Newspaper of Evening Star, November 22, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 22, 1860 Page 2
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TH B EVENING STAR. WASHreoroW OTTT; thzrmoay an. tf*q' Iptlit ? |I? trim. The Vomiltmtiim naively aiiggeata to Morara. ' LI-coin and Hamlin to.decline the offlcea to wh'eh tb?y haw been elected, for the aake of the Union It straits their reapocae hv Ulegraph. XUe l*i- Ui*t?cer publishes and compliments the l*te ?peech or the Hon. A. H. Stepheaa. of Georgia, agfcinat ?ecesa on. SimitlON or TBI HaLT'MOKE AND DtSTKlCT Hairs ?Yesterday the Baltimore banks resolved our ow4 hank* have already been compelled to follow ttieir Had they hesitated fortye.jbt in doing st>, every speculator who could reach Washington per railroad in that time with tbetr notes In band, wou!d have drawn specie for them; thus putting It out of tbelr power to aid their regular business customers to tb? extent of a dollar In these unsettled limes. Tbe consequence would have been tbe bankruptcy of hundreds here whose business is really in as aound condition as that of any men engaged la trade la any American city. They (tbe Washington banks) are to be commHiatl fair tt>n nnunntlr takin? m>a?ureS to ecure their depositors as well ss their borrowers against the injury which would have resulted from Inviting speculation from a distance upon their means of securing ill who do legitimate business with them against any ultimate losi whatever, from tbe fact that they <lo do buslsesi with thsm We n?ed hardly add that lack of coin had nothing whatever to do with this bank action here, aa it nevrr was in greater abundance Id Washington than at present The elty broken euntinu" as usual to regard their balances ai specie, and all in trsde in Washington will doubtless be able to obtain sufficient for their legitimate : usiness purposes without say sacrifice whatever. As fkrasweean perceive every business man In Washington rejoices that our bnnks have thui come to the rescue of the community's true Inter?ls, so seriously menaced by the state of thingsInancial elsewhere The banks of Alexandria sispended yesterday, a hearing tbe uews of the suspension of tte Richmond banks A FLrrriK.?A rumor was rife la the Treasury Department to-day. that Secretary Cob-? had sent his resignation to the President, which caused a ery perceptible flutter among 'he mtny Go-.eminent employees under him. We however saw nothing there tUat led us to the conclusion that night be true; for Mr C was engaged as usual in the discharge of his o'Xciai duties. li> this conne tlon we may add that we place no confidence in the stories of terrible dissension! in the ?'< net over what shall > e the terms of the portion of the forthcoming message treating ol the carrent secession excitement. The question is one for the decision of the President himself. He, and not bis Cabinet, is responsible to the county for his views; and the public may rely upon it, he will not shirk hi* entire responsibility in the matter. It is well known that some of the southern members of tae Cabinet bold abstract views upon the questions of the times lu unison with those that set-in to prevail to to great an ex? tent aroojig the public n.ea la their re.?p_ctiv? States; and were the fo-thcoming Menige theirs, rather than that of the President, its position! with reference to the propriety ?f secession at this tlmt woo'.d doubtless reflect those views. But not be> log theirs, but his, the idea of a break n,o ? f tL< Cabinet because i' (the Met-age) may reflect hit well known sentiment in the matter, is simply prep?ste*o?s. we take it. We are satisfied thai nathlng whatever like bickering in Cabinet coon ell over the subject his occurred, as alleged b) wonder-mongering Washington correspondent! for more or less distant newspapers. \[~f Th? Associated Press agent telegraphs from Washington &.< follows: Official information has been received here that Montgomery and his company of miscreants have commenced operations by hangiug and murdering inoffensive persons lu Kansas This lawless band numWs about 5M1 men. are welt supplied with arms a<id amrimnitton. and are in the receipt of material aid from the North. The demand to adjourn the land sales, which arc advertised to take pla -e <1nr!n^ wm. tt Is stited, a mere pretext for tbts armed organization; and further, that the real nbj?rt ia a raid on the frontier! of Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas, to avenge the puuianim-nt of John Urowu and other abolition emiasar e* Ord-ra will forthwith be dispatched to the IT. 3 troops in Kanaas to proceed to such Clints aa may '?*' necessary for the protection ol e land ofhcers iu the performance of their dutlea, as well as of the public property menaced, including Fort Scott. [The above d patch, we have every reason to believe, is strictly true, and it is probable that resistance to the laws is about to, if it has not already commenced. General Harney ia probably by this tl i.e on his way to the scene of disturbance 1 Naw Publications?From the publisher, G. G. Enna. Philadelphia, through the branch Gift Book Agency, No 476 Pa. aventie.we have * The Union Text -Book," containing selections from the writing* of Laniel Webster ; The Declaration of Independence The Constitution of the I'nited StaUs j and WasL ngton's Farewell Address. An admirable book for the times, and very handsomely Issued by tbe enterprising publisher. From Lindsay oc Hlaklston, Philadelphia, through Taylor & .Maury, we have the following attractive baoka for children:44 Young America's Picture Gallery," 44 Life of Thomaa Thumb," and Pilgrim's Progress for the Young ." Ta* Financial Panic Checked.?See the Star's teirg-aphlc column for an announcement from Wall street. New York, at 1 o'clock to-day, that Southern-State stocks have taken a heavy rise; doubtless the result of the growing Impression that South Carolina ta destined to stand alone la her purpose of dictating to all tbe rest of the Bouthern States what shall be their course In tie current crisis. The Insolence and truculence of I>er disunion per *? leaders is thus working out wc ymymi reui?ay agai nst the daugers they Involve to tbe South at Urge. (f 7~Tli? arrest ami iudictment in the United StaU-s District Court at Chicago of nine of the parties engaged In the recent rescue of a fugitive alave in that city, including tbe Justice who Issued tbe warrant for ths arrest of the girl for a breach of tbe peace by the United Ptatea Marshal and the Deputy Marshal who served the warrant, 1* a fact of favorable significance at the preaent Olivbb Twist.?The Washington play-goer Who Calls to witness the representation of the popalar dramatic version of Dickens's so celeliratwlstnrr?nil?I*?'