Newspaper of Evening Star, November 13, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 13, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. [From the \?w York Saturday Preea.] i SONG OF 1UE SOUTH. I. Ho' brothers ' the North, a word. B?fore the deed is done; Before n et, separate the two Whcin God hath joined in onc. n. Before the firebrand oa each hearth la fl%n id( in the air. Before jrey ruin ?it* and brood* Where once our ldolt were. . HI. n*memr>er : white time jet remain* To tarry in your path. Yob m'ar oao wipe away Uio atama Of blood you apill in wrath. IV. Remember! how. loni yeare ago. We bat* led aide bv aide. How net>ri poured oar arms upon In a reaiatlesa ude. V. Bhou'der to ahonlder?hand to haul \Ve fought our mutual foe, A ad gra*p*<l the birthright to oar land? O ! ehafi we let it go f VI. tmoe then, for four-aoore years and mora In harmony we two. i win n^nain i.iuerijr, aavs stool Together?we aad yoo. VII. Wbraved th? nau >na of the earth. With a 1 their boa?tr<l might, l Together we can brave them till When battling for the Right. VIII. They gazf> upon as frum afar In fiendish merriii ent, To tee oar great Kepnbiio break And orush a continent. , IXAnd shall they see it, Northern men Tour biood la in our veina: 8?uii back an aaawoiing Mo! from Main* To Indiaua a plains. X. Let go your traitorous knaviah hounds Who d lead *ou in the wrung, a a i ?:11 l. L ll _ 1_ ADU join us mi ?ca niu rmvuiwi W ith tan true C uiou soug. XI. God rave the Uaion He haa nude, And ift it ever stand W hue freemen'* blood in freemen'a vein* Shall circle tnrough the land. XII. Let ea?h forgive theother'a am, And forwa d in the rijht. Till every OTineof North aid Sonth Be uuenoln d in tlonuus light. F>am H. Nostoh. fftv York, yeTembrr 10.1860 Anotbiii Uu Lamp Mukdbk ?Tkkiiblk accidbtit at Kklloggsvillk ?Another of those terrible '-cciJents, tbe result of careleaneu occurred at Kelloggsville, in this county, on Thursday evening, at a o'clock by which tvo lives are probably lost Mrs Mitchell, wbsse husband vrns absent at Skaneateles. attending a republican meeting, endeavored to fill a lamp with gas from a mii While doing so Mias Katterine. a young lady employed In Kellogg's factory, who boarded with Mrs. Mitchell, n-tnon?trated and reproved Mrs Mitchell for tbe carelessness. Mrs. M replied that ber husband 1xad often spoken to her about filling tbe lamp while tbe wick was burn log, dui iii* man i im aira'.a, liardly bad tbe words escaped her lips bt fore tbe explosion took plar?, and she with M iss K alter ine were enveloped In flame* Tbelr piercing screams brought the neighbors In, who after tbe greatest exertions succeeded in que&chiog fthe nanus. not, however, until their clothes were almost entirely destroyed. Miss Mitchell expired about tw-lve o'clock, and Mi-* K was lingering this morning, but cannot poMibly survive ?Auburn Advtrtistr. IP^The 9t. Louis News of the 5th savs "there was a tremendous popular excitement in Quincy, Saturday night 1 st, growing out of the trial of Stephen Boon, formerly president of the l^uincy Bank, for perjury. The trial occupied three days, and the jury brought in a verdict of guilty. T KA OAll ? 1 J \17 1'uaa ntHnuM ? ^ ?? * UV w?(*) 1/1MVVI , anu pt^tivun were dumbbounded and amazed at this verdict. A new trial was imn:ediat?ly granted, but as the court gave no order for the ??fe keeping of the prisoner, the sheriff undertook to conduct hi in to jail, whereupon the lawyers and people generally rame to the rescue and carried off the prisoner in triumph The almost universal opinion was that Mr. Boon was innocent " Cassi s of Wheeling,Va ?The census returns of the city of Wheeling and Ohio county, Va , give th* f.'llowinc results: The population of the county in f??? is 5,#7M. slave S??total .5,741. The c ty has a free population of 14.vK). slaves 31 ? total 14.314 South Wheeling has a population of 2.64U; Fulton 312 The population of the whole touuty and city Is 22 506 free, 1(JU slaves?making a total of 2S,t06. | tf~7~ The new gymnasium In St. Mark's Place, New York, established under the ausoires of the Hrventh Regiment, and conducted by Col. Brady, wu opened on Tburaday evening with appropriate ccreiuoniea fpy The Reman Catholic Cathedral at St John's, Newfoundland, waa lately entered by burglars, and a massive silver rbailee, a plate, and a candlestick, valued at nearly $1,500. carried off. . ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL.?P A Clagett, Va: W M Thirhn J NP.- IJ H A ? III- ? W Williams, Md; J D Moore and lady, NY; A Davis. C?; F MeCloakey, NV; Mi?a Moore, DC; Hon 9 Medary, Kan; W A Stephen* and ly, V?; A B Price, NV; Hon J 8 Green,Md; \V Warner, NV; C J Stuart, W H Pinnall, Va; (i B Cba?e. Md, J Angle*,Tex; C O'Donnell, Ct: R Blackford and ly, J Gorah, F W Srultta, N Y; \V Llndiar. Eng; T W Slmpaon, Pa; A J Beebe, La; C W Gallon and lady, N J; Mr? Marillat, Va; T W w ,rr, r, UH W I VV. U r? 1/ a ... | ^ 'V V 41 1 f UVQ x/ <i CJUUlf* Me; H Coake, O; A N Rogera, Va; C D Boyden, NY; R T Ucldabury, DC; E Strong,Ct; E Langley, NT. BROWN'd HOTEL ?J K Chltton, S Arcber, A Archer and U iadits, P S l'arpin, M:u; H Howsob. W Pierce. J ? Hall, 8 Hall, M Jacob*, Pa; J William* Mr* A Driacoll, Mia M Dixon, Ml* Ltwli, 9 P Porrln, Md; W 8 Griffith, M Ryder ajtd ly, J S Stiver and ly, N V: Hon J C Burch, ana it. ? A Hardham. 1% J; J B Hunt and ly, *C; J W A rmstrrnjr, Ga; D Selnay add ly, Tenn; H P Welchaud lv, lad: Mra A M Eoaby, DC; J H Gulick. Va; T J Scott, Mra J taoyklng and fam, Ala; W Kreba, Md. KIRK WOOD HOPSE ?J Renter, J Sererna. Pa, R A Pearton and ly, Mlaa; J King, F9; R M Locket, Mm; A Humphrey*. Utah; Maj A Buford aad fam, Kr; Mr Claiborne, Mr and Mra Maaon, La; E T Fincb. Va; A B Cobb, Me; W H Allen, Md OilRA N &TRA iYTEHS' A? a tt i *rn r\ A vm _ ?^ WJX4 X//I JL ft# From thk Ltitjb Statu. Vx?Mri. Ltnrt. *W. Day*. Rurofa Koelon Liverpool... Nov 14 H&miiionia .-New York. .'.Hamburg.. .. Mot 16 AUaalio........ New York... HaTr... Nov 17 Pr noe Albert ..New York.. .Gaiway.Nov V Persia ? .. . New York..-Liverpool- .. .Nov a Bremen. .New York._ttoath*pton..Novat fro* ecbofb John Bell -...GiasKOw Mew York...Nov S C?njw:a. Liverpool....Boston .NotS Vanderbilt..?. douth'pton...New York... Nov 7 The Havana mail steamers leave New York on the 2d, 14th, 17U. and 37th of eaan montn, and Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The California bmu 1 ?te*w\Ars leave New York on be sen and 4*h of earn month. A CARD. ? Having b??n informed by aevera' rerpj?t*ble 01 tiseaa that oj aUr law ^j?CN kera. ?*llinf from buckets on theflt f ?-J atrneta. hare represented theraaelvea aUinc Cur ma, aad that n?>t a few peraooa have in toia way bad iiupoead upon th?nn impure oyatera.aotl romplamt be*n ma<l? to me to tl.ia d'eot. I have to aay t-at I Lave ao hawker* ae'ling for me from bueketa aad do ?m Bw uia duubom to be carried on from my e?tat?mont. ui do not daal in oy?ter* of that cU?*. thar hare I any br&aou of my eaiat>H?timent in ?n> part of U)? c:ty. Ny oyaUra ara a?nt hy ma tp fkjm.lioa axoeat on oraara rece.rad at my only Da pot. No. 5IS1 C atraat, batwaan Wh aryMl*. o? 9-la T. Ma niaVkii, QL??IOB, jry^Low ^NDPIIRE UAWA1M A Oi? A ftltf WllISKEY, Con?oi?nuott?ir diatiUad by Mr. Jaa>*? tmiwda of A.l**any County, Pena*? im tlb* uiiHm?i?ioned kvnMi *m, Cr?Mt Uaafcoteaat and nutl f?l?fu!!y mmet?d Rye, and i> hi mm inr oflmnl |or uii anbi a4a#ud u wialwwe aaa by ac" It i?at ooo? th? ^mo?t palawfly^itrlSJy^KTj^j^ Xmmecdi^iteft^r it? ^nrJrallSd*?a*kUM^M a SSf,,?25,SS ?5S.rr^Ki! byaioiaaaara him it ui tbair praaUa* vitktb* Wil n nAjuikwo* gfcg.A'~ OODI ~ WOOD!! STOVK M4 KINDLING WOOD,&t UclMNM 10 FRKNCfl * ICHSTKIN'8 No. tT# # VI f*Mt. ?t?bo?. u4 kaok U UM MV fl >!) > *d.Con? of Mo.. . Oiltom, Hua? and tlTto** ?B UlM f^r.MW , it MiMrKMf.lttlMBai* hah editions. 0*11 and take a loo* it tW. so 7 tBK..1^fit,?S!?.2P-Wi MISCELLANEOUS. Tax Amalgamation or laxettaoi*.?There iit (rowing teauenor > tau m? to appropriate the moit ?xpr?Mire wrorda of other lancuages Ann after a -whit* to maorparate them in oar own; than the void Op it* i e, which is Irom t.ia brack, aigtuiyinf '?for tha head, it now baooming popaiamed in ooaiMtion with Mr. fcpaN'lrg'a treat Headache raaadji but it will aoon be n?<sd in a mora general way, and tha word Caph*lio will baooma aa oommon m Kleerotype and many wthara whoaa d:?tinotion aa foreign wrrdt haa b*an worn away by oommon uaaca until thay aaem "native and to tha manor born." 'axdly Realized. Hi 'ad 'a 'orriMa 'aadaoha thia afternoon. band I atap?<xl into tha hapotheoariea han-1 ?ay? hi to tha "?*a, "Can tou haaaa ma of an 'eadaoht?" "Doea it haoha'ard," aaya'e. "Hexeeedintly " aaya hi. nu spun uw e ui? vifniiig rin. nun 'pon m? 'vuor it cured me so quioc that I'ardly realised 1 'ad 'ad aa 'eadaohe. EHiadaciti is the favorite sign by which > macee known any deviation wrat-ver f om the nataral state of the brain, and viewed in this light it may be looked onai* safeguard intended to give notioe of d;se&*e which might otherwise esoape attention, .ill too late to be remedied; and Ita indication* should never be nedected. Head aches may be classified under two naaes. viz:. 9/?n?toinaiiii and Idiopa hie. Symptomatic Headla aVnaaJm el V tv.mmnn am4 ? Ika arg/?NtsA> ot a great ninety of dtaeaeee, arovnf wbion are Ayi p ex;, Gout, Rheumatism and ail f b lie di?eaM*. in its rervoua form it is a>mpathetie di Me* of the atomaeh oonatitutinc sick k?^tuke, of hepatic diaeaae <.on*titutiiig bilious ktmAachr, of wi?f??,oorutipatton and other auordera of cne . o?el vaa well aa rena1 aud aterine amotions. Diseaiea of the heart are very frt-q uentl y attended with Head' aohei; Anternia a< d plethora are a!no affections which frequently nocas.oa healaahe. Idiopathic Ileada^he ia also very oommon, being nsnally diatinguished by the name of nrrrews hmdacht, ?oiretiraea coming on suddenly in a ?tate of apparently aouud healtu and prostrating at odoj the umtal. am physical energies, and in other loktanees it comes on slowly, hcsld.d by depression of spirits r acerbuy i f temper. Inmost inataucas the paiu is in front of tbe head, over one or both eyes, aud aometi.ues provoking vomiting, ander this class may aleo be aaaMd Siuraiti*. For the treatment ot nther o'aas of Headaohe the Oohalld Plita h&va hoan found m. aura uid aafa remedy, reii -nog the most aonte paina in a few minute*. an I by ita aubtle power eradicating the diae&aeof wtuoh fieadaone is the unerring index. Bsidgkt.?Miatna wanta yon to aend h*r a Vox of Cephvio Giue, no, a bottle of Prepare 1 Piln,? but I'm thinking that'a not juat it nauher; but p?r hspa ye'it be ajther knowing what it ia Yeaee ahe'a mgh dead and gone w;th the Siok Headache, and wanta aoqpe more of that aatne a? relaived her bsfore. i>n?cui.-Yoa muat m?an Spalding's Cephalio Puts. BrHt*t.?Ooh! sure now and von've ned it, here's th? quarther and civ me the Pills and doa't be all day about it aither. Ceastlpatlea er Cestlreneea. No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" ie ?o prevalent, so little understood, and so mnoh nejl?oted as Costivenee*. Of en originating in eare or sedentary habits; it it regarded as a flight disorder of too little oonaequenoeto exoits anxiety, while in reality it it theprecu'sor and oompanion of many of the moat fatal aud danger >aa disease*, aail unlaaa earl? eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter evils of whioh Costiveness is the usual attendant are Headaohe, Colio, Rhmmau^m, Foal Breath Piles, and othsra of like natnre.whils a long train of frightful diseases such as Malignant Fevers, Aboeaaes, Dysentery I Dyspeps.a, LM*rrhea, Apu pUxy, Lpnepsv, Paralysis, Hysteria, Hjpoonondriasis.Melanonoly and Insanity, first indicate their prraenoain the system by this alar nine at mptora. Not unfrequently the dis?ai?a named originate in Const p&tion. bat tag* on an independent exist inoi unless the causs is eradioajpd in an early stage. From ail these aoneiderationMk fo!l.iw> th.t m. di*order should reoeive immediate att?nti"n whenever it ooours. and no persnn should negleot to get & box of Cepnalio Pills on t*?e first appearxnoe of the eomplaiiit, as their timely use will exp?i the msiduou* approaches of disease and destroy this dangerous foe to human life. A Real Blessing. Physician.?Well, Mrs. Jones, how is that headache' *sr w *? ?