Newspaper of Evening Star, November 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 13, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL N?*WS. - ? - - ? r i UJ~ TtiOtiefa T hi ^iax U p&aled on the tUtart Writ pm ) Me eoatb ! Baltimore, lta edition 1? M iitfr *s to require U t? be pat to preaa at u aviy hour; AdTrrtlaetartrta, therefore, abould be nt in before 12 o'clock m ; otherwlae they may not appear until tbe aext day. $*>?:<:*?District of Colombia Advertisements to be IriMftod in the BaLTiMoai So ware received ?' ana I' rv.araru irvu i m ?t*i uucc. CAII OP THI " Wiewait" AsaaiUAWTB ?7*? twrm wf Mi'fimg.?A pirtitl .e.irlng wii h.->d yrsterdar afternoon at the inard'H.nae, before Justice Donn, in the caaea or those ( eraona &rr?*ted on the charge of participating in tbe attack npon tbe Republican Wtgwam. on the night of Tuesday laat. Tbe following are the *m*s of tbe partlea arreated Martin I.atruite, ?"V-r?'S Do no boo, Jr.a. F. Johnson, R. Harrington, R W Browning, Wm. Ogden, Wm. Burley. and Wm. Alcorn. Mr \V K Berry appeared as Counael for the ti-?: si* rf ?! e above mentioned persona?or, rather, s he stated daring the trial, ' To vindicate the anil rKartffor a/ tk? v atinnal v7 a) nnt?ar am iwv-iation Mr J J Coomb* appeared In behalf of the latter. The investigation commenced at 2 p. m., and ' auVau.d until near half-past Are. Tbe trial r?H*n w\j c owded throughout tbe entire pro ? dings. and much interest apparently manifeat( i in tbe r??e. tl'ihnn. ?worn ?Was at Brown'a Hotel ? *>. Tocsday night, a little before one o'clock, vsben be beard vuriou criea from tbe crowd of ' I .el's adjourn and go up to tbe W igwatn'' \V t tneaa iitnrtrti r >r 'he wtu jrxm. ac aa to rwh there before the pwrtv ahenld come up. On reaching the place '.<e found upwardaof 50 men coming out. Wlt]>>-* told them of wbat he had heard, arid the ??obtble intention of the party The only reply *?e 'rrri??l wm. -MVU, wm aball go home " He tb n walked barfer aa ftrr aa Tblrd street, when be (met the attacking pirty, ou the oppoaite aide of t r atreet. Tb? aasaiiauta commencing to fire IpMvU aitd mike otbar uoiay demonstration*, be t<*d th??- with whom he waa in company that he intended tn z* b -rk and aee the fun anvhow: wbVch he did.and remained until the disturbance Ti->4 terminated The onli* persons whom he reunited were Martin I.Mmite and George >*he-kft* Lairnite w*s standing on the opposite ' rrnrr, with two or three others. Judged there hi-i*t have been a gathering of some */50 or 3U) ;?t?ons. in all. Know* James K. Johnson. U?t didn't re him Cress examined ? While stones were being throw i at the building. Latruite was standing on tLe oppc&it* corner. Did not see him take any Active p?jt, further than directing the crowd to form in line to march away. His order to "Fall 'n line" was ^tven to the assailing party after the ntt ck bad been made. ((aisiiMi.?Did they then march off?that is, as s*.a .-* this ofdt-r was given' Witness ?They did. and in a body. Lffrif Cfephane, sworn ?Was in the Wigwam lu company wiUi a%e others, when information 1? .n i ' uuk ui usaa a piny was approacning lor me pn-po#e of attacking th? building. Wltnesa reii f'nrd in the building; heard them coming up, wbfii Immediately extinguished the lights. Kne# noU>laj{ more until the building was ?ttjtk d bv abets from r>istol? ?or saort muskrto? id atones. After demolishing nearly all the windows on tbe east side, the door on Second strett, which had been locked, waa foci ed open, wLea a large party entered, and proceeded to the Tooms above. In company with othera who bad reunified, witness immediately took refuge on tbe n-oMbe building, where be ml^ht defend blmse.f tethe be?t?dvnnt.-< je Could identify no one. 1.1$ >ooii ; ? ine crowd bad left. and toey thought It a >fe to retire (n m theit uncomfortable postToti ou Um roof, tbvv did no Hndinij a number of tiie pallet below, the building was placed in their when he left with the others. Witness ?>?uU-d that Messrs Burley, Alcorn, and Bl^ley, vbo had been arrested as participants in the disturbance. were members of the Republican organisation. and were thereto protect the property. Mr Alcorn asked to be taken into custody, that he m'xht give bis testimony against some others who Ji*d been arrested Mirti* Etuil, sworn, beinu one of the " roof" party. corroborated the testimony of former witi:?ee HUooid judge tt>at at least twenty shots we e ltr*-d. Himself locked the door on Second street, wbirh wa* snt>sequently forced open The crowd tn% it ? was very clamorous, heaping curses u^?n all "d?d abolitionist*,"' and making use ui a uumuer or su< b like txpressions. Tbe d??or if the wl^wain, on tbe second floor, wm broken open and van on* articles demolished, and other* t*ken away. Tbe door of the printing el^-e, !n tbe third story,was also broken open and : r.mi? damage (tope to the type Didn't ere Bigley there; saw Alcorn; and as be was a republican *r>d a wide awake, presumed he was there to assist in protecting the property .ifr. Fonit sworn?Was also one of the "roof p?rty\V hen he came down from the roof saw I. cut. M llenry and several other gentlemen, In that portion of the building The party conv.sud of Lieut Al^llenry, police officers Handy ?rd ilwjnirnf. a rather diminutive-sized gentleqi2S Wuh wb*>kw* stolMl I.1W?? >? ? - - ?, ? - ? ?vi , o nu 1*1 r . . ?<?rlea Donohoo, with several other* whom ?it couldn't recufpuze. WltiieM told Lieut. McUenry to urnt every man in there At the t: recti on of Lieut Mc&enry. i?tBcer Hanay arreted Donohoo, and the other odleer the Doctor J y were both t*ken out together, but witness did not know what became of them Didn't see H.jf 1? ?; saw Alcorn t'uidlthere, endeavoring to protect the property. Alcorn requested to be taken in cust dv by the oftKers that he might i?tve testimony against the rioters When obK-rv?d bjr the wituesa he wns standing In a room on me io*rr anor wuert iae Wlflt Awake uniform* wt re kejit Didn't see Burney H". J M*r 'igk was on the roof withtbe others Corroborated toe t^tnnony of those of that numJirr who had b***n heard ?r?n Ork<tnd' aloo on the roof. Testimony corroborative of the other*. Witneaa wu arretted when he d**cendtd tbe staira after leaving I je ro?>f; but was released * *oon a* it wai **r-'tained that he belonged to tbe '*roof party " Limt AT H<mry, of tbe police, aworu ? J ud^e ' it wu about quarS'-r to one when Policemen DunaiticoB and Ash came after him at Dubaata r?ai.i. : .at, uhleu he Lad entered a few minute* orevi< ue through a restr door for the pnrpoae of getting supper. Being told by tb<-*e two rtn.-er* ti.?t there was a party of men attacking ttie Era ctflce, he immediately collected *ome trn or t *elve otflcers and started for tb?s pWe. Wbea >. *? ?