-1 , ?... ?? now oeing played igbtiy at thr tUenter here, will mil* very greet csjoyment Indeed. It Is capiuUJy dramatised, and was admirably played laat night, aa it will be to-algb*-. doubtless. NOTICE ?The Ann>ver?ary Meeting or Ik? t:i? >ai : alh Sohool Miaaiocarr ?*oeitvv of imM. E. < i.iiteti routh wilt beheld THIS KVfc NINU.atti.n M. E C>iaron !*?utU, commencing at I'-t o'c.^eb. Tt.e Rev. JoH* E. Kuwaar* Rev. JtKu A Llscam. of ihe Viriinia Conference, wi!l a-:<1re?? it,.- meetief. The Choir will be in *tSeedaw*. eenduoted bj the l*a<lor, Prof. Daniel. aoiU-H* ' ' nfW?ATTEN I|ON, HENDERSON GUARD, yj rhe regular drul of the Hender?ori O ard ji eoetpo< ed unt l TO-MOKKOW( Fndaj)EVENlNG, at 7 ? clock. Ev?ry meiub-r ia earnestly requested to be p,e?ent. By oider of It* Captain HENDERSON. ANDREW S SOCIETY OP WASH|[ 9 1N*/"IUN cl 1 \ .?T im fourth qnarterl; or Stated meeting of this '"J for >< ? wi 1 be held t Si. feraiice I-Rl AY EVENING,23d in t.f M 7>i A i^li.. f ft? ?l*.u ?n of ?--- - ? w t K# pJ.-u?e n.e teuUemei, wh? have apit. ?a lot MOB u UMiatwr*kr( r?un?f d to U- ?t ia<? we*.lag w,u"1 N. K.?51 it.. ?*? ?ih rroeive their tick?Uof *dluiHi 'ii t . i?r* ?rP***cb":* Oileb.'*tir?n on ?i Andrew* iJ.-.jr. lij ? r<fet no?.1 <? I..MAW 0lCK*ON,Cor.Sec. 0^5=" f. o. o f. IL5 ODD FBLI.OWS' LEVEK, tu- Kimiit O? COVJSN'aNT LOLGC.No 13, ODD FKI.I OW?' aHtAL.. . m?KT? Dr., I MO.NDAV, November ati, ?e (YT- ISION prfAYhB MKKTI.NS eill be LL? k .Utoueveii o*> tli.kwec* 1U IB? Now York ?venae ( dev. I*. Gnr ey > to eomneace ft a ^Ukrtor (tit 4 o'clock, to be eoutjnned : e Sow *>* ") ) - fs- 11 tm Til eirurf , |/t f ijl' * # * / ' -v Atrtpit.rtrio?. ' won tt 47b PlXMBILVANIA Avxmux, eoi.talca 51 PORTRAITS of moat eminent Ameriov a, arranged in oval form. making a rery deaiia bl? ornament for the parior or driving room. W ita e&uh Picture ?t time of sale U presented a a 1 f t: Nov la the time to speeulateCa 1 and examine thievorkof Art. for, without additional consideration > Gifts, it ietM oheapest Engraving over otfareJ to ths pablio. HRMKMBER, for fl ru be had Lite Like Psrsonationa of Eminent Men, who figured la tirnea that "tittn Naica' iovu," ae veil aa those *Uo are now prominent aetora ( upo- life's stage. All the New Book a aa soon as published arc for sale at O. 6. EVANS'S gift book store, j A ? A* aa * ? , - , .?v?iaw iu luvwing iQlt no argument gainst secession can be drawn from tboae articles. It wma not my intention, ner will 1 attempt to argue the question of accession new My so lit object la to reply to Mr. Kendall's letter, aa 1 before stated. ^ J.W.m. Nkw Yokk, Nov. 10, 1840. National gali.kry op kminent AMERICANS. This bseutiful engraving. fub;iah?d by * 6. g. evans, Aud for M'e at hia GIFT BOOK STORE, ?a revision oi (tit old?tbeir pledge continued to bind tbeni " To this the answer Is very brief. Our forefathers did not *o consider it, aud they who made tUe compact muit have understood It* force and meaning better than we of tbe present day. Besides, they released each other by solemn act In convention But If this be not true, we must adopt one of two conclusions. Here is the fact: two Stales did not join tbe new union immediately. and our fathers, so far from considering theni bound, acquiesced in their conduct. Now, either tbe old compact was binding, and tbe states of North Carolina and Rhode Island nced*d with tbe conasnt and without any opposition from our fathers, or the Articles of Confederation was not binding And if tbey had lost tbey force at that time, where does Mr Kendall dirfve any authority to make th?*m binding njw T Thus. 1 thiak- I 1 ?1 " aeiuuiv ol New York, paaaed the Jlit May, 1782, oop or which waa, " Resolved, That In the opin ion of thla Legiilature the radical aource of moat of our einbarraa?menta lathe want of aufiicient power In Congreaa," Ac. * * ' That experience haadeiuonatratrd the Confederation to be defective In several polnta," 4.c ; the reaolvea of the Virginia Auembljr to the fame effect; the acta of the different State Leplalatnrea aaaixiilng aa a rea.'^n for calling the convention of 1787 that the union under the Confederation waa defective, and it waa neresaary to repair thoae defecta, all tbeae. I ay, will prove that the United State* could not have exiated an a nation under the Articlea of Confederation. But it may b* aniwered, " The Statea were bound by their pledge under thoae articlea, and tUenew Conatitution ' etnn merely an amendment v? ?, ?ur uptiiiuii oi icot#* l-irue . 'wise men," of the parties to tbat compact, and by the solemn art of the Convention which framed tbe new Constitution, ceased to have any binding effect, and tbatshe would have been released from all obligations under it. far, therefore, from drawing any argument I against secession from tbis act of our fathers, I tbink tbey gave indisputable evidence tbat they never intended to bind the States in sucb perpetual bonds as Mr Kendall contends For tbe sune men who, in 17*1,entered into tbiscompact for a " ptrptiual in 17H7 uot only declared it competent, but made it possible lor any 3tate to leavt it by providing tbe means for dissolving tbat uaion. Indeed, tbey gave any Ave States ?he power of defeating tbe formation of a new onion And If it be said tbat in tbe latter event tbe Articles of Confederation would still bave beld them together, then I reply that tbe proceedings of tbe Congress <t tbe Confederation during the whole period of Its existence; the resolutions of tbe As u, i?c, vt urn iue i/oumiuuon wai adopted 1 And this result wai brought about bv Ihose tame ' "wise men of that day" who, a* Mr. KeudalT t contends, thought they were making a Union whlcb "should be of ptrpttual obligation." But lest this should be considered us merely a play upon words, let us see whether the facts of 1 history sustain us Our fsthers declared that the Constitution should be binding only '-between the States ratifying it." What then became of i the Union under the Confederation ' If states did not choose to ratify U, the new Constitution was not binding upon'them, aud therefore they were to be left out of the Union so formed And such was actually the case North Carolina and Rhode Island refused to ratify it, and the Union was formed without them. Washington was elected President of a Confederacy 1 n which those States were not included. Government commenced its operations without those States being entitled to vote for President,or to be represented in either branch of Congress Now suppose that South Carolina occuplsa at that time the position of Rhode Island, and had refused to ratify the Constitution; and suppose tb:tt instead of remain lng out for tkrtt years she had remained out for ttt*nty-onr. years, or in other words, that she was , still out?for If the had a right to remain out three, she certainly hsd the right to remain out seventy-one or forever,?is it not clear Uiat In that case her compact to abide by the Articles of C?nf-.UrHll,,,, 1- >-- " form or ratification," and then atki "whether ' South Carolina, after solemnly plighting her faith i that ?be would abide by the Article* of Confederation and that the Union should be perpetual, r could at will rightfully aecede and break up that Union ?" 