Newspaper of Evening Star, December 1, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 1, 1860 Page 4
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J**"' - . ? < ?? THE EVENING STAR. THE THREE GYPSIES. ( TliRUATn MOM THE St** A1 Of Lit AC.] (Moral not ttrietly to fn follcmd any mart than m- Mr.) Dr?rgmg along in a shaky trap, i(t*rtM saaoy h ather. I f und throe gypsies lying down In a green spot together. One had a h Hl?, and fiddled away All to himself I more pity !> H<* wae lit up ht the netting day. Ah he played hit lightsome ditty. Tn? om had a p?p? 1a his mouth ; Whifl to w hi if succeeded. 1 H l'>;??^d it tn* >>moto as t *ppy as if No mo e on earth he noeded. 1 nj' imru nr;o i imuj?? nun| uii m u^vi The wind oVr its strings *u sweeping ; A Irea in er^pt o>r hi? s ul. while he W?? otmly undar sio?ping. Th'ir c'ot.i-H were but ra?s aid t*<s aad jags, Of co'i>r nnd shape most various ; But they didn t care '**1 for all the world. Its hours ami joys precarious. Tkrttfoid r.i?y ikowej- tKost tfnut fay, Hr.w '*?IT tr*o t.'kt lift is the tru? stun, Fitfdl* it, smoki it. and sletp it awsy, And trtbiy'Uiptse iti nuis&ne*. , As I went on I still look -d back. Watching those eorioaa cr? ature*? Watchi .? their looltt o: nair. An<t Uioir jo 1 y dark-brown features. l&pirtrqf tie Tim*J. Thb Prisce op Walks has at last arrired ? felj in England, and in a few hours after Kuening shore at Plymouth was with his parents at Windsor Castle. The protracted Toy i?e had created considerable uneasiness throughout the country, and among others Lieutenant Maury, who had recently arrired out in the Bremen, was officially consulted as to the probable cause of the delay. It appears that the Hero and Ariadne, when within a d*y's sailing of land, were met by contrary wimts, and Uy beating sgiinst them for nine or ten days lu the meantime provisions grew source, and the royal party were put on salt 9 provisions So the Prince can talk from experience of '-the dnqgrrs of the sea." Br this delay the Prince lost the celebration which attended Lis nineteenth birthday (November 9) at London, where the royal tradesmen illuminated their houses. The theaters 1 - - : 11 : .-J 1 iL. ,1 were aiau i*iuuny<nw auiuu^ iuo uovujauuuo at tho civic display was the Sardinian flag under which thoCusenz and Medici expedition sailed to Sicily. It was presented to ?n English gentleman by Captain de Rohan, of Philadelphia. The Prince also misled seeing the Perkin Warbeek style of individual, who tried to assume his tities and prew>gatires during his absence. For on tho 11th November a young Sentleman of respectable appearance and adress presented himself at the gate on Castle Hill The sentinels stopped him. telling him 2A au _ ?* 1? ?__i r :i_ 11 whp me oairaiiuo vuij iui iuo iujai iiuiuj, on which the stranger said, " I am the Prince of Wales." The sentinels, thinking from his gentlemanly manners that this was the truth, presented arms and permitted him to pass. In this way he pas-ed several sentinels; but in one ?>f the interior passages of the castle he was met by one of the servants, who inquired his business. "I air the Prince of Wales, " he said, "and am going to see my mother the Queen." The servant said he would accompany him. and calling the superintendent, thej discovered the stranger to be an insane youth of some twenty years of age, named Harding, who had been recently discharged from a private lunatic asylum as cured. J?y*The Charleston Mercury of Monday, in reviewing tbe reported position of the President aya: "We certainly deprecate war with the Northern people through the General Government; but Mr. Buchanan may be assured that the first attempt, in any form, to coerce South Carolina ln'o submission to a Government she has thrown off, will be considered war He may call it by wnat iwime he pleases, but tbe sword will then be the final and only arbiter between us." A KIVALS A T THE HOTELS. WII.l.ARD'3 HOTEL.?CC Revee and lady, Texas; Major Ramine. Russia; J M Taylor. NY; Hin T L t: lineman, NC; Dr Lockwood. L'SN, B ^ fttfratedt, Sweden; J N MafBtt. U3N; Hon E McPh^reon. Pa; W I Ractafeon, O; Hon E BabY? It. Pa: J E l.xrkin do: J Rinir and lailv W: Hon VV C And?*r?<>n. Ky; Hon A R Boteler. V*; J M C?o'e, do; Hon J A Gnrley, O; H C Beatley and lady. Pa; A L Light, NS; i Ames, NV; J T Me :ck aad lady, NJ, H H Wadla, IndU; O H Crosmau ?nd lady, Mo; Hon 8 Cameron, Pa; J H Hall, NY; J T CroweU, NJ; C C Stockton, do; H B Rd wards. Pa; Hon J Hickman, Pe; A P Allaton and ladj, Va; Miaa Ailston, do. * N A I ION AL HOTEL?J R Pig, NY; Colonel Dade, Va; L Abbott. H Drypolcher NV; A Gil itj-i'. Pa; Hoa J M Reach. NC; G M Gary and lv. Va K P Threefold, John Hawkins, Eaa; R "f Gt>!daboroo.'h. DC; Hon \V Nlblach, Ind; Hoc J C Breckinridge, Ky; Hon J 8 Greene, Mo, Hor J ^te.-ns-u, Ky, Hon G S Hawkins, Fla; Hon J lirimes. Iowa: L Mandel. Ml?a: Hon J Morrill. Hon H Rove**, Vt; Hon Q Grow, M Lewis and ly, Pa; C a Birton, J Thomas, Mrs Baiwin, NY BROWN'S HOTEL ?B Mantone, SC; Hon J C f biker. T B Johnson. P L Banks, O L Cambri.l, G i; E Smith and fam, Miss J How ard, J Price, A Harris and ly, W Bell and ly, t D Stery, J Lammerick.* N Y; Hon B Fitzdatric] and fain, Ala; 6 T Mlllery, Ens; Hon T Rutfln NO; \V H Johnson, Tenn; Dr \V Sherwood, Ind Hon J A Logan and fam, 111; J N Stewart, \A L-^ftt, \io. uoa ^ gtoa? q?; (j Lansbraugb Md; C McLaurin, Miss; 9 Magargee, Pa KIRK WOOD HOL9E?L PPltchlvnn, CN; II Perkins, Tsx; \V Brotherhead, Pa, Hon W I Hoouer, T Wililaros, Utah; L K Bowen, J Bel a l v K (J-irdener. Kniz; Hon J (i Davl?, InO Hon J C RobiiiMD, 111, Hon AO F Nicholson to 1 y, Teuii OLE A iV .S TEASERS' SAILING DA Y> Fro* tbi Ubitib Statbi. c"iin<r?. Lear*. For. Dayi. Af.ica ......New YorkLiverpool Dec A *??ua New York... Havre .Dec Ar.a .- New York... Liverpool ., Deo Jo?n Bell ... New York...Glasgow .....Dec! t rum fil'ropb W-? >! >* Hniith'ptnn Yofk?.NoV i Gvw?j Beaton No* ' A-ra .Liverpool New York Nov: L' i*d Kingdom iiasgow New York ..Nov! ;*?w York Sou#: p'.on ..New York...Nov; K'-dar !.iv.-r? ol New York...Nov: |i.'fjss.H >'?ut* pt.>n.. .New York.. ,D?i Jjr? >.>v<?rpuoi New York...jfec f j kmi.. H?uta'ptoa._New York ..Deo al-atine Liverpool. ...New York...Deo 1 h? California inaii steamera leave on the 8t Hm, and ?J'. i of ?v??ry moata. [VICARAGl'A; ITS PKOKLK, SCENEIT I" .Voiiuim ntKesouroea. Condition and pr posed t'a .v, with one hundred original mapa ai l.. jfrati .n*, 6v K. t?. Sqaier; 1-vol.; prioe #3. t,ne ftoa i.orri?iip"uiieao? ot John A. Qui'ma y r iiew?r?i I . > A., and Governor of the 5*U ?i ; l.y J. F. II. Claiborne; 2 yol? ?