Newspaper of Evening Star, November 26, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 26, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Am litrittdlaary KUprnnt iad m M??rn fat Marriage. Tha other dar, two of the most rural of the ruralista, from Clark eountj, Kj., rejoicing in the ntuiN nf Mary and I?mm. arrired, with railway kaata. at the dpeneer llouae, for the purpuae. they atated to Col French, one of the rlarka of the hotel, of entering Hjmen'a court forthwith. After ho had given them an tne ? ^ necessary information as to the mode of procedure, they seeined to be overcome with the responsibility of their position, and fearfully Impressed with the awful future before them, at once burst into tears, and fell, like crying children, into each other's arms. So grieved did they ?eem that they were told if they had repented, there was no necessity of marrying, and that they had better return home as they came. To this they objected, and Mary, drying her eyes for a moment, said they had run away to get married, and marry thev must, to which Isaac silently assented llere they indulged in a fresh fit of weeping and hung on each other's necks with streaming optics?apparent victims to a fate they oould wskstat 4IVV Persuasion and reasoning were employed in vain. They would weep, and they would get married. So somo one induced isaao and ilary? they would not be separated?to get into a carriage and drive to the Probate Court for a license. There they did the lachrymose again v ;ry copiously, but their hearts were still firm. They looked through tearful orb* at the dread ahape of marriage, and though they trembled they did not fly. The license was secured, and back they went ft A clergyman wu secured, and u soon u he had asked them to stand ud, ia order to hare the ceremony performed, they set up such a regular boo-hoo as is rarely witnessed outside of a low comedy on the stage. The parson was alarmed, the lookers-on were surprised, and the 1). D. told them very blandly if they were not prepared for the serious and solemn occasion, it would be well to postpone the affair, at leut uutil they were more composed. " No po-po-post-panensent," blubbered out Isaac ; "we mu-iuust get spli-spliced." " Yes," said Mary, "wec*-can't help cryin'; but we're bound-bound-to get married."' Thus assured, the service went on, atd at last the minister pronounced them man and wife?a declaration that was received with a burst of aqueous agony that surpassed ail previous efforts. The spectators of the strange'scene couM no longer restrain an audib'e smile, and left the cewiy-wedded pur to themselves and their tears. Soon after, the welded weepers were induced to retire to their room, where they remained until late iu the morning When they appeared" at breakfast tbey seemed very well satisfied with each other and wedlock, and their faces bora no traces of their late sorrow, which had given place to many wreathed smiles and the presence of a loeand iov. They returned home in the afternoon train, quite as happy as persons usually are under imilar circumstances, and here we leave them to their fate, and to truer causa* of those eopious tears.?Cincinnati Prts*. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS NATIONAL HOTEL ?C Protta, Pa; J Kent, Mm Nlcbol, Ala; R H Tally, Va; Mrs Carroll, C Moore, NY; J O Gerry. Fla; G T Putnam. Va; "W H Johnston. Masa; R B Flail, DC; Dr Johnson and ly, Va; Miss Mantz, Md; S Beene, Pa; E T Llova, J Brayley. |N\; M Gedelun, Md; C M Lewis and ly, Ct; Hon T Corwin, O; M V B Stevens, Pa; T C Burns, J F Blake, Va; \V Yat?*s, NY; A E Helmer, R P Fields, Ky; J H t?atter!*-y O; L Bowie,?; >V Taber. Ga; G \V Yancey, L Halaey, Mr Allen. G A Myers and ly, Miss Watkins, \V D Miller, Va; W M Scribner, Mass; G \V .Mmon anrl 1 v NV; M!u Itfirrrtt (\ It Map tin, Md WILLARD'9 HOTEL ?A P Handy, DC; Hor J V L Pewyer, N Y; Hon A Sob?-ll. do; F A Flsy d"; O Griffith and family, do; H M B?*arce. Maw Capt Mc.Neltt, USA; S W Salamon, NY;J \\ BicClr.e, do; A J Smith. Texas; Sir Antreo F1 ?r.-s Ecuador, Dr J W Bu. kiev, DC; S Bowles, Bait ? Brosent, do; R In^alfs, USA: L B Cawlev Maw. Mm Andrewi, Mass; MIm !? Andrews, do y Whipple and lady. Md; M V B Stevens, dr XV Kra ri do; A S Parsons and wife, Va; Mis A S Carter, NY; Mrs Sherman, do; Mrs Hutthard do; Miss and Mrs Latdlev. do; P A Pewson. Mass A H Kas^oe, Tenn; H F Stickney, Bait; \V 1 Howie, Ala, H C Soauldin^, DC. BROWN S HOTEL ?H Jeter, S Huting*. , T Newman, M Coheu, J Kendrlclr. W Kendrtci Va: J Wll*on andfam. Mia* ** Howard. J Bowel J William*. H B Barrett, R Hodge*, J Edwardi Md; E Rawllng and ly, Mr* Owing and son, P< W Ryertoo ana lv, J Perly, Capt Urgyhaat, I Hart M F Muon.NY; S Franklin and ly. T I Bl?om. W F Brantly, Dr M H Ven Dyke. us; de Wetteratedt, R vv Browning, W A Ward, C; LB Barne*. H S Tarr. Mat*; J Rodger*, Teni C E ButU-raud ly, Me; Mr* Saunder*, Ala; D V Moor, CE; L Bate*, I .a; A H Vaa lid kksliu, Nl R Oliver, Eog; ST Suit, Ky, KIRK WOO]) HOUSE?A Bergman*. DC; IV n Pi..u VV. A U 7* if-, u * aiiif/aivu) ?? 1/ r iciu, ii i | rt ?i i-sai i, ? a, c . Brig**. J W Straff. NJ; J Packer, F Tlttertoi "\V Herbert, V?; J R Andrew*, Fa; W H J,llar( Md, W P Manguln, NC. vc?.a:\ stbamers' sailing day FftOM U HIT is States . S: tamer i. Lvuit. For. Days. C>ixt? ...... Boston Liverpool Nov T-ulonia.. .New York...Hamburg Oh> Afrioa ?.. .\ev York...L.iverpool....l>eo A'Vu. !Sew York...Havre Dm A*i% New York... Liverpool... D-o #>aa Bell ....Xevr York.. G.ssguw oto Prom Likope Aravo??.. South'?tou ..New Vork,..Ni>T C. Manchester. ..Liverpool ...New York...N ?v Ar(ii<i% Liverpool Hotsuiu Nov ...Siutii'pUm ...New York?.Nov Leia?ler....?_?aiway...... Biuton .. iinv >"?a . .._.Liverp.>oi ...New York ..Nov Uai'd Kir.jdoip Olucow New York ..Nov No* Yor* doutn'pton ..New Vork.. .Nov K "?Jar .... 1.1very 'til. ...New York... Nov U'iruMii S--u!n ptou... New York.. .l)e? J r? ? Liverpool. ...New York...l>ec Pa.Un .South'pton.?New York . . J>eo Pa>?line Liverpool Nn* \ ork.. Ueo i he California mail *tna nera leave on the 9, 13th, an 1 i9: ? of ev^ry laontn. nKNTLEME.VM UK ^DY-MADE CLOTHING ?'nr assortment of liENTLfcMI-> KC^Di -MADK i:lo I Hl.NO i tar* to oitix: bad strangera w.siiinj an immxhan outfit ?uj n> r indiceme1?, aihr?oi g, at this time, at) lea and qua!it 14? rf l>.esa an t Bu*ini*? fli >:<ent? and ov-ro iata i'i ail ?an'ties. Fine Shi aud l"n Itt o.ottunt ( I %!i kind*. Kid a .d ?