Newspaper of Evening Star, November 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 22, 1860 Page 3
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I, OC A L NEWS. ] lITThoggck The Lactate* an the teateHJ ?-w;r. rrua :a ijanattHb af Bato*trior-, Ita Mltfoar la ao larfe aa ?a require It to be put to preaa at: a? early boar, Advertlseanenta, therefore, (bonld b? eat 1b before 12 o'clock matherwlae the? bmf not appear natll the next day. ?. .Notic*?Dlatrtct of Columbia Advertisement! _j ttt 1? IiimiM l? ?mm? ? a * aim bt* at and forwarded from Tii Ofle?. I'duci Mattii* ?B'fort Jntitrt 0ma -?V? terday. Henrv a Stewart wji arr^.ed by Polleoman Irvin for being drunk and disorderly and last ilt: ag lad tea upon the treat For this miecorvduct be wni fined 93 19. Ad Weaver WM arreated by P l!eein*n J F King npon a charge of ntlne profane and Indecent l*n?ttage In tb*st-A?te, and thereby insulting* Lizzie.Holding ^nd two vounz girls who vrpre walking la company with oer at the time I.lazie gave ber testimony with becoming mode*tv, deHjrlng that th? Ivn'gaige waa of 'be moat profane and vulvar t haracter; anrh aa she bad never beard before; in fact ahe could not repeat it to the justice?It would make ber hi nab. On* of the voting women was called to teat'fv. and she corroborated the statement of Miaa Lizzie; but ahe too refuted to ' uae that language '* A young man waa awora for tbe defence. who proceeded In tbe moat prerlae manner to dearr1 be the actlona of tbe frmalea, and repeat a por'too of the ronveraation, which he declared Wn*d1t?rt?-d to htm. He admitted that hlsfrlend uaed indecent language. bat to him He wanted. th<* Squre to understand particularly "U waa not to the tadlaa." The testimony eicited considerable mirth in the crowded ollca, which hia honor had tot heck aa well as he waa able. He then proceeded to inferm Mr. Weaver that It was a v'nlatinn a' laur *? ?t?? LkJaoam* guage in the itrw ti of W asb1nt>ton. m# If It was Mid to himself and not Intended f?r the e?ri of any on* else The law ?m tor the purpose of secTrrtng decent behavior, and ns It was clearly proven that this vu a gross violation, be would Sue hl"i ? 'j SM The amount was paid imwedin'el , &ud the parties left. K lira belli Robbing v ? arrested yesterday bv policeman King, for selling liquor without a license; #ne and coats, *2l <7. l.?Wi? NVrdlrt wa arrested by the -ante otflctr on mtpleloi of itMling a silver wateb frrtm J P 9prti>rw?*n. L'pon investigation the proof wts inautfi: iei.t. and the case was dismissed Be/art Just*** Clark?Wm. Williams. Stephen Reynolds, Thmnu Dint, and Samuel Gaasaway were all hncled over the coals on account of their proclivity to engage In unlawful skirmishes with atones in the public streets They were each punished to th<? extent of *1 18 J^hn Doe was found drank, very drunk, embracing a curbstone, and lavishing very tender exprexsinns upon that useful street convenience He was introduced to Mr Qu^en forthwith. Ctthirin*! Barker ?4nd Elizabeth Herbert were each made to crni. trii.nte S3 IM to the city treasury, as a set off to i'-n'irT violations of one of the nrtlcles of the decalogue r*sp*c.ting prof mity Henrietta Savoy far a similar vi?latiou on a limited scale, was required to submit to it tax of 82 91. axbbia.? The Virginia Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South epri^ Its sixty-fourth teasion In the basement of the Metho?!:?' Ep!?copil Church South yesterday morning, Bmbop Pavne in the chair R*t. P. Whitehead was chosen Secretary of the Conference, vice Fey Mr. Coulllne, who declined, after teo ywars' service. Rev. P- A. Peteraon was chosen Acaistant Sectary The hour for opening the dally seas'ons of the Conference was fixed for 9 o'clock a m . and 1 p m was fixed as the time for closing the daily session*. Tb? Conference beinsr tb?n about to proce?d?to the usual examination or the character of ministers the Bishop Inquired If the Conference dealred to conduct the examination with nn?n After considerable discussion on this subject. | the Conference finally agreed to lit witb open door* during the 'laminations, which were accordingly proceeded with and continued up to the time of adjournment Missionary Metiing ?The Missionary Soeietv of the Conference met it the Methodist Episcopal Church !*?uth, yesterday at noon, Rev J. B. tduardi, President, In the chair, and Rev. J R. Rlddlck, Secretary, and made preliminary arrangement* for the anniversary meeting, which will take place some time daring the session of the Conference. A ratBND at our elbow says it Is strange and naacronntable to blm how G O Evans can aff >rd to dispense such beautiful presents at his gift bookstore. The price* of toe books, he says, are the aame as charged by other booksellers, and with each purchase is presented a gift of ornament, use and value. The most common article i to b# Wftflh mnrh mAM than (ka ? '"?? I fxtld for the book, and if purchased at a regular j*wrifv establishment would coat a highe- aum Mir Informant does not understand bowb?cM do this and make a profit, and therefore will Dot attempt to explain; out only laat evening, while ia tin* gift bookstore be observed t lady receive :j a <;in, en purchasing Arthur'* Ten Nigbta In a Bar-room," a s'.'.k dr>-ss pattern of beautiful design. which we should juag* must ~.o?t about 310, while studs, sleeve buttons, pencils, (liver cups. breastpins. Ac , were carried off by other weli-pl^aaea and stnllir<i(-f<iced purchasers H-~ then left the store, convinced In bit own mind that If there is one place tn the city where people vet their money's worth that place lsG. G. Evans' gift bookstore, 470 Pennsylvania avenue. Tmk Gtift Etid Momstik ? Mlsa Elisabeth Hamilton attended a colored people's boll at the hall corner of Pennsylvania avenue atd Second street. In cosipaay with her Sambo W bile there abe thought she discovered signs of intimacy between another girl and Sambo which boded no good to the hold which she supposed she held upon hia affections, aud her jealousy being thereby aroused, abe sought the only redress st hand, in shape of a fierce aaaa'ilt upoii the face and hablll MM oi Dff riTai. The B/bt on both r.dtf wu uatainrd with commendable spirit for tome time. Mr 9ambo looking on wi?h ureat disinterestedness the while, until the arrival of a watchman up n the ?p,t, when Mr 8 sloped. ajad Elizabeth was taken in a very general condition of col lapse to Justice McKenr.a's office, where abe refuaed te be comforted. As Sambo failed to appear with the circulating medium uecastary to Ler release froui the little obligation she had Incurred U> the Corporation. she waa a?nt to Mr <4?een'a country seat for the period of one calender mouth. I^abcksy *nd Abxeot ?Yesterday Michael ('urraa wu arreafed in Alexandria by Policemen Eeklolf and Fanning, and brought to this city on a charge of larceny, lie was taken to the office of Justice Ooon, when it appeared upon examination that be bad been einDloved at the Knranrin House, and recently; that toon after his . dismissal be mats-p<l to steal from cue?ta la the hoose two cloth r.?iats, a pair of panta, a pair of tiomts, two revolvera, and virion* oth?