Newspaper of Evening Star, November 16, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 16, 1860 Page 1
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iw!rqs? -a "" ~!2SS^? --- JIT 1# f* ||MT | ,1ll?> ' ur ' ' ?? ? ~ fir, - ? " " , , JWn# W f~ ' . ?? * l*mr\ :. ; ? */;?." . f . . (fkuittfi Star. i < ,*'. *. ?__ * " ;7 * * .-. 11 ' 1 ' ...I. ,M vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 16. I860. N-. 2.418. -1 THE EVENING STAR a PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SrNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THI STAR BCILDMAS, Corner #/Ptnntylwni* m*tnu4 mnd 11U U., * ?T W. D. WALLACfl. P*9*rt aerT?d in ptekXK fct o*rrtor? M < I JM*. or 37 MRU per raontfc. To Mil aabnrlk?ra Ik* prim ia 93Jo ? jmj, im mJvmmet; #t for six ? ai iv. 4k?.? Ua wnui?i ?1 IWI ! 1 II I F ?- - ttrMnwiUiitU*rit*?fU?MUlWHft. 8in*ie toftH, o?icairr; in ??!>*' two cum. (CTAsmTituiirrt iiotld tomttotkiolM Mor? IS o'oiook m.; otherwise they My nntil 'h* next day. [Fob thi Star EV( (RSIO* FROM WAIHiNGIVN. N?. 3. BOSTOS Cobbob. The pride of every Bostonian first claimed oar attention We were much disappointed in oar firat view, there being so flower* or shrubbery in the whole groandr The hills, talleys, end trees resembled the eoantrr very much, gravel walks, so called, bat which were as smooth as a floor?very different from the disagreeably stony walks in Lafayette Square. ?<i nth?p nnklut bImm in Washington?ran in every direction, shaded by the -'lords of tha foraat. A stand for the band, which we wara Void nlajed for the citisens twice a week, and the "fcrojr poad,'' completed oar first observitions. Bat, after visiting it several times, it began to imprav* in oar estimation, until we began to be as enthusiastic in its praises as the Boator themselves. It contains aboat 1.300 tr^ea, ur^uf which is the famous elm, under I vhi<*h tha Indians concluded treaties among themselves and the whit* men, in tha early * ' TVi. -I k.> k^,. (k. maiurj ui lue coaairj- tuu ciui um wen >u< especial care of the city for many years; it has been doc to rod and nursed with all ctre to preMrre it* life. A few years since it was split in two by a severe gale of wind, and we beheld it earefully wrapped ap with sail cloth and bound with iron noops. to Veep goal and body together. There were left only a few leaves and branches, looking rigorous and thrifty, and the prospect now is that it w:ll stand many years. It waa known when the Pilgrims landed as the "Old Elm." Recently the Botlonians bare laid out * new Jark. on the Neck. Its dimensions arc small, at the fountain*, the flowers, and shrubbery, tastefully arrauged, aud the two shaded arenaes, leading to it from opposite sides, make it a pleasant resort, which ia now attracting tlia ait v in IKaiv IUO Uiui o iaouivu?viv V* ?u? w??y ??? ? ? evening promenade*. On oar return from this park, we visited the moat beautiful saloon we ever uw. In the centra of the room ?u a fountain, iwutiii from the month of a fish, riling above the railing in the gallery, and falling again into the baain below, where gold (lib aportod among Jhe atonea piled on each other quita naturally. Around the baain were two rowa of plants, many of them in blossom, rising nearly to the outline. from which bung nearly twenty cages, I containing canaries, from whom came auch train* of music that we were tempted to believe ourselves really in the country. The room was of a circular form, with a single row of tables around it, richly furnished with silver. The effect of the whole was exceedingly pleasant. Mbr'-hast's Exciasgk. In this fine granite structure we found the daily paper* from every part of the Union. The people were oontinually passing in and oat, so that during half an hour there mast %. 1. a i _ .? it I nare oeen nunareas in 101 room, reaaing mo Utest new*. Moat of them appeared to be holiness men. who daily stopped thas on their way to their place of toil. Another object of great interest in Boston u the Avicarial Gardens, Under the charge of Mr. Cutting, a gentleman who tames his animals through kindness. This . is said to be the larwen collection of sea aai1 mals in the United States. In a large open cistern near the center of the room were some I seals. One of these lay on bis back and made believe sleep, and snored at a word from his keeper Another, named "Beonie," performed sundry feats, astonishing to as, for wo had supposed them very stupid. He bathed like the ladies, shook hands with them, bowed to I them And finally played Fisher's Horn pi pa on a small band-organ, to the great amusement of the spectators, turning the crank slowly at first, mj that we eould distinguish every note, Jbut suddenly growing animated, he turned so rapidly that it would be impossible for the most nimble feet to keep ap. He was taagbt tbif in three weeks, without receiving a single blow. Passiug fr>m this, we observed a large glass cistern containing a great number of shell-fish of various kinds, and in the same cistern, a man-eater shark, about twelve inchas long. It was a hideous looking fish, its month extending under the head almost to the neck?ha attracted considerable attention. la one of the smaller eases we saw a tiny sea-horse, retting on a bunch of grass in the water, but on being roused he rose to the surface, exhibiting a ae\ stmiU head and neck of a horse m miniature. j We notice^ that through all the cisterns or I cue* of water, a stream of air *ai constantly i parting; in some much more rapid and in | larger streams than others, depending on the ' ability of the animal within to oonsume air. Never did I hare so virid a conception of the beaut/ in the sea, as when I beheld these sea animals. No