Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1860 Page 1
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9 ^? W0&* ? **) nf4 j?Ji . r ! -- f :it > V XT* I 7^ -X? . - - ?tt *> - - ?. *f! iill'4 A *."'i,; j ^ ? 1> I- * f* * A? Jl?- <' *'? *? ?Ol kxllK"! , ** '* * * ^K i VbT^B^ fl B I B/ ^b I ^B I B I JR I B ' i* 7 . H ^B , .^K ^ia^^Cr H A H 'y ' ?? V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 5. 1860. N9. 8.484. ^?1?p?-rn?p^?| "' ' J THE DAILY EVENING STAR . U ) PUBLISHED EVEUr AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT TUB STAR BUILDINGS, Corm*r of Pmnsqhrnmi* avsnu* and lltA ?T W. D. WALLACU. p?y?r? nrrN ia ftoUiM by cmrtim at M ft r?ax. or 57 p*r moot*. T? imi] ab#crtb?r? u>a I'M M M.Uki a. ma#. m AS far all 91 for throa months; and for l*M Uu thr;>oir.<"*iUiaaltheratoof lieentaa week. Bii|tt mfim. on* 0111; ia vn^ftra, two cnn? fr^ADrrtrT?r*?XT? aoou'd be sent to the offloe before 13 o'o ock m i otherwise they ir.a* not Mt?*r o&til The next (Jay. Report of the Secretary of War. This report, noticeable for brevity and the clearness of its statements, announces tbat the authorized and actual strength of the Armj retnslni Substantially the aarre as last year. In conformity wtts the policy announced In the last annual report, toe troopis available for aervtce against the I.octlie Indiat.s, and otbera tbat bave become so a-nee tbat time, nave been engaged In campaigns of the triratest activity This yeartbe Anuy has been constantly la the field aad apoa an act: ve war footing. '%. Tit* department of Texas has beea restored to tranquility and relieved from ail apprehension of lavasioe or molsatatioe by the armed and marauding bands oa the Mexican frontier. It bt* been fotmd owmk-jt to occupy with a sufficient fr>rrr the cvmtrandtng posts ok and near tbe R'O Grsnde. ao we ha?e that frontier well protected, from Fort FUlntore to Fort Brown Three lot portant movent euta have not been mad* without mncb toil and fatigue; and whilst looking mainly to defense* upon the Rio Grande, an Important conaideraUoa wxia also to hold 1* chp k the Camanche Indiana of that frontier, aud protect tb* settlements from their marauding parties. The b?etiliUee*4 last vear with the Kiowa and Camauche Indiana upon the head waters of the Arkansas and the C-.isd:an have not yet been brought to a clo*- A very active campaign has been carred on against them, and they have beeu met and chastised on several occasions lu New Mexico, the outrages and depredations ^ # tw. f 1. u. J i J ' ?>i luriDuiiHuvr urrn vrrv unriag lau uumercm. and nearly the u iiole Territory may be Bald to bare been infested by tbem thr<ugtiout the s?-a?oo. To mak??a effect: ve campaign against these Indiana, aud to chastise them In aitirir* plary manner it became necessary to take a large i>art of the troop* stationed in Utah southward to Sew Mexico The troopa, after accomplishing a march of 600 ?nilea through a trackless wilderlj'-iw.were ready, after a abort halt, to make a movement of 150 miles mire, and proee-'ute a tamp-iizn against the numerous and powerful tribe of the iNavajoea H*oreUry Floyd recommends the restoration to the War Department of the superintendence and control of the Indiana. The iucccm of the experiment to ascertain the practicability of moving bodies of men from ibe thicklv populated parts of the Mississippi valley to the PaclHc coast within such a space of time as to make them available for service there Is anno'! need * At an early period lsst season the detachment of recruits amounting to three hundred men embarked at St Louis on the 3d day of May, on two ateamboats of light draught, and with all the nerea^ary appliances for such a march, set out ou th? jouruey. The season was the least propitious of buy f< r some years, as the water was very low from the failure of rains In the spring and of tte iimumt i^ui;iuiy ui anow during iD'winifr amongst th- Rnckv Mountain range. But, notwithstanding this disadvantage, the expedition made good progr-aa, reached Fort Bentou on the 'id day of July, without any material hindrance, and took up their line of march for the Pacilic. Transportation had been provided for them, and although there was some little delay in its reaching the command, It causcd no material detention and resulted in no lnconvenleace After a prosperous msrch of Icm tuan sixty days from Fort Benton, the command arrived In aafety and good condition at Fort Walla-Walla. The experioaents for th? improvement of the m liLirv H.nnliM hav* Kiu<n />An(inna^l *ar I i K v?ln. able re*nlts?hav? greatly improved, if they have not perfee'ed, the fabrication of aea-cout and garr.sou g an-carriage* of iron, tbx tn -dels and mode of < i*?ting of heavy cannon, and the quality of metal for the tame. The ?ame ia true as to the mannfkrture of cannon powder, particularly for Kuns of large caliber*, whereby the endurance of au^b guns aa? been much Increased without any diminution of their effectiveness. But it is particularly In regard to rifle cannon and projectile* th*t such experiment* have been satisfactory and valuable., Attention Is again called to the existing law for aririinv and eauiDDinir the whole bodv of th? militia of the lulled StaUs, which was pused in 1*J8. The want of a national armory for the fabrics* tlon of cannon has long been felt, and the