Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1860 Page 1
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w * ^ Vj ^ * r ^1 l ,' >i . <t * i r . ? ,. i , , . ; jv, *" " '^^V ." - . .,.;/ *' ! " .* u * " 'w?uy. / uy ' ,r.. ' ; T:c * > lw -_j v nit- i. ?* i;v ?: > *tn ?jUi? Hi ' i?'/# *.sTA,:aai *v v^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.; FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 23. I860. N-. 2.424,. nir -^ -?' " '" ' ' ' - 1: ' "" ? - - 1 THE DAILY EVENING SVAB IB P lit* US USD BVBHY Af TE HHOVN, (SUNDAYS KXCif.PTKD,) AT TUB STAR BriLDIMA, C?rn*r of Putjun/lvrnt* cmtu amd IliA at.. t W. D. WALLACfl.' Iftnretl la ^to^N or curtui M |4 I r"\r, or S7 eenta per month. To mail BabaeriMrc trie pno? it $U0 a (Mr, m? +dr+ #3 for at* Boiitha; fl for Ur*e moatiu, Md tor leea than tnr4? moatha at th*rate of U oenta a TMk. 8uif I* ona cbtt; in wrappera, two casta. fI7~ A?? ??Ti***anr? aootud be sent to the ?Am * 12 o'au>ck ?*.; oUwvim they ur not Myaar anal 'he afzt day. ~ ?on r ;? ARfEMK \rARD???POKTl.'* tbe ?aafri? A make Diekafctttsrfcs. fjood plaze bin be wood6hc hev been wuth a piul of kold iiitUr a? a stennergraf&ck &ef>or?ir. Wood h?? Iley f Il? bev t4<l!l*r? be wMfit ? t .1 i ' i v *-*; H?or^ Wart Bttrtfer wood make a go-id ?d man fvr tha kork tparj BMMtrikr. bcaao* he can cackle well Old Oeorge Washington'! Fcrt wu t? mo( hev tVf public man of tka preaut day nwnble hiiu to enjr alarmia extent. Wbare bowti ... .L.I l. r i ? ..b % Lin J v IU MWIJV caai wo i.ifUU A Uft, ?Vm'J anser no wh<<rM, or e?y vhiiM else. Old maa Tewnain t r jrt *u to maik fiasnrperiller. " Ooy to the world ! anuther life aaived '.** (CoUshun from Townain'a adTertianin%t.) Cyrus Field'* Fort ia to lay a sab-machine talle'fr-tf under the boandiu bilkers of the O'hui-, A then hev it Buat. SpaUia'e Fart ia to maik Prepard Gloo, whiob menda everything. Wond'r ef it will mend a sinners wick id waae. (Impromtoo go*k.) Z>ary?a Fort ia to be a femaile cirrus feller My Fort is the grate moral show bisnisa A ritin choice famerly liferatoor for the nooapapera. That's what's the matter with *** Ac., Ac., Ac. So I mite go on to an indefnit extent. Twict I've endeverd to do things which thay waant my Fort. The fast time was when I andertuk to lick a owriashua coca who eat hole in my tent A kraw I I threw. Sex I, "my gentla Sir go out or I shall fall od to you putty he*y." Ses be, 4 Wade in, Old wax figgera," whareuppon I went for him, but he cawt ma powerful on the bed A knockt me into the cow paatur. lie paraood the attack A flung me into a mad puddle. As I arose A rung out my drencht garminta I koncludid fitin wasn't my Fort. lie now rise the kurtin upon Seen 2nd: It is rarely set dam that I seek oocsotashus in the Flowin Bole. But in a aeruo town in Injiauny in the F?ul of 13?, my orgin grinder got sick with the fever A died. I never felt so ashamed in my life. A 1 thawt Ide hiM in a few rwa 11 erf of sothin strengtheoin. Konseqnents waa I|bistid in so much I dident sickly know whare bowts I waa. I turnd my livin wild beests of Pray lone into the street A opaot my wax wurks I then Bet 1 coud play boas. So I harnist my self to ft Kanal bote, there bein two other h<>eses hitcht on likewise,) behind 4 ftaather ahead of me The driver hollerd for a* to rit A we did- Bat the bosses bein onased to moh ft arrangemum begun to kick A aqaeftl A rair I up. Konsequents was I wu kiekt vileotly in the stummuck A back, A presuntly I fownd lajieit ia the Kanftl with the other houee, kiekin A yellia like ft tripe of Cusacarorus sarvijis.' I was reeeood, A ft* I was bein carrid to the tftrrern on hemlock Bored I sed in ft feeble voiae, " Boya, playIn hon isn't my fM." Moraul?Never don't do oothin which it isn't yoar Port, for if you do you'll find yourself splashin round in the Kftnftl, figuratively apeakin?Vanity Fair. Dixie's La.vd ?The most popular tune since the pablic*tion of "Old Folk* ftt Uome, " in the United State*, ia the plantation negro melody of " Dixie's Land" Throng bout the eastern State* it is erealing a perfect furon. It is played and sung everywhere by bras* bands, string bands, orchesters, and sarenad ra?ia whittled by ragged urehint in tba Ftreets. and by caliopea on steamboats, and fonns one of the chief attraations in the musical soirees of the parlor. During the visit of tha Prinea of Wales to the St Louis Kair it iru alternated with "God Save the tjueen," "Yankee Doodle," "Hail to the Chief," " Hail Columbia," au?l other national air* of the two countries. At the late Douglas demonttration at Indianapolis, thure were eight brass bands preseDt, vieieg with I each other in tfee performance of this "taking" melody. An mousing aneodote is told in regard toil which happened lately in a St. Louis theater The.orchester played it. when the certain rose and the play began. Bet the audience would not liaten. The cry of " Dixie" run through <v. I r. ... ?