Newspaper of Evening Star, December 8, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 8, 1860 Page 4
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^v/'i A J I ' ? ? THE EVENING STAR. (pr The editor of <be "WaaUlneton War ! re ptctfoUy requested to Inaert the following in hi* aiiuble and wlde-apread journal, aa well suited To the prevent timea, and ?peclally appropriate at fea feat of onr Govornaacnt, and eapreaalTa of the MattMMiit of the good people of Washington. Indix. OCR NATIVE L?!?D. a !fattojial noxa. Mie*f4io fV? P*rri?i't Cuiz*ns of tit Umited c'-'" /nkn It. fftwitt Our Natira Land ! oar Ptativs Land ! Forthea,t-on :ns?er of the world ?dU ? << eiitwdeai wrsleed, WMA *aj?r 4/*w? ?id Ha? uofuri'd? j&&u otr- :" j;> Whn? a?rybr%?eh it dreaa'd in flow're ( limt kuisa! wu of the free ! Mtrik*. *V ika tM wjii frofa T rtMot'i hud, For ?o*?-for Fama-and Libeitj, For Ualou?*i.d oar .Native Land ! Our Ooaatri daar ! our Country 4*ar! AmU Fa?tu>aspurn thy hgij law? Uv> Free ic.a e ?y??.d and F.aadym's af*i fie wialdedia Disanijit's caa*a? 1 "rttr Fair? fields, aha!! they be strewed With Hrotherj slan hr broth*r?' hand..' bail fkMr<i rata* their m ma of Mood A|*tut Us Kui|n of ?ur aoU! HulU! *o. Onr ?tarry Far! oar starry WhoM Eaf l??tta enthroned h? light, Sbttt thou not vara uVr bill end c a<, TriviBpMMit in tn? hour of fight ? Lat hiin ?ho ?v?iU KaMiiitfb't cry, ia oirll strife, obo** tur.? to thee, A r&triot'* war will fi:l hia eye, Hie bright iwoid strike for liberty ! Huiza! Ao. Sold Aoaix ?t ihi Yaskkbs ? It will be remembered that Mr. Edmund Rufflu. of Va . baa a?nt a "John Browu pike" apiece to thirteen Southern States to incite them to deeds of dls union. The joke of the thing, however. If that the aforesaid tn.rtren pikes prove to be froru that Kmc extensive assortment improvised so suddenly as a speculation by some smart Yankee, after the John Brown rati, and of which an immense quantity was sold. Consequently, tbe recipients of the RutHn plk>*< are wording themselves up to concert (secession) pitch over a bogus provocative. ||TThe New York Sundiy 1 imes bits .Mayor ood and bis Thanksgiving proclamation in doggerel tnua:? CIV* THK DIVIL BIS DCB. It ? mn 1..^ > ft A? t\ 1 11 tl.A.A U ib uij juuguiem, ' cnea i.(uup, < nought lit our Jind To be thankfulfor now.asfrom Heavenly Hand:" That tuav be ? but the man to hi* friends should be civil, And, for personal favors, give thanks to thedevii' lL/~ At Napiervllle, III, there resides a jolly oldFrenebman named Beaubien, who claims the honor of having built the flrst dwelling ever racted in Chicago, when that city, now numbering over 1<JU,000 Inhabitants, was the abcde of the ltd man. lE^Ataball recently held in Clinton, S. C., the ladies passed unanimously the following ftaolutlon: t\'ioixta, i na: mm 11 lue las: bail wr win attend In these United States 0?, Mr. omei!fk.'?Tbe Sultan of Turkey, It is said, in view of bis domestic expenses and empty treasury, proposes to '-get up a loan." He had better go to bed alone?Bottom Post rrr- A chimney sweep strurk his boy on the heed with a acraprr, on Saturday night, at Medford, N.J; the poo - Ud bled to death before assistance was rendered. Phillip Hstis smashed Michael l.ove s akuli ia witb s heavy wooden pouader at Fort lagan., one day last week. U7" A babe a week old was left on the doorstep of Bishop Bayley's house at .Newark on Saturday WTVOJDg. |^T Flour 1* ?j sraree at MeSilla, Arizona, that It readily bought at ?I2 per 100 lbs. CJ"A Nejfro boy wai drowned at Albany, on Thursday, by falling through the ice. A hi RIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?A A Smith. DC; Lt Hughe*, L'SN; H 8 Stanford, Ct; 1 Williams. Pa; A V Swevringer, do; C A Whitney. NY; E Curtis and lady, Ct; Airs Anderson, NY; T VV Pierce, Mass. E C Fronk, NJ; Col de Russey, USA; W L Wlckham, Mo: J Wirkham. do; Gea J S Jones %nd lady, Fa; F B Lord and lady. O; A Sholl, Ill; B R Thompson and lady, Oregon; P F Story, N Y; C S Grock, do; G A Seaverus and lady, 111; MrsP 8 L'pdike. do; H E Updike, do; T T Hawkins. K?; ? D Sober, Mass, S W Raisbeck and lady, vV. st a HoIkim a* I- u rk^.u ?<- w r\A-<\ a | "?w v ??? ' ??| ?? vi*r 11? dot A Williams. London; J Mors*?. Me; G W BUfcop, Matt, M S Chaplin, O: A Wescott and lady. Kv; Mia Wescott, do; A WMlto and lady, M/iOSW Hal!, Md; S W Hall. NY; J C Hall. Mo; U M Lenmoa. Pa; A Hershell, London; Col Larn?4 and lady, I'M A; J Gills. Man; H MrGrea and lady, Pa; B H Cfceever, ttj; J J Miller, Pa. BROWN S HOTEL? R Bowie. J Marshall It Poole, Md; R VV Browning. DC, \V Brunhain Mac*; J Easier, Md; C Wise, Va; J Jordan. W il McCord, Trim; R C Boyd, Col J Langham. Va W P Seymour, Pa; G R l?atbam. Pa; W During Me: J Christian. C Carrlngton. Va; (i ^ton*, Ala T Daniel, W W McLean, Cal; W T Jennings, J E Terrell, V Sweeney, Va; S M CLapt*ll, B VV II bod. Md; J Trimble, Ky; B Heard, Va; J Owin and aoo, Md; J A Craves, NC; J Wallace, Dr F Kimtnerly Br E VVoorman. J A Ronald, J Ed xsonatoii, Va. NATIONAL HOTEL ?F Freeman, P?, Jni ?a 11 K< a VI A . a' LI. O..I. > i ?k ill if_ Hllfejuo, .i;u, \j> nuwieib, u J uetrneilltf, % o J P Md: W Tbackara Mn Bishop,MU Gear, G &ehmitt, Mr* Morgan. i*a; K K Mead* J 8 Hamrle.'- H O Haves, \V B Capentn" S \\ Wwki and ir, N V; J L Tertell, A. B Caldwell Va; W Hi net*. d.aas; Dr W E Woodward, C II Saddler. J \ Camalier. Md; E WebiU-r, ?; R t Font#, T?nn; 5 C Johnston, 0?!o, J 11 Taylor Com. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?W W Finney, 0 I Flcklln, Va; J King, C Bradley. Ark; Hon J J Statwortb, Als: M Watson, Va; Hon A J Hatull ton and fain, Tex: II Adams. Md. OCEANS TEAMER3' SAILING DAYi Feom tbb Usit*b Statm. Sttmmtri. Ltnvt For. Days. York_, Liverpool.,. Deo 1 ota Beii .