expedi?iey. indeed, necessity, of proper legislation to atcure its establishment Los beeu repeatedly urged " * v^tiooal Legislature. upon . ?recommwded iirerch-loadlug aruis a, as the most efficient one ever put into the hands | of intelligent u*ea. Tb* Pa-ltes, a powerful tribe of warlike In-1 diar.s about the region of Carson Valley, In the! Territory of Utah, broke out Into hostility to the wbftes. rery suddenly, tbis summer, and committed mjuy atrocious murder* Before the United State* troop* could roach the apot. the people of the country dr lor rained to organize a force of sufficient strength to pursue and chart se effectually the aiTagea A few days were sufll :ieut for the purpose, and a considerable body of acttre, dirinjr, enterprising men rallied und-r ttjc command of liieceleOrated Texan ranger, Col J.C Until, and. after equipping themselves as be?t they could, they set out in pursuit of the Indians At no great distance tbey were overtaken by toes? yo'.untrers, in conjunction with a d?tscLoieut of United States troops, who joined ^V ? - 1 .ss.^L. T 1 *uc ii. i Bey tumoicuLcu bi wrt iuc bivack i uc Indians were very powerful in nambrn and strong la portion, and were assisted greatly, If oot commanded cy white men But the practical eye of the cool aud daring leader enabled hlin to leid the assault with sucli skil' that vaatiy superior numbers of the Indians availed them nothing TLey were driven from their strong position alter a severe conflict, and. finally, put to complete rout. Th? L'nited Slates troops after a very rapid aud every way creditable march, reached the neighborhood of these transactions just in.time to ' Ka*? i? and do gocd secv oe la tb? action, and, b\ their presence afterwards, effectually to quell ftery sympton of boot*.lily amongst tbe Indians The >nake Indians In >V ashin^ton Territory, on the road recently opened from Port Brilger to Fat Walla-Wa!!a. have Urea hostile during th?r?t n?on; and aftbeuph a campaign waa undrrken and prosecuted with vigor againtt tbem, It did not result la reducing them to auboraination Since the trojpa have been withdraw*, from active operations la the field, a Urge body of emigrant* were attacked, almost on the borders of tbe ?ttl amenta, and many of them murdered Effiet^.l nw.s...^ t^ll W. I. uwowuirw wiu MftCU W UUMUfC UKM 1UDorlaf the last four year* exploration* have mads known the character oi that aiovular river, the Colorado of the Weat, and lte sultableoees for naTljfxtion, the nature of a large portion of the belt of country, hituerto unknown, between that river and the settlemeuts of Mew Mexico and nortb of th* thirty-ttflh degree of latitude, acroas which roads are Impracticable from the extraordinary character of its surface. Further north they have resulted Id the establishment of a new route acroas the Great Uisln from Graat Salt l.ak* Citv. ami in wartalnlnv the Impracticability of other lines of communication between Important settlement* ia the Interior Ther have opened a new, shorter, and better route between tbe srtUeiuenta of Oreat Salt Lake aud th<?e of Oregon aud Washington, on the , Urth;M river. Toejr have developed the general character and r<v>?rces of the extensive region nortb of tbe Platte, and between the Missouri river and th? Pacific divide of the Rocky Mountains, have shown the existence there or several practicab.e wagon routes, valuable in connection with military operations and the emigration U? the Paciiic. The W eat Point Military Academy baa been progreaeini; In ita uaual course, except that the course of study and discipline has been extended. Iron, tour year* to Ave. This waa coaaldered at the time to b* aacreearv. owing to thaJow atanduil of proficiency for ? trance to the acheol. Tub katoul Libsbtt Law in Vbimomt.? The Baal fiuo of the Vermont Legislature, before Ita adjournment on the 37th ult , waa to refrr this whole subject to the commissi oaera oa the revWlun ef the lawa of the State, with instructions to report whether the present law npoa the rendition of fugitive slaves ia in conf let with the Couatltutioa of the United State* The eommiis'oners of revision who are to take the matter In charge are ex-Judges Mllo L Bannet, Picrpoiutand lanmaa. and Hun. Andrew Tracy, formerly member* of Congress?all known to be men or strong ronaervauve icndtsciei Hiatt Fall or Rock at Niagara Falls ? The fotltwiiu UMl us by Mr. 9. Lu*u, ofTable Rock Hotel, N legs'* FsUs : "Oa Saturday, tbe ?4th nit mo, at half-past one o'clock, there wsa a tremendaiM hll of reck a little sooth of tbe old staircase, completely filling up tbe pathway lead lug to the new stalreM* Bat a few inlautes b?Jbre ?hr tail, a party was belag oandaeted from th? mitaeuiii to tbe sbe*t of water. Had tt happened \ at the ttme when they were passing, ill must ttSTe got crushed to ploooa 1 suppose soiuc tUo?mada of tow fell rsroafa Ltader. \ Tit* Clock 8 c?i. ??* ?Connecticut baring a ^ W>lg)i demand far her clocks, titk* on In spite ' ef tbe tinsae Tbo New Haven clock msnuiacturoes. tt is slated. a*a smdlu/ sbroad * >*a4T,?oo or IS ouO per month. Report ( tbe P*itaat|K Gemera1. The report of the Postmaster General for the last fiscal year ending June 30, 1800, la a very interesting and comprehensive document, exhibiting an accurate and detailed account of tbe entire operations of this important branch of our Government for tbat fear, and evidences tbe bestowal of great attention in its preparation. Its completeness and the explicit manner In which everything la presented reflects great credit upon that meritorious officer It (tatee tbe number of mall rontes la operation on tbe 3oth of June last to have been 8 ?