooe, or Bi i"u< II"s<lac;i<?, and BtUoas Fevera. indeed ( >r tai wnuia Class of Diseases Originating in Ui lary Derangement, Caused by the Malaria of M aiinatio Countries. No ui< remedy is loader oa'.led tnece*uu?a of the American people than a sure and safe care for Fever and Acne Scoh we are now enabled to off-r, with ? parfect eertaintr that it will er%dlo?to tne dise?.?e. and with aeeuraeos, founded on piuwl, thatno harm can aiise from its use in any a autUf. 1 hat whieh protect* from or prevent* this di* order must be of imnionse service is the tornniMties where it prevail*. P"p?siisb is better than ear*, lor the patient escapes the rUk whioh he meet ran in violent attack* of this baleful dis'sm p?f. This "Cvu" mmJi the r??vi Mru **D Aacx from' the aiateu.aud prevent! the d?v* i.pment of dieeaae, u takea on ths first approach of its prernoaiMry aympto.aa It i? not on If t"? b??t remedy ever jret dice >fw?l for this eiin of eompieiata, hat alao the oheapnet. The larg? quantity ve iupp'yfur a dollar bringa it within (M raaoti ol ??erf body; and iu bilious districts, wlere Fkvke add Aoc? prevai s, everybody should have it and um it freeiy both for oure ad praveo tion A greet superiority of thia rsraedy over any utnar tver discovered lor the apeedy end oertaio oure of latermittenU ia, that it contains no Quinine or aiMW,?ua?aiaactj it prodaoee bo nu.ciarr or otuer lajarions effects whatever upon toe onna? itatiou. Thoae oared br it are left aa healthy ae if th?y had never had the dieeaaa. Kever and Agae ia aot a^one til* eoneeeneno* ol the miasinatie poison. A great variety of diao'dera an.e from iia irritation, toopi which are Neeral gie. KIteumariam. goat. Headache, bimdreee, l\*>i*acts. Kacaohe. Catarrh. Aathiwa, Pal pita tail fatopal Afwtion ot the J'pieen. Hjatenoe, Paiu iu th* Bowela, Coiia* Paraly aie, and Derangement of th* Si..inaoi>, an of which, when origiiia Uag lu this caae?, pet on the latermiitent type, or hecoms p?*ri<?dioa Tlue "Ccaa" expeia the poison from the Wiood, and eoaae?aeatiy euree theea ait i * Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER A CO., Lowail, and ajld bv all Dr uggiata, everywhere, oe W <aj)a T" L " "ATrE? Conae^aently 1 shall remain ia Washington Mtd tcB<l?d tm. Pajptioc lad OriuuoentTne 5oS?e 'I ? -i < ru url ia lIl W *J I ?!?o, o%l I attwtioB I to Um H*iuU?f of ?<*>/ ?od Brtok Wills. A i '( Ih? ?0ot? ( will do m eli?f m Ik* eh?p- I e I therefore olioit th* p*troa??? of my friends *iid fiHo* oitix?n> of th? L)i?uiot Panota*iitr ' uiclj feMrrvd, and wortd*ii?in Mm b??t Bar. I Vwill pl?%? Mind jomr itt?i and ?tof M M. T PARK hit** PuiUh BtiSlwhaMTNo. ?3 ' , & J -l 24 !!! Lowutnttv, north uds, banrMa Kfc ftjtd 7th iti. i J'. * dig as pa i Hp frM ef ehargo, M ?M*1. j an >' Vii j 4 'EMW SHIRTS, ? At eMITrs.Smlkrt. | # # IIWOOD AND COAL. [MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE riOXRER I1W BILL AID FIREWOOD FACTORY, ?StoH rrr m BlV* I?ilk ( thr lanl, arer Tth ?trVrt Bridge, Will farnith, ?t th? aXor^Mt Dotoce, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, Or Amy Kind, Cut *nd Split t? My Ditnmsioms, CHEAPER THAU THE CHEAPEST! With fall measurement |uarantjo4. trr Remember, Tni Btr* fla? Staff, west sidSof Seventh street, sooth of the Cacti, and opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. irr? HICKORY ANlToAK PLANK or TIMshortest notice U7> Small Jobs of BLACK9MITH1NG promptly eatecnted. * a bore ae?-t q 1 i i s UHIOH FIRE-WOOD MILL, Csrirr e( Serenth at. and < anal. W cT~b D of til kind, manufactured to order, any length or size, ready for use. COAL?COAL. We hare now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, t . i.1 is a- *m?t_ ?_ - * * w?ml ivf i mm ? * nuo ash, <;m*reni 11x0 we are now, and will b? receiving Coal for the next ten days, which w? tell, delivered from the ve?ael. at a reduction of 35 cent* per ton. lie ml > our ardors early. MoKNEW A MARLOW, Proprietor!, se ?T-tf Corner Seventh st. and Canal. WO O II AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the lowMt possible ratee. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Office 282 Pa. * ., between UUi and 12th sts., 17-tf north tide. . DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the mvei.U>r and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at->*=i tend* persona ly at hit offios in tint city mf^af Many persona oan wear these teeth who*** '1 r T' cannot wear others, and 00 person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Purann Aftllina' At m? AfllAanan ka aAAAm??vJa*aJ _ - ?- iuj v?hw? vwm WVlliMiVUMCU I with an? style and prioa of Te*th th*j may dosiro; | bat to those who are particular and with the pnrest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan prodaee. the MINERAL fLATE will be more fn!iy warranted. Rooms in this <utr?No. 33S Pa avetine,between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel phia. oc 13 tf D DENTAL. CARD. R. M*7NSON Has returned and retained his profession. OCoe and house at 483 E st..^ third door east of Sixth In addition ttmfssaf every o^her approved style. Dr. M. ha* set^*?-'IP feth on vulonnite Base for the last three yean and, from #xps*?ene?, knows it exoe.s all others, and is one tUtm leas in pnoe than gold. His old patrons of Washington, Alexandria, and Geor???toprn are respectfully so.ioit.'Kl t>> oall- au 35-eoly DENTISTRY. "R. HILLS, after a practica: teal of two years feels that he o&n witn confidence reoom-^^M^ .