* * " " j>in. j<mfs.?rsone: vociot, an gone: the pill yon ant oared me ia just twenty minutes, ana 1 wish you would sand mora so that 1 oaa have them tan<ty. PAuc*V?iia ?Vam *? n? a~ '.y.rv.wr*. a V? W?U ft V b ?UOIII Ofcfc OH J l/FIIKKlllIt Call for Cephalio Pills, I find they never fail, and 1 reco*t.ip*r.d them in all caaes of Headaohe. Mrt. Jonsj.?1 ahail aend for a box directly, and ahal! tall ail my auflerin* friaoda, for the* are a real Messing. Twihtt Millisxs or Poll*** Sav*d.?Mr. Spaiding ha* *o>d two million* of bottle* of hi* oel orated Prepared (? u?*n<l it i* e*tirn%i?d that each battle iavei at least tea dollars worth of broken furniture, thus making an aggroiate of twri.ty m* 1lioaa of dollara reclaimed from total loaa uj this variable invention. Having made hi* (J.nsa homehold word, he now propose* to do the world still greater aerviee by onrinr >.11 ?*hin? u?-i- ? -rj ? ? W 1*11 FitsCepbalio Pilln. and if they areas good as his G!n?. Hea<iaohoa will soon vanish away liae mow niuj. frrOvMK i iciTiMKNT. am! the mental oare and anxiety lboi'ietit to oiosa attention to t>us rest or atody, are among the numeroaa causes of Nervoes Heao&oh?. The disordered state of mind and bodr incident to thta distressing oomplaint is a fatal blow to a'l energy and ambition. Sufferers by this disorder oan aT?aya obtain speedy re lef from T , W1. " uj uonn 0110 ri mo uepbano Puis whenever the symptom* appear. It quiets the overta*k*d brain and soothes the strained and jarring nerves, ard relaxes the tension of tie itoinsrh whioh ?!waji aooompsr.iea sad u grsvstei the disordered condition of the brain. Facts woiti k*owt5o.?Spalding's Oshalio Pills ?re *ceruin on e for 8iok Hesdaohe,Bilions He&dsohe, Nervous Headache, CosUrensss, sod General Dsbi!itj. Gkiit Discovray?Among the moat important of a'l the (rMt m*<1i )&1 riieooveriea of thie age may be considered the lyitern of vaooination for protection from Small Pox, the Cephalic Pill for relief of Headaohe, and the use of Uuinnn for the prevention of Keren, either of whioh is a aore ae*oifio, whoie benefit* wi I bi experi*naed by ufTt-ring humanity loos after their dieooverera are forgotten. lU~ Did ?o? nw hare the Siok Headache ? Do you remember the throbbing temples, the fevered row. the loathing and disgust at the eight of food. Row totally uult too were (or pleasure, oonvrrsatioa or stadr One of the Ceph* 10 Pills would hare retiered you from all the suffering whioh you then exoerieneed For this aad other purpotes you shou d always have a box of them on hand t* use as oooasion requires. vvfliiCjO. &TvilFW NervousHeadache -?133**1 Headache. By til* im of th*M Pillm th? yriodia attacks of i Mtrrotu or 8*dt Hiadmke may to K**?nt?d; and tf Mk?n It tM commencement of an att^ok imms dia!? raliaf from pala udaiokn?aa,will be obtainedTk?f nMj* tell hi tmbotibk tto Nawt?a and HtadaA . to vkJui ? ? -- ' " * - ?,? o ??J raujook Thaj Mi *Mtiy upon Ua bo vala,?raraovtng Cai ; '' 1 For" LiterMnrJitm, SttuUmtt, OtlMlt Famalaa, aftd ail Parana ( ??rfc?fary /iaZ;WJ, they arc ail vaiaabU M a La2o/iv?, improving tba ft ring lob and ??*?r to tha digaativa organs, and T?ato?ia* tha aataral ela?t?citj and atrangth of tba whula ay alpm. Tho Q&fftALIC PILLS ara tba of long 'v-itigatirf a*d oarafatty aoadnoiad axpanmattU, ha?iag baaa la aaa many yaara, during wInch tima 1 thay bava ^rayaotad and rehavad a mat amount of PMU and from Haadacba, vbatbarocigl Mill in tlwiirtMJ ayatato or frani a daranced ? *? .wv Ttaf an aatiraly la thair aomyotiUcn, and may bo t?k?n at all tiiaea with ??rfaot aafaty witnodt mafcia* a#y ohaaga of feet. mm* tk* abA&t* of am* <N*?kr?4*1/1* taut rudtrt it tasy to tuimimturn thtm tothfl4r*?. ?1 HKWiRK OP COUNTERFEITS! The gamine hare fira tignaturca of Benrr 0. S^aitiiBK ob aaoh Box. Sold by DraggiaU and all other Daalari in Mediriaai A Box will ba sent by nail yrapaii on reoeiyft of the UB irx' A* i - nt vsnrs, a? wrdert be to -rt . brn*y p. upalding. | ?*?Uwif f 9 c?dw *r*at, Nt>w York. MISCELLANEOUS. j PViSTAit RftttEflmflM"', OrricBBvrniKTtHDiHT or Public Peiktiso/ i Washington, OotobwijlM). ( In pnraaa-:o? ol the pnm >ion? attae "aot to pro ; ride for executing the paUio prlnt*nV *? . M. roved Angust 96,1852, ud ol the 10th lectioo of the Mt entitled "An act making appropriations for 8 legislative. executive, and julicial expanse* of ore ment for the year erding Jane 30,1880,"ap- ; proved March % 1(36, seated proposals will he re- ' oeived at this obm, in the Canto1, until the iret Monday (3d dap) of Deoember next, at U o'olook. I for furnishing the paper that may be repaired . for the paMio printing lor the year ending on the 1st day of December. 1861. The subjoined list specifies. M nearly m ou be ascertained, the quantity, quality, and description of each kind of paper that will be required: Citu 1. l?,ono reams fins pristine paper, u?ca'.erdered,to measure M by S ino^es. aui to weigh forty-fire pounds to (he ream of 480 sheets. i Clam 3. 6.000 reams fins printing paper, eaieaCered, to measure 34 by 38 inohs*, and to weigh fifty six poucd* to the ream of 480 sheets. Class S 900 reams superfine printing paper, hard-sized and taper calendered, to measure 34 by 3B inohes. and to weigh forty-eight pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. 3 ooo reams tnperfine printing paper, sized and super-'alendered. to measure 34 by 98 inches, aid to weigh fifty pounds to ths ream of 480 sheets. Cmk 4 1 000 reams superfine mat paper, sixed and calendered, of snoh sizes as may ha r?q uired, corresponding in weight with paper mtasurioic 19 by 24 tnohes. and weighing twenty pounds per ream or *90 sheets. CLASS 5. 