<*; the number of contractors, 7,445; the length of tbe same In Lav be*-, estimated at X40.S94 miles. Tbe number of post offices Is set down at 98.558. Tbe number of puit offices st present sub tret to appointment by tbe President of tbe United States Is 433 Tbe expenditures up to J une Inst snouited to SI9?>9 98; actual expenditure for I860 914, 874,773 89; gross revenue for 16*0, 98,518.007 40, - _ a _ s - umi ug ?u increue 01 nearly 7 per Cent over the revenues of lsst year intimated expenditures for 1988. ?14 865,535 23; estimated revenue for 1962 SO 039,834 60 Value of stamps and stamped envelopes issued during tbe year, $6.261.533 34: Increase of $6o6,7W2 fcj Tbe number of dead lettera registered aud sent out duria# tbe year I860 wu 31.017; number opened at San Francisco, 75.117. Foreign i-tters, 110,911. Out of 37.863 letter* without im insure*. tk number for want of proper direction waa 10,t7H; number entirely witnoat address or directiou 357. Tbe am.- rebate amount of postage (sea, Inland aud foreign) on United iStates and Earopean m ills was .376 UW 25; tbe number ot l?tt>-r? tmI uewipapers cxc.L .uged with Europe was3.466.o77. pBKPAVUKKT n* Pas*?*? P *- 'w ... - v. > s nxwm IU iUC act el March 3. 1S55, makiog prepayment compnlsory, the Postmaster General observe* that notwithstanding every possible publicity has been |(iv?n to this law through the press and bv placards on the letter-boxes, yet from Inadvertence, fraud, or otuer cause, numerous letters continue to be deposited In the boxes on which the carrier's fee is not paid. The courtear of the deo?rtm#-nt t? ?? # r g ?-W ? - mwm ^ ' ' ? ?l ^ ?UV UU" tire aflud?-d?which has imposed upon it a heavy burden?instead of being appreciated, has b?-en the u.eaiis of provoking much bitter and senseless animadversion oifthe part of those who And themselves overtaken by the unplejsant consequences of their own neglect or fraud, or of that of their correspondents. To all tbia, it is sufficient to reply, that the postal authorities are but performing a plain and simple duty in enforcing this law, and ifemb r atsinents ensue it is but proper tbat thsv should fall upon those by whose willful or heedless conduct they have been superinduced. Ignorance so defiant of all attempts at its enlightenment. or i ? ' -,lt- ?? _ ^ _ ? ? -7 ?- ?w luv^unvic ?uan IU duty aad to interest, stay well be permitted to suffer annoyance, and even loss, without exciting any serious concern. It Is proper to say that culpable negligence is not by any means confined to the correspondents of our own country. In Kngland. aa appears from the last report of the Postmaster General, mora tbin 11,000 letters were posted during the year 1359, without any address at all, while Vt is added, 200 are daily posted at the principal ofilce in London, unsealed Tae act of 1355, providing for the registration of valuable letters, he regards as having proved a failure. The Government assumes no responsibility whatever for the loas of letters or packets tuui registered, ana as ihey are conveyed In the niM pouches, they are surrounded by no greater guarantees for their security, either lii tranimisklon or delivery, than such a* belong to the ordinary mails of the couutry. Tuey t>?ar a mark, however, which Indicates to all through whose hands they pass, their valuable character, and this indication serves rather to suggest and inv.te depredation than to prevent it. Alluding to the circumstances attending the defalcation of 1. V. Fowler, late PostmniUr at New York, the Postmaster General says: Fowler has given his deposition in support of this defense, alleuinir that there was such an k? tween blmself and the two sureties uow ?ued, but that he failed to procure the signature of the thtrd surety named, and for warded the bond to the department without apprising It of the existence of thla agreement. It was thus accepted In good faith by the Government, without the slightest Intimation from any quarter that lta execution was Informal or incomplete. The t;rou fraud attempted to be practised bv th'? ? ?-?' ^ u*,tH v n*Aii,il* . _ "al" ' ? wwHUKfill, *?. e embezzlement w*" nn* > avsteustlc preparation for it. Should the Court held th >t this secret compact between tbese sureties and their principal, though not communicated to the Government, will bir the pending suit, then no confidence can be safely reposed by the departments tn any bond executed by their officers en ,?? ,t*A l?ll. I- " : " k in ?uc ^mwiiv viuc Ad iuat cvcui I V will be for Congress to determine whether soiue further legislation is not necessary for the protection of that* Interests whose security the announcement of so extraordinary a legal proposition must necessarily compromise. An invention, as It would appear, in some Important respectslise thatofihe Messrs. Wlnani, of Baltimore has been exhibited in London on tne Serpentine It is called the Icthyou. andcons st of two tubular vessels, secured together in two paralloi hits' leaving a passage for the water In the middle. In each tube Is a small high-pressure . .l? u.?W 1 ?Ll.W t J ? 