Newspaper of Evening Star, November 22, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 22, 1860 Page 1
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4 r i i 11 MM.... n w I II m mi II II II ,?! 4"T ?. . *TT . ' - .- ! (5ft mttuj Star. V"-. XVI. WASHINGTON., D. C.. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 22. 1860. N?. 2.423 g- m*mw m ) THE EVENING STAR m L PUBLISHED BVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,; AT THE STAR inLDINM, Ctrnmr of Pmnrwlvntmiwiim mMItk at.. IT W. D. WiLLACH. f*>ort mmwI ib fMln|M kr abmiri U |4 i rmr. or T> ocnti ft month. To mmtl MkMrttwri tk? pneo u Sub 4 jm*, to dvncr; 93 for six w>oU(| 91 for U/n aosUii u4 for Um Uu ^krii Mnatlr > tk? -r n??Aiiwl* Oftts, onenr; ia wra?Mf?? two cm*. U7AtruTiiuuiTi uotld touattolktolM Wur? 11 o'o.oofc a.; othennee tk?r may notftfKV aatil the next day. I Tkt WkUky Inarr*cti?s. Id remarking on Taeaday that Shay't rebellion im the only instance of organ iaed rebellion that had oeaarrad in the hutoryof tbi? Government. we were probably correot, but tboae who ?hoal?l forget the whUky insur sight of one of the most remarkable mtiU of i oar national existence. In 1794 occurred nn I instance?uot of organised rebellion to the < General Government?yet of more deeided Insurrection and disobedience than fortunately baa transpired amid any other circumstance sine* we bare been a nation. In neither Sbay'a rebellion nor the whisky insurrection, however, waa there any grave national ques- i tion mooted?in neither case did any political i question of national significance arise. The whisky insurrection originated in *n objection to the excise duty. Thirty warrants wero iatued against distillers in the western 1 %r?art of Pennsylvania, which the marshal of y l . j1 _? ? _ a j l? * ? ^ . ? * ? ? - ? , io< Huiittii uuuvnwi u? writ i*ny??n ' were -erred, but the thirtieth wo resisted bj a party of armed men, who fired upon the authorities Upon the application of the Marshal for aid. and the owiaiag to hi* assistance ?>f a d?t*obinent of eleven men from Pittsburgh, SOU assistants appeared, several of wqwbi were hilled or wounded, and public meetings were held. 1h?M wero attended bj as many as 7,000 armed men. This remarkable Concurrence of course attracted the attention of the ^ Governor of the St*te, who, however, was ini efficient, and as the Federal authorities were situated within the limits of Pennsylvania, i Washington at once acted with bis usual de- i cision in putting down the insurgents. I Meanwhile, the rebels, although they had i no object farther than a resistance of the ex- I cise laws, were active in their opposition. They burned houses, destroyed property and mal- ] treated officeraof the Government; and it wu I supposed that their conduot had a wider significance than it now seems reasonable to at- i tach to it. Their deeds were undoubtedly aggressive and objectionable, but their aim seems I less serious than wu tLen supposed Thirteen thousand men, and subsequently 15,000 men were raised; proclamations were issued, and Washington with his cavalry proceeded from Philadelphia westward. Commissioners were appointed who proceeded beyond the troops towards the Ohio. These had dealings with the insurgents, and in two or three months from the outbreak of the disturbance, aooom- 1 mouatea me difficulties. Of eoarae, some di?- i cuseion meanwhile oocarred; bat the upshot of < it *11 was an indemnity for those who had been i concerned in the uprising. The Goteroor and Legislatures it is true, came to the aid of tha federal authorities, and troops trom the neighboring States were summoned: but this was because of the decided notions of Washington. The outbreak was remarkable solely because of the number of person* engaged in it. and not at all because it originated in anj important disaffection towards the principles of the ! Government. In this resnect it differed widely from the unfortunate feeling now existing in the Southern States. The promptness of tha President succeeded at once in subduing the rebellion; two ef the leaders were found guilty of such offences aa arson and robbing the mail; but even they were ultimately pardoned. An attempt was made to give the i whole affair a character of more portent than we have here accorded to ?t, but the nation ret fused to consider the matter in any light bat that represented; and we are warrnnted in stating that, in consequence and noasible dire ful result. neither Shay's rebellion, nor especially the Whiskey Insurrection, *u eoupar- L| able with the trouble* that now agitate this Union. and shake the federation to Ita baais, with threats of severance ? ?f. Y. Express. Okiqi* or CojrscupTio*.?The American Medical Monthly, contains some novel and interesting views relative to the nature and treatment of consumption. The seat of this terrible malady is affirmed to b? the lympathie system of vessels; and as these minute tabes form a clos* interlacement throughout the whole body, being also endowed withmueh activity, diseased fluids transmitted through tnem are liable, under oertain conditions, to k. a 1 ?J - I * i/o uuuvn'.vu au/wocnj, sou w ue spre&a or so* cumulated with prodigious rapidity. The nature of consumption in stated to consist in a deprivation of the fluids which are propelled through these tinj lympathio oondaits. Two theories are propose! to acoount for the presence of the pernieious o'ements which horu tsint and poison the springs of lit* at their turce. 0u? party affirms that the process of nutrition is at fault, and that parts of the food eaten is lastly and imperfectly assimilated, offering itself in a crude, half.prepared state, to the action of vessels not adapted to dealw ith such material, but only with that which has been submitted to a completer preliminary elaboration. Henceoellular development, the first sup in organisation, is impossible. The fluid eannot be taken up It never beoomes vitalised or forms a union with any living tissue On the contrary, it is a burden, and soon causes mischief. Another party thinks the i tuu? viishu^ in mo iar-rr?