Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Though Tki Sta? la printed on the ftato* ifMm prcaa la utt south of Baltimore, lta edition la at* large aa to require It to be pat to preee at an early hour; Adrmiaementa, therefore, should be sent ta before t2 o'clock rn; at her viae they dm? not appear until the next day. Notici.?Dlttrlet of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted In tbe Barmoii Sirs are received ?t and forwarded from Thk Sta* OlBce. Rsligioc*.?Notwithatandlng the high wind during the morning, fdtenlir, there waa a very general turn out of onr church-going citizens to tbe mcrnlnw services in all the houaeaof worsh'p. Tbe afternoon and evening services were alio largely attended. Trinity Church ?In the morning, tbe Rev. Dr. Rntler (Rector) discoursed from Aria 17. 12. 80 far as mankind could judge from the records of Scripture, it did not appear that more womeu than men became Christiana. On tbe contrary, there wai one pessage of Scripture which seemed intended to correct a then prevaler* lmpreaalon that In consequence of the tin of bre, women would have more difficulty in being received and avrd than men. Adain wm not first deceived: *>"t Eve, which cauaed her aex to become involved In the transgresalon. ptlt\ notwithstanding this * /*<-i 11c curse incurred by Eve's transgression, woman \vu not thereby necessarily excluded from the privilege of Redemption, secured by faith snd -w ell dolnu, but only ex'-lnded from the office of n public tearher in thechnrch of God Here, then, the Apostle argued to meet a prevailing prejudice that women would not have as good an opportunity for salvation as men. Bnt the prevailing liu-preakioo st the present dav was that it was easier for women to be religious than men. It was ?-qn*lly manifest that there were many more christian women than men In the congregation lie was then addressing, they constituted about two-thirds of the whole number. In many ?*burcbes tbev were as three to one. He had teard <>f *onie chnrrbn in whlcb they were as ten to ?ne. It was a curious and startling fact, and one to "which the ifllnistryof tbe church of God bad been nc-niiy directed. An admirable little volume had recently l>*en published by a Presbyter of the church of Virginia, In whlcn the writer laquires Into the reason of this fact. In his opinion It is not to be attributed to tbe o^ftnic diversity of tbe sexes; to a higher moral constitution of man; nor in tbe real or supposed Act that man had more brain acd woman more heart; but la tbe different education of tbe sexes: in the different relations which they sustained to the families, the Mite, society, business, and. perhaps more than all, to different standard* which man, the master of opinions, the maker of manners, had prescribed for himself and for woman t^ome persons held thai it was the fault of the clergy In adapting their diar?urses more to the understanding and feelings cf women than men. Ministers, It waa aald, did not vem to enter Into the peculiar temptations, akeptir'sms, difficulties, and obstacles in the way of men. They often Intimated that preachers themselves became rather womanish in spirit. Most persons thought It was essler for women to be religious than men; and hence they thought it also more important that they should be so; and bat the) themselves could get along better than the other sex without reliirlon. He saw no reason for supposing that woman was lea* completely a fallen being, or less depraved in nature than man. In all ibat which constituted sinfulness there could be no difference between the positions It was the race that had fallen, and these were Its characteristics as a race, lie did not see how, on theological grounds, an argument could be constructed to show a happier, purer, moral condition on the part of woman tuan man. On the contrary, a plausible argument could be constrn?-t?-d from woman's fall to prove that she was at first more accessible to evil than man, and a.nce then more depraved. Still less could such an argument be based on grounds of analogy win 01 dt creatures, ror it wouia De difficult to ?hpw that the female sex was higher and finer in )U m<ke?quality?than man. Neither waa he able to believe that there waa anything in the usual life of wotran. in the female caret and duties. which rendei-d them lesa likely to call out and foater innate sths, than the perplexities and eares of men in their various occupations He attributed this difference to the fact that aa a class they have some advantages which men have not, for overcoming the equal evil and the equal temptation. Woman was a dependent?her sufferings and her wrongs inflicted by man, drove her to the altar to seek comfort and consolation. She Is driven tn fKriil hv heart rushes to the chnrch of God, aa a bird overtaken by tbe tempest beata its ruffled wings against tbe window of a lonely habitation, or a lost bird upon the a?--t. w?rv and exhausted, dropa upon tbe ahlp, which ia the sole renting place on all the vast waters Kyiand Ckaptl ?In the morning, tbe Pastor. He* Mr Coombs. discoursed from Jeremiah 22 24 ' As I live, saitb tbe Lord, tbongh Coniah tbe aon of Jehoiaklm King of Jadah were the signet upon u.y right hand, vet would 1 pluck tbee tUecce Tbe Rev. speaker said.the Prophet Jercin.ali waa *nit to the bouae of tbe King of Judah lailk Ihs ?? 1 ** ** ? - ?