Newspaper of Evening Star, 22 Kasım 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 22 Kasım 1860 Page 4
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? ? ??TT* ir-r P THE EVENING STAR. A ICOflB or TEARS AOO / Dow a br the fe'atkiif vkm wt ?to?d, * Upon thi rocky ?ho re; The b *r? wh'fPtrM oonr?c*. Ad<1 hid with f ieadlr ro*r The fa t'rinj word> that to.d ths tal* T dared not t?U bafore I aak'd if. with th? fift, Har lore, wy lift aha'd W*aa i \fu it h*r roioe,or tome (?irmr?Forenoth. I aa*ro* ?*y foaaa8mm m?rmuri?? wave, or her rjr*et T0ia?, That iap'tl ?o weatly,"^ a.'** And than, in happy aileaoe. too, I al??ped her f>ir in? hand^. ^ While o ?r the dark nin* land The luu set, ud th? i*hi?c boats VV'vr* sailing from the strand. It seeme aot many dart age? Luke yesterday -no more, Sinoa thus we stood, mjr love and I, L'pon tk? rook* *hore ; Bat I was foui-aad-twenty ilum. And s?w I'm forty-four. The lily hand is thinner now, And in her sunny hair 1 seo soin- silver line*. And on Her brow some lines of care ; Bat. wrinkled brow,or silver losks, Hhe'a not oae whit lea* lair. The fishing Koats a son e of years Go sai in* from the strand; The crimson inn a score of rrars Set o'er the darkening isnd ; At"1 here to i ignt opou the eiitf We're standing baad-in hsnd. "My darling, there's our eldest girl, |)otu ?b th? rock* below ; Whtt'i Stanley doing l>* h?r rid* ?** _My wife rtu. "Vou tnoui)! know ; Hsstrlling her what you told me A boo re of ysars ago" Piaar roi tmb CampinsvHtr- Tkt "Infant" Winntr ?The lon^-pendlng light Wwwu Sam Hurst, the "Stalevbrldge Infant," and the renowned Teni Paddock having bren appointed to come off yesterday, the parties Interested in bringing the contest to a satisfactory issue engaged a special train sa tbs Great Western line, and at so cioct id iw morning nooui .Mirarwa on weir eventful journey. Tbe disgraceful scenes enacted mt tbe Ornat Western Railway it-Uion on the occasion of the late flght between Mare and Brettle were prev nted by means In which a poase of tbr metropolitan police took an active part, and, tbougn the "roughs" assembled, tbey were treated and kept as '-outsiders," so that all who meaat to pay for tbe rtrluhad not only opportunity but compulsion to obtain their tickets Fb< train started exactly at ten mlnuWs paat 5, and halted between Mortimer &nd Basingstoke A move, however, was *oon ir slated on by tbe police, both Berks nd Hint* being present (doubtless enlivened by telegraph from London,) and the train retraced Ita wav to Ran In/, and th^ne# proceeded on the Huagerfoed branch towarda Aldermaatoii. Hunt wu seconded bv Jam Hod^klu and Jemmy IVmish, Paddock having the good olfl -rs of Jerrv Noon and 8am Robinson After tive rouuds, occupying ten minutes. the '-Infant" was declared tho winner There was no kaoch-down blow.? ZomJom Globt Death or a Floaist.?Mr. George C. Thorburn, the well-known fl rist and hortlculturtat, of Newark, N. J., died a few days a#o. It ap pears he fell Into a vault at Graoe Church In thai city last Friday week, and received Injuries whlei have ai^ee caused his death He was under ap fvtM n nm? ?v ? ' AC tUH -r OI .HOUUI V fmoil SXJF as it abonId p-js into the hand* of the Lad 1m i?i I ?I1 ii The Advertiser states that a daughter of Mr Thorburn did a few weeks since. while on hei way to England, from lnj iri?-s re<-el vul by falling down a stairway of the ship on which she wai selling. Mr T i first remark on recelring bit injuria* was "Am i to di?llkn my daughter?'' This coincidence of casinltir* is remarkable A Wbaltht Invs.tTom?a paragraph In th< N V Tl mes convey* the following bit of dome* tie Intelligence: Pew peo pie are aware of the amount of capita1 lying behind the "aegar shaped stesfner enter ese," started some time ago by Mr Wiaans, o ltlmore Mr Winans hold* property of th< ralue of fl4.000.0w/, the whole ofwblch will lx held to reed!ne*e(though of course not neceesarv, for the further prosecution of bis mania. Hli recent contract calls for a steamer 600 lectin lengtt proportioned to correspond, and Unshod so ai to oroaa tbe Atlantic Ocean in tee days' running *5#. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS7' KATIOMm. HOTEL -J W Bowen, B Bow] ln?, W WMcs.,. xv Worthlngton and ly J l LuBsden, Md, B> Richards. W M Waltmaa.f S Stephens, J F List an* Mrt De Vengat am far. Pa. W E Woodward, j A Mattlnviv, Mr L ' iylor. W Isaacs. J Isaacs vB; j Gnodnow, t Hltcbcock. B Stuart. T McNail?V,*i \V Uainte to, J Sexton, C Oayier. H .Moll nine. \ Hay, < IV Boydea, J Moore, NV; J C Palmer; ct; j 1 Reran too. C?l; Geo Christy, F Trson, Sig Abecc H Kellr, E H-tsiem. VV Crom. J Hilton. O Perry . tr l"kir Mln- T ?rA a *i ? ?j - - Mra Btroweil, Mrs Star. 80; L> 8 Gregory and I; W Oratory and ljr, J VV Dayton. Mlaa Gregory O W Oratory, Baujamta Gregory, NJ, J A Sax too, O. hJtoWV* HOTEL ?C Clement, J Keltwall C Woodward, T Campbell, W Shanatta. W Me Dean >1 Waahbarn and ly, S Gardner, 1 Bowse. 9 Watroa, B G Stabler, Md; B Burges, I l^ano, 8 Emmet, VV Cole, U C Anderson, L 1 Walker, W W Mills'. L J Jormey and lv, A A Hawpe and fam. K C Smiley. Va; T Lee, J Rlc? S 8 Qraoey and ly, Pa; E J Parker, G Morgan, I C; J Farrail, C Walker, W Helnman and ly, A f High nan, NY; J B Reynold, Maaa, J Elder, Mc T P Smith, DO. KIRK WOOD HOUSE?G A Mi Hero, Pa; I 'Warren, J M Hunt. N Arenson, NY; S Pbllaoi ad fa in, J Pnllaon, P C F Weat, Pa, Moodev, O aYUAMMCS' SAIL I NO DA Y& Fmum rmm Uarras Btatmb. 6 St taut* t Ltrnm*. For. Dmyt. r*m"n Nww York.~ South'pton .Nov a aacaroi New York... Liverpool Nov 9 c Aaaua _?o?toQ. _ Liverpool Nov 2 T.<utonia N*w York?Hamburg Dfco Afne* - New \ ork...Livertool Dm i Ara?i > ? York.. M?vr. iMc I 4'i*" ri If6W York... Liverpool .. Dec I: Joka Beil.. ?. ..New \ork.. .Glasgow l>eo 2< if rom Klropb > frioa Liverpool... New York.,.Not 11 ^r*?? -v- 8oaUi,ptoa_.New Y ork .. . Nov |. C. Maneheater. ..Liverpool ...New York...Nov l< Arabia Liverpool Boston Nov 1" feaxonia 8puto'pton_.New York...Nov 11 Letniter *?.?alway B. aton Novai A??? V- -2 -Liverpool.. .New York . .Nov * Ki?g??o?. Ulaagow New York ..Nov* Vor? souui'pion. ..New York...Nov?l 5e?