Newspaper of Evening Star, November 9, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 9, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. 1jjr TLough Thb Stab la printed oa the fastest atr*m prrsa In u**- south *f Baltimore. 1U edition I 1? so lar?e iu to require It to be put to pre* at an * enrly hour; Advertisements, therefore, ahould be aent l? before 11 o'clock m.; otherwise they B??f not appear until the next day. Nnrci.-District of Columbia Advertlsementa to be Inserted Id tke RiLtnoit Sun are received at and forwarded from T*b Stab Offlce. Tut KmautTiownr Jos Cbbasks. charged with participation In the aasault on the republican * . ... . . *. . _ 1 _A S #* wigwam lui j leaoiy nigm, 100* pi?ce ai w a. m to-day. before Justice Donn Joka Alcorn, worn.?Te?ti fled that be wm In Mif w1?;w*hi op to the time they adjourned. ThM rnwd crossed In front of tbe office, and attacked and atoned tbe office. Two officer* who were 1 there were requested to jo and stop tbe riot, and *.bev replied that If witness and one ot two others Mr bo remained there wonld go, thev wonld W Itwent over and entered tbe building, and saw considerable confn?lon and disturbance In the hall, and witness recognized tbe defendant there with tbe crowd. Some one turned dowa tbe light, and witness requested them to put It Tip so that tbe faces of the crowd could be seen, saw defendant with a piece of canvass which bad been pulled off from tbe wall. Dida't see biai tear it down. Witness told the officers down ?a|r? to leave Creager out and not srrest Mm. Tb-re were ten or fifteen men, more or lew, In the hall . J'hil Kraft, watchman, sworn.?Testified that he wu oo the Avenue when he heard the riot, and witness and tbree other watchmen ran over there, and there was a large crowd?two or tbree hundred?there, throwing stones at tbe building. ? saw ireager, and asked blm wbat be 4 was doing He replied that he would goloif j witness would permit him. and try to get tbe | < rowd out of the Hall. Witaess didn't see bim ronie put again Just afterward Lieut McHenrv C7>Tre up with two or three police and closed the doors to keep tbe crowd from coming not. K'lica-d L'trts. for defense?Was standing at th?* democratic headquarters, and Creager with w'tness A crowd came out of the Ilall halloing " and went off Witness said to Creager "Come, l?-t's t;o and see w bat they will do " Started off and followed them up Four-and-a-half street. At tbe corner <f C street witness and Creager k "went np one way and tbe crowd another. Met 110 one, and wben they got to tbe corner, Creager Itfopnrd to go down and see wbat was going on before we got there beard them throwing stones, and witness tnrned back. Creager went on, as he ?.vd. to stop th?m. or see if ha could stop them. AYKucm went no further. Creamer's manner was not violent. A ?iiretc Hoofnnzlf.?Was at tbe Breckinridge headquarters, and the crowd came out crv lug "Ho for tbe wigwam !" They went off. and witnesi followed them to the church on Third stree*. When there. Creager proposed to go over, and witness said "No"' Just then the police came rnnnlng up, and witness and Creager went vuiiu m- raurcu me omer way, ana went over. The windows were beinjj broken In. and at that time Creager was not there, bnt with witness. Jame* JHagwire ?Left Pennsylvania avenue with Creamer, Lewis, and Hoofnagle, and followed the crowd to the front of tbe City Hall, and at that time the windows were coin); :n, and trrtijrr proposed to go on and see trhsl was *K lnjr d?ne Went as far as Trinity dtarcH, and r>o further. Left Creager there, who went on. Ilia manner was not violent. Gtorge Tkompion?Was on the avenue, and beard the iloting going on; went for asme otflcers end went over to the wigwam; witness found Onager there; didn't know bow be came there; -witcess spoke to Creager, saying he waa ia a bad llx. C.eager replied, '\n, be wished they would ?- tber let him on' or take him to the watch-bouse; it was bot quarters;"' and witness. In attempting to put on the gas, was struck by a stone on the Innd, and the light thereby put out. He was q'uet. and appeared not to exhibit any excitement 1*'t violence. The Justice decided to continue Creager s bail, with a view to a more thorough investigation on next Monday,when the other cases come off. Coii/sto* or tri Stzambr Gkokgi Pag* with a Ca*al Boat ? A Child Diuwxid ? Yesterday, as the steamer Geo. Page was making | her 11 o'clock a. m. trip from Washington to Alexandria, while passing the mouth of the Anarustia branch, she came in contact with a canal M >??at towed by the steam-tug Belle Haven, the ......1 -I .1 ? iixai u> stiihi couiaion, H KfBi, having been given by both The channel here is extremely narrow, and in it lay a schooner at anchor The pilot of the Page steered to the light of th? anchored schooner, the passage on either aide being very narrow, and when too late, di?-i>verrd that the st?-ini-tug wan heading In the sime direction. The engine of the Page was ln 'antly stopped and reversed, and the steamer } ? Adrd as far as possible to tbe west, in order to ;'!lo*- room for the tug and canal boat to pass bet?>?n her and the schooner. When opixwits *\ch other, however, the steamer stru k the ground and veered from her course, coming in contact with the stern of the canal boat, and carrying away her cabin. The collision was so great It knocked a small child of the captain of t!:e canal boat overboard The child immediately rink, and never row to the surface afterward*. rise t<> the probability that it waa struck t.v a plank Lvery effort was made to recover It, Vol in vain. i lards'nan Browers waa on the Page at the time and up?in hia return to this city he went t?efnr? J UStice Donn Snd mart* *n iinnn I wblrh warrants were Issued for the arrest of Capt. Gsduey. of the George Page, and l>:pt Levin Duke, of tbe Belle Haven. The Page being a licensed steam-r, comet under the recent law of Congress for the regulation of licensed steamers, which requires an investigation before tbe Kxamiucr'i Court in the case of that steamer. The tug doe* not come under the sime regulations Tbe juftice, to aiiow the regular Kxaminer to arrive from Baltimore, set the case for a hearing on Monday next, at 1*2 o'clock The two captain* were I held to ball in S.3U0 each for their appearance Chief Engineer Riley, of the United States mail line, became the security for Capt Gedney. and Mr Davidson, of Georgetown, for Capt Dnke The arrests were made oy Officers J. F. King and aud J. Belt, of the police'. Dismissed ?Yesterday, Ransel Hen son, John Sh'keils and Joseph Thompson went to the office of Justice Donn with Lieut. Thomas,where they were required to account for the poss ssion of a p*lr of shoe tops that Henson offered for sale It appeared that a German shoemaker had his shop broken 1 ato and robbed some weeks ago,and with bis