*r artictaa; that he dlapoaed of a portion of tb? stolen property, and with the remainder, com paatng an on'.flt for a southern tour, be fled the city, getting aa far > a* Alexandria, whither he was followed ?nd arrested. Tb* prof?rtjr was recovered, and thw prisoner vrn sent to jail fur trial at U.e ensuing term of the Criminal Court. A* i?OT4Mi.-Wt 'near many complaint* tL?tfor some time prat the pavement at the corner of Fourth and I atrreta haa been Infested every Monday evening bv a gang of youngsters. who place thf-niaet ves directly In th? track of ladies and gentlemen on tbe'.r way to and from St A loyalns Church, and annoy them by every possible means short of absolute assault and battery. The leaat of tUcae annoyances are said to be the utterance of profane o^tus and low expressions In the heariu-; of ladi*s. squirting tobacco juice un their diets*-*, Impertinent remarks respecting thetr personal appearance, etc , etc A little police vigilance in It at direction, all the time, would do no harm to the neighborhood Thk Alzxasoz!a BaKKs ?The Gazette of this morning says : "The Bank of the Old Dominion of this city, yesterday, io consideration of tb* S'lS-. penaiou or specie payment bv all the Richmond ttM Richmond Bnikt. determined to make a like supmdM. and decline to redeem for the present any more ml its no'en The Branches of the Et< hange and Karraera Banks had comparatively few calls made upon tb?m and met all demands for redemption The Directors of tbeae Banks wprr m irwiuii ycvtrruc) , ?uu we icaru, urvcrin.ned that if a run should be made upon then t-jt specie, they will suapend aiao. Tea Thiatu- ilw phiT styled "Oliver Twm," prepared for the stage from Dickens'* popular no/el of that name. wu satisfactorily perforiurd ut the Theater last Bight, before a largr audience. 4>Oileer" waa admirably represented by \Jias Cordelia Howard, while Nancy Sykes mid Monks were moat naturaiiy and enctivety rtooated bv Mrs and Mr. Howard. The bill u be repeated to-night, and will no douM be enjoyed by another large house. It is announced that " Kaaaion and Kantae" Is in rehearsal, and that Glenn will ahortly appear as Aaoiaidab Week. Wi woeld smct attsitioji to tbe sdeertlsomeat, In anoUter column, of a aeleet school for children, to coawucr next Monday week, under the supervision of two highly commended ladle* The location of the school-room. It la said, baa been aelected with apecial regard to facilities for ltealthful out-door exercise by the pupils daring Dxad ?Our fetlow-cltiz-na will learn with deep regret of the death yeewrday, at b s resident near this eity, of Mr. ('heater Waibrllge, who for the last fifteen year* h?s resided In enr elty No other clttxen better discharged tbe duties Of all hia relatione la life, nor waa a*y ether more reaper ted and esteemed by all who kaew him ? . 8*x aotit a, la another eekuBO, of varlotwkteda ' L ^ of gr-pe vinea for sale. iVowfceri. 77~W. OOuLKv"* C"VT o 17-tw 883 SorwUi ?t^ *bor>K ?y. * jsnm o's^i ?. /?\ 6 a '*?'pTw^f,ck O o to *31 C b*tv*M4fc andtthatreeta. imrMclt?t-iy ia tae rear or th? .Nft.oua.1 HoUl vh?r? lb? hu?4n*?? will b? ?m?t nuwf M K?r?tof >r? at the oidsund laolSfcn] l?4AC HKKZBt.HO. O c P<u 8ELDfN W"/iTwnir E n?p !T7* 44rH? to JE aoar \nUo?t oli>r|t frmi to W ak** ?r*ry aorai** ?IM* 1 y * ^ i l k ?: bilks:: silks::: R S I J. K. ?r." Y<>? mi xet HRE33 SI KS of everj kind at WM R. R1LEV * BROTHER'S at rerj low Biota; that i? to ttji.a Silk Rohe for fli. wortn 25; a Silk Robe for ?2u. worth 135. We bare a l*rc? >.t.M?k of D Goodi of every d?aoription.*nd we will cl >ae thein out at very iow prieee. Call and txamine oar at<ok. WM. R Ril.EY k BROTHER, No. 36 central storm. Between 7th aid tttb .treeta, no 21 2w <>ppoaite Center Market. 1 SINGING 8CHOOL. . . _ , T Is propoaed to open a S.nging Scliool for tho cultivation of S ored Muiio on SAI'URBAV EV44NING, the 24th inataut, at 8 o'clock, in the lecture Room of the New York aver.ue church,(Ur Guricy'a,) under the inatruo ion of Prof. t'HiiLm E. Dailkt, of Alexandria, Va. I'h.' !*okoel will be under the pat or.afe at the Chunk. i Per. on a ofevery denomu ution, t both* and chrdren.) who d-?ire to avail thema?lv>-e of thia opportunity of iMtmrtioa, are oorUia ljr iuvtted ?o it ia propoaeri to uee the 4 Jubilee" aa the book for inatruction. Terma for tha ooorae of two ve j waaka, #1. noH-gt fy|OKt NEW OPENED I QBKATM^BGAINS We are ae<uic la handeome Lireea Gocdajuat I ree iv*d, to wh eh w; <i*eir? tie aaaatal atteation of Ail hiinliiaif K>lArA nukkirv ?hni? - 1> ; p'ice #i of ma<i. rtlloi M%aon Har ?nd*< Book*. Ntmetn Mom S ri-, HiuJeo Path and Alone; prioe woii $1.25 by mai_. no 21 |\T WINTER MILLINERV. l"OW Opening. ?t oar Fancj Store. & very large and ^opetior assortment of WIN TER N KTs. comprising the latect and :uoat do?ira-CTCJ bl' stfles ofthe neaco.i. Al o, a fin? a??ortment of FRENCH FLOWERS. FLATHKR?, RUCHES, RtBBONS.Ao., all of wiuoU wu. are enabled to toll at grettljr r* duce<1 pri.' * HIT rCHlNPON * MUNRO, 310 P*. a*., no 2i-:i2wAeo2o Between 8th and Oth at*. BIKO, On T^ar day, November 2!d, Mr. CHE3TER WALMHIUOk, after a ?ro;ra,tei and Buffering t'!o*aa. in tha 70 h of hi* age. The friend* of tne ftmily ear apeotfully invited attend hi* funeral, from hi* lata raaidenca, at InKleai'ie, ?n Saturday, the M'.h taa'ant, at 2 o'el<>ek p ia., without iurther lantaMoa. St" Anj;w books. T FRFNCH * RICHSTKIN'S. 4TS Pa. av. Ann's f it-ikt whole 1 Vvrld. F*o ka S?n<a. aiMaa^y boobd, a'*Dt?d on toned pap<<r, f-il? Tiftn Oi t: ?-io * $10 if ?*nt by mail 't h* Moral Htatory of Woman, from tiie F reach of E ne<t fej.ire, iranaiated by J. W. Faiine.; M. IVeparod by 9. W. Fowle k. Co., Boston, and fbr Mia by Z. I). Oilman, 9. C. Ford, Jr., B. Wait* G. Stott, John Sohwarxe, Nairn A. Pa.iner, Wash incton; and by dealers everywhere. no20-lvj Thv pkccluk'TH* of the f>male constitution and th.? various trials to w.nchthe s?x is subjeotsd. demand an oecision11 rec urso to stimulants. lti? impona t, however, thai th sesiialtbsol a harmless nature, an! lithesome time acco pi sh th > d'Mred end. Ho?t tt ri c legated Stomach Bitt?r? is the very article. lis effect* in all oas*?