>? u roi?|[r, nuuriiD^ mem m repentance with promise* and threatening* of the judgment of God If they perish in wickedness and sin. The idea expressed in the text la, however dear we be In the light of God, dear to him as the signet upon hi* right hand, yet If we continue laaconrse ? t ?in and crime, we forfeit his good will and es*' r.n, and are plucked outtbeu:e, punished f?r tsar.sgresatng his law The signet referred to whs n ring set with a precious gem, worn by the ancients on the right band, and was a symbol of power and authority. The illustration* were apt and forcible to show the sure and fearful punishment to the lncorrtble sinner and unt?ellcver?that of the antediluvians, the Jewa, God's chi ten people, aud the rebellious angels, were moat prominent Closing wi'.h the necessity and justness for Ood's punishing vain and mortal man to sustain nad npbold his moral government, and tjie remedy to avert the threatened danger by Immediately suelng for pardon and forgiveness. Tlie discourse vni listened to with marked attention mad pleasure by a numerous assemblage In the evening, tbe text selected was from Roman*, 8. 18. timet Church.?Rev. Mr. Holmead, the rector, discoursed in tbe morning from Hebrew*. 8.IK The text Lid evident reference to tbe cities of Refuse established under directcommand of God. I An Interesting description was given of these tlx cities and the immunities afforded by them, and a contrast was drawn between the Intense anxiety with which the panting fugitive fleeing from family, home and everything dear to him, strained every nerve to reach the place of refuge in advance of bis puraoers. and th0 careless anathv with which fhe inner similarly conditioned lingers, heedless af the deadly ad versary In pursuit of him Method ill ProuMM Church. 9th 8'rtet ?The morning service was conducted bv Rev. Wm C Lipscomb of Virginia, who preactted an able discourse from Galatians, 0 14. It wss uuite > treat to bear a discourse from this veaersble minister, who. for many years, has been absent from the Washington pulpit. He Is the fhther of Rev Andrew A. Lipscomb, D. 1)., formerly pastor of tbiseh'urch. At night. Rev. p. Light Wilson, pastor, preached from Proverbs, 29. L The I'miCM Praytr M'etiHK, under *h? suspires of the Yonnv Men's Chriufia * held *4 usual at Waugh Chapel, Capitol Hill, yesterday iftrrooxu. It *11 well attei>drd The meeting a as conducted by Mr. Jnaaes il. Bc<ul, r>( ibe Association Brief and appropriate addresses, by Her J R. KOlneer, Mr. Clark and otters, added to the gratification of the audience. >'r. John't Church?At the 11 o'clock a.m. service Dr Pyne preached from Hebrews 3.1 to a la.-ge ( objrelation, preTiouato the communion of the Lord's Supper. The l>enutlful Episcopal service was well rendered by the choir under Miss Juliana May. \ Mtitodisi Churrh South.?Her Mr. Proctor prosehed In the morning from Hebrews 912. At the uight service tberowas a crowded attendance, and much attention was bestowed upon the rentwks of Rev. Mr. Proctor from Luke Id 13. Pwmtimtmmt V?~ V?J I the morn tug, the pastor (Rev. Win. T. Damon) preached fn>av HibtUuk is the evening, Re* Mr. Roby, of Georgetown, delivered ft disuouk frein 1st Timothy 2.9. Atstmbiy t (Prtsbjttnan) Church.? Rev . D. Collins, of New York city, conducted the service* lu this church yesterday?preaching 1a the morning from John 7, 17. and at night from Jehng, 18. WttUy Ckajnl ?The service* of the day were conducted by the pwtnr, Rev Iklr. McCaullv.who piea bed In the morning from the test of Philip, plans 3 7?in the evealng from Psalms 84.12. C*!TT*al G*a*piiocsi CasbsSaturday?W. and Samuel Swain were arrested by policeitien Fanning and bckloff for being drunk and d-orderly, and were Ined .15 eech. Patrick \\ elsti assaulted and beet his father with m Distal fcr which be waa Mat to the workhouae for IW data- Three lodgera. Sunday?John Headrreon, for ateaitng, waa arrrstrd by polleemaa Bright; for total. Mary Kkton, eel., for briagdraak aad lighting, vu flaed ?4 15 Samuel Godfrry, for a like offiiae, wn 3 nod a itkr lum. Tiro lod^rra ware aceoat*. modatad IT f Piaa ?At a lata tear Saturday Bight a Ire l>rotoe oot io a frame butIdlog la the no- thwratera put of tbectty. The Union and Franklin Flrt Com pan Ira got to the Ira aad went to wark* but too late la aave lha property from deatru -tia:i. The Penevormaee and Columbia CofflMdVi ilM rarrlro their heavy apparatus to the rfclolty. buf the distance waa too great tor them to ha La urnft to use their enginea. , 't Siiit? -Rev. Andrew G Carothera, of thla city. Consul to Turk's island, sailed oa Saturday. lM? inat . from Near Yaek, in the bark ' T*rl4a,? f ?r St Thouios, and from tbence will go to Turk"? Ui.nd. Owing to adverse wjnda the bark wa? t ori iMt^rlu m k- v ?? -? - m lr JirrntesiA* Co mist la still << going op" at m Tb-ster Tbe bill for to-alght1s "Oor Americas Cousin.'' (for tbe last time,) Mr. Jefferson u Aaa Trencbard, and the musical farce of the ? bwlss dwdint, M.aa Mary Shaw as Lisette. Oca oood looiisg and active voung friend Mortimer la aa bosy aa a bee we notice, dispens'ng Martin's capital " Cream Ale," for whk fc be has tbe agency bere We have tried said ale aad caa give it the endorsement of our sovereign approval. ris* Otitiii ?Hutcv, on C street, opposite the Theatre. baa on band some of the finest o>aters ever brought