Newspaper of Evening Star, November 15, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 15, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY..... NanaWr IS, ISM. Spirit ?f ikt Wltnlaf Prsos The C<msntuti<m criticises the tone of the Republican press towards the South. The Jmttttigtmctr treats upon British Explorations in the Northwest lL/~Tne members of the Executive Committee Of the \ Ark TWm<u?Mt{<i VlsOant tlon have published a letter retract lag their old charge inpUcatiag Gerret Smith in the John Brown raid. ITT* The Associated Prsss agent telegraphs from Washing ton as follows: * The remark attribated to Representative Keitt, of South Carolina, that the President is pledged to secession, has been received herewith much astonishment. His friends do not believe that be la correctly reported. It is well known that the Proali^Mit h>? i^ver inrh a tUmIm <n ?? public papr, and his most Intimate frienda have never L*-ard anything from hia lips which would lead to the belief that be entertaina any sentiment which ia not warmly In favor of the preservation of tbe Constitution in all ita Integrity. The Fostmaater at Orangeburg, S. C., Mr. Keltt a residence, has forwarded hia resignation as postmaster, to take effect tbe lat uf January, nnleas. be ays, bis much-abused rid beloved Ptate. South Carolina, shall aooner aetede. Tbe resignation has been accepted, and the poatmaster baa been requested to designate a suitable person as his successor who will give tbe proper bonds for a discharge of all the duties required by the laws and regulation* of the Post Office Department In the event of no tuch person being found to fill the office. It must be discontinued. Lieut Col. Gardner has, in the ordinary routine of business, been relieved of the command of Fort Moultrie,, and will be succeeded by Major Anderson, who is next to him in rank, In the ilrtt regiment of artillery. The newspaper report that Fort Moultrie was occupied bv * military company of Charleston is the only information received In this cltr. The War Department baa neither given an order nor reeeiYed any communication on the subject. The five thousand stand of arms recently mentioned as bavin? eone South, were purchased in W ashington by Virginia.for the ute of that State They were of an inferior quality. PrrMUl. Ex-Got Jno H Stogie, N. H., and L. R. Collins. W H. Gibbet, and Frank Uuger, U. 8. A., are at the National. Mr. Cbaa F Brown, aliaa A rtemna Ward, Cablisbft a brief valedictory card In the Oleretod Plalndealer. It la said that Artemaa baa formed an engagement with Vanity Fair. - Mra Douglas was ao aerlooaly hurt by the giving way of the deck of the ateamer Virginia, 5. U? ~ >1. -I - 1 * . - ' SI sm uuvvuicii, aw , tu<> H1C uiu H) remain ior several days at the house of Col. Setbels, editor of the Confederation. - -A* Bishop Odenbelmer was Returning from bis attendance upon bis official duties, in the northern portion of bis Diocese, be met with so evident at Borden town, by which the cap of bis knee was fractured The mishap will probably keep him confined for some time. * It Is noticed as a sign of tbe approaching millenlum that the Rev. Dr. Cummings, p iest of St. Stephens' Roman Ca'hollc Church in New York, lectured on Sunday evening, In Boston, wiurc we i oun^ neo'i LarilllU bDlOD?1 Unitarian association Judge Eccleston. of the Court of Appeals of Maryland, died on Monday last at about four o'clock p. m , under circumstances peculiarly afflicting to his family. He bad, In company with b family, on Sunday last. attended divine service, on a special occasion, at a church about six Bliss from Chestertown, Kent county, where be resided. Upon returning, and when the carriage reached his dwelling, the deceased was found to oe ill, helpless, and unable to alight, and upon lifting him from the carriage he was speechless, and apparently in a dying state He continued in this condition, gradually sinking until Monday evening, when bo expired. Naval Ixtklliomck.?The patriotism of ' Americans sojourning in China has been sorelv wounded by the Commodore of the American squadron there, who neither dreased ahlp nor tired a aalute in honor of Independence Day. The neglect la considered the more reprehensible from the fact that everv week the Hartford to called upon to celebrate foreign anniversaries Ml. K:ng, the Chief Engineer of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, haa received instruction* to commence work on the machinery of the United States ?Wm frigate Roanoke Some alterations contemplated will be effected, while others are not approved The Roanoke is one of the largest propellers in the Navy, and haa been comparatively useful. There is employment for fully half a year on her machinery alone Before the expiration of this week there will probably be concentrated otf the Brooklyn Navy Yard a larger naval force than any that haa assembled In Wallabout Bay for many a year It will constat of no leas than ive men-cf-war?four American and one Spanish?In commission, fully equipped, and manned by nearly 1.500 men The Savannah returns from a cruise on the home station; the Cumberland relieves her. The Vandalia is about to sail for the Em* ?v<? Bananguela puta In for repair*; and the North Carolina 1? the permanent receiving shlp. Tbe Spaniard*, freab from Vera Cruz, will form an eia^yerated Idea of our naral strength, aarruuaded by ao formidable a squadron. (Yl^ ODD FELLOWS' LF.VKE. 'J. _3 Person* nut member* of the Order who de iK" attending th^ Odd Fellow*' Levee on MONDAY, the 26tn mat , c*n obtain ticket* bj apf lie* ticn to either on* oi the folloainf committee: Jackson bdinoutton. Jno. Cruit, J. T. Petty, H N. Ob?f.G. W. Swain, W. P. Brown, F. D. Stuait, L. H Ailv?