Newspaper of Evening Star, November 15, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 15, 1860 Page 1
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4 0 .KQiraUl J# I f CAM ' T % frJ* WjUM" ? femtojl _ UlfU 3!' * *' * =1?2 Silt I .tlMQt flKA IW3' PtOTORIlfr*W ? ! ' ' " 1 ' J (Efrmttig Star. . i i * V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 15. I860. N?. 8.417. ????M? ? THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED BVBRYAFTERNOON! (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THC STAR BUNLDINOS, Corner of Ponntylvontm mvenus and lltk rt., T ' W. D. WALLACH. Tapsn Mrrctl in v>kt|M by w?ri?i ft* 94 ft yeftr, or 37 onto per oionta. To mail anbMrlbara It* prto* i* $XJO ? f*ftr, im advntei $1 for lis moatfta; |1 for tkrM montha; ftod for ton Una th re* montha ftt the rftta of L> o*nU ft we*k. Sinf 1* opt**, omm c?*t; i* wrapper*, two cnn. fTF" ADtr*HTT?*MlMT8 SHOBld be MBt to tll? OfllM betore U o'oKjok m.; other vim th?5r may not appear nabl tit* Mit day. SHAY'S REBELLION. Only once in the history of the United States haa a formal and organised rebellion existed; onlj once have armed men raeisted the execution of the laws for any protracted period, or *nd#*rored permanently to thwart legal officers m the provocation of their fanetions. Even then no idea of overturning the Government, or withdrawing from ita support, was enterT_ 1 TwA ?k ...? iL. -1 _* uiiucu. iu now. uiiw ;c?;a ?4i*?r lav oiu?? u1 the war of independence, there broke oat in Massachusetts what ia known in history as bhay'a rebellion. It was caused by the miserable condition of public feeling prevalent in many States immediately after the war; the poverty and exhaustion of the country being only the natural consequences of such a great and general upheaving as the nation had passed through. The rebellion was begun by a convention, the members of which oomplained in addreaeea to the in petitions **> *w-. Legislature, setting form wmf* grievance?.1 Prominent among these were the extortions of ?ka lawvAffl tka ia riat/v* 11 run lar nf ?Ka iu? taw ^ via, mv ?? m ?o vw> i ?? w?v? vu?i awwi vi vuv 8tate Senate, the sessions of the Legislature in Boston, and especially the specific taxes eonceded to Congress to pay the interest on the Federal debt. The fast mentioned was the only subject of complaint to which conld possibly be given a national significance. The entire insurrection was directed exclasively agiinit the State authorities. The convention S ? W?. 17QC J ? I Uivt IU VUU apiiug VI IIOU, OUU UTKCU UU IU live measure, but was followed immediately bj an uprising of several hundred men, who dispersed the eourU of justioe in various parts of the State. This high-handed proceeding was repeated, and mere addressee issued, till nearly one-third of the inhabitants of Massachusetts either were complicated in the rebellion or sympathised with its progress. No definite aim seems to have been proposed by the mobs of armed men; they merely took thu means of indicating their dissatisfaction, anticipating redress The Governor and Legislature at first acted wiih great leniency, and throughout the insurrection with admirable judgment and circumspection. The Legislature took into consideration the matters comolained of. and at tempted to remedy some of them, bat the in argents were encouraged bj the impunity they met with, and refused to be contented with the response bo their demands. They continued to prevent the sittings of the courts; they assembled in large numbers; they threatened Boston itself, and fit illy oompelled the Goveraor to call out tht militia. This was pat ..?j -r ri ? T : 1_ J uuuoi vuu uvuuui ui uc& uiuuwiu, ana some fjar thousand men marchcd to Worcester, where two thousand of the malcontents were collected; the lattor Attacked the militia. and were at last fired npon; the first discharge was directed over their heads, and at the seoond, bj which three were killed and one wounded, they broke and fled in confusion. Various subsequent movements took place at intervals daring nearly a year; the militia repeatedly scattering the rebels, who seemed, however. pvrauwuk, tauwuig u idcj aia ion even in the Legislature were those who sympathised with them. Some fled to the neighboring Slates, bat New York, Connecticut and New Hampshire promptly aasisted(apon being called upon) in arresting the fugitives. Rhode Island ani Vermont were more beokward. During the continuance of the rebellion, the general election took place, and a new Governor ani Legislature came into power. The rebels at erned to have hoped much from thia change, bat the new Legislature was qait? u determined u its predecessors. The Habeas Corpus act, which had been suspended, was not enforced. aad rarious other strenuous measures remained in full force. This fact apparently disheartened the inaurgenta, and they began to seek for indemnity and pardon for their acta. Indemity had been offered at the beginning of tha rebellion, but government nnw Wo.? ? U- ? .. .w.....? ? ?* ? ? ?vu IUU3C If UU IC* mtined in arme, and br degrees the insurgenu in various parts of the oountrj vera induced to submit; the leadera having been mostly taken priaonert, and as many as fourteen condemned to death. The sentence, however, vu not executed in a single instance, although several remained a year or two in confinement. Not a great many lire* were lost in any of the engagements, probably never so many as six at dm time; and perhaps not two soon in actual lighting during the year or year and * half which the rebellion may be snid to hare lasted. The mass of the people who had risen were allowed to return to their homes, and be a i : : i ^ - ? j'niu o?iu| uioquanomi ior a y?r or two Irom serving as jurors or holding office, suffered do punishment. The leniency of the authorities was doubtless the great cause of the oomplete suppression of the rebellion. The principal objects