-jciug oeiw*k of lympathic voxels is duo to decay, and contains the products of organic dissolution. Both opinions are well supported and perhaps both may prove to be trae. That some noxious materials, whether the debris of usedBp tissues, or withered dead elements refusing to become new tissues, are thrown copiously near the Iympathics. is agreed; also, that the quantity of ?uch products is so great that thia utitrs MWtrtn annaratna rtannnt earrv it awuy. It accumulates and hardens into tliberties Th? cause of tbi? dreadful malady i* < stated bj oar author to be primarily the want ' of uxygen, whose pretence in sufficient quantity > J woul} either prevent the formation of the tubt roalous material, or would give power to east it out as soon as formed. A care in the early stages &f the disease is said to hare sometimes 1 been secured by chlorate of potass, and other remedies which supply oxygen to the bloodPrevention, however, here as everywhere, is 1 easier than eure, and is seldom impossible, whatever be the hereditary tendency to the malady. Muscular exercise, regular habit*, fresh air, suitable food, ample rest, aetive occupation, well-ventilated apartments, proper clothing, and exemption from oorroding anxiety. are among the indispensable and most ordinary ^bcantions. i a* or Lira ;? tea Gold Rioiors.? Among tbe deep defiles of the Rocky mountains I lately, a small company of men stood around tbe new made grave of a dead conpuion. With brad* uncovered tbey ll?U-ned attentively to tbe word* of tbe preacher at he ofT-redup a prayer._. While ia the mldat of It, one of The company dVacovered "tbe color"' in the eartb at hi* fret tbeo *n up to make room for the remaina of tbe Ueceeaed In a loud wbiaper he communicated tbe raibtr exciting Intellisync# to hta companion. All beard it, even tbeclergv* <n, wboauapending iila prayer, opened hi* eye* to aee bia auditory catlt-r in every direction to atake off gold claim*, t.'allag in a loud voice to them to *Uke him off a "claim" be recloard hia eyes, baatily concluded hi* prayer aud ttaru-d off on a ma to Jola hta fcllowa in aeeuring a claim. i; I uv jnurmi uyi iniivnc 01 iw trau^rat phenxneua in nature haa recently dar?-loped ltae'.f uesr the How Lake, Polk count*, W a Flame* of ire come up through the earth la aeveral localities, and one man'a barn baa been burued do?s by It. Strange to aay, the Irecan only be art-o- la tWe d*y time, the aarth In tb# uin/ tjrarlnjr a clo#* reaemblaoce to phoipborua The atr amella a? If Impregnated witb sulphur Th? iih at remarkable feature ta thla raae la tbe (or t that woolen art.clea la the houara take although there is nothing vlalble to Igalta thus Exbcctio* or a Haudisib Ciimixu -Lut Saturday a negro man. convicted aometlme stnee, of murder bv toe Hotly Spring* (Mis ) Court, patd the penalty of bla crime on tbe (fallow*. A | short tlo>? prevlo'ia b> Ms execution be addraqpa^ toe erewrd, coortmng h'.? jjulU not oaiy ?a tb? 1 charge prvfarvd but also lodged k*vl?f In bW life conim!U?il Lmr other m irdert. for mi kl rf wbteb be hu Wta intD-cU-d Shortly befor* ' F he ???wid Ike tftmoat Mtitfwtjo* ?t the ft*Utrlug proepect of dining wltU tb? de*tl' A tot of GKNTTO UNDERSHIETS AMD Kw R8, ",om Motn*. which he trill ull very C^nK^S "T Mi 306 P*.? ., bMtwn Wuwlilob* au, i population of 408,TH would glv? about A 0 aa the a amber of poraooa la cocb dwelling. CT One day laat week a geatleman and lady weataboppine in Lockport; on leavlag th?aales aa wanted ttoa lady to puwkoaa om or more of fcta taatefu> bata '-for bova." Bo waa atruck dniQb b* tbo ladr aiwrlr, Sir, I *M?I about twenty mfnntM f ha-re no boya yet." I VtBT Pbobablb ?Fannv EUaler'a son died In Nubia a ahort time ago. Fanny la now Madam* von Barnlm. and resides In Vienna. The Prince Adalbert of Prussia ta united to her Oy a morganatic marriage, and thla was hla child?Futon Pott. But. Colonel, It la not Pannr; It la There*?, wboee son la dead We never beard that Fanny ever bad any aon. Did veu??S. O. Picayune. Know nothing at all about it, Pic, but thought aa her connecttona were numerous there might be a aon among them.?Boston Pott. PaitADELrHi*. Cause*.?The cenaoa returns of VttUdeipfcla city are at laat completed, and the population Is stated to be MA 034 In I860, the population waa 406,799, an Increaae of 150,472, or nearly 39 per cent The number of dwellings la art down at 80,976, aa Increaae of 38,700 This dee* not Include the atoraa and warebonaea, of which no return la made The number of familia* la not given. !? U?0 It was 7* 3W, which ?, *1 dw?tlino? T1.U I- - newspaper 01 mat region, exiraorainary discoveries of oil have been made. The fortunate praCletor of two acre* of the oil district bad refused leaae bit land for S70.U00. In on caae a* many a?5.i*>0 gallons of oil were pumped oat in twwlv* boars we reprint these stories as we find them, disavowing the responsibility of any extravagant statements Enough Is known to show that there la a wide field for tame la developing these discoveries, snd for fortune In profiting by the developments ?Philadelphia Prtts. The Oil Fivn ?What is known as the "Oil f???" promlan to Influence In an unexampled decree toe prosperity and material interests or our country. .Natural secretions of oil In the enrth, existing in a state almost pure, were discovered in toe western and northwestern counties of this State The excitement consequent upon the discovery berime very great; hundreds rushed into oil speculation; lands containing oil, or supposed to contain it. were sold at fcbulous prices, and the