Newspaper of Evening Star, November 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 9, 1860 Page 2
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fc???A??1^????????? THE EVENING STARWASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY *. 9, I960. opirit ( the n?rali| Press. The Comt,tut,on remind* 1U reader? of the John Brown raid, and treats of negro insurrection* generally. The Itflligtnttr refer* to history to show that Virginia was unanimous against lecesslon In 1351 when Sooth Carolina Invited her company in such a movement. ?^ 1 07" From the Messrs . Peterson, through Fuak but tb* Indiana of the border The trouble* In Mrslco tbe laat two yeara bave made that country one of the beat mar beta for firearm* on the continent " ITT Tbe New York Poet aay* that "there la an * pparent error la tbe report of tbe loaa of tbe gunboat Seminole, aald to hare burnt off or near Pernauibuco A letter from aa officer oa board, dated October ?. report* ber at Maraabam. from which port abe waa to bave aelled on tbe following day. Tbe point wbere the dlaaeter la fixed la nearly *i* hundred mllea from Maraabam, and aa abe waa known to be a alow aaller abe coald hardly have reached the place where It la aald aha waa deatroyed oa the Sfith, 1 U7* la New York, on Thuraday afternoon, a gul named Mary H 04; bee, a domeatic lathe bouae of Mr*. Ayre*. while haaglng clothe a oa the line from the back piazza, oa tbe aeeaod atory, loat her balance and fell to the grooad, a dtatance of tweaty feet, fractaring her akull In a frightful meaner. A phyticlaa waa called, who Imm*< her wound*. No hope* an entertained of her r*omj; * i ar !? a atriklng proof of tbe excellence "f the conatltution of Qutrii Victoria, and of her pbyaical training and regularity of babit, that during the twenty-Urn* years abe haa been on the Britiab throne, soe baa never been confined to ber room from aickneaa for a alngle day, excepting upon the ?% -salons when abe baa added to the number of *. Guelph ol<ve branch. DinTaucTio* ay Fimi or Onk or ths A d v m s' F.xriut Caaa 01 tub Ohio Mississippi RaiLauaD ?Tuesday evening iaat the Aflams' Kxprtraa car formlag part of tbe Ohio and Miaalsaipps train, which leavea Cincinnati at 5 :tt p. in , waa destroyed by lire near Aurora, Indiana, together with its contents, amounting in all toaboat Ave thousand dollars. Tbe flames are supposed to bave been coar.muaicated by a spark from the tbe locomotive, and it ma st have been done shortly after tbe train left the city, as tbe lire when discovered had gotten such headway that all attempts to control It were unsuccetsful.?Cmcmasit ( ommereiai Fiimaa roa Mexico ?Ths NO Picayune of the 4th says: "We understand that Colonel Brave, of the Mexican Army of tbe North, who came up for that purpose a abort time since from Vera Crux, has succeeded In making a purchase here of such arms aa be waa la search of, and left in the Indtanola ateamer yesterday, boweward bound Tbe arms are destined for tbe State of Cbitllltbttft. fOF uab RAl abIv ??alns* Hen A. R Boteler. Col. \V. D. Anderson, and Maj Jaa. Walker, of Va , are at Browns'. Mr Trunk Warden, wboae ability aa a dramatic writer ta well known, la now engaged with Kttj Jam?* O'Brien on a play for Mr. Jieffaraon, tbe comadlan. Que^n Victoria"! departure from Bmaaela, on ber rrturn to England, waa delayed for two dayi br a cold which tbe eangbt In (<ermanv- It anionic* in tbe nation. Even during tbe elects i-n. day and nizht Mr Lincoln ww about town attending to bit business as o?nal Many of his Springfield acquaintances will long remeuab-r Luw he sat in a social circle at tbe Cheny House, while 'be returns were coming in,and indulged all k> in pleasant cbatand tus propensity for story telling. So far as the Cabinet is concerned, there are so m*ny conflicting rumors afloat tbit I cannot credit any Mr Lincoln is not at all anxious to gabble, and 1 don't believe be has told any one bis intentions in this regard It seems to be generally conceded that Mr Seward will be tendered tbe mission to the Co<irt of St. James, and that Mr Bell will be effered the department of itie interior, or some otber seat in tbe Cabinet." Ftrasul. Hon H. ?. Foster, Pa., and P. IV. Crain, Md . are at the Nation*! wn?v*CI*7 wku Ml. iili. ->Mr. Lincoln bu been about town all day, and acreaatble to all who cboie to apeak with bim. He baa occupied tbe room of tbe Kxecutive In tbe Capttol, and baa been freely congratulated by bla fellow-townimen. Mr Lincoln tpent moat of election night in tbe telegraph office, where he beard ratarm and received private diapatcbea with a moat marvtloua equanimity Thoae who aaw him at tbe time aay it would have been impoaalble for a by*Under to tell that that tall, lean, wiry, good-natured, eaay-going gentleman.aoanxloualy Inquiring about the ancceaaof tbe local candidatea, waft tbe choice of the people to fill tbe moat import- | irce states 10 o>i me omen, by assuring him tbst titers would be fonnd plenty of person* at the >outh glad enough to gei them, and tbat be bad atreedv received four hundred letter* from the slave states, beating office, aconsldersble portion of which came fom Louisiana " How Mft Liscol* Received the News of b is Flection ?A Sprint Held correspondent of tbe New York Times writes: "Mr Lincoln Las not yet given any public intimation a* to tbe polirv of bis administration I have every reaaon to believe tbat he will not depart from tbe usual custom of newly-elected Prrrdent* In an*wer to all inquiries as to what will be bis rourse, be n?k?. "Haee you read my peecbesV' If tbe question is still pressed, be quietly hands over one of tee pamphlet publication* of bi*speeches in tk* 1st*. rniktvA*****' *SfUk kl 1 The Loulsianixn, a Breckinridge paper of New Orient*, gives publicity to the following conversation between a New Or lean* merchant and Mr Lincoln: ^ ' A h'ghly-respectable inercbantof our city, ju?t returned fron. tbe North and West, Informs us tnat during hla visit there he had an interview w-.tb Old Abe, the rail splitter. On being asked by our Informant what be would do. or what would likely be hla policy In regard to the South, should be be elected, the rall-aplltter replied that Similar interrogatories had been propounded to htm by many persons, and also in writing by lett< r. but that be had uniformly refused to answer them, since he did not deem It either politic or prident to declare his policy In advance He took occasion, however, to apprise our Informant that he would dispel the illusion existing at the youth, that h? would have to aend men from tbe rumor afloat of a letter to be written by the President elect, "Intended to soothe the nerves of thou who have persistently denounced him as a foe to the Constitution and the South." it ays: '* If those who have hitherto lnaiated on believing Mr Lincoln all that he la not and should not be. will candidly read his discussions with Douglaa In 1958. they cannot fail to see that their fears re fallacious and their Imputations groundless. If th?y will not regard what be ao plainly declared Ionx before he was thought of for President, and when he was appealing for support to the citizens of n free State only, they surely cannot be expected to place confidence in professions made under the immediate impulse of the threats cf the fire-eaters that they are about to dissolve the I nion whereof he has been chosen President." What Li.icolji Said to a Louisiana Visitor cabinet on the distinctive legal question of secession, but this dors not, aa reported, in vol Ye the resignation of anv of them. It is not now contemplated to sena addltioual troops to th? southe u military posts Only 500,000 of the new loan have been paid in, but bidders lure until the 2-Jd Instant for this purpose. JIT" The New York Tribune discredits the VUliHinw imm ?ut J??