tools these shoe tops and other artidea were stolen. Yesterday, Benson carried the tops to this shoemaker and offered them for sale, and be recagulzed them as his: aud lading Lieutenant t!,am?? ?l.j * ? ' b cuui ! Lie omcu ior acDion i &7F6SX. Hanson \Teat wllllagty, and told the Justice tbat be trot tb^co from Sbekella; Shekel Is at once confirmed the statement, and said be picked thrni up In the sirret,where be supposed tsme one dropped tbfm; Thompson corroborated Shekells's statement. by saving be was with hi in when be picked them up The Justice decided there was no evidence of larceny, but commuted them to the guardhouse until they should be in a tit condition to go to tb^ir work, which they declared they had to do. with orders to disuiiaa them at nine o'clock bis morning. Taiihg Ti** it rna Fokblccb.?Some of the republican party Waab.ngtonlaus stem Inclined to iese nothing In the way of office under Ibe incoming administration by deity. Titan we> rceive tbat petitions are already belaff carried nround tbe city for signatures recommending our vrell known fellow-citizen, Major U B French, for the Marshaisbip of tbe District of Columbia One cf these is being offered to citizens without distinction of party for their signatures, and' another to members of tbe republican party only. It is likely that ere tweuty-four hours elapae aim| I ?. A * -a* * J n w pc.1 uviia Ii/I IUC oppviIIHIirill OI DOlI I ClOZCf! f ethers to the same offl.-e will be passing around as "plenty as blackberries." Mimioxait Mkbtisg?Hy a notice In tbe / proper column, it will be seen that Re*. W., ) Kobe?, late President of tbe Miryland Annual ^ Conference, la to deliver a discourse In the East Washington MissionMethodist Protestant Church, on the subject of ' Missions," next Sunday. The repu atlon of tbe Rev Mr. Robey will, doubtless. attract a large audience to hear him on tbst occasion s Bcbglabt ?Yesterday afternoon, between one and Ave o'clock, tbe dwelling of Mr George Hrown. on Ninth street east, {between K and 0, was entered by a burglar, and a bureau drawer robbed of about f A' in money The entrance was effected bv tbe robber getting upon tbe roof tf a sbed adjoining, and into an upper back winHow, and forcing the drawer where the money | Tuistsb ? Jefferaonlan comedy, at the Theatre. is going off swimmingly u ever. Tonight Mr Jefferson takes a benefit, on which occasion a splendid bill Is offered, it being no l?ss than "Oar American Coasts'' and ? The Hpectra Bridegroom," Mr. Jefferson representing Asa Trenchard and Dtggory. Serurs year seats early, If you want to stand any chance. Abbivid at Carter'! wharf, foot of Thlrtoenand a-balf street, schooner K.J Pickup, Pickup, I't.lladeiphls. with luU tons of ronl for Mr* T. D-ury. and Kin ions for Mr H 0. Gunnell Also, sloop Delaware. Gibba, Philadelphia, with^^U) tons of coal for Messrs. Chapin k Bro. Lcttvbb, with ex per i menu, by Prof. Henry, l^fore the Teachers' Association, to-morrow morning, at 11 o'clork, in the apparatus room of the Smithsonian Institution, All person* inter, ts'rd in I bo natural sciences, whether teachers o# not, are cordially Invited . j F;bst wistib opening of fine millinery on 8ft? Tkial or tbk Riotkks Po?tpo?d ? It baviag bora aaderstood that those persons arrested ou tbe charge of psrticipsUng la Um attack on the Republican Wigwam, laat Tuesday night. were U undergo an lnvestigaHan before Squire Donn yesterday a/Vrnoon* at four o'clock, quite a large at4 raxlous crowd assembled around the justice's - ?ce at that hour. Owing to the KJaat lntercat taken in tbe caae, which caused the comparatively small offlce of tbe justice to be more denaely filled than waa either convenient or comfortable, it was determined to hold the trial at the Goardhou*?. The crowd accordingly repaired to that locality, and la a few mlnutea aflrwurd* the trial room of tbe Guardhouse waa denaely jammed. In the motley garnering wc aaw not a few of the wellknown b'hoya of the town, and It waa pretty well understood that quite a portion of tbe crowd waa iMBud to the teeth with revolvers, bowie-knives, Ac. After waiting some time in order to aecnre a full attendance of the witneaaea on eitber side, tbe J tut Ice decided to proceed with tbe trial. Mr J J. Coombs, who appeared as counael for tbe United States, said be was informed that some of the defendants who were under cognizance to appear there that nfternoon were not present, though their sureties were making sn effort to bii?? them in He thought it bardlv worth while to enter upon an examination of tbe cases until thev were present, and therefor* proposed that ths examination be postponed until s future day At this suggestion the justice postponed ths Hveattcatlon until Monday at two o'clock, at wh^hlinae the Interested parties arc notified to ap Dfu. Mr. Rufsell, of Ga., who becama security for one of the defendants (W m Ogden) on the night f the assault, appeared In the room, and was questioned by the magistrate concasnlnf the whereabouts of his friend, who had not appeared. Mr Ru?ell replied that be had supposed he should find him present. Hsd been to the place where the man works, and ascertained that he bad'nt been there for a day or two. Supposed he would be in directly. After the arrangement had been tuade to postpone the examination till next Monday, Mr Rusell was again questioned, and aaked If be would continue bail snd be responsible It* the appearance of h!s friend on Monday. Mr. Russell had no doubt at all that hif friend would appear on Monday The magistrate remarked that If Mr. Russell desired he could have a bail piece, and cause the man to be re-arrested. Mr. Ruasell curtly declined the offer, saying that be would never arrest a democrat for the sake of an abolltlonlat. The remark producing some sensation am oner th# tl.A rrk immediately administered a rebuke to the ntterer, and cautioned him against any further like ?xpresaions in the court room. No little feeling was manifested among the republican rank and tile present by the divulsement of the facta that strong attempt* were being made to buy off the prosecution In the case, and that the attempts waa likely to be aucceasfal apparently. Several of the republicans denounced such a pecuniary compromise with tbe ruffian rowdies as utterly unworthy of their party, and urged that those who would accede to surb propositions could deserve scarcely loss consideration from good citizens than the violaters of the public peace and tbe rights of private property who should thus be screened from punishment. Poiici M attkbs ?Effort Justice Barnmelo ? Ernst Leolfler was charged with setting up and permitting a game of tenpina to be played on his Eremiaes without first obtaining a license so to do le was fined 910 56. Charles Steel was accnsed of using indecent language In the streets; and on proof of the