proprietor of many barren acres, in these distant counties, found himself the unexpected master of an unctuous Eldorado. The excitement passed avrmv, and the oil traffic is slowly becoming as mock a constituent of our internal commerce ss cyrn or coal We learn that In the county of Cambria the discovery of oil is reported, that several companies sre forming, and the wells sre about being sunk to determine the truth of the report* In Western Virginia, as we learn froma u uc it in p taenia iariuer eastward, i Witnessed their arrival from the rocks above the cascade, and a finer tight I never saw in my life. The artillery cauie at a racing pace. 9ne of the most remarkable features of this remarkable review in the eyes of military men wu the experiment, on a Urge ecale, of the new half squares to resist oavairy, which are supposed to be just as effective as the old square, whioh necessarily presented only a portion of their front to the enemy, leaving a large foroe use all the above and inclusive of the rank of captain, at a grand military breakfast in the racing standa. . While the ''feeding" was going on, a bridge waa thrown across the Seine, the exaot relation of which to the sham fight of the day I waa not able to aaoertain. At about balf-paat one the infantry encamped on the Bt. Cloud aide of tb<) raoe courae were supposed to be surprised b: ao attacking force, and in an incredibly short apace of time they struck their tenta donned their knapsacka, una formed liue. The cavalry aud artillery cam* on the ground simultaneously from their morning), and in due timo cooked and ate their breakfasts. The illusion of an actual campaign was kept up in many particulars Fatigun parties went to the forest. (vhioh in many paru still remains in its primitive state in the cultivated and ornamented Bois de Boulogne) to out wood, and others breught water from the Seine. At half-past eleven the Emperor arrived upon the ground, followed by a numerous staff, amonj; whom were Marshals Magnan, Bandon, \ aillant, Neil, Pelliasier (Duke of MalakofT), Canrobert, and Rcgnuult de Saint Jean d'Angely. The Imperial Prinoe, in the uniform of a corporal of grenadiers, followed his father upon a Lilliputian pony. The Emperor entertained, not all the offioer* that was antioioated vaaterriav hut Mng remained at i'eano; Garibaldi returned to Calvi to give orders." The Emperor's Review.?The Paris correspondent of the London Daily News says :? The review to-day on the Loogchampe race course wm the prettiest thing of the kind that I have ever seen in Paris The crowd of spectators was immense. Reviews on a larger scale have been seen often, both at Satory *nd on the Champs de Mars; but it is a finer sight to tee] 15,UOO men maneuvering freely than 30,000 er 40,000 who simply get into line to be galloped past. The troop* took up their positions at daybreak, pitched their tents, lit their fire* (very neoessary in the raw ?old of the uaiui owuoou luciu. auiuu^ lucui were raniii. Minister of War, io the foraging cap of a staff officer, and Gen Fanti. After the King followed the 17th, 18th,19th, and 20th Regiments of the Line, then 60 guns And 4 regiments of cavalry. His Majesty was at the head of 30,000 men. "Before reaching Teano, King Victor Emmanuel halted, and ordered a portion of his army ft) file off in presence of Garibaldi, that every one might observe the good feeling which prevailed between him and the chieftain. He then reriewed Bizio's brigade.which was posted a little beyond Calvi. lie was received with the enthusiastic and unanimous about of 'Long live the King of Italy ' Garibaldi has 7.000 men divided between different positions. The , ?, - ?~B?'"ft- U.HU-.Ul, J"" purs to his horae and galloped towards him. Uaribaldi did the same. Whew they were within ten paces of each other, the officers of the king and Garibaldi shouted : 'Long lire Vietor Emanuel!' Garibaldi advanced, took off his bat, and, in a voice somewhat hoarse with emotion, said: 'King of Italy!' Vietor Emanuel put his Lad to his kepi, and then held it out to liaribaldi, and, equally moved, replied: 'Thank you.' They stood thus, hand in hand, nearly a minute, without uttering another word. "Garibaldi and the King, still holding each other's hand, followed the troops fur aHout a quarter of an hour. Their suites had mingled together, and followed at a short distance behind them. Passing a group of officers GariL.u: l_.. > ? .1 p--;-; Garibaldi left immediately with blf ataff, and whree quarters of ad hour afterwards be came in fight of the head of the Piedmonteae column. Ila put apan to his horse. The Piedmouteee advanced as follows: The 23d and 24th Regiments of the Como Brigade, the 26th and 27th of Pmerelo'a Brigade, and then a battery of rifled cannon. The columns preeented arms to Uaribaldi, and opened for him to pasa through. Uialdini rashed forward, and Garibaldi, jumping off his horse, embraced him aflTeotionatel^. After exchanging a few words, Garibaldi remounted to meet the King. Victor Emanuel was not far behind, leading on his own division. Seeing the red shirt, the king took a a nil roAA?niein? ?? f Victor Kwuiwl mad OtrlWUI, A letter from Naples, dated the 29th of Oe* tober. gives t'ie following aceooat of the inter* view between Vietor Emmanuel and Garibaldi ' I w*s cya nay way to the headquarter* of Victor Emmanael at Teano. and took a eat through the mountains- While waiting for a conveyance I met Major Cattabene, oocumaad~r i." . i J ?' ?? ou? vi uiuuiivi ueiuijuarifrs XI* WM coming from Teano, and to him I am indebted for the following account of the interview between Victor Emmanuel and Qaribaldi. Garibaldi had taken up hit quarter* at a small ion, about four miles and a half between Teano and Speranzano, on the 25th. He ordered hi* column to advance and take up positions, and Rent Count