Newspaper of Evening Star, November 24, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 24, 1860 Page 1
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(Kkuiufi 1H1 ' ' V?i. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 24. 1860. N?. 2.425. THE DAILY EVEKING STAR N rCBLISHED EVE IT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THS STAR BUILDINGS, Cor ur q/ Ptmuflvania mvtnns mad 11 (A *t., ?T W. D. WALLACH. Tif *r? aarrad in paokacaa by oarrlara at |4 I jr&r, or St owti par iaoBtk. To nail aabaaribaca t,? ynoa ia ?3_y) a year, m* *4v**c4; |2 far six jiionU*; 91 for thraa roontha; and for laaa than lcr"? aioatkaat Lkarata of 13 eanta a vsak. 8ia*ie inTt'a, nm c**r; ia wrapyaf", two cuti An vsKTissKKiTa aaooid ba sent to tha oftoe Mora 12 o'ciook m.; otiiarwiaa tkay may aot ayyaar cdul T mmm r- eg .4 WINTER IXDEKGKOIKID. The short but glorious rummer of Lapland was drawing to a close, and I remembered with regret that the hoar of uij departure from kub'.its was at hand. Kablits U a plaee little known It lies in Sweedish Lapland, about a hundred and fifty mile* bejond the extreme limit* of Norway; and ita silvery river and emerald pastures are surrounded by tha far ? retching moorlands, of which by far the greaser part of the country consists. And 'he people ? I never met young faoo or aa old one among these simple folks that had not a pleasant smile for the stranger; I never went into a Lapland hut without bndiug m kindly welcome, for my worthy little hosts would bustle to fill tbe biggest bowl witto milk and the largest basket with berries, and to pruauco jre?i puesoi smoiKe ana ariea nsn irum the s?a cuMt, and, luxury unparalleled, perhaps even a proat black loaf, brought all the *iij from Norway (for Lapland has bo bread) to do honor to the foreign guest. How could I help growing fond of these queer, elfln looking. ?ott-beartea people? The village of Kubliti was built of green boughs and wattles, the posts alone whioh supJwried each cottage being of pine timber. In act, the huts were not cottages; thej were leafy booths such as the roving Tart&r sometimes constructs; and these summer palaces of living verdure added to the holiday air of the jdace. and were suggestive of a perpetual pieuie. Lut the true houses were under the earth, not above its surface. The groeu tents I hare been describing were mere temporary pavilions; and beneath them, with only a low ohimney, like a magnified molehill, peeping above ground, were the true homes of the Laplanders, the caverned storehouses for all their worldly wealth, ai.d their own dwellings for more than nine months of the year. Ana now the time was coming when the green booths ?ere to be deserted, and the sun to vanish, and the strange underground life, lik* a mole's, was to begin again lor me long, iron-bound arctie winter. Peter Wow, the chief man of the Tillage, in whose wigwam I dwelt, warned me that the daylight would speedily cease, and that he had better prepare the boat to convey me down the river southwards, so that I might MMh Norway '-before it got dark." A strange idea seized me?what if I were to stop behind ! I have been here through the daylight, the long three months' day, that puislci me so terribly at first, and robbed me of my sleep, ami made me blink like an owl at the uowe trying sun that would shine at mid ml n ncn fr all (ka kakita a/ ?mw i "U " UiVU ?ll ?U^ VI UUJ previous life. I recollected what a strange sensa.ion that had been, how new, fresh and piquant; and it is n?t often, let me tell you, th*t a ainncwhat world-worn and world-weariej m ?n, who hu passed hid grand climateric cau discover a o<*atio? that shall be at onee * new. fresh and piquant. I had promised to spend Christmas with my sister in Gloucestershire. to be sore; but, '-pshaw," thought I, "I ciu go next summer. Maria Jane hasn't seen me these eighteen years and more, so she can wait till Easter; and my nephews ?nd nieces won tfret too much, I dare say, about the non appearance of an uncle they never act their juvenile eye* upon. My miud is made up. I'll stay all night." A pretty long night, too, reader?a night that begins in eirly Itetober and ends in June. Hiving tried perpetual daylight, I was now : L T 121 > . I..: J._ gtiiujc i<j essnjr iiuw x uaeu iu anupoues. A Lapland winter has generally two drawhacks. of a nature almost unbearable to Europeans?it is too crowded, and it is shockingly smoky. But Peter Wow, chief of the i.lage, wis a rich man ja his way, and had a roomy and commodious set of caverns for his duelling, with furs and eider down quilts in plenty, as became the owner of fire hundred reindeer. Tne family slept in a quaint tier of little box beds, ab->ut the usual length of mignonette troughs, which were sunk into the clay walls like a row of sleeping berths on board a pncketship. But I waa a distinguished foreigner. had a den to myself, such as a hermit ?>f cpesially austere an<^ self-mortifying tendencies might have constructed, for it was without a window of any kind, and air was admitted by means of the hollow trunk of an alder tree, which had been thrust through the / roof of the cave, and made a sort of wooden j rhitft overhead. The floor was carpeted, how| ever, with soft dry moss; the bed was a pile of I dressed deer skin*, as supple and pliant as silk; a copper lamp hung by a chain from the roof; I hid pillows and bolsters stuffed with the plumage 01 me eiuer uuck ana (no wild swan, two boanikin coverlets, and at least a doseo {iiltsof yielding eider down; and?crowning magnificence !?there was an old-fuhloned chest of oaken drawer*, with bras* handlea and key-plate*, to which Peter Wow poin'ed proudly, as to a proof of intercourse with the cmliaed world of modern Europe. It was evidently some relic of a wreck of tne North Capo, and had boon dragged many a weary mile by the patient deer that drew the slddgea. I fancied the *cent of the aoa hung about it