Newspaper of Evening Star, December 8, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 8, 1860 Page 1
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Mi hiuhaad io?kad MkMaa tha tibia at ma,! and ajlaaa of wis* eatwaan him aod tba light, aerawiag aphis ayas aa ha azftotinad tha oolor. ? Wa wara aitt iag at dassart to tha eld dini tig? ? * "T>? ?w? A a ?Ir Tinliali m| nhftflj nlf ruuiu iurwa, vu? ,i # tabU rejecting the bright ucm of aix children Two by id*?the aldose who *u 90 like his father, and the youngest who could not eat tidily, and wen ted mamma to cat up his orange and wipe his mouth; opposite, by Boaaid, were tho two little obm with curly heads and mischievous fiugen, who were sailing orangeboats in the purple finger-glaaa, and coaxing papa to make more. The girls were one on each side; the elder ono peering at me with her great blue eyas, and evidently wondering whatever it was that mamma waa to mako up her mind about. I waa just going to rfhswer when I caught bar curious gaze, and then I lopped. " i ll tell you all about it when the children go off to bed." I said. Loir drooDed her head with a blank expres non ef disappointment, which Ronald observed with irtinite amusement- There was a little nod acroes the table to me, and a whisper about tittle pitchers having long ears, which made Lucy blush. Presently we went to the * drawing-room, and the children began arjmp, at the conclusion of which I carried oft' the youngest to the nursery; and before I came 'down ageia I went for a moment into my little morning-room and sat down orer the lire?I wanted to think. People ?aid I was a fortunate and happy woman, and ao I was. Oar home was ene of those fair English halls standing amid iU own far-spreading grounds and rich farms. I could match my hasband and children against the beat and noblest in the land; ana jet i naa plenty t<* make me ofttimes thoughtful, and sometimes sad. There i* a crosa in evory lot, and mine lay in the fature?not my own, bat my children's. Mr father-in-law had been an extravagant man, who had drained the entailed estate as near as he could. My husband, with a moderately large income, had many claims on liii purse, and moreover, with scrapulons honor, applied every available sum to the payment or his father s debts. We had a large family; the eldest one was provided for by the entail. But if this went on, what could we do for the other little ones ? Over and over again I had tried to bring the matter seriously before Ko una9 qui a cireim iccuruv ia iuc luiurv w?: ? part of his natural di?p*sition, and I eould not persuade hkn to make any real effort foi their benefit. Invariably he said, "Just wail till I pay Saunders and Bolton, and then w? will begin to lay by." And I had to think sadly of my own poor portion of ?5,000 veeteci in shares in the County Bank and hope ano trust. I was thinking more sadly to-night beeaus* my huab^nd, who had joat returned from i basines* visit to London, had met me with ai unexpected proposal. He had fallen in witl an old uncle, who had spent the greater par of bis life in India, toiliag for the golden for tune that never came. Sow a decrepit ole * man, and a confirmed invalid, he had expend ed the little he poesessed, and was actually ii want. Ronald described his miserable lode ing. told bow much be suffered, and ended will a proposal that we shirald ask him to come ant live at Turton The kind thought was jus like him, but I looked terriblj blank when th idea was suggested, and opposed it violently My woman's brain at once embraced tne ob stacled. and, it may he, exaggerated them. " Think what a tie it wuuid be," I said, " third perron to spoil our quiet evenings an reading ali>ad?a somebody to interfere wit our walkj and drives and dinners. The poo children would be hushed for fear of disturb ing the invalid; I should have to give up m time to his amusement and comfort. Beside: think of the expense. We agreed to give u the carriage horses: but that would be out < ithe question if be were her*, and could nc walk or use the pony-phseton. And we mui hare an extra man-servant to wait ou him; an if we used another set of room*, we should r< quire a sesond housemaid." I drew such a melancholy picture of the eoi sequenced that lay husband stud at last: Well, my dear, please yourself; it shall t as you like. I only wish we could hare mac the old man comfortable; ho was very kind < me when I was a aehool-boy.' So I sat in my room and planned how ? could manage, gradually beginning to think had been selfish in my hasty opposition, thought it might be arranged. I could gii up this very m>rning-room for him to sit ii and let him sleep in the south room next doe Walters might wait upon him if the stable be helped in tne pantry; and if we gave up tl .J ponj-phaeton we might keep the bronghai Ai to the disarrangement of oar family s