Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1860 Page 2
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V THE EVENING STAR. ?a ajr - WASHINGTON CITY: i VIDNEIIiAY <1?TfaWr 81, VMQ. * '? *p\rtt ( tk? Ni*nHac M". Jk*' The IrwU ?t length npefl Northern Repnbltcan Lejj'tlatorea ai.d the fugitive (lave law. Tile TnttMftntrr In devoted to new? and mlf" T critaoy. ? ( R*?k-wis? 11 a conduct of the South CasoiiM Senators in resigning their seats, their resignations to take eff*ct immediately,can ot fall ? it ahoald not fail, to weaken the infl?tenre of their ftate in shipiog th? final course of action that the rest of the slaveholding States may ftel called oa to take eventually, for their own future safety. Their pnrpoae in purauing t'.iatroane la so plainly to deprive the rest of the South of the^ght to act for themselves, which * * Sjudf ?arolinfl seeks to carry out as her own right so promptly and peremptorily, as that he who does not comprehend it must be hliud indeed. it U detuned to precipitate revolution, *11 must realize. It Is to deprive the South of streu^th in the National Legislature, that she mar 1 rar m tk? l'?inn th? advantage of ths antl-Rrpubllcan pjrty majority In which the recent elections resulted. Sooth Carolina thus boidiy step* forward to strike a* reprehensible snd aa se**r? a blow at tbe Interests of tbs other Southern States as abolition baa yet struck. It Will take but a few more surh acts on ber part as the Instant resignations of Senators Hammond ^ said Chestnut, and tbe speech of Mr. Keltt, \ wherein he avowed the purpose of his State to be I to d?alruy tbe (Jnlon for the sake of destroying It, to convince every man in Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky. Tennessee snd Missouri with property or family to be end*n;fered by revolution and civil war, in which tuey must beir well nigh ell tiie loss and suffering that may fall to the 1st of SiAittK Ikst dim' ua sftar *11 nu\r<i t f\ g\ I froa: South Carolina's assumed dictatorship, trojx the fanaticism of Northern abolitionism held .n check by controlling majorities in both Houses cf Congress. TitSnirimoi or thi Fiixu'i Bask or Vila;*:*, or Richmond?J he ncwi of this event occurring yesterday?followed thi* morning by all the b.nks there?was unexpected in financial circle* here. That is to say, the early suspension of the Virginia tanks has not been looked for b> the District of Columbia banks. The latter, however. have taken due precautions to s'reu-then themselves as far as pqpsible in anticipation of ucta an event We question whether any banks were ever in better condition In such times tLaall those iu our midst. Nevertheless, if bank aspens! >ns becomes general throughout the country, for them to remain an exception to the rule of the times, would simply be to sacrifice their customers engaged in trade, one and all. Sincerely believing every one of them to be in remarkably good condition, we do not hesitate t > advise depositors to leave their money in their vaults in any event that mar happen. Though It has been some years since we had occasion to borrow a dollar from anv of them or from any one, we regard it as being fir nfe.- that they hail continue to bold our money in case they, too, may In time deem it wise to suspend with the rest, than that we should *ssay to keep it boarded wb^re it can be of uo avail Jn contributing to tte general financial Interests of the community among wbom we da business. As yet the under-current of circumstances resulting Id the suspension of tbe Richmond banks is unknown here, though it Is supposed by s^nn* to have arisen from a sndden demand for f'JIO.OOO made t*a them by some parties at tbe North They are. however, from their manner of doing business, rarely prepared for a sudden and Leavy return of tbeir notes upon them. To-day, Virginia money was only received on deposit here at discount of ten per centum. Tomorrow tbe rate will probably be much less. How Modest!?The white population of Virginia. bv tbe census of 1930, was Of Keulacky 761.413 Of Maryland 4.7.1'13 Of Delaware T1,1?>W Of Tenu<-*?ee 750^16 Of Missouri 59 >,004 Of Xortb Carolina lew 4.147. 193 "Fie white population of South Carolina was 274,j0^ ? At this moment the white population of the former States la probably not leaa than fire millions, while that of the latter xcarc/y exretds three kun1re<i tkoHsa*J. Now. is it not a little arrogant for South Carolina. with a white population of less than a third of a million, to tell the live millions of white men | In seven other States that she Intends to drrx^ j mem mu reoeiiioa ana revolution, whether they will or no ? Ought they not, In unm!stakeable terms, to tell her thrt tbey do not inean to be led by her to their own destruction, and that !f she does not pente in her mad career, ace will, ao far as thev 1 are concerned, be left to encounter alone tbe tremendous responsibility' \rr Taylor & Maury fend ua the December rtmiber of Harper*? Magriine, containing. amoisg other good things, a characteristic paper froin the pen of J Roaa Browne, entitled 44 A Peep at Washoe," and abundantly illustrated bv himself. Alio, ftom Taylor * Maury we have the Octol>er lanra cf the valuable Edinburgh and London tii!?rterlf Reviewa. We are indebtert alto to 9biUlngton, Cdeon B<i'ld?ng, *r*d to French 4 Rlchatein, S7? Pennay'.raaia avenae, for ropiea of tbla capital number of Harper's Magazine Tbia la tbe commencement of anew volume of Harper, and is a good tiaM to aotnrrihe. Vil?UIU Plirl?im??BI.I. ?Jfu patch ibiaka it probable that Governor I etcher wiil, at the legislature jas? called, renew his p'opo&ittou to the Jut Legislature, for a Convention of states, under tb<> fittb article of the Constitutor, to oo?i?ider the atate of the country, and aee if voroe roeMurea cannot )?e taken or aomr ame> dinent to tbaConatitutlou be made, which will re ?Ur? harmony to the Union and protect the right* and equality of the ftaUs PnnitLTiMi ? The official return* of the election In Pennsylvania are now complete, with the exception of the email county of Forest, which ^ave Mr. Curtin a majority of sixty. The runic vote is jeiriT *<5 ??, divided a* follow* : F?f Lincoln 26s-.518, Fusion ;15.