* T a D J--. ' l ? - .. rviu, ? . cvufBcr, juaa inif, Or G<*o. \V. Robinson. no L5 eoit rT^MlE' P THE FEEBLE AND GET PAID iLJ FOR IT!? Fhe Fletcher Chapel Sunday School viil give an Exhibition at the lonnret* tionai Church. Fifth street. between D and K U .on THURSDAY EVENING. November 15t.i, commencing at 7S o'clo.k. Admission fur aiiu-Is 25 oent?; children 10 eeiiU. no 13 rrw?UNION PRAYER MEETING will be Lk5 krldooewr day this week in the New York aveeae Churoh. (Rer. Dr. Gnrtejr's) to oommenoe at a qaarter past 4 o'clock, to be oontimed one hour. no 5 nrg?DEMPSKY * O'TOOLE. U3 WgbDinU AXD VISIT ISO Pizzas'!9VB3?SffflBB,l4SSWthe most beautiful stylos 3M Pa. At., between 9th and t<nh sts , ao 77-6m Washiitotos. AIL OF ST'GELLTs SONGS?lsniira; The Tear and Dream of Home, for His at METZ KKOTT's Masia Store. no Li n*. MISfe LANPrtlfcR. tMVflEHaTief returned bui:ne?a, haa openeJ^fcil 9K New Sty e? of WINTER M1MNERY. SI 1 (aouth tide i Pa. tvfit, it between 9th and 10th eta. >| UK PIANO USED AT THE 6RE*T CON oert l*at anht at * l.lartia' Ka l. wia_mv of the cerebrated m^nn&cur# of Chekier BEanS tof. A t?on?. Boston, and furnished by'll I' JOH* V. Kf I<IS, aole agent, 306 Pa. avenue, be twn 9th and 10th ata. I ?7" treat Bargaina ingocd Seoond hand Pianov. o 15 436 CONFECTIONERY, 436 No. 4>b Seventh STa?*T, between G and H. BALLS AND PARTIK* to 15 1W Bappliod ' vv NOTICE. /Qv REMOVAL. JL^JL U O I hare removed mr Q V pawn OFFICE to ?41 C atraat, between ?)% *ad 6th ttreeU. immiir.y la tw rear of the National Hotel. wh?r? trip \ itinMi wnl ha continued a? heretof re at tba ote ataad [no 15 8m) ISiAC HKKZBhRO. l^fcW DRESS eoope, MOURM.N'J WOODS 1^ AND CLOAKS.?Hi?b Prinu-d French Merino**. otto mane, K?M. Pop ma; Plain and Waun V; i (had French Men noes in all eo'ora; Fanoj S. <i? and S !k vary reduced pnaea; t?ao* Bombazine, Marmoee A p.aroai, Pranoh MonaealI apples and potatoes. jk? fro a Hoetoa. all of which will ba aoid lea* (ban market pno*.aa tbey ntu ba o oaadoat immadiata1 f to make room #jt another eapplT. l>?ai*ra aad otitora will do vallio (lva maaoa'l before purchasing elaawbar* t ali *t the Columbia Market, oornar Pa.av*aae Mkl Thirtaantt a'.reet. to 13 lw 6. W. DUVALL. ax *n? UmIoi Fire-Wood wtif. (1MB. OAK ud HlCKOft Y WOOD fevcd Ud cUltrwYJBftlM NjmciUriSiu^Jlw Ml. s^^iCTdrsrwr ir VKJ f-or of ortxa4i?U*>ii, i< 'anal to ur iBfhaCit?. Wd [MiftM to KIT* aatiafioboa to air who mar p jj a* ol as. G~r**r BAWED M# SPLIT WOOD U koft tine?r oor*r, fcrfNtlr ?T. Mi COAL oayiuk floor*, oi %? ud in (?o4 ordar. Large aalta ud airnjf prolta. ^ ? r(^" ON *PI H K* W O O D hills ? II Mill I II WASHINGTON NKWS AND WMUT. PoEma Fvn At Us?Oar friend* of the New York Herald, who* "good things" none appreciate more than ourself, pubiiahed a day or two alnee the following brief paragraph: " Cmmdidati f* Lincoln't Organ. ? Douclas Wallach. of the Waahlngton Stnr" ?to which we can but reply?Ahem !?they will Insist on nuking a man of Importance of ua, whether our modesty content* or sot. We recollect that during the administration of Pierce, the same paper gave us credit for writing an Important portion of one of hta annual messages; saying of one portion of It?That's Marcy's writing; of another, that's Ciphlng's, and of atlll another, that's Doug Wallach's. Fifty times, too, did it insist upon paying ns the compliment, in those days, at sttrlbntldg editorial articles from our own psn, at times to Pierce's pen; others to Ciishlng'a; others, again, to Marcy's, and not unfreqneatly to that of Jefferson Dsvis. That the Hnald sought to make na famous; hat never succeeding u capitally at we did In our effort to make Ita conductor famous (somewhat after the sane fashion) by getting up the wellknown joke about that sevsr-to-be-forgotten 41 diplomatic coat" made in Paris to fit Mr. J. G. B., la anticipation of the reception of the commissi oa for that full mission, that never went out from the State Department. That Joke found a lodgment la every newspaper published In the United States, and nearly every one published on the other slda of the Atlantic also. For years it stuck and stuck?like the shirt of Nessus?until -V 'V. -rwmm pwi uiviWi IV UiitlCICU VJ KU^IUI Ilg UI the sort, u wu him of the Htrmld. Nevertheless there to no malice whatever on our part In getting It np; but purely a determination that be should h??eail *h? fun to himself; (?' W vm then engaged in making aa much aa possible out of our friends of the Administration. We take It for granted that the recollection of that" diplomatic-coat" joke Induced this effort to pay us back for it, even at this late day. But a word In the Htrald't ear. We doubt If it "sees anything green" about the Star. In truth we are happy to know that its private opinion Is that the Stmt la by no means verdant in any particular. It usually gives us credit for shrewdness and enterprise unparalleled in tLe conduct of any other newspaper published in this region?for loo great enterprise and shrewdnraa to admit the Idea that we can be ambitious to swap the profit and prestige of the Star11 well known entire Independence in all matter*, for the doubtfal honor, and, in these times, very troubletome ?nd profltlem vocation of being the organ of any party or administration. Oar friends of the Herald, by the by, wi!l doubtless do us tbe particular favor of taking occasion to announce,editorially, that in gracefully del-Lining; their soft impeachment about that otganship of Lincoln's administration, we are preparing to g t oat, commencing next week, a new aerie* of tbe Wttkly Star, at the very low price of one dollar per annum, which will prove the largest, richest, raciest, most active, news-y, and agreeable hebdominal the world ever had sn opportunity to secure for but a single dollar per year! Every man, woman, and child in the country will look to Washington city throughout the next yaar as the point from whence intelligence of universal and most absorbing public m?<? uiuti cuiiuie irom ci&y u> aay. Already the Star'i accounts of current Washington matter* are more quoted by other journals than those of any other fifty newspapers, snd very great Interest Is taken In it's (the Star's) course, as the Herald s brief two lines printed above show; snd, with tbe Herald's help, we intend that all our fellowcitizens everywhere shsll be constantly sgog to see what the Wukly Star Las to say concerning what may be transpiring here. We would'ntglve the prospective profits from this Doll as W kbklt ?? J?