e joy menu, we uiuit pat up with it. Tbekindnc would bring its own recompeoM, somehow. I weiit dowa stairs with a lighter beart, f I was conscious of a oraisewortby resolutioi and. set ding th* children to bed, knelt do? by my hatband's side, aud said: ' Shall ^ write the invitation, Ronald"' H? answered me with e kiss end brigiite ing of the eye, which were almost enough r? ompcnse for the sacrifice. The invitation ?u written, accepted, ai before the end of * fortnight, old Mr. Da* Turton?"Uncle Davy," as we called him Bade his appearance. I went out to meet hiin, and tried to gi him a hearty weloome; bat he wee Memingl; very un-'-mi*ble old man. ilia manner v ahort and snappish; his little gray eyea look at me suspiciously; and when he attempted mil* he sneered sarcastically. I led him ii the drawing room, aj^d offered to relieve h of bis great eoat and at iek. But no; be growl T. :/ r K.J ?.L .1 s _ X me h u i uwi i?icu au uupsiuuuauiu 1 erty, and setting his stick across hU kn?es, leaned forward on it, aod stared me fall In I face. I tried to look uaooncarned; bat i cheek bad flashed aod inj ton* was sharp ml I desired Lacy to ran ap stairs to the aoh? room. , i The old man's area twinkled, and the sne iig anile owe to bis lipe. I 44 Yoa are oflendad with me, madam,"^ ii f W Tfinr Turdon: hut in v >uf ia mm frtend?the best friend i hava. I never aU it to Inn my side." He never did By day it reeled on hi* ko< hy night it lay on the bed beeide him. j brain bed evidently been affected by his Mea, and showed its disorder by a Strang* taobment to that wooden staff, with it* roi knob for a handle. It was a perfect saonoi ?U. ? ?... I reaaeeaber once one of ny little boys sei it when be was doting, and converting it i a hone, raecd up and down the room with Unek Davy woke, and hie anger knew hownda I ran out of the roooa with the eh iuiagiuing him in noaitive danger, and wh< returned I found the old man aobbing and < iog like an infant, with his head bent dowi the maab-loved sta2 Traly Unele Davy's i at Turton was a sad trial to me. Orer Awa? a<eain T ro tKnr Wu WaJ aw*? in V v??? ? *? * * WV UBU CT VI (Ut hia uJ m I ? Hire did Kxtid, loo a?id, at luit, that wa auit leak him a lodg elsewhere; but the plan waa hardly fori when the old man fall aiek aod died Ha bad a liugering illne**, and I wate beaide biai day aad night. Tbaa, for the toe. I foaad that ha had formed a aort of (aafcmoot to ma and lua children, aod gi ma a little corner of the heart that 1 bad i posed to ba wholly devoted to kit ataff Bat ha araa a trying invalid, and at ift i vaa fairly worn ont with iniMiart watob lie proteated againet naraa or aemnt, *>' leapt bo eeaatantly at hia bedatde. Fran on* el ? Wvinld ha *ee?4re food or modfc aad if I laft bim fir a moment ha waa ml able But hia childlike dependence aad cl lag affeotioa touched nj heart in ipiM of i iwi * r ' 1* w ; 1 ^ x' w ?Ff*i \1 *?-??r- ? elf X b<***tol0*e ami t?nd him c*Mtly like a baky, ruiiag wad chiding Mm M Iihovli] hare done one of my ?wn little ones when it wasna?(gfcty. Cider tMa treatment ire got on Uttered hould have managed Without thy outbatet, hud it not happened that one arleojcy morning. 1ft * preerar* of oeenpation, I neglected to rah and polish the staff as he bad desired me to do. Before his ill new, thic bad been the eue important duty of bis day; abont which be set In the moat scientific manner, with olean towel* and wath-leathar. Since himself incapacitated, be had requested me, as ft Aan???lol fivnr #r\ nr rlaFtuWa tka M * ? V? 1 %W HIIUVllOBg kug ^flWVNi and, anxious to indulge him in small matters, I bad oomplied : holding the knobbed handle as he direeted in a cambric bund kerchief, and nibbing from right to left. This morning he had been in a .singularly perv-rse humor; nothing pleased bim; and the supposed neglect of his favorite caused the lowering storm to burst forth. He raged and stormed for an hour, threatening me with every sort of vengeance. At length, fairly exhausted, he sank back in bed and bado me leave him?he would try and sleep 7 hovered a heat the next room for some time. th?n, finding til quiet, stole away for an hour's rest When I returned all ?u silent as before, nevertheless, I noiselessly turned the look and looked in. What was my horror to find my bed empty and my patient escaped ? I called the servants, and sent everywhere to seek him. But be was not soon found; no ene had seen him leare the house, and we could sot imagine what was his object in doing so At last I discovered him myself, in a retired corner of the shrubbery, trying, with feeble efforts, to dig a bole and bury his staff. " No one ii worthy of it," he said; but he would not leave it when w? had discovered hi? secret hiding-place; and, after uiany arguments, I prevailed upon him to return and lei me polish and clean it. That night he was very ill?the