pen or pencil 3*n describe them. ^ Besides these, in separate corner* of the 1 room were other objects of interest?in on*, was tbe "Happy Family." consisting of a dog, | a Japanese eat, a raccoon, two or tnree monj keys. rats, mice, Ac., all sleeping quietly tof eeiher In another, was a cage containing a ; boa constrictor, spotted adder, and an alii gator. Mr. Catting opened the door, patted the latter on tbe head, telling him "he did not know anything," and coaxed the spotted adder oat to far, that be twined himself round hi* arm. and nestled his head on Mr. Cuttinc's neck We were told that when firat brought here ha woo Id daih hia head against the glass whenever any person pawed. In the third coirer were two kangaroos, who exhibited much pleasure in their keeper a sooiety, by sparring with him, showing to us, for the first time, some intellect and activity. We bad supposed this animal stupid, repairing tbe whip of a Lmu Rice to awake him into life even, bat it required a skillful, active boxer ) to ave hi* bead from severe blow*. Thi* til a very interesting par' of the exhibition. , Near these waa a ease containing several I varieties of owl*. Their large eye* and feather horn*, gave them a very wise appaaranae; bat they were exceedingly crona, hardly allowing any one to look at lb em There were *o many object* of intareat that it wonld have taken week* to look at them all carefatly. \ The eatabluhmeat i* shortly to be removad I to a bailding fitted ap In handsome atyle, at : great expense, in Central Coart. The room it |' A fitted ap in the style of a theater, with atage, | | f - ?"w Jf Mk.?OIU? UWA081 ??'? f- all arranged Cor the especial purpose of exhiba iting living curioeiuee Prof. Agaaaiz haa been invitad to deliver the opening address. AltoI gather thia is tka finest aqaarial exhibition f Sow in thia country. It opena an entire new > world to every one. and moat furnish material | for thought for montha nod years after seeing its wondera. In no better way can the lower ordera of aniaala be studied. Their habita and oharaelariatioa may hara be fally aeen and carefully studied Mr. Catting baa certainly conferred a great benefit on the American people by eatabliahing thia intareating exhibition. _ Atiuxci. Art baa bom* in Boston. The collection of statuary aad paintings is rwy extensive. There are about one hundred piecee of statuary and upwards of three hundred paintings. The cut from the statue of the Vatican "Mer* cunr" attract* the attention of all visitor*. "The beautifnl image is Inscrutable as the inner oracle of a truly great and matchless man The realm of art scarcely possesses a mouumeoi of like ezoalleaoe and oomaleta MM P We noticed oasts of Michael Angela's celobratod stataes of "Da* and Night; the orig* a ?_ _ ? ??? ?* * idbi is u Florence n e war* not so remark& ably pleased with this concepiioa It is a B piece over whi-h the imagination has great A eootrol and heaae tha groat inmbtr of seutif 1 Menu ealled forth by entles. It nay be oalled kJL a great work of art for thia rerj reaaoa. Might, wteoa thoa asW so calmly sleeping. Was by aa iapl formed " W Day s e??e aje breaking bold and paaalonate ? Otw bts, and wUl flub abhorrence I On darkneaa e e e e The group ef "Unole Toby and Widow Wadman" represents to the very life the sentiment in the following from TrLitam Shandy. Widow Wadman has a mote, or sand, or towutkinf, in her eye, and asks Unole Toby to look at it. " If thou look eat, Uncle Toby, in search of this mote oae moment longea, thou art undone." Tho cast of the statue of Silenns, with the infant Bacchus, is among the collection This statue was found among the rnins of the gardens of Sallust, and is remarkably well preserved. It is one of the most celebrated pronrtttnnm aw?!an? ?l- ? 1 ? ? ??_ ? WHVMVU* VI KUVIVUI Bin. XUO wuuie ?pp??r* aooe of the *ork, the ivy leaves and berries, the panther akin, the goat's eara, the bald head of Silenua, and the beautiful hair of Bacohua, all indicate that thia ia A production of the moet elevated period of art. Of the modern worka of art we can hardly mention any of them?the boat of Judge Story, by hia son, W W. Story; Hebe and Qanymede, by Crawford; the group of The Graces, by Mrs. Mountford; Daniel Webster, by Pow ra; and a bnat of * Vestal, by Power*; are all worthy of a long atady. What an advantage to youth to hnve each a perpetual lesson before them aa thia gallery of statuary present*. The Roman, Grecian, or modern head, each haa its peculiar mark, and a child could net mistake them Among the paintings in this collection are many of note.' The moat remarkable, perhaps, is BehhasMr's Fenat. This work is not finished The last touches that Allston ever gave are on this canvas, and were made a few hours before his death. The original plan of the picture was changed by the artist, and hence has nn inharmonious appearance, bnt bad it been carried out, doubtless the work would be acknowledged as the first of modern worka of art. Allston's death has immortalized it. But we cannot be particular in our descriptions. It is not a passing view that cad criticise or even properly notioe works of art, that need to be studied for days fully to appre ciaie or even get a good idea of the artist's intention and object in the work. Oar ideas tnd feeling* were somewhat similar to Mra E. B. Browning'*, when the said? "A vearning to the beautiful denied yoa Snail strain your power*; Ideal aweetness shall override you, Reaumed from ours! Id all your music our pathetic mind Your ears (hall cross ; And til fSYr sl<ht< abali mind you of division With sense of loea." Plato'* philosophy wu akin to this feeling. He regarded the human sonl as an exile from its radiant