Newspaper of Evening Star, November 15, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 15, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 i ' ? Dickeoa'a mw aarlal will be called "t?reat Expectations," ud la to appear la All the Tear Ro?d4 " Ih Inl (*ap?? ?* ' published about Chr'.atmaa. Immedlately after tbe completion of Cbvrlea Lerar'a n?r?i of "A Day* Ride.** which to now being iaaued l? "All the V'.. , D M..n/1 ' > i r n ft uuuu Blanc bard Jerrold is boally ?n ? romance, entitled 'Two Black Marti " Mr Bdmund Yates, the peraen who quarrelled with Thaekeray about tbeareet satirist's no*, and wbom Thackeray could not expel from the Oarrlck Club, la to be coacaeoedl with Sala In tbe editorial charge of the Temple Bar Magaxine. Tbe setae of Tbeckerav's new novel will be laid in HoUaad: like Dickena's forthcoming work, this will be pnbllahed aerially. P. B. Shlllaber, the "Mra. Partington" of the Boeton Poet, baa been elected to the Maaaacbaaetta Legialataea. Cynta Redding la said to have been longer engag-d la literature than any man alive; he la an Englishman, and has boao writing for fifty-five >ears Th? English Preen at tbe preornt time coniiata of 1050 newspapers, of which 3S7 are liberal. 198 VVII^I * ?W NVU? nn BCUliW l? politic*. Two editions of Jam** RaateU Lowell * ' Biglow Papers'' have recently been leaned in London. 1, 7~ The Princew A u gotta Louita Adelaide Caroline Ida, the destined bride of the Prince of Walea. vu born Aoguet ?th, 1843 The SaxeMelningen family, to which the belong*, it a brtnch of the tame old Baxon royal race to which Prince Albert belongt At the ducal dominion! compriee lett than t thousand square ml let, the chief oae of the family may be tald to tupply wivee for varioot crowned heads At it it prov ded In the Act of Parliament which teenret the tuccettlon to the line of Hanovpr, that any member of the Royal family who may marry a Roman Catholic thall forfeit all elatra to ths tbrone, and aa It would not be tultable to marry any one below fnwiltv th? fhnirR fa ltmitMl in Q*rmanv inrf Denmark, there only can Protestant Prince? and Princes?? be foend; tbe Swedish crown being on tbe bead of a parvenu. The English royal fnmilvthus continues entirely German. Qoeen Victoria'a greatgrandfather waa born In Germany, and fresh German blood haacome ia, either with tbe father or mother, ia every succeeding generation. Dxrzxcn or thi AcsrmiAN Phontii* ?Tbe Rptui- Cont??mp? raine In an article copied into the Mnnlteur de ia Flotte, give* a remarkable account of e?tet?s*ve military preparatlona tbat biw been roadr by Austria, on the frontiers of Venetta. At Venice, an Ialaad covered with cannon has riaen in tbe Grand Canal, and aew works have been constructed at tbe Lido and M&l^bera. At Verona, meana have bnea found to cover the hlghtrround the town with batteries and forts In the plain towards Mantua, and the l<ake of Garda, either new fortresses have been raised, or those already in existence strengthened It Is not an exaggerated to say (hat Verona can it # protect an army of 100,000 men. In a single year, P esc hi era has aecome a second Verona; It lias now a double girdle of detached forts A steam fleet rtdea at anchor In the harbor. Tha writer bad not seen Mantua or Legnano. but from 11 W. U-J W. .J U * 4C-A 4I-- - ii u? uau ucaru it appeared mot lue acicacn 01 the Po had been no more neglected than thoae of the Mlncio. Yum K.itikfrtsi ?A New York boy superIntendl !he manufacture of orange wood tooth?Icks In Chill. South America, which are whitled out by the children, and the aged and decrepit, and he tends them to bts mother in New York, who sells large number* of them at tweaty cents a thousand TbeAstor House buys ei|fhtor ten barrels at a Hone, and popular restaurants consume about a thousand a week. IIT'A Springfield (111 )correspondent, in a!! ? ly letter about the rail splitter, sars : "Lincoln? I m.w nm?b f/.. >k. U.^1) -* It 111. m >u?j *vi *uo WU^li? VI UIM9 W UV HftO full particulars?lives In a modest, two-rtory, brown house, wttb 'A. Lincoln' on tbe door, and two of tbe window panes broken 1X7" A nugget, weighing 834 ouncea, was found somedsys ago by the Koh-i-Noor Company, at B&llarst, at* depth of400 feet, (says the Melbourne Argus ) About 100 ounces of gold in amall nuggets 1st around it. In shape this monster piece of gold reaembles a leg of mutton. ITT The colons of Gadthaab. in arMnland vu visited 1b August by the American schooner Nautilus, having on board Professor Cha<lbourne, with ssverml young students from Massachusetts, who psssrd their vacation In exploring the Arctic regions. (ITAn amblgnons lover wrote recently: "Now I with, my dear Adeline, my engagements would permit me te lsnve town end go to see youT It would be like visiting some old ruin, hallowed by time, and fraught with a thousand blessing recollections;" IE7" Springing suddenly out of a drunken sleep, a passengar on the Mississippi Kail road jumped out of tne car window, and on going back'to look for him, be wu found wiping a bloody note, the only barm be received. S5j~ A Prussian Count, on a vlalt to the Hon. 8. Wadswortb. Rochester, was attacked on tb? private grounds of his boat by a souple of hlghwiytnen IXJT The corner-atone of the new St. Stephen's church In Providence, R. 1., ?u displaced a few nights ago, and robbed of the box of records, coiua, etc It contained nothing of Intrinsic value. HjT Caligula used the whip with his own hand, even upon people wbo by talking too loudly at at the theatre, spoilt his enjoyment of the players her red them rl?ht (I /"* Urgent attempt are being made to get up a fresh "luug" In New York city by constructing a Five Points Park. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?Q G Uibeon, Md; R H Key, Tea; O F Fleppo, Md; 1 W Allen, Va; 9 B Grier, Pa; G Wilder, Ky, OJ Rlobardton, Pa. G M 3ailth. L.*; L Pangborn. Maaa; J Blake. NV; J Steele, NH; J Friable, Cal; J Beman, Ga; B C Robina m. Pa; H Tanner, W Wagner. S Stephen on, M E Whlla, NY; P Hleglna, Maaa; F Soule Minn; J McDernent and ly,NY; W Tengley.Mo: A Watta. O; Kllza Barclay, Eng; Eilza Gurney, nv: J wbttall. ft; w Keberrson and daughter, Va; J Barclay, NY; M Johnson, Va; Dr Shay. N Yi J L Sterrett, G 0unmore, Md; D F Tompkins NY; 0 Jone*. NY; Mr BiacholT, Mia Bischoff, Kng, C Collins and ly, W Glbbes and ly, Frank Heyer. USN. BROWN'S HOTEL.?L Chancellor. R Gibboney, Va; H Raymond and (km, SC; J Weltessel, NJ; R Jones. Pa; C Clntls, Vs; J N Barns, La; C Moere.P 8 Mier. W T Porler,9 W Slndal, J tfowlss, Md; F B Ford, Mo; W R Calhoun, SC; T Bell, T B Scary 11, D P Cubberl* and ly, Thompson, C Bo wan. Pa; A Gray ana fkm, A L Sfcopherd. A G Harle^, A R Meero^ J_9 Camp uni.o a LQUDiaa, J 1 v> OCXMOn, t T H WUren, V?, KIRKWOO|) HOUSE.?J B Baker, Pa: Capt i Pauaee, URN: J E Brrdtiey* R ADdcnoa.Utta.; P Donahue, R M AmaUwood, W Wlllianu. NY; W L Dawaoa, J D Prunybacker, Vaj R Brown. Tex; H Heath, I S While, I SA; T9 liortuch, ?; Mr Maklean, Mo; J Riddle and daughter, Dal. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Vftox tkb Uarrm* thini. attmwur*. Lmn. At. tet. ^Uaatia.... . ... vN8W_York.. .Havra Nov 17 rr'iro Aiovri ..n?v torl...UWW?T 2?*^ Ptriu N*w ^ ork..-Liverpool-...Nov-M Bwdm .Now York._ Sootn pton. .Nov 24 F*OM Ecnorn JoAm Ml...... .(fmov New York- .Not S Vudtru.U - SowtVplon.-.New York?. Nor 7 Tko H?tiu Mil MMieri leave Now York on tot id. 13th, nut. m4 TTlk of Man month, ua oc t&e Uh and lath. Tko Ctitipnia uu 1 ?v-*??*r? latvo Nrw York on ko 8th nadlift ofmrt Month. OLi) RICH, MKLLOW AND pitb R w b i' r x 8 i d'fc ' f i m090n0ahela ete whiskey, CoaMiaaUoaaly diauurd by Mr jum HurnMda. of a;iat*ay cotitt, Pfaaa* is the oid &*tu?nad boqmi way, fro>o usohoioMt and mod jartfully MlMted Rra, ?ad in bo om ?*?r offered lor Mle antil adapted ?? *W?oai m by ag? It i. om u* aort palatabla, a? it i? wphatieaiiy 0na o/Ut* fur??t baveraf* in tba ruach of ti? pablio. Ta tb? ?? ?11 " ? MBA , iuhho in MUMdi UMj lor iU MnvaJufA 4i??Iitie? ? m lES&zE'Ssi to Shiaspa yhT?iou.a? if* m*in? it la their ffMtio* trith the CLAEY * 8TOCKDALK. ftowriHoT*. ,. m. wfor is&FOR STAMPING | h ^ACMMTT OF PAPIK, I AND ENVELOPES 1 140 I TO MATCH, I mum CHARGEJ metropolitan BOOKSTORE, pulp * ^OMON^ pOE ?o u> GtfAXD W9,4 SMITH'S. No. 4?0 RmUA, o? i*-La Of*wf p<wt 0*M. I* MISCELLAN B0U8. T?* AXAMA.MAT10N OF L *347*01*.?'There II ft growinc uaauor ia ttua to appropriate the moM *x?re*?ive worti of other laiiKaacee,end after a to taoorparste them into oar own; thai the word Cepha'ie. wh:eh te from the S reek, icuifyinc '"for the heed, ' ? aow bdoinim popularised in cooaeetloa with Mr. ?Mkl4tng'a (real Beadaehe rented ii h?t it will eooa be aawl la a more general way. aad u? word Ceph?:io will become aa oomaoi aa Kleotrotype aad many other* whoee diatinotion ae foreign word* ha* b?en worn away by ooramoa aeace until they aeem "native aad to Um manor born." 'fcrdly RnIIiW. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadee he this afternoon, baad I stepped into U? Ufottooiriw han'l ?ey? hi to the Ma,"CuroulMH* ine of an eadaoha?" "Doea it haehe 'ard." MJ( Heaoeedingly" mi hi, and aton that ' fin me a Ceyhalio Pill, hand ' on me 'enor it cured aw so quio* that I 'ardly reauied 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaehe. rpMititcmi is the favorite >110 by whioh nature macea known any deviation whatever t orn tfce natural state of the brain, and rimdii this light it may be looked onaii vaJegnard intended to give notice of cieea?e whioh might other viee eeoape attentive, ull too late to be remedied: aad lta lndieaueaa should never be nedeeted. Head aohes may be olae*ified under two namee, viz: Symptomatic and Iciepaihlc. 9ymptr>m%tio Headache ts exoeedingly oommon and 1a the precursor of a great variety of diseesee, among whion are Aptflexy* Gout, Rheumatism a ad all f-bnle diaeaeea. Aaiterervoueforia itu e< mpauetio di eaae of th* atomaen oonstitutinr tick ktadatks, of J * - - - - L -J.' ? A- ? 1 - - > ifwuikiiuwiif uhiim) mraumcM, ui worm*,constipation and other ai?r>rd-rt of th* . o? el?.a* veil U renM and nterine affection*. Diseases of the heart are very frequently attended with Headaohee; Aizmia a> d pl?'nora are also affections wnieh frequently oojas on headaohe. Idiopathic Headavhe i* also very common. b-ing usually distinguished hy the name of n+rr&vM knadnrhe, sorretireee oo.mng on suddenly in a *tau of apparently eonnd health and prostrating at onoe the inei.tal and phvsioal energies, and in oth-r in?tanoes it oon?e on alowly. he-aid d bydepreiaion of epirita ? r aeerhuy of temper. In neat instance* the pain ia la front of the head, over one cr both eyee, and provoking vomiting, under thia olaaa mar aiao be naned Neuralgia. For Use treatment of either claaa of Haadaohe the c?lhsilt k' ill a h?* hMn fn.nul m. in ra mil ??f? remedy, relisnng the roost aou'e pains in a few miatee. ud by iU eubtle power eradioating the diaoaso of which headaohe u the unerring index. Bbidobt.?Miaava wants job to tend her a box of Cephalic Giue, do, a botue of Prepared rill*,? hut I'm ihiukingthat's sot juat it saiiher; bat p?r hapa ye'll be anher knowing what it ia Yeseo ahe'a nigh dead and gone with the t*iok Headaohe, a.n<i want* some more of that eamo a* reiaived her before. You must man Spalding's Cephalic Bridget.?Och ! aure now and you've aod it, here's the taarther and gi* me the Pilla aod don't bo all day about it aither. Caaitlpatlaa or CoatlveaeM. No om of the "mini ills flesh i? heir to" is so prevalent, so little understood, mad io mioh negI so ted as Costivnnea*. Of en originating id oarelessneea. or sedentary h\bits; it is regarded as a slight disorder of too'itue oonsequenoeto exoite anxiety, while in reality it is the yrroursor and oompaiuon of many of the most fatal and dangerous di??a*es, and unless early eradicated it will bnag the sudsrer to an sntimely grave. Among the lighter evils of whioh Costiveness is the osnai attendant are Headache, Olio, Rheuinati""!, Foul Breath Piles, and others of lik? nature.whils a long train of frightfal diaeassssuoh as Malignant Fevers, Abeeeses. Drsenter* I D?s?#??.* iiiurk? A pi.-XT, Kpueper, Paralysis, hysteria, Hypochondriasis, Melanonoly and 1 ncanity, first indicate their erraenoo in the system by thia alarmng symptom. N?t nnfre*uently the diaeaiea named originate in Const-pation. but take on an independent exiat eno* unless the oauaeia eradicated in an rarly stage. From all theeoconsiderations it follows that the disorder shonld reoeive immediate attention whenever it oooars, and no person should negleot to cot a hox of Cephalic Pills on tHe first appear an of* of the oomplaint. aa their timely use will exp?l the ieaiduoua approaohea of disease and doctroy thia dangerous foo to human life. A Real Blemtaf. &cheV',IC,a*'~W*i1' Mri- is that headMrt. Jor-es.?Oone ! Doctor, all gone! the ?iil yo* sentcured ttie in juet tw?tj minntee.and I with you would Mad more to that I can hare then llAnny. Physician.?'Yon can get them at anr Dmrrutm. Call for cephalio PilU, i find the* never fail, and I r?eoumi>nd them in all oaeee of Headache. \f m a I AM m m f akall ...J C _ 1 j. . j ?