^....New York.. .U.asfow Dm s From Kbeop? L'ni'd Kingdom .Glasgow New Yor< ..NovS New V vri Souui'pton ..New York ..NovS Ked*r Livorpjol New York....NovS fiouth'BtDD Ma* Vnrlr Hai i*r? Liverpool New York.. L)?c 1 fN1?? SouU>to*.?New York 1 r Va> 'itl nA I .1 WAfRiinl Mas V'n.b IU^ . w i ui? .. i/cc i U? California mtil iMiuwi luvt on the 9(1 lStfc. and Tit:: of everr month. UCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youth*' and Boys' Clothing for School an Dress Wear. Fl/nti and coardians wishing to fnrniah the children and wards with Sehool and ColWe Outfi for the oomiiif imuoq, ?r-f mvr.fd to oxamine 01 resect large and extensive assortment BOY CLOTHLN t*. wnere luey oan fat out their ohildr< ofali sizes in a few moments with every desost (too of Il?ady-Hiade t?arn:?>uU, of substantial ai 4anfrl? ? at very moderate srioea WALl( STEPHENS * co? CB ?-t1 __ 3v?a Penn. avenuf C ?ALTS' 1TY STEAM FIRE WOOD MILLS AMD COAL DwPOT. >eot tf StvtmUMitk itrtl. Mutt War D^pmrtmet WOOD prepared, length and sis*,tost the wilu <>t mcI paro^aser COA -KfcKT IN OOAl- HOUSKS.jrot^U frota tn? weattier?deliv4r?l rr?e fr-m iltt*, di aa<i oUn uiipuntiee. 2>4 . b?. to the too. T. J. A W. At. HALT, u ! tf 444 Pa. a*.. t>*tw. nth and ifth ?i? WO A H FIX TURKS. k Have in store, and aredai jr rtoMTmi, t/J .WXTCR JfSofenluaJjr New Pattern* and Oeeij aad Finish, superior in style to anything heretoft; oftrtd la tiiia market. We invite oitisens lenert M to ?ad aud exaieune oar stock of Uas and Wat r ixtarrs, feeling confident that we have the Lx ?tested slock in Washington. Ail Work ie the above Tine intrusted to otLr sa Will he ppjmipLj attended to. MYERS * MoQHAN. ?ar S tf ST* PstreM W_ _ TRAVKLINtt TRUNKS. K Hareja?t rsoetvad th? largest assortn>< *?S *VT.VW,t**.'*'>st extensive rtrirtiassv VA 1*K*. CA*P*T BAG4, SAXOHKLB,* la this ?itr? whioa ?? ir? ?.! t< at wrt U i?w?M. WALL. STEPHENS * CO . ??? tf 3;i'i P>. w?n?? LAKE HOUSE. b? r*nt7 L?r?ld, trantlftt from Ui* 6?mu bf liratu. 1 vo of ft Cointry Ptraon. 1 vol.; ?ri ftt Two BroU>?r?.l yol; *n *'.r? ""SSSftBAMfffis. 4^IBB*' Witt. MR AI n AND CL'IL WAN *jr FACTOR /, 242 Peon. ivenao, twi tk? <m Mr of TuirtMntb atreoL?A r?rj o?rapl?49 &mo m?: of Urairls, Curb, Fri*etij?, U\u;e???, * now oa bind; &J?o, ntade to ordoc X U? ?hort< doom UAir Wore repaired or Uken in eawb?iK ? H? NICWS FROM HOMK.-Ptrarg^r, riilti vul fir.J ?t our ?tortfD?t!jr Pspt frwRill ??1 f?f ths oountfT, .? ? ( >r n*xt JnarcB'y. tiul ?ta*r VVeekhM. By U BO tl BATC?KL4?R'c4 INIM1TAULK HAIR D\ j Arni ?.I drit ou?Tcil?t Articea, for u:s ?IB8e'3 Wu, Br%iJ. a?i Cut! M*;.j?K>torr, 5< f ft. u?*r l*fe ?. wo 3 am V _ . ' - > - , . . . MISCELLANEOUS. T in. FFRE, Li AND MAR1NU _ INSURANCE! RATH A KNOWLBS, INSURANCE AOENTS Omioi, Room 16, Ovn Bart or Wasbijioy**CONNRCTICITT MlVrUAU ArCTMCLA.T!OSI..~~ $8,900,000 fTr"k INSURANCE CV^PjLgWF THE STATE OF Richmond. c air* capital.. . .#300,000 nrptnnh [nsdran^k company. PllLlClUEU. Cafital a^t>8t *PL^t f JOO.ow OQODHUK INSURANCE COM.P A NT, XiwYtu. Cam .'apital.._ . tdOO.OM In the I%tUr, ail th* idm'uei or a mutual are t aiLed without lncu-nni the liability. : kHniN at M K>v rate* m ?n any other Maa?!y re?pooritete ?oniMr.iM, and pohoy hold sra allowed to fartioipate in f so profiu. do I ABNTff MERINO SHIRTS V* A>D DRAWRrtfl. . A large assortment Gtnti' Merino ShlrU end Drawers; also, Bore' .Merino Shirt*. Gents' Lamb# Wool Shirts and Drawer*. Alio? |arc*aaaortia?nt Woolen and Cotton Hosiery. kid, Silk, Wwoi and Cotton Gloves, silk Cravats and Neck Ties, Linen Shirt Collars, Linen, Cembrto and Silk Handkorohiefs, at our ueual low prices. HENRY EGAN, 431 Seventh *t, no 30 6t near Avenue House. XT A T S AND C A P g ' The j,at?j;t . New^^York ?t}.le of UE.^13- UHC.B3 MA 13, ki. now on hand. \X> Km The AMAZON HAT, faffS New tttjle, iu?t odomhJ. _ HP CjD . Mines' JOCKEY HATS, in Falt%?SH?l# as.J beaver. \g Jgy Ai Reduckd Pmck?. B. M. sTINKMETZ, 93G Pa. av., no 34 near oorner Thirteenth street. A~. GREEK'S EXTENSIVE V>, 7JP*t? Furniture Emporium. ' * Mr fneads and the fublic <n ge eral are re*p??t? full* informed that the suhscrii or ha* coiiip.eUd his stock otMAHuO \NY and W A!.N?. 1' l-UIINITURE and HOU9KFURN19HIN<i GOODS of erarr description, which he will sell *t the vrry lowr?t priea. H? euuiiierates in part? Ktwt d-sorl?tion of .Mahogany and Walnut Parlor *ud Chamber Furniture, Fine Painted Cottage Chamber Ssts, Cifpe's, Rues, RKiikrt:s, C >mforts, Feather Bed*, Hair and s?hoek Mattresses, Chita, Gla-s and crockery Waro, Knives arid Forks r.ud Table Cattors, Buckets, Tubs, Washboards, bifters, and every, oth^ ot Wood ami Hardware, At No. 5i*,oorn?r of Seventh and 0 streets, at the Big Sign. The pub'i is respectfully liivited to call and examiue tor theinseivas. A. GRF.KN, no80-eo4w Anot. and Commission Merchant. OiU UUlShRbfcrfcKS ) washin9t"n, g k n n g e-C*,# TOWN and vicinity. xm We invite the attention of Hontekeepers to our very large and beautiful stock of CHIN A.GI.A-K and KARTHKN WARE, wnich in now rendered complete in every derartineiit by our recent importations We deem it unnecessary lr> enumerate articles, as we have ev?ry thine that is usua It kfpt in the China Busiu?-*?, from rio'i decorated Kronen Uhir.a Dinner and T- a Sets to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and as we import the majority of our jnods, we are prepared to furnisn tho beat gua ity,either to the who'esa!* or retail trad", as lo*- a? any of the importing houses of B? itimore bngiish anl American Cu of superior quaMtv, AU<>, Horn, Buok and Cucha handle Cutlery from the came faotoriea, Silver Ware on 6ne Albatta, warranted, A lar*e stock of Coal Oil I/C.nipi, uum*rou? pattern*, Paper Lamp Shadea and Chimn'et, Cut Glas* Globe*. Hyacinth G'.asae*, Faaojr Articles. T? y?, &<! ,ko. C. f* FOWLKR & CO., 504 Odd Feliowe' Ball, bo 16-eo6v Seventh street. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next IJrawmj of the Roya! Havana Lottery, oondnoted by the Spanish Government, under the aaMrviaion of the Capt^n Gensrai of Cuua, will take p'.aoe at Havana oa SATURDAY, DeriMBka 15, 13?) SOHTEO NUMSRO 647 ORDlNAKiO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. 1 prise of f 100,000 to prise* of 1.000 1 do 40.000 to do too 1 do *MAX> lis do 40Q 1 do *>,000 Wt^roL tjoa 1 do _ 10,000 IN ALL JI88 PRIZES. Whole Tiokete. 930?Hltm, 010?Quarter#, 9ft, Prises oarhed it sif h! at s per oent. aisoouDt. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawi nt will be forwarded as soon as the reamll beeoraea known. All orders for scheme.; or tlokets to bs aAireaaed . to j>0n rodriguez, no S8-tr Care of Citr Post. Charleston.?. C. , qnly one month longer: Ij GREATER BARVAISS THA.V EVER' ' I Our stock of DR V GOODS muit t>c sold bef.>r< ' the l?t Jannar?. at *j have to give possession ol i the atore on :hat (lay. I We shall corntnenoe on the lat day of DeccmlMi to sell our large stock of? i Silk Robes, Light and Dark Silks by the yard, Evening Dress Goods, fine I?ac*s, ' Frenoh Embroi ienes, beat Kid (ilovea. Cashmere Long Shawls, All Wool Mousse aines, Lupin's Frenoh Meunoes, Black Goods, ? Fiae W hit* Goods of ereV* rteseript.on, &. o , 4.0. AT HALF PRICE. We prefer selling the above namad goods to ou customers at ha f price ra*h?r than run tli<s risk u : sailing the stock by auction at th* North. f DOMESTIC GOODS , We have a largw stock of Goods of D'>ni?sti I Mauafaeture, a I of which we will close out i y th< j piece, or in <4iianttties to suit purohastrs, at pre , cise.y what ttiey oost. TaBMa VJiraiMia .? I- ?? ? a ?'? ? i, u i a urwurj vrvanii nv - Bkl . ll rAll tooda delivered promprl* on the day ti F *a e. CLAgRTT 4 MAV ^ no ?-? 324 Pa ay., bet <?h and luth at*. BlNo. ?G9.1 V THE PRESIDENT 6F THE UNITE] 1 STATES 5 In purauanoe of law, I. j'amx* Buchanan. Prei ident of the United btatea of America, do hereb r.wjlareand make kpown that publio ralea will h held at the nnuer-mentu>ned land offioea, in tti 2 State of Abkaniai, at the period* hereinafter de? <4 igoatad, to wit: At the land offioe a* Little Rock, conunoneir 14 on Monday, Uie 17th da* of l>ooeml>rr next, for ih S diapoaal or the bliolanda heretofore unofforet <7 situated within the following townahipa. vis : 4 8outk of tin bat* ii*4 and t?*?t a/ tkeAfik principt 11 NMniiaa. 12 Townahipa U and 19, of rauge 4. 15 Townahipa in aud Iw, of range 6. ' At the land office at Fatxttevilli. ooramenoic on Thursday, the JBth da? of P?c>*ir.!>er nctt, ft ? tne di*po**I of the pubio lands heretofore uno fer?d situated within the following townships, \ij North of the bat* lin* and toett of th* fifth printip> ia mtridtan. Township 19, of range 20. |r Township 17, of range 21. ts At the land oftae at Claskkstillx, eommcnoii ir ?q Monday, the 17th it<v of December next, for tl S' disposal of the public land* heretofore unofien ?n situated within the following townships, viz: A'orth of th* bat* l*n* and vest of tkt fifth jrincxp meridian. Fractional township* l and 2. of range S3. _ At the Land Offioe at WASHiNa?ox,04>imnanaii on Wednesday tho 19th day of Uroembar next, f the disport or the pablio lands heretofore an offer situated within the following townships, viz: South of the bate line and toett of the fifth prtnetf U, meridian. The fractions south ot th* uid boundary line, lit township 2#, of ranges 21,24,23,24, K, and 2G. . At the Land Offioe at CHAXrxoxoLV, corn tne , oing oa Mondar^he 17th day oi Deeember next, f rli the diaeosnl of tne oublio lan js heretofore nnnftr situated wiUun the following t? wniaips ud pti of townahipa. vis: L_ South of tkt bate lint nnd \ottt of tktji/lk rrituif mori&itm. c Township 19, of range 8. r. Township 19, of rang*?. ra Towuahlpl9.ofrange8. u Township 19, of range 9. ?. Towaaliip 3D. of range ll. ... The part* south of the old boundary tins, of tow j ship 3u, of ranges 19 and 30. w ' Laods appropriated by law for the ns* of seiioo military and other purposes, together with t "swamp aud everflowed," will be exoluded fro ? 1 the siiIm i The offering of the above lands will conunen oa the days appointed, and will proceed in thee 8der in whioh trie* are advertised until the whe shall have been offered and the ?al*i Cioaeu; but i salea *hall be kept open longer than two weeks, a , no private entry of any of the lauds will he ad mitt until after tee expiration of thetwo wosks >W ; o; -J- W. -j. * Uivn Bituwr my nana, II IM Oil! "J WIIBiniU thi? l!tn <la? of September, anno Domini on* tiio tana eight hindreu and eixty ^ 1 JAMUS BUCHANAN. By the Proaidaot: l? I JOS. a. WILSON. M Commuaionaar of the General Land Offiae M NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANT I Krery pereon entitled tn the rlf ht of pre empMi to any ofthelanda witnm the town*hip* and parti townahipt above m*ntio'.t?d la r^uired to eata it. Uah the aama t? the a?t>afa?tio? of the regietar a .. reewver of the pro par Land Office, and ??ake pa ... m?-nt tbe-efor aa toon aa practicable after aert _ Uit< u.uee, and before the dap apaomtftl for t eotumeuoeuient of tlia publio ?*4e m the Ian4a ai .. braamg tha tract o I aimed; ntherwiee, im olai 1 ?U be forfeits JOS. S. ?|LW)N, ? | Cotainiaato? r of tk?0?Miai Laud Uttwa "ri No*?^-Ua4er the rafnlationa of the depsrtmei [? M herrl?fore Mw existing, no payment om t* dverttaia* prooLunationa axoept to aa 7. . 4- UPIJC AL Oa.RO.>a ?*v seven octave roa K. D ?ooJ om?. '?o* frarne. b*autifttl too*, 6 at flaiah, warranted PIANO for Ajiu 18 JOHN F.ELLIS, i 4* 1 300 Pa. ar.( bat. 9th and ioth ata TRUNKS, B00T3 AND SHOES. IJOMTS A_NU TO SUIT Wis We are now raftnnfectimrit'ftl! k!nd? of BOOTB r.ri 8HOLS, a.. J ooj.tantTy reoemug uppiT of tuurn road* work of everv doffln MTtftion. iiifcOhe txpreaaly to otdor, aaJ willr ! be told M ft nraoh. lower pnoe thin hfta boea* ilk heretofore obarged in ton city for maoh inferior Articles. Poroona in vut of Boot* and Shoee ?f autmi or ?ity mad* work, will aJ way a find ft rood aaaortmen In More and ftt the ioweet fc'cea. Sire aia eftfi. ?T*-r 114 ronmplv&nia arenn*. |?lVfS HUNDRI'D TKAVKLIN9 MONKS r ^ *'Lld "BRJl DroM and P&oSict Trunts. Qttr truiik^^^? ?*! ? room exhibits at tkia matMtVfcriety jfii, OOB7W1N TBCW MA MJPACTQAy, chasing aisewere. As I us* nou hut theKClfl best material th* market agbrils and Mopiov^^W the txwt workmen, I ou co&huent: j recommend my work to be inferior in Strength and DwrattJety to Trunks that are made in other ?itm and to id her* I keep constantly on h&ni, and make to order (on one week's notioe) every deeosiptien of SOLE LEATHER, lUOjf FRAME FRENCH DRESS m*d WOOD BOX TRVRKS: ASHLAND swl otktr TALICE8; TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, ?