- fi'. Hfuriottr>n, ?r He would beaGentlemai b? Geo. Meredith; 1 vol , 91. Tl? 1 ur ?;eor*i?a; ifttb iiN of Mannera, Mora Couit&nu Town Life; by W. M. Thackery; 1 to TifBt*. Cott*z*a of the Alp*, by the author of Peaaa Life id Germany; prioe #1.25 Woman?a fr^ah ?upp.j ; Hoaeehold ot Bon* nere. do Mr*. Gilbert'* Career, a new norel?freak. BLANCH A R I) * MOHl'N, no 13 corner Pa. ay. and 11th at T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing or t^e Royai Havana L< Wy, eo ad acted by the Saaniah (>oT?rnn*nt. tne an Mr vision of the Ospttis Secern) of Cat will lue plaoe nt H?ms on SATURDAY. U? imn 16. 1?0 MOMTBO HUMSHO 647 ORDIXAKIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. n:-?"as | s"r?=*> . o ?,(ioo IM do l ? ? ss! *,Mfrox?' IN ALL*** FRIZES. Whole Tickets. |t?-HkTM, # 10?Quarters, | Prise* oashed nt aigkt at ? per oeflt. dinoonM. Bills on all sol rent Backs taken at par. A drawing will ke forward #d ns soon as tbs ree keoomss known. All order* for *chsia?s or tlokets to be aJdreea to DON RODRIGUEZ, uo?-tr Care of Citr Poet. Charleston, a. C ^RANCI 8 Hi A IP E R. H&TIItt OFK5ID FAMILY GROCERY AND FEEDSTORE ( ?ns*r *f Ntw York >rtw and Tenth strut. Re*p?ctfuUy scWioita the pairouage of those w mi; be iu wa.nt uf %ny krtiel* in th? moor* lin?. E niiMVoft anad be to piMM, and by a strict atu tiou to the wuti of the public, ha hop?a to men bare of their patronage. Hia tock ooamists or every artiole aenallr to Jt?ad la a Int^Ju Family Urooary and Fa Store. a> 17-t NEWS FROM HON E.?Straacera Tiaiti \Va4tiin|ton will tad at oar store Daily Pap< f' -mail pa-ts of the aoantry, *?at for next veel M-rcu-j. i.w*er and other Weefcliea. By li ?? tav? a ia'ie supsir of Kmlish Aim n%** FRENCH A RVtt/lBLN,278 ]> .?? ? Urtnl. fc.. a?l 1 . *> ? .* Miv VMmi IHIUI VMIJ MtlOii DO 71 g *! MJS* >M?i, UK AID AND CURL. MAN I tl K? HTUKV, -J 4 J Kaoo. ITHI*. n?*r the oc bow on hand; &lao, Ni&dnto ord?r nt um abort* uotk. r- Hkir Wori r?p*irMl<KttkeBiaU?bU| ? % am 1 'PR 10HI OR BOUDOIR PIANO*.-A ran (J Biianot nrtici* jnrt rMWvnd of Cniokrnnt k 0obi' auk*; for||IBK mi* low. C*1 ft d .? it ftt j^V^T RLI1R SM Pft. ft*., b*}. Mfc ftn?1& tin. (>id Puuuwfttirrftt bvffttM. noM MISCELLANEOUS. ' N O T I C E! gJisSn I wish all ccntleman f^W CTgFSI to bear in mind that Um plan I *^m>^.FtWh'S-?zfnZf I duood prioea for omIi it in auooeaafiil I oMntioi. Jaat received a fuil auoplj ol the lnteat I .Vaw York etylea of DRESS HXYs. The Very i finest Hat fSJO; a first rata Hat AS; and vary < ?2od?ft!,l,2L*b'*Jll*tJla?- All of the latest at7lea i of wn HATS and CArS,at the very lowest prices. I am oonetaatly supplied with a very iarae atook of Uioae fine DRfcSS BOOTS at 1 h?T. " I been aeninc for many yeare-nas. wal^aa the very best aaal.tT or rat-nt [.earner OA IT KRS. at 53 90. F mo French Oaif?ain Gaiters from .*2 to 92 90. Terms cash; no extra oliarge in order to offset bad debts ANTH(^V, Agent for the Mann (koto rers, Seventh stroot, second hat store from the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 340. se 14-3m Proposals tor furnishino the paPER FOR THE PUBLIC PRINTING. I Orricx Scpixihttopknt or Public PsuiTinef Washington, October 2,*1860. \ In pnrsnaLoe ol the provisions of toe "act to pro vide for executing the publio printing," 4o.. ap | Sroved Angoat 88,1899, and of the 10th seefion of lie act entitled "An act making appropriations for the legislative, exec live,and judicial expense* of t?overnn?ent lor me year ending j une <*', low, ap- , proved Mar oh 3, 1*59, sealed proposa s will be receiveiatthis offije, in the Caji'o', until tha first Monday (3d day) of December rext, at 12 o'clock. for tarnishing the paper that may be required for th<* public printinr tor the yea' ending on the l*t day of December, 1861. The subjoined list specifies, as nearly as can be aaoertaioed, the quantity. quality, and description of each kind of paper that will be required: Class 1. 1P,?00 reams fine printing paper, a"0?!e'dereo,to measure 24 by 38 Inches, acd to weigh forty-five aniinHa tn tha rMm nf AflH ikMti. Cusi 2. 6 000 ream* fine printing pap*r, calender*}, to measure 24 by SB ir.ohe?, and to weigh fifty six pounds to ths ream of 480 sheets. Class 3 300 reams snperfin* printing paper, hard-sised and saper calendered, to measure 24 by 32 inches, and to weigh forty-eight pounds to the rta;i.of480 sherts. 2 <?o reams tuporfins printing paper, sized and I an r m Linear rv< 1 f/\ mMsnrA ^ It* TQ ikaKaa en.4 O U pI Ski 'IIU VI V ' lll>"??UI u ?1 ?/; hPi IUUIII.S, BUU to WBi(h fifty pounds to the roam of480 sheets. Class 4. I ono reams superfine map paper, siz.'d and calendered, of such sii's as rmj be required, ooiresponding in weight with papjr meaeurici; 19 by 24 inohes, and weighing twenty pounds per ream of 490 sheets. Class 5. 2<V) reams superfine plate paper, (calendared or nnoalendeied. as may be required,; 19 by 84 inches, snd of auoL weight par earn as may be required, 1 he fibre ot the paper of eaoh of tne above ola?g*s to be of linen and cotton, free from all adulteration with mineral and other substances, tu d ot a fair whitenos* . ad put up in quires of twenty-four c KnAta a r..( in ! ii nH ! aa nf f nr > raa ma aa a i> pin ?-'vo * CM. 11 y nuu iu I'ubuirD vi twu i OOIII cavity fv li retni to contain 480 perfest sheet*. Uniformity inoolor, thiokn' .and weight vi!i be required; and no burdiefexclusive of wrappers) varying over or uuder Ave per cent, from the standard weight will he received, arn^ the'gross weight will in all eases be reeaire-i. Mixing of various t'liokne res in the same handle to up t.e weight will be considered a violation of the oontraot. Clams 6. 1. 1,?00 ritai quarto-post writing paper, 10 by 16 inches. 1 2,000 do cap as 13 by 181-3 do X 100 do dem* do 16 br 10 1-2 do 4. 1,000 do fotio-poM do 17 by 22 do 5. 100 do medium da 18 by 23 ds i. 50 do royal d) 19 by 24 do 7. SO do eufer-royal do 20 by 28 do 8. SO do impanal do 221-2br31 do 9. 100 do double-cap do 18 by 28 do 10. 100 da colored mediatr, (snorted color'*.) Class 7. 1. 6,noo t?m? writing paper, 16 by 26 inohet, to weigh twentj-three pound* p-r re\ro 2. 1,500 renins writing pis>*r, 19 by 26 inohai, to weigh twenty eight pounis per ream 3 3,100 re&mr writing paper, 18 by 25 inches, to weigh tw? ntr *iz pounds 4 100 reams writing paper, 18 by 22 inohes, to weigh twenty-four pounds p r ream 5. 240 ream* wrilinz Diner. 18 br 18 inches. to weigh twer.t?