Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1860 Page 4
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m8SBS^C2^552*2252*I2w?--^3?*!22I52?2I2Sl^^i222SI!522 THE EVENING STAR. A FiiacHXAX Accuses or Killiso aComkad* who uat> tn.i *TKt, i BT a Mitioi -Two men la Franco took ti??lt<rr iu barn for tbo altfbt. la tt< morning one of them was found dead, with sevore Injur* h??aG ' The comrade wa? at mmhtmH, and told sd?o 'cock and hull" " "I Mint th- urrtbU i'.ato* of IV night qaes.' tt*as. and attrlbited htoooonfoolon's death to tb? aflbct of a thunderbolt Ha w*o not crrdtted, and -was la a fair way to bo4**<*uted f.v the supposed ertaM A aeleatlfl" jfSrtlenian, hearing of tb? ircnaastancs examined tbe place, and found a kola to th? roof of the bam, and an aerolite cktoo to tbe spot wboro tbe deceased had slept on the atsbtta question The Innocence of tbe accused " ? ? a a a Was St OK* CO?WWW aa wwumnw, ura am wh A Rowdt Ptrnmo-WiB Mulligan, on* of the moat notorious of the pugiiiats, rowdies and gamblers of New York, who has pert a pa committed mora outrages against society than any other man living, but haa succeeded heretofore, by hi* political laflueace. in eacaping p laishmeot, bat at last met his deaerta Bv some dims. ampted good fortune be was brought before an basest judge and jury in New York, (!) was convicted ef aa aaaauit with intent to kill a police oAi-ar, and haa been aent to the penitentiary for I our yean inn ? mvui? HomxiBL* Death of a Child.?A little boy named Woodward, only four _year? old, while playing Id a glue factory, fell into a vat ?f hot melted glue and tank in it nearly to the middle of hi* body He wu Immediately taken out, but the akin peeled off, hie lege presenting a horrible apectacle There wu aleo Internal injury, aa be lived only about twelve hours, apparently without any luffering however, and retaiuinij iiiicotsciousness louto give the particulars of the accident. ' 11 ??* CET The following brief but terrible story comes from Fort Wayne, Ind : "A woman about to ebnr* butter threw torn* boiling water In the hnrn, into which one of the children had, unnoticed by the mother, placed an intent, aud it vru Instantly scalded to death In her frenzy tbe mother seized a chair and inflicted a deathblow upon tbe little girl: After realizing what the had done she threw herself into the well and was drowned " TbkTailxst Miiis Ksntvckt.?The Hopklnsvllle Pies* says that, so far as it hss any knowledge, Mr. John M Baker, of Wurnsvllle, Caldwell couuty. is the tailest man in Kentucky He was in HopklnsvTIle on Thursday last and subscribed for the Press He stands seven feet adaht inchm in hli lianli. wpishi torn hnnrlroH ad f?*ty pounds, and la twenty"three years old ITT Raton Stone, the well known equestrian dare deTil, Is now on his brother's farm in Kansaa training a lot of bnflfaloes to the ring, Intending to ride an act of horsemanahip (.*) upon one of them. He haa ten of them in hand, which he designs driving tandem before a music-wag on In procession. tfT At an election held in Clark county, Va., on tbe 20th ult., for a member of the Legislature, the Conservator, publiahad in that county, says a>the disunionists were unable to Induce any one to run on the ticket.'' Both the parties nominated ran aa anti-secessionists Col Morgan,democrat, Was elected. in* Bob Burrill. the valet of Crow, the forger, whote romantic attachment to that unprincipled man formed the staple of gossip and admiration a* the time of his master's downfall, la now in Richmond, Ya , awaiting his second sale to the L:^heat bidder. . !,"/*"Oyer 100.000 barrels of apple* have pa?ed out of the Erie canal at Albany, brought down from the West. This fruit alt came from three or four of the western counties of New York. A Hist to Book Boaaowia* ?Whenever a man borrowed a book from his library, Gilbert Wakefleid hung up a figure of the man on gibbet in the vacant place. u/ l/oniri iif, a imuvcui .ifW 1 OTK, IS Mid to W the wealthiest merchant of Athena. Greece, having accumulated a fortune of #6,000,000. fTTThe powder used at Old Point, Va., in firing the great Flovd gun, Is In lamps as large as hickory nuts and almost as hard as granite. tnT"Sl*tr German farmers from Western New York have just purchased 3,0U0 acres of land In Shelby county, 111. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAl. HliTFI.-I. ESn.Mln? n W?t, NC; J Jones. O; CO Mortimer, ^a: T H Town. J Severus, Pa: Hon C L 8cott, Cal; J M Walker, Va; L k. \V Jones, F Anderson, NV"; J A Smith, Ky; G Odeorne.Mr Hanscom.Mlas Tuckerman. G rope, P B Holmes, B T Moore, N D Home. Mass; Hon M Wilkinson, M!n; J H Barrett, O; F E Sickles, Pa; C Parsons, A E Beach, O CbMeman. NY; Hon W Kellogg, 111; W H Hayw.rd, Md, W B Sanborn, H S Mavnard, GO Lovell, Pa J H Dash, H G Key, O Scott, ino R Kinky, \ E Elliott, T H Handy, Hon J Wilson aad ly, T S Pigeott, Dr W Stnart, Md; C Johnson and lr. Pa; B J Blskt, NV; WS Moon, Ten; Hon R Mallory, Ky; M W Chapin, Ct; E Power, Engj^ P Qalg ey, Jj?1; H B Finch, lad; C Boyd "wiLLARDS' HOTEL?H Hill, Ga; Dr S llnrtMr, Hm T J Barr, Fa; G H Tlldii, NH; F. DM^iaU, NY; Maj Heiaa, ?; G Adanj and lady. Mia, Hias Adama, do; W J Hancock,Tex WW E-jer-tt, and lady, Md; T J Berry, USA Lt Col Hardee, do; Gen fteiumea, Ga: 9 Schov^r Pa: J 9 Jov? Niaia; J H Flab. Mo; W L WrrTeu atien. Pa; A J Barp, Ala, A 8b'_>U, Ili; S M Felton Pa; G A Parker; do; A 3 Bartiatt and lady, Maaa Cap* fngnlla, USA. BIOWN'3 HOTEL ?R Fowl*. C W WaU? Hon Z B Vance, J H Barton, L 8 Layton and ly J ^oddun, H Brooke, T Forney, J 8 Barbour, Va ? ??