>tl Gloves of I.**i 4 it ity. tfc*rfs, 'I i?s, Crava Sto- k-, Hosiery. Ac., ii. All of wh.oh we I ?'gerun at r?r u>u? I j? pMtm. irr Clothing >nvi*t<> ord?' in 'h* most super manner. WALL. STEPHENS A Co., no H-tf .\U'J Pa. avenu< IH KATH A KNO W LES, -JlFfc. FIRE, A.N B MARINE iN^l'RiNPE AGENT! Ofvic* Ovn Bin or WAtHisoioa. THE CONNECTICCT~\tUTVAL LIFE 1 SUHAXCE COM P AMY, Of Haktfokd, Cox*. Pb RELY MUTUAL! Dividends Made aud Paid Annua Iy. Lmtt LHvuUnd Fi'ty Per Cent. FIRE DEPARTMENT. THE INS CHANCE COM PA V V OP 1 / STATE OF rikfUKIA, Or Kich*osl>. CA81 CAPITAL $300,000. Also, other ea/e and reliable ComMtiie*. in wh thainanred aartioipat* id th? pro6u without ino heath t INOW1.E9, ASMTI O?o?, Room IH.onr Bank of Washington. I tracoe on C street. no g MHB*' Wl(j. BRAID AND CtRL MA> "l FACTOKi, #49 H?n. aven??, B?ar the ( ner of Thirtieth at> eeC?A vary oomplete a?e< in' nt of Braid*. Carle, Kruettee, Handaaua. I now on hand;, made to order at U>? ataor otic* Hair Work repaired or taken In exohai tx? *? W6ALTV ? ? D lO?Y&%. ? ? A U M .11 aa<1 W tuu-f foot ofMv ant* a nth at., TJ tf R?l/?w U'?- l'*Mrtm?r C?OOD ?KroNJ)-HAND PlANtm.-** I A\n hE.H*M8tClL-Oo* at i*>,?^ on? at #40; on# * t 06"; on* at mm two %>mm fit'"; oueat #1.5, one at #15). A to ?n?*'nl i*~o for all on m 'utn.r pay menu or ta< gnu lor a*ah. Now ia the tima to bay ehe JOHN F. ELLIS, no U .106 Pa ?tido C~RKAT BARGAINS IN PlANOS.-Ona i ' uioaievan-oo'a Carr?d Piano Fprt*,^^ J.ann< baau iu u?? a rbo t tune oaly, th<|MJ uwkM t)i? city, for a* for Ora vwry ui Rowwood Cbiokeriaa Piano * 1 j6 at tAa Maaio Store o? W.O. METZEfto' Kii# Agaaoy ot Steiaway k. Sona' Overatr Pi*?oa no 1F YOU WANT to cat food Clothinf, Farai i l&itefc &?iisi?&^zrsriX, t MISCELLANEOUS. *" PINo. 667.1 ROCLAMATluN, BY THR PRESIDENT Or THE UNITED STATES, For the Sale o f Valuable Ijands in the late iVatf York hidian Reserve, Kansas. In pirawtnoe of iaw, I, J a via Buohaxas, Prssidf>nt of th* Uratal StatM of Amsrioa. d> her b? declare and 11 ake knows that publio sales will b? tttld at th* u ndern.? ntiou*d Land (in th* T?r ruorr oi Mnau, at me penous uiiwuuwi umii nateu, to vit: At th* Land oftoe at Fo?t ?cott, oommenoing on Monday, the 3d day of lieoember next, for the d 1 sposal orsuihof the public lands uot oovered by iniividua. Indian locations as are situated within the following townships and parts of tewnshivs in the late reserve above mentioned tor the New York Indians, vis: South qf tk* ba" limt and *a?t of tixtk principal m'Tidmn, and in Ik* toten skips ami parti of town skipt/ within ta\d r??trv?. The tracts or panels in the parts of townships 23. 24, 2\ and 26, of range 25 I he tracts wr p iroel* in t*>e part of township 23. in townships 24 aad 25, and in the part ef *6, of ranee M. The tracts or paroels in the part of township 23 in townships 24 aail 26, and in the part of 26, if ranee 23. The tracts or paroMs in the part of township 23. in townships 2t aad 25, and iu the pait of 26, of ran j e 22. '' ?? nr n&rnAlii in nivrt of tnvnihio QB. i in towushipa 2-f aid 25. and in the part if 28, of ran?e2'. 1 k-i ir&ota or parcel* in the part of township 23, in townnhips 24 a:.d 25, aid in th? part if 26, of rsneo 20. The facta or parcel* in the part of towrahip 21' in tnw"khipa 24 and 25, and m the part of X, of ranee 19. 1 he tract* or paroel* in the part of townmias 21, in townahipa 24 and 25, and in the part of a, of range 18. The tiaoU or paroela in the partcf townaUip 2"?, in tuwn>itiii>a 24 and 26. anil in tne part of 2a. of ranee 17. At the I and OfBo- at Fokt Scott, eommenoin on Mon<laT, the 17tii day ot December n> xt, Tor the Uiapo**! of *uoh of ihe public land* not oovered by ludividua: Indian locations a* are aituated within the following t<>wuahi,>a and pa-ta of towns) ipa in the tat* reserve above-mentioned for New York Indiana, rix: South of iki base lin< and *ast of tht si?th principal m-ridran. and in the townships ani parts *f toicnships falling within said rtstrv*. The t acta or parcels in th? part of tnwnatup 23 in townai.ipa 24 ana 25. and in the part of 2S, of range IS The tract* or parc*?? in the part of tnwnah p 23. | in townships 24 and 26, and in the pa>t of 2ti, of range is The tracts or paroela in the part of townahip 23, in townahipa ?4 and *5, and lu the part of 26, of rv-.ce 14 The tractt or ps-cela in the part of township 28. in township* 24 and 25, and ia tha part of 2o, of ra-?e 13. The tract* or ?aro?1* in the part of town?hip 23. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of raiee 12. Tne fa?ts or p*ro*la in the p*rt of t>wn*hip 23. in township 24 and 25, and ia tiie part of X, of ran*? ll. The tract* or parcels in the j>art of tnwn?hip 23, f in townships 24 and 25, and ta the part of i6, of ranee IP. The tracts or pare"!* in the part of township 23. I in townships 24 and 25, and ia the part of 26, of : nun <1. ~ The tracts or paro# a in the parta of townahipa 23,24,25, and 2*, of ran^a 8 I .amis appropriated by law for the uae of aohoola, military lu?ian. and otk'r purports, will be ex 1 eluded from the ?aiei, torether with the t. aota oove-ed by Individual tr.dian locations, c:esonptive liati of whioh have been furmsntd tl.a looal oifi , oars. I Theoffennic oftheabo've lands will be oommenoed on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which the* are advertised, until the whole shall have be**n offered, and the twifaa thus oloaed : but no Bale ahall !*> kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of ai.y of th? lands will be permitted until after tne expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington. I Mii? nay "i Auy;ufci,&miu uuinici ?oe uiuusauu I eight hundred and aix'j. JAMES BUCHANAN. I By the President: Jos. 8. Wii.Kos, Commissioner of the Qener&l Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS hi very person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships or parti of to wn?hips above enumerated is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and reoeiver of the Land Office, and make payment tkerejore at socn a.