- ?11 1-' T i uc li 'u?j i u?i pi* (^aiioc/, cuuipieieij drowning the voice of the aotor. Il? made several ineffectual attempt* to be heard, and left the a'age The old manager appeared, flashed with anger, and, ia aa exeited voice, exclaimed : ' tentlenen, what means all thi? ill-mannered confusion ? W a at do yoa want?" Immediately a hundred vcieoe cried out 44 Dixie . ' Wei), yon can't hare it. Yoa'ra had ' Dixie" onee to-night, and you'll hare'Dixie' so mote." He retirod to the green-room, and the aotor gain appeared- But it waa no aae. A deafening shout for " Dixie " met him from the audience, and, after ataniiuering and tattering for a few momenta, he left the stage. | The cartaia dropped, the orobester played " Dixie," and the pity progressed wiiiioal interruption Slow a*n Si-be?We msylearn something from oar German eitixen?. They thrive on the pame income that a Yankee would starve oa. We knew a young German whose capital,when he Utided on oar (bores, consisted of A singularly constructed suit of blue elothea and long tailed pipe. Yet in five years be had a home and lot, money at interest, a wife and' two babiea, aad any quantity of donosUe bliaa and pickled oebbage. During the muet of thii time oar meritorious friend received a salary of only $6 a week. A Yankee might hare received five timoa that mm and tone oat head over evr? in debt. The fact if Germane have very sensible notion* of life. They are not fast. They drink fewer, and smoke pipe* with astonishing long stemi. bat they ere not add io ted to "calling on" mullitaniou* baskets of expensive HeidsieV They are industrious and economical. They know enough to lay up something for a rainy day, whiob 11 a grant deal more than tow* Americana know Many Americana eem to think that they will h*ve no difficulty in borrowing nubrelUe when the financial rainy day oeasee, bat they ascertain their mistake wtoen the time arrivea, and are too of tea forced 0 seek shelter in the poor-howee or ge and ln?w with their parents. Meanwhile our Teatunfc frieodt roes pleasant!/ ahead, raising Cden mum aiKi babies, and constantly nx_ richer, fatter and jollier. We repeat that we may learn something from oar Germane it-, liens?<V?vtland PlaindtaUr. ... 1 Taw Parrsm rosy ?The Phi la Jet phis L*dxerseyr "Jwkd* Csdwallader baj*lv?a the opinion or tee court la lk? eaeeef the United Ftates r? Koctoervperger, Use Utter the proprietor of Blood's llaoa&V whose b unlaces in* ttaaeral Peet Ois* de .*ri-d feo be Ulegal The opinion 0( the oeart to wr? toaa. aad ltMkmMi bistort of the paeast ees?b4lsb?nests af F.ifllM snd tbe In wa Bsat?, with the legislature of each country Is res part la mail rostea, poat reads, aad locai poets The mala patat la U>e decision la that Uw acts of Coa^rrSA latendLed toprevaat private letterrs/rvln* oa amll 11 sf, aat to monopolise the local baslaeto af laflev-caerytar la post towns. Aad that Conferees ta authorirlnz the rttahlJstroent of fk*** ir?'?a?a the limits of mall ihHeai. has sot pr-hibl Wd the hnalaem of private letter carrying. A "cording tatMe derlaioa, the has.bees of Mm 1 ical dlspatea?? te legal, aad may M aa aa usaal " A PawiJ?niA ?Madame Blseacel anti fgrmeS . yrTTae daaaa has auakau low. ou mil* and profeaaioaailjr. tbat aba la tow nightly kOviiiK for Ik' delectation of fut yonne m<n |? Pan Franclaco, wLert daabr "prtttjr waJlor gUla" d tape a a* acnlrka and bad rum. A Pabodox ? law It a BcU eieclor in Oaargta wb? ttlkitbMi builll:all?a. Now If Law gets tb* S;a?< may bfcomt Lawlraa alao. and. aloif ut <r ?a u my tppau, (Im law will IwvotoM* I *??* I'lrd |?jr Tb? popalir rrti??mfat of famine htt r.xi iu-ik--<1 af?ti? la N-jt Vofk. quit* a number of cast* luvlog occurred Uiart last wwk. Bowk fro* Aboct Empresses?The fatprteasof Auatri* U to unwell that her pbyriei?na have declared that fh? must spend the winter in the island of Madeira, and a messenger baa alr?a?dy been aant thereto make preparations ?** her-arrival It wa#thought that the rude climate of Vienna, a&d the dual resiting from the demolition ?f btuldiaganauied by the opening of new street*, woofd be more than the lady enald stand this winter. The Kit will make a long sea voyage to get to Madeira, bbc wtu to leave Vienna on tuo lrJtb of October, on her way to Belgium. At OiteiMi or Antwerp I be will embark in 4a English frignte far tbw health-giving Island whither (he is bound Her sifter, theex-Queeu of Naples. end probably the exiled Francis II. will ap?nd the winter with her in Madeira. The Empress of Franoe, they saj, looks extremely well in mourning costume, wbiah become* he* delicate frame, and her pensive exprewiosr of oountenance. She will assume a mouruing ooalume, and, with all the Frttnch Court, wear it, as a token of respect to the mAmnrV nf t Ka lite IlMVAoa* Umai-fla-A* K g- JO. All the Empresses now living are young and hinJ^me vomen. The one invft prominently before the world * eye it, of cour??, the Emprees Eugenie. 8he was bora in 1326. and was thirty-four years old ?n the 5til of May laat. Her maiden name was Eugenie Marie de Quiman, Countess of Teba. The Empress of Austria will be only twenty-three years old ou the 24th of next month. 8ho was, like the ex(Jaeen of Naples, a Princess o' Bavarift, and her name was Elisabeth Amelia Eugenie. She was married when only seventeen years old. The Empre?s of Russia is thirty-six years old, and WRR marrto.4 tn tk> U--% tho Uraud l>uka Alexander, when seventeen yean old. She ia daughter of the Qrand Duke of ileste, and has nearly a doaen nausea Phtsical Effects of Climate.-?