990 reams superfine plate paper, (calendered or o calendered as may be required, 119 by 24 ineha*, and of suoh weight par team as mar be required. Tha fibre ol the paper of each of tha above ela<aea to be of linou and cotton, free from alt adulteration with mineral and other substances, ol a fair Whiteness . a-d put up in quires of twenty-four h?nl< Mrh *m1 in hiinitlu of >?? ----? ? w- - ? .'UHUiva VI ?WU ludlll* each rc&iu to contain 480 perfect sheets, L'niformitv in eolor, thickness, and weight will be required; and no bundle (exclusive of wrappers) vary in cover or under five per oent. from the standard weight will be received, and the'gross weight will m ail eases be required. Mixing of various t .iokns > * in the same bundle to max* up t e weight will be oonsidered a violation of the oontraoL Class 6. 1. I ,S00 reame qn?rto-po*t wriuor paper, 10 b/18 inchct, 2 2,000 do cap da 13 by If 1-8 da 3 100 da demy da 16 bjr 20 1-8 da |4. 1.000 da folio poet do 17 b? 23 do ' 5. 100 d* medium da 18 by 23 do 6. 50 do royal J j 19 by 24 do 7. SO do auper-reyal do 30 by 25 da 6. SO do imperial do 221-8by31 do 9. 100 do double-e?p do 18 by 26 do 10. 1U0 do colored medium, (aaaorttd colors.) Class 7. 1. 6,000 reams writing paper, 16 by 26 inches, to weigh twenty-three pounds p?r resm 2. 1,500 reams writing paper, 19 by 36, to weigh twenty eight pounds per ream 3 3,100 reams writing paper, is by 25 inohee, to weigh twenty six pounds iw ivniiia wiiung p?p?r, in nr s IDOI10S, lo weigh twer.ty-four pound* p> r ream 5. 340 reams writing paper, 18 by '8 ioohea, to weigh twenty-trro pound* per ream 6 4K) ream? writing -aper, 12 by 18 ioohea, to weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the papers designated in ciaaaea 6 and 7 must contain iw perfect sheets to the ream, and so "outfid*" quirea. Tl??y are to he made of the beat ma teiiala. free from adulteration, finished in the best manner, out to a true edg?. laid flat, and securely and substantially enve oped. The papera is olaaa 6 are to be white or bine, and of suoh wights as may he required by thia omoe. Thoae in olasa7 are to he wh:te, and of the aizea and weights specified in th? achvinle The right ia reaerved of ordering a greater nr U? quantity of each and every kiad contracted for in a 1 tue olaaaea, to be furnished at audi timea and in Moh quautities sa the puhho aervioe may require. Caen claaa wi>l be considered aeparately, and be aohject to a separate oinlraot; but bidaera ina? off -r for one or more of the ol&asea in the same proposal. No proposal* will be oonaidered unlesa accompanied by tne guarantee that the bidder or bidders, if hia or their proposa' ahall be accepted. will enter into an obligation, with good and sufficient auretiea, to furniah the ar Holes .pro posed Blank forma for proposals will be fnrnf?hed at thi? offios, and none will be taken into consideration unless substantially agreeing therewith. All the paper in the aeveral elasses muat be delivered at aooh plaoeor plaoea aa mnj be designated in Washington city, in good order, 'reo of all and every extra charge or expense, and subject to the inspection, oount, weight, and measurement of the ^qperintendent, and be in all respects satisfao nrw ?? j repaired mar be Men at th.? omje, hut bidder* are retuired to furniah.with their propo?al? samples of not ie??th*n onn quire or each of the kinds Lid for,and upon which tneir jroDotali IBM be bated. The suooeofal bidders will be required rigidly to conform to tneir ?amFrOBOMifl will K? tiiHrAoa*/! l> |A..M (f _ -w; ? mmm mrf wMMi woOCM IV <11111 (iKARTf Superintendent of the Pubiio Printing, Washing ton,"' and endorsed "Proposals for Supplying Papor " oo 2-2awtd I?AGLE IRON WORKS, Hi Corner Ohio Av. and Th:xteb5TH St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. Tho undersigned have b?en appointed sole uMt* in this city for the manufacture and Mia of the above KngiiiS*, and are prwpared to supply all ojders with pr>rnip'nori and dispatch. Thes? engine* have be*n sa'ulactorily introduced, and are now practically employed in l>akeries; by bookbinders; for boxwood cutting; by cabinet makers; for drawing fan blowers to ventilate buildings; for pumping;for domestic: purposes; elevating giain; ^lass cutting; ginning cotton; grinding quartz; griuding paints; grinding sugar cane on plantations in Cuba; for hoisting; for knitting machine*; bv manufacturers j of plated ware; nf printers' material, of silver ware, of agricultural implements; of matches; of hooped skirts; lor pumping at railroad ?Uvt oan and on board ships; for sewing mavhinos: for joh printing and orintinr dail* n?w*r,*n?r.- ft.? _ i - _ r_ .: _ , .r.r?-. iui tnnuus fmnuiuun uses; for pawing and planing lumber; for picki^K h?r: for polismng comlw; Tor ahoeniakere' ua??; for 8?no mftiiik; turnini; totnooo cutting and pulverizing: in tannerieaand wire making establiahmenta; for six;a water manufacture; hone cruohiug, malt mashing; towing; grinding cutlery, Ao. They are inexploaive; ooonoinic&I; easily managed; they require no engineers; uae no water; and consume very little fuel. Any person deairou* of using these Knginea, oau by application to the undersigned he shown a large number of testimonials from persons who have them in daily use, expressing their entire satisfaction in their operation and use Prioee of tho Engines aa establihhedity the Patentee: 12 in. oyl'r &3S0 >18 inchea oylinder, .f 5fio Double 24 " I,?n0 32 ' " 1,350 " 32 3,6011 40 " 2^0 " 40 " 4<S*i 48 " " 3,900 " 4a " 6,800 60 " 5,00# " 60 ?* 9,3)0 24 " " 750 We are are at.o r..~ ? - - * _ r.?rl?vM w luiuimi, ?n Bnnri ?otioe, Arohitootura! Castings, fiom any designs that may l?e furnished, as oheap as can be obtained ela*wliere. Aluo, 8t??am fcngiues, portable and station ary; high or low sressme; taw and grist inilis; hvdrootntic, or other presses ; hollers fer heating buildings, wrought iron water tanks; chafttnr. gearing, ho., for flouring or otlier mills, and forging of all kinds. se 13 atw3m WM M ELLIS ft PRO^UNIONRKSTAURANTa ^ .. V1 I " J J AV*/D IVI. ri-1,1, n iN f aJ ^lUf Corner or 19th and H ate., 'Cflg f"w doort south of Pa. avM Favi?r'a old stand, Fir?t ? Ward, Washington. Hia Har ia oonatantly supClted srith th*ehoio?