-two pound* per ream 0 4K) reams writing paper, 12 by 18 inohea, to weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the papers designated in o'asses 6 and 7 must contain 480 perfeot sheets to the ream, and no "outsid?" quires. Th>-y are t < he made of the best ma tenals, free from adulteration, finis).ed in the best manner, out to a true edg ?. laid fiat, and securely and substantially enve oped. The papers in olass 6 Pi #n Ka r* .1 I f /? r hi na nH n F r link nr^i .rltk ma> r/./w wn>?? *' 1/tuKji.uu wi cuua woi^uw an ma./ l>e required by this off.oe. Those in o!a?s7 are to be white, and of tfte ?izes and weights specified in the schedule The right is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of each and every knJ ooctrscted for iu a I ttie ciasaeo, to be furni?h <i at such times and in uoh Quantities a* the publio servioo may require. Eaen class wi.l b? considers! s?pvat?iT, and ba subject to a separaw contract; b*it biuders may jffVrfnr one or in >re of the c i??eg in the same proposal, >o proposals will be oonaidered nnleta ?ooomparied by tae inarant'se that the bidder or hidiern, if hia or their p'oponV snail be accepted. will enter into an obligation, w;tn food and sufficient aureties, to furnish the articles propoaed B'&k forma for propoeala -will ^e fu'ni?hed Rt thiaolfios, and none xr;ll be taken into consideration unieta aubstan'iallj aereeinK tuerewitn. All the caper in the several o'asaes must be delvered at auch piacnor places ai m? be deaicnated in Washington oitr, in c?od order, free of all and I every *xira obtrrn or zpennA. and auhjeot to th? inapeot on, acnnf. weight, and mea-nremeijt of the I Superintendent, and be iu ail reapecta aatiafaotory. Sample# of all the paper required mar be eeen at 1 this om)?, but bidders are required 10 furnish. with i their pr<>? i?als, aainpiea of not teaa than one quire of eatih of the kiads bid .'or, and upon wruch their proposals may be hwfd. The auooMsfvl bidden rili be required rigidly to conform to their umpit a. Propoea's will be addressed to "JoH5 Hkakt, ( Superintenifectof the Publio Printing, Washing; ton," a^d endorsed "Propoaa.a for Supply in* PaI per" ' oc2-8awtd [ n [No ??9.1 s 13V THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES f In pnransnoe of law. I. Jambs Bccha.iak, President. of the United states of Amenoa, uo hereby >? ec.areand n:ake known that public *a!ea will be h?ld at the oncer-mentioned land offices, in the i State of Akkansas, at the periods hereinafter desI lgnated, to wit: II At the land office af Eittlk Rock, commencing [ on Mo:;day, tiie 17t : day of ileoomber next, f>r the j dispoaa' of the public lands heretofore unoflered, - ?uu*ioa wuuin me luiiowing townahip*. vis : Sown of tiu base tin and west of the fifth principal - meridian. s Tornshipa 18 and 19, of range 4. Township* 18 aud 19, of ranee 5. At tba land office at Faykttivilli, commencing 5 on Timriidajr. Ibe3f)th ds, ?f Oeormner next, for g the di?pok*.l of the public land* heretofore unof12 fer?d situated within thefol!owing township*, via : M Sorth of the base line and iritt of the fifth principal vuridiun. 18 Township 19, of range 2d. ju Township 17, of range a. ?1 At the land u(Iioe at Clarkkivii.t.>. rtnmmnnnm* " on Mordar, the 17iii <14/ of L>eoimb?r next, for th<? *2 dupoaa of t:.e futlio l.icdu heretofore unofTered ^ u*uaN witum the following towuahips, vis : 11 .Yo tk of Ik* base line and trest of theAfik principal 12 meridian. di Fractional townahipa 1 and 2. of range 33. h' A* tiie Land Olfioe at Waihinotok,oommenoioi _ on WedneMiav the 19th day of iKo*-mber next, foi ? tnsdiapo'al of the puM'O lauda h<"r>>tofore ur.offerec Yt situated within the following townahipa, vis : o- South of the base It me and west of the AAA prtncipa ad meridian. The fiactiona aouth ot the old boundary line, o n, township 30, of rangea 21, 21 23, 24,25, aud 2G. At 'he l.atid Offioe at CHAMr*axoLi, eommew u oiug on Monday, tbM7th day of December next, fo tr.e dinposa. ol the pnh^io landa heretofore unoffera D ' aituat-Hl within the following tewnahipa and part 1. of t'lwnatupa. yis: '. ? ?, ... - ? ,i o?ai? oj mi oaf11im ?"d tei.u of thi fifth printipa meridian. ct Townehip 19, of range 8. Township 14, of lange 7 a. Townehip 19.ofrange 3. Township 19, ofiac*e9. Townehip 30,ifr?' gelt. Th? parts soutu of theoid boundary line, of town ahip 24, of rangea 19 and 2). I,m.?U appropriated by law for the uae of aolfXkli military aud otner pnrpoeea, together witti tii ' "iwtnp and verflowed," will ba excluded froa L* the ?ve?. ^ The < ffaring of the above landa will commene ontnedaya appointed, a id will prooeed in the or der in whioh they are adT?<tiacd until the whol hall have l>?en offered and tin sales cioeeO; but n moi ahall be kept open longer than two weeks. ?<i m no private entry ol aoy of the lands will headmitte '*5 notii after tii? expiration of the two vnIi . (jiven under my han<i, at the cut of Washinator * ' thia i'tn da* of Septe-nl>?r, anau Domini on* thoo Hand eight hundred and aixtr JAM KS BUCHANAN. t. By the President: JUS. 8. WILSON. _ Commiaaionaer of the General Land Office. 911 NOTICE TO PRK-EMPTION CLAIMANT! led Every person entitled to the right of pre emptio to any of theisms within the townahipa and pirtsc S. townahipa above m*utionted la required to eatal ? iuIi the aams to the sat aftction of the re*iater an reoeiver of the proper Laud Office, and n.ake paj meat the-?for aa aoon aa praafccabie alter aeeiu tftij notioe. and b?fore tht? dr*a??mnt?d r?? oonnieuoement of the pu :>iic ?le of the lands era . bntotm the traot c anned; other wise, en^h clan [l? wLI be f..rfeiu?d. JOS. t*. * ILSON, 'tn^ Commiacionar of the General Land Office. . Not*.?Under the regulation* of thedepartmen PJ as heretofore and now existing, no payment can b f? m*<le for adveiuaiuc proclamations except to sue ?_ publishers as are tptcutilv autkrrx*ed to publish b the Conmuuoner of the General LanU Office. ,rJ ee 15--wiSws YV MERCHANT TAILORING. . * * K Invite our oustoaera, and oitixene genera! I jr. to an inepeo tan ?>f our present now, at _ > Z t<-aour?. and *l*?act aiiurQn nt rJ- CLOTHS CASSIMtRKS. DOESKINS, 1^ _ VrSTlNUS. OVKROOATIN'iS, Ao. J* U- w'.iich we will make to order in tupanor it- ?t;le at *m; iowprioea. rt- WALL, STEPHENS A COb.. oc2fi tf S1K Pa. ar., hetw. 9th and 10th eta. IS pLOUE, BUCKWH^SATTPOTATOES, AP ? Mn Riobmond family and Extra Float g &,Ouo lba. Freeh Ground Buckwheat Meal, ^ W0 baaheia W hite Meroar Potatoes, I If > rRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES, j JJOOT8 AND TO SUIT Ttttf . Wa are now njwufvjVurin* *11 kini? of BOOTS j ind HHOCS. and ooritAix.Y reoemnf. I nipply of Mitirg mutt work of n?ru?