to Waahlngton. Families using oystesa will nearly always find there the beat naually brought here. Capitalists will find a card addressed to them In another column, in which the advertiser proposes to sell out cheap, In consequence of the present threatening aspect of affalra. Wihtab's Balsam or Wild CaniT. The followinit letter from Rev. Hkrby Wood, of Conoord. N. H? Editor of the Congregational Journal, ?peaks volumes in favor oi Wistar't Bahama? Coxcobd. N. H., March 2. Mums. 9*th W. Fowl* A Co.?Qtntitmen : Two ysars a*o,a sudden and violent attack npon my Lungs confined me to my bod for several woeks, and when I recovered, I was so much oppressed by a . #x i._ i i - - uiiik uikj in uicsHuui, uim i wim vhcu un?uio IU lMp or rest upon a b?rl by night. The suffering wu extreme, and judging from the in efficacy of the remedies used. I supposed the disease incurable. Being persuaded to try a bottle of Wtstar's Bilsam f' Wtld Cherry, without confidence in its efficacy, found the difficulty almost entirely removed teefore one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces me to make this publio statement, and recommend the article to others similarly atfiicted. With respect, yonr j truly. Hxjtut Wood. None genuine unless igned I. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by S. W. Fowle t Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman, 8. C. Ford. Jr., S. B. Waite G. Stott, John Schwarie, Nairn & Pamer, Wash mgton; and by dealers everywhere. no 10-lw.r Holloway's Pills. Pr,gninry.?During this delicate sitnation, ladies will experience great r? lief by uung this mild cathartic medioine for eoriecting thoe* indispositions and nauseating sickness to which they are subject at this period. They give a gentie stimulus to the circulation, and puriry and expel all tbo*<? humors whioh irntaie the stomach and bowels. They are so mild that the most delicate oonstitutiou may take them with perfect safety. For assisting females at the dawu of womauhood. or at the turn of life they are equally adapted. Sold by all Druggists at SSo.,62o. and 91 per box. . no 5 lw .. _ Hombopathic Rimim All of Dr. Humphreys * Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxea, at 35 and 50 oenta eaoh. Also, in oaaea, containing 30 rial*, from 9* to 06 each, with book of full directions. For aala by Z. D. Oilman. 350 Pa. avenne, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. 3?3 north F street; alao byF. B. Winter, corner of Maaaachuaetta avenue and Sixth atrwt. Also, PoncTt Extract of Witch Hazel, for internal and external inflammation* of all kinda. Sold aa above. ma 9-It Riadxi, have yon aeen Prof. Wood'a advertisement in our paper. Read it: it will mtereat you. au 25-soIt To thx Afflicted !? Be sure to read the advertisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf DIED, On the morning of the 11th ioitant. after a lingerin* illness, lf?AAC J. REED, Jr., in the24th year ol his ace. The friends of the family are invited to attend the, from the reeidanoe of his parents. 497 First street west, Tuesday afternoon, at2o'olock. NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Next door to Clay's (late U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4J streets. 0. 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Spring and Summer Good* will lx> offered at great sacrifice. CLAGETT A. MAY, no 10 6t 324 Pa. av- bet 9th and 10th sta. T HERRING SAFE FOR SALE. HE Subooribera hare an exonllent seoond hand tl?rri n? Wu. f.. ?' 1- ? > ? ? Hv^.^MN^viiiiVMiuHi aiMi nuicu IIIOJ Will HII oheap. uoS-St JAS C. MoGUIKE A CO. Just received and for sale on acoommCKi&Uiis terms, SO tons of verr superior COKE. GEO. WATERS, 38 High street anil Canal. no 9 flt Georgetown, D C. Heath a knowles, LIFE. FIRE A MARINE insurance agents, Offiofr? Room 16. over Bank of Washington, oc 89 tr Washington. D. fi BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-lMU cokpokatsd 183c.?Joh? 1. Donaldson, Pres.; M. CouLTn, 8?c't. This oompany INSURES LIVES and BUYS aod GRANTS ANNUITIES, Ao. l>Moripti?b pamphlets mar b? obtained at th# Company's Agency lor th* District of Colurab.%, offic* of Lewis Johnson A Co.. Bankers. UKk streei and Peon, avense, J. W, MAG ILL. Agent. D.I. Httwn. M. n. W*d. Rrr. d# 9 ?otf TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Have just reoeived th* largest assortment and bow offer th* most extensive v&rietT?wrvg of L3ATHKK, LADIES' DRKft*?Htt and PACKING TRUCKS, H AT BOX - S,^MU VA> ISBS, CAKPKT BAGS, SATCHKL8, fto., in thi* oity, whioh we ar* selling at very low piieea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO . oo 25 tf 32'J f'n. avanoe. TM HE ATTENTION OF THE C1T1ZENSOP the D.atriot and anrroundieg country ia r?atetfullr eolioited to an examination of oar eeoond Fail SuppI? of the following Gooda: PA^AGF>?W?S"KBORMriF^?AD"c%T i A^SAuPj iA j rill P| DylvlinllCt Mrit/UIV ATIONS and CEILING PAPERS, embrnouig every oonceivabU deeiga, and ranging in prioeafrom 10 "Vteaiand Imitation Gold Band and Painted WINDOW SHADbSawi SHAPE HOLLANDS of aU w&llt DCOKnTqg CURTAIN BANDS, and PlClWtltand SH^ADE CORDS in ?1 eolora, together with an hnmenee atook of Pioture ana Hliada rASSKLS, LOOPS, Ae .to matoh. Theae good* bare been oarefully * elected from elargeat raaaafaotoriea in the oeuntry, and we 1 oonfident that an examination or oar atook will oonvinee any oaa of the adraatagee we offer ia mea, under the immediate aupemaion of ofaMltha firm, aad ia ail caaaa warranted eqoal to any don# -? i-"- * . v ?..yw WHW INV wottia iii ii inspection of our jtock. _ risbaput it obi! ; ^ flavb yooe time . j % and money, and go and purchase your dry goods AT THE CHEAPEST STORK. | t batweoa 1 <uul kn R ?