Newspaper of Evening Star, November 15, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 15, 1860 Page 3
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iwi? ?M? L OCAL NEWS." I :. == LZTTboogh Tw* 9ta* ta printed on the Cuteat itnn preaa Ir uk aouUi mt Baltimore, Ifta edition la ao large aa to require It to br put to preaa at u tuly hour; Ad vert memento, therefore, abould be a-^rt In before 12 o'clock m.; otberwlae they may not appear nnttl the next dnf Norte*.?District of Columbia Advertisement t?> be Inserted In the Baxtimoib Sen are received at aad forwarded from Thb J?ta* OUce. Ankval mrittsa or tbi mtitltin Bsbtist i yin* Amociatio* ?The twenty-ftfth annual n.eeting of the Maryland Baptist Inion Association commenced yesterday, with devotional everc >?s. in the E-street Church. The chtircbes jI'iieraH* were represented. The temporary o-z<mts?ti?n was effected by the Rev Frrnklin Wilson, of Bsltlncore, presiding, and A. Fuller Crane, Es<^., performing h s duties ns secretary. Rending tne letters from the churches and aai. ilisry societies occupied some time, showing barn nrtv and success throughout the bonds of the ?<c'ety The n?w Island church, Washington, nt "wrd the ({re* test Increase, thirty-nine members being added The aMoelatlon next proceeded to the election ?/"permanent officers, when, by a large vote Sir Wilson was re-elected moderator. He rose and acknowledged the compliment, but owing to the *t?te of his Lenltb, and other duties, positively declined Another ballot showed the election of Rev Geo. F. AiIiim, of Baltimore That clergyman was at once escorted to the chair, and briefly arknowledsred his annreciatloD of the honor H? (remarked that la tbe twenty-four year* be bad eajoved tbe pleasure of being present at every ir.eetA Fuller Crane was unanimously re-elected > secretary. an office which be has filled for some twenty years. Application! for admiaaton were received from 4 dure bee at I'ooIstIH*. Md, J>?rn?rtqmrn. Md., a[d c.-rman f?p*ist Coorcn, Variiuivi >ld They were referred. The Secretary read the aouual report of the executive committee. Tn dmff.?Tbe Association met this morning at II o'clock An eloquent addreaa wa* dellvered to the ministers upon tbe subject of giving their special personal attention to tbe teaching of tbe children in the Habbath srbool, by Rev. Dr. M-Dowell, of Baltimore, which was attentively ulkcdcu w. Wistoii Assault ?t two Makikvs c*ow two f.ntiatili cit' z*?i* ? Tkey Commit J'fault mnd JJtcrery <i*d Highway Rotbtry?On last Saturday night, two U. S Marines, nam?-d Matthew W 1* >n * Ofcrge Sales, com ml ttrd an unprovoked attack upon Mr. Richard Hanson, a clerk In the War Department, as be was walking home about 9% o'clock They met Hanson at the corner of Tblrd strert east and Pennsylvania avenue, and walking up to him In a menacing attitude *eiaed bold of hlai. He beld up bis walking s'.ic* bv either end. and placing It against the breast of 3ales poshed him off, wheu Sale* renewed the attack by wresting the cane from Hanstii's grasp and beating him ?everelv therewith. whle Wilton aaaiated with bis lists and fret l eaving Hanson they now proceeded to the house ? f >lr "James T. Ball, near by, and knocked at the door Ball came to the door with a stick in his hand, and as soon as he bad opeced the door i^alea seised his stick and attacked him with it, str king a number of severe blows, and winding cp by making a grab at Ball's watch chain, pal" lag his watch valued at $75, from his porktt, and running off with it. Very fortunately, officers Irving and Bird came alon"? at this crisis and arrested thetwo ruffians, but they resisted the oUlcers so drcperatelr that tbe assistance of several cltl2 -ns waa reaaired before they could be taken to justice Mchenna'a office. thev fighting and r* ? sling In a furious manner all the way. They w*re taken by the direction of tbe magistrate to the gusrdhouv? on Capitol Hill, where they were kept all bight, and on tbe following morning an ezar ! nation was held, which resultrd in thtir t>ein^ committed to jail on three several garget irscu 10 await ue acnon or me criminal lourt. Stuxvt Bk??ab9 ?A few day* ago. ft respectable merchant, carrying on an extensive bu.ness on tbe east side of Seventh st., aud whose customers are principally ladles, made the inquiry, with much earnestness, of one of oar police magistrate?: ' Is there no law of this city, prohibiting street begins and vagrancy within our corporate limits* " On being answered affirmatively, the merchant quickly rejoined : " Then why Is not sucb law strictly enforced'" He then further remarked: * It is a grievous nuisance, a serious hindrance to bos ness, and the ladies who frequent my store, as well as myself and assistants, are much annoyed by it These beggars follow ladies on tbe street ana into lh- stores with pi ten u* and persistent appeals for money, ao aa almost to compel relief. Indeed, so impudent are three mendicants that they not unfrequently become insolent and at>uatve If tbey are act promptly relieved, and to the eiteut of their expectations Now, ia view of this serions evil, It In s ideated to the Mayor and Chief of Police that instructions should be fortb> with issued to all police officers to enforce the city ?.41?....? ? ? ? m ? 1 i/ruiuBii-c piui .<mi^ luit " ui pmoni iouna oeg;;!ng or drunk la or about the streets, all vagrants ai.d persons having no visible means of support,'" >h?U be arrested and seut to the workhouse, unless they give the required security Thr Cosce*t at Wlliards' Hall la^t evening vu highly acceptable to the brilliant end critical audience ass-mMed, a* was testified by the plaudits which greeted each artiste In turn. The programme w-ta well selected, and could not have 1>een arranged so as to afford greater enjoyment to the audience, nor a more excellent teat of the merlia of the several singera. Mad Fabbrl was received with much enthusiasm, and throughout toc concert more taan j jstt tied tbe great expectation* that bad Wen formed concerning ter extraordinary talento, by our concert-goers. Stlgelll, i.wiv* g?x'd, never sang In better voice nor with greater ctfret than last night. Carl Formes, with his rich tones of ttemendous power, astonish* d as V well u pleated. His low notes in the "Wanderer" rolled through the hall with precisely the ssrn- effect as tbat produced by tbe sub-txss of a first-class church organ. Each artist in turn was encored. Mad. Fabbrl in the exquisite Fabbri $ Polka. Fnrmrt in th# ar!* tmm >?? Mani/- fi-? , ?. ?? - ?"V ma^'V AUtCf and Stigelli In the Dream of Home; and tbe audience wu enthusiastic and spp.eclative. Mr. Mulder performed a number of pretty piece* on tbe piano, and accompanied the singers la good UMe AproiHTXB."