-We have so recorded observations of the phjoioal ef rscts 01 tM vrmous climates of the 1'nfted State* **flioient)y extensive and accurate to warrant any positive generalisations. That there are striking differences between the inhabitants of the North and those of the South, and even betwx-uu the people ot oontinuous States, is a matter of common remark: bat the preeue nature of these differences hns seldom been clearly defined, and it is difficult, where so miuy other conditions are also dis Jiixr, w uonruiiui wum >( me OHOOU 0D erred, are due to climate influences. According to our own observations, whi.'b hava extended from New Hampshire and Yermoot on the nortb to the borders of Florida on Itie south, the finest race of man iu physique fn this country are to be found between the the parallels of 21 deg and 40 deg. north latitude. and particularly in the State* of Maryland, Virginia and Kentuoky. They are lar^a, symmetrically formed, erect and graceful iu carriage, and have generally fine, open and pleasant countenances, between these Daralleli also H? n?r Annat ?il. mates: and, although the eoucurrence of theae circumstance*- doe* not prove that the relation of cause and effect exists between thom, we are justified in considering some cunuection as at least probable The more aristocratic origia of the early settlers of these States, their high culture, less austere religious views, and strong social tendencies; their abundant pleasureable exercise in the open air, and their freedom from severe Tabor, have no doubt oonspired with the genial induenc< s of a milder climate to produce the striking differen- es observable between thair descendants and those of th? Xew England Puritan ?Hints toward Physical Torfoction. Comicalities or tub Law ?A while since ft well-known law/er in Court street brought a suit for a citizen of New Yrrk on a note of hand of a citizen of Massachusetts, which tho latter insisted *u cancelled by a discharge he had obtained under our insolvent laws. That wan the only point in the law, whether a discharge in our insolvent oourt affected at all a note held by a foreign creditor of the insolvent. While that queation was pending be f?re the full bench of the Supreme Court, oar Attorney ?u routined for the dtfentt io a precisely similar onte There be vu then, on Doth ndee of the same question, anj heaoe he felt quite jovial; for whioh ever way the point was dociJod he was sure of wineiug in one cue. In due time judgment *n entered in the f r?t ease against him, but he wm sustained in that hour of trial with the feet that the other ?hm was without doubt won. After some considerable delsj the full bench entered judgment in the other oaae. and lo, and behold, it was against him there too. The AitAi Invinnl ?r*?\nnrlj nn wKloli ? were deoided bar* never transpired, since by noma mysterious oversight, neither of them have ever been reported. But it is a well known fact that the reports of eases do often Kt l<*t while in transitu betwoon the full och and the reporters. There are verj few lawyers of uiueh practise who have not read from the books some of these cases, that to thoir minds, came to an untimely and undeserved end. Accidents will happen in the belt of families ? Button Transcript. Lthcuiso at Point or Rocks?A Kuulan who could not speak Knglisb, whose character wu Infamous, residing near the Point of Rock*, la Marylkud, wu detected In stealing a pocketbook from a per ton, which armised "je Indignation sf hit friends to auch a pitch that they deermined to reek vengeance on the thief They took bins short distance from the Point of Rocks, ar.d tyinn one end of the rope around bis neck, and pkclnr tbeotlur over tUelimUcf a tree, drew htm ep Intending only to choke hlra sll^Utlr as punishment; but nnfortunately they 1-t Lira hsitit Um lo?!f, and when the* took htm down wm nearly dead ?Frederick (Md ) Htrald. Co*th*?ts.?'The establishments WiWburjr, Cosn , which nakM buttons, la an exception to tb? general auapenaton of work for tbe Southern . It baa a large order for military buttons with the I'aliuetto oa tbem for South Carolina. Our friend Jenkins, f<r icaira, who makea on* uf Um f neat abolition speeches in the world, canuot eit tola break fist without a dlab of hominy from (be " accursed South,"and geUall his living by tbe manufacture of alavr grown cotton, became it ft cheapest! These men of "prtntiplt" are funny fallows ?Bjito* Csarur. P Hatlam, a ?hoernakt-r of Stoning ton, Conn , baa been ?c?u*oced to twenty dsya' lmprianament, for octal olng money on falae pretencea He Bad carried on a ytrtrm of black mailing for about Ave years He bad boxes la tee New Loudon, Norwich aod Stonlngtoo PwtatDcea, ami was In the habtt of writing letter* u> f?atlfn.?a of means, lu th* name of Mine lady, threateniOK to openly charge them with improper conduct unless a certain aum waa Immediately rut u such a box in caae anything was at at, he would paek4%the amount. "Fh Liff or Divoaca in Camvobsia ?Id a recent eme tbe Supreme Court of California bave decided thattb^re la no authority la the Court to lapeae anv restraint upon a atvoud n>arrlafce vrbrra a diaaolulioa from the boa da of matrimony iaadj id^ed. NVIlk the dl^olatlea, the oblt^a D?aa aria!fraaa tbe marriage arc completely dlarftargad, and tba partlaa aland lu the aatne poaluan aa though aach marriage had caver b*en cart* ted. fry At DaMaa. Tana, nntltnin baa made * wine froan tbe J?f*e ?C ?U Sorgho ease, which rood hi^t?r M'ouonore to be "rich, generoua, and nutrltlouS,' Jiud Wgbljr promotive of direction. (? r urowwaoi awratiM f??inU'' ?f* on tb??1r wuv faotfUMM Lake City to San Diego. California. Brfkbani Yoaag U threat* nej with depopulation of bU emplro. UJ- Col. EUawoclh of Um Chleayo Zoutm, H engaged In preparing an elegant diploma for presentation to the arloua cotnpanleo that cater telnod the Zousve* on their recent tour. UT'TbteoaplttoeMimof InAtin glees th? Moto a population of 1 547,1*0 In Um year lifi0 tb? p- pwiatioo was tW 238, being as increase of 900,"Hi la tea roar* I (T7"Tholadlos of Charleston, 8. C.? have an wayarvo'.alf prtv?lrd a laurel crown to the editor of the Htreaty Sac?a?ion.?The Tombt #??? of the South. ' imiscellaneous. ' ' ' L Furni Fun f 1 AT SEYMOURSmOKyttGETOWN. h?T? JTi'.h ttTlot <*r? ?^rtcna"y to lh? n?cuiV?tur>DC and ?of tt>t? folio*!** Kurf. Mr ioae traotioaii fcaoar.