-a Ttnr Iw?wse**erww gloaks 0 WANTS. WANTED-By ft youni woain,ft SITU A HON " iwmitrfn, or to stftud in ft atore. Apply t No. 604 G?rn?on ?t, Nftvy Vftrd no 12-2tf Y17ANTEDTO RKNT-With the privilege of ?? J>ti>icg ft PLACE of fromS to 3j ftores, not o er four or Bve miles from Wftchintton. Ad I ".-as, looftlity. prici, Ac.. B ?x 310 VVftshincton City Po? Office. fto U-3t^_ \A7ANTED? By ft eteftdv voiiiftn. ft 1M*A<"F. u " c< ok, wft*her, ftnJ irouor r.r chftsnbermftil. or hou*eir< id. She c?n give *a-i?fact ?ry ref-r-ncee , to ft?j Amily wishing to emplo* ft re'iftbie ftn>l industriom domestic. Address Box 12, tftftr Office. no SERVANT WANTED, to eookftml w?ah in ft smftll fftMii y A slave preferred. Inquire ftt the northeatt corner of north B ? ><! Fir*t street*. Capitol Hill, or addreaa Box 14,sStar Office. no 10-3t? ftlAA TO 96OO ?A younn man. of very ateady sPl""' *nd temperate habita, withe* to inv?at t.iis amount m a money-making, respectable bu*ine?*. where hi* time will be encaged, or &? a partner. Addreaa B V., Ci'j Po*t OJhce, confidentially, atating bn*ine*a and wnere an interview may be had. Good reference reqnired. no 10 3t* * A MHI> t\ a > aaHn.. if/AinciU-A oompeieni ooioreo waiikk v v Apply imn.edataly at No. 479 Pa. avenue. no 9 't 1*7ANTED-A SITUATION, by a respectable IT woman, to do housework or mind children. The beat of reference given. Apply at the corner of G and North Capitol ate no 9 St* %J|7ANTEI>?For a email family withont child* " ren. a comfortable HOUSE, with baok buildin* Looation west of Twelfth and north of F at. Addreaa No. 100 Winder's Building. po9-6t* (Baltimore Sun oopy.) 1 WANTED?Everybody to know that PAGE'S Confectionery, No. 436 tteventh atreet,above }?, ia the place to get freah Cakea and other Con eot one at pricea to auit the timea. Ballaand parties forniahed with Ice Cream and other Refreahmento. oc 8*-Sw* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From ?5 to #10.000 worth of SF.OONn-H*Nn PI i UNI TURK of All kinds. Tor which i will guaranty to pay the highest prices,and, as u*nal, at the shortest no- 1 tioe. R. BUCHLY, 1 Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, to., oc 9 4OS 7th st., bet. G and H. east side. AXTEl>?All kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE,for whi' a I will pay the cash, at 369 Seventh street, between I and K. oo 6-tf BONTZ k GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. ! LOST?On Friday, the 9th,either in the Patent Office, or in the 7th street omnibus, or the Cap itol. a ladr's plain gold BRACELET, with a coral hand Attached. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at 337 G street, between lith and i2th no 10-3t* DOG S TOLEN ?A Setter Dog, white and liver colored, blind in the right eye, *asA_^j taken or entioed off from or near the resi-s^^^f dence of his owner, on the 6th or 7th inst $.5 reward will be paid for the retorn of the dog tn \ A J 01 C mtrant n/4 #1A mAA^tI A vv. 11^1 Z W u DDI w*t <?uu <9 I" IVUUVU IUI mr urwv" tion and conviction of tha thief. no 10-3t* TAKEN UP ON MR. PEARSON'S FARM. I '-Brentwood," FIVE HOGS. ThejfVSjr^ ownir will please cal immediate y, prove property, pay charges, and tak* thnmslwJ^a away. JOHN SHANAffANT no 0 St* Manager. rj y g EMPIRE ?ASH. BLIND. DOOR, AND MOULDING 1 ESTABLISHMENT, No. 662 Skv*nth Strut, opposite Center Market Id. G. CORNING, Successor to H. W. HAMILTON & CO. I take this opportunity of calling the attention of Carpenters and Builders to the immense ttock of HASH. DOORS, BLINDS. MOULDINGS, Ac., Ac., now in store and daily receiving from the manufactory. It h%* become a well-known fact, that the materials furnished from this es'ablishment are seoond to non*. Our stook we warrant manufactured from we'l seasoned 'umber, and finished by experienced workmen. We do not he*itate to sey tliat we now have in store the mast complete took of the above-mentioned articles ever before offered in thia vioinity, to whioh w* respectfully invite the attention of the public. SAVK YOUR TIME AND MONEY, by purchasing your Building Materials at the Old hstablishment, No. 56i He<enth ?t eet, where you will get a good artic.e at a fair price. fllTB nni)D nCUiDTIIL'MT v *_ *? I/AJl an I .UU11 I la well stocked with * No 1 article of all the va rioua siies, style*, and thicknesses. A small lot of I'rfminra Fancy Front Ooo'i, whioh are worthy tho attention of those about building?having drawn the first premium at the Pennsylvania State Fair, and manufactured at the Empire Mills o{ Messrs. Potter & Co. OUR SASH AND BLIND DEPARTMENT is also oomplete with a<f sizes and 'tries, to whioh we call particular attention. G!az"d Sash constantly ot. hand. Hut Bed Sash, Inside Shutters, Jto., furnished at short notice. OUR MOULDING-DEPARTMENT is also oomp ete with all the stiles now in general me. We are also prepared to f>rnish Montdingsof any desired pattern. Al?<>, all kinds of Turned Work, Scroll Sawing, Newell Pons, Ba!u?ters, Door Frames, and W indow Frames, of ail kinds. Also on han .,a seneral a s rtmentoi Glass, Putty, to . which we are offering at low rates. 