-I-*.. if i. -??.r lr M rnae, A 0 uuntauu*,, . P?; J Brickerton. H Deniaon and ly, Md; Hon W J Crawford. Dr H H n- "? 1 4auJ, u?, uuu J H Rufin, Tti, Hon J M Landrum. La; Hon \\ Barkadale L \V Lewis. Mtas H Lewis aud daugb ter, Miss; W A Cobon, Maaa. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?Hon W Contra, Del A Black, J R Ktnly, W Janvier, Md; ? Trat*e Capt Bmbara nnd ljr, L Ewm and If, J Warner M m \5'a1s. J Eaven, Va; M H Kandla, Hon J A AW, J E N?al C W Imltb. Pa: J M nfn?? w * Godfrey, Miss P-ittmon, R Noah, H Nosh) E F Reynold#, NY; J A Hswley Wis; J D Whartoi and ly, 0;1)D Levy, DC; H R Joaselyn, Mo; W Read, Tena. OCBA N S TEAMEKS' SAILING DA Yi Fioa tbb Ciitu Statbb. S'*mmtr?. Imm. For. Days. Araco New York~. Havre I tiia Ne* York?. Liverpool... Dec V ohn B?iL ...... New York .. G.aaf uw l>eo % JraoM Kuuorm tioma ...Souta'piou...New York^.Nov V mktar.. ? fi&Iway..... IKsu>a..._r*ov3 aei*Liverpool. ...New York ?Nov? ? ........ now ion ^.noT2 tew Torf. ^ouin'pton...New York.-NoyZ ed?r.... Liverpool N'?t York.?.Nov2 oreaeia. Rr>uth?ptou.?New York... Des Jur? Liverpool New York^.I)?o 1 Fu ton. . .So?lhVo*.?New York ?DM 1 PtiMbu LiWfooJ New York...Dm * The California iwl lUamora Inti on Ik* 9th tttfc, nnd ?t a of every month. ?T? PROCLAMATION I WA3H1N?TONI^^>e8BTOWN. *?. Wkwmt, ft tie preeeirt huob o the r? BtJB, ?tAW0?0i DIARRHBA. CH0LIC '"'"'"Vb ,. DEBILITY. Jfco.,*o. frwvmU to m alftmiag aztMt; And ic\*rtat, PIR?V CoftsntMllCB """"""""'ATE'Ssby *""?"StSSSiSfDVaHUm" or Puu, **"" ^IllHACULOUS PAIN KILLS* u tan moat >.ME$H^,?BAfUF/fg3^kAiNT< Uo^?to?g.t(TpU (, ' uat m imposition la intondad in tha afcla of thin THE MONEY WlfcL BE*kEFUNDEn tn au cciii tkm \km a?di?ib? Uila to kit* eatir? tttufeotlo ilk, U?n aft Hir Dr?l Stor* f ^ Mlft&Cu 1>C17S PA.IN llLLER, ?&.- ?? <nr?c*.4d. and if aot porloc^r ttotoo 4m ?? * **4 p nc?rwaiu? atnu, who will rafa&d jowr momrr. Frio*-** *nd ?7c*u >?r Bottlo. fic*U?t Oil Prm gterww?nhin. jab. modonnkll, Wll-oatr . Bitmor.. foe btamfino a raxasi wr rirSK, ^ | AND ENVELOPES NO I TO MATCH, ' DHRBu METROPOLITAN BOOKS TORS. PHILP A SOLOMONS, il?tt tm LmwmW* iiMrwW Lmm- Papws, "Mtirorotu** MtU*." tt., <re. ? * ly >38 >?* n? . hot. W and lHfc *. m7?yV2SLft4r?^A,?TX5JS?'? ftod ! **?, 4?* =g**MlSC^ rlRE'ANp MARINE INSURANCE! HKATH k. KNOWLES, INSURANCE AGENTS. OfTi?, Room 16, Om Bak* or Wutixanl. lIpb CONNECTICUT MU rUAL, AccixruiiM ?~ |),300,000 PTre INSURANCE THE STATS OF ricivom ciih capitu #30#,000 NEPTUNE INSURANCE COMPANY. Philadklphia. Capital awd ?c*pl8e.#300,000 GOODHUE INSURANCE. COMPANY, Nsw Yon. Cash ;afttal 0900,000 la the latter, all the advantages of a mutual are gaioad without i:.cur ring lie liability. Tinnr&ncs at a* low rata< as in any other Kjuall^ , wrmvawi wunvBuiniBUU pWKUJ aumri U1UVN to participate in the profits. de 1 /iBNTt*' MERINO SHIRTS fjr a?d drawers. A lsr?e assortment Gents' Marino Shirts and Drawers; also, Boji' Merino Shirt*. GenLs' Lambs WowlSuirts and Drawers. Ai.?b? . T arc* assortm?nt Woolen and Cotton Hosiery. Kid. Silk. Wool and Cotton Olowe, Silk Cravats and Neek Ties, Linen Shirt Collars. ? ,, , Linen, C&mbriq and Silk Handkerchiefs, at our usual lowpriccs. HENRY EOAN, *21 Seventh ?U bo a- 6i near Avenue Hoaae. A T 8 AND C A P S\ The latest New York etyle of SX? GENTS' DRESS HATa, g! SB BOW ""THVAMA*ON HAT, B 9 MiiO&K K^Hffirfn Pelt ^ ^^c?PaIcju.etzt936 Bo M nur oorner Thirteenth street. /^MAMMOTH OYSTKR 9 h.r'vVv, $QAj) The undersigned has just reoeived a large supply of the finest O YS F KR9 of the season, and begs leave to oall the attention of his friend* and the publio to the fact that he has enlarged his Saloon, and it aow able to supply ail who may favor him with a sail with ROASTED or Uoll.Kl) OYSTERS at ihe shortest notio?. T M.HARVEY. No. 381 C St., between 10th and 11th, no 80 Opposite Theater. J'M AT GREEN'S ^27. EXTENSIVE tffe rflWfti Furniture Emporium, 't* Mr frtends and the pubuo <a ge-eral are respect* fully inform**! that the subsouher has completed his stock ol MAHOGANY and WALNUT FURNITURE and HOU9BFURNISHING GOOD3 of every description, which he will sell at the very lowoat prioe. He enumerates in part? k'vars HasArilhnn of Mthnrlnw am) W*iaat Pa.r> u?wi 7 u v ouu ?f wiuui A ot lor and CnaiQber Furniture, Fina Painted Cnttase Chamber Sets, Or pets. Rues, Blankets, Comfort*, Feather Beds, Hair ami Sliuek Mattresses, China, Gla?s aid *Jrookr??rT Ware, Knives and Forks and Table Castors, Buckets. Tubs, Washboard*, Sifters, and every other de?or,ption ot Wood and Hardware, At No. 32??,corner of Seventh and D streets, at the Bif Sun. The pub'ii is re*peotfully invited to cali and examiue for themselves. A. GREKN, no2^-eo4w A not. and Commission Merohant. ^0 HOUSKKEKi'KKS WWTl WASHINQTON.GGORGE-O' TOWN ANI> VICINITY. Wa invite the attention of Housekeepers to our very large And beautiful