?T or a. Patbol Albxakdbia Cocstt?The Gazette say*: "The Comity Court of this couutv at ita last term, appointed a patrol for the country portion of this county. The appointment was made under tbe following provision of the Code of Virginia : "The county court of each connty may. woen necessary, appoint for a term not exceeding three months, one or more patrols, Consisting of ao ojlcer either comania(tioaed or noo-comrulssioBed, who shall be captain of paUul aad ao many privates aa It may think requisite, to patrol aad visit within such bounds a the coort may prescribe, as often aa It shall re i, all negro quarters simI other places suspected of having therein unlawful assemblies, or such slaves as may stroll from owe plantation to another without permission." Tht following gentlemen were uamed u the patro.Wm. J. Garey, CipU'.n, 8 Bu:ch, Jr., Joha Marcey, George Marcey, Elijah Burch, Thf? Tbompaon, SaXauel Marcey and C baa. W. Payne, privates. It U the duty of this patrol to visit all parts of the ^oanty. at least once a week; to break up all unlawful assemblies and arreat negroes violating tae law. 7 h? members of patrol ralllnc to Der I farm duty. u? subject to i Sine of live dollar*, and wbeo ou duty tbe captain U entitled to one dollar and each private to 75 cents for each twelve hour* service. Nmu. Ciuit Sc. Giiix, auctioneer*, commeace to-morrow the extensive sale of stock, farm implement* and farm products, vehicles, house* I bold furniture, he., belonging to the estate of the late Dariu* Cla/ertt The stock and Arm 1 m p leases t? ef Mr Clagett were of great excellence, having been (elected with care and judgment by that gentleman, who, as is well knows, dr voted much attention to agriculture and to the Improvement of his beautiful estate As will be seen by the advertisement, the snle Is to be the toost important one, la extent and in the value of I articles, ever known in this pert of the country, it will take place upon tbe estate of tbe late Mr. Clagett. and omnibuses will run out there each looming oi tbe sale, for tbe accommodation of the i ir f'wwuv. Thi Thkatsi ? Old Rip vm W1 ak.a wm ??U played to another Hrge nouae last nigbt, and vm rrcel?td with roocb applauao Tbe bill for la " Our Amrtcii Coualn" and " Jenny Mnd." la accotdance with oar auggctflon, a 11 will b? given on Saturday afternoon for ?h? parpoM of bringing out "Tbe Amvicu Couala" for the special benefit of faniliien. a Rabi cfaitcb ?a reduction of twenty-Ire I*r cm w Deen inaae on tne celebrated trover A Baker tewing machine,ao that for forty dollars niarbiae cm lx> PuielmH which will hen, itat&er, fell, wnuroUar and atttrh. without siding anv thread R C Stevens, No 33G PrLiiaylvanla aveone, between Ninth and Teath atreeU. wte agent. t U Rvrawat?About dark liat evening, a borae attached to a wagon belonging to Mr. Hall, grocer, on Seventh street, near D, taking fright fc'lTVd and ran IntA tK# K >vm n*>r tftw <>a/h#v aT ILoj'.alaaa itchim- and 8ev?Mh itr**t, errallug considerable titnn to pedratrlsns Fo-tuoately, >u aalmal was caught and r^leaaM from Ua an before any cooalderable damage could b? dan? to poraona or property lb tkc at-eet. Cnnili Gciift-aom i:*a?a.-Mary Rw?", druak aod dtaordrrly . Sim and eoata *3 15. Rachel ttraalum, aolored, do., do : 06.15; workbouse Mdajn. ilftcd Cairy, ?ifni)l?Mldfuk; 1 lt?r a ad cah V2 U) workhouse 60 dav* George Browa. do , do ; CO d&jra Bridget Carroll, d* , do ; It diji. Three lodgers ware accommodated. ' Cum Mailf.-Tkk aornlag. the Mrktt presented a very bu?y appearance The attend, ance ef Aealera w* large, the farme and niieai at Maryiud ud Vligt ila vm ??ry itt|;?lT wpw ented. Manj more deklem from tfeoee 9tat? bal?g prwnt than on any day alnee the election. The gangway! were thronged wifh purchaaro. Tbe biy stands were occupied, and the prices <k HumucM i?u|(cv 11 uhj ov ?o cfiu* prr iuu iw. Small lota of country pork were offered from wagon* and at the scale-boase for ?7 SO to $8 50 per HO. Poultry and game increase* in quantity, but the price* continue about m quoted in the ' Star" of Saturday. Tbe quality of ther>rovl loos, both in tbe botcher's and vegetable department*, were of the first order. Militakt.?The Potomac Light Infantry, of Georgetown, to-day paraded for target practice. A suitable number of prltes will be awarded. The usual buslnes* of tbi**eaaon requires tbe attention of many member* of the company, and the ranks to day will be no indication of the numerical strength of the corps. Tbe Potomac Light Infantry still have their usual weekly and squad drills, and are steadily perfecting themselves In all the various branches of discipline and tactics. A slight Improvement hai ht>?rt mn/1a In nalfnsm wklnk ? ?? > .. WW *H MIVCI UHMVI Mi) " UIVHf mWU M it would appear, vastly improves their appearance. Ctrmi of Kscafeo Convicts.?The Si,000 reward offered by the Secretory of the Interior for the recapture of the recently escaped coavlcta In the District Penitentiary, has been productive of the re arrest of tbree of them in Philadelphia. Their names are McDonald, Small, and Johnson. A dispatch last night to the Warden announced the net, and the Deputy Warden immediately left for Philadelphia for the purpose of bringing them back. Wat** Rkstoxbd?'The flow of water wm restored yesterday afternoon to the street mains and service pipes, which had been cut off to repair the main on Pennsylvania avenue, which burst on Tuesday last. Thb win* CatcKaaiMo Piano used at the concert. ? ' Hollowat's Pills a?d OtirrxtTfT. Intverial fkxlatukrory ?Nearly one million boiee of Pills are every month distributed throughout th* towns and villages of the United States and i 1 -n - yituniB, auu IU uinuil n^Utl limount Ol 1 InUnShl accompanies these orders. It may be uud with truth, th%t Holloway'p Medicines are "Messengers of Joy, carrying healing on their wmga," to mil* lions oppressed by every form and type of diaeaae. Sold by all druggists at 25c ,62c. and 9I per box or pot. no 14rlw Wistar'b Balsam or Wtls Chskey. The following letter from Rev. Hmkt Wood, oi Concord. N. H? Editor of the Congregational Journal, apeak 1 volumes in favw of Wis tar's Balsam:? Concord, N. H., March 2. Mxs?ns. S*th W. Fown ft Co .?Gentlemen: Two years ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my Lungs confined me to my bed for several weeks, and w.ien I recovered, I was so much oppressed by ditAcnlt* in breathing, that i w*? nf>?n nt,?.Ki? ?n sleep of rest upon a Sod by slight. The suffering was extreme, and induing from the inefficacy of the remedies used. 1 cupposed the dineaso incurable. Being persuaded to try aitottleof JKi.sfar'j Biltam Wt'd Cker*y without co ,fid??nc?? in its efficacy, I found the difficulty aliro?t entirely removed before one bottle wai usee up. Sympathy with my fell >w sufferer* induce* me to make tni* pubho tatement. ami recommend the-article to other* similarly afflicted. With reapeot, your* truly. Hzxrt Wood. None genuine unlet* signed 1. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by S. W. Fowle tc Co., Boston, and for Mia k. i n n u f ?i - u* kj. uuiuou, o> V/i rorUf jr.,?. U. WUM G. Stott, John 9?hwane, Nairn k. Pa.mer, Wash in*ton, and by dealers everywhere. no 10-lw.r Homeopathic Rimuiu All of Dr. Humphrey* & Co.'a specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 26 and fit oenU each. Also, in cases, containing 30 vials, from S4 to %s each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Gilman. 340 Pa. avenue, wholesale an'l retail aceuU W . A. Fiti?era.*J. 343 north F street; also by F. n. Winter, corner ol Masnachusotts avenue and tfixth street. Alan, Pond'? Ertratt of WittK ivi niw iuai anu oivoriifti I nn amnion O TIB 01 all kind*. Sola m above. ma 9- It Rkadh, have yon *efn Prof. Wood'a advertiaeaient in our paper. Read it; itwill intereit job. au 20-eoly To the Afflict bs!?Be sore to read the advertisement of MoLean'a Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf MARRIED. On the 8th inatant, by the Rev. C. C. Meadow jAMliS H. J ON Ed lo MAR id A C. THli.VlA?, both of this city. * On the 13th inatant, by the Rev. Mr. Proctor Mr. MIAAI i ir r L' i m kt ? ?? - ? ?- ? ,?iv*/ua i # Oil ^E#n W HUBS tjLLb.N L# fiVWUllS, tx>th of this city. On the 14th in?tant, hj Rev. Dr. Finckel. Mr. JOSEPH W NAIRN to Miu ALICE LOU. FINCKEL, of Washington city. At No 493 Tenth street, in this city, on Wedn?ada? rveci c, tne 14th instant by Rev. S. P. Hill. ANDREW i HKJTIi, of !? ??? ?)vania. ?nJ VIRGINIA, second daughter of the lata Chines Soott. Esq , of Alexandria, Va. * (Alex. Gazette o-<py.> on Ttar?day mnrninf, the 15th instant, ??the renidenoe of the bride'* rather, Col. George We?f Gunrell, in Fairfax county. Va , by the Rev David tVil*o i, of aaltimore. J O^VF.NS of Gforieto?r, D. C., to Mm MARY JOSbfULNE ?UNISKLL. UlfcD, On Wedneiday. the l?th instant, LOU18\ C. LIKBfcKM AN, wife of Dr. Charles H L.eberr. v. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No 4.59 Thirteenth st .between E aud F sts , to-monow (Friday ,) tha ?th instant, at 3 o'olock o m U?AGLE IRON WORKS, Hi Coax** Ohio A v. a*d Th*ti*.ith St. KRICS^OV'S CALORIC ENGINES. The undersigned have been appointed sole agents in this oitjr for the manufacture And ?al? of the aoove, and are pieparod to supply all orders with pr.itnp'n ** and dispa'cu. These nn^ni-i have bc-n satisfactorily introduced, ana are now practically e;:ipio)ed in bakeries; by bookbinders; for boxvood cutting; by cabinet makers. for drawing ftn blowers to ventilate building*; for pumping; for domestic purposes; elevating ira.o; giasr cutting; gntmn-; ootto.i; grindinr quartz; grinding paiuts; grinding sugar cane on plantations in Cuba; for hoisting; for kmttiiig machine*; bf manufacturers of >)?. fwl Wirp- iif nrlntxra' ? ? r _ ? - r . aaif v? ?ti ? w? W?IOj of agricultural implements; of matchee; of hoopla iirts; for pumping at railroad *tat onsand <>n l)oard ahip*; for sewing machines; for job printing and printing daily newapaperi; for various plantation uses; fn sawing and planing lumber; for picking hair: for polishing oomix; for shoemakers' uses; for ana lifting; turnini; tob'.oio cutting and pulverising; in tannerissand wre making establishments: for aoda water manufacture; for bone crushing; ma't mashing; towing; grinding cutlery, 4.0 Tiioy are inezplosive; eoouomioai; easily maua^ed; tliey rOAuira no enifinfiflri: nn M ^ ^ , n w sv , | VVHOUIII17 very little fueE Any person desirous of using those Kngines, cm by app ication to toe undersigned be shown a large number of testimonial* from person* who havs them in daily use, expressing their entire satisfaction in thoir operation and use Prices of the imagines as established by the Patentee: , . ? L2 in. 0} l'r 5350 18 inohes oylinder, ?5fin Double34 ,7 i,4no 32 ' " 1,360 * S * 2j600 40 " " 2>? " 40 " 4,500 48 M tjW 48 6,800 00 " 5.000 _!* 60 ' 9JOO 24 " " 1M We are are also prepared to rurniah, at short notice, Aiehiteotural Castings, fiom any designs that may be furnished. as oheap a?can be obtained elsewhere. Alse, Steam Engines, portable and atation arjr; mxh or low pressure; saw and griet mills; hydrostatic, or other presses ; boilers fer heating buildings, wrought iron water tanks;shafting, gearfor flouring or other mills, and forging of se 13 2aw3m WM M ELMS fc BRO. Mimoia rubber goods. Y Arraac?ments this fell will enable me to sell RUBBER GOODS, consisting of? MttlB Ladies'.Childrensand Misses'SANDALS,BH|I OVfcRSHOE* and BOOTS. fll Boys' OVERSHOESand SaNDALS, 1 K leo's Kip or Fishicg BOOTS, Do Kaee or HuotiAg do Do SANDALS ana OVERSHOES. At 10 eer oent. below the nmal puces of this year, for oaefc. Men's and Boys' fine and coirs* BO?>TS. .. .. - U. nt.x.ii.XK, Bol3-3t?wlw Seventh ?t., Itland. ^'OTIO^TOjgU.NSVMg^J^LOKS, The following n a oorreot list of the employer* wfco pa? the bill frioM ot. and are reoo(niBM by, the Society, to wit: nr u - -? ir.?i v_ /> t?.> ii. ii- jwwn, (iHiugi ct urijnLn, l uTtli * Bro., M&tiook 4c Herbert, Ww. Tanker, Jarre* Lacker, 6. W. Hint?n & Co., J. T. .Vlolntnah, Loudon A Co.. Xho?- K- Gray, E. at. PrHr Va.doran. m 27t>3tB ROUGHS. COLDS- U0AR8ENKS8, to. CQMPO USD 8YkufR0% O UM ARABIO Tlua flwml and pop alar Cougti Remedy k?i been ao lone known an4 extensively seed, tkw 'Hoot tor? at gaud .VeeoUa (>ottle ?e? nTmAeoti* City steim &V?wood mills vuau u"rui. Foot nf Snmtamtk str?t, mm War Dtp*rtwit*i. WOOD pt?yr?d. My tnfth u4 siio.toaaU the vuti of Meb parohaasr COA' ?Kt.PT LS COAL HOUSES, proto-tod front the wMihor?d?liv?r?d fr*? fropi iUM, dirt, "* ?u,r v5.'^*srsabt, ?> lf-tf ?< P*. ? ., b?tw. 11th md IftS ?to. WMUCBANT tailoring. B Invito oar cuitonen, aad sitiitu i?n?r?lbias rsnsjr isnsusr (rioathl* par mnti of 910 at til* Mftsio Stor* of W. i. MBTKEKOTT. nolo J VUMHUSSffBhSM C:.OTHiN8 tut wuTm mm it MtooiutBi low vrioaa. m l*-la : *& t?m% * -"n' tMMMH r. <? ?-~v *?? - -** , A CAUTION. 2 il I.L P?r?on? '? o??t oned ?jwn?t haying Lot No 9,In Hanaro ! ? Wanhior ton, D C. We ar? mvimo by oounaei iearn-<l m lav that the tax title to Georte W. nigga, Keq., a d?r which wd lot he offered for tale, in nut and voH in law and equity. M. M- WARD, i n __ D. C. WILSON, < 0wu*rv Waehiagion. Not. 1*, IMP bo 14 3t* A 8TROLOGI9T JUST ARRIVED /V MADAM-. 1 DKVE?E. Tax Gkiatiit Pumi Ritruoi thf AM. Madam* D. has created a wiM furor a I o??r the Htatea abe haa Tieited; haa drawn the leading h#?da of the country. who all p<-nnounoe her to he a sin gular and, in foot, &stoni*nig person t*he Will mnu groat rejoicing and happmeee between mar ied couple*; will bring thoie that are fatee hack to you ; will oauan ap edy marriage* ; will ad viae in retard to LawRtriTa, Numbm*. Ixmbfk, T*a?Ki.a.