exertion and exposure brought on a relapse. He bade m< put the staff quite olose to him, and his feeble fingers clasped it fondly and stroked it down Just when he was dying he put into my hand "Keep it?never part with it?promise me Jane." I promised, for I saw his heart was bent or il/vin?a B/v IIS J uviug ov. "Jane?the staff is?will?children"?but hi> roice failed, and his head fell back. He neve: spoke again, aud before day-break he wa dead We laid him in the family vault in the Tur ton church; for, in ipite of hit wanderings an< wayward life, he was of the old atock; ant , putting aside his favorite stuff iu my oak cabi , net, we went back to oui old waya, aud almos forgot him. \ ears passed during wbieb more little face clustered round our board, and ths elder one were sent off to school. The clouds that hai so long skirted the distance came nearer am nearer, and at la?t burst over our heads. The bank in which my money was veste< * suddenly failed; the steward who had manage* my husband's affairs proved unfaithful, an 1 absconded with all th*t he could convert int | money; creditors pre;*^ round, and wer clamorous; we were ruinW Nothing remained for us but to leave Turtor if possible t? let it, and to go and live on th Coutioent. There was to be a sale after w 1 left, and tbe handbills were already oat. I ha * spent long day* in packing and arranging,ano J nuable longer to meet the children'* dolefi ~ fM?s and ?ad regrets at parting with their ol pets, I harried to my little morning-room?th 6 ro-?m that had witnessed many a dreary hot of watching Uncle Davy. I was crying, in >pit? of my efforts at set command in the hall I bad ?ee? little E< * tnund, with his arms round the old roekiti) , horse, sobs bursting from the ro?y lips that fa pressed against bis favorite. Lucy wm takin r Jl. i. t ?V_ J.Ill- L ? r J ?I wad wja iiviu buv uun o uuubv si l pzisseu 11 '* school-room Oh! iny heart bled sadly; f< ^ every grief of their* wu doubly mine. The maid hud been packing, and thecabiri P was unlocked, the door swinging to and fro c i its hinge. The drawer below held my chi treasure#, whiob I had reserved to put up i j the last: fancying this a favorable opportunii I now opened it. and began lu aort the thing A packet of oopy-books?large, round, bio ted, text-hand; on the outside ot' each oov< one of the children's names and date. I ti< tl i. a 1 a i ?v * .... ) ifceui wguiuor auu p*u loem up. A Hit le uarved ivory box, which had long ago been L& present from a sailor-brother, with nine neatl, toldud little whit* paper parcels inside, and p# earl of soft hair in each?the last causing few bitter tears to fall down on wj black dre. { as kneeling down I unfolded it and touchi the smooth trees. Poor little baby, that hi piuod when sorrow oamo to me, that had di< ' in my arm, and now lay with its little oofi ' resting beside Uncle Davy's! I moved tl * paeket of baby's clothes that I had put awi the day after the faneral?the little gowns ai caps and things?and gulped down a very s ' sob. Poor little baby, God had provided far i There was yet a few more thiols, and th the drawar was omDtr. save for Uncla D?n staff. I left it lying there while I paeked i ' the other things, and it was still there whei went dewn to tea. Ai I came up again I heard loud tones. " Master Edmund, I shall tell yoor mami ' xof you. Ilave don* immediately. What naughty boy yon are Don't you see you hi , knocked all the paint off the bannisters?" Nura* was standing on the first landii _ looking down into the hall, with a very i 1 face; while the child in her arms had a v< inquiring look iu his brown eves, and v A e mouthing and tugging at an India rubber ri Y * held by two fat slippery hands. The delinquent was Master Edmond, at uv mliA waa <?Ansr\l?k? ? ~ ?* ai*| *t uv n?s vvucviiUK uiuiavil iU4 IUO parii *? with the old roc king-ho rae, by racing up a . down the first flight of ?teps, Uncic Dav .'"J staff in hand, rattling the rouud handle all i way againat the bannisters, 'he "There!" screamed nurse. "What hi the 7?* done now " u child missed his fo my *n8? an<* screamiug on the ground. I le' hurried down, till the laaty roars reassui kjJ. her, when she commenced n nursery mods consolation : " There ! have done, will yo eI. It's ail your own fault, you naughty boy J see how you've dirtied your clean pinafc and bow you are making baby cry. Get u] Kdmond seramblod up, by aid of her gr [ow red hand; hat only to reveal a slit in his fro and Uncle Davy's staff on the floor, broker w two._ Nurse shook him. " Do job know what yon have done? Wh ill- <*id you got that stick from ? It's only nu tt. Kdmond, always in a mischief, ma'am," |nii added, in explanation, m I joined them. _E. J wiped the child a eyee, and pitied him bod bomp on hit forehead, supposing hin iej hare been auffieientfv punished. He piol nto op the two pioeee of