-nend the Cbeopiaetio Prooess forinaertincRUBBP artificial t^eth It has the advar.tagea o strength, beauty, c eaaunesa.and cheapness. Fal uppsr sets inserted for Itt. Partial in proportion. Onoe 306 Pa. avenne. se7 CTHE ONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF HARTFORD. Accumulation 500,000, Presents indooements to all olaasee equal to any oompaoT, and far sapenor to moat. Dividends maaeand paid annaaiiv. u I.' 1 "V II L l/afivtlii *-?? a * Mun i u ? niiv/T* /i geniA* oc 29-tr Qffiaw. over Rank of Washington. ^ A T EST INVENTION! HDD. WEBSTER * CO.'S Tlght-stitcli Sewing Machines At JANNBY'B BOOT ii.VD SHOE STORE, 34*? FA. Avzkcx. They are the moH simple. They aie the strongest. They are the mirnst in their operation. They nae a straight needle, < Carved one* are of no aooonnt.) They have a feed wheel. They are oapahle of doin? any kiad of work known?they make the iu&i;ki rumo without any at'aokneata. Call and examine? At JANNEY'S, oc 15 Im 34* Penney I vent a avniie. O. FOWL AR. . .JOHN F Wtns M. W*. BKVSKiDGK. CHARLES H. FOWLER A CO., IMPORTERS, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in CniNA. G-LA8S, AND EARTHEN WARE, Fin* Cutlery. Plated Ware, Roll .Metal Goods, Block Tin Goods Tin Chaiiher Set*. J tpaned W aitnr*. Ethereal and Solsr Lamp*, < oal Oil Lamps, Lantern*. An . Ao. ?04 (Odd Fillowi' Hall) *EVENT1I ST., oa II eu6w Washintton City. a _ N O T I R R! n n t i n w pi ? - - ? - VSISm Mn. HKI.LKR linritea the ladiea of^^ Washington and vicinity to her Grand Op?*ningof Faahionab.e FaM. and WINTER BONNbTS, on Friday and Saturday,5tn an.I Btti inatant, when ho wi'l be happv to ha<re la^fiew e<?m* afnl examine her (took of Good*, aa the hn? a very handimme tnok of FEATHERS. PLOWERtJ. I?RESS TRIMMINGS. HEAU DRESSES, CLOAKS, phawls, extension skirts, corsets j of all aix-a and oncea, and a very large stook of EMBROIDERIES, 4to , 4o. oc 4 No -?4 Market Space, bet. 7th and 8th atw. mm N ? T_lc ws. I with all gentlemen [-W \ Bkm to bear in mind that the plan whioh I vlopted, aix yaara ago, of Mllinc ^^^VHAI-S and BOOTS at grefttiy re duoed prioea for oaah ia in aucceaaful operation. Juat reoeivod a full aupply ol the lateat New York atylea ftfDKESS HATS The very fme< Hat \ a fir?t rate hat *9: awl verv good,faabiO'<al>Ie Hat 92 50. Ail of tlie Latset st) lea ofa*h HATS and CAPS,at the very loveat prieoa. 1 ain oonatantly aupp.ied ?ith a very large atoi-k of tboaefine DRESS BOOTS at #3.75? which 1 have been aeiling for ni?n? y^ara?aa well aa the vary beat qual tr of Pat?nt Leather fi A ITi.:u >i ?? ?? Fine Frenoh Calfskin GMters from $2 to Terms cash; do extra charge in order to oiTset bad debts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh street, second hut store from the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 340. a M Sm French t richstkin** BULLETIN OF NEW COOKS. Fom iwo aid ifltil. Masonie, Odd Fallows, Military, Mechanical, Architectural, Cliees, and Billiard Baoks, always on hand. Camille; trom the Frenoh of Alaxandv Dumas, the younger ; 12mn; oloth. Price 51 IS, by mail. All the above work* sent by mail frM of po taje on the recipt of the price. Our usual discount given on all bound hooka bought at our store. FRENCH ft RICHSTE1N, No. 279 Pa. avtuue, Washington, ii. C. Po3t Offioe, Box 7 16^ oc 24 Cm.r / 'F.NTS' Fine Calfakin Sewed Boots, $3.76 VJ Gents' Doulie sole and Doub e-up?er ~ifia Boots, 95 ; Gents' fine Frenoh CalfsfcinnHa Gaiters ?o<i Boots; B >ys'and Youths' Inntf M Hoots; Ladies' Kiel, Mnroooo and Goatskin" Wk Buttoned Hoots: Lasting Laao<l, Buttoned, Concress, and Malakotf Boots. Also, every other st>l? ot ladies'. mis*es'and ohildrsn's Roots and Shos, ?t J. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa. a*., between 8th sin4 Of), ?t. of i7-?otr pROl'ERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Your attention and examination ia reapeotfullr <> limited to examine the oelebratad New York GUTTA PF.RCHA ROOFING and theGUTTA PKKCHA PAINT for painting tin root*. Thu Gotta Peieha Roofing and Paint ia acknowledged br alJ tha beat arohiteoU in New York city to be tha beat and oheapeat Roofing and Paiot in axiat ?wje. It can be seen at H. W. HAM If,TON'S Paint Store, A IS Seventh atreet. CA>FIELD A HAMi L.TON are tha aoie acecta for Waahiogton, Georgetown, Alexandria aad tha Soath. For far ther information addreaa aa ahoy. oo ll-tf QM BICH. ggtfffiJ1JO JSH MONOHGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, CenMientioaaljr<UacUi*d by Mr. Jamea Bumaida. of Allegany Coantr, Penna., in tha old-faahioned honeat war, fro-v tnaohoiott and moat carnally a*leeted Rye, and' ia no oaae arer offered for aale until adapUd to wfcoleaoma aaa hy age It 11 at ?m the oo>t palatable, aa iti? eniph atioally one "F the purest beveragea iu the reaah of tha puMia. To tke Invalid.aa wall aa to thoaa in oomn^eoda itaaif for lta nnrj*a.i!?xi -- - *imui?nt of tb? aureat, and moat toaefioOLt daaorlptioa. ud maay of th? moat diattnguiato#* phynci.Mi* are aautgUii. tbair praotioe with the CLER^It 3TOCKDALK, Proprietor*. 3SS Walnut atrw*. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVEK, Agent for Um Proprietors. 3S6 Pa. at., a# SMwa o?oafta Wtllarda' How. BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-Iw U coapoaATio {mo.?Jou I. Doaaxoaoi, Pirn; Thia'comMar0l^NSURES LIVES and BUYS wad GRANTS AN?fU!TIH8,*c. l>Moripti?a panaphleta mav be obtained at the -ompaur'a Afapoj for tt)9 tfiatriot of Colimbta, ifio* of LeviaTohaaoa A Oo_ H>nkere. 10th straaf "?.ftur.tssviy sfiSau .?. as& "*"" '?wi? KTtAVoftr"" M 17 3m Worka. SiiiK at nnr&, g >iU^ ill - N [No. 67'i.J jJY THE PEESlD^^gOP THE UNITED In parsaanoe of law, I, Jam** BrcinxiN, President of the United States of America, do hereby deoiare and make known that ?ub io tftlea will Ne held at the andermentionea Land Offices in the 0T4TI of CiLiroimi at the periods hereinafter , dealttaied, to wit: At the Land Office at MitTivnn, commencing on Monday. the 3d day of Jane next, for the dispone. of the publio landa heretofore u ooffered, situated ' in the following townahips and parta of townakipe, . trial yortk 9f tk ban lint an-l *au of the Mount Diablo meridian Townships ? and 9: the N W jg of eeotioa 3; the N X and Ui? JW \ oi aacUon S; section* 4, A. and 6, ??1 township y*; the S W U of aecUou th-s SE of aection 13; the S W of section 17; atouon* 18 to S3, inelweire of townrhip 31. of range 1. ^wnahipa 9.10, and 16, of ranee 2. e N X of the N K W. the SP v ?f Nvu ?v NK ? ot the 8E 3?,and"the W VJ iTf sec'ion Tactions 5,6 7. ami 8; the ?E of the N E %. th? 8E K and WKofMtin?; the W Koftk? N\V V\V U ofSW X. an<l the SE \ of th? 8W hi ol ?'0 tioa 15; ?eot:on? >7 to 21 inciusiT?; ?h? N W Jtf, th? N Hot the 8W *.and th? 8W XofHW K.ol ??ot on 22; the W % uYth? NWV and 9W % oT section A', seetiora 28 to 33 inclusive; th? 8W of 'he NE the NW 3k. and the 8 tt of seotion S?, of townsnip 9. of raD?e 3. . . feotione 1 to 18 inoluaive.oftoYdship 10, of range 5. North ofthi ban lint and wt*t of tko Mount Diablo mrridtan. Townships 8, 9 and 24; t ?8W M of taction 6; the W K of >eotion 7; 'h>? 