Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1860 Page 3
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- _ LOCAL NEW 8. Thengh l ex 8ta* la printed on the faatcat am prvaa In oae aouth of Baltimore, lta edition la ? large aa to require It to be pat to prean at an early hour; Advertiaementa, therefore, abould be aent In before It oVlock m ; f.kenrtie they may net appear until the next day. NOTir* ?Dlatrlct of Colambtn Advertisement* ?o be ln*ert"d In the BALTraots Sun are received at and forwarded from Thk 9nt OfBce. Dotbl* Shatixo Ofbsatios?Juatlce McKenni came by the Information tbat one Shon Von Hlnkle.a beardleaabarber from tbeclaaalr Rhine, kept. In the little shop over which he presided, tlte material* not only for abating the facea but the pnrkeia of hi* nnatemn* patron* He Imme <ilately dlapatrhed an attendant wltb a suggestion ouched in polite but pressing language. for Mr Von llinklr to c"m? down to'hla ottce and enter into an explanation of the myateriea of tbia duplicate shaving operation. Tbe profeaaor of carda and raxora responded with alacrity, and appointed a time when thecoirplicatlonaof hlaart might be reve tied for the public weal. One or two of Mr. Von Hinkle'a frienda, however, one in particular, who ba? been more than once honored by having hi a many virtue*, political or otherwise, kindly mentioned In the Star's columns, having got wind of th- mutter, and either feeling that It would be a nr*?t p*ty to give tbe world the advantage a disclosure of the sublime mysteries professed by Mr. Von ilinkle would inaure it. or fearing that aucb m uncovering of the secret history of the barber bopmlght not be* good thing for him personally, advised his Teutonic friend to come forward ana make his explanation semi-othcially. in order that too much learning might not make the world mid Mr Von liinkle profltted by the hint, and did the trick" in the presence of the Justice, -who considered tbe secret so valuable that he admon'sued tbe professor not toexerciaeit too often, and charged him not lea* than ?50 for having indulged his friends bv communicating to them the w?nd-rfjl combinations of the sailor's prayer bcok. A Bin ?In tbe debate yesterday In the Senate upon tbe condition of National affairs, Mr. Iveraon Kiid be regarded tbe question as settled, and tin power tins tide or Heaven can avert me resun. South Carolina it gone That thi* Union Is to be ll??olved In fixed fact, and no tinkering can avert it. He would, however. address a few words to the people of .Maryland, Virginia, and the District or Columbia Their press and people had bitterly censored South Carolina. The people of the District were probably In fear that dissolution would destroy the capital and render their property valueless. W hether those things would or would not happen would depend upon their own conduct. The Slave States would no into confederated action If Maryland and Virginia wish to jo! a them they had better go oat or the preaent Union quick, or the Constitution of the new Confederacy and the' Union might be formed, and then it might be too late. It is supposed that one of the motives of the new Union is the opening of the African slave trade. For himself be was opposed to this measure, and Maryland and Virginia, by quicklv joining the new Confederacy, might prevent it; but, if the Cotton states go out alone, be could not say the African slave trade would not be opened. It might be that Wash l#^!nn my wouia oe ia? kii oi uic c5u.11.ucn1 Confederacy. He would be in favor of It; for all these brrildlngs, prepared for tbe use of a Government, would be convenient. Criminal Cockt?To-day, Julia Dean was placed on trial, on a charge of keeping a house of 11 fame: as also, in ihe seoond count of tbe indictment. with keeping a disorderly bouse. John Browers. watchman, called for tbe proserut on ?Testified that be Lad seen defendant in a house in what i> called Marble alley Had seen women and men go in Uiis house, some of tliem bear the reputation of persons of loose character That was aiso tbe reputation of tbe weman who livtd there. Never knew of any disorders there wbilc she lived there, or during the time Le used iu srr iict afc iuii uuuvc cuc uc?ci wiw mtucw anything about her being the proprietress of the house. Don't know who exercised control over the bouse. Thomas E Young.?Don't irnow defendant. Don't know what house she kept, lias s?en people go in the alley (Marble alley) from witness's place of business. Don't know who they were, or what was their character The case closed here, and the jury found a Verdict of not guilty. Patrick Kcatou was then placed on trial on a charge of assault and battery upon Winnefred Keaton. his wife. The jury found a verdict of acquittal. Tom. the colored boy. whose remarkable musical performances have Wen the theme of comment elsewhere, made his appearance before a Washington audience lost ni^ht. The ordeal for him w-.snoligbt one. a* the audience wai no: de up largely of the best musicians of the city; but so ?xtraordinary, so unique wcr? hi? performance! that critical observation soon gave plice to uttei amazement. He is a negro alt over, with all th? mannerisms of bla race; animal spirits high, bursting out Into a giggle or some extravagant demonstration of voice or litub upon the slt^htesl provocative, and leading off in the appl^nsc of hli own performance with rollicksoine zest. Thai he is not older tban is claimed for him is attested by the pure childish alto of his voice. Hiscax Is of the phenomenal ones of persons, colored and wliite, Ignorantof the first law or rule of nu tuber* able to estimate column* of figures at a lance. A inntiuee this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, afford* ladiei and children a special opportunity to see and taea him, and he also gives nightly performances a the same place, Assembly Rooms. Now Is Yoca Chaxc* ?The great sale o superb household furniture, elegant fancy orna merit*, paintings, Bohemian and crystal gla* ware, fcc., Jt<: , by McOuire & Co , Is attracting mora attention, and the more especially a* ii view of the times the richest and most coatl articles are Knocked aown lor me merest son? In fact, SI" goes further now at an auction i Washington than 850 a year ago. The sale is t be continued day and evening until thecatalogu is gone through with. It is held at Woodward' new store. By the way, we notice among rar articles here a wonderful organ. which not onl