Newspaper of Evening Star, December 3, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 3, 1860 Page 1
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< ** * F * f # .act '*13 j Mj I A J f Y^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. DECEMBER 3. I860. N2. 8.432 ?*~ " U^l-JB?^ -^.-?~. -..I.- . , - ; ... !?. ' THE K\ILY EVEfOfrtTsfAB"" t ? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) ' AT THE STAR BCILDI1SS, Comwr of Pennsylvania avtnu* and 11<A $?., IT W. D. WALL4CH. rapara aanrad ia paakagaa by oarrtara it |t ? ??4r, or 97 o?U par month. To Mil aabaoribart u.a prioa u 9UB a yaar, m adv****; $S for *1S naoatM; fl for three month*; and far laaa thaa UrM moctha at the rata of 12 eanta a TNk. Sin*l? oopt?t, o.ta cert; u wrapper*, two eanta. (CTAnvitntrimnaaotlil be aect to tha oAoa tetora 12o'o>ook m.; otharwiaa they nay not affW antii the peatday. St. Aadraw't Society (elebratiaa ?Taaata, i&**rk>i. Ire [ Ktporfd fit Tkt Star ] Friday. November 30th, bMnf the aBnleenary of tbe titular Saint of Scotland, (9t. Andrew,) tbe Society. In accordance with a time-honored , niitom held their ilxth annlTeraary.nt Gautlert, and Mt down to a aumptuvua entertainment, wblch did gr?>at credit to the worthy cater ef Cameron atated the prosperity of the Hoe ety In admiaatona and flnancaa, and the num. her of ledlvia?la relieved. Abort flfty pentl*n.ra aat dovrg to tupper, who aeemed to enjoy the oc -aaton wtth mocb harmony and itlee The following atindard toaata were then drunk and responded to by either a aong Or a brief ??"V ? m vhox rumM are Diaced oddo MMM vim ? - ? ? ? a m m site: "1. The day we celebrate. and a' who honor. II: When placed on the roll of the future, may It to ore of the plemaing recollections of the past " Son j bf Gilbert Cameron?-Here's to the Land of Bonnets Blue " The President of llw United States: In the full conviction of tba excellency of our Institution*, may be ever cultivate those virtues which render them permanent " Song by John M. Young, Sen?"American BUr " "3. Her Majesty Queen Victoria : Endeared to bar people toy her uiany ChrTftlan virtues, loug may ?bf rej^n." Son< by II. B. Todd.?"March of the Cameron Wen." "4 The memory of Washington." [In silence] "5. The land we left and the land we live In." Address by Prof. Ma l?od. Mr. Marleod felt bigbly honored in being called upon U? respond to this tout. Although it would perhaps more appropriately full to tbe task of some gentleman vho bad actually left Scotland? President.?For their country's good. [Laughter] Many of hli friends seemed to have the impression that be was born in tbe land of Old 8e?tta; but soch bad not been bis good fortune He (the sneaker) was born In Virginia, within a few miles of Mount Vernon Hi* father, whom hit friend on his right (Mr Carlisle) well remembers?[Mr. Carlisle Yea, I do]?wan resident of this city from 1910 Mr. Carlisle, (good humoredly.)?Gentlemen, I mast let you know that I don't remember him at that time?that was befare I was born a considerable period. [Laughter ] Mr Maclaod.?Tne speaker remembered, however, In connection with the toast which they had just drank previous to the present one. that as a 'member of a eorpsof riflemen in the town of Alex * * a iV -? a _x si a a _ A ..... WU anaria. a:? muer u>u iur uuuvr w uikuu|c uh rid? over the remain* of Ueorge Washington when be wan consigned to bla tomb at Mount Vernon. He frit it a high honor t> be called ap?n to respond to snob a sentiment as " Tbe land yon left and tbe land you live in " He did not regard It as being at all inconsistent to cherish the love of fatherland, and tbe love which they bad for tbe institutions of the country which gave them protection, where tbev earned their support, and where they cherished all those social sympathies and agreeable feelings which had been so well displayed there tbat night. So far from there being any Inconsistency between these emotions, be should be very much inclined to doubt the loyalty to tbe Constitution of the IDlKa 7IIIFI, ana uw inuiuiiuni uuuai wiuca they tlvttl, of that man wUo could retain no lor* for'hit native land [Applause] He should doubt till more tbe loyalty of that native-born citizen to the Constitution and tbe laws of this country who had no love and no affectiou, no veneration for tbat land which contained the ashes of his forefathers. [Applaus- ] To the native Scotchmen he wonld say. tbe more they loved their own country, tbey venerated all thst was venerable, all that had made Scotland tUe admiration of the world; the more tbey venerated and revered all tbat had const-crated their native land to thein* -- - * - _ * - J? 1 selves, tue jjrfiar pvaniee was snuruca uk they would be true, faithful, and loyal citizens of this Republic. It wai not necessary for him to eulogize Scotland before such an assemblage as that before h'.m The world knew her by heart. There was notas'agle niche in tbe whole temple of (feme that was not or might not be occupied by some statue dedicated to the reputation of aoate great Scotchman. [Applause ] "ti Tne Army and Navy: The two great pro<4IivmItu And hnnnr '? cvwii vi b uohvh ? ??i, ??? > ?. . Soniby John Brown ' 7 The Mayor and Corporation of Washington City: May we bask In security under their fosterins care, and may tbetr unl tea efforts ever further th<> interests of this community." Response by bis Honor tbe Mayor Tho President, in annoanclnK tbe above toast, ss'.d be tuought It was susceptible