*<)? *T th* Pur Bumioms en&bl?a m* wi;h o?M?:utr to mrit* the tojooda iiM? ir*m fea? Mid Jresb ought .kiua. Such M ' j. _t '"fcnfft ^finr 4&hU. Kmift S yrian dl-iir W* to Mi/'fc, ; n l.i FrnneU MUti*. > ., tCI:ildret)?TFurs in great variaif. Fur i riiauuufs of aii oolora. Prices vary moderate. VV. F. SEYMOUR, no 19 lip Ueo-gctown, W KKNTl'CKY CHAIRS. R Have iunt rtoeived an aaaoitmeut of KENTUCKY RUSTIC CHAIKS,the moat oom-f?\ fortattle and durabl* chair marie. UV Wd have al?o in ilirt a fall and eoweVte |V( took of HOUSF.FL'RNl* HIMi ttOOO* Ifl ouMiMting of Cabinet Furuitur-, Looking <*la-?ee, B<"d? and Mattreeaea, China, til-inn and Oroukro. fab o Cutlurr, fiuta- 1a Ware I'jtu-i lioode, Japan n?d Ware, B ock Tin Good*. Iron Wara, Baik?U,H'saiie?,to Oura'ockie compete with alrrtrat evwij thinjr n-oo.??ar> to fornuti the parlor,dining room, halt, chamber and kitchen. Caeh or Un?e puruhaaora will l>a offered atrong inducements to bur. C- W- BotEL,ER * SON?,.. ib wh jrou mil. 436" CONFECTIONARY, 436 No. 4*6 Hbvbnth SiakKT, between (j and H. BALLS AND 1MRTIKS ' , no lS-lw Supplied i . I i applet and potatok*. X I1AVK Jnwt re<?"lv*d per n-ramer from New ? ork Ji*) ImrreU A PPl.Ki*, ft"li cted oxpra??ly for family tauJr, all winter |r?it a if lit pMrne order. t'Uihel* hu- KAttTKKN POTaTI?K^, direet from Button, all of wl'i -h will !? ? nold ? 'hn i market pr.o ,aa tliey Tui?t l?e o oatsl out imuMdiatoly to make room for another *11001*. !>*al.*r? and otimra wil! di well to five ma a lb'1 b?*f<>r* pure a?inc (l ewlrtr*. Call -1 tl.? Columbia Market, ocrner Pa. arenas ?uu * iiiricvnin ?vrwu. CO is lw fi. W. DrVAI.U /2ENTLKMBN''* VJ KK ?DV-MA DK 0f,f?THI\0 ?!or proiient a??ortu.t<nr of uFV'fljBmFN'9 RE\DV-Ma f)E OiXJ ?'HI N(? (T>r? to oitisjia aud tr?ne<?r? w ?Uiux an i nm ?dinj out fit ?ii^ ri:#r luduoMin* t?, em'-ia i at ttue tunc, til 4t) e? and qu&litisa f Drew and Bu?inw ?iarn.eats and Ov<-rooata l-i all vari-tie?. Kip? Hh.t* atid L'nder-oiothinc ol a 1 k i id*. Kid and oth?r Glove* of Ne*t qu? ity. $o?rf?, 'i i<i. Cravnts, Sto k?, Ho?i?rj. fta.. ii. Ali of whioli we frufiennc At - ur tifua low p-ioee. IC7* Clothing ti%d? t-i o>-d?' in h? mott *i:perior maoi ?r. WAI.L, BTBPHKNW ft; Ci?.. ?olt-tf _ ma Pa. averse. M.. INDIA RUBBER GOODS. . Ar.r.a5Jl*mtPl* tf"s W1" n?M* fne to aell Kt BBF.K GOODS, cou#i?tin< of? ? 1,*1 (eV.Children* and M mm'NDALf,S&] O VF.R!<HOK>* and BOOTH, fHI bo, O V E R - H O b^ awi ^ i N ?> AI>S, K M?n'sX'por Fuhitjj BOOTS, Do Knw or IfunMi * do Do BAN DA LS and OVERSHOES. At 10 rer owiit, below the iiNua' p icea of tMrf year, for out, Men'* aiul Bov* fine and nnrs? BO< ?TB. GEO. O. HENNING, no la St'iwSw -t Seventh ?t., Inland. P PAPER HANGINGS, ftc. APERH ANGINQ?* frotn t e rioh and omato to the pi'-at ctast* and aimpls pattern*, appropriate r nana, puniin, uinin< room*, ?IMinibera, an<l litirarie* Alio, a choioe ttock warranted Gold Hand WINDOW SI1AUES; bull",'ireen and blu? !*HADK HO !,4ND>; P.CTURE COKD AMD TAS!*ELS.diffWr*nt c for* and e.r*?. Pnrohaaiiif for out. I wi I a?Jl at t*ie Invent remncerative prions. Having aarved a retnlar apprenti?e?tiip of nil rear* and had a practical rtpoi ier,oe of twenty in tfii* city, and empioyiim aon? l?ut thft hect workuwi:, the cuhscrilier nuarantena vatiafaction to th'Ht* who may Uvor him with thair order* for PapAlianring and Window Shade* id oityorouuutry. A <r*ll ?ol>?ite?!. iry Don't forget the number. JL >1ARKHITER. No 4S? Herwth ?t, noY 10 eorti* it door* above Odd Kellowa'ihll. City steam FiVl^&OOD mills Ann coal d"pot. Foot of SrvrnttmLk strit, btlcne Wmr D'pmrtmtnl. WOOD prepared, anr length &nd aiaa.Uauii the wauu uf onch purohaaor COA -KfcPT I N UOAI. HOUSES, protect*! from the weatNer-de|i??r-d rr?* fr in nine, dirt, lAil Atb?r lRiaiiritifUi 9 811 .h? to -.ha tnn t!j. At W. M '.ALT, do 10 tf 983 fa. ?t.. batw. Hth abj i*th in. WIKRCIANT TAH.OWINC.. F. Invit* our ou?U>innr?. and oiuaeua swuerailf. to an inapfo ion of oar pr?a?nt uew, at tractive, and ?l??aut aaa<>rtta-nt of^aC ^LpTHS CASSIMfr.RKS, IMffiMI.Nl*, VfcSTINGS, OVKROOA TiNHH, 4U>. WW which we trill make to order ia aapanuc""*?" tjla at ??rj low arioea. ^ WALU ST>;pnP.N3 & CO., oo 15 tf Mi Pa. *v.. f?etw. 9th and UKh ?ta. NSO SECESSION' OW IS THE TIM* F'K BARGAINS!Great indu^ementa are now offered to all peraofta ia wa i ui ivuui rvniii^ni^u haTS and CaPS, at tli* P?i>p e'? O othi nr tore, No. 460 &CT*Bth at. Com* *>1.6, oorna ?vll. buy your Clothing at grettly iftdu6*d piofli, at no 17-lm J. 11. SMITH'S. ?&0. FU R 8! FURS!! I havo n??w read* for exhibition and ?ale my ?took of FURS, to which ! invito the attention of the iadies. I have taken (treat o\re in the seleounn, and feel assured thny are unsurpassed in quality. . tyle and work masihtp. The a*sortuient t,onaisU ot all th* iivmt fashionable kinds. HULfcoN* iiAY SAHlJft, CANADA SAB I.E. STONE MARTEN, ROYAL ERYflNK, RUSSIAN PITCH, Si HER IAN SQUIRREL, and it any other varieties. FUR of all kinds for Trim mint, A IlLrMua/.rtm.ntnrpnil llSVV'tt PITDW Alto, a fine variety ?>f CAW R! AGE i'.OBKSI I 'olioita ca 1 front the ladiea, and every eflort Will hw ma-'e to ple&ae. All Fura tod W th*ir reel mnei,nnd warranted to !><? as repr?*?nau?'1. J AH. Y. I)A VIS. nu 6 Uw <lot .Con AStat-a. > lat* ToJd A Co. mx ?. mucil wx. r. biob*tiin. NEW FIRM \ FRENCH A R iCHSTEIN, l SueceuoTS to Ww.. V. Aavhi t W co Male and Retail Dealer* ia BOOKS, 8TATFONKRY, awd PBIIIODICAU, No. PaniriTtVAitia Annus. Weddin* and Visiting Card* neatly enuaved fttid printed. Paper and Envelope* stamped with Initial with nt ?*tra oharse. Babeoriptiont received for all the Weekly Paper* aad Ma?