otfense being duly made, be was fined SI ?4 James Clagett being accused of disorderly behavior, waa brought before the magistrate, who upon hearing the evidence flaed him 91 9t Patrick Hogan was charged with vending l'qnors with no license from the Register. He was examined and fined 920.94. Robert Richardson, charged with disorderly conduct, waa taken before the magistrate and fined 9:2 04. Henrietta Msinn w>i rmi n A A... ? u J ' " .... uiuu>, nnu on examination was further discovered to have no visible means of support She was sent to the workhouse for 30 day* P. Bryan, accused of selling liquor on Sunday, was lined M Mary Eaton, accuse of disorderly behavior, was tlned 14. Louis i Sandford was charged with selling liquor without a license, and on examination was lined 91 F. Smith and M. Stahl behaved in a disorderly manner, and were lined 94 each. Daniel Atworth. arrused of inde/ent behavior, was examined and fined 51 94. John H. Evans was brought up for disorderly conduct, and upon sufficient proof, was lined 91 91. Ell Shorter, charged with throwing stones in the street, wm tried and fined CI 91. Jatms Clagett. accused of Indecent conduct, was tried for the same and fined S4 91. John Newman. Accused of throwing stones in the street, was fined ?1.91 Patrick Murray was arrested on a charge of stealing sundry Colt's revolvers from E Kingman. He wis examined, and held to bail la SUxi for bis appearance at the Criminal Court. Btfort Juttitt Clark.~ Alfred Pugh was brought tip on a charge of being drunk and disorderly in tfi*> streets. In default of security and costs he was sent to the workhona fnr ai*?? rf*v? Wm May, Corinda Jones, Milton J^nes and Lewis Donobowere each brought op for throwing tones in the streets, and eae.b lined SI and costs M Oppenhelmer was charged with creating a nuisance. and was lined $1 and cosU. Anna Minor was brought up far swearing, and, after examination, fined 91 and costs Anna Maria Crocket was accused of profanity, and *.vaa fined $1 and coats. Fire.?Ttiis morning, between two and three o'clock, a tire broke out In the directum of the' 1'ark. which Illuminated the surrounding country. The alarm was given, but few firemen started, believing It to be nothing more than a bonfire A piece of the apparatus of the I'ranklin Fire Company was taken out, and the firemen report this morning that the alarm was caused by the burning of the large double frame cotUge on Serenth street, near the boundary, built for Dr Morgan. It was unoccupied, aad was destroyed by the fire. Stolen ?Last night, a workman In the employ of Cleary A Green, having a little work to do on D. near Thirteenth street, drove up to the house with the horse and wagon belonging to the firm. He left the horse, ai bethought, aecurely fastened, wti'k he went to hla work; hut he wai considerably alarmed and aatoniahed upon coming out to find the horae and wagon non at The animal tad but recently been purchased by the firm Nothing had h?-en henrd of the property up to the time of thia writing. Dischakokd?This morning, Wm. Bull, who waa arrested here for rubbiog a captain of a river beat. In Baltimore, waa brought out of jail, and taken before Justice Donn No requisition having been received from Maryland, to await which he waa committed, he waa discharged from custody. Oxlt two more nights of th? great panorama of Arctic Regions, the moat magnificentpaintlnga ever pUced before the public. Every lover of th? beautiful should witness this superior work of art. To-morrow (Saturday) positively the last exbloltlon in this city. Rzxkmbx* tbe exhibitions thia afternoon and evening of the Mirror of Arctic Keglons, at Odd Fellows' Hall, for the benefit of the Protestant Orphan Asylum of this city. Cbxtbal Gtabd-iiocse Cases.?Mary McCarthy. drunk and disorderly; fine and coata, f 2 15. Andrew Myers, do.; 15; Jack 8imma, colored, do ; ?2.15. ' Ladiis, fail not to sro to Stevens' fanrv ?tnr? on Saturday. 10th November First winter'opening. Attkwtiox, all lover* of the Union?ladles especially?first winter opening of the latest styles bonnets, hats, and flats, on Saturday, November 10, at Stevens' fancy store. 336 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. 3t Kvkh t0osk who are in the enjoyment of perfect health frequently have need to have recourse to tomes as preventives of disease. We are never too well armored acaiast the assaults of "the ills that desh is hMT tr> *' Such su invigomtor they may find in HostMter's Bitters?a medicine that oannot he taken regularly without giving vitality and elastic! tv to the ystein. At thin tta>oa, particularly, the strongest m*n is not proof against the malaria, in ee tain seotions of the oonntry. In all oases of fever and ague, the Bitters is more potent than any amount of qamine, while the most darcerons cases of biilious fever iield to its wonderful properties. Tn<>*e who have tried the medicine will never s>e another for any of the aii.r.e.its whioh the Hostetter Bitters professes ta suMue. To those who have not th- experiment, we oordiallv reoomm??rf an early application totha Bittera, whenever tlrey are atriclen by diamines of the digeatire org&na. !*old by drnggiata and dealera generally everywhere. no 5-eoSt MARRIED. On the 8th inatant. by the Rat. Mr. Griffith, W. N. CL.OKKY, of Washington, to MAKY H. daughter oftne late William II. King, Kan., of Hoir&rd county, >1<1. * In Georgetown, D. C ,on Wednesday, the7th ia> iter. Dr. Wooda, of Lewiatowa, Pa , R??. A. MILLER WOODe*. of Hartaville, Pa., to MARY D.. daughter of B. F. Rittenhouae. On the 8th inatant, br the Rev. Father Marraw, CHARLES R. BISHOP to Miaa LIZZIE A. BIRD, all of Waahingtan. Oa Monday, August 77, by the Rer. Mr. Bo*l?, FRANCIS P. MARTIN to Miaa MARV JANE OUERIN. t*>th of thia city. * (Columbia,S, C., paper* copy.) _Oa the 5th instant, at 4 o'clock p. in., at the New * ors Av?nu? i nuron. nv the Her. P. II. Uurley, D. D . KKVFKK W.SURI.EY. late of Louisiana, to MARV C., only daughter of Rer. 1. K. G?H*y. of this oil jr. DIED, At Greenwood Farm, near the Look Old Fields, Md ,011 the Sikh ultimo, of typhoid fever, LETIT1 A, wile of Mr. Benjamin 1'adcrtt. in the Gist year of her axe. This e?celC>nt lady resided for fifteen years is the r eiurty at tfladensburg,and made many Irienda in that Motion by bar amuU>? 4UafoMttnn aad a<rneable manners. $IM bom her >ainfill illness, of four weeks duration, with christian fortitude, and leaves a daughter <an only child) |oc?nsolabla athurloaa. T V* -??- r **? AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER. L>mm .... Mr. 8. w. Olhtk. THIS EVENING, BENEFIT OF MR. JOSEPH jJ!FFBRM)N, The celebrated America-) Com di%n, On whioh occasion he will appear in X oba aotera? A** Tronoh'H, In Tom TmIot'# world-ren'-wnfd comedy of OUR AMERICAN COUSIN ; And*'Ditfory. "in Monerief* extia agar r% farce of THE SPECTER BRIDEGROOM. Supported br all the Talented < onipanj. Ratk* of A?m*?o?? ? Parqu t find <?" ?? Cirola io cent* ; o. Chester Chair* ?1; Private Boxes #5, No extra charge for reserved >?