-0<l. Douglas straight ticket 17,35't, Bell straight ticket Majority tot Llccola OU.uw. r p* The caudidatee for the vacant seat of Senatar HamLla art; aultipjiag. Besides Mrasrs Morrill, Maraa, aad Waabbarna, tba name of Oeorge F. Talbot, of Mac bias, has recently been brought forward, aayatbe Boston Journal. luisois ?The official vote of illlnolfig aa folWws Lincoln, l?4.&iS; Doubts n-n 4,M*; Bttcklngridgt, *,*72. Tho locreaae in tbe ota Hare 1856 U 110 131. IfT Nearly full return* of the State of New York o? tbe question of negro suffrage snow a Hiftjorlty ngal&at It of about ll.',000 votes For?>1. Mrs. General Worth baa recently received a togaer 'SI M* Hm Caia, Jr , lata Lsltod sr.-.v, 'i ?""??? * bla old botik- In DetroU or Saturday. quite an eicitement wu ?i^| .t Mecnphla <Teaa )dur1ag tUe lale ncf by lb, appaaraaee at III be betttnn tad ?portl*g pUc% of a baod*>nir TNO|! voon la mala a'tire 5*be called beraelf t.taarlfa Hal. omb, Jr , and paaard u tbea?a of CtiHrlei Holcomb. Sr , tbe owner of tbeaUllion Ctban Allen It turned out that abe waa not relitrd to Mr R , but oalf "atopplng" with h;iu. She waa provided for. C7" Aa tbc loaer la a bet en tbc raault at tb* ela< t on, Mr W A P arce, of Portland. Me .a day or torn *g?, peddled 40 boobek ot charcoal tbrongb th? it-frii of that city, be created grnt memn>?at toy clearing Ills tfcroai witbtb' juice 1** m a lemou, la iMkUtlon of bl? leader, Mr. J*?u|Hao Srni a Dixocht m tm? Miknkmta L*oi?laTI MM.-Bo for u heard from, there ta not > denor. U r lectrd to tfce Legislature.?8t. Pmmi T'9t". ' . A >r.. # A vfl !l .< 'J I J 1 * ? ??va TBI wMTI Frederick, Md. overcast, cold. lt?xrrrtown. Md o*ercatt, cold. Cumberland, Md cloudy, cold. Grifton. /a mowing, cold. Wleellng, Va cloudy, cold. Pittsburg. Pa .cloudy,36?. Mowing. P&rkrrkbufg, Va. cloudy, cold. Cincinnati, o cloudy, cold. - , Crrelaod.O nowlog,3i?. ilaroMar at ike Baatthaoataa aft 7 a. m , (cor rr'?d t*r McpirMurt,) *9.M8, at nooa, tt.bX. TtanaoncMr ? 7 a. m., ? ; at aooa, 4**. Max imam daring 31 hours, eadlag a. m. today, 4? V. minimum MX*. ^ A -* A * I ' ? * 4 i V M * I I mn' - J?ira o rainier ua ruM Assistant Surgeon James P. Harrison hare been ordered to the Naval Academy. Tub Wbathbi ?Tne following report of the weather for the morning 1b made from (he Amer leau Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The nine of ohematlea Is about 7 o'clock. novkhbb* 21,1860. Burlington, Vt cloudy, 28 \ Nt-w York, N. Y eleer, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa. clear, cool. ! Washington. D. C eloody, wind W I Richmond, Va. ...eirtr, $0". Petersburg. Va clear. 54?. Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 47? Wilmington, N.C ..cloudy,cold. Charleston, ?. C cloudy, 30*. Augusta, Ga. ....cloudy. Mar on. Ga. cloudy, cool. Columbus, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, AM. cloudy, cold. Jackson, lb cloudy. Mobile. Ala clear, 52?. New Orleans, La. clear, CI*. ooast, ana commissioned to vieit and report ujion the Indian trlbea in Texaa and Arizona Aimt InTEX.Lir.ascn ?The beadqaartrrs of tbe first cavalry ?rt removed temporarily to Fart W'se, where the junior major of the rreiment will rxcrcje tl?e comnr.and thereof during the absence of the other Held ofitcera from regimental duty. K'nrt Lient George Crook, 4th infantry, will Inimell .tely report at Fort Columbus for duty witu the recruits about to embark at New York for California. Naval Orricias Oidiiid ?Lieutenant Ralph Chandler haa been ordered to tb? U. 8. sloop of wur Vandalia. ?.. uituw niri wimvui tlie aid and in spite of any attempted 1ft or hlndran< e from the other. Such at least ia the true theory of our Institution*. Does not the foregoing statement of Inront?*stlb'.e facts show the uusouudneaa and absurdity of the doctrine of secession T la anoth r paper special attention will be paid to tbe argument* by which the secessionist* attempt to maintain their modern doctrine. Axos Kendall. PEPAHTttKUT MKWI. Arroi!?tm*5t8.?Alfred Palmer, Surveyor of Cus'011s for the port of Urblna, Va , re-appointed. Jacob C. Hewitt, Surveyor of the Customs at Cold Sprine, N V . re-appointed. Wm Pricba'd. Surveyor of the Co stoma for Newburypo'-t* Mass , vire Nathaniel Jarkson. Martin T McMah.'m hi* been appotuted special agent of the Post Olhce Department for the Pacific independent nation*. The Constitution? of the two governments, however, differ In this: The State Constitutions are cum pacts between individuals for their own government, which can be altered or abol shed by the citizens of the State, while the Constitution of the United states Is a compact between th? sovereign people of each State with the sovereign people of everv other State, acting through conventions. which cannot be abolished with >nt tho consent of all the parties to it, though It may b?> altered in the manner prescribed In IU own prov.sions. The laws of the I'nited States, like the laws of the States, r?ach and bind every citizen, high and low, and while the United States cannot absolve any one from his obligation to obey the State laws. %3 neither can *.ie States absolve any one from his obligation to abide by the laws of the United States Karh government has its own judiciary antfl fnforr#* itt nwn ' ? ?* to the United State* in the Constitution. Kach government, acting witlktn it* own tphert, it jn?t as independent of the other aa If thejr were wholly foreign aad separated by ceana, ind if ne Infringe on the intonttstiblt rights of the otL r, the reoiedie* are onlyauch aa exiat between B ... ?. B.m ? ??? uriiTlug II ' . r power# t'oin the rame ??