of the people; or at least those which were most ostensible, were not fully attained. The only action taken bj the national authorities during these troubles was that Congress voted to enlist 1,306 men to sunnort the Oo?. eminent of Massachusetts; but t?e insurrection was suppressed before the troop* were raised. A special requisition of half a million dollars was also made upon the State* for the support of these troops, but of coarse was not needed. Math Careliaa la 1932. The following extracts indicate how Oenerat Jackson's proclamation in 1832 was received in Carolina. [From the Charleston Meroury, D?c 17, 1832 ] The l>eclaration of War made bj Andrew Jacksoa against the State of South Carolina oocupiea to-day the larger portion of oor columns It will be read with the feelings which eo extraordinary a document ia calculated to excite. The uubappj old man has bean Buffered by hia ad vicars to arrogate the power to eoerce a State of the Confederacy. He haa issued the ediet of a dictator?an edict which time will prove whether he daree or eaa enforce. He has attempted in this proclamation to intimidate the Whigs of Boath Carolina bj throats, a ad to eaeoarage and foment insurrection and violence oa th? part of the internal enemies of the State. This document was recored bore jMterda/i and (reeled with the indignation and contempt which it merit*. Ia erery freeman worthy or the name it baa ex*' cited no otber feeliog bat tboee of defence and eourn. Recreants will bail it as a bravo blow in the cause of treason. [From the Cbarleefeu Mercury, Doe. 19,1832 ] The crisis for which everj intelligent and resolute Carolinian Whif bas long boon propared is cone. Tbe efficacj of oar remedy baa boon demonstrated We wore told it would bo Inefficieut; it has proved so potoat that an in-1 fanated admiaiatratioa has boon compelled, in despair of otherwise defeating as, to reeort to brnte force. We bav? always said that oar remedy was of right peaceful?we never said .a 1/ _?j ta_ a. _ ? ' ion ii wiium nwiemruj vm puenii?u u aiwari in the power of a baa man to oatraga right by Tiolenca, if anraettaiaad bj priocipia or a faar of eooaeqaeDoaa paraonal to himaetf. liaseral Jacbaoa hai not farniahad tba firat 6mampie. Thar a baa been Caaaar, a CroaawaU, ana i Bonaparte?mea of towering getitu who bar* atnopad to play tba ararpar. Why nay net aa inferior spirit, witboat aa maeb baart aa either, tad with nose of their gaoiaa; aapire to imitate tfcem in thoee Mbooi ol tneir Uvea which alone he can imitate, heoauae thej are criminal. la the Legialatare, Mr. Piekena declared "he believed the eonteet would end la blood. The document r( the Preaident waa none leaa than the ediat of a tyrant; and if thej were for war, he waa roadj, and It behooved aU the oitiaewa ai the State to meet the atom with hawing tnanhaetf He. for one, never would tahmlV? if drireo from the seaboard, ho waa for earrjiaf on the war ia the interior ; If dttran froif the interior, he waa far a iru+rilLi warfare in the Boonnu'in>; and if it" last Mnp?U?d t? jield, h? wuald die eontendiag to the l*?l drop v( Meed be kad. to u*tain the ordinance, * the authority thereof He adrerted to the dwtrisM oontaiaed in the proeUvatfea, raih mB -.?? m a) eeut ?Vf (i?iF .idjil'fl |N mum, c K '-H tire to the rights of the State, and waa astonished that the President should attempt to seduce the citisens of the State from their S roper allegiance, and in no measured terms enounoed the whole procedure. He concluded by saying that before South Carolina should recede, he waa for war up to the very knife, and be was for risking all at every hazard on the die that was cast." . ??" ty It seems that Sir John Herschel, from some remarkable phenomena exhibited by the sun last year, had formed the opinion that this year would be characterised by extraordinary floods of rain in England. As the prophecy has been more than fulfilled in the unparalleled rain falls which the journals report as having marked the summer, he hu received a great manj letters regarding the grounds on whieh he based his prediction. In a late communication he deprecates tbe unenviable reputation % . . ?i -- aa? tuv murges how perfectly possible it is for an observant person, connecting many scattered indications and some very remarkable and unusual phenomena with speculations on their possible or probable consequences, to have uecu icu mi ivrm gonerm opinion as u> me character of a season in advance. Scientifioallj speaking, and connecting these phenomena with the lawi of aolar periodioitj established by Sohwabe and Wolf, he it disposed to regard the meteorology of the last twelve months as more pregnant with instruction than that of any equal lapse of time on reoord. Bat at for the announcement of any (fivnn CAPf nf fftn at?w "J v? ?? v?vuvi *vi |i?vu muao auu place, he regards it as a thing at present quite oeyoad the power of any meteorologist, except in a Tory few cases, such as that of an imminent eyclons in the hurricane regions, from karometic indications, and one or two other strong indications of immediately impending changes, which general experience has sugffesterl to Ihn wamhiir.wiM 1X7" Tbe New York Herald figures up that the 300,000 white people of South Carolina could not carry on a separate government for leaa than Jive millions of dollars per annum, Including army and navy revenue expenses. Interest and discount on bonds, 4c. This Is comparatively a small annual expenditure for an Independent nation? less than one-twelfth tbe expenditure of tbe United Slates or Great Britain. It Is possible, however, that it would be felt with some severity by tbe 300,000 white cltixens of South Carolina who would have to pay it. Under our present Gov ernmeni, every citizen contributes, dtlWtlj or Indirectly, about 92 per head for the support of the j Federal Government. The citizens of south Carolina contribute, as we have seen, over