Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1860 Page 2
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TH E EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TVB?DAY D?cM??r 11,1M?. spirit tl the IHinlai IThi. The InUllxgmttT preaenU an authentic analytia of the Personal Liberty ?cU of the varlona Northern States. and then proreeda to review them at tome lergtb. nrg'n* their repeal, a* being lmpatgut for good, and potent only for evil The Cemt'tmtion apeak* disparagingly of Mr. Prtrwin'a committee, and aUo of what It calls, Mr Hrrarb'l V. Johnson's Platform." As lumttsi Past or thk Pkouiixhi.-1I hu bwomf known here (bat the disunion leaders design refuting to permit the people of their respective States to vote upon what they intend their respective 9t*te Conventions shall do Their scheme certainly is, to rush secession through those Conventions, and to decline submitting to the people the question whether they are or are not willing to leave the Union. We are positive with reference to this important fact. Tbe truth is. they apprehend popular rejection of their purpoe> and aim to break up the Government by a cwf d?. main, which, they fear, will be as repug naut to a majorHy or their own peupie am 10 unpeople of the other State*. The truth of what we write above will be made manifest in leas than e fortnight by the action of the South Carolina Convention, which will n*lume to dee tare that State out of the Ucioa without submitting to the people the question whether ? A 1I1U- 4- 4U. -1i J IIKY U* or arr nni willing M> ncircpt >uc aiictru * condition of thlnga they (the Convention) tnumr to ordain f r them. We feel aaaured that an Increasing apprebenaion that tbe Georgia Convention may uot dare to venture upon tbe experiment of carrying out thia programme in tbe fore of tbe opposition to it which tbe gallant Stepbena and hia co-patrlota may eaaay to It, more than aught elae, induced tbe reaignatioa of Secretary Cobb, that be might be " on hand" to prevent the wreck of the plana of the eoaaplratora by and through the triumph of the J- ?/ t. ?k? ni. wriVTHima?iuu * ? ?uc v uiuuivw ? ?u? wTvigia Convention tbat tbe people of the State shall be permitted to record tbetr judgment upon tbe question of accepting tbe future wbicb tbe disunion ollgarcbists aim to carve out for tbem. IT Tbe Charleston (S C.) Courier tfft, in alluding to tbe report that additional troops and munitions of war were to be sent to Fort Moultrie, tbat 44 Just to soon as more troops are sent to tbe Forts (n Charleston, that moment will tbe sword be drawn. The South Carolinians will consider the movement a em.'us belli, and, we are Informed from tbe most reliable sources, will prevent by force tbe landing of auch reinforcemente." Till SlCRKTAIYSHir o* III* Tn*Aac*7.?Wt regard It aa being aettled that the President will not juat now till the Secretaryship of the Treasury, preferlng to devolve upon Secretary Toucey, in addition to h!a owu duties, those of the head ol the Treasury Department, with the appointment of Acting Secretary thereof. So all the rumors oi the appointment of others to fill the vacancy are unfounded (J~>~ A writer in the Columbia ((ia ) Timrs deprecates the disruption of the Union, bat says If it must be destroyed, he is, aa he evsr has been, In favor of setting up a constitutional monarchy. A1 all e?enta. he is for trying '4no new experiments." California ?The vote of California, at th? Presidential election, stands:?Lincoln, 38,702, Douglas, 38,000; Breckinridge, 34.000. Tb< ^afis'ia v? Inrna or; vm t Vt a* Htat* t nnun 11!' n n r\i ?. T IM U V I VIUI ? ? w CUV V. W ^v^vitutl Vi| VJ 400.000 !?^ Thirty-nice applicants were admitted or Friday last to tbe ttoutb Carolina College at Co lumbia A large number are to be examined oi tbe 1st of January. Tlie Augusta (Ga.) Constitutionalist, i Dou^laa paper in tke late campaign, baa com< out In faror of secession, and declares it to be i r\A/>Ms4 tv The panic i? affecting the business of Louis ville very seriously. Three of the largest naanu factoring establishments have been compelled ti suspend operations fr J~ Petitions are being circulated In Michi ga?, asking tfce forthcoming Legislature to repea the personal-liberty laws now outhe statute book TT"7* The Charleston Mercury docs not deem th reports of the several Departments of suffluirn interest for publication. [IT'The Richmond (Va.) Enquirer approve the action of the Breckinridge electors In nc claiming the electlou. Item* TflffrapbH from Wathtnstan W*aa?GTdx. Dt<-. 10?The President hu jm been aisured. from an authentic, source, that tb authorities of bouth Carolina will irak? no rea'a Vance, either to thecoile.-tiou of duties to the Kede rai jxwcM uai of the fort* guarding Cbarlc-atoi harbor, during the remainder of hi* admln'.atra tlon. Mr Cobb hai given up all hope of being abl to extricate the Treasury from toe e mba ratal iij and dlasatroua condition to which bfa manage meat bad brought It. He avoids the flnancla difficulty by resigning at once He leaves fo i Georgia on Thursday next, and will be acrom ponied by Willi 4 in M Browne, the editor of tb Constitution It is their Intention to attend tb mortiag of the South Carolina Convention at Co lumbla Commodore Sbabrick, who has been fifty year In the Navy, has prepared his letter of res gnation i to be tendered when South Carolina shall sere It It is said to be conceived hi tb* most touchinj term* Capt Isgraham. who has ifone to the M?ditei ranean. is understood to have left bis in view c the same contingency They are esteemed amonj the beat officers in the service. k. t-mrA \ ni. tn - ? * * *> tun riuuv rpiurm nerf, TDC prwii white male population of South Carolina abov twenty years of aye la about 47.01)0. Statement representing that 65 000 men have been cnrolle< . In the militia are necessarily erroneous. The programme now ia for tbe Gulf State* t pass ordinance# of secesi'.on, with clause tbi the law* and treaties of the United States abal ? .......uru until |?u^Miiioai oi ?oj?iirne? r*n be aubnr.ltted and M-ti d on. The object c J tbi? plan !a to pnt tfce Border Stat#* forward a negotiators, ard. la the event of failure, to con oiidate the South and n-t up a provisional gov?rt meat oa tbe 4th of March, t . ? ILoat or as Abctic Kxploeug Vk**sl?j letter received by Henry Grinnell, E?q , fror Cap*aln Hall, romm&nder <>f tbe new expeditlo to tbe Arctic region*, announces tbe low of th Anew, iii me terrible gale of Augui 1 last, which did ao roach damage to shipping o Um northeast coast. It was the seventh voyage c the Rescue to tb? Arctic i*ts The tale com Wttd on the Mth, and continued 46 hours witl ] to* gntlctt violence. and caused the loss, beside the Rescue, of the brig Ueor^ tana aud Capt. Ilal expedition boat Captaia Hall, however, writ* la the best of spirits, sod announces that he ho alreedv perfected arrangementa for continuing bl r??e?rchea when navigation optns in the spring The results already accomplished bv the expedi tion are Important Both Frcblsber's and Cum berLaad straits Capt Hall asserts to he merely in ]*stB or bays, he having seen them in their ehtlr extent akkital of a Slavbu ?Tbe slave l*rk Cora captured by tbe United State* frigate C?nstelU Um, on tbe CoMt of Africa, Septembei 26, with cargo *f 7US Africans, arrived at New York o Motday evening, la charge of Saillng-ir.aster T -H EaaUnan, Midshipman T B. Hale, aud arren W?f fourteen men from on board the Constellation Tbe captain and crew of the Cora were left It charge of tbe United States frigate. She bad lei the port of Mango Grando, with her cargo, oul the night before sue was captured Rsfom?i!W -A mercantile Arm in Charlei ton announce* through the Courier of that clt that they have la their employ six me subject t military duty, whose salaries, should the Stat, require their anviees, will be paid durlao ?