of division, and h? was much inclined to divide It. He could Cu-t:rf.illy drink to tbo Mayor's beaitb; but, In bis judgment, tbe leu said about tbe Corporation the better. A number of years ago tbey sent hlta down to tbe workhouse for one year; after be bad b-en ther* about two day*, tbe rations got to be la a very low slate, and consequently he began to feel very .uncomfortable. S?uortly after tbat, a change was made, much to tbe relief of his feeble constitution Tbe Mayor. In responding to the sentiment, said It was tbe first time in bis life that be had had ths opportunity of mingling with that Association, or one of a like character, upon the occasion which then brought them together. For the generous hope expressed by tbe toatt, he need not ssy that there wss no member of tbe Corporation, from tba humblest officer to the hlghast, that would aoteurt laths future bis bait and moat I earnest efforts to realize the expectations anticipated by that sentiment. The time* rendered the meeting of such an association peculiarly Interesting; and they very naturally and properly carried them back to the times U*at Uad passed, to the better days of the world. In bis judgment, when pe-haps more patriotism abounded In the land, and Iras selfishness animated the human heart. [Applause ] This Asaoclation, he had beea informed, fed its origin more than eight hundred years ago; and from that fact they might on that evealng, in the capital of a great nation of freemen; representing everything that tended te elevate and dignify a nation, hope that the clouds which now letmpa 10 o ernang net awuny mar ere long disappear, and they be laancbed forth avaln upon the great ocean of prosperity?the proudest, the best, and the most proaperoua nation upon the face of Almighty'a earth. [Applauae 1 In that hope, was tbera a person within the sound of blavalct who did not real lie the fact that Scotchman everywhere, their descendants, aad be might say his Irish friends too, who did not sympathize, and whose hearts did not beat In unl. -1 ik? nrM*r*>Ua? of thia uhirioua Coated*. racy which had conferred mere bleating* upon humanity than that of an y other aatioa of .to age upon the f-ce of the habitable globe. Mr. Carlisle being called upon to respond on tbe part of the Corporation, aa'.d: Mr President, or 1 ou^ht rathec tosayMr Vice president, because I don't know bat what it is my duty aa the special representative of the Cor. poratioa to turn my back upoa the Prasident and completely ignore him; say nothing to htm and nothing of him after the moel ferocious and unprovoked attack that he has made upon the City ' Fathers | Laughter.} wby, geuuemen, l might almoet bring mynelf to pronousce so lmprecatioa upon bimttat be might go "to pet"-[tang 1* ter?that pet which, after ail. seems to hat* developed an the energies of his natnre upon this occasion, and to have been the fountain of hi* eloquence and tbe source of aH bis bitterness. lW tbe^luck of my profession that we bavs gentlemen to defend any cause that mar come along, and owing to tbe?I don't know bow to ei press It exactly?tbe partial blindness ef my friend, tbe Mayor, I bare bad this duty ef defending tbe Corporation of Washington assigned to an that I am ohltrrd to defend It in all ensee, good, bad and Indifferent In the ewe of the Corporation the Mayor said that I defended It with uniform auecesa, but that I think in rather a libel a poo th? institutions of justice; fare a?a I most frankly confess In the aecluslon af this sona.ll assemblage, and la that spirit of reserve, quiet and temperance whkh characterizes the eanss (hear, hear, and laughter]?where nobody says anrthlDg that he eaa't stand by, [laughter 1 and nobody feela anything that (a not perfectly sober, [laughter J?I any la thts seclusion aad cooAdeitca 1 must confess to yoti that tue Corporation is on the wranjf aide (Hear, hear, laughter and appiauae ) When thai la the cast I have only this rule? I aay to uiyaelf I am only a fallible man. 1 tkimk they are wrong, but ho * do I know they are wrong? [Great laughter J The jedfea ntf tbiak the* ?f rtgbi. ana fore ell 1 have to do U to' pat tbe b?et foot (onant, and ny upon this orceetea that to have k aeat tte reeprcUble president of the St. Andrew ? \ Society to the workbouee for a burden of oee year J wee. In my h ana bio jodftneat, -great auteage. *3 [Laughter j At fir aa mr kapwlAga exteada, the orliaiuce only authorli -* a commlUnetit for Matf ?laye la the eaae of the moat notertoua Tail . grant. [Renewed laughter.] But by his owa confession be wu there for a rear. Now, gentlemen, In defending the Corporation I ant bound to tell yon tkt truth of thla nastier. Oar moat worthy Preaident want down there of hit own free Willi not for the purpose of being Cln the heoee, out to bat Id a bouee. fLeugb] It lasted a little more than ajrear 1 think, ahhough If I am to apeak for the Corporation. I might ought to have been finished within a year. [Laughter ] Now slaee he haaatoueed my constituents and clients, I may be excused for carrying the war la to the enemy'a country by reminding him of that I will ear, however, far the relief of hla many frlenda and admirers around this board?and he knowa he has none wa rn* and more sincere than myself?that there Is no danger of hU being committed there for sixty days or leM term for that offense, u I believe it. la barred by the act of limitation. 