1X1^ A ca : is solicited and satisfaction given or no sale. N. B.?A libemCducfunt for oash. n. g. corning, Proprietor of the Empire l*a?h. Blind and Moulding Kstahln hment, no 2-tf No 56'i Seventh street. JJOW HAVE THE LADIES voted i Elias H?>wk, Jr., of Boston, who is the inventor of the "loclc-stitgh" used by the principal sewing machines. requiem sworn return* to f>? made to him of ine Jiumber sold bjr each company, and obliges thenrtn par him a lio?*nse forrverir machine old Tiie following statement is copietf from Mr. Howe's published report* for 185B anil 1359. It will be Mn that WHCBLU A. WILSON'S 8KWING M ACHTNE i? preferred by au immense majority of the ladies, 111 >p;te of the effort* of inter eited parties to injure ita sale. 185n. 1959. Whaler & Wilson .. ?_.7,978 al,a? Grover & Baker..-S.tfTO 10.280 1. M. Sutler k. Co.._ 3^M lo;?53 Ladd & Webster 490 i,m A.B.Howe 179 021 Bir'hclf........... 2i>3 747 l.waritt & Co.._.75 215 FinklnA Lyon, ..~ 530 All others-? 8? _ Th?? Wheeler Jt Wilnon Agency is at No 346 Pennsylvania aronue. Prions range frmn $40 to $Hfi. Full instruction* given to purohaaeis, at their aowi/s. Silk, Cotton, Needles, Ao.. for sale. P. J. STEER. Agent, 346 Penuaylvani% avenue N. B.?Send for a Ciroolar. oc 25-3wif Elegant and rich assortmen r J" CURTAIN MATERIALS, At Co?t Pricbs. St in to be iolit out, at prime cost, at the ?tore of the late firm of CLAGETT A lKJDSoN, a full ?upply of? Elegant Enzluh. French and German BrocateUen, Paritan EiolT?de Algenneen Bayadere, Do Sat-n de Lainea and Dainaaka, Kand German Plain ard Striped Repa, Embroidered and Plain Cloth Curtain*, in length* and bv the yard. A ao, elegant French. Swiaa and Bohemian Lao? Under furtaina. and afull and complete aasortmect ofQilt Bhadee.Cornices.Tasseia.Gihips.Side Hard*, Sc.c, all to furnish the windows of par.ors. dining rooms, libraries, chambers, office*. Ac., which a^o now telling out at prime cost for the cacti. No wore Will be asked, nor Jess taken. t*uch bargain* and such goods, at snch prioes, will doubtless never be bought at such sacrifice* again in thi* city. Persons in want are advisod to rail soon, before the assortment is broken, at the store of CLAGETT* DODSON, no 6 eo2w No. 4 Market rS?ace. pAMlLlKS WANT A HEALTHY DRINK ! THEY WANT IT PURE. TEMPERATE and cheap: COLINEAU'STABLE BEER I8TIIE THING ! It ia lew intoxiaatiog than cider, knd is far more palatable and strengthening. For sale by all Grooars, 3 cents a glass?65* oenta a quart. no 6-lm 11 G H T LIGHT!! a light Just received Sn barrets superior COAL OIL from the Virginia Coal and Oil Company, delivered at 90 cents per gallon Al?o. 25 barrels No. 1 ETHEREAL OIL at ? cents per gallon. Call at No. 401 Pa. a v. no9-3t H. C PURDV. TiO THE CIT1 S3 EN* OP WASHINGTON.?1 have ja-t recai ved and will commence unload ing to-morrow a aargo of the very best Red A*h I^UAL>(?CC nod stove sixes! ever brought to this market. which I can senddireot from the vessel if our orders are left immediately. R. W. BATES. Wood and Coal Dealer, oc SI Corner C and Uth *t? . n^ar Canal. ItfST RECEIVED TODAY TWO MORE J _ NEW BOOK8.AT FRENCH k RICHSTEIN'8, No. 8T8 Pa. a*. Will He Find Her, oy Winter Soroert"n; Umo., cloth; pme #1.25 by nail. Methodism Buo??saful and Cause of its Saacees; by Tie v. B. K. Trfft, D. Ik( LL. D.; 12mo., oloih ;, price 9125 by mail. oe 26 W? . MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our oustomere, and aiUiene generally, to an inapec'ion of oar present now, at _ mm wuiou wo win max* to oraar in snparior ?tf! e at rsry iowjprlaes. , I _ WALL, 8TEPOF.NS ft COoo 25 tf 323 Pa. av., betw, 9th and lftUi ats. To C- BY THH PEOPLE. HE VsrdtM of the poople ft, that WOOIV ! LKV'8 ANB?OTYPE?< ar? nneaualed by aay in ' *? ??r brilliancy of ton*, elacanoa of finish, . and. lit* iika app?ara ? . Pictersa m a?a,t for 25 cent* and upwa'da J Particular attention paid to cop*in* : also, U> ssi'>* itf ure* for lockets, pins, and rings, all at th? cheap, _ WOobtKY'S GALLERY is at tfca oorner of GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS ^ ?'l*r Cmhiimwi i^rtrfummu tu jUll pmgt 1 fmml *'?tatok*. potatoes. BUSHKLB 0^ri?? N??j#fi? PimI J"1 arriTW! per MliooDtr AUred B n'in. and for tAle from v*taol ib lot* to unit ??reBA??rt, fct . , petkk hkkkv. 5 ""t/ M Water ?tr-l. Georgetown. 1 OOO ??APPLK?-APPLE8! IiUuU BR: S APPLK**. now lAndiBK from choon-r J. A N B?ker, which will be told un to commodating term*, from wharf or J. 6. WAFERS. no 1 tw* 100 Water ?t . Georgetown. LMtKNKW YORK -Th-|.?okrt?eh*?fr Yorkl town, Captain Woclom, will c<>roi>iMoe loading a? above on FRIDAY next, id in?t AtX* For freight apply to MoCOBB k. DODGE. no I 63 \V?t?r ?t . 'jeortetnwtt. NEW STORK! NEW bOODS? MRS. M. SIMSON Informs her numerous fn??. d? and the publio gea rally that the now e?tabli*hed at her N?w^|k Storo, No. Ill Bridge street. Georgetown.?B| two door* above the old stand, where m%y be^Nr foond M u*ua , a large aa*ortin*nt of MILl.INERY DRY GOdDS, HOSIERY, aad EMBROIDERIES. at ihe very lowest market prioes. oo 18-1 m I1JST HK.fiKIVItn? J 10 hhd?. prim* Porto Rioo SUGARS, ia#bb!?.o.d Rye WHIfKY, SMbbls. HKRRING and AI.KWIVF9. 50 bbia. Crushed and R > fa n *<1 -UGAR8, 90 }>&(B Rio and Java COFFER, 10 hhda.rlnw price<li For wle ht JOHN J. BOG UK. > 10 C*"'NDB1X- KW4&.. Uu oonatant!