*-? nw<(, ana u?eir alUiaUoaa remain v*r?at untl Uey rwturn to All tbeui Sboold any of they f?l li Uu! of th? State, It la p omltrd tba their wldowa or orphan* aba 11 be paid at tba rat f tbe aalary of the dcctaaed for twelve month Lj aubaequant to aacb death. |) Ai UmiAiiiiT Imsni or Horn -Mr. G T Traia wai a Baaaenrer on the tral aa thaf wet emartn'ii la tb? faat rail way are Ideat In England He bad bla ueual lock. end eaaapari all Injury. I Aaa beea rWerly aald that for tbe tine be B? ' have thoagbt himself bark In America. " IfMlXlD HlUIiau is tbb Catbolic Chvbcb Hiabop Ppauldlnjf, of Louisetll*, publlahes ai , uMJal lctu-r la the Ooardlaa of Hatwrday last J. wariroe the membership uaiut cmitraatla; marriage all! a aces With Pri>waa?tt. I I 1 pbcbsm05 NO. VIII. Fatal Ebbob or tub Nobth?Thb State* Fobei0n TO BACH OTHER in RELATION TO dontlTIC IjtSTITCTlOSS?I'SCOJISTITCTIOJIAL Llali- ? LATIOS ROT NrLtiriCATlOS?HOSTILE ACT# 1 Nobth the most F.rracTivE Abscmckts or t 9bces?:obist??the si tfbbbbs abb thb nobPBB t*LAVBHOLDlSO StaTBB, abd sot SoIJTH 1 Carolina. i To tk* People of the South. < If b portion of the people of tbeSouth hare been J deluded Into the idei that they hire an Inherent , right to secede from the Union, a delusion eqmlly 1 fatal baa been p actlsed upon the public mind of | the North. It la In the inculcation of the Idea that they hare any right to Interfere with the exl?tence of slavery Id the South. They do not realize the fundamental principle of our institution* that so far a* regard* the reserved rights of the States they are as fori-lgn to each other as are Great Britain and Frauce. iMasaachusetts has no mora right to Interfere with the relations of master snd slave in Soath Carolina than South Carolina has to interfere In the relatlona of master and apprentice, man and wife, parent and child, Id Massachusetts A man In Maasachuaetts has the am# right to the labor of his wife, his son, his daughter aod his apprentice that a man In South Carolloa has to the labor of his slave It Is not a natural right, but a right originating Id the laws of an independent State, with which no foreign Htatnor neoole have anv riirlit to interfere. If our States were not united for general purposes under one Constitution, tbe Interference of o?i_e State or its people with the institutions of another would be Impertinent and offensive, ?nd might be carried so far as to afford just caure of war. Under our present Constitution, not only does every State reserve an unlimited.control ovsr its dpmr.'.lc Institutions, but it Is one of the conditions of union that " na person held to service or labor la one t*Ute under tbe Iaw? thereof, escaping Into another, shall, In consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from uch service or labor, but shall be delivered up on claim of the party to whom mch service or labor may he due." Tlila Is the language of the Constitution, tbe supreme law of the Lnnd, which all Stat# legislators and judges ure not only bound, but are (worn to aupport. The provision has two aspects: In one of Its aspects, It provides in substaure, that no apprentice or slave owing labor to his master under the laws of one Stale, shall, ou escaping Into another, be relieved from that legal obligation by legislation or judicial decision in tiie imer state. i,\ery State Judge, therefor#, who decides tbat aa apprentice or slave la free aa soon aa he eacapes from one State Into another, aa from Kentucky Into Ohio, or from Virginia Into New York, not only violatea the Constitution but also his oath to support it. The other aaport of tbe provision is that which requires that tte fugitive, apprentice or slave shall b* delivered up to bis master. It does not say by what agency be shall be delivered up; but if tbe several States were actuated by the spirit of harmony which ought to pervade the Union, they r would lend their agency to carrying into effect tliia nrnvlainn aa ur#ll ?i svpfv nt*i,? - ? ? |rivTS?swH ? "V?? V ?VI J V*UVI fVl I * UI IUC r Constitution. The least that could be expected of them, if thev wl-h to preserve the I'nlon, Is not to obstruct the Ftd^ral authorities in their efforts to make rfT-ctive ihis provision of the Constitution But several of the states, 1 nstead of siding to give ' effect to the Constitution In this respect, or even > maintaining a passive attitude, have done their ! utmost, by legislation and otherwise, to render 1 this provision nugatory. Their legislators have , *by their acts detled the laws of the t'nlted states snd violated the Constitution, together with their [ oaths to support it. These acts afford the most ttfectlve argument now wielded bv the secession. itta, because (Ley constitute a Juat cauae of complaint; and they furniab pretext for charging the 1 offending States with nullification. \\ bile these acta are an outrage upon the Con1 atltutioa. they are far from constituting "nullification'' in the South Carolina sense of the term. In that sense, "nullification" is a sovereign act of the people of a State not susceptible of revision by any earthly tribunal, rendering any designated 1 act or acts of Congress inoperative and void within the limits of that State; whereas these offensive acta of the States do not proft ss to render void any act of Congreas (though designed to 1 obstruct the operation of a particular act) nor to t* beyond revision by the Federal judiciary, which will undoubtedly pronounce them uncon, stltutlsnal and void aa often as an appeal shall b? made to tbem Whether, with thla remedy always at band, they constitute a just cauae for e rebellion and revolution may well be doubted t The practical effect of those laws ia not so much to prevent the recovery of fugitive slaves as It Is tO#nmiira<ra H nn *?