*r ^ivi ff ol New York... kot.i 8o?ia ptoa.. - New York.. Dei i ?** Liverpool New \ ork...D?? || Pa. top ^ uth pton.. .New Yort ..1Mb 1! *f?* ; V "rpool New York .. l)*e -*i n,a" ?teamer? leave on the <Hh ?. aad 29ta of averr 11001)1. fUlCARAet'A; ITS PEOPLE, SCENERY 1 ^ Monu??nt?, Raa?aro*a. Condition and proyottd CmuI, with on* hand red original map*auc fllaatmiioin, by E. to- tSqaiar; I vol.; ana* |i Lifaanl Corraapondanoa or Joha A. Qat'maa Mai or tfaaaml U. 4 A., aad Governor of ihe Stafc of Miaaiaaippi; by J. F. H. CiAiborna; 3 Tola, ano* 91 Ktu OimaitM, *r Ha woald b? a Gentleman In Gau. Meredith; 1 vol , 91. 'i 2* Four ttaorfaa: g katohea of Macnara, Mora'.t Comt >*><* Town Life; by W. M. Thackary; 1 vol. 75 ? nta. * Cotuu?4 of tha A!f?, by tha aattor of PeHU< LifainLe'myw; prfoa #1J5. Woman?%rraab anppiy ; riooeehcld ol Uonre nara, ao ... Mri.Oi.Sart'aCaraar. anawnoraJ?fraeh. ?U?HV/HAKU ft MUdUN, . 73 oorn?r P? fcT. and 11th it. OLD MICH, MELLOW ANII PURK BUKMJIDE'g MONONOA1I?LA RYE WHISKEY, <3on*n4litioialyiiistili?d t? Mr Jum&a Hnr?,H. Sgimffgi' asErSS |f||3,r??S5S * * *- A,#nl fer to# *^'7''?tor?, 3itf ?*'?? - ** **T . o?*>.iU Willam.' Sfci FOE BTA21PINO ?A PACKET OP PAPBE, | yn j AND ENVELOPES Nv TO MATCH. raiDcrl MUm Mlnniw metropolitan booebtoek. PULP * SOLOMONS, W>>T i*2 P*- ??? ^ *nd HHh eta. VI' NEW CLOAKS. P B&rethiadty r?a*.v#d from New York ? twetJ : MHjitmeni o( n#W ?nd Wtour CLO* Ka, irk m tfce Ar*b.ZoBare ir d < ther My ib Hn;k ?ud ? ren?ii Clothe. Ala*. Plata ad Striked Ciotae, ail ?? wined ojej k?w. ? U V-AVIAJH A HLTCHIOON. CHEESE. AKME?AN 0*. H . u.. ? a >. do. Grayfre do. New York Cream do. _ aoM HIN8> HUECftELL. . . ? i > * f "wr | * Ota by Drm?tiaU tad *11 other Dttlwi ia Medi iiiM. Box will b9 Kit fcy Mil prepaid ob rtMift of Ui* PMCM, ft* CENTO All or*W ALWNO. bo u-dAwlf 48 C?Uf *r~c IWw Y?rk. Tha CEPHALIC PILLS ara th? rtnlt of long inraatigation and oarafaily aoadaotad MMriMBti, ba?ing baaa ta aaa many jmn, dorian whiah tint* they hava pravaatad and relieved a nd aakoant of pain and aafiering from Haadaoha, vh*U?r origi nattng in the turnout ay item or from a deranged elate ofthe tttmmtk. Thar ara entirely vegetable la thetr aompoaition, aad aar ba taken at all tiaaa with perfcot aafety vithoat aaakiagaay ahaageof dial, mmd tkt a*mw< tf aay rftMirMatb M<M rmdtri it eaay to atfniuiiir Hum to tktUUm. BEWARE op COl'NTSBrEITB' The |?aiia* kan fir* aicaatarea a< Banrr C. Spaldinr on eaah Box. - ? ? -w By the aee of th#M Pills ths periodio attacks of Ntrvou* er Sitk Htad&tkt may be prevented; and If taken at to* commencement ol an attvsk Irani* diate relief from pain and siokness will be obtained ' They seldom Call la removing the W?mm and Hmdacki to whioh feoaalee are so subject. They aot gently upon the bowels,?reasoning Co?ttrisilt. For Littrmn Mm, Stwdmat, Delicate Female*, and all persons of irrfwHq they are all rain able as a Lsssiivt, improving the anHttte, giving ton* and etger to the digestive organs, and restoring the nataral elastieitj aad streagth of the wh^le system. ~^6 'tr ; cure NervousHeadache Hpartaplio tion of Peve'a, ?ither of wliioh ta ft aure ap#oifio. whoa* benefita will be experienced by suffering humanity long after their diaooverera are for gotten. IIT'Dib ron ever have the fctok Headaohe.' Do 70a remember the thobbing ternplea, the fevered row, the loathing and diaguat ftt the aight of food. How totally uuhtyou were tor pimeure, eonveraation or atadv One of the CepH* io Pills would have relieved you from all the auffermg whioh rod th?n experienoed For thia and other purpoaee you a hoe Id alwaya have a box of them on hand to naa aa ooeaeion requirea. ^ CURE ? xj u-nafl ii iji aaum%i*a in*t fiver butt I* uvMtt !a?at ten ilollara worth of broken 'ar> itare thin maki -i an a?<renate of tweuty mil1 !i r??.f d"l'ara rt-olaiined From U>tai lo?? t.y thu i; a'lvbliinvention. Having madahiaGlaeahouaahuld word, ha now prnpoeea to do the world attll . greater aorvi^a by caring all the aching baada wit* ' hia Cephalio PLLla, ami it ikay a'* aa good as bit 1 u na. Headaohaa will aoon vaolah away lika ?aoa . la July. ' Facto wokth uowm.-Spalding'e Cephalic Pilla araacerUiuon a for Siok Headache, Bill oaa Uoadaohe, Nervoua Headache, Coati veneer t aud General Debility. 5 Gkkit Dmcovkiy ?Among the moat important i of aM tha great inMnal diacmeriea of thia age may I be oonaidered the aratem of vaooiaation for protaol tion from Small Pox, ine Cephalio Pill for relief oi Headache, and the use of Oii. in* -? ? \ A Real BtMtlag. ? Pkytician.?Vi *11, Mrs. Joae?. how la that head Boh*' r Mrs. Joiut.?Oons! Dootor, all gone*, tho Bill yoe out oered me ui Juat twenty minutea,a?d 1 with you wou.d Mad more eo that I oan hava tUeia i?an1y . _ Ptifiww*-Yoi ots (?t them at any Drop (lata Ca!i f?r ' eptaalie Pilla, 1 find they never fail, and I rtcn im-nd litem in eaaM of Heivdaohe. Afrt. Jon't ?I ehVT Mnd for a box direotlr, ant I shall tell mil my Buffering frlenda, for they are area. 1 timing. i ? fTT"Ovaa bxcitbxb.vt. and the mental oare ac< ? ?ui">tr njoiiioi.i ut oiw?e attention to baa neea oi ?tud?, are tiwisg the nnmerona eaa? of Nervow rfevlaihe. Tin diaordnred atate of mind and bodi 0 to thu dittrMalng o^mplaiot ia a fata '? b ow t j a 1 energy aad anlitioo. Sufferera by thii ?; oianrdnr oan al*ata obtain aaeedy relief fton theoe diatreaame attaok* by naing one of the Ce phalie Pule whenever the ayuptoma appear II 4 oisia the overtasked brain and aoothea the atraur ed and jarring nenrea. and ralaxM the teaaion o! the ttomaoh whioh alwaya aoooneaniM and ag^ gravels* Urn disordered oondttion of the braia. 