* wi I ilWJIT BUia tVUUIJ UW^ week for an attempt to excite a servile insurrection [LT In tbe Court of Quarter Seniona at Philadelphia, on Thursday, the motion for a new trial In tbe came of William Beyerly, convicted of making a fraudulent return at tbe late October lection, waa dismissed The prisoner was then aentenced to pay a fine of three hundred dollars and undergo an Imprisonment for two yean and alx months. IH^Tbe Associated Press agent* telegraph from Washington as follows: Tbe Administration continue* to be privately advised of tbe condition of affair* at tbe South. There has been no formal consideration of the subject In the cabinet, and hence there is no demi nrd course of action. It is known that there Is a difference of opinion among tbe members of tbe i ayior, we nave Keyno:a s Uit wore, **rce Rnined Gameater." 1E7" Tbe subscriptions for the lertimoirtal to Capt. Wilson, of the brig Minnie ?ehllTer, In New York, hare reached the mm of fft,448. ir^The proposition to extend the right of suffrage to negroes indls-rimlnateljr, In New York,' appears to have been defeated by a large majority. Til Naw Vobk 9tock Maehit.?The principal stork on tbe list fell about 2 per cent, at the stuck boards yesterday In New York. U7"The Danville (Va.) Appeal of the 7th say, that a man named Dodsoa waa apprehended and <m I.II .? DI *4.?1 1. >_ 1 new am a President of the United State* come nearer doing his whole doty to the public Interest In the uae of the military means placed at his disposal by a short-sighted Congress, than Prssldent Buchanan has doae, as all comprehend except those who, like the New York Put, are ao blinded by partizan passion, that they woald not see the truth, If they could. Opbbatic ?We understand that Fabbrl, Stig* 111, and Formes will be here next, and that taey will bold forth (operatically) either at the ThraW or at Wtllards' Hill. . Pabdoheb?The Marlboro* Gazette states that Go* Hicks Uss granted an unconditional pardon to the young man Wilson, sentenced by Prince George s County (Md ) Circuit Cnart to be bung for being accessory to the murder of Mr. Kraats, at Lanra Factory. Wilson %ne been la Jail fbr ft long time, end tue suffered greatly from his coivftaement. Atbey,the jrUclpsl,Is still at large. ?? ? m 'i *V * i iwi ftiaiivoi arc in II good a state of preparation for defense aa at any time for years pajt. That they are not better prepared, ia more Airly chargeable upou the Republican party of Congress than upou any other*; for the latter have persistently refused to carry out the President's recommendations that the military service of the country be put upon the footing demanded by the exigencies of the times They first tie his hands, and then cry aloud against blm be<*aase he does not use them ! The wonder Is not tbat the present Administration baa not done mort with the military means the Republican party of Congress bave accorded to It; but tbat It Ass accomplished so much with them wbere tbelr expenditure has been absolutely necessary for tbe protection of the life and property of the citizen from clearly impending instant danger. throughout the laud." Boscu?The New York Evning Pott la bunt, i ng oil' Its breeches juttons over what It alleges to be the President's complicity In the schemes of the South Corolina revolutionists; basing the allegation i n the facts that he (President Buchanan) baa not strengthened the garrisons in the South Carolina fortitlcatlons, has not Increased tbelr several armaments, snd has not, to that tnd, deprived the Buffering people of the Texas border of the protection of the troops sent among them, 4c , Ac. There never was a more foolish political mare's nest <-onc*lved, than this same allegation of the Post. The Honlh ??? * - ?- .?? vuiikw, vu uuojc riven and arms of the m. which bind together the North and the South, the Ea?t and the West of oorConfederacy. Annihilate this trad<; arrest its fret progress by tht geographical line$ of jealou? nnd hosri e State*, and you destroy th* prosperity and omvrurd march e>f ih' whole and every part, and involve all i? one tommon ruin. But sueh considerations. important as they are in themselves, sink intu fiuignifl'-'.nce when we reflect or the terrific eviU wuich would result from disunion to every potion of the Confederacy?to the .North not more than to the South; to the East not more than to the West These 1 shall not at attempt to portray, because I feel an humble confidence that the kind Providence which Inspired our fathers with wisdom to frame the most perfect fcrm of government aad union ever devised by man, will uot suffer It to perish until it shsll have been peacefully instrumental, by its example, In | the extension of ciTil and reli?rinn? 11 i uc minora 01 o conicm piatca resignation of two member* of the Cabinet, In consequer ce of a difference of opinion as to tbe legal bearing of the question of secession, we are aatlifled, are unfounded. A* appropriate te tbia aubject, we quote tbe following from tbe Inaugural addreaa of Prealdent Buchanan: *-lt 1a aa evil omen of tbe tlmea that men have undertaken to calculate tbe material value of the Union. Reaaoued eatlmates bave been presented of tbe pecuniary profits and local advantages wbicb would rssult to different States arid sections from its dissolution, and of the comparative Injuries which such an event would Inflict on other states and sections Even descending to this low and narrow view of tlie mighty question, all such calculations are at fault. '1 he wire reference to a a ngle consideration will be conclusive on thla point We at present enjoy a free trade throughout our extensive and expanding country, such as the world never witnessed This trade is condllt U <1 on rai 1 rru?rl? ?vl- -1 . - , r > ""J extravagant report* have become surrent relative to the avowed Intention* of tb?