home, followed bv inflnita in?nir?. tions. and hauntiDg recollections of lb * beautiful in right and round. Art has jet scarcely a home in the New World. But few impulses are felt in the great American mind. Oar great historic, scenic, and ideal works are yet to be produced. Age mast m&tare the conceptions of American artists, and it is as idle to look for great works from the American srhooi as to find a head of Apollo among the early Romans or Greeks. Musical Festival. All* -i'- A *? ?1 * m tug vwi ovaj iu iuo cujf, (uc rcowrsai oi j the exercises for *he Musical Festival, bj the children of the publio school*, took plaee in the Music Hall. We had the privilege of being among the few iavited guests of the oocasion. On entering the Hall, we found accommodations for tenting about 1,400 singers, in ciroular range* from the platform, rising one above another, as high as 30 feet, making sort of inverted hollow half cone. In the centre, oq the platform and in front of the organ, was a fnll .kl.k -Kk ?i ^ " .... w.iu iu> uigtj, iurmea me instrumental part. The first piece song waa the Lord's Prayer in chant; and notwithstanding it waa aung by 1,400 children, the ennnoiation waa most perfect?much plainer than quny persons read who call themselves good refers. This was followed by large number of pieces, both saored and secular, which were executed in a atyle that might have given eredit to older persons. A professor of music who sat near me, remarked that this was tbe first time he had witneeaod anvthin* like it in America. lit said it compared very favorably with the celebrated Berlin festivals, where as many as a thousand singers form a single choir. It waa a repetition of this same music which waa performed in honor and presence of the Prince of Wales during his recent visit. As oar visit to the city drew near its close, the desire to prolong it and to know more of Boston in its intellectual and moral oharaoter became so strong that nothing but imperative previous arrangements prevented our stay. We were obliged to leave without visiting many of its noted institutions. V. L. < An Horkit Okowl - ! am siok of nolitioa T am aick of torchlight fissles I am sick of the Priuoe I am tick of men who never talk sense to women. I am siek of gloomy Pharisees, and wordy.idealeaa sermons and narrow oreeds. I am siok of lawless Sabbatarians, and female J-i -? * - * * lunuciB ana iree-iovers. l am sick of unhealthy, diseased books, full of mvstifioation and transcendental bosh. I am sick of "ohaste ribbons" *nd "ravishing lace." I am siok, in an age that produced a Bronte and a Browning, of the prate of men who assert that every woman should b? a perfect house-keeper, and fail to add, that every man should be a perfect carpenter. I am aa sick of women, self-styled "literary," who think it a proof of genius to despise every-day household duties. 7 am siok of schools for the manufacture of bent spines. I am siek ot parents, the eoffins of whose childrens are already being made, asking teachers to "add another branch" to the already suicidal pile of lessons. I am sick of over-worked, ill-ttaid female ou*r?tiir?? I w ? m J - ??v? \Jk OCClUK trnoU distributed where mod and bread should go. I am tick .of teeing noodle* in high places, and intelligence and refinement sitting in inglorious ease by their own firesides. I am siok of the enoooragement held out W> women by the other sex to remain pretty idols, followed by long moral easays upon the enormity of being such lam siok of flummery ard nonsense and humbug and pretension of every kin<^ I am sick of this everlasting aerabbling and crowding and pushing and joatliug, on the edge of>e five feet of earth whieh is all any one of tu can hay* at last, after all onr pains. Now, don't lay this growl to indigestion, for I never had it, or to biliousneas, for I feel as if I were just made, or long arrears of nnpaid Kills ? ? T ? ? ? * yj mm 1 go- ho, ?ir?ii u>? Epiaoopals hare it, ''all this I do steadfastly b?li?Te." Tb?r??now I f??l battar. ?Bonner's Ltilgtr. FaJ?*Y FeKX. "bftab'" 15 tbi Slavs maiiit .?The Raleigh iN. C ) Standard throws out oggntlofis that tM rand obieot of thm? ?h? ?? -? *" .... ?>!w nriuu|; aiicd turmoil in the cotton State* U not to produce seceasloa. either io? or iftrrMr. Liacola slaauguration, oat to create a panic among slaveholders of the border States, ao that they may be Induced to part with their negroes at a great sacrifice Under these circumstances oar contemporary ad rices Its readers to hold on to that special of property, as Um value which has lately been somewhat depressed will soon recover Its former height. Til Rrxatas or flu Wit. Wiun ?The ti. O. Delta of the 9th, says that Capt. J 8. West. _ j __A. J ? ** " iicvum irMM inn wen-Known companlon-iamm of the tele aud lamented Gen. W Walker, I Ml ted to-day, la the achooner John A. Taylor, | for TraxlUo Cap* Waat goea down to obtain, If poaalWc, tb* remain* of Gen. Wm Walker for his aged father la NaehvtUe. aad wa true! hla worthy aad melancholy mlaalon nay ba aucceaeful. IC^Tba New York Tribane referring to Mr. Brecklartdga'a leaortod Intention of vial ting the Soathera Sutea, unintentionally payt Mr. Everett thlaeo?npllanaat: Mr. Everett alao, might reader freat aervlce to hla caaatry la tkle ertata la Booth Carolina especially, no voice would be heard with greater attaatlaa thaa hta. IDT J. O Shook, editor ?f the Waco (Texaa) Democrat, was kilted oa the 25th alt., by Tom MeCoedell, who gave hlmaelf up to the law. (fy Mr. Hobba. the ealebrated lock maker, has arrived la Jtoeton. jrr Y Ths District Officers.?From a gossiping Washington letter in the N. Y. Express, we clip the following: It appeam that Mr. Lincoln