-? -* ? aiii?cu iioki lucir ii*5 utrara vanotil triff c[ < Police!'' Look out:'1 He found the balldtr.u ity hied up and some forty or fifty person* pa?hlnj I f-nt of the door on Second *treet. He and bit rarty tten entered Saw a young man with a ' ust coming d jwn the steps. He avoided witntaa by juvpiag over the Uumistrrs. Thin king from tl* u thai artice* were being taken from the ouildnig, witne?a ordered the door* to be closed and very (tan in the building to be arretted Hearing a great noise on the outaide, wiineas went out <>i vat uuui ma ujci a young man on tb? atrps who wu quart-llug with the ofllcers. Witness look Loid of him and told htm that be mutt behave >. wuself Continnin.; unruly and boisterous, being Ytry much under the effect of liquor at the time, witness b*d him t-ken to the Wdtrhhouse. Saw i>oii?Uoo first the building. subsequently cmi.iug duwn the stefs, bat In the excitement luiKot ?U about him afterward. Saw Clare standi u-ji naif way over the atairwajr He appeared to t?e approaching the door for the purpose of going oat. Jnrt at thla moment witness directed the doors to be closed. lie did not recognize any ?>th?r partiea excepting Mr. Harrington and Mr. James K Johuou The faces of a number of the r.oters were fsmlllar, but w!lnea? knew none of Uem br name. He was round the door very ururlr ali tbe time. Did not hear them rallying \ , uuU-t any particular naire Did not know who tie doctor was referred to by one of the witnesses. GsarJjMo* Sesrjf sworn ?When he reached j iLf wigwam saws urge crowd collected, ud , ftou'i briu^ thrown from various quarter*. Hoartag *. oiau In the middle of the street stiouUi.J jo.lee " watch," itc.. weal to blan. and askea ) li in vrbat he wanted* lie Mid he wanted aa to f fu and arreat the port lee who were making the ! mtarfc on the wni!ding Witness told htm to come over and assist. The man replied, ' ? will ?>e ?Ui?n?-d t I do; rod f e4 paid for that dntv. and I <iut; t '* Uwt know who tLe aim wa?. WitteM Mr^r>t aeroM the street to the stepa of the wigwam when Lieut. McBenrv directed Office* I K: n* aaSThHrsel/ WarrestMr Johnson, who wa? at the ItiM quarreling and acnfliag with (be uffi-era Brought bim to the watch-ooua*. p,4 not go iactd* tbr building at ail. Did'at r?<c^UlZe any of lue partiea engaged in the attack. WuUmtn wia cae ct the "roof part* * ( T Mrmooy aimllnr to that pre?iooaly given by f*r%e wltn?aara fJit' Ojficir Belt vu standing on the corner of F t.oaylvauia arenu* an* Four-a*id-a-half atreet wloh l.iou tenant SUMtm/y pm?aed with aix or i.-?en of bit tnoa i,?egf k ofo? inquiry that l ey wm K*!oK 10 DM WIkw*e0 <*qu?lla4litarhance he joined tbem. Wben near TrfHUy. Church, Lieutenant McHenr> left the party ani' rm ^cruaa to tbe building. -Clio* Ware than raited <>f -To Ice' lookout " Mban wttneee rrxehed '.m? w.gwarn the notera were Inaide the building. The Lieutenant having ordered (he dooca to be r luted >iat aa he got there, he waa cooeequently i usfe wmoo uimcu ooniuaion iuw wir ixw wm uutbit to reco? at ze hjt of Ut pirtH When Uf w Johti?on be wm iu Ums suttafu <tf o:tt er? Ki m^Mid ?:?rit fmtut (ipStr A*+ *JI ?t the BrakJof idg* fcea<|-, t, jwuntt< ca*txnv wiiaoifccer i>?i?aidft->ii#4?krti k tir^e?rov.-d c. ?n? out hallowing "Now f->r It#' v prai boy*; for t&e wigwam " WU^>st ai.? PowslUon w-ullatttarch of .Mr flenrv. VfMU ;i< 'rompjitir with three or four other oiiiVri birt'l for tSf wjjwtm By th?* tiin? wilne* r?li ti?<l tbff Itirwl r f th? d.tms^f 4:i<f *)-r|l di?C# I'.Un't vit wlrtj'.n It* toajJdf#-' rtcoi:ai?m?y of IM !p?U ^ H-nd<f wi?at the VT Ilil'l t^Hf^l^rtoftbeevenlBe Tlx* wait Urf *rtna?. Hfttxtag of ifctUUck be repaUvd to > tie Wig mm, oft renetiiag tbe door ?f which ke ' ke ird Tlefctenant Mclienry exclaim "Look (he , 4oer?. f wast every man that la in the houae armted '' Sfflni; Mr. Unrle^ comlnu out arreted him and brought bin to tbe watcb-house Hurley waa doing nothing at all; onlf arrnM him Wcanfe he saw him coming ont of the building. Dtdat recognize any of tbe participants. Mr. Samuel Strong, /interrogating wltneaa.) What did you do with .Mr. Donoboo after arresting him ? Witness?I didn't see him then, and ha*ent seen him since Mr. Strong ?We shall call two witnesses, sir, to prove that yon put vour hands upon him for the porpos* snoarentlv of arresting him as directed Jostle* ?Mr Foust r wears that be saw yon arrest Mr Donoboo; and some other officer srrest a person called " Doctor." Witness ?1 did not see Donoboo there. Lieut McHenry ?1 saw him In the passage as I came down Mr Foust, recalled.? Jtntlee ?Mr. Foust, I understood you to state In your evidence that Mr. Handy arrested Mr. Donoboo ? Witntss?Yes, sir, I did Justice.?Do you know Mr. Handy ? Witness?I do, sir. That's the gentleman, f pointing to Mr. Handy.) 1 saw blm take hotd of Mr Donoboo, at the direction of Lieut. McHenry, who told Handy to carry him to tne Guardhouse. * r _ _t &<j d/. t* * ? i. A xie aiao 101a omcer nenning, or aome one eiae, to take the "Doctor'' down too. Guardsman Handy.?Mr. Fouat, you muat certainly be miataken. Mr. Fouat ?Oh. Mr Handy, I hare known you too Ionic not to be able to dlatinguiah you In the dflrk aa well aa In the light. Mr. McHenry told you to take Donohoo to the Guardhouae You thrn took him off. but I do not know what became of him afterward. Mr McHenry.?I don't know when It eould hlm Keori K must ktva Ka?n afta* I am! af VVVM> 111 UU TV l/^cu It >V I a ft vu? V4 doors Mr. Foust, (to McHenry )?You went out of doors after yon ordered this man to be arrested. Justice ?Are yon positive on this point* Mr. Foust ? 1 Know all the parties, Squire, and cannot, therefore, be mistaken. Justice?Mr Handy, did you <mv that you were within the building at the time referred to? Mr. Handy ?I could not have been there at the time Donohoo was, because If I had seen him I would undoubtedly have known him. He must have got out before I got there. Mr. Berry ?You are quite positive, Mr. Foost, that when you descended from the roof you saw in the building officers McHenry. Handy, and Henulng, Mr. Donohoo, and a middle-aged man wbo was called -'Doctor." Mr Strong?Mr. Fotut, yon don't know who the Doctor wa? Was hi* name Dr. Wlllett? Mr Berry ?I object, if your Honor pleases, to putting legal question* to the witness J ustice Dona ?Of course, as the parties sre not on trial, such questions are entirely Irrelevant. Mr. Strong ?Oh, of course, Squire, if such questions are not pertinent, I will not put them. 1 am no legal gentleman, but merely a mechanic, Slid tVorufnro am i V? uuu >uvi %?ui v uui nuk liaiu vcu ?v i?u ?uc usual practice of aucb examination* Mr. F?cat, la reply to the question of the counsel. stated tbat be wu quite positive be saw the parties named. Mr Berry?Were you not very much excited at tbe time! Mr. Foust.?No, air; no more than I am at the present tirce Gmratman H-nmng sworn ?Proceeded wltb Lieut McHenry and bis party to th? wigwam. Tbe nartie* that witness saw enter tbe building after ne arrived were Lieut. McHenry, George A damson, Mr. Oulden, Mr. Locket and Mr McLean A larze party was at this time coming oat of the building. Lieut AlcHenry hallooed down from the top of the stars to close the door* and li^ht the gaa, which had been extinguished a few minutes before. Adaimon endeavored to 1'gbt it. but