f^rform* admiralty in the musical way, but ha some moving figures whose performances are U;S? more extraordinary than those of any automi ton we have lately seen. The foremost figure i a monkey magician, who, with two cu|?, pei forms feats that would make Anderson or IIlit stare with envy. This curious organ is to I) rkffl-d a. soon as the chances. MOO) ? _' each, ai taken. SiTKiMi Cor?T?Monday ?Henry McCre; K?o . of Pennsylvania, was admitted an attorn* and counsellor rf this Court. No 2 Charles E Milnor. appellant, agt U New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Con paoy etal. No. 3 Oavid B^elow, appellant, agt the Ne T RuHrAAfl an/I Tmnannrtxtinn C nm na n u No 4. ?'harlr? E Milnor, appellant, ajjt tl Newark Plank Road and Ferry Company et al. The argument of these eauaea was continued 1 Mews. Z ibnskle and Seward for the appellee and by Mr Farker for the appellants. T??v<ay?Geo Morgan Browne, Esq , of Ma sacbviaetu. was admitted an attorney ana counsi lor of this Court The argument of causes Noa. 2, 3, and 4 w concluded by Mr. Parker lot the appellants. A jouroed. Thi Thiatkr?Another line and led nee w prwni at iur uicaivr IUI r*nuu^ HI wiiacw w repetition of the new, and we may add, now po nlar comedy of ? The Fashion* and Follies Washington Life" The success which has i tended the presentation at this comedy hss i d'jeed Manager Glenn to offer it again to-algl No ons should fall to see this capital dagnerrt type of the*'ins and outs" of Washington Hi X r Raymond * benefit will take place on Frid evening next, when Miss Gertrude Argyle, w recently created such a furore ia Boston on t occasion of her first appearance on any stage, w appear as Farthenla. the Greek maiden, in t beautiful Dlav of Imromar. From her Dersoi \ advantagea. m osteal"voice, aod graceful flga * we predict for her a great success. Wroii is it ??Yesterday morning;, about o'clock, officer Jaa P. Edward* overhauled a c ored woman. an old offender, named Ellxatx Ha mil tun, upon whoae person he found a chll raglan of brown or lead color,'with red ita llnirgs, the bod/of the garment being lined w fl*nnel with grey and black atri pea. In a poel of the raglan was a white handkerchief. Fll beth told tbe officer that ahe had taken It front pannage of aome person's house, but refused to 1 whoae. She waa committed to jail for a furt ? ? -? ?a a^l. a a\ _ m ? Bt-ariag. ana lot utrmrni wu M*ru w> vac us of jiMtitf Drury, in the First Ward, tor idei fl'atton Whoever baa miaaed such an art) bad better visit the above otBce without delaj Mobs Aid?Mr J. H. Baliman. a Germ who occupies the position of a sight wstchn in the Interior Department, baa written to Governor of Miasi?alppl, tendering bia service a military capacity in the "impending criai and proposes to resign bis present position moment's warning, if the Governor thinks It ne sary that be saouia take position with tbe soi era legion Mr Ballman bat teemed dissstia w'tb tbla part of tbe country since the lOU November 1 -at, when be was toed 93 *27 for ill obscene and tadseent language to bis wife la presence of tbe neighbor* Piayii MKET.^OS I* GtoaaBTowM ?A ^ Interesting Uaion Prayer Meeting wrs held la Mlastoa Chapel, Georgetown, yesterday evcnl Rev C J Jonea,of tbe Martacr'a Church, ? York; Mr. Bingham. of New York; Mr i Taylor, of Connecticut; Rev K I Parrln Philadelphia; sad Mr. Wss. II Fowle, of A andria, took part ta the exerclasa The \ meeting will be bald la Um Market Street Chi Georgetown, to-morrow aJWrBpoQ at o'cl? ' " , . * ./ *>' * I ??s?sa States Casks ?Bt/ort Justie* Donn. ' f Patrick Foley waa arrested" by policeman Griffin " for an assault artd battery on bis wife. The charge wu made by Foley's son. After a bearing of toe evidence, Foley was held to aecnrlty for peace Patrick Given and Thomas Daggett wore arrested by Deputy Marshall Phillips and officer W tae for a viclent aasault and battery on a colored man, knocking him on the head with a brick, In- ^ dieting a wound from wbicb it was feared d*-ath would entup The parties were committed for a bearing and to await the result of the wound, f Last night, Dr WiSlett, who attended the negro, v mad* oath that his wounds were not fatal, and merely scalp wounds Given washeld to bail for court In the sum of #500. and Daggett In 9300. i Upon giving the aecurity they were released I John Dean and John Ragan w?re arrested by a detective officer Allen, for an asaaolt and battery J on John Kemp, and robbing him of SO They * are all connected with the " night line," and their t testimony last night was marked with all the p - ? ? 1L.1 m i mi _ cu?racierisi:cs 01 msi nroit-ssion. me case was a dismissed. David \V heeler was arrested by detective officers 1 Allen A Co., for stealing a pistol from a gentleman named Crawley, and for passing counterfeit i gold coin orTanother named Cbandlee. He was " sent to jail for a farther hs*ir,g. . A uian named Peacock ins arrested by police- ,j man MoNamara, for having In his possessions r hog belonging to a woman living on English ( Hill. The proof was that the hog was found tres- J passing on tbe grounds of Mr. Crutchett, by whom !? a_ i ii a a i i4 A_ As I i. " ii was iiuro, ar.u uc (jave n 10 iae prisoner 10 r carry away. Dismissed Thi Washington Monumint ?W* are informed by tbe Secretary of tbe National Monu- fl meat Association tbat a block of marble baa been received at tbe Monument grounds, inscribed as c follows: "From the Jefferson Society of the University of Virginia, to the National Monument, January 7, la60 A contribution for tbe Monument was raised In ' u ran vine, rnio. amounting to tret), u>e result 01 a suggestion by Postmaster Beck, that a Thanks- . giving day address br delivered for the beneht of the same The addreaa wai delivered by the < Rev. Mr. Mullenix, and the church waa decorated ' with the national banner, pictures of General ? Washington, Mount Vernon, etc. Mr. T F. Keene, of St. Louis, Mo., caused a subscription bo* to be erected at his election pre cinct, on bis own suggestion, and tbe sum or 954 50 wai contributed. i Lincoln to bk Waylaid in Baltimore.?The ' Washington correspondent of tbe Richmond Dis- i patch says: " I was thrown, yesterday, in contact with the ' man who, beyond a doubt, carried Maryland for 1 Breckinridge He tells me that tbe National Volunteers, of Baltimore, organized at first for political purposes, ia still kept up for purposes which may be necessary if Lincoln attempts to march