1 v .K,u? >v ?ur ? ic vr , nuitu are ui a cvuuiaii bapc, and plactd la tbe bow*, Instead of the teru Ths screws make Utile or no back-water, and create none of ttat latteral diiturbance which has hitherto prevented the em ployment of steamer* on canal* The boat make* not the slighest vibration, turn* within her length with the greatest tacil.iy, aud readily obey* tbe steersman This little vessel ha* carried thirty people at a rate of four and a half mile* an hour, with tbe coosumpt on of one-third of a hundred weight of cwal per hour 1 n vessel of sufflcienr size and power, and furnished with screws ofsulMclent dimensions, it U tbcutfttt the Invention would obtain a speed of tUlity-ivro milt* an hour. * [n^The Wilailiiguui ^N. C.) Dispatch e*prrs#?s tbe opinion that North Carolina will not it.ove hastily in the direction of secession, and ho Del When iba Anam bum ?h? will k where the pats be foot Of coarM, add* the DUpatch, "If any compact ia formed for a Southern Confederacy the right of aeceaalon will bo Inserted is tbe contract If so, the Confederacy will be In tinders In twenty-ttve years Let North Carolinians be on guard Let her ponder the Important nzzeatton whether, If she separate from the Union of the I'nitod States, It be best to maintain an independent or separate existence, or to join innthfr 11ninu I tn h? HvaWam ?? ?" m?nt " r ' Noethbbm Dicxusum Nbw Oblbans'The public are atreadv acquainted with one of the great*>*t evils Inflicted on our bnsiness community every season?the visits of the Northern dr-:mmers?sud tLe sp-clal tax Imposed on these Interlopers la trade by our Conimoj Council. The collecting of this tax has been bought bv an enterprising merchant of Magazine street, ana his deputies are now at work In the annoying and troublesome work of hunting up these slippery customers aad forcing them to obey the law ? y. O. Bti, -Huh .\<n\ Virws o# a Rbpc'blica* Govkbmob ? Mr Curtin, the Governor-el*ct of Pennsylvania, made a speech in Philadelphia en Saturday evening, daring whlcl^ he referred to the nullifying laws of that State. The speaker doubted whether anv of her legislative enactments interfered with tbe statutes of the I'alted States; bat, 1/ they did, the principle w* maintained that they ebould be immediately repealed While Pennsylvania thua yielded to tbe National Government,aha expected every State, North and d?uth, to be aa faithful aa herself to constitutional obligations A Tbaob Miitiro in Pknustlvania.?At the adjourned of tbe cotton and woollen maau(arturers held at Philadelphia on Saturday, a reaoHtiow was adopted recommending the tunning of the mills upon half time for the present. It was stated that over-production was aa much the cause of the present heavy stock on hand as the Influence of politics. Tavkid awd Feath?s?d ?Tbe village of Valatle. Columbia county, was the scene at* aa nnuuil ainliamMlM Tknnila?Blal<t occasion ?f tbia ?n *m tarring and feathering of a man auxd John L.IUriai, who had rendered himself obnoxtou* bf ttw publication of an obscene paper Pnptr As unarratciatn Vocalist ?Rachel Greenfield, the colored vocalist, better kuowa as the "Black Pwin," was recently announced to give three aoterlalamenta it Havana. At the first she was hissed a ad could not go on, at the second ahe was hocted, and U>e tfe^rd was abandoned. As ttnctonviTaar*.?'The Dor bees of &>tb*rland, wbeee Income la aald to be 91.WIO.OUO per anuem. has the materials of which her dt<qs?s are madvetpresaly woven for her The remnants are the* destroyed. to prevent Its (omlng Into meaner use. The Dashf? can aflord It. ITT* * Aadrww* anniversary was celebrated in Petersburg, Va,with ^reat spirit. MISCELLJlXEOUS. NOW OPEN THIS O&IGDTAL GIFT BOOK BTORS, AT 4T0 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Next do?r to Clay's (latt U. S.) Hot*/, betW4*n Third and 4i street*. 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M27 M9M pawn office ^ to Sil g at'**, betwaaatfc ftnd Mh atraata. immadiatoly la tha mar of tha Natioat) HotaK viwra tho bu?in??a aril' ba oont.nuad aa hor'tofrra at tha old stand. toolft-6m] lSAA" HEKZUKRtt. MISCELLANEOUS. N winter millinery. OW Opening, at our Fanc? Su>re,a renr large and aupenor assortment of \Vi> TE^ BON-^K NETS.oompnwng the latestaad MoetdMui Cfer ail of which we are enabled to sell at greatly red?^lfrchin80n * munro. *10 pUT., bo ii-d?wAeoiw Between 9th aad Qth eta. Gas Fixture*, the best asport^e^evb* offered Tboee who desire to select from aew patterns, with the art vantage of a reduotiju in prioes, will Mil early and exami ?. - - - - i j ? i? ? ?* - * * *t? raw bibq <mii me attention or psraonaabout introducing fa* i to Iheir dwell*?