-fn icr?ptio*>. mad* expreaaly to order, and willw ll * aold at a much lower prioeihao Iim keen* Nb leretofore charged in thta oity for maon in'Vnur kltMiw. Pmoai in want of DooU nut! Shoe* of outers or *ity made work, will always find a food aaaortmen a tor*and at tne loweet pnoea Hire aa a oali. GRIFFIN A BRO., ay ?-r >14 Pecuaylvania avenue. I?1VE HUNDRED TRAVELING TftUNKS r arrived thia dajr. embraeinc ail ieali-gg*eg nea and aisea of Sole Leather, Ladiea'&fwM Ureea and Packing Trauka. Oar tmnk^"?*" tales room exhiUta at thia Umo the greatest variety >f tr??.v?-iinj requiaitea at moderate pricoa, to be fonnd thia aide oj New York. Alao, every detonation of LADIES' HIT DUXES, VALICES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ao. 117* Old Trnnka repaired or taken in exchange tor now ones. WALL, ST^fHENSA CO., ttudk saies n.oom, marll-tf saa Pa. avansa. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. o 49v Tth stuit, Orpotitt Odd Ft 11 we < Hall, Wm-'kimntm, D. C. Travelers will study their interests Dj exammin my TRLNKS. VALiCLS Ac .before ri>r-?m ohAslng elsewere. As I bsa none bat theKM? best material the market affords tad employ^*"*** the b^st workmen, I can confidently reoummend ray work to be superior in Strenttk and Durability to Trunks that are made in other cities and sold hera I keep constantly on hand, and make to order ion one week's notice) every desenptien of SOLE IVATUPK TKfi?i PBiWC FffFVrH nHPSS md WOOD BOX TRUCKS: ASHLAND and otkir VALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, te., #e. , Trunks, to., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at abort notice Trunks delivered in any part or the oity, George town, or Alexandria. Also?A<?nt for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de 13-lv JAMES S. TQPHAM. TRAVELER# DIRECTORY. Ifor king george. N Addition to h?r other regular landings, the Steamer ST. NICHOLAS. Cftp'diQ Oct, will hereafter call to land and 1^ take off pa senger* at Cliattorton^*" ^"3" (Tayloo's) Landing, thus affording I he citisens of King George additional conveniences for reaching ?alt:im'.>re, Washington and Alexandria, at she jioes to Baltimore every 8ATURD* Y, and Washington and Alexandria every THURSDAY. The stsa ner "J&mM (iuj" wwl not be allowed to oime to the above landing. no22 2w JOHN TAYLOE. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Sta^BsmsmBmmesK CHANGE of* hours. Pnard after SUNDAY, November 25th, If***, the trains wiii r?n a* follows: LEA" E WA SHI SO TOX: Fir?t tr*in at ?.2<> a. m. Second Train at 7.41 a m. Third train a?3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth tram at 6 D in LEAVH BALTIMORE. First train at 4.15 a. m., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at S.inp. ni. Fourth at 4 ai p. in., Express. Ti.o tirsi, iwjon i an^ third trains from "Washington ojnneo'through to Philadelphia and New Y"'k. v. The saoand and third oonnect at Washington Junction with trains for th? West, South, and Nortnwest; also, at Anna?<lis Junction, for An capoli*. For Norfolk take the i 40 a. m. trai i or th* nconmrno<iation of th? war travel between Wae^irtton and Lau.el, a passenger ear wi.l he anache-1 to tiie tonnige train whioh leaves at 3.40 p. m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. tram goes to Philadelphia only. no 8G d T. H. PAR3QN8, Agent. NEW ORLEANS WITH TBS CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Ormngt mnd Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: i 'T' ? I W WW f^wmwwwrn wmtmmm C/? ?<.') Tennessee ana Virginia, Bast Trnnes're and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga. Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jatkson TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS~ROUTE: Memphis by Rasl.thenoe by First olass Packets U New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: MontKom?ry by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by first oiass Packets, Mobile to Now Orleans by Lake 3te*tsere TWO DAILY TRAINS?S?HDATS Inclvdid. Lmt* WMhinctn at 0 a. n and O p. . T he 0EOROE PAGE leave* her vkv foot of Seventh ?tre?t at SK a. in. and W p. m. aa< connect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex andria Trvu for the Sonthweat. Ofioo?Penray'.vaaia avenes, comer of Sixth at. uMiH onocu Tzaovfti to nv obuum Lynchbarc _ ? #7m Memfkia .?(SI 0 Bristol ..UOO Atlanta ? B 0 JCnoxvilie JOOO Maoon .It C Ohauanooja 14 oo Oolnrobus D I Salton??? 34 00 Montfomorv ?C untavriie ,tl oo i via Alem?hi*42 J Brand Junction??K oo N.O.> viae. Juno_42 i Naahviilo U Wl \ via Mobile.I THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 00 MILES 8HORTEH. an< 94 HOURS LES IN TIME than any other Lue? the' Lynchburg Exteoaio being now completed, aa alao the Miaaiaaippi uenirei, rnMiQr u me Q VICE RST AND MOST PLEASANT ROJJT. FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It la provided with Firet-olwr Sleeping Cars! ITo New Orlean* ? 7'J Hour Meropina . do. M'jDtfuiaerT *3 da. Naelmlle 49 do. IDTThe D. 8. faAJL^nd ADAMS' EXP RES are taken orertius New Line. Zickets cmn be obtained at the Sooth Westoi oo, oorner of Sixth atreet and Pennsylvania ai nne, to the foliowinc points: I nskknu %T 11 - **1?4^ uja-wui/ua ?f AJi UbUi) JLttOITlUOi AHHIfc Chattanooaa, HuntsTillo, Orand Junction, Macon, Naabnlle, Dal ton, Colnn bu Montfomwj^jWemylaa, and ITT THROUGH TICKETS TO THE J. , RIO US TIRO IN I A SPRINGS. fTOmnibnaea and EUtsaje Wacona leara tl omoe at a. m. and p. nu JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Arret, I ma g-tr Comer Sixth ?t. and Pa. av, , "j'EK STEAMER JAS. 6UY Will reanme h ? i trifi on TUESDAY, Jilt of JP* . February, lasn. Will leave W A ait t INGTON eTerr TUESDAY and^""^ FRIDAY. at <o'c'ock a. m., and ALEXANDR1 . at 0 o'olook, for CUilRlOM AN and t r intermediate leadings. On her return trips, a 5 will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNCSDA . and SATURDAY, at s o'olook v m. LuCIAN 8. PAGE, Projrietor j NATH'L BOU3H. Az'U Alexandria. f?a FUR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPEi - AND ENVELOPES fj 0 'TO MATCH, e CHARGEI METROPOUTAN ; BOOKSTORE. ? nmmtm >? a/?* n?