* Admlstratlon upon tbl* exciting and delicate *ubjcct; but we feel tafr In saying that they have no fonnriatlon in fart, a* the Cabinet has given the subject no formal consideration; and we are equally a* well convinced that tbe Administration will take no action concerning this matter but what In its wisdom is deemed becoming and consistent with the Interest of the Lnion We hear of nothing that would even jus ify the impression tbatany military or naval movements are at present contemplated, although every etfort will doubtless b* made to ensure a proper observance of tbe laws of Congress Democratic party ball be led to perdition by the Utter. We shall gladly welcome the Constiiwtitn into the rank* of thoae who desire to maintain the tntegrity of the Government until acta of its administrators shall demonstrate that it has ceased to be the Government made by our fathers Sscfssiox, asd tbi Aoxi!?ist*atio]i .?Intelligence from the South occasions increased apprehension on the part of a large number of our citizens, and, aa might naturally be expected, much solicitude in officlal,as well as diplomatic quarters. It la, however, proper to state in connection, that while the majority of our citizens are alarmed in consequence, the remainder regard the danger aa being only of a temporary character and not likely to result In anything serious; but on the other hand hope and believe that better counsels will Drevail. and Deaee be ultiinatplv r#itnr><t not and cannot strike, officially, at its integrity, will in the end t.nd themselv> a doing battle only with the avowed enemies of the Union for the sake of its destruction?of whom there are thousands upon thousands at this time. We clearly foresee an Impending struggle between the friends of the Union and those who would use the feet of Lincoln's election to strengthen their schemes of revolution for revolution's sake; and we do not Intend, if we can prevent such a calamity to ita future, that the the thousand newspapers In >11 quarters of the country who are now doing their best to bold the President responsible for its article In question, will join us in crediting tbe CoMttitutiou for sincerity in ita prompt declaration that tbe world misinterpreted tbe term a In which lta anguiah found utterance. Elae, it will have perpetrated mischief incalculable tb the future of the Democratic party, tbat can by no meana be repaired by any aoch ridiculous blgh/kllutln aa it Indulges in tbla morning. Tbe cau?e of the Democratic party la now, as ever before, the cauae of the Union, and tboae who hesitate to bear aloft that flag while lift ting in ita name and behalf, so lonir aa Itionnnnnnti <tn loe scDemes 01 me rtTOiunoniiH, u> a aesire to propitiate the favor of parties who will not have It in their power to proflt the Star to the extent of six pence. By the time that our neighbor has paddled Its own canoe as long as the Star has done, It will probably learn to comprehend that the result of an election that goes against one'? wlihea may not, after all, necessarily involve the propriety of a general smash np of the bail neat lntereata of the whole country; though It may sadly Interfere with tboae of wbo?ver aubslst on party largeaaes. We rejoice that our neighbor continues to-day to hold to Ita position of yesterday, that It did noton the day before counsel the South to revolution because of the election of Lincoln; and hope that WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOMIF. Umamiablk Still.?Oar neighbor, the Com fitvtion, baa, evidently, not yet recovered Its equanimity of temper; whick la to ho regretted. We, however, trust that ) due time It will grow sufficiently cool to appreciate the difference be* tween Lincoln, seeking to propitiate and reprwhending palpable efforts to bring about a revolution because the election has fairly goae against one's wishes. Hsd the Constitution, like the Star, placed !ta dependence upon tb? business of the people at large, rather thaa upon bonuses of party, we doubt not that it would rival the latter In endeavoring to ward off any such change by palpable revolutionary means, aa cannot fall to destroy lac ouiiBtn prosperity 01 una section 01 me country. We are glad that it baa discovered what ft?y one elae in the Federal Metropolis have fbr years comprehended. Viz: that tbe Star ever permits the fancied interests of party stipendaries to prevent it from standing by what it j regards as tbe substantial interests of its constituents?the people of the District of Columbia and the aurroundlng country-even though ia Its present unamiable mood it is "foolish" enough to attribute our prompt and emphatic opposition to A.VIKKICAN COUSIN,AMERICAN COUSIN! AMERICAN COUSIN, AMERICAN COUSIN! bpkctEr $!BES888Bi 80 EARLY! ORAKLY! It GO EARLY! rflREASURY DEPARTMENT, ? Bciud of CoKKTSCcrioji, Nov. 10, I860. Sialic pkoposalb will be received at this Do Crimeat until the 90th tiaUnt, for aix hand rod (600) rreU of the boat RoSEN DALE CEMENT, delivered on the whart in this city. 1 ha Cement to bo of the beat ?na'ity, and each deliver? to bo euhjeot to anch teataaa t^o ruperirteudent of the work may direot. The Department roaorroa tho right to reject an* or all of the bid a as it way doMt tho intaioot or the Government re*'Bida'muet bo enoloeed in a aealed envelope .marked " Propopalt jur Ctnunt" ?ud dirooted ?o tho underaigned. ' S- M. CLARK, AaftafEngineer id charge no Hw TV*a??rr Department ' V 1 *> ? * 4 r ." WrtU irom tne Virginia Coal and Oil Company, delivered at 90 cents per gallon Also, ? barrels No. 1 ETHEREAL OIL at 60 entu per gallon. Call at No. 401 Pa. av. not H. C FURDY. JAMBS H. HAZEL, m*-Trrhi 1)chNrgR MIKKMT, iSmf* afCSiHB S^TALL No. S'2%. 25^2^ NOTICE I wo* Id call the atteition of the publio to the finest specimens of BEEF and MUTTON ever offered m this market. It will be served to his customers and the public at large on Saturday morn ing at 2'ili Center Market, and No. 13 Weet Market no9-8t* THEATER.THEATER.THEATER! THEATER. THEATER. THEATER ! BENEFIT, BENEFIT, BENEFIT! BKNEUT, BENEFIT, BENEFIT! BENEFIT, BENEFIT, BENEFIT! J EFF ERSON^'j EFFERSON ! JEFFERSON, JEFFERSON! JEFFERHON. JEFFERSON! TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT! TO-NIGHT. TfUNiouTi ixjs wedding and visiting card ENGRAVERS. Importer* of fin* WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles. 896 Pa. At., between 9Ui awl 10th sts . auTT-Cm Wahiiktoh, T HERRING SAFE FOR SALE. HE Subscribers have an excellent seoond hand Herring Safe, of medium sise, which they will s?l cheap. nofr-3t JAS C. MoGUIRE A CO. JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE ON Accommodating terms, 50 tons of verr tupenor COKE. GEO. WATERS, 38 High street and Canal. no !> 6t Georgetown, D C. JU&T ARRIVED TO-DAY. Th? vory Latent Styles of GENTS' ULACK SILK DRESS At GLADMON'S, 2Sfi Pa avenue. Near oorner 11th street, " no 9 Opponto Star Office. IIGHT! LIGHT!! * LIGHT!!! Ju?t received so barrels s?B?rir?r nrtAi rwi SUNDAY EVENING, at7 o'clocn. no 9-21* ryy-I O. O. F.?GRAND LOUGE.