<fc? to our ioS*a?eU faoiliUet, uid ooatequent low priooa, for la branofc of our trad*. In* itinj all who desire their work done promptly, and free from ?ki 1 akares, to oal at UbB Pa. avenue, between roth and 11th it*.. aonth tide. nott-tjanl J. VV. THOM^SO* it CO. Furs t Fur* I AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I hare with atr*ot oare personally attsn ;*?i to the manufacturing and ieotion of the following Fur*. Mt long prautioal knovr ?d*e of the For it...;.... li-_ -?? ?? *- - - -v - euaiuoH nuauica mo vim voriftiaiT to invite me .diea togooda mads from fina ana freaa o&uiht tkina. Such *a Canada Mmk Babla, Kuaaia Ftton. Siberian K*imr?l, W,.t?r Mink, Franoh >abi!?. Childrana' Furs in graat variety. Per frimmuma of all oolora. Pnoea va.y moderate, W. F. SEYMOUR, no 19 1m Georgetown. GENTLEMEN'S RE^DY-MADE CLOTHING, our praaent aaaortment of (iFNTLKMV N'S RE^DV-MADE CLOTHING rffara to citiaer.a aad atraugflra shin* an imm *liate out-fit *up?nur induoeon- t?, awbraoiof, at thia time, all atylea and qualities cf Dreaa an1 Bu*ine*a Garrranla ati?4 4 IvaMitAfa 4m a II na tiaa Pina flKirta Ill" U?" OI1U \/ T? l ill VII * Wl I MWO- I IMW WM and Under-olothing of all kind*. gld and other Gloves of best qui ity. Scarfs, Tl?l, Cravats, Sto-k?, Hosiery, Ac., to. All of whioh we are offering at< ur usual low prioes. err Clothing mad* to ordar in the most superior manner. WALL. STEPHENS A Co.. no IB tf rfga Pa. aventie. nCF36S& NOTICE! BaSHf I wish all gentlemen /\ PtH to bear in mind that the piaa whith I ^QEjs^^^ad4pMd, six years ago, of selling ^&?S^VhaTS and BOOTS at greatly re duoed prioes for oaah ia in aucceasful operation. Just reoeived a fall supply of the latest New York styles ofDKESS HATS The very f\ne?t Hat $3-50; a first rate Hat S3; and very ^ f..i .-uuil-. ao ka a 11 . i 7 yuuu, ii*E ni??^?uio nsb ? W. All UI WO IK^SlRyiei or soli HATS and CAPS, at the vary loweet prices. I am constantly supplied with a very large ttock of those fine DRESS BOOTS at 93>lfr?vluch 1 have been telling lor many years?as well as the very beet oualitv of Patent leather GAITERS, at *3 50. Fine French Calfskin O niters from 92 to 92 50. Tertne cash; no extra oharge in order to offset haddefcts. ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh stroet, aeooitd hat store from the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 640. , se 14-3m SILKS! S I 1. K S I! SILKS!!! SILKS!!!! Yon can get DRESS SI? KS of every kind at WW R. RILEY A BROTHER'S at very low price*; th&t in to say, a Silk Kobe for *16, wortu ?2fc a Silk Robe for 920. worth 935. We have a large stockof D-ess Goods of every description. *rd we will olose them out at very ;ow price*. Call OUU VAMJIiUV VH'VBi WM. E RILEY A BROTHER, No. 36 Central stores. Between 7th ai.<l 8th (treeta, no 21 2*r Oppo*ite Center Market. 1TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take ail kinds of Virginia money for my book debta aurf for Boot*, Stor a, and Trunk*. All person* indebted to me will pletae oft 1 and ftL* up, or I aha' 1 be oomp*iled to give their account* into the hauda of a oollector. 8 P. HOOVER. Iron Hall, no 21 Pa av., between 9th aatl 10th ata. PURB OLD RYK WHISKY.-On hand *evera brand* of Pur? Old R?* wh< n~ uiik, rr.uae vj :ne moat reliable ^ulillera'in Pennsylvania, Maryland aad Virginia, warranted pure. Also, imported Krandiea, Henneaay, Otard. Dupuj A Co.. Jala* Robins, Ac. A:*o, Peaoh and Apple Brandy. pure Holland Gin, old Jaiuaiaa and St. Croix Ram, and Wine* of every variety, all of tandard hranda. A ohotoe lot of Clears aad 'tobaooo. YOUNG A KEPHART, Atentt, as 14-lv 9*9 Pa av.. b?tw.<Mh *.nH l/v?h TCEMETKRY NOTICE. HE Snb?oriber ofl>ra for i&le hit atock of M A R Bt.E MONL'MBNTS. TOMBS. GRAVE STONESand MARBLE MANTELS at redoo?d prioee for oasli or approved notea. An parly eall ia aolloiUxi. WM. RUTHERFORD. Marble Worka, 359 E *t. north. oo 17 8in h?tw(?an I2tn and i.'tth. ROUGHS, COLDS.^HOARSENKSS, Jto. COMPOUND SYR QUM ARABIC Thia pleasant and popa'ar Cough Reined* itaa boen ao lou# known and rxtenaively, that most pera^na have heoorae familiar with itr eirtraordlna r* eJioaoy. It can b? had at all the principal drag atoree at a6and>>o?*nu? bottle. m28 cltonA WG ALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE 9811 PA.. AV., Bktw. Uth me l>ra ST?? North ?.de. Mill and Wharf foot of steventaectli at., mail tf W*lotr Wftf rk?Mrtnukht A WM. T. DOVE * CO. rlRE Now prepared to exeouU any ordara wttk whioh thar n?*J ?> favored 10 tne PLUMBING, GAB OB ^HgSAM FITTING try- Store on 9th atraet, a ft* doorr north of Pa. A. ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS NY OnedeunnrFreubt?raaohor little?Barre!?. Bt ?. Boxes. Bundle?. or. m tun:, aut thikr. safely trail*ported and delivered between Wa?hitnt?n, Georgetown, and_Aiexandria, nu.r reiy imphoitiy upon the L'XPKEM WAGONS of tie undersigned whieh run refu'arly every <!>:* between thoeeoiriee. Orders entered neon the sXtes of h:? ex press a* theHtar Office,at Bao?r.'s Grocery Store, orat B Wheeler's Hardware Kto. s, will be prompt1, . U.-.J to,.?d.. ?y no 14-1 m (Late Qsborn's ExpressD?:ic^NCK.8 63. MVNDRAKE PILLS, For sale by*. B. WAITE.oorner ol Seventh street and Louisiana avenue. teSE?a?ss%iM? bom.. Prio#of Mandrake Pills,25ftnta p-*r box l boM amiotea vim oiaouei 01 u>? uncia, i.irer or finmaoh, aooorrpamed with pains iu the Back. Breait or Plde, aho?ld try Dr. tfebenok'a M?dioinea ami ar? ref-rred to th* fnlloirtnc oartifioit*, on* of the i*?