Newspaper of Evening Star, November 10, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 10, 1860 Page 1
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f 0 ^ _ ?v I ? * MtfU* v+*t<?i? ?*\ :?tw*il'>\ *dT ?< ! ??* ,wV/: *> -> ^Jl? ' v< " Hi i . " ^ *'' *^l'*J * "' *^!j'* B ^flp. f* '' H '' > <H . r H H I / I H ; ?;, : . ; ' " ~~11 11 V2i. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 10. 1860. N?. S.413. ^i?^ii??? - 1 THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED BVBVLTAFTBRNOOMr -? *"? MAR BVILOUWSi Com* of frmtylvmmia mv*n u* and 11U St., ?T ' W. A. W1LUCH. r??T? aerved ia pMtHM fcT carriers at #4 ft Year, or ST nM pot month. To aftil enbeeribece Uw prioe m #W> i jear, *? drmme*; 9* for six wontta, #1 for Uree month*; and for 1cm than three aoatin at th# rate of tt oenta a VNk. BincLe eopiec, ** carr; ia wmppora, two cnn. I^AtmruunTa aaoald be seat to the ofloe katorc llo'c.oek aa.{ otfaei wi? they may not appear mnttl the next daj. THE HL'JIT OH THE HIGHWAY. There wu ? shrewd robber somewhere The farm-hooses were robbed, ihopa were robbed; the till of the bar* at the wayside inns were robbed; and the people had their poeketa picked. All this happened in the regioa of country fcetweea Sidney aad Lowastone?net a fleld of as? extend?and yet the robber or robbers ooaid Dot be found. Officera had searched in every direction, and several saspioious-looking iadWidttfth had been apprehended; bat the real culprit remained at large. One day the nail was robbed, and oa the next a-maa had his pocket picked of fire hundred pounds while riding in the stage coach; for my narrative dates beek to the old coaching days. The _ i .a v ? ? * - money naa oeen earned in nta breast pocket, *nd he knew it was stolen from him while he was enjoying a bit of a dote on the road. I had been confined to my house bj a tcvere cold for ?cveral days, and wm not fit to go out now. but as the matter wae becoming so teri?u? T felt it my duty to be on the move, mod accordingly I fortified my throat and breast with warm flannel, and set forth. I had no settled plan ia my inind, for I had not yet been upon the road, and was not/horoughly "posted up '* A ride of fire mile* brought me to Sidney, and thence I meant to take coach to Lowatone. where Sea Stlckney, one of the shrewdest of men, Ihr&d. 8tickney had already been on the Puuch, and I wished to consult him before making any decided movement. I reaciied Sidney ?t half-past fire in the morning, and the coach left at six. Lowstone was sixty miJ'M distant, so I had a good ride before me. Caring the oarly part of the day I rode upon the box with the driver, and from him I gained considerable information touching the various robberies that had been committed. He was forced to admit that ser#?ml nMnl* K been robbed in bis sta*e, though he deolared he couldn't .?ee into it, for he had not the most reu?'?ie idea of even who the robber eoald be. We reached Bonniville at noon, where we topped to dine, and when we left this place I was the only passenger. At the distance of twelve miles, at a little village called Cawthorn. we stepped to changc horses, and here another passenger got up I had been occupying the forward seat, as that happened to be wider than the other, and gave me h better opportunity for lying down ; and when the new comer entered he took the back seat. He was a young min. I judged, and not very tall instatnre, but so completely bundled up was he in shawls and mufflers, that his size of frame was net Bo easily determined, lie was very Vale, aiid coughed badly ; and I at once made wp uiy mind that he waa far less fit to travel *aan i was. After we bad got fairly on our way, I remarked to him that I had been suffering from * severe cold, and that this was the first time I had ventured out for quite a number of days. He looked at me out of a pair of dark, bright eyes ; and when he seemed to have determined what manc r of man I was be Mid: " I have something wnr?e than a cold, sir." He broke into a fit of coughing which lasted a minute or ao, and then added " It won't be great while b?fore I shall take my last ride." Again he was seized with a spasm of coughing. and when he had recovered from it, he continue^, ' The disease is eating me up and ehaki'jg me to pieces at the same time." He further informed nte that he had started on a t*nr for his health, but that he had given It I l: I i up, auu WW uuw uu Ull W?J UUIUC, WU1CQ {lace he wmj anxious to reach a* soon as possile. Another paroxysm seised him at this point, and he intimated that he was unable to converse, as the effort brought on his cough. I had noticed this, and had made up mj mind to trouble him no more, even befjre he had given me the hint. After this he drew his outer shawl more closely about his neck and fac?, ho closed bis j?p. and I was aot long in following his example. Toward the middle of tbe forenoon the conch stonned at a small Tilla<r* ?k?? <?? ebanged horse" again, and where tour passengers got up. This broke np the arrangements of my friend and self for rest, as he had to take oao of the strangers on his seat, while I took other upon mine, tht other two occupying the middle seat. The new comers soon broached the subject of the robberies which had been committed in that region, and I listened to get information, if possible; but they knew no more than any one else knew. They had heard all fceut it, and were inflated with wonder. One?an old farmer?asked me if I knew anything of the robber. I told him I knew bat little of the affair in anyway, baring been siek and unable to be out among folks. Then he uked my consumptive friend If he knew any-, thing about it. The latter raised his head from its reclining position, and was on the point of answering,when we heard ourdrirer, in quick abrupt tones, ordering some one to get out of the road. I Instinctively put my head out of the window to see what was the trouble, and xmj eye was just quick enough to detect a load of fagzets in time to dodge back and escape them. The road was