1 believe, geatlemen, that I bave now rea ponded to tbe toast. Tbe Mayor baa apoken for himself, and tbe Corporation ! hive endeavored in tfala vary feeble meaner to eoinmend to your tender aaercies. rLaughter ] Upon tbe wh?le, gentlemen, tbe Corporation doea at profess to be exactly a convention of Solomons. Amongst the qualifications to be an Alderman aud a member of tbe Common Council, aa laid down in the Ckarter of ItttS. it la nowhere said that be muat be aa wise as iWoBHW. (Laughter ] If It were so. I am afraid that tuere would be a great many caaes of contested elections. [Renewed laughter.] TV*aw /4a tKa Koof iKuu / *? f mair Ka a# T(kA>4? ? uc j uw (Ml. uca? IU( j V-UII , Bliu ? 1U? 7 U? at to My (hat If vood advice and a steady hand at tbe belm will keep them right, they have now aa food an opportunity, In my optnlon, aa they ever bad in tbeir lives to keep la an open sea and a safe channel. '*8. Tbe Lasses: Tbe cherished Idols of our hearts, and tbe g?>ms of our family circles." Song by Johu Reekie?"Green grow the rushes. O." VOLCNTKKR TOASTS. The regular toast* bflng drunk, the Chair announced oia readineaa to receive voluutoer toast* from any of those preaent. By the Treaaurer, Mr. T. II. Smith?The memory of Joaeph Galea, the Nestor of Editora, hit kindly appreciation of our featlve board la our beat endorsement. Thla aentlment waa responded to by Mr. Carllale and Mr. McLeod, in a few very appropriate remark*, both gentlemen paying a high tribute to the moral excellence and superior worth of the deceased By the Corresponding Secretary, Mr. William Dickson?May tbe beated link of the American Union be cooled down in a fountain of honfest love. Song. By a Manager, Mr. James Gould?Let Waahlngton city flourish and ever remain what ita patriotic founder designed?the Capital of the 1' ntt*H Shia. Song. Br W. S.Roberts-The Equality of theStaka and the perpetuity of the Union." 9ong The President, after a few explanatory remarks, as a clone connection between the St Andrew* Society and the Burns Club, end seeing the President of the Burns Club present, offered the following toast: James Clephsne. President of the Burns Club. Mr C returned thanks In a few brief remarks. He said he had listened to the high eulogies of Mr. Carlisle and Professor Macleod, on the char acter of the late Joseph Galea, which had operated strongly on hit feelings; that he endorsed every werd they had said. He had known him for wore than forty years, and found him the same man in prosperity as in adversity. Mr. C. said he was a Scotsman born, thongh long absent from his nativr land. He could now impartially judge of the character of Scotsmen? that thev were not politicians; that they were not a grrxariuua people, aaatmonng logewer upon election or other public occaaiona, as evidenced from tbe fact that few, Indeed, held office under Government, unlets they were of a utilitarian kinJ; they were a reading people, and could judge eaeh for hlmaeif, and when once their optulona were formed. It waa aa difficult to chance tbeir minds as to turn back the Potomac river to Its source. He mentioned many instances Id which the United States had been benefited by their Integrity, skill aid perseverance, Illustrating the same by n&anc, and stating many well-known facts?that they were distinguished by patriotism In tbe Revolution, in fields of battle and In the councils of the nation; that a Scotsman a President of the United Statea; and that two or three had I signed the Declaration of Independence. He also alluded to the sarcophagi which inclose the remaina of Washington and hla lady, presented by a stonecutter of Pniladelphia to the family resident there, through a philanthropic inettve, after witnessing the decayed coffins ia which the bodies were exposed in the vault. These remarks, he observed, were not made through national vanity, but to ahow what Scotsmen bad done In tbe service of their adopted couutry. He concluded by proposing the following toast: "St. Andrews and Burns Society, kindred associations: May nothing occur that will jar or dlsturb the social intercourse and kind feelings that exist between them." By Mr Henry B. Todd ?"The memory of Thos. Slight, Esq " [In silence ] Appropriate sunt;. By Vice President Mr. Jno. Smith?"The poets of Scotland: Names that shall ever be endeared to Scotia, the loved land of aong, while the bleak, ragged mountains point their rude summits to the sky." Song. By Mr. McLeod?The health of our dlstin j _ i j * r it guisueu |ueu, juue> .it. Minnie, r*aq. Mr. Carlisle responded to tbe toast la hit utual happy vein By Mr. Smith?Tbe health of the President of the Society, and his lady. Boag. The health of tbe Vice President and lady wai next proposed Bv Mr. Jewell?The Ladles?thev aneak for _ - ? . ? ?- ? -? ?* ffrr meal tm. 8tu. Br Mr. Ramsey?The old Scottish bom*, from the hearthstone to the rigging flie, with' lta heart associations aeated above all, where memory loves meet to linger. ?>. By Mr. Geo. H. Brown?The heroes of America, though they hare past to the realm* of shads, may their aage presence be forever engrafted on out haarta, and may their Illustrious examples nevei fade from our sight. Bong By Mr. Andrew Small ?"The memory of Sii John Franklin and his associates, who, fallen ai pioneers of science, coupled with the memory ol br. Kane, whose philanthropy In attempting tc rescue them had brought him to au untimely grave." By Mr. James Clephane ?"The United State* and Great Britain: may that mutual internet thai unites them, ahow the dMDots of Europe thai prosperity which emanates from freedom.'1 Song. By John Robertson.?"Sympathy?The language of the soult the silver cord that bind# man to man, ana aaaa iM?r to numaulty." Song. 