being struck with a stone while in the act. came out without lighting it. Witness tLeu went in and lighted it. The only persons he recognized were Mr. Creager and Burley. He siw neither of theni doing anything. He kept th-: door closed at least flftee.i minutes. At the expiration of that t'me he opened the door and. a*ked the Lieutenant, who was on the outside, what he should do with thooe wltb'n. He told him to have ttiem all arrested. There were some even or eight. Heard the evidence of Foust. Saw neither Mr. Handy. Foust nor Donohoo uian i recogma>; any person on the outside of the building. The only pe.rsoa witness allowed to go oot \v?s * yonng man (afterward* proved to be named Sullivan,. who the Lleuteuant said had just entered, and had nothing whatever to do with the aifur Creager wis not arrested that night, for what reason he didn't know. All he knew was tuat tae odtcer got his man. Ojfictr Domudion went to the Wigwam in company with MrHenry. Testimony corroborated the staterr.ents of those witnesses Only person he recognized was Mr Harrington; be arrested him and brought him to the watchhouae Wm Cudlip.?Wa* at the wigwam about the time tbe Association adjourned,with some friends; walked from there to tbe corner of Indiana avenue aud Third st ; while standing there, a rartv cam* up, rallying under the name of '* National Voltuteers '? Sukfg'-sU'd to bis companions to walk down to Ibe wigwam Bi^leyand himself started down J ust ns tbey got there, % party was coming o?t with a banner flnng across their shoulders, halloing. " Now we have It, ?>oys " Didn't recognize any of the party Mr Blgley remarked to we, " Couie on, Hill, don't let us permit them to carry away our property " Vpon this he started townrdf the foremost of the party and grasped the banner, exclaiming, " You shan't take that, you s?n of a b?h " At that moment he was arrested, (be otfl~er allegipp that be bad s'rack the man There were two f fflcers standing qnletlyby at tbe t;ine One seised Bigley, but no attempt was made either to arrnt or stop the other party. Tbe one who arresua Bl-jiey might easily have arrested tbe other man also. The second police offl^er ren^ IKcm LI in la* V?...t ? ~ u ? .utio u? "-j vciug men away, w thont usiue any rffort insecure ?he property which wm Wing carried iff. Mr Bij<ley used no more force than was neccwary to recorrr the Mag lie afterwa da saw one of the rioters with a blar-kcovtred book.which was taken away from him by an otfl -er. who handed It to another as soon as he hiid examined it. Many of the rioters were very weil-drrMed men. Mr. Strong ?Tb?y were a brave aet of fellows too, vern't they ? Witness.?Their actions displayed all tie noble chacactorikUcs of such. [Laughfe* 1 VI . J---? * 41 - *u?nvv .11 . k7MW(If() |/ica?r UPU 'I Jfllfiropi U1C witness by such questions. 1 want to get through with this case 1 haven't had auy dinner yet. Mr. Strong-?Then, Squire, let'* adjourn for ten minutes ana take some oy*ters That's the way the Supreme J udges do. [Laughter ] Justice?Vet, but we are not Supreme her?. [Lai'jjhter ] Joh* Cleary ?Testimony similar to that of former witness The same voice that gave the I order to "Form in line, Volunteer*,? also (iclaimed several timet, "Men you have done your ' duty nobly " >o evidence being adduced to show that either Mr Bittley, Mr. Alcorn, or Mr. Burley were in aay way concerned in the uis.raceful attack, hut were preaent aolely tor the purpose of protecting I the property, tbev were accordiugly discharged. Mr. BigUy.?T?-stimony mainly corroborative of what bad already been stated. True, he wii tretty well acquainted In tbe city, but he dida't now auy of tue "Roughs" that belonged to that party. [Laughter ] Messrs CutLbert Wallacb, Burley,and Thomaa F. Suiilta* were examined, but nothtng new elicited Two or three important witnesses be'ng absent, the further bearing In the case was deferred until i Thursday corning next. : _____ What Dib H? Waht Thesb 'The night before last, the inmate* of the Catholic Orphan Asylum, at the corner of G and Tenth streets, were sUrtUd by the discovery of a man concealed in the dormltorj of the Institution. One of the orphan girls went to the sleeping rooms for something, wh en the fellow was discovered, and she rreamed and alarmed the other inmates, who rushed to the place. The ifaas, en being discov* ered, made a rush towards the stairway door, the whole length of vrfeieh he tumbled, headlong, having rotseart his Ibetlng at the head. Tfaesupe* rxu* oi *ne nrawran lmmeainteiy eawd the alarm bell to be founded, >nd followed the track of the ear aped to the kitchen, when It waa dlaoov. ?red Ui?t be had effected an entrance bf forcing out two of the lroa bar* of the grating in tfcf l>a*e<u?at or cellar door Tbe inhabitants of the neighborhood, on hearing the alarm bell, pro* ceeded to the Asylum, but the fallow, though he mutt hare been desperately injured by hie precipitate descent down the stairway, had aucoMded in making himself so scarce that no trsce could t? fa?fl of his whereabouts . t fv O O F ?The Grand Lodge of the DMr<dFof Colmnbfa held Its annual meeting last night, ajid after U*s transaction of th*.usual business, the rereptioa uf ?eiurns, actios SfMta reports of commitM.te , elected the following officers for the ensntng year: tteorge Brown, M NV. (jrand Master; Jar Shirking. R ty. Deputy Grand Mister: Jarfaa u Bartlett, R TV. Grand Warden ; John T. Grimd Secretary?re electedj Alsrtin Johnsoo, Grand Treasurer?re-elected; Jas. A. Brown, onmu ncpimcuwufc wo UMflU uvumv ? ?u? United States Tbe Grand Lodge adjousoed to iloadjy evening. the 3d of December, when tbe n?wl,-t lecUd oOc?(i will be installed. What ocr Caona abs Vt To ?Th*reviTal MrgokA tat been lately at a stand (till In tbia city .but our Rfubett, who h?e been around some tonorijtft i??c!ty chnrchee. notfcea & n.ew auxiliary b*'n^ bioUtffct Into tbe add, which mutt give ft a/fe*h atari. Oor chureb moaic, at representing th? prait i of t&e blrtwd. baa toitUerte only served tn Ir.U and aootbe tbe unconverted. X?ui (with deep dr?ijiti^ledratea lfce tomienta of Jbe damned l?i c-Jarle ua terrible as it ia effective. The _* 1 l i art *i?kau?a iwllta hafrv*^ Ika Kami int'fti CJiMT-uai u '^ 'V? pw iivpr?4*of a hireaf!#. eb&uewt-d fuftL by tuch wall ? V-V Br mi C*c*cii. KkocMuisu#, In to-d^r> Mm, it vrtll *n ?*n tbat a movement has been lnUlMrA In ttta li>w? b??d uu*uhjfclt ?tee sale ? emftfalPir aU*UTy marke? except edible. I Citt Coraciu, November IS.?Board?f Alder, men ?A communication vh iw*twd from the | Major, enclosing a communication from C B. ; Clntker, taper In tea dent, making certain tiona in connection with the provlng-hou?e and pipe-yard of the Corporation; referred to drainage committee. Alao, one from the Major In reply to a recolatlon of the Board of Aldermen in relation to certificates of Indebtedness, and the guaranteed bond a of the Washington and Alexandria ltallroed Company, a* follows: 4 The certificates of indebtedness Issued under the act of September *23. 