1 - 1 Twmtt Mn.uo*a or DollaBb Saves.?Mr \ ?pa dingjiae lodUo mtliona of bottle* if hie oel C?uUp*ttn ?r CntlTeaeM. No one of the "many illi fleah ia heir to" m ao fire\a!ent, ao little underatood, and ao much ne*eotad aa CuatiTenesv Of en originating in oareIraanea*. or aedentary habita, it ia retarded ai a t alight diaorder of too'itile conaequenoe to exoite . anxiety, while in reality it ia Ike pr*ou/*t>r and oompanion of man; of the moat fatal and danger "ua ii i??a?p?. aud nnleaa early eradicated it anil 1 bring the auforer to an uat mely (rave. Among the ' iignter evila of whioh C'ati veneaa ia the uaual atteiidant are Headache, C->lic, Kheuinatum, Foul Breath Pilea. and othera of like oat re,while a lone train offrichtrui diaeaaea auch aa Malignant F evera, Abseneea, l)?>entery. Dyspept.a, LHirrnca. Apo' pi xt, Kpuepay, farayam, Hya eria, Hip .o' -r,> driaais,MelanefM?ly and Insanity, fi rat indicate bheir p acn.e in theayatemby th'a alar i in* a?mptom. Not unfrequantiy thedia a??e named originate in Conat patiou, but tak* on au independent txiat eno uuieea the oaaa* ia eradicated in an early ataxe. , From ail tfteea oon*id~raUons it loll ?wa that the diaorder ahouid rcoei?e immediate attntl >n whenever it uootira, and no peraon ah >n.d neglect to get . a box of Cephalic ^lila on t^e first a? pea rinse of i trve oompiaint, aa their timaly aae will exp-1 the n.aiduou. approaohoa of diaeaae and dee troy thia r dacgeroua f?? to unman life. provokiag vomiting, a ad or this olaas taar a: so be OAmed /r?wreifft? For the tr*auaeat of t it her o.aee of Headaohe the C?phalio Pilta have been found a aare and ?afe remedy, reli man the moat acute pain a in a few lainataa, and by its atbUe power eradicating the disease of whioh haafcaka la the unerring index. Bkidoit.?Missas wants yoa to send her a box of Cephaiio Giae, no, a bottle of prepared Pills,? but i'm thinking that's sot just it natther; but par hip* ye'II be atther knowing what it is Yeaee she's mgh dead and gone with the Siek Headache, anJ wan la some more of that same as retailed her befere. p Dru$gtti ?Yon mast mtan Bpaidlng's Cephallo Bridget.?Ooh ' sore nowaad you're sed it,here's the qna<ther and giv me the Pilia and don't be all day *t> >at it aither. hdh nj am aiaaomea unaer two uidM, vil: Srmptoamtie and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Headaohe ia exceedingly common mm la the praoareor of* great variety of diiaMn, among whion ara Ap->p:ejcy, ?out, R hevmatiam and all I brile diMMM. la ita rarvuua form it ia a>mpaUietio di?aaaa of tha atomaoh ooiiatitutinK tick ktmdaiKt, of k*paa? aiaeaaa oonatituting buioui k*?d*ck?, of worm*,oonatination and other dlaorderaef the . oweU.aa well aa renal and utonoe affection*. Diaaasaa ofthe heart are very frequently attended with Haadachat; Anaemia a*-d plethora ara alto afftoUcme whioh freq jantly oooaaion headaoha. Idiopathic Haada. hti ia aiao vary oommoa, being aeua'ly dia unguiahad by tka name of mtrvus ktadmch*, eorretimea coming on auddanly in a ?tate of apparently aovnd health aad proatrating at ouoa the mautal aad phyaical enargiea, and ia other inatanoae it oomaa oaalowly. he aid^d bydepreaaion of apirita < r acerbity of temper. In moat inatancaa the pain Til w LlMVi*H/-ThM la a (rowing MMW m tnia ac* *> f pwpitUb t*a n.o?t as areauva worda of uUnk 1miu|M4?4 aftar a whila to inoorparata tMa leto oar own; thaa tb? w??l CaaWMM mlwth la frooulM?raafcf aiguifying for the haad,' la tuv baoonicn popuiari?#>d in oonvaotion with Mr. spal.iag'a graal Baadaoha remedy; bat it will soonM iHd la a mora gaaaral wwy, and the word Cefj?lie wilt txxjjma aa aawmca aa Klao*roty?a and but ?tbarawhoaa aiaUoouca aa formga warda haa b*aa warn away by ouiamon aaa^a aatil tlwy aaam "aativa and U ' Mlf ftifdlul. HI 'ad > 'orribie MdMkt Uis a&sraoon, Uod I 1s??ed into the hapotheoaries kauri tape hi to the ??an, "Cu TON hease ID* Of Ml 'mmImIm?*' "DOSS it haohs *ara," ssys'e. "Hexoeedinfly " sajs hi, and upon that ' car* me a CsshaUe Pi|L kftM, 'Ml me 'onor it ntM me so qiiOK tut I 'amij realised l 'ad 'ad an 'eadaoha. IT^Hxadacmx u the fsvonte sign by whioh nature miim known any deviation wuUrtr from the natmral state of the brain, and viewed in this light it mar be looked on as a safeguard intended to (! notice of dieeaee whioh might otherwise escape attention, till too lata to be remedied: and itsiodteaaoasshould never be nerleoted. Head IN**T3J O V THK PRKBIDJKN^ OF THC UNITED la mium of law, i, Jamii Bitch aha*. Praaid*ct of tk* Uaitad wMm ih Amwrioa. do hwoby dtolara and make known that ?ub 10 salM will * h?i4 at t&a nd*rm?Dtt0B?0 Land Often la tha htatb of CiuroMii at the period* her?u:after deaicnaud, to Wit: JisiiztSft^tsrstz&Brxz? i t" ?a MM lull heretofore u rtnfered, eituated r^te followinf towmhip* a *4 peru of town?tiip?, Nwtl tk* nf tkt Mommt Diable few a^vyarrfss ?, vttownihiptrrtneSW If of Molionth?SB V ofeeotioa 13; the fcw \ oflection 17; .eouoa. it u? W, inoloaivooftovnrhio 31. or rsnce 1. Townahipe 9.10, ard 16, of raaceS. The N Kof the NE*, the 8E J* of NEM, the NK M ot the SE and th? W % of eeoMon 4; ?'o *?Ml8;8E 3t<?fthe NEM. the BE * Md VV H of a otion 9; the W \ of the r*Vv m. the W * ofS VV *. aa<i the 8E 54 of th" 8W J, $W bivu u>, n-ui <11 u ?i loomsive; (DC n w ,v tne N H of the 8W X, and th?SWkofHW *,of seot on 22; the VV K ofthe N W \ !tn<i SW itf of s?ctu>n >7; sections 28 to 33 inolunv#; the 8W M of 'he N fc Vi, the N W K. and the 8 * of section 34, of to wnsbip 9 of range 3. ^Motions 1 to 13 iaolauivt, of township 10, of ranse Nortk of tkt base lime and west of tkt Mount Diablo mend tan Townships 9,9 and 24; t e !*"W \ of section 8; the W H of sectios 7; <he SK Af of see job 13; the N VV X ofseotion ) ; the S X of section 19: the 3 >? of s?ctiou20; the g H of * o ion 21; ?he S H ol section 22; the Nfilj ?f ti e 8 S f i*euun 23; sections 24 to 35, lbolumvi*. of township 31: sections 1 to 30 in> lu sive; the NW >?of section 31; the NE M ifs otion 33; seotions 34 and 35, of township 32. of range 1. Arotions 1,2,3. and 4; the N h 34 of section % sections in to 15, iuolnsivt; ihe N E f? of seotion22; seotions 23 to 3*. inclusive; E K of eotion 35 ?