>t>. It ODD FELLOWS' HA I. L TO-NIQHT Wolfttenberrer^i Mirror ARCTIC REGIOM8! A new Painting, br fir?t-alasa English Arti*U, ^lustrating thejhxpforatjons of Sir J ?*hu Franklin, ur ivane. and captain MoCJintock. exhibited at Egyptian Hal , London. for*? consecutive nights. to mora than ha'f a million of people,and as exhibited before ker Majesty Qum Victokia, and the Entiri Cora* at Buckingham Pa ace. Thase raintingshave bean pronounced, by Ecaopxan and Axaarc an CoNNoraitCK, to be the moat enchanting productions of artutio genius in the world, and are quite unlike any atmiiar attempt! of panoramic art. Produoed from original skotdhes, with every attention to accuracy of detail, these Painting* may be confidently relied on ; while the subject itaelf ia replete with scientific gems, and offer* a rare and intellectual entertainment. The attraction of the Arotiocubjeot?the wonderfoi artiatio merit of the paintings?the felicity of illustration?the elegance of diction and eloquenoe of thought conveyed by the lecture? rarely fails to enchain ever* cultivatM i't?llect. The thrilling scenes of those dariaf navigator* of the Arctic Zone are portrayed with a vividne?s so startling that the audience are led to believe themselves actually amid the scenes represented Each seen* ia adorned in fresco with authentie portrait* by Winter halter, of the principal Arotio celebrities. Leeturp by Alfkbd Smith, esq., of London. Admission 95 oents; children 15 oents. Liberal arranrements made with schools. Doors open at 7 o'clook; Entertainment commences at 8 o'clock. See descriptive bills. no*-tf BALLS, PARTIES, &c. HURRAH! FOR THE HIAWATHA BOYS, ARE IN THE FIELD AGAIN ! 'I hey intend to give their FIFTH GRAND BALL, bv a request of their many Thcbn's Hall, on 7th st., THURSDAY, the SI 22d of Nov?mb-r. /9ft. r?y oraer 01 in# MBB no 8-3t* COM MITTEKT J^O FUN WITHOUT DANCING! The SIXTH GRAND COTILLON PARTY of the LAFAYETTE CLUB % will take place ob TUESDAY next. Not. IS wm at Thokh'v Hali., 7th at . between D and KjmM F.sputa's oelebrated cotillon band it engaged UMA for th* oocaaion By order of Committee. no 7-6t* First i* War, Firntin P tact, and First tit tk* Hearts of kis Cov*irjrm*n ! THE FIRST GRAND COTII.' ON PARTY of the GEORGE WASHINGTON ? QUADRILLE ASSOCIATION will take Jit place at Thorn'* Hal! on MONDAY, Nov.iflBi 12. !*chr?eder'a oeUbrated ootillon mutio islSflfc engaged for the occasion. For lurther particular* >-e future advertisement Br order of Committee, ao 2 Tt* PERSONAL. Honorably discharged.-Mr. j. t. Harria, who was arretted on charge of obtaining bo >k* (dictionaries. %c..iunderfa se pretncei, wan yesterdav honorably di'charged by Justice Ferguson, thare being no evidence to hold him or warrant his arrest It* Madamk morrice, thi iiiut a?t?.ologisr amd Doctkkss, from Kurort.?This highly sifted find intelligent lviyf can be consuted on the Put. Present and Future Events. Call at No. 405 Eighth st., between G and 11, Washington. no 2-1 m* |V|ADAMK FELIX, Fortune Teller from Paris 1"! bocs leave to inform her former friends, and the puWio generally, that she has removed to 2.10 Ninth street, northeast corner of N, where she will be happy to soe all who ma> desire to have the past, prewrit and future satisfactorily explained. oc !1 lin* BOARDING. BO\RI), with comfortable Rooms, for single Kcntleinen, at 39H D street, near 7tli. Dinner at half-past 12o'clock. noS-lw* nmumvc ?a._ ? -:-l? - ?nA ?i ripnv >uiiiu men can i?e accommodate*! with Hoard at Fourth at , comer K. located near the Infirmary. Alio,a iuit of Rooms for rent. no 6 ^ID FOR 1HKPROTESTANT ORPHANS. The management of Wo!fste?berger'a Great Mirror of Arctic R?i?ion?> now on exhibition at Odd F" Mows' Hail and late of Egyptian Hall, London, announce two Exhibitions in aid of the VVashingtofl^ty Protectant Orphan Asylum, confident that the community with nnx nccord will cheerfully and lilx?rallt co-opeiate in this charitable work. FRIDAY next ha; 1 ??en appointed for the occasion. Tho orphan* ol'tbe asvitim will l>e present in the afternoon. The proceed* of each exhibition will be equally divided with the institution, therefore it in earnestly hoped that the citizen* general-' ly, and rt?pf>eia:ly those favorable to the as) lum. will ooutrfbute to thi* p:ai*e?corthy ol?ject These PmuUiim have been pronounced by Eurojeati and Af^riean eonnoineur* to be exquisite K?m? of art, Snd endorsed as such by tho press and Altemoon Kxliibition commences at half-pact 2 o'clock; Evening Exhibition at 8. Admission 25 nggtg ehil dren 15cet,U. no7 Mto the ladies. RS. C. A. L.E1B1N Would respectful!* in Co-in her former patron*, and the ladies generally, that she has removed to No. 3"M H street. l?etween 13th and 14'h sts , where sl,e ha?> e- larr?vl facilities tor carr>ine on ftshmnabie ])KGjSMAKIMi in all its btanches. The latest fashion* received an sunaas published. N. B?Several fine Room* to let, furnished or unfurniihod. Apply as above. no 7 2w UHAWI.9 THAT SURVIVE ALL THE CHANGES IN FASHION. BROCH E LONG SHAW LS, one,two, throe and four-faced, in neh combinations Shawl* of the above kinds make a rich, warm winter wrapping, never ko out uf fashion, and are durable ami stylish for tear*. We a>so name laree lots of other new sty'o Shawl* In C L O A K S, MANTLES, ARABS, ZOU A VE**, Ac , we offer not only the largest and most stylish assortment in this market, but vastly the cheapest De.ued barrains in SILKS and other fine, medium, and low priced DRE^S <?O01)S Our stock of all other kinds of Dry Goods adapted to the wants of persons in inodoraie cipcumstanoes was never so larjo and attractively vart'd a* now. One price oniy,the vaue, marked in plain figures. CAR PETS, CURTAINS, RUGS, OILCLOTH, ke , upper floors. _ PERKY * BRO , rs. avenue ami Ninth street. Po7 5t "Perry Baildieg." FURS! FURS!! I have now read* for exhibition and sale my stock of FUR;*, to whioli I luvite the attention of the ladies. I have taken treat o*re in the seleo'ion, and feel assured they are unsurpassed in quality^ *tyle and workmanship. The a?sortment consists of all tiia nmst farhional>le kinds. HUDSON'S BAY SABLE, CANADA SABLE, STONE MARTEN, ROYAL ERMINE, RUSSIAN FITCH, Siberian squirrel, and n any other varieties. FUR of all kinds for Trimming, A large assortment of CHILDREN'S fl'rs, Also, a fine variety cf CAMRIAGE KOBKS. I fohoit a ea 1 from the ladies, and every effort will be made to please. All Furs so d by their real names, and warranted to be as represented. JA8. Y. DAVIS, no8 3?r (1 nt .Con A States.) lati ToJd A Co. P NEEDING DRY GOODS. a. In moderate eircunmtancAf needing any Aiud of DRY OOODS, CAR PETS, CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, to., are solicited to inspect our ra?t stock, which waa aelect-d and tho """ ""hmfys1 swrte*"" Peon. avenue and Ninth ftreet, , "Parry Bui dine," Thf entire buildinr, 6ve floor* ami the vaiju, Hevotg?l to Dry Good a in all depa'tmwita. no 7 M t?. tary, ooaducUd by the Hwunah <JoYornin?nt, nder TUKSDAY, Novimii TT, MM. B0RTEO NVHXRO 646 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 0100,000. } pnieof f 100,000 M pnsee of ..fl^oc I da *o,ooo w do I0? 