is so ran down with uffice-3! ekers at Springfield, that he has determined r? remove, in a few weeks, to the residence of Franeis P. Blair, in Md., about six miles from tliis city. Rather a queer domieil. tou will say. for an admirer of Heary Clay. Mr. Blair's house ean only be reached by an ordinary road, and a muddy one to boot in the winter. The usual charge for a hack from this city is $5. I mention this for the benefit of the New York office seekers. They should also bear in mind before they start, that possibly Old Abe may not be at home when they arrive. In this way, if thty are wise, they will save their five dollars. There are, of oourte, numerous candidates for the District office* in the field. For Marshe!, Mr. George Harrington, the well-known lobby agent for the New York claims for goods destroyed by the fir* of 1835. Mr. B. B. French and Mr. John A. Linton. Harrington and Linton were originally whigs, French a Locofoco from N. H. Harrington was chief clerk of the Treasury ander Corwin, end is a native of Massachusetts. Linton is a native of Virginia, and the son-in-law of Wm. A. Bradley, ex-postmaster of this oity. French wm a Know-Nothing in 1855 and '56, but meanly denied it over his own signature in the Star, when threatened Vith removal from office by tten. Pierce. Lewis Clephane and Daniel R. Ooodloe, both rocently connected with the National Era, are candidates for lucrative offices. The former wishes to be 1st Assistant P. M General. He was the agent in this city for Helper's book, and has circulated thousands of copies. Nathan Sargont world like the City Post Office or his old place of Register of our Treasury. He deserted the Union party in June last. Mr. Coombs, formerly of Ohio, is said to be a candidate (or the place of District Attorney.' He is now clerk to the Military Committee of the House, and wu one of the editors of the Republic, which died la*t winter. Mr. llatch, formerly of Banguc, is spoken of for Commissioner of Pension*. It is a little singular that nearly all the gentlemen above named are Unitarians?vis., Harriugton, French, QoodSoe, Sargent. Linton and Hatch. Yet the Unitarian congregation here is the smallest in the city. A Paid Fiat D*r*aTi**ht iw Richmond ?Tbe Cltv Councils of Richmond. Va , have passed a will sa. " ,v * ? #in iu irur^muie lur r ire urpirimHU upon xue paid system, and to emplov a limited number of team-engine* in connection with the old machine The Department U to consist of a principal engineer, four commander*, four foremen and eventy-two firemen; *l?o one engineer, one fireman and one hostler, with steam fire engine, three hand engine*, one book and ladder truck, reel*, hoae. and other apparatu* attached. H^Mr. Jea*e A. Glenn, a young attorney, and Dr Motflt. both citiseu* of Da I to a. Georgia, fell to quarreling, oi? election, over "a drunken tlafter,'' a* the paper* elegantly express it Mr. Glenn In*itt?d that he had a right to "vot* him," and a* Dr. Molllt persisted in urging objection*, he set. tied the tjuestion summarily oy drawing a pistol and shooting the Doctor. Say* the Journal of Commerce: "Great cry of fraud was heard from Burlingame's district In Bolton, the day aftar election, but it seems Justice Shaw baa concluded that all waa straight and legal. and thattbeimmaculateBurllDgameaubaldea quietly into a private citizen." * i hi wics awiiu ? it ta generally underatood among the varloua Wide Awake orgaulutlona In the North that they will meet In Washington on the 4th of Maren next to see Abe Lincoln Inaugurated. Notleaa than 100.000 of them are expected to be preaent. lH7"Dr. Livingstone, the African traveller, haa be*n beard of. He waa safe and well up to laat May, and reported that the native* of Africa evince leu hostility to travelers than formerly. [17 A woman and her live children were found _A T> 1 1/ fW .4L. ti.U -U * * ? ? - i i "pvu, iv. i on toe itiu mi., ueau iroai iur< vation. OEAl'TIFUL SILK ROBKS AT 913 #0. lJ To clo-e out immediately our st^ck of LIGHT 811.K HOBK8, w? have oonoludtxJ to run them off at 912 50 cash, If jou vant on-, don't wait ?fver*l days, a?d if all ere sol j so.Id ua for not h tvine wrat we advertise. V* ? a-e selling our er tire stock of HI i Ks ?nd all other goods in store without reotrd to oo?t for cash, in order to run off our st?ok and (ire possesion of the store on the 1st Janut'j est. CLAGKTTA MAY, do 10-6t 334 Pa. av.. bet 9th end loth Kts. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of tfce Royal Havana Lottery, oonduoted by the Government, under tbe supervision of the Captain Qeceral of Cuba, trill take place at Havana on tuksuav. Noninn 2?, 1M0. SOHTEO NUMERO Mfi ORDINARIO. CAPITAL, PRIZE #100,000. I k?*? of f 100/100 it) prises oI Cl.oot I do ? 40,000 w> do 6U I do i isa do ?oo 1 do ?,<?? tuapprox, .... I3(i 1 do I . ? 10/100 IN ALL >188 PRIZES. Whole Tickets, BtfO? Ha.Tee, f iu?Uaarlom, $t. Prixes oashed at sight at t?? coat. tflaooact. Bills on all sol wit Banks taken at par. A drawing will ho forwarded a* aoou aa the re*ail booornes known. All ordere for schemes or tiokeu to be addreeeed I* PON RODRIGUEZ, no 8-tr Raraof Citr Post. Onarl*aton. 3. C. WHY IS IT? HAT 8T1NEME1Z. THE HATTKR, 18 aiwajra basy and not hoard o.oakin* mm ath^ut dull Um?eI _ noo&uso n? anna i?? DMI traciM !B it the lowest ouh prioes. & SB N^^tyto&roU DRESS HITS, dc Sott hatsand Caps. Mwm' JO' KEY hats,Trimmed aad Uatrimaud. PURS! PURS!! For ladies and child-en, my assortment la now iajer than ever. PUR TRIMMINGS 25to Jfioentaeeryard. M. H. bTlNEMETZ, 336 Ha. av.t no 2 near corner Tnirteenth street. TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Hare just reoeived th \ largest assortment and bow offer the most extensive vsri^ty at tu va< isks, carpet bags, satchels, ao., in this oity, which we are sell n* at Terr low piioee. wall, stephens * co , oc? *f *33 Pk. ?mnn*. jjjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. I Capital ?300,000. QjUe torn r C ttrtrt and L?m\tinna ?., over Bank a/ Wmkintton mow goruTr Dikkctob* Ko Shoemaker, Samuel Red fern, m?