>1 township 8; seotions I ?o 4. inclusive; the N t* V ot seotion 5; the !*E 3s of Motion ; seotion? 9 to is, inolu sive; the E K of seotion 17; the E % of seouon ? ; sections 21 to in, inclusive; the NV \ of section 29; sections ss, 34, and 36, of township 9; sections i to 8, inclusive; the N w of seotion 7; th* E >? of seotion 9, sections III, aua 12; the NK ol >?c tion 13; the N W )?' of seotion 14; the N X oi s otiou 15: the SKnf seotion 25; the 91$ of section 28; the K X ofsrotion 34; seotion 35, of township 31; th? 3* X of se- tion 9; the E )i and the 8>V Jg o^ section 10; ui0 r r. * 01 imuuo tz; me e, >% ana sw X or sec tion 13: me 8 X of seotion 14; otion 15; the HK \ of Motion 17; tne 8W i* of section '8; sections 19 to 35, iuo usive, of township 32, of tango 2. rowmhip.24.pd 3J; seotions .b to 56. lcolnaive; of to rnship 33, of ran** 3 The 8W X of Mouon 7; aeotiona 1) to 35, iuolu sive, of towi.ihip teotions I to 5, loalusive; sections 8 to 15 inotukive; sections 17 ard to 9, inclusive; aeo'io a 32 to 35. luoiusive. of townaMp 82; aeotiona 25. 26,27,34, and 35, inoiuaive. of townsiap 33. ofran<?4. . Township 29, of range 5 At the L&ndOffioeat Himboldt. commencing on Monday, the Uuh day of J une next, for the disposal of thepublio lands heretofore uneflVrs 1, ait uatcd in the fo.lowiug townships and parts of townships, viz: Sortk of the bate line andwt of tkt Mount Diablo meridian. The WXof section 7; the 8 X of sent ion 13; the W H of seuiori ID; the N K of se tion .9; the N vV X and the 8 X of motion tne 8 H of section 21; the 8 X of section U; the *? S of section S3; sections 2t to a, inc Bklve; the K S of section Sit; the E \ of section 33; itotiom 34 and 35, of township h, of Tie 8VV X ofa?otion I; the S?5 X and the W X of section si; tne K X of section 3; sotiom 9, 10, II, and 12; th* N X ol *?otion .3; the N X of amotion 14; the N X the & W V. and the W X ?.f the 8" X of section 15; the NE 1? of section 21; theNWJtf ai d the W X of the NfeXcf section .2, of towuthip 1", of rante 4. Sections 1,2,3 4, and 5; the NE X of section 6; the 8K X of aeoiien7; section' 8 anu 9: the M W V of section in; section 17; the N K X of sec ion IS, oT t.>wo?Mp It; the8XV of seotion 5 tne r> K of section 6; a<-Ctlons7,8, 9, and i0; theNW X ol seotioa 14: sections 15 and 17 t>j 35, inoiuaive, ot township 17, of range II. I he SE Jtfof sfotioa 1; seotions II, 12.13. and 14; t'-e N E X of aeotion 23; section 24; the N E X of section 25 of township 17; s?otiona 3 to 10. inoiuaive; tte^W X of section 14; sect! >ns 15 and 17; the N E X of raouon 18; sections 2", 21, 22,and 23; sections 2b t ^ 29. u.o.usive; sections 32 31, and &t: the NW X ot seotion 35, of township 20; the N W X ot section 3; section- 4 to 9, inclusive; Motions >7 to 2u mo u.ive; aeotiona 28 to 33, inoiuaive; the SW Jig of Otion 34, of township Si: theNWli ofseotiuul; Motions 2 and 11; the N w X of sect o a 14; aeotiona 27,2', 31,32.33. aud 34, of towuaiiip 22; * potioss 1 to 18, inolusivo; sections 2" to 27, inoiuaive; aeotion 3*, of township 23, of ranee 12. 4Mtinr> S unit 4? > he W nf ? ?,, ~ i1 9; the N W k of *ou.?n Ift; section IS; the 9 U of [ ?ection 14; Uie S\V of seotion 15; sections 2i to ?, inclusive; Motions 33,3*. and 35 of tovaship 17; I * of 5: seotio&s 6,7.8, 9.17,18,19, tu, ' or Motion 22; sections t? to 34, . 12 <^.V>wJuhlP''J *?ot>??s ">.15,22,83, I w- K'JUl *nd,?' <At9wn,hij?t the 8E X of feotion I li, tenons 13 ?ndlv?n, gKMof eeouonaa; seo Uons S3, JT, and !*, of tow^hioa ofrinite 11 Suctions ? ?nd 2. the 315 * ?'S? on 8*13 N K of seotion 10; s-otiont II, 12.13, u zj 24 25 L d as . in" nr. v 01 ?. ouon m. aeotion 36, of townanip 18; 1 the NW If ctionS; leotiom 4,6. ancft?,the Nfc K r <>| enotion 7: aeotiona I and 9; the 3 vV it ot Motion 1 10: the W H of aeotion 15; the E H of aectien 17: the l NE of Motion 4); aeotioua 21 and 22; the HVV k 1 of Motion 23; the W K of Motion 87. 1 38. S3. 31, and 36. of towuahia 19; the s W At of mo 1 Hon 7; th- SW of aootion 17; aeotiona II to 35, in' cl naive, of townahi* 11, of range 14. 1 3-otiona I to 5, inclusive; tin N E \ of Molicn 6; 1 Motions 8 to 15 inoluaive; the NE At of Motion 17; i a<-oti<jna 21 to 27, inoluaive; the N K * ol aeotion 28, t he N E V o' aeotion 94; aeotion 35. <>f tovnahip 2u; Motion* 1 t-> 4, >noluaive; th* NE K of atcion 5; the E % of Motion 9; M?tione lu to 15, ino uaive; section# 2" to 29, inolvi? ; tha 8K \ of <?otion 31; sections <B to 3j, inoluaive, of '.ownahip 21: section . 3; tb^KK uf section 4; aeoUma8,9, and 10; tl>e S W of seouon 11; actions tl, 15, and 17; th? N E i of aeotion ? ; aeotiona 21, 22,and 21; th- VV \ of I a-vtinu 24; aeotiona 25.36, 27. ted 28; tha SK 3a of . aeotion 32; aeotioua 33,34, and >5, of township 22, ol i ranee 14. ifiiri* ?v im ibic iuu ana Mil iai Humboldt miridian. 1 Tha W K of aeotfon 3; aaotuna 4, 5,6,7, 8, <?, 10. IS, 17, It, Is*, 3n. 21, and 2i; tna N H of Motion 27: ??oUou*24 to 33, ino uaiva; tiieH h ofaacUon 34, of towaahip 4, of >anga 2. North of tki ban tine and ?r??[ </ tkt Humboldt me rid i**. Th? SW H of raotinn 7; tha SW of aaotion 17; aaotion 18; tna K K of aeotion r, aeotioua 20,21,22. ' and 23; tha W H of taction 24; the W X <>f aeeiion 26; aeotir oa 26 aud 27, tha N EX of aaotioo 28: tha n?s h 01 met!na 94; Motion 1*, oi townahip 1, of range 1. SMtiona 1 to 33, moluaiva; tie N S f?f Motion 24; the 8 V4 ot eentn.n 25: *eotiout26, tl, 2B. and 29; thj N K oi i?<lioo 30, f townahip'; a?otionel.2,and 3; r tha N W k ?f the N W If, thekfc of tho?*\V and the S> of ??ction 4; the NK M of th* NK the 8 H of tre N U \?, the HE k of the N W v.d the S X of >eotion 5: im t*K t itheSK it of aeotion 6; tha N K V tha s M of the NWK, and the S X of eotion 7; aeotione 8,9,10. and 11; tbe N X of ?eotioo 12: tha N W M of Motion 17; aacti?n 18; tha N H and tha BE if of aeotion 19; the 8W X of Motion , a, inn E? 7\ UI MMIIOO ?