stoak of CHIN A, UI.A*S and EARTHEN WARE, which is now rendered complete in every department by our recent importations. We deem it unnecessary to enumerate artioles, as we have every thing that is usually kept in the China Business, from riou decorated French China Dinner and Tea Sets to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and as we import the majority or our goods, wa are prepared to famish the beat quality, either to the wholesale or retail trade, aa low as any oi the importing houses of Baltimore English an i American Cutlery of superior qualitv, Also, Hum. Buck and Cuooa handle Cutlery from im came motor MS, Silver plated Ware on fine Albatta, warranted, A la-?e atook of Coal Oil Lamps, numerous patterns, Pacxr Lamp Shades and Chimnioa, Cut Glaai Globes, H?aointh Glasses, Fanoy Articles, Toys, Ac , Ao. C. X FOWLER A CO., 1 504 Odd Follows* Ball, no 16-eo6w Seventh street. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. RE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery, oo mi noted by tho Spanish Government, nndai the sapervision of the Captain General of Cuba will take place at Havana on oiftironAV nn/.r-u... it i4?i UAiWIlVAIl 1w SO&TBO NUMBRO 647 0RDINAR10. CAPITAL PRIZE #160,000. ' iKiMol ??.?? of ?1.M> I do - *>,000 ? do ? i i do *> ?> 143 do aJ? * do ?^oo ?jo 1 1 do ~"I1TALL>^9 prizes. m, i w*?l3Ttefe6ta,83o-ti!?..vM, ; P T1 T f>*?v ? 1 ^-1 * * ' ljiI*.- r"< oant, uiaoomrt. i <w coiTeat li&nks iAkoa lit pmr. A dr&wicg wiil Wo forw*. aou u oou u lie rtnJ becomes knoirn. All ordora lor ichomoa or ticket* to !> addr?M* ' to DON RODRIGUEZ, no a-tr Oar* n* Citw Pout. r^aH~rtor,.9. CI. ; PROF. WOOD'S RISSTQRAT1VE CORDIAL | BLOOD EENOVATER la prociaeljr what ita name irdioater, for, whil * p?a.?aut to thelant*, It > r <vi vifj I or, ex 111 l*r&tin* tnvi<<>i?tiac and atren tha in* to tli? Mia powan and at tue tint tune revivthM, reiiut&taa, &cd re ' new. the Blood iu a 1 it* oricmal au-itv.n.nd thu ' at one* restore? and renders t\f system invvlntrabl > f attacks of dtstast. It it thi opiy prepi.atio aver oflareu to the world, ao chemically and skill l fjily a mbined as to tv tDe iroat powerful Ionic t and at Ihe same time so perfectly aiJapted to, at t ] net in perfec t aooorJancrt with tne laws of nature r in i h?M? wi I 'ootht th' weakest stomach, am ton" up the digestive orgai.a, an i tnus allay ail tier vousa d otuer irritation. it la perfectly exhuar? : ting and at t&e s&ma time it ia composed entirely o 1 vrgetnb es, ret so combined as to proUuoe Uie mos ' thorough to rue rffaot, Without proJuoing any in iurioua oonsequeuoee. hnoh a remedy tins loni Waa le.t to ue a desideratum la the inedioni w<? Id S for >t needs no medical ak II to He* that debiltt; 2 f lows all attacks of disease. and prooeed? nod in 4 deed laya the system open to the nsidions attack of >nauv of the most fatai.suBh, for example, as th a fallowing: Consumption, Indirection, Djspepsis j oss of Appetite, F*iptft*ss, Nervous Irritability 4 Nenra gin, vnlpitntion of the) heart, Melnnofcou 2 Night awrats, lAngor, Giddiness, Retention of. a a wall as Painful obstructed, too profuse, or to< , sc*nt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb ' '? ? * ? " " * . i nn? an aepena upon |er?at debility. Thi* pure , healthy tonic Cordiai and B'ood Renovator ia a i ture to oure aa the aun i? to rite and act. Th?*re i \ no niwtakw about it . But thii la not all If th ayatem la weakened we are open to btlieua at ' taoka, the liver beoomaa torpid, or w??rae diaeaaed the kidneya refuae to perforin theij funotiona, am . we are troubled with aoalding and inoontiaovo* o anna, or involuntary diaonarge of the aame, pail in the biusk. aide and between the ahouUlera. ax oeedincly liable to alight oolda, oougha, and if an oheekM, toon emaciation foliowa, and the patian goea down to a permature crave, it at apaoe wil not allow ua to enumerate the man* ilia to whioh w are liable in a weakened condition o| the ayatera * Hat we will aay in thia Cardial and Biood Reuova tor yon have a perfect, aafo, pleaaant and eifrotua remedy for loaa of Appetite, buiouaneaa. Flatu ie .oe, weak awt aiok Stomach. Lantour, Lava ?-i-a ntill - ?? WO.UK'OIUV, vnnii ana r ever,or any liilinu* attack Co? tiveness, Aoidity ofthe S*t 'm&oh. Nervousnati * Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depreasioi of Spirits.Sores. Pimples on the Fane, or any dia ?m? irltin( from impure blood, such m Scrofula ^rysipelaa. lironchiua, Couch, difficulty of Breath in*, and all that ciaas oi diseases oal ?d faruali weakness, and enumerated above. We will als< a\y the traveler exposed to eptdemioa, ohaute o climate and water, will End it a pleasant. aafeaw aure rawed?, and no one ahould ever trarai with out. Re*d?