&o. Prioee25an<l fio or*., and fl. Residence Richmond Houae, corner tth and D eta. Remain* k. few i on * f\f ADAMK MORRICE, THB OlUT Aiteolo!" siiiasd DocTRHS,/r?m Europt.?Thi? highly rifled ud int4'li(aat l%dy| can b? aontu tea on the Put. Prawnt and Future Kv#r U. Call at No, 405 Eighth it., txtwMn 0 and H, Waahiojton. no3-lfli* ~NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENIE, Next door to Clay1* (late U. S.) Hotel, b?~ tic*en Third and 4i street*. 6. O. EVANS, in order to aooomnodate hit legiona of onatomera throughout the United States, hai Iocs tad A BRANCH STORE of hia widely celebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISB lu TT man u|UiU UilJ,k( 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where osr si way a be found a oonaplete etook of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATfcS AND EUROPE. - ..u civoi j uvuk km puiu bi m? PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES, and A GIFT worth from Fifty Centa to ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS U preaented to EVERY PURCHASER at the time of the sale. Being extenaively engaxed ouraelrea in the PUBLICATION OF BOOKS. and from our large aalea enabled to purohaae entire editions from other pnbliehere, we oan offer INDUCEMENTS to oar patrons not elsewhere to be obtained. ourTifts ARB ORNAMENTAL. USEFUL, AND VALUABLE, Comprising a Thousand Varieties ; Among which we nameGold end Silver YVatohes, Gold Chains, Ladies' splendid Black and Plaid Silk Drees Patterns, Parlor Time Pieces, Silver Plated Ware, Costly Sets of Cameos, Mosaic, Florentine, Coral, Gsrnet, Turqaois and Lava Jewe.ry, Gold Lockets, Pencils and Pens, Ladies' Neck, and Chatelaine Chains, n anti' 11 n?i .?i Q hulo SB/1 wu*u ui w*-uuo ?I1U oircvy UHV^iUVf Pooktt Knives, Port Monraiee, *o., 4ko. Theoi'izens of the District and vioimty are respectfully invited to examine our stock of Books ?ntl Gifts, whethor desirous of porshasing or not, and by so doing -will be enabled to Judge of the advantages t> be derived from our pop mar system of oonduoting Book sales. QT'Call for our newclassiSed Catalogue,wherein our method of doing business will be foand fully detailed. 03" Persons tending for book* from a distanoe will reoeive ume attention as though t our store, the gift*, in all oetee, aooonapanjing the parohate. B. 0. EVANS'S GIFT BOOK EMPORIUM. 4T6 Piiixi, Avbnci, no 10-tf Washington, D. C. _______ OTICE.?The undersigned is prepared to make to order BAGATELLE TA HLE3 of all ?ia*? ?nri de?or>tioa at rrMonswe FREI8E, mo 6-3w No. 4*3 9tli st.. hetween D and E. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. F Have iust rucei ved thn Minrtm?nt au<1 n"W offer the mngt exteneive"viriftT*V7XB 01 S'?? B IE A fHKH. LADIES' DRES*BftlT\ and PACKING trui>fk>, HAT BOX VA1 ISfcS. CAKPK.T BAGS, SATCHEL?, Ac., in thu oitr, whiota we are tin* at verj l?*w WALL, STEPHENS k, CO , OO 35 *f 32g P%. ?T<?rHI>. Mrs. j. higrie, artist in hair jewelry, Such a* Bracelet*. Ear-ringa. Kob Chain*, Fing<*r-rinn?, N?ck!aoe?, Breastpin* Guard Chains, Hearu, < 'ro???K, ki., triad* t order, at No. 344 Pa. Avkncb, mtw. ?th and IOth 9ts., (Over Clagett A Mar'a Store,) oo 16 l m* Wa.sktn.fton, j), C. IV1 i i nr. iiAi>ii.s. I'lRS. r. A. LK1BIN ould retpcotfully info m her former patron*. *nd th# ladies eeneialljr, that iihe ha* removed to No. 3S4 H "treet, bet? eon 13th and 14'h ate . where iUe has enlarged faciltiea in - ca rj in< on flMhionah'e 1)HE^8M\KING in ail lU htanchea. The lateat faahiona received aa soon aa published. N 8 ? v>vexal fine Rooms to let, furnished or unfurnishad. *pply as ahovs. no 7 2t families want a healthy drink ! they want it PURR. temperate and cheap:_ 3 1AULE. UI.fcK IS THIS 1 HNNU ! It is Tm* intoxicating than older, and it far mora paiatable and atraagtlienicg. For sale by all Grooera, 3 oaota a flaae?63% oenta agoart no?-lm JJOW HAVE TIIK LAD)KS VOTKU? L>*? KJ a? * I? D?-a? ? I nuwB.jR] vi Duswa, w 110 is mo in von tor of the "look-stitali" used by the principal < mv? bines, requires sworn return* to be made to hiin of the number sold by eacti company, and oblige* them to pay him a licnie for very machine old Tne following statement is oopiwf from Mr. Howe's published report* for ISM and 1850. It will' be seen that wREELER k WILSON'S SEW1N<> M aCHINE i? preferred by an immense majority of the ladies, in spite of the efforts of tutor tod parties to injure its sal*. _ . 1358. 1839. Whseler t Wilson 7,978 il,306 Grover & Baker.-5,<tjo 10,280 I. M- Singer St Co.._ 3,?4 10v<>58 Ladd & Webster?. 490 1, 88 * ft u ? -? A. D. n"wo 179 iVl J5ar' bolf *8 7?7 I,?&Titt 4, Co ? 75 213 FinkleA Ljoa 030 All others 869 The Wheeler A Wilson Agency is at No 346 Pennsylvania avenue. Prices range from *50 to Pull instructions given to purchasers, <il tkrir kouns. Silk* Cotton, Needles, Ac.. for sale. P. J. STEER. Agent. 346 Pennsylvania avenue. N. B.?Send for a Circular. oc 2V3wif QHAWL8, WOOLEN DRKKS GOODS. W M ERIN OH. PRINTED MOUSSELINE8. FRENCH FLANNEL?. MOUSSELINE ROI1F.H. BLACK DRESS GOODS ofmrj description. All offered at great saorifioe to close out before the l?t of January. Great bargains in all kinds of Dry Goods for cash, clagett a may, no 10-?t 384 Pa av.. bet 9th and loth sis. FURS! FURS!! I hare now ready for exhibition and sale my a took of FUR*, to wmon I invite the attention of the i?Sies. I have taken treat o%re in the eeieo'ton, and ?el assured they are unsurpassed in quality, style and vorkmaasnip. The assortment consists of ail tha mnit fuhionfthla Irmrla 1 ^ bibt other r?ri*ttM. ?- ??1 ???'? ??wi wih b? made to ale&ae. All Para to d by their red dmsm, and varrtnted to b? m represented. J AS*. Y. DAVIS. ao ? ?w (lat .Con. A States.) late Toad k. Co. Beautiful silk robes at tia ?o. To clo?e oat immediatelyour stuck of LIGHT SILK KOBES. we have ooaoluded to run them off at fit SO eaah. If yon want oo-, doa't w(ut several day a, a?d if all are sola eoold a* for act having what we advertise. W a am selling oar entire atook of 181 i.KS and all other foods in store with oat retard to eoat for eash, in order to ran off onr stook and five poaaeaiion of ftH* alar* ah th? Ut l?rnarw ? CLAGKTT * MAY, 09 l?4t >?4 Pa. ay.. bet. 9th and 10th ajfc f*OTHE CITIZENS OP WA8MNGTO.N.-1 J. have jewt received a;d will commence unloading to-morrow & cargo of the vers beat Rod A?h COAL ie? and atove anea) ever brought to ttats market, which I can vend <1ireot from the veaaelIf your oraera are left immediately. te"1iai-^lBrar? fiK?r i nH iTIPMUbtmie. 