Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1860 Page 1
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# w (Eftmittg ^lar. VSt. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 11. I860. N?. 2.439 f ^ - ' ?? ' THE DAILY EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, <e*L'.NDAY9 EXCEPTED,) AT THE ITAA UViLDIKOS, Ccr^er of PeHmryiv+Puicvtnus ind 11*A it., IT W. D. WALLACH. in p%okaiM by carrier* at |4 ? f??sr, m 37 <*nte p*t month. T* mail nh*eriber* V ? ?-io? i? 9'uVi a jsir. m? aAfaTtr; $2 for ail v?tlm #1 for three months; and for lee* than -r?onU?? at the rats of lioents a *?k. Hmjl* eo?'*c? ore c?5t; in wrapper*, two cknt?. (?7* .\!>vxRTi<>M(Krr*s*>ald be sent to the office tw>|cr? 12 o'oiook m.; etherwise they may not appear until 'he nest day. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS. Correspondence of The Star. Gioioitowx, Dec. 11, 1M0. In the Board of Common Council, on Friday e*?*nlng Inst, the resolution exempting from taxation lot -27)1 (enclosed with Trinity Church burial gronnd) being under consideration? Mr. 1 enuey asked Mr. dtake if be bad further Information. .Mr fUake (aid tbe understanding wa? tbat .Mr. Tenn*y was to bring the law repealing tbat exempting church property from all taxes. Mr Tenner asked if Mr. Stake would rote to % exempt tbat lot if he (Mr. T.) proved that It was not exempt by law. Mr. Stake ?Certainly not. ilr. Ttnney said be bad found tbree laws bearing oa tbe sunject Tbe first was tbat of May 4, J I I. ctiurcu i?ru(nrky uuui ?u w?Ar?. The second that of May 30. 1W2, exempting cerbtu church property from payment of all taxt-s except for cleaning and lighting th? street* Ttie rmperty tbua ext was the nunnery, lo's !i? ;o 2S.i, valued at *->,0(>0; the Presbyterian hurial-gronnd, V ourth street. 9*250; and the par* ?<>:iat;e of Congrena-st M P. Church. *6<J0 The third and last was the law laying a direct tax for kvU. wbicb exempt* - public burial-grounds and koo?e? for religious worship," and repeals all acta or parts of acts inconsistent therewith. Mr ^tike said the repealing clause evidently applied to a direct or general tax, not a f ont foot or other special tax; so did no* repeal so much of the law of Mi as exempted cbnrcn property from taxes not direct Mr. Trnney said that point had just occurred to him while he was read'np the law lo-nlvht. that > It did not apply to street taxes. " Bat." said be, 44 the liw of 1SII exempts all real property now K l<>ae!a< to or held in trust for any church. Did Trinity Church own this lot hi lei 1 when the law wawpaaard Mr Stake thought not. Mr. Tenney said that the Presbyterian conerevation had a fair claim for Bridge street and Market sJrret improvements. as the property on both street* w?s owned by the church In 1811, and they toad paid their front foot taxes M r Stake thought the law of 1911 was general, ar.d would apply to any church property until its repeal. Mr. Teeney asked what need of the law of 1U12 then, unless there waa a doubt of the Nunnery beJue ch*rch property. Mr Dunlop waa sorry all this ground was to go over again He had thought the matter was disposed of last session. He, for one, had recommended the passage of the resolution on principle; uot because there was authority \Y bethel ur cjiruipkivu xaw wc? rruoicu VI uv? mauc ui dtforrnce to him Burial grounds were for th? public benefit. and the principle was a good one to exempt them There were only two in town, be believed, and he would sooner vote to ex inpi them than cburcbcseven, becausechurches nalgb invest in parsonage*atid other property. Mr. Ff^rson woeld call attention to the liw ol l-^ ftvor of the Presbyterians,exempting then from |>ay Uieat of about #25 front foot tax levied or the Fourth street grave yard, and about the saan amo'int in favor of the West Georgetown M K Church for improvement of Fayette street Hi wanted no discriminating goine folks think I Catholic is the devil, and the Virgin Mary n< more tUau she ought to be. He wanted all treat ed eaixal. Why makean exception of tbe Catho lie Cnurch in what has been granted to others * The fact is," said he, " I have noticed taiaspiri a? urnrk k?r* amnni/ in fr?r m?nv rMri i ir.iri of persecution There waa the Know Notbtn| rLank about Catholics If we bad not bad th* d, t.?ey siy now, we would hsTe been victorious And ao on down to the gfeat L nion party, an< thrv bad played bobba " He went on to say b was no Ronun Catholic, and all bta relatlona wtr iiterred in Protectant grave-yardi; but be wen In for equal rights. If all were made to pay b Lid no objection. We bad enough uses for th money Here waa Mr. Kngliah wanted for th Gaa Company, there were many other wants, ant not-* bid to be issued to pay expenses. W# wer verv extravagant, and yet we bad no parks an< Kei/ir*. I 'nAmr l^nl whan \lBtTflP AH 1 ?debtedneas wa* $100,000, now It is #230,000, arx the Lord only knows how mocL more Mr Tenney >ikr4 Mr Dunlop, u a legal gen tleuiaa, if the law of 1811 would apply to propert Acquired since ? Xr. Duotop said it wooid not. Mr. Ten^y wanted Mr. Stake's vote then. II (Mr T ) was willing to give exactly tbe sam privileges to Catholics as to othes. Catholic were very politic, and thongb in a minority then s**.Trs, generally managed to control a majority Tbey w re toe most successful set in the countrj \\ h??n this Iiw of lull was i:assed thev had raor property than all the oth"rs, but a small sop of f-5 front-Coot tax w?a sjiv-?n to toe Presbyterians Tiij wis not lufllctent; the Catholics were not yet m Ufled, but get a law p.isard tn 1842, exaiuptln the uunn?ry, valued at gj.uuu. At the same tlm tber are exempt froru taxes on this S~i.OUO. tb Pr-'sbyteriaos have exempted f'ZSO, and the >letl Protectants A small sop thrown to eect and the Catholics, as usual, have the best of lb bargain lie did not blams them; they were smart set, shrewd manager*, and though In a rn norlty. wsuagm to control the Democratic parti and may yet control (be Republican p*rty. U shook! not be surprised to hear of Old Abe1 dining at the College a week after bis loaugun tlon, M J*mn Buchanan did He mi in earoea be did admire it. and only regre ed hla own d< nomination (Prrsbyterlan) w<:s not to tbrewc Tbey now rorne here to get you to release othi property The Academy of Visitation was e: taipt.d?a large school at high prices Mr Stake said there was a large public scho< attached to the Institution, from which they g< 110 pay. Mr Tenney kaew nothing of that. They hi a large school at large prices, and paid no taxe while our own feliew-citizcns, if he might be a lowed to use the French termination?Miss Lri| li?b, for the same kliid of school, was tax?d ben lly He would treat Catholics exactly the *au as Protestan's, and tbe sale of a few groceri rror- or less would not Influence him. Mr. Fear; on asked if tbe Academy was in tl Corporation now? Mr T#nn?v \fl tip Mr Fenrsoii Then what are you talking abou Mr Tenney ?At th?- gentleman says, wben tl law was repealed tbey alip;?ed out I tinned pe' t on remonstrating ??a!u?t the act of Congrci aud o*b*rs did who were prssrrlb* d for it. A ah. dealer in Iowa, wbo used to aell aboes to t j'.ipi 1?. ?nd wb?. signed that petition, never to any to them afterwards Mr Tenney then spoke of the old Dutch but lni ground being left off the table of the Tax C? lector by n former clerk; wben Mr. Stake said be was surprised to hear t gentleman bring a charge against Mr. Mountz Mr. Tennev said if he made any charge It w unintentional Mr Mounts didn't know it w part of the Presbyterian Church property 1 (Mr Tenney) did not want to snake church pre trty a sourer of revenue noraaource of ex pet either. He w?? not willing to take money out tbe town treasury to improve a church or ehur property We ml^ht aa well pay for a railway anything el* as a street improvement. Berst we did wrong once it no reason we should < wrong again. Tb? Catholics bave bad more tb their share; more tbau tbe others. Gentlem talk about being opposed to troing ia debt, a not wanting to lasue nates, bat it seems they doi object to taking money out. Mr. Fearaon was aorry to bear bla friend pie aa innocently. if he bad alwaya been so econo In), we nli(ltt k*? *??l t$uu for opposing C Roberta, *5U" morr to Mr. Addlaon for aiot rouetr papera; and 9900?[Long Bridge exc ?lon?reporter,] making tl,500 That's the w tti? town geu in debt. They might ?upp. at a dicUnce that we were making flue park* building brldjjfi- You wanted to levy an ea moui tax oa the Academy; their f. lends told thi you would make them pay three tlmea; the v w w llms *o pay nearly double 9350, but would i be iuipoaed oh; allpped out, cared in, and I you m'.nua Mr Make waa torry tbe time of tbe Board 1 b?en takeu up with a aermon or political ?pee< He only aaked for equal nghta ana justice and I listened to charges, hints, and innuendoes ag*i hi* ChuPrb Mr Tenney.? I dUln't mike any. Mr Stake ?Any one mikli; the le?st pret' sioas to Catholicity would have so construed y remark* God forbid I should assail any chur I know mv duty too well and intend to do It am opposed to any proscription Mr Klu( was one of the three who oppoi this resolution before, and be now disavowed . feeling against Catholics. The gentleman (' Pearson) Mid Csthulloi were always opp> bete It is the ooiy ci'erch that makes claims Mr Stake ?llow many times have claims b made here' Mr Kin*.?What other church has mads a As Mr Tenney savs, too have the lion s share Mr Stake said th# Catholic Church property extensive; was on a corner, and on that ?rcc considered m >re valuable. Mr K1U4.?Ym, yoa have more property, 1 for years got a separate portion of the school fu \V bat other church tmt got that' Mr. Stake.?All get It now but the Catholic*. Mr. King tald If wu because they would not avail themselves of It. He would give Catholics very iota of a fair share, but from the examples presented here to-nl?ht bv Mr. Tenney they have had more than a share. It would be the fairest way to tax all and notexemptany. He irouldglve Catholics a full share, and yield them more than they claimed, or a right lo judge for themselves In ralijflous matters The Hign street improvement had coat S 13,578, and they