qnite narrow at this point, and as the faggots were loaded rery widely, It ?rfti im Bill ? i h I ii fnv f Ka A r i vav iwKf.llw * ? them, and the side of the coach was swept by them quite smartly. I escaped without being touched; bat not ao my friend. I beard an axolamation?I thought a rather profane one? from his lips; and on looking towarda bim I aaw that ane of the faggota had struck him over the left eye, making quite a mark upon the pale skin. This incident turned the conversation from the subject of the robberies, and it was not again alluded to during the day. We reached Lows tone shortly after dark, and I went at once to the reaidenoe of Mr. Stickney.whoin I found at home. He had been out all day, and had made every effort to obtain some cine to the perpetrators of the robberies that were being committed, but without effect. He aniA ha could hear nothing on which to hang n suspicion. Twoshopebad been robbed in his town, but he eould gain no clue to the perpetrators. We consulted together, and finally igrMd to go in tno morning and M? another detective, named Gamblit, who resided some twelve mile* distant, in the towfetf Orton. This met the views of my host, and aa we left the matte* for the evening. On tha following morning wa ware up early, and U the ooach would take as directly to fteasbtii's ' *B&wse, we chose that mode of conveyance, and repaired at a reasonable hoar to tha tavern for that par pose. When we reached tha inn, ws found she old farmer, who had been one of my fellow passengers on the night before, stepeJi ping about tha doer in a high state of axcitemat. Ha had been robbed of thr?t hundred ar? PMm *ad ha Was mm H musg have Wn \ done ia the stage, far ha had slept wit u his ssf^arerxT. JLrjJ found it empty that morning when he got up - - Ha smi the ?Mw> had been tahan from his aoaira# aad wwt baak Again? he knew lU As be wSa I should be searched (Jf ?oarse I allowed the operation to 44 parfermed, wiittagiy. After tha axciie meo; ?tt aJlayed, I wked where the pale nan fTM who tarn* in the aoaeh, <u>d wax wnd ky Um landlord that he went away soon after tha eoaah arrived My ftrat mb waa to satisfy myself that tha old man kW been robbed in tfca stage ooaih. and of thia ha succeeded in eonvincing Be. After this my suapieions rested upon Uto oonsamptiva, and I believed, if I aould find him. i should find the rogne. So I hade tha landlord to kaap a sharp lookout; and also spoka to tha driver who had brought ina from Sidney, and who waa now aa the poiat of return<? k.1 if l. ? ? ./ tk. I n n?E miu. it mm WW n ? ?i m?? paU mat, to ?? that ha WM cured. The uspickma iadividaal had only remained at . the inn a few nrfnuteeon the prerioui evening, and had than goao away in a gig, which had com* for Mm; hat do one eoald tall what dir > t reotiaa he bad Mhen. > TliMMh forOrtoa mob came to tkl door, ui. Stickney had myself teak o^r Htti indda, ; Ihe wew hsriogdeiannittad t?^a*Ainwl?ra he wm aaUi he oaaid wetting about the money. There were two other passenger! Inside, and two or three outside oat they were strangers to sae. We bad goin two or three miles, when the driver palled ap before n small farm boose, where a woman and a trunk were waiting by the garden gate. The lady was handed Into the coach, and took a seat facing me, and as the turned to give the driver Kune direction concerning the baggage, threw her veil over her bonnet. She was pretty? very pretty?with rosy oheeka and sparkling eyes. Her hair huo^ia glossy brown ringlets o??r n?r d?ck una snouiaers, ana ffli I type of beaaty in itself. I looked at the rosy cheek* again and into her dark lustrous eyes. My gate was fixed upon thia latter point, when she ciught mr glanoe, and quicxly dropped her veil. At Brat I felt a little ashamed at having been caught stariag at her ao boldly: bat as the face was hidden from sight, and I had opportunity for reflection, it Struck me that I had Men those featares before. Here was a study for me, and I waa buried in it at otrte. Where had I aeen that face ? I whtspefod to 8tickney, and asked him if he had erer seen her before. He said he had not, and joked m* for being so oautitas about a pretty faoe. I We stopped at a place called "Turner's Mills," in the edge of Orton, to exchange mails, and here I jumped out to see the postmaster, who was an old friend of mine?and as I was returning to the coach the thought struck me to look at the trunk which had been last put on, and see if any name wls on it. It was marked with the simple initials, "A. M " 80 that was all that I gained from that source. As I came to the coaeh door I approached from , behind, and aa I oast my eyes up I found that tho beauty had her veil raised, and was looking in at the post office, as though anxious for the mail to corae, that we might be off The exDression of anlietv detracted fmm her beauty, and an I looked upon her now, seeing her face in a different light, I was struck with a sort of snake-like cast, whioh was per- i ceptible in the whole character of features. I was on the point of withdrawing; my gaze, lest she should Catch me a second time, when a slight motion of her head rolled her curls over her temple, and I saw a faint line, something like a vein, over her left eye. It was a mark? a livid scratch?where something had struck her. It mkht have been the str<Hie of a whipBut?no; I quickly glided back behind the coach, and there I reflected. Such a mark aa that could be made by a fagot! i When I returned to my seat in theeoach the fair passenger's veil was down again. Could it be possible that my suspicions were correct, and that ohanoe bad thrown in my way a solution of the probUm whioh had vexed my deTintina in mnr?Vai T a# ?? ?v u . m. WW) A m o? 0UI O Vi 1 V, a LIU IUU more I compared the two faces in my mind the 1 more I saw the reeemblanoe. Either these cheeks had been painted red to-day or they had { been painted white yesterday. The eyes were , tha same, the contour the same, and that brow, with iU tell-tale mark, not to be mistaken. We soon stopped