\zinaa; alao. New York Herald, Times, and Tritoin*. ?*-a'i ard examine our atock. All bound Hook* rold from 10 to SO per cent, leaa thus the Publiaher's prioea. ICy Any Hooka i.ot ou hand ordered with dispatch m>ui London, Pari*. New York, Uoaton, and Phi'adelphia. o? 34 )m Thechrapk*T PLack to buy 0!?U>ia?, Knrniiuiin i?ood<, Rate and Capa, it hi pMITHtl, No. 480 0?Teuth atraei. C|?fo.ii?* <m?e. . o??> lin NBW DRI?*9 GOODS, MOURNING GOOD* and ClOaKS.?Ki'h Pnut. J Kren?h Mcri noes. Ott. mtti, M?pi, Pop1;-)*; t'lam aud >ntii KiBi?b?d *r*non Menno?? in al! oo ora; Fancy d.U? ? <) 9 rk Robes, at very redne?d a ui Bumbeziue, AdermofMi A!p*rja*, French Mouw?lA dm, Rep?aud Bbawl Metincea in tauM; and of tfce l>*st make* Also B'aoa, Freroh. Bea-?r aud Treco "'loth Clock* >n iiimt ihw irint#r atyles. TAYI.OR k. Him'HfeO* W^st gab kiitumbs. -"" K Have in atore. ana arc daty m-'trti).r, OAS PrXTPR &8of entirely New Pattern* fcu.1 L>e?uui an?i Fiaj?ii, ?oj^fn>r in itjIeto&nftAin* a?rot<>iW? offered in market. We inWla'aitirfpiw imi-ral li to oili and aiaffiw* onr tU>ok of tiaa and Wat? Fixture*, rwlinj qoufideut that * fcav? th* (>Mt itUotM took ID Wa^muEtoa. , t all Work i? tk? *:>ove hn? intratUd to our oar# wfflU tnmirO, k XMAN. ...r |.(f IT* O ?tr??t T CEMETFRY NOTICE. ^ ~ cterJi' ?"k" ?&&&?* s Marble Work*. S4'i K a n?riV *** ,T ** Wtw<vn Hth %od lath. piilw. MIMIDKONI, VIOLIMtf, (juitars. A Aooortfeoaa, TamfcoriQAa in., A e. fl'Stf CECK1VKD, ~ '?*; , imW 1 m _ 4 W>N?,|,lJ>R'vAI.KU Ft V> A >OS. ?t ivl! prioM, *u<i nf tu aoa m. . JOHN F. KI.I.IS. av ? JOit fa, a*., b?*iw??u 9ik auii ioUi at*. . ^ j i -i 11 WOOD AND GOAL. a TO THK PUBLIC! GO WilfcRE YOU OA N ?BT YOUR I MONdYf? WOltHI ' '" * lartty IX! PKOVl IT ! KNOW IT 03 I TRT.frXAT i | .ioi% Vrvtha MinNBtUt Mil I a - ? *T?u6-""TT, t. j! 4 o _ ? ??i PgQVE WHAT? fD* Prove thai r?o oan set year WOOD thcr* o eaper than elaewhere iu tho oity ; and thai y?a Know WHAT? o T f?7* Know that you fftt GOOD MK A.8URt.aad thj wry beet of WOOD for 'ea* money, Ccr, Split, and Diiivntu Fmior Charo*. . ? . Call at thi PIONEKK MILLS! ETON OF THE BLUR FLAG STAFF. 8l)VTUWIlt Co?*ta S$VE.ntk 9t,AM OhKaL (South of the BnJ^ej -nolO (JLOKt* K PAUEr Auint. i:r j~d: Union Flre-tVood Mill*. I FINE, OAK HICKORY WOOD 8tw<vi and Split at any t*-n*th or etze repaired, and deli to any part of the Citr at wj low pnone. 1 JD" We aaJt th? particular attenti -n of our oaatoi?er? and the public rtnerally to our eplend d *TOCK OF COAL, which we ran aay, without fnar of contradiction, i* ?euait<> any in Hi* City. We Rua-a^te* to give eatiaf.otun to all who may pure a?- ol ua. iCTi'iir 8AWRD and SPLIT WOOD i? kept uuner onv*r, perfectly dry, tiid COAL on piank floora, ?!>-?n and in good ord*r. Large aalea and iir?:i profile. U^Or ??-ra aolioi'ed at UNION f1rk WOOD MII.L3 ('or Hhvt# nth ?t an/! r?n?l McKNEW & MAKLO WTKofrietOM. no 15 tf If INDL1NU AND STOVE WOOD IV M&nulaotunnl a> y iengtn, and delivered to ai!jr p\rtof tho citv at the shortcut nottee, ar..l ?vt the lowa*? pitairihle rates, bj 8HKRIPF A l)\WS(?N. IT** Ofcoe oouth ?itle Fa. av^nns, b4?rMn 3>1 an^ 4X ?U.; wharf anil mill went ?ule i>? tr*H and UBigJ. c> 11m TO THi; CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.?1 have ja t rec.'ived wiil ootnmanon unlov | int r?-m<>rrow a oar/o of Vary t>#*i Red Aah COA L (?tt and atove ?iie>0 ever brought to tin* market. whi?n I c? aend 'lircot from the ye#ael if your order* are left inmedia'ely. R. VV. BATR<*. Wool and ?'o*l |)e*I??r, oo 3l Corner C ami 14th t? n??ar Cn a'. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to aii of the oitr, at th? lovMt poaaible rate*. T J. A VV. M. GALT, OAoe 94;) Pa. a*., bttwMB 11th and lttli ate. ma 17-tr north aide. f or~sa le~ and~rkxt~ f?OR RENT?A d-'?iraWe and well located Grat tu R kki DKNCE. No. 4?9 ^ n Sixth *tr?et, h tw*en D and K ate. Th? h->are in lamiehed with ail the modern uneroveinenla. Apply toTHOM A8 PARKER. no 2 eo3w* FOR RENT?A lianrtaome, fret olaaa RESIDENCE, No 443 E *re?t. betw?**n 6th and Tth atro*t??one of the m at elirible loaationa of thia oity. 'I he houaoia fnrniahal with all modern in provementa, auch ah Lain room, hot and co>d water ?n each floor,, first and aeooad floor a heated rom liaitTnant. An . An AbbIi ???t ?? >. J A J*. J. \V ARl N O, No. iTi fe atreef betwton fl/h ltd 7th. oc HS-eotf FH ORKKNT-Tbe four-etory BRICK HOUSE oa I lard ?tre?t, between It %nd E ?tre?.-u, ( No 3*1) *?j'>tning tlio reaidenoe of VV. A. Maury, K?^. Pm*i*!oi given immediately. Alao, the third ?t<>ry ofthe fi'own Mono BuilUior No. 403 ou Pa. avenue,' aouth aide between *? and 6th at*. For terrua, A o , apply to Wl 1,1.1AM H. PHILIP,, No. 4 0 I .a. avenue. no2-eotf '|U> MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND I OTH Ktt*j ?For rent. ?uiU of Parlora aiideeveral Chainb?ri. h%nd?oinely fu'niahtxJ, in the u?-w dwelling hoo?e 3*t K atredt north, b'fwem 91 It and loth at*. Apply on tl?s premue*. no IS ecSw* LN)K RENT?A five-atory UOLSK, o^n amine r 12 rooma.a^Uoiniuc theooruer of F .urlh aod D sta . n<>ar the City Ha.L Apply to JOSEPH Fy - * nu 7 rpd RENT-Thatplenaant OOTTAftH BK8I* UK n'*E, oootaininc 7 riMim, with front baloooTtlav(e yarda in lrout noU itw, (routing 11 , in Pmrtin* LMRo?> S<jn%ra, betw-eo North Capital an.! Firat ata. Rent 4240 p?r annum, Addreaa, by Mt*t or in p?raon, WM. ?T1CKNEY. uo 6 t? ,? FOR SALE?A i cw two i:or? Lriok HOl'SEon Pourth atrrtwr, beljW New Yo k avert uh. Tbv lioune la 20 faflt trvnt and 4a feot <i??p ; ha* 5- root pas-a?e, parlor, dinw<g-roo?>, kitoh^a, and /oar ohniubera, with atairwajra in pa?a>.(t and kitcnaa, witu good c liar uialer luo wiioia h^su For to- im ir.quir?