>vrr<, thmt source being the tvrertign ptopl* o} ikt itrtml Statu. Each government, however, hat a distinct class of power*, the United t*tat*s po*s<*ssing all that relate to foreign nations, and a few relating to Interior alfalrs, In the due exerctae of whirb all the i*titea have a common Interest, while tbe Statu retain all power* relating to domestic institution*, right* of person and propscty?In line, all powers of legislation end government not granted the I'nlted States It proposed that levying war against the United States by any of their citizens, or giving their enemies aid and comfort, should be treason, punishable as Congress might direct. Finally, it proposed modes of amending the Constitution, by the assent of the Legislatures ot conventions of three-fourths ut tbf States The sovereign people of South Carolina, through their Convention, acceded to this proposition in all its parts. Upon tbe sole condition contained In the Instrument Itself, that nine States should do the same thing, tl*y consented and agreed to part with a portion of their sovereign powers, ox rather to put them into a common stock, and vest them In a common government, whose laws passed In the exercise of those powers, should be beyond the reach of all State authority. Nine States did consent to do the same thing; the condition precedent was fulfilled, the Constitution became a compact between the ratifying States; and since the organisation of the new government in IT4"#, the people of the United States have been llfintr nnHpr twn ?t and of the State Leg i statu ret, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the States and the United States, should be sworn to support the Constitution. It prescribed a special oath to. the President of tlie United States, to the effect that he would "faithfully execute the office of the President, and to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United St'ites " It required him to ? take care that the laws be faithfully executed and to enable bim to perform that duty, and to " preserve, protect and defend the Constitution," It proposed to put at his disposition the army, navy, and militia of of the Convention, was but a proposition to the States. It contained tbe frame cf a government complete In its legislative, executive and Judicial departments It proposed to tke sovereign people of each State to divest themselves of certain powers and vest them In the felted States and In the Government thus formed. It proposed to vest In Congress power to pa^; *il laws necessary end proper to carry the granted powers into effect. It proposed that these laws should be " the tuprtme law of the land,'' " anything in the constitution or lawi of any Stat* to the contrary notwithstanding." It DrODOSed that tbe member? of j |?II lu lurir imiiiiry b COUIIIIUIIOB wnitu contain* within itself the means of perpetuating its own existence. How did they go to work to effect that object? They changed the confederation Into au effective covtmrntnt, giving it the means of carrying on its oprrations without the aid a*d in ipttf of the xnter/erenn *f ikr States. The Constitution, when It came from the hands their leading object to be to strengthen and perpetuate the " perpetual union" then In existence To assert that they failed In their object and exchanged that nnton for one which exist* only at the will and pleasure of each individual Stat#. 1* to Impeach the wild ma of the whole generation of revolutionary statesmen and render further argument unnecessary. But more effectually to refute the modern claim to a right of secesaion In each State, we propose to sho*v thnt the statesmen of 17ST-5-9 did not fell In ' .elr object, and actn Betmhion No. III. How ik* FKfilftAl. I'lWI WAS MAM StMUU - ?t ir? w?w 0>!<?TiTrrtr>?i?It K?T*utt?**P * (iOVMSMIST ISDIPI'SDKST Of TBI STAT!* IK THI ExKBCItKOr ITt PoWItl?WI J.IV* 1'IDIl two GoriinxiKTi, each havixo it* own Ezclc?ivk.Powsr*. To tk* Peoplt of the South. t? ua?r mown in our nrei numoer mmi in ino tie States which bad previously deotarrd their independence of the Brlttih Crown catered Irfto a federal union, solemnly ?tjpnlatlng wiui each other that It ahould be " pfrpttwil." We have ihown In our uooad number tttt the Congress of 1797, which re*aaumen4^l tfcie con ventlon of 17W?. the State t^glatatuiaa w%|f-h aJVpointed the delegates. the convention ltaelf. and (k. nxinU nf th. vhn mttftoH It THE SIGN* OF THE TIMES. Acoobta, Not '20?The largest meeting ever i 'arid In Greene couutv, In this State, waa be d on Friday laat. The mmt influential men partlcl- j pited and Adopted resolutions almost unani. I mously ? conservative character, urging th? call or a Silt* Contention of all parties to calmly consider the rvt^threatening the destruction of tile National UoIoti, and appealing ?-opla of the Ualoa to tftsnrd the counsels ff ?ajj|t?t',nz politicians ?td demagogues of all S0fctto$t, and rally to ibesappart of our Imperiled torerMrnt. rcatflinoni say that party poHcisM, Instead 9t Allaying excitement. have ^rred It np; Instead of reprealt&tf mutual distrust and dislike, htvepislntfrt It; afod. Instead of qeektag, io re. move the reuaft of dispute. creat*<t by tvm for the sake of poorer and office, in b<^L auctions of the country have panderpd to the pawfonaand prejudices of the people at home, keeping each section ignorant of the patriotic, co iservalivc and catholic feelineaof the oth?r. Mntuslly exasperated by the incendiary disorganizing representations of hungry < AW seekers. both sections fl?d meraaeivss in % Here contruwrsy * blcb they bad 110 band in br ngiug on. A large meeting wa* aTfc belli in ItancocV county on Saturday, which aUop'pd unanimously llrm, oonserratlTe resolutions denying that tbe m?*r?* election of Lincoln is a < auw for diannlon, but declaring that tbe usfrhendly legislating in many of the free States Is nn outrage on tbe com* It <>1 IT _l J J i j vi lur I'liiun, una ucni?iiUIH^ rtSlilDMCP. A majority of the counties In the State have how held meetings. genarally In favor of secession, but many of a strongly conse'vativa character, home of tbe resolutions passed favor retaliatory legislation All favor tbe holding of a State convention, and all oppose tbe coercion of seeding States | The meeting held In Bryan county declsred that no northern fishermen or hunters should hereafter operate In their section Those at present engaged in hunting or fishing are to be notifi-d to leave. The Conservative Skntimkxt at tri South. Aoocsta,Nov.