1 Now, it really appears to me that Mr. Klhdall anawera thla question himaelf In telling us that ' there is a striking difference in the authority by which the Articles of Confedftratiou and our present Constitution were sanctioned"?for if the Articles of Confederation no longer exist but we f are governed by a Conatitution derived from a ; different source, how can 8011th Carolina or any State 6y them''1 Without entering into any argament therefore, 1 think it will be sut&cieut ' to state In detail a fact to which Mr Kendall ! seems to attach little importance It is this?The l'pfp4t*al Union" formed by those articles and to which the delegates of South Carolina pledged that State, came to a natural end after a brief ! existence of six years, six months and sixteen . days, i ? from "1st March, 17(Sl, when they .were . finally ratified by all the States," to September Mr. K?a4tll'i First Article. Editor of tke Star : Aly attention wu ftt'rarted to an article in tkia morning'* W orld, coplea from your paper of tbe 16th tuat., headed "Amos Ktn' dall on Secession " The sge, past aervicea. and established reputation of the author entitles everything emanating from his pen to much consideration and respect, and may poasibly induce many to read and accept his conclusions withont that i due reflection which would be bestowed on the productions of less prominent men. 1 r>m, therefore, Induced to ask tbe uae of your columns to reply briefly to what 1 believe the mistaken views I of the letter headed -'Secession No 1 " i Taking aa hia text tbe Articlesof Confederation. Mr. Kendall quotes the 14th Article and ''the prepared with the on cent atamp, in juxtapoai; tion with the tbree sent stamp, to facilitate the nereaaary prepayment of the carriera' fee on let1 tera taken from' the lamp-poet bozea or other I nations In the citlea tuthe post office for trarismls. siou by mail These envelopes will be offered , both ruled and oaruled. Ristowatto* or x Lieutenant.?The resitrna> tion of Lieutenant A. Armstrong, of Georgia, i attached to the Cumberland, haa txren accepted. I. 11 . ?? PKfAHTmClfT 1?W|. j Nim -Ar tk* African Stotim ?The U. 8 sloop-of-war Saratoga, Commander Taylor, bound to the African station, waa towed from the navyyard, Philadelphia, on Thuraday morning, the, 15th fbstant, and proceeded down the river to the Breakwater In Delaware Bay. where she anchored on Friday evening about sundown She remained there during the heavy storm then prevailing, until It clcoed, on Sunday morning. She than proceeded to sea, with a fkvorlag breese, all hands tn line aplrlta, and antieua for doty. Tat following la a liat of her offioosa :?Alfred Taylor, Commander; John J. Guthrie. 1st Lieutenant; Charles W. Haves. 3d Lteutennnt: Joseph S. Skerrett, 8d Lieutenant: Francis M. Ratnaay. 4th Lieutenant; Richard W. JeFrev, Surgeon?" J 1%. Llnduv. Assistant Surgeon; James N Carpen'er, Paymaster; Hamilton H Dal'on. Matter; Henry B Tyler. Jr , lat Lieutenant of Marine*; .George Smith, Boatswain; R. H Croaa. Gunner; John W Stlmaon, Carpenter; G. W. Frankland, Sallmaker. Aikt Intmlliobnck ?The General Court Mar. tial appointed for the trial of Capt Wm. K. Van Bohkelen, Assistant Quartermaster U fl A., and which adjourned over to procure the evidence In the case,will reassemble pursuant to adjournment, and alt at Albuquerqne, New Meiico Military Storekeeper Daniel Cbaee, Ordnance Department, has been relieved from duty at Leavenworth Araeoal, K T , and been assigned to the command of the Apalachieola Arsenal, Florida, " whither he will repair without delay. Brevet Major Fitz John Porter, Assistant Adjutant General, haa been aastgned to duly as Assistant Inspector General, according to his brevet rank. Col. H K. Craig having been placed on Inspection service, and relieved from duty in the Ordn^pce Office, Capt Wm Maynadier, the principal assistant, Is assigned to the charge of Ordnance Bureau, and will enter on duty immediately. i Postal.?The Postmaster General hts ordered the preparation of envelope* embossed with a one cent stamp, from a newly executed die representing the head of Franklin, to be used for circulars anil dkid letters l.?lt?r fnnlAtwa will >lu> hi? ClilLinoi. Nov. ae ?The refusal of the ; banka to aaeiat the merchants ta beginning to develop reaulta. nfe'ef a cotton flrtn la reported. One bank had a severe akake this mining, bat It ihanfdllv withstood the ahock Financial matter* are raoidlr sonraaehlni? a climax. Trade la completely prostrated. Cotton it iiadawlattngly deprrafted, ptice* grney*'* Th<' "l?Ck ?" U Many mggfH?Mre made for tb? rdie/ oftha mercbaula; among dlWfra. for banka t* wapt id, \ not exceeding ninety fays, and to Increme tba circulation tbrefc millions by buying that extent of drafts on Europe, baaed upon actual eblpraenfs of prodttre, wtth the bills of lading attached, such draft* to be tent direct to Europe and specie returned to Charleston. which would enable the banks to reduce the extra Issue and resume specie pavm?nts This, It Is supposed, would be a be**y blow upon New York banker*, who seem bent upon coercive t*ootbern trade bt*flnanc1al pressure, and would Inaugurate direct intercourse with Europe. The Legislature meets on Monday, when some further relief measures will no doubt be asked, which will honorably relieve the merchants with rtennern crealtor* satisfactorily, and preserve their honor, tntegrttv, and that of the State. News of tbe suspension of tbe Farmer** Bask of Richmond was received hereafter business hours. It waa not unlocked for. To-morrow ia Thanksgiving, and the banka will be closed and business suapended. To-day there ia much excitement in mercantile circle*, exchange la irregular, and there are no quotations Vigilance Committees are formed in several southern towns A man naimd Finley, from Philadelphia, has rece.ved notice from the Committee, at Lexington, Ga., to leave, for expressing anti-slavery sentiments. Although the delegates elected to tbe Smith Carolina Convention will all favor secession, there will doubtless be two parties?one hot for immediste secession, and tbe other more calm and deliberative Paper* from tbe interior of the State are filled with procetding* of meeting* and resolutions for imint diate secession Col. Memminger, Jud^e Magrath and others, have been invited to address a meeting In Alabama next week Hon Lawrence M Kelttwae serenaded to-night at tbe Charleston Hotel He madeaspetch. 