8 K \ of seo,ion 13; the N W V ut section 18: the S X of section 19; the 8 J? of section 20; the 8 X of ??c.ion 21; the 8 X o( soouon 22; the N E of tue 8 X of section 23; sections 24 to 35, inclusive, of tovnihip 31; sections 1 to 30 inclust v?; the N W 3* of section 31; the NE V ?.fs otion M. a- ? -* 4 L ?> ?ockk'?nB jf n.,u jo, va lovmnip u. ci range 1. Section* 1,2,3, and 4; the NE % of soc'.ion fh aeotioaa Hiiol5,inolu?ive; the NE ?l? of section 22; seoti^as 23 to 26, moiusive; E H of taction 35 oj township 8; sections t to 4. iccluxive; the Mb \ ot sectioB S; the SE >? of aeotion *; aectiona 9to 15, ino a ive; the E H ui section 11; the E X of station 20; sections 21 to28, inolt/sive; the NE V of section 29; sections 33, 34. and 35, of township 9; sectinrs 1 to i, lnoluaive; the N *V >?' of auction 7; the E K of section 9; aection* 1>', 11, aud 12; the NE.^ofsec tmn 13; the N W U of seotion 14; the N X oi a; otion 15, the S X of amotion 25; the SK ?4 of section 56; the E H of auction 3t; a*otion35, oftownship 31; the !* * of se. tion 9; the E X and the sW ol section 10; tue SE U oi section 12; the E >? and r? W ii of sec tion 13; tue S > of section 14; s ction 15; the SK S? of section 17; tho SW of section '8; sections 19 to 35. Ino usive, of townsmp 32, of ?a*ge 2. i'ownship3 24 *nd 32; sections 25 to 35, inclusive; of tosmstCip 33, of range 3 The 8W ^ of aeotion 7; sectiona 19 to 35, ir.cluaivo, of towuship 29; tectiona l to 5, inclusive; section* 3 to 15 inoiusive; ' "ti'>ns 17 and .0 to 29, inclusive: seo'to ? 32 to 35, inclusive, of township C2; sections 25, 26,27,34, aud 35, moluaive, of township 33. ?f range 4. Township 29, of range 5 At the Land Office at Humboldt, commencing on Monday, the 10th day of J uue next, for the disposal of thepnhlio lands heretofore unofTaral, situated in the following townships and parts of townships, vn: North of i he base line and tin t of the Mount Diablo meridian The WJtfof aeotion 7: the 8>t of aeotion 13; the W >4 of aeotion 1#; the N X of action 19; the N W \ and the S >? of aeotion 3n; the S^uf section 21; the S % of section ?2; the S H of section 23; sections 24 to 23, laousive; the EH of seation 29; the EH of section 33; sections 34 and 35, of toirnahip a, of raageS. The SW M of section I; the SE and the W % of aeotion *; tne E J4 of section 3; seotions 9, 10, 11, and 12; the N X of section 13; the N H of section 14; tne N X. the bWM. and t&e W H of the Sri of section 1.5; the NE of section 21: the NW Wr ?.nH the W H of tho Mb of section.2, of townthip 10, of rau;?4. Section* 1,2,3 4, and 5: th? NE of section <5; the S*K >4 of section7; section* 8 ai:u 9; th? NW <if section 10; section 17; the NK of sec ion 18^ oi township 16; the S \V of section 5 tun s >* of section 6; sections 7,8, 9, and 10; the SW of section 14; seotions 15 and 17 to 35, inolusivo, ol township 17, of ranee 11. The SE & of seotioa 1; sections II, 12. IX and 14; the N K \ of section 23; seotion 24; the N of sec tion 25 of township 17; sections 3 to H>, inclusive; theSW H of section 14; secti >n? liana 17; the Nfc M of seouoa 18; seotions 2", 21. 22, and 23; sections 2b to 29, inclusive; sections S. 3<, and 34: the NW ^ of section 33, of township 20; the N VV \ of section 3; section* 4 to 9, inoiusive; sections i7 to 2i. inclusive; sections 28 to 33, inolnsirit; th* SW % of section 34, of township *1; theNWJf ofsectioul; sections 2 and 11; the N W \ of section 14; sections 27, 24, 31, 32, 33, and 34, of township 22| teotions 1 to 18, inclusive; seotions 2oto27, inclusive; section S?, of township 23, of range 12. Seotions 3 and 4; the N E of section t; section 9; the N W V of section 10; section 13; theSfcJtfof section 14; the 9 W \ of section 15; sections 2i to 28, inclusive; sections S3,34, and 35. of township 17; the W X of seotion 5; sections 6,7. 8, 8,17,18,19,2i?, ar.d 21; theSW \ of section 22; sections 2i to 34, ioc'usive, of township 18; sections 3 10,15,22, 23, 28 27, 34, and 35, of township 22; the SE of <ectiun I?; seotions 13 sud 14; the SK \ of seotion 22; seo turns 23, 27, and 34, of township 43, of ranee 13. Sections I and 2, the 3 K % of section 3; ti a N X of seotion 10; sections II, 12,13.14, 23. 24. 25, ai.d a>; the J* E V of section 34; seotion 35, of township )R; the N W \ ssotion 3; sections 4. 5, and 6; the NE ^ o| section 7; sections 8 and 9; the 9 vV of section 10. the W Vi of section 15; the E X of seotien 17; the NE % of section 2*; sections 21 and 22; the 8 W )?' of seorion23: the \V >4 of section 96: n. <r> I ?, 33. 34, and 35. of township 19; the t$W \ of aoc Uon 7; the 8W j% of section 17; S)ciiona 18 to 35, lnoi aaive, of townalup 21, of ranee 14. S-ot;or.s 1 to 5, inclusive; th? N E % of seotion 6; section* 3 to 15 inclusive; the NE of section 17, sections 21 to 27, inclusive; the Nti Ji o( section 2a; the NEM of s<?otiou34; seotion 35, of township 2"; sections 1 t-? 4.Inclusive; the NE X of section 5; the K of aection 9; section* into 15. ino u*ive; loiitluua 2" to 29, moluvive; the SE hi ol section 3:; section* 32 to 35, inoluaive, of township 21: aection 1; th- E >6 of aection 4; sectiina 8,9, and M>: the SVV >4 or aection 11; section! 