<! A*' ? ?uu uvuiuiaiiAc norm* * ern sentiment on that subject. There will always be thieves of other property as well mm negroes, whcae operations no State can prevent, but sj far from attempting to restrain the negro-thief, be ia t encouraged and sustained by legislative enacto ments, void though they be That a portion of the northern States and people | have gro??ly violated the righta of southern slaveholders under the Constitution, does not admit ol a doubt But who are the sufferers and what li e the ramedv ' ( The sufferer* are almost exclusively the border l slaveholding States?Maryland, Virginia. Kenr tacky, and Missouri. They have lost slaves In - consequence of northern agitation and legislation by thousands, while South Carolina, secure by a double cordon of slaveholding States intervening between her end the haunts of the negro thieves, s bas lust few or none from that cause. Yet, with>, out consulting thetn in a matter which concern! their interest a thousand times more than her own, * she tells them their only remedy is in a dissolution <f the Union; and with a white population f scarcly exceeding that of the city of Baltimore, < she plunges into the sea of revolution, expecting to compel these great States to follow her. * We will examine the remsdy she proposes, and a consider whether therejs not a better. i Amos Ksr?all. ? Tn Wutiii.-'The following report of the ,t -arrmthrr for the morning la made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith,t son! an Institution. The time of observation Is ,f about 7 o'clock s DlCKMBBB 11, 1848 Burlington, Vt cloudy, 15'. N?-w\orB,N.Y mild, clearing up. Philadelphia, Pa. clear Washington, D.C... cloudy, wind W V Richmond, Va. clear, 47\ n Petersburg, Va clear, 45?. n Norfolk, Va clear, 80', wind W 0 Raleigh, N* clear, 70^. ,t Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. r, Augusta, Ga. clear, cool. ,f Savannan, Ga. clear, 55?. Mac on, Ga clear, pleasant. tl Columbus, Ga..., ...clear, pleaaant. a viontgomery, Ala. clear. s Jackson, AU clear. t Mabtle. Ala clear. a New Orleans, La clear, S5\ s noa tii wiit Pittsburg, Pa .^......cloudy. DK-nmeier u ue smitnaonlan at 7 a. m , (cor i- rer.ted for temperature,) '19,750, at noon, W.&ti Thermometer at 7 a. m , 41*; at noon, 43 e Maximum duxlnjr 21 hours, ending V a. m. today, 44 : minimum .17 \ Amount of rain yesterday, half an Inch. Abdcctxd Nxoaoa* R*Tia*xr> ?It will be re* collected that about two months ajjo nine free I1 negroes were forcibly abducted from vessels In * the harbor of Fernsndlna, Florida, and conveyed v to p^rts unknown The outrage excited much ' Indignation In that community and occasioned, perhaps, the return cf the negroes, as we gather ^ from the following paragraph from tbe Fernwi' dliia Florldlan:?' The negroes from the brlif Wingoldand i?ark .N W. Bridge, nine in number, have arrived in thla place They are in k - * *-?-? - ??? ' ? - -* ~ cunuoruivir pugni, are well-cared for, and will y be forwarded to their borne* as speedily aa possi0 bte." P i ?.????^ f IssAxrrT or a. Distihocished RrssiAH.?Tbe 1 Paris correspondent of the Boston Traveller wakes 1 tUe follow turf aanouucmeDt: 1 "Prince who saved the life of the Em per or N tcbolaa at tbe ti me of the ^reat Insurrection and tbe signer of tbe treaty of peace at Parle s^r tbe Crimean war, baa gone crazy, and la kept In a straight jacket la hla own palae*. Tbe radical change* wrought In Kuxla by the present Eme pror la aaid to hare a part Is superinducing thla derangement ? ? ?? i . << rmro* latlona, nlwnye have Ttcttma " it Tri 8w?i wo*! Jbb.cujxt Bxbckkb ?Two riilnTCinuiUwui, N TTTweat >pto Umc?1< Wi U> flirt w!U? toe UudenU. and while there one uftheiu wu reduced, according to her own ?tory, ,, under preenlee of murine She proeecnted the i student, but the judge dtacherired him, ttUIng the youag women ft *M her owa nult. fOlfOR ESMOIIL. ] Thi*tt-?ixth Conoeiss?Second Ssssioa. Ce Senate ?Yeaterday. after remarks from several ua Senators, on tbe resolniioa to refer particular por- ' loos of tbe message to s special committee of birteen? Mr Sumner said, he could bear a little longer p jrith tbe mlsreprea-ntatlons of tbe Presidents ? mewge, though tbe time might come when be V1 rould set theae matters in tbe light of reaaon and , lusttce. He would Invite tbe attention of tbe 01 -enate to a piece of testimony which might be of tervice, and then proceeded to read an autograph M letter of Andrew Jackson to a rlrvvman la a St Southern State, which, In substance, rebuked nul- ti< liflration, and stated that the next pretext would qi be the uegro question Mr. Sumner said tbr?? on were the words of a patriot slaveholder of Ten- su nessee to a clergyman In a slaveholding State. The letter Is as follows: [" Private 1 Washinoto*. May 1, 1633 " Mt Dea* Si* i have bad th alaboiloas task here, but nullification Is dead; and its actors and courtiers will oaly be rei&rmberrd by the people to be execrat'd for their T wicked designs to sever and destroy the only good fr Government on the globe, and that prosperity and ol happiness we enjoy over every other portion of w tbe world. Hainan's gallows ought to I* tbe fate of nil such ambitious men, wbo would In* C volve their country In civil war. and all the evils Q In Its tralu, t'bat they mlgUt reign and nde on It* ai whirlwinds and direct the storm. The free peo- tt pie of these United States have spoken, and con- o' signed tbeae wicked demagogue to tbelr proper 01 doom. Take care of your nullifiers; you have o< them among yon; l?tth?m ine? t with the iudlt- n nant frowni of every man who loves hla country, n The tariff, it Is nowvn and he Italicizes or underscores the word "now"? c "known, waa a mere pretest?its burden was on ^ your coarse woolens By the law of July, l!*j2, * coarse woolen waa reducsd to five per cent f jC .' of U. t-lll * D uc V?iiru% w? ???T OVUIU. mi. Viljr Mill I* up and claaaes It with wooiena at fifty per cent , reduces it gradually down to twenty per rent., V and there It ia to remain,and Mr Calhoun and ?11 f the nnlliflers agree to the principle. The cash 11 duties and home valuation will be equ*l to fifteen K percent more, and after the v?ir 1SH, you pay ' ou coarse woolens thirty fire per tent if this> Is *' not protection, I cannot understand; therefore the tariff was only the pretext, and dlauuion and a aoutnern confederacy the real object. The next P pretext will be the negro or slavery question. " My health is not good, but is improving a little. J'reaent me kindly to your lady and family, and bc'.ieve me to be your friend. 