the staff, and I took tt it from him and carried them up stairs to no room. Something dropped with * alight rattle m | the floor, and I stooped to look what it waa, >r_ hand stealing to mjr throat to aaeura iUell ' ^ the aafety of the broech in my collar. So thine that looked like a pearl bead was on dQii ?uu a piwacu ib u|i. a iiurnsr rai jtej mad M I tgais found the sab* thing, I loo j{e to aew vk?r* they can,a from. ;ing The staff waa in my hand, aod I turnc a?Q over The broken end abowed a perfon hole, from which, aa I shook it, came anei > ad pearl- I gave a little exclamation, and Irat down to mj husband in the library; a I; at- wh dawning on me. We examinod thai urn and found it waa eren aa we expected, sup old man had bawl more iuccessful in hia In< enterprise! than he had given na to an at I aund; bat finding poverty a good veil, ing. pennrio nances, had prat and ed to extreme 1 and fortune, diligently converting all he wm i Ma accumulate into aaarls, which he conce ftnt, in this ftvnrite ataC wfcraf allowing ft to li U?r- ilia side. and guarding it with jealous ing- miserly care. ?|e had evidently intende my- ao^uaiut me with the teoret whoa ou bit 4? ? t f f W, u I remembered b*bw r?($NftC* ?Abe children, bat bad died in the tttrafpf.''" But, eren bow the diaoovery was sot too laie. Ronald at onoe took the pearl* to tendoo, and waa perfectly ajtonhhed by the large offer* that were made for (hem. The sale realised a very large sum?sufficient to release a* from our present embarraaamenU and lay by a handsome portion for each of the children. " Truly," aa my huabaod said, with a glowing face, when we again assembled in the Turton dining-room, "No good action goe* nnre warded. We made an unselfish sacrifice far a poor old man, without a thought of recompense, and the blessing hat returned sevenfold to our boeomt. Depend upon it, it is ever so. Where we give we snail ever be repaid?if not here, at a Higher Acconnt." MISCELLANEOUS. NOW OPEN 1HK ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVEKUE, Next door to Clay's (late 77. S.) Hottl, between Third, and 4i ttreets. O. 6. EVANS, in order to aeoxrainoJite Uii legiona of cuatomttra throughout the United Statea h&a loam ted a nn a vi n ii kinm n r> A DUiinV/U OIUAU of his widely celebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISK ' in Washington City, at , 470 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, i where oan always be found a complete stock of tk< STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATis.8 AND EUROPE. 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Thoee who desire to Mleot from acir pattdrua. with the advantage of a reduotum in prions, will call early and examine. We wouid also call the attention of parson a about iutrodaeiug ?ai their dwelling! to uar inor?a*?4 fftcihtiaa, and oonaequoat low priooa, for thia branoh of our traie. Inciting all who deaire th?irwork done promptly, and free from *a* I akarea, to ca>) at Pa. avenue, between n>th and IIUi st*., aonth side. no21-tjanl J \V. THOMPSON 4 CO. Furs J Fur* ! AT SEYMOUR'S* IN GEORGETOWN. I have with aJrlct oare w*onaliy attenJ?wl to the n.anufaMnrin? an.] adeotion i f the following Purs. Mr l?is praotioal know ??f the Fur liuoiuetMi OL?bles me with oortainty to lovire the <adio* torfooda made front bne aud treaii caught skin*. Such aa ?"aua?ia Mink Sable, Ruuia Fitch. Siberian Sonirrel, I \V?U?' Millie, French bat>l?. Children*' Fura in icreat variety. Fur Trimmings of all oolora. Prioee ve.y moderate. W. F. SKYMOUR, no 19 lm G*oft*town. t^kntlemenh VJ RII0T-K4K cumiigih Our present aaaortmaut of GF'N*TLKMUN'S i RF.ADV-MADE CLOTHINO < lf*a t>> oitiz-M.k and atrantor* w utiiujc an i>ninad:ata oat fit miperior ir.ducemooU, ewiiraoiac, at thia time, all stylea aud qualities cf Dreaa and UuMnsaa Carmaato and Ovi>rooata in a!l van-tien. Kino Shuts and ITader clothing ut all kiida. Kid ii'id other Glovea af h?*t qu* ity. Scarfa, 'Ii*a, Cravata, 8to"k?, Hosiery. Ao.. Ao. All of wk;ch W3 ar? offering at <-ur uaual low pneaa. |[y ClotUins mvJ? t?i ivd"r m ?h<? mrat superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS & Co.. W-lf d'i'i Pr.. avarma. aN O 'I' 1 C b_! I wi ah fl! gentleman to bear in taind that tiae piau which 1 adopted, mx yeir* a?o, of selling llATS and Uij(>T8 at /r atlv re * iiuae<! prices for efc?h is in niocc-gful operation*- Just received a full supply of the latest New VOrk stylos of DRESS HATS. The very finest Hat a 6rnt rate Hat 83; and very goiod, fashionable Hat ?2 50. All of tiie Iat-?pt st> lcs of soft HATS and CAPS, at the vory lowest pri'oes. I am constantly snpp'imi wi?h a very large stock of r- those fine DKKSS BOOTS at ?3.75?which 1 have l>eeu tel.iug for many years?as weii as the very best qualty of Patrut LoatiierOAITRRS- at 93 50. Fine rrenoh Calfskin Gaiters from $2 to S2d>. Terms caah : no extra oliarge in order to offset baddebts. ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh stroet, second hat store from the l- corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 540. se 14-3m OII.K9! SILKS'! SILKS!" 1 i3 ~ 8 I li K 8 mii You can got IJRE3S SI' KS of every kind at VVM R. RILEY it BROTHER d at very low prises; that i* to ear, a Silk Robe for 16, worth ?25; a Silk Robe for 820. worth 835. We have a large atookof Dreas Goods of every description. %r.d we will el<>ee them out at very low prioea. Call and examine our a took. . WM, R R|I,EY ft BROTHER, No. 36 Central stores. Between 7th ar.d 8th streets, I no 21 2w Opposite Center Market. II I TAKE NOTICE! >* 1 WILL Take a 1 kinds ol Virginia money for my book dehta auii for Boota, Sbosa, and Trunks. All persona indeb'ed to me will please ca I and settle n up, or I aha'l be oompeiled to give their acoounia Iv into the hands of a oollector. * S P. HOOVER, Iron Hail, no 21 Pa ay., between 9th and 10th ats. > PURE OLD RYE WHISK Y.-On hand severa e, I braudr of Pore Oid Rye Whi*ky. Copper D:se tilled, mad- by the moat reliabe distillers in Pencsrlvania. Man .and and Virginia, warranted pure. AJao, Imported tSr&ndiaa, HennessT.Ota.rd. Dapn; A Co.. Jules Robins, Ac. Also, Peach and Apple Brandy, pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica anaSL Croix Ruin, and Wines of every variety, all ot standard brands. A ohoiae lot of Clears and Tobaooo. YOUNG A K GPU ART, AfenU, ? ap 14-lv VHQ Pa ? .. b?tv.!Hh anj 10th nts. "* rp CEMETERY NOTICE. & he Sub?cnber offers for sale his st.iok of marble monuments, tombs, grave 8tonk8 and marble mantels at reduced prices for oath or approved notes. A? earl? oaii is solicited. WM. ru i hereford, a Marble Works, 3e at. north, oo 17 3rn between 12th and IStli. a \MT ' GALTS' %t wOOD a D coal a. Or MCK, I*< iISS Pa. Av.. Bktw. 11th am> 1?t* 9m? Ii North tide. Mjll and Wharf foot of Sevwa^oth st, nf m* Vitf \V?. 0) a wm. t. dove * co. "* r\.RK Now prepared to exeoute any orders w:tk L : _ i_ 4i - ? I - .. 1 ?t.> WHICH UUT aiAT i'w wvujoa in un je plumbing, gasoh^am fitting ff7" Stor? on Sth (treat, alfew doora oortta of tl. . ateuu*. whore mar bo forced a oomiuetA atsortrnf-Dl * of ch a N DE LIER8 and otlier gas, BT K a M aaI watkh F> XTtTRK9. iaZT-lf ?. a alexandria express Any Oae de?inn? Frenl.t-muol.or !ittl?-Barrale. Ua *, Boxm, Bundle*, or, 10 fact, agy thief, aafeWtranf?ort?d*ndd?liT?rtvIl?otw?ea Wa?hin*n< ton, Gaonrelown, and Alexandria, mar rely miplicitly upon the KXPKKSrt w4uon8 of thi "* uudereitned whichrun reiu'arlr orery <iar beMrepi l?- tho?ecitie? Order* entered upon the ciftlM of h i ex pirn at the Star Offio e, at B&o jn'? G r ooery 9 tor?, , or&tE Whe?ler * H&idwve?/t >re, will be prompt" ? '?!?. f.hw'ffiL, !, no 14-1 no (Late Q?born'? Kxpwi. J* f\R. BCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRU1\ for U"" no. SKA WKLj) TONIC, Do. MANDRAKE P1LL8, , For Ml* by 8. B. W AITh, corner of ftevenu street *nd Louisiana avenue. ti> Pnoe of Syrup, t\ per bottle. PnoeofSea weedTonio 91 per bottle. I. Prioeof Mi?ndr&ke Pitl?,25o?nU per box ???. Those afflicted with of the Lucca, Livei e or ?tomaoh. aoooinpanWd vita funun the Dmu eo Hreut or Pide. cboahl try Dr. Sohen'k'a Modi ?o oIcm. and ar? r*f?rr?d to tk? follow in* o*rtifio*t? One of tka in*ny tectimoaiata of o?mpi?U curaa ii I Dr. Sokenck'a poweaa'on. i ui. w Wegt pifth , Brn Wii!imoT?N, D. C., Nov. 2lat 1860. f D?. Scmnci?p >?Jr Sir: I auflVed much 1." aerorsl montna with Liweomptot, F *?a?or .... u. a f+i am rl t/i trv f mi r Pnlmanlo Mtrnn ?* ;STT^'d?k.jWir I w S?* fiiUweTl,a*< r\' believe your medicine was t)u means of resiorxn mi le ktaltk am nion. t Therefore I tak? muoh pleaaare in reoommend iiif it to the Fublio. M. 8. 8 " WO?lWl :N- I^ADIES* AND MI8SES'r^ ^ __ LADIES* AND MISSES' Fresh Arrival from New York! ?ed (hS fcl ?fS! ^H| Cheaper tlian Ever! FUR TRIMMINGS ZWssSl&l 85 and 36 oeuta per yard. a, B. H. ST1N EMKTZ. 9*6 Pa ar.. (no 84 pear ooruer Thirteenth at. MONEY! MONEY!! IYI MONEY!! J Note* of all bantu taken at par for Gooda, ana nog-lw ' Pa. avenue. twt.9th and ?|? RANKING HOUSE J mo 9WEJENY, KITTEN?3o*T8E. FANTfc CO. Will opsn ft?r enatnmera, apeei*. eurrenojr, ai I .. U U,. mo.1 (.to . able ratea. . wr. Currency and Virginia money waated. ao 34 1 lw 1 SNYDER. 8, AND OAS FITTER, Haa removed to the ooruer ofTwelfth and F at r? v H?U prepared to inirodvo* Water ana ouw jf t&i*&?"