through Baltimore with an army of Wide-A wakes behind him. The Volunteers number 4,WW, all young men, and all true to the South " We hear of similar givings-out In thii city at respects some desperate things the National Volunteers of Washington propose to do oa Inauguration day. Ladies, the best place to get your Christmas presents Is at Mrs. K G. Etchison's, No. 12 l'a avenue, who has just returned from the North with a complete assortment of Fancy Ooods, all of which she has selected herself especially for the approaching holidays Her stock of real Lace Collars, Sets. Handkerchiefs. Veils, embroidered and plain I.inen Sets, French worked Sets and Collars, Head Dretses, net Sleeves. Fans, Portmonaits. Linen Collars and Handkerchiefs, and a large stock of Fau< y Articles, (any of which will make a very handsome present,) will be sold very rhmn \Y m nrivit#* vnn to an At nnr?? tr> \'ii 1'.' Pa avenue, and get your presents before they arc picked over. t Ths Purees ?Land warrants rate here now at the following prices :?160, 120 and Ml acre warrant.! are bright at 50 centi per acre and Belling at (M; 40 lcre warrants for 90, selling at $1.05. City bank notes selling for gold at 3 per cent ; Virginia bank notes6 percent.; Maryland, Pennsylvania ind Ohio at 5 per cent ; South Carolina 10 per cent ; North Carolina 8 per cent; New York city banks at par; State bank % per cent. Ar**st or a Fohg?r?Yesterday, Mr J. 8. Hollingshead. of this city, left for St. Louis, Mo., tobrin*; to this city a man named Collins, who u/b a roi'an t !v r r ? t 1 n (hat r Ut* fnr fnf rinir fi raff v V'V?? v* J ?||10IVU I II ?UM ? VliJ ?VI AVI Wl?ll" and checks upun the firm of Sweeney, K'tteu bouse A Co , bankers of tbts city. It Is said that when arrested be bad in bis possession a check upon that flrrn for ail amount exceeding eleven hundred dollars, which was forced. The Litti.b Soj.dieih ?About 1 o'clock to-day a company of lads in uniform, consisting of blue jacket with yellow trimmings, red pants, and gray fatigue caps, and armed with nutsketoons. bailing, we understand, from the First Ward, marched through Pennsylvania avenue, to martial music, making a very line military show. Who says we lack fur national defence*? Central Gcard-house?Btfort Justic? Thornyson?Wm Hraudsell wai picked up for being drunk and disorderly in th*- public st'eets, ai d fined #3 94 Jo?eph I.ewis. coid. for disorderly conduct and profanity, was lined 83 91. Ten lodgers were provided for. t Arrived at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteen[ and-a-half street, schooners Home, Ward, Phil. adelnhia. with 100 tons of coal for Mr li Rochat; i Southerner, Wamsley. same port, with 100 tons of 5 coalfor Mr T. S. Butler. i Postposkd?The public drill of the National r Kifl>s, which was to have takeu place this after noon. Lai been indefinitely postponed. Skssatio* in thk Silk Tradk? Perry 4 f Brother a pricea for Silk goods, and the extent of h their stock, ia at this time making a sensation , among our lady friends f ????? ,, Plka*k Task Notice !?For ninety days I will y not charge goods to any one without reserve to ' circumstances or condition. In the meantime. ,, I will sell my entire stock of Fancy Silks ana 0 Dre*" Goods at cost Domestics at reduced pricea. e No 351 Seventh street, between I and K. >, W.W.Bckdktt* Holloway's Pills. Female Complaints.?No Other medicines of the l* day pmistfss the property of restrain-at tnosa inor a dinate Buw* incidental to tue Kent.or a x, ana i- which are th? *vl rejult* of nervous debility or Is enfeebled constit it on Thousands of female* in r. America owe taeir existence and the aotual enj">2 inent of health to the us* ol theae celebrated rcmediea. Their nature is so wimple that they may l>e * taken by the moat delicate female with perfect freere dom and safety Sold h> all diufgists,at25>. 62o., and $i per box. de 10 lw ? WisTA*'* BiUAM or Wild Ohsrrt, >y Curts Bronchial Affection.- and alt Dictates of the 7 Lunti. From the Boiton Kv#um; Traveler, January 6. ,e "It is perhaps but a simple act of justice to tire 1- proprietor* ot iVtstar's Balsam of Wild Cherry for ua 10 ?*y, that our personal txp'rimer in tiie us? oi w this ai LioH, haa impresaed ua favorably. One of the proprietors of tho Traveler was entirely cured of a . severe couch ot four months' continuance, by th? us* of this Balsam .and aeveral of our friendeand aoauaintanc?s. who have tried the article, have found >y it of great servioe in relieving them of i?v?r( *, oouffhs And hortnetaof breathing, with which thej had been afflicted." lg_ None teauin* anleee aigned I. Bctts on the wrapper. 1 "A? ?.-i w. a ur r?.u i. manW f?, rrvpurcu uy ?c. ?? rvmoa v/u<, Doawu^vxu tvi aai? by Z. D. Giiman.S. C. Ford, jr.,Sf. B. Wait? * G. Siott, JohnSctiwarxe, Nairn k. Pa.mer, Waah d- ingtoi; and bjr dealera everywhere. da 5-lw.r Kbadek, hare you aaen Prof. Wood'a advertiae aa ment is oar paper. Read it; it will intereat you. be au ao-eoly Pi To tits A?flict*d !?Be anre to read tRe adver ?> tinemeot of MoLean'a Strengthening Cordial ant it- Blood Purifier, in another ooluina. tf n- at Coven* ?The andden ohtngea of oar climate nr ?o- so iroevof Pulmonary, Bronchial and XnimUii (f Afectiont. Experience h%ring proved that aimpl ... remedies often aot ap*edily and oertaioly whei ZZ tak>'n in the earlj atacea of the diaeaae^reooura lould st onoe be had to jbrown's Hronehtn ?? Trochesor Losengea, let the cold. Couch, or lr ill ritauon of the Tnroat be erer to alight, m by thi be preoaationarooreeerioaeettaok out beeffeotuall lal warded off Public Speakers and Sing'rs will fin .. thein effeotaal for oleanag and atrengiheninc th ' Ytioc. See adrerUeemeat. de 1-ly II Hombotatbic Rvmxdim , All of Dr. Humphrey a * Co.'a apeoifie He 01" meopathio Renwdiea put up exprnaaly forfamil eto nao, in bozea, at 25 and S" oeuta eaoh. Ala< d'e in oaeee. containing 30 viaia, from to | >?e each, with book of fall directiona. For eale n ith Z. D. Oilman. 330 Pa. avnnae. wholeaaln an kf.t retail agent; w. A. FiUgeraRl, S43 north F atree alao by F. B. Winter, corner of Maaaachusetta av< **" nue and Sixth atreet. Ala?, Pond's Rrtract of Witt the for internal and external inflammation* i tell all kinda. Sold aa above. ma 9- ly ber V " ' "hc Y _ nAKHlEII 0gn 9tk inetant, by the Rar. M r Finekal, A I le VEFFNK* *? Miu LIZZIE H. 6of r. A KL>, ?il of tiue eity. ?"j * WKD, tb#. I > Georgetown, Deeember 11, m the Mth year . in !fff Wi u*fUE,tJ,MnfSI 'J1"*" ?'7 hoar.. Mi \> ? \?j ? FINK, wifeiof Caspar Fink, a natr ?, of Baden Germauy, bat for the feet*) yeara a rei t a dent of (jeorcetown. c?