'John Flndlay, Em?May Increaatng pro* per Ity attend hla etTorta in promoting the in Urea' of Scotchmen, through the medium of bla ScotUah Ajner lean *J ournal.'' "Freedom?A war- ry of the brave, may It evei toll the death-knell of tyranny and oppresaloa." f^ABtra TKav ininlrit ?? ? ?! tk !??? ? -VT ? ? Wltii ?w?? patriotism and religion: long may they continui to warm oar hearts." By Jno. Reekie ?"The warlike heroes of Scot land end America In the dan of old: may inod era meu be animated by their spirit." The following letter*, one from the President of the United States, and the other from W. W Sea ton, Esq., editor of the National Intelligence were received and read. The radinu of ??<-h w?i followed by enthusiastic applause: W ashinqtom, 30th Not., IPflO. Dear Sir. I regret that my odlclal mgsgemeati prevent me from accepting jour kind lnrltatlot to attend the Anniversary Celebration of the St Andrews Society of Washington. Be pleased to accept for yourself sad those whan you represent, the expression of my high respect and bMt wishes for tfca moanerltv nf ? ,. and the happtaea* of the individual members. Very repeetfully your*, Jamb* Bvciiitx. G. Cameron, E?q., President of the 8t. Andrew Society. Washinotoh, Nov. if, I90i>. My Dfnr Sir: I have had the honor and plea* ore to receive your kind Invitation to the relebra UOO 01 PU NIUI iBiiirimji ui luepi A UdfeW Society of Washington, and very sincerely ravre that It will be out of ray power to join yoa. expect to be absest from the stty or the 3oth, an< If I wore not toy health and strength are both an equal to Uto hoars and the hearty conviviality o Scot's constitutions Wore It otherwise, there ii no aasoetatlon I should bo so happy to mdoM a that of the sons of dear old Scotland, the land o bard heads, bravo hearts and stoat arias. Hi prosperity attend your society, and each returaiaj aautvorsixy tad yon mors harmonious, nor , T ' V happy od more united, and may you never know ttoa HtiMiM of a tingle member till d?att?dk bla away. Yoar attached friend, W. W. sbatow. To O. Cameron, Frm't 8t. Andrew'* Society. i srrRiti or thi sociktv. Iillbert Cameron, President i i< ohn Smith, lit Vlca President. , Thomas TV. S pence, 2d Vice President i George H. Brown, Treasurer. James A. Brows, Recording Secretary. John Reekie, Corresponding Secretary. Managers ?Andrew Small, James McCormick, John Brown. Jamas Batches, John Robertson, Henry B. Todd. MISCELLANEOUS. NOW OPEN jijA' * ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, N&rt door to Clay's (late U. S.) Hotel, bey ttoten Third and 44 streets. n M ?l*r * ?Tn i? ? *-?- ? ? - v. u. 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WM, R RILEY ft BROTHER, i No. SB Central Htorea, Between 7th and 8th atreeta, Bog tjr Uppoaite Center Market. ' >I?*B NEW ??01),a OPKNEI> GREAT BARGAINS. W? are Mllinf in h&adaome Dreaa Good a in at I r*o-Mired, to wh'eh we deaire the apectal attention ' ef ail purohaaera before making their aeleotMM' ? elaewbere. J. W. COLLEY ft CO.. r no n-tw $9t Seventh at, a bore Ha. ay. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kinda of Virginia money for my book ?Mi and for Boota, 8ho*a, and Trwnka. All person* indebted to ire will pieaae o*:t ud Mttie p. or I fh*'l bapomwlled to five thair aoeouati I?to U.EU. oH. S^iSitoVER. I,? H1I. jto 21 Pa ar.. between 9Uand 10th et?. t6, PAPER BAGS PAP Mi BAGS, PAPER BAVJS. Si?e? ran ginj from fcajf pound to twent* poaadi. wrapping paper, for aala. 1 bo 17 ^sSWHSS^r aia Avenue, hove jaat r?Miwi a large variety of new Pall Oo" l*,to wbioh Uay invite the atteatioa of Ueir frieada Md ovatofoera, ^ au SO-U v.l i ?t i ?. n*) ' v ; " MISCELLANEOUS. f\J _ WfNTRR MILLINERY. I'OW Opening, at oor Fancy 8tor*.a r?rr tart* Lnd superior assortment of WINTER BON- "Jfk NKTSsooraprismg tn? i&mt and bom rtt?l t>le styles of the mmud. B48?V^THKITlfE?* R?BffoN^, *? ~ Ml or whi?hw?af% enabled to Mil at (ready reluoed pno a. HUTCHINSON & MUNRO, ?10 Pa. av.. ao >i-d3w&eotw Between 9th and Qth ?U. Gas Fixtures THE BE9T ASl^l^jE^TEVER OFFERED Thoae who desire to aaieot from now patterr.?. with to* uniitft|? of a reduction in pnoee, will oall early and examine. . " e wouldalao call the attention of psraonaabout lnlrodvoim gae it,to their dwellings to oar in orwed faoilitiee, aad eoneequent low vrioM, for thu bmneh of our trad*. I**ttin| *il who d*eir* their work done promptly, and free from gae leakage*, to oail at 9 Fa. ay?nue, between lOtli aad lltn ?l?., south aide. Do21tjanl J, W. THOMPSON k. CO. Furs t Furs! AT HEYMOUR'8 IN GEORGETOWN. I hare with atriet oare pereonaliy attended to the manufacturing and eeleotioa of the following Furs, Mr lose practioaJ knowledge of the Fur Business enable* me with ooruuutv to invite the ladies togoods made from fine and fresh oaught afcins. Snoli aa faaada Mink Sable, Raaaia Fitch, Siberiani??jurrel, Water Miuk, French Sable. Children*' Fnra in great rariety. For Trimmings of aH oolors. Prioee very moderate. W. F. 8BYMOUR, no IQ.lm (>?or(?to*D. tf^KNTLEMEN'S Ur RE\DT-MADE CLOTHING. Ou present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S aADV-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitisena strangers wishing an immediate out fit superior inducements, embracing, at this