1 do jo,ooo m do too 1 do ? iajKO so atprax. i,?w 1 do ? M^ooo _ /IT ALL *99 PRIZES. Who!# Tishata, tao-Ha. rea, #1 ^-Quarter., 9*. "u ?' wurui Duua aim >1 ptr. A drawing will he forwarcad u soon m 14* reeall becomes known. ord? for no 8-tr Ctriof CitT Port. Charleston. n. C. A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS. NT One desiring freight?much or little?barrel!, bale*, boxes, bandies, or, in fast, an* thing, afely transported and delivered between Washington, Georgetown ami Alexandria, mar rely implicit!? npop the Exprese Wagons of the under aignrd, wl.ioh run regularly every day twtwe ?i tho?e citiee. Orders entered upon the elites of hie express at the Star Ofcoe, at Baeon's Grocery Store, or at K. Wheeler's Hardware Atore will be promptly attended to, and at very moderate or>ar*e?. T- H* TILLWELL, no S-lw < Late Osbem's Express ) g U> TO FRENCH t RICH9TEIN 9 No. 3T8 II Penn. aT?Dae, and lookat the new American editions orMeCaatey. Gil;oia, Uime and the Pueta, on tiated paper, eenaf. it not anterior, to the English editions, dan and Cake a k>*? agtJnC Jw? 7 Eyt:wm "s&zr street^to bar Clothing. Funufkipf J^LUb % 4 WANTS. _ no Mr WA NTED?By a ????<?atab!e w?m#it. a HITVATION mi wet nurse. Apply at No. 117 ^i-oud ft.. (>o<'nt<town. ;t*_ WANTED-A SITUATION. hra mpwitbTt ' ? woman, to do housework or iiiipd afeldr?a' The b??t of re?ar?ue* given. Appij at Ihe ooruer of G ? J North Cayltol ati no ? St* j WANTED?For ? nrwll family without childI " ren. a comfortable HOF?>E, with back bnilC' in? l ocation ?ett of Twelfth *nd north of F at. Ad?fr-?? No. lOO Winder's Kmldine. noJMit* (Baltimore ?ui: copy.) W~ ANTEU-A WOMAN, to do plain oeokinc and waahin<r,*at 499 l a. avena*. between 9th anil 1"th ?U.. tout >i aide. wo ? 3t* WANTED?A good JOURNEYMAN BAR II I" L> J ? 1 - - vvnnj w Mva nin 0' caij riui'. T men I riven. Apply t?. O. B. CHRISMUND, No. G06 Garrison Navy Yard. bo< 31* |A7ANTKD-TA a?irl,to letin dressmaking?a place where th? cm extra attenti, n and acquire a Uiorout h know,Mice of the business. Address Box No. 13, Star Office. no 8-it* WANTKD-a rood COOK a middlo-a(ed v* female preferred. and nmt 1>? wal r^oom mended Apply at RODIER'S White Hou?, on Much Btraet. near the oanal, Georgetown, D. C. no 8-*t WANTEI)?Everybody to know that PAGK'S Confeotionery, No. 436 Seventh street, above O, ia the place to get fresh Cakes and other Con root one at priees to auit the times. Balla and parties famished with loo Cream aad other Refreshments. oo3*-3w* \*/ANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From ?5 to #10.000 worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK oral) kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to par the highest pneea, and, as the shortest notioe. R. BtfCHLY, d**1er in furniture, stm-es, 4e . oo 9 409 7th tt.. bot. g and h. east side. U7ANTED?AU kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, for wkioh 1 will pay the cash, at 309 Seventh street, hetvum I and K. ooft-tf BONTZ A GRIFFITH. ?3 r H E EMPIRE ?ASH, BLIND, DOOR, AND MOULDING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 164 Skvsktu Stxikt, oypoute Center Market N. G. CO~R N I N G, Scccssso* TO h. w. h&milton * co. I take thi* opportunity of oalling the attention of Carpenters and Bin der* to the immeuae ttock of SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, MOULDINOS, Ac, Ac., nov in store and daily reoemng from the manufactory. It h%* oeoowea well-known f*o', ihat the material* furnished from this ea ablishment are second to non?. Oar stock w? warrant manufactured from woll seasonod amber, aud finished by ex per iono<?d workmen We do not hesitate to sey that we sow have m store the moat oompiete stock of the above-mentioned ar Holes ev-r b- fore offered in this vioinity, to which we recpeotfuliy invite tho attention of thepubho. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, by puroh\?ing your Huildinc Materials at the Old hbtaMishmeat, No. $62 Se enth rt eat, where you will get a good artiole at a fair prioe. OUt DOOR DEPARTMENT ii we'l stocked with a No 1 artiole of ail the ra rioua "ize?, styles, and thickreaaes. A small lot of Premium Faicy t ront Doo's, wiich are worthy the attention of those about bnildinr?having drawn the first premium at the Pennaylv&nia State Pair, and manufactured at the Empire Milla of Meaara. Potter A Co. OUR SASH AND BLIND DEPARTMENT is also complete with all size* and 'tries, to whieh we call particular attention G!az?d Hash onatant1* 01. hand. Hit Bed Sash, Inside Shutters, Ac., furnished at ahort notice. ' OUR MOULDINtt~DEPARTMENT ia alao camp ete with all the at) les now in eenrril use. We are also prepared tof trnish Mon'diaga of any deaired pattern. Al?", all kinds <>f Turned Work, Scroll Sawin*, Newell Po?u, B*ln*f"rs, Door Frames, aijd Window Frames, of all kinda. Also on han ',a general a>a?rtmeotoi Glass, futti, Ac . which we are offering at low rate*. IO*A call ia lolicitei and satisfaction given or no sale. N. B.?A liberal diaonnt for caah. _ rt. i*. ummnu, Proprietor of the Empire Sash. Blind and MouMinc Establishment, no 2 tf No 562 Seventh street. |_?OVV IIAVE THE LADIES VOTED? Klia* Howi.Ji . of Boston, who ia the inventor of the "loek-atitqh" used by the principal aewing machines, reqmft-s aworn returns to be ma<!e to him of the number sold by each oompany, and obliges them tii pa* him a license for < verV machine aotd. Toe following statement is copicof froui .Mr. Howe'a published report* for 18V and 183?. It will l*> seen that WHEELER A WILSON'S SKWIN'i MACHINE ia preferred by an immense ma jo'itr of the ladfaa, in sp te of tlie efforts of inter eate<l parties to injure ita aaJe. 19M. 1S59. Wheeler ft Wilson.. 7.978 G rover ft Baker.. .5."7" 10,280 1. M. Singer ft: Co 8,594 H>,?53 Ladd ft Webster 490 1,j88 A.H.Howe 179 921 flar'holf 2"3 7*7 eavjtt ft Co 75 218 Fiulcieft Lyon., 530 Alloth-rs. ? 869 Th^ Wheeler ft Wilson Agency is at No 346 PeimayIvaria avenue. Prices range fr?m 330 ti> ?1'5 Fall inatructiona given to pttrchasera, r.t tkcir kouSIS. giln, Cotton, Ne?'d!os, ftc., for sale. P. J. STEER. Agent, 34ti I'eunaylvauii avenue N. B.?Send for a Circular. oc25-8wif pAMILIEB WANT A HEALTHY DRINK ! THEY WANT IT PI^RK, TEMPERATE and cheap: COLINEA ITS TABLE BEER ISTIIE THING! It <s !p8? intoxicating t!