*A*?a u rniLr a, J iimli Jar Luutmu*,i ttl*br*t*d Lnum Paper "M*tr?pcHta% Mills," #e., *e. >. se 84 lr 33a 1'%. * ., bet. 9tb and l*th sti CLOAKS! CLOAK! CLOAK 9!!! The Camilla, the Arab, the Garibaldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, the Afbaoaa, Ths Richard, the Kn?lish Sa?k. theFreuchsa With many other new and beautiful sty ea ? Rept. Treoo and French Beaver Cloth, in pri< from 93 SO to ??i, to vhioh ere ask the attention a. the ladies. >f no IT TAVl.OR ? HCTCH1SOM d UOWE'SlMVROVEpW KItiHINGhCALl r- II Thee* Scales are offered to the eublio a* ' m 1 mnet aim?ia Kla mm - ? i ft urusi nm^iui uul auiw> i?UU lOilW.O MUMOt VTOT rui iso. Firatolaaapremiaina bare been aw&rdndth i- t>y the United State* Fair and Virginia Afionlto u Society: Virrmia Slat* Agrienltnral Pair: Prank fniiitute Patr, Penr.aylvania; New York State Pi Vermont State Pair, *?., &o. In every eaae wh exhibited they aare reooivedSret olattmoiti t. For M e at 66 Louisiana avenae, Depot of Bill* ? Chil.ed Iron Wee. b de 1?-1t E* O. PATTTBOW. Areo 1 WAaHlNOTON 8EWIN8 ROOMS, '' KHWtk tt., twt dtort Sortk ?/ fm. Am ??' ?. n Mnvm * i.?. . ?. s. kott. i. k ami Will jraetiee in the Hi in CoWrt ofErrora u4 i MV vwm M VI OOVBOtH J UUlOUki Of M IV. _ 0UI1E8, DIA11B9! # ??? MISCELLANEOUS. ! TUtai UMON Wll.?. 8TANU. f?0 MATIhR WHO'S PR LSI DENT! f Con*Muently I ?hall remain im Waafemgton aod nntm&e to pnrsae rojr cooapati->n ?r HOT SIS, a SIGN and OR\AMBNT*L PAINTING. Gild- 1 lag in all >U branohM. Old Glazing promptly at- " tended to. Painting aad Ornamenting Cottage o Furniture in the l>?it (trie I alto, oal attention r to the Painting of Roofc and Briok Walla * All nf tKft thnvi I will Hn u aKmh thu aKm>- <1 est. I therefore solicit the patronage of mj friends d and fellow oitixena of the Diatriot Pcnotn*'ity b striotiy observed, ud work done ia the beet ibm- t ner. Yon will please mind your stoea and atop at M. T PARKER'S Painting Establishment, No. 03' 63 !! ?3 Louisiana av., north aide, between 8th and 7th sts. P. 9. Signs put np free of charge, as aaoal. I an >1 3m S OFFICE OF IN3PECTOR AND SEALEft T OF GAS METERS. , WASHmoTon. Jnly U, 1*#. ar/tfft ?#tr* rA r ? n n n tr / i r? n ai mi & _ ? n usium to rtarxRtir irir an, r ably to the provisions oftbe oidinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12. WW. the underpinned if now prepared, "whenever reemred ia writice, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty cents, to irspectj examine, teat, prove, and ascertain the aoouracy of recistration of any gas meter in nse in this city." { Every meter, if fraud inoorreot, will beoondeinned, , and another, sealed and marked aa true, will be 1 setmi'? piaoe. if proved to be aoonrate in ita , msasiir<..nent of gas, itwHI be sealed aooordiagly, : and acam pnt in positioH fur use. Office No. 610 Seventh street, (near Odd Fei- | .ows' halt ) ?tpon from* a. m., to 5 p. m. CHAKLiliS W. CUNNINGHAM, Jyl3-tf Inspector and Sotler of Has Meters. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS < B. R. DURKEE ft CCfS BliEIOT flFIOlOS. Guaranteed cot only i ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, ' bat ground from freih Spio?s, selected and cleaned by ua expressly for the pur pone without relerenoe to oost. They are beautifully paokoU in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to-prevent injury by keeping. ?nd are full weight, while the ordinary rrouad Spices are almost invanahiy short. We warrac* : ?/ _a_^ 4k - *a 1 r A vurm, iu point BuriiKiu ftiiU vi u&?ui? BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, ?e & einele trial wul abundantly prove. Mail tiiactared only bv E. R. OURKEE * CO., fe lS-if.n* 181 Pearl st.. N? w York. WATCH REPAIRING AN DSILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. 1 hswe one of the best establishment*, and furnished with a complete set of tool* for repairin< every description of fine Watches, and particular attention give to the same, by a?4gf t iorough competent workman.aud a. work guarantied Al~o, every descnp ion of standard SILVF.R WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactued under my owu supervision, which iny customers will find far superior in quality and fiuish to northern ware #oM by dealer? id general and represented as their o*j manufccture. II. O. HOOD, ?e 6 33^ Pa- avenue. near 9th ?t. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD !!! STOVE and KINDLING the lowet opcible pries. . T. J. ft W. M. GALT, tt*3 Pa. av? bet-weeu 11th and 12th ?U., mn 17-tf north {1OOD LIGHT! VJ CHEAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT! 1 AK Arr IIH JSmL.rrom uow. KING ft BURCHELL, OO IS Af?nl? frtr it* (Hi*. FREEMAN k SIMFSOHt fifflKTRA^J^EXTR/^. M OLD W OLD \ -IFAMllY RYBIFAMHy RYEj mWHI SKKI^VTTTSCTi^ The above PURE WHISKY,Corrm Dtstillib noh M altio Ukawi, being superior anil uniform in quality, and highly unproved by age, ia preferred by conauraera to a!) other Whiakiea, and particularly recommended by the best phyaioi&na and ohemiata as &creea*inic all the r*?nir?menta of a TVv? Tonic I**ii3r<ktor and Rantdial Attnt. TheSchuj^ili Wator of Philadelphia, uaed is the distillation of thia Wliiaky, ia proved by ana! y ' ela to be the aofteat and puroat water in tho-Umtod State* ; and to thia may, in a great degree, b? Htributed the excellenoe of thia Whiaky. LV-. ?Uk- CD SOM A M L UiUiia/lIU rvi ooio uj ri\u?j.uaii ?v oimi ovi*, ' Phonix Diatillcrr, On the Sohuylkili river, Philadelphia Offioos?915 Wall atre?t, Now York ; 109 South Front atreet, Philadelphia. ' And oanl.e had in Washington of itomnel Bacon ft Co , 319 Pa av.; R. J. Ryon, WeatSth at., oorn?r D'.Kennedy ft Pnnh.i09 West 7th at ; Murray ft S?mme?, 4 0T Pa. ar.; J. B. Wilaon, 3ST Pa. av ; Barbour ft Sommea, 6f La. av ; H. C. I'urdy, 403 Pa. *v.; Wrn. grjan, 44 Market 8p.; Mooro, Cixaell ft Co , 387 West 7th at.;.8. F. On I'ek. 6?6 N J. av ; A. tiaddia. Jr.. k. Co., M, oorser Hast Uth ; Edward Hall, 40 Market Spaoe ; E. }K. White A. Co .63 La. av.; John 11. Semmee ft Co-. S23 Weat Ninth at. ooHt-lm ; /0^X / P J? W0H0MT1 V\V\ I fi^y6? dispatch: % 8aye thj_Piceei! At ?f;idmt? will kmrptn, ?*m in tMll-rurulmitd f?ailiit, it is rerj drcir?ble to h&T? some ohetp B ?n<J oor.Tea. ont w%j far rofairint Fanutmre, Toy*, n Croclsrr. fee. SFALDIIYG'S PREPARED BLUE E meeta all aaoh eraer$euoi*e.and no household can afford to bo without it It ia alwaya ready and up to the sticking point. There ia no longer a neceaaitj for limping oiiaira.aphntered ^neera, headleaa c. dofia, and broken orad'.o*. It ia inat the arftole for cone, aheil. and other ornamental work, ao popular with laaiea of refinement and taete. Thia admirable preparation la naed cold, being ohemioally held in aolution, and poaeeaaing all the 18 valuable qnaiitiea of the beet cabinet maker*' glue. It jnay be nsod m the piaoeof ordinary mnoiTafe, being tmI'j moro aithsaive. -a " USEFUL lit X VSR T HO USX." r- Frist, 15 centa. N. 13.?A Uriah aocomeaniea each bottle. Il ? m?JuiJi V*r*i, No. 48 Cadv atraet, New York ** Iddroaa HENRY cTsPALDING * COBox No. 3,600, Now York. A- Pit for Doalora in C&aoa oontaining Foar, Kicht, aud Twolro Doson?a beautifol Lithojr?jh<o Sliow-C*rd acoorupanjinr tub pack&go. M inr A inile hottlo of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE will ton tames its oo?t annually to OTOry hon?ehol<L-/*Tl Sold by ail prominent Stationery. DrnrcieU. Hardware an<< Vuriutnre Dealers, drooer*, and ? fancy Store*. Country merchants should make a note of 8PALtBlye'S PRE PARED OL17 J?, when making np their list. It will stand any oliinate fe l<yir ;Y* l, <1 /?". t ,*r ^ t?' ?m?h/ir < ii(ll? MMt PMbrmS p' Jr fi? YmlUy / ?