1 will always be Uappy to bear from yon. 44 A.ndkkw Jackso*. " The Rev. Axdekw J. CiiwiotD." Mr Benjamin wished to know If the amendment to the resolution be Indicative of an Intention to employ force against a State which might think it rl^ht tn in<jvl> Mr King aaid (be people of Lis 9tate thought the Union must be pr^-served He believed secession but another name for rebellion and insurrectlon, and did not think the Union could be peaceably dissolved. Mr. Dlxen was not one to uae menace* or threaten war; without asking which portion would sutler meat, and knowing that ah would sulfcr to a fearful degree, he would regard a dissolution of the Union as the greatest possible calamity to Hie wliole world. His constituents were willing to make any honorable concessions for the sake of peace. Mr. Brown thought there was onlv one wav to settle this question, and this was bv the northern people renouncing their present views upon the subject of slavery. They were taught in their schools, their churches, and in every way, to hale the South, ard would not thus reverse tlieir position The speeches of Northern Senators, the utterances of northern presses since the election, were all proof of this He woi<Id. therefore, as one looking to the Interest of his people, say to them there is no hope?no ray of light. In the ' proposition to piace a military police on the bor- ' aers. he saw the gi-rm of a military despotism Mr. Hugh hoped It would not go furth to the ' world that, after seventy years of trial, thirty millions of Americans are uot capable of self-govern meni. inn ibe union we cannot govern ourselves. how can we in the Northern or Southern \ Confederacies ' He wished no force used ; and if President Buchanan dared use force against Sooth Carolina, he hoped enough of his term would remain in which to Impeach him. After further remarks? Mr Hale said it seemed to be his misfortune to be misrepresented, not by Senators, but by some cowardly creatures of Northern editors?fellows so base that once a week they made an apology that God sent such a be!nj into the world. [Laughter ] What be had snd Id hi* apeech waa, that thla matter must be looked in the face, and be thought war would come, not that it muat come He believed that Mr. Barhxnan?inatead of sending troopa againat South Carolina?waa ou hi* knee* to her, begging her for (iod'a take not to da thla until after the fourth of March, ao that he could get out of the acrap^ [Laughter ] Mr Maaon aald be ahould vote for the reaolutlon to refwr certain portion* of the me>aage to a aeloct committee, though he thought that legislation by Conureaa could not reach the cause of these evila. The people of b'.a State did uot expect or deaire congressional legislation. They were going to meet the people of the other slave holding btatea in convention to determine what waa the proper courae for th>*m to puraue. He deemed thla a war of aentlment, of opinion, and believed that the free State*. knowing their numerical auprrlorlty, and minting an opinion as to what they deemed a social wrong elsewhere, had determined to bring it to a close To say that the Federal Government 1* to crush all before it? that if a State seced? it 1* uot to be re ognlaed means, however It may be called, treaaon, rebellion, or the like, war and nothing elae. Mr. Bigler row to apeak, but gave way to a motion to adjourn. v And tbe Seuate, at 3r*23 o'clock, adjourned. Hor?* ? Mr. Hawkins, of Fla , having explained bis reasons for Insisting upon bis reaurtt to be excused from service as a member of tbe committee to consider tbe perilous state of tbe country? > Mr Vallandigham aald :?Tbere Is one thin" In tbe arrangement of tbis committee which win 1 preclude me absolutely from voting tocomptl any man to art upon It. There t* nut on' tolitary representative oj the democratic party uyon u from Ikt tixleem Jrta- Statit of thi* l'*to* east oj tke Rocky Mountain*. The Pacific indeed la represented No thanka.alr; ttw;i? Hooson's cholre " I apeak now, air, aa a western man. We of tha i Nortnwest have a deeper iutereat In the preaervatiou of thia Government la Its present form than any other section of the Union. What are tee to do when you shall have broken up thia Government ? We ?re seven States in number now, with ! fourteen Senator* and fifty-one Representatives, ana a population or nloe millions We have an empire equal in area to the whole of Russia. and we mean neither to be a dependency or province i (<f the East, nor ol the ?outU nor yet an Inferior or second rate power upon thia continent; aud If we cannot have a maritime boundary secured upon other terms, we will cleave our way to the seacoost with the sword A nation of warrfors we may be, but a tibe of shepherds never. Mr. McClernand, in the course of his remarks, said that accession opened up a troublous future. He did not believe that our Government can be dissolved by the act of one of Ita parts Bound together as we are are by a common language and relWion, by common mountains and rivers. It could only be by a civil war, such as the sun n^ver shone on, that such a rrsultcan be effected. There was a conservative strength In the people, which will sooner or later display itself As to his own SOite, (Illinois,) she is here represented by a majority of democrata. It Is not, therefore, because of the number of democrata that she Is excluded. iJe could not believe that the SM>uth, at this Junctuie. would desert tliosc of the North who have heretofore acted with them Let us, before It Is 'toolate, accommodate our dlfferenceson the prlaclpl?*s of justice, and secure to the douth their constitutional rights, snd settle forever this distracting question Toe people of the northwest ar# an lnt*>riA? njtAiila *n/l ?? peroua, waxlug stronger and stronger every day. ball we conaent to have ourselves cut off? In conclusion, be expressed bli confidence ia the RtrlotUm of the chairman of the committee, Ir. Corwln,] and also spoke In eiilogtrttc terms of his distinguished frleud from Virginia, [Mr. MiUsou ] Mr. Sickles spoke of the national, patriotic, and American instincts of the people of the city of New York, and of their moderation and devotion to duty. One of the greatest dangers of the day Is, the country does not understand the extent of the peril In which we are placed. Mr. Sherman said it was not bis purpose to engage In debate, but had risen to aak Wave to rnnnst tKa Pninmlttoik Vt? ? ? ? > ** ? ? ?wwi* vui ?uri vvu?u?i*?w v* ?? ajw anu .1169ni ft bill authorizing the issue of Tteasury note* Unanimous consent having been obtained, the bill was reported aiid read. It authorises the President to Issue Treasury notes to an amount not exceeding ten millions of dollars, and of denominations of not less than oae hundred dollars, to be redeemed at the expiration ?f one year, with interest not to exoeed six per centum. Authority is also given to borrow suuh sums of money from time to time as may be deemed exDedlent. Tlx filth of tk? iiuitwl wbtx la solemnly pledged for tbe redemption of the debt, etc. Tbe operation of tbe ac? to cease on tbe 1st of January, lbSJ. Tbe bill was tnen pasacd. Witboat taking the question on tbe request of Mr. Hawklna to be excaaed from aenr ce on