#l Crotl?T, William wi ton, Kicter^ Jon?s, John D Barola?, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Kothwell, Tho*. Parker, Kiahard Barry, B. B. Frenoh. No chart* for Policies ?A\lR8 A DAMS, President. Abcl 0. Davis, B?-rotary. oe lo-eofim kffill I.tss. VAKN in Blue, Srey ?UU B sck, White aid sodom on ore. WooltD and Cotton Hosiery and Gloves. GeatlenicB'i Ribbed Wool Shirts ud Ortvin, These good* ar- extra quality. Silk Sriirts and Drawers. Merino Shirts and Drawer# of all grades. Wo would call particular attention to our veil aeaorted stook uf a I kind of Dry Goods, suitable for all o aeses of persons, all of whi h will bo sold at the lowest market prioes. \V1 R RILEY* BRO. No. *6 Central Stores, bet 7th and 8th eta, oaH-stswlm opposite Cent-e Market URE OLD RYK WHISKY FOR MKDI^ ^ ClNAL. ISK. b . ?? rn ?II? rrr ju uwi Per 0011U. ***t bom* and foreign demand we hare for tkie ariiele anfltoientlr ttteri its rarity and exoel leao* Morwnr it mar be mentioned ia ihie ooaa?xi?B tn<U many mraid? of de.ioate orianiskwoe, aek'e to in whi?ky of other brande, aare ftwm ike above moat effiMeiou and haver in I" *.MootM A liberal dieenant on the above arieee made te the trade. KDvNaED hall Dealer in lea Winae aati Lieuore, Family tiraoeriea, * e , op?. CenterM?rk*t. oe 27-foSttt vtveen Tth end Stk etreete. IUBT RECEIVED, AT ' A t?t of 0KNT9'8 UNDKR8B1RT8 AND gR A W fc.ES, from aaotton, vkiok ke wiU^eell vnj EDUCATIONAL. GERMAN hANttt AGbrt, SIT Eighth *tr<-*t, between L and iaa the honor to annotmo* to the public that bo has re*nmed h a Ifaaona in til* above Ianjuaze*. ad kaa opened at Miaa W?od a seminary. I treet, between 12th and 13th ata , a Franch Cla.s in whioh young lade* will be admitted Ttaia ola?i ill moot three timea a week at half-past 3 p. m. Tarma: ?5 p.*r quarter of 19 week* Satiaf ctory arr&ngpm a<s made lor leaaona giv??n in schools. Mr de Vihiers offer* the ba?t refer*noe* aa to Ma seal, ability, Ao . *o oo 2*-lm FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent who wish th*ir daughters to reaai..? ? 1 * * ??nr > tuuii'UKn am systematic education, where their ph*?ioa! t.aminx wi 1 reoeive daily and special attention, under the moat hpproved s?stem of Calisthenics and Gy mnantics. are respectfully inn ted to viait the L'nion Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York at MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, an 30 tf Prinoipal*. IP EM ALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL 1 A^BXANURU, TA. Mm. B. J. MoCORMICK, PtiNcirja. The thirteenth annual section of this Institution will eommenoe on Tuesday, September 18th, u the house recently ocoupied by Sylve>ter Soott, Esu., No. 1*?0 King street. The conrse of study pursued will oompri*eall th>? hrai c.'ies requisite to a thorough English Edu dation, and Music, French, I*atin and Drawing, it desired. In addition to day eaholar*. Mra. MnCormiok la prepared to receive a limited number of pupils aa hna'ti*rs. who,'.onatituting a part of her own family, will be u-wler her immediate oare and supervision. ?>he will endeavor, ailar as poaeibie, to anrround Utem with tbe comforts aud kindly influences of Home. _ _ ... Ktfertntts.? Re*.Geo H. Norton, Rev. D-. Eiias Harrison. Rev. D F.Sprigg, William H Fowle, Keq., fyUar Snowden, Kaq . Edmund F Witmer, f "7 * ft I. *?_-? * "* * rmnry ;?inrr>ury, r."<J ? L.'Wia MCH'M e, Estj , Robert H. Honton, Esq, \V D Wallaah, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Watera, Ek<|.,Jaa. ntwisl*. Jr., Eaa ,Coi. Jnbn W.MinOT, Loudoun, M^nsrs. Hlauklook k Marshall, Mo??ra Cor.e brothers. Tnm. Hoard, with Tuition in alt the Engliah Blanches, .??? for tho annual seadion?payable semi annually, in a<lvanoe. Mnsio ami Languages at Professors' prices. IVo extra charges. au 23-11 Georgetown female seminary, ( Fokmbbly Mis* L. 8. English's.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The dutie* i.r this Institutien will be resumed on the first Monday in September next. Theoourae or instruction embraces a" that is tau<ht, trom the rudimerita to the tn??t h kly tin?i *.? cuuuauuu. The eorps of teachers, t?n in number,are ennoentiv qualified and experienced in their several department* Lecture* Fnda* evervinr?on the Natural Science* without charge to the pupil*. Circulars mar l?eob'ain*d by addresiin* the Principal, Mi?? mVJ HARROVkK,Georgetown, D.C. au 22-eo3iri WOOD AND COAL. Kindling and stove wood Manafaetured any length. and d livered to any p%rtof the oitjr at the vhorteat notice, and at the lowest passible rates, by SHERIFF A. DAwSOJI. tTT Offioe sooth side Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4X st?.; wharf and initl west side street and Canal. nol-lin JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER aw nibbiiiv iihnwv nirvbi) (>?toN or tkb Blpb Flao Staff,) Stilh ( the Canal, aeir 7th itrwl Bridfe, Will furtwah, at the shorteet notiee, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, O* AifT KIKD, Cut and Split to any Diwuniions, CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full measurement (uaranbed. r ?m*m> jl* tliw rf it* p. mai side of Seventh street, south of tie Caual, aud opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. KT" HICKORY ANlToAK PLANK or TIM BEK '(>tbuy sis*' or dimensions) SA WED. POSTS or JOISTS KIPPKD,or LOOS SAWED, at the shortest notioe IDr :*ma!l Job? of BLACKSMITH!NO promptly executed.mabove t WOOD AND COAL. Delivered to all parts of the oitjr, at the loveot possible rules. T J. A W. M. GALT, Office iWS Pa. av., between Uth and 13th its., ma 17 tf north tide. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. f.OO.Mia, M D., the inventor and patentee of the WIN KRAI. FLAT* TEETH, at teiida at hi* offio? In thia oit> Many person* oau wtar ti:e?e teeth who***IIIP cannot wear others, and bo person oan Wear otbera who oan not wear these. Persons oallii'* at mj olfiaeoan be aouommodated with any style and prioe of Teetu th?y may d?.stre; hut to those whoare partieqlar and wish the purest, oleaneat, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan produce. the MI.Nt.KAL f LATE wiIIub inorefu ly warranted. Room* in this city?No. 338Pa avenue.betweon 9th and 10th ata. Also, 907 Aroh street, Ph.iadol phia: oc It-tf Dukntal. UAKU. 1. Mf'N80N Has returned and rMtotd his profa-aion. office and house at 463 E third door eaat of Sixth In addition t very o-her app'ovrd ?tyle, Or. M ha? nei^ > i iP teeth on vuloanue Baae for the laat thro* yeara acd, from *x?erienoe, knowa it oxoe.a all oth?ra. a-d u ooe-thtrd l*aa in prioe than gold. Bit old patron* of Washington. Alexandria, and Oeorc*town are reapeotfully aoJioUed t" oall. an tSeoly DDKNTUiTRY. R. HILLS, after a araotioa tc?t of two year* faela that ha oan with ooiifcder.oe reootn mend the Cheoplaatio Prooeeaforinaer?u.gfl|flK2 artifio.s.! teeth It haa the adrantArec or*""***** atrength, beauty, oieanuneaa, and cheapness. Pal upper aeta inaeri&d for 9&. Partial in proportion. Ofloe 306 Pa. avonse. m A CARD ?Having l*?en informed by aever?l reapootable oitiienathat o>ater naw s?\ kera^felting from buckets on thely ^ f aJ streets, have represented themselves as^^^jMW selling for me, and that not a few per on* have in this way had imposed upon them impure oysters, and complaint havinr be?n made to me to this effect. I have to it; that I have lo hawltera selling for me from buckets and do not allow the business to be ea^fied on from my estabhsl.ment as 1 do not deal M oysters ofthatcl%ss. Neither have I any branch of my establishment in any Dart of the eity. No oysters are sent by m? to Kniliee exoept on orders reoeiv-d at my only >pot. No. Sel C street, between 10th an l 11 h. oo 24 lm T M. HARVKV. " o LL c ?! Wv H&Sw I wish all gentlemen I w \ KMffH to bear ia mind that BOH the plan whieh I lad, six mri ago, of aelling ^E|^rFATS 4nd BOOTH at rrtati; ra duoed prioea for oaah ia in auooeiaful operation. Juat roc-jvad a full rupply ol the latest rfew York .fyle, of DKESS UA1D The very aneat llat fX50;a fir?t rata Hat as; and vary ??odkCy Hat JM M. All of tlie faloat at, lea of aofi HATj* and CAPS, at the rery loveat price*. I ain constantly au??>t?d with a rery large ?tock of tUoae fine DRESS BOOTS at which 1 have hsen aellinf for manr year a?aa well aa the vary uemauM ct 01 rwni i,Mtnerf.>AITKKS 9^SO, Fine French Ctlfakin Gut?ri from S3 to ?2 So. t Vl1^ charge in order to od'??t debt* ANTHONY, Agent for the Mmi u facta rare, 8orenth ttroet, teoond hat store fro? the oomer. opposite Atwu Home, No. *40. h 14-Sra * niu NOT1C K! N O T I C E !! aSH Mrs. HELLER l?*iUitk*luliNof9r WukiO|tni ?nd vieinitr to her Ortr.d Opening of kuhlOLHI ? P* .1. InJ WIvTfD ROMM^Vfl - ? ?wmu tf t ? A |L>?? ?/v Hi* ri 4 c?, on Pr(dft) And Saturday, 5th and 6th inatant, wtjan ha wi'l be happy to have ladiea ooirw and examine her a took of Good a, a* a he kaa a very handaoine of ail ai?*a aiid prioea, and a vary larje atoek of ^^ /MIBTWIG, HRAIO AND CURL MAKU\I PaCTORV.344 H?n.aTMie, near the oor ner of Thirtoonta it-nt-A vary oonplete a?eortM<Bt of Braid a, Curia. Fruettae, Baadeaea. A a., now oa haod; alao, tr ade to order at U* ?Uorta?t notiee Hair Work rapairad or taken la a?ekaaifa. ? t *m d~<OODHUE PI UK lNRim aNPR nOMPAMY w- _ orntwireit:. tt.. ~ Cajb Cahtal f ?00,0?0. T.? In tared MruoiMte in the profit* without tao?r 11* any hV aTH** ENOWLK9, Ar-nU, no g> tr OBw. ovr H?nk ??f W>?l?n>?fam. IF YOIJ WANT to getfinA '"lothiBf, ? urn-?hhu G >< d?, H*u *ud Cms. it low piio?s lo bMiItt'15,No.4Moo? im CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE TACTOR Y. . D Strut, Mlwua 9tk mmd WXkBtrmtt, we hare just finished a number of iret olaee CARRIAGES, mich M Litkt niu?.jnA Wa*o?j, par* Pktaious, Fnm%l* Ow VBWK m?j, a*d Butrui, which we will wU ?t*CaC*3 ?w> small smfit. Berni praotioal meebairios In different bratob*# of toe business, we flatUr ourselves that we kpov the stylee and qnatitj of work that will lire catap faotao% oombiuiK lifbtaeea, oomfort aad durabul 'ksMJrtnr jrompjlf and oarefnlly attoodad to U. jg^gy^ffoeaBy Coaci<ic&k?ri, aaooMeors to Wol T. Hook. afjMlr . XHE SabMtiber Aia^Q^^de add]Com to hi factory, making U aov ops of the largeat^^H^a ui the Diatnot, ?hw? hi* reetlitiM torflKX^R manutaotariugQARRIA9R * LIGHT*^^^^ WaGONS oi ail Fjnda oaonot k* anryaawd, and from hia long z^WMon* in ih? bana?, ka MfM toj>ive general aatiRfacaoB( au zinoa ?i mmi|M im Wckt wtcMi k**t m rtf* KTAIU Ml /* & , a*4 all r<*r* prem* I j attendee to. it*""4 "^anfiav^-fw^r* >M? -???? *r i??k as4 ft ?|e Dr. J. H. MeLEAN'S . STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMU BLOOD PtRIFlKK THE GREATEST REMEDY m ?*? WORLD, and the moat au i v. i\r v n A 11I ETSK TAKE S%f^aL h it itrietlr i act- vK. T B JP Mute and Vtpubit Compound, proenrtd by tba diatiila- Mr tioti of rno-a, h*rba, WA ?:1 and barka. Yailow MR tH Dock, Blood R?, tlr Jl Black R-U<*. ?