>r. try it, for we assure you yom wil find in itaflriend wellas afriendionaad All peraona of aadeutarr habits will find ita per feet preventive of, aa well aa a cure Tor those ail . menu which they are particularly expoaed Hena ' ministers, students, attorneys, litararv geatlemen and iadiea who are not aasuat ined to muoh out door exaioiie, will find it U> their advantage U Jteep a bottle constantly on hand; and above a> molaers, or those oaoominc auch, will to tfcroud that moat dangerous penod n"t only with all thai accustomed euangth, but safe and fraa from th< thoaaand ailments eo prevalent ainncr the fnmali portion of the woi Id. lit ahort, la indeed a mother i nviiiwi fij uvhi hn yoang; no lOffir ran MM risk of JelAj; it Will relieve and prove ita?lf am phatioaliy a Reiterative L'ordiml amd Blood JUwova 6. J. WOOD, proprietor,444 Broad#*/, Nai York. Mil 114 Markat StreoL SH. Laaia, Ma., an old by all good Druggiata. Prioa One Dollar pa U PROP. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR. 8oM ia tku oily by C. 8TOTT, 370 Pa. avaaae aa?~aaiy.aiw f AKB HOUSE. by Fanny Lewald, translate* l_j from the daman by Nathaniel (Jreea*. X vol. VmiU. Raereatioaa of a Cointry Paraon, 1 vol.; prlo< |U1. ftaaaeee at Tratb. by Twt> Brothers. l *?l ??>?' mim" BLANCHARD * MO HUN, o aorntr 11th ?t. and Pena. IV*W8 niOM HO HE.?fctrtof?rt Twitim ii M/uhi?|ton will ?nd ?t our ?tor? D*iJy Par?ri S^tt^^vswvJAvlfJiSt QU?, ?oU M*IU for U* CterlMton Dftity Mercury CTaway, nNtJssjsvjsat r.t'oThq?Awgfurar'Bnisia:.ri^ i ss.- tasfe Safe wait TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. JJUOXS. -AND SHOlg) TO Wa ara BOW muiftttari nj all kind??f BOOTS ad SHOES, and ooMUntlV rtMvtu kaAi| fM of eastern m&d* work of avary iie-M? crvptio", made xprsaaly toordar.and willy VI sold a?a mooii >ownr ?ri?a than ha* lam* karatofora obargod in tkn oity for naeh inferior rttoiM. ^ '' fli, ^ city muda work, -will aiw&j?nntT& rood asaortmen la rtora and at Ui? lowMt FIVK HLNCRBD TRAVKL1N9 TRUNKS arrived thif, d^embraoiac all ^aah-mnma Uea ana snee of Sole Leather, Ladies'HMM Drsu and Pa* klnf Trnnk*. Oar trunk^ ^* aalM room exhibit* at this time the cr*ateat variety ?f traveling retuiatter at moderate pucee. to be found this eideofWew York, Alao,jeref* deeonation of LAMBS' HAT feoXEfc, VALICES, CAKPKT BA?S, SATCHELS, AO. 10"01d Trunk* repaired or taken In exchange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS * CO? Trunk Salee Room, marll-tf S'iaPa. aranae. gOUTHERM TRUNK MANUFACTORY, OFFMttt Odd fUlvw* ulS^Viuklmttm. D. a Travelers * il' stud/ their interests by eiaminm my TRUNKS. VALICES Ice., before ? > eh&flng ?l*evere A?I um none hut'theMMI b??t notorial the m*rkoi afford* ud ?oii?,VlD ? 1 S2Lw.on,rt*5^1on h&nd? *? nu^t* to order (on ? 2 jwtrvD rSSfir 5W. ag?criptl#n m SOLE WA/oi"&WA^f$iHA j$?2 wSS,/S^S!?'^.H" " "" *"1' T yMsamaunr KWljT iUu-U JAMK8 B. TOPHAM TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. IFOR KINO GEORGE. N Addition to her other regular landilgs, th? Stumor 1?T. NICHOLAS, Captain -IT**. Gut, will hereafter oall to land and take off paauengers at C hat to rto n * (Tayloo'a) Landing, thua affording the citixena ol Kiug Ueorxe additional conveniences for reaohini Haltumore Washington and Alexandria, as ah? roes to Baltimore every SATURDAY, and WHh< ingtonand Alexandria every THURSDAY. The steamer "James Gay" wiiI not be allowed to came to the above landing. no22-2w JOHN TAYLOE. OALTIMORF AND OHIO RAILROAD. t> WASHINGTON BRANCH. fSaa?BomBC? CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 23th, 1860,the traiaa will mnu follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Firat tr?iu at ?.20 a. in. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. Bxprecs. Fourth train at 6p m LEAVH BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 a. m., Cxpre**. Seoond train at 8JS a. m. Third at3.10 p.m. Fourth at 4 20 p. m? Expre**. The firat, aeootid aud third traina from Waah mgton oonueot through to Philadelphia tad Nn Y?"rk. The aeoond and third oonaeet at Waahmgtoi 1 Junction with traina for th" Weat, South, and Northweet; aleo, at Annapoiia Junotion, for An napolia. For Norfolk take the 7 40 a. in. trai-j. t-or the aeoommodation of the war travel be twen Washington and Laurel, a pavaenger oai I will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leavei at 3.4^ p. m. On Saturday the 3.10 9. in. train coea to Pliiladel phia only. no 88-d T. H. PARSONS, Atent i NEW ORLEANS 1ST TTrRHH WIT* MB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Z59c*HnR9SE?HI1KZSR ALL RAIL ROUTE. Via Ormngt and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURS: Virginia and Tmn*sst*, AMI i trniutu* and Viretnl*, Ernst Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston, 1 Mississippi Central, rfete Orleans and Jaeksen TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS~ROUTE: - Memphis by Rail. tMnoe br First ojlm Paokets fa Nov Orleans. r MONTSOMRRY AND MOBILE ROUTE: t Montgomery by R&il, thenoe to Mobile by First omh PaokeUj Mobile to New Orleans by Las* btoamara TWO DALLY TRAIN &-8*in?ata Ikcltdm, Lmti wiukiutn at 6 a. a. aad # p. . 0 TH Btsaraer &EQR8E PAOE lama hat wtau 0 foot ofAer?otk atratt at CM a. m. and Mf p. m. an 0 oobiiMta at Alaxaaina wita tas Orango aba AIM 0 aaarta Irain* far ttta BonthirMt. OHoe?*cniu7inuu? rre&'.?, ooraar of bizut at ' UMiil OUCXXD WlHorflB TO VBTT 0ZIAAI1 ? fe?H5&=r.