tbe select committee, tbe House, at t X o'clock, adjoarnrd. ? Tusspat, December 11. Bknatk?Oa motion of Mr. Collamer tbe bill to admit Kansas Into tbe Union was made tbe special order for Tuesday neit, nt 1 o'clock. Mr. Oreen gave notice tbat If by that time be bad not received certain Information, which be expected, be would more a further postponement of tbat btU. On motion of Mr Cliagman It was agreed tbat tbe Cbaplala of tbe Senate, elected at tbe last KMlon, be continued as Cbaplala Mr. Cameron moved to take np tbe Morrill tariff bill; which motion, after a short dtscualon. was | agreed in ym? tt, nays 37. # 1???? ? Mr. Lane movrd to refrr~tbe Morrill bill lo \ba mmlttee on Finance So nferred?yeaa 29, ve27. L)a motion of Mr. Hale, tbe Military Commits* rt* Instructed to report If tbe expenses of that partinent may not be reduced The Senate then took up the raeoinUon of Mr. rwell. referring po-tioneof tbe mrwig* of the eaident to a committee of thirteen. Mr Bigler addressed the Senate upon tbe state the country. Hocm -In tbe House, after debate, ia which r. Cobh. of Ala . Mr Davie, of Miss , and Mr. nith, of Va.. participated, tbe previous quee >n wji ordered and taken upon the pending lestlon of excusing Mr. Hawkins from serving i the special committee upon secession; and relied? yeas ft5, nay? 101. So Mr. Hawkins was not excused Mr Boyce, of S. C , then asked to be excused. Objection being made to excuse the gentleman, e yeas and nays were demanded. Attempted Slavs Ihsukkkctiom in Giomia. he Macon Daily Telegraph publishes a letter om Fort Valley, Georgia, giving the particulars ' an attempted Insurrection of the slaves. 1 he riier wy? : . ' I learn from a friend, juat from Knoxviile, i rawford county, that the ncgroea at Hlckorv rove and vicinity, lo Crawford county, attempted 1 Insurrection yesterday, tbe 6th inst. He states tat Mr Robert Bally rode Into Knoxvtlle at on* clock, and announced that the negroes at Hlr.k< V Grova had artaen, but were auppreased vrlihjt dnlngany damage to life or property. Twenty egroes belonging to Rev. W. C Cleveland, and pgroea belonging to old Mr. Davldaon, (sMmlona. Harp, and Reapraa.) were the only negroes iptured They were Incited (ao they confra?) y one Culien Davidson, a aou of tbe gentleman bove named, and a min ?>y the name of Grler, a n peddler, living at Hickory Grove, a Yankee by irth. 'Uta Mr LMviason's negroes, on Monday, Oin i?*t , told blm that tbev Intended to kill him and 11 the white folks. The negroes stat? tHat tbelr ntentlons were, on Tuesday, while the men were one to the polla, to kill all tbe married women nd children, but to k?ep tbe young women for belr wives, 4c., and kill tbe men on their return iome ' Their emissaries have been at work on every ilnntation In Crawford county, and m&ny In the nrroundink' ones For the past twelve months hot* nnontlnn* wava in -t oirhis u-prp ?%-*>rt II ?' I II11 VII o ?* \ v rv/ % ?? ? " V IV * ? " I???v I mt my informant can give me no more particuira. He stales that after the announcement of he above farts in Knoxville, the citizens mounted heir horse's and made for thfir own fireside*, and here were scarcely enough men who felt an lnerest, in the face of the above facta, in Knoiville, o count out the votes. The parties?two white nen and the negroes mentioned?are in custody." State Prison.?There are now confined In the Virginia State Prison 3<t> prisoners, a large ntim>er beiug confined for stealing. Within the last welve months one hundr.-d prisoners have been liscliarged. IT/*" It Is **id that a secret orgaaizatlon of il.200 nen exists in Baltimore, containing nome of the vorst element* of population which heretofore f ric rnv^iaicu wuu ai nfin pvuii^ai i/tavo . Ciiakuks Ag?isst Cxssrs Marshals?The (Mention of Congress will be bronzbt to the fact, bat the Centua Marsha!* demanded of their depses .'CI', percent, of their salaries. A I-abgk Horsk ?Tbe lan?*st horse in tbe arond Is at New Castle, Pa. He Is of the Clydeslal breed, and weig&s 1,777 lbs. y^w=?THE MEETING OF THE NATIONAL I ? Ci nwiition oflninn P'?ter Mwtrm will li*I IT HI "(Tuesday )EVENlNG,at7H 0*0 ock, n Trinity Cliarch, (Khv Dr. Butler's.)on Third, 9 1 ween C ? . an 1 Indiana a*. It Ys^ATTENTION. NATIONAL DEMO 13 CRAT1C VOLUNTEERS.?Meot TO NIGHT at rour ha:l.on Petin. *vcnu><. b twser l/? a^d 6t>i et*., at 1 o'clook precisely. Every activc member ia expected to be pr*??nt. R CLEARY, Cap ftin. J. H GAXTT, Rec.S^o. If Y3=*UNIVER8AL1ST SOCIETY - An ad jonrnod ni->etinj of the Fir?t Univerrtliil Society ef the city of Washington will be held a1 Temperance Hall, on E atre t, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, December 12th. *t half past7 o'clock to hear the report of the < ommitt* on ? on*tituti<>r and By-Laws, and to elect < fhoera for the enauint year The committee *np. h.ted to procure a plar< I >r noiatns pu:nic wor?i?ip win man oo prepaiea i< report. The friends of liberal Christianity are cor d ally invi'xl to atterd. d? >1 2t* ry?TO THK VOTERS OF WASHINGTON IThe A.aso?*ora ol eanfc Ward will meet a thi following p'ac -s from 9 a. m. to 1 p. ni . f on tiiAlUh t<> llie iS h of Decemlwr mclunve. to cor p'ct and to regliter the nainea of tho?e omitted f:on the poll lirt: Firat Wari?John A. Rheein, 17*2 Fa. avenue te ween 17th and 18th ats Heoo^d Ward?Ueorgo Thoinis Sifwart. oirne Tweiith and H ats Third Ward?ileury Curtis, corner Eighth an L ats. Fourth Ward?Thomas W. Burcli. Fifth at.. I>e tw?en (i and H ?ts. Fifth W ard? George T. Barret, eorcer cf ?o?t; A 2nd 3d streets east. Sixth Ward? L- A. Tuelt, J4 0 Eighth it east, a the residence of John C Rol.ey Seventh Ward?Peter Hepburn, No * J south I tre^t, t>? twoeu 8th and <nh street! soutn dell -t^tl y 3-" NOTICE ?I rotf?ctf?!ljr inform iny cut tomer?, and the puMio in general, that have just r'-eeived a large assortment of all kind o' Men's and Boys* Ovorcoats Also, a larga va ri'ty of Fancy a d Plain Cas*im*r Pants, Velve >ilk, t*at:n. Cloth and Cat aimer Vests; Boys' ClotJ aral Cassinet Jackets: Gentlemen's Kurmtbini f?>oas, ana a vaieu 01 .-erkann- wiu-l I will aeil at "ducod p;ioca at i%o. 31 4 l'a. avenue a ar Eleventh st. A 8TRaU>S, de 1" Si Faahionaliie Clothier. ,Yy?UNION PRAYER MEETING will t> ' L 7 U >lden every day tlua week in the Foundr VT~E. Church, corner of G and Fourteenth atreeta to oommpiice at a quarter p&at 4 o'clock p. m.. to ci tuiii' u o?e honr. d?3 rr^l'HILADELPIlTA CONFECTIONERY J3 le^ Cream. Water Ioea, Wedding Cake* r"U3dCakea Mince Piee,Paitry, Cruataf rOyate ? io?, J llien, and a general assortment of mo tiling* iu th* Confeotionery line, at F0S8ELL'<! corn r Twelfth and F at*. do 24 lm* yc?1.NTKRK9T1NG TO BANK NOT1 \L5 HOI.DEttS.?Virgioia note* taken at pa T?r Clothing at the Peopiea' Clu thing Store, l\c 460 Seventh atreeU fi U ? 