still. Scarcely wore we snugly established in oar underground quarters, when, one fine evening, 1 *43 summoned to join a solemn proooaaion which annually, according to immemorial custom, ascended the neighboring hill to ee? the I .st of the sun for that year, and bid the orb of day "<Jood-by." It waa a strangely-piotur esque sight, and not without its touching pathos, that assemblage of villagers, of every age fr>m the wrinkled grandsire who tottered on his staff, aci with a palsy-shaken hand shaded his aged eye* as be watched thai fast-declining ma which was letting, not for a night, bat for n lirearj wiater, and which he might sacrcoly h<>j.e to mark again, down to the child whose wondering eyes noted the scene for the first time since its reaeon began to dawo. All were there?the maidena and joung men, the rev* read elders, the feeble crones who ahivered already in the strange ominoaa chill that pervaded the ai.-; the nardy hunters, the no lees hardy shepherds, or rather deerherds?old and young were gating with a common purpose and common intensity of feeling upon the sinking luminary All kinds of wild imagination*, all manner of poetic memories, rushed in upon my toind as the aun approached the horizon, an t prepared for the final plunge. The wild and mystic verses of Tegner. perhaps suggested by that very apectacle of the death of the Northern aun, recurred to me with a boding clearnear I began to wonder whether I had been vox7 rut sua anrard to wisfiing to Hop a viator in Lapland, like a mole id it* barrow. I began to sigh after Gloocfatarthiro, whore the sun would ahise oat, many a day, on the I crisp i?now and frust-ailrorod boughs, whoa I ahoald bo left ia Cimmerian darkaoM. Plucge ' the rod ran had flashed down below the horizon A hoary twilight aottlod. aa if by ntegio, over the fair landscape. still gilded by (ho Mailea of rammer. Alas! the good fairy. ?o beneficent, ao bright, in ber rainb -w r?Ke, studded with flowers, was gone, and King Frost was to reign over her devastated naiaas. Hark! the long-wailing eadeasat of the sweet, sad ehant?an old, old boatben chant, of tha dars when Freya was worshipped;1 Freya, at onoo Venus and Summer of tbi* far remote race?in which the Laplander* bewail tin parting day! Now for the long, long nigbt! Already, a* wa tarned to quit the bill, after (training oar eye* aotil the loot faint glow had died awsy too?already an icy breaxe had aprang ap fr< m the dim northwaat, and I ehieered and wrapped my cloak round sae at tha sudden s?n*ation of ?old. "It ia the mow wind," said an old Laplander as wa pa*ed down to the village; 44 no more flower* for the la*?ee to braid in thai* hair thi* year." I muat confees that I fait uncommonly like a frightened child left alone in tha dark, and fumrrrrf whim for itiTinf amoBt the JjMb But that night (here ware high rarai* held among the dw?!l?r* in earea Peter Wow. ?? a oh;?fcf the Tillage *itf ruined all tha beaaty aud wealth (all tba ug'.inaas and povertj ? ** wall) of Kablito in hi* ho?pitahla ball? *?dergroand Torches biased aad qrattarad; \?JT The following la the vote ?f that part of Virginia known as the "Paabandla." eoc prising (lu otaafln ti Haaeoek, Bwoto, Okie and M?rataall: Br?kiiiM|?, t,MS; LiaedSt 1.396; Douglaa, 9H4 ? "j wud arum. ia?M were inn merry uanoer*. the wondrous Lights of the North. Ah! it was a pleasant winter; and I protest that I was half sorrj ?bu we all want up tha hill again, and hailad ttae rising sun, and da j and rammer came pouring in at onoa; and tha boat was prepared. and 1 bade mj gnome hosts adieu, and went off to tha dnvlight, op?a-air, Gloucestershire world again. ? Ckamhtrt' Edinburg j0urnal. Official Voti or Noam Cabolira?'The following Is lb? ofielal rote of the Stala of If art k Ceretfaa Hi tba late P/selneatUl election ; Brccklart<Ua and Laa? 4fi.539 Bell and Everett 44,MO Brecktaridga's 3 648 Tba Elaoters an tba 'Douglas ud Job neon ticket received only t,7UI Totea la the wbole State and played to me, and lightened my lonelid?u considerably When I recovered, I was thankful for the spectacle*, and never Buffered from the glare anymore. So the winter wore on. Bat the Merry Dancers! I was going to omit the moit atrangely-splendid sight (hat ever astonished my eyes, and to whien a whole Royal Academy of artista oould never do joatioe The Northern Lights, the oustomary auroras and meteors, were unusually splendid about midwinter; but once, aa I waa returning from a ledge excursion, an exclamation from my guide made me start. I shall never forget the scene. The heavens were one vast pavilion of many-?olored lights ; blue, orange, flenr red, deep violet, now paved with fiery gold, new spangled with lustrous genu, all blended in one glowing mass, while beneath, and touching the snowy plain, wheeled and sparkled, as in fantastic dance, a hundred oolumns of prismatic fire, that seemed the oreation of aome hawk on the wing, er?rj bell jingling, and the wild driver singing as he cheers on his aatlered team, that fly like the wind ever the dastticg white moorelanda.' The worst of it is, it takes away yonr breath uncommonly; and when I waxed confident, and would drive personally, I waa ran away with, of course, upset with an awful purl into a drift fire fathoms deep, and dug out icnominously, amid much laughter of tne little folks, who greatly orowed over olumsy Qullirer. Still, the drirea were famous fun. I waa frostbitten twice, and revived by a snow rubbing; but, worse, I waa struck with snow blindness, for I had to pass a fortnight in my cabin in absolute darkneaa, and waa not the happier for the reflection that my own obatinacy in refusing to wear anowapectaclea bad brought this agreeable seclusion upon me. But the kind little folks bustled about me, and told me the most wonderful storiee of witches, genii, and ao forth, all with Derfect childish belief and rrevitv. anH un* r-rv..., ** ? " wag as it pleased. It was in the daylight?I in the dark. Of coarse, I received no letters; the post courier was abut opt, along with the sun. and I waa the tenant of ?