* prmetitabU nfter seeing lAi'i mr tiff.and beforethedavanpointedfortheoommer.eel nisnt <>f thepuhno saie of the lands emWraoing th? traot claimed; otherwise eucholaim will be forfaited, JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the Uoueral Land Offioe. Not*.?Under the regulations of the department as heretofore and now existing, no payment can fc? male for advertising pmolainations oxoept to snot ' publishers as ire sperially authorized lo publish bj tne Commiaaiouer of the uaneral Land Offioe. >? rs~0 .lao/1 tw I "" T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. hK N<?xt Drav..i( of too Royal Havana Lot! t*Tj, ooad acted l>y Uie Spanish tii-vernnient, uidei ' Lis supervision of tho Captain Uen;rai of Cubs > will tase p!vs at Havana on s TUESDAY, Novbmbm 77, 1h0. ' SOKTEO NUMBRO 046 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. 1 pme of 8i(*vTon to pruas o?? ?1.<* . 1 do KV#>n 60 do 40 J : 1 do ?,wo lu do 40 i, 1 do su appro*, Sjn i l do lOiOcn IN ALL 5189 PRIZES. ! WJiolfl Tickfltv SiO-il&.Tn, ?10?QoartArt, $0 PrL*9e owhed at ?:?!it at ? per cent, di.ioount. Bills on all soi veut Bauka rakes at par. A Craving will iaforirajiisd as soon u Uie raaai B teoom?s known. D Aii ordara for ?<?ha?i(>s or tiokat* to I* addraaao 1 to ]>ON ROuRiSUEZ, j no 8 tr Oar* of Oitf Pout. Charlwrbm. S. C. I I OOK TO YOUft INTKREST, PL'RCHAS I Li Ella UF CABINET FUKN^iURE. J We uavs n?w ia store and daily re- ^?im k o?!vi>ik the largest, handeomoet, and tho ? oheaprst lot of Cabinet Furniture ever ^ oflVred to the oitJZ-iia of WMbincton.f^M^ ' hi orgetown anil Alexandria, wluoL oordial i invite ?Ui who dem-e furninnir.g to call wo rinu.n uiciuioivot. iiurtiutKRinu IVOOB ?vcr 0 coi.cnvable article iiwharj to furnish & p\r o ? ha :,.dininic room, chain!>er, aud kitchen. Our ei tensive stock is too numerous to pnrtiou ariz \V( or.!j L?'ne % fow of the leading a.UuJes, auc 23 aa, vis: 1 Htjewond, Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Su\l 5 upholstered in a superior manner in Brooaielli M k r lush, Lasting and Hair (llpth, * j Gi!t lrame Mattel. I*i*t anC other ? asses, ^ 1 B\ae Tab es, (ii.t Hrack'-ta and Marc'e ?labi Gutii'-J a:id othor i.andaome Reception Ciiaira, i Urocatail*, Pluith. Kukli &ad C^ne S-ats, Lte^e-et, with Mar>>le-topa and M'rror uaoks, 4 l)o. Pa-' ir l)??ks and Whatnots, Roaewood, Walnut and Mahogany liurn&na. Waahstands, H^dat-ada and Wardrobes, r? *V haii'laonie and ch?a?, 24 a L*?I L'.. la ?? * t/iivuunr ru mm'B, ID ???K, IIMtati' ** Oak, Mapie aud Piloted, with or without Ma 2* hie Tops, *[ Marb e top H&traoka, in Oak and Walnnt, * Iron Hatraoks, Ha!! StALda, ,. rt oretanea, IJo koa=' *. Shaving, Mamie top Center TaMea, j5 Hair and ""hue* Mat'Mie*, h? )->&ther Boiatofs and Pillowa, B ankot*. Comfort*, QuilU, Towels, ko. **" la addition t*> our ?took of Purnitare our fii floor no at* ma a !<"*e and well a? looted stock Ch na, Q ati and Croekery, Plated Gooda, Japa *a- Ware. Table Cutlery, Britannia Ware, Bloo ' . tin Go?da, Baakets, iiraahea. As., altogether fon In* a eom#l?te variety of every tmog ueeeaaary furnish a nouae in all ita apartm?pta *u . C. W. B'?TKI.BR & 8OX8, Iron Ha!!, No. sis Penn. avenue, eel7-M*Thtf between 9th and 10th ati 10T " OHft , BS- WOOLEN YARN in Blue, Oi kr" ?\J\t B ack. White and aatlom on ort. Woolen ani Cotton Hosiery and Glove*. lor Gentlemen* Ribbed Woo. AhirU aud Draw* Th??i good* ar? extra quality. ?l_ Silk Snirt* and Drawer*. I Merino Shirt* and Drawer* of ail grade*. ! We woulJ call particular attention to our w assorted stoak ? f iwl kind of pry Good*, tuital for all o as*?* of percou*, all of whi h will be *< i at the lowest market prioe*. WM.R RILKY&BRO., No. 36 Central Store*, bet 7th and 8th al y. oo2">-3tawlm opposite Cent'* Market PLKK OLD RYe. WHISKY FOR ME1 CiNAL, USE. I Price $t per gallon or 30 ctnti p?r botlU. The va?t home and foreign demand we have this article sufficiently atteau it* purity and exe leno> Moreover it may be mentioned in this c< nrxioo tnat many inva ida of delicate orrauiiau IK unable to u*e whmky of other brands, have foi the above most efficacious and happy in i s effe< A liberal diaoount on the above prioe* made thetrado. EDWARD HALL. Dealer in fi-.a Widm and Liquora, ,?h Family Groceriea, &c.,opp.Cantor Market. ur_ oo?7-eo?>t between 7th and ath street NOTltK TO JOURNEYMEN TAILOl AT HOME AND ABROAD. L'n Tha following la a correct liat of the employ who pay the hill pricaa ol, and ara reoogBizea tha Sociaty, to witi jit. W. H. Stan lord, Matlook A Griffith, wr. I ?vail A Bro? Matlook A Herbert, lrt- VVm. Tu^kar, Jamaa lackey, to ? W. Hint >n A Co., J. T. Mclntoah, teat Loudon A Co.^. /boa. K. Gray, ]g#> K. M Lhew Va.doran. ae37 a*<i ? /?\ /^NUMONRKSTAURA.NT.^fc. * TN (mj By JACOB KUPPL1, OA \1W- ---of 19ib and H ata . a\lU few doora aoutk of Pa. a*., Kavier'a old atand, ^Pirat Want W?.hin?t<,n ?T,. u., - p i?<1 with th? ahoioast Liquors and Cigars. 1 ??. Ust Friod Or?t?rs in Wa?bin?t ?*n baofctau at hia piaaa. Families supplied with Oysters ine AD rj style, and at reasonable prices. ?-eo?i Hi I^ENTS' Fine ?a!f??iin Sewed BooU, |S m ll Gents' Double s..le an4 I>oab e upper^Sj *tj Boots, ?5:0?nU' 6ue Frenoh Caifskin^M ap. Kuii Bo >t(, B'lji' and V out.n' lomf Boots; Ladies' Kid, M?roooo and GvaUkin V i*. llutton-d Lutioi Laced, Buttoned, C-? gresa.aud Malakoff Moots. Also, evorr other ?t 'try oi ladies', mia?ea' and ohi.dren'a BooU and Sh at J. ROSENTHAL'S, Fa av., between Sth i H Stk a Is oa 17-aoi v", rf? CEMETERY notice. JS.T i HE?ub?onhai'offers lor salable stook of MA [j; b?.e monument#, tom b 8, ora1 J* BT??N?-8aad MARBLE MANTELHat redn. A: cfor :\ " rtl,w,-swsssa-a'& % THUNKS. BOOTS AND SHOES UOUlD AND "fOKSg TO SUIT THK We are bow manufacturing'all kinds of BOOTS 1 and SHOES, and owatantiy reoemn* aupply of <Mt*rg made work of ever* do W j aor.ptio", made exp*eaaly to order, ami willw 1 be sold at a much lower prioe than hu been* heretofore onarjed in this ait/ for much inferior articles. Peraona ia want of HoeU an4 Shoes of eastern or otty made work. will ai way a find a cood assor'.men ia atoreand at the lowest prices. Give as a sail. eRIKFIN & BRO., ap*-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. FIVE HUNDKEU TKAVKU^U iRun? arrived this day, embracing all mh-mi ties ana met of sole Leather, Ladien'KKMI Dree* and Packing Tmnk?. Oar trnnk^"1?