*t Liquors and Cigar*. Tne est Friod Ojstersin WatluntUin can be obtained at Uu siaoe. Families supplied with Oystwrs ia every at>'a, and at r<jasonabl<% prioea. aa 26t>o6ro e. a. iowl**...johh ? wx>b...h. wm. bivkkidok. CHARLES S. FOWLER k COIMPORTERS, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, Fioo Cutlery. Plated Ware, Roll Metal Gooda, Block Tin Goods, Tin Chamber Sets- JtpaneU Waiters, Ethereal and Solar I.a.inn? IMA ml e?" ^P?vL*ntern,. fco , ko. I *JS_DD Fel';?W? ST., n ?fc?nui?u>n *;uy. /CENTS' Fine Calfskin Sawed Hoot*, f3 75 VI Uenta' Doable sole ami Doub a-upMralba Boots, Gents' fin* Freuoh CaifskinBHS Gaiters ??n Ho<?ts; Boy?' and Youth*' loncF ] UooU; I^adirs' Kid, Morooco sod Goatskin" M? Buttoned Hoots; Lasting Laced, Buttoned, Congress, and Malakoff Boots. Also, every other stria ol ladits', miB ><?' and children's Hoots and Shos, tj. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa av., between Stii and 9th sts. oo 17-eotr tFOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER, AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. At thd METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. OBIT n ft. o/\? ^ * cokjo:nu?NB?^ p p0rtt in*wr , ..uhvattd LtHW * ~r 1 .oS4U__?? ^TOVB?flTOVK8!gTO V E_?i'^tofCoofc>Mgd \ W lhh*V' ^5'-? ^ 1 Other ~ WVJM1. " th? DW""US .?? ?* I w othor boo*? ??^em out. ? ? \ iBt?nUontno\ot? " ftad Uub judge for jMMmolvao. """* 'Wf ? c SNYDER, oo ? Noxtdoor to the gtar Office. WNEW CLOAKS. K Harethiadar reomred from Nov York a boauttin) M?ortmcnt of now etylo Foil mmi W inter CLOAK.S, each m tho Arab. Zouave and other atjfe*, in Blaok and Prenoh Clothe. Alao. Plain F^O^i^VfRIJ. Bo to MI?AH0Un. 10 BMI FH'8, N*. 460 Soyenth ? ,, *JM* Q??P?lt* Pnut iMWO* f^BICKKING * BON9' UNRIVALED PlLr A >08. * Ji ,ri~, BO 5 *0? P>. >T.. btw?a Uhaad iothaf. PIANOS. MELODEON8. VIOLINS, Guitar* I AtoonlMH, THiboriMi. 4*., Ae. JOB.N p. EL LIB. *wH ?M P*. h*. Btk ioth ?k. m 4 ???????? mSOELLAMBOUa. T?? uN,s,n,s,4Vkiatff&fp,"TT" CooMqaratly I ?h?il remtio in WMhtpcton ud oontina# to jiri#* ?j ooonpatx>n nl HOUaK. ana Tkl, PaIMTING. GiMinf In ail ita branch**. Oifl Glaxirr promptly attended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Farnitarein the beat aty la- I aleo, aal' attention to the Painting of Roofa and Briofc Walla. All of the above I will do aa cheap aa t*e oheaaeat. J therefore aolioit the patronage of my friend* and fellow oitiaena of tha Dintrict Punctuality atnotly obaerved, and work done in the boat maanar. Yon will pleaao mind your atoas and atop at M. T PAKKKR'S Painticg haiabliahment, No. 43' 33 U $3 IS Loniaiana av., north aide, bat ween 6th and 7th ata. P. S. &gna pot up free ef charge, aa aaaal. an S>-3m YliONKKR STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN Mr HTriw a'lioVa w u ?? v/nnc> The aubeoriber bega leave to inform the oitisena of Waahington, Georgetown and Alexandria that be haa ad<l?d to hia long eatabliahed buaiceea the auxiliarv of (team power for sawing and manufacturing Marble and Brown Stone Work in their variouabranohea, Marble Manteli, Table and Waah taad Topa, Tile, MonuTnenta, Tomb and Head Stonea, slaia, Winrfuw Linteia, Silia, Stepa and Platforma. Having pk-ohaeed a large a took ofltalian Marble in Nook/rom hrat the loweat ratea, he feela oonfident of being able to ftarnish Marble Work aa low aa it oan be purohaaed in New York. Philadelphia! or Baltimore. The trade eupplied with ltaiia? Marble in blook or alaba at the aame rate aa furniahed in New York, and on aooommodating terms. Alao, on baud, a large aupply of Pumioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hor.e and Poliahing Putty at New York prioea. Kneourage the enter priae; it will be an aoeuiaition to the oitv. ALIvX. RUTHKRFORD. Pioneer Sttmm Marble and Brown Stems Work*, Pa. av.t oor. Thirteenth at., au 21 3m Waahington, D. C. ^MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE* CO.'S 0BIiEOT 8FIOEB. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bnt ground from freeh Spioea, selected and cleaaed by ua expreealy for the purpose without referenoe to ooaC They are beautifully packed tn tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are fall weight, while the ordinary groand Spices are almoal invariably ahort. We warrant them, in point of strength and richness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, aa a aingle trim will abundantly prove. Maunfeotured only by E. R. DURKEE * CO., ' ?? U 1S1 Pearl at.. NtwYork, W~ATCHREPAIRINGANUSILVER WARE manufactory. I have one of the beat establishment*, and furnished with aeomplete set of tools for repairui( every description of tine Watohea, and farticular attention give to the t>aine, by a4mK horonrh competent workman.and a. work guarantied Al.?o, every desorip loirof standard SILVER WARE, pla-.n and ornamental, manufactu-ed under my own supervision, which my euatomera will find far auperior in quality and finish to northern ware Bold by dealers in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ae 6 33S Pa. avenue, near 9th at. /Vents' shirts, *jt collar!?, ties, stocks, HANDKERCHIEFS. And all kinds of GKNTS* KURNIHHING GOOD*, at 25 per cent, eaa than any wther atore in the city. At oc lf^lm SMITH'S. Seventh at. f REEMAN Jj SIMPSON ^Textr^^^XTR^V m OLD W OLD \ Vfamiiy rybIfamiiy rye! 3SlcvWFrTCHTV/flt.Ti7mvi7riv-/,j The ahove PURE WHISKY,Coffe* Du'illkd ntoM M ai.txd 6*atn, bpin? superior and uniform lu quality, and highly improved by age, is preferred by 0'iniumer* to a'l other Whiskies, and partioalarty recommended by the best physicians and oht>mists as coecossinic all the requirements of a 2Yv? T^ic lnvi*orator and R'mtaial Atritt. The f*?jhu? Ikilf Water ot Philadelphia, used in the dts'illatton of this Whisky, is proved by analy sis to bs the softest and pareet water in the United State*; and to tins may, m a great degree, be at tribute-: the exoellenee of this Whisky. For sale by FREEMAN * SIMPSON, Pheniz Distillery, On the Hchuylkili river. Phi adelpnia Offices?9?