*- H?f *od thoee of the family are lnvit hM ninornJ. ob Thuradar. 13th inat&nt. 1^4 2 <>Viook,?roi? theYeeidenee of tu^r Pta*. '< Bw* Bndc? street, batween Montgomery and Or* ? ?f tWKi. ? in8 fn thia city, on Tnoeday, the 11th instant, FRK! the 1)Y E., ton of Frederick and Ma-y L. Dtprojnt 6tn year of bis age. Fare thee well! we must not weep ; rery God biweelf haUj made the* slsep ! 1 toe ??? rpOM MOUNT VKRXON. ' w r NOTICS.-CHASOE OP DAYS H On and after Tuesday, December ll,theS,ean i, of THOMAS COLl-VKR will maka __ JT*" lea three tripe per wet k t? Moni.t Ver next "? #laavii g her wharf, at the foot imunfca rklT ck Oaa-lw SAMUEL BAKER, CapUui ^REAT BARGAINS PKOPLB'WcVvTHISTORE, = clotn&^? 8lt'"h 9ibmt 1 furnishing goods, hats \ amd ? ? ' caps. LT 30 pirn cl!*t. ll'l THAS TUI i'lvu RaTKS. at h al itu' 8, Hr. 4 ?A t- L /*?. *w wvcnzm ocrert* _ N. B ?AH in want of CLOTHING and FURilSHING GOODS wr I tnd it graatly Uf their ad- ) antage to give nw a call. de7 liw j. H. 3.M1TH. Cloth 1 a. /%t\ NEW PAWN O.-'FICE. * 9 E. W A R D7D.*>r n Ne?? U 1 .ud LMt Off* Clotninc. respeotfnlly i*if>nu? the uhhe that he ha? opened a LlCENsKl) HaWN )FFICE at No 7fl Lonmatia avenue. between th and loth its, a few doo-s east of the new Cen " ral GuMd-lioiite, where he will be at ail f repared to wait on liie patrons wiUi promptness, \ attention and the strictest instioe. 1 N. B ?Jewelry, Dry Goods, Clothing, Meobanes' To Is, *o.,always on hand at private sale de 7 lm* fl flothing! clothing :: U CLOTHING ?! ^ Having on hand a very large stock of the most J aahionahie str'ea of RhADV-MADE GARHENT^, we oflbr tho publio the greatest inducenenta with our iow prioea, in or<W to reduoe our rook. Alio, a fine assortment of GENTjV FURBISHING GOODS. 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The largest Plain Ph >tographs in th? world. The Colored Photographs must be seen to be appreciated. Tw?atj-five full lfnjth Portrait Viaitinc Cards, e etatuiy nnisnea i >r nve aou&ra : t??E HU.NURKl) PHOTOGRAPHS FOR FIVE DOLLARS!! Price* for all other atyles equal! y moderate. de lo lm J^OTICE TO THE PUBLIC. The undersigned has iu?t opened a wholesale PRODUCE mud M nRKETING STOKE at 549 :xi"th street. <>pp -ti^c Center Market, where lie wilt be receiving daily a general assortment of1 every thine that grows on a farm, fresh from the handa of 'he farmers, st>oh as Turkeys. Chickens, Dunks, Geese, Kgg?, Hotter?of all qualities, at Baltimore prioes?Dried Fruit. Apples, Fl?nr, Ha?n _ Arrt _ ?kir>h 1 will mil fti rhAnn ft.a nun he bnught in this citj, Alexandria, or Baltimore. Denlera and hucksters are r**pcatfnl j invited to call an?i examine far themaelv?* de 6 It J. H. CAN^'lELD. IVIEW UOOKSat FRKNOH A RJCHSTEIN'S, i^i 273 I'BJiN. Avknck. Lavinia, a novel, by G. Ruffim, !2mo., cloth; prioe 9 12S Fairhairn'a Treats of the Famihea of Great Britain and Ire'and, in 2 vola., 8mo.t oloth; prioe 325. Housekeepers' Encyclopaedia of Cooking, <Vo , 12mo , oloth; prioe 91-25. de 5 HOM E^MA D E S in R T8 HOME MADE SHIRTS!! During the paat two months, the "doll season," we have made a large suppl* of GENTLEMEN'S DRESS S5H1R T8, and wiil aell them at a lower pries thai usual at STEVENS'S Sales Room, de 1-lWt Brown'a Hotel. IV MERCHANT TAILORING. i'EW FALL STYLE* or CLOTHS, CAS8IIIL'DC iVll V'L?TIVRS i't rv * V ? ^ 4 * f act* v? WALL. STEPHENS & CO., 34* Pennsylvania Avenue, have juut roceived a larre variety of new .Fall (joods, t<> wtnoii they invito the attrition of th?ir friend* and customers. au 3<i-tf , Singer's Sewing Machlnett. 3SS PEMN. AVENUE, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invite the pub'ic attention to our now .?30 FA.MIL. v SEWING MACHINE. This Machine u unsurpassed in the household. It runs smooth and ?win; hims, fell* and gathers, will i?t the finest swirs or cloth ten :ayer? (hiok, and ant thing between the two extremes, ic a ?eaut.ful and substantial manner Machines in mahotany, wa!r not and rosewood rases from SPO to ?inn. Our larc* vibrattnf prascr machine kU>t ooach trimmers and saddlers, is without a rival. Silk, Twist, Thread, Needles, Bobbins, Oil, &o., always on ' hand at New York pnoes. [T^Send for a o?n? of I. M Sinrer ft Co.'s Oa ! *ett?. i'HARLES A. Si'ONSIiKK. no 27 6m " Agent. VA CARD. IRG1NIA AND SOUTH CAROLINA MONEY, r AND OF ALL OTHER STATES, TAKBN AT TAK, and Goodi sold at the lowest market prioe for cash A superior ?took of CLOTHING o?v on h?nd and having to employ now one hundred and fiftj hand*, whioh we wish to lre?p in employment during this panio, we will offer extra inducemen t U purchasers Goods made to order in the }*> * style* i WALL.STKPHK.N* * CO, no 23 3w Pa av hot 9th and loth ?U. . OALT1MORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-lB " d coaroiATtD 18v.?john 1. Dokalmoh, Pres. * m. Codltik, Seo'y. This oompany INSURES LIVE8 and BUYI i and GRANTS ANNUITIES, Ac. B *- LI-*- 1 V* ?ki ,i iwionpuw psmpniow id?t uo uummm ?? ?? Comp&DT't Ajeno* for the Uiatriot of Columbia offioe ofLewta Jonaaon ft Co., Bankera. 10th atrea _ and Penn. avenue. J. W. MAGILL, A cent J n. B Hn?n M TV ?? ! H!t'> O ~??f ? f \UR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of th V J very lateet style*, and m all oaaea madr^ of tha beat material. Call at ouce and getCKj choice. At STEVENS'S, >- nog-tf 336, l>etw.9tli an 1 HUh nt?. I 1% A. HUBNER'S I/RESSMAKING ESTABLISHMENT, ^ No. 506 Elvvkmth St . ? Between Pa. avenue and E at, II *ii l:_J r * _ j: ? n ._ i. . /VII IIQUB UI Li?<urH uaiHirun, 1/ic?op?, v?"n? .I Mantelets. Cke?t?rfield Sacks, Zouave Jacket 'f Ao., &o.. out and made to order by every tashio p ate ia the latest Pa ua and Loudon styles, at tt itortMt notice. de 1 3m* V VIRGINIA MONEY IRGINIA MONEY Taken at par, no matt f what amouat of goods may be parohana of me. ' J W. MOR8KLL, de 4-tf No. 323 C el, lutw. tfih and 7tli sts. piREMEN-S INSURANCE COMPANY ?f WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. ? Capital 9900(000. Qfk4 Mm r C itritf MfLMUMa* ??., ever Ba\ Jn iMMTf K HOl'SF.S AN'DOTHKR PROPERT ?n AGAlSSf Lj58S BY PI RE. G?o. SUoemak?rf^KT?^muel R*jff?ni, 9amuel Cropler, Wilham Wilaon, Richard J ohm. John D. Barelajr, ' Jaoob Gideon, A^rew Rothwell, ? Titos. Parker, ^ F.*inh* ' No char,, for P&o^ ADAMS, Pr^d.n, >#r Am 0. Divii, SecrtUry. o?io-ao< jfc I7RENCH FLOWERS QF THK VERY BEi a r ?