*., fe. Trunks, As., Repaired and Covered, In a workmanlike manner, &t short notioe. Trunks delivered in any part of tha oity, Georfetown, or Alexandria. s^VSftS&igls" 0<,i,bn"M FiM,L'' deH-lv JAMES 3. TOPHAM. mn a Tfia* i.wi.ii r\i i rv a v ciLf Hi iw uinPiti'iiiKi. FOR KING GEORGE. N Addition to h^r other regular landings, the Steamer ST. NICHOLAS, Cap:ain II ^ Gct, will hereafter caM to IhuJ and ^ take oir pa eengera at Chatf^rton*"-' ' tj? (Tayloe's) Landing, thus afltfrdirr ihw citixena of Ituu "?eor?c adiiitiouai conwnicncea for reaching r> >re, Washington and Alexandria, ns she coe3 to Baltimore every SATl'RD v Y, and Washington and Alexandria evsry rHURSl)AY. The s ea ner "Jaine* ?iu?" ?i.l not be ailowed to cime to the above land i"g. no 22 2w _ JOHN TAYLOE^ Baltimore and onio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOl'RS. On atd after SL' N DAY, November 2/lb, lHOTfthe trains will ran as follows : LEA^E WA SHINO TON : First train at*.20 a m. Seoo:id Tram at 7.4t) a m. Third train a? 3.10 p. in.. Express. Fourth train at 6 r m LEA rK HA LTIMOR E: First train at 4 15 a. in., Kxpre**. second train at 8.S? a. m. Third at S.!o p. m. Fourth a? 4,2.> p. ni., Kxsresr. The first, swin"! and third trains from Wash mgton connect through to Philadelphia aud New Y-'rk. The seoond and thjfd connect at Washington Ju'i tion with trains for t;i? Wont, South, aud Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napoiia. For Norfolk take the "? 4u a. m. trai . t-or tin accommodation of th* war travel between Washington and Lauiel, a passenger car will be attaohed to the lonntge tram whioh leaves at 3.4<) p. m. l)u Saturday the p. rn. train goes to Philadelphia only. no a6-d T. H. PARSON9. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN UjSLYS WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. f&Mmmw&mwem.i ALL RAIL ROUTE. Via Orangt and Alexandria Railroad fit I.VNPUHHBa. Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memp/Us avd Charleston, Mississippi Cetural, New Orleans a id JaeJksen, TO NEW OK.LEANS! i MEM PhTS"ROUTE: i Memphis by Rau, thenoe bj Pint Mil Packet* to New Orleans. MONTGOMP!R Y AND MOBILE ROUTE: Moutconery by RmI. thenoo to Mobile by Fuatolac* Picket*. Mobil* to Neir Orlaaiu by I Lake cieaisere i TWO DAILY TRAINS?stfhdah Ikclcdi*, Lnn VaifctaitoB at 8 a. a. and 6 p.m. 'f ho Steamer ttEOJIGE PAGE leave* her "wharf foot of HeivnXh cl t-3tf r. m. &u<l (f4< p. tsl. ami c&ni.?ot0 bt AU*mi<!iia with tf?-? 0mm* *ml Alea?m!ri\ Trains for the Soatixrest. *?uii*jira!iia aieuae, eoraer of Sixth ct. " > BA09A&K C.iiCtaa TMTJLOVZB ? XXW OIUUEB. Ljaoh^ar; ... #7 fc Momytua ill CO f Bnefcn Li V At'.&nU. K 00 Knoxnlle _ .*>?) M?oa - V4 oo CbaJUuoot* ,?.??</) Columbus Jil W Daltou? .at 30 Muationiorr ao? HnnUvilla 71?) J n? ivien.?his.a ? 8?-&cd JuccUoii~_? ttixS. Juflc?CJ 10 Mimllc ? U k) I \ Ti* MomI? . -?i op THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY UY RAIL r ft!' ^ 'i f ?CO MILK 5 SHORTER,*"4 U4 HOL'RB LL53 IN I1MK than any otliAr Li* 9?ti o I.ynohburr Katflneion 3 beiut now oomf.eted, &* &iao tha M)??. !??! 0 Csnuil, i;uU<>.? it th* - Q VICE. EST AND MOS T PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! ,j It U provided With Firat-olna 8lM?inc Car* i ( To New Orlvim, 79 Hoxra. TIUU / 1* do. I Mouttcnierv .13 do. [) V N?J>1*1!1* AS do. CT'Tl.e U.S. MAI Land ADAMS' KXPftZUi? ireukw over this New Liae. * Tickets can be obtained at the South Westers OiRoe, oorusr of Sixth stisot end Pennsylvania avecus, to thefollowmj points: Lynch bnrg, Bristol, JtnomLle, Atlanta. > Chaitaaooea, Hantsville. Grand Junction, >e Maoon, Nashrilla. Del ton. Go.un.bus, {fkWfe'EAgr"u" ""i U JTT TUROVOII TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS n&OINU UP KINGS. (?7* Omul buses end Barter# Wacom leave the ic offioa at? a. m. and p. ui. >r . JAMES A- EVANS, TlokstArent, K: rr.t 91 tr (V^mir Hirth at. Pr iv ?/ HPHE L!TE\MER JAH. GUY Will rammo b? I triy# on TUfcfi&AV, *? * JT?k F?bruarr. 1M0. Wi ; Ioat* WASH .fc?^Mb?Eg IN9TON arofr TUESDAY u FRIDA Y, at ?*?iook a. re., and ALEX A N I)R1 A '-Z it hmf-piwt o'oioci, lor C'JhKIOMAN and tii< *1 intcrmediat-5 L^ndirji. Oa her return tri??, iht " wilt leavft CURRIOMAN ortrj WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at < o'oloolfa. m. " NATII'L ?~a l! D r? ikT r\ Otru *1? ? ???? ? ?>'-?*? ?*? ? *? |yviiD vui/ iv i r# >v niSIVI * UR A1KU1 X r 04NAL. L'SK. ad Pries $i per gallon or to ctnti ptr boltlt. The vaat home and foreign demand ve have fo ' thia article auffioiently attesu iU purity ami exoel - lence Moreover it m*y be mentioned in thia ooa 01 n*xion that many inva'id* of delicateorganization enable to aae whieky of other branda, hare founi s- the above moat eifioaeiou* and happy in ita tneeti or A liberal diaoount on the above prioea mada t> ad the trade. F.DWARDHALL. ta Dealer in fine Wine* and Llauort, Family ttrooeriee. Ae.,opp.Center Market. oe2T-*oaot between 7th and 8th atreeta. OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of th; very latest ?tyle?, and in all eaaea made^^rf of the beat material. Call at onoe and ret^E obo oe. . At STEVENS'S. ^ bo 22 tf 3<6. Iietw. >th and 10th ate. n- r'LOAKS!^.^ CLOAKS! n \y CLOAK S!!! The Camilla, the Arab. the Garibaldi, la. TheRomeo. th? Zuuav*. a iw_... he 1'ho Riohsrd, ths bnciiau t?a?k, thePreaoh tUck >m With meny otlier new and beautifal styes u Rept. Treoo and French Bearer ( irtoi oe from ?3 6uto $?, to which we ask lb* attention ? Uthe lamea. no 17 TAYLOR ? HUTCHISON. Sd UOWK'SlMt'ftOVO WKlUUiNUHCALiEC ad U. To Me 9oal w ?m osfcrea to ike enblio a* th atoet enap e,Sarah.o, and r<\iaUe scales ever tot ii K'fKclfW awardedthoi It the United. States Pair and Virgmu Afioaltura Society; VirfiniaBtatf Afriwltaral FviJArankli Institute Pair, Penneylranii; Nror York 4Se Pail VeranoatNUa Fair, fee., <kc. In every cats vher exhibited they nave reoerred first olaes yremtami For ssaatlf Utiilatt arenas. Dmat at ttilUr* ? 