%nr testimonial a of o jmpleta ourea in Dr. Sotoaok'a poiseaa on. No. ?07 West Fifth atreat, I WmniasTON, D. C., Nov. Slat. 1960.S 17*. bchihci?u, ar sir: i much 1 ir several rauntia wit.i Liver comprint, I wu par auaded by a friend to try your Pulmonio Syrup, ani Mandrake Pille. I am now quite vail, and believe vow m*d*ei*4 was the means of restoring me to health am vttor. Th' 1 take ran oh pleasure in reoommendin< it to the PubOa. M. S. 9?? no? lm (VIOTE3 ON ANY GOOD SOUTHERN 11 Banks taken at par for BOOKS. ST|TiONERY,k?.,?t PRfiNCH A tfoH&TEfv'S, No. 378 Pa. avenne, Washington, D. C. N. B.?Books sot* at our aaaal low prices. ao3< MONEY! MONEY!! lfl MONEY!!! Notea of all bank* taken at p*r for Goods, and a complete supplyof Fall and Winter Wear on hand for oash. WALL, STEPHEN* A CO.. Clothier*. no 22-8w Ps. a van DC. bet. 9th and loth ata RANKING HOUSE SWEENY, RITTENHOnsE, FANT A CO. Will open for customers, speoie, ourreaoy, and Virginia money aooounta. Buy and sail ooin and exchange at the moat favorable rates. Carrener and Vtrrima moner wanted, no 54 lm > PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, Hu removed to fae corner ofTwaifi* ???d F '? Ha la ?rmr^ to iatrodmoa WaUr aad 6m upon ^ti "wtio ? tanaa, ud (urubH eati.-i Khaa an kud a lot of COOIINO aid othai VKS, whiqh ha wiU sail lea* th&n ooat. u ht wwbai to yat rid of them. no 17 POR THANKSGIVING DAY! MINCE ME A T^MINCT MEAT! Wa ahall hava a nwmtj of axoat'ant Minoa Meal "jar*3"**" ftsU3i"i'B1t?icHSLL. gtST ?AN4V ?66D3.ArpE|CBg TO SUIT THK TIMES. ? n ? > At BTttVBNB'S o Utj m. batw. Xh and 10U? ?U Pf YOXJ WANT to gat good Clothing. Farniah inc Good a, Hati and 0%p?. at low pnoae, oomi to SMITH'S, No. 460 S*v*oth atraat. oo W in DENTISTRY. M TEBTB sL tenda personitilr hia ofioe In this oity MW Many p?rioM can wear Um? teeth who**'' c&cLot teti otbara, and bo yinan aan vttr othara who canr.ot vnr thieaa. Peraona oaUia* at mr a Aoa aw ba a asowadilad with any stj te sod prtoa Taatb they au daair* bat to thoaa who are particular ind with the -?araat. olaanaat, atronc*at, and moat pwfaet toatar* that ftrt oaa srodaas, the NUN fcKlL, tLATE will to more fally w*rr?atad.__ ? ^ nwiua an wi? WT~HU. r#< ? VIIVtiOVnTMS 9Ui Mid lata au. Al?. WT Awi iwat PMlag p.iiv oa U-tf Dr. HII4l.8.rfWt?af^rr*\irt of tw run feeti that .t? can wiUi oonfidaaoo r?iwia-^Mfc trenfth, hf?a?t?. <vKb,im*jand tfetayaMi. Pal Mfraab ibMrted tor M. Partial la >raii?l?fc Oloa >06 Fa. arena*. ?7 "carriage factobjesT" WASHINGTON CAKRIAtiE FACTORY. II O Strict. <UA amA luafc We have just finished a number ol ftrat olart CARRIAGES, such a* Litkt Wagons. Park Pkaatons, Family (V WlWR ria m *, and Bufgttt, whioh we W1U Mil at 1 " a ver? small profit. Beirut practical sieotianlos ia different branches of the busin ess, we flatter crrsslTea v*at We knotf the styies and auaii*? of work that wj'l rive s&tia fnitioc, oombimng licbtnm*, comfort ana durubin ty. Repair!tic promptly and carefully attended to tto aburtect ntitce ana most rauron&ble charr**. WALTER, KARMANN A BOJPP. Ccachnakers, suecosaora to We T. Hook. _m **-^1; T CARRIAGE?. HR Babeeriber harinc mace addition* to ki fvjlory, makicc it now one of the Ivitft^jOML in the District, where his facuitie* !??."" ^tnr'.r.e CARRIAGE A L16HT<^^S^E WAGONS of ail k-.nda cucot bo wruiiit, from mi long ?xperi?:.oc is Uw Iibiiiw. k*Mfai to (. < jtcMil ratiffactlon. II kisda of Carr-^cM u4 Lifkl W?imi kopt ?a kazd. All REPAISStcatri & ,**<?U?r4?r? rr?at*? jf fctt&JQd04t tO, ?lu4 CarrtMJ liki Afti/llci W # J V l v/X>f 1 la-tt ?t~0t ml lath arW K ate. Dr. J. H. MoLEAN'6 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY in the WORLD, and the moat SE& DELIClOOa AND P*p DELIGHTFUL fcf jf{ j CORDIAL #3%l J? EVER TAKEN.^g flk. tJm It U ttrictlr actJraU \JT mute and VifiUBw V bit Compound, proM||^J earad by tb? diaulla- W'Hte Uoo of rooti, kartta, ma Otr?l. IftlOW I* Dock, Blood Root, W fi WQ?. Black R-oo*. Sirup*- i M Ji lEflk rtlla, Wild Charry lit A|f Mf B*rk. and Daadilioo Hp) [*W\ff ar.t*ra lata iu con- ujL; i If TUe antira aetira ?'_r- ? ^ Jg?'H. 3tt rrmadial principla W Jteaf of ateh infradiaot Before BW?"?::3S2ifter takinedU'.llliLf, prodocmf a dalicioaa, aihtlaratinf apirit, and tha moat infalllbla raraa Jy for reaavaauf tha duaaaad ayaiair, and raatariog Jtt aick, aafiaruif, and dabilitaiad urmittf ta baallh and auanflh. Alt LEAK'S STRENGTHKyiNG CORDIAL W1U ( citally eura Lirar ('omplaiat, Dyapapata, Jaandica, Chronic or N?r?ooa Dtbilitj, Diaaaaa* of tha Kidntja, and ail diaaaaaa ariair g from a dU rdarad U*cr or Stomach, Djapapaia, riaart.arn, luvard Piiaa, Atidttr or Sickoaaa of tha n?oa:b, Fs! traa of Blood ta tha Haad, Dail Pua or wirmninj la ?i Haad, Pi- pitatioo of tha Hurt, Falloaaa or Wdfht in tha Niomacta. Soar Erac.-uona, ChoMnf or affocatinf Parting wban laying down, Drji.aat or ValToWoaaa of tha Bbia aad Bjaa, Nifki Ivtiu, InvaH Pavara, Pain ia itMiuU of tha Baw^ Chaat, or Bida, Baddaii Iriunca or nui, uipriHioo or Bpinu, Frtr^tfil IHuai. > , ? ?/ uarrow OUkUt, km N Blotch a ao lha Skir, *n4 P???r and Apia (or China ai*d ffTW.