* mumn nau inr ? VOX UireCllT, anil ahal! tell ail my Buffering frienda, for tkay ar *?e?l bUsiint. Twiwtt MiLLioiia of dollaia Saris.?Mr. Spading haa ao.d two million* of bottle* of bia oeleorated Prepared O a* and it ia eatimated that ?aoh botU* aavea at laaat ten dollara worth of brokan furmtnre. thua making an abrogate ol twenty milliona of dohara reclaimed from total loaa by thia *aiu?ble invention. Having madahiaGlneahouaabold word, he now propoaea to do the world atill greater aarvioe by curing all the aohing heada with niaOphalio Pilia, and if they area* good aa hia Ola*. Headaohee will aoon ram ah away like aaow ia J n:y. lE^Ovx* xxcitxmk*t. and the mental oareand anxiety inoident to olose attention to boa neaa or study, nre amonj the numerous ouw of Nervoas H end no tie. The disordered stnte of mind nnd bodr incident to this distreeefng oomplnint is n fatal b'ow to a'l energy nnd nubition. sufferers by this disorder onn always obtain speedy relief from tkesi distresses attacks by using one of the Cephalic Pills whenerer the symptoms a spear It quiets the overtasked brain and soothes the strained and jarring nerves, and relaxes the tension of the stomach whioh always aooomsanlee and aggradates the disordered condition of tis brain, Facts woith xsowiko.?Spalding's Cep hallo Pills are a certain ou e for Siok Headache, Bilions Headache, Nervous Headache, Costiveness. - a a- ? uu waor?i i/voiiilf. Gbiat DiacoviHT?Amon? the noat important of a>l the treat mMintl diaeorenea of thia age may he oonatdered the ayatera of vaooination for protection from Small Pox, the Cepbalio Pill for relief of Headache, and the uae of O ui- ine for the prevention of Fero-a, either of vnioh n a aure apeoiffo. vhoae beaefita vi 1 be efperi'noed by anflaring huraauity long after their diaooverers are forgotten. (E7*Did'on ever have the Biok Headache ? Do yon remember the throbbing temples, the fevered tow, tho loathing and disgust at the sight of food. How totally unit 70a were lor plea?ure. oonversafaua or studr On* of the Cepha 10 Pills would have relieved 7011 from all the suffering which you th *n expenenoed For this and other purposes you shou d always have a box of them on hand to use as occasion requires. wv CURE "07 NervousHeadache Headache. Bj U?? ?m of tk?M Pillt th? pariodlo attack* of I O.M II?J?1 *- * 1 > > r?? wr snui nnaacni m?f o? pravniM; Md if taken ftt the oommenoement of u att*ek mm* diate relief from pain and sickness will be obtained. They seldom in removing the iVaiut* and Htadatkt to whieh females are so subject. They aot (entiy upon the bowels,?removing Cottins ???. For Lxtmary Mm, St*t4*nts, Dehosts Females, and all parsons of stdtmimrr kabits, they are ail raJ cable as a improving the iWtfHi, giving teas and euer to the digeetive organs, aad restoring the natural elaetioitj and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are tbe result of Iom MISSCtlfl lllS sod akrafill* mkImM mm ii. ?- * _ / - - ?r"? unvuw, having booa ix im many year*, dnui which tine the* have prevented ud relieved a vast amount of pat* and utfering frum Hoadaohe, wbother <m<t . nating ia the turmt lyrtf or fro* a deranged ttau of the ttowuuk. Ttaj are aaMr miliHe u their yeitooc, ao* nay bo takea at all timee with perfect eafcty withoat nahiag any ehaafe of diet, mmd she abtrmtt tf My ditmgrttMblt taut rmdtrt it mj? le dmimitUr iksm te tkiidrm. or COUNTERFEITSI _ ... . UIWIIHIII "H c? f lilt ?tk Box. old by Dr*u irta and aU othar D?al#rt la M ?diA Bom will bo aont by Mil ,repaid om reoMft of lit ? PRICK, *S CKNT8. AB"te"k"M,5SSiT?.1piuDh?8. ao |M*VU 46 (Mm Btowt, N?w York. I " MISCELLANEOUS. j [No. ?TS.) ! Br the p**?ipk^t or thr united TAT K8la paraaano* of law, (, Jamu BiCimihi Pimi- ) dent of th* UuH 5H*t?a of A*)*no?, do Ira re by : d*elira and nakt. known that pub,i* aalea will h* haid at the undermentioned Land O?o*>? in th* Stats of Cal: ipasiA. at mi a period! hereinafter a eaignated, to HTit: At the L?ad Offio* at M AaTsriLL*. waBMMBi on Monday, tii* 3d Jar of J aaa next, for th* dupo aa. of the public landa heretofore naoffered, aituatad in th* following towaakipa and parta of towaafeipa, } Tlx: I /forth 4f tk* b**4 limtod ja?t of ?A? Mount Diablo | Townships > and 9", the ZS W X of aection J; the N X ?id the i W X of section 3; sections 4,5. and 6, oi township 9*; th? 8W * or ssotionT; th? 9K *i of ecotion 13; the 8W >4 of section 17; sections It to 36, inclusive of township St. of range 1. Townships ?. 10, aad 18, of range 2. The NX of the NE*,the 8E X of NEX. the NE M of tits 9E and the W X ?>f aeo?4on ?; sections 5,o 7. and 8. the r*E .Vof the NE X, ths9E X and w X?f amotion 9; ths W X of the NW k. ths W X of?W X, an* tne SE X <'f the 9W X ors?o tion 15: s^et o- s <7 to SI inoiusive; the N W X, the N X of the SW X, and the SW Xof??W x.of aeot od 23; the \V X ofthe NW X ana SW X of seotioa V7; ?ectio"s2B to SS inclusive; the 9W X of ?he NE X, the MWM, and the 8 X of section 94, of townsnip 9. of rant* 3. Sections l to 18 inolusi ve, of township 10, of rangs 5. Xorth nf ike bat* lint and wett of tkt Mount Diablo m rriil tan. Townships 8,9 and 24, t' e SW X of section 6: ths W X of section 7; the SK X of seouon IS; the NW X ol 18: the 9 X of section 19. the 9 X of section 20; thn 9 X of auction Jl; the 8 X ol section 22; the N E X of tne 8 X of section 28; sections 24 to 36, inclusive, of township 31; auctions 1 to 3I> inolu lira: the NW V. of section .11 rh* if w . r 33: ctiout 94 sad 35, of townahip 32. cf range 1. :JeoUuna I, ?*. 5, and 4; the N r, of aeo'ton %\ asc tion* io to 15, moluai ve; ih* NE >? of aectiou2k?eo ti"0? 23 to 2}. inoiuaive; K S of ?>oUt>ii 35 ot town hip8; 'poti nia 1 <o 4. inoiuaive; the Nb^ot auction 6; the SE l4 of aeotion *; aeotion* 4 to i5, inc n aire; the K K <?l aeotion 17; t*a E X of auction 90; aeotion* 21 ton, inoiuaive: the NK \ of aeotion S3; aeotiooa 33,34, and 35, or tovnabip 9; aeotinna i to 6, inoiuaive; the N W M of action 7; the K % of amotion 9; amotion? 1?. 