<f debili y are almost magio?l It restores the tone or the diges tve organs infusoa fre?h vitality into the wholj system, and *iyen that cheerfulness to the einp rsnent whioh is th* most valsabie of femi?iin* %'traction* The prop ietors f?el flattered rom the fact tii t many of the most pronitneat m-dioal gent einen la the Union hwa bestow d enoo miuins upon the bitt# s, the virtues of whsoh they hav< frequently tested a d acknowl dged There are same one counterfeits offered for sale a* 1 of which ar" destitute of mem, and posi ivelr injurioas to th* system. no 8ft-t o3t To ths an t .crtu !?Ue snre to read the advartiseme t of MoLear's strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier.ia another ooloinn * tf Costirme*?.?Ti.e bowels t ec^me torpid and poverl s? under continued pur,atton. Holloway's Ph.* penetrate to tha Diiceas of the disease aad enuicatj it. Th y evacuate the foul ard vitiated particle* from the inie tine*, by a mild aperient op eration and recuperate their exhausted energy, by r atoring tone and vigor; thev iodnoe a h-althy acti na d p'event a r la*>ae of the malady. For Pilea, F >tulaa, Dyapepnia and all disorders ofthe viaoera, they aland without a rival. Hold by all Draci'ata at ;6s.,6.o and *1 per box. noSOlw WutaiV Bimim or Wild Cbrit, Curts BroAtkwl Af tenons and all Dittast* tkt Lungs. From the Boston Evening Traveler, January 6. "It i* perhaps bttt a simple act ofju?tice t?? ihe proprietors or Mishit's BiUam nj Wild skerry for us iO aay, that our prrsonil ?x9trit?r' in the u?? of thisaitioi >. bas impressed na favorably. One f the proprietora > f the Traveler ? aa e tirelycured of a ever* oouxh oi four month*' continuance, l?y th' > <>i thia Btlsani,arul several of our f lendaand v> <iuai>itanc~a, who have tried the artioie, have found it of great aervioe in alieving th-m of aovere cough* aa?l ?h<>rtue*aof breathiu*, with Which they had been afflicted." j_^Thlrty-aix tonaofUrka were rerentty sent from Tauntoc, Mjaa , to different purchasing localities None renn'ne unless atgnad I. Butts on the mlssloner of Public Buildings hu given th? order to take up the old broken foot-way at the comer of Seventeenth atreet and the Avenue, south aide, (which wan a very bad one, being much beiow the actual grade.) and workmen are employed In making one of New York blue flag-atone. The crossing will be au excellent one, aet with a view to cas'ing the water t > the aide drains, thus keeping the foot-way dry and clear of mud. Prof. Asdiiio*.?W? understand that Prof Anderson, ' the wizird of the North," aud who, without doubt, ataoda at the head of the profe*aion In hta peculiar line of diablerie, will open his budget of wonders at the Washington Theater on M-mday night From wh?twesre lnthe northern papers he has some new performances of a moat astonishing character, and wholly unexplalnable accord leg to ail known laws of nature. Diaaisa ?o* 1881.?Shilling ton has the most complete and aup-rior assortment of disries for 1861 ever published Now Is the time to make a selection. It Wavtid. ? $10,001 Vi ginia, Corporation, or W*Miin?tun moacy wanted, in exchange for all kir.da ?>f Dry Goods, at Mat.hewa ? t.ore'a,S5B Seventh street, between 1 and K, eaat sids. if U.t , D.. . - Larceny La?t night a colored bov, named Charles Blue, went Into the shoe store of F. Pratt for the purpose of purchasing a p-> 1 r of gaiter* for a colored dimsel to go to a ball. Having Liken a survey <>f 'he sbn-k. he was green enough to suppose that he could take a pair for himself and ess-ape detection. He made the attempt, but had hardly KOt beyond the door before a Due and cry was railed that put a host of pursuers on his track, and also created an alarm of lire He w*? cap'ured and turned over to detective officer Allen, W-o carrlyd him before Justice Donn, by whom be was committed to jail. The Cheistt Mi?c*trels ?Another jam at Odd Kell?.w*' Hall last night; and such, we presume, would be the caae for any number of performances; "but. as already statid, to-night will be the laat opportunity to s*-e this famous company, and will doubtless be duly improved The Minstrels go 5 ?uth from here, and will doublets do a big buslr ess wiih their array of attractions and with the a d of so gentlemanly and t lficlent a business agent as I. P. Siuith, Esq. j A LOSO NEEDED IXPaoVEMKXT ?The r?m. f plafimg in Mi?*a? AHncnteveryttttlrnrchln that we mwt la imMwIth hit "bindy-sttrk," with which hs wbaeks away at .every chip, Alone, brickbat, or oyster shell that he tpiea oa the pavement, with a profound lc difference to the nerve*, flees. and especially the eyee, a4 bnraaa beings King by Bat the wont of ?h* matter It. that are several squares rv-n In the populous Kta of the city, where they play ' bandy'' after k, when persona passing by at the time have no opportunity of sran "dodging the bell " A lady of any acquittance, returning home ene evening about dusk,>ass struck upon the month by a bandy nWir of some kind, which cut n Amp (ash In the lip, aad aeriousl v injured oae of her teeth. I can also nsrae s gentle?an. the sight of one of whose ayes has been destroyed for Tile In a elan liar manner When we consider how dellcato an organ the eye Is, and bow all-ltnporUnt It Is to the uaes of life, Is It not a crying shame that suck a nuisance as "bandyI playing" should br tolerated In our streets, snd that, t< o. under the very eye of the police* The rvgnlar game of bandy Is not half si annoying or dangerous as this habit which bova have of carrying bandy sticks on nil occasions, and striking st every sfcjWl they may ane on the pavement A law should b? enartMl ?lth?r tn rwnklKli <K? ? rylng of bandy sticks, or to fine every on* who strike* witt hU stick any object on the pavement. A Subscribes ti^tiil Guabd-housb Casbs?Michael Kern, theft; for trial. Heary Stub-*, drunk Bnd disorder I y; fine and coats, S3 IS Daniel Boston, (col'd.) sasptcl?qa circumstances and carrying concealed weapons; do S21 15 Thi* little fellew Is ?bo>it twelve years old, snd la ooe of the ' Fighting Alley crowd." tbe existence of which was Drought out a day ?r two ago bv an arrest of five or all ot the erowd bv Detective Officers Allen k Co. Charles De Vilitera, arrested by '?Boas on a charge of tak! ng letter* addressed to a young lady from tbe Post Office and opening them He was taken to the Guard-house by OflW r Boas for a speedy hearing, and committed to Jail for a further by Justine Goddsrd The oflfense Is not a felony, we understand, but a misdemeanor, for which tbe penalty Isa fine and Imprisonment. , Two lodger* were accommodated. J-L1 '?? ^ AMOTHicprra. i Twl WASHINGTON T 11 K A TEE. Lour* ?. Mr. 8. W. THIS EVENING. Focitii *Bpe*/*noeof tfte^Lo-. dy CiuH of Pojtry LITTLE roRl'RLl'i HOWARD. _ , _ Who will rep'(*?