=S!S Sa?4Lrr?S j EnoxTille JOOU M aoon . M Chattanooga MM Columbus ?? Dal ton ? MX Montfomarr .a - H^nUTiLle^__. .g ao _ ) naMamytua^I .mwin.u.) na?. juno_?I 1 NMhTfiiFZ M 101 \ti* Mobile. ?U < THIS ROUTE IB FJNTIRELY BY RAIL MO M1LKB BHORTt^eU 94 ?C U*o ~uZZ e than any other Lise?the Lrnobburf Exteneto beini now completed, aa also the Mississippi " QIT1CKEST AJfL^OST^EASANT ROVT s FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! * It is provided with Firet-olaaa Bleeping Care! (To New Orleans T8 Hoar U time J tester?rrr:fi fe '? ( 10 do. K7"lh? U. B. M All/and ADAMS' EXPKEB krchkmi nmrnn N?? I im t Ticket* om be ebtelned at the South Weater - Ofioo, ooraej of Sixth street and PemujlTAai* n jx?voFssar'o5?ioxT^, J OntHerioore, Huntralle, Brina Junction, Iteoon. NMhTiOe. D Alton, Columbui S Montccn^^^^^mphi.. asd ! jry- TIIMOVQH TICKETS TO THE TA ; ML TO US 71 HQ IN LA 8P&INOS. " Omni bo Me ud Btcm* Wagoni leare U ;" oaoeeXfta.B.Md?p.B. j n..?P JAMEg AcS^S??ga^K?^. I w w 3 . mxxtbt ud SATURDAY, at t o'olook &. m. ' NATH.LBo4,S^W^?fcrWri?i r ? -" AliEAUTIPUL ASSORTMENT OF FORI foioa, P*p?r M?oh? ?rd Turkey Antiane A ' bum*. Presentation tnd HolUi?y Books. The lirgei Maortueet or Children's Booka. (hmm, Ao., iui ? r?Miv*i] it pu VMcll i DioaoTkiMili _ _ _ m, MMAWU ?l> niVCIOft C<in Of 11 9TS P?nn. avenue. N. B.?Peterson ud Godey, for Daoembar, bo^ - T>O 18 ? / \UR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of th > \J very latest style*, and in all etMi rnade^^ [ of tlie f)?nt material. Call at onee and getflK i ehoioe. At STEVENS'S, ^ nog tf 386, btw. 9th aad IQtk sto. . U ONE PRICE ONLY! *1A VINO on band a very haavy a took of MtBS TRIMMINttS. 1 will offer the laine very oheap f< > Cash, and One rru>a Onlr. R. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa. ar. . nog tf between Mb and 10th eta. { CLOAKS! Vy CLOAKS'" r Th? Camilla, tiieArab. the Garibaldi. ? The Romeo, IheZouava, ttaeAlbanae, i The Richard, the IldcMbi) Sa?k. the French tiaol i Wltfi many other new and beautual i I R?pt. Treco and Prenoh IWavw <Toth, la eV.ei ' ft'!" f3aoto ?,to which v.Mk the anennonc TAYLOfc ? HUTCHISON. I UOWK'IftlMFKOVUpWKlttHlNOBCAL.Kl i IT These Sofiee f ffsr?4 to the ?nblio m ti ' nuMt ?ipifle.durable, find ratable aoa?e* ever ?at t pilSf$Ssi Vermont Hcate Pur, ko., fco. Iimr ease vM l ?HT?v?aS^Si3?5'<7tas , I'lair8-^ -C. PATTI80N.A,?t I Nov ia the time ft get ?PEIf? u^JUMXBl '"u-IT" , |'' w. n WOTM i i.?.?. ujiai. ?. *. lun. a. &. aim. igffiiftBiai WDiAK(BS. DIARIES! Liof D,AR,W ! "" fitANCHARD A MOHUlf. no 30 (Intol.fc P*. ? . Md Eleventh at. 4 j'r MBCBLlAgEOPa" MERCHANT TAILORING. , B Iavito our oa atom era, aad oUimdi senemlly, to an inapee'ion of oar preeeot new, ?t ?? whioh we will make to order in aaperior ,t,1*"V^1"^ALlU8TKPBKNa k, COoo?-tf Ni Pa. av.. hetw. ?th and iotk ata. piAMOlS H A I P R K, FAMILY FEED STOKE. Cmrwrr y Nrm York aewwm mmd Ttmth iInw< RcapectfaUy eoUeita Um patronage of thoeew mar be in wknt of any artiole in the above lis*. Hit enueavcra (hail be to pleaee. and by a atrial atten iinHHia ut uw flllMlC,! liopCB to MTU ?took coMi?t?*of mot nrtiole nastily Jpbf foand in a firat-elaaa Family Grocery F*t& 1 TP RIGHT OK BOLOOiR PIANO*-* met U Lifioent artiole jaat received of celebrated Chiokerinc 4c Hone' make; furlBS^^n c" *"1 ~ "M fJiffiT'tS 306 Pa. ? ., bet. 9th and 10th eta. Old Piano* ?t h?rrtm? <" OmcE 8K"-" WaMTUTOTOS. July IS, 1880. NOTICE IS HEREBY OIY6S. That. a?eoably to the proviuoni ol the of the corporation Approved May 12.1880, the madertifced i? now prepared, "whenever reeairod in writing, and oa pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to iaoj^ot. examine. tett, prove,andaAoert&ic the aooaraoyof rerlatraboa or any gu meter in nee la tain oity." Every flwtor.iffound inaorreot,willbeoondomned, and another, aoaied and marked aa tree, will bo et IB 1*5 place. If proved to bo aoonrate in tto tueaiur. ment of (a*, it will be sealed aooordiagly, and again pat in position tor nee. Ofloo No. 410 Seventh ?treot,(n?ar 04d Foi? o,' tJiiWitSM. Jyl*-tf _ lmpeotor aad_8ealer of t>ae Meter*. |MPORTANT TO &OUSEAEEPER8. E. R. DURKEE fc CQ.'S HZillOT B1PIOXUB. Ooarantoed not only i ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ground from fre?H Spioee, selected ana cleaned by us expreeelr for the purpose without refereaoe Keoct. mey wi Deantiruuy packed in tinfoi!, nod wit/i paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, and arc full weight, while the ordinary rroand Spices are aimost invariably short We warrant them, in point of strength ar:d richness of flavor, ffEYOND ALL COMPARISON, > at a uncle trial will abundantly prove. ' Manajaotoied ooly br frW.tT iffl WATCHRF.PA,RING LTE* WAKE I have one of the beat ect&bliehmenU, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repair- Jv i?C every description of fine Watches, and fTaj , particular attention give to the same, by a^iflk thorourh competent workman .and a. work cua/safi*<! i lin ?trArw i4a*a ri *h inn o f m t m n.l* < /) Oil 1/ L* D jEryw *? TOiiumuoiutmi WAKb, plain and ornamental,manufactured uniler ?y own aiiperviaion, whiob mjr cuatcmera wall find r auperior in quality and finiah to northern ware aold by dealers in general and repreaented an their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, e* * 339 Pa. avenue, near 9th at. BATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE HAIR DYE. and al'firat-c aat Tenet Artiolea. for aaie at GIBBS'8 Wi?, Braid, and