*/ ire*- t.Kj A?-u,) frvm jf ? 7 00 (W*r ?T **'. pr,p*nd 6f X 7 0 <C <! A lv ? prof i on y linn t*> Aim. \T fltfl'i ?'?. Jinn. F ~\fliO -TJk TMW??/>d it lit jfrit /Mntiu ill f r ,f 8!! gjjj^ J Bol^^^p^itror.T, sm 5 <;? ',% ^ . m f CAUTION, a PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL ^ IN'PURCHASING THE VALLEY ? WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS E WCHWn WITH THE SIGNATURE OF fT ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE . AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. | WM.HJJALY, L. SOLE PROPRIETOR E8 19 SOOTH WILLIAMS: NEW WL BOM BALM IM WASHINGTON MY U y My BAIBOVK * BJLMM?8 MISCELLANEOUS. Til iiuu&NATM!i or LAMtun^-Tkm ki f ravisi watieaor ? un to a* propmta tha JL ioat iirawvt word# of other Imcuinmi a/ter wh'la to iLoorp?r%t? thwn into oar ovi; that t?o a r<vd OpSia io. whioh ia fro?th*Sraok,aij?iifyinf m for til* kwd, > bow b*Mwn| HftlkriM II onaootioa with Mr. irMt UwdMhi f medv; bit it will Wot M ittd in port itttrtl ray. tad tha word Coahaio will bteoit M ommoD m E'aotroty pt ko4 but othara whoat iati notion at foreifa word a hat Men worn iw?r >y common umatt anUl thay attra "n&hva ta4 ta ^ 'ardly Realized. ii 'ad 'n 'orribie 'eadache thi? afternoon, band 1 lepp'd into tb* hapotheeariei han<1 ??t? hi to the ?%n. "Can yoa heene me of an 'eadecbW* "Do* thaohe'ard," ia;i V "Hexoeedibily," aajahi. .nil ipoo that 'e cava m? a Cepba to Fill, haod eon me 'onor it cur?-d me to qaiet that 1 'ardly ealiied 1 'ai 'ad a? 'caUaciie. ITT'Hiadachi ia the fa rp rite aim by which latere maaea known any deviation wi.aterer Pom he nat?rat state of the brain, aad viewed ia tkia igbt It may be looked on aa a aaferaard intended m give rotioeof dieea?e which might ottierwiee rt ?>r.A.n* ntfAnfinn. nil tnn latj? In Sa rAinMli(wi: a. ti inaioaiiona ahoufd nernT be nerleoted Head iohe? nt%y be o!ae?i6ed under two n?me?, tii: m Bywytomatlo and iliopubic. Synptomatie Head- a. iche ie exoeedmily oommon and la the preeareor of a great variety of dieeaaea, among whioa are )a \popexy, Gout, Rbenmatism and all l-brile M imeasca. In iu rervo?? form it ia at mpathetic di?- m taaeofthe atomach oonatitatinc <ui k**J*ckt. of hpikiitif* t\ i IMIA nnnttltntir* lk?]<M> 4#?w<trnf __ worm*,eonstipat<onaiMlotherdisorderBofthe i ow ^ ? wtJIu renal ami nterme affections. Duiih m of tha heart are very frequently attended with Head- tehee; Anemia ai d plethora are alto afleotioas fa which frequently oooasioa headache. Idiopathic a Headache is also very oommon. being usually dia- ? tin^aiahed by the name of a?rre?j> ktadatk*, some- M oominc on inddenly in a ktate erapparently M sound health and prostrating at onoe tne menta' and physical energies, and in other instanoos it comes on slowly, heralded by depression of tpirita ? rr acerbity of temper. Inmost instances tha pain i< ia ib front of the bead, orer one or both eyes, and % provoking vomiting, mfler this ola*? r mar a so be named ft rural tta. k For the trj?tment of either caes of Headaohs tha Cephanc Alts have been found a sare and safe k rftmadt rflil*vin* th? mnat t^nU b*Ina im a. Kb?b U minutea. and by lU aabtle power eradicatirc lb* * dian&je of vhioh beadache la the unemaf inaex. ?: I Beidoit.? Miaana vtiti 70a to Mod bar box I of Cephalio Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Plut>? i but I'm thinkinc that'a aot Jaat it naitbar; bat par hapa ye'11 be afther knowing what it ia Yeaea 1 ahe'a nigh dead anl gone with the 810k Headache, * and wanta aome more of that Mine a? relaired her < before. pDrugnst.?Yob muat m'an Ppaldtng'a Cephalie Bridget.?Ooh ' aure now and you've aed it, hare'a the quarther and giv me the Pilla and don't be all day about it ailher. I'enatlpatien er CmUtob?m. No one of the "many ilia fleah ia heir to" ta ao prevalent, ao little underat>od. and ao mneb nag- l I voted aa Coativeneea- Of'en originating in oara- 1 leaer.eaa. or aadentary habits; it it regarded as a < light disorder of too'ittle oonsequrnoe to exoiU | acn'ty, while in reality it ia the preoorsor and companion of many of the moat fatal and dancerova disease*. and unless early eradicated it will i bring the sufferer to an untimely (rave. Amoni the i lighter evila of whioh Costiveneaa ia the aanal at- I lend ant are Head&ohe, Colio, Rheumatism, Foal Breath Pilea. ?t dothera?f!iken*ture,whu*alocc I train of fnrhtfui diae?aeaauoh aa Malignaat Ferera, ; Abceaaea. Dysentery. Dyapepaia, i>i*rrhea, Apo- ' plsxTt Kpiiepav, Karalyaia, Hyateria. Hypoahoadnaaia. Melancholy anil ln?*r;.ty, firat indicate their presence in the system by thia aiariring symptom. < Not unfrequently the dis*a??s camed originate in 1 Conafpation, but take on an independent exiat 1 eno* unieaa the cause i? eradicated ia an early state. From all these oonnderations it follows that tne 1 iirurucr anuuiu rronwo lmntQiaie ftH^Dllon Vllttt yer it coeurs, Mid no person should oecleot to get a box of Cephalic Pills on t^e irst appearacoe of the complaint, a* their timely im will expel lb* insidnons approaches of d.cease and destroy this dangerous foe to bum?n iifa. A Real Blatslaf W?llt Mrs. Jones, hov is that beadMrs. Jontt.?Gone ! Doctor, all gone! the pill yon sent cared me in Just twenty minute*, and 1 trisk jou^ would send more so that 1 can haw then Pkynitian.?You oancet tbern at any Druggists. Call for Cephahe PilMn find the* never tail, asd I recomm-nd them in all osmi of Headaohe. Mrs. Jotut.?l shall send for a box diraotly, and shall tall all my suffering friends, for they anarisJ lltsixnt. ICTOVX* fxciTiKETTT.ud the mental oare and anxietr inoident to oloae attention to bna neea or toJr. are among the nnmerosi oaaaea of Nerroaa Headache. The diaonWed atate of mind acd body incident to thie diatretainc oo? plaint la a fatal b.