time, ail styles and 4 sail ties of Dress and Business Garments and Orsrooats In all varieties. Fine Slurts and Under-slothing of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best quvity. tioarfs, 'lies. Cravats, 8teles, Hosiery. <ko.. Ao. All of whioh we are offering at ?ur usual low prices. itt- Clothing mvae to orae' in in?5 most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS & Co.. no 16-tf aaa P?. avenue. gH| N O T_I C E! WzBM I with all gentleman V EgBEl to bear, in mind that |PH tho plan which I rnJIVim adopted, .ix year, ago. of filing iin i o oiiu nvvvy 10 ?v pc i vefcbi J I a duoed prices for euh is in sucoessful operation. Just reoeired a full supply of tue latest New York styles of DRESS HATS. The very finest Hat 83-5?; a first rate Hat fS; and very good, fashionable Hat MM. All of the Iateststylec of sort HATS and OAFS, at the very lowest prioes. I am oonstantly supplied with a very large stock of those fine DRESS BOOTS at S&.7&?which 1 have been selling for many years?as well as the vary best qual.ty of Patent Le?therGAITERS,at #3 54. Fine Frenoh Calfskin Gaiters from 52 to #2 50. Terms cash; no extra cliarje in order to offset bad debts. ANTHONY, Agent for the ManufaotunWs. Seventh street, second hat store frem the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 640. se U-8m PURK OLD RYE WHISKY.-Ou hand sever* brande of Pure Old Rye Whitky, Copper Dietilled. made by the most reliable distillers in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pnre. Also, imported Hraudiea, Heunossy. Otard. Dupay A Co.. Joles Robins, 4.0. Also. Peaoh and Apple Brandy, pore Holland Bin, oli Jamaica atiisi Croix Rum. and Wine* or every variety, alt of nandard br&n>ti. A onoioe lot of Cigars and tobaooo. ^YOCNO A KEPHART, A it eats, a# 14-ly 2*89 Pa, at.. betw. 9th and loth sis. CEMETKBY NOTIGE. HE 9nb?eriber offers for sale his stook of MARBI.E MONUMENTS, TOMB8, GRAVE ST'?NK8and MARBLE MANTELS at reduoed prices for oash or approved notos. An early call is Solicited. WM. RUTHERFORD. Marble Worke, 3i'i K et. north, nn 11 sm between 12t h and IXth. ROUGHS, COLDSyHOAJRSENKSS, Jto. COMPOUND SYR rP^f" G VM ARA BIC Tbii pl?a?*nt aud popular Coujti Karo^d; hu btu ao Iodic kaovn and extenai v?Ij uaad, that moat peraona hav? beoorno familiar with ita oxtrannlinary etfioaoy. It oao b? had at ail the principal drug tore* at KaodftUMntaa bcttle. aett (]2m&.eo4in* WOOD iW' coal Op KICK S99 Pa. At., Bjtw. 11th ajts 12th St?., Mill ud Wharf foot of Seventeenth it, nw )* tf Rolflw W?r P*Mrtm?Tit a wm. t. dove * co. ARE N'? prepared to exeonta any orders vitk whioh tier <pai be favored in the plufekt?j. fitting lET Store on 9th ftreet, a few doors north of Pa. Aai-exandrfa express NY One desiring Freight-muohor little?Barrels, Ba m, Boxes, Boodle*, or, in faot, any thing, safely transported and delivered between W ashington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, mar rely imphoitly upon the KXPRESS WAGONS of the BDMriilSta-vniou ria( !Ui?ri> ovr:;tn mvH| those oities. Order* entered upon the slate* of Irs express a*theHtar Office, at Bncon's Grooery Store, or at E Wheeler's Hardware Store, will be promptly a ttended to, and at verv moderate ohyres. Ti H. 0TILLWKLL? no 14-In (Late Osborn's Express. i\r. schenck's pulmonic avrup; Lf Do. SEA WEED TONIC* Do. MANDRAKE PILLS, For sale by 8. B. WAlTE.ooraar of Seventh street and Louisiana avenue. l'noe of Syrup, > per bottle. Frioe of 8*a weed Tonic. $1 per bottle. Prioe of Mandrake Pills, 26 wrts per box. Those afflicted with disease of the Lungs, Liver or Stomaoh. aooompaaied with pains m tie Baek. Bimst or Side, shoaid try Dr. Sohenok's Medietas*. and are referred to the following oertifiostn, AHA maMw t?stiiWAnlf i f\f AnmiUtA Anras is WllVVItm INW| ? ?- - ? ? r ~ ? W.|V? Dr. Sohanck'a poaaaaaion. No. ?ft W?t Fifth atrMt, I WA?SIN?Toa, D. C.. Nor. Slat, 1880. \ D*. Schknck?D*ar Sir: I auserad mnoh lor aaveral months with Liver oorapiaint, I waa par aaadad by a friend to Uy yonr Pulmonlo Syrup, an t Mandrake Pilla. 1 am now quite wall, tma beli*x>4 your mtdiryne wa: the rruCKS of rtttorinf me (a ktalth and vigor. Tharafora 1 take moo*, pleasure in reoommandin* it to tka Publio. M. 8. 8 no g lm /0\ NOTICE. /<K iWl REMOVAL. iWl O O I h&Tfl removed my tf 0 PAWN OFFICE to 391 Q atreat, between 4K*nd ?th streets, immediately ia tha rear of the National Hotel, wkara U>a buainaaa will be continued aa heretofore at tha oldaUnd. fnoIS-Sml ISAAC HKRZBKR6. la",e8. in? """iues. . M I VVil AI If w II Will i^VW 1 VI A . Krenh Arrival from Now York! stesstess;! JH99 FUR TRIMMINGS jT?W!t Z5eb?1 35 oent* per yard. ,?S**??SVB. H. STINF.METZ.936 Pa a,r.. bo 24 aiar corner Thirteenth et. Notes on any good southern Bank* taken at nr for BOOK8. STATiONERY, 4?.. at FRENCH k RICH&TEIN'S, No. 3T9 Pa.*v?nu% WaihinjtoB, D. C. N B.? BooJMa?)i4 Btonr u?a*l low pinoee. no? MONEY! MONEY!! M O N E Y!!! Note* of all bank* taken at par for Good*, and a complete supply of F?ll and Winter Wear on band for caih. WALL, STEPHENS A 09Cloth w-ri. no g-3w Pa. BTBcaB, bet. 9th and 10th ?U RANKING HOUSE SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE, FANT A CO. Will op?a for ouatomer*, >y?oi?, ourrenoy, Bnd Virrmia money acoounu. Bay ud mU ooib a?d exchange at Ui meet Ihvorabte i Hm Cufenov and Virginia money wanted. mXIii ISNYDER. . PL UMWK* AND OAS FITTER, Hm removed to the oorner of Twelfth ana F ?t?. He le prepared to tntrodvoe Water aud Gai imo the mo?t favorable term*, and guarantiee entire "^eW*?i' hand a lot of COOKING aad other PTOVKB, whioh he will eellleee thin ooit.aa he wiehee to get rid of them. bo 17 l^Ol TKANKA0I VTTVfl DAY! MINCE MEAT-MINCE MEAT! W? thai) ktT* ?n?lj of exeellsst Minoe Meat "TX* T" "fiSrf'iSiicHELL. EPeT FAffOY WOW, Ar pEICEg !, TO SUIT THE TIMES, _ _ 0 At STEVENS'S FA^CY ST*)RL* noa-tf S?6. betw. ?tfc ?ad 10th rta. r' YOU WANT to (*tcoed Cloth int. Fnrmahinc Goods, HaU aad Cape, at lov moea.ooae to SMITB'S, Nw. 460 VtrwU street. oo? In DENTISTRY. M TEETH LOOM IH, M. D.. the larmtor mmi patantee of the MlN K.KAL FLATK TEETH. ?