~nt Cbarloa Dioko*a'a t olj heau'iful eh wart?r of _ OLIVER TWIST. ?W3MW;?d. At Moms and .Hakct9tu?. _ To <-onclade *ith T H h W I M D M ? L I. Marian( with aonc). Mm 1. M. Sh?w gL^NN will hortly appear M AM1NyyASHlNGTON TMKtTKI! extra! extra! extra! MAGIC! MAGIC! MAGIC! g*a?d magical ?? ? pV6f?^,fN'D",E&'N. pkofessJ!K ANDKRION: metamorphose the theater PSYCHuMANTECJM maqxificext'enciianment. Wh?n will b? produced the most superb programme andthe mostooroeocs scene Evar Prea?nte t hy raoVKSSOK ANOKftSON. NEW TRICKS~withoiit nuniWi. Jemodeled Modification-* of tnn Whole. ISS ANDER* 'S, MNEMOSYNE, . MISS F.I.\7.A INnUNVC iiDi .vnl'BlnM EVERY "EVE*NING."1'*' T&e Ent*rtaiuraent at the THEATER will be INSTRUCTIVE AND ENTERTAINING, STARTLING AND ASTOUNDING. ^WONl/ERFULAND WfclRD. DAY PERFORMANCE, For the BeueKtof Faiiulieeam ?ch< ol?,o- NVeJneedajr and Saturday next, at half-past two. no 22 if ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Cotnmenoint on MONDAY EVENING, November 1?. FOR FOUR NTgHTP ONLY. ?wi?c vuiuij'i iniunil via s Under the inim<?.'-ate pern na! mipennteadence if GEORGE CHP.ISTY, Au'h-.r of near if all the Lkoict Grmsof Ethiopian Minstrelsy, whose experience of orer eighteen yearn n the prof*?a*ion, and whose perfo mancea for the l*at twelve jear* in the cm tf New York before the elite of that great met; opoli -. are aicua'ame" for the rxoell*(ioe of th ente tfinnuuts he aubraits for puMio approval. He and his MAMMOTH COMPANY w.ll open as al>ove, and app a for posi'ively Fonr Ni^ht* only. Remember thenrici'al GEOR6K CHRISTY in hi? inimitable and eba?t" e' tsrtainm?rit*. Cards of admi*sion 25ot*.; reserved seats 5lct*. Doors open at a quarter to 7: perforimnc?? eomI mencing at a quarter to 8. JNO. V. SMITH. I no IS Buaineaa Agent. v&?,ls. parties, &c. T NOTICE! HAT THE SHIKLIS CLUB intend giving their SEVENTH GRAND ASSKMHLY % at tha WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY 3S ROOMS ou the 21st nf IJeeemher. JM See particulars in future advertisements UM no 28 St* THE ?ECO\Ur.R\NDCoTI?.LON~PAK TV I of th? FR ANK' IN A TIVE ASSO- g% CIATI'_'_N_wijl take place WK.iiNKSHAV W h ?t>i u. ,>o^ i-j * t Franklin Mall, L> at .#) near 12 h. The object of this party is torniselflA the neceaaarr fu:>d?to furni?h th ir aittine--ootn. Tioket' 50 cent?, admitting a gentle.r an and iadie*. Best ooti Ion muaio enraged No hats or cap* allowed in the room. By order Committee of Arrangementa. no 22- t WANTS. WANTKD? By a respectable young woman, a ^ SITUATION aa oo H or nurae. in a private lamiiv. u k>i rocommnnaationii given.* At No. 810 E street, between 9th and 10th. it* WA NTED-STONE CUTTFRS and MA S'?NS, at Great Fall*, Washington Aqueduct Good wages ami steaJy emi>u>> ine-t. no an st? R J DOBBINS. VA/ANTED-8ECOND H?ND FURNITURE. '' Per?ona dec ining housekeeping or having a aurp'us of Furniture on hand,can obtain the cash and lair price* by applyioc ar 369 Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. ' WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to ?10,000 worth of 8EQOND-HAND FKRNI TURK of all kind*, for which 1 will guaranty to par the highest prioes, and, as u? tie shortest notice R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., ?of 409 7th it., bet. G and H. east aide. LOST AND FOUND. IPOUND-A gold BREASTPIN, filled with hair, r aa<1 bearing an inscription. It will b? re-urn^d to the owner br callin- at the Architect's Office and pay in t for thts advertisement. IOST?On Thursday rooming,a larga *R * ' ASTJ PI'V, bearing the inscription of "My Father, July 25th, 1859 " A .iberal reward will be said to anyone returning it to WM. OR.ME, No. 31*2 Pa. avenue, near lltli at. no 21 2t C^AME TO THE S' BJMR1 MKR on tho morn -> in^oMhe 7th invant; a small red an<* wiiuo , UUM wnii0 n wnne y M Cat ib hnr for bead The owner wi I pleaaeUL eom? forwa'd, prove, pa? nh?'g *. ?nu take tier away. J. B. IIAw, H* Bounda y street. LOST?Between Whirehurst's Galle-y and 12th St.,a p am god BRACELET. The finder wi.i bo saitat ly rewarded by leaving it at this office. no 21 -at A SHAWL TAKEN FROM A NEGRO BOY and i-uppoH d to |> sto on, c&n l>e hid by ti e owne ' at 404 Severth street, bet wo n G and II, by proving property and pa)ing charges, no 21 9 ' OTH AYED OR STOLEN, from the City Port O Olfi >e on Sunday moriiug last, a large r\ gray HOR>?E, !5 or J6 hai.ds high, with juLS? sma 1 mane and tai and had on a sad lle^^2-^and brid ?>. A li eral reward will l>e naii to any me r?-tu>n>nf the tame o \V. HAZEL'S statue, (B Be 1 st, hetween High *nd Congre_s sts , Oeoigetown ; or t the Post Office. no 21 -3t* ?C REWARD?Strayed from the subsonber V ' about three woeks s nee, a red* fMV mfiM three yea s old. with white face, ?h >>t tail; copped on the right ear and s it??n th? left; nose disfigured by a do*. Tie a ove reward will be paid tn %ny one by returning the same to p a. FITZHUGH, General Post no 20 3t* IOST?On the 6th instant, a white and liver colJ orodSE TTER DOG. Whoeve-may ? j have her will be suitably rewarded by^XW^^ b irging her to 102 West street, Georte- " town. no 15-'aw3w* MIOTIC K.?Taken n?. in the Pint Wir.l. ra?r i^l the Circle, on the Uth instant. a? n - j<*iJ| ilrtrt white COW with roan ?p<>t and loft horn crumpled ; since taken up.JbJk* has calved. The owner will come forward, prove rr<-pertr, pay charjc?