11, and IS; the NK of aeotion 13; the N W of aection 14; the N M oi action 15. the S H of action 25; theSK % of aeotirrott; the E >4 of aeotion 34; aeotion 35, of to?rnnltip 81; the tf K l; ufliO'tinr t: thn K V ?nri lU *W IA. to* SR \ 01 seotion 2; the K H snd HW % of Motion 13; tn? 8 H of Motion 14; otion 13; th? 8K of section 17; the 8 W hi of Motion 18; aeotiona 19 to 35, loo o?i ve, of township 32, of range 3. Township*24 *nd 32; aectiona 25 to 35, inolusive; of to wnahip 33, of range 3 The SW % of seotion 7; aeotiona 19 to 35, inolusive, of t'iWuahip 29; tecAtona 1 to 3, inslnaive; aeotions 9 to 16 inoiusive; Actions 17 and 10 to 29, in clnxive; a?o'io a 32 to 35, inolnaive. oT to wnahip 12; sections 23. X, 27 , 34, and 33, inolustvs. of township 33, of ranee 4 Township 29, of rang* 5 At the Land Offiae at Humboldt, commencing on Monday, the 10th day of J one neat, for the disposal of the public lands heretofore nnoflVrsi, situated in the following townships and parts of townships, vis: North of the bait lint and we it of the Mount Diablo meridian. The W y% oi Motion 7: the 9 X of sootion 13; the \V S of section It; the N X of se"tion i9; the N W \ and the 8 X of section 2">; the 8 X of ssotion 21; tbe 8 >4 of section >2; the f X of section 33; sections 24 to 2?, ino usive; the E X of seotion 29; the E % of section 33; sections 34 and 35, of township ?, of ranges. The SW \ of station I; the SB and the W X of ssotion *; tne E >? of section 3; siotions 9, 10, 11, nH 19* Ika M U n. ?W? W ? - , ,, ,, ,,, ,wuul, ig, mn n pi 111 inuun 14; the N H th?sW *. and tn? W S of the SK * of aeotion 15; the NK), of aeotion 21; the N W \ and the WXol the Nt,3^of aeotion of towaihip 10, of ranee 4. Section* 1,2,3 4, and 5; the NE \ of aeotion 6: the S*K H of aeotion 7; aeotiona 8 and 9: th? NW \ of section if; aecticn 17; the N K }i of aeo ion 18, of tnwnahip 16; the S W of aeotion 5 me s a of aeotion 6; auction* 7,8, 9, and 10; the 8W Mo! aeotion 14: aectiona !j and 17 to 35, inoluaive, of township 17, of range 11. 'the 8E Ja of section 1; aectiona il, 12.13, ard 14; the N K of aeotion 23; aeotion 24; the NE Jf of ae?tion 25 of townahip 17; aeotiona 3 to 10, wtoluaive: the 3 VV M of aeotion 14; aeoti <na 15 and 17; the N E M of aecnon 18; aectiona 20, 21,22, and 23; aectiona 26 to 29, inoluaive; aeotiona 32. 3*, and 34: the N VV M of Motion 3i, of townahip 20; the N W \ of aeotion 3; aeotion? 4 to 4, inclusive; aeotiona i7 to it. lne'mtve; aeotiona 28 to 33, inoiaaiTe; the SW % of canon 3?, 01 lowmnip zi; the NW M or aeotion 1; I seerions 2 and 11; the N w \ of taction 14; seotions I *7,21,31,32. 33, and 34. of township 22; tactions 1 to I 18, inolasire; sections 20 to 27, inolusive; aection I 55, of township 23, of range 12. sections 3 and 4; th-? NE )i of aeotion g; section 9; the W M ofeeolion 10; amotion 13; theSKJg of action 14; u?e 9\V \ of section 16; aeotiona 2i to 28, incluaive; aeotiona 33, 34, and 35. of townshia 17; the W H of aection 6*v seotions 6,7. 8, 9,17,18,19, 2(1, ar.d 21; theSW % ot seotion 22; sections 2r to 34, Inclusive, of townahtp 18; sections3 10,15,22, 23, 26.27,34, and 35, of township 22; the 8R3i of inction 12; aeotioos 13 and 14; the 9K \ of aection 22; aeo tiona 23, 27, and 34, of townahip JS, of range 13. i-teetions 1 and 2, the ?K % ofsaotion 3; tte N % of section 10; seotions 11, 12. 13.14, 23. 24. 29, ai d 26; th* V o( section 34; section 36, of tnwnsmp 18; the NW\ sections; aeotiona 4, 5. and G; the Nk \ o| aeotion 7; aeotiona 8 and 9; the t? \V If of section 10: the VV K of section 16; the E X of sectien 17; the NEK of section *>; sections 21 and 22; the HW V of aeotion 23; the W X of seotion 28; sections 71, *a. ?. cm. sou ap, 01 lowunip 19; tne SW \ or awe tion 7; the S W % of section 17; seotiona 18 to 36, inoluaive, of towuahip 31. of range 14. Amotion* 1 to 5, inolo*ive; the N E of Motion 6; Motion* M to 15 inclusive; the N E K of Motion 17; seotions 31 to 37, inclusive; the N E * ol seotion 38; the NEK of *?otion94; Motion 35, of township ??; action* 1 to 4, inclusive; the N E Af of aection 5; the E X of section 9; Motion* lo to 15, incasivs; sections 3" to 29, inolative; the SE >? or section 31; Actions 32 to 35, inclusive, of township 31: section 3; tb? EX of section 4; sections 8, 9, and 10; the sW M or section 11; Motions 14,15, and 17; the N E 3i of section 30; sections tl, 23, and 23; th? SW l? of section 24; section* 25, 36,27. and 38; the 9E ? of aection 33; Motion* 33 , 34, and 36, of township 22, of ranee 15. .< .1.1.? >- - - - " - - j finifi v ?/?6 ?ajc *me una h?1( V TtUIJlDOMU WWrifiM, The W X of section 3; seotioas 4,6,6,7, >,*, 10. 15,17, It, LP, an, SI, and 24; tne N X of section 27: eotiona 24 to 93, mo'ssive; the 8 X of seotion 34, of township 4, ol ruse 2. North of tkt bate (mm and tat 4f *kt Humboldt me ridxan. The 8 W X of section 7; the 8W X of section 17; seotion II; tne E % of section la; seotions 20,21v22. and 33; the W X of seotion 24; the VV X of aeotion <5; eeetiona26 and 27, theNEfcof aeotiouSS; the NK X of aeotion 34; section is, oi township 1, of ranee 1. Sections 1 to23, inclusive; the N X of section 14; the 8 M of aeotion 25; peotiona 26,27, 28, and 29; the N Kal seuion 30, f township i; seotiona 1.2, and 3, the IS VV X of the N W *, the 8 X of the IS W and the S>? of section 4; the NKMof th? N E X, he8 X or toe NIC J<, the 8fc V of the N W X> a< d the 8 X of neotion 5; the 8 X cl the St U. ot aeotion 6; the IN E X the o X ot the NW j(, and the 8 X of seotion 7; amotions t, 9,1?. and 11; the NX of rtotion 12; the N W M of teotion 17; ration 18; tbe N X and the 8E X or section 19; the SW X ?f section ft; tbe EX of section 3?; seotiona 31,32, and 33; the SW X of aeotion 34, o| townahip 2 of rante2. The 8E X ?f section I; sections 10,11. and 12; th* N X of section 13, section* 14,15, 22, ana 23; the 8 X ot soctivn 24; the N X of "action 25; sections 28.27, & and 34: the N W * ot section of township 1; otional township 2, of range 3. ai me Land omoe at Stocktox, oommenoiaz on Monday, the 3d day of J u"!? next, for the disposal of the public* lands, ner?te(ore unofTer-d. situated in the follow tog townships and pirts of Ownships, ix : Nortk of tkt boo* lm? and *a?t of Ik* Mount Diablo mtridum. Sections 4.5, 6,7, 8,9.17, U. and 19; theN X of the NEfc.the :n kofthsNW*, and theSW * of the 8W M of section 20; section 30, exoept the &E % of the HE M, ol township 6 of rani* 3. Townkhips 4,5, and 7, of range 7. Nortk of tkt base lint and wntoftkt Mount Diablo mtridian Tovaaiupa6 and 7, oi raufe 1. . , Section 2; theNE .^of Motion SjtheWX of aeo tion 5; aeotion 6; aeouon 7, exorpt the S X of the ?Wi(; the N VV * and the ? >4 of aeotion 8; the 8 k of Motion 9; the 8 K of aeotion 10; aeetioa 11; the W S of aeotioi 13; aeotiona 14 ?"d IS; aeotion 17. except the S S of the 8W^; the EK of the Nw Jtf, the K H "I the S VV >?, aud the E K .of aeotion 21; sect 22 and 23, the W ' of amotion 24; the w >i of aeotiou2 : aeotiona 26and 27; the NK 1([, th? E * of the N W X. the SE * of the NW if, the N S of the SEth? 9E V ot the SE H ot aeot on 2*; tne E >? ot ibe N E aud the E J. uf the SE >4 of aeetiou 3d; aeoMona 34 a?d 35, of tovnahip 6; aeotiona 1 arid 2; thf N E of aeotion 3; the UK V of aeotioa 10; aeotioaa 11, u> 15, inclaaive; the N S of the NE of aection 21; the N )h of tne NW fe, and tb" E S of aeotion 22; aectiona 23 24 2S and 20; ihe E S ol ihebW \ aua th? E ii oi tootion 2); the W X of aeotion 35; of towoahip 7, of range %, South of tk* baft line mud tail of tkt Mount Diablo ttieridion. Seotiuna 1 to 27, incluaive; the N 3*. the N X of the bW and NH"f th* at >? ol eeoU'tatt. the N S.the A >* of the SW ?