-The Anil? nual Comm'.inicatiou of the R. W. Grand Lodge of the District ?T Columbia will he held at Odd Fellows' Hali, 7th at, on MONDAY EVENING, tUe 13th instant, at 7 o'clock, no 9-3t JNO. T. BANGS, G. Sep. yg^THIRD WARD?There will Mi a meetine L?f of the Republican Association of this Ward atTrmperanco Hall, THIS EVENING, at 7* o'c.ock. All persons in the Wa d favorable to Republics principles aro invited. J. J. COOMBS, Pres. J. C. CLARY, Seo. It* YW=*thkre WILL BE A MISSIONARY L3 meetint at the Church ?f the Epiphany, on G^treet, on FRIDAY EVENING at hall past 7 o'clock. Bishop Talbot, of Nebraska Territ rjr, is expected to b? present no 8-2t nrg?UNION PRAYER MEETING will be lj._? h lden every day this week in the New York avenue Church, (Rev. Dr. Gurley's) to oommence at a quarter past i o'clook, to be continued one hoar. no 5 rs*^EMP8EY * OTOOI.K uuiura, uui toe rooms aoove were very badly damaged by fire, and other parte of the building were damped by water. The origin of the Are is a mystery. The drying room was heated altogether by steam, and thrre wsa no fire in its vlclultr. It had been in uw a long time, and everything about It was like tinder, so that the flaiaes once kindled spread wtth great rapidity. The hotel was provided with two kitchens complete, one of which is entirely uninjured by the fire. 'the guests had a late breakfast this morning, but dinner was ready at the usual hour. The principal damage la to the building, verj little furniture being injured Lincoln at Hoxi -Springfield, 111., Mr. Lincoln's home, gave him twenty-eight majority for President on Tuesday He was " about town ' all day, indulging his penchant for telling stories, hearing the news. Ice On Wednesday be was carried to the Hall of Representatives in the capllol of Illinois by about .JrtO Mends, who vainly pressed him for a speech. While others were speaking he slipped out through a side door. rg"REV. WASHINGTON ROBY. LATK 1L 9 Presid-ntol the Maryland Annual Cunurenoe, will praoeh a Missionary Sermon in K&?t I Washington Methodist Protectant Hhurrh on toe iQira story. Somr pHtoMM and (INm tben tried to fares their way to his roots, but were driven back down the stairway by the beat and stifling smoke. Some members of No. 1 Hook and Ladder Company tben succeeded In railing a ladder from tbe roof of tbe enclosed piazza on the south tide ?f the building, and in that manner got across to hit room. On breaking in tbe window, smoke and flame burst out, but bearing groans Inside, two of tbe firemen bravely rushed in, and though them- i selves nearly suffocated, succeeded In cringing the sufferer through the door and down the stilrs His clothes were burned to cinders aad his body was horribly burned all over. In some places tbe flesh had cracked open to ths bone, ana from hia complaint of inward was supposed that he had Inhaled the flames. Kvrrything possible was done to alleviate his sufferings, and he was then taken on a litter to tbe City Hospital. Tbe guests at tbe hotel were terribly alarmed by the cry of flre, but all escaped to the front part of the bulldtug In safety By half-uast 0 o'clock the flre was cumjtletely extinguished Tbe laundry and kitchen buildings in ibe rear only were Maximum daring34 hours, ending*?T? 51*; minimum 39^*. Thi Fins at tbk Aa-ron Hovsk, Niw Yoai. The Po?t of Thursday evening sav* : " At a few* minute* before eight o'clock this moritlug, ?>? drying-room attached to the laundry in tke hasementof the Astor Houae wai discovered to We on Are, having probably caught from the furnace* there used, or some imperfect fine. Mr. Sttaon, one of tke proprietor*, wen the first to *ee tic fir*, discovering it a* he paued down a back stairway. It wa* then break! ng out from the door of lie drying-room In a ruddy blue. The slarm *'as instantly given, and the iireraeu appearrd with their usual promptness, but the flames hid made considerable progress, burning the laundry and kitchen, and ascending into the servants'departments in the second and third stories. Here a poor fellow named Thomns Bndy, one of the hall waiters and a night watctimai, was ao badly burned that be will probably die. He bad been up all night, and went into bis root) only a few minutes before the fire broke out. In the confusion and alarm he was entirely forgotten until the fire was raging at its fiercest hight. A servant girl then suddenly spoke to a gentleman who was aiding the firemen, inquiring, " Have they got Tom Brady out yet?" ''Who Is Tom Brady, and where Is he?" wss the answer. She replied that she bad met him on the stairs ten iniautrs before the fire, and explained the situation of his room Petersburg. Va. cloudy, AS*. Raleigh, W. C raining, 52*. Wilmington, N. C cloudy mild. Colombia, 8. C cloudy, cool. j Charleston, 8. C raining, wind NW Augusta, Ga. raining. Savannah, Ga. cloudy, 00?. Macon. Ga. stormy. Columbus, Ga rainy. Montgomery, Ala. rainy. Jackson, Ate. stormy. Mobile, Ala cloudy, rainy New Orleans, La cloudy, damp. nom ran wist. Cleveland, O overcast, 43?. barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corracted fer temperature,) 30,071; at noon, 29,966 Thermometer at 7 a. a., 45'; at noon. 51?. * DKPART>?IF*T UEVT%. Patextid R k?i?v*t!os? or tub Sac* aid Foxe?.?The lion. Joe^pb 9. Wilson, Commit loon of the Oenentl Land Office, bss engrossed, recorded, and ready for signature, and expect! within a few days to transmit to the Indian Office, itli the patents fof the nam ration* for the Sacsan* Foxes nnder the treaty of 1830, with the confederate tribe*, and pursuant to the act of Congressrf July 31, le54. Also, patents for all the reservations for tfea Stockbridgea, tinder the treaties of 1?1S and lbfit with that tribe, embracing the lots and parts of lota claimed by certsin parties br purchase fro a the Indisns to whom they were allotted. AmMT InTiLLioanc*?A-BreTet Major General David E. Twiggs lias been directed to proceed without delay to San Antonio and resume the command of the Department of Texas. Tan Wutui.