- *1 -* 41 oih,ivi yuuuic lugicoi we organauip at this point of any administration or party. By the by, our fellow citizen* of the Federal Metropolis, ladle* and gentlemen, young and old, who may desire to keep frlenda at a distance posted concerning doings and sayings here, had better loae no tlma in stepping Into the Star cfflce and subscribing for copies of this nsw series?the Dollae Weekly Stae?to ha ? > HiHi J J to them, every Friday morning. Thb Pa!?ic Makkbs, we trus., will have tbelr labors for tbelr pains, after all. In New York there appears to be quite as many as elsewhere. Those In that city are evidently operators as "banrs" In the stock market, aiming to "make their jack" out of a fall lu prices. The manner In which Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, and Tennessee are now awaking to a sense of their duty to themselves in the crisis, bids fair, however, soon to sooll the SDort of th??? in v?i? v?.w m -m .? *??? a via auu elsewhere who are ttaua "operating tor a full." The question with the people of the States named above Is ?lmply whether thev will consent to have thtlr slave property rendered still more Insecure, in order that tbe people of the States further South, whose slsve property Is now certainly secure, msy, ss some of them fsncy, render It still wore secure. The extreme Southern States can. not precipitate themselves even, into revolution, without well nigh entirely depriving tbe northern tier of alaveholding Statea of all hop* of the future aecurlty of their slave property. Hence the even greater and more Immediate lntereat than their own, in their propoaed action, which the northern tier of alaveholding States really have. Under such clrcumaUncea what could be in worae faith towards Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Miaaourl. and Tenneaaee than the matter of the late apeech of Mr. Keltt, delivered at Charleston, ? . r.?v?tan iiww toe purpose or south Carolina alone, to pull down the pillar* of the Constitution, If the other slave-holding States decline taking part In that undertaking? Who is there that does not perceive in that declaration, that the election of Lincoln la not the eause of, but rather the mere opportunity for the present attitude of South Carolina with reference to the future of the Soutb, in which her interest is?to make the most of it?not a tith* of Virginia, Maryland, or Kentucky? Where she now loses one dollar by the eeeape of slaves, each of those States loee one hundred. Were her current Khemt carried out, they would loee Ire thouaand dollars In that way where she would loee live dollara. Yet, forsooth, Mr. Keltt claims for her?South Carolina?the right thus to jeopardise without Virginia's consent, her vsst property-Interest In slaves, under the plea of seeking greater security for slave property where It Is at this moment as secure as aey property existing under the Government of the United States" i Vset Good ?It hss been decided upon, we hear, to give a matinee performance of "Our American Cousin" at the Theater on Saturday, in compliance with the suggestion put out in the Star a day or two since. aivt !?? ? ? - * * ~ ?me wanner or Firat Lieut* Cbarle* Grlitn and Jobo T. Greble, of the Second Artillery, has been approved. Til Wumi ?The following report of the weather for the morning to made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the ftmltbaoolan Institution. The fame of cbatrration to about 7 o'dlock Nvtimiu 15, LMQ. naruagton, vt foggy, 34?. New \ork, N Y* iCImt | plisssnt. Washington, D. C.........claw. Richmond, Vt. dear, 48*. wind NW Petersburg, ? elear, 88?, W Norfolk, va.... .elm, pleasant, &J?, w Wilmlngton, N.C clear, pleasant. Columbia, Si C?f dMr, cool. Charleston, 8. C 45', wind 8W August*. 6a. eltur, frost. 9a Tin nab, Ga. clear, 90". Macon, 6a. clear. Columbus, 6a ....clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear, pleasant. Jackson, Ala. cloudy. Mobile, Ala . .cloudy, 55*. Xew Orleans, La. cloudy, 00?. riSHTU WEST. Praderlek. Md. *?* ' Hafferrtown. Md dear, pltaaant? Cumberland, Md clear, pUaaaat. Grafton, Va el?r. plwat. Plttaburg, Fa cloudy, 40? Parkersburg, Va cloudy, cold. Claclaaatl. O clear. Ba:oaute at the Smltoaenlaa at 7 a. m., <aor reeled far tea&peratare,) St.l-'IS, at aeoa, 30,1(n TkwnmrWr at 7 a. m., 41"; at boob, 67". Maximum durtB* St houxi, aadfg V a. a. today, ATj minimum 37J<?. UJ" Ob toe 4th of Denmbtr, toe New Vorkera are to fcave anotbrr eleetloe, tola time tor Charter officers Tweaty fear CoeeelleeB will berboaea aad Aldermea ta toe edd dlaUlcta. TUB HOW or THE TIMKt. Cbaklxstoi. Not 13 ?A large amount of northern paper dm been kid over by our banka, but none protected Merchanta are perfectly ael ent.and acorn the Idea of repudiation. Their aaaeta are much more than enough to meet their liabilitiea, bat It la Impoaaibleat the prreenttlme to realize on them. Thecrlaia may arrive aome time during the tell, but we are confident oar merchanta are both able and willing to meet their llabllttlea If the banka do not come to their aid. (which la not likely during the preeent dlaturbed timea.) aome of the buaineaa men will be forced to wind up. They are anxioualy looking for the banka to auspend, for thla will relieve them from their prraent emberrnaalng poaition. Tbe merrhanti llmnct tn a man ipp in favnr nf iuat?1nU? the Action pf the State Tbe moi.ey market ia more stringent than ever. Oanka refuse to diacouot. The following communication appeared In the Mercury thla morning: " To I he Editor of the Charleston Mercury:?VVe are surprised tbat our banks do not take some action to me?l the present crista Our mercantile community ia Buffering from the atringency in money matters, which might be relieved by a abort suspension. If our banks do not intend to discount for tbelr customers, to ensble them to meet their liabilities, we aae no sltemative left but for our merchants to bold s meeting st once, and devise such measures ss are best suited to the present emergency- No honorable man desires to repudiste bis indebtedness, though our little State is going out of the Union." The grand idea of the convention of the cotton States, for the purpose of adopting a non-inter pum j Wliu IUC KVIUI, IS UUW gCIBg carried out in tbis State and Georgia. The boot factory at Cheravr ia receiving heavy order* for the southern trade. There la a disposition to buy such northern goods as our merchants may now have on band; but no new orders will be given to northern manufacturers, except for such articles as are indispensably necessary, and not procurable here. There appears to be no disposition?whatever course events may take?to nullify any of the acta f *K? Frderst nnvMnmenL. . _ In the araenal there are 20,000 atana or the best arms, with an abundance