> strange lamplit, moonshiny world. We were not alwajs underground. In the fine weather the reindeer were driven out to browse on the iiehens and musses, from whioh they scratched away the snow with their fore feet. There were bunting parties, too. when we chased and slew the white wolves, the white hares, the martens, the deer, the birds, all and every one in their winter lirery of white. There was the ermine ohase, and the chase of the white fox, and a grand battle with an old giant of a bear, who presumed on the superstitious respect the Lsps have for "Old Grandfather Witard," as tnej oall him, and robbed the storehouses, until his thefts became unbearable. The wolf hunu were rather dangerous; but the bear was a terrible fellow; ho wounded four of oar best hunters, cowed the dogs with his ursine hugs, and nearly beat the wboie community, when a lucky shot laid him low. And then there were the glorious drives! Ob, the wild excitement of sweeping over the froien snow in a dMr.dnan ?1?^? ift ?? ? ox's bora, were never silent for three eonsective hoars; and there teemed no regular tiroes for meals, or sleep, or work, or recreation. On the contrary, music, and such simple labors as could be performed underground, and dancing and oooking, to say nothing of eating, drinking and goesiping, went on in a promiscuous fashion through the twenty-four hours of what would, down South, hare been a legal day. If anyone felt tired or sleepy, he or she went to sleep; the hungry ate, the thirsty drank; the Crpetual fires constantly cooked the most outsdish meases; the fiddles and drums wenton as if self-acting; the reindeer were fed, tended and milked; birchen bowls were carved, horn trinkets chiseled, and stories related to gaping listeners, all at once and all forever I left off looking at my watch at all, except mechanically, 1 went about as a sleep walker might; I dreamed standing. I passed a great part of that wonderful winter not unpleasantly. but in a sort of amiable nightmare. Of (MiurM I u> no nnwirtnari' >i?M nloVt A shout from the upper earth aroused me, and scrambling to the outer air, I beheld the rocks, the black pine copse, the illimitable moorlands, one dasxling, all-pervading sheet of blinding snow. All gone ! the fair flowers, the seng birds, the uncultured fruitt that offered their profusion everywhere, blooming heather and green gram, all gone ! buried until next summer brought back the daylight, beneath a spotless, unvarying cloud of virgin snow. To my great relief, it was not as dark as I had expected. A sort of hazy, shimmering light prevailed, like moonbeams through a mist. The northern wind blew keen; ana even as I gazed, the blinding snow-flakes came whirling down again, and seemed to bury the dead summer deeper at every instant. We all laid by our summer elothes, put on our manifold wrapa of fur and woolen, and betook us to winter avocation*. And now eame a strange season, when it was hard to say whether it was day or night, or both, or neither. The lamps were never suffered to go out; the fiddles and drums, the bone flute and the mnsk for enjoyment, those Lapland dancers would have been wonders, and yet there was nothing boisterous or ungainly in their movements. Indeed, these were as sprightly and almost as small as fairies, and haa something of the fawnlike elastioity and graoe of childhood in all thair motions. Indeed, it was a marvelous sight, that assembly of small folks under the level of the earth, and it put me in mind of what I heard of the Daione Sheah of the Scottish legends, and their revelry within Rome haunted hill. I could hardly help fancying I was really a captive or a guest of a troop of carousing gnomes, or that. Tike the Rhymer, I had been home away to Fairyland, and bad but a faint prospect of revisiting the real daylight werld again. The next morninir I bud a anrnriM lamps, fed by eeal oil and dear'a fat, were lighted and hang to every bracket and projection through all the subterranean dwelling; and at a very early hour, the monotonoua bat impatient boating of the Lapland dram summoned the guest*. AH Kublits was there, young and old, in holiday garb. There were games and sweetmeat* for the ehildren, dancing for the lads and laesoa, and abundano* of tooaeoo, gossip, and strong liquors for the seniors of the Tillage. A pot reindeer,?a lovely, milk-white creature, almost hidden bj the flowers with which it was garlanded?ru led through the room by a rope of rosea held by aiz young maidena. Six young banters followed, each with a drawn sword, with which they were presently to figure in tha aneient aword dince of Scandinavia. The orchester, composed of the strangest looking instruments, still managed?for the Laps are a very musical people?to discourse sweet sounds, now of wild pathos, now almost maddeningly gay and exciting. Such hearty, rigorous, apile dancing I never beheld. Even in the gayest circles of Stockholm, a primitive capital, in which the elegant world has not yet becc*ae too languid MISCELLANEOUS. Far* t Fan | AT SEYMOUgV IN GEORGETOWN. I har? with trtot oare tereonally attended to til* iMDafa 'iriii( and selection of the following Fur*. Mr ionc practical knowledge of the Par HuiiotM tublN me with oert&iatr to invito the %iiM to goods mad* from fine ana fresh oanght axina. Book aa Panada Miok Sable, gues a PH?U, j 7'uvn?u Hill Wttir Mink, French Sable. Childrena' Fura in great variety. Far I'rtmminga of all oolora. PrioM very moderate. W. F. SEVMOUR, no 19 1? Georgetown. FURS! FURS!! I have now ready for exhibition and tale my atook of FURS, to whioh I invite the attention of the ladiet. I have taken great e?re in the aalaojion, and fo?l aeeored they are unaurpaaaed in qu&Jity, atyle and workmaaahip. The aaaortmet.t cvnaiate of all the moat fashionable kinde. HUDSON'S MAY