12,000 m k. the attention of the pi; blie to oar larre and well M ?h ieoted etoofc of Ob am pasno and Crab Apple Cider .. wbieh ve guarautee to be pure iuioe, and will b n, |old oa r???oaable t*rjn? fn order to make root ,5 7or~*nc,.*d.. ti? Wo. <V >t.. It?.au?ut< . .MOT*. I.kilftl. ,, L* - _ JtrOMlIi-iMH ?. Wilt praatlae In t?> tlijh Coart of Krrorf aad ip - W 1MARIK*. DIARIE8! ce TT F- Hare a oomplete assortment of DIARIE1 for 1961, all aiiee&nd pnoee, BLANCHARDA MOHUN. tto |0 (tuUl.x Pa. ? . and Eleventh at. 4 ? if.{ l.-rto^T o?n# m0k ~ots.'l TT '? i' - MISCELLANEOUS , | -- -ill - - ? Tbr Amalgamation or Liw?rAO??.~ rkare i?? rowing lAiMiftaoT 1" tai? t*e to s^prornat" . BNt?xBitHivo wor^i ufotl*r Iaci^m.m^ . * ? a whil* 10 moorpars to tbetn into oar own; tl*-. J wot a Cmbalic. which Is froic the Crock, kifuifntur "for tha Tiead,'* ts new betoimag poaa'anst ?a anaaaataon wHk Mr. ?*al4laf'a frWk Head*.'" 1 raaarfy; bat U wiil aoanfea wM ta a mora faoaral | 1 wmj, Mu in w?ra Vui Moomf M ooimaoa m RiMtfotjp* u4 Mar U*r?wkoM . dUti actio* u foraign jrordi ku bMn worn away br *nUi th?y w*m "aativ* andto / ' ft v .; ' - <x " - v t 'ftrtly IdllxW. | > . ' tpr Hi aback* X til* Jkrorttt alga by which oafire mages kotru *ny deviation *Ubr?r f-orc HMNlI lUt* of the brain, and viewed ia thl.? light it may be linpinl nn aa a aafiaawi MillMW I to give notice of d)aa?M which might mmnrim Spa Attention, till too late to too WidiM; aad taioatioas ahould never bo ae*iect?d, Head* mar be o!af?ifed under two namaa. via: ' ptomatlcaud IdiopaThio. SymptomatioBead Mho ta aaeeedingly o^mmon and ta the preeureor of a great variety of diaewaaa, among whien are Apoplacr, ttoot, Rheumatism and ail f bnlo dtsaasaa. In ita r ervoua form it ia a* m pathetic di?eaa? of the stomach coast itu tins sick ksadaek*. of bepatie disease oon?titnting bilie** k-.admckt, of worm?,ooustipation and other disorders of the iOf el* as well as renal and uterine adVotions. Diseases of the heart are very frequently attended with Head aches; Anaemia a-d plethora are alao affeationa wnioh frequently oooaeion h**daslie. Idiopathic Headaahe iaala* very ooininoa, being usually diatinguiahed by the name otnervous ktadackt, aon>e timea coming on aaddenly in a t tate of apparent!? sound health and proatrating at onoe the menta' and phyaical energies, and ia other inatanoea it oomes on slowly, he-aided by depression of spinta or aoerbity of temper. In most instaneee the pain ia in front of the head, over one or both eyea, and aometi i.ea provoking vomiting, ander this olaaa may alao be named NturaUcia. For the treatment of ntfter c asb of Hradache the Cepha'io rilis have been loua-1 a sure and mf? remedy, relieving the rrjpst Mate pun* in a few minutes, and by its subtle power eradicating the disease of which fceadaohe is the unerring inuex. Khitwkt ? M;urns waists you to send her a box of Opha'io Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills.? but I'm thibhtnc that's lot just it raither; but per haps jre'll be afther knowing what it is Ye see she's nub dead and gone with the ?iek Headaohe, and wants some more of that same as reiaived her before. Dmttut.?Yon must mtan Spalding's Cephalic Pills. Bridget.?Ooh ! sure now and you've sed it, here's the qua ther and kit me the Pills and don't be all day about it aither. i?aiupen?n ?r UMiiTeBtM. No one of the "many ills fleah in heir to" is eo {irevalent, so little understood, and lonuoh negeoted m Costiveneer,. Of.en originating in eareleeeneea. or Mdentary habits; it i? regarded aa a light diaorder of too 'ittie onuaequence to exalte anxiety, while in roahty it ia the pr?"<.uraor and companion of many of the moat fatal at d danserona diaeases, and unless early eradicat> d it vill bring the sufferer to an untimely rrave. >monithe lighter evila of whieh Coati veness is the niual attendant are Headaoha, Colic, K lietnnati-in, Foal Breath Files, andotheraof like n*tnre,?h ilea long train oi frightfu. diaeaaeaauoh aa Malignant Kevera, Aboeaaea. Dyaentery. Dyapeps.a. Diarrhea, Apoplexy, KpuepsT, I'ara'vm, Hya'eria, Hypoohondnasia.Melanoholy and Insanity, first indicate their preaenoe in the ayatem by thia alarming symptom. Not uuirequenti-r the dis?a'<-a rained originate in Conatpaiion. but take on an independent exist enee nnlos* the cause ia eradicated in an ?ar!y stage. From all thee* oonsideratiou* it to lows that the disorder shou'd rroeive nmri<Hl>ate attention whenever it oecurs, and no perron should neg'ect to get a box of CephaliO Fills on t^e firat apvearanoeof the ooinplaist, aa their timely use will expel the [ inaiduona approaches of Uuecie and destroy thia | dangorous foe to human life. I A Real Bleulttf. Pk viicia*.?Well, Mr a. is tLat headache' Mrs. Jcjwj.?Gone! Dootor, all gone! the pill you ee;.t cured me in just tveutj minutes, and 1 wish you would eead mote eo that I can Uvt tUeia handy Pkyiutam? Yon can cet them at any Druggists. Call for OephaJio Pills, I find the* never fail, aiui 1 reoommend them in all oases of Headache. Mrs. Jon4i.?I shall send for a box directly, aad hall tell all my suffering friends, for they are areai bUssimt. CT-Ovkk kxcitkmcht. and the mootal eare aad anxiety inoident to olose attention to bus peas or study, are among the numerous causes of Nervous Headache. The disordered state of mind and body incident to this distr??alnr complaint la a fatal b'OW to a 1 energy and ambition. Sufferers by this disorder can always obtain ajetdy re w?f from th>*se dist'esai' * attacks by using one of the Cepbalio Pills whenever th* symptoms appear It quiets tno overtaxed brain at d soothes the etrain7. j i i ? * - 1 dm hujmuui iKrTN.kca relaxes m# tension of the ston.aoh which always aooompames and aggravate* Lae (lisor iltred ooudition of the biatn. T\tk!