petitioned lor it, and it cost the Corporation S30 36, to come out or the town treasury. He could not vote to exempt this lot; it was not a burial ground, only going to be. Mr Fearaon thought that Georgetown had gone wild. When a family lived too fast It hud got to fall We bad gone too fast, and were (till going too faat. Be then pitched Into the Mayor; after which? Mr. Stake called for the previous question by ayes and nays; when some discussion ensued as to whether the question should be taken on the amendment of tne Board of Aldermen or on the passage of the resolution as It passed this board before. [Tbe resolution contained two clauses, the first 'sculpting lot 872 from the treneral tax, aud the second for IKJI8 75, levied for improvement of High street, and passed this board by a vote of 7 to 3. last summer, aud waa at that time amended In the other board by striking out tbe second clause.] The question being taken on tbe psssage of the resolution (both clauses) it failed to pass bv the following vote: Ye**?Mr*r?. Dunlop, Fearson, McCobb, Pickrell. and Stake?5. Nay*?Messrs Dodge, English, Hill, King, and Tenney?5. [Messrs. Dodge and English having voted ays before, voted uo this time, wulch made the change In the vote ] Mr. Plekrell wanted to explain hts vote. He voted in the affirmative as a sheer act of justice He voted to exempt his own denomination on principle, (>1. E ) and for that reason would vote io exempt tnis. It was an act of justice to these f*?ple Kesait f the Ritnlatisn Fir* New Re pablies [From tbe Cleveland Plalndealer.J Since the right of secession is claimed by tbe South, and conceded by tbe dominant party In i tbe North, it is proper to look at results if South Carolina can srceae for any pretended cause? he i self, of courae, sole judye in the case?then Maine can secede. So can Ohio, Michigan, Minf nesota, or Oregon. If one State can secede so can , another: and, as a logical sequence, each State > can coalesce with other S ates, and foriu repub> lies of one. two, or twenty out of tbe original fragment* of this Union. Now, if this 1? to be the prevailing doctrine, we t would propose the following list of confederacies: j Kkpcblic No i. f A southern republic, with all the slave States, i save Delaware and Missouri, the latter, in fact i aad feeling being a western State, and will soon ; be as fre? as Ouio, with New Mexico and the Indian territory. , The staple productions of this republic would i be cotton, tobacco, sugar, nullification and mg> Republic No. *2. A western republic, including the seven north> western States", Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska t The productions of this republic would be t wheat, corn. beef. Dork. Dotatoe* and DODular sov w ' ? * a mm ? j ereignty. t Republic No. 3. The central republic, Including New York, 1 Pennsylvania, Now Jersey and Delaware The e latter named tittle h<u elected a Lincolnlte to ( Congress, aiid baa not niggers enough to-day to t run a respectable hotel. e The produc Kia of the central republic wotflH e be a great variety of cereals, cider, paulc-maker* e and politicians. i Republic No 4. r The Poritan republic, including the six New 4 Koi/Und SUtM r Productions ? Prayers. priests and pumpkin 1 Rkpcblic No. 5. i. The 'Pacific republic, Including California, Y Oregon, and Washington Territory, with the eventful addition of Sonora and L'tan. Staple#?Gold, grizzly bears and babies, e Here are republic# enough to suit seceders, and e when any ol the States are dissatisfied with their a new unions all they will h*ve to do will b? to ?- raise the fi?g of disuuion and march to a more ' congenial section a la Merit ana. r. Hurrah for the multiplication table and the * n#?w Ameriran rpmihl!m ' 4 - la Lzoaliti op Li.icolnis* ix N*w ? I- WlliiHm Harris, who wurecently arrested In New X Oleaas, tor expressing a preference for Lincoln, 0 appeared toe other day before Judge Hunt, of the m 1st District Court of tt>at city, for the purpose of 1 tjavlcz a hearing. A larva crowd was in attendk, auce at the court Col Field remarked on Frlle day that his client had been seized la the street a aud Incarcerated without process of law, and that I- '-tuis system of oppression must be stopped " r, After I very full hearing in the case. Judge Hunt le remarked that the case wm closed, aud the At'< torney General said tbtre waa no charge against l- Harris. t; Judge Hunt?The court sees no legal ground* r- tn this charge for the arrest of a man who casualI. ly apeaka his sentiments to a friend as to whom he r would vote for, and therefore discharges the act cuaed; said casual remarks not being understood to be in earnest at the time by the informant ol against the accused. ?l I' r~ Th* New Vork TlinfS nvs of a r?Dnnnta >d tlon of the character of Richelieu by Mr. Booth In that city '" It w?? curiam to notice how every 1- passage of the play which bore upon the love o( If. country, loyalty, patriotism, told upon the feelv 1 uga or the audience Especially waa this mantle fret lu that memorable pnsaage, when, trying to ci lift the huge two-handied sword