SABLE, CANADA SABLE. STONE MARTEN, ROYAL ERMINE. R Li SSI AN FITCH, SIBERIAN SQUIRREL, and many other varietiea. FUR of all kinda for Trimming, A largo aaaortmont of CHILDREN'S FURS, Alto,a fine variety of CAHRIAQE ROBES. I runuit IWillVIU IUO IMUH) kUU OVWJ BUUn will be made to olcase. All Fura ao d by their real namea, and warranted to be a* repreaented. JAS. Y. DAVIS. nol-Sw (Int ,Con A9tat*a.? late Todd A Co. KENTUCKY CHAIRS. E Hareiuat rceeivod an aaaortment of KENTUCKY RUSTIC CHAIRS.the moetcom-#7\ fortable and durable chair made. Vh. We have al?o in store a full and complete fW Btoolt of HOUSEFt'RNl>HING GOODS, /f* oonaiating of Cabinet Furniture, Looking Gla*sea, Beda ami Mattrea?eii, China. Gltaa and Orookery, Tab.e Cutlery, Britana Were. Plated Gooda, Japanned Ward, Block Tin Gooda, Iron Ware, Baaket*, B'uahea, Ao. Oar aiock ta oompletd with a'moat every thing n;ceaaary to fumian the parlor,dining room, hall, chamber and kitchen. Caah or time purohaeera will be offered atrong induoementa to buy. C. W. BOTELER A SON*, no 16-eo6t Iron H*H. f S VJ RE ^DVMADE CLOTHING. Onr present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S REaDV-MADE CLOTHING rflara to oit]z*na ^<1 strangers wishing an i in in id i at J out fit auperlor inducerne it*. embracing, at this time, all styles and qn all ties t<{ Press an ? Busine?s Garment* and OrerooaU in all vari'ties. Fine Shut* at.d Under-clothing of a.I kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best q>i\itjr. Scarfs, 'i 1*5, Cravat*, Sto-k*, Hosiery, tto.. Aa. All of wlvoh we are offer inn at <*ar usuv low pricoe. ID" Clothing ?rivl? t? order in the moat superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS 4. CO., no 16-tf Pa. avenue. L HEATH & KNOVVLEB, 1FE, ' FIRE, AND MARINE INSURANCE AGENTS. Omoi Otii Bill or Washi-noto*. THE CONSECTICVT~MUTUAL LIFE INorro i W/? V i? n A tf w OVDAill/S 1/UAirillTI, Or Hartford, Cos*. PURELY MUTUAL! Dividend* Made and Paid Annua'ly. La*t Dtvidtud Fi/ty Ptr Cent. FIRE DEPARTMENT. THE INSURAVCK COMPANY OF THE STATU OF VIRGINIA, Or Richxoxd. CASH CAPITAL 3300.000. Alio, other wife and reliable Companies, in vhioh thoinnared participate in the profits without mourring any liability. BEATH A KNOW1.ES, AoxxtsOfloe, Room 16. ovor Bank of Waskincton. Entrance on C ?tre<?t. no 18 A. y~vWHITB unllHL' D L'a A fmj tau rant,""" A'o. 31 '2 IS Hrest. bit ween 13IA and 1 ilk. The undersigned would moat resp'eotfully announoe to the citizens aud strangera toat they have just opeotd the at>o e nainod establishment at considerable expense, where the* will at ail timea ! ? ready to aooommodste the hungry aa we.l as tht thirst*. This House will be opened on Monday, November 12, for the reception of the publio. no 12 oo2w usher a mItchell. Aai.exandkia express NY Onedestring Freight?rni.ohor little?Barren, Ba e?, Boxes, Bodies, or, ib faot, aiiy thing, aafeljr traa?port?d and delivered Wetw-eu Wa?tingf>n, Georgetown, and Alex\ndria, may rely implioitly upon the KXPKES4 WAGONS of the nnderaicned whiob run regularly every ra* between those ci iea. Orders entered upon thealatea of h i expreasa' the star Office. at Bacon's (i'ooery Store, or at E VVh vler'a H ird*a^? Store, will be promptly a ttended to, and at very moderate ch* rges. T. H. STILLWkLL, do 14-1 ~n (Laf Oaborn'a Fxpreaa. gj m g jg jyf p J ft Oash. blind, door, and* moulding establishment, No. 1(1 (Seventh Street, orroiitt C*ntt* Marhti n . o. ccTr nine, Pucc'sao* TO h. W. HAMILTON * GO. I take this opportunity of oallin; the attention of Carpentera aod Bui dera 10 the immense ?tock of bAsH DOOR*. BLINDS; MOULDINGS. Ao , A.o., now in atore and daily receiving from the mannfwtory. It h\a Deooirea well-known fvu. ihat the material* fumiahed from thia ee'ahliatiment are aeoon'l to noa'< Oar atook we warrant manufaotu'?d from we'l aeaeoned amber, acd finiahed by experienced workmen. We do not he*itate to My that we now have in atore the moat oorcplete a lock of the above-mentioned article* ever b-fore offered in thia vioimty, to whioh we reapeotfully invito the attention of the public. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, bj puroha?inr jour Bntiding Mat?ria<a at the Old fcatabliahoaeat, No. ?62 He Tenth tt.eet, where you will g?t a good artio.e at a fair prioe. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT i? wall stocked with a No 1 artioie of all the * rious styles, and thiokcesaes. A smal! lot of Premium Fauoy Front Doors, wuioh are worthy the attention of those about baildinr?having drawn the first premium at the Pennsylvania State Pair, and manufactured at the Empire Mills of Messrs. Potter fc Co. 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A CARD ?Having bean informed by i?ml reapectable <vti?ea*that o?ater ni?w i??\ /?\ kera, aaltiaf from bneketa on the* f m J trMta, hare repre tented theraeelvea aa^^Jk&flP calling for me,, and that not a i>w pereons have in thu way had imposed upon ? them impure oyatera.and complaint ha vine been made tomato this effect. I have to aay that I have no hawker* telling for me from buckets and do not Slow the baaineaa to be oarried on from my eetabihmeat aa I do not deal ia oyetara of that claee. either have I any branch of my eatabHahment ia any part of th? city. No oyatera are aent by me to famines a&eept on ordera reoeiv?d at my only Depot, No. SSI C atreet, between 10th and II h. oo ?-lm T. M. HARVKY. notice: cH^H I jn?h all c?nti 3m?i \ mH to bear in mind that til* plan whith I duoed ppoM for OMh IB in Maoaaarnl operation. Joat raomved a fail aupplr ot th? l?ta.t NaV York rtlM of UK ESS HATS Tha rery BteW,MMS?r &&&$? tarara, SeTaath atraat, aacond hat Mora Iron the ?,Mr.o?PoiiU A ana* Hoaae, No. 4*0. n ITTHVIDR *S INIMITIHI B Hi ID niro I # VQO #AKT to MtfO'jd Clothing, Famish ni'ti of Br*i<la, Curia, Fnxetu*. Bau^oiuc, *o., on k&jd: *,:iio, nfcde to orriar at th? ?hcte?t notio# Hair Work r?p?ir?] or Ukwa & n?Un?. J*0* *? S18Mft3BWP??RP "*Jto bay Ctetfciet, Faraiahing Good^HaU fw i?. i?? wmmi vouiuu?