*tt Mtllioks * Dollaes Savxd.?Mr. Spa ding has sold two millions of l>ott)es of his celebrated Prepared <J.u*aad it la estimated that each bott|e saves at least ten dollars worth of broken furniture, thus making an aggregate of twenty trillions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by this valuable Invention. Havinr made his Glae a household word, he now proposes to do the world still greater s?rvioe by onrinf ail the aohing heads with his Cei)l?&lio Pills, and tf they areas good as his Glue, tieadaohee will soon vanish away like snow in July. Pacts wohth knowin?.?Spalding's Cephalio Pills ar? a tertt in eu'e for 8iok Headache, Billons Hsadacue, Nervous Headsohs, Costi Teases, Uesat Discovkbt ? Among the moat important of all the great mMical diaooveriaa of this ace may !>e oonauWea the eyetera of vaccination for prpteo tion from Mm an Pox, the Cephalio Pill for relief of Head who, and the use of Qait.ine for the prevention of Keve?-e, ?ither of which ? a enre epecifio, whoae benefit* will be experienced by eaffertng humanity loaf alter their dieooverere are forgotten. IE7" Did to? ever have t^e Siak Headache f Do yon remember the throbbiag templea, the fevered row, the loathing and dtegaet at the eight of food. How totally unit von were tor plea'are. oonvariation or etady. One of the Cepha 10 Pille wonld have relieved yon from all ti)? Buffering whioh voa then experienced. For thia and other parpoaea 1 yon ehouUl alwaya have a box of them on hand to sea aa ocoaaion requirea. v , NervousHeadache i . tloa#laAV*/> . U.U.UV11CI | ?~~? fir the of theee Pille the period la attacks oi ' Ntrvwms er Suk Htmd+tkr may be prevented; and if taken at the oomiaeooefaent ot an att?ok imme diate relief from paia and eiekaeee will be obtained. They eeldom fiail in removing the Nmutta aad a Htadackt to whioh females are so subject. J They aot gently apon the boweJs.?removing Cottivtuut. For Littrmn Mm, SnuUntr, D?Iieate Feoalee, i* aad all persona of tedtnttrg kabitt, they are all valuable ae a Lazativt, improving the t giving ton* and ?ager to the digestive organs, and * restoring the natural elasticity and strength of the D whole system. 1 The CEPHALIC PILLS are the reealt of long i investigation and oarefslly ooadnoted experiments, net-? ? wwh M nwuj jnwi, uanng wniou UlUfl they have prevented and relieved a va?t amoant ol - pain and Buffering from Headache, whether origi natinc in the nerve** eyttem or from a deranged tatfl of the ttmatk. , They are entirely vegetable fa their aomroaitioa, aad Mr be taken at ail timee with per feet safety 0 withont making eh*n#eof diet, tuui tke ?*Meet nf Ml tttegreMMe mum r?Utri it tmtp it admin tit* lAem *e ?A?Afcea. , BBWAEK OR COUNTERFEIT!!! The genutae have ftve tlgoMaree of Henrr C BpaUws oa aaeh 0o?. . , y - Bell by I>rvf gieta tad aH after Dealer* la Kedi A Box wttl If ?e*t by a*B OB reoelft oi ***'mTMrtC*. W CEim. ? All ordere ahoald be addreeeed to HENRY C. SPALDING, bo U-44wly 48 Oedat atreet, New Ywk. n - airr?w? ,ri ? r ^ - n rr ? o blhHUNK) tlVO? I ???????? MISCELLANEOUS. WMLKCHAMT TAILORING. t Invite our ciwowora.ami OlUxeua c?a?ts j, to ao iiMpec'iou of our pra*M.t ?; am vaiftkv* will Mil to order ia ii^en r--" I at i* M nrr low irisN. _ WALU 8TBPHKN8 * COO0? tf 389 Pa. ay.. hotw. 8th arxl 10th It*. rKANCIB HARl' K R~ ?4TI2!? "OTP a ' FAMILY GROCERY AND FKKD STORK. Comer jj Mom Yfti ?t??M mi< Tmuk / tr If*. Rttfio uu. V aojioUetke J>+.TX?*4* oi U?..*w mar be in vaat of any article in the Uort ,???. Hia tBdaardra chaJ! be to p!eaa? aod bra at: lot aU? a- > IM to the waota onfoe public, he bopea to ment a 1 iter* of ?M r patronage. |:IH|k&HT OR. AOL'DOfR PlAWO*?-A *< 306 Pa. a*., hec*h and lflta au Q|d fianoeat treat banraim. anH Qmcc ?kau? NOTICE 18 ^nStmm.'?itSai ably to tie pronaions of too ordinaire* of the Corporation approved Mar 12. I860, the ondortigsad it a<rr prepared,"whenever r*ilr?d in writinf. and on pro payment of the fee of I fty oents, to eiailn?, teat,prove, andaaoertaia the aoonraoy of raglsttaUon of%ny (as motor ia an? in Una oity." Kvary motor, lffouud inqorreot, wiil bo ooadeuined, aad another, aoaied and marked as true, wiu bo aetiaf?? place. If proved to be accurate in |?a wawNaiat of gao. it wtil beaealed acoordinjly, and a?aia ant inposmoa for nae. Oitt No. AlOHevenUi str*et,(near Odd Fal.on Mali ) Open from 8 a. in., to d a.m. CHAKLES \V. CUNNINGHAM, }j tt-tf Tmpoctor and Sealer of tf aa M?tiri, JMPORTANT TO HOUSKhJtKPh.KtL B. R. DURKEE A CO/3 WTiTICrr 9PIOBS. Guaranteed not only ABSOLOTHLY AND FERFECTLV PURK, bat troand from fresh Mieoted and cleaned by us expressly for the purpose w.thont reference to oost. They ere beautifully packed in Uufoil, (lined with paper,> to prevent luiurj by ke.*pt:.< and are (nil weight, while the ordinary e.ujni Spieos are almas: invariably short. VV> w?rmn? tiiera, in point of atreaxth and rinLcexs of tiavor, HEYOND ALL COMPARISON, as a single trial will abundantly prv?e. Manufactured onl/ by E. R. DURKEE ft co., 1M Pasr! st.. N?w V i>rt, WATCH REPAIR I NO AND SILVER WARE manufactory. I have ons of the best establishments, and furnished with a compiete set of tools for repair- Jpk inr every doaertptson of fcne Watches, and In] particular attention give to the same, by stPgMK t lorough oompetent workman -sud a. work oin i,i Udd Al o, avary descrip ion of rand*rd SIl.VKK WARK. platnandornamonta!,maaufactu'e<l uixior my own supervision. which my customers will find far superior ill qnakty and finish to northern ware old by d?al*ra in xaneraJ aud represented a* their own m&nu(actura. H. O. HOOD, aa b 33* Pa. avaua. p-<ar 9th st. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the lowea possible prioa. T. J. A W. M. GALT, 9S9 Pa. av? betwaan 11th anu 12:h iU., IM W-rf no'tK ?rrt OOD LIGHT! CHEAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT ! VARAPPIN "0""fftireC?BfRCHKLL, eo U * r*r>t? for ik ?. fJEDUI& SINPSOH'J W OLD \jf OLD \ 1 FAMILY RYEIFAMI1Y RYEfl Theskowpure WH18Ky,Corm Distilled from Maltsd 8i?w, be in* superior and uniform in guilty, and hirhly improved by ace, ? preferred by oonaamera to all other Whiakiee. ami partioalarly reooiume uied by the beat,* ud eLeislataaa eoaaeeainx all the requirement* of a TV*m Tonic I?wifnr*tor and Remedial Attn!. The Schuylkill Wat?r ol Philadelphia, uaed in the diatill&tion of thia Whiaky, ia proved by analy na to be the aoftoat and poroat Titer in the I"aited State*: and to thia say. in a treat decree, be attributed ttie exoeilence of thia Whi#kj. For aaleby FREEMAN * SlTlVSON. Phenii Distillery, On the Sohnylkili river, Philadelphia Oftoea? 