14,15, and 17; the !?E % of section 30; aeotiona 2t, 22, and 21; th^ SW >4 of section 24; sections 25,26,27, and 28; the 8E M of Section 3i; aectiona 33,34, and 35, of township 2i, ot range 15. North of (As bait lint and tait of th* Humboldt mtridian. The W >6 of section 3; sections 4,5,6,7, 8,?, 10, 15.17,18,1", 20,21, aud 22; the N H of seotion 27: sections 2< to 33, ino.uaire; the SHof seotion 34,of lownalup 4, of raac* 2. North Of tht bast tint and 1test of tht Humboldt mt vidian. TheSW )tfofaeotion7; ths 8W ^ of section 17; aection 18; me K S of amotion 19; sections 30.21,22. and 23; the W H of aection 24; the W >i of section sections 26 and 27; the NE Jfe of seotion i?; Uie NK H of section 34; seotion SS, ol township 1, of range 1. Sections 1 to23. mclusiva; the N K of saetion 14;' the J* X of section 25; seotions 28,27, 2ti. and 29; the N H ol ? -lion 3', f township 1; sections 1.2, and 3; the VV X of the N W X. the S K ofthaNW w and the fk of aoction 4; the N hiC of the N E %\ the a X <>f ti 0 tilt the 8K M of tneNVV *, aud the 8 S ofneotion 6; the 8 % < i the S K J?' of aeotion 6; the M E *. the o % of the N W and the 8 H of aeotion 7; sotiona 8,9, in. and 11; tte N % of ?cotion IS; th* NWMof section 17; secti-vi 18; the N V% and the SE X of aootion 19; the 8 W % of section ?t; the EH of ?ection an; aectionaSl, 3J, and S3; tha a W A* ot Motion M, <>1 vownahip 2.of ran?e2. The SK \ of aoction 1; aortiona 10, 11, acd 12; th? N >? of aaction 13, amotions 14, IS, 22, and 29; th* 9 X I of aeeti ,n 24; the N X of aection *5; auction* M 27, 28, and M. the N W ^ of aection 35, of townahip 1; fraotional township *, of ranee 3. At the Land Office at Stockton, eommenoinr on Monday, the 3d d?T ot Juue next, tor the diapneal of thej>ub!io landa, her?tefor? unoffer, d, aituated in the follow lLg towuahipa aud p&rta of tjwnahipa, vix: North of th* bat* I in* and >ast of tit Mount Diablo meridian. Pactions 4,5,6,7,8,9,17,18, and 19: the N X of the NE*, the H X of the S'VVX.and theSVV of the 8 W Si of aection V; section ?>, eiopt the &E X of th* fefc V of t )wn?hip C of range 3. Towu?lupa 4,5, and 7, of range 7. North qf th* base line and weitof the Mount Diablo meridian Townahipafi and 7, of raucel. Section i\ the N E X ol aootion 3; the W X of aec lion 5; aection 6; roouuu 7, except the 9 Si of the 8 W X; the N W X and the S X of aection 8; the 8 X of aeotion 9; th? 8 X of aeouon 10; a-:oti>>a 11; the VV X of suction 13; aec'ions 14 a"d IS; aection 17. exo-*pt th* 8 X ol tfoo the E X of the ft W X. the K X rf '-he 8 W if, aud the E X of aection 21; aeot ins22and 23, the W X of taction 24; tha W X of aeotion 2*; aeotiona 2S and 27; the NK W, th* E X of the N W the 8K X of tha N W 2, the N X of the SE X? the 8K ol the 8E X ot aect ou 2*; tha ine NE1(, asd the E X of tha SE X of aeation 33; aeotiona 34 a d 35, of township 6; aeotiona 1 and 2; the N E X of aeot,on 3; tha 8k * of aection in; seotioas 11, w> IS, lnotnajve; the N 7% iii ine i, ^ 01 aeouon 21; the ft H of the N W and th? h S of amotion 2t, eeotioua 23 24 2t and 26; th? K ol ihi 8W V atiU tha K ol aeotion 2."; the W K of aection 35; ui townahip 7, of iu|? 2. 5#m(A o/ tkt bate lint and east of tht Mount Diablo* meridian. Section* 1 to 77, inclusive; tho N H. the N '< of the hW ik, and .>1 % -( tn? ah ^ of aealion 28; the N X.the N ? of the SW an<? tbe N V o[ the St k of aeotion 2'; the N ? *nd the N >, of the SK * of eeotiou 90; the N 0 ,V of aeotion 3fc the $ )? ol aeotion 33 of townahia 3, of tanxe 6. Seotiona 6, ?>, 7,8, aud 17 to 21, in?iuaive; he NW hi and the 8 X of aeotion 27; eeotiona 2*to 34 inolaaive; the W X of aeotion 35, of tovnahie 3. of range 6 t raetional aeotiona 1 and 2, aeotion? s. 4.8. and 6 the NL X of aeotion 7; aeotion 8, *, l?,and II-fractional aeetioa 12; eecriooa >3,14 a >d 15; the N K W of a>otion 17; the NK^ ofaoeUon 21; aection* 22 u?*/, inclu'ivc; the NE Si of aeotion 34; amotion 35, of townahip 5; aootiona 1,2,11.12.13,14,23, 24 , 2J, 26, and 3j, of townahip 8: aect.on 1; tne N K V ol aeotion 2; aectiona 12,13, 24, and 25, of tovnabip 7, ol SW * iiid the W H of the SK * of asotion IS; aeotion <?; the W H ol aeotion 29; aeotiona 31. 31, and 32; the S W 01aeotion 33, of towtahip 5; townahip* 6 and 7; acctiona 1 tn * ? ? ? . MW> UBI * U, |Uf N k v oi ?e< Uon 6i Motion* I to 15. inolnaive; the NK 2 of eection 17; tmJIb X of section 21: mo UunrcSto 27, molat ive; the 8k % of taction 93; sco tione Si and 35, of towaebip ?, t>| laoge S. Towaahipi 7,8, wd 9. of ruse 9. T??M?hiM ? ud ?,ot faogeTo Towttkipa ?, 7. and a. of rang* 11. TowaahiM 8aad 7; tovaahip I, except Motions SI ud 32, of raags12 Townships *tIMMl ?< rftnS* IS. At the Land Oiiee at Stockton, oommoccing on Sondar, the 17th day of J tine next, f ?r the dieposal the fablio laaiie heretolOM uuoffered. situated io tae following towaahi#s aaJ p&rta of townships, ??* South of tJu b+s* JtM and **st of tkt Mount Dimklo ffUftaldll. Townships 1, , 7. *,9. aad it), of range 14. Sootious 3 to 10. inoluaiTe; at ction 15 and 17 to?. isolaai ve; *>ctiona *T to S4, inelaaive. of raihij S^S^asRiassgsa ,i 1" 1 1 of township*; township LO and 11; action* I to a. l uolusivc, of township 'J. of ium 19 Sections 7 and IS to 15, leolnsite, of township T?; sections 1 to II. lnolnstve; section* IS and 17 to ti, inclusive; sastioni 87 toftt, ineinaire, ot towns'ip li; sections $.6,7,12.14. n. ,? >?? a, to n, inolu sire; sections 33, 54, and S*, of township i2, of range 30. At the Land Ofits at Viulu, ooantoeiDi on Monday, the lotto day of Jone iwxt, f.?r the diiposai of the pnhl e lands heretofore ur offered,situate! in the following townships and parts of townships, i*: South qf the bait line and east of tkt Mntmt DM/0 mendinn Section* 1 and 2; the in K of see ion 3; seetions 11. IS. ?nd IS; the NK M of seeuon 14; eeotioss M and 25, >>f township 1?; sections I toSinc usiv?; the N % of section 6; sections 8 to 15, inoinsrvo; the NK M of section 17; the NK % of seotion S3; seetions 23, S4 and 2*; the NE Mof section township It; sections 1 to 6, inc.naive; the Nb ^ ol section 7; Motion 8 to IS, inclusive; the N ti \ of section 14; the X E fc of section 84, of township 21, ? Townships 17,18. and 19; sections 1 to 27, inclusive; the NK '? ofjseononj8; the eE \ of seotion xj; aecuonasi ana ao.oi wwum^i; Motions l ana 2; the N E \ of Motion 3; imuoli i 1,12. is, ao<1 14: the NE * of aeo'ion 23; Motion 24; the NK M of Motion 25, of towMhip 22, of ru|i 16. Seotiona 1 to 27, inclusive; the Nb V of section 28; leoUoBi 34 fcnfl 35. of town* hip 21; scotion* 5, , 7, and 8; the 8W \ of Motion S?; the #W *?cfs*otiorl5; Mctiona, 17 to 22 inclusive; hs !