of ammunition It is ia charge of the Washington Light Infantry, probably by order of tbe General Government to protect the public property. The dispatch relative to Mr. Breckinridge stumping the cotton States in favor of union waa much commented upon here to-day; but tbe idea meeta with no favor in this quarter. Some even iro so far aa to threaten to ulvp him (>rat nf ??r and featheri should be attempt to apeak against secession in South Carolina. The United States Court in this State la without a judge. President Buchauan has appointed no succt-sicor to Judge McG rath, nor could any person here be found willing to accept it If made. All the other Federal officers will abandon their posts the moment secession breaks forth. The ladlrs of this State have started a subscription to procure a suitable testimonial for Caleb Cushing, in appreciation of his services In the defense of tbe constitutional rights of the South. The proposed testimonial Is a miniature on silver of the brig James Oray, which hoisted the Palmetto flag on entering the harbor a few days ago. The trig belongs to the Cushing Brothers. *Bbe delegates to the convention, which meets on the 17th of December, will be eboaen according to legislative districts. None but men known to be in favor of secession will be elected. In fact, It will be required that each man whose name Is on the ticket shall pledge himself to vote for the secession of the State prior to the first of January, 1861. North Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware are not relied upon to join in the secession movement. A company of Grrman riflemen. 100 strong, bearing the Palmetto flag, paraded last evening tnrougn the principal streets. They stopped in front of tbe Mercury office, and gave th^pe rousing cheers for the Palmetto State. Tbe Moultrie Guards have adopted gray jackets, black pants, ?nd blue cap* for their uniform; tbe material! to be of Carolina manufacture. A torch light procession paraded through Aiken last nigbt. A prominent feature was two stalwart negroes carrying the effigv of Abraham Lincoln on a rail. It bore tbe inscription: "Abe Lincoln, tbe Urst President of tbe Northern Confederacy." Tbe effigy was taken to a scaffold and bung by negroes' after wbicb it waa burned. The most important of the mvnanrn K?? the South Carolina Legislature la the raising and organizing of ten regiments of volunteers, of one thousand men each, as recommended in the re cent message ofGovernor GUt, for the purpose of presenting an armed resistance against any at tempt on the part of the general government to coerce South Carolina into a longer continuance as a member of the Union she is so anxious to repudiate To aid as far as possible in this movement, Georgia has Dromisea to eouln *n?l ?? Charleston as large a body of troops as the can spare from her own defence. From another dispatch we take the following : The members of tbe Legislature arriving by to* Columbia train Tuesday ulght were received with spontaneous popular demonstrations, a torchlight procession, and a salute of 100 guns. This is because they voted unanimously for separate State action. Cheering dispatches are continually coming from neighboring States offering ready equipped military organizations, payln- all their own expenses, to aid the State In the event of coercion. Private letters ludicate the Intention of many New York merchants to settle In Charleston as soon as the State is formally out of tbe Union. The most earnest entreaties are received dally from all parts of tbe North begging South Caro11 nn <* iiuu vu pauoc. Thb Kf.pobtet? Taking or Fort Movltrii. Chahlf.?toi, Nov. 14.?The Mercury, referring to a dispatch in a Philadelphia paper stating that Fort Moultrie had been taken, soys tbe statement is totally unfounded, and unleas tbe northern journals seud out more reliable correspondents they must expect to suffer in their poi kets. as well as have their fears excited by unjust apprehensions. Ml. ?* c? ? 1 iik u s aaaixal?uostiwvid stat* of Excitkmkst?thk sechssiox (slkahckkk. &c. Chaklkhtpn. Nov U ?It ii true the Light Infantry of CUarlrston took cb*rge of th? United StaUi? Arsenal, but this was done at the urgent request of the mayor and citizens, who were fearful the regular federal force would not be able to Crotect the large number of arms therein conilned, in case of any sudden outbreak. Dispatches from Columbia, and other points south, indicate a continued state of excitement on tbe absorbing subject now agitating tbe country. Tbe certain and Immediate secewlon of South Carolina upon the assembling of her convention is looked upon bv all persons hers as a foregone conclusion. Nothing but an absolute, unconditional repeal by tbe northern States of their odious enactments interfering with the fnorHiv* lave law can be of any avail In altering the predetermined purpose of South Carolina to aecede. Georgia, North Carolina and Alabama are confidently expected to unite with her. Movements in Giouu. Millidokvillk, Nov. 13 ?Hon Alexander H. Stephens denies emphatically that he la In favor of secession He is to make a conciliatory apeech here to-night He and Herachrl V Johnson will make Union apeecbea at Atlanta some night this we#-k. The Constitutionalist of this morning arguea that a uvorrlffn Stat? fc?? 1 ? " _ u?? Mi< uu^ucsuonaoif rigm t) go out of the Union whenever her Interest and honor prompt her to to do, but asserts that Georgia will act with coyness and deliberation. The editor rcflMrks that the breaking up of this government is an event of momentous Importance. It involves, and will affect for a time, every ma terial interest throughout the country. The first shock will vibrate through eve y fiber of the social system of every State. Tho downfall of the republic, even if peaceful, unopposed, unaccompanied by tumult or violence, must Injure every public and private Interest, even in the South, where it will be the least felt. As a calamity to be dreaded, it should not bo precipiUted upon a people unprepared to meet It Several of the most influential men of Georgia have expressed their decided opposition to secession. C0*TB0VBBST AMON0 TBI SBCESSIOJUSTS AMD Union Mkm of Gzokoia?SrirHim Bpkakim rot THE l'NIO*. Millbdobvilli, Not. 14 ?Speeches are being made here nightly by Messrs. Toombs, Thomas R. Cobb, and othera. in fator of asceaalon, and Maaara. Stephen*, Jobnaon, and others in opposition. Bitter feuds have been engendered among the numbers o/tb? Lwlilitur* VtwMn ?h? m? _ ? ? ?