Trecohi to see the King. On the following morning Count Trecohi and MUsori eame to inform him that Cialdini was within an boar's man k, aad tha Kin* not far behind. SoUTHP.kst ExiOKATION WttTWilB-The Shelbvville (Tenn ) Expositor ? *: " Never it any time in the memory of tbe oldeet inhabitant baa ao treat a tide of emigration been witneaaed aa ia rolling westward through thia town. Tbev ball from Virginia, from North Carolina, from every where East. and are bound, some for Texas, some for Missouri, and aotne for tbe Lord knows where. Our own county and State have aent large delegations to the Great Wnt. We notice an nnmual number of slave* la the trains of the movers." Th* Population or thb Cottos States ?The population of tbe Cotton State*, according to tbe i vuaui w irou, WU U follows": White Bl'k A Mulatto. Alabama 426,514 344,744 Florida 47,2u3 39.310 ' Georgia 521.574 3*1.6*2 Mississippi 295,718 309.679 South Carolina 274,653 391,184 Total 1.565,570 1,45ft ,698 Position of Mi. Douglas ?Senator Deuglas bu written a letter in reply to several citizens of New Orleans, defining his position In regard to aocaaslon He aavs that >*th* mere election of any nun I* fie presidency by tbe American people. In accordance with the Constitution and laws, does not of Itself furnish any just cause or reasonabl ground for dissolving tbe Federal I'nlon." Mr Douglas is now, or was lately, on a visit to his plantation In M IssIssIddI Pm?idie*tiil Elictio:* iw Mexico ?We understand tbat circulars are out I u Mexico for the cho re of Presidential Elector*, to assemble the coming iro-ith of February, for the election of a successor to the present hrad of the government. Juarez This ii In accordance with the terms or the constitution?but in the present state of th?? Republic, torn and distracted as it la, by civil war, wp do not se* how It csn b? canvassed to any good effect.?X O. Picayune, 13f* FURS! PURS!! I htvve now ready for exhibition and sale my stook o' FU R^, to which I invito the attention of the lardiei. I have taken treat otre in the selection, and frel assured they are unsurpassed in quality, irtyle and workmanship. The assortment consist* of all th? most fashionable kind*. HUDSON'S HAY SABLS, CANADA SABLE, STONE MARfrEN. ROYAL ERMINE, R l. SSI AN PITCH, SIBERIAN SQUIRREL, and ir.any other varieties. FUR of all kinds for Tnmmin*. A large assortment of CHILDREN'S FURS, Als >,a fine variety of CARRIAGE KOBKS I ml 1011 a oa 1 from the ladies, and every effort will he ma 'e to please. All Furs ?o d f>y their real name*, and warranted to be a* represented. JAS. Y. DAVIS. no 8-8w (Int .Con k States. > late To id A Co. BKN V. FHM H. WM. V. KICHSTK1X, NEW FIRM FRENCH A RlCrt?TEIN, ( Successors to Wm. F. liayii ) W no.esals and Retail Dealers in BOOKS, STATIONERY, AWD PERIODICALS, No. 2T8 Air.*., Weddinir and Vititin* Card* neatly engraved and printed. Paper and Envelope* Rtampsd with Initial with oat extra charge. Subscription* received for all the Weekly Paper* and Magazines; also. New York Herald. Time*, aud Tribune. Ca'l and examine our atook. All bound Booka sold from 10 to 50 per oent. leas tnaii the Pabliaher'a prioea. ILrAny Book* not on hand ordered with diapatoh from London, faria. New York, Boston, and Phi'aJelphia. oo 24 in. New dre*s ?oops, mourning goods AND CL.OAKS.?RiMi Priniwi Frenoh Men uuen. mi 'iiirw.i. nepi, ropuna; Kiain and Satin Kitiihed French Merinoeg tu all ootora; Fancy Stlita at.d 9.1k Kobea, at very reduoed prio^n; t) sot Bombazine, Merino** Vp*coa?, French Moa??elinao, K,-p* and Shawl Merinuei in variety and of the b*st make* Alao, tt.aok, French, Beavr and Treoo Cloth Cloaka in many new winter aty'.ea. no 15 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. &ash, bund, door, and moulding ESTABLISHMENT, No. $6'i Sitihth Stkest, opposite C*ntrr Market n. o. cFhuiho, Svccaaaoa to h. w. Hamilton a co. 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Parlor Desk* and WhataoU, Rosewood, Walnut and Mahoraoy Bureaus. WwkMidi, B^d>t?a(1? and Ward rot**, vary handsome and ahean. Cottage Chamber Furnltu*e, in <>ak, Imitatk-n Oak, Mapla and Painted, with or without Mar ble TOMt Mvb e-top Hatraoka, in Oak and Walnut. Iron Hatraoka, Hall Standa, j??oretariee. Hooicoaa*a, J?havin? Stand a. Marble top Center Table*, Hair and ?huct Matfreaae*, Feather Bofetera and PilTowa, B anket*. Comfort#, Qoilta, Towels, <fco. In addition to our 'took of Furniture our ftrat floor oontama a la'fe and well a-loo.fd atook of China, Otao and jnroekerT, Plated Gooda, Japanea?lalile Cutter j, Britannia War-, B oektln Goods, Baaketa, Bra?hea, <kc., altocetber form I UK m w?i?i<n? ui oyerj Ulin( litOCIlUT to furm?h ? bona* in all iu &?%rtni?nU C. W. B??TtLER 4; 80*8, Iron HfcllpNo. *1? P at a. avenue, e 17-MAThtf Mwmb 9th ?nd VOth ?U. W ^ ?-A SirflJF-T-Vi * PJL' WI r?/.KKS ofMtirtlf New Pattern* aiui Deeigna and P?*?h. ptpwor la stria to Anything heretofore ofered in thM market. W? ioWte eituen* gener&l ly to Ml! and uim?? ottr stock of Gas and Water Fixture#, feeling confident that we have the beet selected stock to Washington. All Work ia the alwve fine intrusted to ear otre mar B-tf 3T<0 str?i. piANOft. MKUJDE'VNS, VIOLINS, Outers. tT Ao^eo??.i*nborines io..*c. "* '* 3ft* Pa. M, Xti and l<4h sLi JUST EKCKIVKD, AT ??ITR?S. WiU) other n*w aa* beautiful ity m in I Tr*oo and Frwwk Haavsr Olotk,la ?r>?M I QiVlJJi e?'10 ^ ?*??* W* *?% til* attention of 1 it ??'**' TAYl.OK * HUTCHISON. 1 IF VOU WANTto )rt ?'