*t 49y Seventh atreet, uniouu Odd towa' Hail. hu 1 tf . J AS. ft. TOPHAM. 17OR R F NT?The Con URli^K RolUK N? r loo Wrft ?t. &oorc*town. at j?ra??iu ooaa pied by ttw ?ub*onb?r. It hu>! ro m?, wub gsi and watar tlirmi*ho?t. a 8n?> yai], ?tabl? Ac. and' ia ia aiood ucighLorhood. > paly to JA8. A.MAORllJER. . o as tf FOR R BNT?A foor-etorjr hr^vrn-front DWEL UND, aituata on Th:rt?enth at.. t>etwt??n L aod Ma-wuihu?etta av., ua? of tu* moat dAairatde Iooatioua in tho citr. Th- houae :a foriinh^d witn ra?rh|c- m%atl?a ; also, ja" and wa>r tiiiuroa with bath rtxita Inquire at Witt.. P. SHE.DO'3 Fxm!) Sfc?r?, So 40'J llth^ft oott 251* _ FOR RENT.?Two n?w thrM-atory I1RICK HOLIES with ban bmiJ;nga, each hoveoo*tainii>g 8 room*, wtn km, pleaaaaiiy floated on *tt\ ?tr?at north, between M and N atrtxts; rent moderate. Appl? t" E. LAZRNBY. oapoaitn or fc> JOHN T. I,RNmAM, Ohio tvenue. >>?tws*n lifth and 13th ilrMli. oo 9tf I70R RKNT?Poanoamon op tha lat of Ootobar T Tha 0WEI.LING HOU?E No. 438 D atreot, at pre^ant oriaupi?<l by tha Rev. Or. Butler, and next door t* Uie reeidonoe of tha ? Jverti?t?r. . J.M CARLISLE. N. II.?It mill ikk h? tat for a bo&:tliu< houea. ?18 tf FOR RKNT-TM P1H.ST FLOOR of tfte b'.uldint immediately oypouU ta? ?Mt vine of the City U/?t.,ra?aut!y oconpicl I>y Chaa. S. vVahaac u an oftisa. Also tha Troct room in the con& tor; aan tue third floor of the uuue building. Foi tar.iu to RICtlARlTWALLACH.^o. * Loalaift.aa avenue. Jitttf EDUCATIOyAL^ PROFF^OR*Oftft'T\lENC%9and GKRMAN b.\Ni?UAGK", Jit KUhth gtreer, between L aud , 1 h* the h"!ior to announo* to tha public that he I iim rxiHiimi n 8 icsaotii lb liie &i>uve uru ufc??>?, and has opentvl at Miss Wood seauairv. I trwt, between 14th and 13th (ts , a French ClA*? in which young ladta will b>? admitted This clasa will meet three times a week at half-past 9 p. ? Terms: #5 p*r quarter of 10 weeks Hetisftietoty arraugeut nt* inane lor leeaona given in soh<?ola. Mr Villiara offers the beat refaraooes a* to hia taal. ability, oo 84 lta TUm FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* whu wish their daughters to re< oeive a thorough an l systematic education. where their ph;a?oa> traimug wi.l receive daily and specie attention, uqdor the most approved system of Calisthenic? and uyinnaatioa, are raapeeuuliy invited to visit tlm I'nion Feinale Academy, earner Fourteenth at. and New York av MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*, au ??-tf Principals. jftKMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL T ALKXANDHU. TA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICK. Peikcipal. The thirteenth annual taaax>n of thia Institution wiU oommeitoe on Taeaday, September Wh, i<i the house roo'ntly ocoupied by Sylve?ter Scott, Esq., No. ISO King atreeu Tbe course of stilly pitreued will eoraprire all the brar.ehea requisite lo a thorough English E<j? cation. and M uate, F.eaoa, Latin and Drawiag, il dMtvvq. In addit ..n to day aakol%ra. Mrs. MoCormiek te prepared to receive a 11 anted a ember or pupils aa hoa'Jera, who, eonetitutins a ear* of ker own fan ilj.will be u-'dnr immedi%U> oa.remA eupurTieioa. She *HI ?o<ieavor. aafer a* po?*ihlo.te ?urrouad them with the oomfurtaaad kmdlv IaAbcdom of Home. HifT'*cfi.~-U?r.C,ea. H. Nortoa. Rev. Dr. K!iu Ham^n, Her. l> P. By/if C. William H Powle, ?S:: las ^"W3ft K'lflor Kvenlrvjr 8tar, Beajamin WfwUrn. h*q..Ja*. I^nnri Col.Jo^nW. Minor. 1 ,ouJr?un, uUvuce. Mjui* ami LaiunacM at Profasjor.' pnoee \Lj pio e?i<a nhxr???. a?i 3B tt ^vioor. POR S.viuTl B?YS. O No. JIT7 I >T UT,l''ii*T 'A'ut, "laa ANNIK K. PKCt. Taaeker NurnUir uf pupila lumUU U? tw?ulj. va i< cu?m carriage factories. ca**ia?7e factohy. i ^\*e!.Fuak* a.*iioe<*?o '? to Wm. BlNfc < T HR hwn kddltlooato kl I' iMiarj.m&kiCf it nov cm of tip* WAGONS rail kuiiiHiMt m anryMMd. ?i from am louf u^rmdm in u? humk? kya tot'V* jeneril n tin lactic n. ilUidiWUvnacMtnl WfMWiffuliylti All KKPAIRBftattlyd*&?,*?4ftll?rd?ra?r*att >1 llMini n 7) DENTISTRY.*. < ? . LOOMiS, M. i?., tU? inventor *ad pataatee < of the MINKkAl, PLATK TKKTH. at J Uuils personally at bis offie* ia tkis eit? MMv 1 Many parson* can Wtar tUeee Seetk wiio^1 '1' " J oaunot wear others, and so person oan wtar others ' wild eacinut wear tuna*. Persons calliti* at iit oftoeoaa be mmunM with an* ntyle and price of Teeth th?j may d?aire; 1 ha* tothoae who are particular and wish the purest, ol?ai,ebl, st>uu<?at, ai?l iwst perfeot d^iture that artca brivlusd, the MlNKJtAL. fLATE will m moreioily warranted. R<?ntnr in this city?No. 33* Pa a venae, Netweea 9th and 10th et*. Aleo, 907 Arok ?ti*et, Hht.&ael phia. oo 15 tf DM DENTAL CARD. i BR. M''NSON Ha* returned aw* resnmad hit J profusi on. (_,<fioc a/.d house a' 483 K ss' j ' third di>or aast ?f Sixtli Is additios t mi?TyT > very o'her app'ov : :) ?tyie, l>r. M h*? wh^* "ro f t--efh tiu vuioAM 4? Cams l ?f tketant throe yearn ) ac<l, from p*?<?n<?r.ce, knows it exof.s all others, i ...,! i. ma i!,l./l a,. ..." < 1J ? <? 1 ?? ? w irr? in piivo kii?u ^.win, nil UIU i CLtrou* ?f Wiahinftor, Alexandria, and G v?rfe- 1 >rrn \rt rft->peotfuHT gn Hoit*?i t" oall. an V 017 D DENTISTRY. R. KiLLU, after a prac?!04: test ef Itro rears foe* <,at r.? ean vitn eonnd>noe -aom>i4 mead LAo Cfaeo?i&auo I'rooee* loriLaer I a< t it !?sa) teeth It has tie adrantafes *trflu?th, beauty, cuean.inee*, and efieapnaas. Fa! 1 ?per eeu inserted for #3*. t'artial la proportiDa. I OAoe *?? Pa. areriBe. mt ) I piREMKNVlNK'RANCft COMPANY I WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. ] Capital S900,00#. QfU* com r C Hrert a*4 Loutsmaa at., over Bank 1 0f ITluAtSCIM INSURE HOr?E|AN^THEMOPERTY t DiftMCToat. Geo Shoemaker, Samael Redfern. ? Samuel Groplejr, William tvi ion, ' Richfrd Jones, . Joh*D Ha oiay. Jaoob Gideoa, AnHrew Wothwell. i Tko*. f'arker, Km hard Barry, ' B. li. Frank. , No eharr? for Polioie* 1 JAMES ADAMS, PreeMenC i Am 0. D?vu. Secretary. uo lu-oo6in 9HO kBS: W(>VLKN YARN la B:ue, Orey Uvf h nek, " hite and andom c> or*. Woolen and Cotton Roniery and Glove*. Oatlwii'i Kil led Wool Shirt* and Drawers. ( Th?ae guodi ar- extra Quality. Si|k Shirt* and Drawer*. Mtruio ^t)wta aud Drawer* of ail trade*. 