* rf^tfisvsaa A'ESLiS'Utt? 5=- wieh? to It rid of Uwji. amt] pOR THANKSGIVING DAY! JtlNCX HM AT-MINCI MEAtt t* t /WAilutfl k&v? & MMiy of exeeHeet-Mia? Me _ 'XT7, *? %S Wi'a^omsu. If ' nvn ran nmo^t loar^ Ojfi P^ctOxiT aoili^r ^*6. b*tw 9th ani ltti rf RF.AR MEAT! it bj 1> V K N I B O N ! ? Its-aivdd this motunc from th* rwant*i-?. >U. 4ii *u\u * u.aomsu. :y ' PBSTJSTRY. iu Tien. l"f LOOMIS, AL D iIM icvaavor ami pataataa ofti.e MIN tRAL PLATK TEK1H, < Uuv MrmiNifUrtiiw taath vto^^^ZZZT cannot f?i otjygyjwl no paraon oan w< ar otheri luKriou oaliiof %t at ?ttkoe oan ba aaaomnodatad with any itjia and pnc? of Teath lu-y may deaira; fkilt tn t nnaa whn am ?t 1M vim tVtm MMat afaaneaI, af r?r(Mt, ar?l noet Mrfeot dan tar* that i VtouBi'WiiKe, tilB MINER AW i' LATE will be mora rally w^rrantod. Kootm m tkt? 338 Pa.avatnta.betwaaa fih and iOUi ata. Aiao, #07 Arch atiaac, Phiiacal phia. oo 16 tf * D DENTAL CARD. R. Ml'NSON Hm returned and reaamed hia profmtion. Otbaoand hoaaa at 463 E et..^pK=? . third door eaat of In addition t< mJSGa? ? *very o'hor approval style. Dr. M. ha? ' rp teeth on aloaime Baa* for the la?t thraa yeara and, from axaorienca, knowa it exoa.s all othara. and fa oue-tnird l*ee in price than gold. Hia old r.tmna of WaaHtngton, A laxandria, and fJeorjwwn are r*ap?*>tfully aojoited call. au2Saoiy "CARRIAGE FACTORIES. ; WASHINGTON CARKIA6K FACTORY. I * ii Strict, frptimtfin Qfk nm/1 Ifi#A Vfrtifi. We liave niat fea:afced a number of feret elaaa CARRIAGES, Kuoli ae LuAt VfjaSAA?, \Yn/t>n', Pa'k Platen*, Pa>.i>lv Cnr T^PlMffS i rio?i, oaf But tut, which s*?i 1 aaU at fl " * ( a ver? ni?a.i pruhi, r??ine pract sa! niAo'b.iriict in JiflVrnt br*nch*e | of the Guaicosa, vo flatter oar*?(re? tt at we kno? < tl.e atyksa and *w*rttj >:w;>rk tuat ?il! iivo u Us j faotijn, ccinb'riii< itjLtaess, comfort and duratnll < tr. * i Repairing promptly and oasofalty attended to Utt shoite?t nt t'.oe and i:.i?t reasonable chartta. , WALTER, KARMANN A BOIT? C<vwflUaiata* j, suoonjsors to We T. Hook. , ap 7T-<Ur 1 HE 3iib?ort??V^a^r,^^!aSa additisaa to U t*eU.ry, makloc it c?v one of the iriMtA/Mji is the jf'ltrict. where ;..r fuc'iit.** forBfcjSw maii'if&eturir.? L'ARR I AGE A II6HT^^*WAGONHof all k.u<!? r*nwt he evrpasmwl. atd Iruiu las lone *rpei .*lcc :n U.a Uaaintaa, be no pea to tiYe fsafe'a! satisfaction. AH kinds ?/ <'smatet and Lick? Wi;?? keyt *i I ka>u<*. A: RKPA!R2ulitlT<Cia.uiialiaiiiaTa iriail It fctieodfrt to. Ujl* G&trJic*? tt-tra lEeieb^crf '?T*n t*?. a*de>; vy TTToVcii, 4 1ft- II ?4n ?' ' I4tk tM V. ata rpHE GEM OF THE 8E AKON*. I have this day received, per Express, the l,at??f PtT?i of GENTS* FASBIONABI E DRfc>S HATS :a!s?>,a lar*e and full supply of FR ? NCIl SOFT HATS, of All styles, for Men tud Boys. As my assortment %f these goods is large, i shall seil at exceeding y low ?ric?i. A ca'l where yea can get exaotly what rom wart is noI'ieiUM. HOPKINS, Corner of Sixth s\ Pa. *v no 27 2 w Sfg* of tht WTkit* ftw. Dr. J. H. MoLEAN'S ~ ST REN GTHEXIKG CORDIAL AND BLOOD Pl'RIFlEK. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tke VTOKLD, J, and the most DKLICIOrs AND M*W P DELIGHTFUL jt t, ? ,? CORDIAL 47 i JJrTKR TAKEX^feg ttriciJr ? mi- f b JjjuM v loiilc Mid VtfiunK? Ma Coiupoazid, pror. 1fS~g Car?d by tbt diaiiUaHQL ticn of raou, h*rb?, H *1 a t?d barks. Yellow Kn? ,-W %j9k Dock, Ulood Boot, U.T- B BWck Roc;, hmpi- ; i. * S mil. Wild Cherry f\uS Mf lluk, and Dudtlioa BH Awl ft auttra into Hi com- r* J If - Tt? ?r tirt aetiTt t ^ Jg^HfL ft rtmadlal priocipla J? of ucti lr.f r?Ji#r.I 11 Before ???* After taking. duuliin*, prodaciur * daJtcioiu, axfciUraimf pirn, ?4 ?.? tajat infallible remtdy for rtuoTatli.f tht 4i??a?*d *?< ! aad nwriif the aic*. and d.tilitaud laValid * b*ailh and lUtDftb. McLEAN'S STRENOTHESJya CORDIAL Will ffactnall/ eort U??r OoMphlm, Dtipimu. J**ndie*, Chroaic or NarreM Dofciiur,'0,....,/,/uS Kid..", ud all ducatii anuuf from a du-rdti ad Liter or Siuotach, Dmapeie. Btartbarn, tabard Pilt?. Acidity or 8i:kr<?a .} tb? Btofaacb, Fallnatt tt Mood to ika Head, Dull faia of id th? Htad, Palpitation of tht Heart, er Wtight in th? tloraaeb, So?r Er?er?tii>n?, CboklBf or affocautf Faahof wbaa MM uf?L,Urj: ?M or YalMV. DIM of till ud 8*ttu, Isvard Farara. Hun hi la* 8rn?.l of tba Back, Cheat, or did*. Haddaa KlBaut* af Haal, Dapraaaiuo ?jf Sptnu, F; if btfoi Pritma, Lacpior, Datco& or aay werroBi diaaaaa. Horti uf Miotcbaa m Ui Itui.ul Fa>u kad Apt (or CbiUa aud flTllJ orr.R A MILLION BOTTLES 1 bara baau aold daring tit Ian an booUm, and io na h>' aiaaca baa It fiuiad in gi'- f auUra at'iafacitoe. Wb?, tban. I will aafftr fro'n Wtiinn* or Dttility what: McLk.'AM'f > STiiKNGTHkMIMU CORDIAL will car* yam Y Ma lar.|aa^? can co-ray ->i ada:;aa;a idaa of tb* lnuaailiata and altroa*. niracslcua ii ?njr a produced by ukiuf ik.t Cardial in tba dtaaaaad, dtb.utattd, and abauarad i.arvast eyatatn, whether broken down by eictei, weak by na-are, ar iraptlre4 by aicktittt, the relaxed and anitruf arranitanac ie raetared ta ua prittu,* health and rift MA KM ED PERSONS t athara, caoeiaat oI lQibUuf from wbaiavar eanaa. will > kd McbtANV HTStKOTHtSlNO CORD'.Al a ih?r?|* HfMir?i? at Uia lyaian.: ud all who ma? h*?* in tared ib?wt*l?