with which In hla youth he clove ' an Knglisher to the waist,' tie the Cardinal found he could not even raiae It now iu bin old age, and causing it to be laid aside, tottered to nis chair, and grasping a pen, exit* claim -id: h~ ' The pen Is mightier than the sword! . Take away the sword? M States can be saved without it.' or For some minutes after the delivery of these word! he the progress of the play was stopped by the cheeri Id upou cbeers, loud, long and repeated, whlck arose from all " y. jj. JET" The Rev. Dr. Armstrong's remains, wher mhiect to a Dost-mortem examination. disclosed he tu? carious fact that a portion of bis lung* had been destroyed by consumption and the parts had ? healed over. Home twenty years ago ha bad aymp 1( to ma of consumption, and cured himself by Win He tag and horseback riding, since which had ex ,p_ perienced no reappearence of disease. This sfeowi tbe curability of consumption. of tIT* Three yeers ago a small quantity of th< ch seed of Mexican silk cotton was brought to Nev or Orleans, and the variety has been cultivated a ise Water pool, La , a few hundred miles above Nev do Orleans. A shipment of quite a number of bale an hss been thiaseason received at New Orleans,anc en told for cents per pound The staple ap nd prose bes the quality of Sea Island cotton. a t 1X7" The Ueardsley divorce case at Brooklyn N Vis a drawn gime. Tbe^ury Ind that Mrs w Beardsiey did marry Dr. Mauon, but they ais m- And that Beardsiey himself committed adultery *# consequently tbey give a divorce to neither party ?> and both stand as they were before with the dli ar* advantags of Utm mutual exposure. Laruk Caioo AT Ciamlbstoii, ft. C ?Th ahtn(i*n farkhill rliarMl at OhirlMton. ft. C on Wednesday tact, for Liverpool, with 1,54 * ' b-iles upland cotton. 19u bag* SeJ Island cotton 50 tierces rice, ami 5UW buahelt of corn?approxl jj mating to 9118.UU* la value. Left irr Parson ttrownlow, of the Tennessee Whig Slug* down the gauntlet to the secessionists. H nd tall* them that '?- hv one desires to do htm a pei Ch sonai Injury, h? %rbe found at hta otfice eve* .nd day la itta waek excepting always the dahbatl Bst He will not light on Sund iy. A> Acdacioos PaocaiDiNo ?Madame Knglisl a notorious fortune teller, has cauaed the amst < ?n- the ^t Louis Chief of Police for obstructing iw our buslnesa, by sutiomng * policeman la front < ch Ltr door to warn the credulous. 1 new "Vigilance Committee" of N?r Orleans Is severely bandied bjr the prrm tor 1 14(1 unwarrantable action in ordering persons wit hoi nT the shadow of a proof ef being abolition lata, froi ** the city as has been done la several cases of late. \pr Pro feasor Agassis says tbst a grasshopper . , organs of hearing are his legs. Of course, whi in do ibt as to threatening danger, he la enabli _ , t Jutnp to a conclusion and a safe position at tl ' susie ume wts UIT The San Antonio (Tex ) Herald has tl >n>it fallowing : The Lost Star r lag was thrown U tl breeze at 4 o'clock p. m , by a committee of cli and hw Long may it ware. I?d. (CT Ninety-two persons art knows to have p< ished daring the late severe storm en the Ukas. MISCELLANEOUS. NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENVJK, N?xt door to day's (late U. S.) Hotel, bemctien Third and 4i streets. G. 6. EVANS, in order to aoooramodaU hia legiona of cuatomeri throathoat the United State#, haa located A BRANCH STORE of hia widely celebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE la Waah'atton City,at 4T? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where can always be found a complete atook of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATES AND EUROPE. 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He He kw on hand a lot of OOOKINO and othc k. STOY KS, which he will Mtl lass than oost. as h tj _ wishaa to g* r)d of thgjg. bo II DEAR MEAT I ... ? u VENIION! i tr"*1 *" shmi&l. MISCELLANEOUS. Gas Fixtures, THE BEST A9SORTME >TEVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY. fioae who de*ire to Ml?ot from new patterns, the advantage of a reduotun m prioee, will early and examine. would also oall the attention of persons abeut introducing cas it to their dwellings to our inor?a*ed faoilities, and consequent low prioas, fur this branch of our trade. Inciting all who desire their work donepmmptljr, and free from cas 1> akax es, to ca 1 at at?? Pa. avenue, between foth and 11th sts.. south side. r W TirnMpanv %. no Furs! Furs! AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I have with striot care personally attended to the manufacturing and selection of the following Fur?. Mr lone practical knowledge of the Fur Bualneaa enablea me wi:h oertainty to invite the 'adiea to gooda made from fine and fresh caugtit *kina. Such aa Canada Mink Sable, Russia Fitch. Siberian Squirrel, W?ter Miuk, French bable. . Childrena' Fara in great variety. Fur Trimming* of all oolora. rioea very moderate. v*. r. rhYNUijRi no 19 1m Georgetown. Window shades at first cost-The stop It of all kinda WINDOW SI1ADK!