<, anu the M >* oi the HE % of aeotion 2*; the N E %nil the NS or the SE *4 of aeotion jn; the NE l4 of aection 34; the N ol aeotion 33 ot townahi* 3, of ranee 6. Sections ft, ), 7,8. and 17 to 21. tn luaive: he N W I >k Md the o Jfc or ftvotion 27; sections 2^ to 94 inolu the W h of action 35, of towncnip S, of r&Q{66 fractional asctions 1 and 2, Motion* 3,4,5. am1 C thvNRJfot Motion 7; ?ectiom ?, <?,10, and 11-rrao t.unal aectio i 12; ?e?Uoria 13.14 aid 15- the .if ration ir, the NK,< ol section 21; sections 22 u7 27. inclusive; tli? NK \ oFeeatiot 34; section 36, of towns tup 5; eeotionel,3,11. It. 18,14,33, 34, Ih, 35, and 35, of toWnehip 6; woton 1; the Nli)< ol *?tton? moUuo* 12.13,84. and 25, of> T. <* XW \ and the w H of the SK * of section 18; section i?; the W *.?? turn 29; ?eotions Jl, 3l! and 32; the 9 W h ol taction S3, of township S; townships C and 7, section* 1 to 5, mcluatve; the n K w of section 6; sections 8 to 15, molusive; me NE '* of section ITi. the NK M ol section 21: eeo uons 22 to tJ,inclusive; the SE *of section & sec tions 34 and ?, of tanrMfeifi, o? range 8. Townships 7.8, and 9. of ranee 9. townehiM 6 and 8. ?'f ran?* ? Townships ?, 7. and 8, of range 11. TownihinUnd 7: townshi" a ? - ? *i ?W??U? 51TowMhiH?^%nd . of r*n*a is. ?$pSgSpEH&3 in |M fmffiii towaahift Hid rvti of townships, ri?: Smithnf tht k?u<?/ U? Mra?l JUM* M. inc'i u?i ve; ? 'otion 15 and 11 to 1% I iaolasi ? ; fobooi 77 to M. ino!a?ira, township &?fltiona4 to 9, laolMirs; weUoi I? to 21, inolnilia, BMtiww M to S3. lnciuiiTe, of township 8; townships 7,1,1.1?, 11. ftBd U. of rang* It. Townships 1,9,10.11, nad 13, of rnn<? IT. 9 EM? r - *?* ^ ^ ToYaahJH?.i<>,*odn; Mtloul toA.tnoluirc, of toWDthip IS, ofrang* II. H? SX * o?.eoUo*|fc ? w? CJ rr Jfc OI MOUOIM, of townahip 9: ton n? tape 10 and It; imUobiI to a, inoluaire, of townahip U. of rang* 19. Sootiona 7 and IS to 35, ice!nair*, of tow Lab ip Motions 1 to li. inolnnve; Motion* IS and 17 to a, inoluaire; Motion* 27 to 3t, iuo aaiT*. of town*'iy 11; Motion* 5.8,7, IS. 13,14, U, and a, to *7, tno.n , aire; Motion* 33, 34, and 3$, of town shir 12, of rao<**>. At the Land OSm at Yisalia, commencing on ?ond&r, the loth day of J one n'xt, for th? diapoaat the publ land* heretofore ?offered, aituateJ in the following township* and part* of township*. 1 n?: I South thtbaie lint mad Ml! of ikt Mount Diablo mmdim Section* 1 and 2; the NK Jtf of Motion J; amotion* 11.12. and ISi the NE % of Motion 14; Motion* 14 and 25, <>f townahip 17; aeotion* I to 5 inclusive; the N H of *ection 6: Motion* to 15, inoiuaivo; the NE * of aeotion 17; tho NF, * of aeotion 23; aeotion* 23 24. and 2-; the NEX of aeotion a. of township 18; Motion* 1 to 6, inoiuaivo; tho Nib Mi of Motion 7; aootiona S to 13. inoluaire; tho NtS X of Motion 14: tho NE of aeotion a. of townahip 21, 0^Tow*n*h%e 17.18, and 19; aeotiona 1 to a, inclneire; the NK % of ;*Mtion a; the *>E >4 ol aeotion 33; aeotiona 34 and 35, of township 31; Motions I and 3; the N E Ig of muoi S; aeotiona II. is, IS, and 14; the NEK of aoo'ion 23; aeotion 34; the NE of aeotion 95, of township 33, of range U. Sections 1 to 27, inclusive; the NE^ of action 31; aeotiona 34 and 35. of townehtp 31; arctions 5,6, 7. and ?; th?? W ! aection ?; lb* * W bofaeetioa 15; aoetione, IT t? 33 inc aaiva; 'ha SW of aeation 23; aeetions 25 to 35, inousive, of townmi* 33;a?otiona 1,2.and 3; the NE J(of section 4; the ME X of aeotion 1?, aeotiona 11, 13.13, and 14; the NE >* of aeotion 23; aeotiona 34 and 25; the 9E of MOtiohSZ;a*e,H>ua J}. M, and 35, ol townshieSS; aeotiona 1 to 5. inoluaive; the N K fraoti >nal 3% of aeotion 6; the NE Jtf of aeotion 8, aeotiona 9 to 15, inolaaive; the NE J* of aeotion 22; aeotion >23, 34,25, 26, and 35, of townanip 34; sectiona I. 3. and 3; the NE >? ofeeolion *; th* N E >? of section 10; aeotiona Tl- 12- And 13: tlm N K ^ or k?Atinn 14! Oa nf township 26. of r&r.ce 17. Townvhtp 21; aecion* 1.2,3, and 4; the NE \ of action 5; the N K l? ot miction 9; m tiuoi In to 14, laclaaive; the Nb i of amotion <5 the NK it of auction 2?; the WW \ ofaection 30; see hod 31; theSW X of anotion 32, of township 22; awt:o?al and 4 to 9. inelu-ive; aeo'ioaa IS, 18, a?d 17 to 21. inoluaive; the SW X of aection 22; >h- dK of aeotion23; <>etiona #4, to IV inclusive, rf tnwi>ahip21; township 24: aeonon* 1 to 16, inelaaive; eeetton 17; the N fc \ or aection 18, the NK .* ?' of aeotion 22; ato iona 23, *4. and 25; the N K Af of eeotion 23,?f towiahip25; aeotioa l;tt>eSK 3< >f section 2: the 8\V \ofaeetion 3; aeotiona 4 to 18, inoluaive; the NW \A of acotion It; the N K Af of auction V)\ aeonoaa 21 to 26. inoiaaive; the NK X of Motion 27, af township 26, <>f range 18. fractional townahiaa21,22, and 23; township* 24, 2ft, and 26; aeotiona 1 to &. inclusive; sections 8 to 17, inoluaive; aeotiona 21 to T>, inclusive; sect one 34 and 35, of town*nip 27; aeotiona 1,2, and 12, of township 2*, ef range 1ft. ( 'raououai U-wnshipa 23 acd 24: townships 25. 26, and27; auction* I to2? inoluaive, the NR }g of a*o ti?n ??; th? Nt. ol aeotion S4; ssotion 35, of township 28, of range 20. , At the Lan i OlTbe at Vis alia, commonoing on Monday, the 24th day of June next, for the diapo I ?k? ...IJI- I?_J_ t??_/ ar?J ?> vi pumtu iouu9? iioicviuro uuuuoi pu, vilu* &t?d id the following townships and paru of town ahips, rii: South of the base line and *a%t of the Mount Diablo mrrtdian. Townihipa 27 and 28; aection* 1 to 6, inoluaive; the NK K of Mfltion 7; sections to 17, inclusive; the SS of section 18; sections 19 to 2d, inclusive; the NK>; ?f section29; theNKifof section S3; seotion 34; theNW Jf of aeotion S5, of township 29, of range 21. Towmhipa 21 and S3; fractional townahipa 23 and 34jjtownships 25, SA, and 27. of range *4. * Townahipa in. 22, 33,24,25, 26,27,28,29, and 90, of range 2V Townships 22, 23, 24,25, 26,27 , 28, 29. and 3", of "*Twwnabipi 22, 23,24,25, 26. 27, and 88. of ranie 27. At the l.and Offioe at Fkasci?co, oommencina on Monday, the 10th day of June next, far th?< di*p.>*%' of the publio land*, heretofore oucffsred, auuatod within the following townships and part* of townanips, vis: Nortk of the bate line and west aftke Moun' Diablo meridian. Township 6; aeotiona 1, 2, and 3; the NE of amotion 4: the W X of aootion 6; aeetion 7; tlnSW j* of aeotionO; the SE of aeotion 9; aeotiona 10 to ?, inoiuaitrn; the E H, the NWJj and the EK ?f the 8W V of section 26; aeotiona 29,30, 31, and 32, of township"?, of rante 3. South of tk$ base line and east the Mount Diablo meridian. Township 20 ol range 9. Township 21: section* 1.2 and 3; the E X of teoi tiou 4; the E % of section 1ft; sections Uj 12 and IS; t&e h >? of amotion 14; acction 24; the Nfc of seclion 23; aeetioa 25; the 8E M of section 26; the ?E W ot seotoon 14; section 35. ot tuwn?hip 24; the IJW ? of seoUon 14; aeotions 15. 