96 Wail atreet, Nanr York ; 10? Socth Front atreet, Philadelphia. m?r? f? DI6PATCH! Negate tlie_Fieeei! Am teeuCfUi viil kt&pt*, * * u? w*U-r*tui*uJ fmmiiUs, it ia ?y dcair&ble to bava acne ci.aa? and eonTC/UflBt way for refftirinc Firtattre,Tor*. Croorary, *?. PALOMtl'l rilEf&KtBD QLCI meeta all auoh rnner(?noiM. and no hoaaebold ou JTord to be wiUiotit it. It ia aiwaya randy and ay to the a^ckiui joint. Them ia no loftfer a, oaoeeaitj for imipmi chajra, ajiUiKrrJ ?n??ri, Laadlaac dolla, and brokoa cradlea. It ia jest the arflola for oone aqell, and other ornamental work, ao popular with itwnr.a of retire!'en? aj.J ta^te. This a^mirtbia fronton ] tt?*d oold. belnf batniojiliy held ib aolnhon, a.nd froaceMtoc *11 ?? vtiiukbie <tiiUM of lfa? beat o&MnetmAkora1 fine. It m*j be mod in the pi&oe of ordibvy iQMikce, beiuf TMtir mors ulkMira. 44 USEFUL IN EVERY HOVI,JJ." aoootcfftiiM M&h bottlr WktUtmU' Dt^t, No. 40 Cad&r street, Nov York A? fctfJK&S'fc*. fit ip tor Dealers in Otoea oonUirJnx Poet, Eirnt,and Tvmto Domd?abe&atifa: Liuofrapii10 Snow Cwd acoompatj icg eaoh ftckagoinr A Mnrlo bottlo of SPALBINO'S PREPARED (JfPK'wili save ti?L tlmu its ooat tunmaJir to every ho*?boid.-TTI Sold by all fromlooDt HtatloEerm, Drnf fiats, 11 *r J ware Faraitara Dealers. Grooera. and Fwot tHorea. Qoutrr merohteti ahooid mtkt a note of SPAL v.?, -tW u\ <&G\A m? h{U* +d,? ih^Utr .?vjr ' * ^: t \ it ** ''*K?r V '*? ?,) /? S ^W*"' Q*+Uff^r*,r {*r'd W< 5 mftesssfiei.4! $p>*s^5s?m?^?4S i <l!ri | fl Mm* ?MI tfOi'vyvf . t??a? * iL. )'*. ^ fri.?i>*...;' JaU* ?I4l?tkt Ml'c M'r. /I <i " .fjk ,Y ?K?w^<i?a? ^HI rtwiiiiw u\ > d_V^n5 W. U? tWi??|o w? iliiumi , f ^1 - 3 $1 : -/ <m>.s *h CAUTION. I PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DALY'S iniuimil ii rt< uniiiiimi AnUMAIIU VALLtY WHISIltl W^HE^G^URE^OF ON THE UBEiTAUrOTH^ARE AW- IMtTATlOW AND A COUNTCRFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, SO LE WOPRI EiTOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAM SI NEW YORK. ' 10* BALM IN WASHINGTON BY I *-lj aAJLfiOCK 4 BttHMfce * * mm** ?? *bm *? * ; < ^ i k j? grpionrca. . A I2fi{ J .* * *J mtrinTK U?C* MOAMTAL, lt? iMfoll'M U4 *MI C?MM (MM! hft-.'+M Ut Wkii* JI .* WariA, rOR AL1- DISKA^F* OF i M I'tt L'DlINCJt. i*r *o DKLif/trr phsrwtiT. APPLY IMMfD ATHi.T. A LVha HAS RAM ED, 0* ho C*UK9M, lt> FMOM OA* TO TWO DAWS. .. ? W??k??M ?f Ul !*?> . IjuIMM tl??l II? ?f tk? t->.. (ft Mil IUIOii, i??.*uil7 lUiUtriii, laiMu;, MM ? ?! W*fli w iiMkM, <>imM W jm Itai, (Cms Hm? ?r ,U*.w?M?fW< tMI,fcMU4ta (mm. >M* T?rnk.? PliM4lt? M'MI f?t MW t*Mw M Drr<4f?l in r>?u?ev?? fu U>? *t<cin? Mr lurafi Mfin >l?. M twin k?u MW4 TUVNMKI fcyiihtiy vka km ?i*w ?f MM *r? htt4rM?IWw4 niwuwfcU vbiM nnyy ivupia U MUM'} ftkft Uo ?? ?? it lM.| V?l Wttl Mt ( Ulad viltr.u kr.Uut tcu'Uct, ?' i?.f ht tmi k<?? IILIttcM .UWlilf ????:* *t> IMUil/in W imhimi, nlkw M?U1 ik? ll??f *?,? > toll vnk fc:i ?M?! ??! BAllItS 'UIORIwT.UfKll IM rty, . rJiTffktt,, " i? (M jMCH MIM?VU<M M MM af ft. J. H? Ndf Mali* ? Li* mm ti k fill? u ?Mi-^. . J. IfM fcll ?*i:' ? * urricc us. t iini rmrrt mtn. ft kxr.d ?tdt/ f fnn lilitMrt m.u.itia <M? tNi / It* l?nr r?it Ml to Ami** ua< *?4 tiMM fcirm mm m pm u< mm* to tw| bl tommaroa, Maafctra ?ftk? U ?r* ??r|tM1 UIm mMm rr*?n *# #f Uic ima . r ?nt C?u*f * ?. *,?? *. tod it* fr?*icr f*rt ?f i. :m? !:N kaiLn >t >t? ?f L*r\^? . Pfeilfc4*!D? 1* to d *.?? _j_ Facta* Hn??( tha uiMt aa:a ' i. 'f carta ih.i vara KM tr<avn; BUif ira?-.aJ ?iu m ILt ?tad tnj I,n ?Ha -aiaap, pa" mimmw a.*ri?au u Manila. kaao'aT. ?? ?i" frtq??u; W.*.' . g, *.i?. ! 1 U't Vttk ??ncfaa(iitafuiD<, tira tin.' laaalUii.i. TAKE FAMICtUA* ITOTTC*. TNef Man at1 aia wha fci?a tr.'srcj t?.*b>aal?M k? a Ml Hi' |ir?fiira il-1? jtd in *Ma al?a ?? ha kit fraqaaauy laaroil ft# - a?il caufnwi, M at atk:?l, ui aCatta M vkkli ara lali ataii ??aa aa.aa|s i( tat iua4. randara rerrri-ja tn>p*Mibi(, v.i daaiMra twi aJad u4 ka ahaald afpiy itri-adiaiaiy TMH ?r? ?'? NCia ?? ?? ? afiru prv^Mti ky cartr U*l?n? Wmih mi W??kn?M nut Buck **4 linta, hiu lull*# Mod, Ihimih c." i ft'., Ljm *f V Wiii&i Ptt it, P*ii>ii*bA>i >ftkl n?!??? 1 rtu? ? !t;,Dl?n|irrm'. tflhl Dij ?. r? f at,('.;t>.i,(t>lul rs? *?, O#C?l?:i p!lWi, A-. MKNTiklY.-Tnihirh! iIiium u? -?*? > k? dr?'.4?<* -1.0M of j.riiin?n af Mm, f Sprit*, kill f S*ci*t*. iwhi U'ltf B*.:;nd?.Tm)di-.7l itt .m wai Hi ifiii < >?<!. RUTOII DKIIUTT -TkNualuti ti* ii4|? ?tai la :b? c*M? ?f th?-? tf.air ?ifM, k* ^ luiiof viii, fill, MriMi u< iaii>i;il. ii'nii lu'i'ii apyacrtuaa aWai lb* *y*?, 1. * ayi. pun., *f cm-iu^uw DlMCAtES OF IMPRt'DCMCX WUn tt? litjaidaii and mtraltnt --aurj ?f )..? * *. 1.4a ha fcn tha audi (f tla p ><M <* ?! , tiut tAii happa- i that at. ul-umad him of ahaa.a aadraaii af ?iaea*a*y dc.ara lam frarn af pivmf :a tlioaa vi.a. tr*?. JBv.aio ?i.4 raapai.ubui'7, cam alaaia tafrtacd iu?. Ma f-IU lau Ua handa af lfi.erai.i cr.d eatifi biauotfara a!.a, Ic;.pava af carmf, -k bta paca&iar; it mo:it haap hia tritiLj Mir 'J\%t nciiih, ar u la..* aa Uia aauallaat fa a caa ha a? lainatl, -.o4 id daapair laaaa bm with ramad tii.itiiui a?ar tiia galling t!iaap{.a.a.unai.t; a* t>jr tha ui af that daaT'f liirctr;, Luod t?ia cat.1'. iiumiI ajnj>Laar*a W UbM larrtbla ?wci u Alaci.*>a o'tfca Maan. t' raat, Nat a. hi'. .Ac.. prvrraaaai f wiUi trtfiffmi rapadjtT. (ill paia ? aanad la bia draadfal aalin::|t aaadii.f hii-> Jih?t aa dl?aa?araJ CMbtr; fraai vhaaa r aa ititiUr mim PL jouiuiiUHtny roa i-aoAHic ?tiuui AkD IMPOTkWJT. 7 ttla fMal ud inca.iai.t rticiJj wiihow af lha nai u? iptidtlj earad aad fwtl ?