and above these 92, 9*2 per head more for the aupport of their State government, making their total taxation 94 per heud. When they had established themselves as an Independent nation they would find themselves taxed not leas than 916 06 per head to carry on their government The SUie of South Carolina now owes about 13 000,000, and has a revenue of about 9600,000, a part of which, by the way, Is derived from banks and railroads To pay for United States property, get up a little revenue navy, and settle for the proper proportion of United Stan* debt, an Issue of 912,000.000 or 915.000,000 of bonds would be necessary, provided the people would buy them abroad. A N*w Swindlb ?About ten o'clock this morning, a bevy of young women entered the police headquarters in a hlvh state of eieitament one anathematizing and other* iangbtng Immoderately, end demanded reparation at the band* of the police. They stated that they represented about a hundred women, each of whom bad been duped by "Profeasor Downing " Upon further interrogation it appeared that the individual known oy this title bad advertised to give instructions in the art of changes photographs aad lithographs into paintings on kIam?t^rtno. five dollars in advance The rooms of the "Professor" were at No. 54 Kast Broadway, and be bad succeeded la obtaining pupils to the number of one hundred and upward. He received tbelr money, gave several lessons, and all waa going on merrily, when tbia morning the pupils on repairing to his rooms, found them deserted. He had taken Mr J Armond. No 63 Doane street, aa a partner, on Saturday last, receiving from blm #200 in gold, and decamped The young women gave Sergeant Dickinson a personal dlscriptlon of the '*gay deceiver,M with the vlaw of having blm brought speedily to justice. Downing la supposed to have gone East He left a note behind, asking the public to suspend juuguicni ob aw conauci, until Ue shall return and vindicate himself?A*?w York P?U, Monday. A Political Rioter witii a Sworn Blade iji r? Bin ?Durlrn; Ik* ? "" , ?? ?.wv?>va nvl ? llltavif* UWR, 111. a man named J obn Den oar waa stabbed to tbe back with a sword cane. The weapon waa driven In about midway of tbe spinal column, and then broken off within about two incbea of tbe body. It waa found Irapcaible to extract the weapon, and Den oar waa conveyed from Illinoistown to the Health Office. A physician wascalled In, and endeavored to pull out the weapon with a mall pair of forcepa or placers He applied tbe rtlneera larui half iln??n ? ? uuiu, <>uu puiiw Willi ail the strength he could command, bat so firmly w*s the steeitransflxed in the hone that the pincers Invariably slipped off, aod the claws Maally became Injured In such a manner that the pincers were rendered aseleas. Tbe Doctor endeavored to lessen the weapon In a variety of wavs. but to no purpose. It bad been driven in wltli to much force tbat it was even more strongly transfixed in the bone than* nail driven Into a tick of wood. Dr. Smith Anally secured a pair of sfcoemtkrr's ntpr*-ra and made another effort After one or two trials be surxeedrd is securing s good "purchase" upon the weapon and extracted it. It measured In all five InchM?thiM #>r _ - v? <rr MtVU li<M 4?C?1* etrated the spinal column, and there remained tirmly Imbedded for twelve or fourteen hours. fry Charles M Jefferds, who now Ilea In the city prison, New Vork, charged with the double murder of Messrs. Wslton snd Matthews, bas fmbllabed a csrd complaining bitterly of the dlsrlct attorney for not bringing him to a speedy trial Heavers his Innocence, and savs he fearless y awaits tbe result of tbe trial, anxious for the arrival of tbat happy moment when be can again mingle with his frieods, free from all stain or reproach which tbe Imputation of a terrible crime may have cast npon him. 10* The Augusta (6a.) Dispatch says: "An Insurrectionary plot waa discovered on Tuesday, among the negroes en the plantations of W C Cleveland, Harp, Simmons, Davison, Johnson, snd others in Crawford county. A V. Dreer ana Cull In Davison, from Pennsylvania?tbe latter n school teacher?were tbe ringleaders. They have been arrested, and,with forty negroes, are la Jall.'t tTT The census returns of the city of New York .11 ? ' m**v ?** >w*a iivciiw wna tae exception of the Second Ward and on* district In tbe Twentythird . Allowing a high estimate for each of these the total population amounts to Ml,113, about 30,000 less than the number claimed by the majority of the New Vork papera. tXT" A portion of the money aelzed by General Degallado a abort time ago, from tbe conducts to Tamplco, la on the way to New York, far tbe purchase of arms and ammunition through the same pnxty who, for the last two yearn, haebeea aeadlag aimiiar cupplles to the liberal army. to* It appears by a statement published by tbe Syrian Relief Committee that the sum forwarded frum this country (S&MJ00) la already exhausted, |ud that freah exertiona will have to be made to provide aoatenaMO during the winter for the destitute Chriatlaa population of the Lebanon. The body ef an unknown White girl, neatly and comfortably clad, was found dead In a vacant lot In Detroit on Sunday last. She bad been muraered. Three parties, two men and one woman, have been arrested on suspicion of havinir com milted the deed. ILT AAarge meeting wu held la Providence on Monday to Inaugurate me?ow for relieving tbe people nflMu few famine in tiMM. Got. Sprague presided Several apeechea were made, and a handaocne aom aabecribed ITTA mm eu hm bean bailt in PhlUdel pulefertke ttrsenbend Uml railway in England. me vuiwn wen a to pat In estimate* for the construction ?f 41 the ears to be ran on the English road. IO*Q.neen Isnhelln tee withdrawn her nialKer from Turin, ee that a* diplomatic relations ot Herttnla Witt A utile, Rossis, and Spala are unven, and thoee with Pru?eU are hy ne Mesne frr Rtrey, the home tamer, sailed