?od r'l()thin|, Firiii.h-1 ??? .Q"?4?. ar?dC*fi< allow fin* oo-n# I ' V> 9M1 ftt 8. No, 4*0 &4T*uUi iWMk ov ?? lia ?T??rM-??itd MAKHLK MANTELS at redooed pneee for <uh or approved notsi. A n earl* call is aolioited. ? WM. RUrHERFORD. Marble Work a, S?9 K et nnrtn, 17 9m between l?th and 18th. f MBB8' Wlfi, BRAID AND* CURL MANU" FACTORY, 849 Penn. arenae. near the oor " T of Thirteenth atreel?A very oomplete aaaortn?at of Braida, Cnrla. Pruetteo, H^n teaua, Ao., now on hand: aleo, made to order at the ahorteet aotiae Hair Work repaired or taken in exohanga. am S Sin ^LOAKt! C L O A K 8!! V/ CLOAK 8!!! The Camilla, the Arab, the Garibaldi, Tw Romeo, the Zouave, ta? Albanae, pLOUi*., BUCKWHEA^ POTATOES, APISO bbi?. new Riohmond Family and Extra Flour, lb?. Fr*?h Groand Bn^kwheat ttwi, 30t) bushel* Wb.te Mercer Potato?*, loo do. Rlae do. do. 6 do. Chestnuts. R*o?ived to-day and for aaie low ii> loU to uut by D. L. MORRISON * CO.. S Corner of Twelfth acd B ?. TgE MOSSS, "gffiiSu. of M. R. BiJL_*ONUJ#RNTS, TOMBS, GRAVE i visa ?ii |niu?awD I V "V |3HB to bear In Bind that 39H the plan whieh I ^flB^^^^t&iortad, six mri uo, of sailing ^^^HFHAT8 ud BOOTS at *r?atly r? duoed prices for o&ah i* in suoc?ssful operation. Just raoeived a full supply ot the latest New Vork styles of DKESS HATS The very finest Hit $3*5?; a first rate Hat a3 ; and vary gocri.fasnior able Hat JJ2 60. Ail or toe latest styles of salt HATS and CAPS, at tbe very lowest pnoes. I am ooustantlr uppiied with a vary large atook of thosafineDREaS BOOTS at #&.%?whiefi lhava baen selling for man; years?as well aa the very bast qual ty of Patent Leather GAITERS. at ?3 50. F ine Frenoh Calfskin Gaiters from #3 to #2 Su. Terms oaahit ao extra ohargs in order to olfaet bad debts ANTHONY, Agent lor the.Manufacturers, Seventh atroet, neoord hat store from the oorner, cpposita Avenue House, No. #40. sal4-?i <Y apeotable oitiiem that oraler tiaw /?S kara. mIIidk from bnoketa cn the jroi f atru^ta. hare repreaented themaelvea aa^^jflF aellinc for n>e, and that not a few perttona have in thia way had impoaad upon them impure oyaUra.and complaint havinr be*n tnvle to me to tkia etleot, I have to aay that I have no hawfcor* selling for me from baoketa and do not allow the buaineaa to be oarried on from tin eatabuahment aa I do not deal iD oyatera of that ol%??. Neither have I any braaoh of m; eatabHahment in any part of the city. No oyatera are aent by me to families exoept on ordera reoeivd at my only Depot, No. Sol C atreet, between 10th and 11 k. oo 3B lm T. M. HARVEY. M|| N O T I C ?! /.T ALL 5?8B PHIZES. Whole Tickets, ?i*0? Ha.ves, $10?Quarters, 96. Prizes oa*hoci t; u? at it s per oent. disoouut. Bills on aJi solvont Hack' laksu ai ?*r. A drawing will befcrwar<2?u u eooa M '.lie retell beoomes known. Ail orders for scheme* or ttokeia to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ. no 8-tr t1>T?r/ r.ifr >'.->st. rbvl?>tnr. H. C. Ti WHY 18 IT? HAT ST1NEMKTZ. THE HATTER, IS alway* bony tvuJ not heard oroakiux tafi r^a about dnll t im?sR &F2 Because he sells the best articUs m? i5&3 at tne lowest cash prises. &K fT^Justogenod? r jS tC9 New styles fjents DRES'i HATS, _ wH do Bolt HmTSanCGAi' ?, M?W Misses' JOOKEY HAT8,Tniusned and UntrimmM. _ FURS! FURS!! For ladies and children, my assortment is now larger than r*r. FUR TRIMMINGS 25 to ^5 ?ents eer yard. B. U. &T1NEMETZ. 336 Fa. a*., no g near oort:;r Thirteenth street. A f* i D T~\ U m inns k >aa n infArmo^ k> eai?^ I pouibie ratoa. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Offio* 243 Pa. av.f WIvmd 11th and 12th st* . ma 17-tf north T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. UK Next OraTinj of Ui* Koyal Havana Lottery, oo-duotod by the Spanish OovnmmsDt, ncder the aaperrifion of the Captain General of Cuba, will tax e plao? at lavana on TUESDAY, Novkmbbe 2T, 1*0. SOKTSO NUUBRO W0 ORDINAHIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 810Q,o00. i ?r>M of tloo^oo to snsoa oI??...?!.?* !o <0,000 ?0 Jo CM o ?.noo 153 Jo +? o S9,'J00 JOapjrcr. 8 JDC o 10,1**) _ . . SHERIFF * DAWSON. L r~ Offioe couth tide Pa. avenue, lx>tw?en 3d and 4>i at*.; jrharf and mill went aids 43% street and Canal- no 11m I^O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.?1 have jait received a"d will oommenoe unloadin? to-morrow a oarjo of the very best Red Ash COALteicK and stove size?) ever brought to this market, whioh I oa-i eenddireo' from tne vessel if your orders are left immediately. ? H. W. BATES. Wood and Coal De*?l??r, oc 31 Corner C and 14th >ts . near Canal. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all &irt? a? tha Mt? tk? Livui rin-i v> l?IIJ (1*11. >?1 1MB l/llj at T? J IOW Dr'OM, lL/~ W 9 cm! tti? particular attenti ?n of our on?tomer* acd tbe puulio generally to our aplend d *TuCK OF COAL.whion we can say, without fcar of ?<iua!t<> any in 'he City. We eua'a'ite^ to give ?ati*rot.on to all *Oo iuaj bu'o- aa? ol ua. liVtnir SAWED and SPLIT WOOD it kept under cover, perfeotiy dry, and COAL on piank floore, clean and in good order, i.arge ea.ea and if.Tia'.' profits. fry Order* nolieited at UNION FIRK-WOOD MILLS Cor. !Jev? nth at and Canal, McKNEW & M\RLOW, Proprietor. no lfr-tf Kindling and stove wood Manuiactured any length, and dMivered to any p*rt of the city at the shortest notice, anH ^ thai InwAB* HI m ratao Kw ?-? INO. 377 I ST 'KBT, Fl**T Wilt, Vine ANNIF B. PKCK, Teacher. Number of pupila limited to twenty oc 16 eolm WOOD AND COAL. [U " "i?..?1 jj] Union Fire-Wood 91111s. PINE, OAK and HICKORY WOOD 8%w?l ao'l Spht at anr Uneth or rt? repaired, and deltv .M -i-rs. niacKiocK fit .Mamtiaw, Messrs Corse Brothers. . . - . Trans. Board, with Tuition in all the English B'anahes, 92TO for the annual ?.es?ion?payable Mini -annually, in a<l vanoe. Musio anil Languages at Professors' price*. UZ7" Mo extra ohir<f>. au 28-tf SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS. ....... - ... ?nu ?ur. M I?r its possible, to surround them with the oomforts ar.d kjndiy iatUenoea of Homo. He/tfiutf.? Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. D'. Kiias Harrison, Rej. D F. Sarins, Wilham H Fowle, K??