*s, and take her awav Apply a VVM. D SF.RRIN, k-irnt District Polioe. no 20-3t* citizens of Washington! CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON! CITIZENS OF W4*HlNGTON! CALL EIGHT DOWN TO THI STAR OFFICE, CALL RIGHT DOWN TO THI STAR OFFICE, CALL RIGHT DOWN T? th* STAR OFFICE. AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW 8ERIES OF THE WEEKLY (DOLLAR) STAR. AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW SERIES OF THE WEEKLY(DOLLAR)STAR, AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW SERIES OF THE WEEKLY (DOLLAR) STAR. To be wailed to frienda at a d stanoe, to whore you deatra toaand the be it aooounts poaaible of what *oe? on in Waahington City. To be mailed to frienda at a distance, to whom you deal re to the beat aooounta possible of what joea on in Washington City. to n# in-uea to friends ata distance, tj whom you desire t j send the heat aooounta ,>ossible of what goes oa in Washington City. It ia the Cheapest and Moat Interesting Family Paper in tha World! It ia tha Chtftpast and Moat interesting Fftmily Paper m tha World! It u tha Cheapest and Moat intaraaling Family Papar in tha World! If yon would pat* stop to Disunion at the Sonth and fcr Ab?l.tioaiem at tbe Nort<i, aid thus tn it* un.versai oiroulat*. a! If you would pat ft stop to Disomon ftt the Sonth ' ftud to Abolitionism ftt the North, ftid thus in ito universal eircu ation! ! If yow wou'd put ft stop to Disaaioe ftt th> South i and to AboliUotusss at the N"rth. aid thus ia Ua aaircrsftl oireulatioa! I The First Number will b$ oat on PRIOAY MORNING aazt. IThe F.rit Tfombor wi.l b? oat on FRIDAY MORMNtf next TU Fml Nanbor vtl t? oat ox FRIDAY MORNIN?MXt. M?Ht , rkstauka^TX. PAPER 8AOS PAP&R BAOS, PAPER BAGS. < btsei ranting from Half pound to twantv poautia, of dider*nt qua uiaa of paaar, ftr aa?? h? M FRENCH * RkThsTLIN, 978 Pa ? . N. ?-A tot of old Newapapara, aaitab)* for | wrap piag >a?r, fee ?to. ao 17 I SNYDER. PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, nti&a removed to tfce oomar of Twelfth ard f its. I He ta ?r??r?d to utradiM Water and Qu npon > the mo<t favorable terms, and (uarnttM arm e , M,u?Xaofion 1 <, kind * lot of COORINO ardothar ' STOV K8, whioh he will aell 1ms than ooat. aa he i w;ahe* to f rid of them. no 17 O 9JROCKR8, C 'NFECTIONEBB. SEOAR , as we nave every imiig t;?at is usua ly kept in tne . China Buainee*, from riott decorated French <hina Dinner and T*a Seu to the ordinary Eartnen Warn, and aa we import the majority ofoor ?onda, we are prepared to furnish the beat quality, either ti the whnieaale or retail trade, aa low aa any of * the importing houaea of Baltimore Engliah ani American Cutlery of aaperior qaalitv, Alao, Horn, Buok aod Cuooa handle Cutlery from the fame (aotoriea, t Silver plated Ware on ine Albatta, warranted, A large atook of CoaJ Oil Lanipa, numeroua pat terna, Paaer^Lamp Shadea and Chircniet, Cut Glaaa 1 Hyacinth (j'asaea, F?noy Art^ea^Tcya.^Aa , Ac. ' 504 Odd Fel ?wa' Hall, no i& totw Seventh ?treet. ^ l\fBW RyrSMNS, CURR*N*TS, CITRON, 1 I LEMONS, CRAN Bl-RRIE*, WALNUT.*' ALMONDS,and OLIVE OIL At LA DEI.IWIG'8. * DROWN. YELLOW,%nd COFFEE dUGARS, ( JL> CRUSHED and POWDERED do. At__Li_A_JJiELLWIG'8. ( F?.LOT <55 ! ??? lw Navy Yard. 1 TKK WRAPPINGS Tor Ladiea tare Mid by purohas*ra)to excel in all theabive point* uoratootfof l.RY GOODS fur family wants it (aa uaua; > vx>m?l?t* in all d*paitir?nU. CARPETS, CURTAINS, OIL CLOTHF, 1, RUGS, to., upper floors . HOUSE I INKNS. COMFORTS. BLANK b ETS, Ac.. kHMMtand the "vanlta.'' One price only; tho va.up marked in plain figure*. ? Ail parse a oaretully packed free of charge An examination of atoo* tacura no oUuation to , purchase. 11 PERRY k BROTHER. U?il?'i in fimt olara Good a, Pennsylvania avenue and 9tli street, ' no 17 .5t "Perry Building," 9 10 HOUSEKEEPERS WASHINfiTuN.GKORG E-Cv TOWN AND VICINITY. We invite the attention of Houaekoepera to oar very large and beautiful atock of CHIN A, GI.A>*S Mil K\RTHKN W X.RE, which ia now rendered _ complete in every department by our reoeut iiapor'auona ' Wedeomit unneoet:a?ry to enumerate art'o'ee. F mr immediacy oppoaita the west wine of the ? City Hal.,reoenJy oocuoied by Chu. 8. WaUaob VM an offioe. A so the front room .n theaeo<>nd r tory and the thrd floor of fee sair.e bnilding. For term* Apply to HIGH A R IT WALLACH, No. t _ Lomiamna aven<?. ja is tf ^ / I "W a . GREEN'S ? EXTENSIVE fi aCKs Furniture Emporium. ' ? a My fn?nds au<Hhe publio -n ge eral are reapeot- n (lily informed tiat the aubaorit*r cat oomp'eUd A a .took ol MAHOGANY and WAI NOT tVR- , NlTURK and BOUShKURNISHlNG GOODS ( ?f every dee <riptton, which lie will sell kt the Tory * Iow-xt prioe. He enumerate* in partliver? deecripticn of M.-.uogany and Walcnt Par- ? lor and Chanter Furnitnre, Fine Painted C?tU*e Ghs-nbe' 8f ta, ^ C-rje'B, Rugs, BUnkeU, Cmtforta, Feather Heda, Hair and Miuok Mattroaaea, f, China, Gla-a and i rook-r* Ware, *Knifes and Forka and Table Castor*, Buoketa. Tuba, \Va*hb- arda, bilteia, and every oth 'rdH'or ptioii of Wood and Hardware, At No .Vi?,o?rner of Seventh and I) street*, at the Big *ign. Tb? pubi ka re?pectfuliy invited to uaii and exaniue for themnelve*. ? A.GREEN, no30-eo4w Auot. and Commiaaion Merchaut. The ^tvles, the quality, the PRICKS Onratopk of/'LOA.KS, SHAWLS, and WIN- 1 Mj-i/n nuni-ini ionr-atory BKICK HOUSE 1 r on T hird street, between D ami K ftreetis, < No T 3!*1 > adjoining the restdenoe of \V A. Maury. Esq. Possession given immediately. Also. th* story ofthe B own btone Building No. 4<?3oii/**. (1 avenue,: south sidei between 4>* and 6th are For terms, A o, apply to WILLIAM IL PHIUP, A?- f" torney-at-Law, No. 40 La. avenue. no2-?*>tf tr TO M'jMBKK* OF CONGRESS AND OTH KRS ?For rent. ?uits of Pa-l^a and ?ev- _ eral Chambers, hand/*"ne'y furnished. is the new dwelling house 39< K street north, between 9th and ldth sts. Aw? on the premuea. no 13 eo2w" FOR RaNT?A five-atory HOUSE, en ailing 1 ij.ooms,a<Hom:ng thecorner of F urth and L> * the City Ha.I. Apply to JOSEPH FU- * OlTT. no7-eci| V FOR RENT.?Two new three-stcry BitICK r rfOUtSES with back buildings, eaeh housr f ooi.'JtmiiK 8 rooms, with gas, situated ? <>n ct-'i htr<et north, between M and N streets; rent 1 mwWate. Appl* to E. LAZKNBY. opposite, or w to JOHN T. f.ENMAN, Ohio avenue, betwoea | 12th and 13th street* o? Qtf [,< FOR S ENT?Possession on the 1st of Ootober 'fte OVVELLING HOU5E No. 43? D street. ?! at present occupied by the Rev. l>r. Butler, and 11 next door to the leaideoce of thd advert is r. J. M CARLISLE. N. B.?It will ojt be let for a warding hou?e. w ae 18-tf _ 1 I^OIt R ENT?Th? PIRST pi onn B anil Va?iac!:usetU av., one of the most uciirthla _ location! Ml trie city. The house is furnished witn rron-'de mantle* ; a*ici ?r?t*T tixtuios, ?ith t bath-room Inquire at \VA1. P. SHEDD'S Pa:<?jr r Store. No AO.111th st oo*7 25*.' j, F^OR RKNT-frd -sirafo'e and well located firit- ' c a*s It tS-IDKNCK, No. 4?9 -n Sixth i-tr^et, a between D and K ?t*. The heure i* fnrnt?hed with l< all the modern improvements. Apply to THOM * KAKKKR. no2 o3w> ? fpOR KENT?A ha"d?nme, first el ana RESI- a I>E\Crf, No 4 44 E street, between 6th and tt 7th street <?one of the in at eligible locations of this U oitj. The house is furnish* i wcth all modern ini d provementa, sunh as t*th room, hot and co.d ?ater li on each floor, first and ncoond floors hea'ed b fiom lasenient, tc., Sen. Apply next door, to Dr. ci J AS. J. WARING, No. 444 t street between 6 h ? and 7th. _____ 001? otf A FOR SALE A&D SENT. O RENT?A new thr?