2), 21 and 22; the W \ %oo the 8E )i of section 23; the 9 )i of section 34; roviuhb a5, ?ov zy una jp*; tn? i^i f*< >4 01 auction 2); the N fci M of section 34; section 35, of townahip 25, of range 10. Township 21; aeotiona 1 to 18, mcluaive; the N % of aeotion 1 aeotiona 20 to 28, inclusive; the N B \ of aection 2D; the r*fc, hi of aeotion 32; aectiona 33, 94 and 36 of townahip 25; t"wn?hip 26. of ranee 11. Township 27; fractional aeotiona 2 and 3: aeotiona 4 to 10, inclusive; fractional aeotiona 11 13 and 14; i-otiotji <s, 17 and 18; the NW\of aection "P; tbe NK ,V "f aection 22; aection 23; Iraetional section" 24 ana 25; the N E % of aectiou 2B, of township 2D, of range 13 Towuahipa 25. 2G and 27; aectiona f and 2; tr?otiona aeotiona 3, 4, 9 and 10; aeotiona 11 to 15, lnoluaive; fractional aeotiona 17, 19 and 20; aeotion* 21 to 26 inc uMve.the NK % of aaotion 27; the NW^of aection 30. of townahip 28, of range 14 The NW if of aection 3. aectiona 4 to9, inclusive; mer>w At oi notion 10: aeotiona 15 and 17 to a. incluaiwe; aeotiona *7 to *4, inoiume; the 8W k of aeotion 35. of township ?; townahiea 30an<l 3l;*eetiona 1 to 12, inoluaive; the ME V of aeotion 13. of townalrp 32. of range 19 TheSfV X of aeotion 27; the BE and the W X of aeotion 17; aeotiona 18,19 and 20; th? ? or afotion 21; the S W ii of aeotion 27; aeetiona 2* to 34, inciaaiv*; theSWVof Motion S5,of townahip JO; township 31; aectiona 1 to 18, inoluaiv*; the N W .V of aectio > 19; tbo N R k' ?l aeclion 21; aeotion* 22, 23, 24 And 25; the N K <>I aection 26; the N E J* ol aeonon 2'. of townahtp 32,of rang* 30 The SK \i of amotion 17; the SW % of aection 11: aeotiona 19 and 2u; the W H of amotion SI; the 8W of aeotion S?7; aeotiona a to 34. inolnaive; the 9 X of aeotion 36, of townaiup 31; townahip 32, of range 21. North if tki batt lint and vent of tke San Bernardino meridian. fUntinm * inH i' (KaMk' t. W MP ? w , ? 4 * " /% BWVMVU W?? klio 11 Cl * ol section 9; Action 10, ortownship ; the N W W of section 5; seotions 6, 7, 1*. aad 19; tiie 8 W V of eotion ao; sections 29, 3", 31. and 33; the 8 W JJ of eeotion 33, of township 9; ?potion 1: the S K ofseetion 2; the s ol eotion 3i the 8E of Section 9; r otion 10 to 35, inclusive, of township 10, of ranee sections ltnU, inolBsive. or to*mh!p9; theSW X <>f aeotion 7, section* 13 to 35, inolusive, of townsnip 10, of r*t>g?S&. 1 he rSK % and the W H of Motion 4; sections 5 to 11. inoluaive; ?ection 12, exoept the N X of th* N K if; section* U to 36, inclusive, of township 10, efr?uge%. >e?ui>Qi 1 to24, inclusive, the Nt \ of section 35. of township 10, of range 27. Section* I to 18. ino!u?ive, of tovnstup7; the S\V \ of scetion 19; the 8 X of aeotion 85; the 8b ii of actios 36; sections 29 to 35. inc.uaive, of township 8. of rsni? 30. Townslup 11, of ra?c? 31. ft-otiou? 1 to 27. inoiu?ivi; the NGMof Motion 38, the N W JK of section 30; the EXoj section St, ? otion S3, ol township 10; township il, of range 33. Land a appropriated by lav for the are of schools, military and other purposes, or thos? ooverec by on: fi'inM private lend o aims, together with the wiwnp or overflowed lands, will be exeluued from the ?ales. No " mineral lund* " or traots oontaininc min nrA.1 Hunnaili arm tr> l>? nfTarAd * ?uhli? nuoh mineral lands being heieby ex*re?aly exo?pted and pxoiudfd from sale or other dispose . pursuant to the requirement! of the act of Congress appro vta Maroh 3, 1853, entitled " An aot to proride for the survey of th? pubue land* in California. the (rut icg of pie emption rights therein, anl for otaer pu pose* " The offering of the above land* will be com menoed on ths days appointed, and will proceed la 1 the ordrr in whioh they are advertised until the whole shall have been offered, and the sales thus oloied; but no sale shall be kept open longer than tv? weeks, and no private entry ol an* of the lands will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks/ Given under ray hand,at the City of Washington, this twenty eeoond day of Ootober, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixtyJAMbS BUCHANAN. By the President: J0?. ?. WILHON. #l , ^ Comuuiuoner of the General Land Offios. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the rif ht of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships sod parts of t'-wimhips above enum?rst?dtia required to establish the aaine to the astiafaction of toe r*ftater and rMrtivAr nf t)i? nrnrmr 1 a nd nffina a*m ? pnvm'nt tktefor as soon as jrractitablt after seeiui tk(t Motitt, and l>efere the day appointed for the oommeuoement of th? public sale or the lands embracing the traot claimed: otherwise such claim" Will he forfeited. Xr>B 8. WILSON. Commissioner <>f the General Land Office Note ?Under the ret ulations of the Department, as neretotore and now exi?ung. no payment can La made for advertmioc proclamat ons exoept to snch Bubluhers as are rp*italln authorized to palilish by ie commissioner of the (ieaerai bMM Office. ? ? it UWI8W.V STOVE 8! STOVES!! STOVES!!! I have-on hand a large a?eortment of Cooking fad other floMi, wtuoh 1 will ?ell oheaper than any other hon?e ia the Diatriet, aa it ia njrifl int-ntion to olo?e them oat. Call and aae^|^V and then Judge for yonraalTea. * C. SNYDER, oc 9 Next door to the Star Offioa. nr Nvwrtmiri ? E Hare tbia dar rewired from !f?tr York a beautiful aa?ortment of new itjrle Pali ud Winter CLOAKS, tu^h u the Arab. Zouave and other atylea, in Black and Fraaoh Cloth a. Alao. Plain and Striped CioUia.all ol which *? offer lo*. oo 16 hYLOa h HUTCHISON. WOOD! w o o ?? _ wop DIM amva m~A vmni.iNA wnnn .t - - f J. .. J'wur, ^ "" ?* ""aSjftl o? n m U^. TRUNKS, BOOTS AND 8HOB8. j|5o ra and phoes to ?uiy *551 "W1! ?? ?Ml*ti maA* work o^trarid jH| horetofor* charged ia (hit oitr for inftno* artioioa. Nrwoi IB ??? of Boot* and 8hoM of (MMn o? , vuj mwo WUII. wiu SIW?MU4tf004wMrtMt ta atoreaad at ua iovaat prio**. 314 ^PeaBBrfrania *??*aa'*. EM VK HUNDRED TRAVELIN? TKUNKI L^.r^r*jg'taa.*'Ugi? Dtni and Packing Trnaka. Oar traak^^^" aalaa room axhibita at thia time the *r?aU"?t of trarahnc requisite* at moderate en eta, to H foaad thia aide of Nov York. Aiao, evdrjr deaena boa of LAJMES' HAT BOXK8. VA LICKS, OA^ETBAG?. SATCHELS, A*. grOld Trauka repaired or taken lauikftdt for L 9 W OMfte WALL, ST^HEIJB It JJ. arg-tf Pa. areSt*. (SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, o TT* stuit. _ ? Oppenl* Odd f ellows' Hall, Watkm$t?m. D. C. TrarMw? -will atadv their irtereeta by xMiiaia IDT TRUNKS, VAL1CES Ae ,M?n par-eeww oh&iauc eiaewer?