>| MOtlOaS SI, S2. &Ud Si the BW J^ol eeetion 34, ?1 lownabip 2, of range 2. The BE 3< of amotion 1; aectioia 10,11, and It; th? N J4 of aeouon IS. a?otione 14, IS, 83, ann 23; the 5 % of a*oti >n2l; the N a ofaeotioi 29; aeotiona 26. *7, 29. and 34: theNWkof eeetion 35, of township 1; fractional townebip 2, of ranges. At the Land OfBoe at Stockton, oomrnenoinc on Monday, the 3d day ol June next, for the diepoaal of the^nblio lanaa, heretefor* nnofler'd. eituated in the folio viae towcahipa and parta of towuaiupa, 1* r Nortk of tlu b<ut litu and <?il of tk* Motmt Dtablo 9H*riduit! Seotiona 4.4,?, 7, , %. 17. IB, and 19; the N * of the N E M. the fik ofthe N VV M, and the 8 W 2 of the BW M ofaeotioa V: eeetion30, ezoept the BE hi of the BE K, of townehipt of range 3. Townahipa 4, 5, and 7, of ranee 7. North of tk* bate lint and west of tie Mount Dmblo wuridtan Townahipa# and 7, ol ran*e 1. Section 2; the N E i* of eeotion 3; the W H of aeo tion 6; aeotion 6; aeouon 7, except the M >k of the 8w)(; the and the 8 3? of aeotiou u; the B 3? of Mtotion 9; the S J* of aeouon 10; amotion 11; the VV H of aeotio-: 13; aeotiona 14 a"u IS; aoetiou 17, exoept th? S 3> of t.4o ? VV Ja; the E )i ol the N W M, the K >% of the SW l%, and the E >? ofeeotiou 21; aeot oua2Sand23; the W H of aeotion 24; the W % of aeotiou 2 ; ajctioua 26 aud 77: the NK M, th-EH of the NW J*, the SK K of Ue NW *, the N H of the BE Jjf. th? BE J* ol theBE V oi e*ot on V; the E X ot the Ntlj, ar-d tne E S of the WE X of eeetiim m: untinm n ? * ?? Li 6; eeotiona 1 and 2; the N fc M of seot.ou S; the BF $ T011"^ 11 K W. inclusive; the N |?^pjfes:iLiS;,L1g,ASs Sotik (J Ik* Ui< /MM and east <J Ik* Mount Diablo mtruiian. Seotinne 1 to 77, inelveiTe; the N K th? v w ?r wtfiM ^ AST. iaAtf N S? th? S of tho * W ind tne N k !)?* St At of eeenon 2*; the No k and the N *% of the HIS i? of eeeUoL 30; the NK V? of.eobon J- XJtt M 01 Motion 33 ot townshia a, of ranee 5. Sections 6.B. 7,8, and 17 to SI, in Tasivo; h?NW w kDd the S H of section 27; sections.2" to 34. inolvsiva; tha W H of Motion Si, of townabip S, of nkQ(# 6 r tactitna! aectioaa 1 and 3, aaotiona 3,4,5. and 6 the N E M of Motion 7; Motions S,f>, 10, and Ujfraot.onal sectioi 12; imuoih m, 14 a d l&i tha NK X of rotion 17; tha NKk of Motion SI: Motion* 22 to 27, inoluMTA; the N E M of ?aotio- 34; seetion 35, of townabip S; aeotional,St 11, IS. IS, 14, 23. 24, S3, 26, and 35, of township#; sMtiOn 1; toe & ?i * uon S; aoottona IS, 13,24, and St, of townahip 7, of ^TbVsW X and tha W K of tha S* X of aaotlon It; section <V; tha W H or aaotlon 29; Motions 31, 31, and 32; theS*VK??l aaauontt. "* town*hip? 6 and 7; Motion* I to 5 ot'onMto w! iMluuvc NB M of Motion 17j tnaNK w 9t ?^on ii- ?^ tu n. Jt to 97. iuol?uivr; Ate ?E *?7^u"n ?? tiouM and 3ft, of town*btp , ? *a5iV? ^ M 7 ovukip* 7,1, ud I. of rui* l. Township* S and x. .?f rang* 10 Tow?*hiM 6,7 Mid ?, of mif* 11. ai ^a!>ot'^uiU>wn'hlp 8l ? " TovaahiM ?. 7. **4 ft, of rug* IS. s&tJSS South 4f tk? k? Ium amduut nj Ui MmnU Diablo Tovnabita I,?, 7. ?, , ?#ii, ?f mwt 14. r. Motioaa I to in, inol?al*K ? oUoa U tad 17 to a, Ivoltfl * ; Mouom 37 to SI. |Mli?iTi, of towaikli sH?**. Town?hip* a, 9,10,11, and l*. of rut* IT. ? rr-??9 ^ gg^E^ASE^i' N l-PH?o. and r**d.Tf, MM , WOOD! W O O OI! j *?? {??UNDLIN? wo?d.2I & ?i not*.?Under the refutations of the Department, M nsretolor# ami now axi?tiac. no paj wiiit can be mad* for anrertisinf ? roolamat on* exoept to suoh Bublishers aa are specially autkoriztd to poblisfc by t>6 t ommissloner of the General 1 aad Oftce. ao K lswiaw.T 1 A T MOORK'8 WEST IJND DRU? STORE, /a. 113 Pa aTeone.srnth tide, the pnblieo&n^^ always be sappliad with fmk Med Mines. Fano? end Toilet ArtiO'ea, fin* and ohenp^R Boaps, Paints. Oils and Window Glass, Keroeeae and vthereal Oil and Lajape for aasaa. . I d^ Attention paid- to dispantini ?? I physicians' prescriptions. no fw A ^BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF PORT foios, Papsr Mac- j and Tor key Antique Albums, Presentation and tfolWUr Hooka. Tfcsi*r???* Jos. 8. Wilson. Commissioner of the General Land Oiioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every aereon entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships above rr a me'a tad, is repaired to establish the same to the satisfaction or tne register aad receiver of the proper land office, aim etat* waymi*! tktrcfor m.f xoon at pratlitakU afitr string this nottce, and befere the day appointed for the commencement of the publio sale or the lands embracing the tract claimed: otherwise suoh claim will be forfeited. JOS 8. WILfON. Commisaionar of the &eae*?i Land OAea i no unoriac 01 wie &DOTI itnai Will M oommecoed on the days aspoint??d, and wiU sroeeed in th* order in which tn?y ere adve Used uutil the whole shall have b?en offered, and the sales thns olosod; bat no sale shall be kept open (oncer than two weeks, and nqynrate entry of an* of the lands will be admitted until after the expiration of the tw.i weeks. Given under my hain't, at the City of Washington, this twenty seoond day of Ootober, anno Domini 1 one thousand eight hundred and sixty| J AMfcS BUCHANAN. By the President: s?otion as. oi townsbip ln; tovnsiiipil, of rui?si Landi appropriated by law for the um of schools, military and other purpose*, or thoaa- ooverec by confirmed private land claims. together witn the vainp or overflowed land*, will be azolnded from the rales. No " mineral land* " or traoU containin* mineral deposits,are to be offered at the public sales, suoh mineral lands being hereby expressly excepted and excluded from sale or other di>posa . pursuant to the req uiremen ts of the act of Cougrees approve March S, 1853, entitled " An aot to provide for the porvev of tli* pub 10 lands in California, the grant log of pre empUon rights therein, and for otuer - . IV IU gu, iUL.UIIVO, Ul WVUIQIf IV, OX rtL(0 84 Seotion* 1 to II, inclusive, of townsh'p 9; theSW X of leclioD 7, ??m)Uou? 13 to 96, iaoliuive, oi townsnip 10, of r?nge ifi. The t4K 3< and tne W K of aecton 4; sections 5 to 