185d, have ill been liquidated except ene, No. 87, amount!ujf principal and lntereat, to *714 09. tbe warrant lor which baa been drawn, but not called for. The bonda of the Waahington and Alexandria Railroad Company, wbich matured January 1, 1B54, and the irtereat thereon, were llqnldated by payment to Rigga X Co , on tbe Sth of February, lw, who at the uine time loaned to thia Corporation tbeaum of f7,8U0, and received two notea of ?3.00U each and one for tt 801), which notea were dia;harged, principal ana lnwrni, on me Via or August, ikj?, ana amounted t? the sum of SB,102.90, to which add 8,100, interest paid in full to June 30th, I860. I'nde- the act approved August 23, I860, notes of the Corporation payable twelve months from date, with interest, have been isaued to the holders or the bonds, wnich matured on the 1st of January, 1869, and the 1st of January, 186J, to the amount of $1:2,001'. It will be seen from the above, that tbe principal and interest of all the bonds of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad Company which hav? become due, and amounting to the aum of S?$,202 90. has been paid, or provision made therefor. Very respectfully, J. U. Bkbikt, Mayor. The communication was referred to the finance committee and ordered to be publiahed. Also, one from the Mayor, announcing his having approved certain acta The petition of W-. Hlggins and other*, In relation to a foot pavement, was referred to improvement committee. COMMITTll RKPORTS. Bill of the lower board, making an appropriation for the improvement and filling up of tbe Common Council chamber. This bill, as passed by tbe lower board, appropriated the sum of *2,000 for tbe purpose, which amount the committee of tinance In the Board of Aldermen reduced by amendment to 8750; and in that form rite bill passed Bill authorizing the Mavor to contract with Jos. L. Lowry for luO of his patent fire-plug and atop cocka, together with the patent rigbt u> use the name; paaaed. Bill to cauae the wall around the new central guardhouse to be raised to nine feet above ground Instead of fire feet aa originally provided for; passed. Bill to aet the curbstones and pave the footway on the south front of square No. i&3; pjssed. Bill of the lower iHMrd to purchaae a bell for the uae of the public schools; rejected. Adjourned. r/tnniM 7 Mr Me\wrrmn a I v*-?n>vra v/uwnvir itll 1UVI |^UI1 IIIM VUUV/^U " bill to grade tbe alley In square 41 bo as to abate a nuisance; after discussion by Messrs. Morgan and Borrows for. and Mr. Lammond against tbe bill, it was pasted. Tbe tame introduced a bill to grade Nirth street from Seventeenth to Twenty-seventli street; referred. Ur Borrows Introduced a bill to erect a laiup post at tbe Intersection of New York avenue and Sixth street; passed. Mr. Wilson offered tbe following resolution, wblch was passed: Resolved, Tbat the Committee on Police be, and they are hereby instructed, to inquire what legislation, if any, is neceesary to carry out tbe laws of this Corporation relative to the sale of article* oUier tban edibles, in our markets, the sale of such articles being now allowed by the Commlssloaers and Clerks of the several markets, in violation of the spirit of law, and to tbe maul ; vi # ?i?? a ? icKi injury ui private iiropiijr. Mr. Van Reswitk. from committee on improvements, reported favorably bill from tbe upper board lo re|?ir alley opening Into reservation No 10; passed Also, a bill amended by uppor board for grading M street north from Twenty fourth to Twenty-'*ixtU street west; amendment concurred in. Mr. Mobun, from committee on distribution of water, reported favorably bill from upper board to supply deficiency In appropriation for tbe pur cuase ui a yre iiiupwhii nre-pnigs; passed. Alio, a bill fr>m upper board to exempt public school bouses from charge of tapping water mains, itc j slightly amended; passed Mr Meade, from th? committee on police, reported a joint resolution authorizing the Mayor to Lave removed the raits of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad laid down witbin tbe iiuiits of trie CorDoration. mainiv 011 Marvl*n?l ??? >n? and First street west; slightly amended, on motion of Mr. Morgan, and passed. The same reported favorably a bill from the upper board appropriating $10,000 for the erection of a market-house in the seventh Ward; passed The bill making an appropriation for the repair of the chamber of the Board of Common I Council being returned from the upper board amended by reducing the appropriation from K2.UM) to S?jO, the amendment unanimouilw disagreed to. Tbe bill from the upper board making an appropriation for increasing th- height of the wall around the new central guardhouse, and for other purpose*, was taken up and passed. Mr. Jones moved to reconsider the vote by which the bill fur the relief of James Towles had been lost. Mr. Motoun moved to lay the motion to reconsider on 'he table; lost?yeas nays 9. AdpurnedL ' t. . u v ... r\ i it t AoniJ^uiVti iiAflU.lAli l/EiHUCftATIC VoLtXT?ras" Vulcstiek to go to South Carolina-? Lbasubioiited paragraph occupies a post of honor in the editorial column* of the Charleston (8. C ) Mercury: "* tppokt to South Carolina?The following is another indication that the eyes of the South are now upon South Carol1n?, arid that she is to be the Sardinia of this political movement. It is addressed to Gen Simons, Speaker of the House : ' Washing ton, November 7 ?The Washington I National Volunteers pr< flVr thelrservices to ?outh i Carolina, in case of her withdrawal from the Union. Southern men here are with South CanUna ? Well, it is certain that many of the "Volunteers" left this city rather suddenly' the day after the ssssult upon the '-Winwarn," and we dare Sdv now tbey have gone to South Carolina. The others will doubtless follow when Justice Donn and the Criminal Court get through with them. A Great Impkovkmknt for Light-Houkis ? We wituessed on Saturday, in company with a number of practical and scientitlc gentlemen, the operation of a Fog Bell, for the I*. S Light-house establishment? constructed by our fellow-townsmen, the Ellis Brothers, from plans drawn by Mr. Whlldeo. civil engineer of the board?and were fltrurk with tb? bounty ?f Wnrkmnnthin *? w?lt u the perfeet'on if its execution. 1 bit large and sonorous bell I* driven by one of the smallest-sized Kr lesson's caloric engines, and tt.e fuel consumed it m> uiiall that It can hardly be termed an Item. We have beeo Informed that half a buahci of coal would keep It In motion fortwoda>s Another advantage la this mean* of propulsion, It reauires no knowledge of machinery to work It, and b ? no liability or possibility of accident bv explosion. The whole affair reflects great credit upon the present talented f tfi'-er In chsrge of this department. (CapUin Smith,) as we believs it Is to his foresight and direction that so desirable an improvement bas been effected. Ciectht Coubt i* Alkxaxdria ?The Circuit Court, Judge John W. Tyler, opened itaFali Term at tbe Court House Id Alexandria, yesterday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. TheGtand Jury were called and sworn aa foLIowa: John W. Stewart, JohnT. Crelghton, Wm. Man ken. Samuel Barnes, J. M. Stevens, P. H. HoolT, E. B. Fowell. T. Davey, J. B. Smoot, Wm. Buckingham, D Appicb, Samuel D HarET, John A. Rudd, Charles L Adams. Richard odd, P. G. Henderson and J. W. Hollinsbury. The Grand J ury having been charged, the Common wealth's Attorney delivered certain matter to them and they retired. After some time spent In tbe jury room the f - -i tn A ???