/gCj ( teada pereocat.y ?t kit ofto* ia thia oity.MBw Wlany persona can *6*i theee teeth W1 u MDiot we*r other*, ud ao person can wtar other* Who cannot wear th<*e. P?*reona oailiac at my of&oe oao be aaeomiaodatad with any atyle and prioe of Teeth they may deeire; bat U> those woo are particular and wi so the pareet. c.saneat, atrongeat, aad moat perfect denture uat , art c&n prod nee, the MiNEftAL f LATE will be more fully warranted. Roo*ta in thia o ty?No. 33fc Pa. arenua, betwaen tth and lOtb ata. Aleo, Arch atreet, Philatlel piua. oo 16tf D DENTAL CARD. , 1 R. MUNION Haa returned and reamed lii ?rolM8<.un. < >ttue u.d house at 463 K third door eut of ?iath. In addition hMM# very other approve et>le, Dr. M. ha* wr* u 1? ' tMth on Tnloanite Baa* for thelaat three yearn and, from apUM, know* it uh.i all other*, and la one-third leea In pnoe than fold. Hi* old Btron* of Washington. Alexandria, and 6?ort??wn are reapoctfally eolaited to eall. ae ?-eoly e DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after apracboa: toot of hro mn e that he oaa wltfi oonftdeeoe reoorn mend the Cheop.asoc Prooeee forInaerUucflHBB arti&oiai teeth. It haa the advantacee or*? ? etreafth, beanty, eieanan*ea.a?d ohnap??. Pal 1 ueeer acta inserted for 9m. Partial ta proportion. Oloe S0? Pa.aTenaa ae7 ~CARRI AGE~FACTORIES. ! WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. TV D Strut, Bttmtn 9th mmd mk Strutt. I We hare jutt Am*tied a cumber of fir?t ciua CARRIAGES, luoh u LitKt Ftuuy*.JEBlB, Watonf, Park PkeatoHM, Fumtly Oar-UKHK I riwu, a*/f Burnet, which we will ?UatM ~ i a ver* m&ll profit. Bemi practical meohanioe ia different branohee of the bueiaese, we flatter ourtfclree that we i the etrlM and quanty of work that will tire aata faotion, oombiiuna lightneea, eomfort and dmrabifl tf. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the ahorteai notioe and wo?t raaaonable ob&rrea. WALTER, RARMANN k. BOF*?, Co^ohi^akera, aaooeaaora to Wc.T, Hook. M r-dly THE 8mbooribw^*'?*raade addltlona to hi ti to ry, making it tow ope of the lariMl^JHUI. the Diatriot, where hia facilitiea forv^OVK manufacturing CARRIAGE k. WAGONS or all kiixj* ea&not be aurpaaeeri, and from hi a long exvoriorooin the biunaaa, he hcp? l? cito f?neral aatt (faction. All kinda of Camagea aid l*lgkt Wag ana kept ea jftlREPAIRB neatly deao,aad all orOn praapt ly attenced to. 4 '? ? MTMr ?f Utk ui K ata. Db. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMD BLOOD PCfUFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD, and the moat BR DlLlCIOUl AXD Kfl DELIGHTFUL Jt EA jB J ( OR DIAL L fjpM* X|k< MEVER TAKEN.jxmf!':^^ It U ilrictlr a MiBlU. I \y aatiic ar.d v tjiu bit Cctupoocd, pro- VflPF 9k1 eittd bjibidiinilt' SfTS tiuo of not*, barbt, V . '4J and bark*. Ytllow B> * Dock, Blood Root, 1 v" Black Hoc. 8?mp?- f4 JJ \EH9Hv rtlla, Wild Chtrry MB If B?rk, and Daodtlioo BR L?W\ F anuri into iu coa^JT It Tb( tntir* aetiva -f ?- i ranAllUl ' ofaaeh iaf radlaaT i? JwwtiHHt^r^ iu^After l*kmg. iiiUl.inf, prodaeiaf * daliciow, aibilaratinr ipirtt, and Um dokitmlltU ramatyfor r?uo?alii.f Ua diaaaiad afatam, and raalaring tha ?t'-k, aaffartug, and d*b;Uuiad invalid ?a haalth and auaafth. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL WUI afaetnally aara Ll?tr Complaint, Oyarapaia, Jaaadica.Chiouic or Narvooa Dtkiiily, Dutwta aftba Kidaaja, aad all diaaaaaaartau.f from a diaordarad Lt*ar ar Suxaack, Oyapapaia, Haartbara, Inward Pllaa, Acidtlr ar Siakaaaa af tba Stomach, Falloaat af Blood to lha Haad, Dall Paia ar vimnriBf In tba Haad, P*lpluuoo ef tba Haari, Pallaaaa ar Walrht la tba Hiomaeb, Boar Emeuuona, Choktaf ar ataeiuir Paalkr vban Knar down. Drvnaa* at Yallow. m of iha Skin and Byaa, MtfKtBwaata, lavard Favara, Pain ia lha oi*ll ( tha Bask, Oil*, or Mi, Buddan Fia*h*a of H*at, Dapraaaiio of Spirit*, Prifhtfal Druoi, Laafaor, Dupgad^ef or uy airroaa diaaaae, Soraa ar Blotch** ao da Ikit., aid Favar and Agma (ar CW1LU ud r,"f ) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES bava baaa aold daricf tha laat an montba, aad la aa iaataoea haa M failad In rivteff astir* aauafacuoo. Who. lb?a, wiU ?nd*r frorr Wantoaaa or Dability what, McLEAB* TUNOTHCNIMa CORDIaL will ear* yea i N* lanfaaf* eaa oonvay aa ada^aata ida* of thi inmadiata aad almeat tniraenloaa cbanf* prodaaad by takitf ibia Cordial 111 it a diaaaaad, dabiiataiad, aad abattarad t.?r?*a? ayatam, wbatbar brokan down by aicta*, wt*k by uaiara, ar iB(.atrad by aackuaaa, lb* ralaaad aad aaa'.riibf arfuo atiao ia raaterad to it* pnituif baaltb and ?t[jc MARRIED PERSONS ar athara, ccaaeiaaa of inability from wfcauvar cat**, will fed UcLEaMI BTBKMaTBKNUia corjj1al * uwraifb r*f aatrator of J.* ayataa; and all who mar ha*? ia |ar*d tbaa.?