11. inclusive; motion 12, except the N S of the NE k: sections 13 to SS, n.closive, of towikhip 10, ofranceSS. ^ectioL* t to 34, inclusive. the Nfc. X of seotion 25. ot township 10, of range 27. Seotious I Ui 18 luclusi ve, of township 7; the 9 W 3i <>r aeotion 19; the b K of section K. tne S?E k of section ^6; seotions 29 to 36. moluslva. of townsMp 8. of ruice SO. Krnsnip 11, of rang* SI. tious 1 to 27. inolasive; the NEKuf sect 28, the N IV M of section sr>: the K K ilf *i .. w, M?WklVU0i rvHVIiB U, 19 ?UU IfOUOm <i\ lO 26 inc uaive.tha N fc X of amotion 77; the N W X of Motion 9>i. ?.f townahip 3*. of range 14 1 tie r? w M of Ko'ion 8; octioii* 4 tut, iooluaive; he SSV a ore*otion 10: aeotiona 15 and n to 22. in olaairr; aeotiona 77 to 84, inoinaive; tue 8W X of aeotion 35. of townahip 39; to wnahipa 90 a.n- 31; ??otion? I tu 12, lnoloaiT*; the N & % of aeotion 13, of tow nth p32 of ranK* 19 The ? W W of aeouon 77; the BE \ and the W \ of aeotion 17: aeotiona 18,19 and 20; th* S W V of amotion 31; the 9WM?f amotion 37; aeotiona 3< to 34, inolnaiv*; the iW X of aeotioc 35, of town ?hip 30; townahip 3i; aeotiona 1 to It, inoluaive; the N VV M of aeotio < f, the NR \ ef" 31; aeotiona 22,28, 24 And 25; the N K of aection 28; the NE \ of at o>ion V of townahip 32,of ranee SO The SE M of aeotion 17; the 8W of eeetion If: otiuna 19 and 2u; the W X of amotion 31; the 8W K of aeotion 27; aeotiona 31 to 34. ino'i>ai*e; the Si % ?.f aeotion 35, of townahip 31; townahi# 33, of range 21. North 41 tk* bait lint and wit of tk* So* Bernardino meridian. Beotioaa3and 4; the NKM of aeotion 5; the NE %oi aeotion 9; aeotion lo, ol town?hip 8; the N W Jk of aeotion 5; aeotiooa 6,7, IS. and 19; the S W K of aeotion 20; aeotiona 29, W, si, and 32; the J* W 3* of aeotion 33, ot t wnahip 9; amotion i: the 8 % of aeotion 3; the * K M aeotion 3; the BE % of amotion 9; mm uu >uv on U1 OUklUll o, iDO E5 7| OI MOUOD M; s-ctions 25, ,77?rd 38; the N K if of section fc; the N fci X of Motion 34; Motion S3, of township 35, of range 10. Towpship 24; Motions 1 to II, inolu?i*e; tb? N % of section 1-; sections to to ti, ino'usive; the NB^ of Motion 29; the ?h X of Motion Si; sections 33,34 ard 3$ of township 26; township 28. of rang* U. Township 17; fraotional s^cuoni S &od 3; seotions 4 to li), inofusivts; fractional uoUods 11 UiaadU; rotious '6.17 end 18; the NW Kof amotion i?; the N K X '?f section 22; seotion 23; t ractional Motion* 21 am. 25; tne N ? \ of seotion 26, ot township 9, of iange 13 Tuwiiships 25 26 and 27; seotions 1 and 2; free tiona section* 3.4, 9 and 10; n?otions 11 to 15, mole mencina on mucuat . tue 10;h day of June next, for tho aiipou of the public land a. heretofore uu<.ffered, aiuated wnhin >h? following townkh pa and part* of townantpa, tis: North of the bate lin* nnH of the Mount Diablo m<ridtan. Township 6; aeetiona 1,2, and 9; the NE X of rection 4 the W J* of section 6; ?eotion 7; UjSW ^ of cection 8; the 5E % of aection ?; aeetiona 10 to 2s, inc naive; the F. H. the N W Jf ana the E X of the SNV \ of aeotion 36: aeetiona a, SO, 31, and S, of to wnahip 7, of range 3. South 4f the hate lin* mmd tan 4f the Mount Diablo meridian. Townahip 90 ol range 9. To wnahip 21: aeotiona 1.2 and 3: the E K of aeotion 4; the K 34 of aeotion 10; eeotione 11. 12 and 13; the K bi of aeotion U; aection 94; the N h * of aection 23; aeotion 35; the 3E it of aection 28; f>e fe E M of aeotion 34; aeotion 35. of townnhip M; the 8 W ? of aection >4; aeetiona 15.2u, 21 and JU\ the W H n<t A 41C 1/ ^^2.. r- ? " ?* - - v Itm ?<**J VJ 111 .I1URM 1/TU'JLU mrrulxa n. Townahipa 27 and 28; aegtioaa I to 6, liiolnaive; th? Nii Jtf ?f fcBCCiofi 7; atotiuna 8 to 17. inolUaiTe; the S > <-f nection 18; Motions '9 to 2rf, fnolaaive; tee Nh.'j of eection i9; the N K 3*? f section S3; ?(-cti.?u 34, the > W of aection 35, cf township 2a, of range 31. , . T->?uihips 21 and 22; fra-tioca! township* S3 aad 24; townkhipa 25. T*. ?"tl 27. of ran*e S* TownkUipa 21, ti, 23, 34, 25. 28, 77,38, 29, and 30, of ranee 2V Tovnehipa 22. 23 , 34.3*, 36,27, 23, 39. and 9), of ranee 36. Townahips 32,23 . 34,35, 26.27, and 13. of range 37. At the Land Offioe at 8ak Fianciuco, oom Fra^iioufti town?hip? S3 and 24: townaMpt 2.5. 26, and 17; ?*ouou? t to2? inoluaive, the NK^m ??c tion 8?; the ft fc 34 of aection 34; aeoti jd 35. of tuwnahip a, ofran~e 3i. At the Land Office at, oommencing on Monday, the 24th dar of June n?xt, for the di?poaal of the pub in landa, heretofore nnoffared, aitn at-M in th* following townahipa and parts of town ai.ip?, vis: C?,fl .fll. ...I ./ . L - IF N E X of aeotiou 4; m? N E \ of teotion 10; aeetione 11, 12. and is; the NE \ of mouoo 14; oUonM. of toviihiD 96, of rant* 17. Town*lii?21; aeoMotia 1,3,3, and 4; the N E of IMUod 5; tee N E \ of Motion 9; Motion* 10 to 14, inclnaive; the NK c of Motion 15: the N E J* of intion 31; the ?W Ai of Motion 30; ueuoa 31; the KW H of Motion S3, of townahip 22; aectiOM I Md4 to 9. inolnuve; aeo'iona it, 13, mm IT *o 3'. Ido uiit*; the 8W X of acetic* 22; tbePK Jf of eoauon 23; aeotiona24, toSS, ino'naire, >f tovuahip 2i; to wn*Ui? 24; aeeuon* 1 to 15, inolaaive; aeotiou 17; the NKJ(( of aMtiou It; the NK V of OMtKtn 23; ** ionaS3, 24. and r* the N K \ of aeotioa 38. of towr??hip 2S; aMtion l;theS*- ki f tiou2: thei*W ??f teotion 3; aeotiona 4 to It, inolus-ve; the N W V of aeotion 19; the N E X of aeotion 20; aee toaa 21 to SB inclusive the NE X of ae* tton 37, ?f townaiiip 36, of ranee 18. Kraotional town?hi?a21.22, and 23; townahipa 34, V; and 26;aeotiona 1 to 5. fnelnairr; aeotiona 8 to 17, inoluaive; arotiona 31 to y, inclusive; ?e?tona34 and 35. of township 37; eeotionf 1,3, ana 19, of towuehi? U, of ranee 19. N K \ of seouon 23; eecttOna 24 and 25; c e SK M of eeotiun 32; iMUom 3i,M. and 35, of townatuptS? aeotion* I to 5. looiimve; the NK fractional V of Mstion 6; the NK K of Motion 8, section* to IS, inolurive; tbe NE^of Motion22; Motion?23. 24,15, 26, and 35, of town* nip 24; ?ciiou* 1. 