/ on hand a larie assortment of French Near-sunied, Penscoaio. Cw-cuu^ ?red, and al. other SPECTACLES, orC^^^C^ the but *ua.ity, in told. ?il*er. tee!, and German river frames. N. 6. Old F*-*in?? i???ir?H mt ijiiw set in them to ordT. no l?-lj " \fASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PH1LADELJl PH1A DRAIGHT ALE.-Weareeonrtantly reoeivir.e fresh supplies of the aoove drluhtfu bersraee, ar.d invite all who v&nt a pure anfcdulterated Aie. to tire it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, A?ent?, f?l IT QrMn at.. 0*OTt?tnv|| PERSONAL. Madamk morkice.thk orkat a?tkoloaisT Air Doct 11 m*.from Europe.?Thishighly gifted and inUUuent iiulyt can be oonsu ted oa the Past. Present and Futur* Erents. Call at No, 10ft Kichth at., between G and H, Washington, no Mm* FOR SALE AND RENT. A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED PARLOR aid CHAUBfcR. on the first floor, (or rent, at 450 Twelfth ?t , hftwen G and H. no 18 lw* rOR SALE?The Good Will and Fixtures, with a in* Household Furniture, of a ReaL?u-ant and Boardinc-house. The present proprietor ia going South. rhe bu*inea? will he dispoaed of reasoi able. Inquire 542 Pa. avenue. no 12-1 w* C* RAN KLIN HAIL. CORNER OF NINTH " and D atreeta. having been recently fitted up in fine atile ia now for rent for balla. cotillon partiea, exhibit ions. 4c. For particulars apply lo 1'iof. L. G. the hall. It TO LET?Two thrte-atory Brick HOUSES equated on First street wnst. b?'?f?n D and K atreeta north. Also, Store No. 520 Pa. avenue near ti.e Ole Railroad Depjt. Inquire oi uEO. FOLLA!*SBEE. at the Carpenter Shop o.i Third a<reet west one square north of Pa. avenue; or nextdoor to either. n? U-3'.* I| TO CAPITALISTS! N Cons?que->ee of the pr^aent threatening aap*ct of affairs. I will aeU. for TEN THOUSAND DO'.LAKS ca*h, in gold, the fo'lowing list of property One-tentl. interest in a claim of over JWA* acaicat the United States Government. A valuable Patent Right that haa already yielded over 8 0.000 in the taet two year*. Lot of Ground in Washing'on city, D. C.. with three houses on it, cost me #6.<on. Household Furniture, cost me Jl^no, Tract of 32? acre#, m Reynold county. Mo., cost me Tract of CO acres, in .Monona county, Iowa, cost mo $3*60, Tract of jjn acres in Dent connty. Mo., cost me ?3.000, Boud for a House and Lot in Gallatie, Ind , cost me S5*>, Pi?ce of Land in the citv of Buffalo, N. V., cost me SI.2oo, Lot in Excelsior, Minn., co*t me 9200, House and 9-acre Garden, near Buffalo, N. Y.?cost me ?7.650, Lot in 1- redonia, N. Y . cost me ?7'?o. I'or further information mqnireat 363 Ninth st., Washington, D. C roU S'.eo* (lntfl-nori3.15.l7,19^1* 231 t'OR RENT?'Two comfortable ROOMS, on 5:h F street, between G and H. Terms moderate, no 10 3t* FOR SA LK?tine of the oldest and b*?t RES TAURANT STANDS in the city of Washington. h??ides tw<> Tenpin A:ii"s and aShuffi" t.ourd, wi'h a leaee and low rent. The presentowne being otherwise rnga*e \ will sell on reft*>onftble terms. Apply io GEO. M. MILLER. No. 3t>9 Pa avenue, opposite the National Hotel. no )0-3t* fjV\RM FOR SALE.?Any of my f iend* or others that will or expect to leave lor Salt Ri<-er, can be made very comfortable on their io>ite, within nme miles of W&shinfU'n, by application to the snbscriber. who will nell. on verw Iih?ra1 t?rm. ? Farm of2l? acres with good improvement#. City property would be taken in part payment. no '.0 3t tDWARH SIMMS. 1*0 RENT?That pleasant COTTAttF. RESI I DEN?'E, cortaismg 7 rooms, with Iront balcony, large yard* in front and t ear. fronting H st. in Hrmfin!: Office Sqnsre, between North Capital *n<l First sts. Ilent S2*? p?r annum. Address, by iutter or in person, \Y M. ST1CKNEY. no t-tf f FOR SALE?A rew two story brick HOUSE on Fourth street. bfb'W ,\ow Vo.kavc?u?. The house is ?< feet front and 41 feet dtep ; ha? & f<M>t passage, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, j?nd fmr chamber*, with stairways ir and kitchen, witii good c*llar under the whole house For te'ms -? .. * 4QA O ?K ? * ? * ' ? - ii<iu>i i? cvvcbui >irm, upuuMio inia fallows' Ha'l. no l-tf J A3 P. TOPHAM. FOR RKNT. ? A thre?-?tory and b*??ni?nt KR AMR HDL'SR. near Pa, av , on 10th. b"twoen O and H ct?., No. 413. Inquire atSInLEV 4. GUY'S Hardware Store, Pa. av. oc *M.f {PGR RKNT-HTABLE and C*RRlAGIvHO(!??E, convenient to Wizards' Hotel Inquire at this office. n" 7-5t* FOR R EN T?A four-etorjr brown-frout DWKL LINft. situate on Thirteenth ?., between I., and Ma*saoho*etts &V;. <>n? of the moat desirable locations in the citr. The house it furnished with marhle mantles ; alio, ga< and watT fixture*, with im.n r?Hiin- inquire at WM. t*. SMtJL?l?'S Kancy gt<>r?, No AO'illth ?t oo 27-I9t* c*or sai.e or exchange for propr ERTY OF I.E^S VALUK-An eluihly aitn&txl. well buil.&ml fioeiY two ctorv &udba-seinent brick HOUSE, ? feet front by 78 f**l tiff p. with cariage house ard tiable?aituated No. 357 Eleventh at, between Land M. Appiy to I. L. JOHNSON. No. 9 4H ?t. noi-4f 17*011 RENT?A five-story HOUSK, c?n'?inini r 12 room*, adjoining the eorner of F"urth ud D *t? . near the City HaT. Apply to JOSEPH FyG1TT. no 7~eotf CH LINTON HOUSE, now occupied byP. W. Dorse*, will be for rent on lat JannarjLlflbi. For further information inquire of M<?OKE & CISSEL,7th street, Washington. no1-lawlm* L^OR RENT-A handsome, first class RESIa JiENCK, No 444 E street, between 6th and 7th street ?one of the m 'it eligible .locations of this oity. The house is furnished with ail modern im provoments, such as bath room, hot and oo!d water on each floor, rar.