> Wall street. Now York ; 109 South Front Htreet, Philadelphia And can be had in Washington of Samuel Bacon iCo, 319 Pa av.: R. J. Rjon, West 9th at., oorrs<?r D^Kennedy 4 Push, 5?f* West 7th st; Mur -"-ay ? ?ut ra. av.; J. H WUaon, 327 Pa. av: Barbour A Sflmmeii, 63 La. av ; H. C. Purdj,403 Pa. *v.; \Vm. Bryan, 44 Market Pp.; Moor" Cinaell A Co , 387 V\ eet 7th ?t.; 6. F. Gu lick. 336 N. J. av ; A. Gaddu. Jr., * Co., M, corner Hist Uth ; Edward Hall, 40 Market Space ; E. E. \V?Mte ft Co ,63 La. av.; John H. 8emme? tc, Co . 3'J3 Went Ninth it. oo>6 1 m /^x /vvV A ??/t00'0'"' \i\ ( DISPATCH! %\? ? Swe the_Pieee?! 9K^ A* moiuUntt tiili k*rr*i*t ???* t? 'aMiliw, it is very dosirable to hare om* cheap mi 4 oonveuiect waj for repairing ramitare, Tort, Oroakery, Ao. SPALDING'S FKEPAAfcD GLVK meets all anoh enierjenciea, and do hoaaehold oan afford to be without it. It ia always ready and up to the ticking point. There ia so longer a neoeeaity for llmpin* ohaira, eplintered "^neera, headleaa doUa, and broken c radios. It ia inat the arfiele for eone, ahell, and other ornamental work, so popular with ladioa of refinement and taate. Thia admirable preparation ia naed oold, t#ui( ohemicaliy held in eolation, and aosaeasing all tha rateable qualities of the beat cabinet makers' rlae. It may he used in the plaee of ordinary muciTac*, being vastly more adhesive. " USBPVL IN SVERJ HOUSK." Pf~lC4% SI OGDiS. N. B.?A Brush aooompanies each bottle. IfktlutU D*r*t, No. 48 Cedar street, New Yort . ' - - " AdONM HENR Y C. 8PALDINS * CO., Bos No. 9,690, New York. Pnt n? for Dealers in Cum o?atftii}ing Four, Bicht, and Twelra Doien?ft b^utifnl Lithographio ehov-Cftrd accompanying each pack ate. K- A single bottle of SPALDINU'S TREED BLUE will aare ten times ita ooat annually to every household.-T71 Sold by all prominent Stationer a, Dnmiiti, Hardware and Furnitare Dealers, ttrooera, and Fancy Stores. Country merchants should make note of SPALDING'S PREPARED QLUE, when making uf their list. It wilfstand any oTimate felO-ly Ss5!}^ 'f t 3l^/d "' V C^* W*tUw ? k??'P ?'{* r*^- J"r<~"t*U!*,)f?m jfc cSS" > $'*? *?? &?r.< ly Jf iJr ^ V ?' 4^^ wr t?'- C*"" V IP #/l Jfmn dttfnj iptm aHieh^K *j5C',T ^tkh toidbfi lk* boat* /<??-.y J*20 . fj ,W wi i?Jni bj Ik4 Art P%gnnajm w\f ^ (i4 r?ux??? !? ^ La?7 t| CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY UlMinuau * a?? ? ? wniSKtT 10 5tfc THAT IT IS DAXiY'S AROMATIC VALLEY WHISKEY : WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL AU. OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. _ WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR " naravuuMSREimL : pom ?ii| nr winHiNvroir my J y-lr 0AKBOUK * BEIKB8 TRUNKS, BOOTS AJCD SHOES. JJOOT8 AND JHOl^ TO SUIT VMM W? |f? mt auiiuuriif all kiada of BOOTS Ml 8HOSS, ud onatentlV rwanii n in t of (Ul*n ??-k Kjr^tio*. made expressly to order, aniwillyMj be old at ft mnoh lower arioe than has kMv Nft heretofore charged in this otty Ior aiack lafvnor trtictt. Parsons ia want of Boots and Shoea of Mitsri at city made work, will always fcnd ajood aaeortmaa in storeand at the loweat pnoee. Gtreasaoall. 6R1FFIN & BRO., a?l-r S14 PennsT Tacia aveoae. PIVE HUNDRED TRAVKL1N0 TRUNKS r arrived this dar, embracing all aaali ? ^ ties and atxee of Sole Leather, Ladiee'BRfl Drees and Paokinc Traake. Oar frank^^^"* ^aa room exhibits at this time the rr**t*et rariKr traveling reqaiaitee. at moderate anoaa, to be foaod thia aide of New Vork, Also, eVifry d aeons tion of LAMES' HAT koXEB, VALlCKo, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, he. fT?*01d Trunks repaired or taken i? exebaage for nav ones. WALL, STEPHENS * COTrank Sales Room, in v U-tf W Pa. avaaaa. vuiriJiKKn TRUNK MANUFACTORY. D 4t? Tth Snm. _ _ Ownii Odd IMlf m' Hall. Wmtkimttm*. D. O. Travel* will study their iiiarMU bj txuuan mj TRUNKS, VALICES A.o .before yu ohannf eleewere. A* I uee cone but thtHFm beat materia! the market afTordeaad emploT^^^"* the beat workmen, 1 can confidently reoon mend my work to he superior in Strmsik aod Dmmkilit* to Trunks that are made in otber oitiea and eold here. 1 keep oonitanl j on hand, a ad make to order (oe one week'a notiqe) ever; description of 80LM LEATHER^, IRJW F_R AM SFffcxCH DRESS SEr VAJLIcfsi*HAlf NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, ft., tt. Trunk*, Ao.f Repaired and CorerM. in a workmanlike manner, at tnort notiee. Trunk* delivered ut any part of tke city, 9?orf*lovn, or Alexandria. A!*n? Acent for Howe's oelebraud FAMILY SF WING MACHINES. dol5-lT JAMBS B. TOFHAM. | TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. UALT1MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. M? CHiJtoi op Horn*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jaaelttk, H6?, train* will run aa follow*: Loave Waahington at 6 V aod 7.40 a. m. Leave Waahwcton at 330 and iJO p. m. On Sunday at 3 an p. m. ^ve Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. ve Baltimore at 3.15 and 4?u p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. PftlMnvari fnr ?V?<a L'a.* .,11 *.w. i-.:? -* >v .U. will iue hmuhMI and 7.4" v m and 3 20 ?. m. For the West at 7.4" a. m. and SJn p. m. For Anoapoln at 7.40 a m and S-SO p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the**) ?. m. train goee to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS. Af?al NEW ORLEANS IN TTTRB13 JD^TTM with tn LH1U1CIS Ot? THREE ROUTES. gum-.?? ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR9: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEAN8! MEMPHISTROUTE: Mamphia by Rail, thenoe by First o;m* Packeta to Nev Orfeana. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: *Montxomery by Rail, theno* tc Mobile by Firatclaae PfccioU. Mobile to Nrw Orieaaa by Lake Bteamera TWO DAILY TRAINS?B*fwi>A.Ta ImxvDSS. Lnn Wuliiuctaa at 61. a. a?4 6 p. . The Steamer GEvtRGE PAGE leave* bar wharl foot of Seventh atreet at 6tt a. m. and ftfc f. m. and oonneeta at Alexandria with the Oran<* abd Alexandria Train* for the Soothweat. OtRoe? Peoray Irani* areaee, oorner of Sixth at. iamau cnoni moo?i to www ouxun. Lynchburg C7 <0 M*ir?kus .. .#*1 M flrnt-ji.j?.? 14ou Atlanta, M ? KnoxTiLs 39 uo Macoc * M ChfUtAEOOj* ?.24 00 dolumbua , 31 fD Dal ton 34 00 MoDtfom?rT -*S 00 Honuri'le *7 00 J mMnnrtiiMS ? 8rand Junction r> on N.O.) TiaS. J?nc..C W ukrillc . a CM \mMobil*?U oo THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY UY RAIL 900 MILES SHORTER'ao4 34 HOURS LESS IN TIM? than any other the Lynchburg Extmtioo being now completed, aa also ihe Miuiaaippi Central, making it the Q VICKEST A>'n MOST PLEASANT RO UTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It il ATOTldid with V~\ r*m~m (To New Orleans T1 loin. phis ?-?4 do. Montgomery do. Nsshnlle ___.* do. CTThe U.8. JfAILawl ADAMS' EXPRESS arelaken orer this New Lute. Tickets oan be obtained at the Sooth Western Office, corner of 9lxth street and Pennsy iranis ??enne, to the following point#: Lynchburg, Bristol, knoxTiUs, Atlanta, Chfkanoora. Hints Tills, G rand Jo notion, Msoon, NsshTille, Dalton. Columbus, M o n tgo me rj ^irfjge^^ mphis, and irr THROUGH T1CLBTS TO THE fiRIO US VIRGINIA SPRINGS. mm bases and Bsccac* Wagons leave the offioe st 6 a m. and p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket Azeat, ms S-tr Comer Sixth st. and Pa. st. 'THE STEAMER J AS. ?UY Will nnmt taw 10inT^VAY'^rt <* tlm Will !a?v# washL^^K^^A {.^6 TON WTTUESDAY and*MK hA'HA* ?* o'olook &.m..And ALEXANDRIA ^th&if?Mt8 o'clock, for ClJRRlOMAN &&<1 th* NATH'LBOL^SH.AtVAM^lI^fa?; OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND B&A.L.EK U OF GAS METERS. Waihimtoii. Jniy It, 1MB. NOTICE JS HEREBY GIVEN, That, agreeably to the provisions or toe otd'.nanoe of the Corporation appro voii Mar <2. 189n. the undertigned is now prepared,"whenever required in writing, and on pre payment of tfce fee of fifty cents, to mspeet. sxamine, test, prove, and ascertain tlie aoonraey of rsgistration of any fas ranter in nee in this city.** Every meter, if found incorreot, will be condemned, and another, sealed and marted as true, will be setmi*? plaoe. If proved to be aoenrate in it? measurement of gas, it wMI be sealed accordingly, and acain put in posrios for ase. ubm No. 610 Seventh atreet, (near Odd Fel.owi' Mall ) <ipen from 8 a. in., to 5 ?. m. CHARuES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jjr 18-tf Inapeotor and Sealer of 6u Me ten. UOWEHIMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES H. Theee Scalea are offered to the inblic mm tke moat aim pie. durable, and reliable ace lea ever eat ia mee. Firatolaae prenumna have been awarded thea by the United Statea Fair and Virjiaia Acioa:toriU Society; Virginia SXete AineulturiJPair: FrankJis Inatitute Fair, Pennaylvania; New York Stale Fain Vermont State Fair, ke., Ac. In every eaee where exhibited they oave reoeived (Irct presuiaia For aa e at t# loaieiana avenne, Depot of WHTI ChiLed Iroa oajfee. del*-ly K? C. PATTISON, At?L W| I OAS FIXTURES. 0 U.? . ? * - - _ .U .wrr, nil a ?r?? Q?l y r?MmS(, 948 FIXTURES of *mUr*j New Pattern* arvi Deacna and Fiiyah. aupwior 10 atria to anyone heretofore offered m this market. We inrile+iUsena iwiti It to cAi! and examine oar atock of (iaa mc Water PixtnrM, iMlinf confident that we have the baa* elfetH atock ia Waahmrton. All Work in tka above line miniated ta onr earf wiU be rroatftly attend ad to. MVK*8 *. Ujfg^U I P R A NC I S~""H AK PER. FAMILY 6R t 'CERVA*???/KKD STORK, >' (Vaar Xtw York armu* and Tenth *r?t. Respectfully atMoiU the patronage of I knee w mar be in want of any article in the a Dora line. Hia endeavora ahall be to pteaae. aad by a atrial attention to tha waata of the pu LI 10, lie hupea loawtl ahare of thair patronage. Hia took oonaiata of tytry artlole a avail r to be found in a krat-alaaa Family Oraaaij aa4 F^4 I.?. . UJUl. ?. B. MTt. i.kiinT. -Gooo ' FOR a l.l. PISKABEa or IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELtCACY FRETKNT. APPLY IMJTEI* ATKLY. A CERE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS * 7ry ni?Mrfii. iMKin; MMhy, W?m?m. Dy^ww.L*?w.l*w MyrymCXmhMrfMHi. PktfMMMa ?tlti<?in,^ i4n?.Tr??tWfs Dimwmlhftt > iriiiwn, Diumi dUtlnt.TWas Rmi m Ma, AlitiMM mi U? Inn, llwutm (** !?>wi TirtiM D?<Miri uwt| ftta Mitiry liMi 4 TnU-Umm DrMlftl u< Phukuh FncutM wkMl ? 4m Muntfi MfnilMt. i*d ?iw?> taM My u< MM tom mcji fefNklb ?* tan taum im >itttw W SeWtery TIM, Uti drMdfal u4 (niimuii kttit vtxt uxti > Hfa M HUiMlf grmtt t????4? W > ? ( Mia ! tb? mm ? *ll?4 UUnu u>4 krtil**l inullctk, M? Mtffet wt?nm Urt alruil* iliU>w| littiM vufc UilMaftfi M ?jWti MMMy * kt*?g IfM, May Mil t? Ml MB#* tiiim muiu pn?in,M Tn.(M VNt?rui?i rU??. Mikf mnW vnIim, MfuX KMto, 4?finT ti?? *< . ??t?4 vtm pucm kumw bt.4*< i?? mm ml |?? 1 bv rtl'^v ?!?? km ifciil u a ptrmiu orricK t lorn r**D*nci rr M ku< *i4?fM IthiiMrt Hnu, ( *** ML JOBeeTOB, Hiatal rftki liiil IMlip irioimi, tula. ntlM m? mi t*- - i r^iu-?? - ^ ? lit Ml tntur part af ??>aaa ltf* K?? k?n i^im it. it< kwMala af Laada*. Paraa, fkUada ??>ta tad HHttiti, tu if WW< MKt af Ul MM miiirtu urM iin >in I>tl lun; May traaMad vitk rfatftag ta UM naad l94 mm Vkao aalaaa; craai katng alaratad at aaddaa aaaada. vtk frcqaaat felaaVmg, lt>< m *ttt 4ttupa?il W mind, vara t?t< liaaadtaiar*. TAU PAKTlOkAft mrriCC. Titef Maa ul athara k??? miirH k? a tlWtii praatKl tadaIfad la ?kn alar a?a kakaa laaroad kaa a?il taaapaaaaaa. a* at aakaa uka atatia af vhlek ara aigkUy fall aaaa vhaa aaiaap, aad if aai a a tad. , raadara mrnira tnpaaaikla, aa4 daatraaa k?ik ala4 aad bad*, ahaald tppiy t?n>a4maiy ftwl an aaait af tka aad ul ?aalaaaka*y affatta I'lHaM kt aailf kakua Wraau. I Waal aaaa af tka kit! aad luaka, Puna ta tka Naad, Diaaaaaa af Big* ..Laaa af Maata at Nvat,hl|>uauaa af Ua aari.Djapapaf, Hacaaaa Lrrtuai tIf, Daraof ttrani af tka T>?f aatiaa raucuate, Cat. ara1 Dakli 7, lyafitaa af Caeawapoan, 4c inHTiLLT.