~*srs?sysir*2 y u ?o?B ??,bM%wiru>?S A ? V*- * ' k\ ? AMUSEMENTS. |V AIHINSTOS THIlTII! WEDNESDAY^ December 11. Vili be performed tha ?e* iacal aomedy, u<ht!y reoraved with hearty a::d ge?-u ce epplant sympathetic ami ? r<?am? of delight. entitled FASHIONS AND FOL' IE8 OF WASHINUTON LIKE. Svery Serator, every M?mb?r of Coegreac, very low net, every Govi nment clerk. end every tn?n, woman, and ch id is Waahinctoa, ?:,')uld aee ao tru? and r<?fn?ed a picture ftf Matrrnni 1 i fa Po cocciude with, WHY DON'T SHE MARRY ? In rrtiearaaJ-'Jaok Cad*.'' "Child of the H^ii?Mit,' and John Broughanra barle&que ofPocaionla?." On Fridajr, Benefit of Mr. JOHN T. AYMON O ?r which great oooiuinn Miaa Okrtbudi Aiotli ?r' 11 appear aa Rartheoia. Doore open at 7, to ooramenoe at 8 o'elor.k Oroheiter etiaira SI; dreaa circle and parquet SO ta.; private hoxea 9b REMEMBER THE ORPHANS EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION ! AT TH* < SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. GR AN I> "CONCERT BT TH* Children of Protest't Orphan Asylum, asainted by tha fOUNS LADIES OF THE THIRD DISTRICT ITBLIC SCHOOLS. Under the direction of ProC. J. H. Daniel, Vn FRIDAY EVENING, the 14th insf.. Commencing at 7H o'clock. A QUARTETTE of young gentlemen have vo1inteered their cervices, as also the MARINE HAND tor the occasion. Tickets 35 cents ; can he had at the Music and Book Stores, and at the door on the evening of the Concert. _ _ t n i lit f * _ ?. H A i ^ L :ur. jonn r. &1111 nas Kinaiy iurmtneu oneoi nis piano?. de 10 td_ TOM, THE BLIND NEGRO BOY PIANIST! THE WONDER OF THE WORLD! THE MARVEL OF THE AGE! A Li vine Mir*cle! Blind from birth, without one moment's instruction, not even knowinc the n*m? of a single kev on the finger board, or the shape of *. pi%no, incompetent to answer the simplest question in regard to music?yet master of the Piano; playing I om the operas of Norma. Linda. Lucretia Hnrgia, Daughter of the Regiment, Trovatore, Traviata, M.d others, with a master hand and master toiioh. Here i* & study for loarned men. A neitro child, or lr ten years old. raised upon a plan tation, simple minded, a child in a'l his wishes ana wants?ye' master of one ?>f the greatest sciences ; plaving two pieoea of musio at once ard conversing at th? same time?re producing th? most difficult pieces after ?noe hearing them?playing thosrcondo to anv piece without even hearing it once, then changing seata and re-producing the prinro correctly?performs with his hack to the instrument? sings in German and Freneh. without understanding either language. AH of which wi 1 be done on Uie stage. Concerts at the Assembly Rooms, commencing TUESDAY EVENING. Doors op?n at 654 o'clock, concert commencing at 1%. Admission 5" ets : children 25 cts. Matmaes Thursday and Saturday at 3 "'clock. This bring thaonly week in the city, this is the last opportunity of seeing this great Musical Phenomenon. del 1 w* C. G. ATWELL. Agent. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. " T ANNOUNCEMENT. HE Members of the PERSEVERANCE FIRR COMPANY, No 4, havethe p|ra*ure to an -A pounce t>? their many irquirirg friends, and jjM the public in general, that their third grand ilWL annual COTILLON PARTY wrl takep'are&flfc at Frank li* Hall, cor. 9th and D sts , on Tl'ESDA V. January Rth, 1861. Particulars in futuro advertisement. By oider of the Executive Committee. de u-st IrusTi'd.-xHiii p..-* r. N Consequence of the inclemency of th? wither, the g\ COTILLON PARTY St Of the MONUMENTAL CLUB QB Will b? postponed ur til de 11 2t* WEDXESD * Y. D'r?mh*r 12. [FOURTH GRAND COTILLON PARTV 17 or thk ?st MOUNT CLARE CLUB, jS To ho riven at /!* FRANkLTN HALL. bJfe Corner nf Ninth nnd D *t*eet.i, NEW YEAR'S EVE. Particu'ars in future alvortiseinent do 11-31* jook out For Yhe monumental?! EIGHTH GRAND "COTILLON PARTY of the MONUMENTAL CI.UB, at Thorns' oa Hall,on Wi'h?rs? fll celebrated cotillon muMc ha? l>een engaged JuA Tiolcets 5u cents, admitting a gentleinau andMMfc ladies de 4 eo4tA2td* COMMITTEE. WANTS. ORUGOIST.?An experienced druggist d?sir?* a ro-eneagement a* clerk in a druz atore. References of the hi$hest character will be given. Address "Pharmacien." Star office. de 12 6t WANTED-A SITUATION at operator on i sewing machine, or as or. by a lad) who understands dressmaking in all its branches Apply, this week, at 63 F street, between 9ih anc 10th. on the Island. It* ANTED-A WET NL'RSK, to go to Soutl America with the family of the late Peruviar Minister. It is understo:Ml that all the expanses t< f<> and to come back will he paid. Address t) 6tl street. No. 44' .orto DR. GARNETT. de WANTKD? A GIRL to sew acd take care o children. Re'soinmendations required. Appl; at No. .'>46 H st. between and Tth. de 11 2r? *WT ? WTL-n D. . ? HI Tl' A 1/1/ A* rjMJ ? .w??|?www.w o>?.| ? . ?.? " TION aaohainbermaid or ntirae. The lme reference Pl**ae o*ll at 40? Twentieth ftrewt. I?? tween Q and II ?tn., Kirnt Ward. ?1? 11 2t* WANTBl)?Dy a reap^otable young *<jdiu, i HITUATluN a* obain'serinaiU, or to aaam in waahin*, or to do plain newing. Can have coo reference*, if required. Ploaa? call, for throe day I at 445 Tunth at., between F >vnd G ?t?. de 11 2f WANTKD?SECOND HAND F URN I TURF Peraona doo imng housekeeping, or htvin a anrp'ua of Furniture on li.\nd,can obtain thec&a and fair prices by applying at 369 Seventh ct. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From f5 t ?lo,iwn worth o( SECOND-HAND F1 KNI TURK ofall kinds, for whioh 1 will guaranty to pa the higheat price*, and, aa n?ti*.l, at the aborieat nc tice. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stovea. Ac., oc 9 4 OS 7th ?t., bet. G and H, eaat aide. LOST AND FOUND. ?Q RKWARD.?Strayed aw?r, 9th instant, O'* rod And white ?pott?d UO\Y, wi'h^ i a dark brindle face, with horn*. The above mir reward wiil be giver if returned to tiieJbaJh owner, mi F ?tre?-t, nsar the corner of 4th ?t. del? 3t* JOHN P LUCAS. STOLKN?f*a?t evening, between 7 and 9 o'cl'l a MOCKING-Bill I) and CAGK I "ill**, cive a proper reward for the return of the birdzfi and cage,or the bird alone (and no quentioni'^ aeked,) to No 4<r Sixth st . between J7 and G. dell-2;* C MII.1,KR. Cupper and Leecher. REvVARD.-l.ont or atulen fro.n the *u tJpO scrib?r, on Thursday lasi, a BAY c\ MAKE, lame in the right hind leg, withjL-51 heeled ehoe on *aid foot. I will (tire the^^-^ ; above rewanl if return to me, at No. 273 Seven ; 1 delV-ft- SAMUEL 8HRKVE. ?Q RKWARD.