1 haveou hand a verv large and aapeno a took of Mena' ana Boya' Clothing Formahini HixHla, Hate and Cape, at prioea to anit the timet J H. SMITH, Clothier. no 24 1 m No. 460 Ttti at .oppo. Poet Oio*. Yap" DEM PS E Y A O'TOOLE. WEUUINU AXU V IS IT INU CARD FjfORATMRJS, Importers of fin* WEDDING bTATlONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, tlifl ino?t Uautiful sty!01 .1i6 Pa. Av., between 9ta anl loth au , an 27 6m Wiuhimtoii. A CIGARS D1R KC T Imports ion from the honae of F H Ruiz, of Havana, aid o If a red at FIELD 8,214 Pi &veuu', one ooor movt wi iinn .urew. u~ CPALMNOT O CELEBRATED PREPARED GLUE ! U*?fii1 In every fainfy on'jr tot'Je, a BONTZ A GRIFFITH'S, No. 369 Sevent* tt b'tween I and K at*. <le ll-att> LMELD'S ELEGANT HOUSE. No.'ilthui " avenue, on# door above Willerd** A i Ho-el will be opened TH 9 EVENING Tltoir Rooms for rent are ail n?vr t f ir- U*I ? ? ?;? ?:*.i ? - u nicn^u emu swpp in wivu !" u kc., ?* <i tuvi Bar lor iast? and neatness it not surpassed by an in th world. We a wise el! to give them a oail. de II H? I?IF.LD,l*.214 KENN.AVENUE.ONE DOOl above Willarda'reoeived on SstuMaT, bjr ex pres?,t?n barrel* of OLD RoURHON.fiom tk celebrated establishment of Crow & Cutter, ol K, Alto, a lories invoice of BRANDlKSand WINES direct from the Nev York Custom House, import ed by the old establuhsd house of A. Biilnger I Co^ lt\VULCANITE BA8E FOR ARTIFICIAI TEETH Dr. WAD8WORTH ha. made full arrangement to introduce the Vulcanite Rase into praotioe, and to fully rtcmiruHd it to hiimfBba pi'ienu. ^ *r.rr Fad and partial Sets of Teeth can be inserted i Usf time at tts espcnst and with an artistio beastj oomfort and darabtlity unsurpassed. do n-iawaw- wo. ?ot i; nr?w. T| ~ TO THE PUBLIC.! HE Subscriber la prepare! to aire INSTRUC U?*N?S<to befinnera>t?N THE PIANO? PORTE, eitner at her residence or at thatlMBII of ttie pupils. Terms very moderate, aad'll *? perfeot satisfaction aaa antUd For further tnfor mntlcn inquire at No. 401 L at. north, between <* a .d 10th ?t*.j or a no'e ad iree*ed to the aame wi be promptly attended to Parents wnl iod it to thei advantage to civo me a call. delist- A. HHAW. \IRS. N. b. BISHOP AMI MISS E. GEAIR i'l of 1.01a Cfcewtnnt street. PhMadelphia.^^ re?pe tfully invite the Ladies of Washinttt>nSM t?their now and e egant assortment of Pa-is MILLIN ERY, expressly imported for Washing ton. at 334 Pa. avenue, over ? lagett & May's. 4? 10 4t* APPLK8! APPLES'! APPLE ?!'! I will sell APPLES this week from 25 oents to $ per har et. Also. BUTTER by the kef, ftrkio. c in dehoinus roils, at Ua trn^cw pr'ws. Alec LIVE TURKEYS on hand to fred for Ortotma a.;d New Years, at CaNFIJRLD'* Produaa 8*?re, 049 Ninth ?., de 10 3t ~ ?pp? Pen tor Market. IfROM BOSTON.?The iwfnlar packet schoene Helen Mar. Captain B. Nioker?on. hae >_yarrived and is now duohargiaf ker freight dtTl Apply to HAKliihi A BROm de fo-a1: 99 and 101 Water ?t. flaor; wtown. f KID GLOVES CLEANED. L< A DIES' a*b MhNTl<bMKN'S KID OLO VE' Neatly and Promptly Clsaaed AT NO *44 D Sr.. a inf. B?twwi wn **hi luxn itiib. W.UTH 0??O.(^:,A odCKAnEJ^ FkfUklr MRS ?. LOWS, H dariw ?%. ' S07 Pa. avenue, south ?d?, DEPARTMENT NEWS. H, Good Xkw* riov tbi I'rrt* Akiam& ?Tb? 1 Indian Bureau hu a letter from I>r Calwr, IT special ajretit for tbe Indiana of lb* Upper Arkanaaa. daUd Fort Wine. Not ZM, stating that fbe hostile Klowas and Camancbra (new ?o rejrard' d by tbe Government) came la abortljr beton tbe dile of tbe letter, and expressed K'eat 1 aaxtety to make a permanent j?a<-e wrltb tbe Government Buffalo Bump and Black Wolf were tbe principal Cam an he chiefs preeent, and Tebauaon of tbe Klowaa Tbetr Ulk wraa with Agent Culver and M?jor Sedgwick, tbe Commandant at Fert W lae They aak tbe presence of tbe Commits!oner of Indian affairs to make a peace with them. proposing 10 g:re up an property of white* in their possession They attribute their late hostile demonstrate'>ns to the sale of Whisky at Walnut Creek, where the killing of P?wnr?, the Kiowa rhief. took pla< e. In revenge for which ther committed their late outrages on the whitrs ^ Wii D. raitmsjt ?That part of the Department of the West placed In the Department of Texas by generalorders heretofore. i? restored to the Department m the West; and Fort Bliss, temporarily attached to the Department of Mew Mexico, Is restored to the Department of Texas The Department of Ttxas will, therefore, be the entire State of Texas. i* - * - At ?|^ i ne garrisaa ot r on ohm win ur mrw ? hi< four companies of the *th infantry serving In the Department of New Mexico Toe fourth rwnl pany la transferred to the Department of Texaa, and will pat In march for Fort DstI*. The Rkcaptckkd Araic*ss.?The Nary De- j rartment has advices from John Bert, U 9 agent for liberated Africans, at Monrovia, announcing the arrival there of tha berk ' Cora," on the 14th October, with 091 recaptured African*, la charge of Master Tboa. H Eastman He had d eposed of them as hla Instructions In such raaes require, and I ? !? a# /?/> ! r\t ba i)nin(T_aAm? fti tlflfl u?j iiicu ? vi ?h%. v v?? ?' ? ??vihk i. w Also for a supply of apecie to enable him to meet other tuch dt mauda on his rhest In time to come. Hocth Cakolixa Amna?Mtmbtr* Eltct of i r<> Conrtnhon ?The Charleston papera of 9nturday bring ua tbe reault of tbe election In that city for membera of tbe State Secession Convention The following la tbe list of tbe membera elect, with the Tote received by web. Tbe total vote in . the city waa 3,721: A G .Mag rath 3.112 John H. Honour ..1,846 W .P Miles 2.7M Rich d DeTrevllle 1,789 John Townaend 3.2tfi Tbos M Jlanckel. .1,7211 ' R X Oourdin 2333 A. W Bfrnett. 1,7*7 ? R. \V Conner 2 3if Thos Y. Simons.. 1,723 i Theo. D. Wivner..l.lMiL W. Borntt 1.781 I R B Rbett Sr 9.124 Win Middleton...! 7* C 6. Mrmmlnger. i (03 F. D. Rkcbardaoo. .1,006 (iihricl Manigault.l.'JW B. H Rutledge l,0o? J J P Smith 1 815 Ed. McCrady.