*- - * '> ? vrauu jui; taun: iuwj vuurk iruu i(ie IDUOWll)| 'udiciiuents : ? Commonwealth agt. Bertram ?t*inw>ck, far ottering and pawing counterfeit money?a truft kill x ~ i J .The court then adjourned nntll this morning. I ?4L ? ... . vl * Wnaon at Bao\vs's ?About eight o'clock thta morning, the splendid parlors at Brown's Hotel were thrown open, and were immediately occupied by large company of ladies and gratlemea^among wooin we noticed <|en. Lane and Senator Wlgfall and lad*.- The purpose of the assembly was to witness the nuptials of Mr 9ylvanus Muksand Mis* Sarah Hleht, all of Nelaon county, Va. The officiating clergyman was Rev. Mr. Keonard, Baptist A flies the ceremony, the happy couple received the congratulations of the comjteay. The ((room hu certainly wived at the age of diacretion, belngapparentlv about three core; while the bride is hardly twenty. Tat Qolusjoh Cas* ? Yesterday. the cues of CanUiaiiednfv, oLthe George Page,and Captain Dukes, of the tag Bella Haven, catne up for examination before Justice Dp an HQ. Glbersoa appeared as counsel for Cap*. Gedney, and JL HiBradley, Jr., for Cept Dukes. The only wilu- # far the prosecution was Mr; John Broweta, who mad* a statemeat of the oonditiou of things oe the Cage, and the position of the boat* connected with the affkir, and the ettocts of the officer* of the Page to prevent a collision. Cept (irdneyt witnesses not b*!ng In the city, the examination of Capt Dukes witness.* was ocmpieted. a?d the hear! ng continued till Thnrsday'next,a? l r o'clock. Gko*?b CJUUTYt the Crorge! Harrlngton-Chrmy, who was the tnAkin^ of Christy ft Miaatftla l? N?w YflfrK, la to appeal with ilia coatpaay at. ?4<t Pillowa' Hall, o* Monday nigbl, ?Jo*. Iff, NuIT r?d- Prepstr tot fan and Beat!?ant In due propcruona. Wagmtici that tti* c oanpauy baa bean JurWaaW Moigth t+ secure the iuTicii ot ao guud a kMiatsageat m John P. 8ailtt?, iiaq , a gaaUwnaa widely know* i aqonjAfl w 1 Thi Puts** PbalaK* ?We node# fee arrival at tbe National Hotel. of fc. B Strong, Eaq 4of ' Hartford, Conn. Mr. Strong U the Qnari*riii.*ter ! of tbe veteran corpt, tbe Putaam Phalanx, who have determined to n ake a pilgrimage to the | Tomb ?f Washington In December. and bis bnti- 1 | iirts here Is in bis official capacity. to ar-an^t- for i tbe comfort or the corps while in t?ra city T he j I'hal mx will leave Hartford on tbe 3d, and will react this city about tbe 6th proximo. Rip Var WmiLS ?Tbla great comedy, aa al1 Ured and adopted by Joe JrtfVraon, with new < omlc situations, songs, choruses and dances, ia t> rome off at tbe theatre, tonight, Mr. Jefferson aa Rip Van Winkle; and iirmense, no doubt, will be the laughing that will be done on the occasion There will of courae be an overflowing ho'ise, and the main thing is to sec are s seat earlv. Tbe afterpiecs Is " Lend me Five Shillings,'" Mr. Jefferson as Mr. Golightly. Skkkkadx DtcLi.MD?Hon. Thomas Corwln, of Ohio, having arrived in the city yesterday morning, laatevening a delegation from tbe Wide Awake organization of thia city waited upon him 0?? ?.??... - ? A - a ? v. _ - ? iui ?uc puipuac ni Koucnng mm a irrcucac on behalf of that body, If it should be agreeable to him. Mr. Corwtn expressed bis thanks to the committee for their kindness, but respectfully declined the honor fur several peculiar and satisfactory reasons. Abkivsd at Carter's wharf, (foot of Tfcirteenand-a-half street,) achr. Emma Virginia, Wheatley, Philadelphia, with 107 tons of coal for Messrs. Hherift* Dawson; Ocean Bird, Dawes, Havre-deGraee, with ?0,Wfti feet of lumber for Mr. Samuel Norment; Josephine Davis, Maiden, with a cargo of stone for Mr. N. Acker. Center Market.?The market this morning was largely attended, and waa well supplied with Erovlsiona. The demand waa active and sales risk, at prices about the ssme as contained In the Star of Saturday The honrs of sale paised without anv departure from the usual good order of the market. Liak.?This morning the water from the main In Pennsylvania avenue, at Eighth street, waa flowing Into the aewer In a perfect torrent Probably a rnnture, which requires attention from the proper officers. A vbry plkasamt affair Is to corne ofl' at the hall of the Fianklln Fire Company, on Monday evening next. In the way of a grand assembly of the Arlington Club. Cbntbal Gcardhocse Case?Sarah Beekman, colored, drunk and dlaorderly: fine and ccsta, $3.15. Five lodgers. a ? ? ? - i?kk noTics. in anomer column, or a fine boric for tale. He Is said to be a '-bully'' animal. Mr. Edito*: I taw an article In yonr paper of Thursday, purporting to come from the friends of Mr Gaines, in wbicb it attempts to exonerate him (O.-iines) from having created the disturbance at Brown's Hotel on the night of the election, by saving hedone nothing further than repel nn assault mad* on him with a loaded cane I was -n eve witness to what happened at Brown's that night, and not only mvaelf but maiv others no tired the conduct of Gaines'party, ft was their constant cry for any man opposed to their particular candidate. There were many presentdiffV-ring with them in their political opinions, but 1 suppose did not feel inclined to create a disturbance, and therefore kept their tongues between their teeth, until a young man waa accosted personally, and asked If be was opposed to their man for President, to which he emphatically said he was, and of course for the free expression of his opinion he received several severe blows from canea in the hands of friends of Mr Gaines My opinion. Mr. Editor, like that of manv others, is that it was the greatest piece of cowardice 1 ever witnessed, for a party of forty or tlfty men armed with sticks, to attack five or si* unarmed men. I will further state Mr. Gaines was not strnck with a uane, but with the list, none of the other party having canes. (*) Sjcojd Wajd. Edito* of ihz Evkmng Star:?Sir: I have to thank you for inserting in your widely-circulated paper the communication of, I suppose, some friend of mine, signed "Mechanic," who seems to suppose that I have claims to be reinstated by the incoming Administration In my former position, in the late Eillmore Administration, as Superintendent of the building of th? new Capitol win^s, and therefore hopes that I will yield my rhances for the position of Commissioner of Public Buildings and Grounds, which position many of DIV too partial friends are ursinir me for. and consent to he restored to my farmer position, and yield to Mr Job \V An^us, who seem* to be every way worthy and strongly recommended for Commissioner of Public ISntldtrigs and Grounds. Now. air, I know not that I ought to claim any r.rv^< ??