0 It v. flu. Hjiffr Myr WANTS. I ! m WANTED-An American or Gerronn GIRL or WOMAN. 5ne tnnsl ucdervtand cokiuf, wd'hiaf ?nd ironing 4i"l Mu?achiiKtU i>vanue, l^tw??n 4 th >nd ath (U. no lb 5t* WANTBD-A SITUATION, kT a respectable " yonni; *om?n, ?% oMmh'n eid. nnrM, or to do plain iewmr Inquire at No 674, corner vf ti and I. itra^U i.orth. It* WANTED? A colored MAN, to act m groom and aaaiatant ooa^h?an. S'are ?ref? -ed Good wM's pud. Apply to rt'M. STICa.NKY, Kend''II Green no 15 St WANTED?A fir.t rate MILLINER. Also, a competent sai.EsLADY, in a fancy store. The beet of wages paid. Nose but iirat-rate hands need app'y. T KING'S French Basaar.394 Pi\ av, It* B-twe?n a id 11'h ate. U7ANTKD-4 SITUATION a* t/acher, by a ?" younr lady, in a school or private farei y in or near Washington, vho i* competent to teach Engl eh. Frenoh and Mono Unquestionable reference given. Also. 91,9)0 to loan, with unexceptionable security. Address "Fulton.'* General Poat Office. no i5-3t* WANTED?A ingle MAN who haa been aoou?*? toiw?d to milk cow* and to work on a farm. A: ply at Valley View Farm 1 mile west of Georgetown Co'lege For aale or exo*aage, two CHESTER BO *KS. about 8 month* old Apply aa above. 03 H ? XJkT ANTED-A PURCHASER for a house in the " moat growing part of the city?the owner going t^outh. Rent for #10 a month, auM^ot t<> a ground rent of $27 15 per annum Prioe 9750. T'tle P?rfect. Addreaa "Southerner," Washington City oat Office. no 13 3t* (irANTCn?A oiTi'iTinv v.- - ?i i ? -- a *JJ l* "W1WI OU UWjr ? ?" 19 y* art old, either a* waiter, to drive and take care of horses, or as a porter. He wi>l fire aatialaction to hia employer, and can come well recommended to uj one who wiahea to employ a tp&dy. quiet and induatrioua boy. Pleaae addreae Box iO.Star Office, and the alvertiaer will oa 1. no 13 it VL7ANTED?A competent colored WAITER * ? Apply immediately at No. 279 Pa. avenue. no 9-tf _ \\7 A^l'FD?For a email family without child" ren. a comfortable HOUSE, with beck buiidint Location weat of Twelfth and north of F at. Auur?*? .>o. 1UO Winder'! Huildir*. no SH>t* ( Baltimore ?un oopy.) WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From MS to SlO.nao worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK ofall kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to par the highest prioos, and, a* u* the shortest notion. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac . oo 9 4 08 7th ?t.. bet. G and H. east eide. 1R7 ANTED?AH kinds of SECOND-HAND ** FURNITURE,for which I will pay tliecash, at Seventh streot, between 1 and K. ocft-tf BONTZ A GRIFFITH. U)ST~AND FOUND. LOST?On the 6th in*t?nt. a white and liver colored S?TT"ER DOG. Whoeve-may have her will t"> suitably rewarded J b inging her to 102 West street, Georre town. no I5-I?w3w* IOST?A NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, with i white mark*, and a cn'lar ni?rk?d?arw-^i with "R. H. Wyman H Whoever wills^^^! return the *ame to 146 G ?treet will re- " WIl'A anita *'*" -? -- . ? ? W a>ii |W w <?' uI 11 OST-A GOLD BRACELET of heavy chain pattern, net large oartaincle in center surrounde 1 by 17 pearlg in a leaf. Five dollar* reward will Ite paid for its rfeliyerY at No. 1'2? Penn avenu*. It is thought it was lost at or near the oorner of Eleventh street to-day. 15th November, e? a lady ntepped into a Hack- and a lady in mourning i? he 1 ieved to have found i*. no 15 3t? FOUND?On the farm of J. H. Causten. on the High street road, near G*orret..wr. arv grey Ho USE. about >2 hands high. Tin owner will o?me forward, prove property.* "> pay charge*, and take him away. no 14-3t* . = ..1 ? JJUll SALiJS AND RENT. ORIENT?A~brick DWELLING HOU^K, No. 230 Sixth street weit, between M and N aortii, containing 8 rooms and a kitchen Term* moderate. Apply next door north no 15-'w* POR RENT?< Po??esaion itiren immrd ately >? That ^eairahle RESIDENCE, No 236 north I utreet, next door to Senator Gwin'a; loMtio^ one of the beat; nenhborhood nnex?eptionatile. Apply at No 94 Pa, aveaue. between 21 ?t ?nH no 15 2t* I70R IRENT-A two to rr-and-attic FRAME r HOUSk, with h*o?-buiIainic, containing nm? room-, in complete orJ^r,with km. itaatfd on L turn, miwwn '."n (i i luin in., north ante. To a punctual ter ant the r?it will be A/0 per month; none othoraln**! apply, to KENNbD\ i PUGH, Grocri. No 50? S<v*n?h ?t. no 15 3teo ROOiMS FOR RENT?A lady and gentleman preferred.or ladies. Inquire at No. 43A I ?t., between 9th and 10th. no 13-Iw* l/OR RKNT-A BRICK HOUSE atth- corner |i ?(f r ? I m i/.l ?-* * .fLi ?"? wciiin iireois inquire ol liKO. >\ ft 1*1*- w /\IV 1 , fci ?K? nnri?' M m and 'I wftlflii ntS. no 13-3t FOR RFNT-A three ctory brick HOUSE, oontainin* B roomi, in good c:rder, with ?as fixturee oomplete, on H street. M'w#pn 4th and 5th. Also, a two-*tory brick C'?TTA(iK. with larre yard attached, oorne- of F street north an < Mtli at. e>v?t To pnnotual and reliable tenant* the tormi wi<l bs niolerat?. Apply at 44b Twelfth street, between (i ft jd H. no 13-tf TO MEMBERS OF C O N G R K SJTAND OTH h flu ?For unt, suit* of Pa-lora and terera! Charnhera, handaoinely furnished, in the n^w dwelling house 391 K street north, bc'twe*ji 9tii and 10th ?t?. Apply ou *.h" prennscg. no 13 eo2?r* A COM PORTA RLV FURNISHKD PARLOR aid CHAV'BKR. on the fi rs? floor, for r nt, at 450 Twelfth at, b? twesn G and H. no 12 1 w? ITOR 8ALK?'TheGcod Will and Fixtures, with r th Household Furniture, of a Rot tu'ant and Hoardinc-house. The i?r???nt proprietor in toin; Woufh. The bu?ire?- will he disposed of raa?o> able. Inquire 4?4li Fa. avenue. no l?-lw* 'I'U Kb.> I ?HIM p,?w.iQt COTTABK KE>U1 DE M<'E, oontaini' c 7 room*, with frout balcony, tar^e ja>-dg jn front and : ear. fronting H ?t. In Printing Office Squ ve, helff^n North Capitol and First sta. Rent $210 per annum. Address, by Mt-r or in person, \VAt. STICKN EY. DO 6 tf trim KftMT?The Urge tliree-atory FRAME HOUSE on New Yo'k avennt, between 4th and 5r.h street*, reoentlj cooupied by Hev. Mr. Car?ther?. Apply t? JO?*N W. MANK1NS, or to M r. BOSS. n??xt door, vhfre the k?*y may be found. Alio, the three threo-*tory Hrioka at corner cf Ninth and eta., Northern Libertiee. Apply at Mr. HaGGERTY'S *t-?re opp-jaite, for the term* and the key,or to DICKSON k KING'S wood ard coal ?ard, corner of I atreet and Vermoot avenue, or to the nubsoriber, at Georgetown, no6-eotfw JOHN DICKSON. FOR R KNT?A d?airable and well located firetc'aia RKMDENCE. No. 4K9 <*n Sixth street, between D aid E at*. The huu?? it furniahed with all the modern improvements. Apply to THOMAS FARKER. nojj eo3w^_ F| OR SALE?A r.ew two-ator* brick HOUSE on Fourth atreet, below New Yo k avenue. The house u ft et front aa<l 43 feet dnep ; liaa 5-foot jasfage, pa-lor, dining-room, kitchen, and four chambers, with atairwaya in paaatge and kitchen, with jood o*l!ar under the whole house Fc terma inquire at 499 Seventh atreet, opposite Odd Fei'"Sr'.ffl' JAS ?. TOPHAM. nnn d t v r * tw.?. ..j ?