-v icuua ofMnm lverson and Howell Cobb, for tb? U. B. Senstorsblp. a There is nothing of iuterest to report In the Legislative proceedings of to-day. Actio;* or ran Geoboia Lkoislaicei. Macon, Nov. 13 ?A bill appropriating one million of dollars, to be need ait the discretion of the Governor, for putting Georgia In a state of military defense, passedlhe House of Representatives this morning unanimously. It Is believed that the convention bill will pass with equal unanimity. Georgia will move with circumspection, but will not submit to black republican domination. The fMlinsr 4 * ' v..-K .u? (kvuic ii very narmoaloua, believing it a question of gWing up all, or nuking a atand for indepeadence. The Charleaton Mercury, apeak! a g of th? election of delegatee to the propoeed Seceaalon Convention la that State, aaya: Thla election ta no holiday amuaement Thla la no time for per* eonal or partadtvlalona Our couraa here upon thla occaaioMi to have a powerful moral Influence, not ouly upon thla State, but upon the other cotton State*. Thla la not merely a convention to Inaugurate the aeceaalon of the Stake from the preaent Federal Government; but Ito future deatlnlea are to be wielded, and lta future connectiena made with foreign Powera, and other Statea, North and South, lta powera aro unlimited, and It will alt per ha pa for maay montha The Mercury recommeuda a union et all par. tire, except Union men, and that each delegate hail ha pledged, under hla hand, to rote for the f ifcto . i ??~'i tmi" *" I m rood lata aaccaaioa of tba SUM, la aay tract, before January 1,lSfi. Then will we learn, ?ay* the Mercury, whether the people of this Cot?>monwealth are "the ipolltchild'' tote "apanked" into "submlaaton to the rule of the northern majority." Impostakt Ma*itmto toitha CottohStatu. Some ooe writes to the N. Y. F' -aid that a meeting waa held at Charleaton, on the 7th, at which a Declaration of Independence waa dr?,wn .n atkl.l. IV..1?.U ? uf < vr mvu isriuuu 19 IiOW C1TCUl&lfil ior apCoval among leading Southerners. Al?o a art of atrucMona which ate to be aent to a diattnCulahed Southerner now in Parla, and who can e depended upon to act for the confederacy, in hopea of extracting a promiae of friendly recognition from Louia Napoleon. The New York Stock Maxkct. The New York Timea of yeaterdav aaya We have to report the loweat and moat fever i ah market for atorka this seaaoa. The panic feellnc at one time thla morning appeared to run aa wild aa In aome of the blackest daya of lfti<. Bat the cash aa well aa time ordera which aubaequently were made at the board of broken checked the farther decline in price, though atill leaving the market much una^ttled. In the abaence, however, of further excitement among the money-lender*, and consequent preaalng calla upon their demand-borrowera, the cbaacea are that the market, for the present, baa aeen the two rat. The heavy fail of 15 per cent, alnce thla day week, and tbe fact of great and undoubted ability In tbe community, aa ootnpared with tbe former panic seasons, to buy dividend-paying atocka, and toapecalate, IX tempted by lowlgurea, la the leaa aabatantlal aubecriptlona, are calculated to atrengthen tula view of the courae of demand. The amount of gold already Mnt to New Orleans has already improved the exchanges in that quarter, while tne large advance In cotton reported from Liverpool has given increased activity and cheerfulness to trade at nearly all the cotton ports. Even at Charleston the confidence Is general, judged by the tenor of the private advices, that the banks of South Carolina will pass through the 'mmedlste crisis without suspending pay m vpcviv " ?~ 1 ? We learn that collection* now falling doe at Mobile and New Orleans for New York account, on factor'* acceptance* and merchant notes, are generally well met, and returns are coming home every day. The occasional defaults In that quarter of the South are thus far In no way conducted with political distrust In the Union, or the right of mercantile repudiation on sectional pretexts. Philadelphia STOCK MARKXT. The Ledger and Transcript say*There It scarcely anything doing for investment. Everybody seems suddenly in want of money, and so urgent are they to be rid of their stocks that each new buyer takes them at lower figures. Much capital is being withdrawn from business, and is quietly hid away. Thia is the policy that makes the evil from which the stock and money markets are suffering, and vet all hrllrv* iioriit will attain to old figure^ again aa soon aa the excitement la allayed The attitude of the South, politically, cauaea much appiehenaion Ybey aeem just now determined to put their oft repeated threata Into execution, and the North are beginning to fear that they are in earnest. The New York Express saysExaggerated rumors are In tbe 1'biiadelpbla papers of New York failures, as having seriously attracted attention brre A large hardware house, ( 750,<>00) Is named by i>anie; a large drug house also. A large saddlery warehouse here, says the same paper, which depends upon southern trade, has Just discharged 200 workmen. P. 9?The hardware bouses In the street, we learn upon inquiry, know of no suet hardware failure aa reported (n Philadelphia. The drug bouse loat largely by tbeflre la Beekmtn atreet, bat waa not strong before. South Carolina. The firemen of Cbarleaton are now organizing aa military companies, and are uniformed accord'ifc Charleston Mercury saya: Ata jar tut anal*?ike tfonits at par.?We learn that the board of directora of the Bank of Cbarleston unanimously passed a resolution yesterday, offering to take ?100,000,000 of the estate Bonds, to be issued for military purposes, at par. A Student or Harvard Kxpki.lid Fkom Charlkston. Boston, Nov. 14?William C. Wood, a graduate of Harvard College, has arrived here in tbe steamer South Carolina from Charleston He was civilly requested to leave the State, and bis passage to this port paid. Mr Wood was intfouth Carolina to fill an engagement as school teacher In the Barnwell district. Ma. Lincoln and thk Cmisis. SrRixuriKi.ii, Nov. 13.?Mr. Lincoln, In convenation with tome friends yesterday, while