<!?.. ?k? I t A -J ?-?-* I a ppvri ii*>ii<rufc uuurr uic iiic'iii 111/\?m i iiisirauuu, but I flatter myself that I have fought the democracy to the h it, for eight years past, and have, | through the great rampaign of tbla year, (pent my tim* and money in nehalf of the cause of the republican*, headed by my favorite candidates, Lincoln ana Hamlin, to tbe utmc.t of my ability. I therefore presume my friends are justified In their wl?li and belief that 1 shall receive some appointment at the hands of President Lincoln, if it should be a restoration to my former position, which I resigned because I w*j not allowed to estimate on any other public work, and because I had no wish to bold over, if allowed, ui.der a democratic administration 1 bad a right to feel that I could perform the duties of that position as well as any other practical and economical mnn, and I am sure that they have not been performed any better since my resignation. If 1 shjuld be restored to that position, and not be appointed Comuaiasloner of Public Buildings and (/rounds, for wblcb letter [>osltion. nnd all ita duties, 1 flitter myself that I am fully competent. 1 aball accept It with picture, and shall, with my friends, be highly pleased If my worthy friend Angus should receive tbe appointment for wblcb he is numerously recommend*d in Washington citv. and also In Nrw York One object J would btve In being restored to mv old post wo'ild be to employ some of the faithful and true workmen wuo have stood by me In my abscnce, and defended me against the slanders of niv democratic eueiniea and bdLk-blters. (It) 8a*. Stross. nUKRIEU. A- asi. :?k. o ? u- r???*? ?? v/u biir oui in-wmi, i?j iiio n^v ;ni rruciuri .nr. JOll.x F. GILL to Miaa JANE I'ARMELi A BR AM ELL. all of thiscity. WANTS. WANTEl>?A good SECOND HAND on bread, t?iru.k a' ciftlit. J AS. H S?IMPfeON,No.8 South Fairfax *t., Alexandria, Va It \17ANTED?A good German WOMAN, or Girl, " to cook and do honaework. Apply at JO"*. SOilAFFIELD'S Confeotionery, Sixlfa it., between Ga-id H. no H-tt* \TI7 ANTED?* firat rata colored WOMAN, aa " O'jok iu a first clasa re-taurant. Apply at No. SOT Ninth street, betweon Pa. avenue &ud D at. no 13-jft* WANTED?A PURCHASER for a hou.em th? moat growing part of the city?tne owner eoin* South. Rent for 910 a month, mhiect'ti a ground r?nt of 927 15 per annum Prioe ?750. T'tle perfect. Address "Southerner," Washington City Post <?IBoe:_ no 13 3t* WANTKD?A SITUATION, by aoolored boy, 19 rears old, either as waiter, to drive aii(l take rare of horses, or as a porter. H? wil give ?a1isfaetion to his employer, and can oome well recommended to any one who wishes to employ a Ft-ady, qni<*t and industrious hoy. Please address Box 10, Star Oilier,and the advertiser will c& 1 , no 13 3' I WAlvrKD? uy a young woman, a SITUATION m seamstress, or to stand in a srore. Apply at No. 604 (jarrinon ?t, Navy Yard no 12-21* WANTED TO RKNT?With the privilege of I nuyii'g, a PLACE of from ft to 9i acres, not over four or five miles from Washington. Address, stating locality, pric, fcc., Rox 310 Washington City Post Office. no 12-3t* SERVANT WANTED, to cook and wash in a mall lainry. A tlave preferred. Inquire at the northeast corner of north B ai.d First streets, Capitol Hill, or address Box I 4 , Star Offioe. no 10 3t? ? J AA To S600 ?A young man. of vary steady and temperate habits, wishes to invsst tnis amount in a money-making, respeotaYe business, where his Ume wili be engaged, or a* a partner. Address B v.* City Post Offioe, confidentially, : stating business and where an interview mat be ! had. Good reference required. noj>$t* WANTED?A competent soln *5? WAITER Apply immed ately at No. 379 Pa. aveuae. no | M WANTKD? For a small laimly without children. a c imfortable HOlsE, with hack-build1 inr. Location west of Twelfth and north of P st, a -i .1 i aa %it i?t_ AUUiota iw, ivu n iiHici i ouuuiug. j i?o5M?'* < Baltimore Sun copy.) VI/aNTEC?Kvert IkkIt to know that PAGE'S TV Confrotionery, No. 43?> "eventh etreet, above FO. ia the plaoH to gtt fre*h Cake* and other Confeotnn* at prWMto *aittbe time*. Ball* And par* tie* fernielied with loe Cream and other Refre*h> menu. oo !M-3w* I LOST AND FODND. ?? ' ? ' I f O^T?On Mordar even in#, on Pa. avenue, b?L tvm 13th Mid 7th tueeu. a lady'* FUR. The fiarfer wiH reoeiv; a liberal reaaid bv tetania^ the eanm to the Star Offioe. '' It LOS T?On Friday, the 9*-k, either in the Patent Oflioe, or in the 7th *treet ouinibu*, or the Cap* itol. a ladr'* plain gold BR A.GKLE f, with a ourel hand attach*#; Tup inder will b* *ui>ably vewardad by leamj rtat 337 G *treet, between l<tk a,.j.2?t. . 0OG *rOLKN.?A Setter Dog, whikeacd liver colored, blind in the rifbt ere. take or enticed off f- om or naar th* im-fljM'V rtenceoiai* owner, on the ?Ui or 7t* mwt- * i ? $5 rewfcnl wil) be p?id for tho return of the dog to No. U K rtrwt; ftnd *? *hled for the dM** .Ifft^convietionof m<th.?L y no IQ-M' TAP??yLf?3 MR PEARSON'S FARM; l ?OJ0* . t Mamcw. GEORGETOWNC?rr?jpon1mc+ / Tke Stmr. Giumitown. November 13.IS*. Br!Ajf streH It being rapidly ciwed a ad repaid where the l*r<e water evala baa boa laid, and will be alt rlgbt again before wwrt weetber ra in Tax payer*, wbo have to pmr for lighting the ftretts, like toirave the benefit of their investments in the town treasury. So ke~p tbe light* up, (??tleinen and attend to that lamp near tbe corset of Frederick and Srcc.ud streets, particu arly M It I bis not heru lUhted tince tbe lost moo .shine. We don't travel mnrh in that section, but those who do desired us to blow vou up; and If that lamp is not lighted we shall do it certain I'oliee otttr-r Tbnm a. yntrrdar. arrea'ed a eolored man charged with setting fire to a barn ear Teuallytown, acd be was rouimiUcd to the jail in your city to answer before the Criminal Court. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS UNION BUILDING ASSOCIATION.? 1L3 The seventh annual meeting will he he d at tho Council Chamber on THURSDAY EVENING next, a. 7 o'c'ook Previous to th* meehnj. ate o'clock/ our election for officers ?ili take p ace. no l3-3t* THOS. JEWF.l.r, Sec J 100 BBl.S. OF FR1MK CIDER, U*T Arrived and for sale eheas for eashno 13 ARNV ? MHTNM D^aily expected. FROM NEW JERSEY. A priat tot of CRAB CIOfcR, which is for ?l? a or before Arrival, no 13 ARNYA BH1NN. FOR RENT VERY LOW TO A GOOD TENAX I*?A commodious two story BRICK DWELLING, on Frederick, near Seoond street. Georgetown, with h-ick kitchen, va-h ooai aaa smoke house. A pump of good water in the jard. nn ]q i/ n * r\o 01 w- in. u. nii^J ni> i . 1AAA APPLE?-AFPLES! ?Vf\7U BBi.S APPLE*. now landing from cnooneT J. ft N Baker, whicn will be aold on accommodating term*, from wharfor pt"re,l>T J. G. WAFERS. wo 1 ?w* 1"f?WMert< .Georgetown. Ir>OR NEW YORK.?The packet schooner Yorktown, Captain VVo* lorn, will oommenoe 4TS. loading as above on FKMJAY next, 2a in?t For freight apply to McCOBB ft DODGE, no 1 G3 Water at, Georgetown. llUST KECEIVKD? J 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 1W bbl?.?