11 which he strengly advocated ai:d udvisrd Immediate secession. He was frequently and warmly applauded. The Vnwi or the Govehnoe of Kentccht. Gov. Magoffin has written a long letter to the editor of th? Frankfort Veoman. tbe sum and substance of which is " stand bv tbe Union " As Mr Magoffin Is a political friend of Mr Breckinridge, this letter will be understood to contain views not widely at variance with those of the late candidate for the Presidency. Geo hoi a.?Speech or Hu.t. A. H. Stephens? Immense Ckowd?S'ate Convention. [CoTrr.ijiondtnet of tke ChrnnirU and Stntinrl ] Milledgeville. Nov 15 ?Tbe Hall of Representatives wns crowded to suffocation on Wednesday night last to be*.r Georgia'* grt>tu>t son Tbe galleries and alsies were thronged with ladit*, and every available spot was occupied. Tbe desks, cbairs. aisles and windows were unable to accommodate the vast multitude and hundreds left, unable to get an opportunity to bear. At 7 o'clock Mr. Stephens made his appearance, and with great difficulty, owing to tbe multitude, ascendtd the speaker's stand This was tbe signal for enthusiasm, and for live minutes the bultdlnys shook beneatn tbe cbeers and screams frorr the audience Mr. Stephens arose, aft r quiet was mtorf d?and a 'ft Itwu ? r>t.. have been heard tol<*li?and proceeded to address the people. It is useless for ui to attempt to giYe even a synopsis of this ^reat argument W e will try and jfive Mr BtepUens's position. but our feebl pen will fall to do the ijreat man justice. He said that be came before that audi nee at the urgent solicitation of his friends, and a respectable number of the members of the Legislature If be had consulted bis own ease, be would not have left his own room; but the invitation Lad been extended bim. and to gratify bia friends, be came before tbem to exchange views and opinions es to the best course to be pursued. My countrymen, be continued, perilous times are upon os. Danger Is at hand. The greatest Government upou the face of the earth was about to be broken up His object was to consult with bis fellowcitizens, and endeavor, if p<*?lble, If we could maintain our hqnor, our interests and our rights, to keep that Government together; he bespoke a calm, considerate hearing, and when be finished. If be failed to show the means bv which our honor might be preserved, be begged tbe audience to pay no attention to what he had said He continued, that we had a great Government, and he warned his countrymen against ruining it by disrupting It. He regarded Lincoln's election, of itself, a* no just cause for dissolution He bad been conatitutlonly elected. No one could gainsay that, and though no one deprecated that event more than be did, his opinion was, that having a Democratic Srnate, tbe concurrence of which was necessary in every appointment be made, and cvrv omciai act b? pwr?finHl, we had better watt until we had a better season to disrupt the Goveminent than the mere fact of Lincoln's election. Tnis Government was bought with blood; the sun shone on no other like It; and if we determined to resist to t^ie disrupt on of every tie that bound us to the Union, for God's take, Mid be, let us act with unanimity Greece and Itome lodt their liberty, not ss Mr Tootnba had s&'d. because they failed to fight for it, but from Interi.^1 distentions. bo with every other Government whose history had been written; and such he f-ared would he the history of this, unless we acted with unanimity. He favored thi call "f a convention of tiie people Yhey had the rli<ht to decide this matter Let the Legislature follow the legitimate object for which It was sent b?re. As for him he Intended to bow to the will of Georgia; and no man wai farther from submitting to what was wrong, or would sacrifice more to preserve Georgia's interests nnd honor, than Lie. He concluded amidst thundering applause. Ills ' speech occupied two hours in delivery I attended a meeting of the Joint Special Com- 1 mlttee on our Federal relations, this afternoon A conference wa* hf Id this morning between several distinguished gentlemen, of all parties, to adopt a ''middle ground'' course of action in this emergency. ONE PRICK ONLY! TBryinSrS hiSud,f v<?ry h<>llVT ,tock of DRE8S I Kl.wMIMxs, I will olfrr the same very cheap for Casn.and Ono Prioe Only. r v ^ w K. C. STEVENS. 336 Pa. ar , n? 22 tf l)?tw6?ii 9th and 10th sts. DE8T FANCY GOODS, TO SUIT THE TIMES, AT PK10,i8 A* STEVENS'S FAGS* S^oi'li" to 22 tf SJ6, bftw. 9th 10th it?. MONEY! Nfo"N~ E Y !! . r ii i MONEY!!! ^iote? of all bank, taken at pur for Gorvls, and a eon.plot* tuppijr of Fall and Winter Wear on hand for cash. WALL. STEPHENS k. CO., . _ Clothiers, "" ? " i'*. avenue, bet. 9tii and loth at* IiiDnoT^g',0; DBMUTH *. CO., MPORTKRS And W hcleaalo and Retail Deal .. or* ?n FOREIGN IVl^E^BRANU^ES, GINS, ft., Nn.4? No1Th Chulh Stimt, ? , *? < doors abort Ltximgton *1., no **-1* ^ Balti-nore. Aau-T ?5H*^.?Er"ECT SCHOOL nS^ ? V for ch.iidren ?>11 be opened nlr ?r fcf Monday in December next, at the corS^h?<^fi!ldl.9*v*nw?vth First Ward. Attached to the house ia a large garden in which the nnmtll^P?7*yLe?*ar? -n Vp*? air "*er?>?ee. As the nnmher of icholara willhe limited, application for Mmuaion mould be mode immediately. Full information as to term*. See , may be obtained of Pnne.pal, at Mr.. LE Wlb'S. _ _ no 22-71* Iv awl- FOR KING OKOROE. m??mm flT'mcinil0ti>ur n"*u.?r '*"diiiM. the Grt, will hereafter call to'lanlf and^U^Kjj^A ......uiwa ?iju Alexandria. as aha goaa to Baltimore ?