-The following report of Um weather for the morning is made from the Aaer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith aonlan Institution. The ftaw of ebeeriaUon la about 7 o'cloak. NoTtnn 9, IBM. Burlington, Vt ....cloudy, calm. New York, N. Y (.clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa...... ...cloudy. Waahlngton. D. C cloudy. Richmond, Va. cloudy, 51?. " THE SECESSION H6TE?t!ITS. Threatealag State ( A Hairs at the Intl. MiMtaior Tift Goviikoioi Gbokoia. Millidobvillk, Nor 8 ?Gov. Brovrn to-day tent a special me* sage to the Legislature. on the pro dine sSlirsV the South. He thinks that but, few Statsi wilt meet in a Bootbern Coeveetion, and therefore dot* not recommend the appointment of delegates from Georgia. He (bias* the conatttutieaal rights of the people of Georgia and of the South have been violated by several of the non-alav**velding State* to such an extent as to juatlfv. fti i% * judgment (ft civilised nations, the adoption cf measures for the future protection of their righto He refers to the patriotic spirit and origin of our Government, portrays the aeries of unconstitutional and unfriendly acts, and is subsequently pointedly severe oa the laws of Massachusetts He says that if these laws cause the plunder of the property of Georgia, the State of Massachusetts must be compelled to sflford compensation thersfor. He advises reprisals, saying, ' Let us meet uniust aggression and ununuUtu. ttonal State leglalatlon with Juat retaliation " lie recMsanenda the enactment of a law authorizing the aeizure of auch amount of monev and property belong'ng to any citizen of auch offending, falthleaa State, aa will Indemnify for loans auatalned by citizena of Georgia He recommenda leglalatlon to drive the manufactured articles of auch States from Georgia. Be aaya that Georgia haa the right, aa aoon aa Northern gooda are brought to Georgia, to tax them aa ahe in her aovereign capacity deema proper. He adviaea the paaaage of a law taxing gooda, warea, and merchandtaeS5 per cent., Introduced after the lat of January next, if manufactured in and brought from Maasachuaetta, Vermont, Michigan, Maine, Rhode laland, Connecticut, New York, Wlaoonaln, and other unfriendly States; and that the tax be remitted when the unfriendly leglalatlon ahall be repealed. Should auch leglalatlon prove inaufflclent, he recommenda the repeal of all parta oi me penal ana clvu code protecting the live*, liberties, and property of citizens of the free States where unfriendly laws exlat. He says:?"In my opinion the time for bold, decided action haa arrived, and he ta unworthy of the confidence of the people of Georgia who refuses to vindicate her honor at any coat and maintain her constitutional rlgl.ta at every hazard." He believes that the legislation he recommend* will tcnJ to (<eu^'then rather than weaken tne ties of the Union of the States, by destroying sectional controversy nnrt narrowing the issue to a contest between individual States. He aaya if the Legislature fails to enact the laws which be recommends, the people should rise in their might and at the ballot-box demand their enactment. The Governor entertains no doubt of the right of each State to decide and act for itself. So long as all the States abide In good faith by tbeir constitutional obligations, no State can withdraw from the Union without being guilty of bad faith toward the others. Any violation of the compact relieves all parties. The *lght of secession for cause Is only denied by those who deny the sovereignty of the States. The message occupies twenty-two closely prl n ted octavo pages. Itfully reviews the offensive northern legislation, and concludes as follows : " For the purpose of putting this State In a defensive condition as fast as possible, and preparing for an emergency which must sooner or later come, 1 recommend that thesum of S1,OUO,OUO be immediately appropriated as a military fand for the ensuing year, and that prompt provision be made for raising such portion of tne money as may not be In the treasury ss fast as toe public wants require its expenditure. ' Millions for defense but not a cent for tribute' should be the future motto of the Southern Ststes. To every demand for further concettlon or compromiae'of our rights we ahould reply,' The argu ment la exhausted, and we now stand oy our arma.' " Sickssiox Dkxoxstsation at Savanhah. Savankah, Ga., Nov. 8.?A mass meeting of citizens was held here to-night (th? largest gathering ever held here) to express their sentiments in regard to the present political crisis. The meeting waa organ!zfd as follows: President, Capt. John W. Anderson; Secretary, Charles H Wajr. u? ivuvwtiig c?v> utiuiia were movca oy uapi. F.8 Bartow, and seconded by Col. Henry R. Jackson. Their sentiments and declaration! were supported in an eloquent and patriotic speech by Hon. \V. Law, one of the Bell and Everett electors for the Stat# at large. The resolutions were adopted unanimously with great enthusiasm. They are as follows : "We, the citizens of the country of Chatham, hereby ignore all past party names and Issues and cordially unite In the following resolutions: Rcsolrtd, That the election of Lincoln and Hamlin to tbe Presidency and Vice Presidency of tbe United States ought not and will not be submitted to. Rerolred. That we request the Legislature to announce this opinion by resolution at the earliest practicable moment, and communicate the same to our Senators and Representatives in Congress, and co-operate with the Governor In calling a convention or the people to determine on the mode aud mnasure* of redress. Resolvd, That we respectfully recommend to At a ? - - - - ~ iiif ijeKiuaiure u> utr into immediate consideration tbe passage of inch lnwtu will be likely to alleviate any unusual embarrassment of the commercial interests of the State consequent upon tUe present political emergency. lit solved, That we respectfully suggest to tbe Legislature to take inuutdiste steps to organize and arm tbe forces of tbe State. Rtsolved, That copies of tbe foregoing resolutions br nt without drlay to our senators and representatives In the General Assembly of tbe State, who are hereby requested to lay them before the Houses of which they are respectively ruembtrs. The colonial flag of Georgia was raised this afternoon on Green's monument, in Johnson's SOosre, in the presence of an Immense multitude. The meeting was addressed by several sneakers amid great excitement Capt. Barton, Col Jackson, Nlsyor Jones and others are now addressing aaimmense crowd of cltizensia Johnson's Square Ths Kzcitkmknt in Alabama. Moxtqoxsbt. Nov. 7.?The State has undoubtedly gone by a large majority for Breckinridge. His supporters are almost unanimous In favor of eceaalou l.arge numbers of tbe Bell men, beaded by T. H. Watta, have declared for aeceaalon since tbe announcement of Lincolu'a election. Tbe State will undoubtedly accede. Gkoboia Will Call aStatk Convention. Macon, Nov. 7?No doubt la entertained tiere that Alabama will move band In band with South Carolina, both 8tatr Conventlona sitting at tbe aaine time and cooperating with each other Georgia will also call a State Convention before tb?4th of March, and the almoat unanimous opinion mad feeling here It that South Carolina, I Georgia, Alabama and Mlaalaaippi will arcrde Uisretner. Rksisnation or Fxdkkal Orriciu, Ac. Charleston, S C , Nov 8?James Conner, U.