*l?aa by iuprapar iadtufatcoa wiU Bad lb ibia Cardial a cattain Lad aptady rantdy. TO THE LADIES. McLCAN* STRENGTHENING CORDIAL U a ao*ar ifrj and apaadv eura for Uicipiaot Cooavmpuun, Vtnti, OMtnctad or DtBcalt Marairnatioo, laeosueauct of tfna* r InTolocUTT DUcharra th?r?of, Pallinf of lh? Womb, SllilDiu, FuiUaf, ana all <imum iscidtot to Faaalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Baf ar do locjtr. Take it according to dlraeuona. It viU umalato, atranglban, and lavigorata yoa aad uih tUa bloom of haalth 10 aoant yoor okaafe again. Erirj botUl ia warraniad ta girt aatiafaction. FOR CHILDREN Ur?mt children an aiakly, panv or lead, McLEAN? CORDIAL will raaka than baa.Jtby,Tal, and retail. Dal.y not a BoniDt; txt K. and rom will ba coc'lncad. It la da UtuuMUk*. CAUTION. Biviri of dnffiiU ar daalara wko try ta pala a?oa yoa hm bitter MMiHpwilU truh, wkiek they cu buy cheap, brunif it iijanupol trod ink oh. Ask for MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, u4 uki aothiaf alee. It >a tbt ooly remedy that will pan/y the Blood tVaraaghlr eadat tk? Hat UM etreojrthea U>e eyeteia. Oaa teaapooafal taken i?ir; Boniit| hwif U a ttiuui preventive for Cholera, ChilU tad Fmt, Yalio* Pe ?ar, ar any prevalaat diaeaee. Itiapatap la larre boulaa. Pnca oaly 91 par battle, ar Ibaulae for #i. *H. McLEAN, Bolt proprietor of thw Cordial; alao, McLean' Valcaaie Oil Liataent. Principal Depat aa the toraer oI Tkird and Plat itrtlU, St. fa???. Mo. XoLean'a Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LDflMENT III THE WORLD ) The aaly aa/a aad certain ear* far Cancan. Ptlae, TaMart, Bweliiafa aad Bnutkila ar Court. Para I ran, Naanl|ia, Weakneaeaf Uia Moaalaa, Chraaic ar Ukaaaury Rheaaaauani, Bufneea at tka Jotnu, Contracted Moaalaa m Lifcmeate, Earacha ar Toothache, Brauai, 8praii.a, pteeb Cau, Wanda, Ulcere, F?t? Sorea, Cakad Breaat, Bora Nipples, Barns, Bcalde, Bart Throat, or any ialamaatioa or paLa, ne difference how aerere or lanr the dieeaae any Ltft axiatad, McLKAJfV CKLU&ATED L1NLMIVT m a cartauii ramadr. Tbonaaoda af iuu batnga hi?a baan aavad a Ufa of dia CnptlHVl u? tmmmwrj wj ibw mm* ? m<? h*wmvi* ?in?y. McLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will r?h?T? pais >1mM tonuuinwly, ud it will eliu, pacify u4 heti Ua faaiaat xru ia aa intra di Ha akort tia*. TO* HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS McLEANf CELEBRATED LINIMENT II th* obIt aft u< reliable iwilr fn lk< ear* *f IptviB, Raanou*, Wiadralle, Srliou, I'uatanl Lamp*, MIm ** Bwellinr*. It a*?*r failed la car* Elf flaai, PelleTi!, Kixala, Old Raaaicf Mora*, a* iwacnjr. If pevaarly applied Tot Bpnuua, Broiaaa, Berate bee, Cracked Haala, Caaf**, Saddle ox Callar Oal)e, Cat*, Bor**, or W oar da, Uuu infallible reaaed?. Apply it u directed ut a ear* te certain la every hutiaea. Than Irlit bo lorfar wilfc tha many vortklaaa LiaiaaoU offarad to yuu. Obtain a ?applr of OK. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LUflMEMT. It will tart *ml t. H. McLEAH, 8ei( Proprietor. Cornar Third and Piaa aw., St. Loan, Ma. CHARIEI BTOTT. m Pa. ?., acta again la WaahiDf taa; R. 8 T. C1SSEL, Gaorgatown. aa tt-DAWlj ?<CHOOL AND COLLECK OUTFITS. YoutAj' and Boys' Clothing for Sekool and Dress Wear. for the oonur.f i?uoo, Are ianted toiuaugtoir sf^vaa? W" " OAS FIXTURES. ^ E Hit* in Mora, uul ?re dai. r r*o?iTtng, BAB FrXTUfLESotentirely New Panares and DMicna icd Finiih. uperioT in atria to an jthm heratofbr* oflVfad in this market. We iarfu citifeiia (aneraJ It to oail and examine our ?tock of Gu and WaUr Fixturei, foaiini oonMwU that v? have the bMt 'ifl&lf***:-. All won ! ue ft wv? uiu ifliruiiou vo (HLT OVf WTRAVKLING TRUNKS. K Hare j?it received tfce larfeet aeeortnent tad pot offer tk meit exteoaiye nriOiarn <sfr t -4 4% 4v i, . .? ft THE WEEKLY D0LLA1STAI. ' \1 ' - * Till mMt mmt Nm luaiu ? iiMltr nhrtj ?f MnMn milt at Imm mm toim4 it tv ?U?r-M ?a au<i* oopy.Mf ftnnBWi tl rtT? W|1M ?? ?- ?? * : TV* OOplM - . . ?? ? Twenty Ereeeywa?? . * uia**na&<; oboub* cb? " wiikim?** tet kM ?rt? Tkt Dmut ?*mmm SMT etreeiM ?|WM| UtoaikMt tte mmutn. CT*Rini'.eeopi*? (tn wr?py*rs' m be yrowfl it th? oo*ntw, imoiadifttsly aitar Um ura* ot U>? pfcpar. Prioe?TH R FE CEBITS. wood and Coal. TO TUS PUBLIC : iO WHKR E vor CAN ??WT VUtIR MONEY'S WORTH! l^TRY IT! PROV* IT ! KNOW IT \J3 TR r ~\V1IA T * trr Try the FIONKKH M1LL?,m4 famr tftfOD tU*re. PROVE H'llATf 1^ Prow t .?t job can i?t jixk WOOD Iter* 3' Mptr than 0 ?ewhrr? in th? oily , u4 U>*n 70a rvll irrsinur U'UJtT* tTT Know tiiat tob tet liOOO M kAgl'RfcMkJ the very bMt cf \UioD for !? noktr. Cti, Splitt a.wp Diliviiu riuw CitMi, at m PIONEER MILLS! BIQX OF THB BLUR FLAG ST A FT, SovrivurCoim Strmi 8r. mCim (South of U? Hr*c*) mo W GKOK?K PAGE. A?mx. W y""'""y" JJ\ I'D Ion Fire-Wood NilH. riNK, UAH ami HICKUKY WOOU S?Wd tnd Split at ?nr length or an* repaired, and dallr ?r*d to m; part of Ui? City a* ?*rr tow priM*. JET Wa call U. particular aMaati -? of our ?mtomen and tha public centrally to oar aplana'd UTOCK UP COAL, whick w? ?u at<. without faar of oontradicboa. > eaual to tap in t*? City. We caarftotM to jire aatichoUoa to all who may ftnpAnftAA rtf HA irruiir SA WED and SPLIT WOOD u k*pt ar.Jer oor?r, perfect) dry, aua COAL on p.ack fioori, e>an and ic food order. Large aai*a at a ima. pr oftta. IE7" OrtJ^ri aohoitad at UNION FIRK WOOD MILLS Cor. 9rv?nth at and Tana!, McENEW A MARLOW, Pn??ri?t?ra. r/v IC. l/ M- ' W-M '!>(? TilK CITIZK.N8 OF WiSHINttTON.