>an eider, ami is far more palatable and strengthening. For sale by all Grocers, 3 cents a glass?cents a qnart. no 6 1m VERY YAL1IAHLE SKRVANT UIRL FOR PALE.?A hkelv, well disposed, and exoe lent ganeral h>-use S?irva?.t. about 16 years old, and a lava for lifn, will bs sold to arty coot! family within the District of Columbia. Apply to JaMKS C. McGUIRE & CO , Auction and Comm;ssioa .Merchant*^ no 3 St ^HEAPEST STOTE! SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORE, 369 SEVENTH STREET, (East Side,) between I and K. N B ?A vary large assortment of aew CLOAKS (latest styles) just reoetved. octf-lm MATTHEWS A GORE. TO THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.?I have jn><t received a"d will commence unloading to-morrow a cargo of the very best Red Ash COAL (egg and stove ?i?e?) ever brought to this market, which I can send direct from the vessel if your orders are leu immediately. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal I>e?ler, J5eJ51 Corner C and Uth >t* . pear Canal._ cvvmily SEWING MACHINES, 1 Manufacturer*' Sawing Machine*, Planters' Sewiog Machine, Tailor*' Sewing Machine*, Dressmakers Sew'r Machine*. The Elliptic and Shuttle Lock stitch Sewing Ma chinos, at price* ranging from #50 to a 100 Agenoy at MAXWELL'S -^oo SM>teo Fanoy Store, Sua Pa a* enue. JUST RECEIVED TO DAY TWO MORE NEW BOOKf. AT FRENCH ft RICHSTEIN'S, No 878 Pa. av. Will He Fi'id Her, oy Winter Somorton; I2mo., cloth; prite $ 1 25 by mail. Methodism Suo^eaaful and Cauae of ita Success ; by Rev. II. K. Tt fft, D. A>., LL. D.; limo., c'oth j prioa yi 25 by mail. oo56 /^REAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.?One very " J nice aeven-oo'are Carv d Piano Porte.^-JM^. having been in use a short time only, thelMBHl ovaer leaving the city, for aale for #200. *Tt*? ' One very ni-e Rosewood Chiokering Piano for $135 at the Muno Store of W. G. METZEROTT, tr ie AgeLoy of Steiuvay A Sans' Overstrung Piano* bo 3 Heath a knowles, LIFE, FIRE A MARINE INSURANCE AGENTS, Office?Room 16. over Bank of Washington, oc2ft tr Washington, D. ^ U/? . MERCHANT TAILORING. vv ? invite oor customers, and oitizens neneral1 jr, to an inspeo inn of our preeer.t Dew, at tractive^ and elegant assoran nt cloths. cassi meres, doeskins, wk vkst1n6s, overcoatfntts, 4o. WW which we ill make to order in inferior""" ?tyle at very low prices. wall, stephens a cooo 25 tf 399 Pa. av.. heiw. 9th ana loth eta. TRAVELING TRUNKS^ B Have ju?t received thi largest assortment and B'>* offer the most extensive variftrarCTTD olS'H.E LEATHER, LADIES' DRES^fiHVf and PACKING TRUNKS, H AT BOX VAI-1SE*. CARPET BAGS, SATcHEL?, Ac., in this city, which we are sell ne at very low prioee. WALL, STEPHENS * CO , oo?-tf 3aa Pa. a vena*. BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO*-IaJJ coapoKATic 1190.?John I. Donaxmom, Pre*.; M. CovLTn, See'*. BUYB Descriptor pamphlets may be obtained at Company's Afenoy for the Distriot of Columt \ office of Lewis Johnson k. Co., Bankera. 10th street and Peno. avenne, J. W. MAGILL. A tent ft. ?. hi ??* . m. n. M?<l Rt't am a *nv TUE CHEAPEST PLACE to bay ClotHin*, Furnishing Goods, Hats and*Caps, is at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Post Office. oe 9<Mbs MATCH p.LOR'S INIMITABLE HAIR DYE. 1) and al> first-e'aas Toilet Arttelea, for sate at fll BBS'S Win, Braid, and Carl Maanfcotorv,f 4a Pa. near l*h et. S sm i CLOTH IN 0 Mat will be ae:d at aaUmiakmc lew irioM. * &T oo lKlm ? *IA > iu 1 s <i u>mi yrowy. Corre<ymde*<? #/ TiU 5??r. Omuitsti. Noramber 9,1SW Intense anxiety prevailed ben anj??#?t \l' claw aToarr aa to tbe reault ?f ?m rtM< election, and tbe ??tar was eagarly MU|kt after for Vb* taint retaroa AH aa%r ??a diapnaad U arquirscc ia tbe will of the majority ao decidedly exprraaed with the he>t poast Die * race, and we hazard notb'rn; la ennounrinR to all lutereeted that (?mrgetown will eat aarrde, bat poee ia atrong for "the (Jatoa a* It la The liaarRatownCaUr^a Cadeta Cant (TBrlen. preceded by \\ ttbera' braaahand .marchrd throa^h s" u oa Wadnudty moral ax on their war to me Villa." and tb?Jr aildlerTy bearing and floe marching elicited favorable rommrnb f on> the spectators There teems to be a derided Improvement In the corps. The revival me?Ui<gs alaowe of our churches till eentinw, and ?t Wi? Georgetown M K Church, llev Mr Kisland pastor, lite greatest Interest Las keen manifested. We learn it> seekers of religion presented tbemaelvea at the altar there on Wednesday evening, and that tbe cauaeatill proa per*. An Iriihmin, whoae nan.e w* did not aacer taia, fell from oae of the Union Line of oeanibuaea near the Circle, in yourcitv. on Wednesday morning last, and was aerioualv Injured. Many fine Improvement* are in pro^naa here, which weak Hi iintlce more at iengib at an earljr day. Work irpwn tbe nnffntafted portion* ef tbe Washington Aqeodoet la b*lng vigoroualr proaeented Secretary Floyd visited the diatrlbuting res<*volr yesterday morning,' but we hive not learned whether an Immediate n?mplioo of the work at that p?4nt ia contemplated We hope the requisite arrangements were made to that end. The brick work of the dome of the highservice reservoir ts progressing rapidly, but will nut probably be flnlabed before aevere frost cornea GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other U?*rfttotrn adrtr li.'nmiili JM fir ft pft II AAA WTATOW. POTATOES. jUUU BUSHELS Of prime New Jersey Petal Kiows, just arrived per sohooner Altrod Buniin, aad for s&le from vessel in lota to suit purchasers, by PETER BERftV, no 5 eotf H5 Water street. Georgetown. 1 nnn apples-appLes: l?UV/U BBl.s* APPLE*, now landing from wmmmm J. A N Baker, whioii wiM bo ooid on accommodating terms, from wharf or atnre^by m ?? ? * ?J>%Ut no 1 2w* 10* Water at , Georgetown. IfOR NEW YORK ?The packet achoouTr YorkV town, faptaiu Wocloni, wiil ommMM ajD>loadiag M al*>Te on FRIDAY next. Jj tnet. For freight apply to HnCOBB ft DODGE. no 1 ** Water ?t t Georgetown. NEW STORK! NEW GOODS! MRS. M. SrMSON Inform* her namerou* friend* and the pnMio geaerally that the la now eatablinhed at her New^tK Stor--, No. Ill Brtdce atreet, G'-orcetowri.fiKf) two doora ahore the oSd ftanJ. whrre m*y roind a? mua . a large a**ortment of MM.I.lNBRY DRY GOOD*. HOnlKKY.aud EMBROIDERIES, at the very loweat market pricea. oc 12-Im I FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?A ooinfor'ablebuok HOI'Sli.ooatamiug eight rooui, with g*?? No. S J9 Twelfth atre-t. no 8.1 "A 13* FOR RENT-A two-nto.y brick HOLSE, on Fourteeuth atreet bftwwn R and S. f'?rnii (9 per month. Inquire of JOS. P. SMITH, above. no a-* FOR RENT- Th? two-atory Frame HOFSEon Four and a-half atreet, between F aod G *ta ppiHfg.'ou giviii immediate<y. For term*. 