-???? Ikon * . ** ?niww-??wij nuu U?W"~IU_UW FRAME HOUSE, near l*a, av , on lftth.h*twoi'n U and H at*., No. 413. Inquire at Si 1.EY t GUY'S Hardware Sto-e, Pa. av. oo 30-tf FOR RENT?Afour-*tqnr brown-froct DWEL LING, aituate on Thirteenth at., between L and Ma?aachu*etta av^. one of the moat desirable locations in the oity. Th? house la furniahad with mart>le mantlea ; also, gas and water hxturea, with bath-room Inquire at YVM.. P. SHEDD'S Fancy Store, No. SOtfllth at oo27-19t* Three hundred and fifteen acres in Fairfax count*. Va., in exoollent order; w*ll timbered; nouti buildings; a i>rown atone quarry. a railroad car shop and water atation must be erected on the farm. Alao, a new Steam Kli'l in Loudoun oounty. A purchaser can cfct-a bargain nf a \v rriv k slkc?.f?iiti. .? r r rZ ^ wfVMMi II t?mu~ inytoo, D. C. oo 18 lm? DOR RENT? Possession on the lat of Ootober r The DWELLING HOUSE No. 436 D street, at present occupied by the R?t. Dr. Butier, and next door to the reaidenoe of Hie advertiser. J. M. CARLISLE. N. B.?It mil not be let for a boarding bouse, so 18-tf FOR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 "MtSt., Georgetown, at present coon pi?d by the subscriber. It has ?2 rooms, Willi gas aud water throufhon% a fine ya*d, stable Ice. nnd u in foo'l neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MAb RUDER. oo2S tf 171 OR RENT.?Two new three-story BRICK T HOUSES with back buildings, eaeh house oooUintof 8 rooms, with (as, pleasantly situated OBftth street north, between M and N streets; rent moderate. Apel* to E. LAZKNBY. opposite, or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenne, between 13th and 19th streets. oo 9tf OR RKNT-The FIRST FLOOR of the bnil? ins immediately opposite the west a in* of the City Hah,recently occupied by Cbas. S. Waliach mm mu u . aiiu mo iron* room in iMulia lory M>(1 the third floor of the suns buildin*. Fox terms apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. 9 Loisiana avmne. j> 13 ti rpEBASURY DBPARTMKNT, m Bcrkac of Cos?t*uctios, Nov. 10,1800. 8bal*d p*oros*li will be received at this Do a&rtment u<.til the iuth instant, for six hundred <&#J barrels oi the bost RjiSENDALB CEMENT, &r iiverea on wie wnari in una oily. 'I he Cement to be of th? beat aua'itjr, ud etoh dellverj to be sabject to iuah tents M the Miperini?Kle?t of the work may dtr*M. The Department reeervee the runt to reject any *r all of tifr bide M I it ?'?? deem the inte,e?t of tke Government re' 4 aire*. i Bids mutt he eno'oeed in a aealed envelope .marked "Proposal*/or Cemmi," acd directed *o the u..der. ticnwl. 8. M. CLAKK, ^ Aotin* Bngineer in oii?r<e ' oo9-lw Trea-urt Department. J???. ?ggaafti??? tcoToae luVm-1 llwTinrWW ? iMw ; ii 4 Q go RG KTOWW. Corr^pau/enct of Tk* Stmr. fiaoimova. Novembw L5 VHM Id regard to thr lamp nmr tbc corner ?f KrrdMirk and ?*?'fon<l itrwti wM<4> ni ?. fuses to be lighted on any terms, Insu-ad of b;ow. ins any body up, we have been blowed up. JUi i oflfcer of the Georgetown Gu Light com put v wrius to u> that be Is "constrained to any. that ta justice to the Gaa company you ought to state why It does not bnrn; which la. that H ta a water post, or hvdrant poat, made so by tUe Corporation against tbe protest of the (Via compiny. and In making it a hydrant the k** rvtce pipe kas been deranged, so that the condensed water tn pipes cannot pass Into street main, asd so the flow of gas is obstructed. -The Corporation will not remove the dHfl ulty, the Suprrlatendant of Water will not; the Gaa company have done so in many cases, though the Mavor has said be /?Alll<l n/vt ** ? ? -* 41 *"* vvtuu mv* tn vac I i* ?V UT UOHrj BIIU IDf UBS COW1* pany have Intended *vfr -? 1 day* to attend to the post above-nam^d, bat rainy weather and other good and valid reason* bare lnterpoaed " The Rus*laa War, at Forrest Hall, drew well laat night, and the muaic vraa -thar " Member* of the Republican Aaaoclation will aee la the Georgetown advertising column the call for a meeting to-morrow evening. Barnard St Backey, auctioneer*, aold at public aale yeaterday a lot aad aatall brick hoca* near T?a- ii..n Ji * - *? " * ' - me i vcnif DuiiuiD^i. w itir. n b ntuoB, (or 91.460. TbU dor* not look m If buaineaa wm prostrated and property depreciated here, aa the price ia aa much aa could bare been obtained any time during the past year. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS Yy"A MEETING OF THE OFOEOETOWN 1? Republican A**"ciation wiil be held io th? ha<l corner of High and Gay ?treet? on FRIDAY EVENING.November 16tn.at6o'oloc1r. Punctual att*r danca it requ-nted, aa buatnaea of imporiaaoa will *> brought before the meeting. By order, no iS-tt ______ ________ (r*?l'NIO.N BL'Il.PING ASSOClATIONJJ The Mvetitn annual meeting will be lie d at the Council Chamber on THURSDAY EVENING next, at 7 o'c ook Previoua t.i the rar tine, (at 6 o'olock.' our election for offioera * ill take p tat. no l3-3t* THO*. JEW ELI.. >ec. fp()R BOSTON-The bri< New World ha* arrived, and ii now diaoharginf her freight. >-*>For IreijUt or paaaace apply to HARTLifc^ A BRO., no 15 lw 99 and 101 Water street. Butter, BITCKWMCAT IS k?j(i prime Ii7a4?*s Bl''rTER, 1,000 11)8. superior BUCKWHEAT. Sbhla. CRANBERRIES. 5 " CUCUMBER PICKLES in vinegar, Sno lbs. Fresh ROLL BUTTK.R, ?? * Grand Bank CODFISH, 50 boxes SCOTC H HERRING. 10 cheats low-priced Y. H. and Black TEAS. Also., Corn Sf?rch, Rice, Flonr, Macaroni, Bordeaux Oil, Gelatine, Hops, Carb. Soda pare Ground Coffo*. Concentrated I je, Ac. For sale bv no 15 6t W. H TENNEY. Nnnrv * HE L ndflrsigned, having bean aiaoeiated with the late Mr?. Dr. Emerson, of Alexandria, for a long time previous to her deceas-, obtained from her h^r valuable reeipe* for SALVES POULTICES, OINTMENTS? and L?NIMfcNTS of all K>nd?, and would reapeotluily inform the citizens of Georgetown &nd vicinity that, having made a great many cure* in the oou '.try. *he haa bow ootnmencod busin*?a at No. 144 High atreet. Georgetown. OL'> SORKS. GATHERINGS, WHITE SWELLINGS. BONEFELONS. &o.,ourac?as m&nv npr*nn* in ftAnrrAtnvn ahH tfatifj' Tho?e who call will nut be disappointed Same charges as Mr* Em?riw. Terra* oaah. If MARTHA V. BUER19*. J 100 BBLS. OF FRlMECIDER~, U*T Arrived and for aale che*? lor cash. no 13 ARNY ? SHI WW. IVA1LY EXPECTED, U FROM NEW JERSEY, A prime lot of CRAB CIDER, which ia for sale oa or before arrival. _ no 13 ARNY * 8H1WW. 1?OR RENT VERY LOW TO A GOOD TEN ANT?A commodious two atory BRICK DWELLING, on Frederick, near Second steet, Georgetown, with b'ick kitahon, wa h oom and 1 a r- - -? -- *' iiiu?c iiuuio. a puiup ui eouq water in me ' srn. no 13 et WM. G. RIDfiEl.V. JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE ON ACcomir.rwlatin? terms, 5f> ton? of very tuporior COKE. GEO. WATKRK 28 High street and Canal. no 9 6t GwfjtetQTi. n C. 1AAA APPi.ES?APPLET! jl/Uu BBi.SS APPLE*. uow landing frano ohooner J. A N Baker, which will he sold on a?commc*iatin? terms, from wharf or ?t'?r?