-<ra*p?B>rk. and Daedalian niera into IU com1 Tha aeti?a r^r L rtmadiai p r la c l p i | Ming. dUullinr, rrodaeinr daHeioBa, tibilarauaf apiru, ud tk? n.oat infailitla '? r?no??ui.f the luiuit ejeieis, and rutorinf ihe lick, i>(iru(, u4 4iMlittU4 linlM M health and e!r? npth Me LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will efactnallr car* U??r Conipliiiii, Dyerepeia, Jeandiee, Chrooi: or Nerroaa, Dimum oftkt lldnefe, u4 alt dtwtiii uuin; frora a die >rd?rtd Liter or Itoatek, Oyercpua, Hurtborn, Inward Pilee, A<-tdn? or Sicknou of th? flto coach, rallueaa of fil<?o4 to Ilia Heed, Dull Paaa or 9t.>v u| in lha Head, PulpiiaUoo of thi Heart, Paliuaee or W lint id tb? Btou?*c>i. S-mr Cracuuoiia, Cbokin* or Ssfocaucr Fitlir.f whan Urine d???, Dryceae or YelleW. caaa of iSa 8km and Eyee, Nijht Ivtiu, Lctrt Fe?ere, Palu In tht Benali of ike Back. Chaat, or Side, Baddeu Ptaahee of Haat, Hapreaaio* of Bpinu, Fi-ifklfal Uraaat, l.ufaor, Paapondncy or aay ntrroaa dueaae, Boree or Blotch** oti ut lliu, tr>i Fmrui i|i? (or ChilU aad n*M.i OVXK A MILLION B0TTLE8 ba?a baao told dinu tha i??t iu mooiba, aod is a* maiaoca hu It fulli in firing anura ittithctiw. % Wo. will aaifar from W?Aoih ac Dabality whan McLtARt rnUCWQTHEHINO CORDIAL will or* r?? 1 No laiiptp can ?? Uaquu idw of tba toiiaodtili ud limot ouracaiooa ehaufa prodoca d bjr taking iku Cardial iu th* diMUtl, dabtiltatad, ud aha:urad oarana tjtiMui, whautr brokao down by new, weak by imiri, r Impaired by aieknaaa, th* raUiad tad analrung miuv latMn la raatorad to tt* priatina haaJU aad vigor MARRIED PERSONS or otbara, cortcio"-# of inability from wl>?ta?ar uui, will lod McLKANV bTRJCNGTfl SWING CORDIAL a tter ?fh ragaoarator of Uw ayataro; ud all who mat fcavt tn JaraJ tb?n.a*lT*a by impropar mdclgancaa will Cod la ikta Cordial a cartaiu and apaady ranady. TO THE LADIES. McLXANt STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ia a *??ar tifr. aad ap**dy_eara for locipiaat Cot> adaption, Whitaa, Miotroctas or utmcait ninr.tniw, Iceoounaoca of Crtna W IoToluiurT Dlacharr tbarauf, railing of tha Womb, (XddiuiM, FalnUof. u/lll iiMaHl iacidact to Kamalaa. THERE IS iVO MISTAKE AROUT IT Mir no louftr. Tak? it accordiof to diracuoaa. It will liailtti, itrfiiftliio, ai d m' jurM ?u? and caoaa tha bloom of h tilth to moo:it yru cbaak a {Lin. kvary bottia ia nnuU^ to fi?a aatiafae'.ioo. FOR CHILDREN If jmi cbildrao ara nckly, f%uw or aflietad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will m&ka tha is haalur. fat, ana robut Dili; oot a uomauij It* it. and jot will la coevinead. U ia daUeiou totaka. CA UTIONm Eawara of dri(^tta or d a 11 a ra who mtj try to palm a poo yjt aoir.a bittar or auraapaniia traah, wbicb thay cao boa ebaap, bt Hriof il ia }nai aa good. A*oid aocb naa Aak for McLBAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and taka aothior alaa. It ia tha ociy ramady that will PBrtfy tha Diced laoroafDiT 'an ? tna Mm* lima atraofuiaa the ayalaar Om uucoMfal Ukto ??#r_T morning hiunf it cartun pr?T#nti-?? for Cholara, Chilli ?nd Pa?ar, Tallow Pa*ar, or ic* pravalaat diaaaaa It la pat ?p la larva boulaa. t-noa onl? #1 far iKKila, or ( bocuaa for $6 T. R McLEAN. Bolt propriator of Ihia Cordial; alao. McLatn'a Tatonic Oil Mailman'. Principal Depot on taa cornar at Tluxd and Pioa tuaata, St. Loan. Mo. KcLe&n's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BB?T LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tba only aafa and cartaln cara for Caocara, PiUa, TanxjM, Bwallinfaaod Broachila ar Coitra, Ptralrata, N*br*lfia, Witkuen of tba Miuclaa, Chronic or lnlaionmury Rheumatism, Bulnaaa of 'ii Joiata, Contracttd Mnaciea or LifiittDta, Ku-tcut or Tooihaeha, Brsieee. Ipnin, Praah Cola, Wognda, CTeara, Fe*ar ftcraa, Caked Bratal, Bora Splaa, Borne, Bcalda, Mora Throat, or an; iu8?nnm?tion oc i, no differanca how ?e*ere or loar th? dia?a?e ni> a aiiatad, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a certain remedy. Tbooaa.ida of huou bain ja have baan aavad * life of dla erepitade ud mieaiy by the ua of thia iarilaabla remedy. MeLEAfTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve ptui a 1 moot instant* neonaly. and it will clean. pmrify u< heal tlit foalttt iuth in an lacrauikte ahoct Iim. FOR HORSE* ASD OTHER ANIMALS McLEAN"8 CELEBRATED LIN1MIKT w U>. ?ni> uli ard r? liable remedy for in* ear* of 8pa*it>, R nrWi, Wltlftl'i, Sp'inta, Cunataral Lamp*, Nodee oc Sveliiur* It ne?er failed to ear* Big Head, PMltTil, Fiaimla, Old Ruuinj Soree, or vtouy. <f iir?p?rij applied. For Bpraira, Brsieee, Serat-h??, Cratktd Htela, Ci.afea, Saddle or Cdllar Qalli. Can. Sorti. or Wonnii. i. i> ?n ii.UlhhU remeij. Appl7 it u directed and a car* ie ciruui u t*try iMtuei. Tfcen trile no l?rjer *ttfc til* many ?nrthlen Ltmntnta offered to 70a. Obtain a aapcl* of Dm Mc LKAjf'8 CLLKB&ATIkl) LINIMENT. ItV.fl car* job. j. H. McLKaN, Sole Proprietor, Corner Third and Put* Ma., St. Louie, Me CRiRLU WO it, 135 Pa. a?., aole ereut U W.ebiof' tae>; R. 8. T. C168EL, Uaarretoin.. a? M lHWly ^cuool anu coLL.eek: outfits. Youths' and Boys' Clctking for ScAool mnd Dre*s Wf-ar. Parent* ani wmitiuj to famish theiehilflren aod warda with Sol 00! a> c Coll neOut&ta for the ooininc ituon, ar? inn'ed (otxtmintctr reaent larre and extensive aaaurtmei.t j)(l\>' CLuTHlN**, where they oar> ft out their eh ldren of all aixst 1 n a Tew m<'?renfa with **?rT description of R-ady made Garment*, of tubat?atial aud durable *aaiitj. at very m<vf-rate ?no<** 117 4 I 1 hlT L' D U U <L U A. nn m aui<? 