*i by in.prapar inacjfancaa will tad iu Uia Cardial a eartaiu ?4 >p?My ram?ij. . TO THE LADIES. ' McUCAN'fl STRENGTHEN 1K0 CORDIAL u a aorar* *1(D and apaadf ear* fur lne<r>?nt Cooaumpiioa, Wl.iua, dMtrie'U or D-.ffetlt Maeatraatioa.IncMtinanca of Cnol J or Inrolnnur* Diacharr* tharaof, *'ailu^ of ibt Womb, * Otddincn, Painting, and a!! diiaiiti incidant to Famalaa. THE HE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT far ro lacftr. Taka it aecordlof to diractiaua. it will r iumalata, alranfthan, ai.d m?ijorata n? aad caoat il.a bloom of haalth to mooit yocr ehaak again, E?ary b?ttla -a warranted to girt aanafaeuoa. I FOR CHILDREN . I/.... rklHran imirkli. nun ar afir'td. M^'LCiKV CORDIAL will iseke th?K healthy, fat, and robaet- Delay . net a tcomaatj Itt it, and yoa will I t wuiucid. ltiodoiicieai tataka. CAUTION. ~ Beware of dnfyiita or dealer* who mar try to pain apoa yoa Mat bitur or Hntfirilla traah, which thay cut hat Cheap, by oarinf it tefcioi aa foad. Avoid aocfe Ma. A?k farjlcLKASIVTBKWOTHkKlSG COtDUU and uU ^ nothing atee. It ia the only remedy that wl'.l pwrify tha t Bleod tWomfhlr eadattk* eaaea tuae etreagtaoa lae eyeteta. One teupootifal taken e?ery looming f?etimg it a ceriaia preventive for Caolete, Chille 'ad Fever, eMow Fever, or lay pre veleat dieeaae It ia ptu up ta laraa boulve. Prtoa f only 91 P*r bottle, or t bouiee for (l T. H McLtAN. m Sole proprietor of ihU Cordial; alao. McLean1* Volcanic Oil Uaiaaat. Pnaelpal Depot on the comer of Third and rue etreeu, It. Louie, Mo. MoLetn't Volcanic Oil Ianintnt, ^ (THE BKffT LlWIMKffT 111 TBK WORLO ) iJ The oelv eafe and certain care for Caacere, Pllee, Taaeore, welliu(a aad Broochile or Col Ire, Pareiveu, Nearalfia, W?akneeeof tbe Maaciae, Chrome or lefcuiiary RheMaaima, B-iInea* of the Joiate, Contracted Mtuiie or ? Lifaneatt, Earache or TooUacke, Bcuaee, Bwaibe, Trtah C5b, Wonnda, Ulcere, P??er Boru, Ceked Breast. Bora Nipplea, Barae, fcealde, Sera Throat, or ujr latammatMM or pate, no difference how eevere m leaf the diaoaao may vd have OAiatad. Mc^fc&ND CKUWBATH> LANIMEKT u a aartaia reaedi. _ Ttamtinit of \tran* b*feg* k??? b**a ?><4 a lift of iia erapitad* and ouir; by lh? n?? of thu IitiIuMi nut<ly. m McL SAfTS VOLCANIC OIL LIN THE NT _ Win ntlia** paia ?liaoat taauaoaooaaly, nd h will cUwt, parify u< tMl til Kmttat koi la m hcrHIkh i>?n im.? FOR NORSK* A ND OTHER ANIMALS. ?, MeLKAN-8 Cl?Lr BRATEO L.IK1MCMT U Um only */< >n m4 rilKtai wUy far Ua car* a# Spam, HwAuit i( WtadfalU, SpUau. Uana tanj Laaa. No4o* or ll a*?tr failid M ear* Bi( Htatl, PbU?tU, Kuuua, TSd fr lUaninj Born, or Hiuj. If praforiy applMd fYi bfl Iptaiaa, Bnriao i,Ber? teats, Crack*4 A**U, Cba*.., ga?dl< i at Caitor GaJla. CM, Saraa, ar Woaaia, it ta aa tafcih bl c ? wi4y Appi- u u toMtU ato i tin ia aanu* ? ?.r] IMIUaci* o?tr?a w you. uwm t rappiv m l/k maiAm BRAT It U LUUMJUiT. k *i& mm m. ? ,,? tsssu QU*IH tTOTT, Wlh-M.MlnnM |i %"utm L." tmt R. tca?Kt,Q??nnw?. r: Go iSViSSSfi 5?iv : WS&S&Esbs&iSt ? fore in this ?5r. Oo ?irN, tn-for? ?!? M< make your *??otion?. AI to, a l?r?* Mi.nn" ?'?.<riin?ot < f DtiriM for *Ml Wu1 p'xt itMmtr a complete ?kaorlfliMt of'vw 4 niinifli ko ?1 ? - ?? 4?-*? ' THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Thu e>toell?Bl Family m4 N?ti fur?' ?? umm ? imM vftrMty w mumm nMiai tea mi Wftmmiim Ml tlwr m nnttete m rrater >mm Tnn-Aii fwtelly, ? Biftficocpj, ft MW. . ?? * flr? oof 1m _ ... ? t9 Tm oof.m - ? m Twmtj ! tofm It taimriablr ooataiu th* "WirtmM HW*" tot kM udi IV JMr HmMIl B7 flUgi (Nfin (la ? ?? ymM It t)Mo?un?r,liinD?AsMr after tM itedftM WOOD AND COAL. TO THI PCIUC: JO WHERE VOU~CAN ?*T TO?* MONEY** wniMi ^ PKOXKIT ! KNOW IT ********1ILLS,mm b?f rMr C7- rrw,p?oyt7"r"< r? !iir~ ? '"iiusuisr. iifuits f-j. ,, fcivoir what* Know tut ?of ? ( kj *> Irur. ajsd Dili vkeii Puke or Cmamx. CiU AT TIE P I O N fc K H MILLS! SIGN OF THE BLUE FLAB-STAFF. SotTHWIlT CoR*Et SkVlNT* l*T. UtCmi (Sou lb of th? Hrtdfa.t no 19 GE >PtiK PAGE. A?ut. lt MOKtr,:r" jjo I n Ion Fire-Wood Mills. rnK, UAS and HICKORY WOOD 8i*ld md Split at an? I'l-fcth u* aite t?qa< r?d. and <Uiiv >r?"l t) Mir part of tha Cit? at vary lov priaaa. iO* We out th? p%rt:ou!ar attention of oar out Lon,er? and tha p?t.Uo (< n*rally to oar apiandid <i(H.K or COA L, wiiich W0 oao mm.J, wiuaoai V\r of oot tra?lieU'?u, n tuual t*? any in ?h? Cltj. We guarantae to cira aaUmetioa to al! wfco may lurcu" ol ua. irrour SAWED and SPLIT WOOD la ka?t imier oov*r. perfectly dry, and COAL oapiack loora, oieao and in good order. Large ~n? aad una: piofita. JT^Ordere eoliHted at UNION KIRK-WOOD MILLS S?r. Hpv' nth st and ("anal, NEW A MARLOwTrroprieto**. m t5-tf T- OTHE OITl%E>8 OP*WA*H INOTON.-4 have jo t raucivad a?d will iHnnm?ii eetoad inc io-morrov A<Af|o or th? ry t*?t Red An COAL (e:r &iid stove sixes > ever brought to thru ni%rke* whi'-h I csn tend rtireet from ti?# Tiwi if your orders &re left immediv?ly. Woo^inTcStD^ir. oo M Conigr C and 14th ?t?. p?tf Caaal. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all part* of the oity, at the Jo v eat poeeibtoratae. TIL 1X7 ii A A V W ? ?? vr? n. VJUiA* Office 392 Pa. between 11th and 12i sts.. ma 17-tf north sl^e. FOR~SALE AND RENT\ [7*OR RENT-The lour-story BRICK HOU8K P on Third treat, M??fu If and K ?traoU, i No 3*1 > hi.joining the residenoe of \V. A. Mnory, Moo, Possession given immediaielv. Also, the tiira of the B own Stone Buildior No. 40S otP*. ?v?nue.'eoath ?tde> between 4)* and Cth sts. P-w terms. Ac .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, At tone?-at-t,?w. Vp. ?q I.a. avenue. no l-*otf nPQRENT-Taat pleaaant COTTASK KEtJI a Dr. oontaiainc Trooina, witn front hSoony. large yard* in Iroat and roar. fronting H at , in Printing Office uare, between Nurvh Caetu/ and Firit at*. Rout *240 per an nan;, Addraes. by letter or ia person, WM. STICKNtV. no 6-tf FOR SALE? A bow two ?tor/ brio*HOLTSE <m Fourth street, below New York arenue. The bouse ii sn feet front aad 43 foot deep ; haa S fcot passage, parlor, dining-room, kite baa, and mm chambers, with suurwava ia r**"|* and kitcten with good cellar under the w;.oie house Fo' tarme 11iuuii - ?i ~w m m s7?Tfiiiii m ?i %-* Vfwvwiw yuo rmIowa' HftlL no 1-tf JAIL ft. TOPHAmT |?OB RENT-VM kM ?RICK HOUKK No. r 100 WMtll., OwrrttOVTl. It pr*MBt OOD? pi?d by th? subscriber. It bM 12 rooms, witt (u and water throughout, ft fine yard, sUbM Ac , ftad ?? in aj;ood no.tLiH rinKx.. Apply to JAS A. Ma cruder. oc ?tt7 l/OR RENT.?Two new tiys* stor, BRICK F HOUSES with bftck buildings, oftch boesa oooUiDiaf I room, witft ?u, plsaaanu? alt?fd on Ulii itrMt north. MtvMn M aid N * * m>i moderate. Appl? to E. LAZENBY. oppoefte, or lo JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio aveaaeVTT twaaa 12th and l.^th Htrw?>t? n? 8tf 17>UK RENT-TM FIRST FLOOR of Ue bwU~ . iz.g immediate, y opposite toe *Mt Wia? oC tka City Hal .reoently oocupied by Chas. wallach M an o9mm. Aleo the front room i? ite second story aad the tiaru floor of th?jum Lu. d.a*. Pa terms apply to KI CHARD WALLACHTSo. 4 Louisiana avenne. ja U tt EDUCATiONALT SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, No. 217 1 STUBET.FiasT Wan. Mm ANNIE P. PEC*. Teaoher. Number of pupils limited to twenty o?ll?otoi T female education. HOSE Pa(tut< wito wish their dasiMsrs to re oeire a thorouch and systematic eduoation. where their phy w<?< traimne will raowife daily sad s?*oiai aOeauon, under Uie m<4l approved ? ?>m of Cta* themo* and Gymnastics, ar? respectfully invited to visit the L'nion Female Aoadamy, corner Fwi teanth st. and New York ar. MK. 4. MRS. Z. RICHARD*. au 30-tf _ Priy^i FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY &CHOOI* ALF.XASJtRJA, TA. Mrs. 8. J. McCORMICK, PansciraL. The thirteenth annual res*ion of this li^utattao will commc aoe on TuesJay. September lath. in Uu? house rceei.tly oecnpiad by 5*ylre?ter Soott. Em., No. 1HO King street. The course of study pursued will oompriea all the branches requisite to a thorough English Rda cation, ai.d Musio, French, Latin aud Drawing, ii desired. In add.tion to day tsholars. Mrs. MaCornuak prepared torcceir<?a limited nam Vat of pupil* aa b?'& J?r?, who. oousututinc a part of her own tmm iiy.will We ur'W her immediate oars and suparvi ion. She will end>-avor. a* iar as possible, to sur round them with the eoinforte and kind]# intaeooae of Home. Ki/rrmt**.?Rev. Gao H. Norton, In. Dr. Kliu Karuson, Kev. D F. toricg, William H. Pewt?, Esq., F.ipnr Snovden, tsj. Edmund F Wilaa, Van 14 ?!. r w M arlinrr loa I-*mi if : Ro^Ti:if?t'on,-EV .-\r.-fc-WHss; Editor Ereninefctar, Benjamin W*t*r?. K?v,Ja?. ?utwtci<*, Jr., Ksu .Cot. John W.Minor. LMdoaa, Mjmjte. fjTaokTJck * Marshal, Messrs Cor Bretuers. ^ EoarJ, with Tattiuc w ail ih? EniUik ttraaahM, $7*tor thn annua, session?payable semi aun?alh), in adraace. M 11*10 aud;is at Professors' ?rtoes. \ZJT No extra charges. an a ti <^lyS FO* STAMPING _ jfcSSl? A PACKET OF PAPAUl. Y" f AND KNVHLOPM NO ! TO MATCH. CHARGE) ^BOOKSTORE. PH1LP * SOLOMON*. yM M It 333 P*. >t? w*;. W aod ltb ?f pAMILlES WANT A HEALTHV 1>&1NK THEY WANT IT Pggj:^ TKMPKB ATB ?U COLINEAU'H T A BUEUEER IS THE TM1N0 U la laaa iatoiiomttnc than ewiar. aad la hr aara paiOabta a*4 atraacihaaiac. , Tor aala by all Grojafa, 8 oaata a [! f>I aaau a quart. aa?-?a / X, jNgSS^L. t? in c b?i%Ma 4H ??d ** !?y. 11 ftoid?Ua<l. IttoUtnl i f^KAT llARiIAia^ IN /flANOMw^Q** \l nio? nvit-oc i?? V*** kftvinc h*M iw H? ? **?* : k ?? OMOM ' " ?? 5D_ 5 SSS^^E^Kjh I aiturn inymtiCNif^F ---^l^L^crr |a?JV IWPtwwH > %?OTlW ON ANY GWD ?^r?K*N . 1 naiMkkMitHi for IKKH* KlU.A^* ^IMiNcl MtfcBkfklS^ Ifo.yTB Pa. WmJu??u*, HTJ. j N B.-Bchi>i aoldll o?r aii>l tow p>?m. w? f 1F VOU WANTto r* *<H>d Clothl**. f *rnttfc41 i?rofoirtSE!arsi?r

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