at the door of the inn at Orton. The driver announced that they would stop there 15 or 20 minutes to exchange horses 1 and wait for the mail, and also informed the passengers that they would find plenty of ac- , eotnmodations in the house if they chose to go in. i The lady at first did not get oat, but at length she did so and went into the hotel. I deter- i mined now to And oat who she ?u. I left mj deputy at the door of the room she entered, having ordered him to rush in in eue he should ! bear anything that warranted hit intriuion. j On going into the apartment I found the beautj , was sitting by a window, gazing out between i the blinds. She started np as I entered, and let her veil fall. "I thought this was a private room, sir," she aid. Her voice trembled and sounded unnaturel 1 "It may be," I returned; "but that does not ] exclude those who have business. I came on purpose to see you." There was a momentary struggle, and than she appeared as oalm as oould be. "W bat are you?" she asked. i "I am an offioer from Bow street," I replied, j lir a A? 1 1 i nam hi tuuw wno ji/u ?ro. I '-Stop?one moment," she Mid; and as she spoko she carried her band beneath her oloak It was quickly withdrawn, and in it was a pistol; but she had grasped a portion of her dres* with it, and before she oould clear it, I h*d spruDg upon her and seised her by the arm. But it was a her no longer. There was more muscle in that alight body than I had bargained for. However, my man popped in the moment he heard the souffle, and the beauty , was toon secured The glo?*y brown treues fell off during the souffle, and some of the paint was removed from her oheeks. As soon aa the prisoner waa secured, I had Wis trnnlr taVan an/1 Kmnokf ?- ? mmm~m .. ?? ??? V? ? ?? VSVU^UV 10) IIVI HpUU overhauling its content* no found disguises of *11 aorta, and quite a sum of money, besides watches and jewelry of much value. I made him assume a proper male attire, and when he stood forth in propria persona, I found that he had not only used red paint for the blushing beauty of to-day, but that he had applied a more cadaverous colpring matter for the consumptive individual of yesterday. As he stood now, he was a lithe-built, intelligent-lookiag youth, of not more than f re and twenty; but with a cold-blooded expression upon his marble face, and an evil look in his dark eyes. We carried him back to Lowstone, where we round the money of th? old farmer upon him, besides other money that had been lost bj different individual*. At first he told strange tonea of himself, hut finally, when he knew that the worst moat come, he confessed the whole. Ha was from London, sad had oome into the ooantry on purpose to rob. He hid two confederates with him, who helped him from plaee to place. One of them had taken him away from the inn the night before, and the other had brought him and set him down at the farmer's gate that morning. We made , search for thee* confederates, but they had got i wind of their principal's arrest, and ware not i to be found. However, w had got the chief sinner, and ' had broken up the gama. After he had been 1 f s * : " . i - iouoa gumj ana sentenced, be "fir-j to en- i joy himself homely in tolttwg how he had dooeiyad the gooa people of our country. Hoar, he would turn himself again into theold womhn who had given the dnrera so mach trouble about her bandbox. Then he would be again the meek-browed minister,who had distributed tracts to the paaeengers, and piekad their pooketa while they read. Then he would draw fctahaalf up Into the 1I44T4' hump-beaked aid man, who hid 1Mb lifted' into and out of the sod perhaps wa mff* never Iw a?Mh|;hini but for Che aoctdent ?f the faaot. fas not ao fanny for tfni had I doubt if ha found aeh fun in working at our hard atone?hammering early &n<f late?with an inexorable master orer him toapurhimup whan he flagged. ?o?~ n Taaaanasn Faatuaano?Mr. Jaaaea says the first mentloa of this singular puaiabment occurs la aaa of the regulations formed by Richard Cctur da JUion whan about to enter upon a second rumor, mt ii My m> i&ouid be discovered committing a robbery, be should be tarred tad leathered ,? 07" 1'eopU never plot mlachlef when they ere merry.. Laughter taw enemy to malice and a foe to eoaadal. It proaaotea good temper,-enlivens the heart, and brighlena the latellect. Let us la ijfQ when we can. ?7? When Aristotle was asked what were the advantages ef leaning, he replied, ' It is an ornament to matt tA prosperity, aad a refuge hi adrealty " [Yw ?3?" The expense* of governing Franee amount to fl .000,0'*) per, day Including Interest on the public debt. Thtaaheut go a year to each lahabltaat The na?rsta?* oasts WI(JW,UU> a year . . t fCTA^am equal ta 960.009 Is yearly pal^out of tae royal mint of England, In exehaugWfor worn oot filter. ^r: i TT A whole family narrowly uecspad death by eating potaeaMi cheese at Albany, ?a Tuesday. Charles Dickess's "Great Expectations."?Dr. McKenxie, of tbo Philadelphia Press, usually well posted about the doings of the English literati, says that Charles Dickens has a new serial story in hand, the publication of which will be commenced about Christmas. The name will be "Great Expectations." The original purpose was to produce it, like Pickwick and most of Dickens previous works, as a monthly, in green cover, and with illustrations by "Phii," but Mr. Dickens finds it necessary to do his utmost for "All the Year Bound," which has been closely pressed of late by the advancing footstep* of Bradbury A Evans' "Unce a Week," wbioh containsfnearly doable the quantity of pritat, at only a slightly advanced price, ana is profusely illustrated by beautiftil engravings after original designs by Millais, Leech, Lawless, lline, Keene, Tenniel, H K. Browne, and other leading British artistdr Dickens, therefore, to render bis "A11 the Year Ronnd'' as attractive as possible, in the absence of engravings, will throw his new story into it, where it will appear weekly, as the "Tale of Two Cities" din. and be issued in monthly parts, on the old plan, as that singular story was reproduced. There is an amusing talc called "A Day's Ride; a Life Romance," hy Charles Lever, now running through "All the Year Round," and, on its completion, Dickens' new serial will beoommenoed. His Occasional papess, entitled "The Uncommercial Traveler," in the same publication, have not achieved anything like success. During the life of Mr. Sergeant Talfourd, the warmest and truest friend Dickens ever had?and he had and has hosts of friends?At.