4.?.. apply to J. AIGLER, Confectioner, nur th"? Star OffioJ no 8-31* l?OR RENT?The three ?tory-and-b?sem?nt brick HOUSE, oor.tairinR 3 room?, at No. 35# Eleventh atreet. between M aud N ata. Rem per a mum. Inquire next door, or of GEO. R, it ALL, Metropolitan Oach Workt, oorn?r of Pa. arenne and 13S ?t.; or JAMES A. WILLIAMS, Agpnt no 8-3t* t,()K SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR PROPT ERTY OF LEi*S VALUE?An eiuihly aitvat?d. wo!! built, and fineijr finished two itoir and ba?ew r.t hnck HOUSE, 2f> feet front br 79 feet (Wp. with carrin^e nunte a> d ?; able?situated No. 357 P>v<?nthfct , betven Land M. App v to I. 1.. JOHNSON. No 0 ih at. not 8t? FPOR RENT-STABLE and CARRIAGEH HOUSE, co nvenient to Willarda' Hotel in quire ai ir.ig noi ie. no 7-4t * rI^O RF.NT-Thatpleasant COTTAGE RESIt DK xr.K, MNtiAininf 7 rooi<?A with front baieony, larro yards in front and rear, fronting H dt. in Printing Ofi>oe Wwhh North C&pit I and First ata. Rent Siw per annum. Addrr??,b> letter or in person, WM. 8TiUKA'?Y. no 6 tf F'OR RENT?A five-story HOUSE, cn'ainint 12 rooms, adjoining the corner of F n^h and D tju nrar the City IlaX Apply to JOSEPHJ^JCLINTON HOUSE, now occupied hy P. \V. Purser, wiil he for rant on 1st January, lfi6i. for further information inquire of MdORK .V CISSELt7th ?t e?i, Washington. no2-law m* F'OR RENT?A (food two-story Brtok DWELL ING.on Fifioenth st, near H. Rent low. Apply &l No. .'{.He H at. no 3 eoSt F^OR R ENT-A desirah'e and well located firstc'jm RESIDENCE. No. 4h9 ?n Sixth street, K>l VOiil! I . a nil 1?* of l 1 ka timiaA fn >n U iv^ w t W - wvvu m ? WH'I < DfcO. M IIO livuc: I (Ul II I Oil *7" I W 1HI oil tho in<>lern unproreraenta. Apply to THOMAS fARKKR. no 2 ?oSw* FOR RENT?A handanme, ii?t c>au RESIDENCE, No 4A2 E *treet/Yetwe?n ?H and Tth atrects?one of tHem at eiifiible locations of thia city. The house it furoiahe'l with all modern im proTements, such as bath room, hot and cold water on ra<?h floor, fin?t and second floors h',at?d from ba?emeut, Ac., An. Apply n?xt door, to t>r. J A*. J. WARING, No. 44 4 fc street betwien 6? and 7th. oc US ?otf rfOR RKNT-Tli* lonr-story BRICK HOUSE on Third street, botwe^n I> and E jtreeta.tNo 3*1) adjoining the residence of W A.Manry, Eaq. Posst'smuji civen immediately. Also, ih? third story of the Bown Motie Iluiloinc No. 403 ?a Pa. avenue," aouth aide. Utwian 4>* and 6th eta. For, terns. An .apply to WILLIAM II. PHILIP, Attorney at Law, No. 40 La. avenue. no J-eotf FOR SALE?A rcw two atorr briak HOUSE on Fourth atreet, bolow New Vo k avenue. The house l*2' foet front and 4) feet d?ap ; baa & foot passage, parlor, dining-room, kiushen. and foor chambers, with stairwava in pa?a?ge and kilo hen, witu good o liar under tHe whole house Fo- terms inquire at 199 Seventh street, oppoaite Odd Fallows' Hall. aol-tf J AS- S. TOPHAM. EH'R RENT. ? A thrae-?tory and ba?^m?r.t P L'D A II r Y / l fO I" *?- ?I. L ? i rv a hi n nv/vcD, ucar i a, av , uo tween G and H sts., No. 413. Inquire atSI?'LKY ft GUV'S Hardware gtore, Pa. av. oc S^tf L^UR RENT?One new BRICK HOUSE, with look t>uildin?r and cellar, having 8 room*, with ga?. and side alley, situa'ed on L street, ar Thirteenth. Rent moderate to a good tenant. Hi quire of 1L GREF.N, Urnon, oorner of Thirteenth an'l L eta. This pronerty n n*ar Franklin Row, only a few minute*'walk from the Treasury Building*, and one of the healthiest location* in Washington oo2T tw FOI RENT?A four-story brown-front DWF.L LING, sitnate on Thirteenth st., between I. and Massachusetts a v., on? of the most desirable locations in the eitjr. Th? bouse is furnished with marMe mantles ; a so. r?? and water fix to res. with hnth-rooin Inquire at \VM. P. SHEDU'R Fancy Store, No flO-illtbst oc 87 13t? ITOR RENT?During the session of Congress?a r (irst-slasa three-story BK ICR HOUSE, with Fn nished Rooms, situat-d in one of the ino*t <WsiraU^t and healthy locations in the citv For term*, 4to., apply at 37.*? Seventh st. oo 27 lit CH)R RENT-The new hnok DWELLING^ IT HOUSE No. 50 Prospeot s'reet, George own The house is two stories and hasernewt above ground; 8 rooms, including kitcnen and servants' room ; gas and water in the premises K?nt reasonable to a permanent tenant. Apply to 1>. ENGI.ISH. 1 HridfS street. OsnrmlitBii oo tw " " " FOR RJjNT?Possession on tlM? 1st ?f Ooto??r The DWELLING HUL8E No. 43?* D street, at pretest occupied br the Rw. Dr. Butler, add next door to the residence of the ad vems jr. J. M CAKLIftLE. N B.?It wiU not be let for a U>ardin* hons* so 18-tf _____ ItHREEHUNDRED AND FIFTEEN ACRKS . in Fairfax cuuut*. Va., in excellent order;m 11 timbered; food buildicgs;a urowu tone quarry. A railroad car shop and water station n>yst be erected on tbe farm. Also, a new Steam Mi l in Loudoun county. A purchaser can ft a bargain of(i. W. BRAY, Afent, SIC Seventh rt.. WaehinKton, D. C. ocll im* FOR RENT?The fin* BRICK ROUSE No. 100 Weetst., Georgetown, at prevent ooon pied b* the sobeeriber. It hu U to -ms. wiih in and water throughout, a fine ya'd, stable 4c . and u in a good neighborhood. Apply to JA8. A.MAbRLTDKR. _ ocg-tf I?OR RENT.?Two new tliree-rtory BRICK 1. HOUSES with bark buildings, each housoontaiuing $ robins, witn ga?. pleasantly situated on Mh street north, between M and N street*; rent moderate. Appb tu E. LAZKN BY. oppoaita, or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio aranne, between 12th and 13th streets. oc ?Hf FOR SALE?A small FARM of?i acres, uiuatai at u?a Little Falia, havint a eomfc:rahledwelling-house, oorn-house, tables, * ? : waU-fenoed and watered; within foir milee of Washington ; M acres in cultivation, the balaaoa in hand so in e wood lana. || H psnmuirij umrtmiH a Nlioy rMI denoe, bwu perfectly ha^jtiiT uidmottroautaj. ly aitiiated; Moment fi?hi?e aad huntin*. Inaairc L,!siX^R10TT' ^^hEr FOR RKNT-Tke FIRST FLOOR of thabaiUine immediately oppoaiU the wni win* of the City lift'., recently oooupied by Chaa. S. Wallaoh aa an offioe. Alio the front room is the aeoood atory and the third floor of the hm bwild inc. For tsmi apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. Loaiaiaaa amaa. ia U tf MR9AJRTllr 1N HA1R JBWR1.RY, Such aa Braoelela, Kar-rtac a, Fob Cbaiaa. Fia*?*" ?-. G uard Chum. ATEST MC * > r t TIi8?aiPH10. TIE riMMniU ILKTWI. . 1 . 1 ' V!RGI*H We rrmtlnm. hwhy onr table of loan ?"* r?'M la tbe rmt Vrntnta ?i?rtt?a aa compared with ttM raault la the route* between Utcbar and Ooffla: Bell |*Im. | Breckinridge galaa PlttarleaaU. 311.Caroline JT* Amelia.... .. ?4 Prince ?4wud...> S rrretoo &S 1*<i1m 549 Page 94 Appomattot ltd Rappahannock 74,r}r*eao, (corrected) JW? 1 ?i- l- tiA L1 ' - ? ............. *w|PT^^'.w,' W Gllmore MS H?l'fu 3no Warren H>8 Marshall tig Botetourt iOOOhlo STf Roanoke (0 rfucAck tu Campbell ? Brooke 9i Harrison 12 Shenandoah,(cor).. M Heiulco 3? Frederick U? Loudoun ITT,Franklin >16 Augusta 1,356,1"He well 890 Hampshire ** 'HrroTl 417 Wcattnmrlud ... Jfl FlotdL,. 5?fi f f.|;? . IM/Ofd ... ? ?*.. 00 ' -?