-Loit. on the 3d l>eceir txsr, aorrel 1IOR8K, with white hind r\ leca. whit? face, and vary rough hair. The above reward will be paid ir returned to I THO-* B. SHOEMAKER, Ninth at, between , and P ata. d? lT"-2t' ' ? TT'STRA V.?Taken up aatray, treapaa infnp; fi the premises of the U. 8. Penitentiarjr. D. C., a white and black ?potted7JbJP ' W)W, and a BOAR with like ma.rka.4Ub j The owner or ownara are requested to ooioe ft * ward, prove property, pay oharjea, and take th< ' away. del* Jt I BOARDING. a ib i%t afrt a r a a l ? KUAivi/iiii],?A lainuy, or iwo "r mrt:o umi men, can t>s mo unm wiatod with Hoard at > 433 Ninth street, one door couth of P st. Ten modemte ()n? of the lar*"fct and mmt desi-al Rooms in th? house, furnished with watrr and g is now unoccupied. Table Hoarders aeeomn J a ted. no 28 Iftt OOARDING.?Good Rooms, oomfortably f D ni?h*d, can be obtained at 473 P street. I twcea 13th acid Wth, on mederaie term*, with 10 without Hoard. Location convenient and vi _ pleasant. no 27 2w ,r ^EGARS AND TOBACCO FUR THb Ml 5 LION! The undersigned would reepeotftilly inform _ numerous friends and the public that the oop? u5^?r* uau,?' V?- nrni h?? >?e?n diaao) vm by r * M dolu-uo *"?**? for paat favor*. b? hopes hy fair d< 'Y o^tk. l.,\f!? ,W^nlum to ll1* W4nU ??<1 interi ?|L - F* 'l0 l* hl? ,lne' to " "l OOntMBftDO* the patron**? *o liberally bettovad upon the mm nqM-lm* P. WIKQMAN1 UPKCIAli NOT1CK TO KVBRYHODY.C3 to KRKNCH * RICH8TK1N'!*. No. ?T? avenue, and get your eard antra vibi done. Kx me their unp ??and you will not fail to to m w,tt """ "iittiffkfiWcM&g . do 27 No. 27 f? Pa avenue, WaahinrUi r?__^ i i ? ? - ? ? ? 1 ? IT OMK PRICK ONI.Y! 5T HAVING on hand a very heavr ?took ofDR] L- TRIMMINGS, I will offer the aame very cnoaj k T.T"t^sswuw. X GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS nTBTSRS! - OY9TU8:! VJL . OY8TU8S P^,?tr,,""(l *"MOY8TK* DE POT oq,Hnh ?rr?M. neartl!? oomn ofA ^ BnvAti rrwMnt Pimi'i - iw i in Uy*t?r? or ISU, b> iwTioi their orders a* > I'-lm J V. COLMNS. CHKAP GROCERIES I ANU FRt'IT. l.a>?r and I'nnch RAISINS?whole. hall, and 4Mrt-r box**?<*t reduced pn *?. New FIGS, v I IRON, CURRANTS, Extra and PamiTy < Fi.OI R. For tale by GEO. W. ORMK, . de li' St Corner of Itridnaand Congre?.? its 5 BARRRL9 PRIME LEAF LARD. ! 2,0.*' pound* Lew SHOULDERS. 1 (Ml pit,n?1 * new Su* ar Cnred HAM?, do freeh slaughtered HOG"*, , S> banel* Craih?l and Pnive. ieed SUGARS, 10 do Refined Brown do. For sale I<y da a-6t W. H. TENNEY. FARM HANDS FOR HIRF.-Two able-bodiod 1 a negro men and two t*oya, aocuatimed to ail kind? of farmiBf. Theae necroea to hired for the etmaine year. Apply to HENRY C. MATT H K \V8, ?e?,r*-town. da? ?tw* JUST RECEIVED? 10 hltd*. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, 1A<| bbl*.ok) Kve WHISKY, 29" bi>la. HI.KftIMi and ALEWIVES, fci bbla. Cruihed and Refined r?l'U ARS. 5> l?a<s Rio and Java COFFER, ]nhhde.(l?w priced?MOLA4&ES. For aalet.T JOHN J. BOGTE. aalO J 100 BBL8. OF FRIMK CIDER, U"*T Arrived and for a&le che?p lor oath. no 13 ARNY * 8HINN. MAS8EY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly reoaiTinc freah auppliaa of the above delightful bavarace, and invite ail persona who want a para uadultsrated Ale, to tire it a trial. ' ARNY A SRINN.AfMita, i < t 6T Siwii at.. Snortrtova. FOE SALE AND RENT. [For oik*r "For Salt and H*ni" mdv rtit$wumti, MjlrttfOf.) | F^URMSHKD HOUSE FOR RENT, provided 1 with all the modern improvement*. corner of New York ar. and Fourteenth at. Apply at 441 Fiftoenth ?t. de l?-3t?o* I L|M)K RENT?A thrse-*tory and ba*em?i.t " KRAiME HOUSE, near Pa av . oj Tenth, !>*tween G ami H *t?., No 413. Inquire at t*I BL.EY A fiUV'i* Hardware Store, Pa av. de H tf CM1R RENT-A new BRICK HOUiET wit?> r i:-_ i ?r.- ?; l m uaw K I'UHUIII^ auu UCl iftl, tint 1U| I UUIIli Wi ll gas, and side alley. sinated on L. street, Mr Tin teenth. Ront moderate to a good t?'?nt. Inqnre of M. GK KEN, Grocer, corner of Thirteenth and L. sts I In* property is near Franklin How, oily a few minute*' walk from the Treasury Huildinrs, and one of toe hcalthioat locations in Washington. de U eo3t* RENT REDUCED.?That pleasant COTTAGE Kr>lDENCE, containing 7 rooms, witn front haloony large ?ard iu front and rear, fiontinj H at, in Printing Oflise Square. l>etween North Capitol and Fir?t St*., will rented for 916 per month to a punctual terant. Address, by letter or in person, WM. 3T1CKNKV. de ll tf For sai.e or rknt-aimdwelling11? ?U8E, containing 11 rooms, a-.d fine yard, cituated iiO'i I st, h.twren 20th and 21st sts For ? ___ ....... ? ?. ? * J _/ tl _ iciinx iiirsra mi)uirc 110jii uwr, 01 ?ir, in ? muNANl. de 10 lw* FOR R EN T?A very commodious HOl'SEud GAR DEN, jjirg acd beiirg between firat at. east and North Capitol ?t, hounded by I and H ata. On this lot is * very la'ge rrape arlx>r in fu' 1 t earing, five very fine asparagus b?ds, and a eon?iderati e quantity of fine currant hushes, back and white ; also, cetera'fruit tree* of a vnrv superior quality, many rote hushes of the finest kind*, and many fine plant* of flower*. *c The rent win be low to an approved tenure There i* a very l?rpe ice-house in the adj iaing lot, which wi'l h* rentrd separately Poss'-snon given nn the let of January, 186!. For term* a^ply to Mra T. BKOWN, Fifth *t; or to No. 419 I street, between Stn aal 7th. (Intel.) de to ateo* F-KO.NT PARLOR AN1) CHAMBER too the fir. t floori tor rent, on Eleventh *t . between I'a avenue and C at., oppaaite the Theater. de 10 3teo* (BURNISHED ROOMS.?Mew! er* of 0..ngrea* and other* in ant of nicely Furnished Rooms, in au>t*or siugle.<-an find thein by applying at No. 30 F"iir aid-a-half st.reast side, between Pa ar, and C st. de C-lw* LAW OFFICE FOR RENT-ln Towers' Building, corner of Mxth street Mid La avenue. It i* divi ed into two rnomn. is conven-ent to the Cou t House, and in a good business locality. de a 3t* 17OR KF.NT?A three atorv BRICK HOUSE. I pleaxaat t situated,(on .NLar?i*nii avenue, h-tween 6 h and 7ih sts , (slacd.) containing 10 r>H>ra?, with gas fixtures eotwplet*. It v l! be let on mxlerate term* to a good tenant. Inquire next door to i the premises. de 7-*o3 * fTllK R ENT?A f?u -?to'y Brick HOI'SK, on K. between 4th and 5th streeta: has 12 rooms ana a ba.tii-hr>u<?. Rcut mode'at*. For terms apply to GKOKGK SAVAGR.