1 We would call particular attention to our weU a a*korted *tt?ok of a I kind of Dry Good*, .iiitaU* I forailpat^sof per-on- al! of win h will heboid t at tt>e lowest mai ket price*. c wSTli RfLEY k BKO.. N?. 36 Central Store*. bet 7th a d 8th *?? , a oogv-Stawlm opp .wit* C-ut e Mark.* t, PUKE OL.D HVK WHISKY KOK MEDf_ CiNAi. LaK. , r*%te St per gallon or 50 cents per bottle* Tim *&?t home ao<t ioraiica derated we bar* far ^ thip artisl? vflicien'ly fcttxa'e ita parity and exoeJ lenct Moreover it mvf he mentioned in ihi? connexion lt?st manj mva lUeot <ie icate organisation, , anahie to nie "*l,i?kj ?r other brand a. uv? foautl | tie above milt ?<koa6t?a* a*d happy in fffaota. 1 tt liberal duoount wu th? above prioea made to Um trade. Kl)W\RDflALL. I Dealer ia fm*'Win?? and Lienora, I Pauuir Urwoeriea, *?.,???.Center Market, oe 27 ?i'7 t bet*er-n 7th and 8U? atresia. t That *tmrm$tz*.s'i,fitt flATTKR, 18 J aixr^>? bi ?y ?r,<i tut h?ar?J o'oakm* ? ~wa^ ab- ut du l tiuirjimt S3B Ueeau** he e* ! the bo>t artiJea 9|9 t I - SB TJH - tr^ J u>t i??an?d? . . Am I N?w ityl?i Gantj D? CT' ft *1S, _ Kot . c do So t H aT>' and C A Wikm' a Li tfotrtmm a.* FURS! t F U. R S!! 1 For ladtrn and trtiildree, tnj a^rtu.cut la now i la.jw?te? ev?r, FLR TRIMMINGS tttn|So*?i?awT?H. c B. H. fcTINKSLKTZ. $& H*_ av? r 2 i.ear a? refer TMrt^girtti a reet. j OAK D ? Having '?on luformi'U Uy eev?ntl reapeet&oleo t>i<>cs o ?u>r ti&w x?\ kera, eelling from luck^t* on t.'io'^" " atreet*. have reprew:)t?l th-rnselvvF easing for ni?, and *aat not a few p^r- >5StSr ohm have in tliia *?/ 'i?i impoae.! apor. 11 Ihem impure oystor*,and -oinpiaiut navinc t>e?n rani'' to me to thia effect. I have to ?ay l >at i bavo tio i?*?'lK*r- d^liiij for me rroni bucket* and do not allow tke bu(in?M to I s carried on from my e?ial>lifftnicot as I do not d-al in oyuteri of that clan. Neither have i any krafieli of mw mtahRehment in any part of the oujr. No npaters ar?- a^nt h> m? to (km lies except on order* reooiv d Ll tny only I Depot, No. 291 C btrejt. between 10th an Ml k. C oo?lm . T. M. HARVKY. N O T 1 C E! ^ i adopted, tlx year* a*o, of teUia* . UA'l'tt ud Ki>OT8 at prmtly re p <1u?mh1 prioea lor owli it ?n aeeoeaifil operation. Juat reo^i ved a foil f apply at the latest New York afylea ofDKESS Ha <8 Tiie ?ery fa neat Hat $3 8ft; a fir-t rata fcat fi?: aud very ( food.fnihio' able Hat &JSO. All oftbe Latestatjiaa of e<Mt HATS and the rery ioweat ?r icea. 1 ain conaiaeUy*u< d with a vary l?r? stock of v tn<>#? fcn<> JiOaTS at #S.7S?vhirfa i have ?T bee a aelUuc for ut*u? y?*ra~?a well aa the rery _ beat una! ty of Pat- ct T,**t?<ji GAITKKS at fsiti. I FineTreneh CaifAin GwWra from #2 to #2*i. Terrua oaeti; <> extra oUa'je in order to olfaet baddebta ANTH?>Y, Agent for the Nlauufacturern, S?t?bU atreet, aeoond hat atom from the ocrner. opposite Atocuc Houm, N*>. i49. ? 14-am c ^CHOOL ANB COLLEGE OUTFITS. ?1 Youth*' mmd Boys' Clothing for School mnd" A br?i Wear. ^ Harenta aad (nrdiunt wiohmc to foraiah thair ohi drenami wards witn SaKoo! a?>d Collie OBtiU for the cowint ? ?*?!!, are i*n*?d to* car reeent lar*? eitouiv* MwrtMHl I tMjtiTHI!TO,vhei?.ui?j caii ht oatUeir atnMr*a ' of all nze* in aTfrvMuon<er*a with ever? dM?ni- a Hub or K?adT made (*, of uiliaUaliai ai*l dtral>l??*alitj. at vary wvi-ratejno'* a WALL, ?TB??HkN8 * CO, aaftvq **** >*"n? 11 porous, co LlWy h oar sen lb?>, a& * COMPOUND SYRUP^OF9VM ARABIC 1 Titfipiaaaaat a ad wornlm* 0?a<u ha* 1 been so tone kr.ow? a*4 oxftaaawMr aaad, that "?? ? p*ra-at kava l>eoon>? Eaa.i tar viUlto estraordiaarr afioa^r. It oan b?fcac at all tha ariuo aal a rue itown>t???lWaho?ti?. hW dtinVf<i?a* Embroidery stamping, o? ail ktua u materia;, Jone in the beet manner, at C. F. anitai i nf* tm ui P?n?? v.. ?" ? mm*. Jl? ftnd tld aU . wW* o?n U I (w a crrftt variety of t>Muti/Wl PftUaroa for a i Md ^^ve? CoU*?i Cull, Mixta, Pm- t* ( lata, {*?>*', ??Hp>er?,nu*??, ?te. Pl*tM?iv? ? i??oyUrtUaiift ?X)? lro* M ~ Bt^WkVL l&a&aa.?s. FrKNCII k JUiClS '9i?m s, No. tT6 Pmi. I ? aver ue aad looV at tl?*u orimeul f.f Military 1 Work*, viat Dwrtiooary ?nh? United State*. Gif- 1 loa'e Art l eft'* Manna!, Rifle frnctioe. Hanlee aiwaynahaad * , naia C^IBW WlttyMtAID AND CURL HAND- I F<\OTOKY, iVi t'Nia. aveaae, tear 1 aer ef Th:rt*eo*V iStt-A vecj complete a*eort- * in- at of Braid*, Carta, Fnxette-, Bxadeaa*. *?i now ?a kaed: aleo, wuide to older at ike *?<?? te*< *1 iuti < Hair work repaired or takes laexcuauje. o> i o?S3a il 1 - 1 . J THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Vku MO?U*tl n?ilj Mt N?T1 J ou **.-* ? ?|UM irmtm nn*i <lll?i*n win Fttlv monuait Sla*l? ?n. Hf > ?? 5x? - - - - 4 * > ? i ?W?lT>npi ? Itt*??n*bty ooomum tki "WMkiactM News'* tkftt Ul m?4? TVi Dmil* t.?. ? ? mwiaBy Uro?cto??towMtr>. > "* CTtti|t??o^w(h ti^wi ma toyrMVIf tt ttoteuMr.twMiitlilr nJVm tto umifto ft*. w??-tnM ctm. MKDICINTDS. ; I , , .:??VMJi A ND A&U* ^jjl IVtlD AAI1K flll? Mood, *tnl n^ralMw u> **# ! uXo* Lkt Mr Mi !? i* |MWi Mw*Wl^iM(Bi!? mh 'U cj^? Ptmr^mrnd Jirua f?J? Ui?,#r?Jn M ?TI'flirt?MmUH< ko?M tboae Wfc> UM -' ClU"TrM^V?IUM Laort, k*#M tfc* VyaMffl ID *Tf? lilt 11.