from England on the tftth. Cruleec, the untamable, has preceded him, se well se some shetUnd ponies, one 30 trhn high. ID- A* Albany dandy bet hie aloser black mouitacb* oa the Presidential election. Ha lost I Ikip4 teoka Mte tod forlorn. I ,r7 'T?" ' 1 I i * * A Viiiil a Thousand Fk*t LohoAn official report has ben published in Kngland of a river a team vessel belonging to tbe Oriental Inland Steam Company, and intended to navigate tbe a hallow rivers of the Knst, which possesses peculiar acientlllc interest from the fact of thia composite vessel being the longest vesael ever yet constructed, being nearly bslf as long again as the Great Eastern It appears that on trial this great vtaael, or train, was found to be easily manageable, and attained a satisfactory rate of speed, and its success solves tbe important problem how to carry a very large cargo on a very simll draught of water against a rapid stream. The train consist of a steamer and five bartrea of the collective length of nine hundred feet. But these barges, Instead of being towed asunder like common barges, are joined (none another by circular join's like a binge, so that they constitute one long tleil* ble vessel, with only one bow and one stern. The purpose of this arrangement Is to obtain tbe necessary displacement with small resistance, and without tbe risk of damage, sbould the vssel tret is thirty feet broad and seven feet deep At a draught of water of three feet It will carry about 30.(X<J tona of cariro Such a vmbpI ia vreatlv needed at the present moment to carry railway material* In Inaia, and to bring down cotton, tlax, and other articles of agricultural produce.? Boston Herald. CI^The Macon Journal and Messenger of the 7th, in some remarks over the present session of the legislature of Georgia, says: "Should Mr. Toombs resign. Governor Brown may take his place, and give to him the executive chair, and tk.? m i -mm* m ? -*? i- m kuui uuiiiiuuve ami iQ6 coiiuuttiiucr-in-cuici ox the army and navy of Georgia?a position, It it understood, be coveta In a certain contingency." IC^Therotton tradebetween Norfolk and New York teems to be Increasing at a very satisfactory rate. The steamship Roanoke baa been loaded with one of the largest cargoes that hare ever left the port, and all the wharves evince unusual activity in the shipment of the article. l?7*The Philadelphia Inquirer savs that it la estimated that there are about ten thousand applicants for office in that city, under the new National Administration. This number is about one-fou th of the vote cast for Lincoln in Phlla aeipoia. Cj^1 A new Roman Catholic Church, iu?t completed, on Church Hill, Richmond, Va , was consecrated to the service of Almighty God on Sunday last. The Right Reverend Bishon McGlll officiated In the presence of a crowded congregation. Dr. Longshas, who went out with Dr. Hayes' Arctic Expedition, has returned He left the explorers in their vessels frozen In the Ice, where they expected to remain until June next All were well and hopeful. [J^T A letter to the Norfolk Herald says that the ( dam across Deep Creek, Dismal Swamp Canal, gave way. owing u> ue neavy pressure upon li from the late rains, and that navigation is lor the time Intercepted in consequence. IE7*A young monkey, the only one ever known to b* born in America, was born at Goodwin's Zoological Garden, Boston, last week, and two diys after, three baby lions were added to the already extensive collection. CI7? The United Presbyterian Presbytery of Michigan, we observe, has resolved that as It la one of the things which can be done on another w.-ong to solemnize marriages on the T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of toe Rova! Havana Lottery, oondnoted by the Spanish Goyerurnont, under the aueerriuon of the Captain General of Cuba, will taie plaoe at Havana on TUESDAY, Novxnin 27, INK. SORTEO TfOMBRO 616 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 1100,000. 1 prtae of f ion/too jo price* of. #1 ,nnc I do 5n,ooo to do m 1 do |o,om l? do ?or I do JC.uon 3n approx. 8,300 i do lo^n IN ALL <88 PRIZE8. Whole Tloketa, ?-iO? Altn, 810?Onartara, 96. Priiea oaafeed at aight at t per cent, dieconnt Bills on all advent Uanka taken at par. A <3rawing will be forwarded u aooa aa the recall baoomea known. All ordara for aohemea or tioketa to be addraaaed to DON KODRI6UEZ, no 8-tr Oare of Citr Post. Chariton. 8. C. TWHY 18 IT? HAT 8T1NKMKTZ. THE HATTER, IS aiwaya bn?y and nut heard or oak inn about du.l tim^a ? w ifltl L- _^li_ V._* 4: _1 BirHS ucuausu ii acii* mo uosi sruoiei n mb at the lowest ouh prices. [ffl H fry J net opened? la New atylM Oenta DKKS3 HATH, - ^ w co SouBAT9U<Icaps.TNiriajf Misaeo' JOOKKY HATH, frinuned awl Uatrimm',<i. FURS! FURS!! For ladiea and ohiidren, my Miortment is now ;ar*er mar ever. FIR TRIMMINGS 25 to 85 nenta P*r yard. B. B. sTINKMfcTZ. 336 fit. nv.. no* rear oorner Thirteenth ?-r?et n|^ NOTIC EI N OTICt!! ?SBb Mr*. HELLER Invite* th? ladie>? of W*?hinft<in and vicimtf to her Grand Opening of Faahionab.e FALL and WINTER BONNETS, on Friday and Saturday, 6th and 6th inatant, when he wi'l he happy t*> have ladiea come and examine h?r ?took of Uoofls, an sh? ha? a very handsome took of FEATHERS- KidWKni iibi-w TRIMMING!