-I 1 hare ju?t reoeivwd ard will ooiamanoe unlwMimjt tomorrow a oargrv of the TtrjMit R"1 A.?h C0AL(*Ku4itoT?iil?ll tw brought ItUii market. which I oan Mud direct from tite veeeel if your orders are left immediately. R W. BATK*. Wnod a ad Coai Dealer, ooSl Corner C and 14th ?U . n?ar Can?i. W ? ? W A N D CO*l> Delivered to all parte of the city, at the ioweet poaaibie rate*. T J. k. W. M. 0MJ, Ofioe 9S3 Pa. ? ., between 11th awl 12th ate.. FOR SALE AND REXT\ FOR RENT-A five-Story HOUHF, oma'amitj IS room*, dioiainx the corner of Fourth aad D ti^niear the City flail. Apply to JOSEPfI~FyFOR R?NT?The lour-etory BRICK HOl'SK on Third street, between D and E ftreeU. (!* o 3*1> adjoining the reeidenoe of W. A. Maury, Ke?. Possession given iminedi%t<>lr. Aleo, the Uurd tory of the Brown Stone BuiMing No. 403 oa^a avenue, * eouth aide i t*tween 4*i end Cth ate For terms. Ac.apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, At torner-at-Law. \n.4fl La av*nu?. no >-*otf TO MEMBtKSOF C O N G R KS 9 AND * ui n r.R3.?r or roiu, nia 01 r?rior? ana i?vera! Chamber*. handsomely furnishad, in the new dwelling houie 391 E street north, between Kh and loth ete Apply on the premises. no 13 emtw* TO REXT?That pleasant COTTAHK RESI DENCE. containing 7 rtomi, with f ont ba.ooay, large yards in front aad rear, fronting H at , in Printing Ofioo *qu*re, between North Capita an i First ste. Rent ?2?0 per annum. Address, t? letter or in person, \VM. 8TI JKN EY. no 6 tf I?OR SALE?A new tao-stur* brick HOLtoJhvn r Fourth street, below Xew Yo:k avenue." The house is 30 feet front aad 43 feet deep ; has f-fo<?t passage, parlor, dining-room, kitcnen, aad foar chambers, with stairways in pu?v? aud kitchen, with good cellar under trie whole bonee. Forten ? inquire at 4t?t> Seventh street, opposite Odd ! *? Iowa' Ha l. nn l-tf JAB. 8. TOPHAM. I?OF RKNT-The fine HRICK HOI'?E Ma. r 100 Wertit, a?orc?ton, %t |>r?Ni;t ottn pied by the ?u!-soril>er. it bu 12 room*, witk |M end w&ter throajtioat, a fine yard. ?t*bie Jfco , ud ii in ecood neicftUirfcoed. Apply to jAb. A. MA tiRLDKR. oc 2& U Pfet^S 'wit h k*T?u .l.dTi!^?,Ue?o h bouw eoDteiniDK 8 room*, nth (tn, pleeaamlr attested OB 8*h street north, between M tad N etreets, rent noder&te. Appi* to E. LA ZpN BY. opposite, or to JOHN T. LEWNTaN. Ohio *veeue, between 12th end all atroeu <>o nt POI RENT?The FIRr?T FLOOR oftoe b?IM * lUf imri-wu.BAOiy uppci icui* wen W iljg Oi UJ? Cltr Hal, raoentlr occupied by Chaa. H, Wtjwt, u ui oS.w. Atao the front room in U?mmu tory and the Uurd iioor ot tb? baddta*, For ^ ^pyiTto RiCHARP WALLACHTS^tt EDUCATION Alii ^ FEMAI.E EDUfATIp*. HOSE Paronu who wiati theu to moeive a thorough and ?T*ten?am: adnoMMMi. where their physical ti&intng will receive dai It tDdnwikl uubIioh, under the most approved ratcinafCalie theme* an J GyicaaeUee. ate reapeethiU) invited to Tint the Union Female Aoademr. corner Fourteenth at and N ew York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*. an T-tf rriaotpala. CCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS. ? No. 2TT I STt*rr, Fiaar Wud. Miaa ANNIE fi. PLC*. Te* her. Number of pupil* limited to iw?nt>. oc K *at?i LVhMALL HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXASUR14. VA. Mr?. 8. J. McCORMICK, PeiscrfjoThe thirteenth acnu&l lerfiov of thii 1 nrUtotion will oommtDM o? Tneeday, gilHibt ltU. iitti houae r*o*ntly oooupied by Sjivaster 8ouU, ?14., No. ISO Kinj atreot. The eoorae of atody pirtatd will atMrlaatll 1L??w c ?1 i-W ?J. MIWUVU^W WW ?UVIUH|U E/ us l?li cation^and Mutic, French, Latio and Drawiaj, if In addition to dap eehoiara. Mre. MeCornuofc < prepared to receive a limited nnmber of pupil* a* boarder*, who. eonetitutinf e part or her own fam Lip,will be under ker immediate ear* and uperv. ioa. She will endeavor. Mlvw poeeible.te tur round tht rn with the oomfortaand rind! r : t uer,oe? of Home. Refer nuu-Rev.Geo.H. Norton. Rev. Dr.KIim Hamaon, Rev. D. F. Series, William R. Fowle. ? <)., F.<i<ar Jnnvdm.KM., Edrouiwl F. Witmer, (m.| Kuliwi H. Hutto'c, Ki editor Evening !*tar, Benjamin Waters, Km. ./I*, vntwiele, Jr-Rea ,Col. John W.Minor, Loadoati , Meeer*. BlaeklJok 4 Marei?ll, Mewn Cm Brothers. Tnn. Board, wit* Tuition la all the Kncliah Bnaehfi. #>?> for the annual s*eeioi<?payable eeuu -annual! j, in advance. M Uiio and I.vtuue. at Profi?ire' pnon. / nu oAbi* uruu(ci. 1Q P AMI LIES WANT A HEALTHY DRINK : THEY WANT IT ?URE^TEMPERATE wd COLINEAU*8 TABLE BEER 18 THE THING ! It U leas i*toxio*unf than ?i4?r. and u fcr an p&lM&Ue ftnd ?treajttieniLj. For etie by til Growrs,3e*U ?giae?-6K sati a quart. no fit EAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.-OM'Wr VJ dim Ctrr?4 Piw? having baaa in im a abort tima Mly. tfa' pRM! ovaar leaving tke cay, for a*la for |i* ?Tl mj* Ow wry ni-a Roaawood Chjekarina Pimbo for *136, at the Maaic Stoiaaf W.G. MBfZF ROW, Sole A'eoof of StMuway k So a*' OvaraU^g OOR K'S SQUILL SUGAR DROPS?A m!?. ?f wnab Mnd effactnai ryady MfMaffc*,^ oo.da. Broaehitia, oroua, Ao.ia haxw ai2>^m and SO oecta The* are deoidedW tU* baat a'-< tioia in the oaatf* form ever o^iaf to th* fmmic. Try than and he ooimaoad. Bold at MOORB'B Waet End DnHt Mora. moK iw IIS Pa-aveaaa. Go rnutflNK tigafeeron^tr. Pein ave&ne, and examine their *x?aiuely large *mA - - SM / nl l!<?< * ftp teSvVB WjnXT5.^afi5 ?your ?. A mo, t > '* and r*n?,< mortmant? fl5i*n?? for IMl. WliJ rnoeivad bv n*xt rtttmtr ft romp *U ftMArtarnt of KnrNM mmb$ ^vsfi^:???2r JnuFL'sHS lor **r afnaf aloofc. fttr? ? m.fJi tlt *?M m % "**

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