*sales room exhibits at this time the greateet variety of traveling requisites, at moderate prices, to be foand this side oTNew York. Also, vefr desoriftion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CKB, CARPET BAGH, SATCHELS, Ac, ICroid Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., Trunk Sales Room, marSI-tf 2 Pa. ayenua, SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 499 7 th stibxti Otto tilt Odd Mlom' Hall, Washington, D. C. Travelers will study their interests by examinin my TRUNKS, VALICES Ao , before pur-mm Oiifltiuz PiBfwero. ai 4 uar- uuuo uui mranvwi bast material the market affords and emptor nil the b*st workmen, I oan ooufidently reoorr.mend ray work to bo superior in Strentih awl DurahiHiy to Trunks that aro m%tlo in other oiti*4 and told here. 1 keep constantly on hand, and majre to order (on one woa';'s notioe) ev<?ry desoriptien or SOLE LEATHER, IROS FHAME FKENCH DRESS mnd WOOD BOX TRUSTS: ASHLAND and otktr TALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS. SADDLES; WHIPS. 4e., *e. Trunks, 4o., Repaired ar.d Covered, In a workmanlike manner, at short notice. Trunk* delivered in any part of the oity, Georgetown, or Alexandria. ~utr"*d fam,l* de 15-lv JAMEB 8. TOHHAM. mr? * -ntini r\mn/im/\ni7 IRA Y EiLUU&a' iJlAXLv 1 Ufl I . NEW ORLEANS XZ4T TBRZIZI OA.T'* WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. fiS9HB9HHI9EMB AI.L RAIL ROUTE, Via MM V A tM/Vsm+% V^-a's* 7? /t< /?*/t V/'W*gV U)/M* 41?OiM*rM*7 M* AbWftr VIW TO LYNCHBURG: *a4 Tenn?jse?. Ernst Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee am4 Georgia, NashvtUe and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Jyeio Orleans and JaeJtzon, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTS" ROUTE: Memphis by Rail.thonce br First clue Packets to Nov Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firstoi&ss Packet^. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Sto^rcers TWO PAJLY TRAINS?8*wbats Ijicludib, Lwrt \TMbi??t?n at 6 a. ra. and 6 p. m. Th?St?ni!>r UEvUlSK PABri Imtm her wiMl fcot of Boreeth ntr^\ MUkm. and CH p. m. and connect* ?t Alawindria with fha Oranjo and Alexandria Tiaim for tae South* ??t. OGoo- l'at i.*j!rania arenus, corner of Sixth rt. VAMA31 oksckxd nnwuca to asir oauuni. Lynehberg ? t}~! W< #33 Bristol. .....uo0 Atlanta -?.js 00 KnoxnUe tooo Muot ? B oe C halt inooxa00 Oolumbue ? .-SB ? Dal ton?, ... . 'A oo Moati^mery... B00 Huntavilla ,iT oo I Tin MemphiMS W brand Junction t) on N.C.S tiaG. Jnnc..42 <0 Naahrtile UK) I riaMobile.??* 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and i> _ . 900 MILES SHORTER. an* 34 HOURS LESS IN TiME than any other laae? the Linihbnrj Exter*ion being now onmalesed, u ai?o th-j .Hiasicaippi Central, making it tbo QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! 1 It la provide with 1'iret c'.aas Sleeping Cars! !To New 73 Houra biox?i 3 ~?. ?11 do. fclontvj^er* ?3 do. Kaahvilie . .46 do. IHTThe U. 8. MAJLand ADAMS' EXPRESS ' are taken OTer thia N9W Line. Tickets cnn b? obtained at the Sooth Weaten f\A.ia rtnrr.?? ?l?lk aaf an.i Panr.a*' ra^iia w V/ ,UUV| VU l nv J \ A i ? J U MUU A WUU?J 1 I B?4i? ? er.oe, to the loiiowin* point*: ! Lyohburj, Bristol, itr.oxnUe, Atlanta r Ch&ttAiiooea, Hunteyii'o, Grand Junction, ' Macon, NaehTilie, Daltou, Colurcbas Mont?omerj^^Molgle,^ftl^nipliiB, and l?T THb'OVQH TICKETS TO THE TA ? RWUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. J (P^OmnibnaM and Haciace Wacom leave tir 0 ofitoe at 6 a. m. and p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Aient, lt ma ?-tT Corner Sixth ?t.ana Pa. at. f>HE STEAMER JAS, 6UY Will retume h? , I tripe on TUESDAY, 21st of JP?> > PebrvVT. 1800. WiI|I?t>WAS!I . INSfON every TUESDAY atid?""^*" d KRI DAY, at o olook a. m.t and ALEXANDRIA at half put 6 o'olock, ror CURRIOMAN and Ut intermediate Lftmiirrcs. On her rotnrn trip*, ah " wul leave OURHIOMAN every WEDNE8DA' >- and SATURDAY, at 6 o'olook a. ra. LIICIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. ^ NATH'L BOUH3. Ac't. Alexandria. fw3Q a FOR STAMrlN6 T A PACKET OF PAPER [' ^ . AND ENVELOPES & N U TO MATCH, CHARGE) ' M?TROPO*litan .. ^ BOOKSTORE. PH1LP A SOLOMONS, Afnts for l.aurmct't eelthmitd Linen Paptrs "Metroi'oli/an Kills," Ire., tr, ^ se 34 ly :?ia F? av.. hft. 9tt >md 1f>th ?t?. HW. HAMILTON PAINTER, r and ubAi.bK i.> rAiniB, No. 399 Tth Bteekt. near Odd FtUovi* Hml au 2 tf |), TTvls DOWN FUANC18 HA R P K R, HAV15? OPKMKD 4 _ FAMILY GROtJKRY AND FKED3TORK, "i Cermet of N<u> York n*<nu* and Tenth sirttl. Respectfully solioits the patrorase of those w ma? be ia want of any artiste in the at>ove line. H *" endeavors shall be to ptea?elaad by a strict atte Uon tottie vantsoftke publio.he hopes to merii 10 share or their patronage. His took ooneistsoi every article usually to (bund in a fiist-class Family Grocery anil Fe Biora. ma 17-t ? OIANOS. PJANOB?Tte largest assortment y U Pianos, Jdoodeous, Guitars, Vio-,^? a iTns. Uaniors Best Italian Btrings Ac lY'pTp oorJeoss, Flutinu, Conoertiaaji,F'utes,' * ? ft. 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The aubeoriber ia p pared t<> maka SHIRTS. DRAWERS, Ac., at ? ahorteet nptioe. Ail deeouptiop* of Bewini do SHIRT BOSOMS, COLLARS, aad WklS <?. lArtl/S ceatiT ?ruke4. mr%ww. b?* i,?.?. uuum. . . Hort, i. Vr at t*' L11"*' *?" * Will praetlee in t^liif^Sourt i}"firror? and J ? esei.ind Will attriid to t?e CollMtioa of C>ai Ik* N??iV mmlf7} U FOR DKCKMBER. Mr llARPKR't*, God**, Pataraon'a. Arthur'*, W lactic and Ko.aouo -aaeaxinej. Ya->*a?Nouc Nie-Nax, Pbunnr PhMlow and Contio Monti K- Daily and Warkly Hera'd, Tim*a, Trir.noa i 53TorH- N?w York l^dfjr, M'rcury, Harpi ned waaklyaod a I other New?raperg at vo- *>17 FRENCH 4 ElCHB'rklN'i*. 2T% Pa.i PIANO FORTES AT SACRIFICES. F4 . _? r CASH OR CREDIT -Read !-A Second h r*a anpenor ton* aeran ootava Piano Porta r.>ae?< ca??. warranted, for 9190 A jood aaoood-hi |m Piano,nearly now, fir $150. on* for ?6i>, ona LI ?5>, oaa for #i5. Call ?uiok. ? w JOHN F. ELLIS, "la, no 22 IPC Pa. av.. betweon >th and loth at "?"i Two CHIC^tlN0AMANOS8*!n beat ore tr Ona for 1135 and on* for ?125 wi 1 !.< mid ui mouth* payments of 910 at tfie Mutio Storo of j, tt. MF.TXKKn TT. aoj vK pARAPPINE CANDLES! sap35 *z "W?5i?yett! > Ml* Comer Vermont ?v. ud ltth si m MISCELLANEOUS. Thi Amaloa mation or 1. a*ocaok?.?There ia a H (rowing tendency in t!ii? M? to appropriate the J moat ?xpreaaive words of other <Ui(ua{M.?nii after a while to inoorparate them into oar own; tbna the ? woid Cepkaio. whioh ia from the tireek, signifying ?| "for the head," ia now boooieing popuarized m lD oonaection with Mr. heading's great Headache te remedy; but it will eoon be naed in a more general p way the word Cephaiio will beoome aa xa common m Klectrotype and many othera whoee aiiuuoiiuii m luinfn wuiua umm jmi >urn i*>; n by oomntoD uuie until they eeem "native and to b the manor born." _ n< T 'ardly Realised. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadache this afternoon, haod I * stepped into tbe hapotheearies han>1 ?ays hi to the n>M, "Can you heasn ine of an 'eadaohef*' "Does it haohe'ard." s%ys'e. "Uexoeediucly," says hi. i and upou that 'e save m? a Cephalio Pill, hand * 'ion me 'onor it ourrd me to quics that I 'arilly realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadache. a! * ? * r n |T^H*adachk is the favorite stun by which ? nature manes known any deviation whatever from ' the natural state of the brain, and viewed in this ? lixht it may be looked on as a cafe*uard intended * to givo notioe of disease which m'icht otherwise * escape attention, till too late to be r*in??lied: and * 11 j *?-4 i no ti.ins nairar lka n a m ! as% > c .1 L1 A II IM luuiwauvu* uuuiw uvvoi wo uv?iov??<u> lirau ? aches may be oi&ftMbed under two Dtmet, vi*: a Srrnptoniatio and 1 Jiopvbio. Symptomatic Headache ia exceedingly oommon and it the preourcor ' of a (treat variety of <ii*4aaea, among whiott are Apoplexy, Gout. Rhecmaturn and all f bn.e diteaaei. in tta rervoua forin it ia a-mpath*tio di?- -m eaaeof the atumach oonatitutinc tick Ktadache, of I hepatic diaeaae constituting bMou* ktadatht, of worm*,oonalipation and other diaerderaef the . oweli.&i well ae renal and uterine aifootiona. Diaeaaea of toe heart are very frequently attended with Headaohea; Anremia and plethora are alao etfeotiona whioh frequently occasion headache. Idiopathic. Headache ia alao very oommon, being usually dlatincuiahed by the name of a?rv0Mi hiadatKt, aorcietimea coming on suddenly in a ?tate ef apparently aound health and proatrating at once the mental and phyaioal energiea, and in other inatanoee it cornea on alowly. heralded by depreaaion of apirita nr acerbity of temper. In moat inataneea the pain ia in front of the head, over one or both eyee, and . provoking vomiting, under this oiaaa may a to be named neuralgia. t or me in'timHiii 01 timer o ass oi nraaaene me Opha'.io Pill* have been found a lure and safe reined?, relieving the moat acute pain* in a few y miautes, an<l by iU subtle power eradicating the disease of whioh headache is the unerring index. , , i i Budget.?Missus wants 70a to send her a box j of Cephalio Glue, no, a bottle of Prepare-1 Pil!?.? | but I'm thinking that's sot just it caither; but par haps ye'U farther knowing what it is Ye see , she's nish dead and goce with tha 810k Headaohe, j and wants some more of that same as relaived her , before. , Drug/cist.?Yon must m??n fpalding's Cephalio Pills. BridK'.t.?Ooh ' sore now and rou've sed it, here's the quarther and giv iue the Pills and don't be all any snout it sitner. I'tnitlpttUa or CMtlTntN. No one of the "m?nr ilia fleah it heir to" it to prevalent, ao little understood. and bo much ne*itoted u Costivenea*. originating in careleaaneao. or sedentary habita; it is regarded as a alight disorder of too 'ittie oonaequenoe to excite anxiety, while in reality it la theprecu-sor and companion of many of the moat fatal and dangerous diseases. and unless early eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an u at in el y grave. Among the lighter ovils of whioh Osti veneaa ia the usual at"'nlirt R h?tlf?)AtlkTT1 l*\kkll I Breath Piles, and others of like nature,while a Iodk train offrig htful diseasessuch asMalignar t Fever*. Aboe??< s, Dysentery. Dyspep* a, Diarrhea, ApoSlexy, Kpuepsy, Kara'ysie, Hysteria, H?poc?>onnasis,Mt>iancnoly and Insanity, first indicate their pr< aence in the ?yitem by this alarmin* Bymptom. Not unfre*uently the dis?aaeg named originate in Const pation, but take on an independent exist enoe unless the oause is eradioated iu an early atase. Froui all these considerations it io.lowa that 4ie dirorder should receive immediate attention when, ever it ooours, and no person should neglect to xet a box of Cephalio fills on the first appearauceof the oomplaint. as their timely use will p*l the I insiduous approaches of diseaae and destroy this I dangerous foe to human life. t * A Real Blessing. Physician.?Well, Mrs. J ores, how is that headache> Mrs. Jen**.?Gone! Doctor, all gone! the pill you mi our?"i me in just iweniy mmuiei, ana i wisn you would send more bo that I can have them uau'iy Pkvtician.?You can get them at any Druggist*. Call for rephalio Pills. I find they never fail, and I rtooTjin^nd them in a.i cases of Headache. 5 Mm. Jon' i ?I shall send for a box diraoUv, and shall tell all my suffering frieudr, for they arotrral j blts$i*g. , fETOvM BxriTKMFNT. and the mental care and anxiety incident to close attertjon to bus nest or , st.iJy, are among the numerous causes of Nervous headache. The disordered state of mind and body incident to tins distressing omplaint is a fatal biow to a l energy and ambition. Sufferers by thift I . disorder can always obtain speedy re lef from | wiric aisireaair,g auscica dj U3ing one 01 llie cephalic Fills whenever the aympfoma appear. It < ? quiets the overtaaked brain and aoothea the etrain? ed aid jarring nervea.ard relaxes that?ension of the atomach whioh always aooompanies and &( gra\ates the disordered oondition of the brain. t I Twkhty Million* of Dollsrb 8av*d.?Mr. S*pa ding hM ao!d two million* of bottle* of bia oel eorated Prepared G u?n?(! it is estimated that eaoh V bottls *av*? at least ten dollar* wortb of broken furniture, thus making an aggregate of twenty nul lions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by this i valuable invention. Having made hi* Glue a household word, he now proposes to do the world still greater service by ouring all the aching hesuls with his Cephalic PilU, and if thsy are aa good as his z Glue. Headaches will soon vanish away like snow in Jul* , Facts wokth howis#.