*, HEM? DREriSKS, fcl.OAKS, SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS, CORSETS of all i??b ami prioee, and a very targe stook of EMBROIDERIES, Ao , It. oo 4 No. *4 Market Spaoe, bet. 7th and 8th rU. 0KM| NOTICE! arMfif I wish all gentlemen V BflH to brar in mind that EXliH the plan whieh I inpted, six year* ago, of selling ^^^BFHATS and BOOTS at grsatly re duoed prices for cash is ia sucoossful v><iuiuu, j ubi iwi vmi a inn mippjy ol the latest New Yerk styles of DKKSd HA'IH The very finest Hat $3 5"; a first rate Hat 93; and very good.fashio< able Hat 92 50. All of the latest styles of *o|t HATSaod CAPS, at the very lowest prices. I ain constantly supplied with a very large stock of those fine DRhSS BOOTS at 93.75?whioh 1 have been selling for many year*?as well as the very best anal ty of Patent Leather G A fTKRS at $350. Fine rrenoh Calfskin Gaiters from 92 to ?2 50. Terms cash; nr> extra charge in order to offset had debts ANTHOInY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh street, second hat store from the oorcer, opposite Avenue Hoase, No. 640. se H-3m o.i.rowLU. wkbb k. wm. Biviarmi. ri. r UVV Lbll ft CU.i IMPORTERS, Wholesale and Retail Beaters in CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, Pin* Cutlery, Plated War*, Roll Metal Goods, Block Tin Goods, Tin chamber Set*. Jupaned Waiters, Ethereal and Solar Lamps, Coal Oil Lamps, Lanterns. &o . Sea. Mi (Odd Fellows' Hall) SEVt.NTH ST.! oallaoCw Washinston City. TtMIAMD DST 1 Itn > lint (TN raJ^BriACOB'RufiM.l^'^ Corner of 19th Mid H its., tmlJJf few doors south of Pa. av., Favisr's old stand, First Ward, Washington. His Mar is o?nstantly snpI' lied with the choicest Liquors and Cigars. The est Friad Oysters in Washington can be obtained at hts place. Families supplied with Oysters to every style, and at reasonable prices. se ?-eo6m fENTS' Fine Calfskin Hewed Boots, #3.75 VI Qeats'Donbia sole and Doub e-upper^^U? Boots, 85; Gents' fine Frenoh Ca.ltkinlHI Gaiters atuf Boots: Boys'and Youths' loufll Boots; Ladies' Kii Moroooo and Goatskin* AL . Battoned Hoots; Casting Laoed, Batuxaed, Con??HK at J. ROSENTHAL'S, Fa. av? between 8th ana 9th sts. oe 17-eotr rpRIMMINGS, BUTTONS, TASSELS! of TRIMMINGS. BUT zszxzizzzz-'-"*"- -N" 5-k OQ ??W* F. MUHLINGHAVa. JUST RECEIVED. ziMA?SSStJsS^S^U^ QOODHUK COMPjLNY Ca?h Oimii*. ?' f Tit* Io?ui?(i HrttoiMUii Um profit* without i?onrriax M^iuniitv vh*.t*r*r. Ot9 U Ofloe. OT?r 1 'SS&kiESb* ' MHM EDUCATIONAL. PA. S. DiVILI.IERS, ROPE83QR Ofthe FRENCH and GERMAN bANGUAGE*. 317 Eighth itrMt, between L and , k&a ths honor to announce to tho public that he Imi rMvm?d h i lesson* in the above lanruases. and has opened at Miss Wood's seminary. *94X I street, between 12th and 13th sts , a French Cla?* in vhioh young ladies will be admitted. This alajs will meet three tiroes a week at half-past 3 p. m. Tsmis: $5 per quarter of 10 weeks Satisfactory arrangements made lor lessons given in schools. Mr. de Villiers offers the best references as to his seal, ability, fto.. Ac oo24-im T female education. HOSE Parents who wi?h their daughters to receive a thorough ?ad aysUtnatjo education. where their physical training will receivedaily and special attention, under the most approved system of Calisthenics and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth stand New Y?rk *v MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS. _au 30-tf Prinoipals._ f?mkriifijRtrrfZ" Mr*. 8. J. MoCORMICK, Puscini. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will coinmenoe on Tuesday, September Ulth, id the house reoently occupied by Sylve.ter Soott, Em,, No. 1*0 King street. The course of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu oation, and Mnsio, Fienoh, Latin and Drawing, il desired. i~ i?i ? ? ii ouuiktuu w ubj iviiuiftrn. mri, XUOlsOriTUOK IS prepared to receive a limited number of pupil* as hoarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be uixier her immediate care and suparvi ion. She will endeavor. aa far a* possible, to surround them with the oomforts and kiodlv influences of Home. Rtfermces.?Rev. Geo. H. Nortoa, Rer. D% Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, fcsq , Edmund F Witinir, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., L??wis McKmsie, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, Esq, W D Wallaeh, Editer Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, E*q..Jas. Entwisle, Jr., Esq.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blaoklook k. Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Turn. Beard, with Tuition in all the English Branches. $200lor the annual aeaaion?payable geini-annus: iy, in ailvaace. Musio and Lannnacea at Profeaaora' prioea. fro extra oharnea. au i?-tf School for SMALL BOYS, No. 277 I St* est, Fikst Wuj, Vim ANNIR F. PECK, Teacher. Number of pupila limited to twenty, oc 16 eo2m WOOD AND COAL. Kindling and stove wood M annfaAtii anw *-sw>iuiwv>u> VU 01 -J IVUgW, and delivered to any p%rt of the citr at the eh >rte?t notice, and at the lowest p<>anibl?, by SHKR1FF A DAWSON. Office eouth ?ide Pa. avenue, between 3d and Of ata.; wharf and mill west aide 4H atreet and Uanal. 001-lm JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW HILL AID FIREWOOD FACTORY, 'Stew of tbs Blcc Fla? Staff.) Sooth ?f the (anal, mw 7th street Bridge, w in iurnun, at the thorteet notsee, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY. Of Aitt Ki!fb, Cut and Split to any Dimmsitmi, CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full measurement guarantied. Trr Remember, Th* Blp* Fla? Staff, we?t toe of Seventh at rent, south of the Canal, and ojpoaiU the Center Market. uuukue raue, Agent. IPy HICKORY ANDOAK PLANK or TIM B EK (of anj jia? or din<enaiona| WW EX), POSTS or JOISTS RIPPED, or LOOS SAWED, at the shortest notioo JO" Small joba of BLACKSMITHINO promptly executed.a?above teg? t q q m q q UIVIOIV FIRE-WOOD MILL, l*ri?r ( ftcrralb it and Cmaal. W OO D of all kind, manufactured to order, any length or aize, ready for use. COAL^COAL. We hare npw on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both R?d and White Aah, different aize IC^Weare now, and will be reoeiving Coal for the next ten daya, whioh we aoll, delivered from the veeael, at a reduction of 36 oenta per ton. Send your ordera early. MoKNEW k MAR LOW. Proprictora, ae TT-tf Corner Seventh at. and Canal. Wu u u AND COAL Delivered to all parti of the city, at the loveet possible rates. T. J. A W. M. 6ALT, Offioe 998 Pa. av., between IIth and 12th sts.. ma 17-tf north siae. DENTISTRY. Mtreth. LOOM18, M. D., the inventor and patentee of the M1N KR AL FLATK TEETH, nl _ m tends personally at his offioe In this oity Mad Many persons can wear these teeth whoXUJ-a-1 cannot w?ar others, and no person oan wear others wnu uviMiui wrai vurvo, Persona calling at my o#wo&n bo accommodated with any atyle and prioe of Teeth th?y may daaire; but to those who are particular ud wish the purest, oleaneat, atrongest, ar.d moat perfect denture that ?rt oar. produce, the M1NKRAL i"LATE w.,i be more fully warranted. Rooms in thta eity?No. 338 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th ata. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel phia. oo IB tl r| DENTISTRY. L?R. HILLS, after apractioa: test of two yean feels that he oan with confidence rMom ^fp% mend the Cheopiastio PrnoeM for insert. i.tflaMMA artificial teeth It has the ad ran tag ea 0y*UIllJ strengtn, beaaty, oieaaiineeu, and cneapneaa. Pel upper sets inserted for 9U. Partial ia proportion, OAoe IM Pa. avenue. ae 7 A CARD ?Having Men informed bjr several re peotable oitnena that ovster taw /?\ kera, selling from buoketa an the* f aJ treeta, have represents! themnelvea at^MidF Hint for me.and that not a few per om have in thi* way had imposed upon them impure oyatera, ard complaint having been made to me to this effect, I have to say that I have no hawker* se'ling for ne from bucketa and do not ^11w ? Ku liiiai Baaa I., Ka mm vnv. i/uviwvaa ?w i/v wi nini *'u iivm mj connrltahment. ae 1 do not d>*l in oyatera ofthatclaee. Neither have I any brat eh of my eatabrinhmeiit in any part of the oity. No oyatera are sent by me to familiM exoept on ordsra received at my only Depot, No. 281 C street, between 1Mb and 11 h. oo 29 1m T. M. HARVEY. f ooK to YOUR INTKRK8T, PUECHABi-i ers of >ABINh.T FaJkNUURE. Wa have now in atore and daily ra- /qmmmm oetving the larcaat, handaomeat, and tl.ea^SP oheapeat lot or Cabinet Fnrnitnre erer H offered to tka oitizena of Waihtnrton.? Georgetown and Alexandria, whicfi we**** oordial j invite all who deaire fnrhiifainf tooall and examine for themaelvea. <>ur atook emb-aoea ererj ponoelrable article neoenaarj to furmaha parlor, bail, dining room, ebambor, and kitchen. Onr ex t^nrnva atook la too aemeroua to partaouani* we only Dine a few of the leading artuJea, aaoh Koaewood, Walnut aad Makogaay Parlor Suite, ?'? frame Mantel, Pier and other Blaaaea, Gilt Base Tabiea, ?lit Braofceta and Mar Me Slabe. ttotnio arid other handsone Reception Chairs, in Brooa telle, Plnah. Ru*h and Can* Seat*. Ktecaraa, with Marble-tor* and Mirror Backs, Do. Parlor Dasks ard Whatnots, Rosa wood, Walnut and Mahogany Bureaaa. Wash stands, TuditaM* and Wardrokaa, vary handsome and ch*a?, Cottaca Chamber Tarnltara, in '?ak, Imitation Oak. Maple and Painted, with or without Mar Marb!a-top"^l*traoks, in Otk and Walast, lroa Hatraoka, Halt Stands, Secretaries, Bookoasea, Sharing Btanda, Marble top Center Tables, Hair and wkuot M attreaaa*. reauer Boiatere and Pillowe. . Blanket*. Comforts, QuilU, Towala, &o. In addition to oar "took of Furniture oar ft rat tin Goods, Baaketa. Brnahea. Ao., alto*atbar forroin* a oo is* I eta variety of ?wo tt'.?i4"'aa>ry la iUraiah a Souaeu aU m Iron Hal\, No. *18 P.vnn. area do. M 17-MfcThtf between Sth ana MHh aU. 1 CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, '* D Strfft, AttNn 91 k m*d Nn 8>i wii W? htr? juit finished a a ember of firataiaaa CARRIAGES, euch u Light Wat on i. Pirk Pktattms. Finly BSSi riwi, i?Mf rtiti, vhiob we will sell at? ~ M-i a verr small profit. Beicr! m?v?hanic? in different branohee of I be Dnsir.esa. we flatter onrewlree that wa kn<>? I the etylee and j of work that will kit* ula fvtion, oombimnf hjhtneea, oomfort ud cart bin ty I Repairing prompt, j %nd onrefully attended to the anorteet nctioe ?na mod reaeouable oh&rsM. WALTER, KARMANN it BOPP. Coaohm&kere, aaoo*aeora to WnT. Hook. j M Tl-Clr THE S?beeribe?^a^n^*n!?5e addltona te ki fcotory, m&kinx it aow on* of the k in the Diatriot, where tie laci.itjoa forlBgHK manulaoturing CARRIAGE A LI6HT^K3^^= WAtiUNBotaU kiMa eaaoot be nary?eed. M>4 from hi a loot experience lb the . be topee w ti<Tgener}Uiwto?fauuoF1 _ ^ ^REFAIM nwtlj ui *D rd?ra imm * ??-t? ?w??r ?f Mtk and K its. Dr. J. H McLEAN'8 own tl%rnrwn ti^rrwr^ - ? oxajc.n UUKUIAL AND BLOOD Pl'RIFlEK THE GREATEST REMEDY in the WORLD, th* mo,| 11 ' Wtr mm Mj Ml ^ ntilc ud tt[IU- NKtflJv BbT\ bl* Coojpouti'1, proWnkl e?r#d by th? dUtilla- U^[ V-3tt?3i U?n nf r?o!i,^h*rba, Dock. Blood Root, IR ? WW*. _ Bi*ck Ro~, Baraapa- Pf j| *jwk mU, Wild Cherry Aw V B*rk. and Dar.da!i??? 2SS^W ,uco"" W) V _ Tba *ntir? aetiTt BH ? Before tflkinfry?ft!?yyffi}iftcr Ukmg. diatlllinf. prodBCing a dtiicieva, aihuarali** (pint, ui tba moat infallibla r?*?dy for rtno??iu| tba <? ? < ayaum, and rtuerin* the aiek, anf artaf, and dabilitat*d invalid M health and atrangth. Mr i v a nrs mFVfJrwFwrwn r~n o n r at Will affactnally emrt Li?ar Conplaiat, Pytpt pai*, Jaandie*, Chroaic or Ninow Debility, Diiiuii at iht Kidney*, and *11 diecatea tririnj from t disordered U<ir or Stomach, Djip?p?i?, Heart onre. Uwird Pdu, A'lduy or Stckneee of U>e Stomach, F?liaeee of Blood to Uie Hod, Onlt Pud or Sviraminf in the Htad, Pilpiutioo of the Heart, r?!lne*? or Weight to lilt Stomach. Soar Er?cu tioae, (A*kinf or Safocaunf Feeling whaa ' TJff do?c, Dryueee or YalioVneaa of the Skin and E*ea, Nirn'. Sveata, Icward Fe?ere, Pain la tht Small of lb* Back, Chart, or Sid*, Sod dan Floahee of Haat, Depreeaioc of Spinii, f rtfhifal Dreaj&e, Lanrnor, Deepoadeucy or *ay nervosa dieeaee, Sore* or Blotcbee on (fee Skin, and Fe?er aad Af-oa (or Chill* and ftm.) nrwif A WtTT T rnw r/rrrr r? ka?a fcaao Mid dariaf '-*>? l?