* n?o t BRICK HOOBE wtth basement, eitvatfcic*. ft tre?t. two 4 wr? from Nin?t*?nth. Th??h 'it>h?xl thro- ghout. % d cuaUiM all niojfri in^t< vtxMto. i *>t?e?*ion given December I t. lDquir?oBUi->rr?mi?s*. _ _ w>2i\>{' TFRKE MI L|?8 FROM SHINGTO^ ami Alexandria you oao lev?f for 5 itt'i S? aire* or LAN D?beet for farden'Off? with we P$?*ECi.iT S5,~l* w-k"*<? LxOR **LE-A Artt olaae COOK, WlBUKR. r ml IRONKR. fck? ?Im MdmtudtHrMni oluldren. Ac* 44 year* For particelare 0*11 at ??M at 3*4 J* I KtTMt. M the OVMT VIlkM to 4l?foee of bar ltnrrtediaWy. woW-8t* U'OR RENT-A PAR LOR ?aJ BEDROOM, ?r & two Bedroom. at 341 F street, betweaa ?th and lOthrt*. DO*w3T_ F-OR RENT?The HOUSE and STORK, on Pa. ar^iM, First Ward, oppoiite the Seven Buildinge. The ?tt?re is at pre aent occupied by Mr. l>y?r m a shoo store. Poeneition giveo by the 1st of Deoember "ext. or before. For particular please inqoir-ofMr. the store, or at Mr. CAR ROL'S, next door. | ioao- w* WM. EMMF.RT. i P)R RENT ?Tfcose beaanful PARLORS in the house ^5vJ Q street, corn*r Fifteenth st , occupied last ion of Congress by Hon. Mr. i Humphrey, are now for rent. Also, tte Parlor* now ucoufied by F. tie ilaas Janvier, Lmj., id the same hour*. There a-e also several fi e rooms suitable for single gentlemen or small iaauiee, with ' or wit ho t hoard. nr 20 at* |?0* RENT.?A threc-stor* BRICK l?WKLLr IN'?i HOUSE, with back nuilding, on IStta at.. No. 470. hetw-en F and 0 street*, fosseasmn ?i*?r on the 5th of Peoemher next. Apply to J. KIRK Wt.Ql), <76 Two ftli st. nolVdtf ; T^O LET?A oommodions three-story HOU"<F?, with back I'Uildihg, win*, side i t, staMe. Ac , < completely furnished with ail th modern improve- ? inents. an the corner of H and Twenty-first ntr?e's. | Possession given immediately. no 17-lw* c FOR RENT?Two ROOM"4 in third story, al- J joining.with water and gu, or a fine PARLOR, lichtrd with ga*. in second story, in a pleasai t part of the citr. Term* lnw ???! "" " * No. 4^6 Mui. aveout, between 4th aac[ ftuTsuTl i north side no 16-tf r FOR RENT-A three story brick HOUSE, oon- I tatnin* 8 rooms. In good order, with gas fixture# oonipipte, on H *t-eet. between 4th mid 5th. Also, a two rtory brick C<?TTAUK, with larje , yard attached, corner of F street north an 14th at. endt. To punctual and reliable tor.a ts the term* wi 1 bo moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between <j a .id H. _____ bo iS-tf TO RENT?That piea*ant COTTASE R EH I ] DENOK, coi taiumg 7 rooms, with front l>al- 1 oony, large >ards in Ironr and rear, fronting H st, ?, in Printing Office Hqn\re, between North Capital ii and First sts. Rent $240 per anr nm. Address, by ? lettT or in person, \\ %I. fcTICKNEY. 1( no G tf . 4 t^OR SALE?A i ew two story brick IIOU9E on * 1-Vurth street, hul.w N't.w Vo k avemm. Th? house is 2? feet front and 4) ieet d> ftp ; ha? 5 b?ot pas aire, pa-lor, d m^g-roo-r, kitchen, and f>tir / chambers, with stairways i" passage and kito-jen. \ wit't*oodc liar nnder tr." who|p hon?e Fo'te ts ^ inqii'**" ?r 499 Sevonth street, opposite Odd f"?l- A lows' Hall. no 1-U JAS P. TOPHAM 3 FOR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. jj 100 West st. Georgetown, at present ooou 4 pied b? the Ktibnariber. :t i,a* <2 ro m*. vuh gas _ and water throughout, a fine jard, stable to . *ud r is in agood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MA- ' GRUfTER. icatf I C^UR RENT?A four-stnr? Irown-frout DWEL * LfNG.flitudtA On Thirtf??nth mt >.a??.oan I ^SsORQETOWH. -J. . I m mm f * Csrrmp9nd*nm of J%? Stmr. 9?UUOTowi. Norasbrt !i UN. The Mm eoraanuaity torn boar upatoiftlv under the financial i nmn Tbe aospptialo? of >W Baltimore banks *? unexpected, however, anc we do not know what the raaalt will he. O ur hanks, wfclch .ire aa aifaat any La the country, will bp governed ta their oaatae by the actios of theee ta your cttr, but a feaermi eaapeaatoa la expected during the day aa a matter ?4 aafrty to the buitnea itry<^u of the community. Don't forget tti# staying school concert at Forr?at Hall to-a. or row niubt. Buy a ticket, and you will hear aotne e>?-d music, and at tbe same Urns ha aiding the poor tfcrae hard timaa, wben aid la ao much needed The Ladl?a' I'alea Be- i taevolent Society la no well known la our community that the almple announcement of ita eoanecMah -l?V al * * ' " * Km wna iue amir oagoi io, ind wlli Aoutot. ure full houae. 1 The revival continues at \> est Georgetown M E Church. and tbe Interest ta not on the wane i About fourteen penitents were at Uie alUr nigbt before last. * ' GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS J|. 100 KULS. OF Kk.ME CtUKH, . L ?T AinvaU uJ for aals ehsap for oasfc. 1 no 13 A R.N V A SHlrtN. j U8T RfcCEIVRD? < 3 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, Rre WH1-KV, , *nhNa. HKRftINO and ALEWIVES, 80 bbit. rtnahed and Refined -UGAR?, f 9" baga Rio and Java COFFEE, lOhhda.dow priced; MOLASSES. For ?al* Ht JQhm J BOGL'E. as to rHUE UN:>KKSIGNEU CARPENTER AMU * BUILDER otf-"* hia servioes to the pvhlio of Jeo'cstova, Wsahiafton, and Ytcinitr, and wi I ontraot for or enp*ri"tend the ooratrnotion of r ubioand private bsi'diora. P'ana and apecift- v tatmna will be formatted at short aotioa iftai Mia mot <m uonffPM ?i. Georgetown, I m mediatejr north of the Post Onoe e*27Smeo HKNRY WINflATF.. ifA^SKY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHI LA DEL- _ T1 PflfA DRAUGHT ALE.?We Are wmtwitr * eoeiviof tri^r, supplies cf the above deii*hUo; bev- 11 rage, aud ' avite All ??rn.?na wao want a ear* at ,d altera ted Ale. to five it a trial. b ARN\ 4 8H1NN. Ater.ta. n fe? H Cmen M.. Keorsetown. n PERSONAL. \ \ HOLD fc DKKDOFTML"<T ON THE PROP- * I eriy offered t,.r ?% e n the advertisement >( V\ tr. * r. rain, Cons'able. daU 1 N?v l?th inttant, f.-r ?* h<> sale of Bernard Ma?*>-'? ir tereni in L??t No. 1 tl a Square weat of rqiifln* No U o? 58th ?tr?t And ti a. Avo nu<?. whi?h ?% a d-? d war ex ? to ir? a ttv (1 f ita. A"<1 for a taIu Me cot alteration. I o, therefore, prote t ajamst tne * Aid sa e, As txinr UH'Ut <lUti??ntT OI I AW A"-' CAOtlOC A.I p-l*..L? gainst Hiding At the pretended ?*'e n 21 Tt* JOHN HJsQttV. C HFFICK ,HK<api;AKK, andohio CANAL U " i OMPANY, WiiHiSBTOi. Nov. 15 186".? 111 ?' tio* is he-?-liT Riven that cert fiear * r- o?tvat?