>, by J. G. WATERS, no 1 2w* 109 Water *t , G<*or?;etowp. J~U8T Kk.CF.IVKD10 iihd?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 160 t)hla. o.d Kjre WHI-KV, "ffi Ml': 3f> !>?? Rio and Java COFFEK, I0hhda.(low anced) MOLA^skS. For wle bw JOftlM J. BO<?UK. ?10 THB UNl?KKblttNED CAR PEN r|?R AND BUILDER offsri his aervio*a *o the publio of Geo'^etown, Washington, and vioinity, and wi 1 Annt ranf f<ir nr snaorl' tar/I ?ka M.\na?rn??inn rt/ ?. av( v, u^" 1 kvuu b ' ' WVUBk lU'lWU VI public led private bui dlnga. Plana and ip *cifeeatiooa will bo furmahed at ahort notios. (So? and f>ho* on Conireaa at . Georgetown, immediately north of the fast Offioe. an 27 3 moo HENBV WJNGATF.. /"'RANDELL, OPTICIAN, V Sc. H* Bridgt St., 6 tort tow*, _Ha? qqnataiitiy op nand a large aaaortaient of Kronen Near fijhtsd, P?i iscoeie, r?ni. red, ard al. other SPEUTAOLtS, tu? beet ^oa.itjr, tn cold. Mirer. steel, and Gerrraii ilver fratnee. N. B. OH Frames Hepa'rcl ?-J v r.aaaee set in tbem to order. no IMj MH AS^F-Y, COLLINS A CO/S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are c<>nttanuj receiving fre*ii supphM oftheaboredeiigiitAii be?tnu?, and invite all peraoua who want a erne ss arfniterated Ale, to fire it a trial. arny A skinn, Acecta, fet ?T Qr*?ii lit . A?nrr**nwa> ? THE EMPIRE Rash, blind, poor, and moulding ESTABLISHMENT, No. t?2 Sit*.NTil Shut, oppotitt Ctnter Marlut n . o. c(Tuning, Succiuos to h. w. Hamilton a co. I take thii opportunity or oallin* the attention of Carpenters ani! Bin ders ro the itnrnerae ?tock of hash. DOOR*. BLINDS. MOULDINGS, As, jto? now in store and daily receiTing from the manufactory. Ithaa tteoone a well-kaown fvot, that the material* foiaiahed from this matiliehnent are aeoon'l f> non*. Our atook w? warrant nana0 . I 0 .? J ? - J ^ - * {(vciu'eu irom won s??a<>n?a mi ner, auc nnisnea )j experienced workmen. Weduaot heMiate to ey that we now have in atom the moat complete took of the above-mentioned artiole* aver b-fore off-red in thia vie.nity, to which we reipectfui.y invite the attention of the pnbiie. SAVR YOUR TIMS AND MONEY, by purchasing jour Hnilding Materia * at the Old Katabhahmeat, No. 56-j He*entn ?t eet, where job will get a good artioa at a fair pnoa. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT li well stocked with * No 1 artioie of ail the nous ais*?.?tyle?. and thiokceMer A a mail lot of Premium Fauoy front Door?, wi.ioh are worthy the attention ot those about baiidint?having V'?wu mo unv pi vniiuiu a tuc uiiHi;iT?uia 01*1*9 Fair, and manufactured at tae Empire Mills of Mi ssrs. Potter A Co. OUR SASH AND BLIND DEPARTMENT is also ooraplete with all siae* and-*, to wLioh we call p?rtinolar attention Ula?"<) Saab cor iuit1t ochaod. Hut Hod Sam, Inside Shutters, Ac., furbished at abort notioe. our mouldinVdepartment is also eomp eta with a!) the strles row in rea*ral so. Wears aieo prepared to furnish Mouklinea of ?ny desired pattern. Al?o, all kinds of Turned Vork, Scroll Sawing, Newell Posts. Balusters, Door Frames,ard window Frames.of all kinds. A ?o on han i,a general a STtineptoi Glass, Pattj, Ac . which weare offering at law rates. U^AmH iasolioitedand satisikotion given or ifcla N. B.?A liberal discount for caah. N G. CORNING, Proprietor of the Empire Sarh. Blind Ud Mouldin* Katabluhirteat, no 2 tf No 36'i Seventh ?trf*t. NICARAGUA; IT8 PEOPLK, KCKNERY, Monument*, Reaouroea. Condition and proposed Canal, with one hundred original maps and illustration*. by K. tf. fquier; 1 vol.; prioe $3 Life and CorrMpondenoe of John A. Cim'mftr. Major General U. $ A., and Governor of the State of Miecitaippi; by J. F. IJ, Claiborne;] vole.; frioe 93 * van Harrinfton, or H? would to a Gentleman; byGoo. Meredith; 1 vol , ft. Tn? Four Georr-a; Sket>-he? of Manner*, Moral*, Coortana Town Lite; by W. M Thaekorj; 1 roL, 75 eenta. , _ Cottages of the AIpi, by the author of Peasant Life in Germany: prise 91.25 Woman? * freah auppiy ; Household of Bouvori?r?, do ? ... Mr.. Gilbert's <^^^ '3%, no 13 rorow r?. >na inn 11, ri DR. SELDEN W. CROW. ~ */FFICE?431 Tkhth ST., BITWIIH E ASD F, Washington. D C. y} / nuviov w iuo rwi vimiuii onm{? irvu v w 10 o olook every morning. do 12-2w U NF.W BOOKtMiBW BOOKS! PUNNY SOUTH, B* froioeeoc J. H.lagr?tea; Uto , c.otti.; puce $1-85 w C??aln Barry, by Mrs. Grej; Umo , cloth; prtoe lifhs* * no' * ?T9>'w>w nvtiwe. P*BAT BARGAINS IN ^1ANQS.-OM wj vl iia*Mf?<Nt?v(Otr?4 Puuo hiving been in um a short t me only, th* owner leaving the city, for Mle for #300 Ml1* * sis K<le Agenoy of Stmny 4c Sow' Overstrung ' THE LATEST NEWS*. TELK GRAPHIC. . i . . * '' Later !r?? CalUwati tM Orrgtt, by Pray 8am tftA?ciK-o, Nov 3 ?Hoa RewHr J okaKMihMbrti spraktng for tbe last two day* on tb* Almadrn mine case A atatenaeat la published abawlng ttettkf vteld f Frraooi1! Ma*1poax mire* during tb?- Ual In a-O'itba fiewdi UU> Nothing la aatd mt iba xpenae of working tbe m;i>ea during ibr mm time, so tbat tbea< tual profltactnn ) br arrUrd at Governor Downrr bnadecllaed th* appointment i of Coaimiwloner. In behalf of tbe mate to act with L1< "tenant Howry la nettliat the bouadai rtea of California. Tb? work mo# according 17 ' be delayed till tbe meeting of tbe LaafUlatur* The political State campaign la drawing to cln*? without much excitement??I1 part lea wnceding tbe election of Lincoln a? certain TLe municipal election In San Fraaclnoo premise* to be unuauall)- exciting The inrrcbanta and bualaeaa men bare agreed to close tbelr aV-rea tad workshops. aid devote ttetr '"* Oon <i*y "to duty *1 UM polU Account* from tbe pmtmuli of l<ewer California WfH?> that a haed of ItdliM. tblrm, and murderer*, from Mexico and Cal'fornla, tare Utelr entered Uut territory and ^oeam'.tted atroLloua outragee upon taanjr prrvo't bee Idea murdering ten aatlveeaad Me American. The band declared their parpoae to be to klU tfclrtr-ihree peraone? int lodiag to a Qorrrmm, Judgee. and Couonelior at State, aad etbera i or wdok counttf ?u H>rn4, and baiM to (ieMftl Eibvin for protection. He had klaself lib men on bis side, and baU Mat to Baa Diego for aid A voiel was despatched down Um cms* from Saa Diego on the 3ist, with a supply of am moattton and socb other supplies as seemed requisite for ofler i a|( resistance Oisssi. Adrleea fom Urtgos, by ever land, arc to tte 27th ult They convey but little Intelll^euce Got Douglas, of British Columbia, bad visited the Rock CiMk mlnas with a rerenue officer, calling on every trader, and compelling ?