deeply regretting tbe excitement that prevailed at O *1- .at J a -A * * A'? * - * tur cnniiu, uiu uui, ni iue blue lime. aftUl II fl* pedlent that be should say anything publicly upon the subject. Whenever spoken to regarding his petition, be Invariably rcrera to bis former writing* and speeches, ana front these to tbe platform of the party which elected him?a combination, he tblnki, sufficient for all purposes With reference to the exasperated feeling and excitement, be tbinks It will be of short duration, and that tbe better judgment of the people will soon resume lta sway. Union Mkbtimo m Maryland The Cambridge (Marvland) Intelligencer contains tlie following: "We are requested to announce that there will be a public meeting held at the Court House on Monday week, ltttb Inst , at two o'clock p m., for the purpose of condemn; ?i? ji *? ??? - * ~ K iuc uiBumoii puucy "i certain svuibfrn St&tes. and expressing a devotion and a determination to au*iain Mr. Lincoln in the adminlatratlon of the government We heartily commend the movement to our citizens. A prompt and decided action in favor of the aupremacy of the lawa and the Union of the States upon the part of the conservative citlzena of the South will infuae into the Southern hearta a spirit of loyalty which will effectually deatroy the iuiqultous scheme* of the mad disunion lata Thia is no party meeting. Itla a meeting of citizens Democrats, Douglas men, Republicans, and Union men are all Invited. Let the people meet, and let the people speak." ASHINOTON THEATER! EXTRA! EXTRA: EXTRA! In Compliance with the REQUEST MANY FAMILIES, AN AMMUUA,\ UOlSlN MATISME Wij] be given on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, When ... MR. JOSEPH JEFFERSON Wi I inmiir in hia Rrut Pkan. tar ?f ... -r r ?? ? X* ?" ? vtim WVVV1 WJ ASA TRKNCHARD. admTssion, To All Pakts or the Horn, ONLY 11 FTY CENTS; Cktlprii* HALF PRICE. Door* open at X o'clock; ocmmenoe at S o'clock. no 13 it IUST ARRIVED AND FOR SALE AT J J08. L. H KIKE'S. 310 G Stiui, Bitw. 13th and 14th. AD0b?r ?l* Northern BALDWIN APPLES, SO" dc PoTaTOE*. extra qu&litjr, 5 torn MARRUVV SQUASH. no U-1T Folk songs, selected and kdiied bj J Williamson Palmer; I large volume ale rantly bound in morocoo; pri. e RIO, decidedly the hanctsomoit book yet publmhed in the United State*. blanchard * mohun. no 14 oor. Pa. a* and! lth st. I70R NEW YORK.?The packet sohoonera r Arctio and Statesman have arrived and will eommenoe loading for abo*e port on^QCfr SATURDAY next, nth inst. For freight*^* appty to MoCOBB 4 DODGE. no 14 Water ?t, Georgetown. A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS NY One desiring Freight? muehar little?Barrel*. Ba e?, Boxes, Bundles, or, in fa?t, any thing, safely transported and delivered between Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, mar rely lroplioitly upon the EXPRESS WAGONS of the underaigned.whiohran regularly every dav between thoseci'Us. Orders entered upon the elatae of hit express a* the Star Offioe, at Baoon'sGrooery Store, orat E Wheeler's Hsrdv are Bv re, will be promptI, . U..4M to. ^ no 14-1 *? < LmU Oiiiorn'i Ki^wii. Boots and shoes*, Of Au Sobts, At Low Priooa, at _ HENNING'S, no 18 at Seventh ?t, Island. A GREAT BAJR.GAINCaabohadinonooftka f\ fine tthmilyHORdES in the city; ins gy is*, w*M broken. ?t:d ??rfectly g on tie ; will bo ?old at b great sBonfioe, u the owner b&a no o?e for him. Also, light Single Carriage and Harness. Apply at 409 E street, oorner Sooond. no 13 3t" FGO To RENCH * R1CHSTEIN 8, No. STS Penn. Bvenve and look at their ?s>ortmeat of Militan Works, vib: Diotionary ofthe United State*,Gulon's Art'Mont's Manual, Rifle Praotioe. Hardee Taotios, Military Laws. Ae , Ao. All tho Military, > Masonio. Chess, billiards, and Meehanioal Books a.ways on hand- bo 18 CHEESE. ~"~i ARME3AN do. Wiltshire d>. Piae Apple do. ssra* c~. J:-. no 13 KING A BUROKLL. bwfcfcPrwttjrtionacd Holiday Hooka. Tk* larreit received at ? 8W FnaMLTwrni. N. B ? Peterson ?ad Cod*7, far Dm'mbir, sow roody. MM PBR8QNS Who deeVrlto^tUad tfcot??o of the pyrefoi l>elon?iD* totM e?t?te of thel&U Dari.ue CImMV deceased, Witl find oonyejiuioe (by oniiDUM i t* ?*trt (ran the eUro of the A?otm?ecre, No 406 Ninth street, on *Mh norung of the solo, at o'olnak. CL^ARY * ?M??MP TBI PftSHOlNTIil KLKCTION. MARYLAND. The only county In Maryland that pw a naJorlt* Totf for the BronM tnaMm ?<-t m th? recent election la 4omeiMt, where the vote Mood 1,486 tor and 804 agalnat it. In Talbot couaty tbe vcte stood: For It, 181; agolnat It, 1,143. GEORGIA. In the 100 counties ao far heard from, the rote stand*: Bell, 38.335; Breckinridge, 43 873, Douglas, 10,050. Thirty-two counties remain to be beard from, which gave Brown (dem.) for Governor, In 1S58. 7.848 majority. P S. I.ater returns sbow that Breckinridge Is likely to have a clear majority of at least 2,0uu in Georgia. NEW JERSEY. It turns out that the official returns of this State elect Renlgan, Cooke and Parker, Douglasltee, by about 3.MO majority, and Jones, Elmer. Hornblower and Scudder, republicans, to be electors, by some 1^00 majority. This result waa of course brought about by the act of the Douglaaltes in following the advice given to th*a by Mr. Douglas In person, when not long since bunting his mother In their midst. They struck tb? name* of all but their own candidates from the fatten elec?1 ti.i A - tuiai utici, iiiuur up unaer mm loicnin gntrtDiMt on tbe part of their own leader* that they would aupport It, ai men coald give. Had tbe fri?wida of Breckinridge and Bell acted In tbe matter with like lack of good faith, the Douglas electors would have been beaten more than 15,000 to tea la New Jeraey. VIRGINIA Tbe Bellltee still claim (la Richmond) to have carried Virginia on the atrength of gaiaa ther expect they hare made la the alevca countlee not beard from up to 4 p m. yesterday The Enqulrer, however, aays thit tbe official returna will undoubtedly show that Brecklari<^e baa carried tbe State by upwarda of 1,000; ana tbe Dlapatch evidently colnrldn In th*t InHamaot In the four countiesknown alntae "Panhandle," the official vote atanda ?Breckinridge, 3.498; Bell, 3,395; Lincoln. 