> C jr Mi* to accrue frt the OeRap^Ak* and Ohm I? AnAt Con p n* dnrii k the ><-ar 8 u, ti?t-d *j> il 1 ti 5cfa, I' ?? , V a t<? 81.'nclumve, for tumi of $S?i, t. r?o. ?2-0 anil 85*'. an:o,mtine in the a^itrecat to I5,(VX?, we ? issued by orde*- or the Board t<> J tin \ Bowles, to b? applied to oertAin rrpa rs. Ac, 11 rhich n?t having h*ea done. And no va'iie reoei ed irthe * pubiie %re csutio' ed acainst reel vinr or negotiating said cert.fieitoa, a? pajrasnt tier of wi!! be ^e>isted. D By order of the President and Directors. r W. g. MlNGGOl.D, P no ^6 Pt Clerk C. and O. Canal Company b. A JiTROI.OGIST? RF.AD, RF4 D.?i?avsr a. FxctTanawr.?Jr?T Aaa!T*D.-M ADA.Mt. I. ' lEV'lHE.tbe most wonderful lad> now 'ivinn, who * as created a wild fnr*>re in her trav-U. >(vlan;> t> t ha. ??--'?j-? ?' - ?<ii:'oirkiiii linn hi me count r>, , , !l who have prono :rce-1 her r?velaMon* M' y %?- r( oumhipr. "Iho*e % ho are int<-onMeof an* kin-' o st once-to her. Madam* will brinr an> ot.e to on and caiiiA th?m t<> love *ou; will break tie ahit* of drinkincan-1 chewta*; wt 1 evae mi"H nd unmarried onf* to r'jo.rr aud ehow (hepW.ow ol > live happilv: will recover ;oiim. direct i? 'ejard rt! j lawsuits, tr%v?l*. number*, Ao p?reoo* at a ^ taooe <>v Btatinf their *se and eccl-*'"* one o*' hav? th^ir planet* corree'lr Wiften an<! t * ' y mail. A ?o, p?r*o..* in tni*'it*, who le 1 a deli el lev in ea ling, by enelom"? ore d<>ll\r *hal r>e rawed opon irhmediatelr. *li stnot y eo> fide-'t ai. vl ,11 oomniumoeUon* ,be "ireoled to th? R loh- C4. ioim1 Hooae, corner Eigh hand D To ac- , ommoiate Price* is, SO oer.ts and 91 Private 11 ntrance or O street. Gentlemen, alio, call p no 16 |wf . r if aDA.MR MORRICE, TiiriiUT Aotbolo ' gi?t awti dortaiii*, fretn Etiropt ? This highly (tod and intelligent Udy can be oon?u ted on c ie Past, Present and Future Events. Ca.l at No. ?t OA Eighth St., between U and U, Washington. If no3-lm* p BOARDING. Z OA RUING.?Three or four sio?!* gentlemen T 3 can tw Aooommo atrvl with H??rd b? applying 1 ; No 213 Maryland avenue, between and Ch a , Islar?d. Mechanic* preferred. nolo-of 1DR. I. I. PORTER * AS REMOVED iu No. 13? Scvep B uloings, th a avt-nce no 21 2tw3w? tb TAKE NOTICE* w WILL Take * 1 ki'ds of Virriria mon?? for mr 'jj ?ok del ts *tid for Boots, Hr.o * and Trunks. A fi sraons indeb ed to m? wi I p|ea?e ea I and ? t'ie ?. or I Rfia 1 b? o?mp? led to give their account* ito the ha jds of a collector 8 P HOOVER lr< n Ha l. ^ do 21 Pa av , between ?tn a--d i<th sts ^ BLANKETS AND FL?NNELS -A HAVE Now on hands arc* ass rtn.ent of fine < ed Blanket*. Also, Servants' Blankets. White A nd Colored AI no, ood assortment of B?d Co ?>rts. White Mar?e'lle< Quilts and large variety of lannels at redue*d j>ri -es. If. EGAN. 421 Seventh st.. rogl Ct n nr Avenue Hon ? ?, "< CHILDREN'* BOOKS. *o.. Ac. > TO To FKENOH A RiCH^EiN'M No. 278 ?1 enn a'-enee and examine their extreme * r. q e tt nrt beautiful assortment of Chilrtr n'? B -ok?, p] anej, Ao., the finest aseortmert ever cflerei be r >ra in this city. Go early, b-forn tb?' lake your e<* ectian*. Also, a large and varud 'fortinm t' f Diari s for 1?6I Wi. bereoined j <xt ste*mer a compute a*s>ri.iint of Li tii'ti at in.aracs. MS el "2.REAT BARGAIN* I.** DRV G<K)DS *' T SELLING OFF TO MOVE. G A" 1 afinll more to my n*-w hoUi'ing, No. .<*3 fa t ve , on the 1st of January, I shall eoaime'0" tii* ay to sell off at errst y reduoed pri-s s my entire n t 'ck of DRV' GOtH'** i'i store No. ?31 7v>i str<*>t 'he stock is laree and well aborted, orrpriiig very a-ticle usually found in the Dry tiooU* line all early and get barga'ns. HENRY EGAN. 521 Seventh ?t.. h no2' 1ft n<>&r Avenge "ourc. si NOW OPEN THE OEIGDTAL GIFT BOOK STORE, ? AT ' 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, * Vext door (o Clay's (late U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4i streets. ^ G. G. EVANS, in order to accommodate his s?ion? of ourt .-m-m throughout che UuiU'i Matei, v aslocated A BRANCH STORE >f hi* wideij celebrated GIFT BOOK ENlElti'Riai U n Wa*hngtoa n 4T6 PENNSYLVANIA AVL.SUF.. rhero oau always l>* found a ourc/ieto atocV U the STANDARD AM) MODKRN WOKKS of th* .. UNITED *TATfc8 AND EUROrtL ^ Every book i? soM at the h PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RA TES^ v >nd A GIFT Forth from Fifty Cents to ONE Ht'NIKlKD )OL LARS is predated to EVERY PURCHASER * .t the bra* of the sa!?. B Bsir.? extensively reared uarN'tM m tie PUBLICATION OP BOOKS. u Jid from our larfe aalea enabled to purctiaae enure oi ditiona from other pabUahsra, we can offer INDUCEMENTS r? oar pttroni not eiaewhere to ba obtained. ^ OUR~6IKT? IRE ORNAMENTAL, USEFt/'l.. AND VALUABLE. II Compnain* a Thousand Vanefiea ; Ajbobi whiob we nam*? Jold and Silver Watches, Oo!d Chvna, ^adiea' ep.endtd Bt&ok and Plaid Silk Draea Pat 1 tarna, 'arbor Ti?a Piooaa, Silver Plated Ware, loatly Seta ol Camaoa, Moaaic, Plorectine, Coral. r Garnet, Tnrquoia aad Lava J ewe ry, void Look eta, Penoi i aad Pans, jad*<a' Neck, and Chatelaine Chain*. v )Mta' Boaom Btada and Meora Dittos*, 1 Pookat Knives, Port Moaaaica, Ao., Ac. ? The oitisena of the Die* net aad vioinity are re- a Motfaily lavitad to win tmr stook of Book a k&d 61ft*, wImUm dMirovi of parwkiaiac or *ot Mdbytdtui will bmrtWloMHof th? Ml (uaiNUkidinjwifrMiMiwiivijatMl of ' BoaduoUni Book Mi?. C*n for onr wolm.nfied C&ta.'ncne,vh*rein mi noUod of doiac bnl>*M ?r11l U loand Inky , Jotdi.ed. gyPfini MBdiBf for hook* from * dk?Uc?? < will roooir* mmm HUcUob M Uoiigk At opr tore, < >* ?'* ?, j? *u ?? , aooowM>T?M tk? ymrate . ; ?. 9. evinn nun BOOK MMFOMi WM, ! , ? <tl Ptnu. Averts, ?'?r WMta.M.o.c. iiHMte Balt'Mo&k Mot. JU -Flour miAMLad?*MI9p araaatkrd; HovtrJ ?tr*et? ndO?J# ? WM ftrm; r*d ?1 luafl ? ? wM?|l >* 'I 45 Corn firm; white i?4 jreUo^BuaftSe Pr? ir.?m dtiiL *omia?t nta qatot aa* teady Hal4\c VVUtkjr i? dull?? l?*a**, How York nurt.u (?xw Ynii eulct a?d mmchanged, 1?m doprewlon- WbMtdallMdiMll nlm "o favor of borart. Cor* dull aa4 Pork and Lard dull. Wktohy mmmxmtl aft tttfe ilMk MtrkH t-a 1 Watt Kmw YOBK CITT, ThMiir. Not ? 1 p 8l?*a ?W>rk? advaacwd Mi*, ourfe 71; Ttmf** W; North Carolina aad fir. rlala oWet*d at H7?Hd b'd, witbofft artaa r cwnm'Tc* at Frle and Mm Plttaton Huk i Su>?mIm *f Vir|iul( laafci ? Ruiimond. No*. < 1 -Alltk* b*>kiteNi?4 H etmbiiry have auapended. Sa<|Ka<t?a la Nrw Oriran Niw On (A.ia. N?? 22 ?It U reported tba. tYeral produm dna.rra haw auageodad Kraal ! Ike Ctitoa Rt0?a Ktamt. Not fl-W? bad % killing fr<at ?tt laat ^ Mere link Sup-Mtaai , PK'!.4urLPHi*. No* 'i4 Tb* baa to of tfcfa Uy anaponded at on# o r lock todaf J iSaltiaor* nanaa c *rs rirr ip Oawroo. Nor. 21 ?Thf Huron flour nil] In lit c1tv, ownrd by W W. B?kT, of Look port, r*? dr?irov^a by flrr last nl^bt lm M tb* utMfng and ccntenta *45,<ui. on wbick tnera a* an luauranco of about W,UOo. ?at|>ru? *n ( ?