-Tary BATURDaS', and Washington and Alexandria every rHURSDAY. no?2w IMPORTANT NEWS TO SMOKERS! GEORGE DEMUTH. WASHINGTON BUILDING, Cokmkb or Pa. A vknui and i; Mtrkkt, Room No. 3, ueoond floor,) Wi 1 open, to-morrow morning, one of the fineat l?UOf HATANA CIGARS (own importation ever offered for aa!e in thiaaity, and otTjr? them at retail at importer*' priooa. Give a oail and ba coannotd. Ail Cigar* wan anted. no 22-lt* T'HE NATIONAL. RF.PITUT _ ?? The und?rsijn?d will T?fin the publication of a daily evenin paper, under the above title, oa MONPAY.?thin?t. * It will be dellvf red to eitjr subscriber! at 6 of n's per week; to m\il subscribers at 93 60 per annumAdvertisements will b* interted on libera* terms. The pu liiioatwm o?ce i? at the ooraer of Indiana avenue a*-d Stoond st. Psbroriprions, arivertiaemrnts, and oomiuunioations mar be left at A tampon's Periodical Store, oa Seventh St.. near the Ci'y Po-tOfioe. no 22 St I EW18 CLEI HANKkCO M?A*oB??rSSfi? flVWSHffi enth street, opposite Avenue Houee. we nave Triumph of the Cath lie Church m the early aiea, b* Ambrose Monauan, i>. 1> 5 lSno.t MS paces; elott '^AosefnwT.^Mr Lif?and Death, a tale of ov on time*, bv Dr. J. V. ?? ' ^Sa^SsrwSSfV!^. ,ri. V*; ? -?- i ' . i ?,4\ ^ ,i i ^ F i:*U*h?, Isabella, and Madeira (JRAPKVINES. at the Richmond House, ooraer of t-ightk and D sts HOSIERY AND p LOVES. HE Largest and best u.ortmeat of Hosiery aaa Gloves, at who ejsje ud retail, is at H. K0AN8, 481 Seventh St.. no ' ,i ***r Avenue House taken at pa? in exohanfs for soods. O Ju?'\ * KLVANH * CO., *>njr .. *n?t> ?* \ \ $5), one for $.5. Call quick _ vr john r. eli.i?, no 2? *06 Pa. >v.. between >th and loth *t?. |\K. SCHKNCK'S PULMONIC SYRI'??, \J l>o. HKA WEED TONIO, Do. MANDRAKE PU L< For irI? by 9. B. WAITE, corner of Seventh street and Louisiana avonue. . Pno* of Syrur. 91 per bottle. Pfoe rfSca Weed Tonic Slyer bott'e Price of Mandrake Pilla, 25 o*nts per box Those afflicted with diseases of the Lunce, Liver or t-toniach aeoon pained with pains in tba Back, Breast or Hide, ihoud try Dr. Solien^k's Medicine*. and are referred to th* followinc o?rtifio*te, one of the in\ny testimonial* of complete cures in Dr. ttchenck'a pontes* on. No 407 W?t Fifth street, / Washington, D. C? Nov. 3i*t 18C0.{ Dx. ScBKNCk?D ar Sir: I suffW?d much ler eve al months with Liver oomplaint, I waiNt uad?d by a friend to try tour Pulmonic *yrup. an-i Mandrake Pill*. I am now quite well, and belief your m'Jirine teas the meant tjr restoring me <e health an* vigor. had sung and danced in sailor's costume, holding tbe star spangled banner, which ahe tossed to Mr. Florence at the other a)<|f of the stage. He took It, spread it oat ;arefnlly. counted Its thirtythree ? aloud, and exclaimed with deep feelIng, "Thank Ood, they are all there!" Tbe houae rose aa one man, fcnd the enthusiasm lasted several minutes. Editor Star : Your information In regard to tbe author of the so-called 44 South Carolina Declaration of Independence" 1* unquestionably oorrt-ct. He la an Koglishn.aa, la ogee, sppolnted from Missouri. a democrat. Washington, Not. 17. OUR BONMETS, HATS, and FLATS of the very latest style*, and in ail oases made^^fft of the best material. Call at once and uctflCk) oho'ce. At STEVENS'S. no a tf 336, hetw. 9th ant lHh sts. P WOOD?WOO Di 'lO'lD PINE WOOD, (lelivered in lots of not Je*s than ha'f co-d. for $3.60 psr cord. Call at th? Wo'id Offi- o, southwest corner of Thirteenth aad L sts . and tat^f/ yourselves Trrms a H. j o 22 1 w* W. F. COLL1N9. PIANO FORTES AT SACRIFICES, FOR CASH OK CRKDIT -Rkad !-A S.-oon 1 h'.ad superior tone seven octave Piano Forte d ca e, warranted, for 9130 A good second-hard Piano.ueurl* n-w. for ?1S0. one for ftfii. <? ? f.r 1nt.rnrM.Ulon of the Constitution o 1 the side of freedom He closed by saying : "W hen full effect shell have been ?lven to ell tbeee great measure* of tbe republican perty, and tbe prejudices engendered against it In tbe minds of many by the artful appeals of demagogues who lave misrepresented its objects shall have been moved by actual knowledge of its sets, we msy rspect the bitterness of partv spirit to subside, tbe cry of disunion to be bushed, and the principles of republicanism to become the permanent policy of the government, under which It will nourish and prosper, as I trust, forever Perianal. Dr Wlnsblp, of Roxburv, has been lecturing with mm:h success In Canada Last week be was at Montreal, and created considerable excitement and interest. Tom Savers, the prize-lighter, was almost mobbed at Walsall. England, a place be visited while engaged with a cirrus company, by some roughs Inimical to him. Tbe police were obliged to protect blin to bis hotel. The Washington correspondent of the Boston Herald saysj?John Savage. Esq , of this city, a gentleman celebrated for his literary ability. Is about to produce a new drama. The critics say that it will take high rank among tbe modern comedies. He is tbe author of "Sybil," "Waiting for a Wife," and several other dramas Florence, the actor, did a l'ttie "gag" in a St Louis theatre, the other night, which brought dawn th<P Kama \.l ? ence Ui? citizen* of that State. So Ion* a? th* State did not Interfere with the collection of the revenue on the ?r-aboard. the people In other por? tlona of the Union would not b? in the leaat Incommoded What la the South Carolina army to do when ralaed? Whom 1* It to fl/ht? Manlfr-Btly. if It commencra a war on the I'nlted Statea oificera engsuMl in collecting the revenue. It become* the agereaaor. Thia would be revolution, and making war withont a canae.for South Carolina inakea no complaint againat the revenue lawa la ahe prepared for thia??to become the aggrcaaor? He predicted a ?p#-edy reaction, and defended Mr. Breckinridge from the charge of diaunion He clalnn d ha ih>- fruita of the republican victory a Pacific railroad, a homestead policy, a judictoua Urltf thp ^ilmlulnn #\f If uarc never mienaea, ana do not intend, any encroachment upon the rights of any State or one section. The Otsunlontstssec tblsandany.'