-Spalding's CephaJio Pilla are a i erUin cu-p for Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Nervous HcadAclie, Costiveness, and General Debllltj. Gkkat Discovibt.?Among the most important of a1! the groat medical discoveries ol this age may b? oousidcred the system of vaouination for protection from Small Pox, the Cephalio Pill for relief of Headache, and the use of Ouiiice for the prevention of Pever?, ?ither of which is a sure xpecifio, whose-benefits will be experienced by suffering humanity long after their discoverers are forgotten. Drt) too ever have the Sick Hrt-daohe? Do you remember the thrrbbing tcmpln, the fevetad row. the loathing and disgust at the tight of food. , How totally uufit you were for pleasure, conversation or atudy One of the Cepha'ic Pilla would have raiioved you from all tho suffering which you ? th<>n experienood For th'.a ani other purposes you ehomd a; way a have a box of thou on hand to use aa oooaaion requirea. . \ %$&*%> r.u ? "? WVIIk "** I: NervousHeadache i s Headache. ir'i t By tho one of these Pills the periodic attacks c ?. K,rvoui or Sick Headache may be prevented; an if taken at the commencement oi an attaok imme tr* diate reliel from pain and siokness will be obtained i7? Ttiey seldom fail in removing the Nausea an )V Htadaclte to whioh females are so snbjeot. , They act gently upon the bowels,?removing Cos lip.MM. ' For Literary Men, Students, Delioate Female* jp and all persona of sedentary [Kaiits, they are a valuable as a Laxative, improving the app*tit< if- giving tone and rigor to the digestive organs, an restating the natural elasticity and strength of tfc whole system. *L The CKPH ALIO PILLS trt the remit of loa inveatigation and carefully oonduoted experiment A having been in aae many ;etri, during which tin j"' they have prevented aad relieved a vast amount < in<f pain and aoffering from Headaohe, whether ong: ?r'e nating in the nerrom eyitem or from a derange etate of the tt&matk. ? They are entirely vegetable in their eonipoaitioi and mar be taken at all timee with perfect uf*t without making any ehange of diet, mmd tk* mi ind ? of ?*? duatrteablt t?*t< retuUri it tatp I for administer iAam 10 children. BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS! < The genuine have five aig nature* of Hew ( SpaJding on ?4oh Box. i#r> Sold by Druggiata and all other Daalara la Madi \V. cinaa. 10 A Box wili ba aact by mail prepaid on rooaipt < 1! PRICE, 3d CBNTS. All ordara ahoald ba addroaaed to HENRY C. 8PALDIN6, . bo U-dJfcwly 48 Cadar a treat, Naw York. Ml&J KJuiiAN SOUS. ??a^??? ???? r?HB UNION WIL'. STAND. NO MATTE* I L WHO'S PRESIDENT! J Conaaqaaatly 1 thai I remain m Waahlncton and >ntinae to Hriii mj ??o aUoc of HOI'S K, 1 ION tod (IRNaMEXTAL PAINTING. Giidig in all lU branohaa. Old Glazing promptly uudad to. Punting ud Orn&mtalmi Cottaga ? rmtare in the !^?t ?t?i? 1 alao, call at'Aatioa i the Painting of Ror>fa and Bnok Walla All ofth* a bora I will do aa ch?ap aa tha r h*ap it. j uiereiore eouoit tne j>ntrona?e of my fnenda ad fellow oitisena of the Diatriot. Puaetn?Jity J noty observed, and work d >ne 1a Us beat maair. , Yon willplease mind your stops ud atop at M. PARKER'S Painting Eil*b iahnwDt. No. H' 3 !! 53 !!! Lomaiti* ar , north side, between 6Ui cd 7th ?tt. . P. 9 !*i* na pat ay fro# of oiuiTf, u nsnal. mi 3m \FFiCE UP INSPECTOR AND SEALER J OF OAS METERS. Washington. July 18. law*. NOTICE IS HEREBY UirRff. That,a?ree bly to the proTiaioca ofthe otdinance of the Cworation approver May li, I860, the underact ced it ow frepp.'^d, "whenever reeaired to writing. and n pre payment of the fee of Blty wuti, to u.spect. ?mme, tect, prove, and ascertain the a oca racy of sgiatration orany gas meter :n iieo in tnia eity " Ivery meter, if found inoorreot, will b# condemned, ud another, aealed and marked m trae, will be etini?? pia.ce. If proved to be acourate in ita leaacriinent of gaa, it wili be sealed acoordingiy, nd a<ain put in pomtioa for uae. OAoe No. 910 Seventh atreet,<ne*r Odd Fal )W?' Hall ) Open from 8 a. m.. to 5 ?. ra. CHARL.ES W. CL'N.N I.NOR AM, J j 18-tf lnapeotor and Sealer of ttaa Meters. ^M PORT A.NT TO HOUSEKEEPERS E. R. DL'RKEE* CO.'S Guaranteed netbnly ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, int ground from freeh Spiccn, voisc'-ed and o.eajisd >7 a? ezpretaly for the purpose without refirtppf o ooet. They are beaeufhlly packed in tinfoi., lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, Cd are fail weight, while the ordinary axoanu toes are almost invariably ahort. We warrac< hem, in point of strength and riobr.saa of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISONT M a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by fe 11-i/J)A i SI Pet? ?u NIv^, I&7ATCH REPAIRING ANl)SILVER WARE TV MANUFACTORY. I hive one of the beat eatalilikhmenU, aad furliahed with aoomplete aet of toola for repa<r ft. jig every description of fine Watchea, and #yW particular attention give to the eaiae, by 1'iorouah competent workman.aiiO a. work gut* Mailed Al o, every deacrip ion of a'andard SlI-V ER VV ARK. p1a>n anH ornamental, manufactured under my own superviaion. which m> cuatomera will tnd far superior in fiianty and fimah to northers ware told by dealer* in general and represented ar their Bwn manufacture. H. O HOOD, ?e 6 *3S Pa. avmiue. near 9th at. Wuuu; WOOD!! WOOD !*_ STOVE and KLNDLING WOOD, at the low#, possible price. ^ T. J. A W. M. GALT, V**'i Pa. av., bMwsen 11th as'j 12! h ste.. nut M-*f >?! TjooD LIGUTI v? CHEAP LIGHT! PAKE LIGHT! PARAFFIN F OIL. fro** Co*!. KING A BURCHELL, on 15 Av?nt? fnr it? ?? *, I'fiim | SMPS0(j^ 1FAMILY RYpIfAMIDf RYEi TheabovePURE WHISKY,Corrn Dibtillbd from M&liid beine superior and awforn in ccatitr, ana highly improved >>7 are, it preferred by oo&inmera to all other Whmkiea, %nJ particu larly recommended by the beat phyaioiana and ohemista aa eotseaainK ail the r*atiir?menU of a 7V*k Trmxc Invigorate* atd HfntJvnl Agent. The Schujlkiit Water ol Philadelphia, tied in the dia'iilaUon of thia Whiaky, ia proved by aaaly lia to be the ee.'tcsl and puroct water in the United 8;at?? : and to thia nay, ic a great degree, be attributed the eusJlence of thia Whiaky. For taleby FRLEAIAN? SIMPSON. Pbeoix Diatillery, Ontfce Schnvlfcili river. Philadelphia Oflicee?9t> Wail atioet, New York ; 109 Socth Front afreet, Philadelphia. And can !.s had in Waihingtcn of Samuel Baoon A Co , 319 Ha av.; R. J. jl/on. Weat 9th at., oorner D; Kennody A Pugh, iOS Wnt 7th at; Murray A Semrr.ea. 407 Pa. av.; J. B. Wilaon, S5IT Ea. av ; Barbour A Semmea, I<a. av ; H. C. A n. ?? . it' ma a_ . r?. ?v., nrc. Dii?n, ** msrict cp., loor*. Ciaaell 4 Co , 367 Wwt 7th ?t.; ?. F. 6mliok, 439 V J.av ; A. Gaddia. Jr.. & Co., M, oorner Ka?t lllh ; Edward Hall, 40 Market Spaoe ; E. E. White & Co .63 La. a*.; John B. S?mnN c Co . 883 Weat Ninth at. ooB-lm H S /& *??<?