*20.?'The conservative sentiment of the South appears to be disgusted with the in creasing sectional wrangles, and considers that the Northern States should promptly conven# their Legislatures and repeal all unfriendly laws, and urge a convention of all tte States to make a prompt and united ?ffort t<> preserve the Union and the country from bankrnptcy, anarchy and ruin. The Latrsi fhom Charleston. vnA? u&s i^uv. iv.? ine nifrcnanu oi Charlratoti say tbit the people have tiff'-red Ioiir enough from the action of the banki There baa be^n a money prewtire here for ninety daya, and It it dally growing WoThey consider the policy pursued ruinous. and recommend a meeting of merchants to determine on the prof>er course of action It ! the general opinion tbat the bank* hould adopt tome Immediate relief measure for the sake of the community. The Conrier of this morning says: "We assure our .Northern readers, and be:: Uiein to believe, that South Carolina will aeo<*de?alone, if ni eilarVi although we have no fear of tbat result." A captain In the ordnance department arrived last night from Washington On Wednesday night (Thanksgiving) there will be a grand torchlight secession parade. Rumors arc prevalent h?-re to the effect that Mr. Buchanan will, in a few days, issue a proclama tion against aeccuion. Tbe Mnrnrv ' onto at VI rpl nia's Idea of bold) ng a Southern Conference, and uya it Is now too late?that South Carolina want* no conference but In tbe Convention which will assemble to frame a Constitution, and compel the organization of a Southern Confederacy. The cannon in the citadel are being overhauled and clcaned up. Tbe Military Com mitten have agreed upon a plan for arming tbe State. They will report to tbe Legislature as soon as it reaas?mbiea?on Monday next. Charleston, Nor. 10 ?There Is quite an e*citeniei t here to-night, in consequence of a rumor from Washington, to the eflVct that a meeting of the Cabinet had been h?-ld tbl* morning, and that a majority of tbe mecnl>eni favored coercion Capt. Berry, of he steamship Columbia. wan nrearriUd with a tjo.d-headed rane on hit arrival h?>re, for raliipr the Palmetto tUg wheti leaving N?*w York. Tbe government era?rial is constantly gnardrd by the Washington I'lght Infantry It Is generally believed tbat tbe pretest about this being a precaution atralnst popular or servile outbreak Is all fudge Tbe fact Is that an lmuv use quantity of ammunition Is stored there, and people b?Ueve the public g od requires that it should not be removed. Any attempt to remove it would almost certainly precipitate revolution and bloodshed The I.Ik bt Infantry patrols are not admitted'.n tbe arsenal walls, but encamp in the surrounding enclosure The at'tct?-st military discipline prevails among those on duty. i De secession nag wu hoisted on Saturday In Savannah from the armory of the Republic <n Blues, who lately visited New York. The Chath>oi Artillery tired a. salute on the occasion, .Mayor Jones, of Savannah, end other* spoke. and the uroat^t enthusiasm prevailed Columbia la much talked of a? the nam* for the new Southern confederation The Military Committee of tbe Legislature, which sat during the present rect-sa, have adjourned. They concluded to report to the Legls-| lature two bills, aald to he decisive and prart oil in character. They will meet again on Monday uaiuiiiiig, prrviuua 10 iue opening or tlj" regular aenion. Tnit Nobtii Cabolija I.e.~.:?i.aturk IIalkiqh Nov. 19?The Legislature of this State met here ytsterday, and organized quietly The Governor'* m^ssa^e takes strong Soutfctrj K ouuds It recommend* a conference witb tbe neighboring State*, and then a State Convention on federal affair* He recommends the enroll m*nt of all men between eighteen and forty-live year*, and a to recommends the raising of a corps of ten thousand volunteers. with arm* and equip menti. He %(** far resisting any ttfurt at coercion in any event. CnARI.e*TO*ia5? ix Washington. Washisotox, I) O.. Nov 15?To the Editor of the i'harlttion Merevrf :?Al many of onr friends In Charleston and elsewhe-eart: expressing their opinions in regard to the Incoming hlark republican administration, It Is well that southerners here holding office should make some expretsion also I therefore s> nd you tfae annexed piper, sinned by a few friends whom I have met to-day. They are, however, but a few of the number who wnolil >.??? 1 '?1 been an opportunity of submitting It to lbenT Respectfully, B. F. DsfJow. The undersigned, occupying offices under the Federal Government at Waanlngton, deem that It is due to their southern friends to say that uoder no circumstances will they consent to hold office under Abraham Lincoln Charles H Rhett, B F. DeBow, 6. G Jamison, A T. Harllee. Benj. 8 Howard, J. B Ke?11, Kdiriund L. Yates. J Calhoun Moses, and Chas. U. Wagner, all of 5outh Carolina; John W. Moaely, of Missouri; A J. Muggins, of Alabame; Chas R. Russell, and Tbos C. Bracewell, rf Georgia; Rufus R Rhodes, \Ym J S towers, H. C. Worthington, H. A. Kiuanrmn. Jno. A Marks dale, and T W W. Pullilm, of M>lntppl. fTf^^OLUMBIA ROYAL ARCH CHAFir-K, No. 13.?A abated communication of thi? ChacUr will b? J.eld at Masonic Hall, rorn(.r Ninth an l 1) aU., th1* < Wednes lay ) RV ENI.NG at 7 o clock Sf.|oii?(.in, i%>mpantou? in i?<ulsr tannng areoo diall) inr.ted. 11 ?. K. I. MoCLERY. 8*o._ Republican "as r:* 1,0 r?rn ar m? etiiif of tha As'ooiation will be held at Inlaod Hal,(third stor* ? ^'V'V of Vug, .a arrnn? and Sixth tr"*1 i^s (\V edneeday) KVfr>i\ING. November 2l*t '060 . THE..IH.RK WUKELER.Pr?M TVM j. MUKTAGH,3 e. ?""n* r*^?NATIONAL VOLUNTEERS*. ATTENL < TION ?A me tin c of the National Vo'un teera will be held cn THURSDAY KVEMNU, November 22d, at 7 o'clock. Tho<e who with to oontinuem the organization are r*qaeit*d to be prearitl, or make known their intction of ?o i!?:ng. B? order K. OLbAttV, Captain. J. H OANTT. Heo. no an if rv-y-UNION PRAYhR MEETINO will I* l]j hi ldenevery day thi* week in the New York avenue Church,(Rev. Dr. Gurioy'e) to oommenoe hour r v.v??, w <? oonunata one no 5 H? REMoVBb'xl^KIU. r* av nil* no M-taw3w* FOR 8ALK CHKAP?Wholeiaj#or retA l. 2 floi) ' Isabella, ami Madeira GitAf'Pand D u**tilB H,chmon J Hoa?e, oorner of^^hth Tmr , .HOSJERY AND OI.OVE9. ? iM be*t -aa.ortment ol Ho?ie'j And liiOTN) it who a*jiI6 Mid rcjwj, is At U PP. a Vikj * .. tin 91 -At ?V?Dth tU. n?* Avenua House E?S A ??*I ? NOAH WALKKE A CO , no>> ? 3ti? Pa. avW?. I . TAKE NOTICii! lin u'i:(2* ofVirnnia monw for wit * ? ? ? lAA^tt-Jnak I havkH^1keI8^nPplanne^ WMass' aii^sa.*s?5Ea,' ass %ad Colored. Aiiot ?uod sssorinieit of Bod CamG, chilmrbn"* booxr.4?.t *? o to pkench * richyhetn^ w?. 37a rrl". >v,*.ns?