* judgment and literary tact were constantly exercised in critical examination of each monthly part of Dickens', before it was finally given by 1 * _ it _ _ ? ? ?*? ... - mo press 10 me puouc. noon practicable, even the finest penoillings of each chapter were submitted to Talfoura. We have heard that, since Talfo6rd's death, on the judicial scat, which his knowledge, eloquence, and integrity dignified, it was some time before Dickens could bring himself to submit his mind, as it were, to be analyted by another's. In the "Tale of Two Cities," however, be is said to have availed himself of the supervision of Robert Bell, & scholar and a critic of considerable ability, experience, and eminence. The new story, we hear, will also have tho advantage of being carefully and critically "read"' by Mr. Bell before it goes to press. We also bear that, coming back to his old ground. Dickens' "Great Expectations" will be English in subject, characters, and locality. Da. Ttso Cxxsckid bt the Chckchma?!.?The Churchman, the organ of the High Church Episcopalians, has a severe article upon Rev Dr Tyng for having assisted in laying the comer stone of a Methodist chapel, and for having appeared in the pulpit of a Presbyterian church as a participant In the proceedings of the Evangelical Alliance. It uses the following language: "The public behavior of the Rev Dr Tvnir 1? grossly i nconsistent with bit obligations as a presbyter of the Church, aud quite aa disgraceful to himself aa If It were Intended for the purpose of deriding Christianity. We moat earnestly and seriously beg to draw the attention of the Prorision?1 Bishop of this diocese to the condnct of one of the presbyters under his charge. This Is a case In which the Bishop is Imperatively bound to exer;lse his Episcopal authority, and we tru?t that Dr. Potter will at once bring bis erratic and unruly presbyter to an account for his conduct. Tkk lVa in China.?The late arrivals bring so further new* from China; but we observe a growing opinion in many quarters that, eventua lv the allies will be compelled to take possession f s portion of that Kmplre to aatlsfy their claims, and to keep the country in something like order. The authorities of Pekin appear to be utterly powerless to check the progress of the rebels, and we should not be surprised to llnd the AngloFrench troops eventually employed for that purpose This may seem a ' farfetched" notion; bat, at present, It is not eaav for John Bull to s e his way clear out of China for some considerable period. U_/ i uuinas cam goiaroniK itomeon W ednesday ntgbt, and had no money to pay bis fare borne to Itlea, ao the conductor put him off the train. A freight train on the way to Rome overlook him, ami striking him on the head, inflicted a fearful gnah. He was taken up, and at Rome was attended to, but the physicians did not expect bim to live through the night. 117*In Philadelphia, a man named William F. Camac, returning rrom the Republican procesaion about one o'clock on Saturday morning, stepped into a tavern aud got into a ti^fct witli on* William Sullivan, in the course of of which Camac knocked Sullivan down upon the curbstone, killing him Instantly. The editors of the Plaindealer and Democrat got Intojt fight at the Savannah Post Ortice, on Saturday, but although pistols and knivrt were drawn, they were parted before any harm w-a done. IC^Mrs. Farrel fell Into a death-like trance an Sunday we?-k, at Webster, Man., preparation* were made for her funeral, when she recovered, but died in reality on Tuesday. UI^Thenew dimes and half dime* for INK J have appeared; the thirteen stars are omitted, and on the reverse, the piece is encircled with a sheaf of corn and otner native products. |?7""The shipping on the great lakes is rapidly Increasing. There are now 350steamers, valued at??,500,000, and l,16tt sailing vessels, valued at 81.300,000, employed in freighting. lE7""The population of Kansas, according to the rscent census, Is 109,401, and it is estimated there are from 4.000 to 5,000 in the thinly settled western portion, where no census was taken. lO" Mar?aret Kennedy gave birth to a child on Sunday; left it in an odoti lot, and ran away; she was arrested, and with her infant taken to the Philadelphia Alms House. ID"Calamity never leaves us where it finds us; it either softens or hardens the heart of its victim. Kindling and stove wood Manufactured any length, and d'liverad to any pvtof the city at the shortest notioe, and at tfee lovast possible rates, by SHERIFF A DAWSON. ITT Offioe sooth side Pa. avenue, between 3d and fxsts.; wharf and mill west side 4% street and iVnmJ ?? ' ? UV I - A III WHY IB IT? HAT 8T1NEMETZ, THE HATTER, 18 blwaya van and nut heard oroakin* ibont dull times Beoauso he sells the beat articles W MB at the lowest each pnoes. HS WTF J uat oeened? Bffli N'*t?,MfeR8?m ?S?L Mutes' JOCKEY HAT9, Trimmed and UatrimnKd. F U R 8! F U R 8!! For ladiea and children, my assortment is now l^U R ?& ?MMI NGB ? to Meeirta eer yard. B. H. BT1NKMKTZ, *36 I?a. ar., no3 near corner Thirteenth atreet. ??IT QUALITY CAUOOKS AT 10CKNT8, D some verT rood ttSaaate. 