&r .l.Clg I. W Hayne l,b> F. J. Porcber I,0j6 Before the election tbe Mevcnrr claaaiied tfa? candidate* into divielrna. Tbe flrat were tboae who bad given an explicit aJ&rmaiory answer to . tbe following question*: "1 Tbatthe Convention when ?? bled abaoid | withdraw J* >uth Carolina from th- Confederacy < of tbe United States, as ?oon aa tbe ordlaaaea ct I sectaslon can l>e framed and adopted. ' ? Ttst after South rarolina wltbdrawa from tbe Confederacy of toe L'niUd States, abe abould A never be reunited with any of tbe non-alaveboldln^ States of tbls Union In any form of government whatever rne aecoua cm wii composes or tbose who bad answered tbe questions, bot not, secordinr to the Mercury's ideas eiplicitiy Tbe tMrJ j c'ass was composed of these who refused to i answer at all. Of the elected, seventeen belong to the first class, three. Messrs John T own send, R N Gourdtn and John Honour, were of the non-<*xp!kit, and two, Mesers C. G Me mm In per and F, McCrady. sr , were of those who refused to answer t The comparatively small majority received by i Mr Rhett does not please tbe Mercury It says In consequence of the publication rf a list of the I names of the several candidates, drawn up on Monday last by tbe Mercury, discriminating as sbore between the political attitudes aasuooed bv i t the candidate* In relation to the j>hore pro pot 1f tlons. propounded bv our correspondent, ' Secession," to tbe candidate*, the most Interne dls*at? Isfactlon and excitement wa* created and got up ' 5 on the part of certain gentlemen Tbe cry of , proscription and persecution w?i raised, ard the ) whole thing attached U, Mr Rhett, who really - had no more to do with It. directly or indlrectlv, by counsel or otherwise, than Hannibal Haml'n In Maine, or Bur Houston In Texas. This, In ad j ,4|__ 4. su-4 ?i_ l;i ?L as I umvu w iuc laci tun mc rauor 01 tu? mercury i bad agreed to aupport a certain ticket of twenty two men, aprewd the flame of excitoment among 1 all thoae not upon the ticket, their friends, and thoae who did not apj-rove of aome of tbe nanxa ' upon aald ticket; all of which waa likewise at- 1 r t*.cbed to tbe Hon K B Rbett Otherwlae all 1 ^parties admit that be would have received almost J every rote hi the city Greet regret is expressed that this Lit not been the result. Until three daya before the -lection It was certain j We regret that gentlemen sbonld hire looked upon the matter in the lijfht In which they taaee, t and that the expression ft pnbllc feeling upon Ms name should have been d?stroved. ; AUCTION SAL&*. i By J. V. M-GUIRK ft. CO., A?i3tion?srs. Household furniture a*d e feci* at Acctios ? On FRIDAY aIORMNO. I? D-onn^r ||?b. o'-mmencint at lOo'olock, ?"i ail K seli, at th? north we t corner of ^l?t and M streets, n th-> resi<2rce? nf a rentlemar. dMiumi hous?kee? . inc. a'l '.i- Furmtura and Household KiiMu.tad nuns la'j Ct-wrcd Soft, anH Arm Cnatr* H*ir C'oth Covered Sofa, and Arm Cha'.r, H'n nut Et*cere. aai Mah'>c?n* Whatnot, - Rush seat Arm and Reception Chaira, Mai'ntacT ' able, and Work Standi, Bronx and Gi t Mantel Clocks, and China Mant'l Ornaments. Wainut tiat'1'iee, Cane scat Chairc and Rockers, i Mahogaiii !*<orrtary. and Marbi* tup liareftua, r Co ta,e Bed ta.*.di.Ch?r:y DressingTaMe. e Hair Mattresses, Fea her B>> ster? and Pi.lovi, I Comfo"*, aid H ankets. Bed Spreads. Ac., * Lnon Window Shades. Laocaad Cknts Curtains. Bruaaeia. Thr-e-piT, ar'1 fetair Carpet, / Floor and suir Oi'oloth and Hearth Sac* r 1 atrot>e Store, Fraak,in anc Cha* bet Stovea, , China. Crookeiy, and li u<vui,ud Table Cutlery. r Cookins 9to?a,aod Kitchen r Tenaa ttik. I d? It d J. C. MoOLIRE A CO.. Aacta. Br BARNARD A BL'CKEY. Auotione?ra. Qtorgctotr?, D. C. C3TOCK AND FIXTURE* OF A RETAIL ?3 GBOCKKT AXD A l.OOtliND i.OT AT AVCTIOK. nu MOv l?A V M'jRMNB. 1<M? lnetaat. v. 10 o'o'ock, k j vi 1 ael at the Ston ?f tha Meeara. Rltt re. at tae n.tera?o'l?n of WasLinetoi atreet , and tha Cata't 6tor<?u>va, all tha.r Stock tad Pixturea. compr ???^? Boxes Pearl -w'ch. Box a Tobaooo, Hoxw CareGromd Coff-"?, P:-P>erand Macaroni, Hoxea Lamp B u?. T?cke and Maita d, ? Cheat B!a k andGr-w T?i, i B >sea Candlea. Dark and Lie bt Soap, Matohaa, K**a aiid Case Axle Greaae, BarHi Mnnom*nta:, Jackaon'e, acd XX Old Rye Whink'ja and Malaga Wine, Baok?ia, Keca, Ac , t>a<-lvinr. Box?*, Bin?, f Standa. P'atiO'ni i'cVee, 1 And utitar artiolee uaual'rv kept ia a fcrat claaa Grocer; too iiuni-roaat - cnamarcU Tei ma: 92ft oaah; over lh\t ?-jui a credit of eixty , and nio?tv d*ya, t?r appr vea end ?taed no tee. i bearing internet. I Alan, at ih? aaaM tim?,the R<nnt*d '.itoc[ 0Hf?i~<J tu? .Merer* Hitter. _Ter%a at eal<*. J act UAn.lAKU* HlCKtV, AUOte. 7 IETIN CONSEQUENCE Oh THE RAIN, the fcbove ?! it postponed to WEDNESDAY. - 12th instant, aam? hour I doll BARN* HP A BtTCKKV. Aoeto. ill wall A BARNARiS, AtobciMi, ! pOLjlTSALK -Siuor a Co.ivi*inrr biiin?. V> lice Lot.?By ?irtn* o! an order And d*oreeof the Orphan** Court of the Di?tMot of Colamtia. t b'anni date on the 18th day of November, A V, 186". and duly oonftrmed by the Circuit Coort of Hid Dxtnot, IB Chanoeri sitting I ate 1 aoll.a* pablio tuo'iai, to tha hijheat b.dd*r, on TKL B8 . DAV , the 37th day of [V-oeinbar A D. IM), in Trout o! th? premises. at 4 o'ol >ok p m., *11 tha right, ti5 tie, interact. and estate of Sarah E!tzah*tb, mi > Amelia, and John William, F?'r??on, of, in ard _ totheauuh airt of Lot numbered wm, (7 I ia ?au*r* aumlxrad fi.tT-oaa.iM,) of the ?i*u of the oity oi W aahiu(toa,eoiiuB-aouc.lbr tfiaaaid pvt, at th? southwest oorner of said i ot ard ranoiai - thenoe north with thelin* of thud ?tr?M VMt foartaaa &4> feat; ihenaa aaat one bardrad - aad hrMti two (IS) feat two aad a balf<*K) tachaa to tha raar of aald Lot; tkaaa* aoath loart**n fe iU) feet; ana thence wast one hundred and twantr* two (12) fort two-and* ball (IX) icehaa to tha . alaoaot MfrneirK. h This property fronts on Twwty third at west, II batwee* north L a-d M ata. r Terra*: Uaa ha f oa*a; tha reaidae ia two oqoa maUlmenta, of 6 and 12 months, aaaarad by tha notes uf tha purchaser, aah'factoril* endorrad, aad - bearinf ictoreat from tha SO of aale. Tit)* dnad , to b* r?**nr?d until tha who)* of the parol*-* >moi.?r ia paid, All oonvayuaiBf stth* cortoftha iiuottwr. _ MA2Y ANN FKHOUSON, Oaardian. " glTiTvi ?? ;^r?0TO9,lf? 5?a P*a* Avkhck. * 0? exkibttioa, beautiUllj fcniebed Pho*o*mpfc? ' of the Proioontaixi Vioe Prendent eleot; Imperial * Puot..jre.pii? of ail Ue Pre*u?nu/om Jackson to Bnohaaa:.; of *11 the Member* of tlu Seuate and Hon to of Re preeentatiree of the preeent Oon?reea; dT the Priaoe of Wai ee aod ft large Ma bar of du ,r Uagaiehed furetf a peraonacee; "f M'It Ail o?r v prominent BtaUemen, P<>?u, ArtiaU, AaChore, Bda iu>r?, Cinr?ym?n, 6'nerala ?rd Oumodoree. C Th? larrset Plain Ph"to? raphe " tb* world. The Colored Peotocrapha meat be aeea to to ?rPcrtnut Vlatuf Cftrde, I ' ?>? Prioaa for ail other atylea e^aally 1 f ? M . fT*OR PA l,K?A anpertar fami?y BOP PR. ia AVE YOU SEEN THE NEW WEEKLY ' (DOLLAR*STAR * ' IS* THE MOST INTERESTING FAMILY TAPER NOW PUBLISHED IN THE I NION ! L? ANY ONE DESIROl S OF KNOWING WHAT GOES ON IN WASHINGTON CITY,IT IS WORTH TEN TIMES THKSl BtCRIPTION PRICE UK INFORMATION IT CONTAINS CON CERNING FARMING AND GARDENING WILL PROFIT THE FARMER OR Gamin OF A GARDEN A II N DRED TIMES THE AMOI NT OF ITS SI BSCRIPTIO* PRICE ' rs WEEKLY COU MN OF HOI SEIOLD AND WORKSHOP RECIPE* WILL BK 91'RR TO SAVE THE FAMILY A DOLLAR FOR EVERY DIME OF ITS* BI'MORIP. TIO\ PRICE ' rs PAGE OF THE MOST INTERESTING TALKS OF MODERtt TIME!