^n; o'to J l.llJBKY & SON. No. 27 NVat?r strict, Georgetown. Aim. <in I. ImtU'PAn ifii iLnri 'itli afron*> 11 ro atnr v k Brick House, with 6 room*. For Urm< fcrp ? above do 6 3u;o' F^OR RENT OR LF-A8K FOR A TERM OF 1 YEARS?The HOJ J?E and GROUNDS lat?iy k occupied b> Po*:m\ster General Brown, and very r recently held liy Mr*. Smith a? a female institute. F<?r farther information apply to OH AS. ABEK,T, I Esq , or to t?e subscriber THOMAS l.AWSON, de4 eotf Surgeon General U. 9. Amy. i l^OR RENT?A desirable and wHl located fir*t j r class R ESI DENCE, No. 469 on Sixth street, i f>etw?en D and K *t*. The hou?e i* furnished with all the modern improvement*. Apply to THOMAS PARKER. no 28-eotf f |?(?H RENT, in the First Ward?three square* j r *??t of the War l>epartment?a stnal. OFFICE, with l?ack rwm. or the former may answer - for a shop; and Parlors and Chambers, sepa-ate. ar suits ?>t Booms, furnished or unfurnished ; close ' tuthe Avci.n#. Inquire at thi* offico. de 3 2t*wtf - I^URNISIIKD ROOMS FOR RENT.?Several a I neatly furnish d Rooms can he o< tained at r >a 11 BunM> ? on uppiioation at .No 52 Third *tr<w>t <1 past, Capitol Mill, three equares from tb? Cap to!. ' The fan.iy of the advertiser consists of two ?er?on?, ami no children. deletet* V I7UKN18HKD ROOMS FOR RKNT, at 405 1) f r street, between 6?h and 7th st*. de 4-tf I) n\?T a U i II I n D An ?._? A<kA> I' V rv |\ Jj. I -?A r.An ljvrn. VII u?r- III Bl liwi , _ r ami three line Bedrooms on the floor abov?, at ~ No '276 Pa. avenue, two doors east of the KirkwuikI House. de S-tf J pOK KBNT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, of 3 P stories, containing 12 rooms, located near the Treasury Department, lorinorly occupied by Sector Hints ; or I will rent 5 rooms in said house Also for rent. a una 1 Kram- House. containing S rooms and kite lien. Inquire at 440 Fourteenth ?t., ? between H ami 1 d? S-tf UOR RENT?A four-story brown front DWELr I.ING, aitua'ed ou 1'hirteenUi st .between L a and Massachusetts av.. one of th~ most desi ah e * locations in the city. The house is furnished with marble iaant!es; a'so, gas and water fixture*, with s> Itath room Inquire at VVM. P. SHEDD'S Fancy Store, No. 50*2 Eleventh st. o&tn 38t* ~ EK>K RENT.?A three-story BRICK MWKL.Lr INii HOUSE, with back banding. oi 12th st.. T No. 4 70. between F and G streets. Applv to J, IfIRKWfini) 176 Twa fth at. no 19 dtf CM>R RENT?Two ROOMS in third ? joinioc.with water and cu, or a fine PAR LOR ? lighted with in second a plea^ar t par1 >-. or the city. Terma low. Apply on the premiaea _ Nil. 4*?fi Mui. avenue-, between <tli ana 5'h?t?. J north aide no 16-tf th RENT?A three story brick HOUSE, eonI taming 8 ro?m?. In food order, with (M fix turea complete, on H at<eet. between 4th and 6th ? Also, a two-tto'r hriok COTTAUK, with lam* a yard attached, corner of F street north an ' 14th it _ east. To punctual and reliable teuanta the ternu 9 wi i he moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth afreet between li aod H. no lS-tf ? OLANKBTS! "" BLANKETS I! on D _ BLANKETS!'! . k Bed Blanket*! HMKiuieu: Bed Blanket* of all ais*a and of all pricee. Bed Comforta! Bed Cemforta >r- Marseilles Quilts! Marseilles Quilt*! ?ia Linen and Cotton Sheeting*. ' Toweling* of all kindi ? Damask Table Linens and Napkin*. Our stock i* full in all depai tmenta. We aolioi a oall from ail la want of Drj Good* _ WM R RILEV it BtO., No. 3? "Central Store*," je- Between 7th and8.h street*, o. no 28-2w Opposite Center Market. hlS PERFUMERY. a*. I It >* very d ffioult to get genuine _ io- SOAP3, EXTKACTfe, OI LS, AN1> POMADR8 * Our ong experience in the buainee* etabiea u ? to offer every article of the 'T GENUINE QUALfTV. i?? tVxnecfour owu linportaiK n wfctf other* of well * ? t?kMni4a.H man* wa?latiaa not f VI ftCUVII BUIUUBIU UI0iiU?| IUWM? * - ? ? pry befound in thu citj, and a'l atthe lowest p i?e?. * Buying every article for cuh. we offer all ci ? lar.e .took at th. lo^.t?rg?.?t rr C I L V LiiS r?i0i-?ooifi, l" eofit Brown'a Hot 1. ** jftfi 1NTEK1UK ADUENME1MT8. of f Ai'ER HANGINGS. all jr?do? and pnooa "?~ Warranted Gold Band Window t>MdM Buff, UrMn, and Bine Holland ttkadee, a l,"* eiaee, made to ordor Alto, a handeonie aaaortment ol Picture Cm , and Taaeoie, all size* a d eolora. ire, Pnrohsming for ca?b, and allowing n-i old ?t >< ... to aoournulata, persona needi-f the above (00 *" vill find it to tMir advantage to rvemeaeall. All work ex'eatod and NHrinUadtd by praoi Lfi oal men wh-i hare served a rag alar appreatiotJi at their trade. , a H^tiafaotion f?arar.tied_or no pay repaired. ^ JOHNMAB KR*T kZ" J!zt2tfr~+ fisswaSwi 111 . ' - - ic. Q.J NEW STYLES M O'l CLOTH CLOAKS, m. W? bar* this day opened S mo* ??? LOI CLOAKS, such M Arahs. Knjlmh Saeqa Zouaves, Buqiu, Cfie?ter*#Uiii P*l*U>ts, KSfl frioc* trimmed and Crochet Berthes new ?*J f 1 or Sieera Cloaks. . a THE LATEST NEWS * ? TELEGRAPHIC, Three Day* Later treat Earepe Pt J oaa'a, Dec II.?The steamer Keeeaa. from Liverpool for Boston, via Htl fax,on the let ieat , pawd Cane Racethia n.orn njj The political new* It unimportant ltalMa af falra are without essential change Tt.e gtrrtiia at Gaeta had made a sortie Vtrt were repulsed with #rest loss The Americas monetary crlele wsa beglnt* U t 14. ? ?- * '?J -* " ? win ia rum in r.ufiuua, iau variMiu iprcle tbipmrnli to tmrria. Tb* Karopa k? i on*! durable amount, nod large ahlp?neiiia wera Mtparted to be made hr the ateniaar Aliw^ Tki* movements <iuted a m?nl *t tW withdrawal* from tbe Bank e4 RnrfM Ml ?th A44HUMI frta I?ny> New Yoma. Deo l? ?The i>wmrtll> Kedar, from Liverpool on tbe tTtb. arrived L*re ttla morning She briaga the foiiuwin* add t!o?fl Intelligence: On two ocrulimi tbe allies In Clilna detMtad n.OOU Tartar cavalry, killing S.UQOof tbe Utter, uid captured So gun*. The alllea bad I? wounded Tbe tpeclal correspondence of tbe London r.tnea aajra iui ComuI farki and ttr?e ofterrt were taken prisoner* and conveyed to Pekta, where thejr were well treated The Chfaeee cent a flag of tnr? In the all lev with a bearer of provisions for a trettr Lord Elgin demanded the release of all the prisoners before be would open any negotiation* The Emperor's brother bad been sppotated chief Bommiaioner to treat for peace All was quiet at Shanghai The lateat Govprnnifut d ?patch aaya that tbe alii"* were mi a aiura vi rriin. TbeTlroef rfUfwi tbeiKMtlon movement. and rrllw?W It* belief that the laloa will be ntiktalned. Count FiaabanV) bad been appointed French Ambawador to tbe court at Loadoa Tbe King of B?