% at the atnreof''LAGETT A DODSON,in all aiiea, oonaiHtinc of elegant Gilt, Landscape, Gray Pencilled and GoUuc Style*, ii peihapatha most oonapl-tft variety to be found any wnere in thia oity. Al*o, all width* SHADE LINENS, in Buff, White, Bine a>-d Green, with all th? fixture* Also, PICTURE rORl>?, CORDS and TASSELS, in sets, for Picture*, Pictare Nails, with fiumy and plain head. Also, beautiful tidies, in all aizea. At eoat Tor the cash. no37 eo6t Cl.AGETT A DOD^OS. QENTLEME^iS^^ madf CLOTHING Our present assortment of GENTI.EM KN'9 ?EaDY-MADE CLOTHING ' flVrg to oiti*en? and stranters wishing an immediate out fit supe nor inducements, emhraoin, at thia time, all styles and qualities of Dress an 1 Business Garments and Overcoats in al'. van*Ues. Fine Shuts and Under-elothing of ail kinds. Kid and other Glovaa of best qui itjr. goarfs, Ties, Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery, Ac.. Ao. All of which we ai* offering at onr usual low prices. i w? VsIOiniuz mvi" onior in 'n" mini suyonui mann-r. WALL, STEPHENS 4 Co.. no 16-tf 33*2 Pa. avenue. yy NOTICE! *l-^ fS^SB I witk all gentlemen ^;mJ> to bear in mind that the plan which I ^JK^EjUivtoptcd, six yesrs aco, of selling HA TS and BOOTS at gr-at!y re duced prices for cash is in puceessf?l operation. J nit received a full supply ol the latest New York styles of DK ESS HaTS. The very finest Hat 93-80i a first rate Hat 93: and very good.fasuio -able Hat S2 50. All of tho latest styles of soft HATS and CAPS, at the very lowest prices. I an oor.stantly sappied with a very large stock of those fine DRKS8 BOOTS at ?3.75?which 1 hare been selling for many years?as well as the very best qualty of Patent 1 .eather GAITERS at. 33 50. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from $2 to $2 So. Terms cash; no extra charge in order to offset bad debts aSTHOnY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh stroet, second hat store from the corner, opposite Avenae House, No. 340. SB 14 am 1TAKK NOTICE! WILL Take a'l kinds of Virginia money for my book debt* and for Boot*, Sfco-s, and Trunks. Ail person* indebed to me wi'l please ca I and aettle op. or I aha 1 beoompeiled to ?ive their account* into the haada of a oollector. 8 I'. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa av., between 9th and loth atn. PUKE OLD RYE WHISKY.?On hand aerera brand* of Par? Old Rye Whltky. Copper Di?tilied, inade by the mutt rtthab.e dniiller* in Pena> jivania. Maryland an<l Virginia, warranted pure, Alao, Imported linuidiea, HeoneaRy, Otard. Pupuy % Co.. Julea Robin*, Ac. Also, Peaoh and Apple Brandy, pare Hoiland Bin, o:?4 Jamaica end St. Croix Rom, and Wine* of every variety, all of atawtard brand*. A choice lot of Guar* and Tobvoo. YOUNG X KEPHART, A*ent?, ap 14-1 y Pa ?r.. t>etw.9th and inth ate. m i'tebv vnnnv 1 HE Sub?critM?r offers for a!ehia?t<<ok of MARBLE MONUMENTS. TOMBS, GRAVE ST"Nf<Sand MARBLE MANTELS at reduced prioea for oaali or approved note*. A" er.rlr oali it Solicited. WM, RU r HER FORD. Marble Work*, 338 L at. north, oo 17 Sm iw?t\regn lith and 13th. WO ALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE. 883 FA. AT., 11TH attd 1*TH SM., North aid?. Mill ardL Wuarf foot of Seventeenth at., m* 17 if n?inw W*r P?Hrtm4rL I A WM. T.DOVKt CO. r\RK Now prepared to exooa^i any orders w.i) wli'.oii the; row be invorr- in tlte PLUMBING. ?AS OR STEAM FITT1N0 BUSINESS. C7? Store on 9th street, a few door* north of Vu, avenue, where mar be found a oomalete assortment of CH iNDEUERS and other OAS, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. ia77-ly ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS NY One de*irinrFr?iiht?muohor ittl??Barrels. Ba e?, B?xes, Bandies, or, in fact, an* tbn.g, Mi traa??port?d and delivered Wetw?e.i Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, mar rely implioitiy upon the EXPKESS WA'JONS of the undersicned whifthrun regu'arly every <*a? between those cities. Order* entered upon the nates of h i expres* a' the "Mar Office, at Baron'* G^oocry Sto'e, or at E Whaler's U*rdwar?f tore, will bepromptI* a ttenced to, and at renr mod?*r%te oh*rg?s. T. H. xTlLLWKLL. no 14 1 "n (Late Otborn's Express. Dr. schf.nck'S pulmonic syrup, Do. HBA WEED TONIC, Do. MANDRAKE PI U.S. For sale bp 8. B- WAITE, corner of Seventh street and Louisianaavenue. Pile* of Sjrup, #1 pf r bottle. Price of 8(?a \\ ee<l Tonic 81 per bntt'e. Price of Mandrake Pills, 25 o?ntH p.-r box Those afilioted with diseases of the Lungs, Liver or Stomach. acooirpanied with paics in the Haok. Or east or Hide, sb?oid try Dr. Sohen^k's Medioino* and are referred to fh* followint oer'ificve, ons of the m-viy testimonials of oomplete oures in Dr. Soheaok's possess on. No. 417 West Fifth street, / Washington. D. c.. Nov. Slst JWm Dm. 8ch*nck? D-ar Sir: I suffered much Jar several months with Lirer oomplaint, I was per ?. friend to trr ?our Pulmonic t*Truo. dni Mand-ake Hill*. 1 a?n nuw qiiiti we!l,un>f believe ynur medicine tra.i the ntfann of reitorme tn* to health an t vigor. Theref. ra I take much pleasure in rooonunendinj it to tho Publio. M. S. S? no 32 l?n LTURS FURS! T FURS! On* of tho laridt and Lne*t stacks ever ofT*!