*vV ^ of aeotion 23; amotion* 25 to M, inolarive, of tnwua is 22; aeotiona 1.2. and 3; the NE it of seotiou 4; the N E 3* of Motion iO; Motions 11, 12.13, and 14: the N E >4 ofim1 ion 23; sections 24 and 25; the SF. of aectiou 32, sections 31.34, and 35, oi township 23: geetionslto5 inclnsive; tie Nr. fractional X of sootiori 6; the NE H of section *, Motions ? to 15, inoiaaive; the NE \ of aeotion it; moqsq 23. >4.25, 26, a'id 35, of townsuip 24; n??uoita >, 2. aud 3; the \ K V of Motion 4; N K )% of rectiuu 10; Motions 11,12, %nd 13; thd NE V of -oOtioa 11; aecuou i4, of township 26, of range 17. Township 21; sections 1,2, 3. and 4; the NG yof Motion 5; the NE \ of aeotion 9; Motions 1i> to 14, inclaaive; the N K V of ?*oti<M? 15 tho N E If of eection 21; tho ? W !? of section 90; aaotiou 31; the 8W Si of aeotion 32, of t:twnahip 22; aactioaa 1 and 4 to ?. incluvive; soot ions 12. 13, and 17 to 21. mo naive; the 3W % of section 22; th4l*K of aeotion 23; sectiona24,to35.ino'miv#, < f tewuihip2i; township 24; section* 1 to 15. inolusive; section 17; the N b ?( of aeotion ]g; the NK k[ of aeotion 22; sco ion* 23, tnenr >4 01 rocuon ij, <>i mwntnipij; 'jiioo 1; theSH 3i4 < f s?2tion2: theSW of ieet:<>n 3; seotions 4 to IX, inclusive; the N \V >4 of section 19; tfce N K % of unction 20; iM'loni 21 to 26 m?ln ive; Uie N ? X of section *7, ?f township 26, of range 18. Fractional townships 21,22, ud 23; township* 24. 25, and 26; sections 1 to 5, 1 nclmi vc: ssotions 8toi7, . inclusive; srolions 21 to T>, inclusive; teutons 34 and T>, oftowuahip 27; seotiona 1,2,and 12, of towuI ah;p 28, of range 19. fractional townships 23 and 24: townships 25, 96, and 77; s-otion? I to2? inclusive, the NK * of m*o ' tinn 3?; the NK % of section 34; section 35, of township 28, of rang* 23. At the l and Office at Visalia, oommmcini on Monday, the 24th dav of June next, for the dispoaal of the public lands, heretofore uueffered. situ at?d in the following towuahip* and parti of town sl.ips, viz: South of thi ba*? liM and uut of the Mount Diablo meridian. Townships 27 and 28; sections 1 to 6, inolnsive; the NK of sectinn 7; sections 8 to 17, inclusive; the 8H,'i section 18; seotions 19 to 24, inolaaive; tne NK?? of section 5fl; the NK 3^ of section Si. seotion 34; the N W M of aeotion 3% of township 29, of ranee 21. T>wnsbipa21 and 22; fractional townships 23 and 24; townships 25,26, and 77. of range 94 Townships 21,22,23,24,25. 26, 27,28, 29, and 30, of ran re js. Townships 22, 23, 24,25, 26,27, at.2D.aad 30, of range 26. Townships 2?, 23 , 24 , 25,26,27, and 28. of rang*27. At the Land Offise at Fea?ici*co, com..naUf Ar. M ftn^. ?k? ln.k f A iiiouviuk ??n muiioa; ? ?nu iviji u?j ui <l uiiO u< At for the dl?poea' of the pabiio lands. heretofore unofTored, ai.uated within the foli'iwtn* townehpa and parta ol townahips, vis: North of the base line and west of the if own: Diablo meridian Town?hip6; aeotiona 1,2, and 3; the NE \ of Motion 4. the sV X of aention 6; eotion 7; th??W % of section 8; the 5E X of section ?: eectiona in to 2&, inclusive; tbe K H, the and the E X of the SW \ c.f aeotiou 2?>; aeotiona 29,30, 31, and 32, of to wnship 7, of ranee 3. South of th* bate lint and east of the Mount Diablo miridimm. Township 20 of rM|< 9. Township 21: sections 1,2 and 3; the E X of section 4; the E X of Motion 10; sections 11, 12 and 13; trie K X of a?ction 14; amotion 24; the N E % of section 23; eeotion 25; the ?E \ of eeetion 2b; the ?E >4 of section 34; eeotion S6. ol township 24; the 8W X ufeeotion 14; sections IS, 2J, 2< anu 22; tbe VV X a-.d the SE X of secti< n 23; the S Hoi section 24; t a-c;ioua 25. .6, 27 aril 28; IheNE in of section 2J; the NEK of section 34; section 35, of township 25, of range 10. Township 24; sections I to 18, inclusive; the N X of section 1?; sections 2<> to inclusive; the N H X of section 29; the SE X of section tt; sections 11, 34 ai d 35 of township 55; township 26. of range 11. Township 27; fraotional a. otiona 2 and 3, section* 4 to lo, inclusive; ( actiora sections 11 13 and 14; actions ?5.17 and 18; the NWJ(of aeotion i*; the NE X of section 22; section 23; iractional sections 24 anu 25; the N E X of aeotion 28, of to wnthip 28, of ranee IS Townships 25. 25 and 77; aectiona! and 2; fraction* aectiona 3, 4, 9 anU 10; aeotiona U to IS, inc!uai ve; fractional actions 17,19 and 2D; section* 21 to 2?. ino.uuve, the NE 3* of sotion 27; the N VV >4 of section s>, of township 2i, of range 14 The is W % of aeotion 3; sections 4 to9, inoluaive; the 3VV *of aeotion 10: aeotiona IS and 17 to 22, inclusive; aeotiona 27 to S4, lnoinsivs; the 8W of amotion 96, of townahip 29; townships 30ani 31; ?eetioaa 1 ta 12, iLaluaive; the ISE if of section 13, of towmh p 32, of raaice 19 The 8 VV 3* of aeotion 27; the 8E 3% and the W 3. of aection 1"; aectiona 1R, 19 and JO; tn? ^\V of amotion 21; theSVV^?f section 27; aectiona 2* to 34, inclusive; the8VV U of aeotion 35,of township 30; townahip 31; aectiona 1 to 18, inclusive; the N VV \ cf aectio i9; the NR V of aeotinn 21; aecUona 2*, 23, S4 and 25; the N Hi of aeotion 26; the IS E At of aeotion 2?. of townahip 32, of lanre 5?? The 8E \ of aeotion 17; the SW 3t? of aeotion \%\ aeotiona 19 and 2u; the W K of aeotion 21; the SW of aeotion i7; aeotiona J8 to 34. inoleaiY*; the 9 % of section 35, of townsbip 31; township 32, of range 21. North of tkt base line and imest of Ik* San Bernardino mtridian. Sections 3 and 4; the N Eof section 3; the Mi )i o! section 9; section 10, of townahip B; the NVVW of section 5; sections C. 7,18. and 19; the 8 W \ of aeouon ? ; seotiona 29. 31, atd 32; the 8 W ? of section 33, oi township 9; stotioo 1; the 8 X of seeo. U 1V ? * * ?- * * - a ws . - f - - nun *i inn .-^ui rvoMvn J, me SC. ul section 9; teoUun lu to 35, inclusive, of township 10, of range 24 Section* 1 to 18. inclusive, of township 9; theSW hi of eeotion 7, actions IS to 35, inclusive, of townsnip 10, of range i6. 