>i>I R*? WHlrKY, 250 hi,I. HERRING and ALEWIVES. 50 tibia. '"ru?lio?l and Refined >IGA&S, 9? bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hh<1a.(low priced) MOLA*3ES. For sale hr JOfTN J. BOGLE. M 10 THR UNUKRSHJNKD OARPKM TFR AND BITILDEK. offers hia services to the public of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity, and wi 1 contract for or superintend the oonatrnotion of pahiio and private hut dings. Plans aid specificationa will he furnished at short notice, "(fios ar.d*hop onConrr*** st. Georgetown, immediate ly north of the Poet Office. au 27 Smsn HKW?V W|VO*TF /^RANDKLL, optician, V No. 139 iridtt it., BwrgHwa, Ha? oonataatiy on hand a lArge assortment of French Near-aigr.t^t, Periacopic. r-t a f> ored, a, u al. other SPECTACLES, ofv^^^ tn? unk in iuiq. tiirw, iiMijuia bcmu silver frame#. N. ft. Old Repaired um ?e? [Ann ut ui them to order. do U-1j jl/fASSEY. COLLIN8 * CO.'S PHI LA DEL" 1*1 PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We *re constantly receiving IVe?h iupt;iM of the above d"lightffc! beverage, and invite all porsone wUo want a pure unadulterated A'e. to give it a trial. ARNY & SHINN, Agent.*, fe 47 Rrwn ?t.. fimrfMnvi, i PERSONAL. A~ strologisAust arrived. MADAMK I. DEVE'K. Thk Gkeitrrt Livi.vo Pi.amr Riadekof th? Ao>. Ma lame D. has ereateo a wi!d/*ror a I over th? 8tate* she hat visited; has ?irawn the leading heads of the country, who aii f nnoiinoe her to hea am gular and. in fact, astonishing person, fhe will oanse great rejoicing and happiness between mar ried oouplei; wili brini those that are false hack to you ; will cause sp edy marriage* ; will advise in rarard to I.awscits, Ncmbers. l.os<sw?, Tuvkis.Ao. Frioesatf au<1 5" cts.. and .*1. R?*idence Riohm'>nd J?ou?e, corner Rth and D sts. Remain* a few >la?s on y. no H 3t* l|f adamk morrice. thr Great A^trolol"l gi*t a xn dorriiw*, from nrapo-TMahighly gifted a:ni irit ?iiif?nt ltd}l tan be consu.tert on the Past. Present and Future Evei t?. Call at No. 405 Kirhtn at., between G and h, Washington. no2-lm* ~FOR SALE AND RENT. ROOMS FOR RENT? A lady and gentleman preferred,or ladies. Inquire at No. 435 I ?t-, between 9th and l"th. no 13 tw* |/OR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE at the corner r of I and Twelfth street*. Inquire of GEO. W . STEWART, a: the oorner of II aud Twelfth sts. no lS-3t TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND _ OTHKRS ?For rent, suita of I'a'lorsaoduv ora: ^nsmiten. naitotoinel) tu<ni*ioJ, la the d?w dwelling house 391 K htrect north, n tw?cn 9th and l?'th its. Apply on the premiss*. co !9eo2w* I70R RKNT-A three *tory hnck HOUSE, conF taming 8 room tn good ?rder, vith ja? fixtores complete, on H street h?*we?n 4th and 5?h. Also, a two-fctorjr hnck C*TTA(*H. with large yard attached, corner of F street ncth ?n 14th it. east To punctual and r~liaMe t^na-.ts tHe terns wi'l be moderate. Apply at 446 T*e!ft'i ffro t, between ? aid H. no IS tf AUOMKOKTAHl.Y FI RM8HRD PARLOR a-ul CllA>l BKR. on the firs' floor, (or r-nt, a: 4?>0 Twelfth f?t, b?-tW'>en ?j an<1 II bo la I v.-* FOR SAI?B?The Good Will m?1 Pixtaies, with th Household Furniture. of a Rp?-t?u a it a?,l Boarditii-hoiii?a._ The pre-ont proprietor m coiug -on h. The hii inVus will l?e di*po4"d of reano abii'. Inquire 3VJ j'.v avenu**. ? 1"-1w* rno I.KT?'Two tlirce-*toT Brick HOUJ*KS *it1 nated 011 Kirfct ?trect w??t, l>?rwe?n l? ami K Btreets n >rth. Also, Store No. 520 Pa. av?rne, near the Old Reilroid Depot inqcire of l?KI). I-Oi-LANSUKK. at the Oa'pert?r Shop ot Third s'^eet west one Mjua:e uortn of Pa. avenue; or r.ejrt do.?r to either. no H-3t* 1 \ U p L'VP Dii/Mfo *?l I r? f ?%. * ? a wv w?ui i ?? vauio JVUKJJl on 31 fl st'Aet, between ti and H. Terms moderate, no Mat* F^MOR S*I.E-??n30f the old>?? atKi be^t RES TAIRANT STANDS in thecitr of Washington, irtcs tw? T^rpin A'lr h ar.d a lio?rcJ, wi?h a le**e and low rent. Ths pretentowne being otherwue f ngaen % will soil on re**<inM>!e terms. AT'P y 'o GKO. M. MILLER, ?. M9 Fa avenue, opposite the Nation*! Hotel. no 10-at* F?ARM FOR SAl.lj.?Anjr of m;f i?ndinr others thftt will or ttmt lo lesve lor Salt Rivr, oan lie ivule very comfortable on their ?onte, within nute miles of Washcgton, by application to the ?jib*oril>?r. who will sell, on very liberal terns-a F ar:n fann acres with good improvements. City property would be taken in part payment. now at KDWARl) SIMMS. TM O RENT-Tliat pleaoaot COTTAGE RESIDENCE, oontuami 7 rooms. with front balcony, largo yards in front and rear, fronting H st, in 1'rintitU Sqimre, betw^ei. .North Capit ij and First rts. Kent Situ per annum. Andrew, by lettw or.iii person, WM. STICKNEY. j# irtf 5 P>H SALE?A cowtwo etor> brick HOUSE on Fourth street, below New Vo k venae. The house is W feet front and 41 feet ilfp ; has 5 t >ot rfcsonyo, p<wl'>'. d'nu ^-room. kitchen, an*! four chamber*, with >tMrWft?? IT! pm"*? ami kttofcen, witu good cllar under tne whoH hours Fn-t?Mn* inqiiir* at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fellows'Hall. T bo t-tf J A3 8. TOPHAM. (TOR RENT.? A throe-etory and ba*?Ti-nt< T FRAME HOUSE, near Fa, av , on lMh.b*tw?ea G and H ?ta.f No. 413. Inquire at SI h LEV A GUV'S Hardware j*to;e, Pa. av. ' oc 3t>-tf F^HOR RKNT?A.four-rtor? brown froat DWtL LING, aituate on Thirteenth at., between L and M *?*!iohiuett? ?v? one of the mmt de?iraMe locations in the city. Th? house is furnish', d with ma't le roaatlea: a!*o, gfta and waterJlxtiireK with I bJt'iwoOm . Ip?ifa ?t W.i t. BHEDU'B ^anejr No lOJUttwt r r i9i; F^HOR RKNT?A comfortable buck HOI SK,oo? taimng eight room*, with jm-No. S-J9 Twelfth ; >_i 111 o^iafcUL.H)R RKNT?The la^ge three-Aor* CM AM ? W r. BOSt*. neat dj*?r, where the Iwy inajr lw found. Alto, the three three-atory Brioka at cornet df Ninth and PI at*.. Northern - Mr. H AttUKRTY^ntore uuailkl?r thVtoniTa and the key, or to DlCKSO!\k KING'S vuo4wj coal tard, corner of I street and Vermont avenue, or to the stfbaeriber, at Georgetown, no 6-eoSr JQBIt OICE^ON. , I^OK RENT?A dwnraMe and w?irft>??fc?d Inu W oais RfcBlJL>KNCK. No. 4*? ? Sixth street, k-HvMoDudbiU. The houM is luraj kbed with all the (Tiodero improvement*. Apply to THOMAS PARKKR. yjaO? to3w* Timhref hundred and rithmri aches in Pairfkx count*. Va.. in emtftlmf owPer; w< II timbered; fo??i buiklicf*; a orown H*m quarry. A railrovl car shop aud water iUIu'b muni be ereoted on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi'l in bondoun oounty. a purchaser om-vet a bargain ot ?. w. bray, Agent, al? Seventh wsntein* ton, D. C. oo IS lm* N. B.?It will not b? let for M18-tf R,0?LH?NT-T^ BUCK HOU*K No. r 109 WMt it, Georgetown, at present ooau pied by the aubaonber. It ku I* ro.rnia, wiik gma ' and water throughout, a tUe yard, ataxia A a. an* ttftUlfSt ??UnLorhood. Apply to JAB. | I 17OH RBKT.