-Now or never" Secession la an Impracticability?or rather, an Impossibility The Const tutlon provides no way by which a State may withdraw from the Union?no way for the diaaolutlou of the Government It ereatea The General Government Interferes but little with tbe individual rights of tbe cltliena, except for protection; It Ir chit 11 v felt In Ita benettta and Ita blessings? unt in Its exactions If every Federal officer In South Carolina were to resign, their offlcea remain vacant,and its legislature declare the Stat>-out <f the Union, It would all amount to little except to im onvenl Brum nov thb P*B8iv**t-blbct?IHm Compua Modbbatiob asd thb Cvltivatioh o? Bbotbbblt Fbbliro 8raii?g?ixi?. 111 . Not 30 ?A republican jubilee waa held here laat nl^bt, in honor of their recent aacceaa Lincoln waa tf^naded. a:d made ?n addraaa, in watch he returned thaaka jm. the compliment Be aald he rejoiced wl?k tkna ibr the aucceaa ?tt tiling the cause, hut added, "yet It our reiolctafa let as neither expreaa nor ctrriah barafc feellnjra toward* thoae diferln* With ua. Let ua at all time* rerMtnber U>at all American*are brothers of a comma* couatry. and altoul4 dwell tngretb.r la bond* *f fraternal feellair" 1* eonclu^*n be repeat^ dtla tban1?r but excuaed bimaelf from further apeaklng at tbia time. Speeches were made In the wigwam, hj Senator Trumbull, Don Piatt, and othera Greet curl I wii* ww i'n in regard to what Vr Trumbull would ut. on account of tbe interest fiken tn bit personal triumph,m well aa his intimate relation* wltb Mr Lincoln. lilt remarks were r?i?nl with deep enthusiasm He began by saving : ** Hi* meet that Republicans should make merry and be ^lad, for tbe spirit of Liberty, which with our rulers was dead, is alive again, and toe Constitution, ordained to secure its blessings, which was lost sight of. is found " He congratulated tbe nation on the promised return of harmony and purity, and the State on tbe election of her most honored son Hi tmid tkat Mr. Lituoln. although th* e*?4id**e of the Ripmbhta* party, as Chief Mmtistrmtt. trill wither belong tothat **r any other party Wh*4 inaugurated he will be the Prmdent of tk* wkoU tountry. and will be as ready to de fetid and protect the Stat* m whtrh k* has not reeeir'd a solitary vote agttnst any enrroa'hmtnt upon Us eonstitutionai right*, as the m* in which he has rttetred th* largest majority. TLe Republican party are fortunate that they have It now in their power to prove that they i n?r?i"re i iu? moon pieaanre in r^oorruending it to the l'ublio. . M. S. S?? o 32 lm LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR, ON FRIDAY! LO?K OUT FOR THE NEW WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR, ON FRIDAY! LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR, ON FRIDAY! Stnd it to Your Fritnd in tkt Country. Stnd it to Your Fritnd in the Country. Stnd it to Your Frund m tkt Country. It conUtni Am* Kendall** artiolea on "8*e?aaion" which are creating ansh a aentation. Itoontains Amos Kendall's articles on " S?oe? ion" whioh are oroaung auoh a aenaatioo. It oontains Amoa Kendall's articles on "S'cesaion" which arc creating ancb * santation. It oontama capital Storiea. aid?-splitti"g Sketches, Washington N*wa and Go?aip, General News. and the very or am of tha floating Miaoel any of the day. It oontaiea capital Stories, side-eplitttn* Sketchea, Waahingtoa Neara and Goaaip, General New*, and the vary ereani of tfca I floating Miscellany of the day. It oontaini capital Stories. side-solitt-ng Sketchea, Wf liioktoo Newe and Gostip, General News, and Ike very oraam of tka floating Miscellany of the day. It contains va'uab'e original Agricultural matter and Reoiaes for tke Household and th- Workshop. It o, ntaina valuable original Agricultural matter and Recipea tor the Household ud the \V?rkiho|. It oontaina valuable original Agricultural matter ana Recipea for the Household . an t Workshop. ONLY ONE DOLLAR A YEAR ! ONLY ONE DOLLAR A YEAR ! ONLY ONE DOLLAR A YEAR ! TEN COPIES FOR NINE DOLLARS t < TEN COPIES VOR NINE DOLLARS'! TEN COPIES rOR NINE DOLLARS ! no Jl-St ' fOR SALE CHRAP?Wholesale or r?t*il. # of DIARIES Rcoal and wood. ED ASH COAL. WHITE ASH COAL, LY&ENS VALLEY COAL for aookiw pareoeaa. euBot be beat m this market, " \ d OAK and PINE WOOD. Fair weight and measure in allocs***. co ?M|' eorne* of Seventh et. aed KwVr. /^NMAMMOTH OYSTEES^^ /*\ narvky*8. . Titeumlerstgnea kas jaat _ ? r*oeived a iatfe supply of.. MU'.0J,^WI,%Sr^d^btRT; the fket that he has enlarged his ftaioaaTaww bow utile to sapply all who may fawor him w th a oail wi?h koahi kdor BOILED OY?tejui at Ike shorte-t nutio* ? M. HARVEyT No. 5*61 C et.. betweea loth aed 11th. nolo Op^ositeTkeater. ' 11ALTIMOKE LIFE IMSBVULNOB OO^-talp COBPOB4.TBB iw-ituL Dmuumb, Praaj I M.Cpiaia,as?j. - 1W__ . WY1 __ " n. R, niliBI M. UJVU.. No. 36 C?ntral Storaa. v?it Buiidiai. Botw. 7th And 8th atr it*. nor tw Opyo. Ceiter Mtrfcrt Gas Fixture#, THE BEST ASSORTME TRVEt OFFERED . I:* THIS CITY. Thoae who de>ire to aaleot from new aatterna. with thea^vaiitoce of a reduction in arioaa. will o*lt early ana examine. We would alao call the attention of paraoaaaboat intr-duoing fa* i to their dwelling to oar iaor a*a1 ttcimiaa, and ooau^uent low tnoM, for thin bianch of our fa<a. In*itin? all who deaire their work dona aroraptlr and free ir*>in raa I akagea, to ead at ??-? pa. W*. aue, between loth and IUh eta., aouth aid*. poSl-tjanl J W. THOMHSOW M, QQ. ?? t nun ir? ntT?tboi * urn *ri wi ui bin Dum ersa lire in Jx| be-ed eigbtj-fotir, fronting 30 f?et on .New York avenue, b;t*'?n *>th Mc 21st > tracts. and rum >( bask about H5 fe?>t.together with the imp ovomanta, conai.ting ol a amill frame dwelling houu. Term a: One thiru ca?h; tbe remainder id faod 12 ontba, with i^tcrMt, aeoured by a dMof traat on the frxniiiet. All oonvejancing at purohta'r'a coat. CHA8 ABKRT, Truatee. J. C. MoGUlKE A CO., AMU ao 22 3?wAda O SEASONABLE CLOTHING. UR SUick of r?aw and E egant FALL aad WIkTKR OLO THING ia mo>tC'iDipl?t?,irt*Mi|. mn full assortment ol Oretooata, Cape i Overcoats and Kepellant Ov rcom: Black CI?Ui Frock Coata; French Caa^ime e and Beaver Frock and 8 ct ?ata; Black Fane* and aolid colored Caaaim>re Pauta; VWveC Marino, Caasimare aad Si k V?*Bt*, Ac.; gotten up at our own man factory in the l<ta?taa<l mo?t approved at)lea,and under iuoh ad vantagea aa will enable us to meet the viawa ?f the moat eooaoauioal parahaaats, NOAH WA? KER A CO. Marble Hail Clothing Emporium, no 21 fit 36?* Penn avenue. 500 bMtRmkM 4 VIR0,NIA CLOTHB.oftha 4-4 Heavy Twilled Fiaonala, 6 4 Lina j* of tha beat kind. Blue. I ruwn, tray,and white Banket*. Woolen taru.C tu>n Oar aburta, Plaid Cotton*. 5.00C jard* Calicoee, of a!l style*. We have a full atock of good* in every departmental! < f which we will (far at tha vary loweat rnaraat prioaa Wa invite all la want of Dry Gooda to give ua a call. D ? Hair and Husk Mattreeaee, be Is tors and Pillows, Cot king Radiator, and othei Ptoves. together with * genaraJ as*ortm*nt >( Ritohen htqiuitM At3 o'clock, in frout of tbe premiMe. one pair superior Northern Carriage Horn*!, iigktjears old. One Handsome Calash top Family Carriage, One Hafnuohe a* d one tqnare I amily Carnage, l^ot of Harnetts, H --< o >? e.