01 or oaivo m* \ m aa aft-W ijH Pmh. wm?. pLOUR, BUCKWH^ j, ROTATOR*, APIfiH bbie. new Richmond Family and F.xt a Floar, 5 ii"0 lhe. Freah G_. ounJ Bu Udmi Mmi, 500 bunhela White Meroer Pjialoer, lOJ do. Rlue do. do. 6 do. Chestnuts Received to-day and for rate low ut iota t<> auit by I). L. MORRISON ? CO, _H\ 5 Cwnor nf Twwifth % il W "5t? FIRE: FIRE!! FIRE"! ... . t flOO REWARD. I will give the al>ov? r* ward for ti?? arr?et and oonviotio? of the person or pe aona who fcred Uie A?raAntav?. .kn. /r LJ.... a A.. ? i.. ...La ?? f *?uir i auvf ui nwia * Ui i u i UK Ul of the 12th instant. Their all VMdMtrvynl The generous and sympathising public will t>? called ?.a fur a amaU amount to enable them to resume ti.eir former boainesa. ' elS ISAAC UKKKft. EMBKoIDEKY STAMPING, on all kinds .if materia!.done in the best manner. at C. F. SCHMIDT'S Toy aai F*aoy Store, No to |?a. avenue, batvMu at an<1 2*1 iti, vdmi fan he found a zrrat variety of beautiful Pa-Urn* for Yokes and Sieevea, Coll an and Cuff*, Skirta, Paataleta. Hand", flippera. Cloak*, etc. Plua?amve me a cal 1 an.1 examine. o#$.s lm* B. HALL WITH ISRAEL DEMING, Wholesale aad Retail Dealera in fine FAMILY GROCER IKS. TEAS. WINES. au?J eholoe LI QtTORS of ail kinds. A fr--?h at<>ek juat opened Good Sn?ar 7 eeuta per pound. Ca'l at No ?14 7th truat Ka?i>aam T\ ?m<l V Aiiisiana a tf aa a ?/ HW. HAMILTON painter. ud ? dealer in paints, no. ms 7th stiiit, mot Odd mimi' MmU. ul-tf puttv~t? dowv. g/ walts' " w ? ? d wn ? * 4 ? w'-", Tare our advice and g?? to the p&oplaj'ckmbim tto_r?. no 4 ao s?t*oui u.. C bickering * sonh* ink iv a' ki? pi AN OS, ht ail prior*. ?p of ail *c? ?. jort n k. t l.l i*. mi ft. * .? ?** ftttd ma. . : Y i U .L'H r .?**>? ' a?ixt 522!5i!52!^22i2355222j5525522?^^2^^^2jj THE WEEKLY STAR! ThJ? uoeOMt Pktf'.i Mi N#*i ] ?| IIB klum a ir?tM nn?(r of liMnMui i ?tin ttac s&a be foa?4 ia My M pibUtM ? ?M*r4a? aomai. ffigpggigni o ien*r*i]y Umm? hoot tk? toutrr. 1 1 VZT PottBMIiri *h? Ml m M??i W to ! lortd tsonniMioi )(r owu. MEninmwa Htlmbold's Otomi Prspatstioa. IDCIV A Focitiv* aul *p?cifto Rwnfir Th?? M?!ic.ij? U?mw?t of IMrMUoa, and exoit** th? A8*0* Np iu?? Inm&ii* tua. by wbioH tha W ATP.IIY O* CALC tlQUl ai.o ?1 t ,N NATI'! Ai "S UClllT MENT* ?r* red a "ad. M wtJl M PAlN MM iNFLAM v %TlON a-daaroo* fW MEN, WOMEN. OR CHtLBEMN. HRI.M RfH.fVH KTT?i(-f atioan " Var Wakaaw innoc froa F.XC I? , BfcbiU ol IMmnlmi &?r<y Tndi?or?tioa or Ab?M>. AtttueUd wuk ik* lnu>lad tp< lt.uu to Kirnoc, _ _ . Loy of P9TV? wZik Fl-,irL f'> ?! Horror of DlMtM, Wmmwmh* fcPEL "K^^rBoT,; T'im? ntTi^toma, U blovtd 10 ft. or . VkMl tblfl Fm IN OJtm t>? wmm r?* Patimt MAT Einu Who ou ?u they are utlY^sti.t.:? to. t?? by tho.~DI ?l KKI L niHK.Af K8 * "INSANITY \N1> CONMTiPTipW. Mini are"f th?ix?imo? tbo^rnmrtas* XH K ? And tkt (koly limtk* by miiiMrhia J{|r ?myl? witrj??? to the of tt* umim. Rot aire* the fciti oi t?h?m?to Hfwuttw WkieA BunnLD'i A*?'&rWtS?t5h >to jam A nuu WILL oomrnci TU MOST IUPTMUm FEMALES? FEMA. LE&-FEM A I.E8, OLD OA )oi A?, bjN**LE, MARRIED, OH wyTEMPLATlyV MAhFlAOE4N MANY A FFF.CTfON? KECrUA* TO FLM M'Eg, t><? extroet B?cha ia by ?.iy o'her in Clu?ro?u or K?t*?u<>? Irrogulartty, r<k:>ifv!n?M, or 9arprM?ioc of Cu t< n.?r? !'?-fcoi*i!?r.a. tri??r?t?d or boirrhoot Mots of th- IVm, Ltfftioorrtana of WkitM. tet^riLiity, asd for a t oomp'aiuu inoid??t to U>? i wlwtLw iriaitic from lcdisorotlot., HabiU oi Dieelyettoe, or in tha DECLINE OR CHANOK Of LITE. NO PAMILY*1*hTOuT?*,Bl*0^THOl*T IT Mmrwn, mr unfit*,mmI Little or no in DiaCi No iboobtmimw; 1h4 m If mm i It n?iN * frM Jr ct de?ire ?an nm atreMtfc to Urinate, th*re?? Kemovtn# ttUtricUoi*. Preventing and oannf JStrictmree of tli* v. rechra. Pain and Inclination. eo freaneat la tbe oiM* of ?' ?* * . aad ex pel ttag au Cmmm Diuattd, and t?o*~u M Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAW BIKH TBS VICTIM* OF Q?*CKB, who hav- pud kun/wi to b* cur*d ib aekerl tine. Ii?v? found th-T w*r? doocivMl, tad Uai IM pOlfiON" hu, by tho in of "row ?.m. ubo?n drtod ?? la Um ? stm, to kw> out in fcn micr?v&fc?d form. and PERHAPS AFTBM MARRIAGE. Um HrLit?oLD*? Kirnn Brcrr for a. i|k?Com ud aiteaM? of tb? URINARY ORGANB. WWl" "SaS OR PKMALE, f,.? -^tcTiTOiWTffSiKmr ' ^wwr And la oortain to ba*? tb? d??ir??d ie ai i>iatuoiPOR WHICH IT 18 RECOMMENDED. Ev%dmu* of tk? mtui roiiollt ?md fiffwiUU (Mrtar will ??<sr vbniinvAiDO ur UUKE9? From 8 10 ? ytart *tamjtmg. W"* "SHSttichilfo Price Sl.OO per riUltrtl N. Delirerfd to Ml? Addr*?S, MOinlj fro oUorntioB. l>E?cm:b* ffTHrroiM in all CoiamnrAtiom. Caret Ourut?<4! Ad rice ArulU il AFP! DAVIT. Pereonfcl'y &p*o*red War* me. m A.d?*'mftc th?o.ty ofl'hi ivio.chi?.li. T FKLH?oL?,wk<j r*:a? daly ivurn. Joth iir. hit prfp&'%M-.o? oo laiu mu ntrootio, co wrourr. or orher ltiianont crui?, bai&r* purely H. T. Hti fc??vn and enb.toriW before me, Uua ad day at NoT*3>ber. 1864, WM r. H1BHEKD, Aldwma*. N ;ntii ?tn?et. abore H <u#. Hk. 4. a*"~ '"ur*HH"i"ni's!>'?ftesr AND CNPHINCfPLEb DEil KKS. Who endeavor to ditpoM ' or Tnift owr U< ' otHn" UT1CIU OH TBI IirtTATlOR iTUint fcVmbold'i 0MniM? OM, * - ImprovM Rom WuIl Sold by m. B. 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Lin?e* s, Fml Cloths, B sa B*?from tommoi to tstj fens?Oscabaro, B ? ncstics. Gincbam*. Pillow ('*? < otto as as4 l.inens, DnnbarA Dickinson's, Harklies. C?>art*t JL- Pa m. n/i R lAharWnAn'a I n ?W IJssm i? *11 ?I* tiM.ViTof which we wil'l aispuae of on uVbraft TAYLOR A HVTCH1S'*N. T>IA!MOS PIANOS?T??o IviMuwtBMt of A Piano*. Meiodepns, Gaitar*. *(<>.-?*Una, Beat Itaoan Atanii As PnF^I o.nteoeeTFInUaaa, ConoortinasTr'a'^s,* ' * Fuea, Flacsol* tta, CWionrtt;, B in intriMsd, DruoiS, a?d ovary vanwty or nasloai vara, atao as immonse ataok of gfeset Mstie, Miaie Hooti and Ooo-ae, for *rrrr fiatrunMat at tit* Mnaio StorooTW. O. MKlZtKiiTT, ootm ?fPi ar. and llti tk>!e A??nt of **tetftwaj A Svn'a Ra~on Raven A Co.'i and Anal* A Co.'a Ptaaoa eg tf 1 ' I oJStt VbtSaStim. ny Ca+b r+"*f,tr " Z53 v* f?a.r?nU* uTi* >ur? W. 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