>far raaiuad Thaaaaada aKha aaaa: caraaaa aad daMhiatad, vha had laa? all haM. h??? haaa uarradiataly rahaaad. All tapadinaau ta Mainaya. Phyaiaai at h'tau Diaaaalfclutiani. Laaa af I'ra*iaat:?a Paati Iir.uL. ui Traoablu g ?rd WiulMN SLUtltwo d Ui twlH.At kiad spaaadily mil km ixtukmurr or r* * rtcti THE MANY TUOUlAliUa-m* audit ipr. tMMa *nta Iki lati aa'auiaan iun, aad ?- 4 nantnai >u ftruM mwMJ tp?rau*ut tarfariatd *j 1st Juumu, wiia.a**a by ua la^tntntf iba p.fat* uf ? ?) Mktr ttrmi,uu?h nt viKk Na?a aapttrtd tf*n .|iu Mlwa tb* nt It, b*al<iat:**uijJ (tit ft.uaaaaaa wt Iklnlut ud Mil? lUy, u a itlt.aui |untu? u Ua iSitiad la* tt y R. J. BOVEE IMJDT! IMPERIAL WISE BITTERS, Ar? sow bttr g asod from Maine to th? ?r?i Ml l^airs, Uin iriTni; <r?liot of a:! wuo in them *tther m a aniv~r*4 or aa a tiMroiL i* titkl tner ars id the world. Dr. dou m*4 tbeiii FuooMbfk^T la k:a practice for B **ar? twfora vc pnrcnasci ~>i tiai tte a??e r.ii.t to ma. ; .:r and ?rr?sst tksu for a.e U> toe i ? h.k;. For tin oore cf Inetyint Ccu*ai?tiOE, lcrLieattOb, J>yapi^aia, PUm, *f?rra*a DimuM. FemaU Cow pt&lEt*. kt>A at. csiaj rr? ; atome, th?r are baTC'.d 4t ati( * MMi l?T%(a*ble raci.e-.y. Aaide f- ?r= lh9ir u.->iio-ifc ?ro?art.?e tne* ara a rare, vhoi*acir.e ud ?1M; jl: If* J B?T*rafS, ar?tlnclnf ax the tlfeM&i.: axaL-sraTHic ?tecu of Brar;y or Wim without their iQJurioma rwnita. Let ail friaada of um%zitT ??< adrooaloa of temperate vmi D( in aubatitulnf tbaae ra. ja?ie V?fatabie Bittera for tee Muirii r*itmu ac~ L*mmt j. jrith vine: u.? ooruti; La and Ujerafcy afte<j-ua,ly aid 1c UMushing Diaeaae aau Drnbiroaaa <!fc? KLES WIDDIF ELD fc CO., Pispr.Mora.T8 WllJan itrNt, Nnr itrL J. iOB WAjtZK. Af?at, WaaMnctoa, IX C, DR. J. Doffcs DODg IXPEliLLL GIN BITTERS. For Dlaea?e* < {tiie K; Isera, B adUer aad Irykary Orr^na, and eapeaially for reoa> never fail to cure, aud arc irarranied u> (tra eaUa iiAtinn OHAXLfcS WIDDIFIKLH ft CO.. i'ropnetora, T?? W> iiaiu rt., New V?il, J. SCHV. ACkB. V jtT lyj ArCLt. ftwhiritin, D.r JOY FOR THtK.CK AND ftKJKRJNG. LET ALL WHO AKK AfFLlCTth AFFLT THE KEMEDY REJOICE *IH HEALTH. Friend, do yo? suffer.' Are you the victim of icy of those nnmeroua ai:n;e;.u viucfc ans? from im turity of the hlooU!1 \\ uai ?** 'ixy, dr you ; RaLier *k\* llat are they not ? The 1>UkM is the source of ill* and it ii> the Lrst e'.omert of oar being tn respond u> t.r.r oaa&a Vhiob %3eee th* system, aa tb<> to>e ? My arteeU Theevef prevailing Neuraie'.a, the imautng h-rr?'the obtie 8orofu:?. tuo mw.:i fihe. Metisa, Net vous itotuiity. Dtapopnia, Lavcr tk.inj.vnt wn.h u torpor ana dejection, ara t^e iu?.'jti>ei tiir.l "VJR. fTucu lu.TlrTle-Tw:? "nWtSi" j^fTTTnT.ii. U(* Woc<5. i)tmJ kindly tha* *"? iert-1 Trttn t&e Wed. U?? tha vitaii?::.* rwuswn of riuaro . rtUai?l, ami fcfTrr as to anaimend to y?ar ovabdaoaa and bm thai trolr niMMi1 ra?no?4^?ut kaova aa JNDIAN f?uifjkk^b^rnrfioN. Witu. regard to ttua ilui.ict :t:v!iwe srsoiltc popular rentiirert ha* ?j??ken in d?cida?! tarm#. aad u>? evidanaaa of ttua gr?at cftaaoy ar*> ?< taicod by oomiatt avowals offu.rau a Hfaot* and tL? hapr ?<t r?au.u froiT: iU cm? ^r? aT>ar )! otkar I rem<xi)?i. ai>4 tiie ba?t mf.ioc.. ?ki.: ka^a faj ?L \ Lat a* car, in coiuTaaioa, tli*i oartitoftoa 1 caret are cot tonilit ft.itr th* :ll!t?rata ard saaar fioial, but thoy ar* TuiantaaraJ fr.nn th* ai >ef ra M^lxsia LiMreM ir^_irtbl. iu ' vtuoh it is ?OMib:? to mo v*u*b:e r ^ .bo u> p !>'? approval. W* ibay aju kie t^at the curative prop* LiMtilut ntedic.i* arr ?*ua.i*I only by its restorative Pd*oU. the i>*t ra r?oc??ricc froiBilieeu* vith r?ac*m ronstitutooai ti*w*. ( For sa e by all reoaootaVlc Urujri?U tn Uu osty. and by tpa piewidnr. M K?. M COX. Moo* taafuaa unless ber naiue is hicva ua Ux boat aud bar aaa! on the oork fry f'rkoe f 1 per bottle, six bottifs for &. ? wiiol' -aU Attn:. R. ?. T. CitMtL. DrurtM. ? orcrt^wo, D fl., Wholesale A tan: for tka Die mot, asd will aapply U>? trade M mj pnott. ? it?y 0u??lc.,mui,Iri f)NU fvii MONONSAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Couaoiantiouaiy uiattiird t>j Mr Jtmat Haraaida. cf Aiiatany CciiotT, 1'icni.. la u?a old tashwwxl honaat war, fron tiia ohoinoat and moat raraiaiif alaotad Rtc, and in 110 ca*e e??r uJrr+4 Jor aala until adapUd V> whnlMomt aae ar* It la at ono?U?# ro?*t palatal-la. a* it i* awphattaally aca of tba pareat bavrragna in tha raaoh of U? paNus. To tha Invalid, aa wan a* to ti.oae la h?a.L, U couinasua itaali for tta ocr;ran?d qua'tbaa aa a timutaft of tba aafact auraat. and moat haa^$oa< t d*aonpnoii, and many of the mo t d latinraiah*'1 phyaiaiana ara uair.g it in tbair practioa with Ua happiau raau'ta. CLKMV * STOCK DA LK. Fro?rM?ora, Agent for tba Fr?pri*tora. 9ti F^. aa., aa N 6m oppoafte Willarda' How. pLLMBKKa AN1> tiA? FJTTKK*. J. W. THOMPSON * ro. Would ca'l tbe attention ol wat??r takar* to th* ir I tptl a?aortm?ut of Future* ttacaooarv to it? trW-> daeti-m,aafoi ?w*:?HITCH N BANiiU*,B*Tfl Tl BS*,._*V*TKit VL<_t*KT9, i?T .WATEE I HUILERS. ttirUHkn ?iNk^ fi UP!*, r?i fr?a. Ir.>i<, i ' ad atU <iw" A"' **!. TER PIPE?, WYDdA.Vr* amiPAVK WASH ER^. RCB 'ER VOSK.te Havin* uj-^r-or &dvait**?a, wilt yf*fMci. k owl?"lfe. wa prepuMl to tatr?dlM? Wilf into dwa4!in*a with a''l tb- i?t> at i * *? nti, ftOVfilf. 104 tl f.'MM ISfcJ OkrMt ful lo Htill) . 8Cy r*nn. kmui, no 34 dlMar 1 bet. 9lh and l?th aU . aocUi ama. DIiPO>T*? olrpTPOWDER, FVw aaJa at mnatoetarer* ?rta<?s by JOHN J. BOttl'fc. Gbombtowm.U C_ Sol* Am?u* ftr tk* l>v hd ?T i'JmM. A tarcaa?P?-V amt>r*p*a? avarj *an t?, a.w*ta on hand, *&c deliver*! fta* to all pa?t* of ibe !> t-iet, Order? oai alao be loft at eb??*?oeof A<te-**a* Riyr?*i C??m?a?!?. Wu.iinrt^n,IV I *?t t?wi? F^lTTt, HOP.*, Daily acoairiM l"** and t we*t. ia 0o?H?? pack? 0k"' Heray^** SiSs. I v 1R I* KtMiknr* Pk.i* HsltuMtr*. ?42 JACKSON. j>L4sr?;<?j[s. . Puixv. Armi, im>. *nM lith ?y??f. > l? EW And ?Qr?)? IB *rr.L CM? Iffctf !.* .. Hm ^ Coracr m 12tii and ti utrMto, WMkifWii oiW. CJ* C?jJI ?U> f"f *1? fc?a^ of C?B4a. M ?-*m j ic???sWE" 1 hi? A P* *r? k NJiW PI AN Oft. M low M ?175 Ud **. *? JOUN r. ILLlK 3d? P?. ??., b*w? r ** I and lOUi ftth BM|

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