-l*lum waa aeriouair 111. Count Pelllwter bad brrn appointed Gomiwr of Algeria; Cbaaaeloup Lanbat (') Mlntatar of tb? Marine; Admiral Hamalla Grand Chancellor of tbe Legion of Honor. Otber c binge* la the mlnlatrv were expected In Holland a bill bad boon In trod a cod for a new Irallf Inez earning the duty on cotton goad* ud iron. ITALT. The diplomatic corps, at the request of the late King of Naples, bad left Carta for Rome. State l?BTeati*a ef Blew Jersey the Political trials Tkehtox, Dec. ii.?The State Convention called to consider the present dangers which threaten the l*n1oa, which aasrmbled nere to-day is largeir attended. Col. Wm. C. Alexander w?s chosen President. Commodore Stockton, Chairman of the Committee to prepare an addrrsa to fi?AnU nrf4?r.IsmI sn ailil ?a<? laritk mmm both of which were adopted amid mock confusion The address declares that the North tan committed great wrongs and must retrace her steps bv the repeal of all laws preventing the execution of Fugitive Slave law. allowing tbe citizens of the Southern StaUs to travel Sorth with their property. The resolutions my that all tbe Sooth asks la the acknowledgment of bet elear constit itioaal rights She looks not for indemnity for tbe piat, but security for tbe future. The following Committee was appointed to consult with other States ?Com R W. Stockton. R M Rice, Peter O Vroom. Bee Jam In Williamson, Jos. P. Randolph and W. C. Alexander Ltaldtaa Legl'latare. Baton Rouge, La , Dec 11.?A joint resolution providing for U>? or 2 au: rat. on of the military baa been i>**?ed A Dill confiscating all good* from the North, afto the 1st of January aeit, was referred to a special committee Tbe communication or menage of the Governor of Mississippi, with the resolutions psasii br ttaLeglaiature, regarding the appointment etf a com mirsioner to rislt eeeh of the slsre boldinc States for the purpose of obtaining a mutual oouaraaoa, was referred to a special committee. Mr Adam*, the Coanniaaioner for MI Ml**', pft, wu in attendance Gib^mtortal Cltcttoa. Colcmiii,8 C., Dec 11?An animated lection for Governor took place to day On tbe ?r?t ballot the vote* for Pickena and Johnson were tbe nine in number On the second ballot Picken* received 53; Johnson 5", Rbett SB; Jamison T.; Townsend, Barnwell, and Chetnut 1 each; nncca arv to a choice As no likelihood of agreement appeared, further balloting wa* postpmetl till Wednesday. Reports from South ( roilu Chaxlk?to3, Doc. 10 ?Governor Gist li elected delegate to tue Convention fr >?n Union district Senator Clay, of Alabama, has tendered to #?* ernor .Moore bit resignation, to take effect ob tbo 4th of March, unlet* Alabama should secede earlier. Col John A. Klmore ha* been selected by Governor Moore a* Commtnioner to tbe South Carolina Convention . From Htrtaa Ntw OtLiiM. Dec. 10 ?The steamahlp BtenvllU frnm 14aviiti on the 7th ffrr'.vui li ? tA-War StuKtira ore dull at The gathering of the new crop ia proceeding admirably. Frelglita are duil, monrv very tight tichu(? on London 15 per cent premium; New York per cent premium. n?i?chaiftu nualcip?l Klectlam Bohtos, Dec 10?I Mac Davit, tbe Citiiena' candidate, w it elected May of of W orcetter to-day. Sarjent, Republican, Wit choteu Mayor of Lowell. Newbury port elected Motet Da Ten port, Union cindiddte, over Eider Pike. Republican. The Secrrtarythlp ( the Treatary. IiUV1SVII?l*? lt' i i ? i ur irj vn iiwui iu? But, that tbe Secretaryship of tbe Treasury Df. nartment has been tendered to Hob. James Guthrie, i* entirely without foundation. Barn /?| of the Steamer Flyiaf CUad. Memphis, Dec In ?Thestesmer Flylag CUud. from St. Louis for New Orleans, was burst to tba water's edye Ust night. No lives lost. Alexandria larkets Alkx axdria. Dec 13 ?Flour?Family 96 00# r ??i extra 95 50a5 75; super #4 5W?4 *1. Wheat ?white red ?1 05??1 1U Corn? white 55a#5<" ; yellowS5a0l>c.; mixed SOafiOc. P.ys > 65.165 Oats2S.i3lc Corn Meal Ma7*c par bushel. Seeds?timothy ?3iKW; Clover ? 5t5a?r ?2 , Flaxseed SI 4Ua?l.45. Prov.slons?Butter, roll. MrJlic ; Karon Ilal3c.; Pork ?7 00s*7 50 Lard l.Jallc. Kggs 14slBc. Whisky *4a30e. 1m York Marktto N*w Yon*. Dec. 1J ?Flour?bolder* demand an advance of lOa'iOc. Wheat?holders demand an advance of 3ajc Corn Irm, ls2c higher Provision* quiet Wblakv steady at 18s flMsetol. N*vr Yofcg, D*c. IS ?Mocks are better. closed weak. Chicago and Rock I aland 47JK; Illinois Central sharea 5* V, do bond* 86; Michigan SouthernVX; New York Central TV^; Hudaon River R Ri|i Mo. 6 *65* ITJ- At the complimentary dinner given by tbn Bell and Everett Electors of tbn State of Virginia, on the night of the 5th, at tbe Exchange Hotel, la Richmond, among other toasts was the following, which w?* responded to by a stirring speech from John M. Botts : Tk> I'm torn ' Founded on equality, cemnatrd by good will, covered in by toe Constitution. If either fell Irreparably, the edifice must fail, and ought to fall; has looseand the second, and thread '? ened the last. W ill the conservati ves repair the t wrong, and restore the edifice' inr The case of the will of Mrs. Marv Ann J one*, of Dtnwldle county, Va , la w hi eta (New worth of alaeea were M free, wu decided to the _ Circuit Court it I'eterabarx oa Toenday, ta fhvor of the alaTc a, who will now bavagte loan lor the North. a (17Mr J.T Rtry,tb?ccMntedImnitUMf, h*? arrived from England In the rtnartli Asia, and taken rooma at the Fifth Anaoc Hotel. where the aotorlety he baa gal nod aa a tamer of wild nod o rlcloua homea canned him to be viewed with front (r curoalty Newfoundland ?The Legtalature mot oa the 5th. The Oorwnor * apeecb (UM that Honao ?ti called to conaider the daatttntlon pr^ra' n nr ~ in tbe country in eooaaqueactoftbe abort aaal aad cod ftabery. fjow AT TV v &OCTH ?Snow to tbe deptb of two lncbea fell la Aaderaon South CwoHaa. oo J1 Monday laat. and Um- Krou*d at A?*?ata,Goor*1a, rd waa robed la " wtaW*a lirary" oa Tbnraday ra night *fc ILTTba Now Ortoaaa Erasing Pteayana rola twrtaftwnib eaawmrtl** pwl tua .aiaib paMla ti opiatoata Laataiaaa la ataafiy la ?fan? * ? -?? oObr ioett*ot tm ImmMi cowooptK.n *n ecMnM la moat of tho CatteUe chorehM, oo Tali. Ttoo tat*htof ftvcof thrMroa 1_ roaldrnt nlotetrriog olcrfyMoo of tto <m of MDtonburg. Kf , r?ogM tr*m S b t to ? ffrol M mr ' WMblutoaU" to proposed m ttoe mt? r3 of to* Sootbor aXo*fader*c f, bjr mm of Ike A1 1m ibiMjotmli C7? A North CwoUh nifiriwl of th? Norfolk D?y Book aw thai boat mom to oaUrrlf K p oMrmiod to th?t feat*

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