- wl ?amn? th*ir late? Jfi? aporta*nt or chiMr'a'a Book* ftTfrSfc -hi,^ssf?"bxrs.?js??s 5S*rtiSS.7ffi?3ft?lfe: VtttEL&lJ i XBSS" * C?Btt I I j * !k - ^ tirtrtc ,? a!ika ( i <ut ?t?ntuu Maur. . .It '?k ma 17.18 31 Afrt. ?o t-*w No. 4SS M A,CHk. K >1 AlUh V < '. r h -Y-" , t? V f 1 ? 1 in rm*. 1/bwi.ii p.. uailbt, oi Alexandria, Va. The School will be under the patroiia<e o| the Chorch. Perioaa of ere* jr denomination. (both adalta aad children.) who desire to avail themselves of this opportunity of lnatraotion,are oordia ljr invited to It ia proposed to o?e the *'Jubilee" aa the book for instruction. Terme for the ooaraa of twelve weeka, JfK no Hf-it Slater's Sewtav MMhlMf! 398 Pa. Atbkvs, (Pfatimta! H?Ul Bmildmf.) We iarita attention to oar new SCO Machine. Tkia Machine ia aaanreaaseriin the boaaabolT. It Swa. hem*, fella, and gathera,?aawa the ft see* riaa or olotii ealayarn iteak, aad aaj thing batveenthe t-irn mtrSTa in a hcautiiu ud ^jJJf _ HARVEY'S. \jilf Theunderanned hiu joat received a iarra aupptv of the fin eat OYSTKRSof tha a?ana, Mid bag a leave U? call the atlaation of hi. friend* aad tha public to the fact that he haa enlarged hia Saloon, and ia now able to auppiv all who may favor him a oa;!wi?h ROASTED or BOILED OYSTERS at lha ahortaH notice. T M. HARVEY, No. it$l C at., between loth and llth, Oppoeite Tbealet. I , SINGING SCHOOL. u Propoawi to o?ea a Sinking Sohool for tha cultivation of S*<r?4 Musie oa SATURDAY EVENING,the 24ih inataat. at6 o'clock, m the lecture Roam of (he Naw York avenue Preabrterian Church, ( Dr Guriay'a.l under tha iaatrue'ion uusi-vjsni J n . I nw.ili X UU, l^OR PHILADt1 LPHIA.?The ateamor Jamts r Jerome has arrived and will ( ? ready for f rifhton TO AlORRO MORNINO Apply to HYDE DA VIDSON, Watt ?t , Georgetown. ao 80-jt W DIARIES, DIARIES! E Have a oomplete assortment ot DIARIES ""TLi'^U-ARDi HOHVN, o20 'Iptel.) Pa.av.and Eleventh rt. T? COAL AND WOOD. JtlRD ASH COA,!.. WHITE ASH COAL, LYfcENS VALLEY COAL for cooking purposas, oaonot t>e heat in this market, OAK and PINE WOOD. Fair weight and measure in all cases. R. W. BURR, no 20-Sf corner of Seventh st. aid Mass. av. ^U 4 LTUflTU n%'OTOO a Klue. Irown, gray, and whit* B'antrets. Woolen % am, C< tton ()*> ahurgs, Plaid Cottons, S;'!'** yard* Ctlicort*. of all style*. We have a full itock of good a in every department, ftil < f which we will < (Tor at the very l?w<>?t market prioAH We invite all in want of Dry Good J to give us a cail. WM. R. RILEY ft UKO , No. 36 Central stores. we?t ftniidicg, Betw. 7th and 8th str?ets, no 21 tw Oppo. Center Market Gu Fixtures, THE BEST AS^ORTME * T EVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY. Those who desire to select from new patterns, with the advantage of a reduction in pheas, will call early and examine. We would aJso eal! the attention of persons about intr dnoing gas i- to their dwellings to our iter* asei facilities, and oonseq jont low prices. Tor tins branch of our trale. In* iting all who desire their work done promptly, and free from gas I akages, to rail at *? ? Pa. avenue, between loth and llth sU., south side. OT?i'.A9<>:MAHL.r. CI.OTHINO. L'K ?t >ck of Mew find K e^a-it FALL aid WIMTKK CLOTHING i* >uo?t compjhta.prefenf* 111 < a full assortment ol Overcoat*, Capet Overcolts and Repellmt Ov-rcoits; Back Cloth Frock Coat*; Frencn Ca*?nne e and Heaver Foek and 8 ck ? <>ats; Hlack Fane? and rolid colored Casmm*ro Paul*; Velvet, Merino, Caisiinere and :*i k V*st*,Ac.; rotten up at oar own i::annfactory in the laiUft and most approved style*, and under such advantage* an will enable us to meet the viawa of the inoit economical puraha*er?. NO A I! W A ? KF.R A CO. Marble Hall Clothing Kirporium, no 21 fit 36* Penn aveme. Cfm YARDS ft-4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS, of the best m*'ke?. 4-4 Heavy Twilled Flannelt, 5 4 Linn y .* of the best kind, Al?o, a fiu? a?*ortinert of FRENCH Fl 0\^FKS. FEATHER?, HTCRES. RlBBONS,fco., all of which we are eoablad U> sell at greatly te oucpiI pri* * HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, 310 Pa av., no 3.- !2wfteo2w Between 9t!i and o?h ?ta. S I L K 8! SILKS!! SILK S!!! SILKS!!!! You can e?t DRESS J*I1 KM of every kind at WW R. RILEY A BROTHER'S at very low pric**; that i? to *ay,a Siik. Rol>e for ?16, wi?rth ftS; a Silk Robe lor $20. worth $3S. We have a large ?t'>ck of D'e?a(io?><1s of evert <1oacription.?tiii we will close them nut at very low pries. Call anil examine our stock. WW. R RILEY ft BROTHER. No. 36 Central Storea, Between 7th aril Kh atreets, no ?1 2w < pposite Center Market. t%ken at pa* in exchange f reoods. JOHN H. KLVANS ft CO., 309 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th st?., no21-lw (Al>i Ga?.) Wa?hin>;ton. D C. t1RFAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS. *1 SELLING OFF TO MOVE. Ai I slisll move to m< n-w building. No. 4 5*3 Pa Ave , on the 1st of January, I shall com meter fiia d*jr to sell off at greatty reduced prints my entire > t ?ck of DRY GOODS in store No. .W 1 7cn street. The Ktock is large and well assorted, comprising every article usually found in the Dry Goods line. Call early and ret liarrains. HENRY EG AN. 3*1 Seventh at., no81 1H n?ar Avenue Home. A NEW HOOKS AT FRENCH A RiCHSTF.IN'S. '2 7 * PA. A V. Afnts for tkr whole Worhl. Fo'k* Songa. e'etantly bound. p'tnted on tonad paper, fnll Tnrkar Gi t; pric < 8in if sent by miul The Moral History of Woman, from tie Frenrh of Erne?t l.egoro, transited by J. W. Palinei; M. I) ; pnoe 91 f?y mail. Ml of Marion Har and'a Books, Nemeus Moss Bid*, Hidden Path and Alone; price eaob 91.2ft by mai. no X N WINTER MILLINERY. OW Opening, at our Fanor Ktore, a large and superior assortment of WINTER BO\-^p|k N F.TS .romp rising the latest and most desira-G^Bp hlAdtvlSfl nfllia tAlUnr an-f the Workshop. ONLY ONE DOLLAR A YEAR ! ONLY ONE DOLLAR A YEAR ! ONLY ONE DOLLAR A YEAR ? TEN COPIES FOR NltfE DOLLARS ' ' TEX COPIES FOR NINE DOLLARS'.' TEN COPIES FOR NINE DOLLARS!! no2t-3t _ UN CURRENT MONEY WANTED?Virginia, South Carolina. anil *11 Hnnlhum hsntr nn?a? floating Misoel any cf the day. It coutams capital Stone*, ?ido-?plitting Sketch's, Washing ton linwM and Gosnip. General News, and tlie very arrant of the floating Miscellany of the day. It contains capital Stones, srte-nolitt'ns Sketch's, Wa hinKton New* and G?? ip, General News, and tho