*e, first and second floors hea'ed from liasement, to., &,r. Apoly n^xt door, to Dr. J A*. J. WARING, No. 444 E street between 6 h and lib. oc Ifi eotf FOR RENT?The lour-story "BRICK HOUSE od Third ttreet, between D and K rtreets, ( No 341) adjoining the residence of W A. Maury, Efq. Possession riven immediately. Alto, the third story of the B'?wn btone Buildinc No. 403 oa Pa. avenue,i south sidei between 4S and 6th sts For terms, ke .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, Attorney at-Law, No. 40 Ia. avenue. no 2-eotf f^OR RENT?Possession on the 1st of October ' The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43? D streiL at preseat occupied by <he Rev. Dr. Butier, and next door to the residence of the advertis_ J. 1U UAHLIBLIS. N. B.?It will not b? lot for a boarding houae. a* ?-tf TH HREE HUNDRED AND FIF TEEN ACRES* in Fairfax countr, Va., in excellent order; wll timbered; food buildings; & brown atone quarry. A railroad oar shop and water atatrnn nui t*. erected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Miil 11 Loudoun oount;. A purchaser can eft a life*'a of G. W. BKAV, Agent, 216 Beraatfa at.. Waahington, D. C. ool> lm* FOR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 Went atA Georgetown, at preaent oocu pied br the aubaenber. It baa ll rooma, wiU raa and water throughout, a fine yard, atable 4o , ?.nd c? u DJVW HVIIUUUI HWUa ilVUlf W A A> N A* 6 RUPEE. PQ 35 tf FOR RENT.?Two new tkr?-itory BRICK HOUSES with back buildings, each boose containing I rooms, with |H, pleasantly sitaated on 8th street north, between M and N streets; rent moderate. Appl* K. LAZENBY. opposite, or to JOHNT. LENMA.N, Ohio arenae, between 12th and 13th street*. oc at{ ??OR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of tka bmildff%a5 aa an office. Also the front room la the second Louisiana arenae. & u tJ I? LEGANT CARPETING8 .Ej AT PRIME COST. Th?r? m?yb? had at the old and established atort ofCLAGETT * 0OD8ON Elegant English and t-renoh VELVET CARPETING 9, tome in saptrb medallions, at first ooat Saperblj beautifnl Brassela do., in rta vary baat En liak niakaa, at 90 and 96 eeut*. worth #1 Ja Real Ennliah heavy twilled V*n?t<a? r^tair do., marienjr John Croaby A eoaa^Halifax. Yorkakira. nanrn 01 uie Kind ever ogered lor MlaMttW city I'lwf are handa-jnier and will v?ar b?tt?r "lA"t?.,?rtJh'*RUris?l?ATS, CKl'MB CLOTB9, "SPS fev ??,*,*. * ?m>V TH? LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. THE rmipMTUL iuctmi. VIRGINIA The Rlchnml EmiInt del m tWMili ft* Breckinridge. and the Wkl* i?nr4( tte mill M doubtful, though exprNM t Mpr that B?U will ultimate)* carry th? Mate Tie ratarna alaca received by telegraph. show B*U galaa Wi apprad a few 1 tenia reeet ved by telegraph : (iitrn'i. Not li? ?Kanawha cooatv k1 *? ? majority for Hell It save Goggle ?) majority Wirt co'ititr glvta 111 m^joritf far ftceckiaridge It gave Lett-tor I* majority Jackaon coaaty flvea IU* anajnrlty lor Brecklarldge It |jave 1-etcher last majority. Mad i ann couatv glveaMU majority far Mall It rare Goggln 141 majority Auu!<Diu.N?r 11?TbeAlr*aedr?a Caretta h?> M<u?a "? '? - ,l * BsUgal'ta 13,174, VnTBi^iartdertcaia* missouri St Loci*. Nov # ?Twenty-eight couwtl** |gln Doug la**.WO, Bell J4,41*. Lincoln hU14, Brecklnrtdgr 9,921. st Loci*. nov 10.?Forty-four toMtm of Miaaourl give Bell Brtcklnridft M.tTtj Dou?l**?!.Wi9, Lincoln I3.4M Bell ha* earned tbe State by from 5.U00 to ?,uno. tennessee Na*hvill?. Not 10 ?'Tenneaaee 1* certain tor Bell with a plurality of about *,U0U GEORGIA. Millcdobvillb, Nov 9?According to the (oturni of tbe election la tbU Mate, tt ??* barely powlble tint Hrecklnridge will have a majority. Twentv-eltf ht mantle* ??' ? ??? ' Tbe official return* froa? /ortv five counties la Georgia foot up a* follow*: Bell <0,483, Breckinridge 19.P6.1; Douglas 6 9ltv Acgesta, Not 12 ?One hundred and thirteen count h haTe been reported, and aineteea more are to be heard from. Tbe return* now indicate that Breckinridge ha* failed to obtain a majority over the other candidate* The election there fore come* before the L ialature. TLX AS Nbw oklbana, Nov. lu ?The few return* re. eel Ted show that Tex a* baa voted very atrong for Rrwktnrtdee. The majority nt Galvrston wan SOU nod at Hon*ton 300. Later treat Karepe. Nbw Vobb, Not. 1*2 ?The*te*mthlp Bremen from Southampton on tbe Slat, arrived here last night. Her general advices are not *trtkinglv important. There wai much ?peculation In tb* Knglteh paper* about tbe abrupt termination o< tbe War aw Conference. Tbe Time* instate that tt wne owing to the impossibility of ah agreement upon the many antegonlailc element* of theCoafereaoe. TL? %.* ?