^rlf Piiarali Balt<m?*k, Nov. 31.?At a a??a( of tbo lank Pr?s1dnjU In Baltimore u>-4tfTt waa roil red to ?>.?,* id apecie paymanta to-Moraow laratng IHibilal Baaka Fhiuadilpiiia, Nov 91 ?The broken bm ai? I.Hmv r?>fuiina In tka w raw A Brldent*>ck l.n? over the insurant L3.000. It was the a<-t of an incendiary inogr of tbe Georgiu Slate CeaveatieB Ball Augcsta, Nov 11?Both branches of tbe eoryia l/fgta'ature hew uranlmonsly paaaed a III tn rail e Stat* Convention to take Into eonderation the present pollUea criaia Award (the Peam^iTaaia ?tau L?ea> Harhhe :bo. Nov ?i ?Tbe Commiaaitmen M je Slaking Knt.d to day opened tbe hlda for the tie of * (Oil noo State !.oan, and alloted the wbole mi to Charles McAllester, tbe lowest bidder, at 5 97-100 p^r cent ^traa?r Harare. Br. Uiirt Nov. Ou ?Tbe steamer Emigrant ururd at Dozler'a Landing oa tbe Mlaaoarl river aterday moral ng. Tbe boat and cargo are a >tal loss. Value of tbe boat, StO 0110?uaiaanrrd alue of the cargo not ascertained. Tbe Maraa Pair. Balttvo**, Nov 81 ?The ateamer far Cbaries ta to-day took down a large cargo of Baltimore lannfactures for tbe Macon fet*. at Wbtch ere to xbitMted manufactures from Germany; tbe latter lovement baving rffereace to direct trade, .Nov .'<> ? ninrofttrmrmmm/wfj the res. ue ol tue slave jflri Kit* last wwUh >id!n<j tiie J u*U<*e who i?sued tba e arti-nt of tb? etrl for a tmrli ot tbe pmr* b% if United Stale* KartW and ihe |Vint? Pbtflll h? kttk) ?h? warrant, *w vntr*4*t 1i?dteted the luffed >iPlnt ll.itrU t Court for ri^laUoC oi e Fugitive ^livr law ' irrfirf Pnaicat New \ ark. Niw Yost, Nov 21 ?Hit currency ptu>e b?t? davit Is uld b as been equal to that af 1H6." 11 notes cf Hank* s??iith of Washing ton are at i to 23 per rent, discount I lioeia and Wi?cor n bank* 15 percent, and other Wealera and an&ds bank* 3 to 5 per cent, discount SrcrnUii M*T?nir*t la "Narfalk. Noai oLk, Nov 21 ?The Minute Men bald ?u Ijourned meeting l*s? nigh', when strong tra<> tions In favor of resistance of Nortbera aggf-a on were pined Three cheer* were givea for te man who bunt? John Brown Cockades aia entlfal on the streets to-day. * l*R?treua Fire in besrf's. Avscsta, Nov & ?A disastrous Ire oecured [ Albaov. On . on th? 1<th. deurovln* >h?* i ?rriajfe d'fxsitorv; Hill, Wrijfht k Mar*b*irs irriai'e sbop. and two brick stores occupied b\ win wn? tn<roa<irm in tbe Senate wblrb pro:df? (#r th? <**1| of a convention to *o ait?r tbe u to provide for u ad valorem ryetetn ' taxation rUralltl A.n aatgeaaeat by the S T Raai New Yo*c. Nov 22?Tbe city ban to, ** tb* at resource to anatain their Integrity Mve r? >lved to make a ronmoi pre p?"*k of tb?tr >ecie, end p y it out at long aa ? will lad, and lraufflrient to meet the d'"1' * will aua tr.d together. Bal ?iic* b-twern tK varloua Ban ka are to b? tt'ed at tbe Clear'-* Hooae bv cert: Urate I award l National an* ?? aerurltlea be Lai< Fa#4tive Slave frxctieaacat la Obicar* r< joct to rfli^ve tbe '-ommunUv br !??K? atrtfl aa*d on b:ll* fretina*. United Mem ibv ki ?fl ' "** "?!??,'"* Wlutertli. to rv>?a ta tbo Mq,Mda* on of o f*cb otb?-f T*r acrtn to boorl ?ra p* cent infr* t Th* boika b?l* ? ! b seen In at ,-iaitior. to n.rrt tfc* uknla of tt,*? ?nainiin:ty. A, 1 ton* of dollara will be look>-d * tuu wc k J^orth (>r?ina ilitarr r?iLo",1,v'i#f'Jobo 5 pel man. E?q.teditor the hal'tburi- Runner, waa yesterday L*>u-d . T?l. offloe hM WnTjJl fiTw HoM?-n, Eaq . edttot of the Ruleleh Atasdard * ^yJ"n W a JenklM, Esq wai octed attorney general " * Ho*row. Nov SI ?Tb* Parnltv cf Harvard lire* n?v? i'i?rrudrd f?llowf*(? (tudr-iita *?f ifS'phomnfc rlMi for ? ? uttwk ?i tvrO 'fr??. l<-?. and rto'oi a do no ?trat1ort? twmlly.flii U rle* Jarkaon, Bo?u?n; C ar *a Ku a^o, Fit * il.iid; AntuMiM lliker. Ai A <* H t* % t?? , Ct-Hadel hiaj Joh?> L. Ward. r K?rl*l, Xo? York; J. T. KlU rtb CtM ! Mi; H.J. Kdwarda, Bo/?". Jarkaoii ?u i!ab*d for two y ara, the otben f.-r mm vrar ? Thr FUaacial Prottir* 1 Viw Yon, Nov. 31 ?Tfc* P?*t aa*? tkil tiJ of t'rw i?*?<ilno h?rik? ~ ? * 1 rc?i ??>?t the 1? of Uroatyt 8mm rill uJj .U'n itmijhf M.d tnat *t w 1 wrn to cocii tiu<??aa recalled br ti 0?veru>? Jk BuiIn^u lU iarimtt. Ctactl.-UTI, K?*. fi ?All ^ >><^B T?i?tlv d . And ?*>r gSaJ-1 m?tUed I bfrt ? ?<*? >? ' '<4 f r?? Bumimi Kl'1 ir 'i ?s declined 5 t? . r-?J ? "*? *? l d ukl a d<? If* lore dUpoa.Uoii *.. #-(i "* < iprvtiaff a further derttii?*, and ttief* oo? to-d r I'rodaoe U In no d-iran4 H rlc? are noni'&nl. IV m*nfr inirkfi liMrH eat. but tbe demand It not nrealny Rat*?q<i?*tH I 12 u? 15 jwr feat for fSrrt rl?aa p p*r TB urrrn.-v market i? m 're ?->arti ed Tb? not-? m M* Hani, of Y!rgtr<a . lid Its braarbel ?rf jrown out i f tuni U day, and are bfM at I* Mt at diacwat Diatar baarea at Harvard < alias*. e uaa on 1 v left a almpie rbvd of 3,?0 mr? Victor kmuiifl trrivtd ?l Na|?ta ^ ^ lut .with Daribaidi. ana pro ?dad to ?be Catbe dral and t(W\f?4i to tbo Paior* Great tali rl tlea followed. In o;>Me of tke ted treother The Brtttah L?f im at %apl?* waa dwindling way. on account of te dlagraooful rwditrl of U mfabtn. The monthly returna of tb* Bank of Praare ibow a d-<rr+a* 1? raah of Itt Xi. ..lUlf Thm waa a doubtful report at a treaty of poare with China. Affair* la Otar|U. M.LLiMivan. Nov. *1 -Om Brown la a iptclal maaaaye to tte l^ftdatuva. Hi vtow of ?tr slectlou of Llucola aad to t#oauto a aatty of m.itnent I* tb* At*W. iKldnttilf tdviM tlr Logta ature not to *c> for a Praoiaeat aad Vice P ?*i lent. A motion fa the Senate that tbe Uogtalature lect elector* on ^arurdav, wan adopted K B Rbott. of S. C . O Kvda -f Va . a ?t Jen. Pillow, werr Inrl ai to take to .to en th? Lm K? Got McDonald la uuite fi?blr at Har^cv nd could not tfo to MlitodgtViUo to oot** fi" lertora, it the elector* oe'.ect bvoa. It ia probible U?*t the ??* *"-Ai ,,k' 4 . T V. h B QEAP F19. PoiTiim?, ti -Tk? memmrn FDmum, from l.P?dowlnry on tbt W !???, kw unnd hff* with on* d?y'? lolrr Two vrmeb. ooppnord V> br the Her* and Arladoe. of th? Prln^o of Waif?* aqiudxeo. orrlwd off Portland LnglufrdL, eo (W of U* ?U> The Pool s Pari* c*rr*opof)drf]t on the dla*> lution of t?.e Pope a army is poMlvriv aaotrUiMd

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