|., M?r Snowdi?n, fcsq . Edmund F Witnw, K?q., Henry Mar bury, Ksq , Lewis MoKcni d. Esi| , Robert H. Hunton, Emi . W D Wallach; Editor Evenine Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas. Entwisie, Jr., Fsu ,Col. John \V.Minor, Loudoun, . --V"" "IV.I Itrriuvgii ?> <1(1111 01 tn.llthf?:uc-i and Of mnastios, are respeotnilly invited tc visit the I mon Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av _ , mr. a mrs. z. richard#, JW ?u Prn?oipala.__ Female boarding and datschool ALKIANIMIi, YA. ^ Mr.. 8. J. MoCORMICK, PaiwciPAL. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will ooiniuaace on Tuesday, September l?th. in the house rvo^ntiy n?cupied by Sylve.ter Scott, Eso., No. 1*0 Kiriic ?tra?t The ooarse of stilly pursued will oomprireall the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu oation, aud Mu?ic, F.enob, Latin and Drawing, U desired. In addition to day seholars, Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils a? boarder*, who. constituting a part of her own family , will be u?der her immediate oare and supervi EDUCATIONAL. PA. 8. DKV|LL1ER9. ROFKSWR Ofthe FRENCH and GERMAN l<ANUUAGE!f, SIT Eighth itrrtt, between I. and M, bu the honor to announoe to the pablie that ha has rosumed h a lnmou? ia the above ii?ncua*??, and haa opened at Miss \V nod seminary. "9<H I street, Iwtween 12th and 13th sts , a Frenoh Cla.* in whioh young 'art ? will b* admitted. This oiats ill meet three times a week at half-past 3 p. m. Terms: iiwr a?.rt*r ? ln !L.'or ! * <> f i v^n in school*. .??i if iX fr" th# b??t references as to his zga,Aabiljjj. >8.,ta oott lm, FEMALft EDUCATION. * HOSE Parent ? who wish tlisir daughters to r?oeivs a thorough and STStematio education. where LtS?rf <i kin'wi!' r*?'>redailT and sgeetal CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, * * D Strut, Mimw 9(4 mmd toUSlriiti, _ W? hav? iu?t fini?h*a a number oI tr?t oiaaa CARRIAGES, auoh u Park Pktaxont. Pom\ly Cmr wOTjK0r riMU, Mrf fiurw), wtuoh V* will Mil >1 ? f -! rer? auul profit. praotioaJ iQsoh\oioa la diff*r*ot braaohM U1 uw uuwaeu, we nAa?r ObrtMTM tnat w* kaotf the style* and < un-if t of work that wilT kit* wb faotion, oombiwaf lights est, oomlort uid dnrabi" Repairing promptly and earefslly attended to Ue shortest n and ooit reasonable e>*ri?*. WALTER, KARMA.VN * BOFF. Goaolunakers, SBOOeMur* to WB. T. Hook. p*r-diy T,IE8nb^bJ^KiftSfc addition* to hi j t?otory, n.aJciii* it now one of the .argeet^^MkM, In the District, where hit fMi. UM forvKSK muoluttniif CARR1A9B k, LIOBT'^Bi^B wAeONSor a.' kiixii cannot be nrfMMd.ui trots hi* long *?peoenoe is the biw?. he be pea 1 to fiw general *afc?fiao:.o7i. All kinds cfCarriac** and klght Wagon* kort on "*A ^ R EP AJRSn*aCy 4eae.and all errors prompt DENTISTRY." MTRKl'H. ( LOOM IS, M. D.. the inventor and patentee j ofthe MINERAL FLATk TEETH, at\ g-j ( tend* at hie offioe in this oitv MBv | Many person* can w?-ar theee teeth whi-^* '' r '1 ] cannot wear others, and no person oao w? ar other* ( who cannot wear these. < Persons oallihf at mj offieeean l?e aoeoaimodated > with anr *tyle and price ?>f Teeth th?r may deeire; j bat to those who are partiou'ar and wi?h the pnreet, n.eanest, strongest. and most perfeot dents re that art oan produ*?. the MINKRaL PLATE will be more iu .j warranted. Rooms in thia oitjr? No. 338 Pa.irrnit.httvNB 1 9th and 10th at*. Alao, 907 Aroft ?treat, Phuadel phia. oc 16 tf Ddsntihtky. R. HI LbB, ?ft#r p iriotiok trat of two yaara f??!a that ha can vita oouJidesce r?oou ru?D'i the Ch*opaatio Procoaa for inaart.; >Mmf *rti6oial t*eth It has the advanta*aa uP1" 1** atratifth, beauty* o:?an.iiiia?a, im oTTeopneaii. Fal u?fcr a^ta inaertac for #a*. Partial :b proportion. OIBoe 306 Pa. arenas. aa 7 Dr77T h McLean s " STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PLRIFiKK THE GREATEST REMEDY m tit WORLD, *nfl the moat ffitm \\# it tuictU 4 act- Vrl AW, I \jjr iiuific utd Vipuftj^V lit Compound, proeortd by tbt dittulu UWI1 UI I "VW?, mrw, HBOMH MwlA *'iJ barka. Vattow S IIB\ Dock, Bluod Root, BP. ?L* a. Buck Root, Sirups- f ?J jfl ?fiK nil*, Wild Ch.rry AwW Bark, and Dandalio* BH illI Jf autara i?io lu camIW ____ Tna ftirt acuta ^ rit jC raroadial prinetnl* j* ^ T T" Bvir of atih inf radiant ia Before LYS?3After taking. dUUliuijr, prodocia? a ilaliciuaa, tibiUraiwf aptrilt and iba Dioat InfUlibr* ramadyfor ranovauuf tba diaaaaad ayata?, and riitnii; tha tick, ?bBinng, and dabiiiiatad littJM ia | baalth and atrcnftfc. McLEAN' S strengthening CORDIAL Will (factually cara Li*ar CsinpUtnt, Dyaprpaia, J?Ui dica,Chraoic or Nervoaa Dabtjity, Dtaaaaaa ofUa Kidi.ara, and all diaaaaaa ariatng from a diaordarad U?ar or MiMiach, j Djapapaia, HtirUort.. liw?rJ Pilca, A'.idur or Hicknaaa of | tba Btomich, Fal'-naaa of BiooJ to tha Hand, l)all Pud or , Swimming in ixa Hand, Mputi* of tha Heart. Pallnaaa , or Wiuiii in Ui? Siowtk, 8--?ur Erticu>uooa, Cbokiii# or i KnO^.i... T..IU. -k.. ^ ! ?- " 1 ~ i iiibwQtli of Utt? * kin ?r.d Kyaa, NifhiSttiu, liwwJ }'a>an, Pun ia tl>t Siaall of ti.a Hack, (Jktat, or Sija, Soudan Flush., of Ha?t, Da;>raaaion of Spinu, Prifbtftl Driuit, I Uafiiur, Daapoudaucy or tar nirioii duiut, Boraa wr J Bloicbaa on tba dku., ul Fa??r and An* lot Cbiila and ' ftru.) | OrXK A MILLION BOTTLES hava baac (old dannf iba lu( III month*, u4 in Uiitaaei b*? it failed in ririnf antira a**iaf*cticn. Wbo. tbaa, will anfar from Wtakr.ui or Dabiltt* Tilt MfLExMV STRKNOTHENINO CORDIAL will ear* yoo 1 H? Language ean cor.? 7 tn adequate idea of the u*m*dj tM ud ulixiool mirnculoM cbaj.f* produced by lakinf thu Cordial in tba dieeaeed, dabiliutad, ud afaaitarad narrama eyeten^rtiatber brokao down bf exceee, weak by nature, | t unpaWeJ by etckneea, tba releued and unetruur Tfiui HUM M rNWIH U? 1U pf:?UB? ntillO tDQ tl^OT MARRIED PERSONS i or tthin, coniciosi of tr.abillt* from vkttiur uut, Wlil I Bod MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a th? ( roB^j [ [lomwrof lit* ?y?:?n.: ud all who iuv bar* la t )ar*d th*eb**l**a tj irrpr?p*r indnlf *rc*t will (ud is iht* j Cardial a carta!