2. n,d S; the j?zztx&110 * r jJfpjS&s it: tosses of toaruhi* * to?o?IUM 10lad 11; IWQOH 1 to a. . 1 no' osirs, nf to vaahip IS. at rang* 1? ftactioaa 7 tod IS to aft, i?o)imt*, of tovtikif W Motion* 1 to 11. iaela?ir?< Motion* IS Md 17 to St. inoloaive; Motions ST to Si, inotuaire, ot lovuil if 'I; MouonaS.ft,7. IS IS. 14, H.txis, *o SI, ioala uira; Motion 3ft, St. ud ?, of tovnahip IS. ?t rui* >?. ? . AtU? L&nd Oftoa at ViaaLU. wwNMcairg 00 I MondfcT. tha tuth Amm nf of thesuW ? l&nds heretofore a offered, situa.eJ in the following tomluHUi parts of townahipa, via: South of tkt Ui? /mm mud tatt if l>? M*mM JHmblo mertdin a. Sootion* 1 and 2; the m K it of aaaaoa ft asotioos II. I*. and 19: the NE % of Motion it; aeoUoas M and IS nftoM?hi?l7; seetione I tot ftioaaire; th? N X of auction 6: aeoturns 8 to La, lccusive; ths NKk of section n. the NK if of section 22; amotions 23,24 *nd 2 ; the NE uf seotion 26. of township U; aoetioaa 1 to . ineative; the N *Jt o? section 7; section* I to 13. inoinsive; the Nit M < section It: the N K It of eeouon Jt, of township 21, ofrasieis . . , Townships 17.IS,tad 19; sections I to 27, inclusive; the NK \ of :*eoiion ?; the ?B it o< neotion SI, section* M and SV <?f towuahip 21; acctione 1 ud 2: the N K W of aeetion ft seotioue 11. *2, IS, and It: the NE it of se?iion 1ft auction 24; the NE * of aectioa 25. or township22. of rings 16. Sections 1 to 27. inoissive; the N E \ of section 28; seotinneSt and 3ft. of township 21; M-otioos 5,6, 7, and 8; th* ? W hi o| section 9; the * W it ot sec tioa 15; eeotioM. 17 to 22 ioc'asive; he sW J<?f *?otion 23; section* 25 to 3S, inoiasive, of towni"il 22; seotions 1.7, nad 3: the NE it of seotion t; the N E a of eeetion 10; seetinns 11. 12. IS. and 14: tbs TRONfiS, BOOTS AND SHOSS. poors ?92rF* artioio*. ""? a ?? una m<i mmmi umoi _tWaou it v?ot of Boota Md SkoMof Mtn of oitr work. Will *2wmr? Kd ? MoSrSir in HwiiMj ml um kiwMfcjN 4i*T mT ta^T 114 hwMiiwaii imait EMV* HONDRKD TKATELTO# TfttNM Dmh uT Paokii* TrruUM. Ov U??k^BJO 2mmroom UhiiMU at thia UmtixifiHit raria% of trareiiu raauiutM. at aiodaraU nwm. Id m CAIIPKT BASS. PATCH HI,8, An. CrOK TninJta fymi or Mm La azahaag* ?ar a-tf 188 Pa. armaa. WUimuSKN TEUN* MANUFACTORY. ^ _ 499 TTI 8tiiit* OpM9tt$ Odd ftUowt' H*il. WiKkingto*. IX C JmSbtsmaaeftaaas. ?**f~uf ?l w*r Aal u?# uon? tMit th<^ES8( ss;, JS5 ....... ?.u? mim ium? 111 ouiar ottiM ud (old 1IM* oouMtanU; oa ktM, ?ud ra&fc* >w?f <e>? U?f rAl./CKS, that's 11 Mi BAOS; HAMMMSS: SADDLES; WHIPS, ?*., ft. Tnutka, R?pair?j tr*i CmM.litvwk Q&n.ike ni&i^aor, ?t short uutiM Tracks d?u v?r<*i U p*rt of Ui Mlfc twn? lo wii. or Alexandria* F*MILT d?U-lT JAMBS ?. TO*BAM. TKAVKLEK8' DLK10CTORY. BALT,M^?r?[^?^ Ciimi Of Horn. ON AND AFTKK WKDMKSDAY, JiMttk, 1MU, tram* will ran u follow*: Lmt? WMtnnftoa M6JBftod im*. BL Le&re Wubin>ton ui* ?J ? On at S30 f. m. P Lwr? Bal timore at 4.26 and 8 ?> a. m. L?av? Bn-'tunorc at ud U? p. m. On bandar ?t 4 35 a. m. PiiMni?ri fur th? E??t #ill taka tniu at Ut and 7.4>i a. m and S?i m. for th? We?t at 7*. a. m and U6 p. m. or Annapolia at 7.4n a m and *J0 ?. m. For Noriolk at 7 4P a. m. On Saturday *v?nin? U?eJJ0 ?. m. train |om to Philadelphia ouly. i? IS d T H- f ARSONtt, AE?i, NEW ORLEANS I3W TBRan DATS WIT* IU CHOICE OF THRJSB ROUTB8. 8HIHKB ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Oratm* rnnd AUsr&ndrt*. Ernst T?riu.'mi and Virginia, Kast Tonnessos and Georgia, ? .. . Ifathvillt and Chattanooga, Msmpktt and Charleston, Mississippi Control, Orisons and Jaeiton, TO NSW ORLEANS! Mem^hu by R&f,tiiecol' b^ftrrtf.w Pftekata I* MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE > Montxonerr l?J Rail, thonoe to Mobil* by FirstolajM Packet*. Mobile to New Or eana by Lttt BuuMri TWO DAILY TRAINS?S?5Dat? lnctnn. Lmt? WuUicteD tl? ?. m. km f m The Steamer RUE PAGE leare* her wiULrf foot of MoTABth itrMt at ttt a. in. and ft* m. aoJ connect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Train* for the Sonthveet. Offioe? Pmmiylrcila itku, ooraar of Slkth at BAM AS E 0?JWni> fUCPW TO IIV OMLMAXt. Ljuohbnrf ... ?#7 CMMemphis ?ftS 00 Bristol. 110" Atlanta Ji ?J0 RtoiTilia Ouon Maoon * 00 Chaftarvoota. .? .8* ao (\>iiuiiJ>aa ? M so Da!ton.___~ M 00 Montgomery MOO BnaUrillo Tl <x> 114 Mampnia.43 5u Brand function to? N.O.J na?. Juao_?J 10 .iMUTUio U Ml \ Tin Mobile._tf THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY UY RAIL 800 MILKS SHORTEK^iU S?4 SOURS L?W th%n ut othsr f.lme?the L,ynohbnrf Extension Mint nov comalntttl. ?* ? M....? Q VICE EST AND tfOBT Plji^ANT AO UTM FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It U provided wiUi Pint-atea* Bl??! ? Cvi! -rwzmmr _.C7'The C. S.; MAIL ac.u ADAMS' RXPRBM mi o iuh OTW UU1 PieW LilM. Eokets ma bo obtaiaad at tt? Socth WiMn se, oornsr of Sixth ?tf?t and PmuutItuU mwNH, to tMloliovinc pomU: Lrnohbarg, Brutoi, KjwxtiU*. Atlanta, Chattanooga. HqntaTiUa, Graaa Junction, Maoon, Na*hnlU. Dal ton. Colcmbaa, isr*** ny THROUGH TICKETS TO TUX VARIOUS r IK O IN J A SPRINGS. TT^Omnibuea and Sum* Wacona Imti tU? oOm at t a. m. and p. m. JAMBS A- EVANS, Ttok* Ajenl, maM-tr Cornar ftixth ?t. tad Pa. aw. THE STEAMKR JA& SUY WiU r?nm? fr I tri#a M TUESDAY, flat of FRIDAY,at6o'olook a.ra^and ALEXANDRIA ft half-Mat o'clock, for CURRIOMAN aod ti,e b?? and SATURDAY, at 4 o'oloot a. m. LUCIAN 8. PA6K, Propria^. NATH'L BOUSH. Axt. Alexandria. fs 20 O^CK ^NSygjI^ND UALn NOTICE IS fiKRJKB^Or^S^.1 TlA^'airtaiblv to lhA MiVHUM nf ?t il^n? pontoon approved Mm 12.1*0. tae nudei-signed la now prepared, "whenever res sired in WTitlsg. and on pre payment of the fee of ifty oents, to iaepeet. examine, test,prove, and aeoertain the aoonraey or isgiitration ofany gas meter in nee in this city." Every meter, if found inoorreot, will be oondeuM, and another, sealed and marked ae true, will be set in t?? plaoe. IT provodte be aeoar^e in i?e measnr?.ment of gaa, it wfll be eealed aooordiagly, and again pat in noeitio* (or ae*. Office No. ?10 