| S. District Attorney, has resigned; Mr. Colcock, Collector of the Port, and Mr. Jacobs, Deputy Collector, have notified the President of their resignations. All the Federal officers dec lire their Intention to resign on the inauguration of Lincoln. A large body of citizens called on the resigned Federal officers last night, giving them cheering demonstrations of approval. The officials returned their thanks in spirited addresses. A dispatch In the Courier from Washington says that Buchanan will resist any act of nullifies, tlon, but not secession. Ths bark James Gray, owned by the Messrs. Curbing, of Boston, now lying at'our wharves, to day (under instruction from the owners) hoisted the " Palmetto flag," firing at the same time a salute of fifteen guns. a State Convention to bk Callxd. Commbia.S C., Nov 8.?The Speaker of the House last night received a dispatch from Vlrginis, tan^miiw > ? ra...vuF iniMai a viniinicer corpi IO SOUUl Carolina in tbe event of her seceding. Kdmund Rutfln, of Virginia, spoke here last night. He aaid that Southern independence bad been bia life-long study, and be thought it could ouly be secured by tbe secession of South Carolina. His speech was rapturously applauded Other stirring addresses were made Efforts were made yesterday in the Legislature to wait for Southern "o-oper*tion, but the effort failed. A State Convent :> ill be called, and secession is certalu. The - on of delegates will probably be orderea on U." u of December, and the convention will met ton the 17th. Messrs Boyca, Bon ham, and Keltt urged the call of a convention and immediate action. DiatOKSTKATION AT ACO0ST1. mui'iTi, ui., :>ov o.?a large and enthusiastic mats meeting waa held here to night for the formation of Minute Men. Spirited addresaee were made, and a large number of persons enrolled themselves. DlMONSTKATtON AT NlW OlLIANf. Niw OiLiiM. Nov. 8.?Placard* are posted about the city calling a convention of those favorable to tbe organization of a corps of Minute Men. SicKtaiox iif North Caxolina. Raliioi, Nov. 7 ?Tbe Governor and Council are in aeaaion. Tbe newa warrants the belief that tbe Legislature will be called together immediately. The people are very much excited. The people of North Carolina are not opposed to supporting accession if deemed necessary. Th? Sbcbssiox Qurmo* i* VtsaiaiA. Ricbmoss, Nov 7 ?'i'l^Bews of the election of Lincoln, predicated upln the result la New York, produced considerable excitement among tbe aemocracy bere. They hail the aeceasioa movement in South Carolina with 4>ii<rM ?ri?? whtga, on tba contrary, seem w?tb tba retail, but tbey qualify this fe> ilng by ngalag la favor of awaiting an overt act berora any ^eceaaioa ifc,, mffinEi?3mM0 **.... A* oTjpVlCMoS, usaaftrsMassr I),"', ^ s?s -a If* ' # Tit Slgaa of the T1?es. How thi Elbctiox or Liucolit h Taih The Petersburg (V. ) Bulletin. Douglasita. mti Tl?a Fednrnl L'nloo In rlfeet no longer exists, It was virtually ditsilveu last Toetdav by the electlon of a black republican to the Presidency. Wa re on the brink it a resolution, of wblrh none ran my what Um iasue Mr be. Let us hope for the Wat. A North Carouxa Si?ii*mt.-Speaking of the present crisis, the Wilmington (N C ) Herald spejps thus ebt-erlBglf for the good old State: 4 W?wlllhsee trouble snd there Is no u?e shutting oar eyes to It; bat we feel assured that the old North State will Stand firm, and whatever may be hpf rlpbrminstinn that ah* will and not for the -Cotton tUtca1" The PaasroasTiAL Elsttior.?The returns received and pnbllabed yesterday left little or no doubt of the election of Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency. To-day we publish enough to naka It certain. The event Is tbe mest deplorable one that has happened la the history of the country. The Union may be p res erred In spite of !t. e think It will; but we are prepared to expect trouble. We hare already one sign from South Carolina, and this may be followed by others of mora serious character ? R*rhmon4 Dispatch. Tat SawTixasTs or ViaaiaiA on S?cassio* I tit 1HBI ?Tbe following reaolutions were adopted by the Heuse of Delegate* oa the 90th of March. 1891: 'A* fired, Thst Virginia earnestly aad affectionately appeals to her sister State of South Carolina to desist from any muttfaxod sect****m mpam her pari, which cannot but tend to the dtrlmclis* of th? r*ios, and the loss to all of the State* ?/ the len'fits that spring from if ?[Ayes111. No 1 ] lt Resolved. That Virf^nia.beTlevlnK the Constitution of the United Ststea, If faithfully administered, providts mdtauate protection I* the rights of all the States of thxt Confederacy, and still looking to that instrument for defense within the Union, warned by tbe experience of tbe past, tbe dangers of tbe present, and the hopes of the future. Invokes all who live nnil?lilji?^h??mii>. strictly to It, and to preserve inviolate the safeguard* which it affords to the rights of Individual States and the interests of sectional minorities ?fAyes 118, Noes none.]*' Riqhts or tiii South to *k R*?rtcT*n ? The New York Courier fl??? iHtnnmntrmMt of the resnlt* witu ineee words: "Outstanding tuns rejoicing on the field of battle, no unworthy exultation enters into the perfect satisfaction of our triumph. It is not a triumph which brings ruin to those who have fallen; it is, en the cor.trary, s triumph In which the fallen mav rise from the _M<i and share with the victors the niita of victory. Abraham Lincoln is elected, but in his administration the South will And all tteir rights respected, and will see all tl?e ciouds of misrepresentation which have obscured bis real character, and that of the party wboc standard be benrs, roll away from the view. Stretching out our hands to the South over this victory, we have no word of taunt to utter for the threats of disunion which were raised for our defeat. Let those threats be burled in oblivion, for through the long vista of this success we see a reign of peace from slavery agitatlou, established siaiplv by that circumscribing of slavery within Its local hounds, and that firm defence of the integrity of national freedom, which this triumph of the Republican nartv on th#? fith of IkAI nnnU "AW a*4 I 1 .v. , ?vw henceforth." The Baltimore American says:?"At the smoke of the battle-field cleara away, and the victory on one aide and th? defeat on the other la aettled beyond the poasib'lity of donbt, we may look with comparative calmnesa upon the aspect of affalra. While a single chance remained It waa well enough to give ail our energies to the accompllshment of one object?the defeat of Lincoln. We have fought aa loyally aa we could, aome of ua under one banner and aome of ua under another, against the commoo enemy, and we have not prevailed. It only remaina for ua to gather up our scattered forcea and to make arrangements for another struggle upon another and more fortunate field The plainest fact staring us in the face la that we can find no auch field out at the Union. Suppose Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky and Miaauurl should respond to the Invitation of dotith Carolina, and by formal enactment withdraw from the Confederacy? The only result would be to engirdle ourselves with an extended Abolition frontier, affording ten thouaand avenues of escape for fugitive slaves, and securing their lafftv if ftnr> over 1K? mm 1/ were landed In Canada or in England For the very reason that we regard the doctrines and principles of tht republican party with unchangable hostility do we insist upon maintaining our position of equality im the Union, and watching over our rights from the Ohio to the great lakes, and from the mouth of the Susquehanna to the moat northern point of Maine. The law that provide* for the return of our runaway slave* ia operative so long as the Confederacy is unbroken, and. whether resisted or evaded or obeyed. It U still the law of the land, and we are In a position to demand its enforcement But what could the citizens of a Unlt-d Southern Confederacy say to a hostile nation that harbored our fugitives?" AUCTION SALES. Bj GliEARY A GREEN. Auctioneers. 