- Aa I ae* bom but t.ieMnflR beat n&trrimJ t_h? a- --j ?? th? workmen, I cm rnnnmionfi ? vork to be (upenor in Strtngik ai.d to Trunk* that are mad* in other cm tie* and eol3 her*. 1 ke?f oonntantiy on hand, aad make to or<1#r <on tmrnmam&33S - ??v^urn auu UUIIJH, IB A WWI* anake manntr, at ahcrt notioe. Trunk* delnrerM in any part of tlM eitr. tors, or Alexandria. A.#o?Ayoct fur Howe'i oelobraM FAMILY sewing machines. deU->? JAMBS S. TOP HAM. TK A YKij&tt8' D1RKOTOHY. UALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. t> WASHINGTON BRANCH. JjiWM? Ckansk or Horau. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY. JaaiWk, 1860, train* will run aafollows: Leave Waehington at 6 30 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington at &3u ana 6 JO p. ml On Sunday at 3 *) p. m. Leave Baltimore at and 1.40 a. m. LiOfrve Ma.Dinore at 3.16 and U p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Pas?Mf*ri for the East will takt trains at IM and ?. ? a. m and s? For tfee WMt at l.?* a. m. and S.J0 p. a. For Annapolis at 1M a m and SJO p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Satirday mni the U0 p. wl train goaa to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PAKOONB.Atwt. NEW ORLEANS WITH Til CHnratt nw tuvkb ?nirTP? _ V ? V* A. OMf Orangs and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR?: /trgtnta and Tennessee. Bast Tennej364 and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Control, Now Or loans and Jaokoon, TO NEW ORLfcANB! MEMPHIS" ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, tfcmo* bj First glass PukeU to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgoraery by Ru!. thenoe to Mobile by Piratolas* P&cksU. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?StwdaTS InciTBD. Leave WaskiniMi at 6 a. a. and a. as. Trie Steamer ShviKSK PAGE lear#* her wharf foot of SeYanth street at 6k a. n. and 6* p. m. and oodcocU at Alexandria mta the Orange aad Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwaat. Ofloa?Posse rtrania trtnt, ?orner of Sixth at. UMill CUCUI TMXOVCK TO BMW OKUill. Lynchburg 97 K> Memphis . ?8 M Brutal? Won AUa&ta M ? Knoxnlle . .. ...., aooa Macon > M Cb&ttanoota ? .24?0 Oolninhaa S (0 Daiton? 24ot MontgomeryJ? 00 HunUril.e J Tia jHemjMMS W> Grand Junction ?"0ft N.O.> Yia?. Jew C K nMLTliie . ... ** HI -U'l THI8 ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY 117 RAIL 00 MILES SHORTKR. Ib4 94 HOURS LESS |b XlittK than any other l.iaa?th* Lrnnhboi* Extanaioa baits bow oomalated, m alao tta? Miaaiaaippi OntraJ, maktor it tka QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT MOUTM FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia frondad with Firat-olajw 8ia*pmf Can! t,?kITo B *? t S: K",KM Ticket* can b? obtained at the Boatk WMm Office, corner of BUrth atreet and PsnnftTlvatUa ?teiiue, to taa foliowinc poi&U: KnoiviUe, Atlneta, Chattauooca, HanUrille, Grand Juotion, Maoon. NMhrille Balton, Col nm bin. 117" THROUGH TICKETS TO TETK VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fT7*OinnibmaM and Bfim* WifOU laara tka ofiM at a. m. aad p. m. JAMBS EVANS, Tiekat AfMt, ma 3t-tr Corner Sixth ?t. aaora. mw. T<HE 8TKAMKR J AS. GUY Will raaw tor I trips on TUESDAY, Slat of February, IMP. Wifllaava WASH INGTON atrarr TUR8DAY an FRIDAY, at#o*eiook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at haJfpasts o'oiook, for Ct'RRIOMAN and tka NATB'L BOU^M A?iSfiD,'ritS OmoE %n8/^ffi|RiN,> ?"L? Wa HiiraTOH, J fly It, laoo. NOTICE TS HEREBY Oltjty. That, ably to tho proviiioua of the oidinanoe of the Cor* poration approved May 12. IMP. tho nuder?u&od la now prepared, "whenever roaulred in writing, and on pre pa? ment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapeetj examine, teat, prove, and ascertain tha accuracy of regictration cf any km meter in uae in thia oity." Every meter, if found inoorreot, wiil be ooodernned, and another, aeaied and marked aa true, will be aetini'* place. If proved to be aocnrate in ita measurement of (aa, it wfli be aeaied aeoordingly, and again put inpoawioa for aae. Offioe No S10 Seventh atreet,(near Odd Pal,o*a' Bail > (>pan from a. m., to 6p. m. CHAHL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jf lM-tf Inapeotor and Sealer of ttaa Meters. ROWS'* IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Stoaiea^are offered to toe j?b;,e aa the futitate KM*r.'pona^*^^ VeVv o rFfct*te^mirj ZSKPJ?*?* ?? ** .! mrnrj mm where I^JFgi^^Kftasra* ?a?4r V a PATTWON. Ami WSAB FIXTURES. E Bit* in stora. and are dat.y raMTui, OAS VTTTURES of entirely New Pattern! aad Dmiim and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We itrrite oittzens general It to call and examtve oar sto?k of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling ooofident that we have the boat seleoted stock in Washington. All Work ia the above Tine intrusted to oar can will be promptly attended U>. MYERS A FRANCIS HARPER. 1' HATI1W OPfflB A" " FAMILY GROCKRY AND FKKD STORK, Crnmercf .Vrv Yfrk attnut and Tauk xtrtu. Respectfully eoliciU the MUoni|? of those v mar be id want of any artiole in the aoore line. Hit tndMTon hall be to piet**. and tj a atrvet attention to the waau of tfcip public, ha hope* to merit a share of their patroaafe. Hie tock oonaista or ere?7 article nauailr to be found in a biUlM Fanuly Grooery and Feod Store. > 17-tf BKWJN? IOOMJS. . NfV IB IteOM toirM HPu'rfTftMlJ 40 '*?!!%! HySy* T wo WOTW i. (.?. uhai< ?. m- a*rt. i,t.4mi. ^ ? (1^M* a ||?m MB 1 ?. /2JOO0 LIGHT! ^ C.EAFLie?MrBUeirri PARAFFIN M Oil^Ojal v voD , ..?? -01"-"ava.f2?ftu I memoes* . LUCE WWT1TU, Bkl tHmmwtd Uu mm Cmtmm, 5; ?W?, mmJ m?$ jyKWl JUniy w> uU Irgrfl, roA ALL DfSRABES OP IMPRUDRNG*. LET HO FALSE DELICACY FRETEXT. APPLY IMftfCl) ATHLT. A CERE WARRANTED. OR MO CHAROM, III FROM OHM TO TWO MA ft. Dww Plwm _?f HWlni fjj, kni TtniMi Dttirtin ua> f rw MMm) Mm ?f Tmt??* ? Dn>4f(l ul / <- riMUNt rtiak >? 4m M>mi|i MtpaMifel*. < o ii?y fcau |M; M I RM TOH?MIR ' n<ini vk? in* * ? ? i>* (mum ?r a?n *<7 *14 <rnM u< tiivicw'i feftktl CkMt itHdli l?Mp M UklMlf (TC?? !>! >?<* tl T fn.| KM aftM mm\ M*it*4 iaj*mi t*4 Mkii muIWm, ?* Mk |<IH?| h*?* MUU??< M?U lfc* ?f tiMHMI * >U?4 w iMuitti b-iij iff, ?j Mil ?ti rail ? ! IHI"f PUIJII. m Tii>|M>i<H.?f iitotlhr *n,Ma| ( Itf Hi MfuM ?AlH?. tfttdili tm4 1 ?bt lUttt k.UHlIwtil lk? Mr* ?f P? J. My r*>^? Ml; *MM* to III* kM?f 11 * f*?>*M?