Seventh street,(noar Odd Pel .oSf iy 18-tf Inspector aad Sealer ofwaa Meters. I? R A NG18 HA R P EK. ^FAMILY GR^EfiY?A^B"^KKD BTORK, Comer 4f Yew rer* arnmu* and Tt*uk ftr?t. Respectfully solicits the patronage of tboeew may be in want of any artioie in the above line. Hie endeavors shall be to please, and by a stnot attention to the wants of the pnblio, he nopee to merit a share of their patronage. His took oonsista of every artioie nsaallr to he graad m a fcset-olaea Family Grooery an<^Fe?d PHI AN OS. PIANO0-TM larfeet wMrtamt of I Pianoa, Melodeona, Geitare, V FUee, FlateoktU, CWionatta, Brae* inatnunaats, Drtitii, and every variety of mualo&l war*, alaa aa irnmems at<K3k of 8he?t Maaio, Maaie tfoofca and Operu, for wvwry lnatrament at tte Mu?i<3 Store of W. 0. MErzEROTT, oornw of r?.av. isic'iVvr* KS oonif U OWK'SIMPROVED WEIGHING ?CALL? l^T^ee i^iea^are ofer?d J<^ine jubno^a* trj# eltute F^r^PeMtT?Aiii!!"n evYork'fttau ftiln Haont state Fair, ?o., Ac. In every mm where grar- * C raitooh."4?1 1&/A8H1NUTON HBW1M4? ROONH, ~~ TT KM iij hw Mori w?fU ?/ ft. ^ume to^gei^y^lUNCi 9^><U*&A 9tr 1#-H W 1 I.I.9. LAMA&. ?.ft. Mm. i.kAtvn. If w. hamilton ^ ^ pa1ntkk, . ^ dbalee in paintb. nv. mam IT* 9TUR, mmr ON ftHlT Ad. ma i m > r m m m mm. | 'iJ? JmU 1 *w wife** JR*2o8?* I DALTiMORI 275 "Y*"* _ ~ 275 ? [m g i A Qjt O Mj _ _ I KJkSgrate* fWONW U1VPOWDEK. ^KfiswsBsaEfe: fiSSSSiEggBgff A WM. T. 1K>VKt CO. ... ARE Nov pr*f?r*d towwu U; ordar* Witt BT Mar*on Mbatraat. i?* (loan aortk of *?. IjjW 2l the %tx?iLU?u w hia fi ian4a \r)A H? tf*?V^T 10 St"r*' ?? wT gs?^&ft2E5@? ' nym imum mim h?r hm is uvti m um tci,-(? ?. lUat ifM * ?. T clfctV Druglst. nrifton.l) C..WWh?1? Afert P>r tkDit tnot, ud Win pp'r Um tnu kt My po?M. H>?. ' pROFERTY OWNERS AND Bl 1LOEKR. Yobt attaation and xaoranation U r>m>utf?l!r lolieiud to 'XtmiM Um e<Mebrat?d !* ? Vo-k GUTTA perch.a ROuFINQ aad UaeutfA PERCBA PaINT for pointing tia roof$ Th,? Gatta Patafca K<?>6r t an<i Paint i? aokoowMdrpo b* all Um bast arokitMU in Ntv York tltr ts ba tn? bast and ohoapttat Rooftng and P^ut uluui aaw lt aaa b? mm at B. WT HAMILTON'S Pai&t Store, fit S?ra?th atract. CA*KlEl.j)A HAMILTON ara Um wla at?r.u for Wut niVx.. Saorr*t?vn, Amasdria aad Um Soata. For far tkf i aforiaatioB add re? a? ahoy. ne l?-t> 070 * POTKNTt Ni. ere; sess? ta:u*d 'jt oon?t*ni?Tow**^^ ?Kou ?1hJ spri'M2^jB?tSr?Si"ji~ ? ?? jssSa ffius'srs.. Sou., biit Uioy */ ?? volant**!-**} iron th* m^Ttre ?o<>abto?i>ttf???ftai jualify tfc? lac fa?t term* ta i^o'V',.'b!t^^ns??Sux'5Ls i orth# modioiDf %rt ? |& , #yj ffi&aaia&ra "Sggnjgg Wfcaiirt tbiy, do yop mT? lUtfcar uk. vfeat *r* thoy aoti TtM biocxl uiL MUM of liw Md it u ^TftnVV,^^ of ?ax boiBf to rMponJ to Key n < wkieii *foota fes.1* fSSStt D?^ Wndiy the* ud foctJj wiu tbo t. o<xj U?o Ut^ntahfing fMuaraoo ut for ita tid. ?* to onaMMto your c? iLdeito* aim/ mm that tra.j ** **>? mmtimmfmt kaova aa A|Wt. W jhc. \ AT PLY r?i REMEDY . AS JO ICE fs HEALTH. ^ Frl?nd, do yoi mfferf Ar? job Ui? rutin rfMj Of tkoM BIBOTOBI wKi^K ??- ? ? UfraitTMd aftulvoetlM of tm?wm? it-lii B^THSS ^S^ffl'iZsSF^ ?2?|j?$ gy-tr.1; ? ^VKBS ^Namasfi*. i nHkliftM, D C. tfimhiTZ mul an ?WIM? uTj|Vr!?^' -sriixrxz \]? >T*ctio?lor? r?nl4)n ?Arw?TuKfor mi* to'tS* P^offlr^aagag^ac^v^ SS'iFsEatfK^^&ffi Ife l'|U.Md(M.uu,lkntt|? PkntMl M Hwa! '" MM. I'M W hNIMI'l IllIM hftuluB tnaUivfui WwtiMi M tihwilii WU? MMIMM kM ap?(?drtjr tar?4. v? m a Sir ri"" mo? wWkto * UK MIMtMI VMM. ?r J U? kMUtMl IHMIUI hill yjf MttoD* fHiimH ?? D> Mm>, *^Tmm4 kfT. MMrttn W tfc? "< m*aj Mu MfMat, ??? ? 4 Why. tl. WiII 1.1 |?m>H ?(t. ^IHM. K?*-?T lit. i. BOVEE DOD*b *f WW BITTWU&, , W* new Mc{ ucd fr*>in Mum to the 6 rati Hu 4M?r*kM> fcr- ?tfcaa. ? H,Im a?a?.Uaa .?i aapaetaMUiy, ku u*< k?fn?a4 tarn R. feifc ?U Ul ^ * ' 'S^LS?4 <*?f ' ? ?r?l?a4ara, ?u, luuttK ( ctnar. MtkMi patania.? M4?uae?.k**f bia uSu MU lif.l MMk, M U l?( Mll? hi tu k. 7 ? 4.p?? laava V? wttk rw.d ta.kfc L ?rt **" tMaypawUMat; M^UI aaa W l*at fat'l pnan.. W.rtar? buin lha t??tuauaa?l tymmam* ml Ihit wmMa dui?>, lack m Af (tuae?a'i*? lunTbraai. N?a? ?'<* 'nrklf?l rm.ndnj, Oil <Hlt F.u * f"* * iaa4*fl nftnap ky mdtng km u Ikat aa *? *? vImiWm aa ln>tkr nam n. JotMontiMBvr rot nuinc wuuia AMU UnroTKMtCT. I ? t?* put u< ikMrtui rw?4; vMkaMi W tka xnu ' u? (.ar?4 u>4 faii T<ra( rMtw?< TtUM^i ?!* j?? "< 4ak.ll??a4, kU laaf ail k^ lat. kaaa laaiftmlt nuirtl. sj Ml IMM ?f thl m4 tM N?iiiJliW^| |f|fia w?ssg * *. ct^ri 5jte2fu2^2!?r,e^^^ **" " l>'"H4T, *IITAU,r.-TM fe.rfei ifiitin iki aM in mwU ? . Urt?. W M?U, OlBftM w ^*>*7"! ***? ifinmWtKiw;, toll-Star**, W?.W MtKl,W!,, m..M, MM / UM ^ BUTOW DUILITT ?VWlHiliiu iVT 'lira wfc*i tofeaMWtafUrir <KliM( b?kiu. Icmii .L ?." 1 uU HMMUt.WfariMwt ?.k?llfc. .w. Tl| III! I DianAau or impiuiduiok. W\h tfcr ?trf?i<1.d ?ad i*c>r?drat unifuunn >.?, h* tat l&irtferd thr rr?<*t W iLm n?.rfBl r~ rrT?n m??i M?M4H44|M| ft** M? WtH.ibXM*; |?_ IMIllf. Kil M U <tw"< MM* ul ? MMk* paM MMll IN?, " , _ _ lOIMTVt, ttS^sscriivares: iSettSE^*r5?^s^rHr fUu4 WMd & ?M W?.W MlLiirVl-lL *tt rn>|it| u, tM Im?J u( Mn _ ViiiriftTKihu aoncg, f u4 Mkln wfc* Un -Imii ? - --,,| . k. . MM>taV??Oc? Ii<?l|f4 la ?kN U?m-? Wta ? -?vj" ' *?m (I Kiwi, tkt *4 ?( Imnct i 11. K (Iiim ?***? >kWM. af l?,| MM Wifc# ?<M4 ?! ? Hi taUHl IbMilML. ? -**? MhtTVM Um M(W**4 1IKM.H ? ituiii -'- -Mil 1 ? y? ? ? * w? MM wuXmo. IUJUU?B m*mm? r?am.? r ? , h? ,!? , in . 5assSYsas:i2tLsurac - I V tli^ll<lA v\ LI* ""KS MU NWIV?k, - K^ara;*ro* AM. DI^KA?K!* OF liarafnKMrjr LET MO FALSA VELUACf FKMrkMT. APPLY IMMbD ATKLA . 4 CMAM WdKKAfiTED, OH MO CK4M1, I2t WHOM OML TO TWO OA V& V?U*Mrfik> >M>. Ijiimn Utitm Wt Item T*. .* **? W>m?, HlflWi IIS L*r*f4my, L? r<?*. W? kJU tan if Mhi, ?r:(i?Mn tsT?.k^K^v I ? >! rftifti ? hltowi. t?iim rftMlMi.nNis tot at l>?, ili.dni ?<tt? Utw.?ii uli Iw* ETmhM Dainim tm?f m ?mm; MM ? > itm Diwihl mmi Dimumki h?iw?i <Mt n?him(i uJ < ( ? V?ta k*| u . Hm _ TOINKU |

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