(.w to a 1 enerar and ambftion. BuiTerera by Uua disorder can aTv??a obtain speedy re'ief from th'Hie diatreaaing attacks by name one of the Cephalic Pule vhec-irer thi ayn ptoma appear. It *nieta the overtasked brain aid aoothea the etraioed aad jarring nervea, ard ralaxea the tanaion of th? stomach which alaraya aooompatiiea aad ag graratea the disordered condition of Ota brain. Twkktt Millions m Dollars Satis.?Mr. Spa din* hu sold two millions of bottles of his oelebra'-eU Prepared G't'tU it is estimated that ?aoh bottle cares at least ten dollars worth of broken furniture, thus makicK an aggregate of twenty millions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by this valuable invention. Having made his Olae a household word, he now proposes to do the world still greater senrioe by curing all the aching hoada with hieOphalio Pills, and if thuy areas good as hia Glue. Headaches will soon vanish away like anow in July. Pacts worth krowijm.?8?aldinf's Cephalic Pills are a <erU in our( for Sick Headache, BiU ous Headache, Nervosa Headache. and General Dfbllltj. G*b*.t Diacovaaj.?Among the mo?t important of a 1 the great medioal diaooveriea of thia ace may be conaidered the eyatem of vaoeinajUon f?r proteotion from Small fox, the Cephalic Pill for relief of Headaohe, and the uae of Qiiir:ira for the prevention of Feve'a, either of whieh la a aura a?*oifie, whose benefita will be experienoed by euffrring humanity lone after their diaoovarera are forgotten. Cr* Dm *ot> ever nave the t*iek Head an he.' Do you rtmember the throJibine tomp'ea, the fevered tow. the loathioc and diacuat at the cirht of fand I How totally unit "you were lor plnatara. oonveraation or atady Ona of the Cepha io Pills would ha?o relieved yon from all the aufTericc which tm than axparienoad For tkia and other r**po?0a you ahonld alway? hava a box of tha? on kud to aaa aa oooaaion require*. i^jssSk NervousHeadache CURE JZ ^ Jrinfc* Headache. By the dm of theee Pills U? f*no4io attaoks oi ffirvomt or Side Htadaeht may W prtmtod; and if taken at the commencement ol aa atttok imrue diate relief from pain and sloknesa will be obtained. They seldom Call in removing the Ifamttm and Htadackt to whioh females are so subjeet They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing Cos (tNSUI. For LiUrmry Mm, StiuUmts, Dflicate Females, and all persons of udmtmm kttf/itt, they are all valuable as a Lmzat***, improving the twitii, giving tone and vigor to ths digeetire organs, and reatorlsg the satsral elaatioitf aad atrengU of U?? whole aya'am. The CEPHALIC PILL8 arc the reeslt of losg inveetigation and oarefslly oooduatsd experiment*, having hasn m sm many r?r?. daring whioh tinea they have prevented aad relieraJ a raat amomnt oi pain and an flaring fro* Headacus, whether origi sating is the ntrvotu ayatem or from a deranged atata of the <t cmmcK. They are entirely re* eta We is their a a ip eat turn, and may be taken at alt timse with perfect aaffctj without making any ohasga of diet, and tkt atttnei *f aay diiatruabU uuit rmuUrt it Mir It administer them M tkildrui. BEWARE OP COUNTEEPUTS! * mm |?h<b? nn? uti H?WVM?I HOItfT U SpUding ob *toh Bo*. old by DrecciaU Bad all oOar Mm U Modi IBM. Box will bo Mat by mbA K?p*id ?? roooipto tt' PRICJE, U CENTS. All ordora aboaldbo addrooood to HKVRT C. ?PAUMN?. so lf-dAwly 49 (Mat atroot, Nnr York. t* ? * * MKDiOiyiS*. V&- MunruM. r lurmvHi LOCK BmrtTAi, OS. ALL BISKASK^ OF 1MPSUDKNCE. LET JTO FALSE DsiWACr PREVENT. APPLY 1MMKD ATELY. CrSS WARRANTED. OR NO CHAM9M, IM FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Ttihtn ?f Ik* luk.lrturu KmDmi^M B*?mi J ? w I ? IlMili?ii ilcL* an' * i? ! *?Uky. Harnwa?n. Pf*yy T. V*11 " V?? ^ iK mm rfliin, hlflKiri i^diatn, Pimiw tfthl Kub.Tkrwi, **a tt at*, km p. (wa^ch > * ?.,_ m* Ttmkl* Diaatdtrt ir'??| fr?>a Mliu; m *mk?ik?a* Draadfal ud Daauaativ* FrMbtM vkick ??* it Muntfi wfHtiMi. t >4 y?>im tau Mr aa i M*? TOIMMU apaktali* *k? li'l llf?n iti > c:MM ! 1*1 If) T?i, U dr*?dfkJ u4 (iiumuiitttil ?k:ch ucmJIi itMfi n I miiHi; (T>'< thNhMi if Ymi'I (!> rMi ?r tad lal*aia u4 krlllaat lata: a?i, mijfct rltrvm ??? toru??4 iMMatlmtN ? k ikitkHtui i(iInhmi a* iMm iim?y tk* iff, m*y Mil wnk !m.. im? Mk MUI1IE lAUin PMOH h r?H( W< ;muaNtU| M.? Ifl, kaiaf ? > ( f*? : ?' THto?u arfaafe 4iki'?, mraiun k< , a^aadt.T tar?u. ?k* uicii kintiuudt' Ik* Mil *7 P?. J mi j ril'r. Ml7 aat.IJa la kit h.aiar ti * f?t; tati ? i ?ai <*?ui * raiy ftm kia akill u a pkjct ?a jrrici T *u rr* ruDtt:ci irnrr It kand (id*iMt( fm* *tr*?i ih* ?? ! fr*m i* Mtaw. nil tM Mttaim ua* u< aar-aat. La ma Ml?t piM iai tatun a it?M a. WH, Iwhnrfili owitf ir>ii|MH, rniuil a* aaa ( tkt MM IBMMI 0.:?r U tka Cnlial him, lltttmillf Mn?f*bMI f? U H?? ir?t(l|k?kMlUl* W luiw. fin. fm?4?iy>i? ul kara, baa a#?M< mm af IM Man Mnnti>( larn ifeal I*at Mn;auy imM?< ?.U r [ t| la the fe?d u4 im feaa ?a!???: ?raal urtHHm>wi alsraad at ?ad4?a Mada, feaaaralaaaa vitf fra<)B?rt felaaVtif. a:-.a< 4ad wai Ma* ?M <aniraaiaiafm4, vara can4 laiaattaial*. 4KB P/lincfWI NOTICC. Tad| Maa u< aUara wha lt?i u|an? ttiaaaltaa fey anaia praatica tadaiftd la *>u a.ana-a feafeu fra^aaauy taraad (ran #?u caapaaiaoa. a? at aefeaal, (fe? affacw al rlltl Ul aifhtJy fait a?an wfcar it!a?f, art if aat farad. Ddara aarriaf* lapaaaikla, ia( daatraya talk mtm4 M adv. ahaald act ,* lamilnllli ftlM >ri Ma'igfiki h< til Mltxtolr ifuu n*<n?4 f utit hi km af vaath tiii WiilatH Wife* I'd ul t?, huu ,o ika liii,P>nMi af f i.t.Laai af MaaaaUi ^'.pttiuniftki lMr(,D;trt(?, Rimu IrrmMilF.Daraafamantaftba fn-tHm, twin Dak-iity, fBttHu of Canaan puaa, *c MITTAklT.-Tn fitrfil ifitUH (ki aMtii aati M >a <titii4-U? *1 Mia?i,CMfMiN af Men, P?pi ?i <a I ptrlu, BtU Farbadi- ji. A*ar?.aoaf Sacuct. li ' Pitttaai a** af lattikda, Tmidity. 111,111 wai af Ua a?ita paa NM?d. KUTOII DUIklTT -TkatMiliua at?|i4fi vkal ika tiai af ihitr dac.nunj haal:k. lat./* ikiir I;( !, fca?aia( waik. pala. aaraaaa aud aaaahtad, ai*iaf ? f*!u ffiuuia ikaattaa ijii caayk at tjrr pta ?f cattiapnaa DISK AS tS or IMPRVDCNCK. Wkaa tka a-ikfuiJid tod iafri4tol ?*?rj af plaaaat* lata l?haataMka4 tha uada af tt > paiafai diaaaaa, u laa af?a*a Mppaai tin in aauaa af ihuniar i raid a* trj laian kirn fran ippltii f ta ikaaa ? n, fraia aCacatiaa %mt* raapactabtUiy, caa afana kafnaad him. Mi hi.a ina IkW taada af ifcarani and dttif f praiandari, vha. nctpkin ?f caxuif, ilek kta pacar;?rp aabataaca, kaap kua u~.Afc?J aatbanir MGik.arii la.ititki n MiifiatuMMaiaad, aadia dairair laita kirn wilk raiaad Ml 4t ? k. . k. - ... ml , v.- A.. J"\. aopuo! rr-" ? -i ?. -? -?