1 15 o*?t Whit# GMmU 12OBnta, Cotton Check at 10 oenta, worth 12, .' nf 4 4 Unbleaohed Cotton at 9 cents. Good r*ble Linon at62 and 7& oente, vf B own Table Linen ?t?4?ndfflo?nti, White all Wool P an eel at 85, SO, S3 and 37 oeote, Hamilton Canton Flannel, beet quality. Plain and Twilled Red Flannel, cheap, 10 4,13 4,9-4 Sheettu* Cottnna, cheap. Blink eta, all nzei, verv cheap. All Gooda in atore offered at maoh leas than the uaual prioee to eloee out the itocc immediately. Termaoaah. CLAGKTT & MAY, No. 334 P?nn. avenee, %o$-91 between 9th and lf*h eta. A CARD ?Having been informed by a*vera; reepeeUbleoitixenathat oiater haw / \ here, eel ling from buoketa on theY^A I at^eeta, have represented themaelveaae^^J^F avium* ivi mw, *uu ium dut ? ww perwm have in this way had imposed upon then impure oysters, and complaint having he?n made tomete this 'fffct, I hare to say that I hare no hawkers selling for me from buckets and do not Silow the business to bo carried on from my estabsbment. aa 1 do not deal in oysters of that class, [either bare I any branch of my establishment in any part of the city. No oysters are sent by ine to families oxeeat on otdors roeoirrd at my only StAt0 u'W&SKs awtfjasret*BSner of! nirteenth rtrwt-A rery complete aeeortr m>nt of Br&tds, Curia, RrisottM, lhaissss, ko., gsv on hand; jUao. made to order at the shortest Sottoe Han Work repaired or taken ia nslama MS ta EDUCATIONAL. PROFE9*OR' SrliiF&BNCHhand GERMAN LANGUAGE:*, 117 Eighth atreet, h*tw#?n 1, and M, ha* the honor to annonno* to the puhho that he Hm retained h'i leaaons in the above ltncuaces, and haa opened at Miaa Wood'a seminar*. 394)< 1 street, between 12th and 13th ata , a French Ciaaa in wbiohjoung ladiea will be admitted. Thia oia?? will niMt three time* a week at na<f-p&?t 3 p. in. Terms: *5 per quarter of 10 weeks Satisfiotory arrangem*nts made lor lessons given in schools. M r. de Villi era offer the best references aa to his a?U, ability, Ac.. Ac oo9t-lm ~ FEMALE EDUCATION. . HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where their physical training wi'l receive daily and special attention, under the most approved system of CalisUtemoa and Gymnaetios, are respectfully invite*! to viait the Union Female Academy, corner Fourwnsk Z. RICHARDS, _ au 50-tf Principals. fj*KMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALE1ANDR.II, VA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMlCK, PumciPAU The thirteenth annual session of thi* Institution will oominonoe on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house recently ocoupieU by Sylve.ter Soott, Esq., No. ISO King street. The enurse of atudy pursued will ?ompriee all the branches requisite to a thorough Enclish Eda- | cation, and Muaio, French, Latin and Drawing, il desired. 'n addition to day scholars. Mrs. MeCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of bor own family, will be under her iinmodiate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as for as poaaible. to surround them with the oomfortsand kindly influences of Home. Htftrtnte**? Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D". Eltas Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, NVilliam H. Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry .\1* r bury, E?q., Lewis McKens.e, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, E*q . W D Wallach, Editor Evenin? Star, Benjamin \V(iters, E*q..Jas. Entwisle, Jr., Esa., Col. John NV.Minor, Loodoan, Meaars. Blacklock A Marshall, Messrs. Corse Brothers. TBBMB. Board, with Tuition id all the English Branchea, #200for the annual aeaaion?payable lemi annually, in advance. .Music and Language* at Profeaaora' price*. No extra chargea. au 2S?tf SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, No. 277 I St?x?t, Fibst Wajd. Miaa ANNIF. E. PECK, Teaeher. Number of pupil* limited to twenty, oe 16 eojin CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? D Strict, Bttvrtm 9tk and lOtA Struts, We have iuat finished a number of firat oiaaa CARRIAGES, auch aa Light Fame*Wngont, Park Pktatons. family Car-ttgVMK rtarts, and But met, whioh *e will tell atJaCs^KS a ver* amall profit. Seine practical mechanic* in different branches of the bnaineea, we flatter ouraei vea that we know 6?s stylos and quant/ of work that will give u,1y ntion, uombimnx lightneaa, comfort and dum bin ty Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the shortest nctioe and moat reasonable ohargea. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Coachmakara, aiiooeaaora to Win. T. Hook, ap TT-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Sabeorlber baring made addiPan* to kl tactory .making it now one cf the largeatA^MfeM, In the District, where his facilities forHKPHg manufacturinr CARR1AOK * l.m HT?MB WAGONS of all kinds cannot Te nur^und. ic< from hi? long exfer>"oe in the brsmess, he heps* to give (<n?rtl satisfaction. All kinds of Carriagesmi Light Wkou ke?t > ksid. All REPAIRS &Mtlrdaaa,a?dall*rd3ra?r?apt lr attended to. Seaead-kaad Carriages taken in f-zehan*e tor art 1M. ANDRKW J.ToVok, * i*-tf mmrrs*T ?f 14th and K *toNOTICE! NOTJCK!! 19* Mrs. UKLLERTnrite* the ladies W?iihinrton aod vioinitr to her Grand Opening of Fashionable FALL and WINTER BONNrTS, on Friday and Saturday, 5th and 6th instant, when she wi'l be happr to hare ladies oome and examine her (took of flood*. m she has a v??ry handsome took of FEATHERS, FLOWERS, DRESS TRIMMINGS. HEAO DRESSES. CLOAKS, SHA.WLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS. CORSETS of all sizes aud prices, at.d a very large stook of EMBROIDERIES, Ao , fto. oc 4 No S4 Market Space, bet. 7th and 8th at*. NOTICE! I wish all gentlemen La to bear in mind that the plaiv whioh I ^ ^M^^^^adnpted, six wri ago, of veiling ^ H^VhaTS an t BOOTS at greatly re duced prioes for cash is in anccessful operation. Just reoeived a full supply ol the latest Now York styles of DKEAS HAIS. The very finest Hat $3.50; a first rate Kat 93; and very good,fashionable Hat *2 5b. AU of tiie latent atylea of sou 11 ATS and the very loveat prices. I ain constantly supplied with a very large stock of those fine DRf.SS BOOTS at ?3.75? which 1 have been Belling for many yt-ars?at veil aa the very best qtial t* of Pat?nt LeathorG AITKKS at $3 50. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from $2 to $?5>i. T??rins oash ; no extra charge in order to offset bad debts ANTHO>Y, Agent for the .Manufacturer*, Seventh street, second hat. atom from the oorner, opposite Avenue House, No. 640. ge 14 Sm Goodhue fikk insurance company of new york. Ca?m Capital *200,000. Ti.e insured nanioipate in the profits witnout incurring any liability whatever. HEATH & KNOWLES. Agents, oo 29 tr Offioe, over Bank of Washington. JUST RECEIVED, AT ITH'S, A lot of GENTS'S UNDKRShIRTS ANn DRAWERS, from auotiou, whion be wifl eel!very low. * oo 19 lm PIANOS. PIANOS?The largest assortment of Pianos, Meiodeons, Guitar*, Vio-w<*3^m line. Har.gort. Best Italian Strings, Ao f i y fl'l cordeous, Plutlnas, Conoertinas,Flutes,' I ? Filee, F!ageo>tts, ClaMonetts, Braes luetrnmente, Dmine, and. even-* variety of musical ware, also an immense etooe of Sheet Mneic, Musio Books and Operas, for every instrument at the Musio Store of W. G. METZEROTT, oorner of Pa. av. and Uth etreet. Sole Agent of Steinway A Sou's Baeon Raven k. Co.'s and Knabe k Co.'s Pianos. oo 22 tf rsHATS, LI CAPS. B AND FUR SEYMOUR, in Georgetown, announoss to the citixeni of the District that lie has now read j for sale an extensive assortment of Mole Skin Hate, for gents, of the various shtpes; Soft Hat* and Caps ot everj style for men ana hoys: Ladies' Purs, All see* apd Children's Joekey Plats; Umbrellas and Walking Canes, at price* low enouch to please alt. \V. P. SE\ MOl R, oo 26-2w i?a Bridge street. |VL,OUK, BUCKWHEAT, POTATOES, AP JT PLES,Ae lfio bbi>. new Richmond Family and Extra Flour, & <?? lbs. Freah Ground Bu k wheat Meat, 500 bushels White Meroer Potatoes, lOo do. Fine do. do. 5 do. Chestnuts Received to-day and for sale low in lota to ?tnt by D. I. MORRISON A CO., , ai 8 Coraer nf Twelfth aid H eta PATENT ARTICLES FOR THE DESK.? Clark's Chemical ink Eraser, for oountint knnse and artists'use. This is a very simple and efT;>oliv?artiela for removing the ink from paper. Put us La baxee,aad aold for 35 cents; by mail for The Patent Roller Blotter, a new and oonvement article Portfolio State*, two sad three leavM. rtillable fjr desks and memorandum Moounta, various sites aad sty lea. BLANCHAKD A MOHuN,, no J_ Corner Pa. av. ac 1 Eleventh ?t. TPO Mimic TEACHERS ?A larre lot of new X Masio, imported froia Europe; also, selection*-* made in person from ail the grMtpubtishint houapi in Boston and New Vark, Meoialfr assorted' for piano, violin, and flute, to. Also, Duett for all instruments now open for inspection. JOHN F. lil.LIS'S Chiokermgs' Piano Store, oc an 306 Fa. av:. het. Mth and Iftlh ?ta. nPKIMMINOS, BUTTONS, TASSELS 1 The beat as?ortment~of TRIMMINGS. BUTTq\j*,TAS9EL*\,Ac. Aleo, YARN,.Zephyr -uu oiiouwiu *ro (MI ID W aahtnxlon. No. 30 Market Space, near tth it., at Nov York and Baltimore prtoee. _ oc?2w? F. MUHLINOHAVS. EMRE! FIRE!! FIRE"! r M100 REWARD. I wilLfive the above reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or peraons who fired the e^rpenter'a shop of Beer* A Brother on the cuht of the 12th in?tant. Their alt vu destroye*. The Itenerouaand ?Ttnpatni*iai publie will beoaied i>n f>r a ?mail amouai to suable tfcem to resume their former boainees. . "oH ISAAC BEFRS. |7M6ro1DERY STAMPING, om ail kiwli of XU material .done in the beat manner, at C. F. SCHMIDT'S* Toy an) Fancy Store, No. 60 Pa. ?>venue, between and 22d at*, where can be "Hied a great variety ol beautiful Pattern* for Yykee and hleevea, Coilasa aad t!u*W, Skirts, Pantalets, Baud#, CMpfera, Cieafca, eta. Tieaee (ive me a call aad cxauuoe. oofi?lil* < aad loth ate. bo 5 GEORGETOWN ADYERTMTS QQ LARGE STOCR' Qo iJO Bt?T OOOD8!! "O LOWEST PRICES:!! SPILMAN A HUNT, 94 Bridgeitrwt, bttvNi 1 Washington and Cr>nrre??, are now prepared u> how I heir vf>ll aelact'd *to?k of DRESS GOOD?, DOMESTICS, Ao. Their etore t the old tacdof H. K. Berry > hanor remodelled and fitted up < in the most thorough manner, th^y eueeaea facilities ucoquaitxi in the District lor the prosecution 1 of a general D*7 Goods Business. The? roe??et- 1 fully invite a call from the oidseaa ol Georgetown | am vicinity. 00 6-1 m * a JUST RECEIVKD? ! 10 hhd?. prune Porto Rioo SUGARS, 150 hhie. o,d Rye WHISKY, 2S0 bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES, it hb:s. Crushed and Rcfiifnl >UGAR^, 3" .*?? Rio and Java COFFEE, ! 10 hbfls.dnw priced) MOLASSES. 1 For wtlwhT JOHN i.BWil'K. ? W / 'RANDKLL, OPTICIAN, 1 V> Ao. iirvif St., I Haa constantly on hand a iarje assortment of < Prenoh Near-sitntad. Periecnsic, ? ?? ? ored, aodai. other SPEOTA'-LKS, oi"^^ i the best toa.itjr, m cold, silver, steel.and German ? ilrer frames. N. B. Old Frames Repaired sue < B?v ( Maes st in thorn to order. no ia-lr t \f ABSEY, COLLIN8 * CO '8 PH1LADEL- , iTl PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oon.tantij J receiving fresh supplies oftne above delightful bev- t erase, s ad invite all persons who want a pars un- ( adutmuttd Ale, to cits it a trial. . ARNY A SHINN, Afsnts, fe IT Oram St.. S?or(?tswv, j Dr. J. H. McLEAN S 8TREN GTHEKTNG CORDIAL AND BLOOD Pt BIFItR { THE GREATEST REMEDY is tAs WORLD, ? aad the mmt Dsliciocs attn Ni DELIOHTPUL 1< \jfETER ri??i<r'^LS? 1 bis CooipoB:id,'pf?tjRiC Uoo of rwu, btrba, wR. '? bark* Y allow Wm Dock. Blood Root, Black Baraapafllv B^rk, and Dandelion nu | mm ?oim ixiu iu torn - " t lb po?u<*. p Vg ? Tha entire acu?e r IB Z letoc lakfiti^-s; rrS"1" J] diatillinr, producing * deuciooe, eihit-irating epirtt, and the tl moat Infallible remedy for renovatiaf the c aaaeed e yet err, Q and reetoncg tv f aick, eufferiuf, and debilitated invalid I* , beilth and etrenflh . McLEArrS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will tffeetnaliy car* Li*r Complaint, Dyepepaia, Jaaadiee, Chronic or Ncoti Debility, Dieeaaea of the Kidnaye, V and all dieeseee anaiof from a disordered Liver or Stomach, a Dyepepeia, Hearttorn, luwerd Pilaa, Acidity or Sickneea of <J tha Rtomacb, Fallneee of BlsoJ to the Dtii, Dell Pmn er Swimming in tha Htid, Palpitation of the Heart, Fallneee *| or Weight is tha Su>Dich. Snar Eractatiooe, Chokiif or . Safocatinf Feeling whan laying down. Dry nasi or YelloWnaat of tha Skia and Eyee, \ight Sweata, toward Fanri, Fain in tha Small of iht Back, Cheat, or Sid*. Sadden J Flaefcce of Htat, Dapraaaion of Spinu, Frightful Diaami. ' Lanroer, Deepondeucy or u; uerroae dieraae. Rorwe or r Elotchee on to* Itu, Favar an4 Ani (or CkUll aad * irn.