* aod ?p*?dT r*m*dj. TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL i* * *o?*r- 1 irn aod *p**dy ear* for laaipiout Go?*onipuot>, Whit**, 0b*traot*4 or Otflcalt M*b*traatMu, Wonuo*nt* of Uria* or larolaotary Ditcharf* th*r*af, F*lliuf of til* Woab, Glddtn***, Piloting, and all 4im**** incidtot to F*raal<* THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT 1 Rlf*r M l?nf*r. Tak* It according to diracoona. It will (timaiat*, *tr?Bfth*n, aad invtgorat* jn and caa*< tb* bloom of btaltb u> moont yoar cb**k again. Ev*ry botti* U ?imAL?d LA n?t lltuflCUOA. FOR CHILDREN Ifyoar eiuldrao ara aickly, pun/ m aflictad, McLKAN'8 , CORDIAL will maha than hailuy, fai, aad rotonac Dalay oo< a momaot; try it, and you will t>? canTuicad. It I* daIioiom wutt. CA XJTIOS. J w?r of dr*?ri?t? or daalara who may try ta pain spoo you com* bitur or urwinnlU traah, which tfcay tu bay ehaap, by aaymr it ia tut u guud. Avoid atich man Aak ' for McLKAN'8 8TRINUTHENING COSOLAL, and uka nothing alaa. U > tha only tamady that will parify tha Blood thoroajhl* and at tha aamt tin* atrmjthan tha ayatarr.. Ona taaapoaofal takao a*ary uioraia; faatir,? ia a cartain ' praaaotiTa (or Cbolara, Chilia aad Favar, Taitow Faaar, or any prataiaiit diaaaa*. It ia pat or to larra boulca. f-rtca orly ?1 par boula, or t bottle* lor gS. J. H MtLEAN, Sola propriator of taia Cordial; alao, McLaaa'a Voicame Oil Lioloaot Principal Da pot on tha ooroar af Third and < Pia* ilTHU. Bi. Low*, Mo. McLean'* Volcanic Oil Liniment. (THE BEBT LINIMENT I* TME WORLD) 1 Tin only *af* tad ccrtaio ear* far Cue?n, Plica, Tm. am, Bwalliaf* uid Brooehil* or Court, P?r*lr?u, Nearalfia, W**ku**iof Ik* Morel**, erratic or laBaasawry Rhaamatism, Bllffata* of th* Joint*, Coolracltd Maacl** or Llfamaat*, Earaeh* or Toothath*, Bruiu, Itnui, Fr?h Cat*, Wounds, Ule*n, Ft?ir Sort*, Cak*d Br*ui, Bar* .lipplM, Barm*, Scald*, Bar* Throat, or any inBaiaaiauoo or pain, do dif*r*tie* tew * **?* or tear tk* ui*e.?? m?? ' bar* *Kl*t*d, MCLEAN'S cKLESRAtXD LINIMENT >* a eartau. r*m*dr. ' Thoaaaod* of taau b*inp har* b**a *a?*d a lt/a of di* tnpiiadi *ad attaary by tin a** oI thia iavalaaM* r*ia*dy McLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT parity tad beal ihe rodtn sorts in as lacrediblt i~on uw. I FOR HORSES ASD OTHER AXIMALS. McLEANV CELEBRATED LINIMENT > Ok. Ml. u(a tad reliable remedy for tl>* car* of SpaTM. I Wlodf?ll?, Splint*. Uonataral Lamp*. Mm or 6*>.iuin It um failed w ear* Big Head, Pollenl, Fiecala, (Ad Banning lecee, or Sweeny, if properly applied Fat praise, Bnuaee, Scratebee, Cracked HeeU, Chafoe, Saddle or Cellar Qalle, Cata, Soree, or Woaode, u u an infallible remedy. Apply It w directed and a care U certain in every instance. Then trifle no lor, rer vith tbe many wertblaa* Liniment* offered to yet. Obtain a eapply of Da. MCLEAN'S CkLE BRATED LINIMENT. It wirt care m. J. R. McLEAN, Sol* Praprtator, I CHARLES ITOTT, in h. IT., Mil ifltt ilk Wa'ihinri I t?; a. a T. CI?KL, Omuwwi. ?. W-DtWl" ; j^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. j Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and Drass Wear. Parent* and cnardians wishing to tarnish thpf ohildren and wards with Sc .ool a^d Coii?f e Outfats fortheoominc seison, are ianted to exaoiin* vur present '.arte and extensive assortment BQYrt' CLoTHINw,where tbey eau fit out their children of all sixes in a few rao?M'B with ever* description of Krady made Garments, of substantial sod durable quality, at very snM-nite ertoee WALL, STEPHENS CO., an 3tM? Peon, area? ROUGHS, OOLD?yHOARSENE8S, Ac. COMPOUND sfflfW GUM ARABIC I This p!**a*nt and pon?r Cc.Qf n kMatdy baa 1 ^>e?n ao Ion* known &. <1 extenaiv^ly a ted. that *?oat p#ran? have beoom? fanaliar with ita extraordinary effiovy. It can b? had at all the pnno pal drug tori? *t 81 ?ml S'(WDU * hottl*. i>? EMBROIDERY STAMPING. on ail kinda of 11* material,done in the beat manner. at 0. F. SCHMIDT'S Toy anJ Fancy Store No. CO Pa. ' avenue, between Slat and 2*-t at* , where nan he 1 found a groat variety o( beautiful Patterna far ' Yokes ana Meavea, Collara and CuJfa, Skjrta, Paataleti, Band*, Phppera, Cloak a, etc. Pleaaenve me a oall and examine. oo as 1m* B. HALL ISRAEL'DEMING. Wheleaale and Retail Dealer* in. fine FAMI L Y GROCERIES 'TEAS, WINES. and ohooe L(QToRS of alTkinda. A freah a took juat oeened Good Surar 7 oenta par pound. Ca'l at No. *34 7tk f*ench * rich&tinb, n?. stb p?*?. tad look at th?ir nrimeiit <f Military T%ttae?, Mi it?fy Lawa.fto , * a A U UwM ij?a?7, Min t'hmi, ui:lt?r?U, t?d Maehauofti Boofca |iV?]< UK MW?d. ?<J ' 0 Mill Wh?rt foot >: wiwmiim HI 17 if U?Uw War * 1 F> A RAF KINK CANDLES ! PARAFFINB CANDLE* A boaatiruJ article, NUliiupMUMM Ufmtgm 35**frQLK ?6M4o, gkLttffTKA aSI) r )>. . * K. T WilliAMKnrt ** - ' I Imm ?ft in> ai? . MiL-L m*.> MJSA1.. ft., #?.. C?mr ot UtSudB tTMto, Wufa7i?w? Mtj fiy C11I1 paxl fr* *? fctode of QTQU. ? ?-Q?, 12,000 V. ?52 Jie *tt**UOB of the pnblic to oulint ud Ml to ot*d itdfck of OMmrwM *ud Ci*b A pa)* Cldw. Kvhiefc we geinuitoo to he rare jaioo. aoa wiLi bo doi rec^eoaabto torti.i fa order to m&k* room our epriac stook. ?hre utu . u tAe fc ?? ji) a hw riwraa <*?.. WALL. * CO., MITetmlW ni* Avran*. hare jeet rooeired a >?rre vonctrof n-w Foil Good*, tn whioh tfcey iirriu Of vtrmBy" nf tfaxr ftnnli ??<t wmoawr*. * Wf O O U COAL Or PICK, *9% P?. At., Itra art* fcaturn to our Agent, 4* 8tr^t M* F>r n?^ruu?Xrrana, who will r?ftii-d jmm bom? . Prioa?9? ud #0 Caota par Bote*. For Hi* at ail Drag Store* wiih>w? JAB. McDonnell* G?r>er* Acertl. jyll-aotr Ktaiw*. W_ _ TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Rare ja?t recAired th? largest aaaortmeat leJ nn* of* U* muit nircilw rerletyHtu VA" iSEfe, CAKPKT BAGS, BATCHR n this oity, which we v? Mll'pc at very low ptioee. WALL. STEPHFS* 4 CO , oa? 11 Sit Pa.arwpa'a FLOt.