(ioj aui* so ill i - luiuwi) , in adranoe. Matio and Laaf*a?as at Frofessora' prices, try No extra charges. anO-M W? GAB FIXTURES. K Hay* is store. and are dat.y reomrms, 648 FJXTtfxfi 3 of entirely New Patterns ami Dftsigni and Finish, superior in style to anythitut beretoior* offered la this market. We invite oitizens general 1* to eall and examine our stock of Gaa and Water Fixtures, reeling confident that we bar* tae boat elected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intnuted to Mr care will ha promptly attended to. _ MYERS 4 MoGHAN. mart-tf 3TH D street T~Z7 . CEMETEEy NOTICE. HE fabeoribor offwafor aale his sto?k ?f M AJtBI.E M0NUM8NW, TOMBS, GRAVE BTONKSaad MARBLE MANTELS at,raduoed prices for each or approved notee. A? earto eall la solicited. %M. R uThERFORD. Marble WurkavS?AK at. anrtc. we IT am ta*w.w 1?th and 13th. /HRRH' arm bd i i rt t mV. <*m* i as a wit. moir pnjMcai warning wi.i receiveuauy anil ?prci& attention, under the moot approved systom of Calisthenics and Gymn&stios, art respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, corner Fourteenth aland New York ay. Mil. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, | an 30-tf Principals. FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA, J A. Mrs. 8. J. MeCORMICK, Pbisctpal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will eommenoe on Tuesday .September 18th, in the house rccntly occupied by Sylve&ter Scott, Esq., No. ISO King st. eet. The ooorae of study pursued will oomprise all the branohes requisite to a thorough English Edu cation, and Musio. Frenoft, Latin and Drawing, il desired. Ir. addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared toreoeivea limited number of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under her immediate oar* and supervision. She will endeavor, as Jar ae possible, to sur round them with the oomfortsand kindly influences of Home. Ht/*rene?j.?R?r. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elian Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H Fowlo, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Km., Edmnnd F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbory, Em., Lewis MoKensie, Esq., Robert H. Hnnton, Esq . W. D Wallaoh, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas, Entwisle, Jr.. Em.,Cel. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. BtaokTooK A Marshall, Messrs. Corse Brothers. ^Board, with Tuition in Vftbe English Branohes, | L ANGtYaO ES*. iVr Kf*hUi'?U*?tri^tw??n iVand M, has the honor to Announce to the pubhe that he has retained h-a ieaaona in the above lancuaces aud haa opened at Miae Wood a seminary. 394 K I atreet, Ijetwoen 12th and 13th ate , a French Cla.?s in whioh young lad'ss will b* admitted. Tina clan will meet three timea a week at half-paat 3 p. m. Terras: 95 per quarter of 10 weeks Satiafrotory arrangem nt? made lor Ieaaona given in aohoola. mr da Villiera offers the best referenoes as to hia ?eal, ability, *? vta oc 24-lrn T female education. HOSE Parent* who wiah their daughter! to rftoeivea thorough.and systematic education. where Btore, No >Q'i llth wt oo 27 251* IPOR RENT.?Two new three-story BRICK HOUSES with baok buildings, eaoh hoosi ooct'uritK f room*, with gas, pleasantly ?ituatM on Ith street north, between M and N streets; rent moderate. Appl* to E. LAZKN8Y- opposite, or to JOHN T. LENA/AN, Ohio avenue, between lgth and 13th ?tr>??ti? oo 9tf FOR RENT?Pos?e?sion on the 1st of Ootober The DWELLING HOUSE N?. 43S D street, at present oooupied by the Rev. Dr. Butler, and nextdoor to the rosidence of the advertiser. J. M QAK l.ISLE. N. B.?It will not be iet for a boarding house. e 18-tf CM)R RENT?The F1R8T FL?>OR of the bni'dr in* immediately opposite the west wine of thf CitT ITal., raoentjy oooapied by Chas. S. Wallaob as an ofiioe. Also the front room in the seoonc story and the third floor of the same bmldinz. Foi terms apply to RICHARD WAL.LAOH, No. S Lomsiana avenue. ia 13 tf educa'tTqnal. PA. S. D*VIL1,IERS, unriroanu af*k. cd l'vnu -??i nron i w uvu?v ? *" ?w? ?uu iii icw? uocp , nas {p iwi parage, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, and four ehambers, with stairways in pu?*{e and kitohen, with good o?llar under the whole hou?o Fo- term* inquire at 499 Seventh street, oppoaite Odd Fellows' Hail. no 1-tf JA9 9. TOPHAM. FOR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 WmI?L, Georgetown, at present ooon piod by the subscribar. it has 12 ro ms, with gas and water throughout, a fin? ya'd, etahle &o , and is in acood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A.MAGRCDER. ic 25 tf FOR RENT?A fdur-storr brown-front DWEL LIN?J, situate on Thirteentn st., between L and Ma?saohusetts ar^ on^ of the most desirable locations in the oit?. Thu house is furnished with marhla mantles ; also, gas and water fixtures, with bath-ro<>m. Inquire at WM. P. SHEfiU'S Punr. iriwocn u ?nu r, iu. i ns nuuie is iarmsneo wun all the modern improvement*. Applr to THOMAS PARKER. no? eo3w* TO RKXT-That pleasant COTTAGE RE?T DhNi^E. oontaiainr 7 rooms. with front baloonr, large rani* in (rout an?l rear, fronting H ?t, in Printing OfBoe Square, between North Capital and First at*. Rent .92*0 per annum. Address, by letter or in person, W.M. STIUKNEY. no 6 tf FOR SALE?A new two story briok HOUSE on Fourth street, bilow New Yoik avenue. The nnnaa i OTl fatx* f? - *- - - * ' * market. which I can seuddireot from the vowel if your order* are l<?ft immediately. R. W. BATE*. Wood and ^oal De*l*r, oo Comer C and 14th wtg . n^ar Canal. WOOD AND O O A h Delivered to all parte of the city, at the lowMt pouible rates. T. J. A W. M. 6ALT, Office 392 Pa. between 11th and lith iU. ma 17-tf north ?ioe. ~FOR SALE AND~RENT~ POR RENT?A doirable and well located fir?tr clau RhtjIDKNCE, No. 46? 