*t ni moatba, u< in a* taataaca baa ilfailad is nun aauafacuo*. ? ho. than, will aafar from Wa*?o*a? or Debility vb?g McLEAIffl miINOTH?MI?Q CORDIAL anil car* jam 1 No luoifi e*n Moray u adaqaata id** at tfca imm?dlM and dnttt miracaloaa ch?nf? produced by ukiny thia Cordial in Lb* diaaaaad, dabihtatad, aad abattarad >tr<?u yatam, wbathar brok*o dewo by *>e*aa, *iU by uiun, or impairad by aickoaaa, tha rallied and ar.atraaf irfuimU*q ta raatorad la tta priatiae kaaltk aad ?if ar MARRIED PERSONS or *th*n, eaaaetoaa at Inability from vbaiiTir aaaaa, viU tad McLEAITB rrneWOTHIMINO CORDIAL a tbaroafb r*f eoaratcr of tka ijtua; and all vbo ma* kan la tared theoioelTeo by improper iadalfeacee will lad la tbia UarOlai a cartain and apaady ramady. TO THE LADIES. McLXANl STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ?a a ae?aralfu aad apaady can for lnciptant Couasraptiae, Whiua, OSatncttd or DlSeaU Manatraalioc, lucootinanea of Vrtaa or Involuntary DiKbura lharaof, ralltaf of tha Womb, Giddtaaaa, Fainting, ana all diaaaaea heidiitto Panalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Riltr no loogar. Taka it according to diractiona. It vlll atimalata. atranftbaa, and Urigorata *M and eaaaa lLa bloom of haalth to moant your chtak again. E?ar? botUa la virrutii to *aliifactio?. FOR CHILDREN If ; ? cbUdroo ui oickly, pan* or * Aleut, McLKiN'S CORDIAL vlU miti Una, rUut. DiU; not a moBMat; ay it, u< yow wlfl b* coorincod. It u 4ollcwuituii. CA UT10N. Btwtrt of drtfgUu or doalon who aay try to pain spon yon Kxut twuir or aaraapanlia traab which thay ui b?f ehcip, b? MTinr it u ]nat u good. A-old *ucb m?a. A?k for McXKA.VS fcTRK^OTHENING CORDIAL, and ukl nothioc tloo. It i? tfet oalj raaady that will parity tho Slnod tnoroafhlr and at tho oamo tlu* atroofXhoa lie i^ttcia. Ono foaapovnrn.' takon ??rj inorrlnf f??un* U a oartain .... Pk-i? r?wni. ??-- v.n"? n ? I>? c uu'f ?wi uHvuift, uuuii tuu r i >uov r i*ir, or ifir preraltnt diattaa It it pat ?p la Utn bouita tnet only ft! P*r boctit, or ? Kottltt for $6 i. fi McLEAN, Bol* propriti?r of tfeu Cordial; aiao. McLtio'i Toicaaie Oil Lmltatnt Principal Depot oo the curb< r of Third aad Plat Krittt, k. Low*, Mi McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEAT LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tht only ?.f? and ctruin cart for Cucira, Piin, Ta. Bx>n, Ivillinp and Eror.chUt or Court, Paralvttt, Ntaraifii, Wtakiitit of tht Matcltt, Chronic or lniamtaatary Rltanntum, Slifattt of tht, Contract# J Matcltt or Ligtmtatt, Earacfct or Toolhaebt, Bruittt, Sprnrt, Frtth Cult,, Uictrt, Ftttr Aorta, Cafctd Broaat, Sort IVippltt, Bornt, Bctldt, Sort Thrrw., or auy inflxmmatioo or paia, ao diftrtnoe how ttvtrt or lonr tht dittitr mat hart tutted, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LJNl&lENT tt a ctrtain rtretd*. Thoeaandt of nam an btiart ban kaan aavari a Ufa af 41a crapuada uad imasry by lha on of ifcia itftiublt ramtdj. McLEAtrS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rolirra pain tlraM imtuUDloHl;, ud it arill cl?u, parity and bail tha foaleai aorta la an inert dib la abort tiaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEANV CELEBRATED LINIMENT la tit otil* a.fa and raliabl* rtintdr frt lb a ear* of Spavin, RarMal, Windfall a, BpUau. Unaataral Lamp*, Kodaa c* Swelitara It n**ar failtd to cara Bif Haad, Poilatil, f tatala, (Jld Rcaiiiog_Sor*t, or Bvran 7j ? prwparij applied Tor | prunt, onuiti, vertieiiHt Cracked Heele, Out*. Saddle or Collar Qalle, C?te, Boree, tr Vouli, iliiu mftllibU remedy. Apply U u directed and a em ii certain in every immi Then tnle no lonrer with the many worthleee Limmenta offered to ye*. Obtain * eapply of Dm. MCLEAN'S CfcLEORATKO l.iNlMLNT. It will tore ro?. J. H. McLCAN, Bole Proprietor, Corner Third and Pise eta., Mi. Ueu, Me. mior Ti BTiiTT mc r. i a_ *** _a vnar%b?? a i v i i | (? < ? **i| wi utm SKI ?? unmr. Ua; R. B T C188KL, G?or . ?to?i. ? *4-D*Wly ?<CHOOL AND COLUEGJC OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and Dress Woar. Pucntl tad flirdlUU vnhinr tn fnrtiiah tkmr ohildren _tid wards with SohooJ ?rd College Out-fc tn for the oomiag imon, are invited tn rxunm* osr preterit tare* and extensive assortment BOYH' CLoTHlNtf, where they oan fit out their ehildraa of all sixee in a few momenta with ererv deeoription of Ready-made Garments, of substantial aad co. au S'-U _ 3*3 Penn. avenue. plour. buckwhea^ potatoes, ap180 bbla. new R:chmondVamily and Extra Flour, 5.(?<0 lba. Fresh Ground Buckwheat Mea., 500 bushels White Meroer Potatoes, loo do. Blue do. do. 6 do. Cheetcnta. Received to-day and for sale low in lota to emit by D. L. MORRISON * CO.. B?i Corner of Twelfth a d R ire! fire:: fire:': 100 reward. I will give the above reward for the arrest and oonviotion of the person or pe-sons who fi-ed the O'rpeater'a shop of Beers A Brother on the nirht of the 13th inetant. Their all was deetroved. The cenerouaand avmpathixinc Dublin will beealiad on for a ?mall amount to enable them to resume their former business. o6?5 Iff A A.C BKKR8. B. HALL. Wh*l??la and RetSiVl^eriT?''fiae FAMILY eROCERIEsTTEAS, WINEft. and choioa LIQl'ORS of all kinda. Afresh stock jo?t opened Good Sugar 7 oenti per pound. C* I *t No. *34 7th etreet. hetweea D mxl Louniaa* > . oo l-tf HW. HAMILTON PAINTER, ud DEALER IN PAINTS, No. *99 Tth Stiiit, mw Odd Ftllvw* HtM. wa-tf PITTTvls DOWN. DARAFFINE CANDLES! A PARAFFINS CANDLES! A beautiful article, e*i?l in a?pe?rano? to palest sperm, (b*M? oiear au<i po uM.) and ftt much leva ooit . _ KING * BL'RCHKLL, oe 10 Corner Vermont ar. and Xh iU. w o o ? a w coal o*!1?*! to g^onr CLOTHING JURNISHlNG O0OD?, H ATp Wkl C APn ^ w In piANOS. MgQOPg^B, VIOlJfTg, Oiitei. | Mil *? I " ". * " * THJB WEEKLY 8TAB 01 m L"* ? ? ?? mmm- ?? * > J J Bt ??twcrlfr?t ! rtiNd umf Mich bar* without th? inMrrrarH^a ?*f % >? ! u w.'l ?C**.?f TV. WmH, fMfTi'ik bo tLrp?(bo?t Um MMtry. lO-BUfl* oeriM<m vtUM) o*a to n<w?r?i *U?r. Vr^mik cirfw ?* **" fTT Po?tlll??t?r? Who Mt M trwti Wtii b* tl lov?4 ??on?iitioa of i" nbU. MISCELLANEOUS. PROP. WOOD>S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD KtjrOVATKR ThV 'V.p*"!