-T?ia faarfai afaauaa tka artad ara ta?ak ta ka draadad ?Laaa cf Maaact, Caafwaa af Maaa, (>a araaawa af Bptrtta, Kail Karladi. fa. Aatraaao af Bacia-.T. ?alf Oiauaa;. baaa af aUtada, TitPidUf, att., ara aaat af Ua aatia pta' UTOII DBBlkITT -TVaaaaada aaa aaaMp vkat la Ita ttaaa af lta:r dae'ialag kaaltk, laa.i g tka ir avfat, kalaai?| ?aik, pa a, aarraaa aad asac.aiad. baaing a aaagaiai tpfatiuia akaat tka tjat, taagh ar a^apiaaa af tanaaa.puaa DJitAiu or utmcDiifcc. Vka. afc* .4?a---? * " ...... ? -WIMIJ p III! k? ku io>kikW tt m*4? rfdiia painfal wtm klffM* 1M1 u ill-uatl mom ?f iktM m Ur??4 ?f tuit<iif ttun kn fran ip(.:ru>( i* iNn ?h?. hw Miciun lai rMp*?uMi(7, ??n k*.*n?ad tlm. ( fei.( >am u? klndi ( ifn?r*?u atd dmpin| Hi' flw, m-hh tt canaf, tick kia pacatiiary mMum. ktap kia iHl?| Maaik tAtl iMclh, ? 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All irapadnnania la Muntfl FliykUtl at Maata; Cmi>? jaaUaaa, kaaa af PaTir, BarWaa IrvttaM.lty Traickhaf a?d Wavkaaaa ar Bikmsaa aftka aanhuM IM ip??a4It; iand EHDUUIMUIT or TBB ntH TBB NUT tlOtilANM tarad aitMa laautatiaa ariua tka laal aaaaaiaaa ???ra, u< Ik a aan.araM Mfanaat >>? aaJ aparauana faiMfna4 ky Di Jaksaat, aiuaaaal by tka rapanan af Ika ftpaia aad aaaay atkat aaraaaa, i.aOaaa 1 vkaak kara inain4 afair a*4 tfu> kafara Ik a ntlk, kaMaa Uaattkiaf aaa pailaaau af iWiaaiai aaa niaaad kUttr< la i Mtalaat panaua M ika iCIatai |aaft-ly J. BOVKF DOD*B IMPERIAL WINS BI7TTK8, Are bo* Mag need from Maid* to the Srnwt Hll L*ka, Ml Mm ?rir?raa. rwrdiot of all who in them eitf?r ai mmtdiexa* or h a t?m??a. i? thai they are auaurpacA* in the world. Dr. Doda a aad tli5in aaoeeaafa'^j ;? tit prvstio# for SI year* before we pnroha'-*ai cf . n the eoie r;?ht to &*anJ?ctare aoQ preaa^t uais for n.a to tLa peUic. Por the cure cf lcciplaxt Csnnm^tOL, lofijretion, J>ya irvyrwawi * IJU*t Xivnwil 17iI fMWlf yiainta. er.d eii (MM TWIITUIetem>e,th?y erehe?ond doairt a meal iiiTeiue'jie rew*!y. Aside (rea ieir medteinfc! i-i?fr*Ji? thoy ere e pere, who.a tome eac dehf Btrei tteTerece, producing ell the pleeemwt exhtleretinj effect* cf Brendy or Wine tilhoai their icjtttloei reeu'ta, I -et ?1T friend a ?f humanity ard ell advocate* <>f temperance aeetet ? in ttbeutcinr thee* ee ueh'e VecetaMe Rrtten ibr the Kti?u e~d mdiritrrmfd Ltqmwt with ?K:c ii lite coeiitry If flooded, end thereby ef -j tad In bes.cuict O.eeeee and Dreakooeaa from tiie lend. CHARLES Vt IDDIFIEl D k. CO., Proprlct >r? 7* etreet. Nee Yerk. J. PCHWAHZE. Agent, WwhiaftaB, D. C mfhuf.?o^ irrf**s. ?or Dieeerea of the Kidaeva. Riadda*- "???. ^oially for FamaJ* Obetn?otioo?. Mw&ii to oare, tad are warranted to give uut charles widwftbld * co.. Proprietor*, ts V> liian Now Vert. JOY KHZmg ffiStimffATfLT THE REMEDY . . 1MJOTCXWHEALTH. fnoad, do you At* ?n? th? Tintira oftn ol UOM EUireroo* ki mfnu which anaa trorr. 1M Erltr oftli* bioui' What are tber, do yon ul' kther uk. what are they not? The blood ia U* oirM of 111* knii heath. a&d It ia the irat eemrrt of oar being to raapcnd to any oaoae which ?3?cti th? eyiteir, m the palae irvaUib'T *tt?wta The ever prfTfUliaf Nearalfia, th? intaUug Krya pe <u?, trie aaUtle Sorofu la. the ajtnnisine R tieumatiaia. Ner obi Debility. ityapepaia. L^var Complaint with iu torpor ace dejeeuoa. arc! Uta nombarlaaa ulathat ( fleet) it heir to. derive *heu hUiemif oricin from tar blood, Deal kindly the* ai.a y^utly Willi the biooi. Uee tae vitaJiaiug rea^arcee of nature for ita aid. acd anffer aa to con:raen<J to y*?ar eonbdenoe aad IN tu* kntlv valaabte nudiaunut Ir >/>?- mm I?nu xrjcne tablets rycriox. > " ita regard to thla kmut infallible a?eciLc f?5nj*r " ntiroent hat r^ken in decidedbrm aaa the rodence* of thia great rftnaoy ar? n? Uum4 by oonataat ivow of n.rnirf effect* and th? WrriM! r??;t? from iu * - are ?fUr aui other ' P*1** *nd M?* *> * medical ekill have failed. Let na ear, in oourimicc, that oertiloatee 0?r?? ??> not sought from the illiterate and saner Bcml, bet they are volunteered from the moirfre OMUhleeoaroeeant jaetify the bghertUnmln whion it it povait.le to oonmewf eo raiaat.* % ?raa?B3ac?.acBSBgJ3 only by lU restorative effects. 0?e ?J?t?ni reonTer icr from diseaee with renewed <* L*titnt>on?. Ti?nr. Por aale b* all reepectable Piftiib ie iftia oity.aM by th?i ^rofrirtiii, MRtf. M COX. Soae teo?ine ucleee b?r ram? u b^>w? oa tk* bottle and ber eea, on tbe eark IDT Price 01 per bottle, six bottle* for ?$. Wkoltml* Atent. R * T. CISSfcL. Dratcirf. 0eorc*town, D C.. \Vhol**aJe Agent lor tbe F? trio*,and will any p!y the trad* at my ynoaa aa w?r pROPERTY OWNERS* AND BriLDKRiT^ Your attention ??d exajninaUon t* r**peo'fti'.lr | solicited to examine tfee oe'ebrated New York I GUTTA FKlrH* ROuRIMn Mi PKROHA P.'INT for painting tin roofs. Tn? 1 Gotta Peroha Roofcni twl Paiut ie acknowied*^ I by all the beet arehiteou in N?w Yo-i city to i?* I the beat and oheapeet K<><>&r| and Punt ia catft I um. it ou be eeen at h. w. Hamilton * I Paint Store, 619 Seventh atreel CAVFlkLD k V H AM I LTOri are the aole arenta for Waabinifv . I waorf etowa, Alexandria and the Sonth. For fir tber infurmat.on addrea* aa a So re. i<e M ti / S279 ^EB^E,I ^06 *. Ate.. FOREIGN FRl ITS, Pa. A**. 1 >#ua*<<. c(YnpBCTk>N8^^xJ^r'k$t4, v B?c> Leave to mS UwiiBMtiM 'of*Eua fnmdsV* the anb.:c lene'alij to hia New Store, aader wEl^MTa Hot*|, jut oHDad. ta Mwlm ?iit k" ow MUWntMM, Ml h? vi.l b* *C ' Mm mi ordvri Tot n>Mior CocfMMloM of hi* vww UHWMM. I rfe-?Li:.*JcJf?rt?Rnv Iftt t ||T 8tMNtttlUMLtfc?iMnMrtk*rKi p I'R' TS&p;^ fe'RSEl W testis ftUPONTf GUNPOWDER, "" gS&gggjili OALTiMoUK W * * #W- . 875 rrm- ^75 JACKSON, ?? I SF^sssksk:

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