vorr cream of the floating Miscellany cf the day. It contain* va'uah'a ^risinal Agricultural matter aad Jlecipo.s for the Household aad the Workshop. It Contain* valuable original AcriouJtnral matter and Recipe* for the Household ami the Workshop. I. contains valnable original Agricultural matter jtn.l RAninAI for Hia Hah It contaifl* Anin* Kendall'a articlea on " S-'oaa*i'?n" which are oreatinic iu >h a ?on*atii?n. It contains Amoi Kendall's aitiolea on ' Seceanoii" whtch are oreauag kucht rcnsatioa. It contains Amoa Kendall'a a'tioles on "S'oesa.ou" whioh are creatine auch a aaasa'ion. It oontains capital Stonea, Bid^-aplitti"* Sketches, \Va?hin?ton X?wa and Goump, General Neva. And th? l-Orr pr ?m nf (lia men in the last year LOOK OUT FOR THE NF.W WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR, ON FRIDAY! LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR, ON FRIDAY! LOOK CUT FOR THE NF.W WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR, ON FRIDAY! Send it l? Your Friend m Ik* Country. Stmd it to Vo*r Friend in the Country. S-.nd it to Your Friend tn tkt Country. injj tb? Vlee Prn?Mlent, will have iM?~mei'b?r ef tbe Cabinet; that Seward is out of the qu**tlon, and consequently will not be otr?id-*d ?y r trerln* a to iinv other New Yorker. Tbls arrange ment disposes of seven Republican States quite summarily As Mark TipW would say, it Is " decidedly Jolly "?Corre*. AW. Erprtts. I ? (]TA grizzly bear in the mountain* of California is supposed to have killed no leaa than s?rv^n f Fo*?i?i? Itk*? ?After the fall of Gacta, Girl BS-" U ?id, will retire to private life lor a Father Gimil waa tkrMUn^ <n VI. ?< ? Iumiu at Niplea by a crowd, who cried, uDown with Gavazzl Tbe offlclsfe^nult of the Sicilian election on tbo question of ainieiatlon itanda?avea 4Ji.U?4, now 6,??7 Fifteen tbouaand Neapolitan troop* bare been arrested in the Papal State*, and would be dla I mod. ___________ L ( apt Mnoa 1* h !.o*i: k.?Capt. M. C Mklfr*. ' ?irfS*f r !*. ONUinem; having heev orderad by ttit* Socret.iry of War to r- lev- Capt D. P Woodbury of the command of Port Jefltraon, Garden Ke*. air red there ? t . - 7th lnat T^e tr<r>a|er f of thi rba rg*t>f the fortl Hcatlont from Capt W ondbury to Capt Meigs t ? k place on the lUtb lnat Capt. NVoohury return* to Washington. IET Corwln declare* that New Knizland. bav AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON TBKATKJL Mr. S. W. ftim. ^ WKDNWDAY wnl THUR"*??AY. Third and ioaith appearance of the Lorrly Child ^ of Po t* and Bmf. jOTT! BP .W1D vvtrv t a ii. kttr ? D H '"*%?ho will repreeeat | Charlea Btokaaa * t uijr !*miti(ul c! arotte* of 1 - . OIJVF.K Tn iST. ? -fl?'?ialby her Pareota, ? T MSB. e C HoV\ aKD, asmonufe't n a.hct st?i*. To rendu jp with TBK.fflNDMlLL. Matiani witka< u().i... Mm J.M.Shaw A6AI^LEG^"^ W,li "* ort!, a"r*r ** AJON1.1). ?. F. i> D FELLOWS' LEVEE) At ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Itk ?_ MONDAY NIGHT. Nov.*, Commencing at o'clock Withers' Band will be ir. ettendtnce Th* Jumper Wil!t>r prepared by Charles Klman, Eiqn at tn* URiia! pries Tickrtg of admiMi jn $1, admitting a gentleman and adiea. - ? r A pleasant time may l?e anticipated b* all Who may attend. no il,J3.24,ai RACE8, 1ACES!?Trotting Ma'eb, tooom?ofT over the Jaokeon Cit? e.<urae, mi f ^ heats ti harce?6. 5 If*' a ?i *e. The i'wn-?Mf r names h. h Eagle- Portia A Chad-^^^^^^ well name r m Annie Laurie. Race to coiue ofl" *.t 1 i.'nlo V r.? TBtlBnu? M~ A DO iwi* PROPrtiErbkg. (\ D D F fc L L O W S' HALL! ?nvnn .. r< i C4II4IU1 IIUTVBPir 13. FOR FOUR MTOHTSOSLY. George Christy's Minstrels! Uuder the immediate pera oa! superintendence 1 f GKORGK CHRISTY, Anther of n?erlr all the C'Aetrs Grmtof Ethiopian Miustrtlst, whose experience of over aifrhuwo ye\rs in the profession. ar.d whose perfnrn.aroea for the l\at twelve j ear* in the cit? of New York before the elite of that treat metropolis are acnarani?* for the excellence of th? ente-tainnsats he submits for publio approval. He aud hia Si AM MOTH COMPANY will open at above, and appear for post irely Four .\i*ht? onlr. Remember thecriaisal GKORGE CHRISTY in bi? lnuuita! le and cTi&at? entertainments. Cards of admission 23cts.; reserved Beats 9<> ota. Doors open at a quarter to 7: performsnpe commencing at a q carter tot. JBIO. P. SMITH, no 13 Business Agent. BALLS, PARTIES, kc. The union engine company, Nu. 2. v\illciv?a ?% O* and cot 11.1.ON party m On tuesday, d*? 11, aa At FRANKLIN HALL, cm 9 * a^Z)..n.Ui 1'feftioulfef* iu taiiir^ aovett wgwt. no 2t J^OOK OITFOR THF, MONUMENTALBT* EIGHTH GRAND COTILLON PARTV of th? MONUMENTAL CLUB, at th<>m*'? m Hall, on If MONDAY, D>c*inl>er 1?. Fur particulars r<*? future *<!vertmem'nt UB^ By ord<r of Coirmitti*. no 19 Su-o* WAJ1TS. ANTED?By ? -e?i>eotabN? woman, with good ? * out i? ii, n i u a i ii?;i wri narw. Call at No. ?<1 Ma^taohu ett? av., between N'w Jersey a<r tad North Capitoi ?t- It* | WANTED?A SITUATION, br a resectable " woman, as ohamb- rroaid or nurae. Ca i oome well r?oonnno^di'J Addxess Box 1, Star oAoo. no gl-lt* WA>TKD-A BOY, 16 or 18 yeara old, to learn the c n'ectioin-ry huainraa. Apply at J> S. SCHAKFIKIiD'H Confectionery, Sixth at., he-, tween ( ao>i H f'?. It* ANTE D-STONK Cl'TTKRS an* MA 8?NS, at Great Fall*, Washington Aqueduct. Good va;e? aud atoadj ciupiu> ncKt. iio2f 3t* R. J DOBBIN'S. WANTED?A colored BOY, who will scarcely have ir;or? to do tlian to drive out a gentlemun tlJkilv for f?TAr^ilA Ha inttaf Ka vmui A lirar Adrtre** "Viiitor," through too Po?t Oftca. r.o ? 2w* WANTXO-A PARTNKK, With VaMpiiTaf from ono tfaoorand to hundred doll&ra, in a firit-ol&aa ?roc;rjr utore. Addreei M. N., \Vashinrt'>n, D. C. n?n s?* WANTKD-^ECONi; HAND KIRAULKK. Per?oug d(-c inin< houf-ekeepin*, or Katicc ? aiirp d* ?i rn niiur* on nana,ran ?i>uin tlieeaah and lair price* by applyiar at 34? Seventh *t. no 17 BONTZ A OR1FFITH. WANTED 1*1 M Kill ATKI.Y-Prom ?5 In fl'Vion worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TLTR F of all Ifiad*. for which 1 will ijuaracf/ to par the huhest prioea. and, a* u*ual. at the hortavt no- , tioe. K. BUCHL.Y. Dealer ia Furniture, 8Uitm, Ac., oc 9 40S7th vt., bet. 0 and H.emtsiie. * LOST AND FOUND! LOST-Between Whitehurafa GalU y and 12th aL.a p a<n r? d HR ACELET. i ?