1.39# Douglas, 984 The vole la 3,439 larger than laat rear, whan Gnggia iauTra: MISSOURI. The St. Lonla Republican of Monday foots up the returns, aa far aa received, as follows: Douglas .........48,27t Bell? 48,?7? Breckinridge 33.485 Lincoln 15,393 The counties to hear from stood In the August election as follows C. F. Jackson, (Douglas.) 13.875: Sample Orr, (Bell,) 8.496; H. Jackson, (Breckinridge,) 3,954?a tight fit. TRKNE8RRE Tbe Knoivllle Whig claim* that la all but twenty counties, wbich remain to be beard from, Hell has gained 9 500 over tbe strength of bis party wben Netberland waa beaten by Harris fdem ) for Governor by a majority of 8,000 in tbe whole state Tbe Bellltea are calculating that wben tbe remaining twenty counties are beard from, Bell will be found to have a plurality of 8,500 votea In Tenneaaee. KENTUCKY. It is now evident tbat Bell's plorallfy In Kentucky will reach, if it doea not exceed, 10,000. - - Rbfobtbd Death or Albbbto Mabio?We learn by private letter* from Naples that 81snor Alberto Mario, the busband of Madame Jesse White Mario, baa been killed. He was seat tor Garibaldi at the bead of a column of one thousand men, to put down a reactionary movement In M?llse. The patriots were overpowered and cut to pieces bv a body of Neapolitan soldiers six times their number. Only forty out of the thousand are rcportod a* being saved, and in that number Mario's name dues not occur. The encounter is said to have be?*n tremendous, the Garlbaldians having fought like lions, and against desperate I /ulils 81gnor Mario wai a member of a very old Venetian family, who lived on the tame estate* for centuries, and have suffered severely from time to time by the persecution of ths Austrisns. He was a barrister oy profession, but in the seige of Venice, in 1848 and 1849, be fought under Manln Although be entered the service as a common soldier, bis skill snd courage soon raised htm torn superior command.?Nnceattlt (Ing.) Chronicle. Tux Death of Captain McLakk. U.S. Amur. The news from New Mexico, published yesterday, briefly stated that Captain George McLsne, of the mounted rifles, had been killed on the 13th of October by the Navajo Indians. The particulars are as follows: He was out on a scout with his company; when about 25 miles from Fort Deflance, a party of Indians wers overtaken, and a charge wss made upon uiem captain Methane killed four I ad tans with hit pistol* When tbe charge was made and the word to rally given, the captain became separated from bis men, and was seen to fall from bis horse His foot became entangled in the stirrup, and his horse becoming frightened ran off, dragging him a considerable distance When his men came up. the captain was dead. He had three shots in him, which mast have produced instant death. So perished one of our noblest officers, savs a New Mexican paper, at the hands of the rwdskins. Captaiu McLane ia a son of Senator McLane. of Delaware. He leaves a widow aud three children,who are at Albuquerque. M U SEMISN Tb. WASHINGTON THEATER. Leasee ? Mr. S. W. Glum. In oonaequenoe of the ore< flowing hou?3 Monday mini, MR. JOSEPH J EFFERSON Will repeat hia great onaraotcr of ASA I RENCHARl). In the outrtedr of OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. To oonolnde with the fa roe of JENNY LIND. Rates op Admimiow.?Par*art and Dre?? Cirolo JD Cint? ! OrftkfiiUr PkRira *1 ** No "Xtr'n charge for reaorved'aeaU. trr To-morrow Fareweil Benefit of Mr. JOB. JEFFEK3QN. ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Commencing on MONDAY EVENING, November lfl. FOR FOUR OTgHTS OSLY. Georpe Christy's Minstrels! Under the immediate cera'-inal superintendence of OEOH^j 1? CHRISTY, Author of n?am all the Ckeict Grm* of Etkifi&m Minstrehy, whose ezpenenoe of over aifhtnaa yeara in the profeeaion, and whoa* performances ror the list twelve teara in the oitf of New Y?rk before the elite of that treat metropolis, are a guar, ante? for the excellence of th? ente t*iomenta he aubmita for public approval, He and hta VI A M UnTH nnMPiMV ill Of en ki above, and appear for positively Foir Night* only. _ Remember the original GEORGE CHRISTY ia hi* inimitable and cha?t> e. tertainm*iiU. Card* of arimiaaion ZSota.; reacrved aeata &1 cU. Doora open at a quarter to 7; perrormnno? commencing at a quarter to I. J No P. SMITH. no la Buemeee Agwt [Ef8*ODD FELLOWS' LEVEE. Foa RitiiriT o? COVENANT LOLiGE, No. 13, ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Savanra Sr., MONDAY, November X, 1M0. BO IS-eo^W BALLS, FARTIES, Ac. VOLUNTEERS F?>R THE SEAT OF WAR. THE PRESIDENT S PROCLAMA- 3* TION.?F.very body that aaa rteaea will at- jj? tend the Grand Aeeembly to ha given b? tie A ARLINGTON CLL'B The o?Bmitt<M>9k pledge them eel ve? that thia Will be oae ol the grand eet affkira of the aeaaon. Jfnowinr ae we do the feeling of the preeeat crieia and the waata of the people, eometaiag to heal them up aad reunite North and South, thia Aceembly will to given ea MONDAY EVENING, Novenroer Frank lin Hall, on D atreet, betweenltth and 13th. Ticket* 50 oenta admitting a gentleman and ladies; eaa be had at the door or or any of tto m'tntoera. By order of the llf) COMMITTER. BOARDING. * BOARDING.?Three or four single gentiemea ean be accommodated with Board by appi ring at No SIS Maryland avenue, between 04 and *?h eta , Ialaod. Meohanioe preferred. ao la-tf c?%,8s8PH.5?sai.t!?m?.s^ rma wk f' 4 Juit raoaived from tha nianofacta ran tnothar lot sClha^Tn^afcfor.'.rBrsr'i WMivn'i f^ven Skootara. Allra*? Revohren, ra?u?Vrol?bly IM ltr|*iu?i t^ij^i?trtmL noi?-at H^WWAy^??1urbXrow^Hotol. I h Aj^iBEKW?^ -*Kit iidCMilmer HATS, (aitabTTfor ^riun| *. Atao.ft MW atook of Black w?d Co.or53li soft Hat* of all |(?dH. PafoaU in March of Bot?' ud Cki'.draa'a BATS SSKi^tfdMSu* IM?WW??M??? AUCTION BAIiBB. Iy F#r olk$r Auction SmJtt. ?N Jim JMf?. By A. OREBN Aaotioa?c. TTORSB AND MSAL. WAGON. IQUSR n BOLD ftiMtrii. caiH4. Gn?? jl*d Cmocx KIT W a KB AT ACCTIOB.-OB MTUIUAV.M 17ta inttMt, at 9* o'aioak a. , I ?ha I an at mj tor*, at tba oor u?r of S*T*atk and f) ?U , No. tM : An aaeoi Mt Work Horaa aad goo* Mofti Wacoa. Wal at Parlor Suiu. oon?i?tia| of bofea, Am _ -a u: J. ? i/Oftira ?nu ew? ' n?jr?, fcttrWi'Bit WrtiBi D*t Kin* *'"""", ? Mabocaoi ud Wat! net B'drtMdt, V\ MbrtaW, Wardrobee and Mwb t-ilife Dtmmbc Miiiim, BlukiU. Coaforta wd other B(44H|, K?i Ktr Heds, Pilowa and Bolsters, Two hudwa* Cotttfi Mi, ?ow> till WmIi'UiMi, Tib m, Bwiudii Ckiln ai>d Tow#; Rftok. Maho*ar.y Sideboard lol w ritmf DmIi, Do Bur and tnani^.e^-eeat ftOTOiTtaf Cklirt, Br?H?:i, Thro* pit, Ingrain aud other C*r??U, Oilo otha, Cook aad Air tight dtovea, Ckina. Giaae and Crockery Ware, A lot of fciteheo Re*vieit*a, And many other artio.ea too aaaieroaa to ruatr at* Far ma mi a" l&-d A. ORBKN, AaotIt URNiin a anratv ? ?w i ?r wv vnu i | jftvwMvavwis^ I*?