Curl Manufactory, '2i J Pa. avenue, near Iftth at. no 3 Sni r W ? OD~ t TW WOOD!! WOOD'" STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at tie lowee potaible prioe. T- J? * w- OALT, r _ 2JSS Pa. av., between IlUi and 12th ate., I " '* M north aid / ?OOD U6UT: ? " *3 CHEAP LIGHT! PARAFFIN EOIL.from Co*l8AFK LlGHT ' KING k. BURCHELL, OP 13 Agenta for ita aaie. fPBAH i" SIPSOK'J iMAGKOLIAKMAGNOLi ^WlU^KF^^iUSKEY/ We offer for sale the above standard brand o fine Cop?er-Disti!led-Maited RreAVhisky, in bar ? rels ana half-barrels. Aiituor oar oti dutillt tion. and htshly improved br axe, ve confident!] reoommenoit aa the uvaser ana beet Whisky tha ean possibly be distilled. We aleo offer oar OLD PAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest stock of Fum Whiskies in the United States rheaUD^l^fmSJuft^GU. i Offices?96 Wall street. New York ; and HM J gnsth Front stroM Philml?l?hia. mar Mr 1:1 S f mxaaKT] 3 DltPATOM! ? \-/%v8a?e the_PUeei! At iteidaati will karrm, i*m to wll^ttmlmUt ^ familiu. It U Tory deairable to hzre soma ohM| uid oonToaioat Why for r?t*irlac Finu tore, Ton n Urwokery, fci. U vruivintt'i rnftrAHEii hlvb niMt? all inch cmer(enoieo.aad bo honaehold <*i afford to be without it. it ia alwaya ready and i| to the abokinf point. There ia no ionjer a ohm aity for limping ohaira, apunt?rod ?*neera. headlea doila. and broken oradlee. It ia Jnat the arnole fo cons, anal!, and other ornamental work, ao popnla with laaiea of refuiement and tapte. Thia admirable preparation la noed oold, toini . ehe-nioai t held in solution, and poeaoeeint all th< 3 valuable ^ualitioa of tiie b?et cabinet makers' flue It miky be uaed in the place of ordinary maoita?e boing raatlr more adhesive. ? " USEFUL LN E VER T HO USE." ' fritt, U OOBta. ^ N. B.?A Bnuh acoompanlea eaoh bottle ( Wk?l*MUt D?rt, No. dB Cedar street. Now York AddrOM BKNRY cTsPALDINB ft co., Box No. 3,600, New York l* -*? *** MNw'fc m I uHMm wm lo Show-Card aooompanymc each package. * IDT 4 >lorle bottle of SPALDING'S PRM FAKED GLUE will save ton times iu oaat an n sally to every household.-/II Bold by all prominent stationery Drnffisti - Hardware and rnriutare Dealers, Grocers, an I sgi their 11 st. It willstand any climate fe M?ly ' X i^$UUG$1S"SiS &?' .flCVl ^3"**>lJ?r "" *? ('*? J?"' ThUiUrr i? Vr _ v''. /r VL1*4 *^?r^'^? ifwwpiWtj/wi a >700 - *'*?,* ?< Mr^mn/mnd h, JF r^SS'S I^PSSto " Wt,<fi XSttZ^^'eSS?& 8 K5C^t 3^** J*'W'i? **' ?*v. <1 u w.y ? i;??a {Tast'sMr^ 6W i II CAUTION. ] PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASINQ THE VAUPf WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ; IIRiMURlim ; WITH THE SI GNATURE OF ON THE LAB^ AU OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION ANO A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. # WM.HJ3A1T, . SOLE PROPRIETOR , . N Mffi WUUM ST NEW T8RL 10* BALM Ot WASHINGTON BY y 7-ly BARBOUR* BRMMB8 ? ?? ??a?I MISCELLANBOUS. ' 1 ? WWM*?^11 1 ? tn Ajuuajutim o? Uwt**Br-Tk?r? it i j growinc utMMr u UM tf? to atpropmtvtho J Moot 'lirMHT* word* of ulier laagaat ?*?? ailar ft "wkiij? to iaoor?arata Utra into o+i ?wliiaa IM , w> 4 CejU'id. which U froa: tke t?re<s^ wit * "fcrtha baa4," it w? booomiBf fonuariiMJ il oonMptioR witb Mr. 8t*Wiif*a rraat Baadaofes | iiiMVi bat it willaaoa bm mmrnd la a wore taaaral way, aad tha wor* Capbate* vili ?iaama aa oonimoD aa (Oaouotraa aad nasi iliwf wboaa diitlflOUOB aa foriAn Vull kubaa Man >*! by aomnoB iwrt fatU Say ma "aaS vi'aiJ to Ikt manor bora." V# artflr R?>aliaad. Hi 'ad 'a'orrlbla "aadaeha tkia aAaraooa. kaad I alappad into tb? hapotheeariM kan4 ayall to tha j ??aa, "Can yoa mm me <>f in 'eadaoha.'" "Do* . it haoke'ard." aaya'a. **H eia?edincly." aaya ki, and upon Ual ' can m* a Capkaue Pill, band , 'pan ma 'onor it oured ma ao <iut tkat 1 'ardly raaliaad 1 'ad 'ad aa 'aadaaka. I 1 m ? I I frrH?*T>*CK* ia tka favorite sign by vju?k 1 nature makoa known aay deviation vlatovm froia tbe nataral atata of tka brain, aad viairad in tkia ligkt it may ba o< k?0 oaaaa aafrgaard iat"ndad to five notioa or diaea>a wiuok rnigkt atbarwiM , eaoape attention, till too lata to ka raaMtad; and its inatovlnna should nam ba nwlaatrf. Headaohaa may ba eia**ifi#d andar two na>%Tii: , Symptoawatio aad Idiopathic. 8yaiptomaO?Baad- , a.oha ia exceedingly ootaaaon aad is tkapr^oarsor ofagraat variety of diaaa aaa, among wbiofc ara i Ap. piexy, Goat, ftbeamaliawi and ail f?kci:a , disease*. In iu rorroaa form itia a-mp%th*tia 4??aaaanflka _ " ? ' .mm i w<7 avumMII SVUaUUIUII IU1 MHMWi U hepatic constituting bilious Asadatfcs. >4 < wortn?.oous&piv4ioa and other ai*?rders of (* i?V- , ai?,as wall m r?Ml aud iitrini effectives. Diinim oi the heart are rery b*% aaatly itHiMvitt Beta- , aohes; Annmll aid plethora are alew arf<>cUoo? wtiitih frequently oaoamon heedaehe. Idtoaathio He&d&ohe is also vary oomraoa, being asually di?tiagvished by the name of Mttw \todank*, mom** , timaa ooaiing on suddenly in a state af apparent! t i aoaad health and prostrMMv at onoe the mental and physieal energies, and ia other instaaMe it ooiam oa s.owly. he*a.J-J by depreeaion of ejpirita or aoerbitr of teaaaer. li noil inatew. tk? ??i? ia in front of th? kead, over o?e or botfc (tm, and