9ixth treet. Kindling and stove wood Manuiar.tnred any length, and d?ii vered to auy p*rt of the city at the shortest notioe, and at the lowest possible rate*, by SHERIFF & DAWSON. IL7" Office south side Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4,H ?ts.; wharf and mill west side 4H street and Oanai. no 1-lm TO THE CITIZENS OF WASHINOTON.-I have just received a^ will oommenoe unloading to-morrow a cario of the vsry best Red A?h COMiierr and.stove sizes) ever brought to nia U* "0"J,.VT" ?o Union Fire-Wood 91111s. PINE. OAK and HICKORY WOOD Sawed and $plit at any Ungth c aise required. and delivered to any part of tne City at vary low pmom. fC?" We oalt the particular attention of oar oaatoiuer* and tha publio $fnerMiy to cur tplend d SToCK l)F COAL, which wo can ?ay, wiUiout fear of contradiction, ic raual to any in 'ha City. We guarantee to give aatiafiotion to all who may paronM? ot as lD""Our SAWED and SPLIT WOOD iakept under ourer, perfeot'y dry, &ud COAL on plank floore, oleau and in good order. Large aalei and ania!l profits. [T^Orrt'rii aolicited at UNION FIRE WOOD MILLS Cor. S?v? nth at and Canal, ^ McKNEW & MAR LOW, Proprietor*. WOOD AND COAL. TO THI PUBLIC! GO WHBRK YOU C A N GET TOUR MONEY'S WORTH! OTTKY IT ! PROVE IT ! KNOW IT !.UF1 TRY WHAT? | JET Trrthe PIONEER MILLS, and bny yo*r WUOD there. PROVE~WHAT? l?7* ProT# that yoa can ?et jour WOOD thfre c eaper than elsewhere id Uie city ; and than you KNOW WHAT? Know that yon get GOOD MEA8UREand ths very beat of WOOD for lea* money. Cwr, Split, and Dblitskbu Fiuui Charge. Call at thi PIOREKR MILLS! S1QN OF THE BLUE FLAO STAFF. SoCTBVItT CoKMBB SbvERTH ST. ARB CARAL (South of the Bridge.) no 19 GEORtiK PAGE, Aenrr. DENTISTRY. \f TEETH. 1*1 LOOM IS, M. D., the inTenUn and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, tt-. persona ly at hi* office Is this oit* Mbv Many persons ou-VMtr these teeth wtto^* 11 m cannot wear others, and no parson oan w?ar others who oanr.ot wear these. Persons ealli&c at my offiee oaa be aoeoamodaUd with *i\j style and prioe of Teeth they may desire: nui to w)oae who are parlioa'ar and wi*h thepurert, olMBMt, strongest, ai l mott perfect deniare that ?rt cap produce, tho MINERAL PLATE will i? more fuliy warranted. Room* in this ojtr?No. *3$ P* irwui. hetwem 9th and 10th ?U. Also, 907 Arch street, Phuadai oo 15 tl S? JMSNTWTEY. R. HILLS, after a aractie* twt of tiro 7 ear I that h? OM with oonfiJcnosrooom-^B^fc mecU tLe CheoplasDo Prooess fonnaortictgHBS) ftrtiioia! tooth. It h&a the a/tractates itrentth. beaaty, ote&aunMP.acd one*?amM, Fa I in^rUd for ?. Wrtiai ia proporteoa. Oflae 306 Pa. avenae. hi CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY " D Strut, btivm 9ik mm4 lot* Strut*. Wa hare iuat finished a number of first c.ui CARRIAGES, *uoh a? Lirkt Watons, Park PKtaums, jfemtiv Car-ttflOfCK riot'*, amd Butnti, wluoh we will eell?t*-=*3 a vci mall profit. I Heine orAAtiaaj mMK&mAi in Hi of theTaainaam, wo flatter omrtelre* that we Se styiM and ^u&ufy of work that wi.l rive natii otion, oombiiunc lif htneea, comfort and duratili ty. Reaairln* promptly and oarefnlly attended to the enortepi nctioe and moat reasonable aharcea. WALTER. HARM ANN A BOPi\ Coaohiu&kerR, inoooaaora to Wm. T. Hook. a? trdir T* CARRIASF*. X HK Sabaoriber havinx made addition* to ki factory, raakinf it now one of tbo largest in the Diatriot, where hia facilities forUnSnkfT nianai%ctnriQjCAKEUA6K Jt LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds cannot be surpassed, and Ironfiui lone experience in tii? basineas, ha noyss to jire jsneral eatitfaction. All ki~da of Carriages aad Light Wagona ttyt sa kan?* Ali REPAIRS aaatlydaM,aa4allartcri?rmBH * U-tf tanar mt l?tk aad KM. De.J H r McLEAN'S , STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PI RIFIEK THE GREATEST REMEDY tk4 WORLD, and the moat Dzucioca a > d DELIGHTFUL -a tbf I X remedial principle Jk of each in?r? Juu u titmg. dtatillWir, proclaim r & Mliciont, eahileratUi* eptri:, u< tbs Dor. infallible re me '-J for renovating ik? <niu?o ejataiE, and raatariag the ick, nfiniii, and debilitated lartlid i? | beailh and eireofth McLBAlTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will efactullj care L'?ar CcnpUir.t, Djepepa-'a, Jeandice, Chronic or Nerroaa Debility, Dieeiace of the Kidnaye, and all dutaan arUui* from a dieordarad L>?er or Itouiack, PjaN^na, Haartbara, Inward Pilaa, Aridity or 8icka*aa V tbe Stomach, Falloaaa of Blood lo the Head, Dali Pain or Bvimmior in the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, k'ailuaaa or Wairat la the Stomach. Boar Eractatiooe, Choki: ? or Bafocauog Paalirf wbto laving down, Dryneea or YalloW. aaa of tM Skin and Eyaa, Night Iveau, lavard Penie, Pain ta the Small of the Back, Cheat, or Sidt, Scddac. Flaahei of Haat, Oapraaaioo of fipmu, Frigbtfaj Draa.-na, Languor, Paepoodeucy or aay uerTcna dieaaae, Boras or Blotehaa on tha Bkm. ud Faur i raa f*r rk. i, *r i r?r??.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES * ha?e been told darinj the Wat eix anoathe, and 10 a? l?etance bu it failed 1b enure eiuifacttca. ? ho. tb?r, will enffer frcrr. Wetko'M or Debt!i'j rban Mrl.r* '.! STRKNUTHEMING CORDIAL will ear* 70s 1 !? Iarj-*af e can convey an adaqaate idea of the iirtaediaii ana almoal miraealoaa change prodaced by Ukief taia Cardial in the dieeased, debilitated, and ehat-.ered tierreii eyetern, whether broken dovn by eiceaa, ve?k by ratrre, tr iiajwiriu cj un riiiiia iai rri-runf ?rfUi. smtitQ it r?au>r?d to iu pcituas health mud n^or MARRIED PERSONS m other*, ootaeioac of inability fro* whatever cuh. will nd McklAN'S 3TRJ?.f JTHINLNG CORDIAL * Ikoroajh i?f enar&tor of '.fc? ifWi; and all -vko ran* U*t* la h>r?d by iropr?p?r kadalfaaCM will i .d ia thi? Cardial a caruin end ipaaaj rtmid;. TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHEN!NO CORDIAL li a ..rtirn and ?f itdr ear* frr bicipital Couasitptioa, Whfcrt, Obttmcltd or PlScult Mtottraatiao, Incootintact of Crv.t Of Intolonttry