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES bava been told daring the laat ?ii month*, and in oo toIUDCI hae it failed 111 firing enure e?ttefaetinei. Who, then, will toiler from Wtilom or Debility when McLIAMI 8TR ENQTHEN1NQ CORDIAL will core Tom 1 No laupaage can convey an adoq at* idaa of the immadl- I 1 at* and alrr.oe: miracslcu change produced by taking thie Cordial in the diM'Mil, diMltbiad, and ehauered nervosa eyetem, whether broken down by txcesa, weak by aatare, or impaired by atckneee, tke relaxed and anotraag organisation (* reetcred to ita pneuoe healtb and vicar MARRIED PERSONS ( or where, ocmecioae of inability from wbete*er caaae, will <hd McLSANI 6TRKN JtHENINQ CORDIAL a Ux>- J rosfb regeneratorof the eyetem; and all who ui? have in jared theu.eelv*s by improper indelgencee will tni la tb;a Cordial a earuio and apeecy remedy. TO THE LADIES. c McLEAH" STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ia a irn and apeed* enre for Incipient Coneomptioo, Wl Itea, Obatraeted or DiCcalt Maaetnuutioa. lucoaunenca of lirti.e { or lnvoionnre Piecharge thereof, Falling of tke Womb, . Giddinaee, Fainting, and all diaeaeee incident to Femilea. Q THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT li Buffer no longtr. Take it according to diroettena. It ? ill etimalata, etrengtheu, and invigorate and canae il.a t bloom of health to mount yomr cheek again. Every bottle ia P warranted to gi?e eatiefactlon. I FOR CHILDREN P If Toor eb ldrtn art sicklj, puns or ifltetM, McLEAKf CORDIAL will ir*?kt tb?m bcalthj, fat, and rohut Delay I cot a moment; trj it, and yam will be It U da- 0 Ucioaa to laka. D CA UT10N. o Beware of drag^iata or dealera who may try to palm ar<*> o yon ?om? biucr or ?\reapanlla traak, which they cut tuy cheip, by aayinr it ia met aa rood Antd tack mat Aafc for McLkANI VrRENOTHKNINU CORDIAL, and i.kt nothinr alsa. It la the only remedy that will purify iba 1 Biood tboroafbly e*d at th* aama time etrenfrtbea the syateia. Una teaapooafal takau e?ery tnomii.f faeunf ia a certain preventive for Cholera, Cbilla and Fever, Tallow { my prevalent dieeaee It ia pat ap In Urge bottlee fnce J or.fy $1 per bottle, or 6 bottlre for #6. J H Ml LEAN, g Sole proprietor of tkia Cordial; alec, McLaan'a Vmol.c Oil g Liniment Principal Depot oo tha corner of TLird aad Pice etraata, St. Looia, Mo. & McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, } (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) Tha anly aifi aad certain car a for Caacera, Piiaa, Tamora, Bwallinfetnd Broncbila or Coitra, Paralyaia, Neartlfia, Waakuraaof the Muaclea, Chronic or Inflammatory Rhenmatiem, Snffneee of Um Jointa, < Contracted Maaclea ar Lifamente, Ear iche or Tooihache, Braiaaa, Spraine, Freeh Cuta, Wounda, Ulcera, Fever Scree, Caked Braaat, B?re f Ntpplea, Barna, ScaJda, Sore Throat, or any lulammatiou ar pcin, no difference how eevtra or lonr the dieeaae may liar* exittei, Mr LEAK* CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia r a certain remedy. Tboaaaade of hnnnn being* have haan eared a life ol dia crapitadt aad miicry by tha nee ofthie invalaabie remedy. McLEAtrS VOLCANIC OIL L1NIXKKT ' Will raliata paia aimoat inataoU-aeooal j, and it will cUati, purify and heal tha foalaet eoree in an iacradibl* ahort uom. FOR HORSES ASD OTHER ANIMALS t MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ta the only a*fa and reliable reiaedy for the car* of Spana, R-np'botia, WindfalU, SpWnta. Cnnataral Lnmpa, Nodes rr 6vallit<ra It aarer failed la ear? Bif Haad, Palltnl, Kietala, <nd Raoiiiaf Sorea, or Sweeny, if pre parly appl;ed. for o Spraiaa, Brniepa, Scratches, Craekad Heela, Sbafaa, Saddle or Collar Oalla, Cms, Korea, or W ootids, it u u infallible rairedy. Apply it aa directed and a cara M certain ta e?ery matanea. f TBo trifle aa loafer with the away wortbleae Lintmeaia offered to you. Obtain a supply of Da. MCLEAN'S C*.LE BRATED LINIMENT. It will cara ?oo. J. H. McLEAN, Bala Proprietor, Corner Third and Pine ata., St. Loan, Maw CHARLES gtOTT, 37$ Pa. a?.f aoia ajreni la Wuhinf! taa; R.8 T. ClSSEL.Oaarfatowa. aaWDAWIy BKS V. TKKXCS. \V Jt. r. KlCIifTXlX. J WEW FIKN FRENCH * RICHSTEIN, i ( Sueetssors to IVm. F. Eayly ) Wfio.eitl* and Retail Dealer* in BOOKS, STATIONERY, ahd PERIODICALS, , No. 978 Pl!*N*YLVAJIIA Avxurx. Weddinc and Viaitinj Cards neatly entrared and printed. Paper and Envelope# stamped with Initial vithoot ?xtr? charge. Hnbeeription* reoeivod for all the Weekly Papera and Macasinoa; also. New York Herald. Time*. and Tnbuna. Ca'4 ?nd examine oar atook. . . AH UKind iiooka told from 10 to JO par oent. leu than the Pnbluher'a prioea. C7*Anf Hooka not on hand ordored with dlapatcr. from London, Paha. Nov York, ttoeton, atfd Phi adelphia. oo S4 im f|CEOOL AND COLLEgK OlfTFITB. t ouths1 and Boys' Clothing for School and W : , brut Wtar. * iiiw/iiTtbSurt!rr i&'hwi&T^r4 hSMI 39'2 Ptu. tftau. H0?M?BUPW*A|HlvtNTB. Goons. I % We have now on h*n4 a well aaieeted stock of i he above goods, suck as bheetinrs, lab s Lineus, Napkins, Towelinrs. Linsets, Full Cloths, B ?u ? keti?from oornnon to very ins?Osnaburx*. B " f D?meMirs. Oin|ht,iTv?, Pillow Case Cottons snd Linens, Dunbar ? ftakmaoa's, UarkliM. Char>*T , & Co , aud Rtohardson's Irish Linens in all qnsli- >( ties, ail of whieh ws trill dispose of on the best T*YLOR * HUTcqisoft. K_1 W. n A.ulLlUa _ .1 11. pAINTKE, . wd DEALER IN PAINTB, ^ J No. IH Tim Btiiit, mw Odd IWlW M?A. i WTTTY~W? IK>WW. I P"*-fP,NB ^aVp.nkc.nolb- j A beautiful art tola, m to MUat ' cp*ra,(bemc c!f*r * '"!jx> whedj and *1 iuA i?M ?o?t ^ tfjNG A tfl&CHRLL, nc M C(Wr Vermont ir. %mi art ?ta. I Wood ^lT o o ? i j igMftSCJ THE WEEKLY STAR1' ttu e&& t? foud la mi ittr-u paMtafcat <a SM*rd?j acnuf. fi&ftie ? 