/> ?/n QN MONDAY MORNING. IIU IMM.IIK eiani. at U* hoaae oornar of Marks* Ml Ptartk Tbwe ia the umt! aa*ortmect of Hoaaafcold aad Kitohaa Farnitara, Btovaa. Ac., Ao. Tonne: Stand aider caab; orer that aanoaat a cad it of 61 day a, for approvad rndoreod aoiaa. baarii( iatereet. By ordar cf th? Admmiatratnr. ao 15-d BAKNaKI) * MUCKEY. Aaeba FUTURE DA YS By A. GREEN. Aaououaer VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN 9QUARB NO. 46?. OR IBB iHLABIt. AT ArCTIOH.-Oa B.11 *Jt* v1*1 VU- wfcTfLj? named bandaome balldins lota, vis ? Lota Noa. S, , 1, B. aad U. taeqaara No. 409. aontaininf id ail hetwaa au?l SI thoeaaod eqaara faat or groaad- l'hia ?r-??iij froau on aoath ? and I etrrets. batweea Pixth aad aatji w?i. ana win r* "id m iota to *?lt nroktwri, from 16 to ? f??t front*. i'?rma: On? ?u%'t*r ouli Mono* in*. If.U,m4 34 months, the purohaser to give notes for dofotrM payment*. H?*rmc interest from day ot mi*. A do?d (iron nodadeod of trvtt tnkon. no 5 4t A. 6KEBN, Ami CTTHK ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED on Moont of tb? rain until FRIDAY. th? Mta ;n?t%r t. ?*'nf boar. BO 10 did A. GREEN. A?oC Br CLEAR V A URKEN Asotioowri. 406 JViaU ttrtti. U?XTFNSIVE BALK OP STOCK. 6EMN. u Vnii-mu, PtiKiM lxrMMixn, OilW*?or?, Mor?ih?ld Fras'tcai, Ac, heloaffioC to th*ear*t? of ihi lat* i??r C ?(Mt. dWMKi kt Public A uotiAo ?On FBI DAY* u4 8ATUR D*Y, th ?l6'h and 17tb of Nnwmher Mit, (hall aell. at the firm and r??M?no?? of tke lata Dana* Clacett, d?onaaed at 11 o'eloak a m.. ? ? the Seventh street turnpik*,<the iaf ^b th* road will deaigaate the plao*.i a'>o?t ? miles from the city, all of tha Parao> al Kff'?u heloaiiac to the aid deoeaaed, oonsiatK g in pa't of? 5 fine fkrtn w >rk and oarriac" Horaea, ^ ii < aa.i.L a?_. * .irxoeiieui mnco t,o?a, I newer, J8 Ho*?, 1 Hull, 1 Mule, 4 WwkM W ac-<n?. for on? or tiro k?raaa, 1 Sim Family Carnage, Harnaaa aad Cotw, 1 do. Small do. do. do. 4 Carta. v tk> la'r* lot of tiarneaa. 99 aata of oompleta Han>o??. Muwim Maehioa. Horae Kak?t. Ro.lera, Plow* of every d^aoripti^n arwl make Cnttinr-boxee. Corn and Poh Crnthrrm. H?row?. Cultiv?t .r?, Wmm* [?rt| , R?kM, Hon, ?-hoT?.?, Forks, Potato l/iuer, in seta Plow llirnna, Wftcon Hodiee. Hirnna Kftcka, ttierM, Whe?t-ffcne, Wh??lhwrow? Seythee, CrtdlM, Threshing *ac>wn??. in perfect orde-, With a larje lot of ?th?r Implement*, loo mmerona to mention, MS t^r?a nf rrnwinr Wh**.t nnw In Cm nniif 70 ton* of pi in* Timothy ?b4 CIotm Hay. acv> busnais of ?xo?i:oDt Potaln?, 125 bar-als of Corn. i&w stalks of fine C?tl*ry, ttKlsafisSafW f.??. S^iWasWisi. ALSO. The HOU9EHULD KFFBCTS, miUki ift ^4rt of? Piano, 8too'. and Cover. Maboeany Sola, Mahogany Parlor Chairs. Rookar, Ao., |)o Bedstead. Wardrob?,a?d Haraaa,.. LH> ?MDI?-Uii. centre. uo oU?r Turn, Patent Sick chair. Gilt and Bronie Candelabra*, 3 Parlor Window Cirtoimairf OmtaniU, Large k>t inmt 6nm Feather*, il Bada, Bolrtera, and Pillow, Exoeileut whit* curled Hair Mattreeg *, Do Parlor, Cha<? her. and Ba'l CarMte, Toilet Sate, Mirror*. Shuck and Cotton Mtttrmii. Large lot of Bedding, *on*i*tin? of beaetifal Blanket*, Comfort*. Quite, Linen Sheet* and Bedstead*. Waahetand*. Bureau*. Chair*. I MiUtin*. a,0^^a ;:r.ka'Jffi' ???* Vjn, aoreoit 012,4. ud 6 montha will bo g?*aa. la a:l cun notea must be aatiaiaolorilf ??nm? bearing internet, and made payable at toa* baak in th? eity ofWuhmttm VOT Wedeaire to oaJ! particular attention to tip above sale. Itiaby far the moat lntaraabif aaia that haa erer taken pl^ee in thia rioimty. Omriboaea will atart for the plfioa of Ml* oa ttM morning of eaeh day at o'olook from the door of ta* AHti iimri. on *ta near tM hccLlB\6?v! . Br J. C. MoGUIRE * CO.. AnetloMm. 1 FURNITURE AND EFFECTS OP A FAMIly accuiino Hov*exik>>in? ?On SATURDAY MORNING, November 17Ji,at 1? uMoek. ia front of thcAuotion Room, * ?h?l. Mil Um Furniture and J tfeou of a (amity doohniaf kommkMpinc. oompiuing? S#?!t orRo?? wood Green P.u?h covered Parlor Firi i ur?,oon?i?tin| of Lollini Sofa. Arm and four Parlor Churi, Roaawood Marbia-to* Crater Table. Whatnot, ntnnium* wanai uortiwKikNr&Dcr, Walout Hair tfpritg e<ai Sifa, Hooker and Parlor Chain, Weloat btafe and Writing Deak, tit Winoow Shade* asd Cornice, Clock, BrnieHa an* Three p,j Carp< t?. Oilcloth, French, High poet and Cottar* BCateade, Dree?inianJ P ain Bu-eaea, Waahatanda, Wardrobes, Bookoaae, Toilet Seta, Ten Feather tied*. Bo ttera and Pillova, Cr.r M Hair and Hn?k MMrftm, Marble top Sideboard, Kefngeroter, I arte quantity of uitr or dtone Ckiaa Diaaor. Deeeert and Tea war*. Tab'* Cutlery, Waiters, Glaai War*, Cook in* and other Stovca, Kitchen Utenuis, Tr rw? cash. no 14 d J. c. M?6tTIRE * CO . Aneta. By CLEARY * GREEN. AaotioaMra. 306 TV tut A street. GOVERNMENT BADE OP DEStf. CABVJ pin, Hois*, Book SitLvn,*e,tf Arcriow.?On SATURDAY MORN lis?. ikaWtk mat. w? ah?ll Mil. m foot of oar Aaatioa Kooa. N" ?0? Ninth atr**. at 1* o'elook. a larga Jot of Effect* from on* of the Pab'io DtfhrtMati.Mi aold by order ol th? Government, oonaiatiaf of? Mahogany and Walnut high and low Daeka, Do and other Oftee Chaira, BraaMto atd Tawtrj t Jarff*. Amu Miii| uuo.ou.i mo mmuimga, Pigeon Bo;*?,8helTM aad BooIomm, Grates. rwrfni, Ao Andiron*. Hfeoval and Tone*. Mirrors, Tab a*. Wa?!Mlaudt an t Toilet ftU, Together wiU many oll??r article* not n?a?ary to mmrau. T?rro* oaah ia bar w>n*y. no 12 d CLfcARV A. ftRKF.W.A?to AT li IT INVENTIO h"!" LA.DD. WEBS rat fc CO ? ^ Tbey ar? the mo?t nmtle. Tnt v* the strongest. They ar* Um sarast ia ttiair operation. Th?j um a straight naadla, Jlst JS/SS? ? S& AtUkOhCDttDta. Csll sad exsrain#? Wiw. ^ &5C E2u JjMNB WHITE GOODS, s&.sEssar.r -ij >-?? Spring ijUHiWMt Gooifa will bo offered at |H>t Men ion. CL.AGKTT * MAT, ma ?tt XU P> *tm IwciUm* mU ?*_ ATMQOKK'8 WEST END DUO? fTO**. rutr and Toil* Artie'**. Iud iK|M Soin, PMala.OitaMd Window 61m?, ItroMM >hyi<ua?>' yr?riytioM- Kl fw E ciottm, Fwiatm T'JUiHtf1?3U?ISf gilafMssis

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