Ditcharrt tbtrtaf, Pallia; of th? ?wsp OiddLottt, Fainting, ana all dittattt tncid tut to Ftmalta THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar u Innftr. Taka It according to diracoona. It YtU tlimalalt, tirtiftbtn, aod Invigorata y>? aid can** bloom oI baalih to moaot yoor eked ifiu. Krtr-r 'attit it iitruiid ta [1*1 ntufaeuon. FOR CHILDREN If ?oor ohltdrtn art tickly, pan/ or aSictad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL arill makt thtm Miliar, fat, u< robaat. Dtl?j not a mmblj to it, and job will ba coc.Tinned. It it otLiciaaa ta taka. CA XJTION Bt wart of drar^iatt or dtaltra who imj try ta palm a r - s yoa mdii btuer or eareapariila (rub, which they can try cheep, byeayinrit u lw h rood. A*oid each men. Art for MCLEAN'S 8TRENG1 HENINU COBDIaL, uiJ u*? nrthinr elae. It ia iht only remedy that will purify tlx Blood uioroBfhJr and at the earne lima ?ir?nf ;nu :h? aya'.iia. One teaapoonral taken e?ery loor&iuf faaunr ia a cartutn preventive for Chalen, Chllle and Paver, Yellow Peeer, nr inr prevalent dieeaee. It ia pat op tu lar^e boolea. Price only (1 par b?ule, or < bettlee for $S. J. H McLEAN, Sole proprietor of thie Cordial; also, McLcaa'a Volcanic Oil 1 Liujceol Principal Depot on the corner of Third aud Pina airaata, St. Leon, Mo. I McLean's Volc&nio Oil Liniment. (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) The only aafe aod certain care for Caacera, Pilee, Ta nora, Swelling* aod Bronchile or Coitre, Par*W?n, Nea ralfta, Weakneeaof the Maaclee, Clonic or InHamruatory Rheamaiiam, Sufaeaa af the Joint*, Contracted Maaclea or Liftmenta, Earaefte or Toothache, Brmaaa, Spraiua, Preeh Cat*. Woanda, flora, Peeer Sorea, Caked Br caet. Sore Ninrlaa. Rnma. Rcalda. Bnra Thrnat nr m? in8ai?mi?Uji ? pem, BO difftrtoea how HTin or long til* diifmt ic-t h??? axiatad, McLKANV CKLEBRATKD LINIMENT it a cartein unid?. Thouaandi of hasaaa btuip hava bain aavad a lift ot d? erapitmda and miaary by lb a aaa ?f tfcia tnr?im*bU remedy. McLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will roltava pain * I moot iirtutuMMlr, u< it will eltu, , parity ana teal tb* fooleet htm id an incredible short time FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT u tae only nh u< reliable remedy for the ecre of Bptria, il'firbooc, Windfall*, flpliou. Uouamral Lure pa, Nadaa or Svelltnre It aever failed to a Bra Big Head, PollaTil, PutaU, did Rannlng Soree, or Svaeay, it properly applied. Per Sprajoa, Bruieea, Scrauliaa, Cracked Haela, CLaKa, Saddle or Collar Galla, Cata, Borta, orWoaada, li ia ut infallible remedy. Apply it aa directed ax4 a care ia certain ia e?ery inatanca. Than (rile aa longer viU tie aaaay worthlaea Limmeate offered to yon. Obtain a M?ly a( Ot. McLEAMI (,'lLtRDiTtn i.iNiurvr t. _,r> .... i- H. McLUN. Sou Pr?pri.tor. Comtr 11174 ar4 Fici au., Bt. Utii, Ma. CHARLES BTOTT, 9>S Fa. a?., aola arcel la Washing *a?j R,?. ?. C.SSEL.O?rplm. aa ?4-DAWly gCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for 8eh*ol and Dress Wear. Pwnti sad rwrdiazu wishing to furnish th?r ohiirfrsn and ward* with So- <x>! ard Coll-f Oatbta for the coming teaaon, are invited to examine oar pretest large and extensive aeeortment BO VP CLOTHlNtt, where they oan fit oat their ehildrea of all aiiee in a few moment* with rverv deeoriy i tion of rr adv made Girrreota. of aur*tanu* jv:. : durable quality, ?t>ery prtbee. WALL, 8TEPHEN8 A CO., m ar>-tf 39a p'wu. avwcu*. ROUGHS, COLD8y?OAR?ENSfc8, Ao. COMPOUND SV RUP OF GUM ARABIC This ploaaant and popular Couc* kn .*ij haa been so ionic knownairiexteaaiveiy ?eed, that -?eat pera^nt have become familiar with lU extraordinary efioaey. It oan b* bad at all the prico na! drag store* at 2S and ??ea>ta a bottle ee? d?wiA?H?4m* (EMBROIDERY STAMPING, on all kiotU of 1 Cj mater.a.1 .done ia the beet manner, at C. F. 8CHM1DTO Tor en1 Fanoy Sore. No. *0 Pa. avenue, betweea S)at and 33d at*., wh^re oan be ?end a treat variety oi beautiful Pattern* for S*e Caft.|gto,r>e ? *arit?& wm>O. uoC lm* B. HALL ILY M^od Su**r 7 oanu per psqnS!1 Ca'i at^No. 4^4 Tth rtr^-ftt. b?y??nTj uj Ixmumn* *v. oo *-tf F BBNOB* BIclsTBlN'B, No. m Pmn. 1WB&S2&aS iwaf?1'1111 wai/i w ? ??-jec ? ** ** ? ?*.?.. ?? "Si?* "g"Br# WO do. Rl?e do. to. 1-2,000 A6i?gM%^fc4? vhiefc vofMraaUotoTa wn JnM,M< trtfeM old on r**?oti?blo terau u orior to Mfe( im> tor oar vpnn? atoc*. W? aat?oil tx Um _ DaSnton.HK Dwot. fcl h>.w Bum >. bwrj^ New rM wall, ptephkn# <t Co.. ? ? p??git*. * & BIVUSUAliB, rrom?or?. S39 WaJnut ?tr?*a Fki VlflpbU. WM. C. CONOVKK, test forth* frwrlrtori, 8vi p?. tv^ e i4-On opposite W imrHDt** 1*7 TRAVELING TRUNKS. " t v: Hare ju?t rcceivsd the la rest ftatortaarat tod o?* offer tfcc vioit axtresivB VA< I5>fc.?, CAKPKT BAGS. HATLBKL?, Ac.. 'Jv'ivrrsVtSrx^'s??" OCSS tf it> P?. HWW, Flour Corn*r^f (IT* Cash paid far all kinds of Grain- M ? $m nu4i:?i nrr.ifwiaiCAT PoTimEt a? GoL?c.eLUou?ij distilled Oi Mr Jun?? Baraude. of Atie*any County, Fenna., in tW? oM-fohioaed honest wav. fro*. thechoin*wt aod most earefaUr se!eoU*1 K > , and in uu mm ?vnr otered for aain until adapt* d to vhnlwoBt mm hy ac* li Mil once the most i>ua^b>, u it 1? empttattaaar one of th? purest hevera*?