otnvliniM proroktni vomiting, aader tbi? tiui ro*> a: a > b? named jVnwwt, For the treatment of dtker elaaa of Headaabe tha C^phA.ia filla have boon found a a?ra and eafe reinndy, relieving the moat aeata paina la a few rr.iuutei. and by it* aabUa power ai^dioatiac U( diaeaae of vhiob beadaobe u Um unerring ladex. Beido*t.?Miaana waata joa to aand bar a bos of Of hatic Oiae, no, a bottle of Prepared Pilla,? but I'm thinking thaTa not jaet it naitbar; but per hap* te'll be aflner knowing wbat it la Yeaee ahe'a nigh dead and (one with the Mck Headache, a oil waau aome mora of that aame aa ralaivad bar before. Pntfgtst.?Yon must mean Spalding'a Cephalic Pilla. firiifff.?Oftk 1 anm ravmH vak'va ? Wa?Ve the quartlier and giv ae the PrflYiand don't b? ill day about it aither. CiiitlpttUi w CHUnaen No one of the "many ilia lleeh ia hair to" ia ao prevalent, a* little anderatr od, and ao mack negated aa CoetiTeneee- Often originating in o?releaanee?. or aedent&ry habits; it ia regarded aa a alight disorder of too little oonaeqaenea to ezoite arxiety, while in reality it ia the pr^cneor and oompamon of many of the moat fatal and dangeroca dieeaeee, and nnlaaa etrlv eradicated it will im mg iu? luiivrvr w no nmimoiy fnTC. Ainonf IDC lighter arila of whioh Coativeneea ia the aauai attendant are Headache, Cohe, Rheumatism, Foal Breath Ptlea, and othara of like nature, while a lore train offnrhtfta: diaaaaeaaaoh aa Malignant Farara, Aboaaaaa, Dysentery. Dyapeaaia. Diarrhea, Apo^laxy, tfpi taper, Paralyeii, Hy arena. Hypochondriaaia.Mieiai.onoiy aad Insanity, firat iDdioata their prraenoa in tha ay atem by th:a alarmid( aymptom. Not unfreaaantly thediaeaaea mmmjuilt in Conat:pation. but take on aa independent exiat eno? anlaaa the oauaeia eradioatad in an early etaae. From all thaae o^nndrrationa it ?oll>ws that the disorder skioald reoeire immediate attention whenever it oooara, and no aaraon ahoald neglect to get a box of Cephalic Pi 11 a on tha firat appearance of tha oonnplaiBt,aa tneir timely aaa wiu axpal tha icaidnoaa approaches of diaeaaa and daatroy thia dangaroua foa to human life. * I < 1 A Real Bleeaiaf. Well, Mr*. Jonee, how ia that header*. Jonst.?Gone! Doctor, all (one! the piil roe aent oared me in juet twenty minotea, aad I with i ^oe^woeld eend more eo tiutf 1 tu have then Pkytici*n.?You ou ret then at lay Drofgiats. I Call for Cephalic Pilla, I and they mever rail, and I recommend them in aUl oaeee of Headache, f Mrs. Jttut ? I ahall send for a box aireotly, aad hall tell all my eafferinf frlenda, for they are a real bl'lltnt. r ' * ' t rn?n-? ? - tiv vtii rk iTiMs.fTi na me meniai o*j? ana *pxi*ty incident to o1<jm tCMntioi to bis dm or siu^i' *1* nomorona hum of N?nro?a riet^Mhe. The diaordered state of mind ud l?j4r locideot to thia diatraealn* oona.aint ia a fatal blowto all enerj t ?nd ambition. Lfirtri bj tSoa I ?w!2rd?- .ofcn obtain i?Mdr raJiaffrom ^ dh,lr*M,r? *w*olra by fnf on* of tha Capbalio Pule whenever tha aymptoma appear. It ?uieta the overtasked brain aiid tooth&a theatraia u and jarnnc nenres. aod mIstm -# ui? sktmacit which alwaya aooomaanlee and M' gravatea the disordered condition of the brain. Twhtt Millions er Dolllm Barm.?Mr. 8pa dine hae eoid two millions of bettteeof hie ?ieiebrated Prepared Gin* aad it ia estimated that eaeh bottle aavee at Leaat ten dollars worth of broken furniture, thus making an aggregate of tweaty no 11lionaof dollars reclaimed from total oeshythia valuable invention. (laving, made hi Glaea hoaeehold word, he now propoeee to de the wond etill I creeter eemoe by oaring all the aching heade with his Pilla, and if they areas good ae hie ' Glue. Heedaohee will eoon vanish away like iuw k in Jaly. OasiT Diecor**T.?Among tb? moat important I of &I1 the great mixiica! dieooreriee of tale age ntar b be oonsidered the Tatom of vaccination for prjteo tion from Sma.l fox, the Cephauo Pill for re.ief of i, Headaohe. and the cm of UauiDa for tfae prevention of KeT*r?, either of which is a ?ure ep*oifio, vhoH benefit* will be experienoed by aajfering huwaaur long altar their dieoo rarer* are futf ottaii. J . - tou ever ha vet he 8iok Headache? Do yon rememher the thrcbhinf templet, the fevered !. row, the loatiiim and die* ust at lite tight of food. How totally unitjrou were lor plea?are, oon versation or etady- One of the Csykalio PUls woe Id have relieved yon from all the unarm* which rou uten experienced. For thia and other yarpeea* - jou should alwaye have a box of then oa hand to ate as occasion reqeiree. c^HPl NervousHeadache #kt Mt? A I Headache. By tha mm of ttaaa Pilla tha panodia ktluki 01 Ntrvous ar S**k f/Mklarti may ba rraraM; and If takan at tha aominanoeinaat ol an attack ibmdi&te relial from pain and ticknaaa will ba obtaiaad. Tktf aaldoan fail in rtnoriai U* JVmum and Hmdmakt tto arhioh fanalaa ara ao aabj?oL They aot gantly o?on tha bowala, caaaanag C?ttrnuii. For Litmeu-t Mm, Smdmtt, DalioaU Pamaiaa, and all iMraona of stdmumrt [kmkitt, thay ara all alaabla aa a Loxativ*, improrinf tha mppttit*, | linn MM and mxtor to the digeeti Ye W|M?, and rwlcrlai the natural alaaUoit? and etreagtt of U* vhoie (jiWm. TM CEPHALIC PILLB are the ranlt of Ion* inreatigallon and earefally oondnoted experiment*, having teen in aae many yean, daring whiah Use they hare prevented and relieved a vaet at of paia and ea faring frem Headaohe, whether arigi eating 1b tfce nareotM eyetet or froa a deeaaied i t*u or tko xwmti Thoy Mr* ottiraiy T??otabU M Mr eoepoeitieB, and u; bo Um at bU with > > < aat#r wiUoBt BkiB? Bay otoafO of 4mA, mmI <*? #JHMt ^ M* AMirmtli IMM ria<w? ? Mr ? i^mmulir Um > ekildrtu. BBWill OP COCNTBftPSm! The conaiao kBrtlrt siraataroa of Bmn C. VBUlBCOB aaak Box. go* to Dntfiato aai all Uto Daalin la MtoiOllLML Box will to MX kr Mil >?