506 A ietk strict. Household furniture, carpets, Chixa, Glasa am) ClocKXKT War* at Ate TIO*-C*i!*A H.'RliAY MORNING, the lMk in?u.ut. we shall teii, in 'root of oar Auo'ion Rooms, No. SoG N iiiU iLurt, at in o'clock. a general assortment of Household K (Toots, suoh as? !*"fn, Uareaus. hid>.hoard*, S hairs, l'atuea, Wastidtands, Rockers, ists%ds, UeJ?, Bedding. Carpet* Mattresses, Ulank'U, H&traoks, China, Glass and Crockery Ware, W ith a general as?or?in?nt of Kitchen Reqaisites. It CI.KAR V a gkkf.N, A act*. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Handsome span of match bay houu at Avctioh.?On SATURDAY, the 10th instant, i sha.l ee:!, at lOo'olock a. m , in front of kit A notion Store? A vert hacdsoma spaa of Bap Carriage Horaea, very active, spirited and gentie, which work fiue in single or double harness. One of them is a first rate saidle horse, so d for no fan't but the owner having mo rod away. They will ba sold to the highest bidder. Terms: A credit ot t and 4 mouths, for notes sat ;sf?ctorily endorsed, bearing interest. It A. OR KEN, A not. Br CLEARV & GREEN. Auctioneers. PO-ITIVK SALE OP HORSE, BUGGY AND H in?s at Acctioji?On SATURDAY MORMNG. tha 10th lust, weahait sell, in front of t??r Auction Rooms. No. 50ti Ninth streat, at Uo nVI _ A line young Horse, 6 ye*rs rid, perfeotly eound, very geotle, will murk enher in aingie or double harness, Also, a goo?i aroor.d hand Toy Buggy and Ha'tiMi. This aale will be positive, u the owner of the above la goinf weal, and we have ordera to make a positive Me, It CLEARY A. GRKEN, A nets. U? 'A. GftfcfcN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchkn furniTt?K at Auction.?On I'UESDAV, tbe 13th ina'ant. 1 aha'l eell, at the rea denoe of James Orr, No. 164* I van ia avenae. between nth a?tf llth streets wee*, at 10 o'olook a. m? aa ezoet lent aaaortineut or Furniture, via: Mahonan> Sofas, Rooking, Castor, and Parlor Chaira. Do D.-eaaing and other Bureana and What nota. Do Dining. Card, and other Tablea, Painted Cottage Set*, French aurt other Berfsteada, Fine S'tChiueae Tepojs, Cane and otlier^Bhaira, Feather Hed?, Bedding,and Mattreea, Waahatanda, China, Giaar. and Crockery Ware, Refrigerator, f?ix hue Enguak Encravinga, Mantel Clock, Wardrobe, Clook, Cradle, Three-ply Carpet, and Oilcloth, Cooking Stoves, With a aood lot oi Kitehea Re*aiaitee, and waay othrr artiolea whioh wa dean aanaoesaary to enumerate. Terms: All sums of 935 eaah; orar ?35, a credit of JO and tn day*, for notss aatialaotorily endorsed, hearing interest. no 9 d A. CREEK. Aaat. jh Hfinn a?rnw % ? * ? Awvi/oiavvivii DAHil flAI^lU fUK (19^* Alio, om for #75; on* for #60; on* for fl?, on monthly paymaata, or heary diaooante fur ?Mk. JOHN F. ELLIS, no ? S06 Pa. bet. ?th and 10 h ?U. AT MOORE'S WEST END DRU? STORE. A. 113 Pi avenge, aouth aide, the public oaa^^ ?)vaya ba supplied vith (mh Med cioM.^V Fanot and Toilet Artieies, fin* and cheapK Soups, Paiata.Oils aad Window Giaaa, Kwwwt and Kther aal Oil and l.ampe for aama. Partioalar attention paid to diipwuia/ of I phyieiana' preeenptiona. not <w DR CUMMING'S NEW BOOK -THE GREAT PREPARATION: or, Redemption Lirawinr Nif h. by tha author of '*Tha Groat TribalationT* First aeries ready this waak. Oaa to1h loth bound; price#1, _ TflK MORAl HISTORY OF WOMEN, fro? the French of Krnaat Licoara. translated by J. W. Palmer. M D. Onerof.. nifora?with"l.'A|?p?n,l nnHK ATTENTION OF THE CITIZENS OF 1. tha Diatnot aad snrroundiaf country ia raBDootfuly solicited toaaexamination of oar aaaoad Fall Supply of tha followiac Oooda : oonoeivable desifn.and ranting la pneeafrom la rents to $6* Keal and Imitation Gold Band aad Painted wiv lhjw stiAUKSaua SHADE HOLLANDSafiill W?ILYBCOKNfcB. CURTAIN BANDS, ud ^.C^aSTS&M CORDS in all olorm. tha largaat manufactories in U*a wutrj, and wa faal oonfidaat that anaxamination of oar Mock will oavOM any ?M ol lk? advaatac** t* of#r ta xaoutad *ro?*t]T by oompa^nt aod raliabla w*rk. man, nndar tha lmmadiata (iiparviiion of oaa of tba firm, and ia all caaai varrautad aqnaJ to any doaa in tha country. . To thoaa wbo ara at?oai rafitunf wa voaid aak aa I i QO TO ntKNCB * tlCHBTWN'e, " . P*f iki *rw Ymk Mlf Tabiw. P?HliNkM4. Moat* r MM QMrtMb MIIUIMI. \ukw NWMHbr L> Mbjwnby to Hji. P;* ""corifcV^'" hatTAHD CAM. < *! MtlTB'B. W?. ?W Imrtfc i^^KBbisSC j un r?nor, uosxiWW, im H?U Ul>?U, Toilettou. Mirrors. &kaak?od Cottoa Mutnilii, Conlortii Cum, Badateada, WuhaUnda. Binan, Chain, CwtiM. lUdutfor, HaiK Md CbuatMr Blom. Ahbjmu, Sfcoral it! Toap, radm, Mi Fii?Pibibk, Hall, ud Chawibar TkM?, friinwi pUtod Tit aod Culun, Toother with a> larga andaxowiaot MHtMl ( VitobM. Pantry .and Dairy Vim. fcaaria ? iaur^t, ud aada payaMa at aoaaa fcaak la th? oU? of Wa*hin(Loa ITT wa daaira to oil 1 yartiaaiar attaataoa to tfca abora aala. It la by fcr Ua Boat ! > > ? ?M* "SiSMK W^yS3SVa?* nomine of eaak Mf it o'oloek from tSa door oI tkaAaatoiw*- oittkalmkMir to# hwm. Th'Mahinc Machine*. ia ord#-. With a ta-rc? lot ol other Implement*, too aamtrou to nation, 40 aere* of (roving VVh?H. now In iu ordor, ton* of 91 line Timothy and CIotot Bv. 04 buihala of axaoiiaat Potatooa, 12S bar tela of Con. S^noatalka of fneCelerr, Maaara Cement, (M Im>.I A la ? lot of hot-bed Mih. Tha HOUSEHOLD KFPECT?, oonauUa* ta Hrt of? Piano, Stoo1, and Cover. Malioeanj So a, '"to"'b^:^ . Do Marhie toa, Ceatre. aad odkar Tablaa. P?tant ?|ak ekat'.61'tand Bronae Candalabrae, S Parlor Window Cartuat and Oi aaaaaata. Large ot arme Geeee Feaiiiere, ia fcata, lulilwi, and pillow*. Ex eel lent white aajtod Hair Matpaaaaa. ? w? wi iwi vi auiii" ?uuui <7' uw ? * over that sum a credit of an Md ' days. Tor notM aatialaetorily eodoraeri, Ivarint intereet THOMAS W. HKIR Y, frictM. Cl.E AR Y A likt.ES, AboU. o* SI-Nov 2 5,8.9 10* da By CLEAR V A bREEN AioOmmti. 