>1 m. t<? the dia#*?? OnM^aenry n aol q3y urea, bmt am*.*** from Uh> rrmt Ta'irty or air?o Linoa wbiob ara ladaoai t>? l*l? vajriaat lafc. Mae, auM u Kmni i-at Kcvar. Cku. Km u "K- or Biuiom U?dMh?, Bi .ii>m Frrer*. N?ar*i?ia. Ik?M Ham, Gout. U.!tds'*a. TooUtaoe, U'MM, 14 tarrfc. amm, fa.malioim, *a?afiu ai??uom nf ibe ? . HtitMiM, CVma. n?f Painfir A ff*e I?H of tb Momaoh and BoMi.ii nf wtiich. ?? b uiuri irmn thia mum.viI! toiind u? ha-m- n?r? or iw Ik* i?t?n?ul?*t Lyp*. TIhb aun cm imcotm uif(mmolu?m4?f?u? and oarea tfce diaraa*. This it ac?omp'iah?B Ty rtimalatiu th* romto ir* t? ?*p?J Hio vim* from the i;a?dt\?a >'?mia byd.t,Mieb??o<iieb?.t>ii?atMj to do thia Ui?r ffioa ufu.?r v*i aoeorti. VMMwtetva acc.ttrtaiatt n Tim* rikt boo >mp lah flfco ivii/iiJ, i.ut lii? ia sot lost HMUk. or Is taorrficed m the fttvoipt. while thi*1, Aoc? lcii" loaa it at on*, and with rafrty. TW itlniim ia- <>f t*is ib a') W Mi?a 01 caaea. haa thowr It to Mtmrvraa wii Ba a aafwr r hb^i fi.r tka who ' :U*? ?( iliaaaaat wman are eauard by ilia ?aai? 10 infrcua*. -?haj any ?l< or whiot tea ba?? diB<owrt?<l; aic it haa atil) a^oiiw important advaa%r* t" the p jblio, which ia tiiaX U ia ofcaap as wall ha *o?l Prepared by DR. J. C. AYRR * CO ,Low*'!, >U?? no n aoim Helmbold'e Genuine Preparation. H1SHLY OpNCKNTRATKir k ?'<>MPOLNI) fTuID K*TRACT BCCHS h Hoiitlvi SNciio Rjnedr Tki? Mxokvii* tic **? ?? ni? io*fl "fDnfiUoft. l?<i*xoit>? tt;? NT> ii.u. bH tfc? ? ? ;?<>n, b? wlicl- ti.e VVATKKY OK CA L?OF ROTS tNNA rl RAJ KMUK6KMSN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. U tLMBOiiD'8 KJLTftAt*T m enu. For WtMDMM Lrnk from Khicmw, HibiU ol l)ik?ip*tiol WLrl? luatMtr^Uun orAiiiN. Attend td wit % ike foi.rwu\g Symntmu > LdicpitBition to Exertion, Lom of Pov?r. am* o^c^Temory, t? ff/r.!ty of ,V<*k Nerr?w, TfWrti!*! Ion or of Dim***, Wmkfhn ?*?, "VSftEK? T>?*a if &t;cwed ta fo o?, wtuafc ttte- "* " Bwoin* re.ayr^, QCD UiLrij|? Efotrmtt. Firrnrr. rprittfjcrm, J3 Ohm or Which rat Ktiut hat Kiws. whft nun aUc lh*J t >1*? uaiuilTr ' ly'tfcna* D1H EVUL bl&KA* ft 8** " "INSANITY AMD OONSlllPTipK. "Vrr So5ri"?ffiL'?)rrasf"'? rHERHJOKUMlKTII. !\^>KAfVI P*?* 1?m( MtlasuAel* I H*Ukt ? ? ? i??BirM tL? %M! Ui mmtaif* U> ?iremflbem <n*k ..?>? A^a.VWb v'iKX ft nill WILL COWTyi TUB MOAT UITTIUL i ii in * i mi iinnim Mnim >LD ftfflJihiMk' *&&** IN MANY AITICCTION8 fECULIAR TO 'KMALLd, U?? uiirftoi H?tka m ftn*aiifto<4 Wy my other rw.iMj, m i? Cal >ro?ia or K u-i.tioft rrftcnlftfity, PftitimlBMia, or H?yyrp?nor w(Cm omftry L vftan*?ioii?, I mcnum or h?trruxi* 4Mi >{ th? Ut*ru?, I?Mieorrtu.s% or W lut*?, 4t?rUiite( Jul for ft 1 COWlfift'TlUI IQOldfttO tl>? 'X VkOtJtOr trlkiQc from lcdisoratlo*, HftUU of x is the VKCLIIfE OR V/IANU S OP LIFE. TKr-r^u* ?*nrf. 19 FAMILY HtiOltDBL WITHOUT IT Tui* no vtort Utrrmrt, mr ? -/ -* * M<MU 'r mh"**> ?m{ T>,/*us. HkLMiiOLU'8 KXTRaCT BWOBU 8KCP??t)fVKASE8 E ftll Uftir 8tftt??. At litu# eveeeeej kittle or bo chftn?e n. Diet; l\iu in fir m ! ^ ifc/j ti>um ft !**? * ( ?*?: re ftn t rir?# ctrMtiUt to J ri aft Us Uftreoy ILeewir.n* ObeUwrtJOM, rrftV6llUllC h.uni OllrtBr Strict 11rmm e+t tk? Ali*rinc Pwbimk! IcfltmmatioE. IJ he vf -1 ! ** ?. ?.c?j ciHau mii m*4 %#o?2 out Af?r;tV. THOVSAXDS rvurr THOtTSANDS WHO kavb Bfcn tmk victims or uneii, md vuu Unv uu; to l*s cuim la a *imH iiu?. hn-.-K frnf.1 tl'*y vera ddo^tved, MM! ihat t). *> POISOW", hu, to tk? ?? ef*n>w?trri JuT rttNsixit, b**?i urtj^l up ia U?? r?uai, to to<*fc mt .t an form. &od rSKHAPtt AFTKK MAKhlAUU. L'M njcLMBOLB'* Fxt*v.c? Been fwf a. U?>OUI MM oftb" L.KLNAJIY UaCANH. FEMALE. "I "om '^wtsfirsKwar' " )i?a*?e? orth^o'ffcji* r??uir*UieM<i ol a, Dtwrui HKUkHii'LO* EXTRACT Bl'ClnISTHE b R ^AT 1)11! K KTIC, md b r?rt*it; to hare the drur**' "U-m Iit all hi*. m??POR WHICH IT IB RECoXfMi NOElT iri.ltnct of Ikt wioit rtmkl* amd n>wnH? rtitr Will ao<vimP*r the rcorilOM'M < CbRTIFlCATi:s CP CUBEB. ** ? I ? sw mmrr ?tun*mt. With NA*B? WOW* TO iciracB AND FAME. Price ll .M per *?ttle, ?r six far |i.ot, IV.iverad to tar Addr?M. a?o?r?lj packer fro baervat'on. Umciiu Symptom* in &u Comm w * icu now. wf i ?> < . AiTict u rtui XI 1 AFFIDAVIT. ulf nron, d?th Mr- hi? pr*P*rft*tona eo tain m treotio, ao mercury. or tri* lajvnoat*rpr?, uttr* purely "("UKe. ?. T. UKLMBOi.0. 0~ora ?n4 beoribad Murt m?, uu fed J*j ot ioreicMf, 1IU, W?. P. , N tth above Race. Pfciift. dtiraw etlar? fci# i*fwr?nsUoe in eor.Sdaece to Dayot, 104 fWwth nfti c 7betClLM?aLJ?SiU. 1^W?^PKufciPL)icjbr 1>AALKE8. Vho eldMvOf tc d;tpo?# of TBE1B UW|" Md UTIIB UIICLM * TBI (ITTTiTIOl 4TT11IU kmhoKP. OMjiM " ? lmruve^HtirwiSL tWH bj H. 0. WilTill?* lOTMtk MtmL 4Lk R. !. Keiftn. J n , ooruer Pwi. tTNMiiid KWvwU til KiV'fi iffiJaSiffS fi mssmL. Cat o?t the ?ilT*rtii*?i?fit iu ?*iid lyric NDAVUUi IMPOSITION AND K a fOBURK ft# 4 ?nlT AT TilAVKMN? TRUMC#. I* * ". IUv?ju:tM?>iM4 UM ? [? ( wiwtnOTl fttl |?v olfcr Tli* tmitt nUnimt vftntt. m?i ^ MiMS! : ? thi| oity, which w? *rr >~l B? v?rj U>? nmml WAU, STKPlli:*? * c6 . wgf M< P*. IHMt. 7 ^ o~u morwijom * CO? "nj? o8??i?i<n? And wbol^Mit timiffg ui i mm />..v ?j #?-?? ^ - - - 1L/ ?? ! ^lu inr ail CIUI nj Hr?i|. H SiM 2,000 Mitm&tfSElSSf. 45S a buk v? |?vMtM tub* mi) ! ?i mmi wik k? ?? oa niMitUt tvu ! or J?r to mim ?? H?.n ^ KVT rAU^S?^k^W?W/oaf*" CJU"M* *' WALuftBpHgwf ft CO.. fit P^>?TI?% no O ? A gjjP COAL g^ww<awfe~., A baa?ti|W krtMM.iaml t* a?jw*-??.< t ,.m * Mrw,(l?ti| eUar 1*41 ?o iab?4 j " ; ? I. t Mt ' , luN'i I "I *' tl WW VIII ^

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