* ua IMMIM; M? paa km M%tll ** * p?y*i*ua. iwi kwrliS* ^T 5*2*22? eBICBeHBerr' WlM |lM U4MU> * *'-i 1 ML JOBMTOI, >m ?<IM BmiI Oil.*# iflniMH, 1 ?<?.mlMH bw Ml it Ikl MM IKlMM la M* < (] Iwim, u< Ul |TWttf put ?r ftm iii* im* ww *paal i* a* km ml? if lm4m, hn*,niul*MI> *?4 * l***k*r*, im Mtu4 mmW Ik* mm wmiUu| *???? 1U1 **r* au) lnMI*4 viu r'.t.finj u iii l*>4 u< mm wh*i ulni; pm iinnnHi, ?*i?f tUmW u |W<M null, IuWmii wiik frtuaaal liuliif, *u*o4*4 mi (MM *M iMUfNMMrfMi NN< IMllHlltT Tin rumciuki nonet. Tarn*I mm *?4 Mm wka ka?* untie moinii If i linua pratiici ia4*.f*4 .* ?k*o llm * bm ftMMMlf (no **tl e*uip*?i*ai, sr *i *iIm , it* *nm af vklct u* aifk-Jj felt ?? ? ?*n Ml**f.u4K(M ?aM. taa4*n imni|i f p?a?illi, ?4 4*euepe Ml Mia 4 a*4 Mf, *kial4 *pptr IMH4MIU. Am* ui mm *1 Ik* m4 tal Uakfcaly if*ruii*(*ii4 k* Mrt? kakna W niit i?i W*?ka*** afM* kit %m* IMak*. Fain* ta lb* Mm4, PiaiiM af fc(t' Uh af Mimm hvn, MpttaiiM at lk? Iaut,Dm?|*i Mikmi ImuMiIf, D*ru|?a*rt*( IM Dlf *au>* f >.(uml, m*mlI D*Mfct# , Ijaiuu of Cai.*au> p'.i*r, Ac HIRTALLT -Ta* fnHii if itu an ui aM an aiitti k* 4ra*4i4?Lm* af V>re?r, C*n'*?,*c_ af 14***, 0*pr***iM _ .... i nuwir.p. I?ll ^iKrlH, fca*?W ?* *?,T*??IIn7, IU,in HBI Ui inn pa?i>WL KftTOII DI1IIITT -TVibuuui ) <( vlii to ifc* uui ?f ib?ir d?-/uiirj httjik, iMicf tk*ir if MM?f ?hI, f?l?, mum *n< mcuu(.b?>ir|ifltpi? IffHNMI ttoHltoir*. f T-r1 . , |MI,,||M OISEAUU or IMMLtnitNCR. WkM Ik* B?piM HDKtotM ??Ury W y.wwn to* fc* ku iir ?ik*d tk? M*<1< af ifctt <m?u?, K ua i(In hifii' U*i *n ?tint < ttunkin fr?? u *ni wS?.fr?ni ^Mtiaul rMpccukiUty. tu iwm Mnn4 kim. tott* tmm ?m btafa < VnMUM miHflin, w%?, ?L.i. ?. v_.HU, ? ? pmiuuj muici llip LUB M.k| aaath ufar raU, ? u aa U,a amallaai ft* Hi t? ?feKlttl aad la daasatr taa ?a ntn. w?* IhIU w a?ar hi* (tltinf <i?*ff*t*Ui*Dll ar hy th* H**(|lHl4*tA mmi, ll a r ary. biaui III* (HWuml miuw W tkfa iambi* torn*, m'i u 4(kum**'im RiwLTttwi, Mt, kia.ftc . praf raaau r with friffctfhl r*p?4Uf. liit <**U paw a ariad ?a hi* Iraadfal ofiraf* I; aaLding h* ta thai a?|ltM?*ti< cwtiirr fraas vfcaa* haarna aa lr***lar mmi ML JOUIOIIKEMEOT T ?* OR<?AWIC ?EAUM BO 1MPUTKNCT. By Iku fraai aad lagmm riaa^p vaakaaa* rf IM *<M a?a *p**d..; tatad aoe Ml aigaa aaaiaiad tk***M4**(ita aat n*r?aa* a?d dahUtniad, wha had last ail hap* haaa haaa iiataadtaialy fall a? ad AU m^adia*au ta Mxfl*|*. fty*Hll a* Maaia Pt*llalh >aal?io?. baaa W hiiiwita P*vn, MaraJaa InUaMlIti TnaUui wd W*?ha?* a* Eahaaatiaa ! Ua aaaihuta kkd apaaadflj tarad unoiOHEn or rax ntu ni MA.VT liMMM cmrad a'Uiia laatltaOaa vtUla Ik* laat ***aata*a **ua. aad tha afaarta* iup*ftaai taraaaal aparaua*.* faiwiaad h? D* Jahana. vitaaaaad fey tM rapanata af (tea papara aad aaaay aUar aaniaa, aaaltaa ad vaaah haaa anairad afaia aad a(*u hafara Ua aahUa, ha* Ma* hlMtulu.( ha a (talJaaaa af ahtraaxi aal iaiaaaa> hU!?y. la h aaSalaat (umiaa ta th* a?iata< taa tfc-ty u. J. tfuvKK Doiya IMPERIAL WINE BITTEH8, I At* BOW. bS:n* from Main* to th* 6 rf*t Halt Lak% anl let iutitmi riiot of *1! who u* tfawn either u a ?wluwi or u i btrtfafi. k thM th?T are luirnw. in tfc* world tfc?n aooeaAtty lc hi* praotirw for K T?an> Mhn - irftrs 5ms; thair n?di?4nai rro*?rt>M thsr ar? a nia vfa*<kT humanity Ml aUvooatee of tciuperaaee ** > * us is nMbtaine tbrse ?lc&b;a Vegetable flitters for the *??iwraJ rim? ana mMmud / hmti with whioh the oo^rtrv !s flooded, and thereby affceMiSjly aid^m ban-*>ii?g UiMaMud Draakttaaa CHARLF.S WiDDlFlti.D * CO., Prtnctors, TP Wu.ic.m atreei. Naw York. * 8Ch ARZE. Ai^ctt lVaatuagtoa, DTc. ?. J. HOTKK IX >D^ Jt/JI. ?/i* BITTERS. Por Diseases of the Kidneys,, Bladder M Cnpary (trgact. and e?p*oallj for Fenti- ObeVoetio;>s, never All to ova. aaJ are warr?utad to give sata^CHARLBB WIDDIF1ELD * COFro^neto's, 19 Wiibam ac/New York. J. SCHWAR7.F. jo7-lT<r Ami. " f iff iwarn?AFFLY THE HMMMDY VPP kmjuh'm ix health, Hriet J, do you safer? Are too the rioUm of aay of those Domcouc ii.m?Dt< whioh arias rrom lararity of tL* blood? WLiHtf thoy, do yo? aakf Rather uk, vUt ar? they not t T ho blood u the aaros of 111* and health. and it i* tbs first oar d?ior to rsspoixl to any oaase which efeets th- iTMm. aa the puiac loftJitx* aueata The ever Cevaiiiag Neuralgia. the Irritating Eryips.aa.ths btW Sorolula, the agotusiag Rheumatism. Nsrvoua Debility. Dyrpepeia. Liver Complaint with its torpor and dejeotioa, anc the nwbsrlen ilia Qwi flesh ia heir to, derive 'heir hideoua origin from the bicMMl, Deal kindly the? and gsctly viu Um t> oc. Us* the vitalising ras>.uro*e of satsr? (or ita ai4. and suffsr aa to ooirniena to your eoufidsnos and ass that truly valuable medicament known aa indian moftable dkcqction. With regard to thia almost infalliMe spscifis Bular ssntiinent baa spoken in d^oidsd tersna, the svidsnoss ? f this great efcoacy are aastaired by oonrtant avrwa: a of curative arid th* happiest resu'ta frotr. ita uae ar? after all othsr remedioa and the test medical a kill have fai ?d. Lot aa say, in euue'usiou. La*t oerUfieatea anrea are not sought fr,>m the illiterate and aseerfioial, but they are volunteered from the most rsIt^OtAblB lOorOM ftud inatif* tka - *? Vbioh it ia po??iu? to command so ? niy by iU re?tor?tir? effPoU. Ui? i*it*wi rearer luifroadiwiiiwiUi nofirw ennftftvt r d&I nt<?r, ?s"X . N?m imiim ui?M l'?r uub? is fcova oa Um ootue anc bar ??ai us tha oork rrr Pnoo 91 per lotiie. six bottlaa for ft ft. wkoleiaU Atmt. jL *. T. CIPSEL. I>rnr|t?t. 6?nr|Mnvi| 0 C? Wbolaaaia Agwrt for tha Dta trto'.and willaappiy tha tradeat air jnoaa. pROPKRTY OWNEIS A.M> UUILDKRR. Vour attention and exaaiinaUoa ia reaaeotfnUy oliaited to *xanua* the oe'ebratad New \ wt SUTTA PKROHA ROoPINO M4 Ihf Gl"TTA EKRCUA PaINT for Hintini tu roun. Ttua atta Par ok* KooIdi and Paint ia aaknovMca* bt all tha beat areaiteou in Now York oity to b* the boat and oheapeat Ruoing and Paiot ia aijat mm. It oaa b* aeea at H. W. HAMILTOtS niit 9tor?. 119 9w??U atraec CA*riELP k B AM ILTO N ara tka ante acenta for Waajkincian, e?ori?ioa?, Alexandria and tne Soath. Party tfcer taf?rw>at'oa addieaa aa ahova. no M-t| 279 *Jg!EZ*i?u 206 ft i?VLUftiV ' *t??7ill or^ar* lor Dtstm. hiwri. Bail*. mm rriTUf PartMS, wh*k viil k* Mrv?d i)U kjl i?A Wt T. IMJVK * CO. ARE Nov to nmli ui orCtn wMt *mmiS^AM FTTTIII# BUSINESS. ITT Stor* *n M* (UMt, a few doors aartfe t( Pi, I rvlvaata, Marylaad sod Vtr*?ia, lao. imfiitf J Hraadiaa. Hmimii. Otaed, Omftr fc O*.. JiIm RobiM, ft*. am.pimkku Aim pwt iMiMd 01a. old aoc V.. (\rpn\T'M aiiMPowni i uVofer. S?U Agmm ft* tin IH<irvi nf riwiiWl Iatc* ??k.t, MBbrvmaf ?T?ry ?*mtr,>iw&r? OB fcni. agrr^T^to^>?rr*rt? 0ALTiM?tB ^ ' '"* I?5 i ^nilrw * *

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