* finder wi 1 ho *ui?at ly rewarded by leaving it at thia fir#, nu '2\ -2t ASHAWI, TAKHN FROM A NEGRO BOY an.1 <uppos d to h> ?to en, ma l>e had by the owner's call * ng at 404 Sever in *tr*et. bet wen (j a id 11, by proving property a ad payia? ohargea. _no21 3 * STRAYED OR STOLEN, from the.City Port Ortne. <?n Sunday mon inc laat. a leri* rv tra* HOR^K, '5 or 16 hand* hi*h, with ma 1 mane aed tail and had on a eatld:#^*-2-*and brid e. A li'-eral regard will **+ mm to any me retu-n us the ame o \V. C. HAZEL'S Stable, a Be ! ?t .between High-nd Congre:* ?U , Geone w?wu , ur i I inw roif ifih no t'-V Q tt PEWARD-Sttjul from the ?ubscnt>er Val>outthree wc*>k? a nc?.ir?dl OW,^M| thrso > ear a old, with white face. ?hori taii; cropped on the right ear and it on th* left;fcAB novo djsfijiirfd I>t a doe The a ove rewatd will be purl t?> any one by retn-nine the rame to p a. FITZHUGH. General Po?t Ofioe. no in it* NOTICK.?'Taken up, in the First War', ne*r the Cirele, oo the 18?h inatar.t. ? an eatray.a white COW with roan ?pot'.pul* and left horn crumpled ; amce taken up.Jb^k* has calved. Tne owne* ?ill come forward, prove fr .(M?rty. pa? eharcea,ftnd take he' ?w*? *pplr o WM. 1) S?KKRI1*\ HratDiatrict P-ilioe. no2<t-af IOST OK STOLEN-A wronaht gold HRA'K i I.KT. oi la-ge bis*, the lu.k* coeneo'ed by hingita. Aaitinav be off red for *a'.e, jewe'lera aiid pawnt-rokera will plea*.- Ptor> it thould it ao be offered, and addreaa J. 1). W , Box No. SS4, City Poat Ofioe. no 1*-J i REWARD.-Wr?*?d away,on the 15lh in?t, O' * a rod ao i white CoW. turned iogM| Uorria a- d blind ill one eye. The ?l?v# re- I ward will he paid if deli vered at corner orcjhi B stre?t Koo-h an1 Firat ?t., Capitol Hil1. No. >01. no If 8.* rtl SAN JOYCK. A C FEWA1D ?Strar'd f om the nharriber. on Wedeeaday night, the Hth ultimo, a^^n|| ted huffa o Kulcn COW, having two wariSu/* on her *id?.?The above reward will b<Cyki paid to anr person returnin* ?aid oow to the owner, JOHN ROCHK.oorner ?f Fi/th and Ridge ata., kiHwen M and N, Northern Liberties. no i9~3t? TA?KN L'P.?Foobi treepaiaioc on my prsaan^arUie^Anje-jtt a Bridge uun^tnaivD nnr r.*^ ; on? nut.SHf* with white spot on for-head, two red amj&HJbw wtme. oneda k red, and the olner red aod white. The last two are I film, without borne The owners are requested to emnt forward, prove preperty, pa* oliarges, aaJ take them ft war. ao ,9-8t* JOHN POUOLAtt. BOABDINQ. ~ HOAR DING,-Three or four sintle tret ?raea L? oin tM a^oommoflated with Board t>r sppi i inr at No. 513 Mary and iv*uur, between O* Hit ft'H ti , I (land. Mechanic* preferred. no l#-tf NHEW BOOKS BY CATHOLIC AUTHOR* just out and for sale at M. D. RUMKLL'S New Book Md 9 ationerr Store, No. *36 8er*itk street, opposite the Avenue House. The Life of ht Tereta. written b? herself, translated from the Spanish ?T the Rer. John Dal ton ; first American edition.olo'h; prioefl. The Hidden Oxn.sdn? iatwoaota, ha H. E- Cardinal Wnentn; do,, is oenta. An E??ay on th? Harmonioui Reations b*tVNO Divine Faith and Nataral Itaason, br A. C. Barn*. Eaq..o oth; prioeT&aeata. Tkm B'trotMd, ? romanoe of the 17Ui oentury, by Alanadat JBoninu; new edition, olotb; piioe 7S oanta Christaaaa Nights Kctftair.met.U, or the Pattor Vtut to tM Moan* of Pal ration, traaaiatad frost theSpasuhof Don John a* Prala'ox, ttiekoaol 0<ma, cl<>th; price 37 oent*. Mution aaa Duties of Yoang Women . hy Chartee J. White, D. Dm with the approbation ofthe most Reverend the Archbishopof Baltimore. cloth, pr.ce 37 oents. Papists M iar*pr? euted and 'ruly Represented, or a twofold cnaraatar of Popery, by R?t. John hi. Got.ner. cloth; price an omits. biaoe O'Hai eraa.or lr? land in ita Peasantry, tale of the da*, b / Agnea ?. atewart; 37 cent* The Visi>n <?1 O.d Andrew the Weaver, wvui?. i am' i I n liu IU JoancvtlKa tele of the no.??. br f. L Nichols, M. 1) .oloth; prto? 2a neaU Th* Mouth of Jo aeph, for the eh>!drrn of Mary, by ftr*. Fsm<v Plu*B?, oloth: prioe ? oon?s. Kurratory Om, or the Month of Nore?bar,al<>th; to omiU T.*? tttr with the abo?e mar bo found Bub** Pfaldiot'a Hiatory of the Protectant Reformation and a vari ety of other n?w and important Hooka. All now Books rMMfM aa aoon aa p? Mi abed.- K"'ei?n Book* myrted to onior. ? ao 19 U fWEW CLOAKP, L% JUKT KET.KIVKn. Oar preM&t stock of L*U?' W rtfF iW I* fkr uptrior to any former mm, oar aaooad itor* room* boinc entirely devoid U> that bran ok of oar trade We nare Arab#, Enflieh SaonaM, Pa??IM? CKeUwried Loom 8Jar?a Cloa*?.?e., ? Cw and ooratylaa. girWIM.Lf, mt It aoMt 3<* Pm< avenna. ^PCMttAiTr^ B, W? an mIIidv CLOAklN? CUOtil aary **Ch**? Cat to ordar for o?Jj ttaaata. Cioaki in*da to ?j?der at ioa'y *. 1. laii nad* Clo&ka. ?ak aa ImIm. " -ti'yy. it.w ?>? I *?i <ft Hi I isis VJ -W> I-, > . >?.lt /? !_ \i> V i * " . ! ?-. -? 11 if. *%. ?. "I t piQNSTAVLBV ALKOC VALUABLE Kul V/ Bit at*? F*?irtMof fiif vritoa/ lUMtioi o4Co<*mtia. fm tM?U 4t ofNu i > !. A. D 'UtrutniHtMiiHkMl owotk(rvrilN?i?MUob tylebwt Wiuu, a JmIk* tio I'mbc 10 aod r?r Mid ooaotf.os Um lit* of Nomibn wrmt,ii iftkt ?i4 Jok* J. Bo? *. alaoacatoar g?**. Ae..of and BiimN Mt |H- IM11?TWM MOB ?i| tlM Mid BrrMrd HafM>* ? toreat I* mm to (W rue* m4 Mfaal of around kw>vi m that part cr tot nraWoi mo <0 la MMro w?*t of ao??f* nahrd fmrtM. ( * } frMUng ivtatj Iti (Bi taet on .*U i>rM aU \ Mtm*7 (W) fntoafpay.. aod aHall to ^ ^ p. i Linen, T rm^i?S^TTf *5 Arti- T| i w I Th??? I ,' i wniont a-xl Oak KxtMDtioa D*ni&( Tablaa. I Oik Fr noh D:n r "hwn^Sidf T?b m, r Lars* qaaatitf of wkiistHnnaCkiaaTabia Win, I Table Culiny, Waiters, ' Wirar C'Mtor?, Ife Pileh?rt. 4 Cak* Baskets, ftaaoaa. and Fork*. ? C KoMwo^d, Mabofaaj. waiaat,aa4 PaiatadDraw- ? iac Baraaaa aod Waahataata, witk aad ?it&- 4 Jsnny d Cottaaa BaflaUada, Soli vOak aad PaTaiad Ci>Oac* luu, FaatM* B*4r. BH?Ura.and Pillnwa. T?MBUU, 8up?i ior Curiad Hair aaallaak Matfiawa Larce quantity of Blankets Comfort*, Qailta, aad J tvMu 1?U>and 15th iUNb,oowpnaiBf IM rmnut?r? <>fa >out sixty Wa'not and A?ahofa?yr Ptrlor PiitM, MMUbif of !*o i?, Tete a-TetM, Arm, Rootin#, u3 Parlor Walnut Bo-^omn, D?ik?,Mi WM^ou, iwwo^l Marble top aa<1 Sofa TiMn, Lhhim, PM?y Ckw?. ? 4 Tllm Ulltfran.e Frenoh P *te Mantel mmPin^iuni, J)ainMk and Lace Curtain*. Cwniaeaa4 ftad*. Velvet. BniMe'i. acd Ingram Carf?t? acd 0?1 loth? titrate kout tn? P *ia*. RUir Car?