*. WILL u i itl- u i vv a v nrn? b ui irl nn ANID WEARY HOUR AT HOMK" PA** PLEASANTLY, INDEED PS GENERAL NEW* IS MORE VARIED AND INDUSTRIOUSLY PREPARED THAN THAT OF ANY OTHER WEEKLY PAPER T J8 THk LARubST AINU ALTUufclBtll THE MOST INTFRKSTl.NO DOLLAR PAPER PRINTED IN THE WORLD. "HE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE I* BUT A DOL LAR A YEAR TO SINGLE SUBSCRIBERS, AND LESS TO CLUBS 4e!1-3t AUCTION SALES. * rnrs afternoon b to-morrow Bt wa' l a Barnard, amu^m* CHIN K. CUTLERY, PLATED ANDOTHKR CMTLT VNARB. Cuui tM HiNin tfATT I1U, ?C.. AT AI CTION ?On hKllKtV. I he TU c?U.n,a 10o'o'< ek and <??clir.ti? J*? ?Ll,i i ill ia atapoaHl of. t? wi!I ? I. at th# rt-r* ,.f V ..hM. E. Gr.on, 274 r*. ar. Wwp-n nth tn<i |ii|i I re^U, next door U> t.i? Ki kv<?(< Hoi r hi, itoOk.Oon-p IIIK t.tliri'OTl IMiM'OW I French.-t >na hir.?, ?o1<j( er DitR?,tfr?UlM' and T*a*?U of th* ta'nt itiin, Parian imbM. La*a.?*vra,, Bohemian. FrraeK an-' Am riean Gi????a<?. Parian and Bi?qaet Statu tea. >rnaiti?>.t?j Punch B^wlv MoMom. ' ' r ' ?'!< ?IW 11?I a m rw1 Pr?:l SmmIi t>rdial Hrt?, TaMe ar4 WiCeefcr*. Plated Sao.*<j? acd Fork* *?<! Catiory. \ ik! a lt((e t^:a'tineit t.fwttiar 8ilw WV# ln<? i f*n?fti w-nrtmut of Am?pe??. flmac. ?L'i Cnftiistt Ware < { ever* dovonptiom. Thia >a a will fx* Inn ad worthy '?-oi atun ion of bovaekeep and taoae wmhinc to ?ureha?e v>Im*t proaeriU, r.? tti?> (<>od* are of Um (bm) and a* tent importation*. Terwa : t4"? caah; over that aamut, a cedit of P and ft' d%ya, for ? proved endorsed i<otoa. baaeat int. root. de? WALI.k BARNARD, A.fU 07" THK j*Al.F. WILL BE CON HNUET* I (^MORROW MORNING at 1? o'ocoki ac<J n> MORROW EVENING at 7 o*o! ok. del? 877.^ McGCINK A CO . AactiOMora. EXrEI??lTR *ALF. AT AUCTION. RICH HOUSS'iOLD FVKSITCRM. KL.EGAN1 HRONZE.PARlA* an? BliBQUfcT FIGLRKft AND VASL8. A f?w v?rt fino OIL PAINTING* Piano Porto, fall !*ovoo Octavaa, Roeewood Cace, Klabora?#i* Carved Let*. with Pearl Key*. and a v?ry waprnor la tramrnt in every war. Roa?w>o't Pvlo' Su'ta, baMufaily oarrod frs**e. cverod with rich Satin tf rooaitlle and V?lTtt Plash. R howood FurMd* Rodtteada, Kteforaa. Side h ard.Cer t-r and Sofa Loasfea aod Eaay Cbaira. Lao- an J Brooaiee Cnrtaina, Mm4m and Orwooa, braao*.aan<l I nereis Car^u. With a variety cf rich Fane? * 'rnamacta and Bohemian Glaaa Ware aa doifi met with, too aa mernia to mention, and muat be aeon to ba appreciated. Parti*aia waatofcood Parmtara. Ac..or artiataa mm tattle for Ho.iday PrNMii. will do veil to aaJl and examine tne good* previoua u> the ui*. which will ta*? place ?>? f T UESDAY MORPrrNO 1 UkDtembft, onmmenoicc at 10 o'c'oek.and oontmae day and ev-BTg th^rrafter antil the whole are diaaoaed of. The arUo ee will b* ready for exhibition >>u Ti a*a 'a morning 6tk Instant. CauIdicm at i?e J?6d_ J. C. McGUIRK k. CO . A act*. Br CLEARY * GRKKN. AaaUoaMri, ftOb AuitA ffriff Excellent mol'8eh"lpa? kitchen Fcbjiitukk at Adctioh ?OB MONDAY . the 10th instant, at 10 o'otock a. m.. we aha! Mil at No. 42.5 Thirteenth rtreot, bet north 6 and U itrMU, the reenlenoe of a family dro.tning hoaaefceepin*. an ?xoet|ant aaaortraent of well kept Hoaaebold and Knonecj tarnitsre; wa rame in partFine iev?ii oo'a*-e Roe*wood 1'iato Porta, of lu tone and finish, Carred Wal nt S- fa and Chaira, Sprint seat Parlor and Fanny Chsre, Ma o{*ny Mahi? top Center and Roat Table*, ?tahoraay a id Weinat Marhie top Baraata, Mate (any and Wa aat Marble top WaalMinfce, Walcut Jenny Lina H<th Bedatrada. Wal .at Wa?drob?*. ashataula.Md Ritfeboftrdi, Extoca on DinincTaMea. Refrigerator, Painted Cotta*" Chamber 9Ha, Git f aroed Mirrora, Kaney (>rre/nent?. Bewmc Machine, made by WhoelerR Wileoa.eoet fjcr. Hur, Cct'un. and Shook Mattreoooa, ' ia? Feo'ber Bodtaod Bndd:nc. Carpets, oiioloiob, Matlini. hags, LKruf, ChawDor. Ball, and >ther Ckairr, ToilotSou. Mat Rt ?* , Piinurn, Pim CoOorr, Cat and oUw 6 au Wara, Chicaaod C.r.n-r War*, Eioti.?tit C?K>airg Sioro, Radiator aad Ckaabor Tot' thor with a largo lot of Kitahoa Ro*alailoo. Tc-rni: oash. Houir (or root, tnqairo of U?o Aaotioasora. do4 d Ci^tvARY A GREEN, Aaoti. CT-THK ABOVE HALE 18 POSTPONED nTl WKDNESDA V. tho Uth toot, col# c LEAKY A GREEN. Aaoto. FUTURE DAYS. Cj J. C. McGUIRE * CO, Aaottooooro. ('ATALObl K PALK ( P A MISCELLANE-> or? ' OLLECTIO* Of V*LC?BL? Hoon#.?Oa WE DNESDAY EVENING Doootrbor ?Rh. at hail p*ot C o'clock, wo shall ootl, at tfco Auction Moomt.a oo l?Uoi of H o*or??ol, Btog r??tiioo'. Madical. b< lociibo And rootira Wo ko. tocoUioi with o lot of Pioto i?i Ko io4 CatA.uca? roods Monday mo. mas. Terma osah. ds? d J.C Motfl'IKt: k. CO.. AwU. By J. C. MoSt IRK t. CO., Auctioneers. CH'PRRIOK TOP HL'OOY WAOON, TWO r* MlMIT WAfrOKI AKP ''CUf AT Arcno*.? Ob fAlLRDAY M- BNING. 0-o*??ter 11 o'o i tl, iu front of it* A not.on Room*, we shall s*l. withcat r?erve? Ud? new Loftth'r Phtfting toy Bi((t w|(m, bnilt to order ia Baltimore. Two good Market * aeons; on* Re Iky. Ttrmi: A oredit of*> an4 96 aays. lor wliihtlii n j eeJoreea sotes, N*an?>? internal. cal-it J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Am??. ETTHE ABOVE PALS 18 UNAVOIDABLY tpMfoB'd. #>r ictoirt of th? iwttn, til THORPDAY MORNING. DMWbv UU.WM dVloY ***** J. C. MoGUIRE A CO , AaotoBy J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. AMlwMin. PEREMPTORY BALE OP BAND0OMB Pamzlt Cttiuei. Pin or Rat Ciuuoi Hnim HABnit-i, Ac ? C? TO MORnOW MOK NINO, Diawbir ltk.t> 11 t'tltoL ii jroit of tka Aoot.oa Kouot, v( ?hali Ml, wttkoat i? OOrrO? A Tory haoda^eand nearly nor Family Cirmft, for aix yMHPWi, Pair of lore* (jh [- okiar Pay C?.rna?a Roraaa. Ht'DHi, Cor are. Ae. Tor ma rut. U 4. C. McGUIRE A 00? Aaoto. 117* THE ABOVE BALE I? CNAVOIDAK?<?"i?on?t oa a a*aat of tko waa*k?r aaUl t'RSDAY. Boo l*k. -una koa*> a^piaao. J.C. MaOUiRK ACQ. Aooto. By J C. McGUIRE A CO.. AaottuoMta. \ OT1CE ?OkiiT Sali or BrrnJO* Lmou IN abd VYi.IU BT CATALOOCB.?OB M(>RJMY. Dro mfvpr !ttk. Bt 10 o'clock ?. a.. w? ahali aoll. by &ma oitM, at th-' Hot*i ot J. laapana, Kcq., aaar tka Capitol, aH hu atook of? yvulmmci Lt?*?r?. WiM?aad Li??ort, the mo*l of it ofkuuvnlt prntHiao; WMoflikuWi i? o 1 ?r for IftMa j ?*r*. Cat%Joc?m wiTi t? iui?d aod jarM-ular* la * fi tar* k<!v?r!iHnMi. _ 4a T 4 i. C M<K?(JIBK * CO.,AaoU ^tGARS AND TOBACCO POft THK MLL? WON! The aadersU'M* wo? a reaaaatfally nfnra kit ainoruwi frtaajautf tfca faifta ttoit U>? Mhif k?r*toI?r? WKIIDI nd?r Ue ftr* of III. . ixt ? ? ioM&NH,b& MMdiuolrte bj matuft! ounect, a d that a fcaa op*r.~l a flora 0*1 tha K* ?ic and ta\ant* He. vmL hiimiK Ota ft waaMactoa, wb?r? ma? h* f???d aalfio* M?oila*t ut &h&^i^kr&mmA TOB \CCO, f 4tra* iiaao ?at?'ia, aa wa-.i aa d^iaacuo ?a* alas tar a. vao' jaaU and rau-i. i haak/u' for to : favor* ba h^paa ^ Mr daaJiu an< Mrt?tatUatioi to ty vwto and laMrwa oflka Mtli.o ia t > lioa. to mant a?onti?aaa?> o? thafat'oa*ca aa likaaftlly bwfii a?ca tfca !lata o* )W r. WIECMAWW. A~ FINK BLOODKP MIKK FOR SALE? Kmlu i (n r ft* M It < r/b Aid Mirkl ^ atsr.r ;rs:3B* cit>. Pii'* %#*<. O' llw idwtiiw lutii bar iii.r?e?, vuaid lure oat Lit nd-n* imr? for th* vis~?3oL ?s^*w*C3sr *

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