1 be at, >4 and the W \ of Motion 4; section* b to 11. inolueive; section 12, oxoept the N >? of the N E *; section* 13 to 35, molusive, of township 10, of range 86. sections 1 to 14, inclusive, the Nc X of seotion 89. of townamp 10, of range 71. Sections 11<> 18. tnelemve, of township?; the 8 W *\ of ecetion 19; the 8 X of section 85; the SK of **etion 86; sections SB to 35. inclusive, of township 8. of ranee 30. Sownsnip 11, of range 31. fctions 1 to 27. inclusive; the NR it of section 28, the N \V X of seotioo the E X of section Si section 35. ol township 10; township l.of ranpeSJ. I.andi appropriated by law for the use of echools. military and other purposes, or those coverec by oocfiimed private iann c aims. together with the swamp or overflowed landa, will be excluded from the sales. No " mitural lauds " or tracts containing mineral deposits, are t.> be offare* at the public *aiee. such mineral lands being hereby txsrenly excepted and exc.udod from sale or other 4i*posa.. pursuant tt the requirements of the act of Coi grass app-o*fo I MfLTAh 9 IftM Antitliwi " An mat arnwi<la Cr?? I - ? MU ??? ? %y |W1 HIW ?orv*v of ih? pub 10 Jand? in Californi*. the grant ing of pte empUon rights therein, tea for etuer pu pow> " The offering of the above lands will be ot> torn en oed on th*> da* s appointed, and will proceed in the ord.*r in which they are adve ttsed until the whole shell have been u/Tored, and the sale* thus oiosed; hut no *ale?ha'l be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted until >vfter the expiration of the twu weeks. (piven under my hand,at the City of Washington, this twenty second day of Ootober, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and siiry. JAMHL CHANAN* By the President: Joe. S. Wilsok. Commisair aer ef the Oeneral Land Ofoa NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled fa) the riicht of pre-empt MUt to any of the lands within the townships ana parts of t?w??htpe*bove enumerated, i? reeuired to establish tt)o same to the satisfaction of tne register and reoeiver of the proper land office, ana make payment there/or a> soon as rraetieabl* after seeing this notiee. and before the day ap/omted for the commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the traot claimed: otherwise auoh eiairn will be forfeited. jos a.wll.?nN. Commissioner of the General Land Oftoe Not*.?Under the regulations of the Department, as heretofore aiwl now existing no garment can be made for advertising proolamat one except to saoh KWishsrs as are rricUUt **$k*rimtd to publish tor ? Commissioner of tbe General Laad Oflloe. 00 25 lawlSw.T STOVES! STOVES" L STOVES!!! * 1 hare on hand a Jargs assortment of Cooking ?nd other gloves, which I will sell oheaper than -* any other house in the District, as it is mr ABM mt-ntion t?. close them out. Call and see, sad then judge for yourselves. Wp oo9 Neitdoor toittStLPoGiom. 12^90 AffiHgU'lMEISKfiyr Uioottoiition?r thopiblietoosrTuf tod wtlM (old on r?Mon?bl* term* fn order to WOOD! w o o on V O O D!l! STOVE md KINDLING th? Iowm ?T.. &i'Jn mk&d mfrk. north mi a TRUNKS, BOOTS AMD SHOES. |?OOT8 AND SHOfcS TO SUIT TMK W" try bow manufacturing all kinds of ROOTS ad SHOES, ud oocataativ raoeiriBt Igfti 7 of tMltra mad* work ot Mm ?a-BHI ecn?tio?, mad* expreeely to oritr, ui willV Hj b* sold at a muoh >fw?r jkm* ikuhM baaa P? hereto/ore charged ib Chi a cit* forbhI uukiw artel bb. Pereona in want of Bocta and Sfeewa of aaatara or city made work, will alwayiiad a good aeeorteaa In Btora and at the lowaat prieee. Civ* aa a aaJl. CRISPIN k HKU., B> 4-f >14 PoBBTiTBBIB M?B?? fcMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TR?N?S t arrived thia dtrwnhrtcioia. m i mm U*e and aisea of Soia Leather. Imim WA Draaa and Paoking Tnpaka. Oar Uaak^****" salee rooia exmbiu at taia Una the createat variety of traveling re^niaitea at moderate p:.oea. u> ba found thia aide of New fork. A!eo, eve deeopatioa of LADIES' HAT BOXERS, VALlCfcS, CARPET HAG?. SATCHELS. Jto. ID"Old Tranka repaired or takaa la ochaac* for dbw oaaa. WALL. STEpHE^g^CO^ ?<OUTHRRN TRUNK MANUFACTOrrT'" Orroiut Od4*nuiw*MM&?Wijkim tia, D. C Trjvf:;r? will atadv their intereeta fti examiaiB my TRUNKS, VALlCES Ae , before rar mm ohanntc eleewere. Aa I nee dob* bat twit material Urn market alords and the bM*t workmen, i oaa oonbdenUy rtoumMead >) work to be superior in S:rn{i4 mm1 D*ra*?J?xy te Tranks that are made in other oitiea and sold here. 1 keep constantly on band, anrt make to order <ob one week's notice) every deeonetien of SOLE LEATHER, I HON FRAME FRENCH DK KtS ami WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASH LAND mmd etkir V ALICES: THAVELISti BAGS, HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, ft., *t. Trunks, Ao., R-ra<rH ai d Covered, in ft work manlike manner, at short notice Trunks delivered in any part of the oity, 8?ori? town, or Alexandria. FA""-T de lS-lv JAMES ft. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS DIRECTORY. Bll ALTIMORE AftiP OHIO RAII.ROAD. IB WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHAN6I OF Horn. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jane Mth. IBM, trams will ran as follows: 1/eave Washington at 6 jn and ?.4n a. m. Leave Washington at SJO and tJI p. m. On Bandar at i? p. m. im>f oaiuinvi* ? <J9 MM I f t> IB. Lmw Maltimore at 3.15 and OB p. m. On biadtr at 4 2ft a. m. Pa*MDc*ra for tb? Eaat will taka train* at Ol and 7.40 a. m and 3 2n p. m. For the west at a. m. and p. m. For Annapnlia at 7.40 a- m- and XX* p. a. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Pattrrday evening the MO p. m. train ftxM to Philadelphia only. ie l?-d T H. PAR80NB, Af>t. NEW ORLEANS ZN T1FTFLBB DA.TIS with m CHOICE OF TURBB ROUTB9. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Rmlr?d TO LYNCHBCRCt Virginia and Tenneseee, Bait Ttnnntsoe and Virginia, Edit Tennessee and Giorgio, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis ard Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orlt-ans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMFHUTROUTE: M?