*! in W*ihin?i?ii, ^ ^ Svble Minka. Ruitai&n Fitoh, ""jHg/if .nHBGw^ ftibir'n Sttairiel, ik <L<F^*Hc^ French Sable, Rock Martin. ff\ - T* Chinchilla. ?/Ti;W Al?o.lar<?etook OARRIAGK ROBKS. Fura Rrpair?d and Altered at abort notice, bj ai old, expsriencad hand, alt cheap. " A? mr atock la very large, all I aak la a call. All Furt aold at my eatabiiahiuent warranted a< repreaented. HOPKINS*. __ Corner of Sixth at. ana Pa. av. [CT Stan Whit* Bkax. nosr *w FAUIK?' AND MISSSF>; rilr'at i n J^fcTTl ,|L) - un.uic0 Aim Frtsh Arrival from New York ! < t re?b Arrival from New York! Cheaper than K ver! wKS2aH CtiM^?r than Ever! *^BrwW FUR TRIMMINGS XflglftPSi 85 and 36 cents per vard. -?>T^Cw B. U. STINEMETZ, 238 Pa av.. no 84 near oorner Thi rteenth at. MONEY! MONEY!! M O N E Y!!! Not** of all bank* taken at par for Good*, and complete cupp'y of Fall and winter Wear oa hao . for eaah. WALL, STEPHEN! k. CO.. Clothier*. no n ?w Pa. avw. bet. 9th and l^h *t? I RANKING HOUSE f ..SWEENY, RITTEN?ttO*TB?, FANTkCO. jvitl opM for ea?tom*ra, currency, mi . VITK1BM moa?J UCOUOU. Bay ud wll ?oiua^d exohanf*at the moat f?To ?bl* nUm. Curreiiey aad Virriaia mooay wantad. no 24 I I pLOUR, BUCKWHKAPOTATOES, AI 500 bSluii vv h.u mVtmt Potato**, # DENTISTRY. j I II Ml ???~^ M teeth. , . TFFT&*2t ^UPU* oi uw 1*11 !i lk a l i la i i i b f. 1 hi teoda persona ly at hit oftoe ib this elty AaflBBw M*n> periuui o&q vur u-f?? teeth whu 11' M cannot wear other*, and bo paraon oan ir. ar othara who oannot wear theae. Persona cal.i^c at >qy offio? oan b? aooc rc mod Hod with ai<* ?ty!? and price or Teeth th?y may deeira; bnt to thoae who are partiew'.ai and wish the pnraet. cleanest, strongest, aod moat perfeot denture that art can prodnee. the MIN fcRAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Koomi in this out?No. 33$ Pa artnia, betwaeo 9th at.! 10th ata. Alto, 907 Arch a treat, Phtladai phia. oc lAtf D DENTAL CARD. R. MVNUON Ha* returned ar>d restated hia profession. I ftoe and house at 463 E at. _ > third door east of Sixth. In addition t oirery o? Uer BDP:ov?>d style. Dr. M. kaa ee*^-'''13 tMth on vulcanite Hw for the iMt th'M jmfi and, from exp^riei.oe, knowi it exoa.a all otl??ra, and la bne-thirrtl??? in pnoa than gold. Hia old pairona of Waahuigton. Alexandria, ard Georgetown are r^apeetfullj aoJoited to call, an 25 e?>Ty ~ CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? ? i' airtei, bttwtn a?4 lot* Sirult, We hav? luet haiahed a number ol firat elaaa CARHIAOK-!4, auoh at LitKt Fnnr*r Ifomi, Furk Fksatons. Family fVif lBDSK riaets, and Bm*ifj, whioh we w;il a ver-r amali profit. /(meg praoticai m?ehanio? in diflereat branchm of Uie buuoMi, we flatter onreelree that we k^<>? the ctylea and ?o*Hfy of work that wi'il aire aatra faction, oombining lightneea, comfort and dcrabin ty. Repairing or?mpt!y and oarefnlly attended to Uie ahorU at notion and moet reasonable oharree. WALTfcR, HARM ANN k. BOPP. Coactunakere, auoceaaora to Wm. T. Hook. ap ST-dly T CARRIAGE*. HE Saboenbor baring made additional* hi factory, makirg it bo* ou of tb* In the D ntnot. vher? hia ficilitie* manntaotnnnsCARRIAGE it WAGONS of ali kind* cannot bo aary***od. and fropj hia lac: e?per:sr.ce in th* biunoaa, L* k?Hi to g*nenil s&tie.r%ctie*. All kinds ol Carriage* and U(kt Wag ana tft * hand. All REPAIRSnaatly icB*,aadall*rd*n yrtaH CfcrrfcsMtfckjciaex?totie&r ? A1?i?2 iTS-fcV HE v HBp M|]m| 'pHE OEM OF T H L REASON. I have ttii* da* reocived, per Kxpni, the Lat?et Sty*. or GENTS' FASHION A BI.R DUW HATS ; a!ao. a larte and fall sopp y of FR* NCI1 SOFT HATS, cf ail atylea, lor Men and Boys. A? air aniortment of th*ce guoda ia large, i ahail ael! at xeee<MnR t low prioi?e. A ca'l where you o&u get exao'ly wi at you wact ia aoi.cttM. HOPKINS, Conner ofSiath a*. ar* Pa. av _jco 27 2w Si?n of the WV/# Bear. Df J H. Me LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLl?OD PCRIFIKK THE GREATEST REMEDY tn t/u WORLD, and 'h* most DkLICIOCS AND ? tK> delightful ^ fcf It i? trietlr * ?ei- ^B5 ( Stf jftS tQUic and V?f?u- ^R/JUEf bl* Compoond, [roriil?, Wi!^ C'trry V? Dark, and Dao4<l'oa HH r.t*f? ii.ta lit eou- Mf j remedial principle feAjH. j of eacfi in*T?die?t U Mure taU^gTSy m? SSSSf^T taking. 4iaul!injr, prodocinr % diliwosi, exbil&rttinf ?f int, aj?4 :bt ?? ? infftliliU rtmftdf fof renoVMibf thfl 4 LI &* <! Tttin. ami reeterinf il.e ai -k, isffaruij, u'l detiiiiaud .