*! V\^ A DISPATCH! ^ xy sue tnj_nee?u At metiimit trill k*m*, ?m tm tMU-rtruUud fmmilxss, it ia ?ry deairable to have aoma aheap ud oonTenlant nr for rafalrisg F ami tare, Tor a. Croakery. Ae. * ftPALDIlVCPS PREPARED 6LUK meet* all auch emerrenqjaa. ud no household oat aflord to be without iL It ia alwaya ready and a| to the atickinc point. There ia no lonf ar a neoeaait* for umpinr cbaira.apluttered *">neera, headleai dof!a, and broken oradlee. It ia init the article foi o-r,o. aheli, and other ornamental work, ao popmai wilt? ladies of refinement aqd taate. Thia adiuinvMe preparation la naad oold, beici obemioally held in aoiation, and poaaeaainc all th? aluabie tua'.itiea of the beat cabinet m&kera' sine It ma* be oaed in the place of ordinary muonace beicc raatiy more adheaire. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOVSXr Priet. Si oenta. N. JJ.?A Onuh aocom?anie? each bottle. IVhtUsmU Dtru, No. 48 Gedir Btroot, Nov Toft Addreoe HENRY cTsPALDINe 4 CO., Box No. S.eoo, Nov York Pit ay for Dealer* in Catea oontiininf Poar Eight, and Tirelre Poien?& beautiful Lithograph io dhow-Card accompanying each p&ctaca. O- A ainrje bottle of SPALB 1NW8 PRE PARED OLVE vi!1 nave ten umee ita ooot as coally to every houeeiioid.^3 Sold by all prominent Stationers Dragfiati Hardware and Farmtare Doalera, Orooera, mm Kincr Store*. Country merohanta honld make a note of 8PAL jyinir a riicra.iiv ?lus, wnen m&tioc their Ii?t. ft will ?U.nd any olimatg f? 10-ly L*k*} fa iwufiM > ' 41^ jifM/v for *M &v (IjU AMMf IH+dlm ? u '^OffC1 JO* TitUrifil, Mmtmfmkm,,) f~m Ji V?^?ry *r<.rrp^ *?JE y.JP <6 4 Tfcr * <? ??<- w. _ x ?WiLtI rt^taS $^?^^""0?Mi y ? * ^ ^ Mb ?? '*1 Ml (A? ? H . <M V. ^5C''iT llUllWJtf (i< Bdt't ttJf. It ?? rr- .y J&0 fjk Tr?h tk* fir* rtj>W. U?T? 5r? rn* w. . ii? r>k> ?i< i'i JfnJrfiwJ J; , *r* r | J <25jf X Bolefi^prle'tor. v. L ' ^ ?! !% CAUTION. d. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY J WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS J DAIiY'S_ MOMfllC VJU1EY WHISKET J . WJTH THE 8IGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION ANO A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. 1 WM.EDALY, BOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOETHVIUiAH ST NEWTBRK. f OJt BALM III WASHIHttTOM BY I f-lr 0AKBOUE 4 UlUtBt MKDlCmttS. i I .& I9MTOR. L* BALTIMORE LOll HUiriTiL, 3M Du*?*?d lk* ?MI OMW. Sr?<if. mmd ?Uf Rf*rtmml ktmniy m lit IT?rM, 'O* ALL DISEASE OF 1MPRIDENCB. kBT NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APTLY lMBfKD ATELT. I 0VRS WARRANTED, OR JHO CHARVB, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS V Mjti mtfltl ||U, Kmnrti af tk? tK??w 4 UUdH, littlumr Pi??> ?". laMMif, (uinj NkUitj, Djtyi?ihC?tnj?.U? a?mVCW mm ifUiii, filpiu.wn ?(iil?n>i' >uauM* af Sifkl ar Jtddinaaa, l>.aa*aa af U.? ? ?<*, Tkraat, Imi ar Ui'j.AllvutrirfUl Up III" t>? ? kMi Tarrtkl* fV??rrt?r? ?n?n.f fraia t?.itrj Baku* af faa.k?tfcaat u.d :i?t Prvctica* tk l?r wpwillt, vi< ?mrtf k*u M; aal Mia* r . - MM fepaataltv *Mkix kacaui* ikk t.-uaiaaf Salary fc<l <ra?af?; *1.4 4??.racu*a ka'ati whttfc ?m.a*ll? avtfp* M ic aclim*;? frt'i tkaaaxadt af V? | Mai af tHa mi i lK*4 talauta ??4 kr.lKat lata.laci, vM might aikar >m bt?? Minaiid Iiciih vrj ikitkN<tr> ?f iacaaaaa aa vtkad ta Mtuv )* U*;kf l??t, mmy Mil viife fail ml IMU. Mt'ilill miiiii PKMfira at Yaaag Ma^?aa<avpui>at Hirrlaxa, ??iuj ??in mi Hfnul tHkHii,daktl';*, lafarmrtm. It. tfii't cat?4. fea ?ha p!?ct? ktmaai? aiidct Ik* ??' a? p.-. J. a<i railft> iaa<T aao?4a la hit kaoat at i fialliaia u4 laaliMtij t?? lf?o h? HiU ? f.y?i? ?k. urnct * t aorra ct rr?irr. left hand lid* ft rf fnrm Mtluri*** llllU, > ft* ?M1 !> ? lk< Mt?l(. rid B*t ? tMIMI IMI u< Mllktl. kltun u< M HM U4 mum >u i B1 JOBBtTua, MuhN ?f lk? E*f>i fltffMM, UalN (rilBlM frtn mi *f Ui KMt innial C?. .? uka f oft.a *ui?v u4 lt< (niiM < ? *ii b?*a ip*ni in ik, k*?MUiiif LNlw.Pira.nilidiittia 1 (ittin. iu *mu< Ml *f mi? mm inwMinf cart* it .i vm ?m kx-,??r, m?j.j creak! a wilk ru.fu.g in thi ka?d ?i <1 mm Vkn uiill: (lilt tiKMir.iii, km ( i ir?i< n u?u aaanda, baafcfainaaa ?iih fraqaaoi blaabirf. aiiaadad mb> tw till 4ai?af aaatii a/ mind. firi^art. isatlltulf. Yd IE r&ATICVkAJl MOTICK. T<*af Mid laid atbara ?m ba?a it<)aiad ibair?ai*aa ay a Knur paacUca Ibdi ftd II vku kabu fraqaaaUy taaroa* (r?a " F" ?? ' KM. afacia ? vkick in niffct.y ft I: a*an (, aad if cat tatad. raadara awm(a Inpaaaifca, aad dii.rtii baik mad ami bad*. a baa d apply imraadiatal* Tiaaa UI aani af U>a aad and maiaaeha * (facia aaadaaat . h aarl* biUu rf m'i mi Waaknaaa aftfca Back tad liraba. raiaa la tfca Maad, Diaaaaa of Ci|?> , Laaa af Maacalat Pa war. hlfatfuan af Ua laar., Htapapaf, Nartaaa Irritability, Daruf amain af Ua Difaau*a r??.c: aoa, aaaraJ DakUity, aymptegja af C laianftm, 4c MHffiJXI.?Tua faxrfal afuuac tba ia:ad ara aaah ta ba draadad?Leaa af Macoat?, Caofaaiai> ?f Idaaa, Uaf raaaiaa af Spirita, I'll f r.adw ja. A*araianaf laciaia Salf Dtairaat, bata af Bali tad a, Ttmidjiy, aw., ara aaaa af Ua aaila paadacad HkETOti OUIklTT -TwmuiImm a**tr? vkaa la Ua mmi af UiatF kaaiik, iaa.rf tha r *ifat, k?lawiaf weak. pal a, mntu a^d amatiatad. fcaaiag a an falat f if^tamli akaaitha a?aa, caaf or i?irpur,i 'ckhk^um djcaiki or iMPHx-Dt.iicK VkM Ik* BMfaidad anil tmpradant vaurj ?f plaaaara kada ka kai imkifcdd li t aaada afibia paiufal duaaa*. u m afl* a Up^iu tktl u lU-uniad MM* af thair? ?r drat J Fditutii; daiara hin frcm appiriiif ta tkaaa wha, fr?re idlul* a>l raapacubvlity, e?:. a fan a kafnaiid Mm Ma fail* it'j ika kanda ( Ijoaraj* and daaijr.u.g pratandara, ?ta. tt.capakla af tmrtr.g. Ilch hia paraQt-ry aabatauea, kaap ki? irtfuig Mil aftar nwth, ar *a lar.f ia tf a anxliaat faa can ka aklatrad. and ta daa?air laa*a Li.n w:th raioad kaaiiktaa.ak t>irki(|tl!in| ditapfwiritmen'.; er ty lha ef the . <Wt d r paiaan, Marcary. htaien the renentauaaal i^mKm ( Iks terrible dieeaee, nd ee Afacuoree'tfie Hear. Threat, Km*, Biio.Bc., prorreeeit.f ?i*.h frifhtfal rapidity, ull death pau a ptneltefcie dreadful eafeniife kp aenair.f fc.ce te that aadiiurtfii Mtnuy frera tkm inrM . t ni'iiii riiait BL JOMBBOM'BBEVCDY FOB.OB9AM1C ?EAKBCBB AMU IMMTSRCT. By thle ITMI cad impcrtaat remedy (itkituaftki ?f(u| art epeedily cared and fall rifar miwii. Thaaeaade a'lka at aarraaa aid dakiliund, ika kil taet ail kvpa kara keee tmcaedt'eiy re!'e?ed. All lit'pa limenu le Mtnufi rkyeleal at Me ate' DiaaaalV uuki. baaa af Freer eat* a Pavai, Rirx'ai ItTltaWluf Traakiinf and Witkaai) ar Eikaaarer af ika ?eei faarfM Mad apeaadl'y aarad. KHDOBBEMcirr or r?