|hi? by Ra;l, tbenoe by First elass FuktU I* New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: fs?s * TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svxcats Iwimi. Lmt? wmkluctta at 6 a. m aad 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE Imto her wharf foot of Seventh street at GK a. m. and 63d f- m. and oonneoU at Alexandria wits the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonth weat. Oftoe?RMMfi avoase, oorner of 8ixU St. UMiU OUOKXO THfcOCM TO KIW OUIAII. Lynchburg S7 so Memphis y?i M Bristol lion Atlanta jc 00 KdoxtiHs tP on Muoi B M Chattanooga Mm Oolambas SI M Dal ton M (? Mootsornery M M Hantrnlie ?__ ,fl? I n* <0 Gnnd Jpnotion ?10 00 N.O.S na6. Jano..?8 <0 NaahTflle >10 \tu Mobil*. -41 00 THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY RAIL and la aoo MILES SHORTER, and 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Llae-tho Lynnhbarg Extension being now completed, u Mao the Mississippi Ontra,' making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRATELKRS ! It ia provided with First oinaa Sleeping Cars! {To New Orleana 78 Hoar*. fefe=3l & fCTThe U. S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are takes over Uua New Lime. Eok eta can be obtained at the Boath Western >9, oorner of Sixth atreet and Pennsylvania artnne, to the folio wine joint*: jjriotihnr*, Crutol, a noxnlie, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Hnntsville, Grand Jano&on, iuaouiii iiMavuio, VkiWDi UOIimMi, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, a*d NEW UKLKANB. TTT THROUGH TJFESTS TO THX VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. XT7- Omnibmea ud Bacrac * Wig ohm leare the oMm at I a. m. and p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Areet, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth at. aad Pa. a*. THE STEAMER MS. QUY Will reeiiroa her f trije on TV F>DAY, flit of February, laan. Will leave WASH 1|Ak1 INttTON every TUESDAY FA IDA Y, at 8 o'clock a. m., apd ALEXANDRIA at fcaJl-paatfi o'clock, for CUR RI OMAN and the intermediate La&cLcca. On her return triea, ah* will tare CUKRIOMAN every WEDNESbAY and SATURDAY, at f o'clock a. m. LITCIAN S. PA6E, Proprietor. NATH'I. fiOUSH. Af't, Alexandria. feSn OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. W AtiiaeTON, JilyM, 1M*. NOTICE IS If ERE BY GIVEN. That.acreaably to tho provision* i l the uidinauoe of the Corporation approved Mar <2.18?, the underlined ia now prepared, "wherever reanlred in wrUint, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oents. to insert. f x&imn*. test,prove, and ascertain tiio Mtinn o{ reg titration ofany cm meter in ate ia this eity Kvsry meter, iffosnd inoorrect, wiii be condemned, and another, saaled and marked as tru?, will be i?t mix plaoe. If proved to be aoonrate ia i*a ineasnr? ment ofgas, it wftl be sealed accordingly, and again put in position fur use. Office Vn ft 10 9?wntk street, (near Odd Fel .ows' Mali ) < >pen from 8 a. m.. to $ f. m. CllARuKsJ W. CUNNLNGHAM, Jy 18 tf Inspector and Sealer of 8as Meters. HOWE'S IMPROVES WE1GHIN6 SCALERS These Scales are offered to <h? pnbiie as th? most simple, dnrable, and reliable aoalM aver Nt ia in. Pirstolass prenuams have bean awardaa tbaa by tha United StatesFairaad Virginia Afiaaltaral Vermont Stats Fair, It*., Ac. In avary ease whsrs exhibited thay nave received first class rmiui For sa a at ft Loalsiana arenas, itopot of StJsrt Chi Led Iron Sana. 4a IKly K* O. PATT1SON, AcsaC WG AS FIXTURES. E Hit* m store, and are dai y reoainns, OAS PTXTVR ESofentiraly New Patterns and Designs ana Finish, superior ia stjle to anything heretofore onerea in uu maricet. w* mTiteejtiwM f*n?ral |j to call and iiunioe oar stook of Gu im Watet Fixture*, fee Ping oonfident thatva have the beat Mooted "took in Wjuhinxtoa. All Work ia the above Tin* latraated to tmr ear* will be promptly attended to. MY&RB * P * A N CI 8 HARPER. FAMILY tfR^&SVAW^feED STORE, Cmmer if New 7r? avtnm* mm4 Tmuk tprmt. Reapaotfnlly solicit* the patronage of thosev mar be in vaet of an; artiofe ia the above Line. Hi* aadaarcr* shall be to aleaee. a.-.d bj a etnct attention to the want* of the publio, he aepe* to BMrit a hare of their patronage. Hi* took constat* of every artiol* anrallv to be fband ia a ?r*t~ola*a Family Grooarr and Feed mora. n,i ! 7 U #o?? ^ iiSirSS (jooo SAFB LIGHT! PAEAITINEOIL.fiff<C2^ ?? IS # > * Hi Mp^ ?ZLU ?^^8rawZ MKDUUNK& a. iramni. LT 1ALTUHRI _ bOCKIOTPITU, *** tffmml jSM^MAi^^,' "** ro? ALL DI9RASR8 OF IMPftUDKNCft. LET MO FALSI DYlICACT FRMTMXT. A1?PLY IMMED ATKLY. A 99MB WAZAAVTKD.OK JfO CMAM9M, IX mOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Hi IhMm, wry Dm>?i|??. iMwmy, S^uS MMU, HwmiiB, DraMhrU {*ar/L*? fptWW. CmtaMB ?(M?a M^uum ?>d?liMv*?i?iif.fn?>liM>. P??i m rf>fki ar IiOiih, ftimi Wwt, Bmw Mm, At?~?a? af s*a Umi. ?> ?> w |>iil? tm TtmMa Diwdin uvm( fr*m Mut^ IiMii al T*atb?Uim* Dtnl'i: >|4 Daairacti** Ptaaeeaa ?Ii? r*?*ar Himifi tnpaaaikt*. it< <?*? ? Mr u4 Mte4 TOIMM0 tytiWIt ?W kin him tk? n?Ma af Mhq * *? thti dnUlta ?4 <?nnin k? hM *twi utitlit mip ? M ???aly ptii uwm??? af TM*( Mm aftba mm niM ulna u4 MlkM iauOttt, *k< hfki MkttVM Itm aainiM< ka?na( Imm w+i* *tUM4?a lliyiaai a? wl>?< ta i?uij u? it*i>( lyr?, may ?M nt tall MMHiUUU ? 4B11? Piuon,* Ta*a( M?? mmmMM *^a. fcaif VMUIM, W|Uit . ft. a4acaa Mu?|/m4m Ika mm af Pi J. My *??# aaaly aaaMs M kW ksair a* u< MMMtlf >Nf apaa kja tk a pit? a urrics h*. t orr* raxoxaict irurr, Isfl ka<>4 *id?*a?nf fr?? BaldMr* Wriu, h?^MH fl? lk? Mnii riii Mt is akaar'S mb* u4 *mm. hiiw M??>?r* afika liyil i>H?p ?'>*ni'm, to?4?, |n lm? u< Ul nwiu put ?' *W** afs'fas t*M *p?*t U m k*^ liultir lM?ntPuu,ni!>i*l*kit >< InvMii, ku il* b(m< Nn* ?( ika mm uuiiui*! tar** ikti ?*n ?*? Iwni Map mM*4 wuk **?< ? la k**4 ia4 mm *t*> uImm mm *ir?m?*?i, k*m ?Imm4 at nu? Mail*, kaasfkUaas witk frsqatat klMn|,tai*4*l ? ? . Mm* vttk 4<m(?bmi wi. win m?