-Valid M health and etreuftk. MeLKAHTS STRKXOTHEXIXO CORDIAL Will faciaajlj ear* L??er Complaint, DyoMpata, Jaaa diet, Chronic or Werroae DeSilitj, Dieeaeee oftht Kidoere, and all <ihum artetaf from a dieordered Li*ar m Btomek, D/aparate,;.mu. Inward Pilea. Acidut or Btckneae of Uia Plornacb, Pallnaaa of Blood to tn* Head, Dull Pair or Sviraminf in the (lead, F?lyiuii? of tba Heart, Pallceea or Weight in tka bion-i-ch. Soar Erncutione, Chok'.nr or affoeatiny Fininf when lejirr down, Drjoaaa or Yellow, naaa of tka Bkia and I|M, Ni^it Bviata, laward Peaera, Pain in the Small of ?ht Back, Cfceei, or Ride, Bmlden Pleebee of Hart, Uepreteion of Spirite. Prifbtfal Dream*, Iinti^lI T, l7tlponiitrii^ "? aurrn, com vt Dlotrhn au Uil Skin, and P??ar and Ara? (or L'ki.i and OYER A MILLION BOTTLES bun old d?ri;.f (at lit; ail taotiibi, and la aa taatanet kaa It fail it in firiaf ?ntir? ruftction. Wba. than, will lalir Iron Wn>mu or Datiluv wbm McLLiNI TRENGTHENINU CORDIAL anil cart job 1 Ha lanf mrg* cm eonTiy an illi'jMii idu r+ tfel namidiili and ulmaa*. minea'cai chaiiffi prodoead by thu Cordial in tbi diiaand, dlbiliutid, and ifeatttnd mriaai tyitun, wbilhar brokin down by isceu, viak by natara, a* impairad by i.cknm, Oil ralnid aad aoitrauf affanilatian ii riitarcd in iti priiuni hia!th and flfir MARKIE9 PERSONS r athira, eanic>aui cf lnalilitT from wh?t??ir ciaii, will find MCLEANS 8TK.KHWTHICN1NG CORDIAL a tharsugh :tgimralor ul lb I ijilia; and ill who may ha?i tn laru ibitbiiini kj iniprapir indcljn en wiil tad la thu Cardial a eirttir rnd ipiidv TO THE LADIES. MCLTAWB n'KC^Ir'lHLillriU U'JiUIIAL II a ICMt ifo ?nd epeerfy care far Incipient Coneampuoo, W huee, Ou'.ractld er DifleiJl Mtoc.rm&tioe, It.'-eminence of Crtoe or luvolai-ury Diacharfe thereof, Fallu.f af tka Wotnb, Giddineee, Fainting, in J ell dieceee intidfet to Femalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Safer no knfer. Take it according to direcuaaa. It will etimmlate, etreugthen, and invigorate job and MMl tka bloom of tieakh to meant yoar cheek a(uo. Sear/ baule la vuiuud to fi?e eattefaction. 1 ft)R CHILDREH If *ear cuildren are eickly, pan* or afliclad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will ii<eke them healthy, fat, and robaet- Delay not a moment; ir? It, and yoa will be caoTtcced. it la daliciaae teiake. CA VTIOH. Be rare af drag ftata or daalera who may try te palki apon jnm torn Mttor or Mratptriilt traaa, wrncn may cu d?t cha&p, bTMrnrh Utwtunot. Avoid rack aaa. All for MoLfcAN'B BT&EPitiTHKNINU CORDIAL, ui uka aothinr alaa. Ic U tha only raoiady that will porttf tha Blood tnoroagtilr ar.d at lh? aama tint atraagthan Uia yatn. Ooa tiupooanl ttkn t*?ry morning hitiif n a canata praraoti*a for CWitrt, Chilia aod F???r, Tallow Faaar, or in? pratalaot diaaaaa. Itiapatap in Urra bottlaa. fnca dIt II par bottla, or * bottl*? far fS. f H MCLEAN. Sola prnpnator of th'i Cordial; *iao, MeLa&n'a Volcanic Oil ) Lialaul Pnacipal I>a pot aa iba earaar ?f Third aad hia airaau. It. Loaia, Mo. McLean'* Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BlfltT LUflMENT Of THE WORLD ) Tha only aafa aod carcain cart for Caacara, Pilaa, Ta. mora, ftwa 1 imgt aad BroncLila or Coura, Paralraia, Naa ralfia, Waoknaaa of tha MaacUl, Chraaia or lalfnaatar; Rhaajnaliam,Buffnaaa of tha Joarta, Contracted Maaelaa ? Litanmta, Earaeha orToothacha. BraUra, Bpratna, Fraat Cow, Woludi, Ulf?r?, F???r Bora*, C?k?1 Brtmt, Sort ' Nirplaa, Bars*, Scald*, Sort Throat, a* aay mltnaaua m pain, no diftronca how i?'tn ar loaf th? Aucaai ma 3 K.t. xii:*d, McLEANK CELEBRATED LINIMENT it a certain ramrda. Thactaadi of Waar being* k??? h??ti caved a lift af di* cropitsdo and miaary by tHa aoa cf ihu iaaalaabl* remedy. Mr LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pua aliaoat twin an aaa? ly, aad H will claaa panfy and beat Ua faaieat wni m ao ia credible thort nai FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT u th. only ear ft and reliable remedy fat tba cua af (ftna, Ripoai 4 Windfall*, Sphnu. UnuaturaJ Lamp*. Nodee ar Swallii ri It ?e?er foiled la ear* Bif Htad, Po11?tj1, Fiaiaia, CTI< Ran a lag Sore*, or Bainj, if p*periy applied. To praia*. Bruieee, ScraMbaa, Cracked Heel*, CWn, B*4dl - ar Collar Oalte, Cat*, t?**, ar Woatida. it to aa IaifaUibl remedy. Apply it aa directed aid a ear* to oenaia la aver Jaitaaca. W Tka* ufla aa laarer art lb the maar WTftleae UtiMti d I ef*nd ?a yam. Obtain a eapplv af Dm. MCLEAN'S CELI I agirin i.iltlMUIT r?r. ? J. H McL?CA<?, Mt fMMW. Cwmi Third u< Ptal Ms., %. Loau, M*. _ CKARLB STOTT, ITSPi.k .miuiu u Wukai [p M?; *. - T.CW?EL.O?rr?to??. ? M rHWly Go To 2 tVe>H^K?f>i'teCNo. ST ' ava& SjWS? g&KnS G*?m, *?.. the fiBMt Mflortmmt clTarad N fure m Uu 60 orl|^ THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. ku MI teiovatf U ur *Wi m nMMM Fn4?y Mniif. Tiemimwartrnkt*,4a MhM*. oofi. H? ? #1 Fir* oopiM ? ?? ? n T? OOplM . __ . ... 11 ? ? Twenty lr> wyiw, it iBVtnably ooafeiaa tb? "ffuklvM lWv?" o tawnhlly tkromx boat tb? outrr. lH^Sinf 1* eopiM (Ln vrvym1 mm h# f MW < It tktMMlte I * ?k..? Pna??THREKCBNTfr WOOD AND OOAJL TO THE PI BLIC! ?O WHERE YOU C A GET TOUK MONEVBWORTm! QTTBY IT! PROYB IT' KNOW ITi^l rr* r> W irrtf * an ? in/ nnAir JQoPXH'"'* PROVE II'HAT' II r Prove t mt yr>? e?B t*t mar WOOD tliti e' Uu ? where to the Mtj ; u? ttoa f+m KNOW WHAT' .hFT^-O.'-oV ^PLIT, a.nd dl>.lvbftui pKKIOP cltml Call at tit* PIONEKR MILLS! SIOS OF THE BL UK FLA9-8TAFF. OIIV1BWKIT OBTF^TB CT. 4HP VAH41. (South of 6* nitif.r mu If ?*'? ?* PA?E. A?r?. O" noy"~r" ?o I'nloD Fire-Wood NlUa. PINE, OAK and HICKORY WOOD ?* * and >plit at any !*n*th c am reqnirod, u( rod to Hi p*rt of til* City It r?ry tow prtoaa. HT" VVe oaii th# particular atu.nn-*ii of oar o? tom*r* and th? pablio rfnaraly to o%r aalon<i.