-? 4o. T* his : 99" ar>d und?r oath; over that sum a oredit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, besring interest. no 33 d J.C McSl'lR E A CO . Aucts. lit J. C. MoGUlKK k. CO.. Auctioneers T RUBTEK.'S 8* LK OF FR AMK H'M'SE * and Lot in thc Fisst Wiwa-i?? MONDAY the 24th day of IMoemixrr at 4 o oik ck p. ra? oa the premises, oy virtue of a de*o of trust to ifte ?tb so ib*'-, dated U'?*mh-r}<. 1S&6. and <iu;y recorded la Lr>?r J A.S.Nj 1 i, f liost-a.Mse^ ,oieo tie land record fir Wa- hi'gtonoo., I>. ., I shall eeii rwe:ve riuvh ou.ered Fiench Chairs, and two large Rockers, Two very large and elegant French Plate Pier Glasses, with Slabs ana HraokcU. Gothio Fancy chairs. Rosewood Card Tables, Three superior French Mantel (-looks, (tt days) Handsome East India and China Vim. Papierrnaohe fables, Man'?l Omaoseuts, V.Meet, Hrus?? s, an oth*r Carpets. Oiieloth. Mahogany ?ofa. Hat Tree, an J Hal! Chairs, Extension Dimu Tab>e, Marble top Sideboard, Uarge s?t of Flowing Blae Dinner ware, Hibernian, Cut. and Prei>sed. Glassware, Silver Plat*] Castors, Table l'ut>r?. Waiters, Solid Mahotauy high cost bedsteads, with heavy Ornamental Cvuee, Two large French P ate Psyche Classes, Mat>ota?y Wardrobes, Dressing ttureaas and Washita rids, Handaome Cottage ?~ts Toilet Ware. ... ?<?? < Ml' nmeii oi Kllolm rhuhw*! Term*: *11 sunt* ?f and ider #2S oa?h ; ow $2*> or dit of * fc:j? 4 in nlhk, fur approved d<>rs<Hl ii< to?, bearia*; iutcrost p.? a-d A GRF.EN.Auo*. liy J. C. M?(il'IKE & CO., Auctioneer*. GUPRRTOR rosewood piano forte, n FCKMIVKI ami' Household hw VTC * riok'M. CaBBIAGK?, HaBN&S*, *r , at Ptbuc Auction?On VTtDNfc?DAV MORN INK, Novomber SR' 10 o'clock, at 'hs r*sidfcoos of K. F. Pace Ktq . 44 5 C street, between 1st ai d 2d streets vest, we stiail sell ait hi* foiutor* and offsets, ocmprisin*? Superior Rcsrtwood scren octave Piano Forte,by linai* * Co. Saitaof Wa!ru', Green and GoM, brooatelle eorered Parior K urniture, ooatisliBi of two ?ofita aac six Chairs. Suite ot Rocew-jod, Marooi.and Garnet brocate'!# covered Parior Fu nitore, eonsistmc of French H,,f*s. two A r<Ti and four side Chair*. Rosewood Ma bie-top Ceatre aad SSo:a Tables. lni-tint.i iei ,at 10 u'omck a- at the reaidenoe of a gentleman den minr honMk?t?:Df. on L air-at, <Hh ?t.d 10 h its. lortii (No #03) a l#l(* Maortir.ent ol i-amita e. *ia : Ui.r Pallor Sui', consit'inc of Ctaira. ?"'* l'.ock-ra eoTf?d with I'tirvk. Mamgaay Sofae Chaira and FooUtoaia. lio At arLls- U p c? tar acu Faocr Tablee. Do Secretary and V\ Datoot, Dt. Oimiii covered Soia. and ?wi Chairs, DuM<k, I.Mttnd otlifr Oirun<, Gilt-frame 6:ua, Chu a Vmn, x ?ho#?n> S.d?bonr a d Urenn* TaSiaa Cane, vwoJ-jsa' Cbaira and LoaagM, ' B*le,t >ar1", Bureau* an i W a'drot>??, VV aitiaiauds Toilet ^eU, l?v?l RMir, let run, >Uir and o her Career*. Ha:r. i:oftou-t p and Hmt Matt-esaea, krB ds. Pil o*? and Boiat* r-, B'anaets, Crnnfur-a 3ite?t? and ? a~ea. CookiiK, Air tight an<l other Stove*, Tn??t)iar ?tl?k A .......I ~ m mm.. . China, *?la?a, and Crocker; War*, And many othor article* too nurnerona to esnaanr^d A. (iRKEN. A?t. By A. URtkN. Auotionow. Household and kitchen furniTtaa at AccTion -Ou MONDAY, ikt au On Carolina's well-fought toil. Made Commok Cacsc, and from those scenes Peace crowned their sanguinary toil So long as History's records last Shall gallant Moultrie's name endure? A light still shining from tbe past, Prom Freedom's watcbflres, brightly pur*. Then let tbe Federal flag on high Still float, tbeugb it be ''down tbe bay," To mark, beneath the smiling sky, Tbe fort where Moultrie "won the dsy " L. A Oobkicht. Washington. Nor fci, 1860 AUCTION H?LES7~ By A. green. A Petto a est. Household fursitirl, horsc. HaOOS. t HI*A, Gla-S, AND ClOCKUT Vjf***,AT 4UCTIOM.-0n t>A I'l'R l)A V* WORN INu, tii? 2-ita icsUnt, 1 iksil sell, at 10 o'^icik, it 2* '..H.0Uon Store. at ue ooruer ui 7th and D sts , No WR. ns ? Mahogany Sofa*, Chair*, and Tables, Do Bedstead, Marblatos Waabstands. Ward obea, D^?ka. Lcuii*. fc, Hat-rao*. ? Bookcase, f-rcuch W alnnt b?dstrads, Jtanofany Marble-f>? Dressing Bureaus, f wo t in?* Cottage ? ia her Be-'s, P.I owe,and Bo'.ste-s. Hair, <'otto n T< p, and *hucV Mattress's, Cane and Wo<Mi-?t>at Chairs and Mockers, s, Ingram, and other Carpets. yoking, Air tight, ana othsr fttovM / fFok Tiiiftrk. * Fart Maaltrte??Tli? Federal Flag ' " Not a tbip In the harbor has the Federal fag"' ftylny, but far down tb? bay It ran etill be III Mn^yifla| over Fort Moaltrle '?Ckmruipn The Federal banaar at'.U doth fly, , Bat t?r twn Charleston. -down the bey,? UwtR?i{i amid tbi' blase of day. , The LarbtrM veenh tapering bights *-, The "J'tna-aud-atrpea ' no longer bear, Although "free trade and aallors rights | |r Have "neath iffonnd protecting care! Cold ?'( tbe hearts which whilom bnrned With patriotism, tried and true? When every eye With pride ?ru turned Toward that star-pem mnt trld at hl>>? Ceu?-d la tb? magic and tfeo aonga Which thrilled, and ever* bosom stirred; Tfceir fume to other dafa belongs? No more in Carolina heard ' Her sons uk uot ILal Fedora] araM Phall e'er ajfiiln defend her roast From foKtci fw?s 'a^id war** alan? Thkt sraiATB MDirMDuri maii: 1b former timet It was not so? v* ben Revolution's aacred train . Of Are spread, with cheerful glow, And melted the tyrannic chala! The Mariana. Hnmnt*M u?m*m ? ? AtftrrioN sa lbs TUB* .v t ^-MRMchuw. f By i. c. * CO . Ayeti >??f?. * tiiiCfci.u.Ntootf^ t.i^cnuv?? SIH'M I i at a cciio*. ?or ii!l rvt.n?%w, i Norr?b-r&i ieti>( ?t i?Wt ?mu.I Nil,Mikf Aidta K * ? m.'Mtm ' ? ooliM^iua of B ?>k? ?w.b %n:n( \??hJioa , ( 4 Nuawit Work# fc?v?<4?, Modi Ol' * O >KIM OWk. m-y rt >hi AieU I R or? m WatinMclaf Mfju, mon-4 J.c v *4, tike a co., am'. Br A OKMHN. Ax-nwfw. 1 fete&gsespt. i Q..*ft(.*Cotta?*Pott Gi t eCSw V>o? i ?t ?'??* ?, I'wtttT IMt. pi o*?m4 Uoiifn, Haaketa. umalorta. Udii a. ^>'Uta4C?iM, HMTCoON Offci.4 H??k MtUrmM, C -tt??*< pr*W???d Ail.I RdHiW. OMM-fot KiiM>toi Iftbu,I mlMK i KrUMi*. L"?'*??C?y<l. En1 sriiiSawjgZ Ri Itm, Fork*. Tmut Tabto Hpooi.a, V Ore C MM* DtBMf R*t, % Chink, 0 iu ana C'ocltm War*. / Pa or Radiator and AU-ucbt j?tov*a, I Ub* Mo-iint Mar Caakui iHur?, Marty near. I A ia'i* lot *f KiUhri) K**aia<t*? ad maa< otter J aruol*a too aainarutia to *B*w*tat*. T*rma: A?1 tama of and under oaaV , onr Sa orouit ?f *n aa?l * <la? a ftar t>ou? kab<%etu?adar*id, k*anni lcMroai bo 1? I _ A. G REKN. A act. By J. C. MotfUIRK A CO.. Aa*777ii7.~ l^t'RNlTURK *BB NOtPfHOLD ?FTFCT?? r tf Atctios.-O# mil# V M< iRStMi. N?