-Twb new three-story BftlCt j I " HOUSES with t>aok buiidioga, eaeh. ooctaining a rna?, wtth gaa. alaaaanuy Mtiwaf * ??THE LATEHT NEWS ] TKIiEQBAfHlO. *be Vkriiata IInUm. Rtphohd.Vi , Nov It. 4pm gtmr Tbe Enquirer of lo-dar Is doubting r?rwt la eatl mating tbat tbe majurlty for Brerkinr'dae la tbis Stale will be somewhere about t 700 Nothing baa beea received bore ?!not Saturday leal up to .bis hour, to change tbat look of th!n*s, though tore or less of our opponents vd> nt.\ st:>) indulge hopes tbat Bell boscarr'ed Ricimu>&, Nov. IS ?Breckinridge's Majority In this 9late will probably be not far froan l.wd Knout; b counties bare l?era beard front lo d? teruiine tbat he baa car led tbe State Naval Intelllgeaca Niw Yon, Nov 2 ?Tbe sloop of war Cua? her land b?a arrived frtmi Kef Wid Ml the 6lh Tbe bark Cordelia of bc?tou, It !a feared, laaloal Ion on l<oo( boo Kev? Moat of tbe caraud a part cf tbe r'ggtng vrlll be aaved ftetzare af a Saaprcted Uartr Niw Yoaa.Nov. 13?Tbe arbooaer Win L. Cotrawall baa been ae red oa auaplctoa M belaf a iaver. umumere ntrkiu BiiTUOli, Nov. 13 - Flour doll, id4 SalOr lower Wbnl dull, and laic , lower Oar* had downward tendency. and cloerd 1c. lower. Provlaloua dull Whlakydull at 81c. Maw York Harkitt. Niw York, Nov. 13 ? Flour heavy and reaW; Stat* ?LS *%5 35; Ohio 95 WaS 79, Southern Ma 5 W5 Wheat declining tendency, nomlaalty lite, lower. Corn de'Hnlag tendency and nominal; mii*d G*>a6ilr. Pork Leevy; meet l*a 18 25 Wblakv dull atftijfc. Flaaactal. N*w Vo?K, Nov. 13 ?Stock# lower and a p^nlc hit tflied Uk- market. Ch>c*KO and Rock luMl 51 \ : lUlnofa Ontral aharee %; do bouda Mfc; Michigan Southern JUtf; New \ ork Central 71 w; Reading 34Hudoon Klvet R R WjMo lli N B4GATELLK. OTICIfc?The ued?ra<cned ta prepared to make to ur<)?r RAO ITKLLE TA BI.L8 of *11 *uet kki (leioriptiuii at reasonable price* tnn. r r> . no *-9-w No.<??Kh rt..)?lT?wDMdk CIO TO tftEACH k R1CBHTKI VS. t , KTSFA^rmt. Fmr the ftew York DaJly Hertld. Ti???, at><1 Tribune. All the wwk'f |?a^? on kit*. M?atW aad Wnrterlj Macau um. Yankee iXn'ione f?r U o?iiih?T. Now i* th? time to labtenM to HirMontk t : ll^-mbT t??cia? ttf r'lpmi ?iT Mrs. J Hi?iBiE, ARTIST IN HAIR JEWELRY, !*m?h ai Bracelet*, Ea tiac*, Fob Chaiaa. Fib?er-rinK*, >eck!ac?i>, Breaatpina, Uuard Chain*, [earl*. \ 'ruaaot. &e., mMc t V-. 1i)4 V? A ? ? ? - ?-? ** i?. **1 AVI^II, HTW.yia tut IVTI 9TI., (Over C;*i?tt it. Mat's Store.) oc lG lpn* D. C. 1?REA81RY DEPARTMENT. Hi kut or CoiuTftccTioN. Nov. 10, IW. 8XA.LID p?opo?*L? will fee received M Uue De p&rtment until theith rvtftnt. foreix LnnVedi?*1) Urr<-i? of the heet R< iSF.NDALE CEMENT.delivered on the wharl in tlii* citr. The Cement to )>e or the he?t qnft'ify, ftad e*eh deliver* to he abject to ench te?U *? the M^rmlendeat of the work m?y direet. The lie payment reserve* tee right to wjeot ut or ?J. of it ' m deem the inte.-Mt of the Government requires. Hid* muit \ e ene'oted in ft aenled envelope jna-k ed " Prnr^jtih for Ctmmtftnd directed *o the voderauned. t*. M. CLARK. Aotini: Engineer ib of*r?? nolMw Treasury l)?*rtm?nt. u~r sr FlTRS!! I liftve now rrftdy for exhibiting nad eftie my etonk o( FUR'*, to which I invite the nttf niu* of the lft~ ROl%'A'Sr}lS%vim?isi? and rwj th?r vaneua*. V;(t<S.~ ?"* ", ""' 1 "-"vsE~ ^As^** ' ut* ? ?- ? ifc.?:T ? ~ BEALTIFUL PILK ROHt? AT 11? 60. To clo?e out immrtliAi?l j our et-jok "f LIGHT SILK MOBEP. we have concluded to run tliem off at SUA cae*. If ><w want on-, don't wrut eev?ral daya. a**d if alt ar.< sola mo"i<l ua for n< t lisvinc what we a4rertia?. *e ae telling our er.tire atook of 81 uKP and all other roods in a tor* without recaid to coal for caab. in order to run off our stock and ?ive potaeaajon of the store on tfce 1st January > ext. CLAGKTT * MAY, no in-flt 394 Pa. av.. I>*t. ?th a?x1 ?nth eta. \| TO THE LADIES. iURS. r. A. LKIUl M WiMiiH re-foctfullr info nt her I'Tmer patron", and tM ladine gen^rao*. ilia: she ha* removed to No. 3*4 11 etreet, t?*t?a?? 1.1th and 14 h ?ts . where abe haaer.iarred faoil Uea lo oarr)in,ion f**tuora.b e l)K K>SM a KIN (J ia ail ita b itneHet. Tlie lateat faahiona received ae s ">n ?? pawisnea. N B ?^veral fine Rooms to let, furnished or nnfiTTnifclied. A ppl* as afwtvs n<'7 2w ^HAWLS THAT 8ITRYIVK ALL T H F. ^ CHANGES IN' FASHION. BKOCHK LONG SH AW i. ,.? tl.refpur-faoed, in rich comLin&iinTts Shawls ol the alt -ve kinds rnske a rich, warm wil ier vrsppint. i.e\rr ( ) <Hit ul iaai.ioa, ami s.<? ilutatel* and styliku for jear*. We a so u&iuc tXir.o .uts of otiier uew *tj?e Shaw!* In CLOAKS, MANTLES, ARAMS. Zi>'' A V K"4. Ac . we ?f.'r iiot oris the large* ait 1 most st}' lifh asi.ortirv.nt il this market, but vatUjr the al'sisest 11.. , >.l l..r .1.,. . <11 If W . ...1 ... . I. *7. " it*'' uiir, Hi? dium. and li??r priest DRK-s* t.milis ?ur ?U?ck ofji|J ?lh?r kind* of |>rr ? a.!*pt? 1 U tb* want* r.f prr?<>n? in rao lT^toa, r?n,-Om n was n*v?r so .are* and attractive.? r*ri d a? bow. .ca'p'^Ufe^^^'yrty^aw. 4 o , upper floors. PKRRY & BKO , Pa. avecne an* ?finth a'rMt. no7 M "PTry Dmldinn." I\R. ?'L'MM iNG'e > KW BOOK ? THK U GKCAT PREPARATION; ?.r. Re.len?tion Ditwinc Nijh. iij the author of "The Gr?at T ib" Hr?t eeriwt realy thi? week. One vol., cloth h'.nr <1; price 8>. THK MUKt., HISTORY OR WOMEN, from t>?e frnnoh of F.rneat Ligcare. trac*l*t'd bj J . Pahn<*r,M D. Ou? vol.. uniform with "? 'Anion;', pnoefl. BLAN('HaRI) 4 MOHl'N. no 7 Pa. av. and Eleventh ?* THF. 6hE\PE*T PLA' K to l?y C.oth,M. Furniehing Good*, HaU and cap*, in it WITTH'S, No. 460 Seventh ktreet, oppoeiie Port OftnA. nt? lm ATCMKLOR'B iXlMlTAULE HAIR DYE. arid all farrt-c as* Totlt Artiaiee, lor e%ie at IIBBS'S W i?, U?: 1. aad Curl Mauufaetor', il i K** ?v <- ? . i.Mkr !*??> ? *** U JUST RKCEIVKO AT SMITH'S. S^rj'k ktr*?t, a very large lot nfTALL and WINTER CO THING that wUl be oil at wtonutiir* ow UrirtM ???? 1* 1? ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY^ ~ HE Next Drawing of the Roys' Html Uttary, conducted by the Sitcitk Government. yr.rfrr the aupcrvifion of the Captait. Oeofrai of C'jSa, will take place at Havana on TUESDAY. Norman ST, 1MB. MO&TEO HCMEKO 6* 0RDINAR10. CAPITAL PRIZE #100.000. l ftise of #w,w m fnvm *?. #i.?? 1 do w.aufc CO do p? 1 do , . .. rvrr ua do *? t' a ? sss "*""* ? Whole TiohMJK *'U0- Hafv?*? 10-Uoartrr?. If. A dmii will bt fomrud umfuu nail bflOOQM IDOVn. fcAU crim 1., ??J.jj?? no t-tr Oar*of Cltrfro*. Charon. t*.C A T % T IN VJIt NTION! UDD. WEBltKR ft CO TlgtU-Stltcb teirlBf MwJhlww .* * T&p$JzaU!Tb?* M?t>M mo>t mnela. TS^are V># rtronr^et^ ?fcy a^eNSetrtetaf mt k)a4 at vork ky>wa-H?f Mki Qm mm* rdh vitkott ftay l JA!*NBrP, ' M IS-Ma * i *4? Pwaaylmam er*n??. fTN-rwB.T.OOOW., ^|~7 W# Hrrt'fet on hood ft ior*a ?tock uf rtn ?Wir WHITE GtH'OSS *?* ??*T I* ?.ld. lAdw wiUaare lao?y pnrchaMBg >ne ; ? th?y Wit f prinr,?j? w? wi I - ?-! *r?*?e tot^UHdiiS3*Sn"t i^th# ?l,u <*? par* ^T!o?i aa< fc\ h^-t tmi m?>wh>4* ^JtWILJt? Wa^ ^*Ml4HV t>.-1Sm THtY WANT IT PUAR, TKMP* R4TB ?<l QNur! i % COLIN JUkl'^TABL* ME*.* lSTH?TRlVD ' ~ - - -- -

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