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES ha?a baau told daring tba lam an laontba, and is a* laauuca baa it fauiad ta fi?"if taura aauafactica. Who. uac, vllt aoffar frvra Wa-.tuaaa or Dabilit/ whan HiLiANI aTKENQTHI-HlfG CORDIAL will ear* 70a 1 Hi laujGag* CU tenaay *0 adaqaa-.a idaa of th* ImroaAiata and a) moat miracaloia cfcar.f prodocad bjr ukinf U..a Coruiai in Ua diaaaaad, dabiliutad, aad akattarad narraaa ayatani, wbalhar brokan dean by axeaaa, waak by aatara, ar iapairad ky aieknaaa, tha raiaiad aod uiatracr arftutatiao la raalorad u> ita priaiina baalth and vigor MAURI ED PERSONS or othara, eor.acioaa of inability from whatarar aaaaa, will nd McLKAlfl HTR.BH0THBN1N0 CORDIAL a Uaroagb ragaaaratora# tha ajatan; and all vka may kava la tarad than-aalvaa by Imprapar iodalgaucaa will lad la Ikia Cardial a earuia auJ apaaav raniady. TO THE LADIES. McLEANI rTRCNOTHKNlNti CORDIAL la a ao?ar Iga and apaady cora for locipiant Couabmpiioc, WLnaa, O bat rue tad or DiCccll Manatraatioe, Ineooliacnca of Crina cr InvoiaiiUij Duthaifk tLaraof, Failing of tka Woaak, wtaau raiotinf, ai.a an aiaraaea incident le Ktmilii there is no mistake about it Safer no loofir Tiki it icMrdin; to direc'iotia. It will atiinB'ate, etreuflbau, aiii invigorate 701 and caaae lb a bloom of health to moviit roar cheek again. ?very bottle u linuud to (? eauefaetto*. for children If y??r children art aickly. poo/ or aSictad, McLKAN'8 CORDIAL will naka tha re healtbr, fat, and rokaat. Dal y not a moment; lu it, tad 70a will ba ooavutaad. It ia dolicioaa totaka. ca vTiorr. Beware of draggiata or daalara who na? try to pal- TCoa yoo eoane butar or earaapanlla uaah, which tha/ tu bar cheap, by eayinr it ia iaet aa good. Avoid each man. Aak for McLKAn'S STRENGTHENING COROLAL, and taka nothing ala*. It it tha soly remedy that will parity u>a Blood tnoroaghly and at tha aaioe Una etrengthen tha eyetena. Ooa leaapooofal lakao every morning faatinf to a cartaln preventive for Cholara, Ckilla and Fever, Tallow Paver, or any prevalent diaeaee. It ia pat ap la larra Lottlee (rice only ?1 par t>ouia, ?r * boulea (or *A J. H McLEAN. Sole proprietor of thu Cordial; alao, McLtac'a Volcanic Oil Ionia, em Principal Depot aa tha earner of Third and Pine eueata, Louie, Mo. McLean'i Volc&nio Oil Liniment, (THE BK0T LINIMENT IN TUE WORLD > Tha aaI* ufa and eiruin etra for PanrtN ViIm T*. mart, twilling* and BroocMU or Cat Ira, Paralaaaa, Ntaralfta, Wiikntu of tha Mucin, Ckrooic or iBlnaimj lAaamatuia, Stiff caaa of tka Jotru, Coetraatad MimIm or Liffaaiaau, Earadia orTooUacba, Broiiaa, Iprtmi, Praak Cat*. Wonoda, tT.cara, Pt*ar Bert*, Cakad Braaat. Son IMlli Burn*, Be Ida, Sera Throat, or aay lnltmmauoc or ptin, bo difirioei how aaaara or lose iht iwui may lifi taiattd, Mt LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT t* t?irUu raisady Thou&ndi of binta btinf* havt boon K<id a lifo oI Ala eri|Hlidi and miatry by iha uaa of ihil inralaabl* rt wtdy MtLMAWS VOLCANIC OIL LIS I ME ST Will pua airaoat inaianU-aaoaaly, aad it will eloao, partfy and haal tba fonlaat aorta in as mcrodibla afcort u?. FOR H0RSK1ASD OTHER ANIMALS MeLEAN"B CELEBRATED LINIMENT la tht ooly aafa and raliabla ramtdy for tha ear* a( Spavin, Riarbooa, Windralla, Splinta. Uauataral Lamp*, Kodaa or Baralliura it b?var failad to eara Bif Htad, PolltTil, Piatala, (fid Raoniaf Borai, or 8vaaay. if jrroparly appUad. Pat prUnt, Braiaat, Beratehtt, Craekad Hath, Chafat, Baddlt at Collar Oalla, Cua, Soraa, grVotadi, h ia aa lnfaJtibla ramtdy. Apply it a* duaciad atU a eara la tuuia is aaary laounet. Than into tnafar wilk tha masy vorthlaaa Liairranta ftffirtd to won. Obtain a aunnl* ai T?. Mrsl.EA.WH rEf.E. BRATID'LIIHMRNT. "it Vifi err. J. H McLJCAN, Sol* Proprietor. Con it Third ud Pia? ?u., 8c Lout, M*. CHARLES BTOTT, fT5 P*. ??., Mi* uim in Wukuf tM| R.S. T.CWlL.Owrpiwi nM-MVI; cchool and college outfit*. Youths' mnd BoyS Clothing for School mmd ,&nZuMBSSlK sEfWc^oitE for the oominx iMaon, ?re invited to examine oar vrrvjxr ssSjsBst!. if"'i,.t!W5 u?u at uit uwu ouuurwc ofafi aiaea m*fr? momenta with rrer? wacih tion of Rwedy-inede Garrrenta, of aubatantial aad co. h m-tf saa Penn. >t?m? WG AS FIXTURES. K Hav* iu ator*,and arertai.y rMMTtst. 9A3 FIITJl&BSof entirely New Pattern and iWrna i xatAssficr ^ssx^sassssr \j to oaUan4exa:mae oar atoek of 6m and Water Fuinr**. :-Al ooi.Gdent that we kare the beet aeleoted it!raH9 Washington. All work ?t?v? una lunitM to oar Mrf TRAVELING TfLUNKS. E Ha*?ju?t r*o?irod th? Mini frail pppa auortnent ^dSu?* woaiTa^sf > n?xt ateamar a complata aaaortmaat of Kncliah Almanac#. no SI ^THEWEULY DOLUS STAlf tUi atKl?t PkBilr u( Km )?v?l-4NIkillBC * n?IT ft iBlllWfcH f H ika MI kifc?yi>Mr ?fr" M ynidtf* ? Pnter wiiii. Start* ?0fT? H* anwrm.?-??? * PIT* (Ofttt ^ ^ T?? tj tv? ... I It lrnvftntMy iiiUhi tt? JtMr*" lk? poultry C78iiiliM?tM(iiTTvr?ri' aiMfiwaM at U?ooutor,tu?dMUiy lAvtU u?waf tka PM? Prtoe?TBKEE CENTS. WOOD AND GOAL. TV IHK rilLICI o WEEEF. yor"rAN GET TOOl MONKTrWOITII jyTET IT* PEOVE IT ! MOW It !^| TRY WHAT* E7-Tryth?F10?<BRE MILIAR WUOD tfcw*. jutnvtt vttat* mr frow IS?t yo? ?i r*t ymmt WOOD ttar* VIMrUMtJtvlwniilteMt) ;u4 Am yvn wm KITOW WHAT? .JFSS-Cre VRttt?l2*2K*S Split,410DiLiTsuxriuM CiiUL Cat at tvs PIOWIIR NILlll 8TOH OP THE BLUB PL A* ST AFP. ROITI*MT Cvtra BIVUTR *T. ajib OMU (South ?f t*? . ? _ L1 <\n *> BArin ? wmM gw vo>/my n r A.SS CW, A?Wt, O" _o lulon Fire-Wood Mills. PINE. OAK and HICKORY WOOD S*v?4 and ?t ?rj? l-n*th o ats? re^air*<i. *nd daiiv w?i t>?ny pert of thaC??r ?.t va j low mi?m. 11/ \\ e oail th? p?ruc.ilftr atu>nU < t?f oar eu? toin?r? ard th# p?fc!to *rn?ra;ly to f??r a?l<*ri d SToCK OF COa L. whioh v* r?n mt, vnitnai frar of ocj tradiotmn :* 'ooal to any in 'ha Cit?. r & U? B' V**** V" 11TB MMII OH c U M) Hi WIO IE# iroru?ol?i. _ iLT'onr 8WVED ud SPLIT WOOD Ukft under oortr, yftTtettfdrf. tr.a COAL on >*ck floora, olf?n aod la food order. LArg* MlM %rd profit!. [[/" Or<W? *? t'NIOM FTRF WOOD MIl.LS Ct*r. Her- rt^ at *?