*1;ttf. vfrito ... mi- imv, 11 iv r?TiTiiy iag. exar* tUK(, nvi<oi?tiB( tad etren the int ? the ?it* ?nu at toe ??roe bn? rcrtvilM, wiitMi, ?~d r? new. tit* Blood lb * I ?U origin*. pa it? . Mi Uiaa %t uiiOC rtUTtt amd reudmt IM wim m*M>? ro ai/a<-tj 4**?it. It it U>' our prt^ittiM erer oriVrou to U?? world. ao chMmeally *ad ski Jfjlly o irbin'd * t? be trie n oat powrrf*! toeio. and nt til* Mine time ao porfe?v]f to. ft* I* fe>t ta perfect *ooor?i?noe with the law* of Utvr*. uil kern* will mrt ! ? * ? tone ap thadiceatiWprf ata, aa?i U? "iiTaTa. mt voaia d <-ther irnuiUoa. it i* perfect 7 exhiuara ting and at tae Mm* U?n? it is o>??ipoeed ?nUr?lr of vrnruuiiM, yet mi oomt in?<) ae to prodm the n?o?t tk. romh tonic if?#t, w?UMi?t ?r?l???f W? > iinottt ooaw^MtoN. h?ah a ra?n*<ir baa n g \x>*m fait to be * d etder%tam is the m*-<J ,oa. w id, f.?r it need* ao toediaai tfc li tft aee tba' debility f l ows all attack* of dneaae. and prooaed a d m deed iay* the ay?tern open to tli? >neidtca* a'tacla At "eat.* oftbe noat fatal,aaok. for exam j ia, aa ir.e following: I'onaamatioa, ladife?uo< . Lsyrrepem, o?* of Appetif, Faiataeaa. Narvoaa lrr tabiutf. M??ra gia, Paiaitatioa of the heart. Mtiauono t, Nijbt ow<*ata. Laiifor, Gtdoiaa**, Katenboa vl. aa wall a* Painful obaUuoied too profeee, or **o o*nt Menstruation, and Faihnr of the Wonr.b. Three all depend apoa genera1, dabiht*. 1 hi* pate. hiftllhv tARlA I*rvr/1i?ai are to oure at the ion it to rtaa ui i?t Th*r? it no mi tak? arn>uc it . But thit it not all If Lha tr?tem it weakened w ara o^n to b.tieu* attack*, tha lirtr Neoumat torpid, or *uric dtaaaaad. tli? kidnera r* faae to perf-rm th?u functions, ud we are troabled with aoaldjt.g and moot t rf oe of urine, or mro untarj ditcriarga of tta aama, paia la the back. ?<! and between the thuarfle.*. ex ooedjn?!y liable to slight oolda, ooagbs. ard if aa checked, eooo emaciation follows,and the aatient roes down to a penuatare rrave. Hut trace vnl not allowut to enamerate tk^ man* ilia to which ?a &.rA lA.h.i in A. VA&lrwnAii aAiu!i iia*i --- - ? Rat we will e*y in tk? Oordiai and B ood K ?nov?tor yon have a perfect, aa'e, pieacai.t and effeetea remedy for loee of Apy titr. hili?*an??(. F Unit o?. w?ak ?n<i kick iHomaoh. Lanjoar, t.iver Comp'amt, Chill* and Ferw orui H nut attack Coi liT#nMi, Aold ity of th? Ct m?oh, Noura'.fia, Palpitation of the H?art. Depreeeioa of?pi iU,8?ree. Pimplee on the Face, or an* oieeac? anting from impure btooj, euch ae Mrofula, Kryaipelae. Bronohiua, C< Uf h.di?c?.tj of OreatD in*. md all Uiat eiaee ?I die*aeee o* ed female weakn??e*. and enumerated above. We will a!?o the travel*r expoe?>d t-> rpidemioe, chant e of climate ard vrater, will ind it a p"asait eafe ?nd anre re?tdj, and ao one etaould ever trawl withoet Ke*d r. try it. for w?> aaanr? yoa von will find in it afriend md?ed,aa veil aa a m-od in aeed. All p*rioni of eedei,tarj_ nabita will.tnd it a per r*ct p pveruve ol, m ttott m ? ear* lor thn**ailm?nU which tti*y are t ?xp m?1 Hmn imnliter*, *:?d*nU. attorn*;*, iitermr< gt-a'i*a>?m. and .adi** who ar* ??>t aoouat mad tn reach outdoor exaroit*, will find it to tJk*ir *dm U(* to aerp * noire cnoHMiij on bar a. ar.a Itxirt I I mothers or Uiom hooorninc auch.Will to th'oack that mf>?t d anteroti* period ?< t on?? with aJI th eir aoouaomed atronjth. bat aafe and fre* from tfca Uiouaand Mlmeuta ao prevale nt among the fxmaia portion of the woi Id. in abort, la iu4m4 a m"ther a cordiaj. Ti j it u a am lo: gar rat. Lha riak of delay: it will ralier* and prora it?alf eniphaboaliy a Rutorttirt Cordial and Blood lww?Mr. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broad #ay. New \ ork_and 114 Market Street- St. l,ouia. Ho., m^d o d by all good brum late. I'riot Obi l)olltr ptr Bottle. PROP WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RfflfOVATOR *n |tv-?oly.*iw T PROCLAMATION! O THE WASHINO^S^VoR^tTOWW, ft*. WhtrttU, cholera "*' fcHOLIC. DYSENTERY. iJYRPEPSl^ _ lfc? " ~?afl5fe?if--~. effort hi. 09 p**?. miraculous^paij, kills* CERTAIN AND F.FFECTI'AL REMEDY FOR THE AMOVE COMPLAINTS la order to aabafy THE PUBLIC thai no impoeitiou i? Intended in the aale of tbia THE MONEYr^lLLBK*k?FLNDED in tu ffini when the medicine l&ila to give matin ?HafWotlo Aik, then at any Dru Store for __ MiRACulSes PA1PP|?ILER. take aa direoted, and if not panaetly aabafied Return to our Agent, D. B.-CLA.RR, ESQ., 4* Street and ayiv*t.ia A venae, who will refaod yoar mocey. Prioe?lift and 40 Caata par Botba Por aaie at all Drat Store* itenwheia J AS. MeDONNF.LL, iwia Ar**t. JyU-eotr Kittaiof. ?K5 V. nxscft. WK. W. klCKlTXm. NSW FIRM. FRENCH * Ri GHRTB1N, (SweMwri M W*, F.&r|l| ) Who ?Ml? and Retail Pwim ia BOOKS, STATIONERY, a?v PEfctODICALS, No. ST9 PniiTiTiKU AVEKCB. Wed din* and Vinunc Cards neatly eacrared ?cd Enraiopaa hUunpeti vitk httkl witkoat ?xtrs ePWfe. 8?t<*or>ptiona r?e?iT?i for all tk? 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Bum, PlifMlHta, CltlioMtt*, Rtai laatrmawiU. rmnt?. ??d everr variety of naiio*! ware, Mm &b ?t K>li of 8MM Maeic, Ma*ic Hook* and 11th etrMt. tvla Afftt of MdEnr k Soa'a B&*on ft ITH A Co.'a and tub* 4fc Co.'e PiMot. oo n tf F lou* 88fcitteK)if (17 Cwh Fnr all kind* of Ot*4m fta toi 12,000 Sgmjtmra $2 , trie ?.ttf iition of the mdii? to oarkfcrc* m<1 v3l ? clod ?t?ok of OiuiMMHd CrttA?NQ)4(r. which venvwtMto fx ?ir? jiio*. tM viU M (oM on rM*on?ble term* tm orcw to aU? ma for o?r spring stock. Qire Hiwlit th* |\j MERCHANT TAILORING. i'BW FALL STYI.K* or Ct-OTHft. CAW1M FRS, *> i> vmnrrta*. WALL, STfcFH F.N0 A 6o? ! ? PWW?TI??nis Arenuc. b&ve junt r?oeiTM a l?r>* rm i?tv of n*w F?l] G'Kxi*, to whioh th?j urili the ktUtOM nftli?irfriM<)m<Miiiii??i. ??lf ACCTMILATIOII .._ ?. ..... #3 ? V<>?. Fnaoau ikMUNoU In in eim*~s*mi Uur rfsgggfej^ T" CiPM (Untu J- . - ramSC?&m~. W t?-tr nilH. ?W Bw> olWltllMrw.

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