/ paiaan. Mtraary. >u.ii eh* e*> '. tatiOTMl* ml tku wmkla diaaaaa, aack a* Af eti?r> litr.. Tkraai. dm Ikia.ft*.. paarraaiiaf with frifktfa! rapidity. tail da?tk pat* a HiadHkii draadfkl aaliriefa ay aaadirg kiawikaiac Uiwirsd CNtUT tnm a'm biam in'iiii itimi ML JOUWIlttKCDY roR OR.QAIMC WlilXIK AMD IMrOTKMCT. By tkU rmi ud raraady waaknaaa af tfca t-fua Lta apaadtiy airad uj Ml t: jar raaurid TkHHadtNlM aal narvaai aad dakilltatad. *?* haft laat ail k*pa, ka*a MM taaaftiaMly ft 11 impadinaaiia la Mtriifi Pkyalaa ar Maata. Dtpaftail laatiaaa. baaa af Praaraauv* Plan, n uHHtf Framklinf >ad ar Bihaaatfaa aflka ?aat tairfi I kid apa**4tly can*. DTPOUIMIIIT OF TIB nr.H. TBE MANY TMUUIaNDI cart* aiUaa .laoiat aa wtihlm A* laat aaraauao rain, and ika aaraaraat laapartant larnM.1 aparaitaoa parfaraiaft ky Dr. Jahcaae, vu.aaatd ky tk? rtpamra af tka pa para and aatay ukar Mraaua, i ?f?? * nW kara afpaarad a fa la aad a|ali ktfaca ika paait*, ka. Mm hiMUadt&f u I |taU?Bu : ikUH'.tl ?M IW?w MU|, U t PUUIH WUl tlHIll mil BIT. J. BOVEE DOD8 IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are dct beinf uad from Mwctto the bratt Salt Lak*. m1 Wie uniTerma! Terctiot of ail who dm then either c; a wudtfsfes or as a krwrwi. is that ttiey ars ocsarpaeed in the word. 1>t. lK?i? ..">c them c u ?Gccsfciiy 1b hu f -sct.ce for II yean before we perchuW of le the ecle nxht to rc?.i.n>ctBje and present them :or sa.? to tho paMia. For the ours of Inr.fifzl C^LC^^ion, lMiffeetioc. i>r*" peeaia, rl'es. Nervosa rneeaiea. Female Con plaiats, and ell eaeee reewnac a tonic, tney aro be Totd aoabt a meet mraTiteble remedy. Aeide from their itndioiufi ? royalties they are a pare, wholesome etc do ugh irk l lieverega, rrodaeln* ad the pleasant sxfc.c rating efftsta or Brandr er wiae withoat their lijarinaa raaaita. l-et all foetsda &\ aamamty and all advocates of teir.peraooe assist aalaeiibstitaiae theeo vaJeabte Vegetable Umera for the eateerei ftueu and *<i*ifr*ud frith which the eoantrr Is flooded. eo^ thereby effectually aid Id bamctinc Disease and Drank*uea? CEA RLE8 W] ODIFIEl B * OOFreyctttors, 78 William street. New \eefc. J. fOHWAitZE Ar*nf. w Main*ion, u. u. P*. J. BOVKBDODS' IXPkhlAL GIN BITTURS, For DtmiM of the Kidce; i, B'adder and Urinary Or (an a. ud *?p#c:sJ!y for Fwnai* OtmtrveOoM, c?T?r faii to ours, and are warranted to |i*? ?ati? ^CHaRLES WIDDIFIKLD & CO.. Proprietor*, TS William Nr* York. J^chwarjce, J?T-ly,r Atrct. Wa?b>nrton. I>Tc. JOY FOR THK8ICK AND CtFFERINtf. LET ALL WfiO ARE AFFLICTED RtvAD! AFPLY THE REMEDY ARC B PTrtTPr IV U V A I *ru no^v/iv a iii Friend, do yon nnt^r! Are yoa the victim of My afthwa* mcitruii kilmenu r-k>cU ana* trom mpvrity of the blood/ What are tfcej, do yoa uk.' Rather a*k. vljrt ar? they oat? The ijlfwvj i? the ourco of lije and S?fc'fV ard it is the firi?t e e*rnnt of oar beinf to r?ap?'ii?i to an* oum winch ?fffo'-s th? ?y?tera, a* the pula? inifctliWy ar/nt* T!.e ever prer&i :n* Nauru, jis., lb* irritating r.rr ' ;?.w, taw anbu? Serpf'jla, Uie nr^'tiisltc Rhoujb&tian, r.errooa Debi.ity, Drapej/'* L-irar Ci/iripia;; ' witii.ta torpor and d?jecl:oi>, ana the tuint-orlda? t;la tiiat ijeah ia heir to, denva -hair hide >pao*ifin from thw blood. D^aJ ?todiy th?a an.! geot.? \rit*< the blood, fae the vitalising r?x itrcea of uttiire for ita aid. and a offer aa to ocmnie: d to your c< ufidenoe and in that Irmly ?mahl?' < erf:c%rr.-:,t k?v wo aa INDIAN rfa^jA 1SLKT1)KC0CTI0N. With retard to tuia icfa.liblf popular awptiroeut )>*? c?jken in tl^oided Urna, acd the endeceaa cf ttua gr*at efficacy are aaat*.ir.cri b* < ?nn:> i>f rt..rativ? a.r A th? happieet reiwiiu fi otn its ate ?r? ef?er a:! other remedies aovi tiia bast tnM c&. skill have failed. Let ue ur,iD conolcsion. tfc?t cert'Ccslne pares are net sought from the illiterate and roperKcial, but they are trolintMred fioin Ut? m?et respeotable soaroec and jnatifv the highest t*rms in vrt.oh it i> possible to oommeBu eo valuable a specito to pah ic appro*ai. We i:;ay ado also that toe ourative properties of the aiedioice arseqaalled only by itc restorative efljcts. the srst in recoverIM from disease with renewed constitutional visor. For sale fcr all respectable Drue lit* id this ity,and by tfie proprietor, MRS M. COX. None genuine unless her raixe is blown on the bottle and her eeal oc the cork fTT* t'rioe 91 per bottle. six bottes for A&. w\oli 'ilt A tent. H. *. T. Clfr'KL, Progrist. Georgetown, I) ('..Wholesale Atect for the Die triet, and will sapp y the trade at &} prioea. an l?-tr D. L. MOKKf^ON A CoT LOUR AND GENERAL CO AMISSION MER HANTS, Ad<1 wholesale dealers in MILL FhE?'. CORN MEAL, ft., Coraer of Uth and H streets, Washington oity. jgT Cash ?*'d f^r all k\nds of Grain an 2* ^-v 1 n inu uva 1 a aur a un uitb ip Uuv i\i v n | Ai^i' J v n b BU R NSIDK'S MONONOAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr JKmet Harnaide, of Allefany County. Feona., in the ?M foahioneu honest war, fron. tneehoiorat and inoit carefully aaleoted Rye, and in no oa*e av?r offered tor aaia until adapted tn wholaanaM un by %t? U u at onoetba n*i>t palatal>!e,a? it i* empiaticsJly oce of the pureat Sevnraf1** in the reach of the pahlio. To tba wr!l a* to those in oommeeda it*e!r for ita unrivalled eua'it'es aa a stimulant af the eafort auraat, and moat beeeftoert daeoription, and many of the ni">t diat:ncaiabei tnyaioifciiE are uaiuguia vuoir yrtcucs wiuui ftppieat raulta. CL.ERY A S?T()CKDALK, Proerietora. 383 Wa yut atroet. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVKlC, A|*Ot for t)M ProO-ietnra. ttl Pa. M, ? **-*? tgjBW? Wi'.tajd?' Hot*.. 279 T,.?>oJ?Sro1fNI' 206 FORti '.N FEL'IT#, Fa. Atl, kiUtllikilt CONFKCTIONS. willmrftxatai. Beta leave to cv! the attrition of tia fnencajuv4 tke aablic jenerai'.y to kta New Store, coder wljlarcFj ttotoi, jiut cjsned, m oonaer ion with bia ciri e?tabhihr.-?ct, where bo wi.l i* Lapp* to reMi an* order* for taper tor Confeo?oaa of hie ova 41s<), all ordera for Dinner*, bc;pe-?, Ball*, ui Pnnu Partial, which will bo aarved ap la hia utua.talne with tie aan? aronpttaaa asd (tieHtoh wbtcw b* h? lntT**rt^ iwrt^ ^ * l?PORT'S GUNPOWDER. For aa.a at ouaaluHiutta pricer, |.? JOHN J. BOGLTT, Gsoaorrows, 0. C, 1 S*U At?cy fer tkt District */ rafaaiiu Mot. OrMntaatltobeMiitUMnawoiAiHii kf*wOmmr. WMkiactrH. D. O frHwi? BALTlMOR^BlTTTKR HOUfK. Dtftr raariripc fr??h ud m G?*kw f*k' ifM. Also, Ohio B.ittnr. tu ms?nu i2S state. ?? ?ELLJCOTT * HKWKS. ItV M R?A??r* PIkw ^%'tlmor*. 875 allkn 275 liCKION, ? > c> A* r Mt H MM W*. ft*-- ?th MMi 1<*? *?JfiptiteagBS

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