97. Mr um? 91 U Fi wm any M }?l ^^oop'W _? witliout tit* liMnrM&M ol * m&i. hmI. u wi" s?nr^ua.T?:?? Sfti&su: UroTcboat U?? o?nln- ^ *"*m U0 JR: asSirfSi! s?w?e ?? mOT~TriM-?int2I?ftN?S , "0, ** ILTP-iitinMtori who aot M i(?Gti will bs gl lo?M a ooivmitaioB of V MBit. MISCELLANEOUS. THE 01XY PREPAJLATIOM WOITBT or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRON AOS FOR STATESITEK, J L OOKS, rLEKGYMKS. LADIES. *md OESTLBMEX in *'l p\ru of th* world testify t? tho tkemej "f PROF.O.J WOOD S HAIK RESTORATIVE, W<1 r?nt!emra of tlM Press are tnsninoti ib its K&iwv A few UitiBumm o?)t ou bs hor* giroo m oirou.%r tor a?or?, and it will bo imposslbis tot rou to doubt. n Wall Nrw Yon, D?e.?. 1MB Grmhm -u Yo?r note ol the lttfc iltlMl ksi i? v^f-rp* l torati ve, an" reqaoating } Mitii?tU of thefaot f 1 bad no objeoUon ?b ji?e it. 1 award it to jo* cheotfalty. b*oMM I thtak it iue. My m* fa tbaat M yaara ; Um volar of ay Mir an barn. Mi inc.mod to oarl. 8a?a ire or ui joni mum U btun to tarn (raj.and U)a aea<p >n the crown of my hood to loee ita aer.tibility and landrtiff to form apoa it. Each of tkee*4iaa*ma tbiiiUee inoivaeed with time. and about 4 aaoptha hum a fourth was added to them, by hair tawinc )ff the lop of mj head and threatening to sake mo iald. In thiaanpteaaant p-ediraaient I wma tadaood to tt W ood'a Hoar Roatoratave. auualy to arrea* the aUirtc off of mr hair, for 1 bad raalti no oapootaacn that gray bairiou.d over bo raatorod to ita >ri?ioaJ aoior except from d ran. I waa, howeror, ;reatly aarariaed to fcnd, after the nee of two bot lea only, that not only waa the fa liar of arreatod. >nt the color waa eatoted to the yra? haire mw enuWMy to the aealp. anc d and raff o*aaod to form in my head, vory much to the ??atif>o%tion of my llfft. tt vkfkM tflllniUllAB I ?? ? ? ?-? >? w OPV J U? W W J IV. For this, anou the many obligationa I ?* to i?r ?ex, I atmngly reoommend all nnabanrie trbo ' Be the fc<Jroir*ti"B of their wl vee to prof t by nr lamiM*. and u*? it if grow n* rt? orgettint had. Very reepoctfnlly, B**. A. Uviddii. To O.J. Wood * Co.. 444 Broadway. N. Y. My family ar? (Keen t from the city, and I aai ao anger at No. U Carrol P.aoe. ?u*?r?i. Ala.. Jfly so.isv. To Pao*. O J.TVoou Dear Sir?Yoar "Hair I'atorative" haa done nry hair no n.noh good airce e>raitieoo?d the aa*ot it, that! aiah to ma*a tows to the pablie of ita rffeeta oath* hair, wfclefc .re great. A or woman m%* benearly deprived >f hair.and by areeorttoyo?r"Hair He?torati?e" he hair will return naore beautiln thac ever, at aaat Una la my experience. Baiiereita Voara tmlr. w*. H kkkkdtP. 8.?You oan pohilah the ahora if yaa like H* ubliehing in oar Southern pay ere yoai will gat ore patronage SobUl. 1 eee aereral of yuar oerifioatea id the Mobile Meroary, a etroag b?atbera ape:. W. H. KajiEPt. u'nnnt datd ??r?ww ?? wv o untn ?% UV i vnn II* fit* P*o?. O J. W?ot: lV?r Sir: HaTi?( M the ltofortane to loee the beat portion of njlwr, froai t?a effects of the ye! o? fe*er, la New Oriea'-t in iSl, 1 wm indaoed to naiie a trial of joar prefers on. and found it to antwer m tor vary tiling erded. My hair it now thick and glotsy,aad no rordt o?n express my ob!icationt to yoa in gmng ? the atBioted aucta a traaeure Fiklbt Joaweoa. The Restorative la eat or in bottlM of Urae tiste. is : large, medium and small; the small hold half pint, and retails for on* dollar per bottle; the mefum holds at least an per oent. more la proportion Han the email, retails for two dollars perVHtla ; lie large holds a smart,?? par oenLstore la prop** ion, and retails for #3 O. J. WOOD k. CO., Proprietor, 444 Broad ray, New Yori.aod 114 B&arkatstraat, Bt. Lobs. to. And sold by all good Dragg iats and Paaer Onoda >ealers. as 27 aoiy,alw TJ. O. R^?tJ T. A. HriHEWELLf UNIVERSAL COUGH KKKXDY, 7or all Tkroai and Lang Complaint*, from Common Cougks to Actnal CmnafMi. HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CKLIIKiTI* Vke Ilatural and Sure Remtdy faratl Norvouj complaint*, From NenraJrta Uiroaih ail win vhart Opinro rxr t?w used to that of lWiriam Xrtamt, im to* ouuuoa ofcief oab(-? of maeaa* LOSS OF BLEEP. The Tola Arodyue. thcnch ooniainnf Do(tf?rio?e of Ori*?i, yrodwe? Ml the wnuiiwmw o(, nd may be ceed m a.. c&act vhereror Or>un wae mat tv thoat or.,coding a.t?" r.* t>at Cir<%ud i&vice iho patiect in a p^rfeoty natural The Unireraal Coach Remedy, (freed from all be onmnui obieotioa of Coach R*inediea. whieh n*dnc?> naueea or pmctration.i ma* be ooamderod he common enemy to ail Throat and Lane C-omlatnU. ana aaed with perfect lrnpaatty. Aaklut M to oonrt from proprietors or fneoda the nnwt Jve^e mvotucation or both Rm^ad ! ?*. an ,2 readlac oar p\mphlcts to beloucd with a.. c? n. ai.^ lore parUon'ar.y to parokaae only of tfcoae who ao be depended upon, * wait in nnnftrt?nn the ieciaiona of Patieata ami Phyuoia&a. tin - ?4_ rnow wiuur r>?ou n i ainniL i*nm. HtNNtwiul Co., 7 ai.d !?. Comnaroial ?i!of^k*iiiwia, Ul W?ter iCN?w VoU. I'ndxr the ?r??ci*. attpernatOB ot JO UN L. HCN <K\T ELL. Chemist anU Pharmaoeutiat, BwVii, ?%ss., wnoae ?ir nature oorer* the oo-kaoftha etiaina only, and to whom addrea* ail ?omisi alto Da. sM!d r>T al> r?MMlah>? daaJera fw^whw*. ard 11 the Drogfiata la Waahiactou Ud e?or(?iown. mar ? <*o.r r PROCLAMATION! O THE Washington! o1eor u ?tq w n , *.?. Wkmtmt, At U>? praaont aaaaoa o the yaar HOLERA MORB18, fcHOLlC, >Y8ENTER Y. DnrmiA. I>EB1LITY. Ac.. Ae? to aa alarmtcg extort: And w4?rMi, 11 maat he of tbe FIRST CONSBQUENCE o every ramiiy to koow ?f A REMEDY ? or Pan. Bert hi* MIRACULOUS PAIN K1LLKR CERTA INLAND EFFECTUAL tF.MEDV FOR THE ABOYE COMPLAINTS la order to satisfy THE PUBLIC thV no imposition iiitndnl in the sale of this Greet Medioine, THE MONEY WILL HE REFUNDED SM all mim rhen the medicine fail* to Rive entire eatirihotto take m direoted, aad if aot perfect! j WMPM Prioe?84 and 60 Coats par Bottle. Far sale at all Drag Storee asaif baia. JAB. Mo DON NELL, b^r-v A cent. I wit. untr IUm?r< "' ft. HAlL if?t,b?tw? I>??d U?m?M??. ? 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