>d ^^JUcKNEW * MARLOW, pr prlMora. 'lM'THE CITIZEN OK WaSHINUToC^! 1. h?ve ju t r?of?iTo<J ? d will oommeoM qu.o.4 li?f lo-morrow ? cargo of th? r?ry N>?t R?d A?f COAL(?xC and itov# ! ??) ?w brought to thlr mirket. which I can ??cddireot from Um t?u?. if your orders arc left lmmadia'eW. ?v. n m a i r,?, Wood a<.d Coal oog Corner CMd Hth tai . u*ar Canal. WO O 1> N D DeUrere^ to all parte of *crfat ft* litm poMib.e rates. T. J. k. W. M. GALT. Ofioa 889 Pa. avM M?wa 11th aod liu Ma.. an-tf wliA FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?A fire-story HOL'SF., 12 room*, adjoin n? the corner of F^'ST*!! p i!i^ne? the CUy H?.i. Aypl; lo JdtBPH^Fu. h~7oR~*ENT-Th? lour-story BRICK HOIHK on Third itrwt, l>erir?en If and V. *treets, i No 391) adjourn; th? residenoe of W A Maury, Km. Posaession jiven lmmediatfty. Also, th? third hto ry of the B'owa Stone Builoinit No. 403 on Pa. ar?wue,i south ?lde betwwen ?>* and 0th it* Fo? t*rm?, its .appijr to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, At, No. 4 0 La. avuue. no t-*otl TO RENT?That pieasant COTTAUK HUM DE V'E, oortaiain* 7roowis, witn front t?Joort, lares rardit in front ai><1 rear, fronting H at, in Printing Ofioe Square, Mtwen North CafiUI an J First ?t?. Rent ff2?P per anting. Address, L| letter or :n person, \\ M. bTI .'KNeV. no 6 tf FOR SALE?A new two-story brick HOCSK so Fourth street, beluw New VOik avenue. The houke it aj iret Iront and 4S feet deep ; ha* 5 foot paxnaKe, parlor, d r.iDg rcoic, kitchen, and lour chambers, with stairways to passace and kiloneu, with *ood ? liar under the whole hoass For IrM -n?iu'r? at 499 Serenfh street, opposite Odd Fe^lows' Hall. no V-tf JA&.S TOP HAM, F?OR RENT-The fine BRICK HOl'WE No. 100 West st, ?eorcetown. at present oeos r.?m vi >u> ujwiiuvr. II DM II tww, l*? and water tfcmtiehon?, a nne?a'd, mki? fee , asu is id agood neighborhood. Apply to JAR. A. MAURlPfcR. tT I70R RENT.?Two new throe-story BRICK r HOl'HES with ha^k buidmys, each bouN oout&miDc 8 rooms, with rai. pleaaaniiy situated on 8th street north, between M and N itrisb, root moderate. Ami* tn K. LAXKNBY. o^otite, ar to JOHN T. I.ENMAN. Ohio avenue, bet sen 12th ar?1 lath strwets. oc W F?OR RENT?TWe FIRHT FLOOR of the buiH iiit immediately oeeositf tiie weet win* of the City HaUn^oently oocupied by Cbae. ffa'.*c; as as office. A'so the front room in tAe second n'l 7 W (VIUHAlif VT AU1AJIV/B| nv. w Louisiana avenue. iall tf EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent wlui wish their daughters to rfoeive a toorongh and dugtuon. vb?r? their pnjMcaj tiaimng wi.l reo'Mve daily tadiliolti attention, under the moat fcpproved avaiem nfu,it tlienio* and G y ranantiea. are reepeetfally turned to viait the Union Female Asadenr, corner Foai teenth at. and New York av MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*. au ait-tf rrowiwifc SCHOOL FOR SM K LL BOYS, No. 87 7 1 feT?nT,PjtT Wat, Miaa ANNIE E. PEClt, Teaaher. Number of pupila limited to twenty. o? ) taka FKMALE SCMOOL Mra. S. J. MoCORMICK, PiWjfU. Tne thirteenth annual rekiion of tkia InaUUtto* will commence on Taeaday, See torn her ltth, i? toe houae reoently occupied bjr ?? 1 rector So- ci, Ken., No. ISO Kins street, The oourae of atudy pt-'med wi!! oomertae ail tha Irai.cheg requisite to a tboruogn EucUeh Kda cation, and Mino, F.each, luIb aod i>rawia?. H dwirad. ! n addition to day scholars. Mrs. MaO?rnii#b te prepared to rsoeiv* a limited number of pupd* as boarders, who. constituting a part of her 4wc aaihr. will be a* rter her immediate oars aad Ntsresiou. Shs will endeavor, as iar as ?ossib?s. to ear round tfieoi wits lite uooJoruaad IUadlv Infca?si B.<J?rtncmi ??ev. Geo p. NortO*. Rrr, IV, Klias Harrison, Rev. D. P. flffiff, Wh.iau. J) fowls. EH., Krtrar Snowdea, fcss. Ecn.unfl F WllMC, ??*., Heory Msrbary. haTUwiii VjKes^a, Esm., Rotiert ri. Huston, Las. W. D. Vallask. Editor Iiveninc Star. B-c aaUn Waters. Km Ja*. Kntwiai*. Jr_ Rm.,Co . John W.Hlnor, LMjou, M??pr?. felaok.JoV 4 JtoraJiaU, Mum C? Brother*. nm B<?rd, with Tuition in all the EnglUh Imabf, 9*> for the &ann*l *> 1 ou?pay?ble Mmi-ua*Uf , ID fed VftAOf. M omo &?d l-ar.zna#*e at Prof?aw' prto?. S?7* No ?*t ? oh&rje?. a? M-tt J, p. ^ I^ADIEB' AND MlSSFf; LADIES' AND Fr?h Arrir*l from New Yort! Freeh Arnrai from New Y*rk! Cheaper than F.var! Cheaper thm Ever '. w JVVS FUR TRIMMINGS _WLjLfTJEl IS IM 36 ODU per rard. '"U H?|I. a B. H. STINEMETS.*^ ??* ?w.. L < no at ?<T flonw TTil'WlBtt A P*ULUE? WANT A HEALTHT DE1NE I THEY WANT iT ?JjR ^TEJdPLBATB ?d COLINK AITS TABLE BEKE 18THE THTTW t It is 1?m iLLoj^^tiMtiuu^eUer^pm* le fcr ewe Foresle byti. Grec#re,?eeeu?si#e*-ei ?* ??wt- gl-K C-'REAT BARGAINS IN PlANQV-Oo* WT I uMMm^tnv* Cirnd h*TLB( t**B IB aM ft tlM OWtf. tMHVl owmt l?viu? tb? eiij, for wU for Vj On* TMT ci e Rom woo 4 Cblckwuif nut Jf Memo Sto-eof W.G. METgEEOtT, py *t tHeiew*r i 8?m' Or?r?Ji?t MOORK*9*QUlM. PUGAE Dfors-A ?*r??ftb> a J (f?ct?w r+m*!rfor M?|W^ oo tit. BrohshiUt, eroaf. * l" JffJfJtrW MdMwutm. Thti im dwMir ar>M Uc!* in th?o?iHir form */7.?.* r" *z~, v logtf ? psgMSlisS? SSHaPSsS** CM *WiHf ijtb* mhm to otr urttmm4 wl ?set 5ssSw3star*o mm ob nyowh Urm io orim to fMko rmmm ter omr apriag atook. fttrtwiMlluU* UUiOB BottJlCI IVfOl, fc? N?. *7 at., ?M(?Ln, 1

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