>s in the i?tek of tM publics. To the Invalid, as w?l u to t..ow iBfcn'tt.rt sorr.mcrdi itee.r f>T it* aanvalled ^va^itiM at a t.naulant of the M^Mt iirMt, and moot beaefteort Inscription, and many of the roost dirt.oraifhV pbrsielace are laiafitia their praetie# with the happiest reeaita (Ui appointed for the ooaimeLoement of U>? pabno i?h of the lands tract>; otberVi??, aaoh *!ann will tv? forf*itM. U veu under inr hand at theoitj of Waakiaffton, thus Dtii day of September 1&&T. JUS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the General La mi ofioeNot*.?Under the regulations of tke Departmect, as heretofore and now paj n?nt oaa be nr>adn for Advertising proclamation! esoapt to inch publishers as are rp? uu.'y a*Mo-txtd to publish by the Commaaieaar ?t the lieneral Land Offibe. MS flt?i HLD RICH, MELLOW AND PCRB Vj B UKNSIDP'B M0N0NGAJ3ELA RYE WHIGEMT, crnu per aor*, ai.j mo p&rtjcu or UMU eat by toe rourto will so d uWot i.. me r (lit o' w%? for said railroads. vnd m'oi the qaaliuet r p^eti. olj shown oh the oftcia. plat wiibout deductions. The otfsrinK will be 001 mcnoad on tbe dare appointed, and wi.i p-<>oe*d in the order id wkie!i ?h*r ar- uvtrbMtl, until tiie vboie hall have b-en Bvred. aad tue s&.es eloetd; t at no aaie shail be k-ptopen longer than two weeks. and no ert r?U ent'i of any of thi lands will be admitted eutil alter the expiration of tbe two weeks Every Person entited to the right of pra-emptioa to aav of tb- tract* embraced by thi i uouo*- is re. qairwd to e*taniis& the same to tbc ?atjsfa<3b<>u of th- r-?gi tor and receiver of the proper land . nr.ii msilr ? da.* mM.t inr tKpir r niiti. ? . nr -a ?.? i owu?Mp : j ?t range 25 Township of rauge ?7. At the Laad Office *t Po*tla*?. on Monday. ttie 8Mb Lay of November text, lor th* dUpoeaj of tie traou within tta? und* mentions townehifa, wuV held, pur?ujat to iA?ahovo-n.e<iU>>cod nouo*. from the fc&it 8 he:d on tlse SUt OoloUer, US, tut&r Ue aid proo.ATjiation. r i: North tj th* bait li?4 of tk* />iU prtmetpaI wurtiiwUL Towohipt S3, of range 10 \ ToWMliip 53. of ra:;*e 11 'owaBfltpt 51 a: a 6i, of range IS o vnshtp* 5J and 51, ot raui* 13 r >w?h>pa 4t* and M, of raore 14 Township* 48,43, ?uc ?, of rac<? 14 Town?Hip? 47 and 42, of rang* 16. Laud* appropriated by law for rf ladta? or other purpose* will be exc'aded from the sale*. The traot* withia ni mile* on eaoh st?e of ihe railroads will be oiToied. tsblnt, as recurve by law, to a minimum of I wo dcllari cm* Mr ui of the tract i ?itiiiu la a uu4?riiienlioo?d to#*. hip?. vittihcld, purtuant to tbe abore-maatloaod nomoo, from im aai?-a h?l?i at CanUridxa tfca 3 tt October, 1859, uuder ti.e a&id proc.amatica, vit: yorth of tkt bate lin* and wt ?T Ui/mrt4 primti |NA* mtr \d i.ift. Township 32 of range 23 Townships 32 and 38,01 rangeM mi? ?*vm waam vuo uuun iuvluniil WWHUVIt withh?iJ, pursuant to Uic above mentioned ootiev, ftoiu the ta>e? held ui Ui? Mth November. Ik*. uder the sa'.u proclamation, mi : Ncrtk 4/ tkt base.ltn* and ve?t <J tkt J|/H rnmttfml mcrid***. fovcshipa I'M and 1M, of ranee own?hi p? 1"8 and 108, of raoce Towngnip* 1(2. I'tt, and 104 of rM|? W Tovaakipt lC3?aa 104. of range U Townehpi ins and lot, of range It Township* 101,1-2. ar<?ti*3, o' ranee IT Town?iup? lui l"i, 103. ud lot. of ran?e II Towotluyi >01,1 (U, H4, and lot, of ran## 1ft. At the l.anfl *r ?r**i?t City o? wedeae dftT. Ufl 28th rfJLv of \(ivumKar o? * t <Af ? Towbstupe 113,119 and 12n, of ranee 2* Townahipa !1M 18,119, e> d 1?, If Townatwpi 118 119, and 12 -,. 1 ranj* 2s 'fom*ni p? 114,119, and 120. of rant' 29 Townships 113 111, &n<) 12', olian>.< *i T.->wnbhip? 111, 119. and 12?, of range a Tovaoiupa 119 and 12 >, oi rangesz Townships 119 and 12% of ranee S TowLenips lit, 119. and 12", of range* i'owii?mp? us. 119, and 12 . of raage Si. At the Land Ofc?t at fliiiDmox.n Mondar. the Sd da? of December next, for u<e a.spoaa. of tha trncta the nnd ru'inostd townships, withheld, pursuant to tfce aOcve mennoned MUM, from tue sa.ea he.d on tha 7ih Niovembor. IIS, aader the raid proolamation, rig: Pfortk of tie ban lime "nrf wart ef iKr ifth pi < ?# > wuridtmm. Township 112, of rani? 18 Townships 111, <12, IIS, 114, and 115. of range II Townah >a ill, Ii2, IIS. 1U, and 11*. of range* lowtihips Hi, ll4,and 115, of rangeSl Townih pa 114 and IIS, ot ranee 24 fownshipa 113.114, and 115. of ra *e2S 'Wtahipa 1 is, 1 J, 114. and 115. of aoge 24 Townships 111, lp, lis and 114, of ranee t? Townahipa HI. 112. Ill,a?d 114. ot range V Towustnpa ill and 12, of lange 27. At the Land O?oe at Ch&ttik.b? n Moatw, the?S;h day ol Sovrmber next, *or tae dieeoau of ?.?w.- aU^ -A - J 1 Township 41, of rta|?a Nmth * ikt bast Itmt amd ihii V fii/Hftii fciiprf fTownahipa 181 and 18*. o( rauce 19 ownWnpi ui n.c ia, of ruti M ton pa m and 13, ofrun 17 ?roWDa..lM 1? <M, W. and I*, of layiM owuahira U4 14 12b, 137. ud m,ofia*?#? owuahip 128, ot raof??. At the Ofisa at Fhiit Citt. on Wadnaeday. the ?th da; of November neat. for the disposal of the tracts, withia th? undermentioned towaalnpa. withheld, purauact to the abuvt mentioned cotio?, from the aalea h- id on th? It at Oeltmr, its. under the aaid proclamation. vis: North of Uu baa /uw and wttt af tluAflk n iai ips f _ . . merit: tarn. Townships lit, ITS, and I*), of rmnretl Township lit. 119 and 12a, of range zt TownefcipaU6 117,118, :19,18ft. aod lfl. of range a rownahipa 1 Ifi 117, lit, ll!? and 181, of ran re M Townabips 117, lit, and 119. ( raime SS " ? >' r nut tor ai??e?I of the ti*oU within th? undermentioned trv^ahlM. wiCk h?M, eurauant to the tfcov*-MMU.Md tolMkfrfii tue *;-? b?fi on the 7th Nor mo mr, a?, . a*r u>e Mid proolnn?ti#n, ri?: Sorlk <J tkt ban hmt and wttt tf tk* /*wtA n wii Township 34, of r*o?? w TowuFhip 36. of r%n?e 29 Town*hlpe 41 tud 44. nf r?Bt( I bo (MMrtllr Urei|hoitU*Mutrr. U^" Single eopiee < in wr*?p?nt tmm W >roin< at the ooantir, 1 maxdiAt* j ?Aar t*e wm of Ut wer. Pnofr-THIKK CENTS MISCELLANEOUS. iqpMni LNOFFEREU. .Nonox ? hereby f iren that uSiit ealee wHl *e held, ob the <m? ad at the ylMN kereiaaftar ap-oified, in the State of MiR?ae?r*.of the neani ? tract* of pnblio land vith&aid by Nutiae No.NL d?W Septemtx?r 3. 15*9 from the ea>? ort*?fadS? I'rocian-atioB So. M, dated Jaty . > ?, ?? i At the I And Oftce at St. Clow*, <> ^ n?da?, the T en oopie* TvHtr SvtoefM * J It iaianftUy oonUua tfca "WnkiMiM fiw_Uuu kM mad* IV iMW? i?MM *c-r I THE WEEKLY DOLLAB STAR. Tit* HMUal PfcaSr Mi W? iMMMtr aimnt ? trmam vmn*r ot latarafeBC tmMm tfaaa mm b* fou4 ta aay aCtar-u m Fn<l%j mcrzjmg. Tixnt?Chtk, h>Tiril>, te a*awM* Sin* > c^pji f*t aana*. t> * kit# oonm ? ?? * *

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