* ? , R?et>? - u fifth ?4 Wvthe 1?t Rockbrlig* 119 Vpabur It! We continue In the belief that BracklnriAga Las carried Virginia. MAR Yl.AND ?<> ? Atimrms \ Brock Hell DmvIm Lin. 9t Mary's ?*> tS7 fwi _ Baltimore '2 9*5 3.1 <5N **| ? Cecil 1 507 1,79i 3?l ISA Talbot n?7 7W 8* * Howard S90 ?? tm ? Prrtcrtck* 3.170 3.8?? 43* ? Hal tl more city . 14,960 I3.?? l.flfa 18K7 Auac Arandel*.. 1.WI7 1041 W i TV ukincton .... t.OM S.lM VfvS fts Char lea.. TM 431 Jh 8 Carroll I,tl? 8,178 M 8ft Caroline '* <fn ? ? Dorr heater *? > _ ? \N .rreatcr IMim ? ? ? Jtomeraet 176n ? ? Prince George *a. 170m ? 3t ? AUeifanT..... M#m ? ? Harford L53 4?o ? ? Sent 157 ? ' ? Montgomery 8W 875 79 X Queen Anne'*... 80 107 IT Caiewt 50m ? ? 31.883 31,418 4,885 1,48? Tbeae are official. Majority In tbe {Hate for Vreck1ar1?|ge KM Tbta mai9 KA .14?Mlat V- *8 j wv <oi iru wy ?nw ouuill ICIUI U ILLINOIS Tbe returni so far re<-?i ved make It probable that Lincoln'! majority In Illinois will reach 90,000 KENTUCKY Breckinridge galas 300 In FsreBe county FLORIDA. Tbe returM ao far received Indicate that Breckinridge's majority In Florida will be quite 4,M>. TENNESSEE At 10 a m. to-day, we bad received nothing from Tennewee We however hell ere tbat Breckinridge baa surely carried that State. MISSOURI. No farther information baa reached Washington concerning tbe reault of the election in Miaaourl. When they do come, however, It will be perceived tbat tbe contest there baa been between Bell and Breckinridge, rather than Bell and Douglas, aa yesterday's telegraph would seem to indicate. LOUISIANA. Niw OlliiRi, Not. 7?Tbe returns tbus far received Indicate that tbls State baa probably gon?? for Breeklnrldge Breckinridge's plurality will be aboat 3,000. GEORGIA. AcersTa, Not. 7 ?Returns from flfWa connties (oftclal) giTe Bell 0,605; Breckinridge5 907; Douglas 4,'JflO. The returns r<xv? forward rxceediuglj slow sad tbe result la uacertsla. Official return! from 36 countlts shew tbe following vote la round numbers: Beil, I0.0U0; Breckinridge. 17.001); Douglas, 0 000. General indications favor a consider*ble plurality for Breckinridge, and per baps a majority. ALABAMA Acgiiti, Not 6 ?Tbe MonWomery (Ala ) Mall says that Breckinridge's plurality in tbat 7UW MTAiilf 10.WW MISSISSIPPI. New Oblbaks. Nov H ? Scattering ret ohm from Mlsalaaippi give Breckinridge a majority Tha returns Uius far ladioala Breckinridge gains ARKANSAS St. Louis, Nor 7?Fort Smith?Bell Ml, Breckinridge 231; Douglas 164 FayetterlUe? Bell 356; Breckinridge 330; Douglaa 70 KANSAS St. Lorts, Not ? ?Returns from Atcblaon, K a nana, elect all the democratic members of tbe l*egialature, and all the county officers, bv about majority. large democratic gains a.< reported. Bailer Eiplsiiss and Loss of Life. Chicago, Not 8.?Tbe propeller Globe, which arrived from Buffalo tbls morning, exploded ber boMer, at ber dock, at ten o'clock this forenoon ? ??*v kv?uh^ up ?*;niii ivt ?uc purpw?r wi bi'imi oat frelf bt Several peraona wrr? killed, and a number Injured. Tbe killed are Mart Ann Golden, Patrick Donoboe, Jamea Hobble, all of Chicago; Uenj. Wllaon. Brat engineer Foraytb aecond engineer, and four Bremen. The laj'u-ed are u?e clerk, aligbtly, N l.nddington, and Mtebael Cuakk, of Chicago- Peter Barabolt, of Erie. John Havden, of Rocbeatt-r, Julien Hatch, and David Dana, aod the Brat mate, all badly. The boat la a compete wreck The boat i< ?*i*d by W'm O Brown, of Buffalo, valued al I1S.W tad taaured for St0,000. Fire* 1b laitk Cartllaa a ad Gear (la.' CHAtLBaios, Nov 8 ?A flr? In Anderaon District baa deatroyed tbe Wltllamaton S?pr'.njc? Hotel Tbe hotel and furniture la valued at FGO.OUO. B F Marsdeu'a afore wm alao burnt, UtiiW \ im. / .Mtlonta Tk? ? a Mi bwma - - 9is Northern Insurance rwnpimn. Loti tit,mo. Fu*t Gaisf* Ga , Nor.7.?A Are at thla place baa 4?tmjfed the agency of thr Bank of Colunb.ia ai.d several (torn and dwellings Lo? between forty and fifty thousand dollars. Tbe Are waa the work ot an Incendiary. Frem Haraaa Mnka. N?w OiLUM, No* P?Tbe steamer Kmpire CMy. from Havana on the 3th. has arrived Sugar* were quiet hut pricea trm Stock ftl.OOU boxes. Advices from Vera Cr#i to ihf state that the aaaiult on Guadalajara waa made In 4x columns of 1.300 men each It waa reported tbat Paililfi. with ">J nfllfjlf ba<< Kami i ? nl?M^ and bat. Advlen from Porto Hire to the 27th cta'e that heavy ralua would render the coffee c op eearce Another United ft to tee Jndge to Km1|* Acoc?ra.Ga , Not 8 ?The Montgomery Mall publish** a dltpefh from Apalacbicela, Btatlnt; that Judge Mclntoah, of the Federal court of Weatern Florida, will realgn on the Inauguration of Lincoln Nearly all the rotes of Apalachicola were cnat for Breckinridge. The tut ted btatea Steamer laaliali Pnu ADELrma. Nov & ? Th?re la no doetrt of the aafety of the United States gun-bont Seminole. She wae to leave Mamnbam, September 22d, for Pernambaeo, and would be piloted through the canal from Clara to Peraambaae. Burnioti. Near. A ?Floor aiead v. Howard street and Ohio ?S SO; City MtllaS5 37. Wheat dull; red SI 2ua?l 35, white SI Mal.ftS Corn active; vellow CbaTUc Penviatoaa ante*, bacon aidea ll*all\c.; meaa pork fflVAOalft 75 Coffee steady at 14al5c. Whisky doll at *0?a2U|(e. HopnoraTlDC Kikicub Ail of Dr. Hnmpfaraye A Co.'a apeoiKe Homcxpath o Remedies out as expreealy forfentily uae. in boxes, at 36 ajtd * oouto enak. Alao, Z. 15. Oilman. S4C Pa. imoe. whnlajs and retail Mjnt; W. A. FlU?*fcid 35i nortiTurMt; also bf>. B. Winter, corner oI MMMwhnNltifT*Sia ud Sixth street. Alan, PtnWt Sztract ?f WittK aztl. for internal and external ulawNMu of Ikia&a. SoldaeaboTO. Mtly HOLLOWAT'S PlLU. F'-rmnm? During thi? delicate situation. Mim will experience great r lief by s it| tkif intld cathartic medicine for oorrootiM thos- ladtapox'iooa Ud nMflMUing sickness to which Uir? a<? aatyeet at Ulii period. Thej ?i ve a ten tie stmiolas to iha cirmlali' n, and partly aod e*?-l at. tfeo*" feasors whi' n 'rrita'e rhe stomach and fcowoia. Tboy ar? ao mild that the moat delicate const to i->? mas take the* vi?h porfeot safety. P?r a?s?*et* la males at tha dawn of wonaafevod. or at tho tarn of life they are equally a*ap tad. Sold t>j ail ifcrucole at S6o.,Oo. aad CI per box. no 5 lw Whiu'i Biuiii or Wm CmiT, Cbrwc Br ?mck*m I 4/<r>iwi m?d aU D< miu *f tkt Prom UM Boston K rent tig Trtnllt, Jmutt K It is nrteM hut ? hib?> mi fiastio* I- k* proprietor* ofWui+r't B+Lam y W.14 < k?as IO w;. tktt Mr trMTHMr ID tl>? ?f Ul??'U?l<t. huim?r?>Md ? (>u? r K1 proprietor* of th? Tr*r*l*r *M Uraif eur*d of* ever* oouch ol foir amtka' aaatinuiM* k? t* BMotttui B? I?m iwrtril of oor f irmli msxl MintMOM, who h?r? tried Ui? *rt?e . W*v? louiil K or I Hi WfTiM IB htrinr of ^voro oou^ha Md ihartaoMof br**Uia?. vith ?bisk U?T MMNHUOM," N?"* * ?? ?nl?M I. 1U-TT# OB 11,3 ??? ; * b7 4i*kr???wvl?c?. oe?-iw,i % y%

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