506 IS'imtk street. Extensive sale ok stocr. grain, viotrmii, F*bmix? implexcuts. C*a bl'fltft, wwo.11, ilccsebold Fri.mtcli, Ac., M'irciiif to the Mtat* of Uia tat* IMnai CiayMt. dMHMd, ?t Publio Anot'OD?On FRIDAY M< SATURDAY, th?l6th aad l?tk at November aaxt, we shall sell, at U>e farm and residence of the lata Darini Claaett. <t^oeaa?d at u o'e'ook a at.. ea the Seventh street tui nuke, (the flaf oa tfce r?ac will deeigaate the ahout 6 ml tea from the city, ail of the Pera??al Eff-ots helooginf to the aaid deceased, onnaiatir>( m part of? S fine farm work and carriage Horace, S excellent M lick Cowa, 1 Heifer, IS Hoc*, 1 Rail. 1 Mala, 4 Market \Vac?as. for otie or two koreee, 1 fine Familr Carrra^r, Haraeaa and Cover, 1 do. Small da. do. do. 4 Carta, vitk a larce lot of Haraeaa, 39 acta of eotnplete Harneaa, Mowinr Maokiee. Horse Rakea. Rollara, piow* of avary d rear iption and make Cottinc boxes, Corn aad Cob Crushare. Harrows, Ca!tivat>ra, Wkeat Dnl.e, Rakes, Hoaa, above.s. S?a4aa. Forka, Ac? P< tato l?ciar,l<* aeta Plow Haraeaa, Wacon Booiea. Haraeaa Raeka, Sieves. Wheat-fhns. Wheelbarrows Scythes. Cradkea. ?nr in.pi\'?rninnc, wnicu lie oiivi ?ww " ihouse. Ae. Terms of sale: #4.000 oasb; the reirai - der in su. twelve, and ei?hte?*ii mon.hs; th? fiKohucr to fire notes for the deferred payments. bea'inr interest from day of sa>e. A (land given ud a <1e?d of trast taken. All oonveyaaeing at the c\.?i of the par etiaeer. Shoniri the teruis cot be complied with in five dare the Trustee reserves th? right to r-sel! the property at the risk and *oet of the puronn t. E. C. CARRiNG.NON. f'ustee. oc?i dAds A? GREEN. A not By CLEAR V k. GREEN, Anotioneers, 06 Am t k ft rut. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD A Nil Kitchbi Fckhitcbk, Hah Room FlXTCBE* asd Ltqcoaa at Arcriox.?By virtue of a deed of trust f<om Jacob Soh-rudt to the noderrimiai as trustee. | shall prooeed to eel!, on MON lift V , the Sth day of November, at 10 o'cloc* ? b>? all tn* ousehold and Kitcheu Feruitare, Li?aors, Tar nom Futures, Ac., oeiag in 'he house on J*iith street, between Loniv.ana avenee and O street lu the otty ot Washington, lately occupied by Jacob Schnntt as a Restaurant, suck as? Feather Hrdsand Mattresses. B?d?tea^a, Bedding and Pillows Wardrobe', Mirrrura, Tab ee, Ch*ira. PiotaresyBnreaus. Carpeta. All the Liquor* and Mar Room Flxtaree, Stoves, and many other too Dinwron to mention. Tftrme nf aala a*a fnr mil ? '*? AM . n ill'" out "i ?t ??iiiiikiuii, uibil i?1 ?lur?mia, til. All that piece or jaro'l ?f ground known and i*id down on th? pat of Mid oity u the north half of Lot numbered twe! re, (12, >th?aonth ha f numbered thirteen, (IS.) in square nuirltereii three hand red and aeventy eig ht. <37?>.) and oompriaed in the following met** and bounds, to WIU Commencing lor the aaid kafflot numbered twei re at the not thw-at oornerofaaid ot. and raanmg lhaoae south wiU? the line of Tenth *t eat wast twenty fi va feet ai? and a halt inches, (2S feet Ot inch**:1 thenoe ea#? one hundred and aevan feet two ir.ehea .H7feet2 inehe?)totherearofaaid lot; thence north twenty five feet six and a half inchea?25 feet fife inehealM tr.e p->int of dinsion between aa.d lotatw> I~c and thirteen; and thenoe west with aaid divinon lie* one hunlred and aeven feet two inchaa (in feet 2 mehea) to Tenth atraat weet and p!aee of begininc, ana begining for the aaid part of Lot IS at the aonthweat corner of said lot, on Tenth atreet weat, and running thenoe nottb with the liaeotl th street weal twentv fire feat, (ti feet.) therce eaat one hundred and aevan feet two inohea' 1?* fret J inohee) to the rear of said lot; thenoe aoath twenty five (25 feet) to the aoict ol division, between aaid lota ?2 and 19; and thenoe weat with aaid diriaioa liaa one hundrod and seven feet two iaohet( 107 feet 1 lnahes > to T?nth street weat and place of berinmc. with k.UL A. ^< ?i m^i 01 r nrnnore. !*: Feather Bed*. BeddKif. Bedstead* asd MlltrtMK, UrNHnf tad oilier IIihijm, *Wa?. L>-ub|*?, Parlor and RockChair*. Six fine Cushioned Back aad baring aeat OftM Chair*, Marble torn Center ?sd Bio* Tibm, Looking GlUMi, Clock*. Wood Ware, China, G ait, Crockery, Earthen aod Ha'C*i r, Hru*?ei*. Three ?|y *Dd other Carpeta, OlMott. D ning, Breakfaet and oth*' TaMee, With a large aaaortmect of other article*, which . *e deem unnroeBsary to enamrrate. Term* caeh. ao? d A, 6REEN, Aeat. FUTURE DAYS. By A. UKKKN. Aaotioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE or U1.UABLK BUILO i!?o Lot* ox Ttxrn *tsbkt wiit, iitwiii D aj?d K?t?K*t? soeth. at AUCTIOR -< *0 ?A t URDAY.Noveniix-r l?t". infiA, 1 shall sell in front of the ar-tnisea at 4 o'oloe* p m , by virtaeof a d*ed ortr~at to the aubscriber, bearing dale the 3d dnyof Aenl, iMd, end reoonled in Liber S. A.S, No. in, f"iio? 277. * o., oot of the lai.O reoorda lor Wubiniton o-.-unty, in tfc<* DiattietnfCo iBtw, the following <le*erii>ed pro^'ty, lying and being By WALL * BARNARD. iMUmMn. Morgan stallion at auction.-ob SATURDAY MUKM.NH, Nor*mfr l?,it 11 o'olock, we will ael'.ia front of oar Aboiiob Roome? On* Brown Stallion, 17 hanrta hick. ftna trotter a-d raoker a<.u works veil 10 utmm tad a (hi yrara old. Two R.-ckawaja, nearly new. Sold k?tnn the owwr tm do fertker Terms cash. no? ' WALL a BARNARD. aae?e. Br A. URkKN AmUobmt. Family carriage, houbsholj> and CllU, GUH,C|(K?. 1st. EaBTIIBS t!id HaKTiW4*B at ArrT.o* ?<?a SATURDAY. IK? mb muit. a fear. mii.? fr?ai nf my Auo ion Store. at 1* v'dvek a i?t , 4?M> eaeri last ivojitirae Kaaul* t&rn&|? autla large Maori MC a?ta orivo-r KniTM. f latatf Porks sad Spoon a, C?atora A* , Tub?, lad Ptiir, * T* ma: |4 u<l ute oaafe, uvar UmU 1, t aad <<nLka 7 31 (Int.) MAKWAIL4PABK.A?H By MARSHALL* PAGE, AutwiMn. Ae 50? M ?!! ?. M*r OM JMMM' CHAWLS, CLOAKS. DA ESS GOODS. BLAN O ibts. Ac . Ac , at Aecnow ?OaSATL KDAT. November itti, at I* o'clnea, at oar atoro, w ahail ell a very lecant Maortrooat ? ? Ladie*' CI oak a u> m Brooha. CfeoailUaad Bulla Ifeava. SWyarda nf V?!vot. Brnaaela aai lea rata Carpota. Taa abv>v? arc from one or the boat atoroa la Una aity. and will ?oaiu?ety fee aold. aoTSt (lot) MARSHALL k TKGF., Aaata. AUCTION SALES. ~ TU/B A FThR NOON + TV-MOH.KU* . B) A. URRKN. AMIiom^! ItA?,I AWLK Bl'II.DfMG LOT# INP^IMMP. No. 469, o* ibb lfL*R?. a* Awrrn>n -Op FRIDAY, NotimW I aWil aeu, yi f"-nt of tli* pr " ?? . at 4 n't, .xMr p. . Uw Wu'wint -cs nsrr ?. 4^9. cot.t*tnii.| in ? l bet v?n Jt> ?nd ?> r??t at ?r.?eud I fcu# j>r ?wj front* o? Xlh H mJ I tlrt+U. M*wt |t?*iV mmi ?k treeta vMt. aod wil. b? >id in i<>uionil?L. ohMera, f?om 16 to 3 fctl fropu. fr??:0?'0*'i?o?ili >?*.<*? n?. ?t, M mniitilt, the peroUM?r ? > (Iff nntM for MoirW *riM?Rt?. s*?ri<.t trom 6mr of mi*. A de-d ciT?n aJtd * deed of :r??t taken. wo5?t A flRRKN, ?wt By MARSHALL A PACK, AitOoMm. N? 4051 71* M<#T OM mte>irt' Hmli. t* a ndw)m e fthnitu**. cabpktw. h CtOCIItT.OUM aw?wo*bbi? w?ii.4c.HoPATl Rl)*v MOh M*G. Nor?b?r !?,?? o'alo+k. ? miii m?1 * imi? tMwrtant of New m swond hand Furritare? r?ArfgKiftaai2!,-~

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