*v*oib?r Ski. ovnaa aclna at 10 ? <* oak vaatia.f *1' aM t>f the H<>?a*toM H ri'iir?,io? ooktamrd in ttokua o No. 470 l?h afreet, l*t**ti P aad U air?* a. oo?p al Mf >? **" ' f~ *< . og&ny tL*.i. Tab *,aa<J Wood aaal Cka r?, PttttM Mur*aa?, Waai.aUnd*. Md Wardrobe, ' Can* Cbai .Md llinm, MXl Iron B flat "ad*. Huak wd Cotton and Skaak CottnaBhaKa, Pi low Mill Bo'at*r buys, Cu*iUf|*?M. ard Qiilti, liifTwa Carpata, aad Floor ?>?i?lotk. Vaa?tiaa Stair Car*?* and Oiootk, rlook, Roadmt Tablea.and tfchoolbaak* Gas Cka?do,irr and Ga> Fixture., kite nan R'quialtai. A 1. C. MoGPtRK 4 CO.. AaaU. FUTURE DAYS. By THOS. DOW I ING. AacUoaaar. D C. f ARGE SALE OF GROCERIES. LIQUOR*, L Paixts, Oil*. Moaaa iiu V\ imw, *c-Ou HON UA\ nut. tk* -?ik mat , at iti o'aiook.atu* atore No. ton Waar atrant, I ?kali eali. viikoat v>aanra. tka xUaaira stock of Jatnaa F. Groaa, eoDii%iiiii of** Hhda. J*ortu Pmo and LonUiaua Bacara, Rbla. Craakad, P?lr*a?ad and Coffee Saaara. Cuaata tta.powd. r, Y lai Hyaor. aad Black Taaa. tfbla and Saoka Rio, Java, Uarat aad Mraaaa j Bbl?. TOn Simp, Orleani and Porto Riaa Mclaaaaa. H> da Baoon, tbia. I ard. oaaka Soda. B >1* Ric, tn*?a No, I tali !V>af, boxaa Tobaooo, B sea 9ye. m, Adamautliie and Mvcia Caailaa, Do Ramaa, dra>r? Fit*, frala batra. ca*Ka Kto*. boiN 8tn?k ??<l P?pp??r. Box '? Kaatport Horrijf J00lb?. Cordar*, Codfi.H. I > ?? 8?*ar?, PMnU.Oila. Vmrniah, TtrMltiwtMTkr, . J Hu?ii-1? prime Matocr IVUvi. Wrapping Paaor. |T 1*. VoQUtneiila \> ai.Kj. bbl?. .Nooiar WhiaBblVibSia'a XXX Wki?ky, 10 bbla. ?iok?ad Cod ai<i Haddock. r.banpacMaad uUrr Wi?m la (laM. Par* Blackba.ry Wise, J?h? o? K?p ??< Oi< WMikr, Bbla. Appj Branat.3 i ro* Co?i?ac Braady, M-'ianu wia aa< Jfort Wtaf# B' l?. Kama, ky By* Wh ak>, *h?ff J?,aomi?tinc ?;f? . __ _ b?aotOU. 8pio*T*?*?rd, Blaekinx. CaUnp. 4o. B oona, Back**. Bmku, k.o<>rut ? wa.akirjj *AX> ?ouBd?. 0> antr Soaiaa.tStoro Fixta^. A a >. a ftae y?ai ? H. >rao, ? yaara 11 nrxt tpriac. ?pnn? w af on. B ra<wa. A' ? I". rau oiHi: i^1 a> d -'er aa*k ; o vac a r 4k "fT,G? and a^daya, for spprovad aodur>ai Li lM.hMlIU ikUTMt _V-?"4 TH08. DOW I l.*G, AM. By i. C. IMUIRK * CO.. i mm ~ TIWTB1I SALE OP PL RNirt RK AND * Of THI L.AVATBTTK HtiNI ?On MON<?a\ MORMNQ, Novwnlx-r at, *i><1 ?on tintac froa day to d *r until the wboU i? ? ot. br ?irtii?ottvodM^a.|tni tto tM?at? TT^r. 7 daly rMw4?duno?( tjM land record* for Wuh 1 "tJSJKj tUf Kurc,t?r#,nl fc fcfjeti of the lAf^j HU Douie, on I- it^l li? m tweee 14th and )?th ftrwta. ootr prising tb# Firm- * w^i!?Bo^oun. DttkI, and W Ik* note. RoMVOod MvU? u.p C??u?rwj4 ?X?f% F%DCJ Chjwrt.fti d _ -, ttili-(??? Fr*t? <h |M*te J>anWl Md r??r ?* , itamuk ?nd Lao? Curtain*, Cornie? n>A 8ha<l??, Velvet. Iuas*u> c?rf*U ud OilWalnatn-d Oak fc*t*Mi?o IIjum TiS-l*, KFr ach D ni"f Jhaire, %?d? r?b , <i o until) ofV bit# Slo1'* CkiH fkbll Wirt, ?iMWi. Tibl. Cutl.r> ,w Vton. tM>m O**or?, ?? ,p^?h*r* Cake Buketo, ?pooM, and Voi k-. l Ulakoiianj.VVaiDat,ud Paiatad Drawing linuiwl WiiuluAitViU *"d *i^* out MarbU U jMMijr L.ib4 Frcnoii. and Cotttca datoAda, was?& v.j. ToiM Buu. A?M.iorCirMHMru4 Haak Mtttraaa'a L*rg?^ uAutoly of tfluuata Conloru. Qaitta, And EJa*ns olotfca. Najkn-a, Tovrla, r, Om ?jrate, ud Air tijht BtovM throaghnattfce koiN. Tofatfcar viLh a Urge varifty ol Houaakold Arti ol?? not M?Murj to tomneru*. Term* : #3> And andtr ca-h; urir that a ortdit of ( ?. two, thrw, and fo?r ir.oatfae, With iuUu*?t, Mcurad by wovd eodoraara. CBA& T C It I Fulfil, I raaU*. J C. VeUUlRK * CO., Aooto. P. ft. Tka Hoaaa la tor rent; i&qnir* ofthm AM- V tiuuoof. mmtt /^ONPTABLE'S e>K LK O VALUABLE Real V/ Estate.?Bt nrta*of t wriu of ihb<?i)j Pearaoa. a JMti?? of Um P?kcf in and for the Connty <?f *aaktuf lot and Dietriot ot Co ambi*. n the 16th day of Nuvtabtr, A. O. \ lMn, in fevor of John J. Borne a?ain?t ik* tuodi aad ohaitela, land* aad UcmmiU. n*hta and eredit? of Bernard Macao, and one other writ of eaooa- . tiun luBfd for Robert White, a Juttioe of ike I Peace in and for aaid coantv.oa the 14th of Ko- I amber oasrtat. in favo.-of the eaid John J. Boaae, alao acaiaat tW? *ooia, * o.. of aaid Heraard Magee. I \a*a leriad upon a'l the aaid Beraard Ma gaa'a i tor eat ib a- < to tha' piece and aarool of I around kaown aa that part of lot aaaakarti oae (I) [a aeaare weet of Muara numbered fourtoea, Ci.) front;Of twenty ire (25! feet on i?tk atreet aaid eerea'y (19) foot on Penn. av., aad akall aroooad to I all U? aaaae to aatirfy aaid aix writ a orexeoatiua at pablloaale to tte hiike.t rudder for oaeh,oa the premiaee. on PRID A V , tke SOU day ofNoy?bar i carrent.aMo oloek f m. Tke pr?aaa?aa trill be aoM aubjact to aa aaoaaa braaae of Aim, payable with lataraat oa tiaa ltth day of October, A. L) H61. mo '?-td WM T. CEA16. CoaetabJe. By WALL A BARNARD. Aaattoaaara. Corner Ninth ax. aaW trail t*d* Pa at. VfcEY ALUALE PEOPERTY NOETH OP f WiaitMTM. on m PoraT*K?T* arun o? Plan Bauca Koti, ajro aa?a OoivaaiA COLXBOK. AT * CCTIOH?Uan EDNKSUAY AFTKKNOOri.Au December 4 o'alook, we will aeM,att?>e Auation Room?,that va aaWa traot of laud oa tfca Fourteenth etreet road, aad jaet CE,- - ~f. Vti 'J!E 1 -"** - -C.?i^ * ? ?v rnvi taxuTiaiuuuIU1? ouim?" ?*?. rarotded in tha i'? ?*? ? ft m Lot 1. auataiaiac n Mfw 4 ?arah?a of hmiihl grtmm of f?*raat traea, long kanri U Ul fkroriU rrwrt for cssa# srs^ Mat ud hm?AIi from tha ?ity t.y ona of tii a w roada iumviciuiij. D.vuad u vmi4 afca oat dan ab'? buUdio* Ui? uael axtaadma Uia port too on tSa Fourteenth atroal road. Md ob tna aortii oa a 2t fr?t naiui i art of aaid ( tract. It l? wa'erad by f laaj BradK, akiel raaa . ttroifk it. ul dm aariagait f.LM kia Uiaxfuy at oat daatr%Ma la { cijLua on Ua b.-ar>dan?a ol Ui? Metroao.ia, auu \ Mthaoaraar vho ra*id ? n No tk<Ar i&a,*i~aa / ynwytory or)~ra to aell. it wi ! oTnai op/urt nit. tj ataarw tii aa*n: at , b* y a ( '*. atari tinaa > Oaa foart* tAa balaaaa in ft. n. II. t?d*4 juortha, viU urta.a?t. aaoarad tor a ftaad of trut ua the traaiv a. to21 WALL A BARNARD, AaoU. LHKaTH * KNOW Lite, iFt L AND y!^l^?P(rE AGENT*, am Ona Baas or wianaaa?. THE COMNBCTICVT MUTUAL LIVE IN S CHANCE COMPANY, ? Or Iaittou, Cow. fUKlV MUTUAL! Dividaada Mai* and Paid Aanaa'lr. L**t Dividend A/? fv Ow. P!?B DEPARTMENT. THE IN8VRASCM COMPANY OF 7 If F state or rreg inia. Or ftlcbmord. CUI CAPITAL. IIM.MO. Alao. Ahwatfa mad r?ll?bU Co^niM la ?tt*k MilMTMptwi|tll IB the profit* vitMet IINT imcmt OiUty. BRAT|| KNOWLW, U.^ww iMi Wnliitjiw^fa " " rum, MHV ikt?m^U?rn8^k *=4? .? * . * v?4(Ufctr t, t? ,d? .4

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