*U. CtK and loJia Mattiag, Ven'tinn >tair Caraet aadOile'oth, Clock Keadini Tah)??. and Pohno! freak. I 6u Chandelier ud Hu Fix tare*, kitoiien Rrtuutw, ko. \ Twmw. * | ao*>-4 J. C. MeGUIRK * CO . Aaote. I By J. C. MoGUIRK Jt CO- liittNm rT*Rr:*TEES< SALE OP FURMTURR AND I Krrccrs or ;h* Lafatkttb Beni-On MONiiAV MORNING, NonBMr R ud ooatinuinf from day to day an til tue *Mli ia 4ia^o*M ot. by Virtue ol;vo dMl of tni.tto tfee eat* ^nber, duly reoorded miiooi the land rroonla for Wwhin< county, I a Hal! aril Mm entire Far Hat aaad > ff?ct? ?>f th? Lafayette Hoaee. oa f atwt, ho Wettnradaj Icon,int. nofft-d J. C. MeQUIKE A CO., Aim, By J. C. MoGLIRK A CO.. AaotioMora. UURNITUKE amd HOI8KHOLD EFFECTS r at Acctios.?On FRIDOr MuRNlNG. \ I Nflr?mh*r 29d. eomni^neinc at M? o'eloek. w* (hail \ Mil all cf ?l?e i- aroitvrr. Ae.. ?ont* i d ? ia tke kc?^e N^. 470 12Ui itrwt, I?*ndF and q rtrto *. c<>i ?i? in part of? W*?Of?nt H*U, Tab fr, and WM-iMt CUin, i Painted Mgr'ui. WMtiatardc, and Wardrobe*, ' Cane seat aaU Rrokera, I C' ttaxoaml Iron B'oateada, Hnak and Cotton and Shncfc lH>ttra?oea. 1 Cotton Pfceeta, Pi i?w aad Holct?r Slipa. I Counterpanes Comforu. a: 4 utlta, I n m r? i n Pa riftti arH Piaap i li laln^V. I Go<>kini ftou other Mu(M, Kitchen Uteus.i*. At r o'cxock, la front of Cite Aietioc Room, two good Sftddle HnrM* Terms: $30 And under o**h; over that saa ft cre<"lt 1 ?n and *> dn??, for sfttilMtorilr endorsed notes, beving ln'ere^t. GEO. W. PHIL.UPJ*. bo 14 d J. C. MoGL'IKK k. CO.. *eots. FUTURE DAYS. Br J. C. MoCUIRE k. CO , Aucti oneers. Miscellaneouscollection or Books at ArcTiox.?on THURSDAY EVKNiNU, November 22d. comT.eioii.g ftt 7 o'clock, are shft'l eiltftt the Aiiot oa K" ni, ft iijM umu oulImiiod of H ok* efeb-ftcing M?dio*l, Poeti?ftl, ftnd t*etent<fio Works. Hiatoriea, Novels, PerioditftK.ko '1 ernis c*an. II7CitkiOiHM rM^rttlliiAiatioi Booaii ? tug invtfrrvti no i? d WALL ft BARNARD. A of. Br J. C. MeOl'IRE Ml CO.. AsottotMra IJXTKNflVH BALK OP PI RMTl'RE AND j hou??hoi_i) kffect* ? On THIRSDay MORMMj. Nnr*?b?r 22.J. at in o e oek, at vha -i spaoiou* *aiea room in > oo<i ward'* hnldn ?. thr*? < d'or* tfit of t>-e Auction Rnoni". w? rhallM!! aa 1 extenai ve asi .rtmect of Hoa?ehoki Effect*, com- ^ pri? : i? _ A Three exce lent Piaao Portea, Suto.a ud Conri. ^ Wa'nnt and Mahoracr Arm, Rookiif u4 Parlor Chairs. ? Rosewood ami Marble tor CnUraMMaTables, Walnut Whatnot*. Wruitg Desk*. 6itl-fram* Mirrors, Oil Painting* and Engraving*. Maute: OrnamfDto. and Va*e>, a Biaaaels, Three-p j and Ugrain Carpets, BUir Carpets. Oil Cloth. Rods and Er*. WtrdroAc*, Drtaun; Bureau*. Wash* land*, Toii*t Set*. BcditMdf. Ha r aad Hu*k Mtttrtma. I Holster*. fcn<? I'illow*, Blanket*. Contorts, f China, Gla?* and Crockery Ware, 0 Cane, and Wood au* Phnr?. I oLnna ? antf 84 aaoutha. with nt??re?i. aeosred Kj a deed of Itn?< on lit* premi?*?. ?M WAUkBMNaU. Awti. runt ajrrt:*noitn * to-mqhkow . Or J. C. McGI'lRK ft CO.. Auction#*r?. | CORPORATION Of WASHINGTON Stock ro? I**l? ** Arfr** -O* WEONE8UA\ AKTKRNOON,2Ut in-1 . al? n'ncek. It MAit k Hon Ronit. we iha ir , in sum* to imt- V ?j.nmi C >rpor*'io-; t,f V\ Mhicituii Uuartrriy Six per Cent. Stock. no 19 d J. C. MoeCIRK ft CO.. A?oU Mr WALL ft BARNARD, Aort-oteere. South %Ht of Pn ar end (ornrr Ntmtk st. Auction sai.k of nkw and good skcokb kami kvbmiivbb and hooabbold Err acx*-?On l'iil KMJA> MOUMM.. Sdin atant, at in o'clock, we wii. the Aaetioa R< onii, * renewal ?aan Tmeutof Household Pari i ture a.ud hfeet*. oomp'isi result o* t?ii >r Fa' mture, o. i.?iat.nj of Sojiaa, Arm and Side Chain, Marble top Osln T*\ I*. m M ah<>f any K> uad ud Kxtcnsioa Wanat Piniac ' Tah'e, Eidibk cm r?, Gilt lramo Mirror, &m*ak and l-*oe Curtains, Cornioe m4 QOt Vhtdfi, Haadaooi* Bronze 6w Brackets aau Ha.i Glob*. Velvet, bruaae a aud Tfiree-plv Carpet, Oilcloth, Marble top and p ain W %>uat Bureaus, Do and other W aahstaade, Cattace Ch?tat>*r Met, French a-d Coft&ge Bedsteads, Curled Hairajid bhack Vattresaes, Crockery and Glass Ware. Cooking ar.d other Mo ram and Mitohen Utensils. Terms: C40 ciah; or" tuat ftmoant a credit of 9n and an data, for approved erdoraed no tee, bear Vi ? M l.llt'liue ioc iieorn*, teat laaatle t>Mt ot lft .d or th* f oirwt:? atrcrt n j?i.t oith of tk~ eilr. ? *' ? olaiai tan and ka?w<i or. U>? f au-i Uh 4itim<>d ol taa Ho,n.?*d" lata. in.o.CeJ it tha i-J k'a < iL,o?* Lot 1 e rtiming H ?rr*> 4 p<<reh--a >'f groro?of f >r??t traaa, lonf known M the favor. t?> r?*o t lor pic-moa and pI? r? |t [im. i .i.fttttoa u Iraaul f 1, lUa nt i(fatnirt.u<Ml ?o >d. and it la ooavan:?D*ai.d aco* n! fr<TH th? cit? ' j on# ol tha b routa in IK? vu mity. Il.viird iiwu'd i ake moat d?ai abl? haiidibt him, in a tiaet ritacd ng th?tr,a^r foriiod on t >? t-' urt*ai)Ui atre*l road. aid on ii? i. >rtti on a .m Net i.?a<j, a jart of and trwt Ituwa'frad >? J'ivm Ilraneh, which tuna tnragta it. and na ? ?? ?.u tpringa. t ga . *r ik .a ia caa of mc aoat daai raN? lo a X oi Mi l ou the l>uU"u*rin> of the Metropo'ia, ?uu J at tbo own'f who r??ld n N th < "ar :ca,.p-?a f parempt?ry or i?r> to aHl.itw laf-a ?p/ rt mtj tj a^eurj the aauie at pribau y a g a*, aavrt fo . 1'erini : Or*# fourth <"aali: tha in a. '2 la 1$ ?ks A I I ?rl HO- D >Wl l>0, Auot. 1 * *<5?rLbA?tf 52Jn"wi&i or 1 VfcEY ^^'SVo^V \ . K* >VOV I APCT1UN HALES. \ |yAr 9tk*r A*rti*m 8mJf < * * fh7t " ' ""iSStTt'.'?- ??** f AftOK SAME OKGROCkRIKa. LIClt'OR*. Li P*IIIT?, Oil*. Uudl A KB Wm?>. Ac ?o? fi MO!mUa> -.on. th? hs*.h inm .tl i" o'olooiVat u>o Itnre N( Viol YY? ?r itrMt, I iteil Mil, VKtelt f tke^ext'BUlc (tuck of Jamoc P. WlOM, CtMli Gu. f?'Wdrr? UfioDtud Back T?a?, tf b? ^aad^&aota U.M, Java, Uv?t u4 iroiti BM?. t?< lica firip, Orltioi ud Porto ft>00 Mo, ?>W?. I urd. o?*k* 9otfa. rla. Riw, u *-? No. I udlMf.kvmTalMw1, m AduMkUMaai 1>? iMMSi, driiM h 1(1, Iltiil t/UM, Ct'ks Rio*. buiM ?ra.c>> mac t'etpr:. KMtfort H*rrnf. I? ,**>! , ? in mm Aritri, P?t> u.Oli*, Vnu.ah, f ich, '1 itifi iiNiat T?i, ?r:tn? M*re,r WniiiiTfiNr. J' imW*. MonairoTiU Wki.kj. Irbli. NwUk Kbi. \ k? \<m. 1 bu.?. OuW. XXX Wk.*fcj.l4bi?*.P*fcM C.4 : ai.4 HMMoom. | . CfcaaipAiu?mhI wUi?r W.uHin tiiat, rare i: >ckU rt Uun. I

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