>>H mi rawtptef ^ , PRIOfc, 8? CRNTB. M oriwWridto aaam?i to HENRY C. VPALSntO, BO 12-4* vly 48 Coiar rtroot, Now Yor?. MEDiouraa. | r\ft. MOMTOR. IT Biixiatiu wu MoiriTu, Uh XHiiitwU Ui MM Oil Mm. Cfw4r?Ml?i| Xff tri*+i Rrmtdf ta :i? W?rU, ro? ALL B!W?AStf? OF IMP*LDR*rfc? LET NO FALSE DELICACY FKEVtlfT. APPLY 1MMKU ATKLY. I WERE WARRANTED, OR NO CHAREE, r EE ?it/iV AV? ? am mm II ?? - Am vn> M w A WW *?! . ViUimi W u? kit,hrituu firm r?i if in liiim ?4 llUtn, tavaiaaMry |)||tkMpi, ht?iii> srSiEscsancBitt^&srS " ! i'tifll t- 4i4au.*m, -* ?- > - tlini Mm* m Itn.AftMNMlflM l*n,lM>c\M ! >??Mil TiwWi Plmliri inuaf Aaaa 11*77 l.i? ? firt i>ih Dmili mi.4 I ?w?eti?i Prium ?? ? > ma. Ut Nufkfi uMawiM*. u? ???>a> Ma My ut Mm TOIMMU yaata.l* ?Mte*i fcifi iM mUH af hn>r ?!**, IW; buif?; ud Ihi'Miki br.kll *W Uahili j a LB arttmi f |n?i tbMMi i(tNi| H?> ( ii/i *a>. ? had ?l#r-j ?n4 tri'iattei* act, vt>? / V > - mi * *? MUuMi luiin ?!- ?? ?a* m\?? m ?r ? ****** MtlUll mum rmrnxm. .<Tr,?#v ghM,|tnf ivira yt ?!? '' <? iXaiuti ?! , lh?W aiaaa. ?fca aa?a a< Pa. J ?? *' r Mlf MtUi ia U Imm' u & . It. Mi. u t I. I m Ma ?kiU aa a jiyaiatta. urricBH^TSorra r*?u*a a***** lift |ul aid* gmt>4 trmm *' *?? " * ?MM im k* ..a BK ;oaii*iva, ,1 MkkM* ?f tot Eayal CatUf* * Hu mm .1 1 to* ? ? to. mm taa?.i C~ *g.. * to. I. 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T^WilllM, .L jaT lyj Atwit. pr j?v?f la^wg ier ? D U t hi APP4.T TMS"kEMEDY ' REJOICE fit HEALTH. Friend, do you enffer.' Are yoe the rtotm of My of thoM nnmeroaa a.-u-enu which a'lae troai 1a?urity of the blood.' What are ft**, Co yoa *U.' lUtkar aak. ?i?t art they not t The blood lata* cnrM of:.le ud health, and it it the trat act of oar being to reayond to ur omm which efeat* th? ayetein, ta the icfvlib.y atleeta The ever rreTaiucf Neuralftia, th* irritadnc try# pe a*.the obtle Scrofu.v the acoiazioc ftheiu&aUan, Nerto ja Debility, Dyapopeia. Liver Comp<a;Qt w:tL. as feoreor and dejeotiun, arJ the r.Drubeneea ; a that fleeh is heir to, derive their htdaane oriris from the blood. Deal kindly thai acd gaatiy viui the IV the vitalising ree^urpes of satire for ita aid. and aoffer na to oomiMDd to yi.ur occMeaoe aad nee that truly valuable mec^aan^t known aa JNDIAN TEOirAfiLE D^cocrroN. With regard to yua nmmt infa. libit- a^eotle puamw Hnuawoi nmm spoken ID oroitMC tMBi and U>e iti4wmi of Unt great eff*a?y ar* attained by oo&ataat tvon'.i of e?.ra~ve ?|?ob ud tli* hwfiMt reaaita from its um jlt? af?<>r a'i .Ut?r r*a?M!9? ara the beet m?iica' &k. . Lav^ {*>;?*.. L*t ?t mt.ii ooaolnuon, tft?t oert;raat?e oirM art tot aoacht froaa thi illiterate ud ?bmt. &aia!, bnt taey are vot?aM*red from t'ie I? H m rMUtH* uarooi and j*?u.y Ue hi(k*at wai in which it is eoaalUe to o<-iu(r.?oJ bo valance a r;>?o to yawio approval. We in.\j aad wiat properties ofrl^iuacici:'* are equalled only by its restorative eff*cU, the eyat?ai iaa from disease vtth re&ewae const; tat oaai *n?. For m)? by all raei>ertahle Drufciata ia tais city. ana by tne proprietor, MKt* 1ft. CO JL None rename unless her aameis htowa ea Ut* bottle and her aaal on the oork (IT Pnae #1 per bottle, six bottle* for ft. Wh*I*smU At-nt. R. H. T. CIW?KL. Drauist. Georgetown ; O C? Wholtaa.* a teat for tbeDU wiu muppij ui? umi m bj pnon, Flod. S&toHH* o^L'yfry C?h for >11 kinds of Gr*i?. ? ?-< QLDEiCB.W.LLOW^D^EM MONONGAIIELA RYE WH18EEY, Coeaoi*atto*?ly distilled by Mr )wm f t-t?t*, of Allacuy Couot?, I'wai.. u the tld MkioMt konMt war. fro* the choicest sad mott ocrerai.r Rye, and is no mm ever offered lor u.? Bbt atUf-'-J to wholesome km by &{* It u at mm Dm moat p*i?tAb>, m it i* etny:stios.!l? ah UI u.r rim WW 1?|? II. , oi l?? To tko invalid, ae vail latoUoM in li? (UBBMCI .Mil lor it* unnvik wi qnahttwaea Umulant of he safeaU ureal, ud moat beteftoMtt description, and many of the moat ai?Unfmin*<1 Cjaietana are md| it in their praotioe witi the FTOCKDALE, Proprietor*, V 328 Wtlait Ptuladeiaaift. VVM. C. COMOVbk, A. I ml for tbe Proprietors. SSI ft a?? ? K4w otpoafte Wiilarda' Hotai. pLtMBKRg AND OAS FITTERS. J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would oa.l the attention oi water taker* to their fall assortment of Pixtvrm nereaear? to ita intrn doctToiA-foliowiJ-KITCHKM RANGEKBATH TUBS, WATK* CLOSBT8, HOT WATKE C.?J L s.?: T5? K,i J2XS sr Hitiii superior adwiUfw, vitk rH<W k'ovMft, *t m ir*f?rW to ntrMMt WIMr lalo dvMllnft with ?!1 t)M itii'um *?ta. promptly, u3 ftt friom Uit at^aoUM, to wfcity. o u dtM*r i bt. tii wd loth yjysnsk nUPOMT'8 8UNPOWDfcfc, D " g^'mwSiiar ! * M KvwKftav* 273 "J** 275 JICIIOR. r ammrBWMM

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