< wilhMli. " TAKE rilTIClUt ftonc*. Tn*f Nil u4 (Am vta ha?s ) ?? iIikm ?m kj l'"' HIUW pMCtle* Mllft4 tt ?tM staas?a k*kM ItttMia It InimI kM *?tl MpuMM, a? ti Htm, tta ilw? M tUckui a fkilj hk > ?ki> u.iip, u4 if Ht iint. . rsad r? Birmfl lapmikli, u< iwuifi Mk u( I Ml, UmK ?PF T laaidwtlU. *?W\ Tmm ar* mai afika hi sal ailMtktl; ihiu *h4m*4 ' kt aarta kiMu af T*Mk ?it i Waatnass Wtk* Back **4 IWk Km m Ika l?a4,Pi*tia af *rki.Uaa af Maaaais* hair, Pmlp-.uuaa ( ihs **rt, Daapapa*, Naraaaa linuMJ?y, Dsraaf smsaiaf iti Di(M(ii* /aotuans, (Mml DsMIHp, ;krm* afCansanptaa*, t< MllfrkkLT.-Tii (*arfal factsaa it* mtm< aa* a**k la kt -irasda*? i.m af Kiiaacy, Cacfaa.aa sTISits, Dafssisk? It Iptriis. ?wl r?rta?i?|?, tisiais*rflasiiis. Ii if Dauaa, ka*a af Mn4*,11wllt}, *is.,in af Us a*Ma fm<i*? >*n *ftk*? ?a*ltM( kiskk. taar-f Haaf sak.pt4.MiM ul isa*al*?.la?ia| a naplil ippssissss akaailka *paa,ks?|b m *ra|HaM ( MsiMplai niltiSU or 1MPUDEIC1. Vksi Iks m>*f?i4*4 ant in pratsat aatarp af plaasars tata k*ks*ia>lk*4 Ik* 4*Wtkapsiafkl tf tssass, it taa s>ia kappm tkat aa ill-?iis4 saaas af skawi ar *f*U af tiaaa mp taiar* kaa trsa appiils| *a ataaa vis, (rws adaaauaa is) laapscisWitf, us a?is kafnaad kia. * hi la law tka kaads af ifnafsat sad i?fomg arsisrdlrs, ?ks, iac*aaMa af cinnf rck kit paeaniary aaVatanca. kssf ktaa UWtag aoife aflsr asnk, *r as larf as ika aMllast fas taa ka akiaioaO. ark la tsafaif lata* ktai ?Mk Iasa ik ksalik ta iwk a?*f kssjrs.liaf kiasppililaiit; as kf Ika aas af Ikai kaa?.? Eia, Hsrcary. kaataa tks cacsufti?al sywmai af Ikat bis teaaaa, aack aa Attentat af *t ftaarv Thraat. Wsas. frs|isssia^ widk frifltrw raptd'tf, tOI 4aakk pw a DC. iuunovi umbdt roa nuAiic wnuw AJID IMTOTXHCT. By tthftMt u< iBMtuu r*n?4) VMtua ?f Itl rnN tn ?M?4iir ! > < ui4 Ml *ir?r rMni< Ttmi?a Iia* MM MHiwul vh* M (cm all feap*,ha*e tin MmUwIr Nkmi au mfdmmmmm Mirmf*. Pbyeieal > MtwJ lutiMi. Uwi ' ? ' * .*? InluMllq TvamMmr id! Wiikim > ItkmCw ?(tfe* nt huM U4 .v.. - j ? ?#' BKiHtaacMEirr or rmm nina. TIE M AM T riuVUMn ctr*4 mtiku hi hum vWji U? lM( H'HUli MM, U4 Ik* Uinw IPf?m?) eal (fttiUM! p?rntm*t bt Dt Mwm. vhmm4 ?t M NtNUnW Ui ptftn u f Bti; xtif Hfww, iwl?w < viltk kitt tfrtMll >nla ui I|tu Ntkn tk? NMtt, k* 14m tunu<!*|Ma fiiUimii W tUiwut u4 nana MlHy.ii* nliim|iiww ?ai iltin< lu?-?j f? J. BOVKE DUD'S MJ IJtlEEIAL WINS BITTMX8, Ara m* Mas aaed fro* Maine to U* Vr+mx 8a* Lake, acl the uirerea! verdict of all vbo aaa ttm either aa a aMtfum* or aa a fcererwa. la taat they are in the vortd. Dr. Doda m*?1 tbera Bociwaf^liT to tan pr*4t.ce for B ?aara before we?iirciiMMMkUDtb*aMritklU ma.uaAustere ulrrewuUMi for aale to tae Mblic. For Um are of iMifiaat Con?blt?uob, laiixeeuot.. Dye petti*. P./*. PierroM 0jwee, Female Co* pleinta, a&d all ca?*? reeainnc ton:c. :h?r are be cod doabt a mo?t iBvaJsatxe remedr. Ande frca their roediciea. ^n>wrUM the? are a pare, w)k>W mm uv.iinun uiTorv*. iradMlai ail tha pleaaant axhilaratr.f rfleaU cf Wrai.Uy crWiM without their lrjnacci- raaa'.te. l?at ail frMDda of hamaalty and adTc-cataa of borop?ra.Qoe Mint Kin nbectmcx thaae *alun?fa Vegetable RitUn the wwirtl frw?u ard m<Wlir?W itfMri jritk which^tbe oobta jffpo<laa.^MKl^U.?'?by af3AKLE8 WIDDIF1ELD * COatora. TP atrwt, Naw Yirfc. 4. 9CRWAR7k. Aral, WMhiCCtOB, D. C. jmPI i/r?S**. 5or Diaaaaaa ofthe Kiflneja.B adder and Umary rgans, and aapec aily for Faval* Ooatraotiona, never fail to oar*, an-1 ar? warranted to give aaUa *C%ARLES WI DDI.FIELD 4t CO.. A|?at. Waahipgtoa. PTC. JOY FOR THE SICK AND f?FFSBlP!?? LET ALL WHO A?E AFFLICTED APPLY TSE AEMEDT REJOICE fx HEALTH. Fri?nd,4oy??a*!Te>r' Ara yea the viatlm of aay ofthota ntnaeroaa ai'manta which anaa now tpaurity of the btoo*? What ara they, 4a yoa aakf RaUior aak, what ara they aot. 1 ha hioad ta the Ioa;ua Qi ii ? A.)"1 i m.t h u<< "? > ' ?* ~ " af onr being to rc-rp^nd to ?ny cum the ay?t?ra, fu the pulae IrdaUiKr iQnU it(<T(r prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating F.ryaipe'.aa. tke aubtie Scrnfn!*, the agoinstnc R)?eui:jati?ro. Nervmi lability, l>y cpepaia. Uver Complaint with ita Sraor and dejection, and the numbarlaaa ilia thai mL ia heir to. derive then iudeopa or;gia from the ood, Deal k.Ld.y thra ai-ngenky with the b.ooc. a* the vitalising reauroee of natare for ito aid. ud rcffer aa to eoirrueiid to yoar eonbdenee aad aaa that traly valaable medicament kaewa aa INDIAN r WhTkffifo JVTION. With retard to thia ummt ianJiibie caeeifte poenlar sap timed L.*a vkec In draided Wat, ana the evidenoee of thia great nftmvc* are aaata.' r<< Ky oonatant av.iwoia of ewrat?ve agaafc and the happieet reeaita from ita nee are after ail eabar rtamiaa aad the beat nedml ahili have hiM. Let aa ear, in oonclaaion, thet oertiaaataa curaa are uot Bought from the illiterate and taper aeial, out they are volunteered from the mrat rpapeotable aooroea and justify the b.ghart trna ta whiah it ia poaaihle to cim^Md ao valaahie a pp<-r Sc tn pa.'j 10 approval. We may add alao that the curative prop-rueeof the madioiae are equalled only by ita reetorati ve efieota, the araUm raaorarliiC, from diaaaaa with renewed <*>natitat>Aaal vitor. For aa'e by a!I reaaectable DrugcieU in thia oity. aad Hy tha proprietor, Mitt*. M COX. None rename utileea bar nameia b ows oa tha bottle aad her aaal on the oork irr Knee #1 per bottle, aix boMlee for ft a. Agent. R P. T. C1B9KL. lWagciat, Georgetown, D C.. vN bo aaa'.e Aaent for tK? !? tnot.and wij Bufply th? trade at my >n?aa.~" Mi i>-tr ? for stamping a packet or paper, ^ . | amd envelopes I N 0 I to match. CHARGE) metropolitan ^eooiptore, ph1lp k solomons, A$r*t* MLmmmui't vUhrmtt* Lt?*m ?T*t. rnmxr ? I 9TQ T. fOTKNTlNl, Oftfi _II?f mrcim G\fu ..IWSWSEPfcJWHfc., A WM. T. 1K)VK * CO. _ AR B Nn rrwMi to epeovte iu ?4m vttk TSWfiioSg Wu nrtm, JET Store on 9th #tr<^?t.ft few doors aortk of Fft, 'I PUR* OLD RYKWHIBKY.?Oitonl.mft Wwd< ( Pare Old Rye Whi. ky. Crtppor Dii Oiled. m?d? by fee moet reti&b e diet...ert in |W Tlvaam, Mftrylftnd end Vtrcinn, vftfMiad Mf% Oril kuro'slnd Whiw J ft*** '-mi ft?<! **. rwj^ONT^ imrfvwwii, " joTNT^TK? sp^r-T^c.. . 89U 4l?or fm ik' lH*irtct V rifrwin. Alarz* Mf ? T. .\cim tTwj vtnrtj, i nn M kMii f od dsliTetW1 fro* to aJ! P?ru ?.f tke T*? 875 *~'41-kEN ~ 275 JACKSON. / 9 1 arS r !JLf " ' ? ^ * ^

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