<J STOCK OF COAL, which we Ml My, Without f*Ar nl <wir(r?iila > >! ?a We guarantee to give aatieTsotion toV!* who m* UrC ** of SB. fproar SAWED ud SPLIT WOOD is kept unJer^cover, perfectly dry, ud COAL on piank floors, elean and in good order. Larr* sale* and mi! 1 mrofitl. fP^Orders solicited at UNION FIRE WOOD WILLS Cor. nth at aoc '"aaal, V KNEW A MA ALOW, Proprietor*. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parte ot tba the low?t possible rate*. T. J. A W. M. G ALT, Ofioe AM Pa.* ., botwoea 11th and mhat^ FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR R K NT?The loor-.tory BR ICR HOUSE on Third street, between U and E street*, (Jto 3*1) adjoining the reeidence of A. Maary, En. Posses* on given immediately. Ajao, the Uura tory ofthe B-owu Stone Building No. oa Pa. avenue,i south side between 4S mmI *lh *u For W ns.Ao .apply to WILLIAM H PHILIP. At t rns>-?; Uw, \o. ?Q l,a. avenue. no }-*ot/ TO RENT-Tb?tp)ea?ant COTTA?F RESIDENCE. containing 7 room*, with front baloor.j, la'ge 5 ards in front and rear. fronting H et. in Printing Offiee t*q?*re, between North Capitol an 1 hirst eta Rent #246 per annum. AMrtss, by lett'r or in person, \V.M. STICKNEY. no 6 tf FOR SALE?A new tvo-Mon brMBOl'SK o? Fourth street, beiow New York avenue. The hoiibe l* 2? feet front and 49 feet dees : has .V foot T&fl'afe, parlor, dining-room, k no hen. uc four chambers, with atairwai a in nasaage and kitoben. with good o*llar under the whole houae Farter ma inquir* at 499 SevantK atrael. oppoaite Odd Fellowa' Hall. no 1-tf JAB. & TOP HAM FOR REN T-Thf ftnc BRICK HOt ?E No. lOO Wertit, Georgetown. at prNMt oewu pied by the aut-*criber. It baa 12 ro>>ma, with |ti and water th'oughou', a fine ra-d, stable Ae , and ia in acood ueiglil-orhood. Apply to JAR. A. MAGRIPER. cog tr Ij^OR RENT.?Two new three story BRICK r HOlsES with baek buiidinga, aaoh kaaaa oontainiiHC > rooms. with gas, pleaaamly aitaatod on ttii street north, between M and N atreeta, rent moderate. App!* to E. LAZENBY. cppoait*. f*r to JOHN T. LENMANVOhio avenue, between 12th and ISth atreete o* 9tf CHJR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the hjlid1 in* tnimednteiy oppoaita the v?it viuof the City H?\,recently occupied by C&U. S, Wk,u| u in o?ce. Also the front room in the eeocnd story and the third floor of the ?me baijdinx. Few terms apply to RICHARD WALLACHTN?. 1 Louisiana avenae. i* U U EDUCATION All * SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, 0 No. 277 I STiin.riMT Wa?d. Mim ANNIE E. PrXK, Teacher. Number of pupil* limited to twenty fx 14 eotra T FEMALE EDI CATION. HOSE Parent* who wiah thair din,t htera to raoeive a thorough and ayaiematie aduoatioa. When theirphiMoal training will reoeiredaily and (Metal attention, under Uieinoatepprovert avatMa of Caiia themo* and Gymnaotiea, are respectfully inntad t?? neit the Unioi; FeirwJe Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York ?? an 3o-tf MR' * Z' RIC?rt RIJSl? I?kMALE BOARDINO AND DAY-SCHOOL 1 ii ctivriMii r* mrm. S. J. MofftRMICt. Pkisk-tpal. The thirteenth ti.nua: ?emon of thia lmtilatina will ooramenoe on Tuesday .September tfch,iaU? house raoontly occupied by !?yife*Ur SootV F?a., No. 190 King itreet. The ooarM of atudy puraoed will all the branches wiaiaiM to a thoroath Euluh E4> o&tion, and Muaio, Ftench, Latin and 0rawutg. It desired. In addition to day aeholare. Mra. MoC.jrroick ta prepared to receive a limited iiomkr of pupil* aa boarders, who. ronatitvtini a part of her owa m ily.will be under tier immediate oareaud aapecv ion. She wHl pnuntvur, u nr at> possible. to sur round them with tUe ooiruorta ud kindlr inAuobccs of Homo. Re.fermeei.-R**. Goo. H. Norto*. Rw. Dr. KIum Harrison. Rev. D F. Spring, William J|. Fowl*. F.sq., F.ilear Snowden, ?sq . Fklmund F W it awn. Ksq., Honrjr Mnrt>ury. Km., Uwii McS'niif. ' Em., Robert H. Hunton, E?u . w D W?j,?ch, Editor Kveninc Star, Renjumin Watom. Esq., JM. F.ntwisle, Jr_ Km..Col. John tV.Miwor, Loudoun, M??n. <j:?cVook 4 Marsuail, Mmwi Cor Brother*. Tnn. Board, with Tuition in all the Eng hsh B'snehe*. famfor the anuual session?payable serai-annualir, IDfrlvUM. Music aod Imiimh M Professors' pneoe. irr No e?tra charges. su ?-tf FOR STAMPING t LW A PACKET OP PAPER ^ AND ENVKLOPBO NO TO MATCH. MUMWU METROPOLITAN BOOKBTOBE. PH1LP A SOLOMONS, Atmtt Jm Lmmrmti'i cMmM Umi Par it i, Kit IT ?. pA MI LIES WANT A HEALTHY DHINE ! THEY WANT IT ??RR^ TEMPERATE M4 COLIN EAU*S TABLE VEER I? THE THING * It ia laaa UtoxiaatiDf this autor. ba4 m fhr ?or? h1?UM* a?tr*??U?aii?f. For a?l? by alt G raaara. S oaati a g lsee?#H_eeete 6 0 Iktn.'flWSWrMJ. ? ? to X?1 C etroot, between ?H ud ?U ?tre?U. ianoediatrly is the rear of Ue Nation*] H?M. when the Lasiueee will be ooat mi*o m beretor re ft the old?Unrt [b?? tfUC HKi2Btl^ W, *.!&3S05SISSP~J~ udnowoU'rtke aioet eiunnre wrirti?m ?sssw??dBR f^KSAT BUfiilN* IN iV"-~T : t??>w'sv^r'3rrt*. Sc-U* ASMM7 * * 8>m' l'??r<tr?B, au da. Br^Mti?. r^lf. * . M _Ko*?- a* tlx. I* oente 7**7 ?ra iMiwri im ui i S BgmKp1 j W lv-Bwtoww<wrMMiwyi?< eKl

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