* nn TBB MANY YMOtJBA?n? carad aitMe mautatMa vttt* lla laat eereaia an yeare and the aareereaa ncpenaat Bar ftaal tfarauaai parfarmaa by D? Jafcneec, viloaaaad ay Ua WW af the pa para aad Buy attar peraaae, Mtiaai af ittk Sara appeared aftta aad afata k a fori Ike takbt, beMdee k'.eeiai o .lj aa a feat eaai af tkuuui aad leaaeaii Mky, la a raBaliai panaua la tte a Mia lad. |aa -> R. J. BOVfeK OOD'fl " IMPERIAL WINE BITTBHS. A pa nnW kfttr. r *.< f?/.en Malna ?a A: .a . e kU A Al? liu W H BUM *!*'??? mwuv W IliC ? Lite, anl tho acirereai ?erdiot of all who un tuem either u a nWinM or w i t?r?r<u?. ;i that tbey are ucurjuiJ u. Hie world. Dr. !><*! iMd t' em c^ii*u :y ic bie yr?otloe for & jeara before *3 fin. .* (? ; Un: U? eole rifbt to mantflhcture ltd frp*ei;? tham (or o to ine rvbho. For tt? cure uf lia^tion, Indii nation. Dr? r*?m, iMee, Npttcu D>?et(N. rriu t Con; plaicts, tco a:i cmm roe airing a tonio, the* are beyond d??U a m-stj?a't*b.e rem edy. Aside from beir rD'jdjc.rj. ?rt>?*rtj<i Iter are a pare, wboia ojie tod diiii: *fti B^aerage, producing ?! tba ploasant oxk.ierattnc Oifflti of Braady or Wine without their 'nJsti:s? roeaiU. Let alTfriend* of ttaiaanity aod ?Ji adaocntce of t^raperanoe aeetat cs id sabititBin* tfcr:e TaiaaMe V?t*tab!e Ruttera for tl.? ??%? / ami ittr+fd Liiua with which tlie co?i:.'j7 >? flooded, and thereby efMetoa.iy aid tn batisMrg Diaeaee and Drunkeceea from th* -ad. , OKARLR9 V.'IDDIFIELD * CO., ^ Proprietors, 7? XVOlijani ?tr**t. New York. 4. fiCHWARZE.Aggui, i W UllUllflOC, II. u. pp. J. boves DQD8' IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. Sor Diuaaes of tae RidiiCja, B adder and I'rinary Tf&ni, Mid eapeeially f?r rental* Obstrnoaotoa. never tail to o&re. and arc warranted to give aui CHARLK8 WI DDI FIELD * CO.. Propnatorm, 79 William at., New York, #. SCIWAaZJKf ja7 1y.r A cent. Waahington. P- C. JOY FOR THBBICK AND PVFFERi*?. LET ALL WljO AHE AFFL TTID AFPLY H*1 REMEDY REJOICE LVHEALTH, Friend, do tod auCcr? Are yoa the viotim of any ofthoa* nuroeroog ailmenu which ariae trom impurity of the b.ood.' What are 'her. do yon aalf , Rather aak, what are they Dot t The blood it toe 1 aouroe of lile and health, and it u the ft rat aleaant i of our heme to respond to any cauae which ?feota . th* ayatejn, aa the pulse infallibly attneta The ever prevailing IS'onralgia, the irritating Eryeipela*. the ac V.> Scro.'u a, the atur.i?ic* Rheumatism, !Verrour DeMiity, Dyspepsia, L*ver Complaint with ita torpor and dejection, and tae Gimt>?r:?M ula that t fteal i? neir to, derivs 'heir Lideaua origin from the f Kood. Doal kindly the* ami f'ntl* with the blood. Ua* the vitalising ree-uroee of nature for ita aid. i and suffer aa to conicet:d to your oonfidenoeaDd r ti aa (ka# IphIv are imI.'a ma/li<ia mart W n < > w n aa u>v lust M nil Ilk. uiruivaui^lil aMU W U M r It US. H. COX'S INDIA .V YBUETAMLK VECOCTION. I With regard to tuia almost infalnl> - *peoifio ? popular sentiment I \r. spoken m decided term*, and the evidences of this frest efficacy are auat tamed by oonstant av<f*a.? of curati ve fleets and the bappieet reeulta from :ta >" ? are af'er all other remel'M and the bot>: medioa ski.i Lave fai'ed. Let ua nay, in conclusion, t;i*t c?rtl6catee onres are not sought from (he ill.Urate and rceerftoial, but they are volar'oered uom the m st raspeo table source:; apd justify the higheet te'tna IB which it ia poaeibie to commend ao ralu%b>? a apecific to pub ic approval. We may add aiao that tie curative propertieaof the medicine are equalled only by ita reatorativt effects, the ayatem recoverinf.fromdiaeaao with renewed c< natitut onal visor. For aa'o by all respectable Drunciata in this city,and by the proprietor, MRS M COX, _ None teauine uniess her nau*e ia biowa on the Mm and her aaal on the oork rnr knos 91 per bottle, aix bottle* for ?k. WkoUialt Atmt. R. *. T. CI88KL. Druf(iat, > G*urfiUivti. n C.. Who null asent for the Ills. d trict, and will aupply ttoa trade at n.y ynoM. M lf-tr f pROPERTY OWNERS AND Bl'ILi>ERftl Yonr attention and examination ia reapaetfallr aofieiusl to examiao toe celebrated New York OUTTA PBRCSA ROOFING and tha Gl'TTA PKRCHA PAIN r for Minting tin root*. Tfaie Uatta Paroha Roofing and Pau.t ia fii b* all the beet arciutecta in Naw York eit? to ba me nmih enttpfit Kcoftrg and rtisi in urn aaoe. It ean tx? iMn at H. W. HAMILTON'S f*UBt Store #12 Sfvrnth street. CA*F1F.LDA HAMILTON ar* the aole acenti for Waah.r.f Georgetown, A *xar,dna and the SoaUi. Por far User information addree* u above. oe U U 279 *SS2SSS?U a?6 PA. An., FOREIGN PR I'ITS, PI.Atk,><. CONFECTIONS. H'uWiM, PATFS. PRl>KRVb8, CONDI BENTS, Acleave to call lhetaect)?n of hia f- 'sda ac4 tkeaalTw generally to hia New Store, au4er W;,t%ru ? Hotei, just op^uixi, is oouuexio; with hia cid eetebltshmect. where he wi.l be bapa* to raeeire&ny orders for superior Confections of hisowi Imaoitaboa. Alao, all orders for Dinnnra, Sappers, Ha. t.and Prir&te Parties, which will be aerred np in hia latauffcbie atfla, with U? same aromptaeas *nd dia Itlli whinh b? baa hr.+icrto innvr am J A W*. T. DOVK * CO. /VRK Now pre?ar?yJ to u?oiti any ordara viU moh they may be f^rored ic the PLL'MBiNG, GAS OR 8TEAM FITTING BUSINESS. IL/~ Htnre on 9th otrret, a few doora north of Pa. aver ue, where mat >? fonn i a oomaiete a?oiTmeaJ wn -**'sA Dl'Rt OLD EYK WHJ*?KY.-On hand samara MT brand# of Pare OIJ Rye Whl?kj. Com* Dlatllled. made by the moat reliable dietilleraIn Peaaatlraaia. Maryland aod Vircinta. warranted a are, Alao, Imported Knuxhee, Uenneaay. Ota-d Dim See.. J alee Robin?, *o. Aiao. Peaeh mod A... B"andy, fare Bolland Gin, old Jamaioa andVt. Croiy Rta, aod Wiaoa jw^Terj^ranety.jU^el BtaaOBra i<r*nn?. m cmno? io* <h vii?r? ana sw Uoo YOUNG * KEPHART. Aseots, 14-lT H*** P% Wm hetw oth Mill IW> 0**. DrpONT'^ GUNPOWDER, F?r e* s at manafaotarer* pnoe*, by JOHN J. BOGL E, Gbobsitow*,D. C.. Soi* AfWKV f** tkf PlJtTVI 9f fatw>w. A large sn??.y, snbrtaiu every variety. avsvs ob ban*. 1*1 delivered free to all parts of Iks Diaki?c Orders oan also t?e left at the >&c* of Adam' Company. Washington. D. n. fr Vlawlv^ DALTiMOKE I> BUTTER HOUfE. , Daily raoriTiu fresh and sweet, in G<*hen pack A I? ft,.?sA. -? 1AL m.~.A 1?U AArts 'VU1" "fTLIC6WT H? wlrJ. It* Wtltiiiww. 275 ALkER 275 JACKSON. FLASTKKMkS, Pros 4 Ar**r?. Rotw?M>r )t??> and 11?h |# ? r,; JOHN F7EI4.I?. I aol 30?Pa.?r., betveMinliMMl 1?U ?u. '

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