^D^?^ g8*M,??.N A 1.0 wholesale dealers in aw 87 eoli ,lUw T PROCLAMATION! O THE CIT|2EN? OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ao. Wktnma, HBOLB.A Moifetfll.PT~"",~0"0 IUIUU, CBOLICk DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, 4a., *?? preral! to an alanntiif ex tent: And whtrt**, It mast be of tko F'RST CONSEQUENCE to very {kmiij to taow nf A REMEDT "~"W:ft5VATrt)6fk"~' or Pau, >fWr" ^{(IRACULOUS PAIN KILLER REMES?FORT^R SJM Ml a I Vtl la order to eatiify TEE PUBLIC that no inpoeition u intended la the sale of thte Great Medioine, TEE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED in &12 f^ni hen the medioine tail* to fire entire eaUeflteUu For thia. fcmoDf the many obligation* I owe to hor aex, I *tron$ly reoomtnand kit ivtl^nd^wku woe the 1 hi rati n of their wit* to pro# t b? ait eitinp.e, and uw it if growiaggrar ?-r gettiai ha d. Very r?-?p?otful!y, R*s A. I.avbkckx. To O. J. wood ft Co.. 444 Rroadwa,. !*. j. My family ar? at>?*nt from tiiu oity, and 1 mi no longer at No. 11 Carrol P.aoe. BlAMaron, AK? Jn'r SO, To PAor. O J. Wuoic D*at S?r?Your "Hair H*?torati?e" baa done my tiair ao n.noh goad an oa i a^inaieuoed Uia ua- ol it, toat 1 ?iah to maka Known to Uie public of lta rfl acta oath? hair. whioo ire great. A man or woman ma? baaeariy depi ir?d jI hair, and by a raaort to your "Hair Keatorau n" the hair will return more baaatifai than erer , at leaat thia la ir.y exporiano*. Bailor* it all Youra truly. W?. H. Kxmkct. f. 8.?You oan pub! iah the ahow if yo? lik* By publishing in oar Southern papers jam will f*t m >re* Soutii. I bm several of roaroor tifioatea mthe Mobil* Meroury, a atroa* Boutbera paper. W. HKixim WOOD'S HAIR RE9TORATITK. Pmo?. O J. Wood: IMar sir Ham ( hadI tko ir tafortuna to loae the boat portion of ay hair. froa lha etieota of the yaliOW ferer, in !S*w Orieaoa la 1X61.1 waa induood to make a trial of yoar prapara tton. aaJ found it to aiiawer aa the vary tUng needed. My hair ia now thick and gioaey, and ao word a oan expraaa my obugatioa* to yoa fa tiyrni to the afllioted auoh a treaaure JoHxaosThe Reatoratire ia pat spin bottle* of tkroe ii?n. rti: large, medium and ama'1; the an.a . bold bail i pint, and retaiia for one dollar por bottle; the mtifare noida at iaaat ? par oanL nor* ia proportion than the amall, retaiia for two dollar* perb^tt.e; Che large ho da a *uart, 40 por oont.iaor* in propnr uon, aod ret*)1* for |i O. J. WOOD ft CO., Proprietor*. 444 Broad ray, New York, and 114 M&rkatstraot, St Lou * Mo So'd in thia a t* b? C. STOIT. 37 A Pa. annua. 1106 a fourth *> added to them. by hair jklltai off the top of mj t??l and threatening to aib at* bald. In thu unp ?*rant predicament I vu induoed to try W txxl'i Hair Restorative, mainly to arrwt thm tallinc cff of tar hair, for I had realli no esp??ta tine that tray hair oould ever be restored to lu original oolor except from dve?. I vu, hovcrir, f-eatiy iurpnaed to ftnd, after the im ofnro bot lee only, 'hat not only vu tbe fa.inj off arretted, bat the o*<lor vm eetored to the gray hairs and aentibiiity to the eoalp anudai.ur uf o?ased to form on my head, ve.y much to toe graufio*Uoa of my LJI1V fcKSAL iv t> C'E A PATUOS AO K /or srjtesmTkpr, judges, clergymen. ladies ><u gfstlfmwx a ft I p\ru of th? world v< the pIhii ?r PROP. O.J WOOD S HAIR REfcTORATl E. and reutlemen of the Pre?? are nnaptmou* ( iu frtl*' A f*W t**timoni*la only o%n he fcer* fivea Ncreuitr for nore.and it will be uapoMlbU for 70a to doubt. 47W?Li9nnT,NtwYMt,D?o.? in. Gentltwi-n Your not* of the IStta iMtut hM been rwitnl, that yoa i.m; beard that 1 had beer, benefited by the uaeof Wood'* Hair Ke iterative, an 1 re^oeatin* nij oartifioat* of ttMPfcot if I had no objection to give it. I award it to yon ohwfolly, btouH I think It due. My ife ia about 9) rear*; the oolor of mi hair anbcrn, and molined to eurl. &<> > ? or ix rears ainoe it beiaa to torn C'ay. and th? M4 p on theo^own of my head to >om it* aanaibi ity and dandruff to form uj.<>n it. fcaah of thaoe diMgreeWlfK tim? ? nA a Kam? A i r >IW wjm?? '? V**>ninfl >a ?U MOMtlMd it hi* pimo*. Faitulita aupflMd wiU OyaWa ui *? rf itjlm, aod at ro**on?bl? prtcaa. m M atm fJENTS' Fiaa Calbkia Savad Ro*ta. #*7? IT Gnta' Doob> a> 1 D?ub Boots, |S: Otcti' fcna FrMofc SfcltCra ?od Boota; Dofl'ui Y?tUa' >n||( 1 Uoota; Ladi^a' K i<i, M r -ooo and G aUfein* Ra Battonad Mn,.ta: Lutia* l?c?4, *at?>?ad, t <*> Mmaf BooU. Aiao, *wrj ?'a?rat>U X ladioa', ?u**e*'and ohildraa'a Roota ud Bfcoa, M J. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa a*., ba<???ii tth m4 Hh iU. oa !7-?oU THE OILY PBEPAJiATIOH WOITBT or^ riV. riw*L " Roll MmI ftnnil Block Tib Goo.'. Tib t httlwt ' WnUn, KtlwrMi urf Dolu * ??> ... cbSffiJJSrV^^vtelEr. oall?o?w Wa?bi?tto? Qty. N^^Tth?OMjS1Wub,A?53.Sa,u>"*^S^stsssvi.a\sf Syaerc. WKtm. ?^v;x*co., frstfSs. f -w door* out* of l*? **., ... , _ tV':r'? Kir* ^^T1' M*11**0"- Hi? K*r M eoMtMtty Ml* ? l?d With th* ohoir*?t I.iquora ud Clf%ra. Tfc? ??i??? the weekly star j tkHMM bifcui i? MT ttWHa' HMtaM1*! SMtttiiy aarmaa Taut-Oui. wiuf ! ><>. < K.srs^r Bt aatoaarlbint la oiato nuato UHH ****^31 wUAoat the iDt*rr*ot1<*H of a M M^t,ia aria to yrrwureri to par waL of Tto WmkiyB*** WTuto aaad. It iBT*ri?t><* acattkM tk* Nm1, tfcat baa mad* TV fm??l Btmr abiakta ao i vera.'T throagboat tto ooaolry. Jggsiariswtagas r Jaws KHr Pnaa?THRKECKNTS^ l7PoilittWt?ri who Mt aa a^B^ WU1 to Ml iowad kooanitotoL of a oaat*. MISCELLANEOUS. e. a. rowui . .jobs ? KrwM CHAELEB S. fOWLEE ft CO.. IMfOHTKHfi. \Vhola*al* aod R*tatl Daaiara ta CHINA, ftLASS, AND EARTHEN WAKE.

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