* ? -* " ? ur nespoimn 'ovinia D*G IftfUfT attack upon Garibaldis tore** between Trmwo{') and Seaaa. but were repalaed with considerable lots Garibaldi mad* many prtaoners Vtrior Kmmtnnfl bad arrteed at 8ean. and had an Interview with Garibaldi Arrangement* were then made to brnp en a grand and decisive battle Austria explains the cauae of her lmtneMearms menta. and says tb?r are only to repel afyreaatoa . CoMMKBCI AL Lirnrcot, Wednesday 31* ?The last steamer from the United States caused an advene* of \a *d on cotton. Tbeaalceaf Monday and Turs day footed up 4?,6u0 bale#, In conaeqoenee at a larp* sp?culatlre inquiry, closing with an upward tendency. I'iour ruW dull, irxl previous quotation* b^reiv maintained Wbfit ruled quiet Dot firm Corn &la? quiet and firm Provision* quiet and stead v Sugar buoyant. Coffee quiet Rice trm. Tar pefltine flrna at 34a fid a35s. Rosin seady at 5s 5d a5a Cd C onauls 99 \. Aasther Arrival from t arope Qcxbkc. Not. IS ?The ateamablp North A met Icau. from Liverpool, via Londonderry on the 2d I Inst , arrived laat night France bad interfered to prevent the bombardment of Gaeta by tbe Sardinian fleet Lord Dundonald ia dead France ia making formidable naval aad military nreparaflona. Some writer* conatroe thta and tbe recent council of war at tM Cloud aa a palpabletndication of a campaign. The F.noperor on the 3l?t reviewed 90.000 men near Paria. all bivouacking, and tbe regular proceed! nga of a campaign represented Rentes cloaed at 99T 25r At Naples on tbe 37th tbe Sardinian lotllla canenaded tbe rovatists near Gaeta. but the French Aaamai aispatcbed a frigate there to atop tbe flriug. CoMXOCUL. Livbkpool. Not I.?Tbe cotton market t*t Monday. Tutsdar, and W rdoeaday cloord fca\ higher than !aat week, baring a large speculative Inquiry and an upward tendency i?ale? of tbre* day* ft.j 000 bal?** Breadstuff* quiet bat steady. ProvUlon* quiet. Conaoia S3. IHeiicia Advices. X iw Oilum. Nor. 10?Tbe steam* r Teeowe Miiiifiu, wrmuiBK vers urui uki io Itte 7th instant. The Juarez government h*s granted an extenaW>n of the Tehuanu*p?*c charter Senor Ocfctnpo ha a lieen appelated MialaWtr of Foreign Affulra. and Seuor Mat* S-cretary of the Treasury. I be British Legation baa peroaanMitlr retired f oni the nt j of Mexico, a portion of th weathers of It raine paaae gera In tbe l>nuwaai. The Conatitutluuallata are still before Guadalajara. The country lain a dreadful condition. Ml ram on proposes to resign. Apart of tbe British Legation, together with tbe Prussian, Spanish, and American Mtnietera. are at Jalaps. It ia believed that they contemplate taking some decided steps. Tbe Ooiistltutionaliat Inet two thousand men by the explosion of s mins at Guadalajara, and after ward* raited the siege. VlrgliU Elect tea Richmokd. Mot 11 ?The affair* of the tSoath attract murh attention here, but the people ara calmly awaiting th? >aa ie of erenta Mori nk* will probably he held In tbe different eounfte* Iwf.?re tbe meeting of tbe Legislature, for aa ex* preaaton of public opinion. Tbe vote of the State baa not re* been aacer talned I be Whig claim a an?jorltr for Ball, and tbt Knqulrer figure* up a majority for Breekinrifli/D ???unM?a ^ w-^"* "J from* Still Later froaa l allfaroia. Foit Kiaixit. Not 10?Tbr Poay Gtprw, with California advices to the 3lat ultimo, has passed here The irwi of the result of the taction* In Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, paralyzed both wings of tb? California democrat v Neari G win and Wellar were coldly raeeived on their electioneering tonr. The socoea* a1 the republican* was generally conceded. Oregon date* to the Mth had r??cha4 8m Pranclaco. The Legislature adjourned on the Itth The Great Baah Fraad. g ? 111; 1. ^5 a aa 1111UUII. HOT IBf IKWHC County (Indiana) lUnkfraud excites ooustderible cona'emation imMj; baskera about Wwtiia paper monev. The real source of the over-laaoo la not yet discovered. The Intimation that the engraver ia Implicated is not borae otft by facta. Ma tbe piate baa not always Iteea In bis pasaii ion The fact that theapurioua iatsue waa printed from renutnr plates does not Imp 11 rate him anv mora thin It AI * llkA Rank m aulllAa wkA hold* the pistes The Grtrilt Lif!?lat?n> Millidgktillk, Nov. 12 ? A resolution wss Introduced la the Houae to the effect that Geerjrla declares beraelf out of the Union. AaoCfcnr resolution of a similar character, hut calling a convention of the people to ratify It, was alio Introduced, and both were referred to a committee. Senator Toombs" resignation Into take effect after the ttb of March, unless Georgia sooner secedes Fir* U UBcluatl. Cikcixsati, N*v 10 ?Tb? exlenalre ?bw *ill of M * L. Glenn la the itareaterntb Ward, with a lsr*e quantity at lumber, waa eatlrely daatroyrd by fire laat aif ht. Loaa abmrt ft.WD, parttoily i^tured. _________________ Ciicihati,No*. W ?Tto CKiailal ?f Mia m?ral(( atotaa that Mr. Bntklaridc* kai Mirmined to make a trip to the Cottoa Sttto,*! publicly urga bli feUow-cltiiaaa to abida bj Cba l'biob. departed Rnt|naU?a?l ?at?f Mai?wM' A : I -Ti Nov ll_U Wf?llaKl nnmteMba that Senator Hammond baa reBigaed V:i ? ? la the U. 8. frraate ilMirtrta Market* Aiuuimii. Nw. It?Plwr?fimlly ff> X* 7 9U: extra SS 7Sa? ?: wpar ?6 SIM M " ?white, fair to good, tl 3Sa#l *?; iW ( lft? SI 40 Goni?whitrt te6!fc ; ??LUw?i7lK-., mii?d tBaMe. Rfa7?a7l. Oata3U33c Cora Heal eta7*-. per buahel Seed* 1 liaotbV |3at)SBi CJo??-r it '25a90 S3; FlitMd *1 tOafl ? Pwt'jWm Butter, roU. MwWc i <Uroa llalScj Pork V M* biro IMIK. wBwyniiuc. ?.? . f n*wjfmr *UrktM ?(iw Tw No*. 13 r??rh?TT,Bktf|\ri Ohio and gootfcern mac handed Wb^i k?*r C?ri hatvyi miici Me ProtWoM dull. Whtoky Mwfc. C. . TUB* *w?SS?%?rMrffcay l? swSai?^^ feswasj a Marakass*'-- <??vj?*

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