>me of viieiu to pay as high as f 1'JO tor tbe privilege of selling their goods to tbe miner* Tbe eicltemebt continued relatlvo to tbe us diggings 1 be miners are reported te be making from tt to Sio per day, and claims are selllag at 91,000 to $1,**) R lrh niiu. K.jI -I? - ~ las county, Oregon, which ate thought Itbtateuaive. Mutaa (I ?|?r?Bn Zee I err Boitos, Not 13 ?1The Nam of Company tive Zooloey at Cam bridge was dedicated to-day The cxerrtsaeronaiated or addreaaes by Governor Banks I'reaident Felton, Profeaaor \gaasts and Dr. Jacob ttlgelow A large and Interested aodl?nee waa preernt The Muaeum Is endowed with 3.&15.WD. of which 100.000 la by the 'Mate and the remainder by Individual donations The Chicago Fagltlve Slave Caae. Cbicauo, Nov. 12?The fugitive alave excitemem is ended A warrant waa iaaued last Bight for the arrest of the woman claimed aa a slave for disorderly conduct, and placed la the bands of Deputy Sheriff Anderaon. In attemptlag to take her from the Armory to the jail she waa rescued oy a negro mob and carried off Financial DiUicnltlea PmLacBLrhi* , Nov 14?The money market here la very Ugbt, and there la no discounting bv the banka. Two Market etreet firm* euapended to-day CiNriKVATt. Nov. 14?Meaars Eiatnar It Fleher, floor dealer* of thia city, have failed and made p. eaaignmcnt. Their llablilOea are not attted. Experte ef tetUn. Niw Orleans Nov 11 ?T bees porta of cotton hence to England the peat week were 19,600 balae. n - ?- ? ? - - " mwmmii uw dim i'M raotlpc* avil| the put three dav* were 24,000 balea. bicbu|? ea Loodoi ia down to I par east , nd algtit draft* on the North hare bean dowa aa low a? \ per cent, diaccuat, allowing more coo fldaace ut the future. "* . ??????????? ActUratal hboatmg. Fokt K*arkbt.N?t. 13 ?P Strong, la the Co'nmitaery Department United Stat?a Army, waa ftryiH*>ntsllL' aKnt A a t V ?arnsar l'it? ?>" 1 mliea west of thia plaoe. on Suadair ereokag the Iith, bv Mr Mouat, a discharged Sergeant of tbo United' States Artnv, who wu oa tus wajr east from Camp Floyd. Fire ia ftoa k Car#Una. CntiLctron, 6 O., Not M.-TW Mercury report* tk. burning of lb* West Polat Rice Mills, together vilk 2.UU0 to 3 800 bmhtli of rlee, 1m ui<bt Lose Tbs fire was caused bjr tbe frictiou of tbe machinery. TU Virginia fclNllu. Al*i*bpi a, N?v is.?TbeGazette haa returns from 147 couutie*. ^rhtch show a majority for 1 It'll over Breckinridge of 472. The oontiea remaining to be be?rd from gave Letcher 17*1 majority over (ioggin. rinanciai ntM iautl. Augusta. Nov. 15 ?The broker* of tbls oltf bar" agr?ed to buy K?ntacky and T<*nne-*?? at & l*r cent discount, payable in Georgia and r?oatU Carolina money. Reported Iilae** of >lr. Auoccti, Nov 11 ?It la reported btretbat a np?l'>HV*h wm wetvwt teaierday at %tllh4f?vlll?, lUllur that Mr Douclw *?i ricwdlDgly Ml too>r?-hern?probably ia Miaataalppi. Fir*. SiiMi, C \V , Nov. |4?Intelligence baa jnet been received tbattbe Northwestern Wlii'ug Cumpany ?a warebauae at Kavie Harbor, L?k- Superior. baa been bartted, with the winter a-.ppl.ea. The machinery waa aaved. 1 m portaat from Florida Acr.t'aTA. Nov 14 ?A d arateh ha* beea received atCbarleaton from the Governor of Florida atatiag that "Florida gaea with South Carolina ' ttaltiatn SlarkiU. Baltimokb. Nov. 13.-F?our dull, and about 12c lower Howard atreet and Onio S5 37; City MUla *6 25. Wntat la heaey aad Sc lower; redf, m i oc. mW*- m * ?c.*i n - J ? wu<f I ?KI, WBHC, 91 *?* ? w vufu ****** J' yrllovr. 7U??"ir, white, TAiTAc. PrcrttlflBi quiet but aie&dy. Co flee d-ll at Italic. Wkiaky *')< 2U*c. R?* T?tl N?rk*u ^|y You, Not. 15 ?Floor and Wh?*l doll, and t orrrrt qootat out arc Impoaalble. Corn la a thade easier Pork dull. Lard quiet Wblatry nominal. FImmM. N*w Vomi.Not, U ?Storks are very Irregular and unsettled Chicago and Rock Island W \ , IlllnuU Central iMm 59*; <> bond* W, La Crone and MU. 1 Michigan Southern 33\ New York Central 74Reading 31*; Hudson River R R.M*; Canton* 15, Va ? s W; Mo ?' 73 A YANKSI BXLLIOICSBXT IB CH SA? CaprurtHf Citity by l ontratt ?Tbe Paris Journal dps Debate, in the course of a letter from Shanghai, dated Augnat 16th. states that a number of foreign adventurers nave joined tbe Imperial troops, tad in their conflicts with tbe Tai Ping rebels, are achieving a desperate and bloodjr reputation. v Among these soldiers of fortunate to aa American rimed Ward, who it appears, agrees to capture etUes by job work The correspondent wntw \Y ard bad collected a truoi< of four to five thousand Ts^als. belonging to Manilla, and about a dozen Bailors from different aa* ports of the East He and faia men were paid by the Ton-Tal, me Mayor of Shanghai, three hoaduadaad fifty taela, or about three thousand frames a month, and ha enjoyed the title of Colonel But that was not all. \V ben be retook a city from tike insurgents. ho received a reward proportionate to the servtc* he had rendered. For lnstsnc**. the retaking of Pnng-Kiang brought the gallant Colonel the auat of 87,400 francs. Such remuneration would have stimulated the ardor of men more scrupulous than Mr ward. The city of T*Ic?-Pow, near Shanghai, waa take* by tbt rebel* The Too-Tal waa In treat trep'datioa, but Ward re-aenred him, and offered to wake *11 rlgbt for a peraooatl reward of >?,000 franca. . Arrived at Talag-Pow be gave ttMl|Mt of aaaault. aad ma reeetved by a waew of betta. But Ward la brave, and be determtaad la prove hi ma** If wertby tbe confidence of tbe Tm-TiI. Twice rrpuU'd. twice be returned to the charge Climbta*' the bralh with b?t?be?t *Av of La . #a! ke Kianaalf * * - ft wHth (W? chief of the lOl.ff be fired ft him twiaa, but gulaad. " "You meil," replied hia Uvrrsary la rood Eagllah, "llllHw you that I r>u if* batter umm you," and b? did abow It by hootia^fee?otvnei in tb? alaaaattb and leg Yet Ward"f?-%ned ' kbou^a Um greater port on of ^t"mm wmrn \+\ He U now at Ph'ngbai, and, a* be la ofW?o<ic?uatltution, it ia prubaU* tbat la a law Wa be w U be u?affda aodattba WM of a baad of orlgandi. tait'oui to repair felt Ill-lack " j? ? " ? * i - i i rjttia CT'Tbe Chi cage ?orehdi??rM atlS? prr*-nt term of coart ?itflrg at \apl?r?tll*? IQ. TU cmh>1 of Mr Bartb wlli novo /or a ceatlaoaaoo, oa toegreaed efa*aal/ote?fco*r oa the character of cartel n nllii . who ImmWiim gainst the chastity of Mr Barr h haw tfaa toko. ' In St Louis TtoAMttf Mr Bbreb nrttefl nil t? abio to ?rt?oMirsto tba extatooe* of th> Elm toalU-y?Ibto k> r? <*M * Mn Burcs*s P?rtT doefcre tM, to Waealltag tho ?cM tar b itumd, tbey w* oaly exposing u?o hidden dafortuity it? master Tcailaf roas high |

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